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What We Lack

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She couldn't hear, momentarily going deaf as the word washed over her. It repeated over and over in her head, and she was unable to focus on anything else.


The world stayed silent as Ochako turned her head to stare at her toddler through the glass window. Bakugou Sayuri sat in the small room by herself, stacking up building blocks. She looked content, laughing while blocks toppled to the ground. Her blonde ponytail bounced as she leaped to her feet, starting to rebuild the small structure.

Her precious girl... her gift...


It just didn't seem possible... With her and Katsuki's quirks, it didn't make sense the genes would phase out completely. Their son, Shouhei had a quirk. So… why? She pulled in a long breath of air, watching her daughter silently. She had to breathe... she had to stay calm... because...

Ochako was too terrified to glance at her husband's face.

"What the fuck is this?"

Ah. There it was.

"I'm sorry... I'm sure this must be... difficult news to hear," the doctor's voice was kind and gentle, but her eyes gazed nervously towards Katsuki. Bakugou Katsuki's temperament wasn't exactly a secret to the public.

Ochako swallowed, turning her eyes towards her enraged husband. Katsuki growled, slamming his hands down on the desk in front of him. "You're fucking wrong!" he hissed. The rumble in his throat was loud and intimidating. It was no surprise the doctor leaned back in her chair.

"Bakugou-san, I apologize, truly, I do-"

"Do it again!" he snarled, his hands curling into tight fists against the wooden surface.

"Excuse me?" The doctor blinked, confusion clear on her face.

"Katsuki..." Ochako choked out, desperately trying to find her voice.

"Are you deaf?!" he snapped, slamming his hands down on the desk yet again.

The doctor yelped this time, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, sir..." she stammered. "The test is conclusive. Doing it again would be a waste of money and-"

Leaning over the desk, Katsuki grabbed at her coat and yanked the woman forward. "Do I look like I fucking care about money?" he yelled. "This is my fucking daughter!"

Gasping, Ochako moved as fast as she could, grabbing at Katsuki's arm. She desperately pulled him away from the doctor. "Katuski! Please!" she whimpered, pressing her face against his chest. She needed to calm him before he exploded and destroyed the whole office. "Please," she begged. "This isn't going to help... at all... please..."

She felt him tense against her, his muscles tightening.

"This is fucking bullshit," he growled finally, swinging his arm across the doctor's desk, knocking files, pens, and knick-knacks off in the process. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

A few papers fluttered to the ground, the silence in the room heavy. Ochako pursed her lips, thankful Katsuki left it at that. Over the years, he really had grown a little calmer, but hearing something like this was... different.

She sighed and bowed her head, immediately leaning down to pick up some of the mess left on the floor. "I... I apologize for his behavior," she said. Her hand trembled as she placed the papers on the desk, barely organizing them.

"Please, ma'am... go to your husband. I know this can't be easy news for either of you."

"...Thank you..." she said, keeping her eyes to the floor. "Again, I apologize."

"It's quite alright," she said. "Take a moment to gather yourselves and then you may take Sayuri home when you feel ready." The doctor looked flustered, but her eyes held an understanding. "If you have questions, please, do not hesitate to call."

"Thank you," Ochako said, bowing her head once more.

Tentatively, she opened the door, waiting to face her ticking time bomb of a husband.

Katsuki stood in the middle of the hall, pacing back and forth. His hand covered his eyes, his head facing the ceiling. His feet stomped against the tiles, the angry sound echoing through the corridor.

"Katsuki..." she called out gently. She fully stepped out of the office, closing the door behind her.

"She's fucking wrong!" he yelled. His body shook and he slammed his fist against the wall.

Ochako twisted her lips, seeing the way Katsuki's fist trembled against the smooth white surface. There was so much pain in the tension which wracked his arm, and she understood completely. Her own chest felt tight, her throat closing up as she tried not to cry.

Slowly, she approached him, slipping her arms around him. She pressed her face against his back. "I don't... I don't think she would lie about this." Ochako's voice was tiny. She bit down on her lip.

It wasn't fair. All those nights the two of them sat in bed, Katsuki's hands on her pregnant stomach, discussing what quirk their baby girl could possibly have. All those thoughts, dreams, guesses, were out the window.

They should’ve expected this… when Sayuri’s quirk still hadn’t manifested, even when she turned of age… it was why they came to this clinic in the first place. They needed to know if something was wrong, or if she was simply a late bloomer.

And of course, Sayuri was always eager to be exactly like her parents and her brother. Ochako could hear her adorable little voice...

'Mama! I'm flying just like you!' Ochako remembered dashing for her daughter as she leaped down the stairs.

'Daddy! I'm gonna make this boom boom!' Katsuki would grab her before she tried to climb up towards the stove.

'When I get my quirk, I’ll be even better than you Shou!' She would stick her tongue out at her brother, teasing him playfully.

'Someday I'll be a pro-hero with you guys!'

Apparently, she wouldn't.

"It's just not possible... No child of mine..." Katsuki turned around, his palms gripping tight at Ochako's shoulders. "No child of ours... could... could be… Shouhei isn’t... "

"I-I know…" she choked out. Tears began to flow freely from her eyes, her heart aching in her chest. "B-But Katsuki," she breathed. Her voice was choked, pained as she spoke through her sniffles. "Please... she's... she's still our Sayu... quirk... or not..."

Katsuki's eyes widened, his gaze darting over her. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug. "'Course she is dumbass... I just..."

"You hate this as much as me..." she whispered. "It's going to break her heart... and everyone..."

Ochako was well aware of what it meant for Sayuri to be quirkless. Their daughter would go her entire life without... a special talent, yes, but she would survive that. Ochako was more fearful of the public and their usually awful opinions. Her and Katsuki were constantly under public scrutiny as Uravity and Ground Zero. Especially since Katsuki was considered to be the new Symbol of Peace as of late.

When their first, Shouhei, was born, the media was constantly trying to invade their private time and space, desperate to catch a glimpse of who was sure to be a power child. Predictions were made about his quirk until they finally announced his was similar to Ochako’s, able to control whatever he touched, sending objects flying around the room in all directions, like telekinesis.

Similar gossip spread when Sayuri was born a few years after Shouhei. Once their son’s quirk manifested, the media guessed Sayuri’s quirk would most likely be closer to Katsuki.

Oh how wrong the predictions would be.

The general public always liked to make guesses about what pro-heroes' childrens' quirks would be. Just recently, Todoroki and Momo held a press conference to announce the quirks of their twin boys. It had to be done, to get the media off their back.

Ochako knew it was only a matter of time before they were forced to do something similar, as they had with Shouhei. This wouldn’t be something they could hide. She wasn't ashamed of her daughter, and she knew Katsuki wasn't either, but they both knew how people often treated those who were quirkless.

Katsuki pulled back from her. His nostrils flared and he turned towards the window, peering into the examination room.

"She's gonna ask..." he said. His voice was the quietest Ochako had ever heard it, and it broke her heart.

"I know," she swallowed.

Sayuri knew why she came to the clinic. In fact, only a few hours ago, the three laughed upon entering the building, eager to learn what her quirk would be.

Ochako stepped forward and gently wrapped her fingers around Katsuki's. They were stronger together, always. She wanted to believe they could handle this, just as they handled every other hardship they faced.

"Let's go home," she said, leaning against him for a moment. She held back the urge to cry, clinging to the small calm before the storm.

Tugging his hand, she moved towards the door, pushing it open. Sayuri sat in the middle of the room, hands fiddling with the blocks. When the door shut, the small girl turned towards them, her eyes widening with excitement at first, but she quickly frowned and folded her arms. "You're late," she huffed.

"I'm sorry, Sayu, Daddy and I had to have a long talk with the doctor," Ochako explained, kneeling down next to her daughter.

Sayuri gestured wildly to the blocks. "The doctor said you would be right here, but you took so long I built a city and then destroyed it! Some heroes you are!" she snorted.

"You’re tellin’ us," Katsuki chuckled, leaning down to pick her up. He gently brushed her blonde bangs away from her forehead.

"I guess it's okay," she sighed dramatically. "I saved all the peoples."

"I bet you did baby girl," Katuski muttered.

"Yup! I'm a peaceful hero, just like Daddy!" she giggled.

Ochako saw Katsuki's throat catch, his tongue swiping angrily across lips. "Damn straight, baby girl," he choked out. "What do you think? You, uh, wanna get the hell outta here?" Normally, Ochako would've scolded Katsuki for the language, but she was too focused on her daughter's laugh to care.

"Let's go home, Daddy!" she cheered.

How could they rip her happiness away? All her dreams to follow in her parents' footsteps were going to be torn away with this news. It was their fault...

Katsuki walked towards the door, but Sayuri started squeezing his cheeks, her tiny palms slapping against his face. "Wait Daddy... You didn't tell me what my quirk is going to be! Am I gonna be able to boom boom things like you!?" she asked, her brown eyes shimmering with excitement, eagerly waiting for Katsuki to answer.

The two parents froze, both were expecting to answer this question the second they stepped into the room, and yet neither of them could find the words.

"How about..." Ochako stepped forward and opened the door. They had to get out of this room, this building, or she feared it would suffocate them all. "We talk when we get home."

Sayuri immediately pouted. "But I wanna know now!"

"Oi! Listen to your mom!" Katsuki scolded.

"We wanna explain everything to you, sweetheart," Ochako said, gently brushing a finger over Sayuri's cheek.

The little girl sighed and rolled her eyes, letting her head flop against Katsuki's shoulder. "You guys never tell me anything," Sayuri whined as Katsuki carried her out of the room.

Their eyes met, and they silently tried to decide how to tell their daughter she would never inherit a quirk.