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Dance To This

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Jimin's POV

Sometimes I think if I just did one thing differently, maybe none of this would have happened. Jimin blames himself for his state, it is his own fault for falling in love with someone who will never love him back; Jimin learned this lesson the hard way. In the beginning, when he showered the younger boy with affection, constantly doting on him and cooing at him- it had been a substitution of brotherly instinct that he felt for his own younger sibling left behind in Busan. Jungkook's Busan satoori and child like innocence quickly paved a stable road to Jimin's heart.

Jimin didn't know when his brotherly affections started to become something else, something that made his insides ache or his heart lurch; suddenly their interactions which were unremarkable or ordinary at best became the silver lining of Jimin's day. They had grown fond of each other or so Jimin had hoped. Much to Jimin's dismay, Jungkook had never taken well to Jimin's affectionate ways, which made Jimin try even harder to get the younger boy's attention and adoration; Jimin disregarded Jungkook's coldness towards him as shyness, until Jungkook revealed to Hobi that it was annoyance. Jimin stood against the door of the dance studio, left slightly ajar ,as two voices filled his ears. Jimin recognized both of those voices, the content of the speech, however, left him shocked.

Suddenly, all Jimin could think about were all the moments he had thrown himself over Jungkook and the younger had pushed him away figuratively and once literally. "I've been so blind all these years...", he thought to himself, he could feel the tears beginning to swell in his eyes and the formation of that all too familiar knot in his throat threatening to take his voice. He wanted to break down right there, outside the dance studio but he couldn't stand the thought of Jhope and Jungkook finding him in this state, so he ran.

Jungkook's POV

Jungkook heard something (someone) outside the door. Jhope called out, "Who's there?!", only to be met with silence. Jungkook suddenly felt pangs of an uncomfortable feeling-guilt- at the base of his stomach , he wondered if it had been Jimin. Had Jimin heard their conversation?