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"Kitten Care" mini-series

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New Arrivals—

When David dragged himself into the office that morning, Don took one look at his haggard face and bloodshot eyes and said, “Damn, David, you look just like Amita did last time I saw her – but you don’t have a newborn at your house.”

“Actually,” David said as he slumped into his chair.  “I have six.”


David rubbed his goatee, which was not nearly as neat as it usually was.  “Know how Matt’s allergic to cats?” 

“Ri-ight,” Don said.  “That’s how we got Dragon.”

“Well, I guess kittens don’t have as much, um, allergens, and so Matt talked me into fostering kittens for the local shelter.  We have six two-week-old kittens that were found abandoned.”

“Kittens?” Don said with a smile.  Six?

“Yeah,” David said ruefully.  “We have to feed them every two hours with formula from an eye dropper, keep them warm, and even, get this, massage them so they’ll go to the bathroom.”

“Wow,” Don said.  “Sounds like a lot of work.  Just like a new baby.”

“At least they grow up faster,” David said, rubbing his eyes now.  “At nine weeks, they’ll go back to the shelter to get fixed then adopted.”

“Seven weeks … Think you’ll be able to give them back to the shelter or are you gonna end up with six cats?”

“No way,” David said firmly.  “I told Matt that if one of the kittens seems to be less allergy-causing than the others – some random cats are just naturally less allergenic – that we could keep one but would have to get rid of it if he started having ‘colds’ again.”

“Hey, Sinclair,” Granger said heartily, giving David’s shoulder a shove.  “You look like crap.  Been out partying all weekend?”

“Be gentle with him,” Don said with a grin.  “He’s just adopted sextuplets.”