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" Pathetic. You're crying over something this stupid?"

*Shut up.*

"You know it's true. What would your friends think? Christine, Jake, Rich... Michael."

Jeremy curled up under his blanket.

"Oh, you poor little thing... you don't want to thing about what your stupid crush would think about this, right? Don't worry, I'll stop reminding you."

*Shut up shut up shut up*

"...if you realize it's never going to happen. You're an idiot who has no redeeming qualities, why would he ever love you. He'd be better off with any one of the others."

If you had listened closely, you could hear the muffled sobs from his room.

"None of them like you that much. They only tolerate you because of Christine, who is only nice to you because that's just how she is. She doesn't actually care."

Jeremy laughed, but it wasn't funny.

"If they found out, they would laugh. Jenna would probably tell the whole school, Chloe would find a way to profit off of it, Brooke..."


"...actually, I don't know what Brooke would do."

Jeremy didn't say anything.

"Michael would probably just abandon you. You don't mind, right? Oh wait, I forgot..."

Jeremy sat up, still under the blanket.

*Why haven't I died ye-*

He stared at the air for a bit. "Jeez..."

"No, go on, what were you going to say?"

"Aha... why am I not dead? I deserve it, I'm a fucking failure at everything."

"There ya go."