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The air inside the parking garage was stale and humid. It was a miserable day. The heat caused his clothes to cling to his body like a sagging second skin. Sasuke waited at the elevator. It wasn't long before it opened and took him to the fifth floor. He walked down the hallway and stopped in front of apartment 513. He knocked twice, not very loudly, but he knew the person inside was expecting him. The door cracked open, but the chain lock remained in place.

"Punctual as always," the other man said, smirking.

"Let me in."

The door was left open for him to enter the apartment. The other man disappeared around the corner into his kitchen. Sasuke closed and locked the door behind him. He took off his jacket. He'd come straight from work.

"Care for a drink?"

Sasuke stood in the kitchen doorway. "No. I don't drink."

"Right, right. I always forget that." The man grinned. He wore no shirt, only a pair of dingy jeans with a hole in the knee. His blond hair was unkempt, as if he'd just rolled out of bed even though it was six in the evening. "Don't mind if I have one, do you?"

Sasuke crossed his arms. "No."

"Not very chatty today, are we?" He poured himself a large glass of brandy and turned around, leaning against the counter while staring at Sasuke.

"Cut the crap, Naruto. I only have a half hour."

"Then I guess you better pay me up front." Naruto grinned and sipped at his brandy, licking his lips as Sasuke approached him. "Hard day at work, dear?"

Sasuke took the glass from Naruto's hand and set it to the side. He trapped Naruto against the counter, grabbed his wrist and spun him around until the other man was bent over the kitchen sink. Fuck! He was already panting in Naruto's ear. Not good for him to be out of control this fast. It had been days since they'd met like this. Sasuke squeezed Naruto's wrist tighter, pulling it closer to the center of his back, making him grunt out in pain.

"You're hard already," said Naruto. It was more of a question than a strict observation. He was blatantly making fun of Sasuke, mocking him.
"Stupid move," Sasuke whispered low into his ear, his hair touching the side of Naruto's face.

Faintly, he smelled of sweat. His nostrils flared, and he let the tip of his tongue glide along Naruto's jaw. He bent his arm back even further, and this time Naruto cried out more loudly in protest.

"Fuck, you bastard! You're gonna dislocate it again!"

"Maybe if you didn't have such a smart mouth I wouldn't have to remind you how you're supposed to speak to me."

Naruto scoffed, trying to move out of his grasp, but Sasuke held him still. He didn't bluff. He'd do more than dislocate a shoulder if he was disobeyed.

"Y'know," Naruto bowed his back, pressing his ass against Sasuke's crotch, momentarily distracting him. "You don't pay me to talk nicely to you. You pay me to fuck, okay? If you want someone to treat you with respect, why don't you run home to your wife, huh?"

Before he could even stop himself, there was a loud pop as Naruto's shoulder came out of its socket, and as Sasuke released him, he slumped to the floor with a groan of pain.

"God dammit, Sasuke!" He turned furious, accusing eyes up at him, his arm limply hanging there at his side. "Right off he fucking bat, really?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. He got down on the ground, behind Naruto, and took hold of the arm. Naruto winced but didn't say anything. Just how many times had they done this already? Naruto was annoying. He talked too much and got under Sasuke's skin. He wasn't supposed to ever mention her! He'd deserved it!

"Let me have a drink first at least, asshole," Naruto mumbled, his head hanging low.

That's when Sasuke took notice of some bruising around Naruto's neck. He looked him over more carefully. There was also a purplish patch on the bicep of his other arm.

"Well?" Naruto snapped at him, turning his head to glare. "What're you waitin' for? Didn't you say you only had 30 minutes?"

Sasuke smirked as he turned Naruto's arm in against his chest and without so much as a warning, jammed the it back into the socket. Naruto only had time to open his mouth and pull in a rush of air as he gasped, his eyes shutting with the pain. Sasuke loved that face. He wanted to kiss those lips, but instead he roughly shoved the other man onto the floor, where he started sputtering and coughing while cursing Sasuke with all sorts of colorful language.

Standing, Sasuke grabbed the glass of brandy and drank it one go. The alcohol could not have been cheap. Its taste was heady and rich, burning pleasantly as it traveled down his throat and into his stomach.

"I thought you didn't drink," Naruto said hoarsely before rising from the floor, gripping the counter for balance as he rotated his arm a couple of times. "You're gonna have to pay extra for that."

"Whatever. Get it together and meet me in the bedroom."

"For a doctor, you have the fucking worst bedside manner."

Sasuke didn't answer. He was already on the way to the bedroom. He had to pass through the living room, which for the most part was surprisingly clean except for a pile of papers spread out on the glass dining table. He undid the knot on his tie and tossed it onto the couch, unbuttoning his dress shirt as he walked into Naruto's bedroom. It was simply furnished. Sasuke hated clutter, and Naruto knew that. He doubted the other man would've bothered to clean if he didn't need to retain Sasuke as a regular client. Then again, maybe there was some business sense rattling around in Naruto's empty skull, after all. His bedroom was for business and needed to reflect that. There were hardly any personal effects at all in this apartment.

As he was removing his sleeveless undershirt and setting it on a nearby chair, Naruto entered, still rolling his shoulder.

"You have new bruises," said Sasuke, watching Naruto as he opened a desk drawer and threw an assortment of things onto the bed: a couple of condoms, some lube, a thick chunk of rope 12 inches long, and a small, sleek-looking pale blue vibrator.

"What?" Naruto glanced over his shoulder as he searched the drawer for something else. "You think you're my only client who likes to play rough?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"Right, right. I'm not supposed to talk about them when you're here. Ah, found it!" He pulled out a switchblade with a black handle and tossed it to Sasuke, who caught it in one hand. "You seem like you'd be in the mood for that."

Sasuke pushed the button on the side, and they both watched the blade flip out. He tested it against his palm. It was sharp. Maybe even new. The metal glinted underneath the ceiling light.

He glanced at Naruto. "You sure?"

Naruto shrugged. "You're in the medical field. You should be good with knives, and, well."

He put his hand on his firm stomach. "If you fuck it up, I'm sure as hell you can fix it."

"Get your pants off and get on the bed."

Naruto snickered, but obeyed nonetheless. He unsnapped his jeans.

Sasuke, though, couldn't wait and went to stand in front of him.

"What?" Naruto asked sharply. "Am I not moving fast enough for you?"

Sasuke grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down. They were close enough that he could feel Naruto's breath against his chin and smell the alcohol from earlier. Naruto's lids lowered a little, and his blue eyes had taken on a glazed quality. He smirked and cupped Naruto's cock with his hand, stroking him over the denim. Naruto shut his eyes completely, and the skin between his eyebrows pinched.

"You're such a slut, Naruto," he murmured, hypnotized by the crease that formed on the other man's lower lip as he bit down on it. He moved even closer so he could feel their naked chests touch, all the while continuing to lightly rub Naruto through his pants. "Is this what you want?"


Sasuke stopped touching him. He reached around and yanked Naruto's head back by the hair, his chin jutting into the air as he let out a quiet whimper. Sasuke took the blade and held it to Naruto's throat. He watched Naruto's expression closely. Naruto was looking at him, eyes only able to open to slits. Sasuke ran the blade across his skin, skimming at first, but he did it again, and this time he went deep enough to draw blood. He gave Naruto's hair another hard tug that caused him to groan. Sasuke leaned in and nuzzled his neck. He kissed the area around the cut and then traced it with his tongue. Naruto shivered against him.

"Good boy," Sasuke whispered in his ear and then shoved Naruto onto the bed.

He pushed the blade down and threw the knife on top of the sheets. Sasuke got on the bed with him, helping him out of his jeans as he crawled on top of the other man, occasionally able to catch hold of a nipple so that he could suck and lick at it. Naruto worked at Sasuke's belt and tossed it on the floor, then quickly unzipped his slacks and pulled them down to below his asscheeks. Naruto had his jeans off, and it was made clear that his favorite type of underwear was absolutely none at all. He grabbed Sasuke by the waistband of his briefs and made him lie flat on top of him. He tugged the front waistband down and took hold of his and Sasuke's cocks in one hand, slowly stroking them both together.

"Nn. Fuck," Naruto hissed, arching into him. "If you wouldn't have messed up my shoulder I could do this much better."

"Then you better watch what you say next time."

Roughly, Sasuke pushed Naruto's face to the side. As his thumb slid into Naruto's mouth, the other man bit it hard at first but then sucked it in, his tongue rough and wet against it. The tip of one of Naruto's fingers slid over the slit of his penis. He, unlike Naruto, was cut. The extra skin on Naruto's cock rubbed against his own deliciously. He grunted his pleasure as he lowered his head and sucked at Naruto's nipple while reaching to the side in order to snatch one of the condoms. He paused long enough to rip it open with his teeth. Naruto removed his hand from between them and took the condom from him.

"Why are you grinning?" asked Sasuke, an eyebrow arched.

"I thought we'd try somethin' we haven't done in a while."

He placed the condom in his mouth and waggled his eyebrows as he scooted up the bed. Sasuke licked his tongue across his teeth and pulled his pants and underwear the rest of the way off. He grabbed the rope and took hold of Naruto's wrists so that he could bind them to one of the vertical bars of the headboard. He straddled Naruto's chest and, while keeping the condom in place, forced his cock inside Naruto's mouth, sheathing it around him. With one hand, he gripped the headboard, while the other he buried in Naruto's hair, fucking his face without a single thought of Naruto's discomfort. Naruto gagged and choked, and when Sasuke glanced down, there were tears streaking his cheeks. He rode him for several minutes, thrusting as fast and as hard as he pleased, even when Naruto went red in the face and looked as if he were going to pass out. It wasn't until Sasuke was about to come that he forced himself to stop, take a breath, and reach to the side for the vibrator. Naruto's eyes widened when he saw what Sasuke was about to do. He had to pull out to be able to insert it. Sasuke neglected the tube of lube and, instead, slid it into Naruto's hole without any preparation. The muscles twitched around it as it entered him. It wasn't a terribly thick toy, so he'd be able to handle it.

Sasuke turned it up to the highest setting and shifted forward again. He leaned over more this time so that he could get deeper down Naruto's throat. Naruto's nostrils flared with the effort to breathe through his nose. His body was flushed and shook underneath Sasuke's. Violently, Sasuke continued fucking Naruto's mouth, not bothering to touch the man's cock. This wasn't about his pleasure, it was about Sasuke's. Naruto coughed again, gagging hard, so Sasuke yanked his head forward by his bangs. The bed squeaked and rattled, the headboard knocked against the wall, and the buzz of the vibrator remained steady in the background. Sasuke closed his eyes, feeling the orgasm building until it crashed over him in white waves of pleasure. He kept moving in and out of Naruto, not caring whether the other had even passed out from lack of oxygen. After he came, he slid out and removed the condom, forced to crawl over Naruto in order to throw into the waste bin near the bed.

Naruto was twitching and lifting his hips into the air. Helplessly, he looked at Sasuke. Tears were running down his cheeks, cheeks that were an unhealthy shade of red. He was probably near to losing consciousness. For one second, Sasuke considered leaving him there. He'd just get dressed and walk out the door, but seeing Naruto like that...

Sasuke licked his lips and moved to sit between Naruto's legs. He held the base of the vibrator and drew it out slowly, then back in again, then out, and then in as far in as it would go. Naruto made whimpering noises that sent jolts through Sasuke's body. He couldn't figure out whether he wanted to fuck Naruto or beat the shit out of him. Those pathetic sounds he made sent all kinds of mixed messages to his brain. Sasuke licked Naruto's thigh, tasting the salt and sweat. He licked along Naruto's foreskin, playing with it by using the hand not pumping the vibrator in and out of Naruto's ass.

"Yeah, like that," Naruto told him hoarsely, panting and looking hot as fuck as he impaled himself on the vibrator. "Fuck me, Sasuke. Don't stop."

Sasuke put his mouth around Naruto's cock and sucked, tasting the salty pre-cum leaking out. The musty scent filled his nostrils, and he loved it. He even let Naruto fuck his mouth for a while before holding down his hip so he could move the vibrator in and out more quickly.

"Sasuke," Naruto gasped his name, "The condom, ah shit - " Sasuke had shoved the toy in hard and Naruto's body shuddered and convulsed. "Gonna c-cum, stop," his hips were rising off the bed, eyes shut tight, leg muscles tense, " - in your mouth, p-please, stop - "

But, Sasuke didn't give a fuck about condoms. He was clean, he was pretty damn sure Naruto was clean, and fuck it he just wanted to feel that warm spunk hit the back of his throat! He got his wish as only seconds later, Naruto shot his cum into Sasuke's mouth while writhing down like a slut on the vibrator. He shouted Sasuke's name and squirmed so much underneath him that he was sure Naruto would dislocate his shoulder again. Sasuke gave the head another last suck as he let the spent cock slip from his lips. Naruto shuddered and tried to buck away. To be cruel, Sasuke left the vibrator in as he took his time untying Naruto's wrists from the headboard. Straddling Naruto's waist, he looked down at him, while Naruto was looking up into his face.

"Prick! I told you to stop. You didn't put a fucking condom on me before you sucked me off!"

Sasuke leaned over him, bringing their faces close. "Shouldn't you be thanking me, Naruto."

"You know what my rules are!" Naruto shouted.

To silence his whining, Sasuke shifted around and latched onto Naruto's neck, sucking on the spot he'd cut earlier. He felt Naruto's arms go around his back, hands pressing against his skin on either side of his spine. He adjusted where he sat, and for a little while, they rolled their hips together, never breaking eye contact. Naruto's lips were parted, his tongue peeking out, licking the corners of his mouth. They were close enough to kiss, but Sasuke didn't do that. They could fuck and they could fight, but the kissing was reserved for his wife. Though shit was he close to breaking that rule right now.

Rather, he yanked Naruto by the hair and tugged his head to the side. Sasuke covered the skin from his throat to his collarbone in open-mouthed, wet kisses.

"Time's nearly up." Naruto's breaths were uneven and shaky as his fingers dug into Sasuke's upper back.

Slowly, Sasuke raised his head until his mouth hovered over Naruto's again.

Naruto chuckled. "Stubborn, bastard. You can kiss me if you want. It'll cost you extra, though."

"Don't even joke about it," he snapped.

Sasuke got off of Naruto and then off of the bed. He gathered his clothing and went into the adjoining bathroom to clean himself up and get dressed. When he came out, Naruto was still naked and lying in the center of the bed, smoking a cigarette. He smirked when he saw Sasuke.

"Well, don't you clean up nicely," he said and held out one for him. "Want one?"

"Smoking's bad for your health."

He glanced around the room to see if he'd forgotten anything, before seeing that he'd set his wallet on the desk. He took out a $100 bill and threw it on the corner of the bed.

Naruto snickered and blew out a ring of smoke. "Sure, Doc. Whatever you say."

Without another look back, Sasuke left him there, snatching up his jacket and tie on the way through the living room. He shut the door behind him, the dead bolt clicking immediately afterward. As he rode the elevator to the parking garage he wondered just how long this visit would last him before he'd go back again. From now until he got home, until he said hello to his wife, there would be that taste of Naruto in his mouth, the image of him fucking that toy while Sasuke blew him, and the way that the tears streaked down his face as he sucked Sasuke off.

All that…he really needed to forget... but he didn't have to until he had to become Sasuke Uchiha again, respected doctor and husband. Until then, he could think of everything he wanted to do to Naruto the next time he ended up knocking on his apartment door.

But like hell if he'd ever admit that to such a goddam cocky prostitute.