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Just A Little Secret

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The thing was, Arthit, for all his reputation and demeanor, was so shy he had never actually dated anybody. He had never had a relationship. He had only ever even kissed girls because of parties and dares.

The truth was, Arthit was a big, giant, shy virgin, and he had no idea how he was ever going to let his boyfriend know that without wanting to leap of the balcony out of embarrassment.

Kongpob, in spite of being younger and very annoying in general, had clearly dated before. He was clearly experienced as well. If not, he had practiced hitting on people in the mirror long enough he was no longer shy about anything, because Arthit was almost sure his blush was permanent now after all the times Kongpob whispered innuendos to him in a clear attempt to try to entice him into something physical.

Instead, it just made him so shy he felt like running away half the time. The other half of the time, he did run away.

Arthit couldn't just talk to one of his friends, who though they probably knew he was a virgin, would tease him mercilessly over it if they knew for sure. He thought about just talking with Kongpob about it, but that was so humiliating to even imagine that he wanted to jump in front of an oncoming car. Of his friends, the only one who might not judge him was Knott. He would probably just shrug it off, especially since he was the person that Arthit originally talked to about his feelings for Kongpob.

It was getting harder and harder to make up excuses when Kongpob hit on him, too. Every time they were watching TV in one of their rooms and Kongpob tried to start something, he convinced him he wanted to see what was happening on the TV or that he was tired and just wanted to lay there.

Worst of all was when Kongpob looked at him like he thought he was the problem and was upset that Arthit didn't want him.

Arthit could have never predicted that it would be one of Kongpob's friends that finally got the truth out of him.

“Hi, P'Arthit, can I borrow you?” Arthit looked up from the sheet Prem was showing him just in time to see Praepillin's hand descending on his wrist. She yanked him out of his chair – with surprising strength – and basically dragged him away.

“Oi!” he snapped, trying to resist. “N’Prae, what are you doing?! I am still your senior, you can't just- just abduct me!” She shoved him into a girls bathroom and told the young ladies at the sinks to get out before locking the door and turning on him with an angry look. He blinked, cowering just a little, because though she was small and just a first-year girl, she looked angry as hell and had just successfully abducted him, which said a lot about hidden power.

“I don't know what you've done to Kongpob, but you are going to fix it,” she said with a glare.

He hesitated, tilting his chin down a little. “I don't know what you mean.”

She rolled her eyes. “Last night, May and I were walking back from a late class and he was sitting out at the field all alone and when we went to see if he was okay, he acted fine, but he had clearly been crying!” She smacked him on the arm. “Don’t you dare pretend you didn't do it. Nobody can make him cry other than the one he loves.”

Arthit's heart dropped and he knew immediately it must show on his face, because Prae went from being angry to looking confused. “He was? When he called me, he sounded fine.”

She looked at him searchingly. “Huh. You really didn't do something to hurt him?” She blushed suddenly but just cleared her throat. “Ah. P'Arthit, please accept my apology for dragging you away from your table,” she said, bowing her head. “Although, I don't know what that could happen to make him cry like that if it wasn't you. He was looking at his bracelet, so I was so sure it was you,” she mused.

Arthit sighed, scratching at his forehead in frustration. “No, it probably is me,” he confessed. He turned around and kicked the trashcan with a growl. “Shit, why can't I just stop being so shy and tell him the truth!” he cried in anger at himself. He made Kongpob cry. “He thinks I don't want him, I knew it!”

Prae grabbed his elbow to stop him from abusing the poor innocent garbage can any more. “P’Arthit, you can tell me to shut up, but what do you mean?”

He ran his hands over his face, deciding 'fuck it’. “He wants to… you know,” he mumbled behind his hands. “And I haven’t… mmmhhhmmm,” he said, smothering his voice when he said what.

“Oh,” she said, sounding surprised. “Well it’s not surprising you haven’t slept with another man before, I doubt he has either. He was mostly joking when he flirted with you when you hated each other I think.”

Arthit didn’t say anything further but he did lower his hands and look at her. She blinked. “Wait… you mean…ever?” Arthit hid his face and shook his head quickly. “Oh wow. But you’re hot! And a third year! And you asked girls for their numbers when we were getting signatures-“

“I play it up but I’m so damn shy,” he groaned, dropping his head back to stare at the ceiling. “I secretly liked the same girl for three years but never even told a soul. I can hit on girls but when one flirts with me I freeze up and go red. Kongpob flirting made me shy not because he’s a man but because all flirting makes me shy. I’ve only ever initiated a kiss one time in my whole life and that was to shut Kongpob up because he was making me shy and at least he can’t see me blush if he’s being kissed.” He sucked in a big breath after such a fast confession. He looked at her with a sad pout. “Not quite the intimidating head hazer anymore, huh?”

To his surprise she just smiled. “No wonder Kong likes flirting with you to make you blush. If I wasn’t gay I would totally have a crush on you. You’re cute when you’re shy.” He glared but she just laughed. “Look,” she said more seriously. “Just talk to him. He won’t laugh at you. If you were brave enough to tell everyone you two are dating as shy as you are, you must love him the way he loves you.” She turned around and unlocked the door. “Stop breaking his heart by hiding.”

Arthit stood there thinking in silence until a first year came in and screamed at him for loitering in a girl’s bathroom.


When he got to Kongpob's room that night, He wasn't sure he will still be welcome so it was a relief when Kongpob’s opened the door with a smile and let him in. He hadn't seen him all day and after hearing about him crying the night before, he sort of worried that meant that Kongpob was thinking about leaving him. He couldn't bear the thought of losing Kongpob even after such a short time together. Kongpob was amazing and he for some reason thought the same about Arthit.

“P’Arthit. I didn't expect to see you tonight. You usually call.” The way Kongpob said it made it clear that he was doubting that Arthit wanted to be there at all.

“I wanted to talk,” Arthit admitted.

Kongpob looked worried. “Oh?” he asked, though it sounded so resigned that Arthit wanted to punch himself in the face for ever making Kongpob doubt him just because he was shy.

Before anything else was said, Arthit knew he had to do something. He stepped forward and grabbed Kongpob’s face, kissing him sweetly. Kongpob’s breath hitched and Arthit felt terrible that such a chaste kiss surprised his boyfriend. “I love you, Kong,” he whispered against Kongpob’s lips.

Kongpob’s smile was blinding when he pulled back. “What was that for?” he asked, walking over to sit on his bed, looking up at Arthit as he leaned back against his palms on the bed.

Arthit sat on the bed beside him, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees so he didn’t have to look at Kongpob. “Your friend Praepillin dragged me into a girls’ bathroom and threatened me because she and May said you were crying last night about me.”

Kongpob made a startled noise. “What?!” Then there was a silence and Kongpob cleared his throat. “I can’t believe she did that. Or meddled. I told them it was nothing-“

“It’s not,” Arthit said, rubbing a hand over his face. “We don’t-“ He stopped. “I don’t talk about things that bother me or explain my actions sometimes and I can see how I might have made you feel like I don’t want you.”

There was a long silence and Arthit felt a hand on his elbow. He looked back and saw Kongpob looking confused. “P’Arthit?”

Arthit blushed, already feeling the embarrassment coming on before he even said anything. He turned and crossed his legs beneath him so he could fully face Kongpob. “Ask me,” he said, and Kong tilted his head curiously.

“You’re blushing,” he said, and Arthit rolled his eyes. “Okay.” Kongpob moved to mirror him, grabbing one of Arthit’s hands to hold between their folded legs. “We’ve been together for two months now,” Kongpob said. “Actually, almost three,” he realized. “Every time we start kissing, you want to stop.” He looked at him with hurt confusion in his face. “Almost three months of dating and you stop me from any step further physically. Is it-“ He sucked in a shaking breath and Arthit felt guilty. “Is it because you don’t actually want me? Is it because I’m a man and you like me, but you aren’t physically attracted to men? If that’s the case, this relationship isn’t going to last-“

“No,” Arthit interrupted him, hating just the words about their relationship not lasting. He groaned, slapping his free hand over his face. “Trust me, I’m physically attracted to you. You’re stupidly handsome. It’s ridiculous, really. No wonder you were the Moon with that face and those shoulders-“ He stopped himself from going too far. “Anyways, it’s not that.”

Kongpob let out a weak chuckle. “Then why do I feel like you’re still holding back from actually dating me?”

Arthit sighed and steeled himself. “Because I’ve never been in a relationship before.”

Kongpob raised an eyebrow. “And? I haven’t exactly had a serious relationship like what I thought this was before. I’ve never dated anybody more than a few months.”

“That’s longer than my past,” he said, and Kongpob frowned.

“Wow, I thought the thing about you being a player was just a rumor-“

“Ha!” Arthit slapped his free hand over his mouth, sheepishly smiling when he lowered it to Kongpob’s offended look. “I’m not laughing at you.” He groaned, dropping his head down, resting his forehead on their linked hands near his left knee, folding himself in half to hid. “Kong, I’m the opposite of a player.” There was no response and he peeked an eye up to see Kongpob still looking confused. “Kongpob, I’m a virgin,” he finally confessed, then ducked his face down to hide again.

There was a sharp intake of breath, but not quite a gasp. “How?!”

Arthit frowned, sitting up again, fully aware his face was flaming. “What do you mean, how? You know me,” he grumbled, pouting some. “I get shy when you flirt with me and you’ve been doing it all year.”

“You’re you,” Kongpob said, though he looked less hurt and more confused now. “You’re smart, and- and handsome. And you ask girls for their number in exchange for your signature-“

“I can flirt and not get shy, I’m shy when people flirt with me,” he explained. “The only reason I’ve even kissed girls is at parties with games like spin the bottle and stuff.”

“You’re really a virgin?” Kongpob asked doubtfully and Arthit rolled his eyes.

“Laying on your bed kissing and cuddling is literally the furthest I’ve ever been with anybody,” he said, cheeks flaming at just the memory.

Kongpob hummed curiously. “Do you not want to? Like, are you just not ready?”

“I didn’t want to have to admit I’ve never even been touched over the clothes,” Arthit grumbled, pouting. “It’s embarrassing, Kongpob!” he whined, flopping over onto his side like a brat, not a head hazer.

Kongpob laughed and when Arthit looked up at him, he was happy to see a blinding smile on his face. “Seriously? What was your plan then? Never have sex with me?”

Arthit felt his cheeks burning just from the word ‘sex’. “I didn’t have a plan I was just- just putting it off until I could suddenly not be so shy.”

Kongpob leaned back and tilted his head so he could look at him correctly. He reached out and stroked his hair sweetly. “How’s that working out?”

Arthit pouted. “I made my boyfriend think I don’t love him when I really, really do,” he mumbled, turning his face into the covers.

He flinched in surprise when Kongpob whispered right beside his ear. “So… want to fix that ‘virgin’ thing right now?”

“KONGPOB!” He snapped, glaring at him when he lifted his head. “No!” He shoved him away, rolling onto his back to sit up again. “You think I’m that easy?”

Kongpob smirked and he almost reconsidered his quick denial. Kongpob’s flirty smirk was really hot. “Oh? So I have to seduce you?” He moved and crawled closer until he was leaning over Arthit, who leaned back to avoid him. He ended up flat on the bed with Kongpob leaning over him and he had never felt his face be hotter than it was not. “I’ve done a lot of research,” he purred, resting his hand on Arthit’s waist as he lowered himself onto one elbow, their faces inches apart. “About sex between men,” he whispered and Arthit’s breath hitched. “I think I have a pretty good idea what to do. It sounds fun.” He lowered his lips to Arthit’s ear. “It looked fun in the videos, too.”

Arthit spluttered, shoving his boyfriend off of him. “KONGPOB!” he cried, sitting up and looking down at Kongpob, who just rolled onto his back, sprawled on his elbows in a ridiculously attractive position. “You- you shouldn’t watch porn, that’s perverted!”

Kongpob laughed, grinning. “Oh, like you haven’t,” he teased. “You’re a university third year and a virgin, there’s no way you can convince me you don’t.”

“I hate you,” Arthit snapped and Kongpob just sat up and bumped their shoulders together.

“No you don’t, you just said you love me.” He fluttered his eyelashes. “P’Arthit, tell me you love me.”

Arthit grumbled. “No.” He did lean his head on Kongpob’s shoulder though, smiling where he couldn’t see it when Kongpob wrapped an arm around him and held him to his side.


After they did their homework together that same night and Arthit wordlessly stole some of Kongpob’s clothes to sleep in, they lay curled up together in bed. “P’Arthit? I love you,” Kongpob whispered, kissing the back of his head as he tightened his arm around him.

Arthit smiled and curled his fingers together with the ones resting on his ribcage. “I love you, too,” he mumbled, then ducked his head under the covers, earning a warm chuckle before they left words behind them and fell asleep.


Arthit always felt like he shouldn’t enjoy being held as much as he did. He was the older one, and he had been the head hazer. However, waking up with his head pillowed on Kongpob’s shoulder and Kongpob’s warm body fitting perfectly against his back was the most perfect feeling he had ever known. Though he hated waking up early, it was almost worth it to wake up before Kongpob could leave him alone in bed like the freak early riser he was.

This morning, however, what woke him up was a hand sneaking up under his shirt and lips whispering his name against his neck. “Kongpob?” he grumbled sleepily. He squirmed, only to groan softly when the lips began kissing instead of whispering. “That’s nice,” he sighed, still blinking away sleep.

“It’s supposed to be,” Kongpob murmured against his skin before finding a spot that made Kongpob shiver and nibbling at the skin gently, just enough to give him a rush of pleasure.

Arthit gasped when he bit a little harder and it went like a jolt down his spine. He was fully awake after that. “K-Kongpob,” he hissed, pressing into the mouth on his neck. The hand under his shirt turned to nails scraping at his ribcage and he jolted in surprise.

“Are you awake now?” Kongpob asked, and Arthit gasped as that hand found his chest and a fingertip brushed his nipple, making him whine embarrassingly. “Hmmm, good. Sensitive there-“

“Kongpob!” Arthit caught his hand and tugged it out from under his shirt, shuffling around to glare at Kongpob. “I can’t believe you’re molesting me in my sleep.”

“You’re not sleeping,” Kongpob said with a smug look. “And all you have to do is say stop.”

Arthit pouted and blushed. “Then stop,” he said, though he leaned in and found Kongpob’s lips with his own. He didn’t mind the wake-up, not really. He just wasn’t going to make rash decisions about his first time while half asleep. He didn’t mind kissing and even the neck thing, but reaching under his clothes was a little too much.

Kongpob curled his arms around Arthit’s middle. “Too fast? I’m sorry,” he said, kissing his lips chastely.

Arthit hummed, pouting a little. “Not under the clothes.”

“Soooo the neck thing is okay?” Kongpob asked hopefully and Arthit blushed but nodded. Kongpob’s smirk was downright scary, but he obediently tilted his head back, allowing Kongpob to get on with it. And get on with it, he did.

By the time Arthit made him stop finally, it was only because Kongpob had him pinned to the bed, their bodies writhing together in pleasure as they made out passionately, and Arthit refused to have the first time Kongpob made him reach orgasm be fully clothed, yet he wasn’t brave enough to suggest removing those clothes, either. “Kong, Kong, wait,” he gasped, pushing his shoulders gently. “I- I- think we should stop.”

Kongpob pushed himself up, looking down at him with flushed cheeks, swollen lips, and pupils blown so wide that Arthit almost changed his mind. He was so sexy like that. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go too far-“

“No,” Arthit interrupted, panting. “I just- I have to go to class early. We don’t have time to… continue,” he said with a shy cringe. “I need to go back to my room to get clean clothes and- and get my things to go to class.”

Kong smirked, eyes trailing down Arthit’s throat. “Oh. Okay.” He pressed a kiss to Arthit’s cheek before climbing off of him. “I’ll find you for lunch?” he suggested, and Arthit composed himself for a moment as he sat up.

“Mmmm,” he nodded, then awkwardly slid out of the bed, keeping his back to Kongpob to keep him from seeing how he had affected him. He awkwardly gathered all of his things and smiled awkwardly as he held them in front of him and shuffled into his shoes. “Bye, Kongpob,” he said, and Kong just smiled affectionately from his nest of covers and waved.

“Study hard, P’Arthit,” he said, and Arthit smiled and rolled his eyes.

“I will,” he promised, leaving the room quickly.


Arthit had been in such a hurry he hadn’t even looked at himself in the mirror, which was why when he sat down for class – that hadn’t been a lie, he just wasn’t in that huge of a hurry at the time – he was not expecting Prem to turn around to ask for a pen and then instantly burst out laughing. He frowned, looking at him, only to have Prem smack Bright repeatedly to get his attention and immediately, as soon as he turned, they both were doubled over laughing.

“What?” he asked. This caught the attention of both Tuta and Knott, who took one look at him from their table and, again, the laughter was instantaneous. “Okay, seriously, what’s so funny?” he asked, trying to think if he had forgot to shave half his face or something.

“Did- did you get into a fight with a squid?!” Prem wheezed, hanging off of Bright’s shoulders.

“Or have a run-in with a vampire?” Bright asked, snickering into his fist.

Arthit slapped a hand to his neck and hissed when it ached in one spot. He flushed when he realized that ‘one spot’ was the place Kongpob particularly enjoyed because it made him moan and gasp without fail. “Shut up,” he snapped, keeping his hand over his neck, no matter how awkward it looked.

“Daaaaamn, did you do something different last night, or have you been keeping 0062 distracted from leaving kiss marks and forgot?” Tuta teased and Arthit kicked their table, glaring.

Knott just smirked. “So. That mean you finally did it?”

“Hey!” he hissed, and Knott cackled.

“Wow, I never figured you would be on the bottom!”

“Nah, he’s not walking funny, it’s just his neck.”

“Hey, maybe it wasn’t the first time so he’s used to it.”

“Gentlemen!” They all shut up and Arthit nearly fell out of his seat from the shame when the teacher called them to attention. “None of us need to hear personal details of N’Arthit’s night. This is physics, not a group chat.”

Arthit wanted to die when every student in class looked at him with smirks and hid their snickers in their textbooks.


Arthit didn’t hesitate to drop his books right on the table beside Kongpob, startling him and their friends. Kongpob looked up and then immediately his eyes widened and he actually blushed. “Oh. Um. Hey, P’Arthit.”

To either side of the table, Kongpob’s friends looked on with barely restrained snickering. He pressed his lips together and nodded, putting on his best ‘tough head hazer’ face. “Kongpob.” He leaned against the table, both hands on its surface as he looked right at him. “Any reason in particular you felt the need to not warn me what you did to my neck?” It was hard to be embarrassed when he was enjoying the panic on Kongpob’s face so much.

“Uh, P’, how did you not notice?” May asked, barely restraining laughter. “That’s- that’s very red and very big,” she said, falling victim to her giggles.

Arthit kept his gaze on Kongpob’s eyes. “I was in such a hurry, I didn’t even do my hair. I didn’t look at a single mirror until I got to class. My teacher had to tell the class to stop chatting about what I got up to last night.”

Kongpub looked sheepish. “I- I really didn’t. Um. It wasn’t so…” He turned pinker. “Sorry?” he tried.

“I should make you do pushups,” Arthit said coolly. “But I have a better idea.” He nodded his head to the side. “Come with me, Kongpob.”

Kongpob looked a little worried, but did as he said, grabbing his bag to take with him. Arthit just smirked as he led the way, listening to the laughter of Kongpob’s friends behind them.


“P’Arthit, I’m really sorry-“ Arthit silenced Kongpob’s complaints by shoving him up against the wall just inside his room and kissing him hard. Kongpob moaned in confusion, but Arthit didn’t let up, shoving the bag off his shoulder and dropping his own things. When they broke for a breath, Kongpob still looked very confused. “I-is this your idea of punishment? Because I’ve got to be honest, I don’t feel- ah!”

Arthit yanked his hair to expose his throat and kissed his neck harshly right where he’d bruised him. “Fair is fair,” he growled, then went to work at reciprocating the kiss mark.

“S-Still not a punishment,” Kongpob groaned, gasping as he clutched at Arthit’s shoulders. “P’Arthit,” he whined and Arthit had to mentally pat himself on the back for getting that kind of sound from his usually composed boyfriend. It was actually pretty addictive. He wanted to hear more desperation from his usually cocky boyfriend.

“Come here,” he gasped, dragging Kongpob away from the wall. He kissed him and Kongpob responded in kind, grabbing at his upper arms while he spun him around and shoved him over to the bed. Kongpob seemed more than happy with this, and Arthit was surprised how much he wanted him. They both pulled at each other’s clothes, practically ripping each other out of them. Before long, they were both down to just their underwear, and Arthit wasted no time latching onto his throat again, still intent on paying him back for the embarrassment. He pinned Kongpob’s wrists to the bed and groaned possessively against his skin when Kongpob arched under him, gasping desperately as he did so. When he pulled away, satisfied with the mark, he smirked down at Kongpob, only to be met with a kiss and his athletic boyfriend flipping them over and pinning him down.

Arthit moaned hungrily, wrapping one arm around Kongpob’s shoulders and sliding the other hand into his hair to tug him closer. “We only have about thirty more minutes,” he informed him as they broke to breathe, and the only answer he got was hips pressed down into his, earning desperate moans from both of them. “Kong!” he gasped, moaning as their legs slotted together, allowing them to grind against each other helplessly, giving in to the lust they had for each other.

By the time their inexperienced but desperate rubbing and grinding ended in both of them coming in their boxers, both their necks and shoulders were littered with even more bruises, but Arthit didn’t care. He had no idea how good just blindly rubbing against his boyfriend without even successfully getting naked could feel. They were a tangled mess of sweaty limbs and sticky boxers, and all Arthit wanted was to keep Kongpob in his arms for longer.

“Technically, wouldn’t this mean you’re not a virgin anymore?” Kongpob asked through panting breaths, voice muffled by Arthit’s arm, where he’d fallen when he collapsed.

“Don’t care, really,” Arthit sighed, though thinking about it, he guessed since they were both nearly naked and had came, it counted even without any penetration. “I’m so tired.”

“It was good though, right?” Kongpob mumbled, and Arthit just grinned and nodded, eyes still glassy as he stared at the ceiling.

“Not bad.”

“Can we skip afternoon classes?” Kongpob whined, pulling Arthit into his arms.

“No,” Arthit muttered, smacking Kongpob on the arm. However, he made no move to get up, he just snuggled closer, rubbing his cheek on Kongpob’s chest. His skin was so damn soft and warm. He rolled closer, only to cringe when he was reminded of his dirty shorts. “Bleh. I have to take a shower and then go to class with no underwear on.”

Kongpob laughed. “Hot.”

“I hate you.” Arthit got out of bed, swatting away Kongpob’s clingy arms, and went to Kongpob’s bathroom, ignoring the complaint that Kongpob should get to shower first.

However, Arthit forgot to lock the door, and when he opened his eyes from rinsing his hair, he was met with two pretty brown eyes. “Oi!” Arthit tried to cover himself with his arms, though they didn’t cover much. “KONGPOB!”

Kongpob just smirked, looking him up and down until Arthit cursed and turned around, facing the wall. “I like this view, too,” Kongpob informed him, and Arthit turned back around, glaring.

“Stop looking at me!”

To his dismay, Kongpob just stepped into the shower and sneakily trailed his hands along Arthit’s sides. “P’Arthit,” he purred, pressing his body against Arthit’s, which only made Arthit even more red. “We just had sex, don’t get shy now.”

Arthit spluttered, glaring over his shoulder. “You- I- it was a distraction so we didn’t- you didn’t really look too hard,” he complained.

“I know, and I’m very disappointed in myself,” Kongpob said, sliding a hand around to his stomach, feeling of all the skin he could. “You’re really, really sexy, P’Arthit,” he murmured in his ear. The hand trailed down, down, down and Arthit’s eyes widened as he felt where that hand was going. “I didn’t even get a look at your-“

“Kongpob!” Arthit swatted his hand away, turning around to glare at him, frustrated once more that Kongpob was slightly taller than him.

This was a mistake though, because Kongpob just smiled and grabbed his ass instead, both hands squeezing gently. “You’re pale everywhere, but your butt is really, really white,” he laughed, and Arthit smacked him in the arm.

“Stop!” he spluttered, only to freeze and flush when he felt something touching his leg and looked down to see that their bodies were nearly touching, so what he felt was Kongpob’s-

“Now who’s looking?” Kongpob teased, but put his hands back in a more reasonable place on Arthit’s lower back. He pressed their foreheads together and curled his arms around Arthit’s middle in a hug. “Are you really uncomfortable with me looking?” he asked in a more honest voice.

Arthit sighed, rolling his eyes. “Of course I am. Have you seen yourself?! You look like that and I’m so skinny and pale.”

Kongpob raised an eyebrow. “What do I look like?”

“I hate you,” Arthit said without any real fire behind it. He sighed. “You’re broad and muscled. You’re athletic looking. I’m just…” He shrugged. “Scrawny.”

Kongpob smiled and kissed his cheek. “You’re very handsome, P’.” He hugged him closer. “You’re fair and have an amazing jawline. I love your face. You’re so cute when you get shy, too,” he said, and Arthit glared at him. “And your butt,” he said, sneaking a feel just to make Arthit swat his arm away.

“I will make you run at the field,” Arthit threatened.

Kongpob just grinned. “I’m sorry, P’Arthit,” he said, putting his hands back to a reasonable place on his waist. “I find you very attractive.” He looked down his body. “Especially naked. And writhing beneath me,” he purred and Arthit swallowed hard, trying to ignore the arousal that hit him at those words. He lowered his lips to Arthit’s ear. “Are you sure we can’t skip class and have a round two?”

“Kongpob!” Arthit snapped, then stepped out of the shower, ignoring his boyfriend as he got a towel and left, hoping to get dressed and leave before Kongpob had finished washing so he didn’t have to face him again.


Arthit still had a hickey when he met up with his friends that night, but they were all talking about the gossip surrounding Kongpob arriving late to class and covered in them so he felt smug enough to just wink when they asked what the hell they had gotten up to that afternoon.


After breaking the ice on sex, the problem was, Kongpob basically became insatiable. Arthit would be sitting at a table, eating his dinner, and suddenly he would nearly be mauled by a lanky Junior sitting beside him on the bench and curling around him. Kongpob always wanted to sneak off together. Arthit wasn’t much better, but at least he was able to keep control of himself. It was almost comical how cool, calm, and collected Kongpob would whine and pout until Arthit kissed him.

“You must be damn good in bed to have him that whipped,” Tuta said as they watched Kongpob sulking on his way to class, having been forced to release his boyfriend so he wasn’t late again.

Arthit glared at him, fighting a blush. “We’re not talking about that.”

“No, he’s right,” Bright said, nodding. “I sure as hell never got a girl to want me all the time like that one does you.” He sighed. “Maybe I should try guys if the sex is that good.”

“Hey!” Arthit snapped. “That’s not even it!” And it wasn’t. Other than that first time, it had never gone as far as reaching orgasm again. They just made out whenever they had a spare moment these days. They were both busy with school, so in the two weeks since their first time, they hadn’t had time to get distracted enough to do it.

“Oh please,” Knott said, and Arthit glared.

“It’s true.”

Prem hummed, leaning forward. “So… are you saying you haven’t done it?”

Arthit sighed. “I hate all of you.” He threw his pen at Prem. “Fine, for the next two minutes I’ll answer questions about my relationship, then never again.”

“Have you had sex?” Bright asked immediately, and Arthit groaned.

“Sort of,” he said, and they all scoffed. “What! I mean, yeah? I think it counts?” he said, thinking about all the things he had heard about sex.

Tuta, always the whore of the bunch, sighed. “Were you naked?”

“Not entirely.”

“Did you touch his ‘little Kongpob’?”

“Not really.”

“Did it involve orgasms?”


The guys all looked at each other, whispering behind their hands, before Arthit smacked the table to get their attention and pointed at his watch. Bright cleared his throat. “The council decided, that doesn’t count. Your boyfriend is still a virgin.”

Arthit snorted, rolling his eyes. “Please, I’m the virgin, not Kongpob.” He immediately froze, eyes wide. “I- Uh, I mean-“

“HA! I knew it!” Prem cried and Bright cursed and handed him money.

Arthit reached out and stole the money. “I say it counts so I’m not a virgin, fuck you both,” he said, pocketing the money. “And he has seen me naked. I saw him naked, too.” He tilted his head mockingly. “How many of you have showered with someone you’re sexually attracted to lately?”

They all grumbled, complaining about being single and unable to get chicks or dates of any sort while he smirked, proud of himself for distracting them from his whole ‘sex’ discussion.


The first time Kongpob got Arthit naked in his bed, it wasn’t even on purpose. Arthit had agreed to help Kongpob study since he had made a great grade in the class Kongpob needed some help with. Instead, Kongpob conned him into trading kisses for correct answers. It only took about twenty minutes of that before they ended up making out instead of studying. It only took about ten more before the clothes started shedding.

Arthit was weak for Kongpob. He knew he was. Those eyes could seduce him into anything, or out of his clothes, without much effort. “So beautiful,” Kongpob breathed against his lips as he mapped out Arthit’s body with his hands. Arthit’s breath hitched when Kongpob started working off his pants and boxers, and instead of tell him to stop, Arthit just nodded and lifted his hips for him. “I’m a lucky man,” Kongpob said with a smirk as he rid Arthit of the rest of his clothes.

Arthit felt vulnerable and bare, but also incredibly loved. Kongpob looked at him like he was the sexiest person alive and he was so lucky for the opportunity to be there with him. “Stop staring and kiss me,” he demanded, and Kongpob just grinned and leaned down to kiss him.

“Sorry,” he whispered against his lips. “I’m just so shocked by how gorgeous you are.”

Arthit pushed Kongpob’s boxers off his ass, and squeezed it, earning a moan against his lips. When Kongpob’s lips went to his neck in tandem with Kongpob’s hips grinding against his, their bare lower halves rubbing together, Arthit gasped, arching his back helplessly. He could feel Kongpob’s length sliding alongside his and it made him positively tremble. “Kong,” he gasped, grabbing his shoulders for something to hold onto. “K-Kongpob,” he panted, whimpering when his arches were met by Kongpob thrusting back against him. “Oh!”

“P’,” Kongpob moaned, pushing himself up on his hands to look down at Arthit, watching his face as he rolled his hips in a way that made Arthit gasp and shiver. “I want to do something. Can I?” Arthit nodded, and Kongpob wasted no time reaching between them and curling his hand around Arthit’s erection, making him whimper and shiver.

“Kong,” he sighed, eyes rolling back as he arched, hair rubbing against the pillow. He moaned and grabbed at the covers below him. He opened his eyes when Kongpob stopped moving, only to have Kongpob smile at him.

“Sorry. You’re so beautiful I froze.” Arthit blushed and rolled his eyes, but before he could speak, Kongpob ducked down and, to Arthit’s shock, put his mouth where his hand had just been.

“Shit!” Arthit gasped, whimpering at the unexpected but incredible feeling of a hot, wet suction around his erection. “Oh, oh, oh,” he gasped. “Kongpob!” Kongpob seemed hesitant, but Arthit had a feeling Kongpob had only ever been with girls before, so he wasn’t too shocked. He was shocked, however, that he was getting his dick sucked. It was almost good enough to kill him. Every sensation he was feeling was amazing. He had to fight not to buck his hips and choke his poor boyfriend. In the end – which came relatively fast, considering his inexperience – he did kind of choke Kongpob, but only because he didn’t realize he was going to come so fast, so he could barely get out a sharp, “Kong!” before his orgasm hit him.

When Arthit came down from his high, Kongpob was kissing his stomach and rubbing his hips as he caught his breath. Arthit reached down and tugged at his hand, smiling when he came up. He pulled Kongpob to him wordlessly, kissing him when he got close enough. “Ew.” He made a face at the taste of Kongpob’s lips, and Kongpob laughed.

“Hey, that’s your fault,” he teased.

Arthit smiled and brushed Kongpob’s hair from his face. “Yeah it is,” he joked, then tugged Kongpob into another kiss, this time dealing with the taste. When he felt Kongpob shiver as his thigh brushed Kongpob’s erection, he felt bold and flipped them over, grinning when Kongpob gasped in surprise at the change of position. “Your turn,” he whispered, then kissed his way down Kongpob’s body, determined to make his boyfriend feel just as good as his boyfriend had just made him feel.

He was, unshockingly, not as good at it as Kongpob, but through a little trial and error, they managed to work it out. Kongpob, having experienced this before, lasted longer and didn’t come without warning, but Arthit still felt weirdly proud of himself for bringing his boyfriend such pleasure.

They lay curled up together, studying long forgotten, just gazing into each other’s eyes. Arthit was still shy, but he felt high on sex and love, so he was a little more bold than usual. It helped he was comfortable with Kongpob. “Kong?” Kongpob hummed, stroking his cheek, and Arthit took a shaking breath. “I’m not just saying this because of the sex,” he prefaced, and then he murmured, “I love you.”

Kongpob, as expected, lit up beautifully. “I love you, too, P’Arthit.” He pressed their noses together with a sweet smile. “My Sun.” Arthit blushed but just hid his face in Kongpob’s chest, hugging him close.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, though he couldn’t help smiling. This ‘curling up naked with the man you love’ stuff was weirdly comforting. He had a thought and snickered. “You’re gonna fail,” he reminded him, and Kongpob gasped, looking panicked.

“Oh my God, I’m supposed to be studying!” He sat up, shoving Arthit off, and grabbed his study sheets, spreading them out around them in a panic.

Arthit would be offended if he weren’t so amused. He sat up and settled against the pillows, watching Kongpob’s panic-studying. He grabbed his pants off the floor beside the bed and got his phone out. He intended to surf the internet for a minute, but when he noticed naked Kongpob not caring he was still nude while studying, he decided to snap a photo. Kongpob’s sensitive areas were blocked by the angle of how he sat, but it was obvious he wore no clothes as he spread study sheets around him. He cackled to himself as he looked at the photo, only to pale when he realized…. He had opened the chat to take the photo, not the camera. He took and sent the photo to his friends group chat.

“Oh God.”

“What is it?” Kongpob asked, distracted by his studying.

Arthit watched his friends all commenting rapid-fire and sunk down against the pillows, hiding his face. “Um. Nothing. You study, Kongpob,” he said, dragging the covers up over his head in shame and regret he hoped to not share with his boyfriend.


To avoid his friends, Arthit sat with Kongpob and his friends for lunch. However, it proved to be a bad idea when instead of it keep his friends away, it just made all the juniors present when they found him. “Well, well, well.” Prem leaned on the table, smirking as he looked right at Arthit, who tried to hide behind Kongpob. “Kongpob, you never struck me as the kind to take naked photos,” he said, and Arthit whimpered, actually hiding his face in Kongpob’s shirt.

“Uh, what?” Kongpob asked, tilting his head.

Bright wiggled his eyebrows. “Nice shoulders, though. You clearly like to exercise.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Prae leaned forward. “Kongpob! You not only took naked photos but you sent them out?!”

“No!” he said, looking at the seniors. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure you must be mistaken.”

Oak suddenly laughed. “Wait, wait, look at P’Arthit,” he said, and Arthit lifted his head to glare, silencing him immediately. Even with his image weakened by them seeing him with Kongpob, the juniors were still afraid of him.

“P’Arthit?” Kongpob looked at him and Arthit smiled sheepishly. “What were you doing with your phone last night while I was studying?” he asked suspiciously.

“Wellllll,” Arthit said, pursing his lips. “Kongpob, there may have been an… accident.”

“P’!” Kongpob said, eyes wide. “What did you do?!”

“I was just going to take a picture because it was funny, you were panicked and studying while naked, but I- I-“ He put on his cutest smile to try and lessen the blow. “I accidentally took the photo in the group chat instead of with the camera app.” Kongpob’s jaw dropped and Arthit, in a rush, kissed his cheek and scrambled off the bench. “Sorry, love you, bye!” he said as he literally ran away from the table, internally screaming as he did so.


Kongpob was really mad at him and Arthit felt terrible. “Please? I’m sorry,” he said, knocking on Kongpob’s door. “At least open up and let me know you’re okay.”

The door yanked open and Kongpob glared. “I’m fine, also I passed that test. Now go away, I’m mad at you.”

Arthit pouted. “I’m really sorry, Kongpob.” He saw Kongpob’s eyes trail down to his pout and he made it more convincing. “I’ll do whatever you want if you’ll forgive me.” Kongpob looked at his eyes and he gave him his best puppy look.

“Anything?” Kongpob asked, and Arthit nodded. Suddenly Kongpob smirked and Arthit’s eyes widened, fearful of what he might be thinking. “So… anything?”

“Um, within reason?” Arthit added and Kongpob’s eyes twinkled dangerously, and without warning, he grabbed Arthit and dragged him into the room, making him yelp in surprise. “Kongpob!”

Kongpob pushed him against the wall, hands going on either side of his head as he leaned in. Arthit watched him nervously, and Kongpob leaned in to his ear. “Let me fuck you,” he whispered right against Arthit’s ear, and a shiver ran down Arthit’s spine.

“Kongpob!” he cried, face burning as he shoved at his boyfriend. However, Kongpob just leaned back to look at his face, he didn’t move. “I- that- I meant to apologize! That’s- it’s not!”

“Not something you want to do?” Kongpob asked, looking genuinely disappointed. “It’s okay, I wasn’t really expecting you would want to right now, but I figured it was worth a shot.”

Arthit groaned in embarrassment, hiding his face in his hands. “Not… not never.” He pouted as he looked up at Kongpob. “I’m only admitting this because you’re mad at me and I feel bad for what I did so I should be honest with you,” he grumbled, then took a breath and stared at Kongpob’s shirt while he spoke. “I’m kind of scared of doing that because it seems like it would be pretty bad for the guy on bottom and- and you’re so confident and assertive I know that guy would be me, I’d never have the nerve to do it to you.”

Kongpob hummed. “I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be bad. Nobody would do it if it was. I mean, I’ve heard it hurts some the first time, but it has to be worth it if people want to do it that way. It’s not even just guys who do it these days. Oak had this video-”

Arthit blushed. “Kongpob! You juniors are so dirty,” he said, swatting him on the head.

“Oh, come on, you’re a guy, too,” he said, leaning closer, hands sliding down the wall so he could bracket him in again. “Everybody has seen dirty videos.”

“You’re a pervert,” Arthit said flatly. “Get away from me, you filthy man,” he said, shoving at Kongpob gently.

Kongpob grinned and leaned in until he was right in front of Arthit. “You liked it when I was filthy last night,” he flirted, and Arthit pouted.

“Why do you always like to tease me? You’re a terrible boyfriend,” he bluffed, and Kongpob just kissed his cheek.

“Because you blush and it’s so cute. You’re such a fierce man and I’m the only one who can make you turn pink when I flirt,” he whispered, making Arthit groan in embarrassment. Kongpob backed off, stepping away finally. “Really, though. We should probably talk about this. I know you’re shy, but that’s what caused all those problems when I thought you didn’t want me because you didn’t want to confess you hadn’t done it before. And we’ve had sex a few times now and never talk about it, we just do it.”

Arthit sighed, letting his head knock against the wall. “I know. Communication is important. I’m just terrible at it.” He went over and flopped onto Kongpob’s bed, hiding his face in the pillow. “We can talk like this. Without me looking at anything.”

He didn’t want to look at Kongpob, confident, cool, never-shakend Kongpob, while talking about sex. But they had to. “Okay, so,” Kongpob said, laying down beside him. Arthit snuck a look and saw him laying on his back, looking up at the ceiling. “Sex.”

“Yup,” Arthit mumbled, facing the other way so he could talk without looking at Kongpob. “So. You’ve done it before, right? I figured so but we never really talked about that, so…”

“Yes,” Kongpob said simply. “I’ve dated two girls before, in high school. I had sex with both of them. The longest relationship lasted four months, but we broke up because we were both going off to university and didn’t have strong enough feelings to try and deal with the distance.” Kongpob paused. “You said you never dated anyone?”

“No,” Arthit said softly. “The only reason I’ve ever even kissed girls is parties and stuff. Everybody is drinking so you get roped into games and sometimes there’s kissing and dancing.”

“Did you like men? Before, I mean?” Kongpob asked, and Arthit hummed.

“I… don’t know,” he admitted. “I had never really thought about it, but I guess I can see how some guys are cute. You were the first person I’ve ever really felt interested in, though. Attraction on a ‘that person is cute’ level, sure, but I’ve never liked them.”

“Interesting.” Kongpob hummed. “I think I like men and women in general. Maybe. I had never considered dating a man before, and I was surprised when my playful flirting with you led to me having real feelings, but now that I’m used to having a boyfriend, I think I find men attractive. But I have you, so I don’t need to look at other guys that way.”

Arthit smiled to himself, pleased by that. “I hated you at first,” he confessed, turning his head to look at Kongpob’s face when he said that. “I really, genuinely thought you were the worst first year I would ever meet. You were so pushy and fought back against everything. I don’t know when everything I hated about you started to be things I admired. Now, you’re brave and confident in my eyes. Then you were just pushy and rude.”

“I thought you were a jerk,” Kongpob admitted. “I thought you were a bully and a jerk. I didn’t learn the real motives behind all the things you said and did until I observed how others respected you. You’re shy so you hide the side of you that cares and wants to help others behind being harsh.”

Arthit gave him a mocking smile. “Or you’re just stupid and can’t see it,” he teased. He sighed, reaching out to loosely link their fingers between their sides. “I… do want to have sex with you. Like, you know, that way. I’m just nervous. And scared. And I hate feeling vulnerable and it makes me feel it.”

“I can understand that.” Kongpob squeezed his hand. “I’m a man, obviously I want to do that with you, but it’s not that big of a deal,” he reassured him. “The things we’ve done so far are good enough for me. I was fine not having sex at all, I just thought it meant you didn’t really want me. I love you, not sex with you,” he said, and Arthit gave him a shy smile. “Also, if it is bad for the guy on bottom, I don’t want to do it anyways. Everybody should enjoy sex, they shouldn’t do it just to make their partner happy. If you don’t enjoy it, I don’t want to do it.”

Arthit nodded, looking at Kongpob’s eyes. “I feel the same way.” He smiled sheepishly. “And I really, really didn’t mean for that to happen with the photo, Kong. You know that, right?”

Kongpob groaned, sighing. “P’Bright showed me the photo. At least nothing important is showing. It’s just so embarrassing.”

“Hey, it’s proof you’re getting laid at least. They’re all single,” Arthit said and Kongpob grinned in amusement. Arthit was surprised when Kongpob rolled over and slung an arm over his back, resting his chin on Arthit’s shoulder so their faces were close. “What are you doing?” he asked, and Kongpob smirked and rubbed their noses together.

“Cuddling my boyfriend,” he said, leaning their foreheads together. “My Sun.”

Arthit blushed but bit his lip playfully. “Well. Every Sun needs a Moon.”

Kongpob beamed. “That was smooth,” he said with a soft chuckle. He kissed Arthit softly, and Arthit closed his eyes, enjoying the tiny, sweet kisses.


Arthit was getting used to his boyfriend being a horny bastard.

“Grrrrr, I can’t focus on this!” Kongpob let his head fall to the table with a thunk while he tried to study. He lifted it up, looking across it at Arthit. “Hey, P’Arthit, wanna go study in your room?” he asked with a sudden smirk and Arthit blushed and kicked him under the table. “Ow!”

“Ew,” Maprang said, looking at Kongpob in disgust. “You’re shameless.”

“He’s horny is what he is,” Oak said, pointing at him with a pencil. “We ask P’Arthit to help us study since he’s apparently a goddamn genius, and instead Kongpob wants to steal him away because he’s a horny bastard.”

“He’s going to be a single bastard if he keeps saying embarrassing stuff in front of you juniors,” Arthit threatened, giving Kongpob a pointed look.

Kongpob whined and fell onto the table, arms outstretched towards his boyfriend with a playful pout. “But calculous is impossible and you’re very handsome. Can you blame me for wanting to blow off studying and go blow-“

“Okay, that’s it, you’re banned from tutoring,” Arthit proclaimed, giving him an annoyed smile. “Leave now. I’m tutoring Oak and Maprang, not you.”

Kongpob looked at him with a slack jaw. “You wouldn’t dare-“

“Come on, guys, let’s find another table,” he said, smiling welcomingly at his juniors as he stood up and gathered the study materials. They all laughed at Kongpob’s shocked expression as they went to another table that only had room for the three of them.


Kongpob was waiting for him when he finished tutoring the others, so he wasn’t shocked when they went to his room and immediately, the second the door was shut, Kongpob basically pounced, kissing him hungrily. Arthit couldn’t deny he also wanted Kongpob, so he went with it, tossing his things aside. They pulled at each other’s clothes, panting into each other’s mouths as they got naked at light-speed. Arthit cried out in surprise when Kongpob pushed him onto the bed, but he just dragged Kongpob down with him, the two of them rolling around and kissing every inch of skin they could find while they tackled what was left of their clothing. When it was just skin on skin, Arthit moaned, arching into Kongpob helplessly.

“You can’t say stuff like that in public,” Arthit groaned, grasping at Kongpob’s arms. “Don’t think this is what you get when you embarrass me,” he said, “I’m just too horny to punish you.”

“Sure, whatever you say,” Kongpob laughed, kissing his throat as their hips slotted together. He moaned as they rocked together. “Can I do something?”

“What?” Arthit asked, gasping when Kongpob nipped at his collar bone.

“Can I go between your thighs?” Kongpob asked, kissing his jaw. “Like- like doing it but there instead?”

Arthit had never even heard of that, but he was willing to try anything. “Okay,” he said, and Kongpob moaned as he kissed him. “How do you want me?”

“Maybe on your side?” he asked, and after a few moments of getting into a position they agreed on, Kongpob grabbed the lube he had been hiding in his table and wiped some on the space between Arthit’s thighs. Arthit felt kind of weird about it, but he let him. However, once they started, he kind of got the appear. Kongpob’s erection kept brushing against his sensitive skin with every thrust, and the hand Kongpob wrapped around him moved in time with his thrusts, so it really felt intimate and together. “You feel so good,” Kongpob moaned into his ear, lips brushing the sensitive shell. It sent shivers down his spine to hear how lost Kongpob was for him. His mind wandered and he wondered what Kongpob would sound like if he was inside of him instead. That thought made Arthit shiver and moan, grabbing Kongpob’s thigh to hang on as he thrust into the space between his legs. “C’mere,” he panted, and Arthit turned his head, craning his neck so that Kongpob could kiss him deeply, whimpering into Arthit’s mouth. When he came, Arthit gasped at the feeling of him pulsing between his legs, spilling across his thigh.

“God, that’s hot,” he moaned, digging his fingertips into Kongpob’s leg.

“Yeah?” Kongpob panted, kissing his jaw. “You like it?”

“Yeah,” Arthit said, shivering at the feeling of Kongpob’s body shaking after his orgasm against him. “I liked it.”

Kongpob slipped free and moved back, pulling Arthit onto his back. He looked at Arthit through hooded eyes. “Your turn,” he groaned and Arthit’s blood rushed. He kissed Arthit and then moved down his body. Arthit closed his eyes and arched as Kongpob licked his nipple.

“Kongpob,” he moaned, sliding a hand into his hair. Kongpob chuckled against his stomach as he went down. When he felt a tongue teasing his length, he whined, arching his back into the sensation. Kongpob sucked him down and Arthit panted, tugging at his hair thoughtlessly. “Shit, Kong. Yes, like that,” he panted, only to startle when he felt something unexpected a little further down: the pad of a fingertip brushing over a place nobody had ever touched before. He froze, and Kongpob pulled off.

“Too far? Want me to stop?” he asked, and Arthit swallowed hard, staring at the ceiling. “P’Arthit?”

“No, it’s okay,” Arthit said, surprised by himself. He flung a hand over his face, but didn’t take it back when Kongpob resumed sucking him and teasing his entrance. When Kongpob stopped touching him there for a moment only to start again with lube on his fingers this time, he gasped. When Kongpob slid a finger into him gently opening him up, he grunted in confusion. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but it was weird. It certainly wasn’t a good feeling. Kongpob did a good job of distracting him, though. His mouth still felt amazing. Kongpob slid a second finger in, and Arthit grunted and shifted his hips. It didn’t hurt, but the pressure was different. As those fingers probed and twisted inside of him, he wondered more and more why people wanted to do this. If their boyfriend wanted it, they could compromise and do what Kongpob had done to him, between his thighs. It certainly didn’t seem like it was doing any good for him. And then Kongpob twisted his wrist and did something that made Arthit give a soft cry. “FUCK!”

So that was why people did it.

Arthit looked down at Kongpob, who pulled off quickly. “What? Did I hurt you?”

“No, definitely not,” Arthit gasped, tossing his head back when Kongpob’s fingers shifted and found that place again. “Oh fuck, there!” he gasped. Kongpob went back to sucking him, his hand moving again, and though he didn’t always find that spot as he thrust in and out with two fingers, it was still really, really good. “Kong, fuck,” he gasped, moaning. “Don’t stop,” he whined, rocking against the fingers inside of him. When he came, it was with a shout and a whine. “Kongpob!”

Arthit lay panting when Kongpob sat up and wiped his mouth with a smirk. He looked at Kongpob and blushed, flinging an arm over his eyes. “Good?” Kongpob asked, crawling up over him. He smirked down at Arthit when he removed his arm, and Arthit just narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t get smug.” Kongpob kissed him instead of answering. Arthit sighed, giving in to the urge to wrap his arms around Kongpob, tugging him down until their bodies were flush. After a bit of long, slow kissing, they both got up to go shower.

They washed each other, kissing chests and shoulders and necks as they did so. “Did you really like that?” Kongpob asked, wrapping his arms around Arthit to hold him from behind.

Arthit hummed, eyes closed as he laid his head back against Kongpob’s shoulders while he rinsed his chest and stomach. “Yeah. I liked it.” He smirked. “Once you figured out what the hell you were doing, anyways.”

Kongpob chuckled and kissed his earlobe. “Hey, give me some credit, I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” He nuzzled the space behind Arthit’s ear. “So. Do you think some time you might like more than just that?”

Arthit blushed and cleared his throat. “Maybe,” he muttered, then turned off the water, jerking out of Kongpob’s arms to get out, grabbing a towel as he disappeared from the bathroom in a rush.


Kongpob had a plan. A great plan. He was going to reward his boyfriend’s hard work and good scores on his exams by taking him out on a date. They could go to a nice restaurant and have a lovely, romantic evening. He might even talk to him about the possibility of introducing each other to their families someday, since they were both very serious about this relationship.

Instead, Arthit decided the best way to celebrate the end of exams was to go out with his friends and get drunk off his ass until Prem had to call Kongpob to come pick up his drunk boyfriend before he embarrassed himself.

When he got to the bar they had gone to, he could hear Prem trying to stop Arthit from going to get another drink before he even saw them. The sight he was met with was a glazed-eyed Arthit sitting sideways on a couch while Prem stopped him from getting up. “Oh no,” Kongpob said when he got to them, crossing his arms. “P’Arthit,” he said to get his boyfriend’s attention. Everybody greeted him, but Arthit looked up at him and smiled brightly.

“Kongpob!” He struggled to his feet, stumbling into Kongpob’s arms. “Hey, you’re here. Guys! Did you see? Kong is here,” he said, hanging onto Kongpob’s shoulders. “I missed you,” he slurred, beaming at Kongpob. “Did you miss me? I miss you all day when we’re not together,” he babbled, grinning drunkenly as he pressed against his front. “You’re so handsome. Look how handsome my boyfriend is everybody!” He patted Kongpob on the cheek. “Why are you here? I thought you were busy tonight. Wanna go eat noodles? I want noodles. But only if you come with me because I don’t want you to go away.”

Kongpob just laughed and rolled his eyes. He wasn’t embarrassed, but he knew Arthit would regret this, especially when he looked and saw the laughing friends all filming this on their phones. “Don’t be cruel to him,” he chastised them, holding his swaying boyfriend closer so he didn’t topple over.

“Ha, fat chance of that,” Bright said with a cackle. “Look at this drunk asshole,” he told his phone.

“Kongpob, we should go back to your room,” Arthit said, sliding a hand into his hair, trying to make him look at him instead of the others. “We can do that thing. You know. The one you’ve been wanting to do for a while,” he said, not at all keeping his voice down. This time Kongpob did blush, eyes wide as he looked from Arthit to the others, all of whom were nearly pissing themselves laughing. “I liked that thing you did and I bet it would be better if you used something bigger-“

“OKAY,” he interrupted, laughing forcedly. “I think I better get some food and water into him, thanks for calling me, bye P’s,” he said, practically dragging Arthit away from the table full of people positively rolling in laughter.

“I bet I know what that ‘thing’ was!” Tuta called and Kongpob groaned, already feeling sorry for poor Arthit when he sobered up and got showed the videos. Or worse, saw them posted somewhere.


Arthit sat with an ice pack on his head and ignored the knocking at his door. “Please, P’Arthit? You can’t blame me for your own choices,” Kongpob whined outside. “I didn’t even let you get in my pants even though you were trying very hard to seduce me! I was a perfect gentleman since you were too drunk! I don’t know why I’m being punished!”

“Go away, Kongpob!” Arthit shouted, then whined, rolling over to put the ice pack in a better spot. He was so embarrassed. He couldn’t believe what he had done.

Unfortunately, there was no doubting his memory because he’d already seen the videos. Including the one Kongpob shot of him hanging all over Kongpob and kissing his cheek and telling him how much he loves him and wants him to fuck him. Thank God that video was shot in the dorm, not public.

“What if I bring you pink milk and cuddle you until you aren’t so miserable?” Kongpob offered and Arthit almost caved before changing his mind. He was far too embarrassed to ever look at Kongpob again. “Okay, I’m going to get you pink milk. I’ll be back soon!”

Arthit sighed heavily, sinking further into his bed. He really, really hated how sweet Kongpob was sometimes.


Arthit lasted two days avoiding Kongpob before he gave in and went to sit with him at the canteen. He purposefully ignored everybody else staring at him and didn’t even look at Kongpob as he put an iced coffee in front of him as a silent apology. When he finally snuck a look, Kongpob was staring right at him with a pleased little smile of adoration. He rolled his eyes and fought a blush, looking back at the rest of the table instead.

After lunch, he walked Kongpob to class and finally spoke. “Thanks. For taking care of me when I was drunk,” he mumbled.

Kongpob chuckled and slid his hand into Arthit’s, smiling over at him. “You’re too cute when you’re embarrassed,” he said and Arthit whined, turning to hide his face in Kongpob’s shoulder. “It was funny,” he admitted. “I knew you would be embarrassed though, so I made your friends promise not to post the video of you in public anywhere. I threatened to tell you exactly who did it if they did.”

Arthit hummed with a little smile. “You’re the best boyfriend,” he said fondly. He sighed. “Honestly though, I can’t believe I got that messed up. I never drink so much. It was so embarrassing.”

“You have no idea how hard it is to deny your sexy and very horny boyfriend like that,” Kongpob said with a smirk. “I deserve a reward, not being ignored,” he said and Arthit rolled his eyes.

“Your reward is living long enough to promise to never, ever tell people what I got like, how about that?” he said, making a fist at him playfully.

“I was thinking more along the lines of-“ Kongpob looked around them to make sure nobody was near, and then leaned in so that their faces were only inches apart, voice low. “A blowjob.”

Arthit faked a smile. “Oh yeah?” he asked, and then swatted Kongpob in the head. “No!”

“Ah come on, it’s not like you haven’t done it already!” Kongpob whined, pouting at him as Arthit walked ahead without him. “P’Arthit, come on,” he said, catching up, holding his hand again. “I was very respectful. I didn’t even kiss you! You were throwing yourself at me and I turned you down, I should at least get a little something!”

“You don’t get rewards for doing the bare minimum of not being a creep,” Arthit chastised, smiling at how adorably pouty Kongpob was. Kongpob kept trying to bargain with him the whole way to class and it was just too cute.

Arthit planned on giving him one later anyways, he just wasn’t going to tell him that and end the cute behavior.


“So,” Prem said with a smirk. “How’s married life? Is being his wife everything you thought it would be?” He burst into snickers and Arthit rolled his eyes as the others all laughed along. They were spending their Saturday shopping and of course, teasing Arthit.

“Please, Kongpob is hot,” Tuta said bluntly. “Arthit’s getting it better than any of us are, that’s for sure.”

Bright deflated. “Shit, he’s right,” he said, and Arthit snickered.

“So,” Knot said with a raised eyebrow. “I saw you holding hands with him walking across the field the other day.”

“And?” Arthit grumbled, looking at a window of the shop they were passing. “He’s my boyfriend. You do that. Holding hands.”

Knot hummed. “Arthit, the coldest friend we have, holding hands with somebody and walking to class.”

Bright cackled. “Come on, you know he holds hands to keep himself on Kongpob’s good side so he gets the real perks later,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. “I’ve heard stories about young Kongpob.”

Arthit raised an eyebrow. “Oh? And who you hear these stories from? I’m the only person he’s dated at the school.”

“Oooh, someone has claws,” Tuta said, leaning closer. “Bright, share your rumors!”

Bright looked around and grinned. “Okay, so when I went to visit my mom and sister last weekend, her friends were over, and they were talking and one asked if I knew a freshman named Kong Suthiluck because they went to the same high school.” Everybody oooohed and Arthit raised an eyebrow waiting for him to continue. Bright wiggled his eyebrows. “My sister and her friends were the only ones around, so when I said I’d met him, just to see what they had to say, the one girl, Grace, she talked about how she dated him for four months.” He hesitated. “I should mention we were drinking,” he added. “So they started asking her what he was like and asking me stuff about him now to compare.”

“You talked about your junior’s sex life with your sister?” Prem asked, cringing. “That’s just gross.”

Bright shrugged. “I was too busy laughing my ass off when they started talking about the sex to think about how gross it was my sister was talking about it. Anyways, this girl says she’s never had better,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. “Said dear young Kongpob can go all night and knows all the best positions. And that his ‘equipment’ is the perfect size!” He cackled. “I spent the whole time laughing my ass off thinking about how when we got Arthit drunk, he practically tried to jump Kongpob right there in front of us. Now I know why!”

They all laughed and Arthit rolled his eyes, pursing his lips. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.”

“So,” Tuta said, grinning. “Is what that girl said about Kongpob true? Is being his ‘wife’ as good as she says it is?”

“Why the hell do you assholes assume I’m the ‘wife’ anyways,” he said, glaring.

“Oh please, like someone as confident and charming as Kongpob is the bottom to you,” Tuta said and Arthit elbowed him in the ribs. “So is it?”

“Why do you creeps want to know so much about my sex life?” he demanded, cheeks heating up.

Knot gave him a flat look. “You’re literally the only one of us that’s felt the touch of anything but your own hand in ages, why wouldn’t we want to know what we’re all missing?”

Tuta scoffed. “Speak for yourself, it hasn’t been ages,” he said and they all gave him pointed looks. He sighed and bowed his head. “Just a few months.”

Bright swung his arm around Knot’s shoulders, smiling at Arthit. “So? How about all those ‘best positions’, huh?”

Arthit grumbled and rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t know.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Prem said, holding out a hand. “That’s not possible, you spend half your time running off to sneak quickies, there’s no way you’re just making out.”

“I do not spend half my time sneaking quickies,” Arthit said, though he would be lying if that wasn’t true. They all stared at him and he huffed. “Look, what we do is plenty for us. Just because there’s none of…what that girl said, it doesn’t mean we’re not satisfied,” he said, grimacing. “Also thanks for bringing up my boyfriend’s ex getting what’s mine now,” he added.

“Sounds like she was getting more than you do,” Tuta said with a sassy look.

Arthit huffed and stormed off. “Whatever,” he said, making the group catch up to him, still laughing.


The problem was, Arthit couldn’t stop thinking about it. Both the girls Kongpob had dated knew about ‘best positions’ and ‘perfect size’ and stuff Arthit didn’t know. Because he was too shy and nervous to just go for it. After that time Kongpob used his fingers, Arthit explored that situation alone and found he actually really liked it. He just wasn’t sure how to ask for it without being so embarrassed again.

However, the more he thought about some faceless girl under his boyfriend ‘all night long’, the more he was sick of knowing two of them got something he hadn’t had. It all came to a head one night when Kongpob was studying at his desk while Arthit sat on the bed reading a comic. The girl in one of the frames had ridiculously large breasts, and suddenly he thought of that girl getting some from his boyfriend when he still hadn’t, and he just snapped.

He sat up and tossed the comic aside. “Kongpob!”

Kongpob looked up with a confused frown. “Yes? What’s wrong?”

Arthit nodded. “I want to have sex,” he said bluntly.

Kongpob blinked, but the perked up. “Oh, okay.” He stood up and walked over to the bed, smirking as he crawled up he legs. “You want this?” he asked, pressing a kiss to Arthit’s bare thigh exposed by his shorts.

Arthit was too horny to be as shy as he usually was. “I want you to fuck me,” he said, and Kongpob nearly toppled over, he sat up so fast.

“O-oh,” he said and Arthit smirked at how wide Kongpob’s eyes were. “You’re not drinking, are you?” he asked and Arthit laughed, rolling his eyes.

“No, just get up here,” he said, tugging Kongpob up to hover over him. He smiled when he saw the eager look in Kongpob’s eyes. “Ah, I love knowing what I do to you,” he teased, tugging Kongpob down to kiss him.

Kongpob sighed against his lips. “I told you a long time ago, you do bad things to my heart. You could have anything you want from me,” he said, then smiled, bumping their noses together. “My Sun.”

Arthit rolled his eyes. “Shut it and do bad things to me instead.”

Kongpob smirked. “Oh, what I’m gonna do to you is the best you’ll ever have,” he flirted and Arthit hummed flirtatiously and kissed him again. Kongpob pressed their bodies together and Arthit moaned. He arched, letting Kongpob take his clothes off and explore his body slowly, treating him just as good as he always did. Arthit was a lucky man and he knew it.

It was only when they were both naked, things getting really heated, that Arthit opened his eyes momentarily and startled. “Kongpob!” he cried, shoving him back. Kongpob looked worried, and Arthit flung his head absently. “The windows!”

Kongpob looked over and then scrambled up. “Shit, shit, shit.” He yanked the curtains shut fast, stumbling over a chair to get to the other set. When he turned around, cheeks bright pink, Arthit laughed at the look on his face.

“Oh my God, you are redder than I’ve ever seen you,” he teased. He sat up on his elbows and nodded his head. “Come back here, I need to kiss your red face,” he said, and Kongpob groaned but came back like he said. He crawled over Arthit and hid his face in his chest.

“As far as embarrassing sexual situations, most likely giving everybody across the way a sneak peek is at the top,” Kongpob said, and Arthit just grinned.

“Hey, you were on top of me, so your body shielded mine from view. You’re the only one whose ass is probably someone’s background photo now,” he said, sneaking a grab of said perky ass.

Kongpob snorted, but shook his head with a smile. “So, is the mood dead, or do you still want-“

“I still want you to fuck me,” Arthit said in a low, flirtatious voice. “I just didn’t want the whole student body seeing it.”

Kongpob groaned, kissing his jaw. “If they did, I’d have to fight to hold onto you. Everybody would want a piece of you.”

“Mmmm, good thing I love you and not everybody, huh?” Arthit asked, biting his lip when Kongpob bit down just hard enough on the hinge of his jaw to bring pleasure. “Now shut up and do me,” he groaned, and Kongpob rolled his hips reflexively, grinding them together.

“Anything for you,” he breathed, and Arthit closed his eyes and tilted his head back, basking in the pleasure his boyfriend was giving him. This time, he was more used to the feeling when Kongpob opened him up and he just sighed, enjoying it. “You’re more calm this time,” Kongpob murmured against his chin and Arthit smirked and hummed.

“What do you think has me taking longer showers lately,” he said, and Kongpob groaned hoarsely, clearly surprised by the answer.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he blurted out. Arthit smirked at the power he had over Kongpob. It was a good feeling, having the hottest first year in the university so weak for him.

When Arthit gave Kongpob a condom, it really struck him what was going on: he was finally overcoming the last obstacle to being fully intimate with Kongpob. Their sex life had been good enough so far, but this felt bigger. He wasn’t being shy anymore. He wasn’t hiding from the awkwardness of sex anymore. He was no longer missing out on something others had had with his boyfriend before.

And when Kongpob slid into him, gently entering him slow enough to not hurt him, it struck him that this was a different sort of intimacy than they had experienced so far. Their bodies were joined together in a way Arthit had never experienced, and it was breathtaking. He hid the pain he felt at first by kissing Kongpob, who moaned weakly against his lips. It wasn’t bad, but Kongpob was definitely bigger and longer than his fingers were. “Arthit,” Kongpob whimpered and Arthit groaned at the lack of honorific. It felt more intimate in this setting. “You feel so good,” he panted softly, looking into his eyes as he pulled away a little. “Are you okay?”

Arthit nodded, grasping at the bedding under him. “Yeah, yes, just- just give me a minute,” he said. He shifted his hips a little and a shiver ran through his body at the way it felt to have Kongpob rub against his inner walls. “Move,” he ordered. “B-be gentle,” he requested, and Kongpob nodded as he carefully started up a slow rhythm. Arthit whined at the feeling and tossed his head to the side. “Kong,” he whimpered, because it didn’t hurt, but it was overwhelming.


“Yeah, yeah,” Arthit gasped. “It’s- it’s just so much.” He looked up into Kongpob’s eyes and saw something shining in them differently than he was used to. He reached up and cupped Kongpob’s face in his hand. “Kong,” he breathed, guiding him down to kiss him. Kongpob moaned into his mouth. As things sped up and grew more intense, Kongpob found his hands and laced their fingers together beside his head, pinning him down as he thrust into him, and Arthit couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. He was so beautiful. “You’re all mine,” Arthit breathed, and Kongpob whimpered. “Fuck, look at you. Unnng, Kongpob,” he groaned, grinding his head back into the pillow desperately. “So good.”

“Yeah?” Kongpob asked, their eyes locked together. “You like what I do to you?”

“Fuck, yes, give it to me,” Arthit moaned tossing his head back as every thrust increased the pleasure he was already feeling. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, Kong, don’t stop!”

“Never,” Kongpob promised, ducking his head to kiss him hungrily.

When Arthit came, it was a shock to him, because all it took was Kongpob sneaking a hand between them to give just a single stroke, and all the pleasure that had been building and building exploded in an orgasm like a supernova. He cried out, clawing at Kongpob’s back as he came harder than he ever had in his entire life. He nearly blacked out from the pleasure, and when his brain cleared itself of fog, it was just in time to watch Kongpob go rigid and groan as he followed him, hips jolting unevenly as he did so.

Kongpob collapsed onto him and Arthit just grunted and wrapped his arms around him, panting as he held Kongpob against his chest. Kongpob’s broad, sweaty shoulders heaved under his hands and he almost laughed at how much he had tired out his rather athletic boyfriend. “I’m dead. You killed me,” Kongpob muttered, voice muffled by Arthit’s shoulder.

“Unnng, I’m the one with a giant, gangly thing on top of me,” Arthit said, though he smiled and pressed a kiss to the bare shoulder near his lips.

Kongpob picked up his head and smiled that big, beautiful smile Arthit loved so much. “Gangly thing, huh?” he asked, then kissed Arthit, using his tongue almost well enough to distract him from the uncomfortable feeling of Kongpob pulling out of him and moving away. “I’ll be right back,” he whispered, kissing Arthit’s cheek as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

Arthit stretched, wincing at the slight ache in his backside, and rolled onto his side, tucking the pillow under his head more comfortably. He closed his eyes momentarily and was only startled awake by a warm cloth cleaning his stomach and thighs. He hummed. “Shit, I almost fell asleep,” he said, and Kongpob chuckled and kissed his shoulder.

“Guess I did good, then,” he said, and Arthit laughed softly. Kongpob left again but when he came back, he crawled onto the bed with Arthit, curling an arm around him. He kissed Arthit’s forehead, stroking a hand down his back. “Mmmm, I love you, P’Arthit.”

Arthit opened his eyes and looked into the beautiful eyes in front of him. “I love you, Kongpub.” He felt a little shy under his gaze now that the sexual adrenaline was fading. He hid his face in the pillow and peeked one eye at him. Kongpob’s gaze was full of adoration.

“You’re my favorite person in the world,” he said, tracing his fingertips along Arthit’s side, earning a shiver.

“Mmmm, you’re just saying that because I gave you sex,” Arthit said with a teasing grin and Kongpob smirked.

“No, you were already my favorite. Now you’re just my favorite person to do that with,” he said, and Arthit narrowed his eyes.

“I better be the only person you’re doing that with,” he threatened and Kongpob laughed.

“Of course,” he said, bumping their noses together. “You’re the only one that I love.”

Arthit smirked smugly. “Good.” He ruffled a hand through Kongpob’s hair. “You’re my favorite, too, 0062.”

Kongpob groaned. “Wow, so romantic.” He smacked Arthit on the thigh, making him jump and curse.

“KONGPOB!” Arthit shoved him over and climbed on top of him, glaring down as him. “Don’t make me punish you,” he said, and Kongpob smirked and bit his lip.

“Far less intimidating when you’re naked and on top of me.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll like that kind of punishment,” he said, and Arthit flushed and grabbed the pillow to smother his boyfriend with out of embarrassment.


Arthit was just innocently doing his homework when Prem and Knot sat down across from him and Bright and Tuta sat on his side of the table. “Soooo. Arthit,” Bright started, and it was obvious everybody was trying to hold in their laughter. “Why, when we were at the fitness center locker room, did we come across Kongpob changing and see scratches all down his back?”

Arthit’s head snapped up and he flushed, but instead of provide a lie, he just scrambled to grab his books and run away.

Maybe he would drop out. Yeah, that sounded like the best idea after all.