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Quay to my Heart

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Fine blond wisps stirred up by the gentle breeze tickled Prompto's forehead as he squinted his eyes against the sun. It was going to be a hot day. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen, and although it was only half past nine in the morning, he could already feel the sun prickling his unprotected skin as he sat atop his crumpled pile of luggage on the curb outside his apartment. He rubbed his tired eyes. Despite having spent the better part of last night packing and repacking his bag to make triple sure he had everything needed to make this weekend getaway to Galdin Quay go off without a hitch, he still had absolutely no idea where to find his sunscreen. Just as he started rummaging through the large, faded tote bag, he was suddenly interrupted by the unmistakeable roar of the Regalia’s engine.

Springing up with a surge of excitement, he eagerly watched Noctis’ entourage approaching top-down in the elegant vehicle. Prompto gave the three men an excited wave and couldn’t help but smile when he noticed that the Prince had elected to sit alone in the backseat.

“This spot taken?” Prompto asked cheerfully as he tossed his bag into the car and hopped into the empty seat beside the Prince.

“I'm expecting a hot blond,” Noctis shrugged laconically, adjusting his prohibitively-expensive and painfully cool-looking mirrored blue sunglasses.

For a second, Prompto hesitated, wondering whether to retrieve his bag from the floor of the car where he had so boldly thrown it, before Noctis huffed out a deep-toned laugh.

“Yeah, I mean you, dork,” he grinned, and curled his fingers in a quick 'come hither' gesture, chortling to himself as Prompto obeyed, blushing. Sitting next to the Prince, he was rewarded with a warm peck on the cheek, Noct's sunglasses bumping against his skin.

“Shouldn't toy with him,” Gladio told Noctis in a weak sort of reprimand, smirking over his bare, glossy-looking shoulder, presumably already doused in some sort of tanning oil. The edges of his black tank top were already darkened with it.

Ignis put the car into gear, for once having forgone his leather driving gloves, and greeted the newcomer. “Good morning Prompto, I assume you're all prepared?”

The blond, almost shivering with excitement in the balmy air as the car pulled away, turned his gaze upon the advisor properly for the first time. “Oh, wow, look at Iggy!” he exclaimed spontaneously, and Noctis chuckled again beside him.

“It's nothing, I assure you,” Ignis shrugged coolly, smoothing back a few ash-brown hairs from his face. For once, his hair was unwaxed, released from its somewhat-oppressive pompadour, and now framed his face in sleek, loose strands.

“Well, either way, I likes!” Prompto declared, giving the royal advisor an impressive nod before settling back in his seat. Noctis was quick to snake a possessive arm around the blond’s shoulder and pulled Prompto against him as the party of four made their way to the sunshine destination of Galdin Quay, where vacation-goers from all walks of life could enjoy anything and everything the superlative, diverse holiday destination had to offer, from relaxing beach-side to testing their stamina in the all-night party hot spots that dotted the coast.

“So guys, what do you wanna do in the Quay?” the blond inquired enthusiastically.

“I have a few ideas,” Noct mumbled with a sly grin, his voice barely audible over the wind and the thrum of the deep Afrojack beats playing on the surround stereo.

Gladio turned to address the Prince, his long, dark hair fluttering against his sculptured trapezius muscles in the buffeting breeze.

“Angling and sleeping, am I right? Blondie here's gonna be left all on his lonesome.”

“You're angling for a smack,” Noctis muttered, without vindictiveness.

“Guys, don't fight!” Prompto wheedled hopefully. “I want us all to have a good time!”

“I'm gonna have a great time as long as I get to piss off Prince Charmless at least once a day,” Gladio smirked, facing front once more and closing his eyes, enjoying the tiny murmurs and bumps of the Regalia in motion.

“Everyone will have a lovely time,” Ignis announced, his aristocratic tone somehow making the assurance sound more like an instruction. Possibly even a warning.

“Yes Mom,” Noctis agreed obediently, before he and Prompto let out immature chuckles.

“I choose to take that as a compliment,” the advisor told them calmly, eyes on the road.

“You should, Iggy!” Prompto piped up. “You're like...a really cool mom! If she was also a hot guy.” The blond suddenly paused and blushed awkwardly. “...Um, actually, that sounded kinda wrong...”

“Think you should stop talking now, Freckles.”

“Don't call him that,” Noctis groused at his Shield, before addressing Prompto. “But yeah, you should probably stop there. And quit hitting on Specs, Freckles,” he told his boyfriend who was tucked against his side, flashing him an affectionate grin. “Unless you’re intentionally trying to make this guy jealous?” the amused Prince quipped as he ruffled his fingers through Prompto’s hair and pulled the blond closer.

“Never,” Prompto beamed with delight, comfortably snuggling into Noctis’ side after discreetly tugging free the rolled-up magazine he’d stashed in the outer mesh of his bag. “Hey, look at this! I brought it along so we can figure out all the best fishing spots,” the blond exclaimed, proudly presenting the Prince with his second-hand copy of the latest issue of The Quay. After prom, the blond was undeniably broke, but yet he still went through the trouble of acquiring the newest edition of the popular magazine, albeit the cover was slightly crinkled and the corners curled from its previous owner. The concept brought an honest smile to the Prince’s face as he gladly accepted the dilapidated publication.

“All right! Let’s see what we’ve got,” Noctis hummed, flipping open the tattered cover and thumbing through to a Galdin Shoals fishing article, which came equipped with a colorful guide of all the sea life in the region, from Crimson Trevallies to Cygillan Groupers.

“Hmmm,” the Prince pondered while reading intently. “Might have to do some evening fishing,” he mumbled, lost in thought as he studied the segment about Copper Allural Sea Bass, which could only be caught after sundown.

“And check it out – a bait emporium! Looks like they’ll have everything you need,” Prompto offered matter-of-factly, having read the article a few times already in preparation for the trip.

As the teens continued to peruse the fishing guidance, the group made their way through the winding roads of southern Leide toward the Vannath coastline. Eventually, the teens sat back comfortably, putting the magazine aside to enjoy the increasingly scenic landscape views. It wasn’t too long before the serene blue of the Cygillan Sea stretched out before them,the elegant seaside resort extending into the waters by way of an accentuated, palm tree-dotted pier to the Mother of Pearl restaurant and Quayside Cradle hotel.

Prompto stared wide-eyed at what was possibly the most expensive Lucian lodgings he’d ever seen outside of the Royal Palace, his jaw agape. “Woah, look Noct! It’s even more beautiful than in the pictures!” he patted the Prince’s knee excitedly, barely able to believe that they were going to be staying in such a place.

Noctis obediently scooted his blue sunglasses back through his hair, dislodging his silvery-black fringe and exposing his eyes to bright morning sun and air that tasted like the sea.

“Holy shit.”

“Language, Highness,” Ignis commented without much conviction, as he smoothly took the wide curves in the winding road leading down the bright green gradient to the resort. Prompto spared a glance at Noct's face as they traversed round the relaxing asphalt bends. His boyfriend was wearing an expression far removed from his usual intense but somewhat deadpan visage. Now, his brows were furrowed but his eyes bright with awe, his mouth slightly open as he took in the novel scenery and the sensation of cool, briny air against his skin.

Prompto almost wriggled in glee at the idea of being there to open him up to brand new experiences. Despite being a Prince, or perhaps because of it, there were clearly things that other people might take for granted that Noctis had not yet been able to see for himself.

It took very little time to swoop down into the small nearly-full car park, where Ignis parked with a flourish and took a second to merely sit and inhale a few invigorating lungfuls of fresh ocean air.

Noctis glanced along the pristinely-clean white beach and noted the fishing supply kiosk immediately. “It's been ages since I've been able to fish,” he murmured, mostly to himself.

“What about the miniature lake in the Citadel grounds?” his advisor asked from the front seat, before getting out of the car and re-arranging his long hair.

“Ah, that's basically empty. Nothing lives in there anymore,” Noct sulked.

“And whose fault is that?” Gladio intersected, going to the back of the sleek vehicle and pulling large bags from the trunk.

“I hate to nitpick, but you were repeatedly warned about overfishing, Highness,” Ignis shrugged.

Stifling a grumble, Noctis instead looked toward the incredible, tidal mass that was the Cygillan Sea, the sunlight glittering off of its pulsing teal surface brightly enough to make his eyes water.

“Pretty amazing, isn’t it?” the blond asked, jabbing Noct in the ribs before springing from the vehicle with joyous momentum. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

“Now, now, let’s not be hasty,” the royal advisor scolded mildly. “We need to give Gladio time to get everyone’s luggage,” he added with a smirk.

“Ah, dude, make it quick. I'm so hungry there's a hole in my tummy!” Prompto chortled, patting the large male on the shoulder and immediately retracting his hand in fear when he realized what he had done.

“Looks like Blondie is cruisin’ for a bruisin’,” the Shield huffed jokingly, tossing some baggage over his shoulder.

“Have to get through me first,” Noctis told him with airy calmness, narrowing his eyes in such a way that told the larger man that the threat was not entirely idle.

“So it'll take an extra two seconds,” Gladio shrugged, snorting with amusement.

“I think you've filled your 'pissing off His Highness' quota for the day, Gladio,” Ignis said over his shoulder as he tapped away at his phone, and they all started making their way easily across the sun-baked parking lot towards the elegant wooden pier. The advisor paused as they approached the general goods stall at the head of the pier, before it stretched out across the sea with nothing but cool ocean and a series of narrow wooden struts beneath it.

“They have a fair range of different ingredients,” Ignis pondered brightly, looking more excited by this new eventuality than the sparkling resort behind him.

“Whatcha gonna do, Igs?” Gladio asked, casting his amber eyes briefly over the refrigerators behind the seller, a youth who appeared noticeably intimidated by the giant of a man before him. “You gonna keep eggs and raw meat in your back pocket for the next few days?”

“Well no, obviously, but - “

“On the way back you can buy as much perishable junk as you want. Provided you find an icebox to take it home in.”

Ignis bristled. “I don't recall you having any jurisdiction over what I do or don't do.”

Prompto and Noctis had been watching from the sidelines, and now the blond nudged his boyfriend as the older men bickered. “This might take a while. C'mon, let's hit the hotel!”

“Sounds good,” the Prince crooned, allowing Prompto to pull his wrist and eagerly lead him along the pristine, cedar-planked boardwalk. The sound of the sea lapping against the stilts of the pier below was eventually drowned out by the quiet chatter of restaurant goers as the teenagers bounded up the steps toward the resort entrance.

“Welcome to Galdin Quay!” greeted an enthusiastic hotel staffer sporting a spiffy red and black uniform.

“Uh, thanks,” mumbled the Prince.

“We’re here to check in!” the blond chimed in, but then quickly got distracted looking for the source of the mouth-watering aroma that was making his stomach growl. “Is that… steamed crab?” he asked inquisitively.

The busboy looked at the hyper blond and chuckled. “Indeed, sir! I take it this is your first visit to the Quay?”

“It sure is!” Prompto beamed with delight.

“Well, in that case, let me tell you, this place is like a little slice of paradise,” the greeter declared proudly. “We’ve got the softest beds in all of Lucis, and a five-star chef in our kitchen. You are simply going to love it here! Right this way, gentlemen!”

“Wow… so fancy!” the blond whispered to Noct, staring wide-eyed at the sophisticated Mother of Pearl restaurant as they followed their guide to the hotel check-in desk. “Ignis is gonna love this place!”

“Can’t wait to check out those beds,” the Prince quipped quietly.

“Ah, yeah,” the blond admitted, a slight flush painting his freckled cheeks.

“I bet he won't think we're 'gentlemen' after housekeeping complains about the mess we make,” Noctis continued under his breath, which earned him a reprimanding thump in the shoulder from his best friend, who was nevertheless chuckling.

“Well you better not get tempted by the 'softest beds in Lucis' and just sleep through this vacation. I know your game, Noct,” Prompto winked teasingly.

“Oh?” the Prince replied, moving closer to the blond and murmuring huskily as Prompto tried to concentrate on the female receptionist tapping away at a gleaming, expensively-simplistic computer, checking their reservation. “Have you forgotten about prom night already? Two rounds, dude. I don't think you're in any position to make fun of my lack of energy.”

Prompto's high cheekbones coloured further with a toasty blush. Noctis almost sniggered in victory, until his boyfriend replied in a guttural whisper to the smirking royal.

“You wanna talk about positions? I'm gonna ride you till you can't breathe.”

The bemused receptionist had to politely wait until Noctis had finished choking to confirm the booking with Prompto. “Here we are, two queen-sized beds.”

“, it's meant to be...” Prompto paused, then cleared his throat and continued bravely. “One bed. One king size.” On speaking his boyfriend's future title, the blond gave the suffering Prince a fond nudge in the ribs.

“Oh, I...yes, that's...” They waited patiently, Noctis trying to recover as unobtrusively as he could, whilst keys were tapped and papers ruffled. “That's no problem, I apologise for the mistake.” After some rummaging and more typing, key cards were produced, sleek things with silvery holographic designs.

“Score!” Prompto fist-pumped as all the technicalities were completed and they stepped away from the counter, though he soon chuckled innocently at the inscrutable expression on his partner's face. “...Something I said?”

Noctis flashed a lopsided smirk. “Yeah. Remind me, what was it again? Something about riding?”

“Oh… haha,” Prompto snickered. “Well, I think you heard me. But guess you won’t find out for sure ‘til later!” Playfully snatching the Prince’s key card, he held them both up and flashed the Prince an ear-to-ear smile. “Better check out the room!”

Again, Noctis found himself being dragged by the energetic blond past the reception desk and down the hallway to their room. It was almost akin to an owner leading around a puppy on a leash. Noct wasn’t used to it, but he didn’t mind it either. In fact, he found himself thinking it was amusing, and that he could definitely get used to it. Especially if it meant he got to see that smile more often.

“Looks like this is it!” Prompto exclaimed, standing in front of a giant set of pristine white double doors. Swiping the card over the lock, the blond held his breath in nervous anticipation. It was a good thing too, as what awaited the couple on the other side was nothing short of breath-taking.

“....Woah,” Noctis muttered after a few seconds of awed surveillance. Mouth open as he tilted his head back to gape up at the very high, spotless ceiling metres above him, he sensed Prompto scurrying toward the massive windows that spanned the entirety of the far wall, which overlooked a quaint but also deceptively well-appointed decking area, and of course the endless turquoise ocean beyond. In the distance, the prehistoric, claw-like structure of Angelgard Isle rested on the calm waves. Virginal white drapes barely skimmed the smooth, stone-tiled floor, which the blond scooped aside in order to coo at the spectacular view.

The Prince made his way slowly into the room, bending to run a hand over the icy coolness of the green and white, subtly nautical bedspread. The huge wooden squares placed in a checker-board pattern in the glass wall behind the bed turned out to effectively be giant slats, which could be tilted manually to allow the passage of briny sea air. Leather armchairs, sleek black lamps, and flat glass tables completed the minimalist design.

“Good thing we're at the end. I'm guessing you don't want an audience for your rodeo,” Noctis sniggered, gesturing to the partially see-through wall directly behind the bed. He sat down on the firm mattress and bounced experimentally before laying back, fully-clothed, with his pale arms behind his head, breathing deeply of the sweet-smelling, cool air of the room.

The Prince barely heard the crinkle of sheets as Prompto stealthily mounted him.

“Well, hello,” the Prince grinned up at the blond, forcing his relaxed eyelids open.

Prompto settled deeper onto Noctis’ lap. “Hey.”

“It’s pretty soft, but I guess we won’t know for sure until later,” Noctis surmised, patting the mattress.

“Noct!” the blond squawked, playfully oblivious to the bulge now forming a tent in Noctis’ palm-tree printed cotton shorts. “This place is beyond amazing, huh?”

“Sure is,” Noctis replied, visually appreciating the blond in his lap much more than the over-the-top, elegant hotel room décor. Prompto’s pale skin, highlighted by a slight sheen of sweat above the neckline of his vintage tank top, was about all that was on the young Prince’s mind.

“What do you wanna do first? There’s so much to see and do here!”

“Can think of a few things,” the Prince smirked, resting his hands on Prompto’s thighs and digging his thumbs in, suggestively massaging the blond’s muscles in a deep, circular motion.

“Oh yeah?” the blond replied coyly, brushing aside his damp golden strands before leaning down within kissing distance of the Prince.


Noctis surprised his best friend by cupping a hand behind his head, ruffling his short hair fondly, and then pulling him in for a kiss that was shy and tender. Prompto happily relaxed into the calming kiss, suckling gently on Noct's pale lips, nearly humming with bliss when the Prince adjusted his arms into a loose hug, squeezing him.

The brief coupling might have ended there if Prompto hadn't accidentally adjusted his position in such a way that he made immediate and arousing acquaintance with the rock-solid tent in Noct's summery shorts.

“...Impressive,” Prompto laughed breathlessly, and couldn't help but give a teasing wiggle.

“That's what you get for being so hot,” Noctis shrugged, sneaking his hands up the solid muscle of Prompto's thighs, under his sun-coloured shorts.

The blond scoffed and shook his head, and before he could refute the compliment, the Prince bumped his hips up into him, letting out a soft, desperate little noise at the contact. That faint mewl was like a trigger for Prompto, as was the inquisitive arousal in Noct's indigo eyes, and he responded quickly by plunging a hard kiss onto that pale mouth, coaxing out a louder, almost belligerent sound. He sensed that his best friend was going to roll him onto the bed before it actually happened, and he made zero effort to resist, bouncing slightly on the soft bed with a sigh and a stifled giggle.

Noctis pressed himself between the blond’s legs, drawing a shaky breath from his partner who was now just as hard as he was. Prompto’s eyes rolled shut as the Prince play-thrusted against his erection and slathered Prompto’s neck with a series of concentrated kisses that were intended to leave a mark.

“Mmm, Noct…” Prompto tilted his head back against the soft mattress to give the brunette better access, secretly liking the idea of Noctis giving him a hickey.

“Don’t pretend like this wasn’t the only thing that’s been on your mind this past week,” the Prince murmured, his cocky grin apparent against the side of Prompto’s neck as he continued his assault of kisses.

“Guilty, as charged,” the blond admitted, giggling from the tickle of Noctis’ dark strands as they brushed across his ear. It was true. Prompto had never been hornier in his life since prom night. He found himself constantly reminiscing over their first sexual encounter, going over each and every detail in his head, remembering every sound Noct had made, every touch and sensation they had shared together. Since then, he had also been thinking a lot about the next chance they would get to do it, and pondering how it would all play out next time, if he was lucky enough for there to be one.

Suddenly, in a momentary spark of confidence, Prompto wrapped his legs around the Prince’s torso and flipped him over onto his back against the soft bedding.

“Hey!” the winded Prince complained.

Prompto smiled, proud of his achievement, as he slithered down over his partner until his face was hovering just over top of Noctis’ crotch.

“Well, hello there,” the blond said, speaking to the pink, bulbous head of Noctis’ shaft peeking out from under the elastic waistband of his shorts.

Noct looked down at Prompto between his legs, and lifted his hips eagerly when the blond hooked his fingers under the elastic fabric, pulling it down to expose his rock-hard length to the cool air of the room.

“Is this okay?” the blond asked hesitantly, gently grasping the sensitive flesh and holding it at full mast between them.

“Yeah. Definitely okay.”

Prompto gave the swollen member a few experimental pumps and the Prince watched intently with growing anticipation as Prompto’s lips drew closer. Sapphire blue eyes looked up at him intently as the blond’s lips parted and he used his tongue to slowly lap away the pre-come that had begun to drip down over the head of the shaft.

“Gods,” Noct seethed, entangling his fingers through golden locks to encourage the blond to continue, enjoying each one of Prompto’s gloriously cool exhales against the heat of his engorged length.

Prompto’s eyes remain locked on Noctis’ as his lips proceeded to wrap themselves fully around the bulbous, swollen head, sucking it slowly.

“Fuck,” the Prince groaned loudly as his cock melted into the hot wetness of Prompto’s mouth. He didn’t know what he liked more, the feel of Prompto's inexperienced, velvety tongue sliding across the underside of his sensitized skin, or the view of his best friend with a cock in his mouth, his hollowed cheeks accentuating sleek cheekbones as he sucked.

Truth be told, Noctis hadn't anticipated things getting this hot, this quickly. Prompto was clearly an amateur at this, but he was slowly getting to grips with the solid flesh in his mouth, testing his own limits and the tender threshold of Noct's sensitivity. Prompto's blue eyes occasionally glanced down to where he was gripping the thick base, and watched himself squeeze, gazing with a surreal innocence at the thin, flushed skin that stretched and pulsed under his slim fingers.

“Ah, Gods...Prompto,” the Prince growled, voice broken, sounding hoarse. “Yeah, just like-”

He was rudely interrupted by both the loud beeping of his phone, indicating an incoming call, and the tiny shock of Prompto's teeth, who had bitten him slightly in surprise at the sound in the otherwise blissfully peaceful room. The tinny trill of the phone was insistent, and the Prince laughed gratefully when he felt his best friend rummage in his shorts pocket for the offending device, hoping he would remember to mute it before he blocked the call and chucked it out of sight.

He rested his head back on the cool mattress and bit his lip, waiting for the blond to continue, when he heard his enviously-chirpy voice speaking clearly.

“Hey Iggy! Yeah, he's here...” Noctis jolted upwards and glared at him in confusion, shaking his head vehemently. The blond's elfin features twitched in glee and he continued speaking. “I'll put you on speaker.” Then, holding the cellphone in one hand, and the throbbing, blood-hot base of Noct's surging cock in the other, Prompto resumed his assiduous suckling.

Ignis' voice buzzed out into the still air, and the Prince shuddered.