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She grumbled, impatciently pacing the halls of Okaminosuke's main office, she'd been here for hours. He sent for her at noon. He bloody sent for her two whole damn hours ago. Of course, he was more than likely to be seeing Ryuu or Tsuru, his right and left rear admirals in his large fleet, not giving a damn about her, despite the fact she pratically out ranked both of those dicks.

Yet here she was, waiting for some meeting which she knew would never bloody happen. She'd given up hope with the damn navy, how unfair it was, despite the rank she'd been given on a silver platter by her father she still was treated like shit.

"One day, I'll tell her." She heard the distant chatter of the three thick headed men down the corridor beside the hall. "One day I'll tell her she fuckin' sucks." She snorted, undignified as she was at the mere comment. "I'll tell her she can get her pretty arse out my fa- Ah, Kori." The smirk that painted her face must've been obvious, her arms folded tensley over her chest as she slowly looked from one man to the other. "I didn't think I'd find you here."

"Hmph, must've been bloody obvious. You called, Admiral?"

"Called? I never called?" Okaminosuke laughed heartily, it was as clear as day he'd gone out for a drink. A drink on duty.

"You did, you bloody dimwit." She snapped back, flicking her dark locks over her shoulders, staring right back at him, ice cold venom lacing her glare. "Now, are you going to give me a legitimate reason to stay or can I pack my bags and fuck off? Since you want my pretty arse out your face."

"Oh, so she did hear us." Tsuru grumbled unintelligably, sighing in a discontented manner. "Guess she should, eh?"

"She's damn rude." Ryuu replied, his pride seeping out of him in putrid waves. "Kick 'er out."

"You don't have to ask me twice." She seethed under her breath, smiling as fakely as she could, turning on her heel and briskly walking towards the door. "Oh wait, I forgot something." She laughed, ripping her badges off and throwing them onto the floor, making sure to spit on them as she left. "See you later- In hell."