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Not my Oppa. My Daddy

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It started out as innocent as anything can when involving Jackson. A notification pinged on Jaebum’s phone in the middle of practice reading Wang Jackson. Video message. Jaebum knew better than to open it around people. It could be as innocent as a puppy video or as dirty him jerking off begging for his Daddy. The videos never came with a warning attached because the idea of getting them caught was a kink they shared. Jaebum eyed the notification for a long time before making his screen go dark and going back to mixing the song he was working on. Two hours later his phone pinged again. Wang Jackson: Are you ignoring me? Jaebum arched an eyebrow but made the screen go dark. He really needed to finish this song so he could present it to the producers for approval. Ping. Wang Jackson: You haven't watched it yet have you? Jaebum turned it to silent before flipped his phone over so he couldn't see the screen and went back to work. After another two hours he was finally satisfied with the song and he hoped the producers would green light it. Checking his notifications he saw 7 unread messages.

Wang Jackson: Why are you ignoring me?
Wang Jackson: Bambam said it’s a studio day for you
Wang Jackson: Poor Oppa being trapped in the studio alone all day
Wang Jackson: Sent a video
Wang Jackson: Watch the other video first
Wang Jackson: Don’t stay too late
Wang Jackson: I miss you Daddy

Jaebum would be a liar if he said the last one didn't pull at his heart. He could almost hear the pout in them. Getting out of his seat Jaebum locked the studio door and dimmed the lights before going back to his chair and plugging a set of headphones into his phone.

Video one:
Jackson was laying naked across their bed lazily stroking himself. “Hi Daddy.” Jackson purred looking into the phone. “You've been gone for hours and I'm bored.” The phone blurred with movement before settling and the camera pointing at Jackson's lower half. “I've been thinking about you all day." Jackson rolled his hips into the loose fist of his hand “How much I want you to come home and fuck me until I can't move. How good it feels when you shove your cock into my mouth and hold me there until I can't breathe.” Jackson stopped talking and moaned. “Fuck Daddy when are you coming home? I want you so bad. I've been good. I haven't cum all day. I've followed the rules like a good boy.” Jackson's voice was growing more breathy as he fucked his hips up into his hand. “Daddy please come home.”
The video cut off and Jaebum pressed a hand onto his groin. The fucking mouth of Jackson was enough to drive him to madness. Jaebum eyed the second video before pressing play.

Video two:
Jackson sat kneeling on the ground facing the camera his dick locked in a cage. “Daddy.” The word was choked out. The video had a slight buzz which was revealed to be a vibrating dildo as Jackson lifted himself up with shaking thighs before dropping himself back down. “Daddy please come home. I need you so bad.” Jackson sounded absolutely wrecked as he slowly rode the purple didlo. “I've been waiting for you all day but you keep ignoring me. Is it because I'm a bad boy?” Jackson bit his lower lip looking hurt before reaching over to press a button up the vibration speed. The effect was instant as Jackson's body quaked. “D-da-AHHH-dd-dy. Pl-ea. Please co-aHH. Please come home.” Jackson upped the vibrations again causing his head to be thrown back. The strain from not cumming raised the veins in his neck and colored the tan skin red all the way down to his chest. “Daddy pleas-"

The video cut off.

Jaebum was breathing heavily in an attempt to regain control over his body. After a few minutes Jaebum typed a text back to Jackson. Daddy is coming baby. Jaebum clicked his phone closed and grabbed his bag. Ping. Wang Jackson: Please hurry. I need you so bad. Jaebum would normally walk back to the dorms but today he hailed a taxi to save time. Walking into the dorms he realized that no one else had come home yet so he bee lined directly to his room. Opening the door he saw Jackson laying on his stomach playing candycrush. “Hey baby.” Jaebum said closing the door and dropping his bag. Jackson's head whipped to the side before jumping off the bed and running the short distance to Jaebum.

“Oh thank god I thought you were teasing me.” Jackson whined before dropping to his knees in front of Jaebum. “Daddy please.” Dark eyes looked up at him through thick lashes. “I've been a good boy right? I've been so good please.” Jaebum could see tears forming. Jackson had really worked himself up good. Jackson brought his hands up to the front of Jaebum’s jeans. “Let me suck your cock Daddy. Let me show you how good I've been.” Jaebum ran a hand through Jackson's dark hair contemplating if he was going to let him. Jackson kept his hands on the top of the jeans not daring to move.

“No.” Jaebum removed the hands from his jeans. Jackson started to cry silently but dropped his hands to his sides obediently. “Stay there.” Jaebum walked away from the kneeling man and began to undress. His boy had been good today and he deserved a better reward than just gagging on his dick. After undressing Jaebum turned back to Jackson who was still on his knees trying to hold back the sounds of his crying. “Baby.” Jackson hiccuped but looked up. “C’mere.” Jaebum held his arms open and Jackson scrambled up into his feet and ran into Jaebum's arms. “Did you follow the rules?” Jackson nodded against his chest. “Give me your words baby.”

“Yes Daddy. I followed the rules.” Jackson sniffed but was no longer actively crying.

“You don't get to suck my cock today.” Jaebum could feel Jackson's body slump in defeat. “Since you were such a good boy I'm going to let you ride me.” Jackson's head shot up his eyes wide. “Does that sound good?”

“Yes. Yes please. Please let me ride you Daddy. Please.” Jackson was nearly breathless and his whole body ached.

Jaebum placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Bed. On your knees.” Jackson flashed a wide smile before sliding out of Jaebum's arms and followed the orders. Jaebum went to the drawer next to their bed and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. Placing the condom on the desk Jaebum took the bottle of lube over to Jackson and without warning squeezed a generous amount directly onto his hole. Jackson jumped and let out a his at the cold sensation but didn't get a chance to complain as Jaebum stuffed his index and ring fingers in. “You're still lose baby. How long did you keep that in your ass?” Jaebum scissored his fingers before sliding them in and out.

“ aHHhH shit. An hour.” Jackson gripped the sheets like a lifeline his breath coming in harsh pants. “I missed you soOOH mUCh.”

“I'm sorry I couldn't come home sooner baby.” Jaebum added a third finger. “Fuck yourself on my fingers baby. I know you want to.” Jackson whimpered and started to thrust his body backward while Jaebum continued to open him up. Even though it wasn't needed Jaebum worked a fourth finger into Jackson just so he could hear the younger whine. Once Jaebum was satisfied he removed his fingers and wiped them on the bed “Almost baby.” Tearing open the condom packet Jaebum placed it on and added extra lube not trusting Jackson to be able to wait if he laid down.

“Daddy?” Jackson's whole body was back to shaking. Jaebum laid down on the bed and adjusted the pillows around him.

“Okay baby. Come here and get your reward.” Jackson crawled over before swinging a leg over and sinking all the way down until his ass was touching Jaebum's hips. “Oohhhh baby. Baby you're so good.” Jaebum moaned grabbing Jackson's hips in a tight grip. Jackson lifted himself up before letting go and dropping hard back down forcing a long moan out of his throat.

“Thank you for my reward Daddy.” Jackson's head tipped backwards as his rode Jaebum with the same vigor he had rode the dildo earlier in that day.

“You're welcome baby.” Jaebum let Jackson ride him for a while loving the moans falling from the youngers lips before re-adjusting his hold and planting his feet into the bed to snap his hips up at a brutal pace.

“AhHHHHHHH" Jackson's body curled forward and he blindly grabbed onto Jaebum's shoulders. “Daddy. Oh god.DaAH-DY.” Jackson couldn't think as Jaebum fucked into him so hard it forced the air out of his lungs. “Pleeeeeease. Please let me cum Daddy. Please. Please please.” Jackson was crying again from the intensity of this and being so close to the edge all day. “Please.”

“Cum for me baby.” Jacksons spine arched backward as he moaned loudly and Jaebum reached down to Jackson's neglected dick to stroke him through his orgasm. Jaebum released his dick before rolling them over and fucking into Jackson harshly before cuming himself.

Jackson came back to consciousness slowly. He could feel small trembles still running in his limbs and the familiar ache of being well fucked. He’d been so desperate when he saw Jaebum that he didn't remember much before Jaebum fucked him open with his fingers. A warm sensation on his thighs drew Jackson's attention to Jaebum cleaning him up with a warm washcloth. “JB?” Jaebum looked up and smiled warmly.

“There you are. How are you feeling?” setting the rag on the desk Jaebum crawled onto the bed and pulled Jackson against his chest.

“Better.” Jackson sighed happily as Jaebum started to run fingers through his hair.

“Do you still need anything?” Jaebum pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“No. I'm good now.” Jackson leaned up and kissed Jaebum. “Cuddle?”

“Anything you want baby.” Jaebum kissed him again. “Anything.”