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Moving Forward

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“Where’s Caddy?” Janis asked as she slumped down in her seat. She looked at Damian across the lunch table while she bit into her sandwich. The boy shrugged before answering.


“I don’t know,” he replied. “Maybe she’s off with Regina again.” Janis nodded, her mouth too full to respond verbally. Damian’s answer was confirmed when the plastics walked in, their newest member strutting awkwardly behind the group. The redhead had been trying to fit in, but three weeks after her induction, she was still as awkward as a baby gazelle. Cady gave Janis and Damian a small wave when Regina wasn’t looking. Damian excitedly waved back, but Janis was more reserved with a half-hearted peace sign. Cady sat down next to Regina at the plastics’ table, making sure to face Janis. They would entertain each other throughout the period with facial expressions when any of the plastics would talk about their day.


That’s how every lunch went for weeks. Cady sat with the plastics and Janis and Damian sat alone. Cady wouldn’t fail to tell them every piece of juicy information she absorbed when hanging out with the plastics. One day, however, Janis was welcomed by Regina in the girls restroom.


“What do you want, dyke?” Regina questioned. It took Janis every muscle in her lanky body to not punch the blonde in front of her. She took a deep breath and continued on with her business.


“I enter this restroom every day before lunch,” responded Janis. “I’m surprised you didn’t know that, considering how obsessed with me you are.” The brunette crossed her arms and smirked, obviously pleased with her remark. Regina froze for a slight second before applying her lip gloss, but Janis noticed and Janis liked it. She had some power over the blonde, enough to make her freeze for the slightest second.


“What makes you think I’m obsessed with you?”


“I don’t know,” Janis began, “maybe it’s the fact that you walk by my table every day at lunch when there are a million other routes. Maybe it’s that you always seem to pass by me in the halls when your class is in the opposite direction. Maybe it’s that you showed up here, when you know no one else uses this restroom at this time besides me.” Regina froze again, but this time she was pale and wide-eyed. Janis was right, Regina was obsessed with the art freak.


“Like I want anything to do with a disgusting space dyke like you.” That comment struck a nerve in Janis. She learned to ignore the blonde’s remarks, but this one bothered her. She decided she needed to do something about Regina.


“You know what?” the brunette asked. “I’m done with your little ‘Janis is a gross lesbian’ shit. It’s 2018, Regina, get a life. So what if I like girls? Don’t act like you’re showing every sign of internalized homophobia there is. Personally, I think you need to be taught a lesson.”


The next thing Janis knew, all she could feel was Regina. The blonde tasted like the color pink looked; sweet and soft with the hint of spice from the red mixed in. Janis was kissing Regina, and she was intoxicated by it. The blonde eagerly kissed back, quickly turning Janis’s senses primal. She shoved the queen bee against the wall and pressed their bodies together. The brunette’s slight height difference sent butterflies through both of their stomachs.


Eventually, they broke away. Janis took slight pride seeing Regina’s hair tousled and her lips swollen. She smirked at the blonde, who could only return it with wide eyes. Before the blonde could say anything, Janis turned around to leave.


“Same time tomorrow if you want to make this a regular thing.” Janis tossed over her shoulder as she exited the restroom. She rushed to a different restroom, where she geeked out about two things: Regina kissing back and the comment she announced as she left. Janis strut to lunch, hoping the blonde would return to that restroom the next day.