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Wait for It

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Okay, so I had started a new story and I got incredibly bored very fast with it, which is unusual for me. I figured out why...the new OC I was writing just wasn't true to what I like to do and what other people have told me they liked. She was too vanilla. What I like to do is take my OC that I've written several fics with because it seems like I know her better. That might sound weird but that's the best way to describe it. As it can be seen, I like to take her and the other characters and give them new scenarios as to how they met and forged friendships, relationships, and how they live their lives as opposed to the previous story. Some things don't change much from story to story, I'll admit. I do like to use actual episodes of the shows, which I have read several other stories that do the same, I just try to change them up, even if it's in a little tiny way. Everyone may not enjoy it and that's fine. I had a very long night so I will hopefully get the first few chapters out today. As always, I don't mind criticism, I just ask that you be respectful. There's no reason to be mean. This is supposed to be fun for both the reader and the writer. For everyone that has stuck with me, keep your eyes open! :)