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Swob Noel

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The Orignis of Swob


Please note:

> "them" not referring to plural in all cases, duh


"Swob, do the dishes!"

Another morning.

"Swob, get dressed for work!", they shouted.



That's what they called them. The only name they had, the only one they've ever known.

Though it was also moments like these, in which they remembered that the madness had method. It had reason, for Swob had sinned.

Years ago, a different life, young swob had turned to the internet in search of the power to delete. To delete, yes, though little did they know what that'd entail.

For Swob had queried the depths of the web for a way to delete a branch, yet a bra it turned out to be. Something else that turned out that day was Swob's asexuality.