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ABC's And 123's

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Castiel laid a soft kiss onto his sons forehead, “Good night sweetheart and sweetdreams”.

Jack yawned, sleepily slurring, “Goo nigh papa”. The little ones eyelids finally drifted shut.

His heart always filled up with so much love whenever he was with his baby. Jack was only five years old and was Castiels whole world. 

The only love in his life.

His vision began to blur, combing his fingers through his son’s hair as he murmured softly, “You’re growing up too fast my baby. I wish I could keep you home with me 24/7 but that’s not going to be fair on you”. He huffed, “You deserve to go to school and make some friends of your own too”.

He sighed as his thoughts began to run wild. His son was going to attend kindergarten in another two days and he didn’t know if he could handle his son being without him for another 6 or so hours in a day. 

He’s not going to be your little boy forever Castiel. 

He swallowed, muttering under his breath, “No he is not going to be my little boy forever”. He ran the back of his knuckles down his son’s soft pink rosy cheek, “But he is still my little boy for a few more years. He will always be my little boy”.

Castiel decided then and there that he would try to keep calm, stay positive and be the best parent he can be. He will always be here for his baby. 

It was just him and Jack. 

He laid one more kiss onto his son’s head before he made his way to his room. Tomorrow, he was going to make his son’s favorite breakfast of blueberry pancakes then he was going to take his baby to the park. 

This happiness is all he needed. There was only room for one love in his life; his son Jack.

Little did he know how many times he had repeated that last line.



“So bro…Your first teaching job! Must be exciting huh?!”

Dean replied without glancing at his brother Sam, busy sorting his colored pens, markers, crayons and color pencils into his Sponge Bob pencil case. He then went on to sort out paint brushes, paint, play doughs, coloring books and his wide range of colored stickers comprising of smiley faces and glittered stars.

Sam studied his brothers excited expression, “You really are giving your all into this job huh?”

“Yes I am Sam”. Dean beamed, “Early childhood education is my interest. Plus I love kids”.

Sam gestured to Deans assortment of stationery on the table, “Don’t you think the school will provide all that?”

Dean shrugged, “I know Sam. Its just….I like to carry a few things of my own. Nothing wrong with that”.

Sam smiled knowingly at his brother, “You know you will make a great dad someday Dean”. He added, “I can already picture how much they will adore you. I know I did and you did a great job with me”.

Dean flushed, “Thanks Sam”.

“You’re welcome bro”. Sam clapped Dean on his back, “So I’ll see ya tomorrow. Meet at Harvelles for breakfast around 8am?”

Dean nodded, “K Sammy. See ya tomorrow and send that crazy boyfriend of yours my love yeah”.

Sam waved a hand before heading towards the door, calling above his shoulder, “By the way Dean….Nice Sponge Bob pencil case. It suits your beautiful sandy blonde hair”.

“Bitch!” Dean yelled out but with a fond tone. 

“Jerk!” Sam replied before laughing and shutting the door behind him.

Dean just chuckled and shook his head fondly. He placed his hands on his hips, studying all his colorful stationery before him , shrugging and carrying on with his preparations for his first teaching job two days from now. 

Oh he was so looking forward to building young minds.

And he was looking forward to proving his emotionless coldhearted father wrong. He wasn't a shitty son; never was.