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“This is her General Iroh. This is the woman who killed Lu Ten.”
Iroh turned trying to keep the rage and sorrow calm within himself. He was surprised to see not a woman, as the guard said, but a girl. She looked about ten. He remembered Lu Ten at that age and his emotions returned.


“How? How could this child kill my son? My bright, strong boy? How is it possible?!” He roared in anger.


The girl was shackled by both wrists. Her hair was short like a boys and a color he had never seen before,  a light golden yellow. And her eyes appeared to almost reflect light. Her clothes were not distinctive. She did not look like any of the other Ba-sing-se locals.  Her clothes were made from bits of armor and various scraps sewn together with some skill to create what the General recognized as an effective combat suit. She was a child. A young child. How could this happen? How could she have killed Lu Ten?

Iroh took one step towards her, his breath catching fire in front of him, flames licking at his fists.


“they call you the dragon of the west.” She said looking up at him with her strange eyes.  “Someone once told me the dragons all ran away, or were killed, by fake dragons like you.” She glared at him with contempt. “Your son died well. I was surprised to see such a good man on a siege to take over the world.”


“You will pay for what you’ve done!” Iroh shouted, fire burning from his mouth in an inescapable stream at the girl. He stopped and breathed heavily. A ball of marble was on the floor in front of him. “Shes an earth bender?” Iroh asked.


“No! she didn’t bend anything when we brought her in!”


She had managed to protect her hands from the fire but left just enough room through the marble for the fire to heat the shackles around her wrists. She leapt to the top of the pile and broke her wrists free from the hot metal, but not without severe burns to her skin.


“I’d complain about the consistency, but it sure has a way of being there when I need it.” She said. The front of her hair had turned a deep earthy green tone with brown highlights. It looked a bit odd with the rest of her head, blond as it was.  She shook with pain as the burns on her wrists began to bubble and ooze. But then her hair changed to a light icy blue. “well well.” She said. “It looks like the spirits want me to defeat you! It must be my lucky day!” She bent water from a flask at her hip and used it to heal her wrists, but she didn’t have time to finish, the guards rushed at her.

She whipped the water at the first two sending them flying to the floor.  She used her momentum to deliver a painful kick to the last guards sternum, the water became a pointed blade of ice around her hand as she reached Iroh, frozen in shock.


“Are you the Avatar?” Iroh asked dropping to his knees.


“No, she answered. They call me Anomaly. I am a tool of the spirits. And they don’t want you to attack Ba-sing-se. As penance you lost your son.” The ice around her hand melted and fell to the floor as her hair turned back to blond. “But it would appear that they want you to live. Leave this place. Mourn your son. He was a good man. You should be proud.”


With that she ran to the window hoisted herself up and was gone before the guards could collect themselves.