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the bumpy road ahead

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The dock is a scene of lights and sirens. Scully is numb both from the cold and from the events of what just happened. Mulder sits next to her in the back of the ambulance. No one dares to speak. They just stare out at the water as the divers call off the search for the night. The water is too cold and dark for them to safely search for the bodies of CGB Spender and William. Skinner has been taken to the hospital. The medics seem to think that he will make a full recovery. Monica has also been taken to the hospital. Only time will tell if she will recover.
Mulder looks at Scully and just stares. He knows he needs to get her home and into warmer clothes but he knows she will not be leaving willingly. This is going to be hard on the both of them. But he has to try.
She turns around to look at him and knows what he is going to say. She says nothing and gets up and starts walking toward his car. They would have to get her car from the Hoover building at some point but tonight was not the time. Mulder got in and looked at her but said nothing and just started driving back to the house. Scully had moved back in after the fire at her place. She was tired of hiding from what she wanted.
By the time they got to the house, Scully was asleep. She needed her sleep after everything that has been happening. Mulder got out and went to unlock the door but when he turned towards the car, Scully was getting out of the car. She just looked at him and walked toward the house. She hadn’t spoken in hours and Mulder was getting worried. He knew she would talk when she was ready.
They walked into the dim-light room and just stood there. Mulder helped take off her coat and hung his and hers on the rack.
“Scully, why don’t you go up and take a shower and I’ll make you some tea? That sound OK?”
She just nodded and walked up the stairs. After a few moments he heard the shower turn on. He was standing at the stove waiting for the water to boil for their tea when he just lost it. The tears just started pouring down his face. He was a mix of emotions. He had just lost his son. Yes, Mulder called William his son regardless of what that black lunged son of a bitch told Skinner. Everyone knew he was a liar by profession. He watched as his son’s body pushed back off the dock and into the cold water below. He shot and killed his nothing but a sperm donor father for all the pain he had caused them. Then he got the mother of all bomb shells. Scully was pregnant with his child. There is only soo much a man can take in one night. He was at his breaking point.
The teapot whistled bringing him out of his head. He took a few deep breaths, dried his eyes and went about making two mugs of tea. He needed to do whatever he could to help her through this nightmare. He put the mugs on a tray and headed up to the bedroom. Scully comes in just as Mulder sets the tray down on the bed.
“Thank you” Are the first words she has spoken in hours.
“Not tonight Mulder. Please not tonight.”
He knows not to push her. She will just withdraw from him more if he does and he needs her and she needs him. They drank their tea in silence. Once finished, Mulder brought the tray downstairs. Upon his return, Scully was curled under the covers in a ball. It looked like she was trying to stay warm or get warm is more likely. He got into the bed and turned toward her unsure if he should make a move to hold her or not. She made the move for him and took his arm and wrapped it around her and closed her eyes.
Mulder couldn’t sleep. His mind was racing with all that has happened. He was still staring at his beloved Scully at 2:30am.
At some point, Mulder must’ve fallen asleep because his eyes flew open to an empty bed and the sounds of Scully in the bathroom. The clock next to the bed read 6:30am. Mulder got up and walked over to the bathroom and knocked. All he could hear was the sound of Scully vomiting.
“Scully, are you alright?”
No answer.
Mulder opens the bathroom door to find Scully kneeling in front of the toilet vomiting. He squats down next to her and holds her. After a few minutes, he gets up and gets her a cool wash cloth and hands it to her.
“You alright?”
“Yeah. It’s just morning sickness. I’ve been queasy but today is the first time it really hit.”
“Come on. Let’s get you back into bed. You need to rest.”
“If it’s ok with you, I’d rather go have some tea. It usually helps settle my stomach. I’d like it if you joined me.”
“I’d like that.”
“Maybe we could talk not about… what happened but about something else.”
“Sure. Come on, let’s get that tea.”
The two sat on the couch with their tea in silence for a few moments.
“You feeling better?”
“Yeah. Thank you. Mulder?”
“Scully don’t say it. I know the truth. He’s our son. I know we said we weren’t going to talk about what happened now but I can’t not say anything about it. I know what you said and I refuse to believe that William is not my son. I’m sorry but I needed to say that.”
“Mulder, I know. I don’t believe it either. William is our son. We made him out of love. I ran every test possible when I was pregnant with him and after he was born, I had a paternity test done on him.”
“When did you do that?”
“You were gone and William started to show some strange behavior and I got scared and had the test run. I still had your toothbrush so I figured why not. I needed to know for sure.”
“And he’s your son. DNA doesn’t lie.”
“Thank you Scully. Thank you for making me a father. Twice.”
“Thank you for making me a mother. I never thought I’d get the chance to be one after William. We tried for over a year and nothing and now I’m pregnant.”
“How long have you known?” he said after a short bit of silence.
“About a week. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought that I was going through menopause not pregnant. I was going to tell you after I saw the doctor to be sure I was and that the test wasn’t a false positive.”
“It’s ok Scully. I know you’re scared. I can see it in your eyes. I’m here for you for whatever you need.”
“Thank you Mulder. I mean it. I can’t do this alone again.”
“I know and you won’t have to. I’m here every step of the way. Speaking of, when is your doctor’s appointment? I’d like to be there.”
“Today actually. It’s in two hours.”
“Let’s do it then and after we can stop and get your car after we talk to Kersh. He’s been blowing up my phone for hours.”
“Yeah, he was doing that to Skinner too. He’s pissed about the whole situation and from what Skinner told me, Kersh wants us out.”
“He can have my badge. I’m done Scully. I can’t do this anymore. I’m done chasing answers and the truth. The truth is right in front of me.”
“Mulder, I feel the same way. I just want to spend time with you and the baby. So we see Kersh and tell him we’re done?”
“I think so but first. Let’s go check on our baby.”
Mulder and Scully got dressed in some casual clothes. He loved seeing her dressed down in jeans and a sweater. He looked at her standing by the mirror in the bedroom and noticed her small bump. It wasn’t much but he noticed it. Mulder walked over to her and put his arms around her still tiny waist stopping his hands right on the small bump.
“God you are beautiful. I love you Scully and you too my little peanut. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this.”
Scully turned and looked at him saying, ”Mulder I thought I had just gained a few pounds. Come on we don’t want to be late.”
Mulder and Scully arrived at the doctor’s office and waited. Scully was a nervous wreck and was grateful Mulder was there with her. After a few minutes, a nurse called them back. She took Scully’s weight and a set of vitals. She left the two in an exam room to wait for the doctor but before she left she instructed Scully to give a urine sample and where to leave it.
“I’ll be right back Mulder.”
“And I’ll be here waiting.”
A few minutes Scull returned and sat on the exam table. The doctor came in shortly there after.
“Good morning Dana.”
“Good morning, Dr. Warnin.”
“Let’s see, it says here you think you’re pregnant.”
The two women talked for a few moments forgetting that Mulder was there. Scully was in her own little world and he understood. She needed to know for sure she was pregnant. Well I have the results of your urine test and you are indeed pregnant. Let us see if we can find your baby.
Mulder, with a huge grin on his face moved closer to Scully and took her hand. He had missed all of this the first time and was not going to miss a thing now. The doctor set up the ultrasound machine and got the cold gel on Scully’s stomach. After about a minute or so, she paused the wand right over their baby.
“Right there. There’s your baby. Looks good so far. Judging from this and what you told me, I’d say you’re about eleven weeks. Now let’s hear your baby.”
The room quickly filled with the sound of their child’s heartbeat. Scully turned her head to look at Mulder who had the biggest smile on his face and tears in his eyes. He was soo happy he was going to get the chance to be the father he didn’t get to be for William.
After the exam, Mulder and Scully walked hand in hand out to the car. She was about to get in when Mulder spoke.
“Scully, you want to grab lunch before we head over to Kersh? You need to eat something. You haven’t eaten all day.”
“Lunch sounds good Mulder. There’s a diner across the street we can go to.”
The duo walked into the diner and were greeted by a nice woman who took them to their seat. After their orders were taken, they sat in silence for a few moments. Mulder finally spoke up.
“We’re having a baby. I can’t believe it.”
“Me either. Me either Mulder. I thought my chances of having another child were over.”
“We’ll get through it together. Eleven weeks. That was?”
“The Judy/Chuck case. It had to happen the night I crawled into bed with you. The timing fits. And we did have sex twice during that case.”
“So that’s when it happened.” He chuckled.
Their food arrived quickly and the two began eating. Mulder is chowing sown on his club sandwich when he notices Scully has hardly touched her Cobb salad.
“You feel alright Scully? You’ve hardly eaten.”
“Can we really do this Mulder? Have a baby at our ages? I mean, I had complications…the last time and now the risks are higher.”
He takes her hands in his and looks directly into those crystal blue eyes of hers.
“Yes we can. I know I wasn’t there before and have no fucking clue what you went through but I’m here now and together we can do this. I love you Scully.”
“I love you too. Mulder, we’re having a baby.”
The two finished lunch and headed to the Hoover building. They knew this wasn’t going to be easy for them. On the way, Scully called and checked on Skinner and Monica. They were both stable and doing well.
Kersh was all too happy to see them go. He never wanted them back. It was purely professional. He hated the X-Files and all that was involved.
“Well at least Kersh wished us well and will handle our retirement paper work.”
“Scully he could hardly contain himself. But he did seem happy for us people probably because we won’t be bothering him again. Listen, why don’t you go back to the house and I’ll start packing up the office”
“Scully, it’s not just you and me anymore. We have to think about the peanut too. Go home and I’ll be there as soon as I can. Okay?”
“Okay. I’ll see you later. Don’t stay too late. We’ll miss you.”
Scully left the Hoover building for perhaps the last time. Mulder started packing up their belongings from the office. He only had two boxes so he took what he could at the moment and would return to get the rest.
On his way home he called Scully and told her he’d grab dinner on the way home. She’s thrilled simply because she just woke up on the sofa and didn’t start dinner. Mulder arrived a little while later with a bag of take out in one hand and a small brown box in the other.
“What’s in the box Mulder?”
“I was going to ask you the same thing. Here, take the food I’ll open the box.”
Scully grabs the bag and walks toward the kitchen to put it down. As she’s walking she asks ”Who’s it from?”
“No return address and it doesn’t say who it’s for either.”
“Well open it and find out.” She says as she walks back in to the living room. Mulder just about got the box open when he says ”It’s for you.”
“How do you know that?”
“Here. See for yourself.” He pushes the box to her and she grabs it and looks inside. She pulls out a small plastic snow globe that has a rainbow inside. There is no note or anything. The two just look at each other for a moment.
With tears in her eyes she says, “He’s alive.”