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He had always known she was different from the others, long before she woke up.

It wasn’t just because she hadn’t her face marked with the Vallaslin, not like many others he had met during his journeys through Thedas. No, his interest and curiosity were aimed somewhere else. She had survived the explosion, she physically walked in and out of the Fade as if it were nothing and yet she lived . The orb didn’t do much to her, not as much as he had expected at least, and he wasn't sure if it was only one of the effects of the explosion that ripped the skies open or if it was because the elf was just... special .

But despite his efforts, she wouldn’t wake up, nothing he did could close the rifts and the Breach kept spreading and so did the stolen mark on her hand and he almost gave up on his former ideas, ready to find another way to recover his powers and set his own plans into motion once more.

He was ready to leave when she arrived with Cassandra, and he couldn’t name the feeling that downright assaulted him as he grabbed her wrist and watched as the rift closed with nothing more than a flick of her hand. He felt his whole world changing, like an earthquake shattering everything he believed in, everything he worked so hard to gather--but he pushed the feelings away, deeper into his soul.

But he couldn’t deny that her beauty was beyond words .

She stood tall, taller than him and Cassandra, walking around like she owned the place, like royal blood ran through her veins as magic did. She didn't cower under Cassandra's threats nor the demons attacking, and she kept pressing forward even when the Anchor kept working its magic, trying to consume her as they marched towards what once was the Temple of Sacred Ashes. She was fearless, furious, untamed and fierce as the ocean itself, loud and reckless and driven by something between grief and rage--so many lives lost at the explosion, many others lost to demons assaulting Ferelden and she wept silently for them, charging into battle against demons as if she, and not Cassandra, were supposed to keep them at a safe distance from the creatures.

He didn’t need to ask to figure out she was no Dalish child, no city elf.

Yet he couldn’t figure out what she really was, no matter how much he tried nor which way he looked.

“Ellana,” she had whispered in his direction once they reached the forward camp, while Chancellor Roderick and Lady Cassandra bickered about something he didn’t care about. “If there are to be presentations.”

He smiled, amused.

Whatever she was, he was decided to stay by her side until the Breach was sealed and the world was back to normal.