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The forest once sang with birds of all kinds , laughter and joy would fill every corner and the light would guide everyone safely through. Once their was peace and safety but no longer is that true.
The forest no longer feels safe or clean , home no longer to those who sought only life . The forest now is home to darkness and grief.
The statue that guided so many , that served as memory of the brightest star Mirkwood had to offer lies abandoned , no flowers grace her feet and now the trees embrace her instead.
Travellers no longer come to see the beauty of the woodland elves for they are no longer met with kind greetings but suspicion and fear.

She had not expected so much time to pass , not expected the forest to diminish as she had. But the forest was as alive as she was , it whispered and cried. It became sick as she had only the forest could not leave as she did.

She stood looking up at the statue , it’s likeness haunted her mind for this was not only a tribute , but a grave and the memories here screamed the loudest .. echoing the screams of a young child who held hatred in his heart and a husband who was left with grief and doubt.

She stood in a white cloak untouched by time , the light that flickered through the opening of the trees seemed to make her glow and her pale blue eyes mirrored that of the early morning sky. She stood perfectly still as if mimicking the statue. But in truth she remained still as fear filled her heart. She had not realised the passing of time and now she feared she was too late. How much had she missed , how much time had she lost and could it be reclaimed ?. Could she make up for her absence , for her selfish leave.

“ I will not watch you diminish as I shall , I vowed to protect you meleth nin and so I shall protect you from myself. “

Pale lips uttered words that had been spoken so long ago. He had not known the meaning back then. How could he… how could he have known that the next day he would awake and she would be gone as if she had never been there at all. Leaving only the gems he had gifted her. She had hoped they may offer him some light , some comfort. An unspoken promise she would return. For he never would have let her leave.

Leaves rustled and The woman slowly turned , the hooded cloak hid her face well but she knew her outline could be seen and her eyes met with the elven male that had intruded on her stolen moments. Bow aimed at her yet she felt no fear.

“ Mana nalyë ?”

The voice was harsh and clearly hostile yet she did not answer , instead she looked at him with piercing blue eyes as if trying to understand why he was so hostile. Yet she was aware he was not alone , their were more hidden. Their King would not send but one to guard.

“ Á quetë !! “
He demanded yet again , dressed in the armer of his people. But he was young , but a child compared to the woman and she had no intention to cause harm. But she was not ready to simply walk in and she would not walk in , in chains. Instead she began to walk away gracefully , making no sound as she disappeared back into the light.

“ Á pusta “

He shouted after her and she heard the sound of the arrow flying through the air but it missed. She was already gone leaving the male to stand alone at the statue that seemed to watch him with the same gaze.
Other elven guards of both genders emerged and all looked at each other, they did not look forward to telling their king about the encounter for they had no answers to the questions he would ask.They stared after the woman , all wondering who the enchanting female was and why she spoke not a word. But soon they turned away and began their journey back leaving the sanctum once more.