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Its So Warm and Hurtful

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Smitty groaned as he slammed his hand on his alarm clock. He sat there for a moment, staring up at the ceiling. He heard a soft knock on his door.

(get ready for smitty name reveal)

"Jaren, you awake?" His mom asked as she opened the door slowly, revealing his face. He hummed "Yeah.. I'm awake, kinda." he said. "Okay, get ready, it's twenty past seven." She replied, closing the door softly. He waited for a moment, hearing her foot steps pat away down the hall. Smitty sat up, staring at the wall, trying to stay awake.

He felt his phone buzz beside him, he smiled as he read the text.


John:  hey I'm picking you up so get your gay ass ready. 

Smit:  ok boss 


He threw the sheets off his legs, shivering when he put his bare feet on the cold floor. 

X o X o X o

He pulled his door open, grabbing his backpack and walking out, closing the door behind him.

He walked down the new hallway, his family recently moved to the place, lucky for him, his friend, John was at the school he transferred to so he wasn't totally alone. He stepped into the dining room, seeing his mom pour syrup on a stack of pancakes. "Oh, Hey!" His mom said, picking the bottle of the gooey liquid back up and putting it on the table. 

"Hi." Smitty replied, putting his back pack on the floor and sitting in the wooden chair.

After eating breakfast, he heard two honks outside his house.

He smiled brightly, "That's John, bye mom." he said, putting his back pack on his back and heading for the door.

"Bye! Have a good first day!" she called back, smiling as she watched her son close the door behind him.


He ran down the steps, almost tripping as he ran to his best friends car. 

"Hey." John said as Smitty closed the car door beside him as he sat in his seat. "Hey." Smitty replied, throwing his backpack in the back seat and buckling up. 

John put the key in the hole, turning it making the car rumble as it started. Smitty let out a sigh "Ready for this shitty school year." he said, looking over to meet John's eyes. John nodded, turning his head to the road and pushing his foot on the gas pedal. 

They drove off to the school, laughing and dancing to the music like dorks they were.