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Life in the Oasis

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Living in The Oasis wasn’t hard per se, but it wasn't easy, especially in comparison to Skout’s life at home. Working with her father meant that she never really had time to herself, she was either helping him on a job or he was teaching her the mechanics of the machinery that they would work with and how to get them into working condition. Sure she wasn’t the best at fixing things, but she wasn’t completely useless at it either, no matter how much she thought she was.

“Doggone it Skout! You’ve gone and difficulted everything up for the last time!” Skout’s father shouted, clearing grime and grit from his eyes. The piece of machinery that Skout and her father had been working on had a small malfunction which resulted in a slight explosion happening in their faces.

“I- I didn’t- I didn’t mean to!” Skout squeaked out, frightened by his yelling.

“I don’t care,” He stated through clenched teeth, “This won’t happen again.”

“What do you mean?” Voice wavering, Skout took a small step backward as her father stood up.

“I don’t want to see you no more. So you better get!” He boomed, Taking a threatening step towards her. Frightened, Skout tripped and fell, but then immediately scrambled back to her feet and ran out of the shack.

“And don’t you come back!” Her father could be heard yelling as Skout ran, and boy did she run. She ran for as long and far as she could. She almost collapsed when she made it to the nearest settlement, which was the local train station. Skout could barely lift her legs up the stairs to get onto the train platform, but when she did she slumped down under what little shade there was and fell asleep.


It was nearing sundown when Skout woke up again, she heard the conductor yell for passengers to board the train. Skout stood up, her muscles aching from running for what felt like hours, she checked her pockets to find some gold that her father had given her as payment for helping him with some of the week’s earlier jobs.

“Where is this train headed?” her voice was gruff and whispy sounding. When was the last time she drank anything?

“Why it’s headed straight for the station in the South West Outskirt!” The Ticket Man said, the tone of his voice was a bit too cheery to be real, but Skout ignored it.

“Will this be enough for a ticket to board the train?” Showing the man her gold.

“Sure thing!” He said as he took about three-fifths of her gold. Skout thanked him, grabbed the rest of her gold, and then boarded the train. When Skout made it to a seat she had immediately fallen back into a restless slumber.


Skout was abruptly awoken by one of the train’s staff members shaking her awake, telling her that they were at the South West Outskirt Station. Slowly, she made her way off the train, her fatigue made her trudge all the more sluggish. She had made her way to the wall of the ticket booth and sat down against it, wrapping her arms around her knees. Looking up at the sky, the horizon still had a pink hue to it, but the night sky had already taken over. Looking up at the stars, Skout felt empty and alone, she had nowhere to go, nothing to her name other than a handful of gold pieces. Tears began welling in her eyes as she thought about how alone she really was, not even her own father wants her around anymore, she didn’t really have any friends back home because she was always so busy helping her father, and even if she hadn’t been she would have been too awkward to start a conversation.

Far too lost in her thoughts, Skout hadn’t noticed the not so silent approach of a horse. She only noticed when the rider of the said horse was stood in front of her, clearing their throat.

“What’s got you so troubled?” The stranger asked, their voice gruff yet slightly concerned.

“I- Everything I do just ends up in disaster, my own Pa doesn’t even want me around anymore...” Tears spilled down her cheeks as Skout looked up at the stranger. Slightly silhouetted by the moon, A large Y’dala woman towered over her and only her bright golden eyes stood out as she looked down at her.

“Well uh,” she cleared her throat, awkwardly, “That’s uh… That’s a shame.”

“What does it matter anyway, s’not like I was worth much to him.” Skout sniffled, as she hugged her legs closer.

“Look… Back at the Oasis, I’m sure we can give you someplace to stay for the night, h- How much gold do you have on you?” The stranger suggests, somewhat uncomfortable with the situation, and sits down next to Skout.

“I’ve only got ‘bout fifteen gold pieces… it’s probably not even enough for some food or water…” Looking away from the stranger, Skout descended even further into her depression.

“Hmm, How are you with manual labor?” With a slight desperation in her voice, the stranger continued to try and find ways for Skout to have a bed for the night.

“I think I’m alright at it, my Pa always made me cook, and wash the dishes when I was at home… Now that I’m thinking about it, he always made me carry the equipment too.” Skout huffed, finally realizing how her father had used her for all of the chores and tasks that he could have done himself, or at least helped her with.

“Now there is a start,” The stranger stood up, “If you’re willing to do some extra chores, I’m sure I can at least get you someplace to stay for the night.”

“Why are you helping me?” Skout questioned, Skeptical of the stranger's motives.

“I rarely ever get the chance to actually help people, and the Don has started getting a bit testy recently, he’s probably not happy with our progress as of late, He also told me to go and find some more help for the Oasis.” The Stranger answered, holding out her hand. Somewhat hesitant, Skout reaches up allowing the stranger to lift her up off the floor.

“The name’s Skout… May I ask who you are?” She almost mumbled.

“Pardon my rudeness,” Dropping Skout’s hand,” I’m Captain Toth, the right hand to Don Paragon.”