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Somewhere With You

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“So then I told Tina to piss off, and after that I felt really bad, but I-are you even listening, Kurt?”

Kurt, who was wheeling Artie up the ramp at the back entrance of McKinley, bit his lip. “Sorry. Gotta admit I tuned out when you got to the part about all the Asian foods she made you try.”

Artie sighed. “I’m pretty much over her, though. Plus, Britanny seems pretty into me.”

”Wait, really?”

”Yeah. See you in chem.” Artie wheeled away.

”I want details!” Kurt shouted after him.


Kurt had always loved the first day of school. He loved planning his outfit, seeing who all was in his classes, and this year, seeing his friends again. 

In truth, he had gotten a little depressed this summer. He had gotten lonely, which brought back memories of when he had zero friends. His father was always working at the shop, and he had pretty much given up on Kurt helping out, because while his son could design an outfit or decorate a room, he couldn’t even change a car’s oil. Rachel was always busy with God-knows-what, and Mercedes was at a Jesus camp in Tennessee with her church’s youth group. So that left Kurt home alone a lot with nobody to talk to. 

So this year, he was excited to get back to school. Even if it mean seeing Karofsky and his cronies on a daily basis. Immersing himself back into the world would make him happier. 

The first half of the day flew by. Kurt had friends in all of his classes so far. His teachers all seemed pretty good, too. Except for Mr. Miller, who was just really weird. 

At lunch, he had sat with Tina, Rachel, and Mercedes. Santana and Brittany were busy working on their tryouts for cheer. Kurt had always thought it was weird that Sue made cheerleaders that had been on the team the previous year try out the next year. She probably wanted to make sure they were still pretty and in top shape. Kurt was trying to toss tater tots into Mercedes’ mouth, and Rachel was talking nonstop about her feelings for Finn. After a while, she stopped to at least eat some of her lunch. “What about you guys? How were your summers? And love lives?”

Tina talked a little bit about Artie and Mike. Kurt thought it was stupid of her to break up with Artie. What was wrong with him? But he supposed Mike was nice, too. 

“What about you, Kurt? Any cute guys?” Rachel winked, her mascara glopping together. “Ugh! I hate this stuff!”

Kurt rolled his eyes and threw another tot. “You know I would’ve told you already if there was anyone. Plus, I have no chance at a relationship.”

”Boo, you’re gonna find someone!” Mercedes said.

“Well, it’s hard when you’re the only gay guy in your whole school.”

”Someone will come along,” Rachel reassured him. “And I think you’ve got more options than you think. I read the news this morning when I was doing my moisturizing routine, and there was this article that said one in every ten people is gay.”

”Okay, there is no way that is true, Rach. Maybe one in every twenty or thirty or something.”

Rachel shrugged, taking a bite of her salad. “Could be.” 


After lunch, Kurt had art class. It was the one class he didn’t have friends in. Oh well. At least the class itself was fun. And maybe he did have friends in there, they just hadn’t recognized they shared the class with Kurt when he had posted a picture of his schedule on Facebook.

He had to help Mercedes get to Chemistry, which he had already had and knew the way, so he was late to art. 

The art room looked different than it had last year. The tables were new, and stools replaced the old chairs. Posters of different styles of art decorated the room. 

“Oh, hi Kurt!” The teacher, Mrs. Dasey, greeted him. She was a chipper young lady with dark skin and untamed hair she never tied up. Kurt had had her when he had taken art last year, after Principal Figgins had cut Home Ec from the school’s elective programs. 

“Hi, Mrs. Dasey,” Kurt smiled. She was his favorite teacher. Well, aside from Mr. Schue, that is. 

“You can sit wherever you’d like,” she said.

Kurt nodded and scanned the room. The only person he knew was Quinn, but he wouldn’t dare sit with the Cheerios. He gave her a quick wave and settled for the empty table in the back of the room. 

Mrs. Dacey told them to draw a creature the students felt represented themselves. “It’s my way of getting to know everybody,” she had explained, her dark curls bobbing as she talked. 

Kurt drew a yellow canary, because he liked to sing. Then he drew a cage around the bird. No. That was too depressing. He added a key in its beak. There. While he colored in his drawing, he thought about what Rachel had said at lunch about 1/10th of the population being gay. He doubted it. If that was true, there was a good chance there was someone else in this class that was gay- it had 20 people in it. Who would it be, though? 

Kurt smiled. This was going to be a fun game.

The cheerleaders were all straight as rulers, so he skipped them. His glance moved to the next table, where Luna Dawson, Kerrie Yin, and Heather Wouke sat. Luna might be lesbian. With that hair. Wait-she had a boyfriend. Probably not.

When he had gotten through the class without success, he noticed one boy he hadn’t seen before. He sat by himself, sketching intently. Kurt noticed the boy hadn’t looked up once. Who was this kid? He must be new. Kurt knew who everyone was. His eyes traveled to the book bag under the boy’s table. A folder was sticking out, labeled Blaine Anderson. 

Blaine(at least, Kurt assumed his name was Blaine) was wearing red susupenders and a plain white shirt. It was plain in the back, at least. Kurt wished he could pull off suspenders. Blaine’s black hair was coated with gel. 

Kurt tried to see what he was drawing, but couldn’t quite make it out. Should he find some excuse to walk by Blaine? No, that was way too stalker-ish. Why was he so intrigued by this boy?