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Second Chances

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Destruction, chaos, debris, fire, it surrounds them everywhere.

Sasuke rolls away from explosions, a beat up Naruto securely in his arms. He hides them behind a huge boulder a bit of ways from all the screams and explosives. Their best option is to take cover right now anyway, at least with the state Naruto is in.

Speaking of which, Sasuke looks down at his partner and grimaces. Naruto has definitely seen better days, that's for sure. After 20 years of fighting since they were seventeen and Madara appeared, you would think the war would have been over by now. Everything was going fine, and Obito even joined their side after realizing he was manipulated into starting this war, just to bring Madara back. But–

Then everything changed the moment they realized they couldn't defeat Madara Uchiha.

He's too strong, obviously living up to his reputation. He wasn't a founder of the Leaf Village and quoted to be a legendary God-like ninja in the books at school for nothing. He's too powerful, and surprisingly, Naruto was the one who came to that realization first. Sasuke tried to argue years back about it, but even the great Sasuke Uchiha was no match for Madara.

Things really started to go to shit when Kaguya arrived on the battlefield. They barely managed to defeat Madara, but Kaguya? Madara is child's play compared to her.

They fought and fought hard. Naruto being the strong leader he naturally is with Sasuke and Sakura by his side at all times. But all that hope has been gone since they lost Sakura. She died protecting Naruto from one of Kaguya's assaults and had no time to heal herself, Kakashi carrying a screaming Naruto away so they wouldn't cause any more attention. Naruto hasn't been the same since, and just now the nine-tailed fox literally just got ripped out of his system. Luckily, just in case the Kyuubi did end up getting ripped out of him, Sakura placed a seal on Naruto just before she died so he could continue living without the demon.

Sasuke peeks out his head from their hiding place and cringes. Kurama is covered in chakra chains and howling in pain, actual tears in the fox demon's eyes as it cries out for help. A cough catches Sasuke's attention, and he averts his eyes to see Naruto sitting up. He must be waking up from hearing Kurama crying a far distance away from them.

Naruto blinks, slowly crawls out from Sasuke's arms, and pokes his head out to see Kurama fighting to break out of those chains. Almost as if Kurama senses him, Kurama looks straight in their direction and cries out at them.

Naruto feels his heart clench, immediately crawling back to sit next to Sasuke. He holds his heart through his shirt while it beats rapidly, almost like it is going to burst out of his chest.

Why did it all have to come to this?

Sasuke watches Naruto begin to cry, the only thing he can do at this point. The enemy has won, all their friends and family are dead, and they are all that is left. But without Kurama, Naruto's chakra supply is dangerously low. If he tries to go back out on the front lines, he will surely die. And Sasuke knows for sure if that happens, he will most likely kill himself. There is no way he can live in a world without Naruto.

Naruto grabs Sasuke and buries his head into his shoulder, his hands weaving around his neck, one into his raven locks. Sasuke holds Naruto close, seeing as their time is almost up. If they are going to die, they may as well die together in each other's arms. It is a promise they made to each other after all, if everything failed in the end.

"Sasuke...Im sorry, but this is the only way. If I go back, i'll just screw everything up. You were always smarter than me." Naruto whispers and Sasuke isn't really sure what he means by that.

The feeling of Naruto placing a seal on his neck register's too late, and he pushes Naruto away to look at him with a ludicrous stare.

"Naruto...You didn't do what I think you just did...I know the Sage gave you the power of reviving people but the power to turn No!" Naruto gives a sad smile, more tears streaming down his face. Of course Sasuke would catch on to what he was doing within seconds, his other half perceptive as ever.

"Im sorry Sasuke, but it had to be done." Naruto sits back and stares up at the smoky night time sky. "The Sage gave me the power to go back in time, time travel reversal is what he called it...I think? Anyways, I would have laced it on me, but I don't trust myself to go back. Im still Konoha's number one knuckleheaded ninja, and I would probably just mess things up again."

Sasuke shakes his head in disbelief, unknowingly allowing tears to run down his own face. Naruto reaches out, grabs Sasuke's face and has him look into his sea blue eyes. Sasuke wants to look away though, he feels like he is going to be sick. Those blue eyes used to hold so much hope, brighter than the ocean. Now they are dull, and he knows this is the last time he would be looking into them in this timeline.

"I know you rarely say these words back to me, but know I...I love you Sasuke, and I always will. But you have to be the one to go back and save everyone...Im sorry, but it's the o-only way." Naruto sniffs and leans in, Sasuke quickly following his movements until their lips meet.

Their kisses are usually urgent and quick, right before Naruto goes out into battle and Sasuke stays behind to form plans with Kakashi, Shikamaru and Gaara. But they are long dead, and now this kiss is going to be their last one. Their last one–

Oh God, this is going to be the last time he's able to see Naruto in this timeline, and...He suddenly feels lighter than usual. He looks at his hands and realizes his whole body is fading away.

"N-Naruto..." Naruto leans away, and even in such horrific times, still manages to give a heartwarming smile that breaks Sasuke's heart. This is the last time he is going to see Sasuke, and is glad his love is going to get a second chance to make everything right.

"And don't worry Sasuke, you're not the only one going back. The Sage gave me enough chakra to place the time reversal seal on someone else." Saskue blinks, and there's a flicker of hope in his eyes. "But it's not me. I didn't have time to place it on myself, but there's someone else who deserves a second chance more than anyone else I know...At least, anyone else I know that's alive, which is no one now..."

"But who Naruto?" The blonde idiot somehow manages to laugh, even during a situation like this.

"You'll see. Treat him well, alright? He's going to take this harder than you and might kill you when you guys get back." Him?

There's no more time now, and Naruto grabs Sasuke for one more kiss.

"Goodbye Sasuke...And next time, make sure I know you care for me. Don't hide your feelings and be an asshole until you confess you always loved me when im twenty-three, in the middle of a damn war." Naruto bites out, but in a playful manner.

"Right...Goodbye Naruto...I lo–" Sasuke doesn't even get to finish his sentence, completely gone now.

Naruto shakes his head and feels bitter, but in the end, he's prepared for this and knows this is the right thing to do. He shakily stands up and smirks when he hears a scream of rage in the distance. Holding his stomach, he peaks out at where Kurama use to be and see's Kaguya floating and yelling, frustration written all over her face.

At least Kurama is safe now as well.

With a deep breath, Naruto comes out of hiding and stands out in the open. Kaguya senses him and races over, a spear in her hand. Naruto knows he's about to die, but he stands proudly with a smile. The only two people that were still alive that he cared about were now safe, and he knew they would fix this mess before it even started.

"I love you guys." Are his final words.

A flash happens and Sasuke quickly sits up, head booming.

Sasuke blinks a couple times, rubbing his head because the headache he has right now feels like his brain is gonna explode out of his head. Speaking of his head, he feels a headband on it and a jolt of shock goes through his body. He snatches the headband off of him and looks in his hand to see a blue, unscratched Konoha ninja headband.


Oh God, Sasuke thinks. Naruto sent him back in time and now the blonde idiot is all alone! All their friends died, and Naruto is by himself. Taking deep breaths like Orochimaru taught him years ago for therapy, Sasuke is trying hard to stay calm while thinking about what is happening to his Naruto. There's no one else to save, so what has he done? Did he give himself up, run away, or worse, kill himself? Maybe the suicidal idiot made Kaguya murder him just to be petty. Who knows, but they had promised each other through the years of war that they would die together.

How could Naruto be so selfish? How could he do this to him? They made a promise, a vow! To stick together no matter what. Naurto had told Sasuke that if Sasuke ended up dying before him, he would keep trying until he lost all hope and bury himself with him. In Sasuke's case, he told Naruto that if Naruto died before him, Sasuke would kill himself right then and there. A world without Naruto, the boy that became the love of his life and his childhood sweetheart. There is no meaning in living anymore without him by his side. Naruto had become his everything, and here he is, alone in the past forced to stop everything before it happens.

Why couldn't Sasuke get a break?

Unhurriedly, he takes his time to stand up and take a look at where he has landed. Immediately seeing the team seven picture and his old bedroom, he shuffles through the dark room to the calendar on the wall and wants to throw up.

The moonlight protruding through his window shines on that very spot, and the calendar marks the day that Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura officially became team seven.

Taking several steps back, Sasuke's heart is racing and dizziness takes over. He trips over the carpet and falls in the middle of the room. So, he got sent back that far in time? Grabbing his head at the irony of it all, he needs to get some headache medicine if he is going to think all this through without messing up this timeline. There is so much to do, so many things to stop and so many people to fix.

Hold on.

Naruto said there is someone else that is going to travel back through time with him, but who and where are they?

A shuffle in the background is heard and Sasuke whips his head around when he hears growling in the hallway. A tall figure emerges from the darkness of his hallway and flings itself at him to pin Sasuke down completely on the ground. Sasuke's struggles to get up, and by the size of his hands and the date of where he got sent back in time, there's not a lot he can do to defend himself with his thirteen-year-old body.

Sasuke looks up to see piercing red eyes with cat-like slits angrily staring right back into his own black ones, their eyes rimmed with red and face dried of tear stains. They had long bright orange hair that split down from the middle of their head down to their back, tickling Sasuke's face, but he wouldn't dare sneeze. It slowly wraps a clawed around his neck and opens it's mouth, panic running through Sasuke when he sees the sharp fangs.

"You...damn...brat!" It lowly growls out, and with that one sentence, everything clicks in Sasuke's head. The second person Naruto placed the seal on–

He traveled back in time with the Kyuubi no Kitsune.