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Something About His Silver Hair

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“You did WHAT now?!” Tony Dinozzo managed to blurt out just after he spit his drink all over Abby's lab.
Abby sighed. She knew what she did wasn't the best decision she had ever made, and she was still on the fence whether she actually regretted it or not. It just seemed like such a high price to pay after all these years of innocent bantering between her and Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

“I know, Tony. I've been beating myself up over this eversince I got the testresults and tested positive...” Her fingers fidgeted in her lap and her pigtails weren't jumping up and down enthusiastically, like they usually did.
“Have you told him yet?” Tony asked, half expecting that she would say she didn't and she didn't let him down.
“No thanks. I'd rather end up on one of Ducky's autopsy slabs when it is my time to leave this earthly world, and not when some triggerhappy bastard pulls a gun on me, if you don't mind.”
“Yeah Abby, I DO mind! How long were you planning on keeping this a secret from him? You know you can't do that, he'll eventually connect the dots and you think that he will be thankful that you kept it from him?”
“Well, I'll just have to deal with it then I guess.” She contemplated, standing up from her chair as a sign that this conversation had just about come to an end and that she was in no mood to continue their discussion.

“Fine, whatever floats your boat I guess, b--”
At that moment Tony's phone started ringing and he intently gazed at Abby. “It's Gibbs, you want to tell him something?” He said as he reached out his arm to give her his phone. Much to his surprise she took it from him.
“Hey Gibbs, can I ask a favor of you?” She started out, an evil grin spreding across her face when she looked up at Tony.
“Humor me, Abbs.” He replied with a hint of impatience in his voice. Usually he wasn't cranky to her, but dialing Tony's number and having Abby pick up the phone took him by surprise. He didn't know why because Abby picked up other people's phones all the time, and this certainly wasn't the first time he got her on the line instead of the one he was trying to call.

“Oooooohhh! Somebody fell out on the wrong side of the bed this morning!” She started out, but Gibbs interrupted her. “Today, Abs!”
Not offended at all she said: “Could you please give Tony a headslap for me when he comes back to the bullpen? He's been teasing me and I'm not wearing my high platforms, so I can't reach the back of his head.”
Gibbs relaxed at the soothing tone of her voice and a soft rumble came from the back of his throat, indicating that he was about to burst out in laughter. “You're not wearing your platforms?” he asked softly, immediately realizing his mistake when Abby fell silent. “Sorry, I shouldn't have asked that.” He never had been apologetic because being so was a sign of weakness in his book, but he needed to regain his composure. Being a skilled sniper and having his own NCIS team meant that he was very good at that and he turned almost cold when he said: “Send DiNozzo up and make sure I have the DNA results of the Johnson case on my desk within an hour.”
“But Gibbs! You can't rush scien--” But he had already hung up on her.

Abby gave the phone back to Tony. “He needs you back up in the bullpen.” And she went back to work without even looking at him.
“You okay, Abby?” He asked, concerned because he'd just witnessed this awkward conversation. Eventhough he hadn't been able to hear what Gibbs was saying, he figured that it wasn't something nice.
“Yeah, I'm fine. Just go, please?” She said as she absentmindedly let her fingers dance on the keyboard of her computer.