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The Illumination

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The Illumination
A Winx Club Fanfic
Part 1: The Illuminates
When she was a young girl, Bloom witnessed something strange. After a restless night of nightmares and anxiety, she woke up and walked to the window. She opened it up and looked outside at the twinkling stars. Suddenly, a flash of bright light lit up the sky like a firework.
Only much brighter, completely white, and lasting a little bit too long. It was bright and beautiful, but it didn’t hurt her eyes. In fact, looking at it made her feel peaceful, quiet, and honestly kind of sleepy. Yawning, Bloom climbed into bed and fell deep asleep.
She had nothing but sweet dreams for the rest of the night.

Seventeen years later, Bloom, now a fully grown young woman, was sitting on the bus with her five best friends on a ship, on their way to Alfea. “I wonder what this urgent matter is that Faragonda wanted to talk to us about?” She asked Flora.
Flora shrugged. “I hope it’s nothing bad. She sounded pretty grim over the phone.” Kiko was lying in Flora’s lap while Flora scratched his ears. “I wonder if our Butterflix powers will be strong enough to deal with this.”
Stella looked in the mirror. “Whatever it is I hope it doesn’t ruin my makeup! School hasn’t even started! I know we’re teachers now but this is ridiculous!” She laughed and shrugged. “Though it will be nice to get back to my designing!”
“I calculate a 65% probability that Miss Faragonda is going to inform us of an ancient, powerful magic we must retrieve and an 85% probability that an evil doer wants to possess it.” Tecna calculated, while typing on her phone.
“Whatever it is, we’ll be ready for it!” Aisha fiercely stated. “We’ve beaten every threat the magic dimension has thrown at us. The Trix, Darkar, Valtor, the Wizards of the Black Circle, Tritannus, Acheron, Kalshara, and the Trix again. Hopefully for the last time.”
“Considering that they were sucked into limbo, I think that was the last time,” Bloom sighed with relief. “I don’t think I could handle seeing Icy’s sneering face anymore.”
Musa, who’d been listening to her music, looked at Bloom. “You seem tense,” she commented, handing her the headphones.
Bloom put them on and relaxed to the music. Her friends smiled at her and she handed the headphones back to Musa. “Thanks, that really helped.”
“We’ll be landing in a moment, ladies,” Brandon said over the intercom.
“Thank you, sweetie pie!” Stella called. The girls waited as the ship landed; when they were on the ground Stella gave Brandon a big hug and kiss.
Griselda walked up and cleared her throat. “While that is very sweet, Miss Faragonda called you to Alfea for a very important reason, and she is waiting for you in her office.” The winx girls jumped, but quickly followed Griselda into the school.
“Any chance you’ll tell us why she called us in?” Aisha asked.
Griselda adjusted her glasses. “I’m afraid I’m not sure, myself. Miss Faragonda and the other headmasters were extremely cryptic about why they needed you, except saying that you six needed to come in immediately.”
Around the corner, the winx girls saw the specialists, the two paladins, and Daphne waiting for them in front of Faragonda’s office. Walking up, Daphne said, “Thank you, Griselda, I’ll take it from here.” Griselda nodded and walked off as Daphne gave Bloom a hug.
The winx greeted their boyfriends as Bloom asked, “Do you know what’s happening, Daphne?”
“Sorry, Bloom, but it seems this is a matter of utmost privacy,” Daphne apologized. “All I know is that it has Faragonda and the other headmasters terribly worked up. While I don’t wish to assume the worst, it makes you wonder what the problem might be.” Daphne walked up to the door and knocked.
From inside her office, Miss Faragonda called, “Come in!”
As the group walked inside, Sky put his hand on Bloom’s shoulder. “I’m sure that everything will be fine. The six of you are the Winx, I don’t think that anything that goes up against you will have a chance!”
Bloom kissed him. “Thank you, Sky,” she said.
In Faragonda’s office, Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin were gathered around Faragonda’s desk, looking grim. However, Faragonda mustered a calm grin. “Hello everyone. I’m very glad to see you all. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have important news to share about this year’s new students.”
Griffin cleared her throat. “Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain will each be receiving one of the three royal siblings of Minerva.”
Nearly everyone gasped, excluding Bloom and Musa. Bloom asked, “Wait, who?”
“I’m with Bloom on this one; I've never heard of a world called Minerva, much less its royal family.” Musa commented.
“And for good reason,” Saladin replied. “The realm of Minerva is extremely closed off; many are unaware of its existence at all.”
“Girls, it is rare for even one member of the Minervan royal family leave, much less three. And the fact that they are enrolling as students is even more rare. Minervans generally educate themselves.”
“We do not know a great deal about them, but we will tell you everything we do,” Griffin assured.
Little did they know that the situation was more dire than it seemed.

“Find me the Trix, my darlings,” a woman in a dark hood whispered to her golden bracelet. The bracelet had three ovular gems: one green, one blue, one red.
The gems glowed and each turned into a small ring of light in their respective colors. The rings flew through the forest and the woman followed close behind it to the Magix underground world.
The creatures saw her as she floated by, but didn’t do much more than hiss at her as she passed. Under her hood, the woman smirked. She was more than used to this reaction by now. The rings stopped in a single, large empty cavern. The rings began spinning, creating a large, rainbow vortex which shot out three individuals: the Trix, still fused with their bonded fairy animals.
As the Trix laid on the ground, still disoriented, the rings grew large. Each one flew above one of the Trix, drawing the essence of the fairy animal from her. The rings then flew back to their master and became her bracelet again. Floating above her hand was the residual magic that had been drawn from the witches.
“Good job, my darlings,” the woman muttered.
When Icy finally gathered herself, she stood up and glared at the woman. “Wait, who are you?”
“Someone you owe a debt of gratitude,” the woman told the Trix. “If not for me, you would still be trapped in limbo.”
Stormy stood up. “We don’t owe you anything,” she hissed, shooting a lightning bolt at the woman.
The woman chuckled as the magenta-colored orb absorbed the attack. “My my, I was expecting more from the famous Trix. A shame, too. I was going to help you boost your powers!”
As Stormy prepared to attack again, Icy snapped, “Wait!” she looked at the woman curiously. “What do you mean exactly?”
The woman grinned and turned the three orbs into bracelets much like her own, only with one gem each. “I can give you the power of Wraithix and boost your powers beyond belief. All I need is the promise that you’ll you’ll work for me.”
“Boost our powers?” Darcy asked. “How do we know these Wraithix work?”
“I’ll prove it with my own Wraithix,” the woman chuckled. “Name any person or individual, and my darlings will defeat them.”
Unanimously, the Trix shouted, “The Winx!!”
“Very well. As I recall the Winx are receiving some very important siblings today; might as well hit nine birds with three stones.” She chuckled at her joke. “If I can prove that the Wraithix is powerful enough to win against these Winx, you will accept my power and help me. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Deal?”
Icy turned to Darcy and Stormy. Each of them grinned wickedly before Icy said, “Deal.” She and the woman shook hands.
The woman grinned and stepped back before and whispered to the bracelet, “Attack the Illuminates, my darlings.” She held up her hand and the jewels became orbs of light that flew out of the cave.
“Now what?” Stormy asked impatiently.
The woman waved her hand and created dark, purple/black mushrooms for the Trix to sit on. “Now sit back and enjoy the show.” she created a shadowy hole where the image of Alfea began to take form.

“So you’re saying that the triplet heirs to a secretive, largely unknown kingdom are enrolling in Alfea because of us?” Bloom asked. “That’s...that’s a lot of pressure…”
“Well, it’s just proof of how great we are!” Stella said. “I’m sure that these three are huge Winx fans! I’ll get my pen for my autographs when they come in.” She looked at Faragonda curiously. “Though, how will we know these girls from the rest of the Alfea students?”
“They’re not all girls,” Griffin corrected.
“And they’re not all enrolling in Alfea,” Saladin added.
“The Minervan triplets are two girls: Princess Mira and Princess Psyche; and one boy: Voltatious. We were informed that one is a fairy, one is a witch, and one is a specialist. They didn’t specify which is which,” Faragonda explained. “And you will know; the three of them will be arriving today. Soon, in fact.”
Outside the window, they saw a peculiar-looking airship landing in Alfea’s courtyard. As a large group, they headed outside. Bloom held onto Sky’s hands, still nervous about the responsibility being placed on their shoulders. It was nothing compared to the times they’d saved all of the magic dimension, but being responsible for the safety of these kids made her stomach twist.
Helia put his hand on Bloom’s shoulder. “It will be fine, Bloom. You Winx are the most powerful fairies in the magic dimension. If anyone can protect the royal children of Minerva, it will be you six.”
“It’s definitely the most logical decision,” Tecna said.
Timmy smiled. “I’d consider it a great honor. The people of Minerva are secretive and have trouble trusting people, especially the royal family. The fact that the king and queen are sending their kids to the schools closest to you three means a lot.”
“That just makes me more nervous,” Bloom muttered. When they were outside, they looked at the large, elegant silver ship. The hatch opened slowly and the royal guards walked outside, holding their weapons. A third guard--most likely the captain--walked in front.
In a booming, deep voice, he announced, “Announcing Prince Voltatious, Princess Mira, and Princess Psyche of Minerva!” He stepped to the side as three teenagers walked off the ship.
Bloom didn’t know anything about the Minervan people, but there weren’t many teenagers with white hair. The triplets happened to have bright, snow-white hair, and brilliant, electric-blue eyes. They stood together, looking quite nervous.
“I am Mira,” one of the girls said, stepping forward. “Princess of Minerva, and heir to the Minervan mountains. This is my brother Volt, and my sister Psyche.” She had a gray hoodie and gray sweat pants under a pink skirt. She had sneakers. Her hair was long and straight, falling to her waist. Her gaze was cold and serious.
Volt looked nervous, almost terrified. He was slim and tall, the right build for a specialist. His hair was medium length, with a lightning-bolt lock of hair covering his right eye. He wore a purplish-gray sweater over a yellow dress shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.
Psyche, unlike her siblings, laughed excitedly and ran up to the Winx, giving them a big hug. Her hair was tied up in three ponytails, each one under the last. Underneath each was a stripe of color: blue, purple, and magenta. She wore a tank top with the sides cut inward, a gray skirt and gray boots. “Hi!!” she laughed. “We’re, like, your biggest fans!”
“Psyche…” Volt and Mira mumbled, walking over to her.
Mira pried Psyche away from the Winx and told her, “Psyche, we promised mother and father that we would call as soon as we arrived at Alfea. Volt, would you please.”
Volt nodded and pulled out a cellphone much like the Winx had. He tapped a few buttons, then the holographic image of a man and woman appeared. The tripletsplets stood together, and the woman sighed with relief, putting her hands on her chest. “Thank the skies that you three are safe!” she gasped. “You...are safe, yes?”
“Yes, mother,” Volt replied. “Mira, Psyche, and I are in the Alfea courtyard. We are in the presence of the Winx, the Specialists, and the headmasters. Also, we agreed that I’d call you when we were safe, yes?”
“Very well,” the man replied. “Did you run into...them...on the way there?”
“I am happy to report that we have not seen the creatures since we left Minerva,” Mira reported, without a trace of happiness in her face or voice. “They seemed to intentionally stop following us as soon as we left the atmosphere.”
“Everything is smooth sailing!” Psyche laughed. “Though it seems that we’re the only students here currently. I’m sooooooo excited to make new friends!!”
“There will be time for that later, sweetheart,” the man said. “Voltatious, would you kindly put me on the phone with Headmistress Faragonda?” Volt nodded and walked over to Faragonda and handing her the phone. “Greetings headmasters, I am King Marcus of Minerva. My wife and I cannot express our gratitude at your willingness to comply with our situation.”
“Of course, your highness. We are more than happy to protect our students, both present and future. And I promise that all of us will teach our first Minervan students everything they need to know,” Faragonda assured.
“I have full confidence in your abilities,” the woman added. “I am Queen Lucretia. My only concern is the protection that you’ll provide for our children. You know we Minervans keep our secrets for a reason.”
“Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain are the most secure schools of magic available. And, as you know, the Winx Club residing in Alfea gives the royal siblings an extra boost of security. Voltatious, Miranda, and Psycharmi will be safe, happy, and well-educated. You can put all of your fears to rest,” Saladin assured.
Smirking, Griffin added, “I’d almost believe you don’t trust us.”
“Very well,” King Marcus said. “We leave them in your care.” the hologram shut off and Faragonda handed the phone back to Volt.
Bloom cleared her throat and walked up to the triplets. “It’s a pleasure to meet the three of you, I am Bloom, and we are the Winx Club! These are my friends: Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha.”
Mira nodded. “We know all about you, Winx. Your actions are admirable; you’re very well known in Minerva.” Her posture and expression didn’t exactly have ‘admiring’ written on them. She looked as cold and angry as a witch.
Volt relaxed a bit. “The three of us are big fans. Psyche wanted to invite you to our fifteenth birthday, but Mom and Dad said no.” He laughed. “They couldn’t imagine you figuring out where to find us.” When he wasn’t so nervous, he seemed more like a typical specialist.
Psyche giggled. “I offered to deliver the invitations in person...our parents did not like that.” She was exponentially calmer than before, but she had a bright and bubbly personality, something that worked well with fairy magic. “It took two years to convince them to let us meet you in person.”
“Yes, but it wasn’t until last month that they actually considered, what with the creatures and all,” Mira said. “It will be a miracle if our parents don’t try to call us every night.”
“You’ll be fine!” Stella assured. “And Psyche, you are going to love it at Alfea!”
“Huh?” Psyche asked.
“Wait, what were those creatures you mentioned?” Aisha asked. “What is after you three? And, more importantly, why is it after you?”
Volt and his sister shared a concerned look. Stepping forward, Volt said, “You see, the thing is…”
Suddenly there was a crack of thunder and dark clouds formed in the sky. Unlike normal rain clouds, these were pure black. Descending from the sky were three bright glowing jewels.
“You wanted to know what is pursuing us?” Mira asked. In a flash of bright light three giant figures emerged from the jewels. “Those are. The Wraiths.”
The wraith that came from the red jewel resembled a fairy; she had a red, sparkly winx with small red wings and long red hair. Her skin was as black as the clouds above and her eyes were as red as her winx. She had no mouth, and she wore the jewel as a brooch.
The wraith that came from the blue jewel resembled a specialist. He had on a similar uniform, except that it was blue and dark blue instead of white and blue. Like the Red Fountain boys, he wore his jewel as a clip for his cape. He had solid blue eyes, short blue hair, and no mouth.
The wraith that came from the green jewel resembled a witch. She wore a s long-sleeve, dark green dress, and a darker green hood. She wore her jewel as the clip for her hood. Her eyes were solid green, as was her hair, she had the same dark black skin, and she had no mouth.
These wraiths surrounded the whole group, staring them down but not moving. Volt grabbed his sisters’ hands and suddenly, there was a flash of light that resembled the light Bloom had seen as a young girl. The Wraiths hissed (which was strange, considering they had no mouths) and moved forward towards them. “Let’s do this!” Volt shouted. “Voltatious magic winx!” Suddenly, Volt was dressed in a sparkly turquoise shirt and black cargo shorts. He had gray wrist cuffs and black slacks with gray covers. Sprouting from his back were yellow, lightning-shaped wings. His wings began fluttering and he took to the air.
“Psyche witch power!” Psyche shouted. The wind whipped around her and she was surrounded by a cocoon of spirits. When the spirits disappeared, Psyche was dressed in a witch’s outfit; a long gray dress that opened in front of the legs. She had one long sleeve and one short, and she wore gray tights and dark gray boots. She had a gray belt studded with light gray jewels. The colored stripes in her hair turned to different shades of gray. She floated in the air along with Volt.
“Mira paladin light!” Mira bellowed. Suddenly she was in paladin’s armor with large, glowing wings. She pulled out a phantoblade hilt, which sprouted three blades that twisted around each other. She flapped her wings and joined her siblings in the air. “Let us do this. Shall we go about the usual?”
“Yeah. Let’s go!” Volt said. He flew towards the fairy wraith and electricity sparked in his hands. “Electric Blast!” he shouted, shooting a strong blast of electricity at the fairy wraith’s jewel. She hissed and tried to block, but even with how much larger she was than him she was knocked backwards.
The specialist wraith drew a dark, twisted phantoblade and swung it at Mira. Mira twisted her blade to the side and caught the wraith’s blade within the gaps of her own, and twisted it around so that the wraith lost his grip. She fired a blast of cold wind at him, creating a strangely strong draft.
“Eterno Maximo Spiritus!” Psyche shouted, firing a blast of ghostly-looking magic at the witch wraith. The witch wraith growled and countered with a blast of her own dark magic. The two witches fed the spells as much power as they could, but they seemed evenly matched. The white energy and the black energy exploded when they grew too powerful.
“Well...that was unexpected…” Stella commented.
“Expected or not we have to help them!!” Bloom scolded.
As a group they shouted, “Magic Winx! Butterflix!!”
The Winx split up to assist the triplets. Bloom and Tecna joined Volt, Aisha and Musa joined Mira, and Stella and Flora joined Psyche. Bloom and Tecna blasted the fairy wraith together, but she deflected their blasts back to them.
“This being is unlike anything I’ve ever seen!” Tecna gasped. “Bloom! Volt! Distract it while I scan.” she created a bright green light and flew in a circle around the Wraith.
The Wraith growled and tried to grab her, but Volt shouted, “Lightning Strike!!” and kicked her arm away.
“Be careful!!” he warned the Winx. “These Wraiths harbor a ton of negative energy. Don’t let them hit you!!”
“Got it!” Bloom shouted, blasting fire.
Mira blocked and parried against the specialist wraith, but he was so much larger than she was that it was all she could do. Her wings kept her in the air, but with each clash of the blades knocked her back. She flapped her wings, using wings to stay aloft and push back the Wraith as much as she could. “Morphix sword!” Aisha shouted blocking and parrying alongside Mira.
“I’ll try to distract him!” Musa shouted. She flew behind the Wraith’s head and blasted a sonic wave at him. The Wraith growled and swatted at Musa, with her barely being able to dodge him. This gave Mira and Aisha a chance to attack--though their combined sword power didn’t do much.
When the light from the explosion faded, Psyche and the witch wraith glared at each other. “Explosio Maximus Mortem!” Psyche bellowed. A large, ghostly aura--the same size as the wraith but looking exactly like her. “Ghostly Wail!” she cried. Screaming at a decibel too high for them to hear, she blasted an impossibly loud sound wave, causing the wraith to cover her ears (which, surprisingly, she actually had).
“Come on, Flora!” Stella shouted. “Let’s show this creepy green witch monster who’s boss!” The two of them fired at the wraith, but Psyche’s scream vibrated the magic apart, causing it to burst and disappear.
“Miss Stella! Miss Flora!” Psyche shouted. “Lend me the strength of your spirits, please!”
Stella and Flora nodded, and sent her waves of their power. Psyche glowed white with power, and she lifted her hands above her head. Ghosts and spirits spun around her and her aura was sucking into the orb of light she was creating. “Mortal Coil!” She bellowed, blasting huge ball of ghostly magic at the wraith. It was more effective than her or the two winx girls working alone.
Despite all of the effort they were putting into fighting these wraiths, they seemed mostly unaffected by the Winx’ and triplet’s magic. “Let’s help them!” Daphne shouted. “Daphne! Nymph of Sirenix!” She transformed into her Sirenix, then she and the guys joined the battle with these giant wraiths. Daphne, Sky, and Timmy joined in the fight with the fairy wraith; Helia and Brandon joined in fighting the witch wraith; and Nex and Thoren joined fighting the specialist wraith.

From the cave, the Trix and mysterious woman watched the battle unfold. “Ugh, this is so boring!” Stormy hissed. “Those wraiths are fighting but they aren’t winning! We could be out there squashing the Winx ourselves!” She stood up to walk away, but Icy grabbed her arm.
“Stormy, wait! Those triplets...they seem...familiar…” Icy whispered. “I can’t put my finger on it but I can’t shake the feeling we’ve met. Let’s keep watching,” she suggested.
“They do seem familiar, but Stormy is right, Icy. We’ve fought the Winx plenty of times, how is this any different from then?” She asked the woman. “What’s the special power of Wraithix? We’ve summoned giant creatures before.”
The woman smirked. “Now comes my favorite part,” she told the Trix. She held out her hand to the screen and summoned a sphere of dark magic. “Wraithix! Show these Winx the power of darkness! Wraithix Shadow!” She shouted. The empty slots where her jewels had been grew dark with inky shadows resembling octopus tentacles. The tentacles shot forward and hit the images of their wraiths. As the witches watched, the image of the battle became tinted in dark red, green, and blue.

The wraiths froze for a moment, then threw their arms outwards. From each one a dark aura emerged. Suddenly everything went dark. Bloom and the winx collapsed. They grew so weak that their Butterflix disappeared, as well Daphne’s Sirenix. Even the specialists and headmasters were drained of their energy.
“What...what is happening…” Bloom mumbled. She looked up to see that Volt, Psyche, and Mira were unaffected. In the dark, each of them was glowing--Psyche red, Volt blue, and Mira green.
The Wraiths coward from Volt and his sisters’ light, but still moved to attack their friends while they were down. “No!” He shouted. “Mira! Psyche!” he shouted. “With me!” He flew to the center of the fight, joined quickly by his sisters. The three of them stood with their backs to each other. They held hands, and their auras grew even brighter.
“Illuminate Convergence!” The triplets shouted. “Light of the Illumination!” They held their interlocked hands in the air. Their auras mixed, much like the Wraiths’ auras had, but instead of shadows they created a gigantic bright light.
The three Wraiths screamed in discordant unison and their bodies dissolved into dark energy. When the light faded, the Wraiths were gone, leaving only the jewels they had appeared from. The jewels floated in the air for a moment, as the triplets watched them warily. Then, without any warning, they shot into the air and flew away.
Suddenly, Mira groaned and collapsed, turning back to normal. Volt caught her and he and Psyche turned back to normal. They supported the unconscious Mira on their shoulders as the others stood back up. “What...happened?” Aisha groaned, rubbing her head.
“That was the worst feeling I’ve ever had,” Flora commented. “It was like my body was drowning in despair.” They grouped around the three triplets. “What was that?”
“More importantly, why were you not affected?” Faragonda questioned. “That level of dark magic is nearly impossible to resist!” She rubbed her own head.
“Well, the thing is…” Volt laughed nerously. “We’re the Illuminates.”
Psyche added, “Impossible is kind of what we do.”

The Trix sat with their jaws hanging open. “That...was epic…” Darcy muttered. “Is that the true power of Wraithix?”
“Part of it,” the mystery woman commented. “My personal favorite, though.” She held up her arm as the Wraithix Jewels attached themselves to her bracelet. “The dark energy of Wraithix draws out a person’s innermost darkness. The effects vary, but to a witch of great evil, it’s an opportunity to harness her darkest powers. Now what do you say, ladies? Care to try on some darkness?” the woman formed the magic spheres into glowing, bracelet-sized rings.
Darcy and Stormy went to accept their Wraithix, but Icy put her arms out and stopped them. “The thing is, whoever you are, you didn’t defeat the Winx! They weren’t squashed, only temporarily inconvenienced!”
The woman shrugged. “The convergence spell the Illuminates used was a perfect counter for my Wraithix darkness. It was a small setback but the power speaks for itself.”
“If the power really does speak for itself, then prove it! Defeat the most powerful Winx, Bloom! And don’t send your wraiths this time! If you can beat Bloom one on one, then we’ll accept the Wraithix and your terms!”
The woman turned to screen, which focused on the image of Bloom. “A battle against none other than Bloom? Sounds like an interesting challenge.” She turned back to the Trix and said, “I accept.”
Icy grinned wickedly. “Perfect. know us, but we don’t even know your name.”
“I am the Supreme Ruler of the Opposite Universe,” the woman said, pulling down her hood. The Trix gasped as they looked upon the face of their most hated rival, Bloom. Except this Bloom had dark purple hair, paler skin, and purple eyes. She was in a long, dark dress under her hood, and her skin was ghostly pale. She wore dark purple eyeshadow and dark blue lipstick. “But you can call me Doom.”

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The Illumination
Part 2: A Witch’s Quarry
As Mira laid unconscious in the nurse’s office, Volt brewed tea and Psyche played a song on a violin. She was very good, but her song was unusually somber considering her personality.
“What kind of tea are you brewing?” Flora asked Volt. “It smells wonderful, but I've never smelled any tea like it.”
“It’s Minervan Goldtrunk Tea. One cup is enough to restore someone back to full power. Since Mira always wipes out when she uses her paladin form I end up making it a lot.” He said. “Not that I mind; I make some really good tea.”
“I bet,” Flora agreed. “But isn’t this a little too much tea for Mira to drink?” She handed the third tray of cups to Helia.
“Well, luckily, it’s not just for Mira. That fight wiped everyone out, though your guys’ exhaustion is more spiritual than physical--luckily, the tea helps with that too.” He poured the last cup and grabbed the tray. “Thank you for helping, by the way.”
“No problem!” Flora said, “I’m enjoying talking to you! My father would tell me stories about Minervan wildlife, are the flowers really that big?”
“Bigger,” Volt said. “But only in Selenus Forest. And the Minervan Rocs are tameable...if you smell like crystal worms.” He snorted. “You would just die at the story of how Mira figured that one out.”
“Oh my,” Flora gasped. “I’ve always wanted to visit, but my parents always said that Minerva is really hard to visit. Though, I’d love to show my planet, Lynphea. Maybe you could show the other Minervans that the rest of the magic dimension isn’t so scary.”
Volt sighed, “I don’t know, Miss Flora. It was only the appearance of the Wraiths that convinced our parents to let us come to Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain. And if they find out that the Wraiths attacked us here, they might pull use right back to Minerva.” He shook his head. “Sorry, Miss Flora. My parents are protective, even by Minervan standards. This is actually the first time my sisters and I have left the planet.”
Flora put her hand on Volt’s shoulder. “It’s fine sweetie; and you don’t have to call me Miss Flora. Just calling me Flora is perfectly fine. Is it alright if I call you Volt?”
“Yeah, and thank you,” Volt told her. They walked into the nurse’s office. Psyche was still playing the violin. By now it was like a spiritual experience; her hair was blowing like in the wind and she was looking surprisingly witchy. “Psyche…” Volt mumbled. “PSYCHE!” He bellowed when she didn’t stop.
Psyche flinched and her violin screeched. However, everything went back to normal. “Heh, sorry,” she chuckled. “I always get carried away on the violin.” she began playing again, but this time she played a more upbeat tune.
Mira stirred, then sat up and rubbed her head. “ head is killing me. Did we win?”
Volt handed her the tea cup. “Well, we made the Wraiths flee,” he told Mira, “But even the Winx can’t fight them.” he winced and turned to the Winx girls. “Ah, sorry. Everyone else who has fought the raiths has collapsed because of their energy.”
Mira sipped her cup. “Everyone except us, that is. We’re the only ones immune, it seems like.” She sat up and turned to Volt. “Thanks for the tea; it really hit the spot.” She didn’t smile, but her voice was a lot softer and kinder.
“Let’s move to the simulation room,” Faragonda suggested, “and don’t worry, you can bring your tea with you. It’s too delicious to let go to waist.” She smiled kindly and they walked from the nurse’s office.

“You know, with the magic-restoring properties of this tea,” Tecna commented, “We could use it to restore our power after battles, and also restore our students after classes. Volt, is there any way you could tell me the recipe?” She pulled out her phone and walked closely next to Volt.
“Um...maybe?” Volt mumbled. He accidently bumped Tecna’s phone and it completely shorted out. “Ah! Sorry! That tends to happen when I touch electronics.” He apologized. He created a spark with his finger and touched it again, turning it back on.
“That’s no issue,” Tecna assured him. “It’s kind of expected, considering your powers. I never got a chance to ask, are you weather fairy? Your powers seem to indicate so.”
“Eh, kind of. I’m a fairy of lightning. Any other weather powers I might have come directly from controlling the lightning and static in the air. Mira has some wind powers, but those are even more limited than mine. On Minerva, it’s common--even expected--to learn to tame one of the wild forces of nature. I got lightning.” He made a peace sign and tiny bolts of electricity ran up between his fingers. “Not that I mind it.”
“Does this mean there are fairies of the sun on Minerva?” Stella asked.
“Not many, and none are as powerful as you, Miss Stella,” Volt told her. “When I talk about the forces of nature, I mean like the elements.”
“Light fairies live on the mountains,” Mira commented. “They use the light reflecting off the snow for power. There aren’t a lot of fairies actually on the mountains, however. The mountains are for training warriors and paladins. The cold from the snow steals our nerves and helps us focus.” She gave a small, smug grin and added “When I’m crowned queen, I’m going to rule the mountains.”
“I’m impressed by that supersonic scream you made, Psyche,” Musa said. “Are there sound fairies on your world? I come from a world of music, so there are mostly music fairies.”
“Oh, definitely not. I’m not a sound witch, either, I’m the witch of ghosts,” Psyche explained. “Necromancers, shadowmancers, witches and dark wizards, they all come from the deep--the underground caves and caverns that connect all of Minerva. They are the most secretive group on Minerva, but they are pivotal to the balance of Minerva. When I’m crowned queen, I’m going to rule the deep. The caves are so pretty!”
“Wait, how are both of you going to be crowned queen?” Stella asked. “Can’t there only be one?”
“Not on Minerva,” Volt explained. “Its typical for the royal family to have three heirs: one for the mountains, one for the deep, and one for the surface. Personally, I’m gonna be king of the surface.” The group walked into the simulation room; the Illuminates sat together while the winx and specialists sat around them.
“So what did you mean when you said that ‘you’re the Illuminates’?” Stella asked. “I know about all forms of light, but this ‘Illuminate’ title is unknown to me. Does it have something to do with you being the heirs to Minerva?”
“A good deduction, Stella,” Faragonda told her, “But rather, the title of Illuminate is given to those who were affected by the great cosmic event known as the Illumination.”
An image of when Bloom had witnessed the bright light in the sky flashed in her head. “Miss Faragonda, what exactly is this Illumination? I have the feeling that it’s something that we’ll be hearing a lot about. Also...I can feel something in my Dragon’s Flame.”
“That is very good Bloom, because the Illumination is connected to the Dragon Flame.” Using her magic, Faragonda made an image of the Great Dragon with red light. It flew around above their heads. “When the Great Dragon came into existence, it was a force of light and warmth, the power of good magic. Many sought its power, like the Ancestral Witches, and many forces were created to oppose and contain the power--like the water stars. But the Great Dragon itself had but one opposite.” She created the image of a large, dark purple squid-like monster. “The Dread Kraken, a being of cold and darkness. As natural opposites, the Dragon and the Kraken fought against each other since the dawn of time. Their powers were too strong for the constant battling.” The images of the two great beasts clashed, with light flashing every time they hit each other. “The fabric of space and time rippled with every clash, and it was likely that that everything, even the two of them, would be destroyed. The opposition of their energies created two separate universes, one for each of them.” The images became contained into two separate bubbles, each the color of the beast it contained. “Our universe, the universe of the Dragon, is the opposite to the other universe, the universe of the Kraken. Because they are opposites, the universes are attracted to each other like magnets.” The bubbles floated together. “But since they are opposites, they cannot combine.” the bubbles clashed, and a bright light burst from between them. “The Illumination occurs when the universes collide. It occurs for only a short time and,” the bubbles flew apart to opposite sides of the room, “the universes separate for a hundred years between.”
“A universe that’s opposite to ours?” Tecna asked. “We’ve dealt with multi-dimensional threats before, but multi-universal? That seems a bit beyond our skill level.”
“Also, are you saying that...there’s…” Bloom stammered.
“Yes, Bloom. There is a girl from that universe with the power of the Kraken. And she is the opposite of you.”

Icy glared at the witch. “You can’t trick me you little fairy! I know it’s you, Bloom!” she fired an ice spell at “Doom" who rolled her eyes and created a vortex of dark magic. The ice shards flew in and shot back out, colored inky black. The Trix all shouted in alarm and dodged--the shards embedded themselves in the wall and the Trix realized they were now dark crystals.
“I am Doom,” she told them, as shadowy black tentacles unfurled from inside of her cloak. “I am the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink, Conqueror of Worlds, Supreme Leader of the Cursed Dimension! I am everything that Bloom wishes she could be! My strengths are her weaknesses. And I have myself stronger than she could ever be. So I would think twice about who you’re calling Bloom.” She withdrew her tentacles and floated past the Trix. “Now, as I recall, you three desire to see me defeat Bloom, correct?”
“That would be pretty epic,” Stormy commented. “If you can actually do it.”
Doom turned and gave her a wicked grin. “I know I can.” She floated from the cave, with the Trix following closely behind.

“Due to the nature of the of the Illumination, magic can be scrambled, even reversed, during its occurence,” Faragonda said. “Volt, Mira, and Psyche, I’m guessing that the Illumination occurred at an important time in your lives?”
“Yes,” Volt said. “It happened the night we were born. There’s an ancient Minervan spell that tells parents what kind of magic their children will have when they are born. It’s extremely accurate--in fact, it’s never been wrong.”
“That is, until we came along,” Mira grumbled. “But even then, the spell wasn’t wrong--we were. Volt was supposed to be born a paladin, Psyche was supposed to be a fairy, and I was supposed to be a witch. The Illumination scrambled our magic and made us wrong.”
Psyche added, “But it made us so much more powerful, too. The Light of the Illumination makes us so much more powerful than we’d be normally. I know you feel wrong, but I still think being an Illuminate is a gift.”
“It’s a gift that keeps putting everyone around is danger,” Mira retorted. “The witch that attacked us at home, she was talking about us opening the ‘jewels’, which might be the only reason mom and dad sent us here in the first place.”
“What gateway?” Bloom asked.
“The Luminous Jewels,” Volt sighed. “The portal between the two Universes. It’s our destiny find them and open the Universal Gateway. I don’t know what the witch plans with such a portal, but it can’t be anything good. However, we can’t fight against her ourselves. We can barely fight against the Wraiths!”
“Right,” Tecna commented. She created a holographic image of the three Wraiths they’d fought earlier. “They’re individually powerful, but seem to work as a hive mind. They don’t seem to have conscious thought, and move like dolls. Our attacks have no great effect, but they can send waves of negative energy that can drop us to our knees. Where do these creatures come from?”
“They come from the Wraithix,” the Illuminates replied simultaneously.
“I...have never heard of that magic before,” Tecna commented. “And it doesn’t appear in any of my databases.”
“It’s unfamiliar to me as well,” Griffin agreed, “And I am well versed in most dark magic.”
“There’s no way for any of you to know about the Wraithix,” Volt explained. “It doesn’t exist in this universe. Our knowledge of it is limited, but my sisters and I can sense when things come from the opposite universe. The witch wears the Wraithix as a bracelet. The negative energy contained in the jewels boost her dark magic and form into Wraiths that obey her every command. Because of our powers, my sisters and I aren’t affected by their negative energy, but summoning the Light of the Illumination takes a lot out of us. And you all saw what it does to Mira!”
“I will summon the entire Illumination if I have to,” Mira fiercely stated, “if it means finally defeating those Wraiths for good!” She stood up and pulled out her phantoblade. “I swear on the Minerva Blades!”
“We know, Mira,” Volt and Psyche said.
Volt added, “But if you do so, we’ll all probably die. The best thing we can probably do is try to stay safe and learn as much as we can. Especially you, Mira. You need to control your paladin form.”
Mira shrugged. “Yeah, you’re right. Shouldn’t we be heading to our schools then? Everyone will be safer when the three of us our separated. At least then we’d only have to deal one Wraith at a time.” She turned to the specialists and asked, “Shouldn’t we head to Red Fountain?”
“What do you think, Faragonda?” Saladin asked.
“I do think that the Illuminates would know the best way to keep themselves,” Faragonda said. “If Mira believes that if separating is the best option currently, then I say listen to her. Besides, the students will be arriving before too long.”
“Very well. Specialists! Let us escort the princess to Red Fountain.” Saladin announced. The specialists made their goodbyes to their girlfriends as the Illuminates hugged each other tight. Mira let go of her siblings and walked out the door.
As she walked in the middle of the specialists, she stated, “You guys don’t need to refer to me as ‘princess’. You can just call me ‘Mira.’”
“Oh?” Sky asked. “Are you really okay with that?”
“More than okay. Most of the people who call me ‘Princess’ or ‘Miranda’ try to get me to do stuff I don’t want to do, or the other way around. So, needless to say, I prefer just being called ‘Mira.’” Mira explained as they walked, before looking towards the door and sighing.
“Something wrong, Mira?” Helia asked. “Are you worried about your siblings?”
“No...I know Psyche and Mira will be more than fine. I’m just worried about what I’m going to do without them. No matter what, the three of us have never been...separated. I don’t know how I’ll cope,” Mira explained. Giving Helia an embarrassed wince, she added, “Volt and Psyche make up 80% of my self-confidence.”
“Oh? And what’s the other 20%?”
“Spite,” Mira answered.
Helia blinked in surprise and commented, “Not what I was expecting, but I suppose it works. And, if it helps any, I’ll happily help you with your confidence.”
“Thanks, Mr. Helia,” Mira told him.
With a laugh, Helia told her, “If I can call you Mira, then you can just call me ‘Helia’.”
“Okay,” Mira agreed.
“Why don’t you tell me about Minerva on the way to Red Fountain? It might help calm you down. I’ve always been curious about your homeworld.”
“Okay, sounds good,” Mira agreed. “Well, for starters, Minerva is a very wild planet, almost as much so as Linfea…” The two of them talked as they walked to the specialists’ ship.

Back in the simulation room, Psyche slowly let go of Volt’s hand and walked over to stand with Griffin. “I’m ready, Miss Griffin,” she said. Griffin nodded, and with a wave of her hand, the two of them vanished.
Volt stared at the spot where his sister had been, then looked at the door his other sister had walked through. He let out a long, dejected sigh and sat right back down.
“Is something wrong?” Bloom asked.
“It’s just...they haven’t been gone longer than a minute but I miss Mira and Psyche so much already. The three of us have never been separated before. Even if we were in different parts of the palace we were still close. This the first place outside Minerva I’ve been my whole life, and already my sisters are gone,” Volt explained. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be enrolled in Alfea. I guess I wasn’t expecting them not being around.”
“Wait,” Stella gasped. “You’ve never Minerva? What kind of childhood did you have?”
“A sheltered one, especially by Minervan standards,” Volt replied. “Being royalty and an Illuminate gave my parents more than enough reason to be overprotective. It kind of messed us up in different ways; I became a nervous wreck, Mira became a hyper-focused fighting machine, and Psyche became hyperactive with an extremely short attention span. But, at the same time, we’ve become highly dependant of each other.”
“That’s...a lot to process…” Stella commented.
“It sounds a lot like my childhood back on Andros, but it definitely sounds much, much worse,” Aisha commented. “But I’m sure your confidence will grow as you learn to harness your power.”
“I certainly hope so,” Volt said, standing up. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I need to get some fresh air, so I’m going to head outside.” He started to head outside, and the Winx started to follow him. “Um, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be alone this time.”
“Volt, I don’t believe it wise for you to be on your own. Bloom will accompany you and keep you safe.”
Volt nodded silently and walked out the door. “Bloom, keep Volt safe, and please make sure he gets back before classes start. I’m worried for the poor boy, but his safety is our main priority.”
“Of course, Miss Faragonda,” Bloom said, before jogging to catch up with the young fairy. “Volt! Wait up!” she called.
Volt stopped and let her catch up before sighing, “Miss Faragonda put you up to this, didn't she, Bloom?” Bloom had never seen such sad blue eyes--or eyes as blue as Volt’s. The two of them walked together and Volt said, “I didn't expect it to be so hard…”
“Being away from your family? It might sound strange, but I can understand the feeling. My parents were frozen in the Obsidian Circle and my sister Daphne was nothing more than a ghost for the longest time. It was agonizing not being able to save them,” Bloom said. “And if this is the first time you've been separated from them, then I can only imagine how nervous you must be right now.”
They stepped into the courtyard and Volt gave Bloom a small, sad smile. “Thanks, Bloom. That makes me feel a little better.”
The two of them headed outside the gate, as Volt told Bloom stories about his and his sisters’ childhood. Bloom laughed at the story of Mira and the worms, and Volt visibly calmed down.
“I'm glad Mom and Dad let me come to Alfea,” he told Bloom. “For the first time in my life, I really feel safe.”
Suddenly, from the shadows of the forest and dark tentacle shot out and wrapped itself are Volt. “Aw, that's so sweet,” a hooded woman said. The tentacle was coming from inside her cape, and Bloom realized it was made from dark magic.
“What are you doing!? Put him down!!” Bloom shouted. “Magic Winx! Butterflix!” she transformed into her Butterflix and fired magic at the strange witch.
The witch laughed and created a small vortex that absorbed Bloom's power. “This little prince has something that I need. Tell me where the Luminous Jewels are hidden!” The witch clenched her hand and the tentacle started tightening around Volt.
“I don't know!!” Volt gasped. “They've been gone for centuries! I'm only seventeen!” The tentacle tightened and he screamed in pain.
“Volt!” Bloom shouted again.
Through pain and clenched teeth, Volt shouted, “Voltatious Magic Winx!” and transformed into his Winx. He closed his eyes and focused. An electric aura surrounded him, shocking the tentacle. It dropped him, and he fluttered in the air.
“Volt, are you okay?” Bloom asked.
Volt rubbed his head and gave her a thumbs up
Glaring at the witch, Bloom asked, “Who are you!?”
“I'm Doom,” the witch said, pulling down her hood and revealing that she looked almost exactly like Bloom. “Your worst nightmare.”
Bloom and Volt gasped in shock as Doom floated in the air. Her Wraithix gleamed and she shouted, “Inky Black Shadow Ball!” she summoned a sphere of pure darkness and fired it at Bloom, knocking her to the ground. Turning to Volt, she growled. “I'm not playing, Princey. Tell me where the Jewels are!”
“I told you! I. Don't. Know!” he summoned a ball of electricity and blasted it at Doom. Doom created another vortex, but the electricity sparked against it, as if refusing to be absorbed. Doom gasped in shock before it exploded.
Bloom sat up and watched Volt ad he fired all kinds of electric spells at Doom. She didn't seem too concerned, and looked like she was actually enjoying the fight. “Enough!” Bloom bellowed. She flew up in between them created a flaming shield to protect Volt.
“Oh, such an honest effort,” Doom cooed tauntingly. “Too bad it's all a waste. Inky Vortex!” She launched a spell into the air that fell into Bloom from above. When she was hit, Bloom felt all of her power diminish. She fell to the ground with a groan as her Butterflix disappeared once again.
“I am Doom, Witch of the Kraken's Ink, and this has been my warning to you. I will receive the Luminous Jewels and open a portal between our worlds! Oh, and Bloom, tell your friends that the Jinx are coming.” With a maniacal cackle, Doom disappeared in the swirl of her cloak.
“Bloom!” Volt shouted, flying down to her. He helped her stand and supported her on his shoulder. “It'll be okay, Bloom. Let's get you inside.”
The sight of Bloom and Volt hobbling back to the school brought everyone outside. Faragonda called a magical gurney and it floated Bloom to the nurses office. Bruised and battered himself, Volt sat down instead of brewing tea.
“Miss Faragonda...I saw her...I met her...I...i fought her…” Bloom mumbled in disbelief. “It was...horrible.”
“Who, Bloom?” Faragonda asked.
“My opposite--Doom.” Bloom explained. “She says that she is going to find the Luminous Jewels...and that the Jinx are coming.” With an exhausted sigh, Bloom fainted.
“She's the one that's been pursuing my sisters and me,” Volt explained. “I saw the Wraithix. What do you think this means, Miss Faragonda?”
“I believe that this means something terrible is coming to the Magic Dimension…” Miss Faragonda sighed.

Doom returned to the cave, where the Trix were waiting for her. “I defeated Bloom,” she told them calmly. “That means you'll accept the Wraithix, yes?” The trio of light spheres reappeared and floated around her.
“Sure you might have defeated Bloom, but you didn't destroy her when you could have! Aren't you her opposite?” Icy contradicted.
“I need her for later. So, for the time being, I can't destroy her. Accept the Wraithix and you'll have all the power you need to fight those pesky fairies.” Doom explained. “Besides, we have an agreement.”
Icy looked at her sisters. Darcy shrugged while Stormy nodded vigorously. Turning back to Doom, she said, “Fine. We accept.” The Trix held out their wrists, and Doom snapped her fingers. The lights shaped into bracelet-sized rings and floated to the Trix. In a flash of light, each of the Trix had a Wraithix. Stormy's jewel was shaped like a storm cloud, Darcy's was a swirl of darkness, and Icy's was an ice crystal.
“Now you three are ready to cause some trouble,” Doom said. The four witches began cackling in the echoic cave.

Chapter Text

The Illumination
Part 3: The Power of Fantasy
The Winx, needless to say, were distressed by the news. “Your counterpart from a dimension opposite of ours came and attacked you outside Alfea?? That should be impossible!” Tecna said, pacing anxiously.
“Not that we don't believe you, of course,” Stella commented. “It's just so hard to picture an evil Bloom!”
“I was turned evil by Lord Darkar, remember?” Bloom asked. “Besides, she's not just an evil version of me. Doom is the Witch of the Kraken's Ink. She has the power of the Dread Kraken, like how I have the power of the Great Dragon.”
“That does sound formidable,” Flora worried.
“But if this Doom is Bloom's opposite...who are ours?” Musa asked. “And are they as powerful as we are?”
“My guess is that our opposites are these Jinx that Bloom mentioned,” Aisha said thoughtfully. “Six witches who are coming to the magic dimension. Coming for us.”
“And we can't even fight against one!” Tecna said. “I searched every database I could think of, and none of our current or past powers can resist Wraithix!” she groaned and put her phone in her pocket.
“Oh, come on Winx, they're not here yet!” Stella said. “I feel that, like always, we'll find a new power that will help us out.” She stood up and said, “Besides, we have a new class of students to welcome, so let’s get to it!”

Volt walked alongside Daphne, nervously rubbing his arms. “I don't know about this, Daphne. I didn't even share a room with my sisters...”
“It will be fine, Volt. You and the girls might share a dorm, but your room will just be yours.”
“Okay…” Volt mumbled.
“You'll fit in just fine. Besides, we're not heading to your dorm--we're going to your orientation!” Daphne told him cheerfully. She put a hand on his shoulder. “I was nervous my first day--both of them, actually! But Volt, you are a fantastically powerful and kind fairy. You’ll fit right in, I promise!”
Volt nodded and walked with her. “I learned some spells from the fairies of Minerva, but never got any formal training. This will be my first time ever at a school.” He looked around. “It’s quite intimidating, to be honest.”
As the two of them walked outside, Daphne chuckled. “I don’t imagine that will be a problem--in fact, I can see you being quite popular. And Volt, I think that we can learn as much from you as you can learn from us.”
“Thanks, Daphne,” Volt told her. When they made it outside, they broke apart. Daphne joined the teachers. Even in the crowd, Volt stood out, been a white haired boy among the girls of Alfea. He looked around nervously, noticing a brown-haired girl who was watching the stage. She saw him and waved with a friendly smile; Volt blushed and looked away shyly. The girl looked surprised for a moment then turned her attention back to the teachers.
Faragonda stepped forward. “Welcome everyone to the first day of the new school year. I’m very excited to help you all start on your path to becoming wonderfully powerful fairies, and the guardian fairies of your realms, like our resident Winx!”
The Winx, in their Butterflix, flew over the crowd, before landing next to Faragonda. “If you study hard, practice every day, and devote yourselves to all that is good, you can become as powerful as they are. Bloom, would you like to share some words?”
Bloom walked up and said, “Hello, everyone! It's wonderful to see so many faces eager to become new fairies of the Magic Dimension! I can't say that this path will be easy, but it is worth every step of the way.”
One girl raised her hand and waved it around, desperately trying to catch Bloom's attention. Bloom, rather confused but definitely curious asked, “Yes?”
“Why is there a boy here? Alfea's supposed to be for fairies.” The girl gave Volt a scrutinous look and he shrunk into himself.
“Gee, Amaryl, why haven’t you graduated yet?” The brunette girl from earlier asked.
Amaryl and the girl glared at each other as Faragonda commented, “Amaryl, this boy is Prince Volt of Minerva, and he has every right to be here. Volt, can you transform for us, please?”
With a shrug, Volt transformed into his Winx and flew into the air. He saw that everyone was staring at him and grew nervous. He landed on the stage next to Faragonda. “I’m Volt, the Fairy of Lightning,” he introduced himself. “I’m also the Prince of Minerva.”
There was some mumbling amongst the other fairies and Volt backed up. He wasn’t used to being the center of attention and he did not like it. “Oh dear…” he mumbled quietly.

At Red Fountain, the specialists stood in the arena as Saladin made his start of year speech. Mira stood stiff to attention the entire time, while the boys around her goofed off and roughhoused. She didn’t lend her attention to them, and they didn’t seem to notice that Mira was even there.
“Lastly, let me introduce a special new student: Princess Mira of Minerva!” He motioned to Mira, who bowed her head gratefully.
One guy suddenly snorted and walked over to Mira. He was a bit taller than she was, so he leaned down and asked, “Princess Mira, huh? Aren’t princesses supposed to go Alfea?” He had blood-red, messy hair and purple eyes.
“Diablo!” An identical boy, with clean blue hair and purple eyes said. “Leave her alone!” He pulled the red boy--Diablo-- away from Mira and apologized, “I’m sorry about that, my brother is kind of a jerk. My name’s Angelo, my brother and I are the Princes of Calliope.”
Mira shook his hand. “Miranda, Jewel of Snow, Princess of Minerva,” Mira introduced herself.
Angelo smiled, then glared at Diablo. “Is there anything you want to tell Mira?”
“Pffft, she won’t last long enough for me to say anything.” He smirked at Mira, “After all, princesses belong in Alfea.” He walked off as Mira glared at him.
“Ugh...again, sorry about that. My brother is extremely cocky--he thinks he’s the best thing to happen to Red Fountain. Sure, he’s good at his classes, but he thinks this makes him invincible.” Angelo sighed. “See you around!” he waved and walked off to Diablo.
“Now, as is tradition at Red Fountain, we shall have two of our students face each other in combat. Do we have any volunteers?” Cordatorta asked.
Mira stepped forward. “May I issue a challenge?”
Cordatorta looked taken aback, but he said, “I don't see why not. Is there any particular you’d like to challenge?”
Mira pointed. “Diablo of Calliope,” she said. “I challenge Diablo of Calliope.”
Everyone looked at Diablo, including a rather smug Angelo. Diablo scoffed at first, until Angelo whispered something in his ear. Diablo's face turned as red as his hair, and he stormed over to Mira loudly saying, “Of course I can beat a princess!”
Mira respectfully held out her hand for a handshake, but Diablo just rolled his eyes and swatted it away before walking away from Mira. “Very well, then,” Mira mumbled. “If that is the way you want to play it, then let's play.” She walked to the other side of the designated battle area.
Diablo pulled out his phantoblade--a crooked blade that resembled a hook. Mira pulled out her triblade. Diablo scoffed and asked, “You expect to defeat me with that?” He laughed. “That sword has more holes than cheese!”
Mira asked, “Are we fighting or what?”
Diablo looked surprised, but quickly shrugged it off and lunged at Mira. Mira jumped backwards and blocked his blade. She twisted around pushed him from behind. Diablo growled and spun on his heel, trying to get Mira with his sword. Mira caught his blade in one of the gaps of her own. She spun the sword around and disarmed him with little effort. With one more kick, she knocked Diablo to the ground. Without any change in expression, she tossed both swords to the ground.
Mira walked over to where Diablo lay on the ground and squatted next to him. With a small, smug grin, she told him, “You’re right--princesses do go to Alfea, and if you enroll now, they might still take you.” She stood up, picked up her sword, and walked back to her classmates.
“That. Was Awesome!” Angelo gushed. “Honestly, I think everyone was waiting for someone to teach Diablo a lesson.” Everyone looked at Diablo as he stood up and brushed himself off. With a glare of utter contempt at Mira, he picked up his sword and walked away.
“Well, not the most conventional way to start a school year,” Saladin commented, “but an impressive one nonetheless.”
As Angelo patted Mira’s back, she calmly grinned.

Cloudtower was going to be a breeze for Psyche. She stood among the other young witches, barely noticeable (excluding the fact she was trying to make friends). The other witches gave her some withering looks but otherwise didn’t pay her any mind. Well, excluding one girl--she had black hair with orange, green, and purple highlights, striped stockings, and a short black dress. She giggled and grinned at Psyche.
“We begin another year at Cloudtower,” Griffin announced. “Here, young witches can hone their craft to become the most powerful witches they can be. However, not just any witch can enroll in Cloudtower. You will need to prove your capabilities. Consider this an entrance exam.Who wants to go first?”
“Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me!” Psyche shouted. She ran in front of the crowd, and Griffin gave her a skeptical look.
“You do know that after this morning doing the entrance exam would be redundant...don’t you?” Griffin asked.
Psyche grinned. “Maybe, but what witch doesn’t like showing off?” Her hands glowed with white energy and she summoned her violin--a grey, skull-shaped instrument. She began playing a slow, somber tune. The other witches looked confused and a little bored. Psyche grinned and picked up the tempo. She floated in the air as spirits whipped and spun around her. Her hair floated into the air and her eyes glowed ghostly white. Her violin disappeared and she shouted, “Astral Projection!” She threw the spell at the other witches and suddenly, they turned into spirits.
With a giggle, she blew them a kiss and turned them back to normal. “I'm the Witch of Spirits,” she told her class.
“Impressive,” Griffin said. Psyche curtsied and joined her classmates as Griffin asked, “Who will go next?” Most of the other witches glared at Psyche, but the more traditionally-dressed witch grinned.
She stepped forward. “I’m Trixie, the Witch of Tricks.” she said. With a puff of smoke she summoned a deck of cards. “Who wants to volunteer?” Without warning, a pair of magic gloves grabbed Psyche’s wrists, lifting her hands. “Great!” Trixie whipped out a chain of handkerchiefs, grabbing Psyche and pulling her forward.
With a wicked grin, she flew into the air and shouted, “Trick ball!” she shouted, summoning a ball of orange light and threw it at Psyche. There was a burst of glowing confetti, and suddenly Psyche was extremely dizzy. Trixie landed in front of her and said, “Come on. Hit me with your worst curse.”
Psyche summoned her power and shouted, “Silence of the ghosts!” She blasted her spell at Trixie, when suddenly it curved back around and hit her. Suddenly, her voice was gone. Luckily, Psyche knew the counter spell and cast it silently. To her surprise, she just got blasted in the face with more confetti.
Laughing, Trixie floated down next to Psyche and snapped her fingers--the effects of Psyche’s and her own curse wore off. “My Trick Ball can scramble any spell into my favor. As you can see, it turned Psyche’s curse back onto her, and disabled the counterspell. The best part is that while the Trick Ball is in effect, it’s always a surprise on what will happen!”
Griffin and the other witches have Trixie respectful applause.
“Nice hex,” Psyche said, holding her hand out for a handshake.
“Back atcha sister,” Trixie said. “I've never been a ghost before she shook Psyche's hand and said, “I can't wait to have class together!”
Psyche's cheeks flushed and she quickly turned to watch the next witch go up.

Icy admired her Wraithix bracelet, and asked, “When do we get to try these bad boys out?” She summoned a barrage of ice crystals and shot them at the cave wall. They didn’t shatter, but instead created a wall of frost that reflected like a mirror. Icy checked her hair.
“I wanna use this power on the Winx!” Stormy shouted. She summoned a dark storm cloud and started firing lightning in every direction.
“This power is epic!” Darcy added, vanishing in and out of the shadows. “I can't wait to use it on the Winx!” She created the image of the Winx and blasted them with all her power.
“Not yet,” Doom told them. “Right now, we have the element of surprise. The Winx know of me, and somewhat of the Jinx, but they have no idea that you three are back. Once you have a decent mastery of your Wraithix, I’ll let you attack.” She watched the image of the three Illuminates in her swirling void. To herself, she mumbled, “How do I make them tick?”
Stormy protested, “Come on Doom! Our powers are boosted and we can summon wraiths! I think we can handle it.”
Doom turned to Stormy and gave her a withering glare. “Oh, yeah? Show me that you can summon your wraiths.”
Icy and Darcy glared at Stormy, then the Trix began focusing. Their Wraithix jewels glowed a bit, but nothing else happened. “See? Can't handle it as much as you thought, hm?” Doom asked. “Not only can I summon a Wraith, I can use it to control others. Like a certain specialist who was just humiliated by a princess.” The void image turned into Diablo, the boy who'd fought Mira.
“Blue, my darling, possess his broken pride.” Her blue jewel detached, and took on the ghostly appearance of the Blue Wraith. The Blue Wraith looked at her, nodded, and flew off like a ghost. Turning back to the Trix, she said, “Now watch and learn.”
Angrily, the Trix watched Doom’s void illusionary screen, begrudgingly curious on how things would pan out.

In Faragonda’s office, Volt was standing with Faragonda holding the most peculiar book. The cover was pitch black and lined with gold, with a swirling, pale, rainbow-colored stone on the front. Faragonda looked worried, but Volt seemed more or less at ease.
The Winx came in, since classes hadn’t started that day, and Bloom immediately asked, “What’s wrong, Miss Faragonda? Have you found out anything about Doom?” She seemed nervous--rightfully so, considering how Doom overpowered her so easily.
“Yes, actually,” Volt replied. “It was lucky I snagged this book from the Library of Minerva. It’s a record of dimensions, with information on every parallel universe to this one. Doom is from the Cursed Dimension, the universe directly opposite to ours. The Cursed Dimension is like you’d expect it to be--a dark, reversed mirror image of the Magic Dimension. In it reside the Jinx--six terrible witches, Doom included, who are the opposites of you six. I can’t find any information on the others, but Doom is a nasty character.”
“I’ve seen that firsthand,” Bloom agreed.
“It’s worse than you think,” Volt explained. “Her whole chapter is like a horror story.” He shivered. “I’m going to have nightmares for a month. Anyway, the Jinx have one goal: the conquest of every alternate universe. They’ve taken theirs, and now have their sights set on ours. They are as powerful as you six, but they seek a way to become ultimately powerful.”
“Oh no…” Stella groaned. “We’re not going to try to find another ultimate power, are we? My wardrobe can’t handle the stress.” She looked at her clothes dramatically.
“Um...Stella, I don’t know how to tell you, but you six don’t need to find an ultimate power. You are the ultimate power...more or less. The Jinx and you have opposite powers. By absorbing you and your powers, theirs will be boosted.” Volt explained. When the Winx looked confused, Volt explained, “It’s like with light and darkness--by controlling one, you more or less control the other. The more light, the less darkness, and the less darkness, the more light. If Doom controls the Kraken’s Ink and the Dragon’s Flame, she’d be all-powerful, controlling the magic forces of every universe.”
Bloom held her chest in shock. “Well, luckily the Dragon’s Flame can’t be stolen from me, so Doom can’t take it.” She said with a bit of half-hearted relief.
“Bloom...that’s not what she intends to do,” Volt sighed. “Doom wants to absorb you, Dragon’s Flame and all, by using her Wraithix. I finally found information on it, and it’s even worse than I feared. Wraithix is a power that originates in the Cursed Dimension. It is the manifestation of the darkest power in the universe--despair. Those Wraiths that Doom can summon? They were regular people, until they fell to despair.”
All six of the Winx girls look horrified, but Aisha gathered face and said, “Well, we won’t let that happen. Bloom knows we always have her back!”
“Doom against the six of us doesn’t stand a chance,” Bloom agreed.
Volt looked grim. “That’s why she’s bringing the Jinx. All six of you versus all six of them is an even fight, plus all of the negative powers from the Wraithix. I think I know a way to stop them, though. We need to find the Luminous Jewels ourselves so Doom and the Jinx can’t. Luckily, with the Wraithix, only Doom can cross between the worlds.”
“But there’s no way that Doom will just let us find the Luminous Jewels,” Aisha said. “We already know we can’t fight against her or her wraiths as long as she wears that bracelet.”
“Which totally clashes with her outfit anyway,” Stella commented.
“Statistically speaking,” Tecna added, “as long as Doom has her Wraithix bracelet, we have zero chance of being able to even fight her. What if she decides to attack us again? Her Wraithix wipes us of our butterflix powers.”
“There must be a way,” Musa said. “If the Cursed Dimension is truly the opposite of the Magic Dimension, then there should be a power here that can face Wraithix. There is, isn’t there?” She asked nervously.
“Actually, yes!” Volt said, relieved again. “Since the Wraithix is a a power of great negative energy, in our world is a being of equal positive energy. It is the power of fantasy--the transformation of Fantasmix. It’ll create a kind of positive energy shield that will protect you from the negative energy of the Wraithix and even the playing field so you can fight fairly.”
“Fantasmix?” Bloom asked. “I’ve never heard of this transformation before.”
“It’s a very elusive and rare power,” Faragonda said. “I had only heard of it in passing myself. However, I do know that it is a great one. With it you’ll be able to fight fairly against Doom and her minions.”
“Which will be pretty useful finding the Luminous Jewels,” Volt said. “Though even with this immunity Doom is still extremely powerful. Fantasmix might not be enough to finally beat her, but the book says that finding the Jewels will help you earn a great power. A power connected to the Illumination itself. Unfortunately…that’s where the chapter cuts off. It didn’t give me a name for it.” He perked up a bit, “but hey, at least there’s hope! If you earn Fantasmix, you’ll have a solid chance against Doom.”
“Assuming we can earn Fantasmix,” Aisha commented. “Do you know how we can?”
“The Cave of Jubilation. You must succeed in a test given by the cave, and if you pass you will be granted the power of Fantasmix. I don’t know what the test is, though, so tell me all about it when you get back!” He told them excitedly.
“You’re not coming along?” Bloom asked.
Volt shook his head no. “I’m not good with cold, I have classes and most importantly, I can’t earn Fantasmix. Since my power comes from the Illumination, any outside forces trying to affect my magic have a great chance of being reversed and having the opposite intended effect. If I try earning Fantasmix I could end up with Wraithix or worse.” He held out the book. “This will tell you everything you need to know just...promise to bring it back, okay?”
“Thank you, Volt,” Bloom said before giving him a quick hug. When she pulled away, Volt’s face was bright red. “Come on, Winx, let’s get ready!”

At Red Fountain, Diablo stormed away from the other students as Angelo ran after him. “Diablo, wait!” Angelo shouted. He caught Diablo’s wrist and said, “Are you really this mad because Mira beat you? It was a fair fight! You’re acting like a child!”
“Shut up, Angelo! I should have beaten her! She must have cheated!” Diablo growled. “She’s a first year and a girl! I did nothing to her! She should have lost!” He tried to yank his fist out of Angelo’s hand.
“Diablo, you were rude to her and she took her anger out quite elegantly.” Angelo retorted. “You should think about how your words affect others before you open your mouth.”
The two brothers began shouting at each other, neither of them noticing the being of blue and black magic flying straight them. When they finally realized and looked, it was too late. The Blue Wraith hit the both of them at the same time, and they were absorbed into its dark energy.
Mira, who had been following Angelo, froze and watched in terror as the two boys were twisted and fused together into a huge, horrible monster.

Simultaneously, Volt and Psyche gasped. “Mira’s in danger!” they said. Volt transformed into his winx and Psyche transformed into her witch form. The two of them flew straight to Red Fountain, joining each other on the way.
Without any hesitation they flew and joined their sister, who was currently facing off against the Blue Wraith...or, rather, something that looked like it. This creature had the same inky black skin and uniform like the Wraith, but it had two heads: one with messy red hair and one with clean blue hair. Both head had purple eyes and large mouths with sharp teeth.
“What is that!?” Volt screamed, blasting lightning at the monster.
“Two of my classmates, Angelo and Diablo. The Blue Wraith possessed them and turned them into a monster! I don’t know how to get rid of the Wraith without hurting them. I don’t like Diablo but he doesn’t deserve this.” Mira explained in her reasonable, calm voice.
Psyche threw a spirit ball at the monster. “Their souls are...comatose. The Wraith is using their bodies and completely controlling them. We can’t harm the monster without hurting them, but we can’t reach out to them to purify them. We’ll have to completely magically wipe away the Wraith.”
The monster roared and swiped its claws at the specialists, making them fly in all directions. “Come on!” Mira shouted. She ran forward, and Volt and Psyche flew behind her. The three of them hit the monster with everything they had, but the red head screamed and punched Mira out of the way. She flew in the air, and was about to hit the ground when Musa and Aisha--in their Butterflix--caught her and flew her to Psyche and Volt.
“What is that thing!?” Bloom asked.
“A Wraith possessing two Red Fountain boys, we don’t know how to beat it.” Volt explained before shooting lightning at it.
“Can’t you summon the Light of the Illumination like you did with Wraiths?” Flora asked.
Psyche sighed. “I wish we could, but that was just with the Wraiths. With the Blue Wraith possessing them, any attacks we can do will affect them too. The Light of the Illumination could have serious, permanent reversals to them.”
“Well, no matter what, we have to help the boys!” Stella shouted. The Winx, Volt, and Mira flew into the air and fired their magic at the monster. It growled and roared, but was mostly unfazed by their powers.
When Flora hit it with a burst of natural magic, the two heads turned on each other and began fighting like they had with the students and Winx. Mira, seeing this, gasped, “Of course!”
Psyche and Volt, alerted to her revelation, flew to her. “We need Flora,” Mira said. “I think we can use our Illumination powers to properly heal Angelo and Diablo! We need Flora, though.” Volt nodded and flew back and grabbed Flora before rejoining his sisters.
“Flora, your magic seems to affect the Wraith the most. I think that your nature powers might be helping Angelo and Diablo return to their natural state,” Mira explained. “We can do another Illumination conversion to specifically heal them from the Wraith. Could you help us??”
“Of course!” Flora said. “I’ll lend you all of my power to heal!”
The Illuminates nodded and began summoning their powers. They created a large Illumination ball. Fora added her own power, and they shouted, “Illumination Convergence! Natural Reversal!” With Flora’s power, the light turned green before they collectively threw it at the monster.
In a blast of nature magic and petals, the monster separated. Musa caught Diablo as Tecna caught Angelo. They flew them down to the ground as the Wraith floated above the crowd.With a bellow, it made a wave of negative energy, making nearly everyone collapse before it flew off.
“That’s not good.” Volt commented.

The next day, while walking with Volt, Faragonda asked, “How is Mira doing?”
“She’s tired but okay. Flora’s magic really helped us,” Volt replied.
“And the two Red Fountain boys?”
“Traumatized but physically unharmed. Psyche stayed at Red Fountain to help them psychologically.”
Faragonda nodded. “Volt, are you sure you want to stay here with the Winx travelling to the Cave of Jubilation?”
“Yes. They’ll be fine without me. Also, I don’t want to leave in case Psyche and Mira are put in danger again. I’m more than certain that the Winx will earn the Fantasmix power, with or without me. They’re the Winx, after all.” Volt chuckled.
The two of them headed outside as the girls gathered for their trip. “Good luck!” Volt told them.
Bloom gave him a hug. “Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll be fine.”
With a few more waves, the girls climbed onto the ship and flew off.

Chapter Text

After the incident with Angelo and Diablo at Red Fountain, Volt was extra worried about leaving Mira. Then he saw her beat up Diablo for attacking her and he was relieved. He hugged her and Psyche (who was quickly swept by Griffin to Cloud Tower) and climbed into the ship to Alfea. After a short, tense flight, Volt immediately left the ship and walked back to his dorm.
He paused for a moment, remembering that now he would have dorm mates. Anxiety overwhelmed him and he paused for a moment to catch his breath and calm his nerves. He opened the door and found a group of young girls his age--one of whom was the girl who’d stood up for him at the opening ceremony.
With an excited gasp, she stood up and said, “Volt! I mean, Prince Volt! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Princess Ella of Koyu! It looks like we’re in the same dorm!”
“H-hi Ella,” Volt stammered. “I...I wanted to thank you for earlier.” He was hunched over and rubbing his arms nervously. “It’s kinda new and scary for me, being the only male fairy at Alfea.”
“No problem, and yeah, I can imagine. Doesn’t give Amaryl the right to make fun of you for it. Don’t worry, though, most Alfea girls are much nicer. And now that you’re an Alfea boy, you’ll fit in just fine.” She said kindly.
“Thanks, Ella,” Volt said. “And you can just call me Volt.”
Ella smiled. “Okay!”
The two of them didn’t notice the small brooch flash on Volt’s chest.

As the Winx's ship left Alfea, Ella stood next to Volt and put her hand on his shoulder. “Are you going to be alright she asked him concernedly.
“Yeah, I'll be fine. Hopefully when the Winx get back we can start looking for the Luminous Jewels.” Volt replied.
“Hopefully,” Ella agreed. “By the way, have you gotten our potions homework done?”
“Oh no!” Volt gasped. “I forgot!!!” He ran back into the school while Ella ran behind him with a laugh.
While running, Volt collided with a pink-and-blonde haired girl who was holding a small fairy creature. The two of them fell onto their butts.
“Sorry!” Volt gasped. He hopped to attention and held his hand out to the girl. “I wasn't watching where I was going. You're Roxy, right?”
The girl, Roxy, nodded and laughed. “It's no big deal. I was distracted by my little friend here, anyway.” She showed Volt the fairy animal she had on her shoulder.
Volt winced and took a step back nervously. His hair sparked a bit and a small bolt of electricity shot up and hit one of the lights. “Ah, sorry,” he apologized.
“What's wrong?” Roxy asked. “Don't like animals?”
Volt admitted, “They make me nervous.” The one that Roxy was holding was a small, feathery crystal lizard. “Aren't those descended from Ferociodons?”
“Yes, descended, but Quartz Lizards are harmless,” Roxy explained. “Would you want to pet him?” She picked up the little guy from her shoulder and held him out to Volt.
“No thanks,” Volt declined. “I was just about to start working on my potions, so, um, maybe another time!” He ran into the library in a panic, leaving Ella and Roxy standing awkwardly for a moment.
“Can I pet him?” Ella asked. “I, for one, love animals.” She began cooing and scratching the small lizard.

In the library, Volt quickly found the book he looking for and used a bit of electricity to get it down. He grabbed the book and sat with it, then began working on his homework. He relaxed a bit, but felt bad that he’d brushed Roxy off. He wanted to make friends at this school, but the fairy animals made him nervous.
Soon, Ella walked in and took a seat next to him. “It’s a shame you don’t like animals, because that little lizard was a sweetheart.” She looked at the book. “Also, Volt, you’re on the wrong chapter. Here…” she flipped the pages.
“Oh….no wonder nothing looked familiar…” Volt said. “And why the vocabulary was so strange.”
“So you were paying a little attention in class, then?” Ella asked.
“A little,” Volt agreed. “I’ve never really understood potions and I don’t know why it’s a required course.” He began writing again.
“Have you considered that Potions is a required course because you don’t understand it?” Ella teased. “Don’t worry, I’ll help. Also, if you need it, Professor Palladium always says that he’ll help.”
Volt blushed bright red. “Ask...P-Professor Palladium?” He twirled his hair and stammered, “M-maybe…”
“Oh-ho-ho, does the little prince have a crush?” Ella teased, nudging Volt.
“Hey, I'll have you know I have someone back on Minerva,” Volt protested, sticking out his tongue. “But that doesn't mean that Palladium isn't super cute, too.” I wouldn’t be able to ask him for help even if my life depended on it.”
“Riiiiiiighhhhttt,” Ella said. “And who is this ‘someone’? Are they cute? Is it a girl, boy, neither? Do they have three eyes?”
“Orbo of the merfolk. He is handsome and sweet and sometimes he has a fish tail? What more can you ask for in a guy?” Volt defiantly replied. “We met at a peace conference in my parents’ palace. It was fun, we went on a date a while later and we’ve been dating ever since.” He pulled out his phone and pulled up a picture of the two of them together. Orbo had curly blue hair and freckles. He was thinner than Volt but looked strong, nonetheless.
“Aw, he is cute! Too bad, I was going to set you up with my brother.” She playfully tapped his nose. “Anyway, let’s focus on the homework. What parts were confusing you?”
The two of them began looking in the potions book.

Meanwhile, in Cloudtower, Psyche was working on passing her Hexes exam. It was a complete free-for-all as the witches tried hexing and cursing each other. To no one’s surprise, Trixie got their classmates hexed nearly immediately. Psyche, like everyone, was struggling with the chaos she’d caused. “Foloclees Extremo!” She blasted the hex at one of her classmates, whose hair went extremely wild and tangled.
Suddenly she was teleported out of the magic dome Griffin had created, sitting next to Trixie. The two girls fist-bumped and Psyche commented, “Nice touch with that fake countdown. You even got me!”
“Thanks!! You dodged my hex awesomely, like you were expecting it!!” Trixie giggled.
Psyche winked at her friend and said, “Come on, Trixie, we both knew you were gonna pull something. I grew suspicious that you hadn't tried anything yet.”
“Okay, okay, that's fair,” Trixie relented. “But if I had told you what I was going to do you would've pulled something on me, instead!” She playfully poked Psyche's cheek.
“Yes, yes I would have. What's the fun of being a witch if you can't prank people?” Psyche asked. “By the way, do you think I should back Riza some cookies since I hexed her hair?”
“Only if you give me one,” Trixie commented. “Why do you want to make them cookies, anyway? We’re witches, we don’t do that kind of thing. Well, unless the cookies are cursed or hexed or something like that.”
“Just because I like tricks and hexes doesn’t mean I can’t do nice things from time to time. So yes, I’ll make cookies, and yes, I’ll share them with you. Don’t worry, you’re my best friend after all.” She summoned a small bit of white magic, which summoned a small ghost. “At the same time, I love causing trouble.” She sent the little spirit into the glass dome.
Immediately, it began temporarily possessing the other witches and throwing them all helter-skelter and making their tricks and curses stop working. The two witches giggled wickedly and fist-bumped as they watched the chaos. “I’ll make those cookies after class,” Psyche said with a happy giggle.

From her cave, Doom watched the young witch curiously. “Interesting…” she muttered. “I understand that Psycharmi was affected by the Illumination, but she doesn’t act like a witch should.”
“Hey Doom!” Stormy asked, flying up to the Witch of the Black Ink. “How come we’ve been cooped up in this cave for almost a week! What’s the point of these Wraithix if we’re not even going to use them?”
Doom scoffed and waved her hand, causing the image to fade to black. “You are more impulsive than my other teammates. Why are you so desperate, anyway? To act without a plan against the Winx would be suicide, Wraithix or not.”
“’s not fair!! You gave Icy and Darcy missions!”
“Surveillance missions. I cannot keep tabs on all three of them at once. I want the Illuminates’ power to tear a hole between worlds! Then we can finally defeat Bloom and her pesky Winx lackeys,” Doom growled. “Right now, the only competent witch here is me, and we need to be more than careful.”
Stormy looked insulted, but asked, “So...why are you named Doom, anyway? Is it supposed stand for ‘Dark Bloom’ or something?”
Doom turned to Story with dark eyes. “Ask me that again and I’ll let my parents answer you. My deceased parents.” Her hair floated like it was underwater. “Got it?”
Stormy gulped and nodded as Icy and Darcy appeared.
Icy looked kind of bored, but Darcy looked almost panicked. “The Winx...they...they’re trying to find the Luminous Jewels…”
“Obviously, that’s part of the plan.”
“They’re trying to find a powerful transformation called ‘Fantasmix’ and from the sounds of it, it’ll be a problem! Apparently it will make them immune to that ‘negative-energy’ power the Wraithix have.” Darcy continued.
Suddenly, the black screen dissipated and Doom whirled on the Trix. “Did you just say Fantasmix? Ugh! You should have told me sooner! You three go after the Winx and do whatever it takes to stop them!”
“What about you, miss high-and-mighty Witch of the Kraken’s ink?” Icy taunted. “Why not face them yourself?”
Doom glared. “Because I have plans. Now go!” Her Wraithix jewels glowed and she summoned a portal. With a shove of magic she pushed them through it. The Trix looked surprised (and intensely annoyed) but they disappeared in a blink.
She resummoned her shadow screen, which once again bore the image of Psyche, laughing with her friend Trixie. “Such a potent power, such dark magic that is yet untapped. Let's see if we can draw it out…” The jewels on Doom's Wraithix glowed and in between her hands formed a new Wraithix--silver with a single, black, skull-shaped jewel. “Let's see what this princess can really do!”

Later that night, Psyche, Volt, and Mira were calling each other to say good night. “Volt, you really shouldn't put your homework off like that. Remember back on Minerva, when you were held back because you never got your homework done?” Mira lightly scolded.
Volt sighed. “I know, I know, but I didn’t think that Alfea would involve so much homework. It’s not hard but it’s kind of overwhelming. Also, I’m not sure exactly how any of this is going to help me earn Enchantix.”
“Are you sure you want to rush this? Don’t you graduate once you actually earn Enchantix??” Psyche questioned. “Don't quote me but I think that's in your syllabus.”
“I mean, yeah, but I want to be able to *protect* people, and my Winx is way too weak to do that,” Volt grumbled. “Besides you can't tell me that you both have all a's in all of your classes.”
“I definitely do,” Mira said. “Codatorta has actually been asking me to teach him some ancient Minervan fighting techniques and tell him about some legendary Minervan weapons.” She casually sharpened her sword.
“I’m either first or second in all of my classes,” Psyche added. “Griffin is even considering letting me teach my own seance class.”
Volt groaned. “Hey, it's not my fault I was born with genius sisters and only half a brain! Also, Mira, have you been teaching Codatorta ancient Minervan fighting techniques?”
“Not without Master Chiron's permission,” Mira replied, “which is currently pending.” She looked at her sharpened blade and added, “Though I got to beat Diablo up today so that was fun.”
“Did you give him a black eye?” Psyche asked eagerly.
“Nah, Saladin stepped in before I could really put the hurt on him.” She sighed. “But other than that it was pretty satisfying. Angelo’s been acting really weird, it’s like he’s afraid I’m gonna beat him up. Don’t know why, though…”
“Trixie and I got the highest scores in our hexing exam. I even was able to get one of my little ghost friends to mess with the other girls in my class.” Psyche added. “But don’t worry, the effects are temporary.”
Volt shivered, “I’m glad you only summon small ghosts. I’d be terrified if you summoned a...Ferociodon or something. I read in my Magix history book that their jaws were large enough to swallow a fairy whole.” He bit his finger nervously.
“Ferociodons have been extinct for over a million years, Volt, reasonably you have nothing to fear. And if Psyche does summon a Ferociodon it’d be a ghost and therefore completely harmless,” Mira reasoned. She yawned. “Today was a real workout, so I’m gonna shower and head to bed. Love you both!”
“Love you!” Psyche and Volt said as she signed off.
Volt yawned. “I should go to bed, too. I have a test tomorrow morning. Night, Psyche, love you!”
“Love you, Volt!” Psyche said before they disconnected. She stared at where the holos of her siblings’ faces had been. The three of them made sure to call each other every night, but Psyche was always left with a slightly empty feeling when the calls ended. Having always been nearby them seemed to have affected her more than she’d realized.
“What’s wrong, Psyche?” Trixie asked. “You always seem bummed out after your calls.”
“Just miss Mira and Volt. We used to spend so much time together it was like we were three heads on the same body. Sure Mira had he combat training while Volt practiced his elemental magic and I practiced my spiritual magic, but we were always close by. Now it feels I only see them through holograms.” She sighed. “And with Doom and her Wraiths always attacking us, I feel farther from them than ever.”
Trixie said, “I don’t think you should worry, it’s not like you’ll never see them again. And I don’t think anything could come between you three. You’re three peas in a pod.”
“You think so?”
“Of course! You can just see how much you love each other from a mile away. My sister shows her love by planting unbreakable curses that only she can remove. So don’t worry; you and your siblings will be okay.” She patted Psyche’s shoulder and said, “Goodnight, sweetie.”
The two girls went to their beds and quickly fell asleep.

That night, Professor Ediltrude was patrolling the hall when she noticed someone wandering around. “Hey! You!” The figure turned around quickly before running away.
“Come back here!!” She shouted, pursuing the intruder. She blast dark magic at the figure, which dodged but didn’t seem otherwise affected.
The figure turned a corner and ran into Zarathustra, which caused her to fall backwards. She was a young witch, and looked just old enough to be a student. She had short green hair, a crop top tank top and shorts with high heeled boots. She had a brooch with a single green jewel, and she had green eyes.
“Sorry, I’m just trying to find my dorm!” The young witch apologized. “I believe it's this way!”
“What were you doing up in the first place?” Zarathustra questioned.
“I was trying to find the answers to the next test,” the girl sheepishly admitted.
“While I can appreciate your dishonesty it will cost you tomorrow. Go to your room this instant and we'll discuss your punishment then,” Ediltrude said, pointing towards the rooms.
The girl walked away to one of the rooms and opened the door. Inside laid Trixie and Psyche, both fast asleep. The girl grinned and turned into the Green Wraith with a whirl of darkness.
The Wraith reach for its stomach and pulled off a bit of shadow. The shadow twisted and formed into the the Wraithix that Doom had made.
Floating in the shadows, the Wraith floated above Psyche's bed and put the bracelet on her nightstand.
Wonderful, my darling. Return to me at once, Doom's voice commanded. Silently, the Wraith nodded and went into its jewel, before flying out the window and back to the cave.
It floated in front of Doom before she held up her wrist and it reattached itself to the Wraithix. Doom smirked and looked at the image of Psyche unwittingly sleeping next to a Wraithix made just for her. “Let the fun begin.”

The next day, Psyche woke up and stretched with a yawn. Trixie was in the shower, and it was way before classes were going to begin.
Happily, she grabbed her violin and began playing it. Around the room, greenish spectres floated around and held her clothes. By the time she finished her song she was dressed, her hair was done, and she was ready to go.
As she took in a deep, soothing breath, Psyche realized something felt off. There was a spot in her room that the spirits were vigorously avoiding, something that seemed to repulse them. She looked and saw that on her nightstand was a pretty silver bracelet, which she picked up to investigate.
Skulls weren't her typical style--despite being the Witch of Spirits--but it didn’t look like anything Trixie would wear. “Aw, did Trixie get me a gift?” She felt herself blushing at the thought.
She slipped the bracelet onto her wrist and admired it...when suddenly it tightened on her wrist. “Okay, Trixie, ha ha! Funny trick!” She tried to pull the bracelet off but it wouldn't budge. “Trixie? Trixie!” When Trixie didn't come out, laughing or otherwise, Psyche realized that it hadn't been Trixie's trick. Fear overwhelmed her as tendrils of darkness creeped up her skin, wrapping her in a cocoon of pure darkness.
The darkness sunk into Psyche's skin, leaving her dressed in a shredded, gothic outfit. The bathroom door opened and Trixie came out. She asked, “Psyche! Are you okay?”
Psyche whirled around and glared at Trixie, her eyes filled with an anger, hatred, and evil Trixie had never seen from her. Psyche lifted up her fist and sucked all the ghosts in the room into her Wraithix. “If you cared, you would have come sooner,” she hissed at the other witch, before hitting her with a huge blast of spiritual energy. Psyche then threw her hand at the window, causing it to blow out from the castle. She flew silently down to the forest.
Trixie watched her friend in shock and horror. “I have to tell Miss Griffin!!” She opened the door and flew down the hall.

Mira calmly and coolly stared into the beast's eyes. More than half the boys in her class were checking her out instead of paying attention (hey, it was their grade, not hers on the line), but she wasn't fazed.
Gently, she put her hand on the creature's snout. It huffed and walked up to her, gently kissing her cheek.
“Good girl,” Mira quietly muttered, stroking the beast's fur. She quietly put a harness on it, and it didn’t fight her. She pressed her forehead against the beast’s and they shared a breath.
Pulling away, she turned to face a stunned Codatorta and her even more stunned classmates. “I trained the wild Abomabeasts of the Minervan Mountains. A Fuzzepard is about the same.”
“Well, I'd give that an A+!!” Codatorts announced. Most of the class (especially Angelo) clapped. Diablo and his lackeys didn't do much but glare.
Mira bowes gratefully at the applause, but her calm expression quickly hardened to her usual stern scowl. Codatorta added, “The rest of you should be able to do the same...if you paid attention”
The boys shot each other panicked looks, but Diablo strode confidently past Mira and whispered, “Let's see you top this, princess.”
He walked up to one of the chimeras and looked it dead in the eye. When Angelo came up next to Mira, she asked, “I would recommend cremating what's left of him.”
Angelo winced. “Di, I don’t think that's a good idea!!”
Diablo turned and glared at the two of them. Mira didn't react (Diablo was the last thing she was afraid of), but Angelo sighed. “Why is my brother like this?”
“He’s a sexist idiot with anger and pride issues who will likely if not definitely get himself killed because he’s too stubborn to see when he’s wrong and even more so to admit he’s wrong,” Mira said drily.
Angelo thought about it. “Yeah, that seems about right.” The two of them watched Diablo march up to the largest, most ferocious Chimera. “This isn’t going to be pretty, is it?”
“Maybe not for you--however, I’m going to enjoy this,” Mira commented. Diablo reached out to try to pet the chimera, when it hissed and tried to bite him. Diablo screamed and jumped backwards, holding his wrist like his hand had been bitten off.
Mira nearly started laughing, when a pillar of greenish-white light erupted near Cloud Tower. “Oh no,” she muttered. “Psyche, what are you up to?” She ran to a wind rider, snatching it away from Diablo. “Borrowing this! Return it later!!” She shouted, before revving up and flying away.
Diablo watched her before screaming in anger and throwing his helmet on the ground.

Volt and Ella were in their Magic History class with one of their other roommates--Lizette. Volt and Lizette hadn’t talked yet, but according to Ella she was very nice and a good roommate. Daphne was teaching about the Dragon’s Flame. “As the very force that created the Magic Dimension, the Great Dragon’s magic is the most powerful in the whole universe. Now, who can tell me who the current holder of the Great Dragon’s power is?”
The whole class raised their hands and Daphne laughed. “Yes, I was sure all of you knew that my younger sister, Bloom, is the current host for the Dragon’s Flame. Do any of you know what special power that she and her friends now possess?”
More than half of the hands went down--including Volt’s. Daphne pointed to Lizette, who answered, “Bloom and the Winx possess Butterflix--the magic of nature itself.”
“Very good, Lizette! Butterflix is one of the many powers that fairies can earn after they earn their Enchantix. Some, like Believix, are earned from doing great deeds, while others, like Sirenix, are given. The Winx are currently pursuing a new power called Fantasmix. Does anyone know what this is?”
Volt raised his hand. “Fantasmix is a special fairy magic born from pure innocent joy and fantasy. It is given to fairies who vow to protect the happiness of others. It is only found during times of great impending crisis.”
“Very good, Volt!” Daphne said.
“Nice job, dude!” Lizette said, holding her hand out for a high-five. Volt gave her one and smiled--though he shocked her a small bit with his latent static electricity. She giggled and pulled her hand away as Daphne pulled up magical diagrams of different magical transformations.
“Which transformation do you like best?” Ella whispered. “My favorite is Bloomix!”
Volt shrugged.”I can’t earn most of them, anyway. After I achieve Enchantix, I’m done. My powers are too unstable for most--if not all of--the other transformations. I’m excited to be the first male fairy to get Enchantix, though!” He smiled.
“Oh! That Fantasmix outfit is so cute!” Lizette gasped. “I'd look so great as a Fantasmix fairy!”
“You both would,” Volt agreed. “To be honest I think I'd look pretty epic in Harmonix.”
Daphne continued, “Now, who can tell me why it is that fairies can receive so many transformations?”
Ella raised her hand. “Is it because fairies use them to protect others?” she asked
Daphne smiled. “In essence, yes!! Fairy magic is the power of all that is good in the Magic Dimension. When we use it as such, we can unlock untold powers! Very good Ella, glad to see you're actually paying attention.”
Ella, Volt, and Lizette all blushed with embarrassment as Daphne continued the lesson. She was now talking about the special wings and healing powers of Believix. Volt couldn't help but notice how weird the name was written out.
Suddenly, Volt was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread, and a greenish-white light flashed outside. “Mira. Psyche!!” he gasped. He transformed and said, “Excuse me professor Daphne!!” before flying out.
Soon, he was joined by Ella and Lizette, who were also in their winx. “Is something wrong with your sisters?” Ella asked.
“Yes,” Volt said. “I don't know what it is but I just felt that both of them are in extreme danger. And something feels off about Psyche.”
The three fairies flew out into the courtyard and towards Cloud Tower--where the light was coming from.

Psyche absorbed the last of the spiritual energy she’d called upon and cast a spell into the ground. Around her, ghostly wisps grew and twisted into shapes of beasts. Before long, she had an army of ghostly and slightly skeletal creatures watching her, waiting for her orders.
“March!” She shouted.
The ghostly army moved at her command, lining up behind her. At the front was a large, ugly lizard with a huge jaw. Psyche floated up to it and gently stroked its scales. “A giant Ferociodon? Oooh, Volt’s going to love this,” She purred.
Enjoying this boost of power? A dark voice murmured in the back of her head. Power over the dead is so much more fun with a boost of darkness.
Psyche looked around. “Wait! Who are you?”
I am Doom, the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink. Also, as it seems to turn out, a kindred spirit. If you want to keep your Wraithix powers, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to bring your siblings to me. I need the three of you, and then I’ll let you claim your revenge.
“Funny, I was having the exact same thought,” Psyche cackled.

From her cave, Doom grinned. “I know.” She spoke into her Wraithix, asking, “So, Psyche, do we have a deal?”

In front of her army, Psyche grinned. “We have a deal!” She heard a whirring noise and grinned. “And it doesn’t seem like we have long to wait.” She watched as her sister landed and pulled off her helmet.
“Psyche, what are you doing!?” Mira asked.
Psyche grinned. “Marching. Like my little army, Mira? It’s almost Minerva worthy!”
Mira glared. “Don’t you dare say that!!” she shouted. She leapt at her sister, brandishing her sword. Psyche tsked with amusement and waved her hand. A large creature intercepted Mira, unbothered by her blade. It knocked her back with ease, causing her to fall into the grass.
Psyche cackled. “Don’t forget, dear sister,that I’ve always been the most powerful triplet.” She summoned her magical power and blasted it at Mira, hitting her with all the spiritual power she could muster.
Mira held her ground and blocked the force as much as she could. It was like standing in a powerful, cold draft, and she could feel her sister's magic mess with her soul. However, Mira cleared her head and focused. Her years of training paid off, and she didn’t succumb to Psyche’s power. Not at first. However, Psyche’s magic was already powerful, and for some reason it was stronger than ever. It was colder and darker than she’d ever felt.
“Mira!!” A distant, quiet, echoic voice called. There was a boom of thunder and Psyche’s magic dissipated. Mira collapsed onto her knees and was quickly lifted into the air by a very strong fairy. She looked and saw that Volt was holding her up. “How are you doing? Are you alright?” He asked.
“Yeah...yeah I'm fine but...I don't know what's gotten into Psyche.” The two siblings looked at their sister. Her new outfit was strange and definitely not Psyche's style.
Something caught Mira's eye--the silver bracelet with a lone black gem. Now, a bracelet wasn't a weird thing for Psyche to wear, but Mira and Volt gasped in surprise. “A Wraithix!” They said simultaneously.
“We need to get back to Alfea,” Volt said. “Come on.” He and the other two fairies flew Mira back to their school. Along the way, he said, “Mira, meet Ella and Liz. Ella, Liz, meet my sister Mira.”
The girl exchanged quiet hellos as they approached Alfea.

You let them get away.
“Yes I did. Mira's will is even stronger than anticipated. I can't defeat both of them by myself. Also, while they run with their tails between their legs and I make a bigger army.” Psyche explained. “Would you prefer to take Alfea, or Red Fountain?”
Doom paused for a moment. “Impressive, I must admit. Head towards Alfea; that way I can get the Winx’ school in my grasp.”
“Very well,” Psyche agreed. She slowly began walking towards Alfea, her army slowly and steadily growing.

“Psyche has a Wraithix!?” Daphne gasped. “No wonder you flew from the school so quickly. Do you know how she got it?”
Mira and Volt shook their heads. “Psyche would never knowingly put on a Wraithix. She must have been tricked!!” Volt exclaimed. “We need to save our sister!” His wings began fluttering.
“Volt, calm down!” Faragonda said, using her magic to bring him back down to the ground. “We need to approach this rationally. The only witch that we know has a Wraithix is Doom. Doom, somehow, managed to give a Wraithix Psyche, turning her completely evil and boosting her powers to summon an army of undead spirits. I just...don’t know how she got it.”
“Did anyone else notice the little orange gift box or…was that just me?” Liz asked, pointing at a small box in orange wrapping paper and a sparkly purple ribbon.
Mira looked at it suspiciously, and drew her sword. “That was not there a second ago.”
Faragonda picked up the package and read the tag, “With Love, Griffin.” With a confused look she opened the box.
In a burst of light, smoke, and confetti, two witches appeared: Headmistress Griffin, and a young girl with black hair with colorful highlights. The young witch looked at Griffin and said, “See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
Griffin grumbed, “Not so good, either,” while brushing confetti off of her clothes. “Due to the other two Illuminates being here, I’m sure that you’re aware Psyche has acquired a Wraithix and is marching towards Alfea.”
“She’s marching towards Alfea!?” Volt and Mira exclaimed.
The young witch nodded. “I’m Psyche’s roommate, and one of my Jack-’o-Spies saw everything.” She pulled a pumpkin-shaped charm from her hat. She waved her hand above it and it grew in a pumpkin-sized jack-’o-lantern. She waved her hand again and the curtains closed so the room was dark. The pumpkin’s face glowed and acted like a projector.
They all watched as the Green Wraith planted the Wraithix and then as Psyche put the bracelet on. Volt and Mira held each other in terror as they watched their sister transform. When it was done, they were completely stricken. Ella put a hand on Volt’s shoulder to comfort him, while Liz took his hand, spreading a comforting warmth. The door slammed open, with Diablo red-faced and fuming. “YOU!!” He bellowed. “YOU LITTLE BRAT!”
Angelo pushed him out of the way. “Sorry, Mira. He made me fly him all the way here.” He glared at his brother. “Seriously, Diablo? Grow up. Can’t you see something’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong is that little miss princess here stole my wind rider! Where is it, princess?” He elbowed Angelo out of the way and glared Mira in the eyes. “You didn’t lose it, did you?”
“Well, not in the sense that I don’t know where it is,” Mira admitted. “But maybe in the sense that it’s in the forest near where my now-crazy sister summoned an army of undead spirits that I was unable to fight back against.” She shrugged nonchalantly, before worriedly turning to Faragonda. “Is there anything we can do to help Psyche, though?”
“Well, since Psyche took the Wraithix unwittingly, there might be a chance that we can magically remove it from her and change her back to normal,” Faragonda said. “We’ll need fairy dust, and unfortunately, the Winx are at the Cave of Jubilation, searching for Fantasmix. Palladium might be able to concoct a potion to negate the Wraithix’ power over Psyche. But we need to stall her on her way to Alfea.”
Volt looked at his friends. “Do you think we could keep her busy?” He asked. “For the time being, at least?”
“I’m in,” Liz agreed.
“Sounds good to me!” Ella added.
“I want to help,” Trixie chimed, “I feel bad that I couldn’t help Psyche before; I want to help in any way I can.” She looked much more serious than the first few moments that they saw her.
“You think that I’m not gonna save my sister?” Mira asked. “You insult me!”
“We’ll help,” Angelo said, putting his hand on Diablo’s shoulder and one on his own chest.
“We aren’t going to do anything,” Diablo said, pulling Angelo’s hand off of his shoulder. “If you’re going to go on a suicide mission to fight against a crazy witch, that’s on you bro. However, I value my life.”
Angelo asked, “What? Are you scared of a princess?”
Diablo’s face turned beet red. “I’m not scared of a princess!” He snapped. With a snarl, he said, “Fine. I’ll come along. This way, I can prove I’m not scared of any princess!” He whirled his cape and walked out the door. “Let’s go you cream puffs.”
Volt looked at his sister and commented, “Well he’s pleasant.”
“Now you can see why he’s my favorite classmate,” Mira grumbled.
With a comforting half grin, Volt linked his arm in Mira’s and turned to his fairy friends. “Let's go,” he said. They all walked out together, along with Angelo and Trixie. They walked out into the courtyard, where Liz and Ella transformed. There was only one wind rider for the specialists, though.
“Here, let me!” Trixie said. She cast a spell, creating a near-perfect duplicate (excluding the fact it was green).
“Thanks,” Mira told Trixie, before mounting it. She put on a pink-colored helmet before taking to the air.
“Don't let her beat us there!!” Diablo shouted, shaking Angelo's shoulders.
“Calm down, will ya, Di?” Angelo asked. “You'll knock us off course if you keep shaking me like that.” He put on his blue helmet as Diablo put on his red one. Angelo took off after Mira.
The three fairies and witch flew after them. In the distance, Volt could see a plume of dangerously green magic. “I have a sneaking suspicion that Psyche might be that way,” he said, pointing that direction.
“What gave you your first clue?” Mira asked. “Come on, we don't have any time to waste!”
As they flew, Ella asked, “Are you doing okay?”
“Aside from the fact that my sister has turned evil and is summoning the dead, I'm okay,” Volt said. “I didn't think that a Wraithix would affect her, though.”
“Why's that?” Liz asked. “Doesn't the Wraithix affect, like, everyone?”
“Well, when the Wraiths fought Alfea, my sisters and I were immune to the negative energy wave they blasted. I figured that meant we had ‘Wraithix Immunity.’” Volt explained. “Guess I was wrong,” he mumbled.
“I think that’s because the situation’s different,” Mira said. “We’re protected from the Wraithix aura wiping out our powers, but when Psyche put the Wraithix on, it drew out her inner darkness.”
“What inner darkness? Psyche’s, like, the nicest person in the magic dimension.”
“Well, Psyche’s still a witch. Her spirit magic is, by nature, dark magic. I think that the Wraithix boosted her powers until they took her over. Also, I’m guessing that Doom is somehow controlling her.” Mira was grim. “Volt, as of right now that’s not our sister. If she attacks us, she’s not going to hold back; neither should we. Understand?”
“Do we have to?” Volt asked.
“Trust me, I’m not happy about it either, but we have to buy time for the professors--even if it means fighting Psyche.” Mira was even more grim than usual.
“Okay,” Volt reluctantly agreed. They soon flew in sight of Psyche and her army. Standing on top of a completely corporeal Ferociodon, Psyche’s face was glowing in the green light. She looked up at them with a cocky grin and waved, before throwing a huge spell of spiritual magic at them.
With a shout, they dodged her spell. It exploded above them that blew them in all different directions. “Well, we definitely don’t have the element of surprise,” Mira groaned. “Attack!”
The group of them flew down, summoning their respective powers. Without realizing it, Volt was struck by more lightning than he’d ever summoned before. He blasted it all. Ella looked and gasped. “Volt! When did you get to your Charmix!?”
“I have no idea!” Volt shouted. “But I like it!” He created a sphere of energy and spun it at several spirits in the army. “I’ve never been able to make ball lightning before.”
“Less talking, more fighting!” Mira bellowed. She sliced through as many spirits as she could (which, admittedly, wasn’t that many). She was occasionally switching into her paladin form and blasting light at them (which was more effective).
To everyone's surprise, Angelo and Diablo were cooperatively using blue and red flames against the ghosts, while swinging their swords. Trixie was lobbing hex after hex, causing all sorts of weird effects for the ghosts. Liz shot bolts of purple flame and Ella was creating moonlight boomerangs she was throwing at them.
Psyche just cackled and summoned more spirits, fighting back with seemingly no effort. She flew into the air and summoned her spirit magic to hit Volt with a spell. Volt summoned his charmix power and created a surge of electricity that caused Psyche’s spell to burst and dissipate.
“Ooh! How fun!” Psyche laughed. “Banshee Howl!” She took in a deep breath and let out a long, horrible scream. It was so loud and awful that everyone (except PsycheP) fell to their knees, covering their ears. Even some of Psyche’s spirits fell prey to the wailing and completely evaporated. When she stopped screaming, Psyche giggled.
The Psyche I know wouldn’t be so heartless, Volt thought. He was joined by Ella, Liz, and Mira. They looked up to see Trixie flying in the air, blasting all sorts of tricks and treats at Psyche. Psyche growled and lobbed a spell at Trixie. With a small giggle, Trixie teleported out the way with a burst of confetti. The spell hit a group of spirits, making them disappear. “Of course…” Volt muttered. “Psyche’s magic works on the spirits! We need to get her to attack us.”
“Great idea,” Mira agreed. “I bet Diablo is up for the task.”
“I heard that!” Diablo shouted. He hopped onto his wind rider and flew up to Psyche. “Hey! Psycho!” he yelled at her. “Try to get me!” He blasted red flames at her that take the form of a demonic face. Psyche screamed in alarm and then bellowed in anger.
“My! Name! Is! PSYCHE!!” She screamed, summoning more spirit power than before. With a resonating scream, she blasted the spirit energy in a beam of magic. With a gasp, Mira had to fly up and push Diablo out of the way.
When the spell faded, more than half of Psyche’s army had disappeared. She floated in the air as a dark aura surrounded her like a second shadow. She screamed in anger and frustration, shooting beams of the dark magic everywhere. When he spirits were hit with these beams of magic, they grew seemingly stronger and more solid.
Psyche! Don’t use up all of your power! Doom scolded her. I still need you to bring your siblings to me so I can claim the Luminous Jewels!
“Don’t worry,” Psyche panted. “I’m just getting started.” She summoned her violin and began playing a haunting, wild melody. As she played, the wind around them picked up, whipping their hair and clothes around in all directions. It was cold, and the clouds were dark, and, suddenly, it all took on a dark green hue. The spirits of Psyche’s army suddenly each had a glowing green aura. They grew more solid and larger, until each of them towered over the Illuminates and their friends.
“I’ll stop the violin, the rest of you take out as many of these...things as you can!” Volt flew up and grabbed Psyche’s arms, stopping her playing the violin. Psyche growled and tried to blast a curse at Volt, that he was barely able to dodge. Fighting against him, she made a ring with her fingers and whistled--a cold, strangely hollow sound.
There was a distant roar that made chills run down everyone’s spines. Mira was busy with sword fighting multiple spirits at once, so she didn’t notice. “What did you do!?” Volt shouted.
“Called a friend,” Psyche said with a wicked grin. Suddenly, the huge Ferociodon that she’d summoned. Only now, it was completely solid and more dangerous looking than ever before. And it was running straight at Mira.
“No!” Volt shouted. He let go of Psyche and flew at Mira. She stopped fighting and turned just as the Ferociodon was right up to her. “MIRA!!” Volt screamed. He pushed her out of the way, taking her place as the Ferociodon’s jaw snapped shut.
“VOLT!!” Volt’s friends screamed. Everyone stared at the Ferociodon in shock. With dark eyes, and flames curling off of them, Angelo and Diablo glared at Psyche. “You would do that to your own brother!? What kind of sister are you!?” Diablo shouted. The brothers hopped on their wind riders as Mira fell to her knees in shock. Liz’s eyes welled with tears. Trixie covered her mouth and looked away. Ella clenched her fists, which glowed with moonlight.
Psyche grinned wickedly, before everyone heard the buzzing. The Ferociodon’s eyes went wide as something began glowing in its stomach. There was a boom of thunder and the Ferociodon’s body evaporated. Floating in its place was Volt, in a suit with large, butterfly-like wings.
Mira’s eyes watered up. “Volt!” she gasped. “ earned your enchantix!”
Volt looked at his outfit. “Huh. I guess I did!” He clenched his fists.”Let’s do this!” His hands sparked with electricity. “Thunder Storm!” He threw his hands up into the air and blasted the dark clouds. His lightning worked against the dark magic of the storm, turning the clouds from dark green to their usual gray. The spirits shrunk and lost their green auras. Using the winds, Volt spread his fairy dust as far as he could, making all the spirits disappear.
Psyche looked around in panic. “Wha...what are you doing!?”
Volt gaver Psyche a serious look. “I’m saving my sister.” He fluttered his wings as fast as he could, and caught Psyche before she could fly away. He caught her by the wrist she was wearing the wraithix. Just touching it, he could feel its dark magic--something like a burning cold.
“Let go of me!” Psyche hissed.
Silently, Volt pulled off his fairy dust bottle and uncapped it, sprinkling the dust onto the wraithix. The dust sparkled like stars and the wraithix gave a soft scream as it evaporated into darkness. Without it, Psyche fell unconscious and her new outfit evaporated. She collapsed into Volt’s arms, and he gently fluttered down to the ground.
Mira immediately ran up to the two of them, giving them a teary hug. “Is Psyche okay? Are you okay?” She asked. “Don’t scare me like that! I thought I was going to lose both of you!”
“That’s what I thought,” Volt told Mira. “When I saw you were going to be munched by the Ferociodon, I just...couldn’t help myself. I had to save you.”
Mira gave a small smile. “You idiot. You’re a lot braver than you give yourself credit for.”
“Let’s get Psyche to Alfea. With the Wraithix gone, she should be better.” As a group the Illuminates and their friends took Psyche back to the school.

It was a few hours before Psyche woke up. “Huh?” She asked. “What happened?” She asked as she rubbed her head. “I feel weird…”
“You were overtaken by the dark magic of a Wraithix,” Mira explained after she finished hugging Psyche. “Volt got his Enchantix and used his fairy dust to remove it from you.”
“You mean that pretty bracelet? That was a Wraithix? I thought it was a gift from Trixie…” Psyche mumbled. “I’m glad it’s gone…”
“Not exactly,” Faragonda solemnly told the Illuminates as she walked into the nurse’s office. “While its physical form is gone, the Wraithix’s power was absorbed into you. It’s dormant, thanks to Volt’s magic, but the wrong kind of magic could reactivate it again.”
Psyche became sad. “Oh…”
Suddenly, Volt and Mira hugged her. “No matter what, we won’t let that happen!” Volt promised.
Mira added, “We’ll protect you!”
The three Illuminates hugged each other tight.

In her cave, Doom growled and dissipated her screen. “Why those...those stupid little Illuminates!! How could they do that to my Wraithix!?” She screamed in frustration, and inky black tentacles shot out in all directions, embedding themselves in the walls.
When she calmed down, she then said, “Still, Psyche is more powerful than the others. She might be useful in the future. The wrong kind of magic can reactivate her Wraithix? Well, I’m going to find it...eventually.”
Doom cackled evilly.

Chapter Text

The Illumination
Part 5: Fantasmix
As the Winx and the Specialists flew to the Cave of Jubilation, Flora stared out the window with worry. Seeing her, Helia asked, “Flora, are you okay?” He sat with her and held her hand.
“I’m just worried about Volt and his sisters. We’ve already been gone for a while; anything could have happened to them by now. I know we’re trying to earn Fantasmix so we can protect them, but I really wish they’d come along with us.” She sighed.
“I think the Illuminates will be fine,” Helia assured her. “Mira is one of the most advanced fighters I've ever seen, Volt is a very powerful fairy and Psyche is a very powerful witch. Besides, with the Light of the Illumination spell they can summon, they can drive off almost any threat.”
Noticing her, Stella hopped over and sat with Flora. “Remember to stay positive! We're going to be earning our Fantasmix powers! Ah! I can't wait to see the outfits!” She clasped her hands together and squealed.
Up towards the front, Bloom stood next to Sky. “Any news?” she asked, looking at the screen.
“Nothing yet; the Cave of Jubilation is pretty hard to find,” Sky replied. “We’ve passed over the coordinates about five times now, and no caves have showed up on the radar.”
“That’s not reassuring,” Bloom sighed. “Maybe we should land.”
“Bloom, not only is the ground below freezing, there are ice golems wandering as well as snow wolves. Leaving the ship, to put it simply, is a bad idea,” Timmy explained.
Almost immediately after he said that, the wind howled and a tornado began spinning towards them, sparking with bluish-white lightning. that hit the ship and immediately fried the systems. The Winx and Specialists screamed as the ship plummeted to the ground.
When the ship crashed, Stella groaned, “You really had to say something, didn’t you Timmy?” She had been thrown uncomfortably on the ground, halfway on top of Tecna.
With a grunt, Tecna stood up shakily and walked to the console. “Timmy, help me run a report,” she said. The two of them typed and ran programs; Tecna plugged in her phone and pulled up a holographic screen. After a moment, Tecna said, “Well, there’s good news and bad news. Good news is that the damage is repairable. The bad news is that it is going to take a long time to repair. We’re going to have to split up.”
Timmy added, “The guys will have to stay back here with me and help repair the ship, while the girls head up to the mountain. It might take too long for you to wait, and we need to get back to the school as soon as we can.”
Helia commented, “Shouldn’t at least one of us go up with the girls? We’ve dealt with harsh terrain like this in our wilderness survival classes.”
“Don’t worry, Helia,” Flora said reassuringly. “Remember, we’ve been to the Omega Dimension, and to Domino before its magic was restored.”
“And don’t forget, we were by ourselves the first time we went to Domino,” Musa proudly commented. “So don’t underestimate us, boys.”
“Besides, I’ve made perfectly fabulous outfits for it!” Stella happily announced. She snapped her fingers and in an instant the Winx girls were dressed in warm and colorful winter jackets.
“Wow!” Aisha said. “Stella, these look great!”
“You’ve really grown into your own as a designer,” Bloom added. “These are really warm, too! You’ve really mixed style and functionality with these!” She did a little twirl in hers, looking at all the details.
With a mischievous grin, Stella turned to the Specialists and said, “Don’t worry, boys, I have outfits for you too!” She snapped her fingers again and the boys were dressed in winter coats as well; each one was a darker shade of the color his girlfriend was wearing.
Each of the boys walked up to his girlfriend and held her. “Be sure to come back safe, okay princess?” Brandon said. “I can’t wait to see your new Fantasmix form.” He kissed Stella’s forehead gently.
“Of course we will!” Stella replied. “You think I’m going to miss out on a new fabulous transformation?” She laughed and kissed him passionately.
“I believe in you,” Helia whispered to Flora. “You’re the strongest fairies I know.” He gently brushed Flora’s hair from her eyes.
“And, hopefully, we’ll be even stronger when you see us again,” Flora replied, hugging him tight. “I just hope that we’re strong enough to protect Mira, Volt, and Psyche.”
Sky looked out the window nervously. “This area seems pretty inhospitable to house the Cave of Jubilation,” He told Bloom. He sighed. “I don’t want any of you to get hurt on your way there.”
“We won’t, Sky. We’ll have the magic of the Dragon’s Flame protecting us. We’ll find Fantasmix, and we’ll be even more equipped than ever before!” Bloom said, giving him a kiss. “I promise.”
The girls zipped up their jackets and packed up their bags. They waved at the boys before Timmy opened the door and they headed outside. Immediately, the boys began working on the ship, working as hard as they could to get it in the air again.

The Winx walked through the snow and wind, which strangely seemed to be actively working against them. It was unrelenting and cold, to the point that it seemed to be getting worse the closer they moved to the cave.
“We should transform!” Stella said. “We can just fly up the mountain in our Butterflix forms and be there and back in no time at all!”
“Are you kidding?” Aisha asked. “The winds will just blow us down again. At least on the ground we have a chance to keep from being blown everywhere.”
“We haven’t even reached the base of the mountain,” Tecna commented. “If we manage to create a shield between us and the wind, it could give us more of an opportunity to to fly up.”
“See, Tecna knows what she's talking about!” Stella happily said.
“However, creating shields might create even more wind resistance and push us back even more,” Tecna added.
“Never mind she's being ridiculous,” Stella grumbled.
“Let's try it,” Musa said. “How much time can we lose, really? It's not like we've made a great deal of progress.”
“We are much stronger in our fairy forms,” Bloom commented. “Why don't we at least try?”
The three of them look imploring at Aisha, Tecna, and Flora. Stella added, “Also, remember, it's for the Illuminates.”
Aisha sighed. “Fine.”
“Magic Winx! Butterflix!” The girls shouted, activating their Butterflix forms.
“We'll need to converge to make this shield,” Bloom said. The six girls joined hands and combine their magic, creating an iridescent half bubble around them.
The Winx fluttered their wings and flew up the mountain. The magic of their shield redirected the wind around them and protected them from being blown down by the wind.

Hidden behind a cliff, Icy muttered a small angry curse. “Why do those Winx always have everything work out for them!?” She growled. “We’re even using our new Wraithix powers!”
“Well, We haven’t fully activated our Wraithix powers,” Darcy commented. “Besides, we've faced their new butterfly powers before and we didn't exactly defeat them.”
“I'm aware!” Icy snapped. She thought for a moment. “Obviously making the environment work against them didn't, well, work. Let's try to get the jump on them!”
“Let’s activate our Wraithix while they're flying and make them drop out of thin air!” Stormy cackled.
“No, we have to bring them back to Doom alive,” Icy argued.
“Is it really that important whether or not if we do?” Stormy retorted. “We finally have the power to get rid of those pesky fairies, once and for all!”
“I don't want to think what Doom will do to us if we don't!” Icy hissed. “She's more powerful than us and she has the strongest Wraithix. She might be able to kill us by blinking!”
“I’m with Icy on this one,” Darcy agreed. “Doom has a really strong negative vibe, even compared to all the baddies we've worked with before.”
“But she's never faced the Trix!” Stormy persisted.
“I have the feeling that if she wanted, she wouldn't have to,” Darcy replied.
“Let's go, sisters,” Icy growled. “The Winx are getting away from us!” the Trix growled and flew after the group of fairies.

Back at the ship, the boys were doing their absolute best to get the ship repaired. Timmy was reprogramming the navigation, Helia and Nex were rewiring the thrusters, and Brandon and Sky were patrolling outside, making sure no one attacked while the others were busy.
“You should have seen Mira in her hand-to-hand combat class!” Sky told Brandon. “She's become such a strong warrior! I'm so proud of her.”
“You've met the Illuminates before, right?” Brandon asked. “I remember you telling Cordatorta.”
“Yeah. Before it closed off contact with the other magical worlds, Minerva was a very resourceful planet to trade with. Eraklyon and Minerva traded mostly in jewels, and when Minerva first started clostling off, Eraklyon was one of the few kingdoms Minerva stayed in contact with. I met the Illuminates a few times as kids, but I hadn't really understood about their mixed up powers,” Sky explained. “They're about the same age as Safira, and I think I remember a marriage contract from a while back.”
“Safira?” Brandon asked. “Diaspro's bratty little sister Safira? Who'd be in a marriage contract with her?”
“Volt is. Or was. When Minerva finally cut the trading partnership with Eraklyon and cut off all contact for good, I'm pretty sure Volt's and Safira's engagement was cut off, too.” Sky chuckled. “Lucky for Volt, because I hear he found himself a boyfriend.”
“Oh yeah, I think Mira mentioned that guy. Orbo, right?” Brandon asked. “Well, I’m happy for them. All of them really. Living such a sheltered life must have been terrible. At least they had each other.”
Sky patted Brandon’s shoulder, but they both heard a sudden noise and drew their weapons. “What was that?” Brandon asked in shock.
“I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out,” Sky replied. “Let’s see if Timmy has the repairs done yet.” Nervously, their weapons still drawn, the two of them headed back into the ship.
They didn’t notice the shadowy blue figure slip through the snow.

The Winx girls pushed through the wind and snow, using the fullest extent of their Butterflix powers to keep from freezing. They reached the cave opening and landed. Each of them brushed the snow off of their Butterflix dresses.
“You know, that wasn't as difficult as Timmy was making it out to be.” Stella commented pointedly. The fairies started walking through the cave, when they heard a loud growling.
“You just had to say something!” Musa scolded. The Winx girls watched as a large beast made of ice and snow formed in front of them. It glared before planting its feet and roaring, sending a gale of icy wind that nearly blew them out of the cave again.
Bloom growled and shot a few bursts of flame; it pushed the beast back some, but not by a great deal. In fact, this just seemed to enrage it more, making it lash out at them.
It shot icicles at the fairies, causing them to scatter and dodge. Bloom created a fire shield, which melted the icicles as they passed through it. Bloom, Musa, and Stella all blasted at the monster, while Aisha created a Morphix lasso around the monster’s waist, which stretched and twisted around the monster. Tecna ran an analysis, trying to figure out the monster's weakness.
“Wait!!” Flora bellowed. All of the other winx girls--plus the monster--froze. Flora took a deep breath and said, “This is the Cave of Jubilation. What if this is one of the tests? Aisha, let it go.”
“But…” Aisha protested.
“Let. It. Go.” Flora instructed. Her tone startled the others so much their spells fizzled out right there. Flora fluttered up to the monster and said, “Natural Whisper.” Her aura glowed green and she gently touched the monster. “What's wrong?”
“The storm outside is scaring my babies,” the monster explained. “Then you flew into the cave and attacked me.”
“I'm sorry we attacked; you startled us, but we overreacted. Please accept my apologies.” Flora told the mother. “We did not cause the storm, but maybe we could cheer your kids up.”
The mother calmed down a bit, and turned into a lovely ice spirit. “I accept your kind offer. Follow me, please.”
Flora and the other Winx girls followed behind the snow spirit, and Bloom asked, “Flora, how did you know that would work?”
“I didn't,” Flora replied. “But if we’re going to earn our Fantasmix, we need to try to help, not just fight.” She looked at the worried ice spirit, who was now talking to a very apologetic Aisha.
Bloom sighed. “Yeah, I guess you're right.”
Soon, they came to a quaintly decorated cave, with small, fuzzy, child-sized spirits.
There was a crack of thunder, and the group flocked to their mother. The mother purred and clicked her tongue, and they calmed down. Bloom knelt so she was eye level with them and said, “Hi there!!” She created a small spark of flame and began making it dance around.
In a moment, the little spirits cooed and floated from behind their mother and began playing around. Stella replaced the flames with little balls of light so the snow spirits wouldn’t get hurt. They began floating and singing around the Winx girls, making the ice glow with aurora lights.
The Winx began laughing and flying around, playing with the little frost spirits, until the spirits grew tired and laid down with their mother. “Thank you,” the mother said.
“No problem,” Flora replied. The Winx girls waved goodbye and flew further down the cave.
Before, there was a roar which shook the walls. The Winx heard the sound of a large creature running towards them, and they all braced themselves. A large, icy sabertooth cat was running at them, roaring. It was so large that the winx weren't even the size of its head.
All of the Winx girls flew out of the way except Musa, who said, “She sounds scared.” She calmly stood there as the beast halted to a stop, covering her with snow. Musa brushed off the snow and gently touched the animal's fur.
“Her babies are in danger!” Musa gasped.
“Oh no!” Flora replied.
Musa turned to the cat and said, “Lead us to them.”
The cat growled, and the Winx followed her down to a large cave. There was a steep, icy slope to a large crevice, and the little cubs were stranded on a single ridge. “We have to save them!” Aisha shouted. She tried to fly down, but Tecna stopped her. “They're too large for us to carry. I might have an idea, though. Flora and Aisha, stabilize the ridge. Bloom and Stella, provide light. Musa, you and I will levitate them.”
The other Winx girls nodded, and they all flew into their positions. Aisha and Flora used their respective powers to stabilize where the cubs were stranded, Bloom and Stella created a strong light so everyone could see what they were doing, and Musa and Tecna combined their magic to levitate the cubs to safety.
The Winx regrouped with the mother cat, and she happily purred and nuzzled them. “Aw,” Musa laughed. “You're very welcome!”
The Winx continued even further down the tunnel before they heard some very familiar voices. “Bloom!!” They heard Sky's voice echo through the walls.
“Stella!!” Brandon's voice echoed. “Girls? Where are you??”
“We're over here!” Stella shouted.
“Where is here??” Nex bellowed. “It sounds like you're shouting from every direction!”
“You're one to talk!” Aisha replied. “You guys are just shouting and--”
“Everyone be quiet!!” Musa bellowed. The sound reverberated across the caves. “I can locate where the sound is coming from. Sky, start whistling. No matter what, just whistle!”
There was a moment of silence and then the girls heard a Sky whistling a tune. Musa closed her eyes and opened them again. “Follow me!” Musa told the others. The fairies flew through the cave, following Sky's tune, until they rounded a corner and ran into the boys...literally.
They joyfully reunited, all of them hugging and laughing, while Musa proudly said, “Ha! I told you so!”
“It was so strange,” Timmy commented. “The moment you flew away, the air cleared and all of the issues with the ship seemed to fix themselves!” Timmy commented.
Grimly, Tecna said, “I believe someone is trying to prevent us from finding Fantasmix.”
“Yeah, and I think her name is Doom!” Stella replied.
“We should keep moving,” Bloom said. “We all know how dangerous Doom is, and I don’t think that we want to be sitting ducks when she strikes next.” The others nodded and they all continued walking down the cave.
Soon, they all heard a crying sound as they came across a muscular, greenish-blue ice man in light blue armor. Seeing him, the boys immediately drew their weapons, but the girls stopped them from attacking. “Wait!” Stella shouted. “This is the Cave of Jubilation, we have to be nice!” She walked up to the crying iceman, who jumped and drew his sword and pointed it at her. “Whoa, whoa, hey…” Stella gently said as Brandon shouted in alarm. “We don't want to fight you, we're just hear to help.”
The tall, formidable iceman began shaking, before collapsing and wailing. “My b-beloved...has been taken! And I cannot” He broke down sobbing.
“Oh no!” Bloom gasped. “Do you know where your beloved was taken?”
The iceman shakily pointed his finger before crying again. Tecna and Aisha gently patted his back, and Bloom assured him, “Don't worry, we'll help you find your beloved.”
“R-really?” The iceman sniffled and wiped his face. “Thank name is Borean.”
“I’m Bloom, and these are my friends, the Winx Club!” Bloom introduced. “Could you lead the way?”
Borean nodded, and the group moved further into the cave. The deeper they went, the colder it became. Not just physically, either, but like a very dark presence was watching them. “Do you think Doom is watching?” Musa asked, looking around the cave nervously.
“I have no doubt,” Tecna replied. “She seems like the type to watch her plans unfold.”
They heard a shouting noise, and Borean gasped, “Australon!” before running. The Winx and Specialists gasped and ran after him, until the sound of cackling froze them in their tracks.
Floating in the air were the three Trix, in all of their terrible wickedness. They leered at the Winx while a bound iceman levitated in the air behind them, completely unconscious. “Australon! My love! What have they done to you?” Borean gasped.
Australon’s eyes fluttered open and he asked, “ that you…?”
“Oh shut up!” Icy snapped. She snapped her fingers and Australon's binding tightened.
“Hey! Stop that!” Bloom shouted. She shot a burst of flame that dissolved the bindings, and Aisha caught Australon as he fell, before handing him to Borean.
“How did you escape!?” Bloom asked. “You were trapped in limbo!”
“We escaped...with a little help,” Darcy chuckled darkly.
“Well, at least it's just the Trix and not Doom,” Stella commented. “Not like we haven't beaten them before.”
“Oh, this won't be like before,” Icy cackled. The Trix grinned evilly as they revealed the golden, jewelled bracelets on their wrists. “After all, Doom sends her regards.”
“Wraithix!” The Winx gasped.
“Oh how perceptive!” Icy laughed. “Sisters, let's give the little fairies a reward!”
The Trix held up their Wraithix and shouted, “Wraithix Shadow!!” A wave of negative energy emanated from the Trix and dissolved the Winx’ Butterflix, dropping them to the ground.
As the Winx watched, the Trix were wrapped in shadows from their Wraithix. In a moment and a flash of light, the Trix were transformed and more horrid than ever. They were dressed in dark ball gowns and crowns, decorated with the same jewels that adorned their Wraithix. Their hair grew longer, and Icy’s was pulled up into pigtails.
The Trix cackled wickedly and Icy shouted, “We have finally become the queens we were meant to be!” The Trix cackled and summoned their magic, blasting it at the Winx. The Specialists pushed the girls out of the way, and shouted in pain.
When the girls looked, the boys had all been turned to stone. “Oh no!” Bloom gasped.
“How dare you!?” Aisha screamed. “Butterflix!!”
Nothing happened, and the Trix grinned. Once again, Aisha shouted, “Butterflix!”
“Sinking in, yet?” Darcy asked.
“Run.” Bloom said. When the Trix began summoning their spells again, she shouted, “RUN!!” The Winx dodged the spell, and ran down the cave. The Trix laughed maniacally and flew after them.
As the Winx ran, Stella asked Aisha, “Did you forget that Wraithix removes us of our powers??”
“Sorry! Heat of the moment, I was angry!” Aisha replied. Without warning, the Winx slipped and slid down a twisty slope, until they landed much further down than the ledge they'd been standing on.
Tecna's phone beeped and she pulled it out. With a gasp, she said, “I'm picking up readings of an extremely powerful magic source through there!” She pointed to a cave opening nearby.
“Let's go, quickly!” Bloom urged. The Winx began running to the tunnel, but suddenly found their way blocked by the Trix, appearing in bursts of darkness.
“I wonder how Doom will reward us for capturing the Winx!” Stormy cackled excitedly.
Bloom tried to blast her magic st the witches, but it fizzled in midair. The Trix cackled wickedly and floated up to the Winx, ready to capture them.
There was a sudden roaring noise, and the Trix were knocked out of the way by a gust of wind. With a gasp, the Winx watched as the snow spirit, saber tooth cat, Borean and Australon attack the Trix. “Go!” Borean shouted. “We'll hold them off!”
“But…” Bloom muttered.
“Don't worry!” Australon shouted, blasting icy winds at Darcy. “You saved us and protected our happiness!”
“It’s the least we can do!” The ice spirit agreed. The cat roared in agreement and swept Icy out of the way so the Winx could run through.
“Thank you!!” Stella shouted. “We really appreciate it!”
The Winx ran through the tunnel towards a bright white light glowing at the end. They ran through and found themselves in a large icy cavern lined with grand, crystalline thrones. There were seven in all, and on each sat a grand-looking magical being made of ice. One, an ice cairy dressed in frills and lace, smiled kindly at the Winx.
“Winx Club, welcome to the inner sanctum of the caves of Jubilation,” She said. “We are the Lights of Joy. We represent the Joy of Laughter,”
“The Joy of Wisdom,” A man in Zenithian-like robes said.
“The Joy of Beauty,” A woman in a Solarian dress said.
“The Joy of Life,” A woman in Lynphean clothes said.
“The Joy of Music,” A man in Melodian Robes said.
“The Joy of Excitement,” an icy merman said.
“And the Joy of Love,” A woman with dragon wings finished.
The Ice Fairy continued, “I am Abigail, the Fairy of the Cave of Jubilation, as well as the creator of Fantasmix. The six of you travelled here for a new power to help you protect your new friends, and so we gift to you the power of Fantasmix!”
Six different colored lights floated up from the ground, and formed into small floating, glowing stones. A red music note flew to Musa, an orange heart flew to Bloom, a yellow star flew to Stella, a pink flew flew to Flora, a blue raindrop flew to Aisha, and a purple triangle flew to Tecna. “These Fantasmix stones will grant you the power you need against the darkest darkness,” Abigail said. “Your greatest joy will become your strongest spell.”
The Ice Melodian said, “For Musa, you have the Memory of a Melody.”
The Ice Dragon continued, “For Bloom, you have Blazing Love.”
“Princess Stella has the Glorious Spotlight,” The Solarian added.
“Flora, you will wield the Beauty of Nature,” The Lynphean explained.
The mermaid chimed, “Aisha, you now have the Dance of the Ocean.”
“Tecna, you now have the Perfect Solution,” The Zenithian finished.
“We will guide you on your journey, as you find the Luminous Jewels and unlock all of your Fantasmix powers,” Abigail explained. The little stones floated onto the Winx’ palms, and turned to light that was absorbed into the Winx’ chests.
“Wait, are our special Fantasmix spells attacks? Or are they healing powers?” Bloom asked.
“You shall see,” Abigail said with a small laugh.
Flora added, “Do you think we could take an extra Fantasmix stones for our friends back at Alfea?”
The Zenithian cleared his throat. “Unfortunately no. To earn a Fantasmix stone, one must pass the trials of the cave. And while your pupil Volt would make an excellent Fantasmix fairy, it is just not possible.”
“To bring any magic in contact with the Illumination would be to change, even reverse it. You might end up trapping him in a power equivalent to Wraithix,” the Dragon said.
Flora looked worried and disappointed, before they heard a shout of pain and a booming noise. “Oh no!” She gasped.
“Our new friends are in danger. We have to help them!” Musa said.
“Go,” Abigail said. “Save them.”
As the Winx ran out, Abigail shouted, “To find the Luminous Jewels, just be yourselves!”
“Thank you!” Bloom shouted in return. The Winx ran through the tunnel to see that the Trix were now winning again the ice army.
Seeing them, Darcy taunted, “Awww, are the little fairies back for more??”
Bloom growled, “Oh trust me, we're more than you can handle. Ready, girls?”
As a group, they shouted, “Magic Winx! Fantasmix!” In a flash, they transformed into their new Fantasmix, covered in ribbons and with lacy wings. Esch girl wore her Fantasmix stone on the center of her chest.
The Trix were taken by surprise, but shouted, “Wraithix convergence! Ultimate Wraithix Shadow!” Their Wraithix sent out waves of the cold, negative magic, but for the Winx it felt nothing more than a chilly breeze.
Stella flew into the air and shouted, “Glorious Spotlight!” She held up her hands and summoned a strong golden light. The Wraithix power seemed to retreat in contact with this power, and the Winx’ friends seemed strengthened by it.
“Lotus Blast!” Flora shouted. She summoned a glowing lotus flower that blasted the Trix, knocking them out of the air.
“Resonant Echo!” Musa added. She blasted a wave of sound at chunks of ice above the Trix, which fell down upon them. With a growl, the Trix disappeared.
“That was easier than expected,” Aisha commented. “Almost too…” she froze as she looked at the Ice Spirit and her children, and she noticed that one of the children had a strange, aqua-colored aura. In her head, she heard a small voice say, “I wish that the witches would never come back, so we're always safe.”
She had no idea what this was, but she thought, “Me too.” Before she realized it, small aqua bubbles floated from her hands and popped in the air with bursts of glitter. The Winx and ice creatures watched in amazement, before Stella screamed.
“The boys! We left them!” She flew up the slope, shouting, “I'm coming, Brandy-poo!” Musa, Aisha, and Tecna followed closely after.
Bloom and Flora turned to Australon and Borean and asked, “Do you need us to fly you up?”
“No thanks,” Borean said. “We know these caves like the back of our hands. Now go! Your beloved await!”
The two girls nodded and flew after the others. Before long, they were in the cavern where the boys had been--and still were--petrified in stone. “How are we going to reverse this?” Stella asked.
“I have an idea,” Tecna said. “This spell was caused by the Wraithix, so our Fantasmix powers should be able to fix it. Let's each converge our special Fantasmix spells!”
“That's a great idea!” Bloom agreed. “Come on, girls!” The Winx flew into a circle in the air and each held out her hand. Bloom started with, “Blazing Love!”
“Glorious Spotlight!”
“Memory of a Melody!”
“Beauty of Nature!”
“Perfect Solutions!”
“Dance of the Ocean!”
Together, the Winx shouted, “Fantasmix convergence!” They combined their spells, creating a bright burst of light.
When the light faded, the boys groaned and collapsed, no longer frozen in stone. With laughter and tears, the Winx happily hugged the Specialists.
“Whoa! Check out the new threads!” Nex laughed. “Aisha, you look great!”
“Does this mean you've acquired Fantasmix?” Timmy asked.
“Yes,” Bloom answered. “It also means that we can finally fight back against Doom.”
“It also means we can head back to Alfea!” Stella sighed happily. “I can't wait to get out of this cold!” She saw their new ice friends and chuckled nervously. “No offense.”
“None taken,” Australon replied. “We know these caves aren't the warmest. We would happily escort you from the caves, however.”
The Ice Spirit said, “We know a few shortcuts,” before giggling.
The Winx and Specialists shared a look before Stella said, “By all means, please lead the way! I'm freezing!”
Everyone laughed as they walked from the cave.

In the airship, Stella sighed happily next to the heater. “For being so cold, those caves are actually quite nice...when they're not filled with witches.”
“Glad you think so,” Musa giggled, “Because we promised Australon and Borean that we'd bring the Illuminates over for a dinner party.” She laughed at the shocked expression Stella gave.
“Speaking of,” Aisha thoughtfully said, “Right after we defeated the Trix, I think one of the little ice spirit kids wished for them never to return.”
“Really? I didn't hear anything,” Musa commented.
“It was in my head, which was weird enough,” Aisha replied, “but the weirdest thing is that I think I granted the wish.”
“Well, Abigail did say we'd discover all sorts of powers with our Fantasmix. Maybe that's one of them,” Tecna replied. “We can look it up in the library.”
The ship landed and they dismounted, with Stella telling Tecna, “Doesn't this seem like something we should figure...out...on our own?”
They looked at a slightly alarming sight: Volt was in a new fairy form, next to a red-headed fairy with freckles in a santa-like costume. Volt, the new fairy, and Volt's other fairy friends were standing around with a strange magic charm. Volt looked at the charm, his friends, then his fairy form and nervously laughed, “We can explain…”

Chapter Text

With the Winx gone, and the threat of Wraithix hanging in the air, Volt took it upon himself to do as much research as possible. His improved Enchantix powers helped, as he was able to whip through the books as quick as lightning (the actual lightning was making the lights short out). Ella, Liz, and Roxy--all of whom were sitting in the library with him--watched him in concern.
“You’re not just studying for class, are you?” Liz asked. “I’ve never seen anyone read that fast.” She put her hand on the page, which made Volt stop in surprise. “Are you even absorbing any of that information?”
“Ah, sorry. It's a spell I learned back in Minerva--lightning reading. It's pretty tricky but it cuts studying time down by like 75%.” Volt explained. “Also, I'm trying to study the Illumination.”
“You never did that on Minerva?” Ella asked. “Isn't Minerva like...a treasure trove of ancient knowledge?"
"Ancient? Yes. Accessible? Not in the slightest." Volt explained. "Not even my uncle has access to the ancient books, and he's literally the king of the kingdom they're hidden in." He gently moved Liz's hand and went back to reading fast.
Roxy's phone rang and she answered. "Roxy. Oh, you're here? Yeah! I'll be right out!" Excitedly she got up and ran out, surprising even Volt.
Volt put his book down and then him and his friends followed Roxy outside. She was meeting with a specialist from Red Fountain, and he handed her a small purple thing that twitched in her arms. "Thank you so much!" Roxy told the specialist. "He's in good hands."
The specialist nodded with a smile and flew off while Roxy waved goodbye. Ella and Liz--curious little fairies they were--flanked Roxy's sides and peered over her shoulders. "Oh my gosh!" Liz shouted. "He's so cute!!"
"Look at his little twitchy nose!!" Ella gushed. "I wanna snuggle him forever!!" She began gently petting the small creature.
"You do that and you'd probably end up with a serious shock. I'm going to introduce him to Kiko to see if they get along." The girls turned back towards the school, and Volt gasped.
Roxy was holding a small bunny lightning-shaped markings. Its fur was purple with dark purple lightning-bolt stripes, bright blue eyes, belly, and paws, with lightning-shaped ears and whiskers. The little rabbit's whiskers twitched and it raised its head, looking directly at Volt. Volt nervously put up his hands and backed away as slowly as he could.
In a flash of blue-white lightning, the rabbit jumped from Roxy's arms and ran straight at Volt. Volt shouted in alarm and quickly ran into the school, with the electric bunny in hot pursuit.
Not seeing a better alternative, Volt transformed into his Enchantix and flew through the school halls--the bunny kept right up behind him. Without realizing it, Volt ended up in the library. He flew among the books, trying to be careful and not knock any over.
The rabbit was not as considerate. It leapt from shelf to shelf, knocking books to the floor and singeing them. Volt was going to keep flying when he saw they were heading into the forbidden section. He knew that if the rabbit got in there, there'd be almost no catching it.
He turned in the air and faced it, swallowing his fear and holding his ground. He was ready for it to try to dodge and run around him. To his surprise, it crashed into his chest and snuggled into his arms.
"Awwww, he likes you!" Roxy cooed, petting the bunny's ears.
"Okay...that's great...can you take him now?" Volt asked, holding it out to her, shaking with terror. Both him and the rabbit were sparking with lightning, like a conduit for their electricity.
"Okay, okay," Roxy laughed. She took the bunny, which tried to go back to Volt before she managed to calm it down. She walked out of the library, petting it and talking to it.
"Still don't like animals?" Ella asked.
"That thing is like a mini Weezeldorf," Volt replied. "I'm not taking any chances." He shivered in fear, before deactivating his Enchantix. He looked around the library and said, "We should probably help clean up these books, shouldn't we?"
He and his friends started picking up library books, when something in one caught Volt's eye. It was a picture of a chubby, cheerful man with bright blue eyes and a snow-white beard. Volt picked up the book and read the caption: "Saunta Clause. Delivers presents every Christ-mass around planet earth."
Hearing this, Liz turned and asked, "Do you mean Santa Claus?"
"Santa...Claws?" Volt asked. "Wait, does he have claws??"
"No, no, that's just his name." Liz replied. "Why are you so curious about him?" She walked over to him, and he showed her the picture.
"This 'Santa Claus' is an Illuminate!" Volt explained. "Look at his hair and eyes!" He pointed to the picture, and sure enough Santa's eyes were the same electric blue as Volt's, and his beard was as white as Volt's hair. "I need to talk to him."
Volt turned sharply on his heel and walked out of the library, carrying the book with him. Ella and Liz shared a look, but quickly followed him. Just like with reading, Volt could move quickly when he wanted to; the two girls had to practically run to keep up with him.
"Volt! What about cleaning the library?" Ella asked.
Volt replied, "This is more important!" He came up to Faragonda's office and opened the door before slamming the book on her desk.
"Hello, Volt. How can I help you?" Faragonda asked after her alarm wore off.
After a moment of stammering and stuttering, Volt explained, “Miss Faragonda, I need to go to earth. I need to meet this Santa Claus and ask him about the Illumination. He’s so much older than I am and he might have info. Look! He’s an Illuminate!” He pointed at the picture of Santa Claus in the bok.
“Oh my!” Faragonda exclaimed, investigating the picture closely. “I’ve never realized that before. But Volt, you’ll be in terrible danger if you leave Alfea, especially with the Winx going to find Fantasmix.”
“What if it was me, my sisters, Angelo, Diablo, Trixie, Ella, Liz, and Roxy?” Volt asked. “Between the nine of us, we should be able to protect ourselves from Doom and her Wraithix while we’re out of school. Please, Miss Faragonda, I need to learn about my powers.”
Faragonda looked at Volt’s earnest eyes and sighed. “Very well, I will allow you and your friends to visit the earth. Be very careful, because as soon as you leave Alfea you’ll be in terrible danger. Make sure that you and your sisters can get everyone ready.”
Volt nodded and quickly ran out of the office. “Volt!” He heard Liz shout. He paused and let his friends catch up, and Liz asked, “Are you sure about this? Santa is just a legend on earth...we don’t even know if he’s real. Besides, even if he is, how do you that he knows anything about the Illumination?”
“I’d rather try and be wrong then not try at all,” Volt explained. “Besides, if I know my sisters, they’re already growing stir-crazy like I am. Can you two get Roxy while I call Psyche and Mira?”
“Of course,” Ella said. She grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her along, leaving Volt by himself. Volt quickly went to his dorm and called his sisters, ready to make plans.

Not too much later, Volt, Liz, Ella, and Roxy were waiting outside for the Red Fountain ship. Roxy was holding the little rabbit from earlier, which was still trying to get to Volt. Volt just stood to the side and eyed it nervously.
Before long, the ship flew in and landed, before opening. Mira and Psyche walked out, and the triplets shared a hug. Behind them, Angelo, Diablo, and Trixie climbed off. Mira cleared her throat. "Ella, Liz, you remember these guys. Roxy, meet Angelo, Diablo, and Trixie."
The introductions went around, and Angelo asked, "Who's that little guy?" While pointing at the little purple fluff in Roxy's arms.
"Oh! This is Zing, he's a little Shock Rabbit that I'm taking care of." She showed Zing to the others, and immediately Psyche, Trixie, and Angelo gasped.
"Cuuuuute!!" They gushed, walking up to her. In response, Zing's nose twitched and his ears sparked with electricity. The three of them backed up a bit.
"Alright, if we're done fawning over a rabbit, could we please get going?" Diablo asked. “I have more important things to do than chase after a Sandy Clown, you know.”
“Dio…” Angelo muttered.
“Don’t ‘Dio’ me, ‘Gelo’, you have all of the same important things I do!” Diablo argued. “My brother and I have a full exam tomorrow, which, now that I think of it, so do you Mira.” He crossed his arms and said, “You might be prodigal or whatever, but Cordatorta isn’t going to take it easy on you because you’re young.”
“Ugh, I hate to admit it,” Mira groaned, “But when Diablo’s right, he’s right. This is a day trip so we need to move!” She clapped her hands together and herded her siblings into the ship, before stopping. “Say Roxy,” she turned, narrowed her eyes, and asked, “Is it safe to have a Shock Rabbit on the ship?”
Roxy laughed nervously and said, “Of course, I have Zing here under perfect control, and...if things go out of control, Volt here can help.” She winked at Volt, whose face paled several shades of color.
“Volt? Control an animal? Now I know you’re joking,” Mira commented drily. “In the ship, people!” She forcefully pulled Psyche and Volt (despite their protests) in the ship, followed by their friends.
On the ship, Psyche and Mira sat Volt down and began interrogating him. Mira started with, “So, why are we going to earth exactly? Sandy clowns? Your message was kind of weird.”
“I told you everything!” Volt protested.
“No, you said ‘Earth. Now. Fat guy. Illumination!’” Psyche replied. “Then you shouted ‘Sandy Clowns’ and hung up. So...who is this Sandy Clowns guy?” She sat down next to Volt and crossed her arms as Mira sat on his other side.
Volt pulled out the book from the library and flipped to the page with Santa Claus. He showed the picture to the two of them. “Roxy says that his name is Santa Claus. He’s an old guy who spends one night a year delivering gifts around planet earth.”
“Wow, his hair is as white as ours!” Psyche gasped.
“And his eyes are so blue…” Mira added. “Is he an Illuminate?”
“I don’t know, that’s why we’re heading to earth,” Volt explained. “If he is an Illuminate, then he might be able to help us with our Illumination powers. I mean, he can deliver packages worldwide in a single night, so he must be doing something right.” He put the book away and sighed. “I’m just worried, especially with what happened with Psyche and the Wraithix.”
“Volt, I’m fine,” Psyche said. “My magic was only affected temporarily and I’ve gone right back to normal!”
“Besides,” Mira added, “Your Enchantix can neutralize the Wraithix’ power, can’t it?”
“Let’s hope it can do it twice,” Volt mumbled nervously.

From her cave, Doom watched the Illuminates on her darkness screen. “The North Pole? That could be interesting.” She looked at her own Wraithix, which only had the red and green gems attached to it.
“Blue is still spying on those Winx, but maybe…” She lifted the Waithix to her mouth and whispered, “After them, Red.” She lifted up her Waithix and the gem glowed with bright red light and detached from the bracelet. It turned into a ball of light and flew out of the cave.
Doom crossed her arms and smirked. “This will be fun,” she commented.

The trip to earth was surprisingly quick, especially once Trixie summoned a party popper wormhole. In a swirl of color, earth was in sight. Everyone turned to Trixie with absolute shock and little fear, before she giggled innocently and shouted, “That was fun!”
“Right. Fun.” Mira commented, looking like she had seen a ghost. “Where does Santa Claus live again?”
“The North Pole,” Liz answered. “The northernmost point on the entire planet.”
“We know what poles are,” Diablo sarcastically commented. "We're not dumb."
Angelo scolded, "Diablo, don't be rude. Roxy, can you please point out which of the poles is the northern one?"
"Um, surprisingly, the one on the bottom," Roxy said, pointing. Hearing this, Liz scrambled up to the display.
"Oh my gosh, we're approaching earth upside down!?" She and Roxy turned to look at Trixie, who snickered then just fell to pieces laughing.
"Alright, let me recalibrate," Angelo announced. "Everyone, brace yourselves!!" He pushed a few buttons on the console, then Diablo spun the wheel. The ship made a 180° flip, then flew at the North Pole.
"You sure have a strange sense of humor," Volt told Trixie as he helped Roxy stand. Then he looked at Roxy and asked, "Hey, um, Roxy?? Where'd your little electric bunny friend?"
There was a build up of static, and the hairs on the back of Volt's neck stood up as he turned to see Zing on a shelf, staring straight at him. When their eyes met, Zing squeaked and shot at Volt before he could react. Electricity sparked from the little rabbit and Volt absorbed it through his fingers. “Please take him,” Volt asked in a shaky voice.
Roxy put on her rubber gloves and grabbed the little ball of fluff, with Volt still shaking on the floor. Psyche and Ella quickly went to help him stand, and his hair was standing in all directions from the electricity. "Come on, Volty," Psyche said. "I thought you were over your fear of animals!"
"Why would you ever think that?" Volt asked. "That...thing jumps at me everytime I look at it!" He shivered with fear, and looked at Roxy, who was gently petting Zing.
Zing was facing away from Volt, but immediately turned to look at him. With a laugh, Roxy said, "I just think he likes you. He has lightning powers, you have lightning powers, he's an animal of prey, you act like an animal of prey…" She giggled and said, "Honestly, you're more of a bunny than he is!"
Volt blushed. "I am not!" He protested.
Suddenly Volt heard purring and felt something fuzzy brush up against his neck. He looked to see a black cat with orange, purple, and green stripes rubbing up against him. With a shriek he jumped up and backed away. Suddenly the cat started laughing and turned into Trixie with a puff of smoke. "Seems that way to me!"
Psyche laughed and high-fived Trixie while Volt blushed. "If you guys are done tormenting Volt, we're going to be coming in for a landing," Mira announced.
"Please be seated," Angelo continued.
"And that bunny better not short out the ship!" Diablo snapped. The brothers and Mira operated the control, but as soon as they entered the atmosphere, disaster struck.
There was a giant blizzard that immediately caught the ship and was blowing it all helter skelter. "Everyone buckle in!" Diablo shouted. "This is going to be a rough landing!"
The fairies and witches each took their seats and buckled themselves in, bracing for impact. Roxy nervously clutched onto Zing, but the little rabbit made no attempt to escape. "Volt, Psyche!" Mira shouted. "Each of you make a shield!"
Psyche and Volt both nodded, and used their magic in an attempt to make a shield around the ship. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough for Mira. Taking a deep breath, Mira stood up and walked to the center of the ship. "Boreal Diversion," She whispered. In a flash of light, she activated her paladin form and threw her hands outwards. The blizzard diverted around the ship, and her power helped Psyche and Volt's shields cover the ship.
Unfortunately, they still crashed. When Mira collapsed from exhaustion into Angelo's arms, Liz immediately said, "That was amazing! Have you always been able to do that?"
Mirs yawned and replied, "I'm the Jewel of Snow...of course I have." She yawned and fell asleep, and Angelo looked at Volt and Psyche in a panic.
"Her Paladin powers really wear her out," Volt explained. "We'll need to brew some special tea for her."
There was a sudden banging on the door that made the whole group jump in surprise. Angelo and Diablo drew their swords, while Trixie, Psyche, Ella, Liz, and Roxy began summoning their powers. "Hey!" A young female voice shouted. "Are you okay? I saw you crash!"
Angelo and Diablo shared a look, then Angelo pushed a button to open the hatch. The harsh wind whipped through the door as it opened, and a small figure ran in. Angelo immediately shut the ship door as the person shivered and brushed themself off.
"Oh good! No one was hurt!" The person said in relief. She pulled off her goggles and pulled down her hood. She was a very pretty girl with electric blue eyes, freckles, and wavy red hair. She noticed that Mira was unconscious and gasped. "Oh no! I'm sorry! Did she hit her head?"
“Oh! No, no, she kinda just exhausted herself trying to...lessen the crash,” Volt explained. “She’ll be fine, but she just needs to recuperate.”
The girl sighed in relief and smiled. “Well, that’s good. I have somewhere she can rest. You’ll all just have to come with me. Do you all have warm clothes?”
Liz and Ella looked at Volt curiously, and he shrugged. Turning to the girl he asked, “What do you know about magic?”
With a smirk, the girl waved her hands around, and colorful light flew and shone in between them. “You were saying?”
With another shrug, Volt said, “Alright, I think we’re good! Time for a trick Ms. Stella taught me.” He snapped both of his fingers, and in a swirl of light, him and his friends were dressed in thick snow jackets. “They’re not the most stylish,” he admitted, “But they should work!”
“Great! Follow me!” The girl exclaimed, putting on her goggles and hood. The group moved through the hatch into the snow. The wind was so strong that every step felt like Volt was going to be blown off of his feet.
“You wouldn’t have any tricks up your sleeve, would you Witch of Tricks?” Diablo asked in a loud voice.
"Not against a blizzard!" Trixie replied.
"We're almost there!!" The girl shouted. She led the pack forward, until they approached a strange rock formation. The girl tapped it gently, as if inputting a code, and as the group watched a swirling portal of color opened and she walked through. They followed, and collectively gasped.
It was a large city of red brick buildings, with a large domed building at the center. The whole thing was protected by a magical barricade, and the rough blizzard turned into a gentle snowfall. Turning to the others, the girl smiled and said, "Welcome to the North Pole! My name's Christa Cringle; I'm Santa's daughter."

Unbeknownst to the group, the red light had been following them through the whole trip, undetected by the ships' radars. It flew through the polar winds, stopping and surveying the crashed ship.
It flew in and the Red Wraith took her form, looking around. The ship was completely shut down in the cold, and the open door was allowing the snow to come in. She could see the traces of fairy, witch, and even paladin magic, as well as fear they had felt. With a whispering hiss that could be mistaken for a chuckle, the Wraith absorbed the remnants of the negative energy, but it was pretty small meal for her. Suddenly the ship shook and rumbled, and the Wraith looked out the window. Giant, wooly white creatures were carrying it through the snowstorm; it was impressive, but she couldn’t detect strong negative feelings from them.
However, they were moving towards a city (there was a disgusting amount of positive energy, but in every city, there was always a fair amount of negative energy).
The Wraith laughed and hid herself in the ship.

“Don’t worry about your ship,” Christa said. “I called for some help from our yeti crew; they’ll be extremely careful when they bring the ship into the city.” She brushed some snow off her hair and smiled brightly at them.
Liz and Roxy seemed skeptical, while the others were just completely confused--except Volt, who was beyond himself with excitement. “How do we know you’re really Santa’s daughter?” Liz asked.
Christa shrugged. “You’ll have to take my word on it, won’t you?” She winked and stuck her tongue out playfully, which made Roxy and Liz groan in frustration. “Would you believe me if I told you that I’m the Fairy of Auroras?” She began dancing around, and in the sky, beautiful and colorful lights flared; they spun down around her before flying up into the air again.
“Wow...pretty! What was that?” Psyche asked.
“The Aurora Borealis!!” Christa exclaimed, “also known as the Northern Lights!”
“The Fairy of the Northern Lights…” Roxy mumbled.
“No, the Fairy of Auroras,” Christa corrected. “That includes the Northern Lights, the Southern Lights, the Eastern Lights, the Western Lights, the South-Eastern Lights…” she giggled when she saw their expressions. “Just kidding! Though there are the Southern Lights--they’re called the Aurora Australis!”
“Right. Do you know Aurora, the Fairy of the North?” Roxy asked.
“Indeed! She’s a good friend of my dad!” Christa happily explained. “He did everything he could to help her, and he was so sad when she disappeared. She was...very surprised to meet me, to be honest.”
“I’d imagine. I’m Roxy--” Roxy started.
“Daughter of Morgana, Princess to the Earth Fairies and next heir to the throne when she comes of age,” Christa recited. “Yes, I know all about you.”
“I’m more surprised that I don’t know about you,” Roxy replied. “My mom has told me about all of the fairies on earth, including Liz here!” She motioned to Liz, who waved.
“Dad made sure that Aurora kept me secret,” Christa explained, “And the Wizards of the Black Circle never came after me because I’m not technically an earth fairy, kind of like Liz.” She led them through the city, pointing out all sorts of landmarks. Wandering around were elves, leprechauns, even a unicorn or two; just about every magical creature imaginable.
“This is a much more diverse work environment than I was led to believe,” Liz commented.
“Dad is an equal-opportunity employer,” Christa explained. “By the way, none of you have introduced yourselves,” she added in a sing-song voice.
“Oh right!” Volt shouted. “I’m Volt, the Fairy of Lightning. These are my sisters Psyche and Mira--Psyche is the Witch of Spirits and Mira is the Paladin of Snow. These are our friends Ella, the Fairy of Night, Trixie, the Witch of Tricks, Angelo and Diablo.”
“Wow. What an introduction,” Diablo commented, rolling his eyes.
Angelo whispered, “Be nice Diablo, it’s not his fault we don’t have titles yet.” He smiled kindly and held out his hand. “Angelo Van Deagon, it’s a pleasure!”
“Nice to meet you all!” Christa said. “My mom is cooking a delicious lunch for everyone and my dad is going to join us as we’re eating. It’s going to be so fun!” She jumped around happily. An elven family passed by, and she happily waved at them.
Too eager to keep his questions back, Volt moved forward and walked beside Christa. “Hi there Christa, um, I was wondering if you knew anything about a magical event called the Illumination?”
“Absolutely nothing!” Christa replied happily. “Does it have anything to do with the Northern Lights?”
“” Volt commented. “The reason I was asking is because my sisters and I were affected by the last Illumination 17 years ago. We were hoping that you dad had been affected and knew a thing or two about the powers we got from it.” He tapped his fingers together nervously.
“Seventeen years ago?” Christa asked. “Do you mean the White Aurora? My dad’s told me all about that a whole bunch.” She giggled and added, “He says that’s where my powers come from.”
Volt gave his sisters a smug grin and asked, “So Christa, you’re the Fairy of Auroras? We’re friends with Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun. You should meet her, she’s great!”
“That sounds fun! If she’s ever in the North Pole, I’ll be happy too!” Christa said. “The farthest I’ve been out of the city is just in the polar north where I met you all. My parents are...pretty protective.”
"Oh yeah, ours were too," Psyche commented. "Maybe we could convince your parents to let you enroll at Alfea. That's what ours did!"
"To be fair though," Mira commented, "our kingdom was attacked by a psychotic witch and her undead minions." At Christa's look of alarm, she explained, "It's a long story, to be honest."
As they walked, they were suddenly passed on the side by a group of large yetis carrying their ship. As they ran by, Diablo screamed, "HEY! BE CAREFUL AND WATCH THE PAINT JOB!!" He went to run after them, but Angelo grabbed his arm, stopping him.
"The ship will be fine," Angelo commented calmly. He turned to Christa and apologized, "Sorry for my brother's...behavior. He's not good at pretending to be civilized."
It took Diablo a moment, but he shouted, "Hey!" And crossed his arms. With a snicker, Mira and Angelo high-fived.
Trixie looked at Psyche, and saw that her friend was pale and wide-eyed, staring at the ship as it shrank in the distance. "Psyche?" Trixie asked. "Are you okay?"
With a small jump, Psyche blinked and rubbed her head. "Sorry, I just could have sworn I felt a presence--a dark presence--on our ship. I could have imagined it though."
Trixie wasn't convinced. "Psyche…"
"Sh!" Psyche shushed her. "We can investigate later. We don't want to cause a panic. Especially with my brother."
"But Psyche!"
The two witches glared at each other for a moment before Trixie mumbled, "Fine. But we are going to investigate, okay?"
"Okay," Psyche agreed. Seeing that Trixie was still upset, Psyche booped her nose. Trixie tried to look upset, but snorted and giggled.
"Psyche!" Mira harshly whispered, "hurry up and listen?" Psyche ran up and joined her siblings as Christa and Volt continued to talk.
"So that's how Santa delivers all of those presents during a single night!" Roxy gasped in amazement. "Wow, Christa, you must be so happy with him as your dad."
"It's pretty nice," Christa admitted, "but he's usually pretty busy year round." She stopped the group as a young fawn led a herd of reindeer in a line across the road in front of them.
Volt froze at being so near the reindeer, but Zing heard their grunts and rumbling hooves and panicked. Roxy shrieked as he shocked her with his bolts of lightning. Immediately, he leapt at Volt. Volt, of course, panicked and transformed, flying away from the little rabbit. Again.
"Volt! No!" Roxy shouted. Volt was too panicked to listen and flew off, with Zing in pursuit. Unlike before, the two of them were both generating an alarming amount of electricity. Bolts of lightning shot from Volt's wings, striking streetlights and shorting them out, overpowering decorations, and spreading mayhem. “Oh no!” Christa gasped.
“Volt! Calm down!” Psyche shouted. She changed into her witch form and flew after him, trying to cast a spell to calm his nerves. Mira rolled her eyes and took on her paladin form. With her strong, eagle-like wings, she shot from the ground and quickly caught up with Volt and Psyche. She wrapped the two of them in her arms and held them still.
Zing shot at the three of them, but before he collided, a green magic bubble appeared. Roxy, in her Believix, hovered the bubble to her hands. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this, but this sphere should contain Zing’s power. I hope it doesn’t wear him out too much before I can feed him. Shock Rabbits have a strange diet; they actually feed on electricity.”
“It’s trying to eat me!?” Volt shrieked. “It’s just like a mini Weezeldorf!”
“Volt, calm down,” Mira commanded. “I do not think that the bunny wants to hurt you. Take a deep breath in…” she and Volt slowly inhaled together, “and a deep breath out…” they exhaled slowly together. “We need to talk to Santa Claus. I really don’t think we can achieve that if you keep freaking out over animals. Do you think you can keep calm long enough to make it?”
“We believe in you, Volt!” Psyche added. The two sisters hugged their brother tight, and the three of them floated back down to the ground. Christa was calming the crowd, while Trixie, Liz, and Ella were helping repair. Angelo and Diablo were now rounding up the now stampeding reindeer and doing their best to calm them down. Diablo was...surprisingly good at calming them down. When they landed along with Roxy, Volt expected Christa to start yelling at them.
“Don’t worry!” She shouted to her people, “I’m sure that Volt here can restore power, right?” She turned to Volt and smiled at him expectantly. “Riiiight??”
“Right! Yes!” Volt shouted. He clapped his hands twice and summoned and sphere of electricity in his hands. He threw it into the air and streams of electricity shot out in every direction, restarting the street lights and other electric items.
“Great! Thank you!” Christa said happily. “We’re almost to my house!"
Volt fluttered over to her and detransformed. "Sorry, Christa. I didn't mean to cause so much trouble."
"It's perfectly okay!" Christa said happily. "We all have our fears! Personally, I'm afraid of being alone." It didn't seem too hard for her to admit; she was still as happy as she had been the whole time. "Fairy of Lightning is a good title for you, Volt! Was that your Enchantix?"
"Um, yeah," Volt replied. "It activates a lot when I panic." His hands sparked with electricity as he sighed, "I don't know why I'm afraid of animals, though…"
“Probably because most of the animals on our planet can eat you,” Mira commented matter-of-factly. “As well as that bird that attacked you in Alabone when we were kids.”
The Illuminates' friends shared startled looks but didn't ask about the incident. Neither did Christa, though she looked rather alarmed. Shaking her head, she told them, "Anyway, we're here!!" With a bright smile, she opened the door and they walked inside.
"Ohmygosh…" Liz muttered. "You live in the workshop!?" She began squealing excitedly alongside Roxy, making Christa giggle.
"Christa!!" A harsh voice shouted. A tall, muscular young man with strawberry blond hair in spikes walked up to the group. He was impeccably dressed and had a small goatee, with electric blue eyes. He had noticeably pointed ears that matched Christa.
"Everyone," Christa sighed, "this is my bossy older brother Michael. Michael, these are my new friends!"
Michael groaned. "Christa Marie Cringle, you know you're not supposed to bring anyone into the North Pole under any circumstances!!" He glared at the others. "We will have to wipe their memory of this, otherwise it will spread and--"
"Michael!" Christa shouted. "Most of them aren't even from earth! These three--" she gestured to the Illuminates, "--just want to talk to Dad!"
Michael was taken aback for a moment, and groaned. "Very well, but be warned that the consequences for revealing us are dire."
Liz, who was blushing furiously, stammered, "D-duly noted."
"Good. Follow me, please," Michael continued. He led the group through the building until they climbed the stairs into a spacious apartment. Once inside, Christa called, "Hey mom! I brought some guests over for dinner!"
"Oh, wonderful!" A sweet voice called. A lovely, heavy-set woman with long blonde hair, pointed ears, and ice blue eyes walked from the kitchen. She smiled and immediately began hugging the Illuminates and their friends. "Absolutely darling to meet you! I'm Elenora Cringle, but many call me Mrs. Claus."
"Wow!" Roxy gasped. "I never realized you were an elf! Are you a fairy too, like Christ?"
"Oh, no my darling. I am merely a polar elf; Christa here is the only fairy in our family," Elenora explained.
"And she'll brag about it any chance she gets," Michael mumbled irately.
"Do you know when Dad'll be home?" Christa asked. "Volt, Psyche, and Mira need to talk to him."
"Soon, dear." Smiling at the Illuminates, she asked, "Am I correct in guessing that you're here about the White Aurora?"
"Yes," Mira replied, "Though we personally call it 'The Illumination'." She looked around and commented, “Very homey; do you have a library or the sort?"
"A few doors down, dear," Elenora commented, "but right now it's time for dinner." She led the kids to the dining room, and they all took a seat.
"Whatever you're cooking smells delicious!" Angelo gushed.
"The food on Domino is better…" Diablo mumbled before Angelo whacked him on his head.
Either unaware of or ignoring Diablo's comments, Elenora brought out a scrumptious-looking feat which size rivaled that of a Minervan festival. “Yummy!” Trixie laughed. As she laughed, a fun, upbeat tune began playing. The beat was infectious, to the point that the chairs actually danced right up to the group and pushed them onto their seats and pulled up to the table.
They began eating; the food was absolutely delicious, even more so than the food the triplets had on Minerva. As they ate, they heard a loud, hearty voice say, "Wow, that smells delicious!"
A large, imposing man came in; he was stocky and solid, looking like he was made of bricks. He had curly white hair and a white beard, but didn't look older than his 30's. His eyes were electric blue, just like Psyche, Volt, Mira, and Christa's.
Liz began screaming with excitement, while Roxy looked like she was ready to faint. "He is real!!" Liz shrieked happily, as Christa got up and hugged the big man.
After a big hug, Christa introduced, "Everyone, meet my dad, Nicholas Cringle--also known as Santa Claus!!"
Santa (as he preferred to be called) was as genial as Volt had read about, but, unfortunately he didn't have much information that he could share about the Illumination.
"I'm very sorry, Champ, but I don't understand the White Aurora any more than you do," he explained gently to Volt. "I wish I could help more, but all I know is that it turned me from human to the man you see before you."
Volt looked at his sisters and sighed, "Alright, thank you." They all went back to eating.

The ship was in the repair shop, being tinkered on by the elves. Seeing her chance, the Wraith slipped out through the shadows. Immediately she was struck (and disgusted) by the sheer amount of positive energy in the air. All of the magical creatures were genuinely happy and enjoying their work.
She hissed quietly and floated in the darkness, completely hidden from sight. "You need to be more careful!" An annoyed voice shouted. "If you plug in the wrong wires this whole thing will blow!"
"I know what I'm doing!" An equally annoyed voice snapped back. The acidity and resentment in her voice caught the Wraith's attention.
She looked to see a pair of elves arguing with each other. One--a smaller, younger looking elf, was red in the face while holding a few wires while the other elf, taller and older looking, scolded her. "If you can't take your job seriously than you shouldn't even work in the workshop!"
The younger elf's ears drooped and she ran off, crying. The older elf froze, immediately regretting what she had said. The Wraith cackled as she pursued the younger elf, following the scent of her negative energy. Eventually, the elf stopped, her fist clenched, then she pulled something from her pocket and threw it on the floor.
With a hiss, the Wraith flew right at her, possessing her as she morphed into a giant monster.

Despite the lack of information Santa could provide, the Illuminates and their friends enjoyed their dinner. Volt was especially enjoying the quick glances Ella stole of Christa; every time she did he'd raise his eyebrows at her...then she kicked his leg.
Mira and Diablo were having an intense, unspoken competition of who could eat faster. Their eyes were locked on each other and you could cut the tension between them. Angelo and Michael were watching with equal fascination and disgust, while Psyche and Trixie were cheering Mira on. Liz didn't seem like she could choose what she wanted to watch: Mira's inevitable victory or Ella's mounting embarrassment. Santa and Elenora were watching all the kids with calm, quiet and amused grins.
Santa was about to start laughing when there was a loud, guttural roar that nearly burst all of their ear drums. The Triplets' eyes went wide and they stood up: they knew that roar.
Since she was closest, Psyche ran up to the window and gasped. "Someone's been possessed by the Red Wraith and she's destroying the city!!"
Without any more questions, Volt and his friend transformed, Mira and the twins drew their weapons, and Trixie and Psyche switched to their witch forms. Psyche opened the window and the fairies and witches flew through, while the specialists summoned some sky flyers with a remote.
Outside, a giant red monster was roaring and blasting electricity everywhere. "Wait for me!!" A voice shouted. There was a flash of rainbow color, and Christa flew out. Her winx form was a white fur dress that looked like the outfit she'd met the Illuminates and their friends in. Her wings kind of looked boomerangs: two on top and two underneath. She wore a belt with rainbow colors and a ponytail.
When Christa saw the monster attacking the city and narrowed her eyes. "So why is there a giant red lightning monster attacking the North Pole?" She asked with frustration.
"The Red Wraith; it's a creature of dark magic that must have followed us!" Volt explained. "I'm sorry!"
"Less regretting, more blasting!" Psyche shouted. "But for the record, I told you, Trixie!" She flew straight at the Wraith monster, and hit it with a ball of her green energy. The creature recoiled, but quickly recovered and blast its lightning at her. Trixie snapped her fingers and teleported in front of Psyche, creating a large shield shaped like a giant lollipop. She snapped her fingers again and the two witches teleported back to the group.
"Psyche, we can't just rush that thing!" Mira scolded. "Remember when Angelo and Diablo got possessed? We had to combine our magic with Flora's."
"Team effort, sis. Team effort," Volt added. "Angelo, Diablo, do you think that you can keep the monster distracted?"
Diablo opened his mouth to reply when Angelo interrupted and replied, "Yeah we can do that!"
Even though Diablo was giving Angelo the stink eye, he didn’t protest. They revved their sky fliers and flew at the monster, brandishing their swords. Their light blades cut through the monster’s dark body easily, but since it was shadow it healed just as quickly.
The monster roared and swiped at them with its claws. It didn’t seem recognizable to Volt or his sisters, but Christa gasped, “Verity!”
“Verity?” Mira asked.
“She’s a technician who works on Dad’s sleigh,” Christa explained. “Her older sister is like Michael is with me, always getting after her for not being careful enough with it.”
“Well, that’s probably the reason that she got possessed by a Wraith,” Psyche said. “But how are we going to separate them? Our Illumination powers won’t work on their own, but we don’t have the Winx to help us.”
“Well, you have Liz, Christa, Trixie, and me,” Ella said, putting her hand on Psyche’s shoulder. I’m sure that we can combine our powers into something...or other.”
“Right, right,” Mira said, “But we shouldn’t go full convergence just yet. We need to keep fighting it and try to wear it down.” She called on her own sky flier and pulled out her own sword. “I’m going to hold off using my paladin powers for right now, though.” She hopped on her flier and flew to help the twins.
“Trixie and I can provide more magical distractions,” Psyche told Volt. “You and the other fairies see what you can do.” Trixie and Psyche nodded to each other and flew into the air, using their powers to make magic tricks and summoning spirits.
Volt immediately turned to his fairy friends. “Alright, so I’m the only one of us who has an Enchantix. I can be the brunt force of our magical attacks, but Ella and Liz, and I need you to strike as often and as hard as you can. Christa,” he turned to the redheaded fairy, “Can you do the magic you showed us on a bigger scale?”
Christa summoned a big ball of colorful light. Volt nodded and said, “That’ll work. Can you help Liz and Ella please?”
“Of course!” Christa enthusiastically said. The four fairies’ wings began flapping and they joined the fight. Volt summoned a surge of white lightning and blasted it at the monster. With a sudden twist of its head it absorbed the electricity.
“Uh oh,” Volt commented. With an extra loud roar, the monster blasted red lightning at Volt. Volt crossed his arms and created an electric shield that deflected the lightning...right at Christa's apartment building.
Christa screamed and shouted, "My family!!" And flew that way.
Liz shouted, "I got this!!" She flew into the flames, dodging and weaving until she found Santa, Michael, and Eleanora huddled together. "I'll get you out, I promise!!" She moved her hand to part the flames and shouted, "Go, go, go!" Waving the family along. They ran with Liz behind them, until they came to a window.
"Jump!!" Christa shouted from below. "I'll catch you!!" Santa and Eleanor jumped, both of them caught by their daughter, bjt Michael was stuck in place, his knees shaking.
"I-I don't think I can do it!" He stammered. Liz was about to talk him into it when she senses something in the flames.
She pushed Michael out into his sister's arms as the apartment exploded. Liz was thrown out into the air, and was going to hit the ground when Angelo caught her on his flier.
Liz was limp and unconscious as he landed, and Christa gasped, "Oh no!" She gently touched Liz's face and teared up.
Suddenly, Liz's body began shining with a golden light and she floated into the air. As they watched, her magical form changed. Her wing grew large and sparkly, taking on a shape similar to a butterfly, with purple hearts and green highlights, and her outfit became a dress of many strands of fabric and a ruffled skirt. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at herself. “My Enchantix!” She gasped.
With a laugh of relief, Christa flew up and hugged Liz tightly. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”
Liz hugged Christa back and said, “We need to get back to help the others.” Christa nodded and they flew back into the battle. Volt wasn’t attacking, but he created an electric shield to help protect his friends from the monster.
Seeing Liz and Christa fly back, Ella gasped with delight and hugged Liz and Christa. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”
“Me too!” Volt shouted, absorbing electric blasts as much as he could, “but this thing is not going down!”
Liz flew up next to Volt and helped maintain the shield. “You got your Enchantix?” Volt asked. “Great!” There was a surge of electricity that pushed them back. “I can’t hold it off much longer.”
“Why don’t we converge?” Liz asked. “Between you, me, Ella, and Christa, we can make strong enough spell to cure the monster.”
“But what about my sisters? I don’t know if I have enough Illumination light for this,” Volt replied. He looked at his two sisters, both of whom were attacking and dodging with earnest.
“I have some White Aurora light,” Christa commented, surprising Volt. “It’s not a whole lot, but I did inherit some of it from my Dad.” She held out her hands and summoned a pure white light--the same light that Volt and his sisters used.
“And like you said, I have my Enchantix,” Liz said. “I think we can do this.”
Mira flew by and shouted, “Try it! Psyche and I can’t hold off to try to converge for you!” She immediately flew off and joined the twins, jumping off her flier and taking off on her paladin wings.
“Okay, let’s try,” Volt commented. He powered up the shield so it protected both him and his friends. He joined hands with the other fairies, and a bright, colorful light grew in between them.
“Convergence!! Blinding aurora!!” The fairies shouted. The ball of light burst upwards in a rainbow of color, before curving in the air and striking the monster. It screamed in pain and stopped attacking, which gave Mira and Psyche a chance to hit the monster with their own Illumination light. Trixie summoned magic confetti which flew at the monster. Surprisingly, the twin brothers even contributed to the attack: a red flame spiraled around Diablo’s right arm and a blue flame spiraled around Angelo’s left. The two flame shot at the monster, Diablo’s taking the form of a horned, vicious dragon, and Angelo’s taking the form of a feathered, more serene dragon. Their combined power cemented the convergence spell; the monster exploded in a burst of light and separated into two beings: Verity, who fell through the air, completely unconscious, and the Red Wraith, which flew off.
Christa immediately dove towards Verity to catch her, but Volt and his sisters tried to catch up with the Red Wraith. When it noticed that they were following it, it shot off in a stream of red light. Mira’s Paladin form immediately began flickering; luckily her sky flier caught her before she fell. At the same time, Christa caught Verity before she hit the ground.
When the Illuminates and their friends landed, the inhabitants began cheering. Christa’s family rushed up to hug her while Verity’s sister hugged her. When they let Christa go, Santa walked up and shook Volt’s hand. “Thank you, thank you all. Our kids mean everything to us.”
“She was a big help,” Volt said. “Christa’s a really powerful fairy.”
“It would be a good idea for her to get formal training,” Mira added. “Alfea, the school for fairies, is a great place for her to develop her skills. Also, it’s extremely safe.”
Psyche finished, “Doom, the witch who sent the Red Wraith here...there’s no saying whether or not she’ll attack again, especially since Christa’s an Illuminate like us.”
Santa considered their words thoughtfully. “Will she really be safer at this Alfea?”
“Definitely,” Volt, Mira, and Psyche replied in unison.
With a small sigh, Santa turned to Christa. “What do you think, Christa? Do you want to go to Alfea?”

Later, Volt was hanging with Ella, Liz, and Christa in Alfea’s courtyard. Volt was showing Christa the Luminous Charm that him and his sisters had found. As they talking the Winx’s ship landed nearby. When the Winx walked off the ship, Volt immediately saw their shocked expressions. He looked at the charm, Christa, and then his Enchantix and laughed nervously.
“We can explain…”

Chapter Text

Volt and his friends met with the Winx in Faragonda’s office to discuss the new developments. Both groups described their ordeals, with the Winx being granted their Fantasmix powers, and all that had happened with the Illuminates. Psyche, Trixie, Mira, Angelo and Diablo had all gone back to their respective schools, but Volt got a feeling that his sisters wouldn’t be quite ready to go back to class yet.
“So that’s how we’re going to find the Luminous Jewels?” Aisha asked, pointing to the interlocking rings with the white jewel in the center.
“I think so,” Volt replied. “I think the White Jewel is mine, but I don’t know how it appeared.” With a small shrug he apologize, sorry, I thought that I would be more helpful.” He shrunk the charm into a small bracelet and put it on his wrist.
Flora put her hand on Volt’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Volt. Finding this charm is more helpful than you realize. And besides, with our Fantasmix powers, we don’t have to worry about the Wraiths or the Trix wiping out our powers.”
“Statistically, it boosts our chances of finding the rest of the Luminous Jewels by almost 70%, so it is a great help!” Tecna commented.
Bloom was thoughtful. “When we were leaving the Cave of Jubilation, Abigail shouted something to me: ‘to find the Luminous Jewels, just be yourselves’. I can’t say for sure, but maybe finding them will be like Charmix--overcoming personal weaknesses.”
Stella groaned, “Haven’t we gone on enough of these quests? Can’t we take a break for once? The inter-school dance is coming up for Solaria’s sake!”
Ella added, “Also, Volt, Christa and I have a project for Wizgiz. We’re going to Pixie Village to interview the pixies and try to learn more about magic bonding.”
“You shouldn’t go by yourselves!” Flora gasped. “You really should have an escort!”
Aisha stood up and looked at Volt. “We can split up; Flora, Stella, and I can take Volt, Ella, and Christa to Pixie Village, while Bloom, Tecna, and Musa stay back and research the Luminous Jewels.” She gave Volt a quick noogie and said, “You might be an Enchantix fairy now, but we’re still in charge of protecting you.”
“Can Liz and I come with Bloom?” Roxy asked, while brushing Zing. “We’re doing our project on Fairy Animals, and I want to see if we can pull up any extra information.” Volt and Zing were eyeing each other, but for once the little Shock Rabbit made no moves to chase the fairy.
"I don't see why not," Bloom commented. "But aren't these Wizgiz projects supposed to be groups of three?"
"Roxy and I were assigned to a girl named Amelia who missed class today," Liz said with a shrug. "We were planning on starting the project and filling her in on it later."
"Very well," Faragonda said. "I will let your professors know that you'll be doing supervised research." She gave Volt a stern look and added, "And Volt, if your sisters join you, please make sure you're actually doing your research."
"Yes ma'am," Volt said, "Though I don't think Mira and Psyche will be tagging along."

At Red Fountain, Mira was sparring with Angelo. The two of them clashed with sword and shield, each fighting to their full strength.
Mira watched as Angelo jumped back, having been deflected by her shield. Mira paused for a moment and stood still, anticipating his movements.
Angelo ran at Mira and lunged with his sword and she moved to dodge when suddenly he turned in midair and hit her with his shield, catching her off guard and sending her flying.
Mira tumbled to the ground a bit away, and Angelo landed on his feet. Immediately, Angelo ran over to Mira and held out his hand. "Mira, are you okay?" He asked concernedly, holding his hand to help her up.
"Yeah, I'm good," Mira replied. "Nice touch with that shield hit, I was not expecting it." She stood and stretched her shoulder. "Though that was definitely a tough tumble…"
"Here, lemme get that. I learned some massaging techniques when my family visited the planet Ohm." Angelo said. He moved behind her and began rubbing. "Wow your shoulders are like...rock hard. Are you stressed about something?"
Mira sighed. "Just...everything with Doom and my siblings…I'm the rock that Volt and Psyche lean on."
Suddenly, the two of them heard, "Boooo!!! Mira should have won!!" They turned to see Psyche and Trixie in the stands, shouting and hollering.
"Speak of the devil," Mira muttered, before shouting, "Psyche! Trixie! What are you two doing here!!"
The two witches fell over like they were made of cardboard, and Mira jumped as a hand plopped on her shoulder. She turned to see Psyche with Trixie snickering just behind her. "We came to cheer you on!" Psyche laughed, giving Mira a hug.
"Shouldn't you two be in class?" Mira asked.
"Shouldn't you be in class?" Trixie retorted playfully.
"Touché," Mira said, "But since I'm acing all of my classes I get a free day on Friday. I use it to study." She deactivated her phantoblade and added. "Or practice my swordswomanship. What about you two?"
Trixie rolled her eyes, but Psyche giggled. “We're taking medium classes and I'm already a medium. So, we’re going to go annoy Volt. Wanna come along?” Psyche asked.
Mira looked at Angelo. “You think we got enough sword fighting in for today?”
Angelo shrugged. “Your call, Mira,” he said. “Like, you’re way above my level.”
With a shrug, Mira said,“Let’s go annoy Volt.”

In the cave, Doom was waiting by her magic screen. She was staring into inky darkness in a strangely distant way; however, she immediately turned as the Trix appeared and calmly said, “You’re late.”
The Trix cringed as Doom stood, but she didn’t yell at them or try to attack. This calm demeanor, without her usual coldness, completely freaked the Trix out. Darcy and Stormy ducked behind Icy and shoved her forward. Icy glared at the other two witches before turning back to Doom. She mumbled, “We...uh, didn’t stop the Winx from getting Fantasmix.”
“I’m well aware,” Doom nonchalantly commented. She pointed to her void screen, which was dark and foggy. There were muted voices and dark figures, but it was nigh impossible to figure out what was happening. “Between the Winx gaining Fantasmix and the Illuminates finding the Luminous Charm, my magic is being disrupted.” She sounded a tad annoyed, but not particularly angry. Turning to the Trix, she said, “I’m sending you on a new mission. I need another jewel for my Wraithix so I can keep tabs on our do-gooder friends, and we need more information about the Luminous Charm and the Luminous Jewels. You three,” she pointed at the Trix, causing them to flinch, “will get me a yellow jewel for my Wraithix while I disguise myself and infiltrate Alfea.” She crossed her arms and asked, “Understand?”
Stormy raised her hand. “Why don’t the three of us infiltrate Alfea? We don’t really know how to use our Wraithix yet but we can disguise ourselves as fairies.”
Doom’s eyes narrowed and she commented, “I’m well aware of how that went the last time you three went as fairies together. And are you telling me you haven’t even figured out how to summon your Wraiths?” She groaned, “I had much more faith in you.”
“Well you haven’t taught us how to even use these powers!” Darcy protested. “You just slapped these bracelets on our wrists and sent us away.”
“Talk to them,” Doom said.
“What?” Icy asked.
“Talk to your Wraiths. Your Wraiths will do whatever you ask of them; the catch is that you have to ask for it. Whether out loud or in your head, you have to be clear. These are beings not spells.” She held up her own Wraithix; the jewels spun around and formed the Wraiths who floated around her and stared intensely at the Trix. Even though they were human-sized, the Trix felt small with the glowing eyes bearing into their souls. Doom twisted her wrist and they flew back onto the golden band.
“Okay, and what about this jewel? How can we find it?” Icy asked. “Is it hidden in Pixie Village like the Codex Piece?” Her voice was listless and dry, sarcastic and generally uninterested.
Doom stepped up to Icy, as Darcy and Stormy stepped back. “My dear Icy, that’s the easy part. Go to Pixie Village, summon your Wraiths and cause trouble. Find a pixie with a yellow aura. Make that pixie to fall deep in despair and when she’s at her limit…” she stepped forward and clenched her fist. “Steal her soul.”
All three of the Trix blinked in surprise. They’d done a lot of evil, and causing trouble was no big deal, but soul stealing was a level of evil they’d never tried. Doom stepped back and said, “You’d better hurry, because you’ll have company, while I…” She snapped her fingers and her appearance changed to a blue-haired fairy that bore a striking resemblance to Bloom. “...have some reading. Now go, and don’t disappoint me this time.”
Suddenly, the Trix felt a surge of power flow from their Wraithix and in swirls of darkness they vanished. Meanwhile, Doom turned to her screen, focused on a darkened image of Bloom. “I’m coming for you...sister.”

At Pixie Village, a lone pixie say in her room, staring into the mirror on her dresser. Shapes and colors swirled, and the pixie caught an image of three witches coming into the village, followed by giant shadow creatures. They attacked, ripping through the village with Malice. The pixie let out a shriek, and the mirror cracked. The sound of breaking glass echoed and resonated in every direction, and the pixie heard the collective shout of, “RHEEEEEAAAAA!!!!”

Back at Alfea, after the friends said their goodbyes, Bloom’s group headed back into the school. Bloom, Tecna, and Musa led Roxy and Liz to the magical archive.
"Wait up!" A voice shouted. They turned to see a young blue-haired fairy running to catch up with them. When she did, she said, "I'm in your group!"
"Amelia?" Liz asked.
The girl nodded. "Yep! Fairy of Stories." She walked along with the others, and asked, "So what were we researching again?"
"The bonds of fairies and fairy animals," Roxy explained.
"Oh cool, are the Winx helping us?" Amelia asked, looking at the older girls. There was something vaguely familiar about her, but it was hard to pinpoint what, exactly.
"Nah, the Winx are looking for something else," Liz said. "Don't worry about it, it's not going to change anything in class."
"Awwwww, I wanna be included!!" Amelia complained.
Liz and Roxy shared a look; Roxy shrugged and Liz sighed before telling Amelia, "The Winx are researching the Luminous Jewels they have to find in order to beat the evil witch Doom."
Amelia snickered a bit, which made the other two girls look at her in confusion. "Sorry, I just think how silly of a name 'Doom' is."
Meanwhile, Musa asked, "Do you think we can find anything about the Luminous Jewels? I mean, there isn't a lot of info on the Illumination as is. Even Fantasmix is something that we're learning as we go along." She crossed her arms. "Usually there's a legend or some sort of easily accessed info."
"Nothing pops up in my search engine that we don't know related to the Illumination" Tecna added. She typed on her phone and pulled up an image of the rings. "But I might have something that can help with the jewels. This image means unity, but there's something else too." She pushed a button, and the reigns became solidly colored circles. "This is the RGB color spectrum. It's used in TV and computers. Red, Blue, and Green are the primary colors of light."
Bloom looked at the image and said, "it's not a lot, but it definitely helps." She smiled and said, "Good job, Tecna."
They reached the Magical Archive and walked inside.

Aisha's group trekked to Pixie Village with minimal difficulty. Everyone was talking and getting along well enough. Volt was chatting with Ella about their project, and Aisha and Flora were talking about how excited they were to see the pixies again. As for Christa and Stella, well things were interesting to say the least.
“Wow! Your planet has three suns?” Christa gasped. “That’s so cool!” She was so excited she transformed into her winx and fluttered around Stella excitedly. “I live in the North Pole. We have six months without sun every year, but we get to see the Aurora Borealis just about every night.”
“You’re the Fairy of Auroras, right?” Stella asked. “It’s nice to meet another light fairy!” She smiled and added, “What can you do?”
“My powers mostly revolve around colors and rainbows,” Christa said, “But with some extra focus I can make some powerful light blasts.” She waved her hands around, creating small wisps of color.
Stella smiled up colorful lights and laughed, “You’re so talented with your magic! If you’re every up for it, I can help teach you more light magic!”
Christa gasped and flew up in the air excitedly. “That would be amazing, thank you so much!!” She landed and transformed back into her civilian clothes.
“I also must say you have an adorable sense of style,” Stella added.
Christa giggled again as there was a sudden gust of cold wind. The winx girls gasped and looked ready to attack, when Psyche, Mira, Trixie, and Angelo appeared in a flash of light. The fairies all blinked in surprise, but Volt quickly and happily gave his sisters a hug. "What are you two doing here?" He laughed.
"We came to annoy you," Psyche explained.
Volt laughed and said, "Well I'm glad you're here anyway. The more the merrier!" The group continued moving forward as Aisha pulled Volt to the side.
"Volt, I understand you're happy to see your sisters, but I don't think it's the best idea for Psyche and Trixie to come into Pixie Village."
"Why not?" Volt asked. "Psyche's always wanted to meet a pixie."
Aisha sighed and explained, "The pixies have had some bad experiences with witches; mainly the Trix. I get that Trixie and Psyche aren't like that but…"
"It'll be fine," Volt assured her. "I trust Psyche. She'd never hurt a pixie and they'll see that when they get to know her." He smiled, and it was kind of hard to argue against his smile.
In their silence, they heard Flora talking to Psyche. "Psyche, do you know if plants have an afterlife?"
"No, they don't," Psyche explained. "Plants automatically reincarnate when they die! There aren't many 'new' plant souls, especially because of how long trees live."
"Oh…" Flora mumbled. "That really makes you think."
Trixie and Psyche giggled together until Aisha said, "We're here." While the Winx girls had been to Pixie Village, the others were absolutely fascinated by what they saw.
"Aisha! Flora! Stella!" A group of small voices shouted. They looked to see a group of pixies: the pixies bonded to the Winx themselves.
Each of the girls joyfully reunited with her respective pixie, as Ninfea came up with three pixies flying behind her. Two of them were comforting the third, who seemed shaken and shy. On the left, the pixie had pink hair in a ponytail and rainbow jersey. One the right, the fairy had cosmic-looking hair and a fashionable outfit. The pixie in the middle had long white hair and a fancy gray dress.
"Thank goodness you're here!" Ninfea said. "Pixie Village is in danger!" She moved aside and let the other three pixies come forward.
The pink-haired pixies nudged the white-haired one and whispered in her ear. The white-haired pixie backed up a bit before the other two pushed her forward. "Um...I…"
Volt sympathized with the pixie and knelt down. "Hi there, little pixie. My name's Volt, what's yours?" He held his index finger out to her. "I'm the fairy of lightning."
"'m Rhea...the pixie of reflections," Rhea mumbled. Taking a deep breath, she blurted, "I saw Pixie Village get destroyed in my mirror!"
"What!?" The Winx girls exclaimed.
"What happened?" Volt calmly asked when Rhea squeaked in alarm. He held his hand out to her and she climbed on. The other two pixies floated up and hovered next to her.
"I was looking into my mirror, and I had a vision of Pixie Village getting destroyed by three witches: one in red, one in blue, and one in purple, with big shadow monsters." Rhea shakily described.
"It's had her shaken up all day," the pink-haired pixie explained.
"I see," Aisha said. "Well, you have the promise of the Winx to protect Pixie Village with our Fantasmix powers."
"My friends and I will help as much as we can," Volt added, giving Rhea a sweet, reassuring smile. Rhea smiled back, as the other two pixies flew to Volt's friends.
The pink-haired pixie flew to Christa and said, "You have a bright smile and radiate excitement!! I'm Nike, the pixie of games!"
"My name's Christa, the fairy of auroras," Christa introduced. Nike giggled and flew around before giving Christa a hug.
The star-haired pixie flew up to Ella and said, "I love your outfit, and your hair! I'm Polaris, the pixie of wishes!"
"Nice to meet you!" Ella giggled. "I'm Ella, the fairy of night." Polaris giggled with her, before talking to her about all sorts of things.
As the students bonded with their pixies, but were nervous about the impending arrival of the Trix. They didn't have to wait long, though, as dark clouds gathered in the air.

Amelia didn't seem interested in researching fairy animals. She seemed to be drifting off the more they discussed the topic, and was frequently looking over at the Winx with a strange look of grudging longing. "Amelia," Liz scolded, "this is supposed to be a group effort."
"I know, but why don't we help the Winx for a little while, take a small break from this." Amelia suggested.
"I'm having fun…" Roxy mumbled disappointedly. Then she sighed and admitted, "Though I do want to find out more about these jewels."
Amelia quickly stood up and said, "Are we all in agreement?" She smiled eagerly at the other two.
"Sure, I guess," Roxy relented.
Though tight-lipped, Liz sighed, "Okay, fine."
"Great!!" Amelia grabbed the other girls' wrists and pulled them over to where the Winx were standing.
Noticing them, Tecna asked, "Did you find everything you needed for your project?" She smiled and said, "I'd be more than happy to assist you when we find what we're looking for."
"Actually, we wanted to help you!!" Amelia giggled.
"Really? Well, that's really kind of you," Bloom said with a smile, "but I think that your studies should take priority."
Amelia's smile seemed to tighten a bit, when Tecna gasped. "I think I know which book it is!!" She ran over to one of the lifts and activated it, rising up to the book that she needed. She pulled it out and quickly came back. "A comprehensive text about the Illumination and the Luminous Jewels! Everything we need to know to defeat Doom!"
Hearing this, Amelia let out a long, slow sigh and said, "Thank goodness, this was simply exhausting…" she floated up in the air without wings, and in a swirl of darkness, she turned into Doom. "I'll have you hand over the book now."
The Winx, Roxy, and Liz defensively gathered around Tecna, and Bloom shouted, "We have Fantasmix!! You can't beat us!"
Doom just chuckled and said, "Bloom, my dear, you forget: I'm the Witch of Ink." She snapped her fingers, and torrents of black ink spilled from every book in the archive, filling up the room.

“Volt, Christa, Ella, Mira, Angelo, Trixie, and Psyche, evacuate as many pixies as you can,” Aisha told them. “We’ll fight off the Trix!”
“Wait, Angelo and I can help!” Mira argued. “You shouldn’t have to fight by yourselves!” She and Angelo pulled out their weapons.
“It’s sweet of you to be concerned,” Flora kindly said, “But even with their Wraithix, the power of Fantasmix won't let them wipe out our powers."
"We got this!" Stella assured, with a wink and a thumbs-up.
As Mira was about to protest again, Volt put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head. "Let's split up, we can cover more ground that way," Psyche added. The others nodded and split up into three groups. They began directing the pixies as orderly as they could, trying to keep them from panicking and getting as many to safety before the Trix arrived.
"Ok, let's do this." Aisha said. "Magic Winx! Fantasmix!" In a flash, the girls were in their Fantasmix forms.
Shapes of darkness formed in the air above the Village, before revealing the Trix. The Trix surveyed the area, before noticing the Winx. "Are they everywhere!?" Stormy groaned.
Icy chuckled and said, "Don't forget, sisters, we have back up!" She held up her wrist and tapped her Wraithix.
The Trix all held up their Wraithix and shouted, "Destroy Pixie Village!" Their jewels floated into the air and shone brightly, taking on the shadowy forms of the Trix' bonded fairy animals.
Immediately, the animalistic wraiths began rampaging, destroying houses and causing all sorts of mayhem. Luckily, the students had cleared out a good number of pixies. Laughing, Icy taunted, "So, are you going to stop us, or our wraiths?"
"You're despicable!" Stella growled.
"We need to stop the Wraiths!" Flora gasped. "We can't let them get to the students!" The Winx nodded and split up, each taking off after a different wraith. The Trix nodded to each other, and began scanning for the pixies.

When Bloom realized she could breathe, she opened her eyes and gasped. The world around them looked like it had been drawn on a page with black ink. Only the Winx, their students, and Doom were in color. When the others opened their eyes, Musa asked, "Where are we?"
Tecna, ever vigilant, scanned the area. "It's unlike anything I've ever seen! According to this, this entire world is made of ink!!"
They all heard laughing and turned to see Doom floating in the air above them. "Impressive, isn't it?" She asked. "It's one of my favorite powers!" She laughed as she floated down and landed on the ground, before sauntering up to the fairies. "Now, you can hand me that book, or have some fun in the world I created."
The fairies defensively pulled the book back, and Doom laughed. “Very well, this will be fun.” With a deranged cackle, Doom spun around and disappeared in a swirl of darkness.
“Let’s transform,” Bloom said. “Magic Winx, Fantasmix!” Tecna, Musa, and Boom transformed into their Fantasmix.
“Enchantix!” Liz shouted, transforming.
“Believix!” shouted Roxy.
With all of the fairies transformed, they scanned the area. The forest, despite resembling the illustrations in a chapter book, seemed to have depth and tangibility. In the distance, there was a girl wearing a hood and holding a basket. “Little Red Riding Hood?” Bloom asked. The fairies all looked at each other and cautiously followed behind her.

Despite having split up, the Illuminates and their friends found each of their groups fighting off a different Trix.
Volt faced off against Stormy, the two blasting and deflecting lightning at each other. Psyche fought Darcy, their respective dark magics combatting with nearly equal measure. Mira found herself with Icy, and she knew that her own northern wind magic would be no match for the polar power Icy possessed.
Still though, she had to try. She pulled deep into her magic, and transformed into her paladin form. "Get away from here you witch!" She shouted, sending a gust of wind at Icy with her blade.
Icy chuckled and redirected the wind. "Nice try, little girl, but no wind will ever be as cold as mine!" She shot icicles at Mira, which Mira blocked with her sword.
"Are you sure, because to me it sounds like you're blowing hot air!!" Angelo shouted, blasting fire from above.
"You insolent!!" Icy growled, blasting ice magic at Angelo. Luckily enough, Angelo's flames were hot enough to combat the ice.
Mira took this opportunity to summon some light. It was a small bit, but she could already feel her power draining away from her. "Illumination Blast!!" She managed to gasp. A beam of pure white light shot at Icy, knocking her into a tree.
Meanwhile, Aisha, Stella, and Flora were facing off against the new Wraiths. "Lavender Blossom!!" Flora shouted, before throwing a strongly perfumed ball of smoke at Stormy's Wraith. The Wraith shrieked and coughed, but began writhing around more.
"We have to be careful, we don't want to cause extra damage to Pixie Village!" Aisha warned. "Summer Shower!!" She blasted hot water at Icy's Wraith, which countered with a dark blast of ice.
"Chandelier Shining!!" Stella shouted. Her light came in small, crystalline beams that hit Darcy's Wraith in different places. Like with Flora, the Wraith thrashed around before shooting it's tongue out at Stella. "Ew!!! Light Blade!!" Stella summoned a sword made of light and cut the Wraith's tongue, causing it to drop her. The three fairies flew up until they were back-to-back.
"How are we going to beat them?" Flora asked. "Our attacks only make them angrier!!"
Aisha thought for a moment. “We need to get the Wraiths as far from Pixie Village as we can!” She told the others. Holding out her hand, she shouted, “Dance of the Tide!” A spiral of glowing water spun out and struck cy’s Wraith. It let out a screech of pain and lunged at Aisha; she flew back, just out of its reach.
Seeing what she was doing, Stella shouted, “Glorious Spotlight!” She summoned a blinding light and blasted it at Darcy’s Wraith. It had a similar reaction as Icy’s Wraith, and lunged at Stella. For good measure, she shot some more beams of light to make it mad.
Before Flora went to attack the last Wraith, she waved the pixies over. “Pixies, I need you to tell the Illuminates to get the Trix away from Pixie Village. I don’t know what Aisha is planning, but it might be dangerous.”
“You got it, Flora!” Chatta shouted.
“Nike, Polaris and I will warn Volt,” Rhea said. She flew off with Nike and Polaris.
“Piff, Amore, and I will tell Psyche!” Chatta shouted. Her group flew off next.
Digit turned to Lockette and Tune, and shrugged. “I guess we’re going after Mira.” They all flew off.
When the pixies were gone, Flora held her hand out towards the last Wraith. “Beauty of Nature!” she shouted. A pink light and glowing petals appeared around her hands, and it spun around from her hands, like a windstorm of sakura petals. They hit Stormy’s Wraith, knocking it back a bit. With a screech, the Wraith flew after Flora.
“I hope they’ll be okay,” she muttered to herself as she flew off.

Little Red Riding Hood didn't notice the fairies following behind her. Much to Liz and Roxy's surprise, the wolf didn't appear, either. They watched her enter the house with no issue, and through the window, they saw her give the treats to her grandmother.
"Okay, this is not how I remember the story going," Liz mumbled.
"Do you think this is the Legendarium World?" Roxy asked nervously.
"No, it can't be," Tecna said. "The Legendarium world was still in color, not like this. Also, Doom said she creates this world. There's no way she could have created the entire Legendarium world."
"Why don't we ask Little Red Riding Hood and see if she knows anything?" Musa suggested.
"That's not a bad idea," Bloom agreed. She knocked politely, and they saw Little Red and her grandmother react, but neither of them went to open the door. Bloom opened the door slightly and said, "Sorry to in...trude…" when the others passed through the door, they found themselves in a palace.
It was a baby's christening, and everyone was dressed in medieval-looking garb that made the fairies look terribly out of place. No one seemed too perturbed by them, luckily, but Bloom felt an uncanny chill down her spine.
"Doom...Doom is here. I can feel it…" she mumbled, looking around disconcertedly. The witch wasn't obvious among the crowd, but Bloom's Dragon Flame was restless.
The other fairies looked around anxiously, but Doom was nowhere to be seen. "Should we transform?" Roxy asked.
"That sounds like a good idea," Bloom replied. "Magic Winx! Fantasmix!!" The Winx girls transformed into their Fantasmix, while Roxy activated her Believix, and Liz activated her Enchantix.
"I was wondering when we'd get to party!!" A booming, ethereal voice laughed. The hall's grand entrance flew open and Doom walked in, accompanied by several infamous fairytale villains. Her ink tentacles were waving in the air, like she was trying to taunt the fairies (which, in her case, she probably was). With an evil cackle, she held out her hand, and all of the people in the hall dissolved into ink clouds, before being sucked into Doom's cape. With a wicked grin, Doom held her hand out and pointed at the fairies. The Illumination Book fought against Tecna's grasp, before pulling itself open. Like the people in the hall, the contents from the book were sucked out in a cloud of ink. This ink cloud formed in a black orb with words flying around it. It quickly flew over to Doom, who told the fairytale villains, "Please keep our guests busy, I have some reading to do." She flew off as the villains growled and rushed at the fairies.
Immediately, Roxy, Liz, Musa and Tecna summoned their power to combat these characters. Bloom, however, immediately flew over to Tecna. "Tecna! I need the book!" She urged.
Tecna nodded and handed the book right to Bloom. "I'm going to confront Doom," Bloom told the others. "Please keep the monsters off my tail!"
"Gotcha, Bloom!" Musa shouted. The other fairies blasted an opening amidst the villains, allowing Bloom to quickly fly through.
Bloom pursued Doom. She couldn't see the witch, but she could very much feel her power. The halls were long and twisted--no doubt so that Bloom had trouble following her.
Doom's presence felt like it was everywhere--understandably, since it was a world made from her power. Luckily, the highest concentration of that power, Doom herself, was easy enough to follow.
Without warning, Bloom found herself at a dead end. The hallway just ended. "Doom…" Bloom growled. She sighed and said, "I hope Aisha is having less trouble."

Volt was cornered. Stormy was overhead, blasting lightning all willy-nilly. Her attacks were so erratic that it was taking all of Volt's focus to redirect and deflect her attacks. He'd miniaturized and was hiding in one of the less damaged houses. Christa and Ella weren't able to miniaturize yet, so they were focused on guiding what pixies they could away from the village.
Volt looked around frantically, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly he noticed Rhea in the house next to him. An idea struck him. "Rhea!" He shouted, catching her attention.
Rhea looked at him, absolute terror shaking her eyes. "Can your mirrors reflect lightning?" Volt asked her seriously. Stormy sent another round of bolts, but she didn't seem to notice Volt talking.
Despite looking absolutely terrified, Rhea nodded. Volt nodded and said, "I need you to aim your mirror at Stormy."
With a shaky nod, Rhea pulled off the buckle on her belt. It grew into a hand mirror about as big as Rhea herself. She moved the mirror around until Volt could see Stormy's reflection in the glass.
Volt wasn't certain this would work, and he was terrified of the prospect of it failing, but he took in a deep breath and calmly said, "Ball Lightning." He created ball of sparking lightning that he threw towards Rhea.
Rhea clenched her eyes tight and hit the ball with her mirror. The lightning flew out and collided with Stormy, taking the witch by surprise. Seeing his chance, Volt flew out of the house and grew to full size, charging powerful lightning and blasting it at her. His eyes sparked with bright blue lightning as electricity swarmed around him.
Psyche and Trixie were in a bind. Even with Psyche's spirits and Trixie's tricks, it was almost like Darcy could predict their movements and counter them before they could even strike.
"I knew Darcy was powerful, but this is insane!" Trixie whispered as she hid behind a rock with Psyche. Darcy floated past them, not seeming to notice they were there until Psyche felt a hand grab her by the arm.
Psyche shrieked and blasted Darcy with as much spirit energy as she could muster. Darcy shouted in surprise and anger, but let go of Psyche. Trixie grabbed Psyche's hand, and the two witches floated above Darcy.
Darcy did nothing but smirk at the younger witches. She snapped her fingers and she was surrounded by hundreds of identical copies. "Her illusions," Psyche growled with frustration
"Those aren't just illusions," Trixie said. "Those are trick copies. I can usually make one--two at the most. I can't even count how many Darcy has."
Looking at them, Psyche could immediately tell which Darcy was real. She looked at Trixie and whispered, "Teleport us away real quick, I have a plan."
Trixie nodded and the girls vanished in a burst of confetti. Psyche quickly relayed her plan to Trixie before Darcy found them. "Ready?" Psyche asked.
"Wait." Trixie said. She gave Psyche a quick peck on the mouth, then said, "Okay, now I'm ready."
Psyche was taken aback for a moment, then nodded. The two witches moved from their hiding spot, and Psyche began summoning her power. "Restless spirits of the forest, answer my call," Psyche commanded. Glowing, greenish wisps of spirit energy began curling up from the ground like smoke.
All of the Darcies began grinning, until they heard wild laughter. Trixie suddenly popped out in a burst of smoke and sparkles, shouting, "Is this your card!?" She pulled out a deck, holding it in one hand before throwing it, knocking out a group of Darcy clones. With party favors, jack-o-lanterns, and other tricks, Trixie whittled down Darcy's army until it was just Darcy herself.
Darcy growled and tried to summon more copies, but they all dissolved into the collective energy that Psyche was summoning.
Psyche's hair was whipping around her head, and she was illuminated in a ghostly green glow. Her eyes were alight with blue, ghostly flames as she held the sphere of energy above her head.
Icy summoned icicles in the air and shot them at Mira. Mira was in her Paladin form still, keeping the air cool around her to preserve energy. She hit Icy's attacks with her sword, shattering them with ease.
Angelo was flying on his sky rider, blasting fire at Icy when he could. However, with Icy's Wraithix, her ice constantly quickly overpowered Angelo's fire.
"Mountainous Snowstorm!!" Mira shouted. From her hand exploded a polar-cold wind that blasted straight at Icy. The air was so cold that bits of ice hit Icy too. Mira knew the cold wouldn't bother Icy too much, but a strong wind didn't hurt.
Mira felt drained from the spell, and her wings faltered, dropping her to the ground. Her magic evaporated around her, and Mira felt completely exhausted. She braced herself on the ground, her arms shaking.
"Mira!!" Angelo shouted. Mira looked up weakly, seeing that Icy was summoning ice power to hit her with. Suddenly, Angelo struck Icy from the side, shouting, “Leave her alone, frostbite!!” He landed in front of Mira and pointed his flaming sword at Icy.
“A-angelo…”Mira groaned, trying to get up. She collapsed back down before she could. She saw Icy glaring at Angelo, drawing in icy blue-white magic.
“Stay out of the way, fire boy,” Icy growled. She hit Angelo with a blast of powerful magic, knocking Angelo into the tree and freezing him in place.
Seeing this, Mira felt very, very angry. The cold air flowed into her, rejuvenating her power and lifting her up. The wind blew around her and her paladin form appeared in a glow of cold light. Mira flew up with her wings, her eyes glowing with cold blue light, like aquamarines lying in winter snow.
Despite being apart, the Trix all came to the same realization as they stared at the wild expressions, white hair, and electric blue eyes. These were faces the Trix hadn’t seen in years, but they suddenly recognized.
When the Illuminates collided with their respective Trix, they knocked each of the witches back. The Trix all flew backwards from the force of the hit, and collided into each other in the center of the village. They saw bright lights as the Illuminates flew up into the air. In a panic, Icy scanned the area until she saw a group of pixies cowering together. In front of them was Ninfea, holding her arms out protectively.
Looking closely, Icy saw a golden-yellow aura surrounding her. With an evil cackle, Icy blasted ice at the pixies. “Brace yourselves!!” Ninfea shouted, blocking as much of Icy’s magic as she could. When Icy was done, she started cackling madly. Ninfea looked, and gasped with horror--every pixie aside from her had been frozen. Ninfea was overtaken by a feeling of despair. She collapsed, to hocked to even cry.
The Illuminates all froze in shock when they saw what happened. There was a sudden wave of negative energy emanating from Icy that pushed the Illuminates back and wiped away their power-ups. Mira collapsed from the sky, her paladin form dissolving. Volt and Psyche dove to catch Mira, who was now completely unconscious.
They watched in horror as Icy waved her hand in a circle, and Ninfea suddenly clutched her body. Her body turned to shadow, with a yellow aura with a yellow light in the center. The darkness was sucked into the yellow light, which became a small, yellow, ovular jewel. The jewel floated to Icy, who clasped it nearly aggressively. She turned to the Illuminates and waved near-sarcastically.
Suddenly, a resonating screech filled the air, and the Trix looked surprised--nearly scared. They flew away as the Illuminates slowly lowered Mira to the ground. The Illuminates’ friends gathered around them, before surveying the destroyed state of the village. “We failed…” Volt quietly muttered, tears streaming down his cheeks.

The fairytale villains were easy enough to beat--the problem was that there were so many of them. It took just a single blast to make most of them dissolve into ink, though some took two blasts. But every time that they defeated a villain, a new one ran to take their place. Some of the villains were coming back, like they were regenerating.
“This is annoying!!” Liz shouted, blasting powerful purple magic at a witch for what seemed to be the fourth time.
Roxy sent swipes of green magic with as much effort as she could muster, but like Liz, she seemed to be wearing down. “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up!” She panted, her magic faltering a bit.
Musa noticed the younger girls struggling and shouted to Tecna. “We need to take out as many as we can!” She held up her hand and shouted, “Resonant Echo!!” A wave of reddish-purple sound energy blasted outwards, temporarily disabling some of the stronger villains and wiping out the weaker ones.
“Chip Damage!” Tecna shouted. A green bolt of energy shot to the ground and blasted out into smaller bits of the same green energy flew out and struck the other enemies, destroying the ones that remained.
Tecna and Musa flew down to Liz and Roxy and helped them up, before guiding them up through the hallway that Doom and Bloom had flown through. After a moment, they found Bloom staring at a dead-end wall. Bloom looked frustrated, but brightened at the sight of the others. “I’m glad you’re okay!”
“Those guys were nothin’!” Musa laughed. Then they heard roaring and shouting coming from where they’d just been. “Though...the next wave might be a bit tougher…”
“I can’t blast this wall down, but if we converge, we just might be able to,” Bloom suggested to Tecna and Musa.
Tecna and Musa nodded, and the three girls summoned energy. “Fantasmix Convergence!” Their magic combined into a swirling ball of light and color---orange, red, and purple. The light blasted at the wall, breaking the books and dissolving it into ink.
The world around them started dissolving into ink, leaving them in an off-white void. In the distance, there was writhing darkness, like an octopus made of darkness. “Five bucks says that’s where Doom is,” Liz said.
The fairies all flew towards the darkness, and Bloom could feel the presence of Doom approaching. When they got close enough, they all saw Doom staring at the orb of ink intently, and the strange images surfacing. Doom didn’t even look at them when they approached; she held up her arm and said, “Get them, my darlings.”
The jewels flew off her bracelet and formed into the Wraiths, all three of them flying at the girls. “Wraithix Shadow!” Doom shouted dismissively. The Wraiths pulsed out dark energy. When it hit Roxy and Liz, their transformations dissolved and they collapsed to the ground. In the darkness, though, Bloom, Musa, and Tecna were...glowing.
Roxy and Liz could barely keep themselves up, and Bloom looked at them in concern. “Warm Embrace,” Bloom muttered. She blew a flaming kiss towards the young fairies, and golden-orange flaming dome protected them. It blocked out some of the darkness, and they were able to sit back up.
The Wraiths flew at the Winx. “Passion Flame!” Bloom shouted, shooting a burst of flame. Unlike most times, her magic definitely damaged the Wraiths more. The Winx girls ended up back to back as the Wraiths flew around them.

The Winx girls ended up back to back as the Wraiths flew around them. They had been crawling around, attacking Pixie Village on the ground, but it wasn’t surprising that they could fly--especially with all of the other Wraiths being able to fly. However, they were flying faster than the Winx anticipated, creating a kind-of tornado of shadow.
“This was not what I was expecting,” Stella said, surprisingly calm, “but good idea, Aisha.”
“It’s not over yet,” Aisha said. She flew up into the air and focused, summoning blue-turquoise energy that was gathering in the air above her. “Dance of the Tide! Tidal wave!”
Glowing water exploded from energy above Aisha’s head, shooting out and striking the three Wraiths at once. They stopped and glared at Aisha. Aisha calmly told the other fairies, “When I say so, we need to converge.”
When the Wraiths flew at Aisha, she flew straight up away from the other fairies so that the Wraiths pursued her. She dodged and weaved, making as confusing of a flight pattern as she could. When they were good and confused, she shouted, “Ocean Mist!!” Steam escaped from Aisha’s body, creating a cloud cover.
Aisha flew back down and joined the other two fairies. They could see the silhouettes of the Wraiths in the clouds, flying around and knocking into each other in confusion. “I...almost feel bad for them,” Flora commented.
“Well, whether or not, we need to finish this,” Aisha said. “Dance of the Tide!”
“Beauty of Nature!”
“Glorious Spotlight!”
Their Fantasmix spells glowed in their hands as Aisha’s cloud cover faded and the Wraiths looked down at the Winx. With growls of anger and hunger, the Wraiths flew straight at the three fairies. “Fantasmix Convergence!!” The Winx shouted, combining their Fantasmix spells and blasting them at the Wraiths in a beam of pink, turquoise, and yellow. The Wraiths hissed and screeched in pain, collapsing into their jewels and flying away.
A short distance away, the jewels rejoined the Trix, who glared at Winx and vanished. The Winx all sighed with exhaustion and floated back down to the ground, when Aisha mumbled, “That...was terrifying…” between heavy breaths.
Flora patted Aisha and said, “It was a very brave you to do.”
“Definitely!” Stella laughed. “Aisha, you’re the bravest fairy I know.”
Suddenly, a blue light grew from Aisha’s chest. It flew into the air in front of her, before flashing into a jewel. It was fairly large, royal blue, and was shaped like an umbrella. It glowed by itself, and floated above her cupped hands.
“Is this...a Luminous Jewel?”Aisha asked.
“We should find Volt!” Flora gasped.
The three fairies flew back to Pixie Village.

For the first time, the Wraiths didn’t feel like as big of a threat as they had. They would try to swoop in and hit the bubble protecting Liz and Roxy, but the Winx would hit them with their magic and drove them off. Bloom still had the book, when she thought of something. “Tecna! Don’t you have a magnetism spell?”
“Yeah!” Tecna shouted. Bloom tossed her the book, and Tecna held it out and shouted, “Loot Magnet!” A green aura lit up around her hands and glowed around the book. The pages began glowing a lighter green, and the pages began flapping like the wind. The orb of ink that Doom had created began moving away from her, and she gasped in anger.
“Kraken Grip!” Doom growled. She created a liquid-ink tentacle with her right hand that lunged into a magical tug-of war with Tecna.
“Burning Love!” Bloom shouted, shooting bursts of flame at the Wraiths.
“Memory of a Melody!” Musa added, shooting out little bursts of music and soundwaves at the Wraiths. With their combined magic, the Wraiths shrunk back into their jewels and flew back to Doom.
Musa and Bloom nodded to each other, then flew over to help Tecna. The two of them grabbed Tecna’s shoulders and flowed their magic into hers, boosting her spell. They started to gain leverage, before Doom growled and several more tentacles shot out and grabbed onto the orb, yanking it and slowly dragging it back to her.
Suddenly they felt another surge of energy, and saw that Liz and Roxy had joined, and were adding their own energy to the spell. A rainbow of color shot out and hit the ink orb, yanking it from the tentacles and knocking Doom onto her back. The orb flew back into book, flashing with bright light.
When the light died, the girls found themselves back in the archive. Doom was still on the floor, rubbing between her eyes like she had a headache. Standing up, Doom said, “Well, it’s been fun playing with you, but I’ve got what I needed.” She grinned at them before snapping her fingers and disappearing in a whirl of darkness.
The fairies drifted down to the ground, and their transformations disappeared. They sat on the ground, all completely exhausted, until the completely collapsed into a pile onto each other.

The Winx froze in horror when they saw how destroyed Pixie Village was. The groups of frozen pixies, the destroyed buildings, and Volt crying over his unconscious sister. Flora flew over to Volt and put her hands on his shoulders. Immediately Volt stood up and hugged her tight, absolutely bawling.
“I’m sorry, I failed,” He babbled. “I tried to get Stormy out of here but...but they stole Ninfea! They turned her into a jewel!”
The Winx gasped in shock, but Rhea flew up to Volt and hugged him. “It’s not your fault…” she sweetly mumbled. Volt calmed down a bit and straightened up, but his eyes were still teary.
He noticed Aisha’s blue jewel and asked, “That’s one of the Luminous Jewels, isn’t it?” He held out his hands and the Luminous Charm appeared. Aisha’s jewel floated over to it, and rotated until it fit in its spot--the bottom right spot. It shone bright, and then the white jewel flashed.
Rhea smiled sadly, and looking at her, Flora heard her small voice in her head. “I wish that Pixie Village wasn’t destroyed…” Flora felt a surge of sympathy for the little pixie, and her Fantasmix Stone glowed and small ball of light and petals shot up. The petals spread across the village, and in a flash Pixie Village was back to normal. The frozen pixies were still frozen, though. Stella walked up to those pixies and said, “Warm Sunlight.” She created a small light that thawed the pixies out.
“Will we get Ninfea back?” One pixie asked.
Volt looked away in shame, but Aisha assured her, “Yes, we will make sure of it.”
Volt and Psyche helped Mira onto Angelo’s wind rider, and he assured them, “I’ll get her to the infirmary.”
Psyche and Trixie said goodbye to Volt and the others before flying off to Cloud Tower. Volt collapsed onto his knees, and Ella and Christa walked up, before kneeling down and hugging him.

Due to their collective exhaustion from their encounters, Volt and his friends were allowed to rest for the remainder of the school day. The Winx themselves were tuckered out, and hanging out in their own dorm--except Flora, who went to check on Volt.
When Flora got back, she looked concerned and kind of sad. “He seems traumatized,” she said. “He’s asleep now, but he’s still shaking. I hope this doesn’t give him nightmares.”
She sat down next to Tecna, who was intently reading the book. Bloom sighed. “I feel bad for him and his sisters. They’re powerful, but that’s a lot for anyone to handle. And with Ninfea...what did the Trix even do to her?”
“They turned her into a Wraith,” Tecna said. “I found a chapter on Wraithix, and one of the powers is make people fall into despair and turn them into Wraiths to boost their Wraithix powers. It’s likely that Doom told them to do that while she came to Alfea for the book.”
“That’s...awful…” Stella gasped in horror.
“Well, if we finally defeat Doom, the trapped spirits will be freed,” Tecna said. “I’ve been reading about the Luminous Jewels. According to this book, the Luminous Jewels will appear when we discover our greatest personal strengths. It also says that finding all seven of the jewels will ‘activate a great power for the fairies who find them.’”
“I wonder what that means,” Musa commented.
Tecna shrugged and kept reading.

The Trix reappeared in the cave to see Doom lying down with a cup of tea. “Did you get me the jewel?” She asked in a deep, raspy, and annoyed voice. She didn’t look at them, but held her hand out.
Icy opened her hand and the jewel floated from her hand over to Doom. Doom’s Wraithix glowed, and the yellow jewel attached itself to her bracelet. She didn’t get up, or summon her inky spy screen.
“Did you manage to steal the book?” Icy asked.
“Didn’t need to. I know what I need to know,” Doom replied. “Get some rest, we’re going to deal with those fairies a lot more.”
The Trix collectively groaned.

Chapter Text

It took a few days, but after several cups of tea, a good book, and lots of warm snuggles from his friends, Volt was back to normal--if slightly shaken still. The girls brought him homework from class, and the Winx would visit him when they could (especially Flora). Now that he was feeling better, it was time to actually catch up on all of the homework he owed. He sat on the floor of the dorm, typing up a paper on his laptop. Ella was lying on the floor behind him, her feet resting on his back.
“Did Palladium say that we had to include all of the plant’s medicinal purposes in detail? There are over five hundred, and most of them are pretty redundant,” He asked her.
“He said all of the important ones,” Ella explained. “Since the plant you’re writing about is Minervan, I’m sure you could get away with fudging a few of the details,” she commented casually. “What was it call again?”
“The Karrkarstraven,” Volt replied.
“Right! The Karkarstriven!” Ella giggled. “It doesn’t roll off the tongue easily.”
“That’s because you’re saying it wrong,” Volt explained. “First, you roll the first ‘R’. It’s not just ‘Karkar’ it’s ‘Karrkar’. And it’s strah-ven, not strih-ven. Karrkarstraven.”
“Karrkarstraven!” Ella laughed. “It’s still a really weird word.”
“It means ‘Bud of Life’ in old Minervan.” Volt said calmly. “Old Minervans liked their words long and complicated.”
“Must’ve been a fun language to learn.” Ella said. After a moment’s pause, she asked, “What does Karkarstriven mean? Do you know?”
“It’s a battle cry that means ‘kill them all,’” Volt replied, back to focusing on his paper.
“Wait, really?” Ella asked, moving so that she was sitting up right behind him.
“Yep. If a Minervan shouts ‘karkarstriven,’ you know you’re boned.”
“Has Mira ever cried ‘karkarstriven’?”
“Once. Her opponent still has nightmares,” Volt recounted. He typed up some more before asking, “Do you think I should mention that you shouldn’t consume the Karrkarstraven raw?”
“Yeah, that seems like important info. I’m assuming it’s poisonous raw, then?” Ella asked, lying back down. “Does it like, shut down your body or something?”
“Actually the opposite. It gives you so much energy you kinda go crazy. It’s why the flower and the battlecry sound so similar.” Volt pulled up his browser before searching the name of the flower. “Here, Ellie, look.”
He moved his laptop to the side, and Ella looked up at the picture. “Oh, it’s so pretty!! Do Minervans keep Karrkarstravens as houseplants?”
“Oh definitely not, they smell horrible,” Volt said. “Mira, Psyche, and I can’t even smell them without feeling like upheaving our guts. And no, their smell can’t be blocked, it’s that strong.”
“Geez, the more you tell me about Minerva, the more it sounds like an inhospitable planet. You must’ve had a rough childhood.”
“Actually, Minerva’s not so bad. However, the ‘not so bad’ parts aren’t interesting, so I don’t talk about them much.” Volt said. “Though I can say that out of everything, I miss the food the most.”
“I miss the food back in Koyu,” Ella agreed. “Nothing like a good, delicious, palace-cooked meal.”
“My sisters and my favorite meal was and will always be Weezeldorf Stew. We actually have a family recipe that’s to die for. If we ever get to visit Minerva, Mira and I will whip you up a batch.” Volt promised. “And that is the conclusion of my paper! Yay me!” He clicked save and shut off the laptop, before groaning and falling to his side. “I think that’s the last assignment I owe...thank the gods of Minerva, I felt like I was dying.”
“Stop being so dramatic,” Ella playfully scolded, gently kicking Volt on his back. She asked, “Also, aren’t Weezeldorfs those big, scary rabbit thingies that eat people back on Minerva?”
“Yep! In the Mountains, killing a Weezeldorf is a rite of passage, after which the meat is cooked and the bones are made into armor for the person. When Mira did it, she even killed giant Weezeldorf. We had enough meat for a whole week of celebrating.” Volt said. “She also makes a mean Weezeldorf Stew.”
“Wait, a giant Weezeldorf!? They get bigger??”
“Oh yeah. The one I showed you was the smaller average sized kind.”
Ella let out a slow whistle of amazement. “Your planet is crazy, man.”
“Yeah, but I love it,” Volt happily sighed.
There was a gentle knock on the door, and Liz poked her head in. “Are you nerds getting ready?” She asked.
“Ready for what?” Volt asked.
With a groan, Liz said, “I’ll take that as a ‘no’. Okay, get off your hides you nerds we’ve got to get you ready for the dance!” She snapped her fingers, and Volt and Ella were magically lifted to their feet. “Please at least tell me you have your outfits ready?”
“I do,” Ella said. “It’s a dress made from night satin, which is a rare fabric from back on Koyu. I’ve been keeping in my closet this school year.”
“Okay, good,” Liz sighed. “What about you, Volt? Have you at least gone shopping for a suit? There are plenty of nice shops in Magix, I’m sure they could whip up something you’d like.”
“…about that…” Volt mumbled.
Before he could say anything, Christa came into the room. “Oh! Ella! There you are, I was looking for you!!” She clumsily ran up to Ella and looked at her nervously. “Um...did you...would you...want to come to the dance with me?”
Ella was surprised for a moment, then she smiled gently and said, “Sorry, Christa. I’m already going to the dance with someone.”
“Oh.” Christa’s voice was surprisingly quiet. “Okay. Volt, are you going with anyone?”
“Mira,” Volt answered. "We planned on going together when we found out it was a school mixer. Which brings me to my second point--I'm wearing a dress while Mira wears a suit."
All of the fairies (now including Roxy) blinked in surprise. "A dress??" Christa asked. "Do they even make dresses in your size?" She walked around him, hovering her hands just above his body. "Volt, no offense, but your dimensions are a kind of weird for dresses."
"Wow, none taken," Volt scoffed. "Actually, I'm planning on asking Stella to make my dress for me, since I've finally gotten my homework done." He walked to the door and said, "See y'all later!" Before walking out of the dorm.
In the hallway, he quickly ran into Daphne. After she jumped in surprise and put her hand on her chest to calm herself down, she smiled and said, "Hello, Volt. Are you feeling better? I was just coming to see you."
"I'm doing okay," Volt replied with a smile. "I'm on my way to ask Stella to make my outfit for the dance."
"Wonderful! It will be nice to see you dancing with the other students. Are you going with someone?" She asked curiously.
"Mira, actually," Volt said. He heard the whirring sound of a windrider and commented, "And I think that's her." He jogged outside to see Mira in her Red Fountain uniform, holding her helmet under one arm. A lot of the girls outside were watching her, then her and Volt as he came up and gave her a hug. "Hey, Volty. Are you feeling better?" Mira asked. She and Psyche had called him whenever they could to keep a check on him.
"Much, thanks." Volt said. Looking at the bike, he asked, "Did you finally get yourself a windrider?"
Mira giggled as she said, "Nah, I just took Diablo's again." Hopping off the bike, she added, "Do you think that Stella can make a suit in my size?"
"Oh definitely. She's a professional, after all," Volt assured. The two of them walked through the hallway until they reached Stella's personal studio classroom, where she taught magic fashion.
When they came in the door, she looked up from the designs she was grading and lit up with a smile. "Volt and Mira! What a pleasant surprise!" Getting up, she walked over and hugged the two of them. "I heard you're going to the dance together! Excited?"
"Excited and a little nervous," Volt admitted. "How'd you find out, though? I've only told my friends and Daphne."
Stella held up her phone and said, "Mira told Brandon and he texted me."
"Oh." Volt said. "We were hoping you could make our dance outfits for us."
"Sure! What color of suit would you like, Volt?" Stella asked excitedly.
"Oh, um, actually I want a dress. Mira wants a suit," Volt corrected, slightly nervous. This kind of thing was fairly uncommon even back on Minerva, so they didn't know how people from Magix or even Solaria would react.
Stella looked at the two siblings with shock, and began quivering with excitement. "This will be amazing!" She squealed before taking out her tape measure. As she began measuring Volt's shoulders, she asked, "Do you know if your sister is going to need anything?"
"Psyche?" Mira asked. "Probably not. She's having too much fun planning the Cloudtower prank with Trixie."

"And then Pumpernickel will jump from the table and begin tickling everyone nearby. They'll be laughing so hard they won't be able to stand up!" Trixie excitedly explained to Headmistress Griffin. She was holding Pumpernickel, a living jack-o-lantern that had tentacle-like vines growing out from his underside.
"I was also thinking we could use that transparency spell we learned," Psyche said. She snapped her fingers and became see-through. "So Trixie and I could pretend to be ghosts!" The two witches smiled brightly at their headmistress.
"While it is impressive you have a prank this complex, don't you think it's rather childish? We're trying to ruin the fairies' night not give them a good time." She criticized. Her words were harsh in tone, but her face seemed more concerned.
"Well, the pranks might be harmless," Trixie said, "But they're still pranks. Who'd enjoy a dance where the punch bowl comes to life and splashes all over your pretty dress?"
Griffin reread their proposal with Trixie's words in mind. "Well, it would certainly be memorable. Very well, you two can enact your prank during the dance."
Psyche and Trixie laughed and high-fived, before flying out of Griffin's office. Pumper gurgled happily in Trixie's arms as the witches giggled. When they got back into their dorm, Psyche said, "I'm going to Alfea early, I promised Mom and Dad pictures, and I’m going to do my siblings’ makeup. See you there!!" She flew out the open window and through the sky.
Trixie and Pumper waved as she flew off, before Trixie pulled out a flower pot and sprinkled some sparkle dust into it. "Is Mr. Pumper hungry??" Trixie cooed.
Pumper gurgled again and happily up to the top of the flower pot, before digging his vines into the soil. He purred, especially once Trixie put him in the window where the sun was shining. "Nice pumpkin," a familiar voice said, making Trixie jump.
She expected to see Bloom, but when she turned she saw a Bloom look alike with dark blue hair. "You're Doom, aren't you?" She asked. She hadn't met the infamous witch yet, but Psyche and the others had talked about her.
The Bloom clone smiled, with a weird mix of cruel superiority and genuine happiness. "How wonderful that someone recognizes me as me!" Her voice sounded just like Bloom's, except colder and much more snide.
"Your reputation precedes you," Trixie replied, trying to keep calm.
"No need to be so nervous, dear, I'm here to make you an offer!" Doom laughed. While it was a genuine laugh, something about it sent shivers down Trixie's spine. She'd met plenty of evil witches before, but something told her that Doom was more evil than Trixie could understand.
Keep her busy, Trixie, and don't let your guard down, Trixie thought to herself, before asking, "What offer?"
"You like tricks and pranks, yes?" Doom asked.
"Yes...I'm the Witch of Tricks," Trixie replied suspiciously.
"Well, then this will be right up your alley!!" Doom exclaimed. She squeezed her hands together, before pulling them apart and revealing a ring made of shadow. "A Wraithix could boost your trickery to amazing extremes! All I ask is that you claim the Luminous Charm and Jewels for me."
"Don't think I don't remember what your Wraithix did to Psyche, or Angelo and Diablo for that matter." Trixie said. "No thanks."
Doom didn't seem to acknowledge Trixie's refusal. She stood up and walked over to Pumper's pot and began gently rubbing his head. "You know, I've never seen a sentient pumpkin before."
"I grew him myself, back home on Whimsii," Trixie said, nervously watching Doom pat Pumper's head. "Pumpernickel has been with me since I was little."
"I see," Doom said, her voice becoming a disturbing mumble. Without warning, she shot a bolt of darkness at Trixie, knocking her unconscious. With a cackle, Doom threw the half-made Wraithix at Pumper. When the magic collided with the pumpkin, there was a flash. In Pumper's place was a new Wraithix. Its golden band looked like a pumpkin vine, and it had an orange, green, and yellow jewel that looked like a jack-o-lantern. With another cackle, Doom made a small purple giftbox and put the Wraithix inside. She also added a small tag, before setting it on Trixie's bed and disappearing in a void of darkness.
When Trixie came to, she groaned and rubbed her head. "What happened? I feel like I had a nightmare…" she looked at the empty flowerpot and gasped. "Pumpernickel!! Pumpernickel!!" She began calling, running around the room looking for her pet. "Pumper, where are you?"
After she'd scoured the whole room, she sat down on her bed. The gift box tapped her and she picked it up curiously. The tag read, "Think about it." When she opened it, she gasped.
"Pumpernickel!" Trixie gasped. "'ve been turned into…" her eyes began tearing up as she gently touched the bracelet that used to be Pumpernickel. When she did, the Wraithix latched itself onto her wrist. Trixie's grief and anger were intensified tenfold, and darkness swirled around her before she was dressed in a new, darker outfit.
With a wicked cackle, she said, "Look out, Alfea! Here comes TRIXIE!!" Before she flew off.

When Psyche reached Alfea, she touched down and immediately noted the suspicious and untrusting looks most of the fairies were giving her. Not long after she arrived, she heard a voice call, "Psyche! Over here!!"
She turned and saw Volt's friends and ran over to them. "Hi guys!" She laughed, giving them each a hug.
"Whatcha doing in Alfea?" Christa asked curiously. "Witchy business?"
"Well, that, and I promised Volt that I'd help with his makeup," Psyche explained. "Where are my siblings, anyway? I was expecting them to meet me."
"They're um...they're kind of caught up in something," Ella chuckled nervously.
"Right," Psyche sighed. "Can you take me to them, please?"
"Yeah, of course!" Liz said. "This way!" She began leading the way, and Ella grabbed Psyche's hand and guided her. The fairies led Psyche through Alfea, and (despite the other, far less inviting fairies) Psyche was having a fairly enjoyable time. She also was mentally scouting places to set Trixie's tricks.
When they got to Stella's fashion room, Psyche heard shouting and the occasional shriek of alarm (or maybe pain). There were also crashes and bangs, like someone was throwing Stella's equipment everywhere.
Curiously, Psyche poked her head in when Roxy shrieked, "Shut the door! Don't let Zing out!!" Psyche quickly jumped inside and shut the door tight--right as Zing crashed into it.
"Grab him!!" Roxy shouted. Psyche jumped to grab Zing, but the little Shockrabbit dashed off in a zing of electricity.y, dodging her in a second.
“We’re going to help decorate!!” Ella shouted through the door. “Good luck!!”
Psyche rolled her eyes before watching Zing bounce around as a small ball of electricity through the room. Volt and Mira were tangled in fabric, and Stella and Roxy were watching Zing bounce around. Their hands were twitching with anticipation; Stella was in her Fantasmix, while Roxy was in her Believix.
“Sorry, Psyche!” Roxy shouted. “Zing escaped from my room and got spooked by Kiko! He’s moving too fast to use my calm down spell, either.”
“That’s okay! I hope you don’t mind me casting a small spell on Zing,” Psyche said, transforming into her witch’s outfit. “I promise that it won’t hurt him!!”
“That’ll be fine!” Roxy said.
Psyche nodded and closed her eyes. Her ponytail began floating in the air and she closed her fists, keeping her middle and index fingers extended and pressed together. She pressed the tips of her fingers together and muttered a chant, and a greenish-white ball of energy grew on top of her fingers. With her eyes still closed, she cupped her hands and the spell rested on her palms. She opened her eyes, which were glowing the same greenish-white. As if blowing a kiss, she gently blew on the spell. It glowed like a spectral flame, with smaller lights breaking off and floating in the air. Moving her hands, Psyche moved the lights around her as if directing spirits. In a flash, she noticed Zing, and shot the spell right at him.
The spell collided with Zing, surrounding him in a green aura. Zing was fast asleep, but the spell was levitating him in the air. Psyche moved her hand as if gesturing Zing to come closer, and sure enough the little Shockrabbit floated to her. Psyche caught Zing and floated back down to the ground, her eyes going back to normal. “You know, when he isn’t trying to electrocute you, he’s really quite soft and sweet!” She cooed, before handing Zing back to Roxy.
“That was...amazing!” Roxy said with amazement. “Did you learn that spell at Cloudtower?”
“Oh no,” Psyche laughed. “I learned that from the Deep Witches on Minerva. It’s a powerful sleep spell, but I distilled it since Zing’s so small. He’ll wake up in a few hours.”
“Thank you so much, Psyche!” Roxy told Psyche happily. “And he is really cute, isn’t he?”
Suddenly the doors to the room slammed open--luckily Zing didn’t stir. Standing halfway in between the room and the hall were the remaining Winx girls. Bloom, front and center, said, “We came as soon as we heard the...commotion…” She looked around the room and asked, “What happened?”
Collectively, the triplets, Stella, and Roxy said, “Zing…” in exasperated voices.
Looking at Zing, Bloom said, “...oh…” in a small voice. “Well, we’ll help you clean up,” she added. Walking up to Volt and Mira, she said, “First, let’s get you two unwrapped…”
After about ten minutes, the room was clean and Stella was finishing up on Mira and Volt’s outfits. Volt’s dress was a beautiful dark blue and covered with sparkles. It had long sleeves but only covered his chest. The skirt was long and cut open on the side. These were connected by mesh fabric. On his feet he wore sandal-like shoes with blue heels. Mira had a reddish-pink suit with a pink shirt and white bowtie. Her jacket was unbuttoned, and she had black slacks.
Immediately Psyche pulled out her phone and handed it to Tecna. “I promised Mom and Dad pictures! Could you take them for us?”
“Of course,” Tecna assured. Psyche smiled and snapped her fingers--her witch outfit became striped pajamas, like a prisoner’s outfit, with chains and cuffs on her wrists. She floated behind Volt and Mira and the three of them smiled as Tecna snapped a few pics.
After Tecna snapped the pictures and gave Psyche her phone back, Psyche asked Stella, “Can I use the vanity in here, please?”
Stella smiled and said, “Of course!”
Psyche smiled back and said, “Thanks!!” Before shouting, “OKAY I NEED EVERYONE OUT! I’VE GOT TO WORK A COUPLE OF MIRACLES HERE!!” Everyone was startled, but they all complied and left Psyche with her siblings.
Mira and Volt both sat down at the vanity, and Mira crossed her arms and huffed. “You and I are identical, and Volt is pretty much a male version of the two of us, so...yeah..” she let her voice drop with a shrug.
Immediately, Psyche began giggling, and just as quickly the giggling became a low cackle. She walked up to Mira and loomed down, looking her straight in the eye. Mira was taken aback by the intense smirk and laughing. “You know...I’m the only one of the two of us who took our princess makeup classes while you were out hunting the Famperstike, so...yeah…” She grinned as Mira’s face drained of color.
Leaning back, Psyche clapped her hands together and smiled brightly at Volt. “Okay Volty-Bolty, so we all know that our eye our best feature!” She snapped her fingers and two cases appeared: one for jewelry and one for makeup. “However, like always, your hair is in the way.” She walked around him, and he stiffened up nervously. With a sigh, she hugged, “And, as always, it’s a tangled mess.” She held out her hand and a hairbrush flew into her palm. She held Volt’s head in place and began stroking it it through Volt’s white locks. Psyche was met with resistance, so began brushing harder, despite the sparks.
“Ow! OW!! OWWWWW!!” Volt shouted. He pulled his head from her hand, and the hairbrush pulled with it. Turning his head and pouting at Psyche, he complained, “That hurts!”
Looking at Volt, Psyche narrowed her eyes and put her hands on her hips. Crossing her arms, she leaned in and narrowed her eyes at her brother. “Pretty hurts, Volt,” she said, before suddenly screaming, “DO YOU WANT TO BE PRETTY OR NOT!?”
Taken aback by this sudden outburst, Volt nodded and sat still as she finished brushing. When she was done, she said, “I have a hair clip from grandma that will go with your dress perfectly!” She pulled out a hair clip of several sapphires made to look like flowers. She moved the bangs that resembled a lighting bolt out of his eyes and clipped them in place.
Once again smiling, Psyche told Volt, “I’m going to need you to close your eyes, okay?”
“Okay…” Volt agreed, before closing his eyes tight.
“Relax a bit, Volt. I’m not going to hurt you,” Psyche giggled.
“Oh!” Volt gasped. He relaxed his face and Psyche began applying dark blue eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipgloss.
“Okay! Open your eyes now!” Psyche giggled.
Volt opened his eyes and gasped. The dark blue brought out the electric blue of his eyes, his eyelashes were big and fluffy, the blush gave his face a cute rosiness and his lips were shiny. “I’m...I’m beautiful…” He gasped happily, almost tearing up.
“Hey!” Psyche scolded. “No crying! I just finished!” As Volt nodded, Psyche turned to Mira. “As for you, Mira...I think just some blush will work! As for your hair…” she mumbled thoughtfully.
“Oh, I was just going to wear my hair down,” Mira said.
“Yeah, you were,” Psyche said snarkily, “but now you’re not. I’m thinking a braid would look nice!”
“Wait, Psyche, you know how I am about people touching my hair…” Mira muttered nervously, growing a bit pale again. She pulled her hair over her shoulder and began stroking it with her hands.
“Mira, don’t worry about it,” Psyche said. “You know I’m not going to hurt you.”
After a moment, Mira let out a sigh and nodded. Looking at her, Psyche had an idea. “You know, your hair looks kind of nice on your shoulder like that.” She began gently braiding it as Mira sat stiffly, her breathing a bit heavy. Mira’s snowy cold locks were smooth and straight, and easy to work into a braid. When Psyche was done, the braid sat on Mira’s right shoulder. Soon, Psyche got out her makeup kit again and applied blush to Mira’s cheeks.
Stepping back, Psyche used her hands to make a frame around Volt and Mira. “You both look great!” She said, before quickly adding, “And they said it couldn’t be done!!”
Before either Mira or Volt could get mad, Psyche flew up and gave them a big hug. “You both look awesome, you’re gonna rock the party, Trixie and I are going to ruin and avoid the punch bowl. Bye!” She quickly let go of them and flew through a wall.
Mira and Volt looked at each other and shrugged, before going to meet their friends out in the hall.

Psyche made herself invisible as she floated through the walls, as to not prematurely scare any of the fairies. She mentally called out to Trixie, using her powers to make sure Trixie heard her. Before long, Psyche flew through a wall into an empty classroom only lit up by the windows outside. In the corner, hidden from the light, was a shadowy figure floating a foot above the ground. "Hello, Psyche…" Trixie murmured as she floated into the light. She had a demented smile, and her eyes were flashing from green, to purple, to orange at rapid, off-beat speeds. Her hair was longer, now falling to her waist, with even more tripes of color. She had a black cloak and a large witch's hat, her dress (robe??) was dark purple, with orange-black striped stockings and green boots.
"Oooooh, is that what you're wearing?" Psyche asked. "I like it! You look so cute, Trixie-Pixie!"
Trixie was taken aback by Psyche's words (despite the fact that Psyche had called her that nickname several times before). She was even more taken aback by Psyche coming up and kissing her. "Come on, let's get everything set up!!"
Psyche turned herself and Trixie mildly transparent, and the two of them flew through a wall.

It took longer for the Winx to gush over Mira and Volt's outfits than it had been to get their makeup and outfits done. It eventually ended in a group picture with the Winx standing around the siblings, with them all giving peace signs. When the picture snapped, Mira and Volt relaxed.
"Hey, where did Psyche go?" Musa asked. "Did she just up and disappear?" She was half-joking, but they all knew that with Psyche, it could go either way.
"Oh no, she's setting up her prank with Trixie," Mira explained.
The Winx all jumped a bit with surprise before Tecna complained, "Cloud Tower's still at it, huh? Should we be worried?"
"Maybe a little," Mirs said, "But c'mon. It's Trixie and Psyche. They're harmless!!"

Psyche watched a bit nervously as Trixie magically filled another party popper with spiders. "Um...Trixie...Trixabee...isn't that a little too far?? We never planned on spiders."
Trixie grinned her manic grin and said, "I just thought of it!! The spiders aren't deadly but their electric bites sting and shock!!" She cackled, before Psyche panicked and covered her mouth as a pair of Alfea fairies walked through.
Luckily, they didn't notice the pair of witches, and left soon after they arrived. Psyche sighed with relief and let go of Trixie, before saying, "I know this prank isn't the nicest thing in the world, but isn't this kind of cruel? Maybe we should, y'know, dial it back a bit."
"Psyche, it will be fine," Trixie said in an unconvincing voice. "All I need you to do is rise up from the floor and shout 'boo!' Everything else will fall into place…" her voice trailed off eerily before she began cackling again.
Psyche didn't quite respond to Trixie's words, but looked around and asked, "Hey, where's Pumpernickel? Isn't he supposed to go on the punch table?" She began looking around for the little pumpkin.
"Eh…here!" Trixie said. She was holding a pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face...except this one had fangs and its skin was inky black.
"Pumpernickel? Are you okay?" Psyche asked, reaching out to pat him.
"He's fine!" Trixie snapped, pulling the black pumpkin out of Psyche's reach. "Just get to your spot and wait."
Psyche furrowed her eyebrows, but magically made up her face to look ghostly. As she sunk into the floor, she noticed something odd. All of the wandering spirits in the room were avoiding Trixie. Psyche pondered this as she sunk below.

Soon, the party started and the boys were arriving. Ella was dressed in a black satin gown that sparkled like the cosmos, Liz had a bright purple dress with tulle skirt, Christa had a white lace dress with a pink belt and a pastel rainbow flower crown, and Roxy had a green dress with a leopard-print skirt. The pixies were even dressed up in little dresses of their own.
A windrider landed with two riders, both with matching purple suits. When they took off their helmets, everyone saw it was Angelo and Diablo: Diablo's hair was slicked back, while Angelo's was spiked. Scanning the crowd, Diablo growled, "I'm gonna kill her!!"
"There, there, Diablo." Angelo gently said, patting Diablo's shoulder. "I'm sure Mira has a good reason. Take a deep breath, okay?"
Diablo slouched, before inhaling a deep breath and calming down. "It's okay. I'm okay." Nudging Angelo, he said, "Let's go get some babes."
"Diablo, your lack of decency will never cease to amaze me," Angelo sighed, before the two brothers walked towards the school.
"Hi Angelo, hi Diablo," Ella said as they walked up.
"Ella! You look lovely tonight," Angelo said, before kissing her hand. "Are you our welcoming committee?"
"Sorry, but I'm waiting on my date," she giggled. "Kieran from Koyu."
"Ah, well I hope you have a lovely evening," Angelo said before walking inside.
When Angelo was out of earshot, Diablo leaned towards Ella and whispered, "Kieran's a terrible dancer, but he won't admit it."
Giggling, Ella whispered back, "I know, he's on the royal guard."
Grinning, Diablo held his hand out for a fistbump. "Good luck, girl," he said, before she fistbumped him and he headed inside.
The party was jumping--Musa was DJ, with Tecna adding technical assistance. Diablo scanned the room.
"She's not here yet, I asked Bloom," Angelo said. "I hope she comes soon, I want to see her dress."
"Pfft like Mira of all people would wear a dress," Diablo scoffed. When Angelo glared at him, he said, "hey, she's your dream girl, not mine." He held up his hands and walked into the crowd, leaving Angelo by the door.
Angelo scanned the room nervously, before sighing and mixing into the crowd.

Outside the lunchroom, Volt swallowed nervously. "It's okay, Volt," Mira said. "You look beautiful and I look handsome. Screw their gender roles, we're in charge." She patted his cheek, and he calmed down a considerable amount.
"Okay, I'm ready," Volt said. The two of them nodded to each other, and walked into the dance.
The music didn't stop, mostly because Musa had already seen them (though she herself paused to take a picture). However, the rest of the dance had its eyes on the duo. Volt and Mira grinned, and they walked out on the dancefloor.
They were quickly joined by Volt's Alfea friends, and the six of them were laughing and dancing together. Seeing how much fun Volt and Mira were having, the rest of the students shouted with excitement and joined the fun.
After a few fast-paced dances came the first slow dance. Mira put her hands around Volt's waist, and he put his on her shoulders, and the two of them slowly swayed together.
"Thanks for doing this with me, Mimi," Volt mumbled.
"It's no problem, Vovo, I've been wanting to do this too!" Mira whispered back with a giggle.
Ella was trying to dance with Kieran--a handsome Koyuvian young man with dark green hair and eyes, but he kept accidentally stepping on her feet. "Sorry, Princess Ella," he'd mumble each time.
"It's fine," Ella would mumble back. They danced slowly together until Ella noticed Christa standing by herself at the punchbowl. Patting Kieran's chest, Ella asked, "Hey, Kieran?"
"Yes, Princess?" Kieran asked nervously.
Looking at him, she asked, "Do you want to sit down for a bit?"
With a sigh of relief, Kieran said, "Yes please, your highness." He politely let go of her and offered to lead her to a table.
"Oh, I'm going to keep dancing, okay?" Ella asked, looking at him, then Christa.
Seeing the look in her eyes, he grinned and gave a small chuckle. "Have fun, your highness. I think I'm gonna snag a few cute guys while I'm here." He winked and walked over to a few smaller, younger looking red fountain students.
Ella giggled and sauntered over to where Christa was standing, sipping punch and just staring off. With a sly grin, Ella came up beside Christa and asked, "Mind if I cut in?"
Christa jumped a bit but giggled and drank her punch. "I thought you had a date," she laughed.
"Pfft he has two left feet," Ella laughed. She looked up at the glowing streamers and commented, "These are pretty, did you make them yourself?"
"Stella helped me!" Christa excitedly told her. "She said I have a fantastic eye for color!"
"You really do," Ella told her. "Those flowers look absolutely lovely in your hair." After she said that, another slow song began and she offered her hand and asked, "May I have this dance?"
Christa's face flushed bright pink, and Ella took her hand before leading her onto the dance floor. They began dancing together--Volt discreetly high-fived Ella behind their backs.
When the fast dances picked back up, Mira separated from Volt and went to get something to drink. Volt was rocking out with his fairy friends, smiling and dancing around.
A bit away, Diablo was checking Volt out on the dancefloor. The dress really showed off the fairy's muscles, and the eyeshadow made his blue eyes sparkle. Puffing out his chest, Diablo started walking up to Volt when Mira stepped in the way and pushed him on his chest. “Don’t even think about it,” she said calmly, before finishing her punch and joining Volt on the dancefloor.
As the siblings danced together, Angelo walked up and patted Diablo’s shoulder. “Bro, he has a boyfriend, remember?”
Diablo just growled and crossed his arms as Angelo walked over and began dancing with Mira and Volt. Aside from Diablo himself, everyone was having a grand time dancing. Suddenly, the lights began flickering before completely shutting off. A spectral, greenish figure rose from the ground, wearing what looked like a striped prisoner’s jumpsuit. Everyone was still for a moment, but Volt and Mira recognized the figure as Psyche, and nodded to the Winx to let them know she was safe.
Psyche’s hair began floating around her head, and her eyes glowed with ghostly light. She held her hands out ominously, and Mira and Volt watched with termoring with excitement. At the top of her lungs, she shouted, “BOO!!”
The sound boomed in across the dance floor, and for a moment nothing happened. Suddenly, the punch bowl flipped through the air, spilling over the students nearby and hitting a specialist in the head. With that, all of the decorations began attacking the partygoers. Not just playfully, either, they were hurting everyone they attacked. The Winx looked at Psyche to see if she’d been Wraithixed again, but she looked just as surprised as everyone else. “Psyche, what’s going on?” Bloom asked as she ran up to Psyche.
“I don’t know! Trixie set up the prank, I was just supposed to set it off by shouting ‘boo!’” Psyche gasped, pulling at her hair anxiously. When a napkin bat dive bombed her and Bloom, she blasted her magic at it and disintegrated it.
It was clear that these tricks were trying to actually hurt the dancers; Volt and Liz transformed into their Enchantix, the Winx transformed into their Fantasmix, Roxy in her Believix, and Ella and Christa in their winx. As soon as Ella transformed, she realized that the tricks were attacking anything with light; she was that Kieran and the other specialists had their glowing phantoblades active, which was getting their attention.
Flying up to the Illuminates, who were all taking out as many tricks as they could, Ella said, "I have an idea! I can lead these things out of here!!"
After blasting a snake made of streamers, Volt asked, "Okay, just be safe!!" He hugged her for good luck, and she floated to the center of the room.
Ella fired a beam of moonlight into the disco ball, which stunned all of the tricks and made them turn and stare at her. She was wracked with anxiety for a moment, but then concentrated. Her body began glowing, with increasing light (thanks to a donation from Stella and Christa). When she was a beam of pure light, she said, "Come and get me," before sending out a pulse of light.
All of Trixie's minions growled and flew at Ella. Not wasting any time, Ella flew out of the dance in a trail of moonlight. When she and the tricks were gone, the Winx surrounded Trixie.
Volt, Mira, and Psyche began clearing out as many students as they could before Trixie could summon more minions. Liz, Christa, and Roxy tried to help, but Mira told them, "We can't let Trixie's Wraithix wipe anyone's powers!!"
"We're immune to it, so we'll help the Winx anyway we can," Volt explained, before giving his friends a hug.
Before he ran out with Diablo, Angelo gave Mira a hug. "Be careful!!" He let her go before running out with the other students. The Illuminates nodded to each other, before turning to see the Winx in a circle around Trixie.
Despite being outnumbered six to one, Trixie wasn't phased. "Really?" She asked. "Surely you realize I have more tricks up my sleeve?"
Before anyone could comment about the pun, Trixie pulled down her sleeve, from which spiders crawled out. When the spiders hit the ground, they each grew massive.
The Winx prepared to attack, just as Mira froze. Quite literally, in fact, as ice began crawling up her leg from the floor. There were only three spiders, and they each attacked Tecna, Musa, and Bloom respectively. As Flora, Aisa, and Stella turned their attention back onto Trixie, they were suddenly tangled in vines. The black pumpkin had come to life, and Psyche gasped. "That's not Pumpernickel."

Luckily, the moonlight gave Ella a boost as she flew through the night, otherwise the creatures surely would have caught up to her by now. However, she could feel the glowing and fast flying start to drain her powers.
Ella kept pushing; she told herself, "I have to keep going!! I can't quit! If I can keep them away, then everyone will be safe!"
Just as Ella's power failed, she was overcome with a powerful sensation. There was a shining light as her Winx turned into a much more powerful Enchantix. Her wings resembled big grayish-blue moths, a black dress, and her hair in two buns. She looked at her beautiful new form and grinned. In a loud, booming voice, she bellowed “KARKARSTRIVEN!!” and took out all of the creatures with a blast of moonlight.
With her body tingling from the energy, Ella confidently flew back to the dance. She arrived just as Trixie set the spiders and the pumpkin onto the winx and her friends. “Stella!” She shouted, before sending a beam of light to power Stella up.
When Stella received the power from Ella, her Fantasmix reacted to the power and...she started laughing. It was a very infectious laugh, despite the situation; “You know, it was a really good prank,” she even told Trixie.
Trixie seemed confused, to the point that she was stumbling and tripping on her words. Stella began glowing, pulsing out sunlight that spread to the other Winx and making them laugh too. With all of the Winx laughing, Ella and the Illuminates were caught in the infectious energy and began laughing too. As she laughed, Stella flew over to Trixie and patted her back. “This was the most exciting dance I’ve been too!” Throwing her hand in the air, she shouted, “Glorious Spotlight!!”
Several magical spotlights lit up on Trixie, and Stella flew back. “Let’s give her a round of applause!!” All of the fairies, plus Mira and Psyche, began cheering, which made Trixie blush. Where it was from the spotlight, or the applause, her dark aura quickly vanished and she turned back into her normal self. Additionally, her Wraithix became a small pumpkin with a face.
“Wait...what happened??” Trixie asked. She looked into her arms and happily gasped. “Pumpernickel!!” She gave the small pumpkin and laughed happily.
Suddenly a yellow light grew from Stella’s chest. Like with Aisha, it flew in front of her before flashing into a jewel. This jewel was bright yellow and shaped rather like an arrow head. In his hands, Volt summoned the Luminous Charm, and the jewel flew into the slot directly across from Aisha’s. “Wow.” Ella whistled, looking around. “This was some party…”
With a sigh, Trixie muttered, “I wish I could fix it…”
With a smile and a snap of her fingers, Stella said, “I think I can help with that.”

In a few moments, it was like Trixie had never attacked. Everything was back and better than ever, with a new spooky look to it. Trixie was apologizing to everyone (though they all easily forgave her), and at the end of the night, Stella was standing by the punch bowl, talking with Bloom.
“Stella?” Stella turned and saw Volt standing sheepishly in his dress. After a moment, he gave her a big hug and said, “Thank you for everything!” When he let her go, she looked and saw that Mira was dancing with Angelo, Psyche was with Trixie, and Ella was with Christa.
With a small grin, she asked, “May I have this dance?”

Chapter Text

Flora was in the greenhouse with the Illuminates, Angelo, Diablo, Christa, Liz, Ella, Roxy, and Trixie. They were digging in the dirt, planting in all sorts of rare plants that the triplets had ordered from Minerva. Volt and Ella were talking about the flower that Volt was planting. “Is this the Karrkarstraven?” she asked. It was a fragile-looking, icy-blue lily with transparent petals.
“Nah, this is the Klivoghejn. It’s pretty and the petals make delicious tea. However, the plant will die once all the petals are picked. You have to be careful, because it doesn’t seed until the petals are rotten. So you have to be careful how much tea you make with it.”
“Oh cool!” Ella gasped. “Are we gonna plant the Karrkastraven?”
“Probably not. It’s super aggressive and is an invasive species. I special ordered one for Flora and am going to teach her how to take care of it. She’s talking with Faragonda about adding a room in the greenhouse to keep it in.”
“A room by itself?” Ella asked. “Does it really need that?”
Volt stopped planting the Klivoghejn, straightened his back, and stared her dead in the eye. “It will take up the entire room. Trust me.” He then went back to patting in dirt, before stepping back and admiring his work.
After a moment of surprised silence, Ella commented, “Well, either way, it’s sweet that your parents are sending all of these Minervan plants.” She looked wistfully at a lovely moonbloom.
“You want one?” Psyche asked, making Ella and Volt both jump. “We have a few more plants that are coming from home. They bloom under full moons, and they’re really quite beautiful.” She was holding a small, potted, heart-shaped flower in one hand, and Trixie’s hand in the other. Trixie was munching on some multicolored berries, popping them into her mouth one at a time.
“Really?” Ella asked excitedly. “My mother would love one of these!!”
“Cool!” Psyche said. “I’ll tell mom next time we call.”
As the four of them talked, Flora walked up and said, “It looks great!! You all are doing an awesome job!!” Noticing that Psyche was holding the small heart flower. “Oh, Psyche!! I know the best place for that flower. Mind if I take it?” She asked.
“Sure!” Psyche enthusiastically agreed. She gave Flora the flower, and Trixie pecked Psyche on the cheek.
Trixie told her, “I’m going to watch Flora plant it. See you soon, sweetie!!” Blowing Psyche a kiss, Trixie giggled and skipped after Flora.
Seeing Psyche’s face flushed, Volt commented, “You two as so cute, it’s sickening.”
“Oh like you aren’t all over Orbo when you’re in the same vicinity!” Psyche scoffed.
Volt shrugged. “I’m passionate.” He grabbed another plant, his trowel, and began digging a spot for it.
When Ella looked at Psyche curiously, she shrugged and commented, “Eh, they’re in love. What can I do?” Playfully hitting Ella’s shoulder, she added, “Let’s get planting.”
After some time, they were joined by Christa, who quickly gathered Ella and led her away. After about forty-five minutes, Psyche asked, “I wonder what happened to Mira?”
Immediately after Psyche asked, there was a loud “WHOOP!!” and the loud, heavy footsteps running towards them. As Volt stood up, he was ran into by Angelo, which threw him off his feet with an “oof!”
“Oh geez, sorry Volt!” Angelo gasped, helping Volt stand back up.
“It’s okay,” Volt grunted. “But what’s the rush, buddy?”
Angelo was absolutely giddy, jumping around excitedly before saying, “I gotta get ready!!!” He exclaimed happily before running off again.
Not too long after Angelo ran off, Diablo jogged up. “Did Angelo run this way?” He asked. Psyche and Volt nodded and pointed in the direction Angelo had run. With an exasperated groan, Diablo ran off in the same direction, not even thanking Volt and Psyche. They watched him as he left with mounting irritation, before they saw Mira walking up with Christa and Ella.
“So Minervan auroras are orange?” Christa asked. “That’s so cool! I’d love to see it!”
Mira grinned calmly and said, “I’ll talk to my parents about letting you visit sometime. My aunt and uncle would be pretty okay with you coming up to see the auroras, though.”
“Really??? Omg!!” Christa gasped. She gave Mira a quick hug before telling the triplets, “Ella and I are feeling pretty tired, so we’re going to head back to our dorm.”
“Okay, thanks for helping,” Volt said, giving both of them a hug. Soon, it was just Psyche, Volt, and Mira standing together and admiring the plants. “It was sweet of Flora to let us add Minervan plants to the greenhouse. It really makes Alfea feel like home.”
“Oh! Speaking of Minerva, I’ve talked to Saladin of bringing in a J’valikts tutor to Red Fountain. And I’ve been talking up a certain half-merman Minervan ambassador," Mira said, gently nudging Volt with her elbow.
Volt's face lit up. "Really??"
"Yeah! He's like, 18 now, right? We were taught J'valikts together and he was always the top of the class," Mira said. "Besides I'm sure he'd take any opportunity to spend more time with his 'Volty-Bolty'," she then teased, playfully tickling Volt.
Volt giggled and pushed her away. “Stop it, you know I’m ticklish!” He laughed. Immediately, both of his sisters gave devilish grins and began tickling Volt everywhere they could reach. Volt fell to the floor as Mira and Psyche kept tickling him, until he lifted his hand and sending out a small pulse of electricity which hit the girls and made them start laughing. Soon, the three of them were all lying on the ground, out of breath.
“Hey, Mira,” Psyche asked, “why was Angelo barreling through here? Diablo asked where he was and then left without even a ‘thank you’.” She huffed a little. “He’s so rude.”
“Don’t I know it,” Mira commented. “But the reason Angelo is so excited is because he asked me out on a date, and I said yes.”
Both Psyche and Volt sat up, looked directly at Mira, and exclaimed, “WWHHHHAAAATTTTT!?!?!”

When Diablo caught up with Angelo, he hit his brother on the side of the head and asked, “Dude, what the heck!? I see you disappear, hear you whoop and then suddenly you’re running off like we hadn’t promised the Degenerates to help plant their dumb Minervan plants. It’s not like you, dude, you never dodge a promise.”
Angelo had slowed down to a normal walking speed, when he blushed and said, “I...uh...asked a girl out on a date and she said yes!” He seemed to still be really giddy and kind of bashful.
“YOOOOOOOO!!!!” Diablo shouted, happily jumping around and patting Angelo in a congratulatory manner. “Was it Christa? Liz? Roxy? Ella’s pretty hot, too.”
“1. I’m sure Christa and Ella are an item, 2. Liz and Roxy are just my friends, and 3. You know I’ve been crushing on Mira since we first met. So...anyway, Iasked Mira out.” Angelo explained.
“Well, I can’t say that your choice of a date thrills me, but I’m happy you’re coming out of your shell a little.” Diablo said calmly. “So, what made you you stop chickening out and finally ask her out? Heh, I bet you were shaking and stuttering the whole time.” He playfully punched Angelo’s shoulder.
“I was not!” Angelo protested.

“He was shaking and stuttering the whole time,” Mira giggled. The triplets were gathered in Volt’s room, sitting on his bed. It was their day off, so they were having their weekly hangout at Alfea.
“That sounds like Angelo,” Psyche giggled. She was brushing Mira’s hair while Volt was munching on chips.
“Really? I always thought he was more confident,” Volt said. “Like Diablo, but much less cocky.”
“Well, for the most part,” Mira said. “But he’s much more sensitive than you’d expect. He came up to me with a Heart-a-dil, blushing and shuffling his feet. I thought he was going to tell me some bad news, honestly.”

“I had asked Psyche what the different Minervan flowers and their meanings, and she pointed out a beautiful flower that she said would bind the love of two people if they planted it together, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask Mira out as she and I planted it together.” Angelo added, as he and Diablo worked out in the Red Fountain gym.

“He actually came up to me and asked what flower you’d find prettiest,” Psyche giggled. “He was all blushy and nervous, like he was a little kid giving his first crush a valentine! I mentioned that you liked heart-a-dils and he was absolutely giddy! I decided to joke around and told him that silly story about heart-a-dils binding love.”
“You what!?” Volt exclaimed, before belly laughing and almost choking on chip crumbs. “Psyche, you’re awful!” He laughed.
“So that’s why he was so upfront about planting that flower together,” Mira said thoughtfully. “I thought he was just using it as an excuse to talk me one-on-one.” She giggled and said, “It was really cute, though! When I said I’d plant the heart-a-dil with him, it looked like he was gonna explode with excitement.”

“I kept my cool, played it smooth, and as we were patting the dirt around the flower, I told her how beautiful she is and asked her if she wanted to have dinner with me tonight.”
“Wow, talk about a confidence boost!” Diablo congratulated, patting Angelo’s shoulder as they walked to the locker rooms. “You haven’t asked anyone out since that cute boy back home on Domino.” He looked out the window, thoughtful and slightly suspicious.
Angelo shrugged, saying, “I mean, Mira is worth it.”

“He kept stammering about how pretty I was, and honestly...he’s just so cute!” Mira gushed, before falling back on Volt’s bed and hugging a pillow. “I haven’t felt this way since Olaf back in the mountains.”
“Olaf? Isn’t that the guy who found out about your feelings for him, and then used them against you in that fight before asking out another girl?” Psyche asked, her voice grim. She and Volt looked at each other with suspicion.
“I mean, yeah, but Angelo’s not like that,” Mira said, sitting up and walking to the window. “He’s sweet and kind...I’ve never met anyone like him. Well, except maybe you, Volt.”
“Consider me flattered,” Volt said. “But in all fairness, we all know he’s kind of like Diablo too.”
Mira furrowed her brow and looked at Volt with confusion. “Okay, maybe, but I think he’s different.”
With a small sigh, Psyche grinned and said, “I’ll help you get ready, sis. Let’s go see if Stella has an outfit that’ll go with your eyes.” She grabbed Mira’s hand and ran out as Volt got up and walked into the dorm.

“Thanks for sticking around,” Flora told Liz, Trixie, and Roxy as they all walked out of the greenhouse. “I’m sure the triplets appreciate getting some extra quality time together.
“No problem, Flora!” Roxy said happily. “You know that we’d do anything for the Illuminates.”
Flora smiled happily as the three girls walked back to Liz and Roxy’s dorm. As she stood there happily, Stella and Aisha walked up. “Hey Flora! We just got back from our double-date in Magix. How did the flower planting go? It looked like the girls had fun!”
“Oh yes, it was wonderful! Everyone had a lovely time, and Angelo even asked Mira out. It was adorable, he was so nervous.” Flora giggled. “Come on, I’ll show you the flowers we planted!” She motioned for Stella and Aisha to follow her inside.
“The Minervan Goldtrunk, the heart-a-dil, the Zammuckis,” Flora listed as she pointed the flowers out. “And my personal favorite of the Minervan flowers, the Klivoghejn! Mira said its name means ‘frozen joy’”
As Aisha, Stella, and Flora looked more closely, the petals began shimmering with a crystalline, beautiful light. As the light grew, the winx girls heard a soft voice whispered, “Aisha...Stella...Flora...return to the cave...return to the cave…” before the light died and the voice vanished.
“...I’m not the only one who heard that, right?” Stella asked, almost unsure of the answer herself.
“No, I definitely heard it, too,” Aisha said. “But what cave?”
Flora thought about it and said, “I expect that we need to go to the Cave of Jubilation again. Think about it, it’s the Frozen Joy. The Cave of Jubilation is an ice cave. I think that Abigail might be calling us.”
“Let’s tell the others, and get the boys to fly us there,” Stella said. Flora and Aisha nodded, and they walked out of the greenhouse together, before running into Mira and Psyche.
“Stella!” Psyche said. “Mira needs a dress! She has a date with Angelo tonight!”
Stella asked, “Really?? Awwww!!” She rubbed the top of Mira’s head. “So sweet!”
With a sigh, Aisha put her hand on Stella’s shoulder. “Stella, we need to get going. If Abigail is calling us back to the Cave of Jubilation, there has to be a reason.”
“Right, right,” Stella said. “Christa has a key to my studio, she’ll be able to help you with that. We’re going to be gone for a little while, so tell me everything when we’re back!” She patted Mira’s cheek and then the Winx girls headed off.

A few hours later, Christa stood back to admire her work. Mira was dressed in a sparkling, wine-red gown with transparent sleeves, burgundy heels, and a golden bracelet with a large, single garnet. Her hair was decorated with red ribbons and and pearls. Psyche gave her a touch of makeup, and her blue eyes sparkled, especially against all of the red.
“You look amazing!!” Psyche squealed.
Mira looked at her outfit a bit self-consciously, saying, “I don’t it me? I don’t know if it feels like me.” She gently patted the dress, as if it as a slight itch on her skin.
With a sigh, Volt said, “Mira, your date is in less than an hour, we can’t have you second-guess it again. In fact,” he checked his watch, “Angelo should be here to pick you up!” He grabbed Mira by her shoulders and led her outside.
In Alfea’s courtyard, Angelo was sure enough next to his wind rider. He was in a light blue shirt, charcoal gray vest, dark blue tie, black plants and black leather shoes. When he saw Mira in her dress, his mouth was agape, and he seemed to be at a loss for words. “Hi,” Mira said when she came up and gave him a kiss.
“Uh...hi…” Angelo said, before also hopping on the windrider and starting it up. Mira waved to Psyche and Volt as she and Angelo took off.
Without looking at Volt, Psyche commented, “You and Liz are planning on spying on Mira and Angelo’s date, aren’t you?”
“How’d you know?”
“I am your sister, Voltatious. Count me in.”

In their underground cave, the Trix paced around. They hadn’t had anything to do since attacking Pixie Village, while Doom had gone to Cloudtower and gave Trixie a Wraithix. “I hate that she can go out and cause mayhem, but we have to stay here and wait for her!” Stormy complained.
Darcy sighed. “You know we can’t disobey her. Her Wraithix is more powerful than ours; she’s in charge.” She was making shadow puppets on the wall of the Trix fighting the Winx.
“What if…” Icy mumbled, catching the attention of the other two witches.
“What if...what?” Darcy asked, only half curious.
“What if we gained a Wraithix gem so powerful, we became more powerful than Doom? We’d finally be in charge again and she wouldn’t be able to tell us what to do!” She got excited, until she saw the surprised and scared look, and sighed, “She’s right behind me, isn’t she?” She turned around and said in a forced-cheery voice, “Doom! How’s it going?”
Doom was holding some grocery bags, which she set on a table she had conjured previously. “So, you want to find a Wraith that can overpower my four, as well as my magic?” She asked in a strangely nonchalant voice. With a sly grin, she asked, “And how are you planning on doing that?”
After a moment’s silence, Icy said. “Abigail. The fairy that created Fantasmix. If we can make her fall into despair, the Wraithix gem will have extraordinary power! And...without her, then the Winx will likely lose their Fantasmix.”
After a moment of silent unpacking, Doom said, “That’s a decent conclusion. Let’s make a bet. If you three can turn Abigail, the Fairy of Joy, into a Wraith, then I’ll allow you to be in charge. But, if you can’t, then you have to sing one of the Winx’s songs in a personal concert.” She held out her hand. “Deal?”
“What if I say no deal?” Icy asked.
“Well, then I won’t let you go attack Abigail,” Doom replied.
The Trix whispered and deliberated with each other, before Icy turned back and sighed, “Deal.” She and Doom shook hands, and the gems on their Wraithix’ flashed.
“Have fun, girls,” Doom called as the Trix flew out of the cave. She summoned her inky smoke screen, before focusing in on a dressed-up Mira and Angelo. “A date, huh?? Red, darling,” Doom said, raising her Wraithix up to her mouth. “Why don’t you go give them some fun?”
Doom’s red gem glowed and flew off out of the cave.

The flight was much easier this time around, but still took a long time (the Cave was still quite a distance from Alfea). Towards the end, Stella, Flora, and Aisha were napping together while the boys piloted. “Ladies,” Brandon’s voice came over the intercom, waking them up. “We are approaching the lovely Cave of Jubilation. The sky is clear, and we are not being attacked by giant blizzards, so we’ll be able to land with no issue!”
Up front, Helia and Nex gave Brandon irritated looks and both sighed. In the back, the girls woke up and stretched. Looking out the front viewer, Nex said, “It looks like Borean and Australon are waving us in.” The icy lovers were simultaneously motioning for the ship, while waving happily hello.
The specialists landed the ship and the girls climbed off. Happily, Stella shouted, “Australon! Borean!” Before running up and giving them a big hug.
“Stella! Flora! Aisha! It is wonderful to see you again!” Borean laughed, holding Stella up.
“It is a pleasure, but we must make haste. Abigail and the Council need to speak with you three,” Australon instructed. He gently put his arms around Flora’s and Aisha’s shoulders, and the group began walking into the cave.
“So how are things?” Stella asked. “I know we were here not a super long time ago, but I’ve been dying to visit.”
As Borean and Stella gossiped, Astralon nudged both Flora and Aisha. When he got their attention, he pulled out a small dark greenish-blue box. Inside was a golden ring with a beautiful jewel. Conspiratorially, he whispered, “I’ve been wanting to propose to Boree for a while, but I only just got the ring.”
“Awwwww!” Aisha and Flora quietly gushed. “I’m sure he’d love it.”or a while now, but I only just got the ring.”
“Awwwww!” Flora and Aisha gushed.
“I bet Borean will just love it!” Flora whispered.
“I really hope so,” Australon whispered back, slightly nervously.
As they walked, Brandon asked, “Is it just me, or are the caves warmer than last time we came here?”
“No, they’re definitely warmer,” Nex commented. “And I’m guessing it’s not because we have a trio of Fantasmix fairies with us, is it?”
“That’s the thing,” Borean said, “We don’t know. All Abigail aid was asking us to watch for you guys when you arrived.”
As they walked through the cave, they saw the ie spirit and the saber tooth cat--whose kids were playing together, as well as other icy denizens they hadn’t seen the first time they’d visited the caves. They waved at the ice people, and while the ice people seemed friendly enough, they also seemed tired and sluggish.
Soon, they came to the large, cavernous throne of Abigail and her council. When they came in, however, only Abigail was seated on her throne. Like the others, she seemed sleepy and tired, but she perked up when she saw the fairies. Abigail was dressed in a lacy ballgown with large lace wings and long white hair. She flew down from her throne and and gave the Winx a hug. “How wonderful, I wasn’t sure if the message had gone through.”
“Of course! You know we’re more than happy to help protect the Joy and all that,” Stella said.
“Abigail, are you alright?” Flora asked. “You seem so tired…”
Abigail gave Flora a tired, sad smile. “I am tired,” she said. “But that’s why I need your help. Your Fantasmix powers will be able to save the Cave of Jubilation. Speaking of, would you please transform into your Fantasmix, please? I need you to follow me.” Looking at the boys, she said, “and boys, why don’t you spend some time with Australon and Borean?”
The boys looked at Australon and Borean, who waved flirtily. They shrugged, and walked over to the two icemen, giving them highfives. As the boys all talked the girls shouted, “Magic Winx! Fantasmix!” They transformed into their Fantasmix.
“Wow,” Brandon said. “Still takes my breath away every time I see it.”
Blushing a bit, Stella fluttered up and gave Brandon a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks sweetie.” The boy and girls hugged each other, before Abigail began flying and the Winx followed her.
As they flew through the cave, the Winx could see that the ice was dripping, slowly melting from the increase in temperature. “How terrible,” Flora gasped. “What’s causing this?”
“Yeah, normally I’d be all for the warmth,” Stella said, “but this just feels wrong.”
Abigail sighed. “It’s the Fantasmabeast. It’s dying.” She explained.
“The Fantasmabeast?” Aisha asked. “What’s that?”
“The Fantasmabeast is a legendary creature that is able to spread joy across the universe,” Abigail said. “It lives in this cave, creating a cold magic that sustains the cold and the magic of the Cave of Jubilation. It’s also my bonded fairy animal. When I was a young fairy, I had wanted to find the creature and see it myself; I fell in love, and I decided to stay with it. Unfortunately, the Fantasmabeast was, and still is a highly coveted prize for hunters.”
“Oh my,” Flora gasped.
With a small grin, Abigail continued, “I created Fantasmix because I combined my magic with the Fantasmabeast’s in order to protect it, and, well,” She twirled in the air, motioning to her dress. “With all of the hunters we drove out, word of the transformation of joy, and more people came to see. Everyone who braved the caverns, meaning no harm to me or the Fantasmabeast, was invited into my council. When the nymphs heard, they came to investigate, and I showed them the power; I named it Fantasmix after the Fantasmabeast.”
“Awwww, how sweet!!” Stella gushed.
Abigail nodded. “Not many seek Fantasmix, as it is difficult to earn, and even fewer have come to find the Fantasmabeast. While I’m glad for the safety, the beast has been losing power for many years; and...well, since when Wraithix and its power of despair came into our world, the Fantasmabeast’s power and life force have been draining even faster.”
With concern, Aisha asked, “Is it because you gave us the power of Fantasmix?”
“Oh no!” Abigail gasped. “Fantasmix spreads joy, it makes our power stronger. But…”
“If the Fantasmabeast fades, our Fantasmix will disappear as well?” Flora asked.
“Yes, and worse,” Abigail said. “The Fantasmabeast sustains the caves and all who live here. If the Fantasmabeast fades, we all do as well…” Her voice was quiet and scared, but it was clear she was more concerned for the others than herself.
Flying up next to Abigail, Flora put her hand on Abigail’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll help the Fantasmabeast for you.”
With a kind, grateful smile, Abigail put her hand on Flora’s, before letting her go and flying forward. “Through here,” she said, motioning to an ice wall. She waved her hand, creating an opening that she flew through, soon followed by the Winx.
When the Winx flew into the new cavern, they gasped. In the center lie a giant blue dragon with white feathered wings.

Luckily enough, Mira had told Volt and Psyche where Angelo was taking her to dinner. Volt was dressed up in a dress shirt and vest, while Liz and Psyche had on lovely dresses. Psyche had gone back to Cloudtower to get her dress and tell Trixie what was happening, so she pointed to the group of Amore, Rhea, Chatta, and Lockette. “What’s with the pixies?”
“They insisted on coming,” Volt said with a shrug. “No Trixie?”
“Pumper’s still not feeling well from being turned into a Wraithix so she’s nursing him back to health,” Psyche explained. “Don’t worry, Volt, you’re handsome, people could believe you have two dates.”
“Don’t give him a big head,” Liz teased, making Volt frown with annoyance.
Amore grumbled, “I still think you shouldn’t be trying to ruin Mira’s date,” as Volt walked forward.
“Relax Amore, we’re not going to ruin her date. We’re just going to spy on her and Angelo make sure that he’s not going to be a creep and hurt her,” Volt said as the pixie crossed her arms and glared at him.
Suddenly, Volt ran into someone and heard a growl of, “Watch it!” He looked up to see the wild red hair and purple eyes of Diablo.
The two boys appraised each other before both asking, “What are you doing here?”
Before Volt could say anything, Chatta interjected, “Volt and Psyche just want to make sure everything goes okay for Mira and also to make sure that Angelo isn’t a big creep!”
Everyone looked at Chatta before Volt commented, “Yeah, what she said. And you?”
“Your sister is a little psychopath, I don’t want her hurting Angelo,” Diablo said. “He’s my little brother and I am not letting a warrior princess knock his lights out.”
“Mira wouldn’t do that,” Psyche huffed.
“She tries to knock my lights out every day!” Diablo argued.
After clearing her throat, Liz said, “Um, Diablo, that’s because you deserve it.” Chatta giggled, and the two of them high fived.
Looking at Lockette, Volt asked, “Lockette, do you know where mira and Angelo are sitting? We can find a good table to keep an eye on them.”
“Hold up,” Diablo said. “One guy with two girls? You’re going to get dirty looks from all around the restaurant. With me, we can pass off our four-person group as a double date. And don’t worry, I’ll pay for my share.” He looked at their confused faces and said, “What? I’m cocky but I’m not that big of a jerk!”
Volt looked at Psyche, who shrugged, then at Liz who also shrugged but kind of nodded. With a sigh, he groaned, “Okay, fine, but only because you’re paying for yourself.”
“Great!” Diablo said. “Since you already have Psyche, I can sit with Lisa here.” He reached his hand out to Liz.
Volt grabbed Diablo’s wrist and coldly asked, “Um, shouldn’t Liz decide who she wants to sit with?”
Diablo blinked in surprise, then looked at the cold, serious looks that Volt and Psyche were giving him. After a moment, he said, “Huh. It’s a family thing; I guess that makes sense.” He pulled his arm away from Volt and looked at Liz. “Okay, Liz, would you like to sit with me?”
Liz looked him up and down, before saying, “Yeah, I guess you’re cute.” She linked her arm in his, and they all walked inside.
When they came up to the host, Volt requested, “Table for four, please.”
“Make that a table for seven,” A voice from behind said, making them jump. They turned to see Bloom, Musa, and Tecna dressed up behind them.
“What? How?” Volt asked.
“Amore tattled,” All three Winx said at once, pointing to the now-blushing pixie.
“Are you going to stop us?” Psyche asked.
“This is us stopping you,” Tecna said. “It’d be a shame for you to dress up and not get to have a nice dinner.” The host grabbed some menus and led them to a table where they all sat together. Mira and Angelo were nearby, but they were both focused on each other.
The pixies got their own table, and Rhea was daintily laying a napkin on her lap. “Awww, what a cutie,” Musa gushed, looking at her. Rhea heard her, and looked away with a blush.
Turning to Volt, Tecna commented, “I’m surprised that you need to watch after Mira. I always got the impression she was the most level headed of the three of offense, of course.”
Drily, Volt and Psyche said, “None taken.”
Volt continued, “Mira got a crush on a guy once before, and he used that to cheat and beat her in a fighting competition. Let’s just say, Psyche and I are wary of guys who ‘like’ Mira. We just want to keep her feelings safe.”
“Huh, Angelo had a crush on a guy a while back who did something similar with him,” Diablo said. “I beat up the little turd, of course, but I want to make sure Angelo doesn’t get hurt, either.”
When everyone gave Diablo annoyed looks, he asked, “What?”
Bloom sighed and groaned, “I can’t believe we’re related…”
“I can,” Tecna commented, “You two have a similar facial structure.”
Both Diablo and Bloom looked at her and said, "Thanks Tecna," in the same dry tone Volt and Psyche had.
Musa snorted and started giggling as the waiter came by and took all of their orders. Volt noticed that at Mira's table, she and Angelo were doing the same--except they were holding hands as they did so. When no one was looking, Volt shot a tiny bolt of static and shocked the two of them, making them jump and pull their hands apart.
When Volt looked back though, Musa was giving him a suspicious look, to which he shrugged and mouthed 'what?'
She shook her head in slight disappointment as Volt ordered his own food, and as they were handed their drinks she told him, "Volt, you said you weren't going to do anything."
"It was a little shock, nothing major!" Volt protested. "I don't like how 'handsy' Angelo's getting."
"They're holding hands, Volt. It's a date," Musa said. "Does she send gusts of cold when you go out with Orbo?"
With an embarrassed blush, Volt muttered, "No…"
They saw Mira shake her hand off, then begin looking around with suspicion and annoyance. "Oh geez," Musa said. In a flash, she ran up to the stage and said, "Hi everyone, are we having a nice evening? My name's Musa, and I'll be playing you a special song tonight!"
As Musa began singing, Volt looked to see Mira staring directly at him and his group. He sparked a bit from surprise, which caught Psyche's attention; she tensed when Mira's eyes narrowed into a glare.
As Angelo was about to turn around, Mira put her hand on his and said something that Volt and Psyche couldn't hear, which made him laugh. With a sly grin, Angelo snapped his fingers, creating a blue flame that he used to light the candles. This made Mira laugh, luckily taking her attention away from trying to incinerate (or maybe freeze; it was Mira, after all) her siblings.
When Volt and Psyche turned back to their group, Bloom was giving them a knowing, slightly smug grin. "I'm guessing Mira's not happy with your meddling," she commented.
Diablo snuck a glance, to which Mira not-so-subtly drew her finger across her throat. Diablo's face went a bit pale as he resituated and drank his water.
Psyche sighed and whispered to Volt, "Mira's gonna kill us."
"Probably," Volt whispered back. The two of them briefly hugged each other before watching Musa onstage.

"It's...glorious," Flora gasped, as Abigail flew up to the beast. The Fantasmabeast tilted its head to her, and they pressed their foreheads together.
"Girls, meet Alclavia, the Fantasmabeast," Abigail said. She motioned them forward and said, "Don't be shy, she doesn't bite."
Alclavia made a musical, singing-like call that felt like it was drawing the three fairies in. When they put their hands on her, her scales were cold, but her gentle eyes made them feel warm. She sang to them again, before laying her head down and looking away. She seemed even more tired and sluggish than everyone else in the cave.
“Oh dear,” Abigail sighed. “She’s even worse than I realized.” Looking at the Winx pleadingly, she asked, “Please help Alclavia; I don’t know what will happen to the universe if she fades. Plus I’ll miss her.”
“We’ll do our best,” Flora assured. She flew up into the air, and tapped into her Fantasmix. While there weren’t any plants nearby, the energy of the Cave spoke to her. “Beauty of Nature!” Flora shouted. Pink and green energy grew in her hands, and Klivoghejn flowers began sprouting from the cave walls. Unlike the Klivoghejn in Alfea, they were all different colors.
“Glorious Spotlight!” Stella shouted. Her hands began glowing with golden-yellow light that shot out, hitting the Klivoghejn flowers and making them glow with beautiful colors.
“Dance of the Tide!” Aisha shouted. She began dancing around, making the snow particles spin around in the air, creating a breeze that blew the Klivoghejn flowers, making them shake. The shiny Klivoghejn flowers shook, creating a rainbow of light that lit up the cave like a disco ball.
Despite the amazing sight, and the Winx using their Fantasmix powers to try to make Alclavia happier, Alclavia didn’t react. Instead, she sighed again and closed her eyes.
"Alclavia…" Abigail sighed, hugging Alclavia. Flora, Aisha, and Stella looked at each other with worry; this seemed to affect their magic, because the girls' spells dissolved immediately.
Flora, Aisha, and Stella huddled together, and Stella whispered, "I was sure that would work! I thought that cheering Alclavia up would help."
"She doesn't seem to have any physical wounds," Flora said, "So I don't know how I can heal her."
"Her energy is off," Aisha said. "Not just because it's fading. I feel a strange pull in her power, something that's weakening it. I just...don't know what."
"Maybe if we could get Alclavia to relax," Flora said. She flew up in front of Alclavia's face and said, "Aromatherapy!" A pink mist curled off of her, with small flowers appearing in the air.
Alclavia inhaled deeply, paused for a moment, then sneezed, blowing Flora nearly completely across the cave. It would have been almost fun, if Aisha didn't suddenly drop to the ground in pain. "Aisha!!" Flora, Stella, and Abigail all gasped.
"I...I don't know what's going on!" Aisha gasped, before screaming in pain again. She was on all fours, and her Fantasmix was flickering in and out.
Outside, the Trix were at a back entrance to the cave, hitting the mysterious magical barrier that was keeping them from entering with their magic. After about three tries, Stormy growled, "What is with this thing!?"
Darcy touched the barrier and cringed. "Fantasmix magic. One of the Winx made a barrier to keep us out."
With a wicked grin, Icy asked, "Just one of the Winx? This'll be a cinch. Ladies, let's hit it with everything we've got."
The three witches held up their hands, and the jewels on their Wraithix began glowing, and their Wraiths formed in the air. "Wraithix Convergence!! Wraith blast!!" The Trix shouted. The jewels floated together, and the Wraiths fused into a giant shadowy blob. The combined Wraiths flew at the barrier, colliding with it and completely shattering it.
With another shriek, Aisha’s body was enveloped in a turquoise blue light that collected in her wings before shooting out, leaving her unconscious but still transformed. “Oh no!” Abigail gasped. “Someone broke Aisha’s wish.”
“What does that mean?” Stella asked.
Abigail explained, “Whatever wish Aisha granted, it required a constant use of her magic. Someone broke through that magic, undoing the wish and hurting Aisha.” When Stella and Flora gasped in shock, Abigail added, “Don’t worry; luckily enough Alclavia and I are here to help. Ally, can I get a hand?” She asked, turning to Alclavia.
Alclavia slowly looked up, nodded and Abigail put both of her hands on Aisha’s Fantasmix. Alclavia began singing, and her horns began glowing. Abigail’s own Fantasmix stone began glowing, and aurora-colored energy twisted from the stone, down Abigail’s arms, and into Aisha’s stone. Aisha’s wings flashed and she opened her eyes.
“Huh? What happened?”Aisha asked in a dazed voice, before laughing. Abigail sighed in relief before letting go of Aisha. Aisha blinked in surprise and stood up. “That was...weird.”
“Sorry,” Abigail apologized. “Ally and I charged you up with extra joy to wake you up.” As she said this, Flora noticed that Alclavia seemed to get more tired and much less happy.
It clicked for Flora. “Abigail,” she asked, “you said that you created Fantasmix by combining your magic with Alclavia’s, right?”
“Yes, of course,” Abigail said solemnly.
“Well…” Flora started to say, when she was interrupted by screaming.
As the screaming continued, there was a familiar, unpleasant voice that was calling, “Abigail...oh Abigail, where are you hiding?” The voice grew closer, until suddenly they were face to face with Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. Seeing Abigail, the witches grinned wickedly and said, “Hi girls, surprise!” without warning, she summoned a large shard of ice and shot it at Abigail.
Abigail's eyes narrowed and with a wave of her hand deflected it like it was nothing. She inhaled deeply, and in a single breath released a power, cold wind that blew the Trix backwards. However, as if reacting to the chill, Alclavia shivered and winced (though it resembled pain more than cold). When Flora looked at Abigail, her sneer was nearly identical.
As Stella and Aisha flew in to fight, Flora flew up and grabbed Abigail, pulling her back. “Flora!” Abigail gasped in surprise. “What are you doing? I need to protect Alclavia!”
Flora, slightly distraught, blurted, “Abigail, you’re hurting Alclavia!”
Abigail froze and blinked in surprise. In the smallest voice Flora ever heard, Abigail asked, “What?”
Icy came flying up to the two fairies, and Flora shouted, “Tulip Barrier!” she created a flower-shaped forcefield around her and Abigail, before saying, “Abigail, Alclavia reacts to your emotions. I think your worries and sadness are what’s weakening her.”
Abigail gasped again, and she looked more distraught. “What...I’, I’d never hurt Alclavia!” Her eyes watered, and Icy struck Flora’s shield, making it pop. Flora stayed up in the air, but with consistently slowing wings, Abigail drifted to the cave floor, where she began sobbing. Alclavia let out a sow, tired call before going limp.
With a wicked grin, Icy muttered, “Got you now.”

The increasing frequency of cold winds sent shivers down Volt's back for more than one reason. Every time he'd glance at Mira, her eyes would be narrowed and she'd make some sort threatening gesture. Because they were siblings, Volt knew she was good on her threats.
When Musa's song was over and she joined the others, the waiter came up and said, "lovely performance, Miss Musa. Now, what would you all like to order?"
They all put in their orders for food before they all started talking amongst themselves. And, if Volt didn't know better, Diablo and Liz were flirting. "We are so dead," Psyche commented.
"At least Mom and Dad can talk to us through the mediums in the Deep," Volt said.
With a confused look, Tecna asked, "Mediums of the Deep?"
"Oh yeah, the Witches in the Deep in charge of communicating with spirits from beyond the grave." Volt said. "Kinda like Psyche, but they do it professionally."
"They're the ones who trained me in using my magic," Psyche explained.
“Suddenly you make so much sense,” Diablo told her bluntly.
Liz nudged Diablo’s shoulder as Angelo got up from his table and walked to the restrooms. As soon as he was out of sight, Mira got up and walked over to the group table. With a cold voice, she said, “Volt, Psyche, can I have a word with you two?”
Before they could respond, Mira grabbed them both by their ears and pulled them up from their seats. “Ow, owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!” Volt and Psyche shouted as Mira dragged them outside.
When they were out of the restaurant and out of the way of the door, Mira let their ears go and, with her back to them, calmly said, “So, you two decided to stalk me on my date, huh?” Her voice was calm, and not as cold as usual, which made Psyche and Volt tense up.
“Uhhhhh…” They started to say, when she whirled around and glared at them. Her eyes flashed with reddish-pink light and a cold wind whipped around her, giving the two of them shivers.
“WHY DID YOU THINK THIS WAS OKAY!?” She screeched at them, creating an extra cold gale that nearly blew them off of their feet. “DID YOU EVEN THINK AT ALL!?” She took a deep breath to calm herself down.
Volt started to say, “Well, we were thinking about Olaf, and…”
Mira groaned and facepalmed. “I told you, Angelo’s different. He and I talk. Like, really talk. He’s been nothing but sweet to me, and it’s not like I’m blabbing about fighting.” Her face fell a bit and she asked, “Don’t you two trust me?”
Psyche and Volt looked at each other, and before they could respond, Mira said, “Never mind. I hope you enjoy your dinner. Don’t interfere with mine.” She pushed past the two of them and headed back inside.
Feeling guiltier and more ridiculous than ever, Psyche and Volt walked back inside and to their table. When they sat down, Bloom asked, “She wasn’t happy that you decided to spy on her dinner, was she?”
“How did you know?” Psyche asked.
“It was easy to guess,” Bloom said.
Musa added, “We also saw her yelling at you outside. Dash that; everyone saw her yelling at you two.” She gave them a knowing, slightly smug grin and added, “You can’t say we didn’t warn you.”
With a sigh, Volt said, “Okay, okay, fine. You were right, Psyche and I shouldn’t have interfered.” He half-heartedly made a spark with his fingers. Without realizing, the spark shot from his finger, bouncing around until it struck a waiter, who yelped and spilled drinks all over Mira and Angelo.
When he realized what he’d done, Volt gasped and jumped up. He went over to Mira and Angelo’s table. “I’m so sorry,” he apologized to Mira. “That was an accident!” He began to try drying Mira off, but the drinks were already stained into the dress.
“Volt! Stop!” Mira shouted, pushing him away. “You’ve done enough already!” With her strength and a gust of cold air, Volt was pushed up into the air before crashing into a family’s table.
With everyone looking at her, Mira’s face flushed with embarrassment, anger, and a bit of sadness. Her face seemed to get redder and redder, until they realized that the Red Wraithix Jewel was flying at her. Before anyone could stop it, the Red Jewel hit Mira and a pulse of cold wind blast out from every direction.
When the light faded, Mira wasn’t Mira anymore. Her skin was bright red, and she was dressed in full-body black armor. Her wings were made of black energy, and her hair was whitish-pink light. Her eyes were glowing and she had sharp fangs. She was wearing the Wraithix jewel on the center of her breastplate. With a screech, she summoned an icy-cold wind that whipped around the restaurant, creating a windy vortex that was blowing everything around.
“Magic Winx! Fantasmix!” Bloom, Tecna, and Musa shouted. They transformed into their Fantasmix as Volt and Liz transformed into their Enchantix.
"Mira, we don't want to fight you!" Psyche shouted as she transformed into her witch robes.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Mira screeched, unleashing another gale of cold wind.
"Flaming Heart!" Bloom shouted, creating a shield of flame to block the cold wind. It helped some, but the cold would also circumvent any openings.
Angelo and Diablo jumped on either side of Blue and created their red and blue flames. Their flames mixed with Bloom’s, bolstering the power of the shield. “We got you, cuz!” Diablo shouted.
Psyche, Volt, and Liz all looked at each other and nodded. Psyche knelt down and began chanting, while Volt and Liz flew around the shield, Volt sparking with lighting and Liz sparking with flames. They blasted their magic at Mira, who screamed and countered with an even colder wind.
Frost spread across Liz and Volt’s wings and they were blown backwards. “Digital Web!” Tecna shouted. She caught the two of them in a net of glowing green energy, but then they were shivering and their faces were blue.
“Fortissimo Blast!!” Musa shouted, shooting a powerful soundwave at Mira. The soundshock startled Mira, but only for a moment.
“I’ll heat them up!” Angelo shouted. He dove from the shield next to Volt and Liz. Muttering quietly, he summoned glowing blue heat in his hand that radiated over the two of them. Their wings thawed slowly and the color was returning to their faces, but they were still shivering.
With a hiss, Mira shot black feather from her wings at them. The Winx and Diablo all cringed with anticipation as the blade-sharp projectiles flew at them like bullets.

“Abigail!” The Winx gasped. After the fairy dropped to the ground, the Trix began began circling her like vultures. They held out their Wraithix, dark energy flowing out of the jewels and circling Abigail.
As Abigail cried, Alclavia let out a low moaning hum that sounded like she was in pain. As the Winx watched, Abigail’s Fantasmix stone began glowing with a strange, bluish-white light, and a black shadow began spreading around her body,
“You just had to tell Abigail that she was hurting Alclavia, didn’t you?” Stella asked in exasperation.
Flora replied, “I didn’t think she’d react like this!” She summoned some energy and shouted, “Beauty of Nature!” She tried to bloom the Klivoghejn flowers again, but Abigail’s sorrow was making the cave melt even more, and the spell fizzled out barely before it even escaped her hand.
"C'mon, we need to take out the Trix!" Aisha shouted. "Sea Foam Splash!!" A wave of salty water shot from her hand and washed towards the Trix, who all shrieked and clew out of the way.
"Watch it!! Tornado Fist!" Stormy shouted. She created a fist made out of spinning wind that she shot at the Winx, knocking them in different directions.
"Shimmering Rainbow!!" Stella shouted. She sent a spinning rainbow that hit the Trix, and briefly discolored their outfits. When Flora looked at her in surprise, she shrugged and said, "Christa taught me that one."
With a shrug back, Flora shouted, "Lotus Blast!!" She summoned her spell and fired lotus petals at the Trix.
Even though the Trix weren't focused on Abigail anymore, she was still falling deeper under the Wraithix spell. "It's not working!" Stella shouted. "Glorious Spotlight!" She summoned a golden light and flew up to Abigail.
The light seemed to affect the darkness, but touching it made both Abigail and Alclavia shriek with pain. "Stella!" Flora and Aisha both shouted. Stella quickly dissolved the spell.
"We need to focus on Alclavia," Aisha said. "If we can heal her, then Abigail's darkness should go away." She flew over to Alclavia, who barely looked up to see her. "Hey, girl," Aisha said. "Dance of the Tide!!"
She began spinning around in the air, creating a cool sea breeze that wafted towards Alclavia. Alclavia didn’t seem to react, except sneezing and blowing Aisha several feet away. The cold air gave Aisha chills, which grew worse as she was hit with a blast from Icy.
The Trix were firing spells at the Winx again, and blocking would take away all of their focus from Abigail and Alclavia. Also, none of them wanted to say it, but they could feel their Fantasmix powers starting to slip.
Looking at Abigail again, Flora noticed that she was hugging her own shoulders. “Cover me!” she shouted to the other girls. She dove down towards Abigail again; as the Trix went to throw curses at her, Aisha and Stella shot spells that collided with the dark spells and dissolving them. Flora shot down until she was in front of Abigail, who looked up with a half-shadow face, a glowing eye, and tears streaming down her face.
Slowly, she knelt down and hugged Abigail. The dark parts kind of hurt to touch, but she held Abigail tight; Abigail hugged her back and began crying even harder. She silently rubbed Abigail’s back as Abigail’s sobs grew quieter and her breaths grew steadier. Alclavia lifted her head a bit, and the light seemed to be returning to her eyes. As Aisha and Stella watched, the darkness started retreating off of Abigail. Abigail’s wings began shimmering and steadily raising.
As Abigail calmed down, Alclavia began stirring more. Seeing this, the Trix growled and summoned their Wraiths. With excited grins, Aisha and Stella nodded at each other and their Fantasmix stones began glowing bright and they summoned their special spells. “Fantasmix Convergence! Sunny Beach!” They shouted. A wave of warmth and mist blew into the Wraiths, completely dissipating them.
As the warmth and mist wafted over Abigail and Flora, a burst of bluish-white light burst from Abigail. In reaction, Alvlavia fully stood up. She was absolutely huge, with a long neck, and her wings spread to their full length.
Abigail and Flora stood up, and Abigail gave Flora a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said, her wings fluttering as she gave the Trix a stern look as she flew in front of the now fully awake Alclavia.
With a small, disingenuous smile, Abigail told the Trix, “Well, thank you for visiting, but I think it’s time for you three to go home.” She tilted her head to the side and and grinned.
The Trix grouped together suspiciously as Abigail straightened her neck and looked at the Trix with near-innocent surprise. “Still here?? Do you need some motivation?” Behind Abigail, Alclavia began humming. “Well, bye girls!! Song of the Fantasmabeast!!”
Abigail and Alclavia began harmonizing, making the temperature of the cave steadily but quickly drop. As they sang, the icy cave walls began shining with beautiful colors. With a final grin at the Winx, Abigail and Alclavia sang a loud, high pitched note, the force of which actually blew the Trix out of the cavern they were in. As the Winx listened, the “oofs” and “ouches” faded until their screams faded into the wind.
When they were gone, Abigail spun in the air, covering her quivering smile as her eyes filled with tears looking at Alclavia. Happily, Abigail flew forward and gave Alclavia the biggest hug she could. Alclavia sang happily, and smiled at the Winx. “Don’t leave Ally hanging!!” Abigail laughed.
With shrugs and laughter, the Winx flew up and joined Abigail in hugging Alclavia. When they let go, Abigail turned and wrapped her arms around Flora. “Thank you so much…” Abigail whispered. “Your kindness saved me…”
They both pulled back in surprise when a green glow emanated from Flora’s chest. In a flash, it became a bright green jewel that was the same shape as Aisha’s. With happy squeals, Aisha and Stella flew up and joined Flora and Abigail in their hug. Seemingly feeling left out, Alclavia put her head in between their arms. All the girls laughed happily as the Cave of Jubilation returned to its icy cold glory.

Diablo was in the middle of fighting Mira sword to sword, while the Winx and Angelo focused on restoring Liz and Volt. Psyche's chanting grew faster and more intense. A growing light green glow emanated into a green flame spiralling into a holographic image of an old man who looked around confusedly.
“Princess?” He asked, looking at Psyche, before looking at Volt and gasping. “Prince Voltatious! Princess Psycharmi, what’s going on?”
“Captain Thaddeus!” Psyche said. “Mira’s been possessed by a Wraith!” She pointed at Mira, who was slashing away at Diablo, who was barely able to block her attacks.
The ghost’s--Captain Thaddeus’--expression faded from shock to stoic determination.
He flew up to Mira, being immune to the winds since he was a spirit. As Mira was about to strike at Diablo again, he flew in front of Mira and shouted, “Princess Miranda, what are you doing?”
Mira’s morphed face blinked in surprise. She shook her head a bit and looked around, her glowing eyes fading slightly before she began holding her head and reeling. Now awake, Volt gently tapped Rhea and said, “Show her...herself…”
Rhea looked at him and shrieked in terror. “Nonononononononononono!” she squealed.
“Rhea...please…” Volt asked.
The other pixies patted her shoulder and Amore said, “We’ll come with you.”
Still terrified with wide eyes, Rhea nodded before fluttering her wings and flying up to the distressed Mira monster. Rhea grabbed the tiny mirror on her belt and grew it into a hand mirror that was nearly bigger than she was. She held it up so it was facing Mira, who looked at it in and gasped in shock.
Seeing what Volt had Rhea do, Psyche grabbed Angelo’s shoulders and said, “You need to talk to her.”
“But…” Angelo started.
“Talk. To. Her.” Psyche demanded. “You’re the only one who can get her back to herself. Mira needs you, Angelo.”
Angelo looked from Psyche, to Volt, Winx, and then Diablo. He nodded and said, “Okay.” He stood up, squared his shoulders and walked up to Mira. Diablo was standing a bit away from her. Angelo nodded to Diablo, who ran back over to the others and summoned his flames to heat Volt and Liz up.
Angelo stood still, nervous but determined. He looked at Mira, who looked up at him with her half-corrupted eyes. Stepping forward, he grabbed Mira’s hand and held it with both of his own. “Mira, please snap out of this. I was having such a nice time with you. I...really like you. I have since we first met, and I was so nervous when I wanted to ask you out. This has been...magical. Except for the possession of course.” Gently, he leaned in and kissed Mira on the cheek. Even though Mira’s skin was bright red, she blushed as she touched her cheek.
With a determined look, Mira stepped back from Angelo and grabbed the gem on her chest. With growls of effort, she pulled at the jewel, which began glowing bright red at her effort. With a triumphant roar, Mira dislodged the jewel from her chest, which shot out of her hand and away from the restaurant.
In a flash of red light, Mira’s monstrous form disappeared, leaving her back in her dress. She looked...normal, if slightly disheveled. The coldness of the air faded away in an instant, and the color finally completely returned to Volt and Liz, waking them up as their Enchantix dissolved. The Winx dissipated their Fantasmix as Mira pulled Angelo into a tight hug.
Psyche helped Volt stand as Diablo supported Liz. Looking at Angelo and Mira hugging each other, Volt said, “We need to make it up to them, don’t we?”
“We do,” Psyche agreed. “We really do.”

When the fairies came out of Alclavia’s chamber, they found Brandon and Borean wrestling while Helia, Nex, and Australon cheered them on. When Brandon noticed the girls, he let go of Borean and ran up to them. “Girls! How did everything go?”
“Flora saved the Fantasmabeast and Abigail!” Stella gushed, giving Brandon a big hug.
Happily, Helia ran up and hugged Flora tight. “I’m so proud of you!” He gushed, giving her a kiss.
“We knew you could do it,” Nex said, giving Aisha a hug.
Seeing all of them, Borean hugged Australon and sighed happily. “So romantic, this is probably the best moment of my life!” Borean gushed.
With a small smirk, Australon looked at Borean and said, “I think I can make it better.” He got out his ring and got on one knee. “Borean, you’ve been the light of my life for so many years. I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
Clapping his hands excitedly and holding back tears, Borean laughed and said, “Yes!! Yes!! Of course!!” Australon slipped the ring on Borean’s finger, then he stood up and they kissed as the Winx, Abigail, and Specialists cheered.
After a happy celebration of the proposal, the Winx and Specialists boarded the ship and flew back to ALfea as the icy denizens waved goodbye.

“Okay...what’s going on?” Mira asked. “You know I don’t like surprises.” Volt and Psyche had blindfolded Mira and were leading through Alfea’s courtyard. “If you try to scare me I will beat you up!”
“Oh come on, Mira, don’t you trust us?” Psyche asked.
“No,” Mira said flatly.
“Okay, we’re here!” Volt said happily. He undid the blindfold, and he and Psyche showed Mira the little table that they, Trixie, Ella, Christa, Liz, and Diablo had set up. “We had to convince Diablo, but Faragonda gave us permission to use the kitchen, so we can make you any food you want!”
Mira sat down and Ella handed her a menu. “Take your time, and order anything you’d like.”
As the others flocked away, Mira looked at Angelo and asked, “Did you know about this?”
Angelo grinned and shrugged, saying, “Psyche and Volt might have told me back at the restaurant.” He snapped his fingers, creating a small blue flame that he used to light the candle. “Your siblings are pretty great.”
“Yeah, they are,” Mira agreed. “And Diablo’s not so bad, I suppose.”
“Oh no, we all know he’s terrible,” Angelo commented, making them both laugh. Mira looked to see Psyche and Volt hiding behind a bush, watching her and Angelo. Except this time, they were giving her thumbs-ups.
And the evening just got better from there.

Chapter Text

Now that Mira and Angelo were officially dating, Angelo and Trixie both tagged along on the Illuminates’ hangouts. Currently, Mira and Angelo were holding hands and sipping their smoothies, while Trixie and Psyche were talking about Pumpernickel. Volt felt like a fifth wheel, and thought, I miss Orbo.
He finished sipping his drink when his phone began ringing. Pulling it out, he answered it for the holographic image of Tecna to pop up. "Oh, hey Tecna. What's up?" He asked.
“Hello, Volt! I know you’re hanging out with your sisters right now, but I just got a message from an old friend of mine, and I was wondering if you three would like to come to Zenith with me ?” Tecna asked.
Volt looked up at his sisters, who were both looking at the phone. “I would,” Psyche said, “But Trixie and I are going to take Pumpernickel to Pixie Village to see if we can get him healed. Thanks, though!”
Mira added, “I also appreciate the offer, but I don’t think I should travel somewhere that cold right now. Especially with what happened at the restaurant.” She shivered from the memory of the incident.”
“I’ll tag along,” Volt said. “Can I bring my friends from school?”
“Oh, certainly! We’ve already invited them,” Tecna said enthusiastically.
“We?” Volt asked.
“Of course! Bloom and Musa are coming along, too! So are the boys,” She smiled and said, “Have fun, just let me know when you’re coming back to the school, okay?”
Volt looked up at his sisters again, and said, “Actually, I’ll come back right now.” He stood up, gave Psyche and Mira each a kiss, then transformed into his Enchantix and flew off to Alfea.
Mira and Psyche watched him fly off, before looking at each other with concerned frowns. “You think he’s upset?” Psyche asked.
“Nah, I think he’s just missing you-know-who,” Mira replied. “Mind if Angelo and I tag along? Maybe we could help with Pumpernickel.”
Psyche smiled and agreed, “Sounds fun!”

As their party flew towards Zenith’s frozen surface, Volt stared aimlessly out the window and sighing. His friends were watching him with concerned looks, but didn’t want to bother him.
Quietly, Bloom pulled Tecna to the side and whispered, “Tecna, I love Volt as much as anybody, but is it really a good idea to bring the Fairy of Lightning to the world of technology?”
“I think he should be fine, as long as he can control his powers.” Tecna said.
“He can’t control his powers,” Bloom harshly mumbled. “That’s the point! If he gets upset, scared, or angry, boom! Planet wide power outage!” They both looked at Volt, who was still staring out the window.
Both women looked at him for a moment, before Tecna commented, “I...don’t think that’s going to be an issue.”
Coming up to them, Musa added, “I wish his sisters were here, we could ask them what to do!” The three of them looked at him again, and noticed that Rhea was fluttering up behind Volt.
Rhea sat on Volt’s shoulder and sweetly asked, “Do you see something in your reflection? Or are you looking into the stars?” She snuggled up to Volt’s cheek and added, “They’re both beautiful, though…”
“No, not really Rhea,” Volt sighed. “I’m just feeling kind of lonely lately.” He looked at Rhea’s reflection. “Sorry sweetie, but I don’t feel like talking about it right now.”
Rhea curled up on his shoulder and gently stroked his cheek. “That’s okay, Volt, you don’t have to.”
Nike and Polaris began whispering to each other. The two pixies flew up, and Polaris reached into her hair, and pulled out a small glowing yellow star that she levitated and filled with energy, until it popped into a glowing, star-shaped hacky sack. Nike and Polaris began kicking the hackey between the two of them. “Rhea! Volt! You should join us!”
The two pixies kicked the hackey over to Christa and Ella who laughed and began kicking the hackey between the four of them. Volt turned around and watched them despondently. Rhea looked from Volt and and the girls, then flew and joined the hackey game. She was giggling along with the others, and she waved for Volt to join.
With a shrug, Volt got up and reluctantly joined the game. At first he was kind of slowly kicking it, until he laughed and picked up speed. His smile was warm and infectious, and soon everyone was laughing. “Buckle up!” Sky said over the intercom, “we’ll be entering Zenith’s atmosphere soon!”
As Volt took his seat, and Rhea sat on his shoulder and held on. As Bloom looked, his smile looked like it could light up a city.

Mira, Psyche, Angelo, and Trixie were led through the woods by the Winx’ bonded pixies. “Thanks for this,” Psyche said. “Trixie and I have been worried about Pumper ever since the dance.” She put her hand on the sick, brownish Pumpernickel who could barely wrap his vine around her arm.
“Of course!” Amore said. “We’re more than happy to help you and this cutie!” She flew down and patted Pumpernickel, who weakly grinned.
Even Trixie’s usual whimsy and humor was greatly faded, as she sadly stroked the top of Pumpernickel’s head. Seeing her distress, Tune fluttered over to Trixie and said, "No one blames you for what happened to you and Pumpernickel."
"I know," Trixie said. "I'm just so mixed up about it. Pumper is sick because he became a Wraithix, and I fell prey to that very Wraithix! I'm from Whimsii, I should be happier than that."
"Anyone can fall prey to the Wraithix," Mira said. "In fact, the only ones here who haven't are the pixies!"
"Unless you count Ninfea," Angelo said, before Mira elbowed him. "Ow!"
“As I was saying,” Mira continued, with a glare at Angelo, before taking Trixie’s hand, “There’s nothing for you to be ashamed of. We’ll get Pumpernickel healed, and I’m sure the pixies will be happy to help.” She patted Trixie's hand, and Trixie seemed a bit comforted, especially as Psyche put her arm over her shoulder.
Soon, they stepped into pixie village, where a crowd of pixies came to stare at the newcomers. Livvy flew up to the group and asked, “What’s going on? Is something wrong?”
Trixie held out Pumper and said, “I’m sorry, my friend is sick. We were hoping you’d be able to help him…” She was fighting back tears a bit as Pumpernickel wiggled weakly.
“Oh no!” Livvy gasped. A group of pixies gently grabbed Pumpernickel from Trixie. “We’ll get him taken care of for you, okay?”
Trixie nodded as the pixies flew off.

The Trix flew into the cave, half expecting Doom to be waiting with her trademark smirk. What they found instead was a note that read, "taking care of an errand. You know what to do. I'll be expecting a performance when I get back."
Icy growled and crumpled the note in her hands. “I hate her so much…” she growled. “Thinks she’s so much better than us because she has ‘the Kraken’s Ink’ and that stupid ‘original’ Wraithix. I wish I could just snatch it off of her wrist and show her the power of a real witch.” The other Trix nodded and grunted in agreement
“Hey,” Stormy said, “You know, trying to turn that Abigail into a Wraith might not have been a good idea with how powerful she was, but what if we could get a lot of little wraiths, enough for our Wraithix to overpower hers?”
“And how would we do that, exactly?” Darcy asked. “We all know it’s difficult getting just one person to become a Wraith. How would we get that many?”
“Well, we know that half of the Winx are coming back from that Cave of Jubilation. If I were to guess, Doom is out taking care of the remaining Winx. So that means that none of them are protecting Pixie Village.” She smiled devilishly as the two other Trix seemed to get the idea.
“Ohhhh,” Icy and Darcy said at once.
“Do you think we can pull it off in time?” Darcy asked.
“Pfft, how hard could it be? And we all know how Doom is with her schemes.” Stormy asked. “We probably have all the time in the world.”
All three of the Trix grinned and flew off.

When the group got off of the ship, Volt shivered. They’d dressed in warmer clothes to combat the cold temperatures of Zenith, but Volt was still taken aback by how cold it still was. He shivered a bit, making a few sparks of lightning that connected to the ground. He wasn’t going to say anything until Christa blurted, “It’s so cold!!” and started shivering.
“I did tell you to dress warm,” Tecna said, before snapping her fingers. The jackets that the other fairies were wearing became thicker, and they all sighed with relief. They looked at the tall, futuristic buildings, and Ella let out a whistle.
“Kind of reminds me of the trees back on Koyu,” she said. “Except...y’know...with more lights.” She made a general wave with her hands towards all of the buildings.
“It’s nothing like earth,” Roxy agreed, before Tecna began leading the way down the street.
“My friend, Radiant has been developing a videogame that she plans to release to the whole Magic Dimension. We haven’t been in touch in a while, but she offered to let my students, friends, and me try it out before she releases,” Tecna explained. Smiling to the others, she added, “I’m very happy to be introducing you all to her.”
“Sounds exciting!” Bloom agreed. She looked back at the younger fairies; while Ella, Christa, Roxy, and Liz seemed happy and excited, Volt was looking around nervously. There weren’t any sparks flying, so that was good at least. She hung back a bit, letting the others pass her until she was walking side-to-side with Volt. “You doing okay, Volt? You seem nervous.”
When Volt looked at Bloom, she was taken aback by the mix of sadness and worry in his eyes. “Something about being here feels oppressive; it's like I’m looking into a reverse reflection of myself and Minerva. I feel like I don’t belong here.” He sighed, and Bloom could tell there was more to it, but she didn’t press the issue.
“Do you think you’ll be okay, or would you rather go back to Alfea?” Bloom asked, putting her hand on his shoulder. There was quite a bit of static electricity coming off of him; it made her arm hairs stand up a bit, but there wasn’t any shock.
Volt shook his head no. “I kinda don’t want to be alone right now, so I’ll be fine.” He went quiet, not explaining himself. He picked up the pace until he was next to Ella, who put her arm on his shoulder.
“Something wrong with Volt?” Musa whispered to Bloom.
“He’s not comfortable in Zenith, but there’s something else, and he won’t tell me what it is,” Bloom explained. Both of the girls looked at each other, worriedly, before another glance up at Volt again.
After a moment, Musa suggested, “Maybe we could use our Fantasmix powers to cheer him up? I remember him mentioning a lullaby his mother would sing to them, I could probably play it for him with my ‘Memory of a Melody’ spell.”
Bloom shook her head no. “Using our Fantasmix powers like that doesn’t feel right,” she said. “I feel that he just needs some space; and who knows? Maybe playing this game with his friends will help cheer him up.”
Soon, Tecna shouted, “Radiant!” She ran up ahead to a lavender-haired young woman before giving her a quick hug. The two girls were talking as the group caught up with her. “Everyone, this is my childhood friend Radiant.”
Radiant’s expression was much more stoic, but she kindly nodded her head in greeting. “I recognize the famous Bloom and Musa from the Winx Club, but who are the rest of you?” While it was a fairly blunt question, she seemed innocently curious.
“Ah, this is my boyfriend, Timmy, Bloom’s boyfriend Sky, as well as a few of our students: Liz, Christa, and Roxy of earth, Ella of Koyu, and Volt of Minerva,” Tecna introduced.
Radiant gave Volt a sudden, stoic look and commented, “Minerva? The changeling world?” While this was once again an innocent question, Volt gasped in shock and took a step back.
Immediately, Tecna turned to Radiant and said, “Radiant, you shouldn’t say that! It’s a harmful stereotype against Minervans!” She hit Radiant lightly on the shoulder and gave her a stern look.
Radiant’s expression didn’t change, but she turned to Volt and looked him straight in the eyes. She was pretty intimidating, and Volt could feel his electricity sparking a bit from his hands. “My deepest apologies, Volt. I’ll be more mindful of this now.” She nodded her head again before asking, “You’re the Fairy of Lightning, correct?”
“Um, yes?” Volt replied.
“Interesting; I heard that Minervan Lightning Training is very intensive. Perhaps you could tell me about it sometime?” Her expression softened a bit and she gave a small grin, before going stoic again.
“Sure?” Volt asked, with confusion.
Ella patted Volt on the shoulder, and she told Radiant, “Sorry, he just gets overwhelmed easily.”
“Right, right,” Radiant said, “Well, follow me, and I’ll show you my game.” She turned around and led the group through the doors of one of the buildings. There were groups of Zenithians watching them with the same stoic expressions. After a brief, speedy elevator ride, they soon stepped into a large computer lab. There were several gaming consoles with younger Zenithians hooked up and playing games.
The fairies and specialists took in the lab in awe, when suddenly there was shouting. Two Zenithian boys threw away their controllers and attacked each other. Everyone except Radiant in the group gasped in shock. Immediately, Sky and Volt jumped into action and pulled the boys apart. The boys’ aggression didn’t cease, but it seemed entirely focused on each other. “Get them to containment!” Radiant commanded. A couple of big robots came and grabbed the two young boys before escorting them out.
“...That’s what keeps happening,” Radiant said, not looking at the rest of the group. “My game is multiplayer, but everyone who plays it immediately goes aggro and attacks the other players. I’m sorry, Tecna,” she added, looking sadly at Tecna. “That’s part of why I called you here.”
Tecna walked up to Radiant and put her hand on Radiant’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Radiant,” she comforted. “I’m more than happy to help.” Tecna walked up to the main console, where the main screen of Radiant’s game and put her hand on the console’s surface. Quietly, she muttered, “Software Diagnostic.”
Green lines of energy drew themselves across the whole computer; when they connected on the screen, black lightning sparked outwards, breaking Tecna’s spell and shocked her. Familiar, though digitized laughter played from the computer. The screen glitched out, until the dark image of Doom appeared. Well, a very digital image of Doom. She was much more angular than usual, looking like a poorly rendered npc. She had her arms crossed and she grinned through the screen like she was looking directly at them--which she likely was.
“Why hello girls, Volt,” she said before giggling evilly. “I added some fun updates to the game!! I’ll be able to make this dimension just like back home in no time.” Leaning in close to the screen, she asked, “Won’t you play with me?” before the image switched back to the main title screen, as her wicked laughter faded away.
“Oh no…” Volt mumbled, terrified.

While Pumper was away, being treated by pixies with power of plants and flowers, Trixie began to cheer up a bit with pixies entertaining her, and Psyche holding her hand and resting her head on Trixie’s shoulder. Eventually, Trixie started laughing again and using her magic to play harmless pranks on the pixies.
One of the pixies flew up to Trixie; she seemed a little mopey. She had long blue hair, and blue wings that looked like dripping teardrops. “How are you feeling?” the little pixie asked. “Do you need to cry a bit?”
Trixie gave a small giggle and said, “Thank you, but I’m feeling a lot better honestly. She held out her finger. “I’m Trixie, the Witch of Tricks. What’s your name, cutie?”
The pixie shook Trixie’s finger and said, “I’m Blue...the Pixie of Tears. You have a lot of positive energy...would you like to bond with me? It’s okay if you don’t…” she added, nervously rubbing her shoulder.
“How could I not?” Trixie asked, giving Blue a big smile.
Blue didn’t quite smile back, but she seemed to perk up a little with surprise. Cautiously, she flew up and sat on Trixie’s shoulder. With a giggle, Trixie pat Blue’s head gently.
Psyche giggled at the two of them and gently nudged Mira, giggling as she pointed at them. Mira didn’t laugh, but she did grin and silently giggled. Angelo also laughed, but he looked away and did so as quietly as he could.
“I NEED TO SPEAK WITH THE WITCHES WHO OWN THE PUMPKIN! I NEED TO SPEAK WITH THEM!!” A surprisingly deep pixie voice shouted. Psyche looked in the direction of the voice when she was struck on her forehead by a small and surprisingly heavy object.
“Ow…” Psyche groaned as she rubbed her forehead.
“Ouchie…” the deep-voiced pixie grunted. This pixie was a lot different from the others in the village. Unlike the others, this one seemed male. He had short hair and a muscular frame. He wore a tool belt and carried a hammer. He reminded Psyche a bit of Rhea, with bright white hair and electric blue eyes. Looking up he straightened up his posture and held out his hand, saying, “Girder, Pixie of Construction. I have an offer for you two.”
“Psyche, Witch of Ghosts,” Psyche introduced herself. “And what’s this offer of yours?” She asked, shaking his hand with two of her fingers.
Girder held his hands behind his back; he seemed very serious and professional. “I would like to build a small greenhouse for your pumpkin friend. I can enchant it in a way so the temperature is always perfectly suited for Pumpernickel’s recovery.”
“That sounds amazing!” Psyche said. “And what would we owe you, Girder? Actually, is it okay if I call you Gir? Or Girdy, perhaps?” She smiled at the small, muscular pixie.
“I would prefer to be referred to as Girder, if you don’t mind, Princess Psycharmi.” Girder politely but firmly requested.
“No need to be formal, and I actually prefer being called Psyche,” Psyche told him. “While you’re building the greenhouse, you’re more than welcome to stay with us in Cloud Tower; even longer if you’d like.” She smiled kindly.
Suddenly, Girder’s serious expression broke in a huge and excited smile. “Really? You mean it?” He squealed excitedly as his feet kicked out. “That’s so exciting! There are so many things I can fix in Cloud Tower!” He flew up and gave Psyche a hug in her cheek before sitting on her shoulder, like Blue was with Trixie.
Soon, a pink, flowery pixie came out and flew up to Trixie. Immediately, Trixie stood up and asked, “How is he? Is Pumper doing any better?”
The pink pixie nodded. “He’s regaining some of his color; it’s a slow process so far, but it’s definitely working. It might take a few more hours, so all the patience you can spare is appreciated.” She nodded her head and flew back.
“Thank goodness…” Trixie muttered. Her eyes began to well with tears and she sniffled a bit. Blue’s hand glowed with blue light and she touched Trixie’s cheek. Trixie began laughing and crying, while her tears streamed like a waterfall. All of her worries and regrets from the dance and Pumpernickel’s condition came out at once. Blue kept her hand on Trixie’s cheek, but Trixie could hear her crying, too.
“We only just arrived and you’re already crying?” A snide voice asked. The teens looked up to see the Trix floating up in the air, watching them condescendingly. Icy continued, “we were hoping for no confrontations, but we can handle you, even if there are four.” Silently, she held her hand up as dark, blue-black energy gathered in her palm. “Frozen Comet.” She shot a pitch-back chunk of ice directly at the group.
“Angel’s Blade!” Angelo shouted. When he whipped out his sword, which was alight with bluish-white flames. He leapt into the air and sliced through the black ice, breaking it and melting it at the same time.
As he landed, the girls took on their respective magical forms. The Trix did nothing but smile as Darcy said, “Well, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get.” All three of the Trix summoned their power and attacked at once.

“If Doom is inside the videogame, can we beat her by beating it?” Christa asked.
Volt shook his head. “I can sense the electricity from the game, and how Doom is manipulating it. She’s using that electricity to mess with the heads of the players. If any of you play, she can use that same power on you.”
Musa commented, “Well, Tecna, Bloom, and I are all Fantasmix fairies, we should be immune to Doom’s tricks.” She sounded confident, but also questioning, looking to Volt to confirm.
“I only think that’s if Doom is using her Wraithix powers directly on you,” Volt said. “But since she’s not directly using her Wraithix on the players, but on the game itself, she can affect you.” He thought for a moment. “If you’re in the game itself, you should be immune to this mind trick. With my powers, I should be immune, or at least resistant to this. I’ll play the game as an outside player to act as a buffer.”
“A buffer?” Liz asked. “Why would we need that?”
Tecna looked at Liz seriously. “If we’re inside the game, then our lives will be tied to the characters we’d be playing as. Volt won’t have such a weakness; his character will be able to regenerate at will.”
“Do you think we can do it?” Bloom asked.
For a moment, Tecna thought. “It shouldn’t be all of us. Bloom, Sky, Timmy, and Liz, you should stay out here with Volt. Musa, Christa, Roxy, Ella, and I will go into the game.” When Bloom looked like she was going to protest, Tecna said, “Bloom, I know you want to help, but you’re the one Doom is after. Going into a digital realm where she has any power is too dangerous.”
“What about the rest of us?” Liz asked.
“Musa and I are Fantasmix fairies; we have more advantage against Doom. Ella and Christa have light powers, which will be useful in a digital world. As for Roxy, her animal powers can make communication with any npcs easier,” Tecna explained. “Volt, can you protect the others from the electric power?”
“Yes. Along with my Illumination,” Volt said. He walked up to the computer, and began typing. “Sorry, Radiant. I need to make an opening for Tecna and the others to go through.” After a few more seconds, the computer began beeping. Looking up, Volt said, “Tecna, you need to hurry. This gate won’t last forever.” He walked over to a VR headset and put it on, before creating an avatar. “Hurry!” He urged.
“Right!” Tecna said. She grabbed onto Musa’s hand. Musa then grabbed Ella’s, who grabbed Roxy’s, who grabbed Christa’s. Her Fantasmix stone appeared on her chest as she said, “Digital Upload.” The green lines of light enveloped her body, before spreading to the others. Techna placed her hand on the console, and the fairies turned into green energy that flew into the console.
They travelled through a tunnel of light, before appearing in what looked like a white void with a checkered floor. The girls themselves were dressed in high-tech, full body suits with full covers. Looking at her outfit, Ella commented, “Not bad, but it’s not really my style.”
“It’s to protect us from dissolving into the code,” Tecna explained. She tapped a button on the side of her helmet. “Volt, Radiant, do you read me?”
“I’m right here,” Volt’s voice said. They looked at a bizarre avatar that looked nothing like Volt.
“I’ll meet you in the game, okay?” Volt said. He looked up at the menu and reached out, then disappeared. Tecna looked up and shot a bolt of energy; this activated the button and the menu changed to the game’s map. Their tech suits were changed to character skins, which still had the technical appearance--just more fashionable. Volt’s Avatar resembled him more, with white hair and blue eyes, however his facial features looked nothing like real life. “Hey guys,” Volt said, his voice still flat. “Just to let you know...since I’m only playing the game as an outside player, I don’t have any of my powers.” He turned and indicated a large black hole made of swirling code. “Before you use any of your powers, I have to warn you. Being here is a corruption of the code. Using your powers will destabilize it even more, and my hole will collapse.”
“Wait, really?” Christa asked. “ are we supposed to fight Doom?”
“Only use your powers to fight Doom. Otherwise, play the game how it’s supposed to be played,” Volt said. “Follow my lead, okay?” He walked forward, holding an aesthetically matching laser rifle. Suddenly, four enemies jumped out, and Volt shot them down with lightning blasts from his gun. They went down like normal game enemies.
“I thought you didn’t have any of your powers!” Tecna teased.
“I might have hacked a few upgrades,” Volt said with a low chuckle. “Doom’s influence is weak here; I can feel it in the electricity. We’ll encounter enemies that will glitch super hard, and they’ll be a lot harder to beat, so be on your guard.” He had a far more commanding presence than usual. He ran forward, and the other fairies followed behind him.

Outside of the game, the others watched Volt lead Tecna’s team through the game. In the real world, he was acting far more serious than usual. In fact, it was almost like he’d switched bodies with Mira. And, despite the intensity of his demeanor, not a single spark of lightning flickered from his body.
“Wow,” Timmy commented. “And I thought I was an intense gamer. Volt’s like an entirely different person!”
“I think he’s still upset,” Sky said, “but he’s not angry. He just seems really sad.” He looked at Bloom, who nodded. “When this is all over, and everyone comes back from the Cave of Jubilation, we should take the triplets out to do something fun.”
“What do they like to even do?” TImmy asked. “All we’ve ever seen Mira do is train.”
Volt tapped his microphone and said, “Mira, Psyche, and I all enjoy concerts,” before turning it back on and saying, “No, I’m still here.”
Liz crossed her arms and sighed. “I really wish I could help him.”
Suddenly, an alarm started blaring; Radiant ran to one of the consoles and said, “It looks like you’ll have a chance. The quarantined players have gotten out; it looks like Doom branched her powers past the game and into the building’s wiring.” They heard noises, like a herd of wild animals was rampaging in the lower levels.
“It looks like we have to fight,” Bloom said, before activating her Fantasmix
The others nodded, and both Liz and Radiant activated their Enchantix.

With a scream, Mira was knocked into a tree by a shadow arm that Darcy had summoned. Psyche's green aura was ignited as spirits of the dead began rising from the ground. A wave of ghosts flew at Stormy, but she just laughed and spread her hands apart before clapping them. A sonic thunder blast fired at Psyche, making her cover her ears in pain. Angelo was having the most luck against Icy, but even he was struggling against the full power of her Wraithix.
Trixie was using her own powers to evacuate with pixies, along with the bonded pixies they’d come with, Girder, and Blue. After Darcy knocked Mira to the side, she flew up behind Trixie. “Double Vision!” She shouted. Waves of dark energy flew at Trixie.
Crossing her arms, Trixie shouted, “Mirage Twist!” When Darcy’s spell hit where she was floating, everything grew so blurry that no one nearby could really see what was going on. When Darcy summoned a ball of dark magic and threw it where Trixie had been, the illusion did Trixie and pixies she’d been protecting. “Surprise!!” A voice said, and Trixie hit Darcy with orange energy that blasted her and shot her into the ground. She smiled triumphantly, but was hit with a bolt of dark lightning and fell out of the air with a shriek.
“Trixie!” Psyche gasped. She summoned all of her strength and stood up, grunting out, “Banshee Wail…” She opened her mouth and let out a cacophonic scream, sending out sound waves that pushed Stormy’s backwards. After she’d pushed it back enough, she absorbed the power from the spirits she’d summoned and shot off to catch Trixie before she hit the ground. Stormy’s thunder blast hit the ground and broke, sending bits of dirt flying.
Looking around, Psyche saw that while most of the pixies had been evacuated, a fair few remained. She landed on the ground and laid Trixie gently to rest on the grass. As she looked down at Trixie’s unconscious form, anger began rising in her chest. She felt some sparking around her wrist; as she looked, a bracelet with a green-white skull jewel was adorned on her wrist, and she felt a surge of power. However, as soon as it appeared, Psyche could feel the power fading.She held her hands together, and quietly she muttered, “Spirits of wisdom, spirits of light, hear my plea and hear my plight. Take the defenseless and sweep them away, mists of the spirits, save the day!” She spun on her heel and held out her hands, releasing wisps of magical mist blew through the village, creating a translucent barrier that obscured everyone’s vision.
“What is the meaning of this!?” Icy shrieked. “Arctic Wind!” A cold wind blew the mist away, leaving an empty field where it had been. All that remained was Psyche defiantly standing her ground, wearing a white hood that faded away like mist itself.
All three Trix glared at her, and summoned their respective dark magics. “What did you do?” Icy growled. “What kind of trick is this?”
“It’s no trick,” Psyche retorted, crossing her arms. “You forget that Wraithix you possessed me with; I used the energy and my own power to make a plea. Pixie Village has been moved somewhere safe.”
“Wraithix?” the Trix all asked. Their confusion was great enough that their spells immediately disappeared.
“Aurora Vortex!” Mira shouted. A pastel rainbow beam suddenly shot from her hand, blasting Stormy out of the way. With her wings shining, Mira flew in front of Psyche. “You think we don’t know? You and your boss tricked Psyche into taking a Wraithix, forced a Wraithix onto Trixie, and possessed Angelo and then me with the blue and red wraiths.” Even though she was holding her ground, her voice was still shaking. With a shriek of anger, she screamed, “DON’T PRETEND YOU DON’T KNOW!!” The force of her rage was enough to send an arctic cold wind that blew the Trix backwards.
Mira floated to the ground in front of Psyche. Psyche immediately walked up behind her sister and held her shoulders. “Mira! You need to be careful! Don’t use up your magic.”
When Mira looked back at Psyche, Psyche was alarmed by the tears in her eyes. “I’m fine, Psyche. Now let’s show these three what real sisters can do.”

The fairies ran through the game, encountering more and more glitchy enemies, just like Volt had predicted. Eventually they slowed down when a strange noise was coming from Volt’s avatar. Musa asked, “Volt, what is that? Are you listening to music?”
“No, it’s some kind of alarm from the building,” Volt said. “But look around; the game is seriously glitching out; we must be really close to Doom right now.” The graphics were darker, and shadowy tendrils were growing everywhere.
“Volt, you need to disconnect!” Tecna gasped. “If the alarm is going off then you’re in danger!” She tried to grab Volt’s avatar, but her hand passed right through him. She moved around so they were looking at each other.
Volt replied, “No, not when we’re so close! We need to get Doom out of here!:
“It’s not worth your life!” Tecna snapped. “Volt, I’m sorry,” she said, before hitting Volt’s avatar with a bolt of green energy. Volt gasped in surprise, but in a flash, his character was gone.
Ella asked, “Don’t we need Volt to sense where Doom is? And what about his ‘buffering’?” She didn’t seem super upset, but concerned as she said, “I don't think Volt will appreciate being forced out of the game like this.”
Tecna shook her head. “We have to keep going. I know Volt will do his best to keep us safe from out there. We can’t leave him defenseless.” She put her hands on Ella’s shoulders and smiled kindly.
Christa hugged Ella and said, “He’ll forgive us; Volt loves us after all.”
“That’s right,” Roxy agreed. “Let’s keep going.”
Ella nodded, and the fairies kept moving through the game. Tecna took the lead; she was using her magic, but just enough to sense Doom’s presence. Whatever was causing that alarm they’d heard from Volt was worrying, but with Volt’s code hole in the air they’d be able to go back and help him if needed.
Roxy, Ella, and Christa held hands; the game was becoming emptier and emptier, with less enemies to face. Soon, there was no one else in the game saide from the group; Musa and Tecna joined the others in holding hands as they kept moving forward.
Soon, they were just floating through the air as the map was eroded beyond recognition. “Well, well, well,” Doom’s snide voice commented. “It looks like our little adventure party made it after all!” She was sitting on a throne of black iron bars formed to look like octopus tentacles. “Shame, really, I was hoping the boy would be with you. You know, the cute one.”
“Don’t talk about Volt like that, you creep!” Musa growled. She fired her gun at Doom, but Doom just laughed and made it vanish in a whirl of technological darkness.
Without pause, Doom began laughing and stood up, her chair dissolving as it was dust. “I’m not a part of the game, you moron! These digital weapons won’t have any effect on me!” Her hair began moving on its own, and it shot out like octopus tentacles, whipping out and smacking against the fairies. With a scream, Christa shot aurora beams at the hair, making it hiss (yes, the hair hissed on its own) and retreat.
“It’s time to transform,” Tecna grimly stated. “We found Doom, now we fight her.”
Tecna and Musa activated their Fantasmix, Roxy activated her Believix, Ella activated her Enchantix, and Christa activated her winx.
Mockingly, Doom said, “Oh no, there’s a bunch of fairy’s threatening me! Whatever shall I dooooooo?” WIth a laugh, she summoned her inky powers and fired them at the fairies.

Outside the screen, Volt made a burst of electricity to push the rampaging zenithians back. They were less zombie-like than he’d been expecting; in fact their rage seemed to have increased tenfold. “Remember not to hurt them!” Radiant shouted, creating an energy wall to push them back. “They’re not themselves right now, but they’ll still get injured!” At the same time, Zing was bouncing around, causing terrible static shock
“We’re trying!!” Liz snapped, using a spark to scatter a few of them. “Volt!”
“Right!” Volt shouted. He flew to her and they grabbed each others’ hand. “Convergence! Stun Flash!” Their magic combined and a burst of light sparked out, freezing a group of the players. However, there were still more coming.
Sky kicked a few of them away, grunting, “Radiant, how many players did you have go mad before you called us?”
“Not this many!” Radiant replied, sending more energy walls. “Some of these people are workers, and I think that people are coming in from outside!”
When Bloom looked, she said, “You’re right; Doom must be spreading her power past the game!”
Volt looked at the game console and shouted. “I’m sorry, Radiant!” He flew over to the console and shouted, “VOLTATIOUS STRIKE!” He punched it as hard as he could.
Absolutely everything but the console shut off. All of the lights in the building shut off, as did all of the buildings outside in the city. All of a sudden, a number of the attackers lost the will to attack, excluding the ones who’d played the game. Volt kept his fist planted in the console. “I can’t move!” He shouted. “I’m the only thing keeping the game on!”
“We have to hope Tecna beats Doom soon,” Radiant shouted, fending off more of the players, because you’ve turned off everything including Zenith’s weather regulator!” Outside, a blizzard was starting to gather.

Mira and Psyche moved in flashes of light; they’d hit the Trix with their magic or fists, and when the Trix tried to retaliate they’d be somewhere else. The blinding green and pink light they were emitting seemed to burn at the shadows of Wraithix. However, they were moving so fast that the lights didn’t burn at the Wraithix for long before they moved again.
Is this the light of the Illumination? Is this their true power? Icy thought to herself. She made ice walls, but Mira and Psyche would shatter them with each strike. At this point, Mira wasn’t even using her wings, being held aloft by her light.
“You can tell Doom,” Mira started.
“That the Illuminate Triplets,” Psyche continued.
“ARE TIRED OF HER!” The sisters screamed in unison, striking all three Trix with a mixed green-red light. The Trix were pushed back with a scream of alarm, flying back into the trees.
They looked up to see Mira and Psyche, both still glowing, and glaring at them with blood red and poisonous green eyes. The energy radiating from them was as cold as a polar vortex, and the clouds above them were swirling like a powerful storm. “Let’s get out of here,” Icy said. “Pixie souls aren’t worth this, and honestly, I want to have a word with Doom.” The three witches were enveloped in darkness, and vanished.
When the Trix were gone, Mira and Psyche floated back to the ground. Psyche was in her white hood, and Psyche was in her paladin armor. With a deep breath, Psyche twisted her wrist in a circle, and the same mist from earlier spread from where she was standing. When the mist cleared, Pixie Village was back, and even repaired from the damage the fighting had caused. Angelo was sitting with Trixie, and the two of them stood up at the sight of the sisters.
Tears welled in Psyche’s and Mira’s eyes as their magical forms disappeared. They ran over and collapsed on to their knees and hugged Angelo and Trixie. “What happened?” Angelo asked. “The mist rolled in and all the buildings began fixing themselves!”
“Sorry, that was me,” Psyche apologized. “I was just trying to keep you both safe, along with all of the pixies.” At the mention of the pixies, they peeked out from behind the buildings and flew into the open.
“Thank you so much!” Girder laughed, giving Psyche an open-armed hug. “We’re going to be the best of friends! I can’t wait to live in Cloud Tower with you!”
Psyche laughed a bit and told him, “I can’t wait, either!”
Trixie smiled, but still looked a bit worried. The flower pixie from before flew up and told her, “While the village was hidden, Pumpernickel made a miraculous recovery!”
There were happy gurgling noises and all of a sudden, Pumper launched himself into Trixie’s arms. “Pumper!!” All four of the teenagers laughed. Pumper gave a big smile and wrapped his vines around them in a hug.
“How wonderful!” Amore gasped. “Stella would love this!”
Together they all laughed and sighed with exhaustion, before Psyche and Mira both gently drifted off to sleep.

"Screen Saver!!" Tecna shouted. She created a green shield in front of her and Christa as Doom's hair whipped out at them. Doom herself was having no issues, even gleefully laughing as she shot blasts of the Kraken's Ink at the fairies.
"Ringing Bells!!" Musa shouted. She created a glowing magic bell and rang it in Doom's direction, creating a sonic wave. Doom didn't seem fazed, and created a small black hole that absorbed the hit.
Both Ella and Roxy were blasting as much magic as they could at Doom, but all she did was laugh and swat it away the same way she was with everything else. Eventually the fairies were just floating there, out of breath, while Doom was grinning smugly with her hands on her hips. "Give up, yet?" She asked. "Sooner you do the sooner I can get to the white haired wonder."
"What do you even want with Volt?" Musa asked.
Doom just grinned. "Well, I've managed to get to his sisters; the other two are powerful, yes, but Volt is on another level. If I can get him, well, the Luminous Jewels would be mine in no time."
The fairies all stared at her in shock, before she laughed and summoned two inky black holes. Octopus tentacles shot out and began hurling inky blobs of darkness at the fairies that were hard to dodge. As the blobs flew, they spread Doom’s corruption through the game. Watching this, Tecna realized what was happening. Like the other times they’d faced her, Doom was just toying with them. They’d use up what time they had to fly back through Volt’s portal, trapping them in the game forever.
However, if Doom could manipulate the game’s code, so could Tecna. Turning to Christa, Tecna asked, “Do you think you can keep Doom distracted for the time being?”
For a split second, Christa looked worried, but she quickly nodded in determination and said, “Yeah. Distractions, I can handle.” She flew out and joined the others, creating illusions and light tricks to keep Doom’s attention away from Tecna.
While the others were fighting directly Doom, Tecna summoned a green digital keyboard and began typing. Numbers and letters began spinning around Tecna. After trapping the other fairies in one of her tentacles, Doom looked at Tecna and asked, “What are you doing?” in a condescending voice.
With a serious glare at Doom, Tecna replied, “Beating you at your own game.” The keyboard wrapped around Tecna’s hand like an arm cannon. “Perfection Solution!” She fired a green beam from the arm cannon, hitting Doom squarely in the chest. Green lines spread across Doom’s body, before immediately disappearing.
Doom patted her chest for a second before laughing and asking, “So...what was that supposed to do, exactly?”
For a second, Tecna was silent, before donning a small, sly grin. “Just this,” she said, snapping her fingers. Green lines shot out from Doom, spreading to her tentacles. The tentacles all began glowing bright green, releasing Tecna’s friends and snapping back to ensnare her. Doom struggled against them, but the combination of Tecna’s and her own magic was too much for her to immediately escape from.
“Tecna! You did it!” Musa laughed, flying up and giving Tecna a hug.
As the other fairies flew up, Tecna scolded, “Save the hugs for later!” She pointed to the now much smaller code hole. “I had to use my powers to manipulate the game code, and that cut into the time we had left!”
Immediately, the fairies began flying towards the hole as fast as they could, leaving Doom behind them. As Doom struggled against her new confinement, she was that the green light was spreading to the tips of her fingers. If she stayed longer she’d be deleted from the game. “Smart move, Tecna,” she whispered, before disappearing in a whirl of darkness.
Even without a watch, Tecna could discern what time they had left to escape, wasn’t enough. “We won’t make it in time!!” She shouted, flying faster. The others picked up the pace as well.
Since she still only had her winx, her wings were smaller and she couldn’t fly as fast. It was likely Volt could hack open another gateway, but they couldn’t risk it being too late. She knew by now what she needed to do. Quietly, she muttered, “North Aurora Light Speed!” She magically fired for lights, each one hitting one of her friends and turning their bodies into light.
In beams of brilliant light, the fairies shot through the black hole right as it closed, shooting out of the console in a burst of technomagic energy, before shivering from the cold. They looked at the unconscious Zenithians and their exhausted friends; Volt, however still had his fist planted in the console, though he was looking considerably weaker, on his knees and shaking.
Tecna gasped, “Volt! You can stop, we’re outside of the game!” She ran up and was going to try to shake him out of it, but a bolt of electricity shot out and shocked her hand. She shrieked and jumped back, before Zing hopped over at lightning speed and landed on Volt’s shoulder, releasing a huge shock of electricity.
“Thanks, buddy,” Volt laughed, as his whole body began glowing light blue. He looked at Tecna with glowing blue eyes and said, “Christa’s still in there!”
“Wait, Christa didn’t come out with us?” Musa asked. She did a head count and gasped. “I thought she had cast the spell that gave us that speed boost!”
“She did,” Radiant said, “But she didn’t cast it on herself.” She pointed to where Christa’s frozen figure flickered on the screen.
“If I stop...Christa will be lost…” Volt grunted. He was clearly in a lot of pain at this point, but with the glow and surging electricity, he was physically untouchable.
Ella knelt down next to Volt as close as she could. “Volt, we all love Christa, but you’re going to kill yourself from exhaustion!! We’ll find a way to get her out, I’m sure.”
Volt’s blue glow faded, and he collapsed into Ella as the console’s screen flickered off. Looking up, his eyes began watering and he gasped, “N-no…” before dissolving into tears.
Liz and Roxy knelt down and hugged Volt, while the adults sadly watched. Suddenly there was a whirring sound; as they looked up, the console’s screen was on again, but this time swirling with color. As they watched, a glowing figure floated out from the screen; when it landed and the glow faded, they gasped to see it was Christa, in her enchantix.
Christa’s enchantix had a rainbow dress with rainbow-colored wings that had white borders, and her hair was in a braid on her shoulder. Her eyes were closed for the moment, but when she opened them, she asked, “What just happened? Everything just suddenly went black, and then I saw a shining light.” She looked at her gloves and gasped, “Cool! My Enchantix!”
“CHRISTA!” Christa’s friend swarmed her in a group hug.
“Thank goodness…” Tecna sighed in relief, putting her hand on her chest. Suddenly a magenta light grew from behind her hand, floating from her chest and forming a magenta jewel that was the same shape as Stella’s yellow jewel.
Volt pulled away from his friends and gasped, “A Luminous Jewel!” He summoned the Luminous Charm, and the magenta jewel floated in place until it was in the small spot above the blue jewel. “Four jewels! That’s more than half of them. We’ll get them all before Doom does, for sure.” Turning to Tecna, he asked, “Oh yeah, what was Doom doing in the game anyway?”
Musa gave a small, panicked laugh, saying, “Oh no reason, just to cause trouble!”
Tecna, Ella, and Roxy all gave her looks, but didn’t dispute. Volt looked confused, but said, “I need to get that temp regulator thing working again before we all freeze.” With a surprising amount of strength left, he flew out the window.

When Doom re-manifested, she found the Trix sitting around the cave, casually waiting for her. “Well, I hope my video is ready,” Doom said smugly, walking up to Icy and holding out her hand.
“You didn’t tell us about the Illuminates,” Icy said in a deathly calm voice. Doom was taken aback by the demeanor, but quickly regained her nerve and sat down.
“Are all of you three in a frosty mood?” She teased, flipping her hair. Suddenly a dark bolt of lightning shot by, barely missing her. In surprise, she looked at Stormy, who had her finger pointed, but was looking in the other direction.
“What is this about?” Doom asked. “You three don’t really think you can take me on, do you?”
Silently, Darcy stood and handed Doom a phone. “Video’s here.” As Doom grabbed the phone, Darcy pulled her in close and glared her in the eyes. “Next time we hear you’ve used one of your Wraithix tricks on the Illuminates, then we’re going to have a chat.” She let go of the phone, leaving Doom to fall back on the couch while the Trix all stood and left.
Doom stood up and summoned her inky screen, which conjured images of all three Illuminates. “What was that about? What is your connection with them?” she mumbled to herself. She stared at the images longer, but nothing struck her. With a sigh, she sat down and laughed as she watched the video of the Trix dancing.

Chapter Text

The first thing that the Winx did when they were all reunited was put Flora’s Luminous Jewel into the Luminous Charm. With five out of seven jewels, all of the jewels were beginning to grow a distinct glow. “So we have white, yellow, blue, magenta, and green, which means we still need red and cyan,” Volt said, pointing to each jewel. He, the winx, his sisters, and his friend were in the courtyard with Faragonda.
“We’ve certainly made good progress,” Tecna agreed, “but doesn’t anyone else think it’s strange that neither Doom or the Trix have made any attempts to steal the Luminous Jewels?” She crossed her arms nervously. “We all know Doom loves pulling at the strings, I’m just worried she might be manipulating us to her own ends.”
“That is troubling,” Bloom commented. “But for right now, we just need to keep Doom from hurting anyone, whether we find the Luminous Jewels or not.” She put her hand on Volt’s shoulder as he made the Luminous Charm disappear into a flash of light.
Faragonda nodded. “As long as Volt has the Luminous Charm, the Jewels are safe. Doom can’t even use the Luminous Charm as it is, considering that not all of the Jewels have been found.”
“Well, that’s not nerve-wracking,” Volt sarcastically commented. “Doom’s already targeted Psyche and Mira, I don’t know if I can handle her targeting me. We all know I’m the wimp of the three of us.” He crossed his arms nervously as Psyche and Mira put their hands on his shoulders.
"Well, the Winx have Fantasmix, all of your friends at least have their Enchantix, and then you have your sisters, Trixie, Diablo, and me," Angelo reassured Volt. "And you're a lot braver than you give yourself credit for."
Volt nodded, but didn't make any comments. Mira and Psyche both hugged him, before walking out of the office. Patting Volt's shoulder, Ella said, "Let's get going, we have that potions exam, remember?" Volt nodded and followed his friends out.
When all of the students were out, Bloom excitedly turned to Faragonda and said, "We want to take the kids somewhere fun, like a concert."
Faragona turned and looked out the window, where Volt, Mira and Psyche were all hugging each other goodbye. Psyche and Trixie disappeared in bursts of magic, while Mira, Angelo, and Diablo climbed on their wind riders and flew off. Volt and his friends walked back into the school. Faragonda nodded and said, "They've been under a lot of stress lately, haven't they?" She turned with a kind smile. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. I'll contact their headmasters, and we'll organize their schedules to make it work."
The winx all laughed and high-fived, before they all walked out of the building.

Back at Cloudtower, Trixie sat on her bed and admired the greenhouse Girder had built; it was attached to their window like a flower box. Pumper was currently napping with Blue, while Psyche was taking her Psychopathy classes, and Girder was out fixing something in the castle. With a sigh, Trixie popped in her earbuds and began listening to music.
While most of Trixie's music was upbeat and happy, she came across one song that was slower and more somber than the others.
It was enchanting and unnerving at the same time, like listening to a music box that was meant to stop working years prior. The lyrics were hard to understand, but it was something about missing loved ones. Trixie looked at the album cover, and it was the image of a girl with green pigtails. "Sirene Du Vert," Trixie read.
Sirene's song was relaxing, but the more that Trixie listened, the dizzier she became, like her soul was floating out of her body.
As Trixie drifted off, it was beginning to feel like her body was moving on its own in some way. There was a muffled voice that slowly grew louder, "Trixie...Trixie!!" Trixie's eyes jolted open and she saw Psyche and the two pixies looking at her worriedly. Blue's eyes welled up with tears and she hugged Trixie tight. "Ow…" Trixie groaned, rubbing her temple. "What happened? My head is killing me…"
Psyche let out a sigh of relief and gave Trixie a drink of water. "Blue woke up and found you just completely unconscious on the bed. You've been out for a few hours now, but we've been trying to wake you up the whole time."
After drinking the water, Trixie was beginning to feel better. "Thanks, Psyche," she said, standing up and giving Psyche a kiss. "I was listening to a new song from Sirene Du Vert."
"Who's Sirene Du Vert?" Psyche asked, sitting down.
Trixie paused for a moment, then asked, “I haven’t told you about her? She’s my absolute favorite singer!” Trixie pulled up one of Sirene’s songs and handed her headphones to Psyche.
“Even more than Musa? ‘Cause that’s pretty hard to beat, honestly,” Psyche said, putting the headphones in.
Trixie grinned, with her smile slightly too wide and a little uncomfortable as she said, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll agree soon enough.” She hit the play button; Psyche’s eyes became glassy before glowing green. She fell backwards onto her bed as Trixie stood above her, still maintaining her overly-wide grin. Girder and Blue watched worriedly.
“This is what happened with Trixie,” Blue whispered. The green glow spread, and Psyche began floating in the air, emitting the sickly color.
When Psyche landed on the bed again, Trixie made no move to wake her up. “What do you think?” Trixie asked.
Immediately, Psyche sat up, her eyes still glowing green. She slowly turned to Trixie and gave the same warped smile. “Sirene is my favorite singer, didn’t you know?” The green faded, and the girls went back to mostly normal.
Out of sight, Girder and Blue held each other in worry.

Doom and the Trix were eating lunch at a table; since Doom was the only one who wasn’t a wanted criminal in the Magic Dimension, she got to choose the food. This time she got takeout that was kinda spicy and burned at their mouths. Looking up through watery eyes, Darcy commented, “I would have never guessed you like spicy food.”
“We don’t get a lot back home, so I’m enjoying it while I can,” Doom commented. She took some food before sipping her tea.
“You know, Doom, I’ve been wondering, is your name supposed to be, like, ‘Dark Bloom’, or something?” Stormy asked. “Is Doom actually your name?”
Doom calmly put down her food. “That’s a question for my parents. You can always ask them…” she turned to Stormy with a dark look, “ the afterlife, that is.” Stormy jumped a bit and wolfed down her food.
Despite the confrontation they’d had the night before, Doom was surprisingly amenable. Icy found it suspicious. “Doom, what are you playing at?” she asked, putting ehr fork down. “You’re being...decent.”
“I’m in a good mood, that’s all,” Doom said in a calm voice. “When all seven Luminous Jewels are found, I can use their power to open a portal to the Cursed Dimension and reunite with the Jinx.” She continued eating without a care.
“I don’t think you’ve told us about the Jinx,” Darcy said. “Other than that they’re opposite versions of the Winx. Before we meet them...what are they like?” She rested her chin on her palm and stared intently at Doom.
Doom raised an eyebrow and asked, “You really want to know?”
“I mean, kind of,” Icy admitted. “There are so many different ways to be ‘opposite’ from them that it’s hard to picture what they’d be like off the top of my head. Give us an idea of your friends.” All three Trix put down their utensils and stared intently at Doom.
With her eyebrow still raised, Doom looked at the three of them. “Well, if you insist. I guess, first we have Kierra, the Witch of the Darkening Eclipse--Stella’s opposite. She’s pretty depressed, and absolutely hates anything happy. She’s got a lot of shadow magic. Then there’s Fauna, the Witch of the Wild--Flora’s opposite. She’s practically feral at all times, but loves causing trouble. She has lots of Wild Magic. There’s Nisha, Aisha’s opposite. She’s the Witch of Dunes, with sand magic. She’s pretty ruthless, and will do anything for power. There’s Shusha, the Witch of Silence. She’s Musa’s opposite and frankly she’s the only person who kind of freaks me out. You wouldn’t think silence magic to be particularly creepy but…” she shivered. “Last but not least is Recma, the Witch of Destruction. She’s even crazier than Fauna, and purely exists to cause as much damage and destruction as she possibly can. She’s real fun at parties.”
“...Sounds like it,” Icy drily replied. “Well, if they can get rid of the Winx, then that’s fine by me.” She looked at Doom’s wrist and asked, “Aren’t you missing a jewel?” The Wraithix only had three; the red, the blue, and the yellow, but not the green. Doom herself looked at it and replied, “Really? I hadn’t noticed…” before laughing. “Nah, I sent Green out to do a task for me.”
All three Trix asked, “What task?”
With another laugh, Doom answered, “If I told you that, it would ruin the surprise!” The Trix looked at each other with suspicion, but dropped the inquiry.
When Angelo walked into the stadium for his morning sparring with Mira, but she wasn’t there. “Angelo?” He turned to see Diablo walking out in his casual clothes. “What are you doing in your uniform, dude? We have the day off?” Diablo was talking in a teasing way. “You’re such a nerd, dude.” He rubbed Angelo’s hair payfully.
Angelo laughed quietly, before admitting, “I’m waiting for Mira. She and I spar every morning, and Mira’s never late. I wonder if she’s not feeling well…” he wondered nervously.
With a scoff and an eye roll, Diablo swatted Angelo’s forehead. “Angelo, she’s your girlfriend and you didn’t think to check on her? Gah, you really are a nerd.” He grabbed Angelo’s arm and pulled him out of the stadium and down to the dorms. They went straight to Mira’s room and knocked on the door. When she didn’t immediately answer, Diablo opened the door. Mira was lying on her bed, her headphones in, listening to a song. She didn’t seem to notice them, and didn’t react as they walked in. They shared a look and Diablo shook his head and took a step back. Nervously, Angelo stepped forward and gently shook her shoulder. Immediately, she grabbed his arm with a death grip, before looking up. “Oh! Sorry Angie,” she apologized, pulling out her headphones and sitting up.
“Pfffft...Angie??” Diablo laughed.
Immediately, both Angelo and Mira retorted, “Shut up, Diablo,” in perfect unison.
“Oh gods, they’ve already synched up,” Diablo muttered to himself, looking away from the lovebirds.
After a glare at Diablo, Mira smiled at Angelo and asked, “So, what do I owe the visit? You usually don’t come directly to my room.” She grabbed his hands lovingly with happy, flushed cheeks. Then she looked at his outfit and asked, “Why are you in your uniform? Isn’t this the weekend?”
“I asked him the same thing,” Diablo said. “The answer might shock you!” When both Angelo and Mira glared at him again, he laughed,put his hands up in the air, and walked out of the room.
When he was gone, Angelo looked back at Mira and said, “Mira, we were supposed to spar this morning. When you didn’t come, I got worried and so Diabloe and I came to check on you.” He sat down and asked, “Are you feeling okay?”
Mira smiled. “I’m fine! Sorry I forgot about sparring; I’ve just really been into this pop star Psyche sent me. Want to listen?” she held out one of her earbuds to Angelo. With a shrug, Angelo took it.
Diablo was getting bored, waiting by Mira’s door, so when a group of cute first years walked by, he followed. He didn’t notice the sudden green glow coming from Mira’s room. Nor the strange noises as he called, “Hey guys, y’all got any weekend plans?”

The hard part about planning to take the triplets to a concert was that the Winx didn’t know what kind of music the triplets liked--much less their friends. Musa and Bloom were walking through the courtyard, looking at nearby concerts that would take place soon.
“A lot of these would be old out,” Musa commented. “It’s not easy to just randomly take people to a concert after all.” As they walked, there were several students with earbuds or headphones, with dazed expressions.
“I know, but just with how stressed the triplets are, concerts are the one thing we know the three of them enjoy,” Bloom argued. “It’s just a matter of the music.”
“I understand, Bloom, but…” A girl playing music on loudspeaker walked by, and Musa suddenly shrieked and held her ears in pain. She stayed like that until the girl was gone, and the sound of the music faded.
“What was that?” Bloom asked, “Are you okay?” She put her hands on Musa’s shoulders.
“Listening to that music was like someone was jabbing hot pokers into my ears,” Musa said. When Bloom bit her lip, Musa Snapped, “I’m not exaggerating! Whatever that song was, there was something severely wrong with it.” She rubbed her ears and groaned, “My ears are still ringing.”
“I wasn’t really listening, but it didn’t sound too bad to me,” Bloom replied. “Do you need to go to the nurse’s office?” She tried to support Musa’s shoulders, but Musa irately shook her off.
“I’ll be fine; I’m going to my room.” She walked off angrily, leaving Bloom startled and bemused. She kept holding her ears, even though the music wasn’t playing out loud anymore. While she walked off, Bloom continued to the school; this time of day, Volt usually worked out in the gym.
Today, he was dancing ballet while wearing headphones. In a leotard and tights, it was a lot easier to notice his muscular frame than with the bag clothes he usually wore. He had the gym to himself, so he was inhibited by anyone in his way. He leapt into the air, spun a few times, and landed in a split before noticing Bloom. When he did, he stood up and grabbed his towel before pulling his headphones out. “Hey, Bloom, what’s up?”
“Just seeing how you’re doing,” Bloom replied. “Did you know that the mirror will make you magic dancing shoes if you open your heart in front of it.” She walked up until she was right in front of Volt.
“Oh yeah, that happened already,” Volt said. “They weren’t really my style so I gave them to Psyche. And I’m okay, I enjoy dancing in solitude, after all.” He sat down on a bench and drank from his water bottle. “It helps me think.”
“Whatcha thinking about?” Bloom asked, sitting with him.
Volt drank from his bottle some more and then sighed. “Well, for starters, Tecna’s comment stuck with me. Doom has a way of getting people to do what she wants, by her Wraithix powers or sheer manipulation. I’m worried we’re unwitting pawns. After that, I just really miss Orbo, especially since Psyche and Mira are dating Trixie and Angelo.” He lounged back a bit before asking, “How are things with you and Sky? Aren’t you engaged? I think Stella told me so but I don’t remember.”
“We are, we just haven’t figured out what we want to do for our wedding,” Bloom bashfully replied. With a laugh, she patted Volt’s back. “Anyway, the Winx and I are planning on taking you, your sisters, and all of your friends to a concert. Any requests?”
“Well, you know I love classical,” Volt said, patting his phone. “I’ll see what Psyche and Mira say; we usually do things with majority rules.” He stood up and said, “I’ll call them after I get a shower,” before walking out.
On his way to his dorm, Volt passed Musa, who was still rubbing her ears in pain. “Musa, what’s wrong?” He asked.
With a grunt, Musa explained, “I was walking with Bloom, and someone was playing this gods-awful song that felt like hot pokers jabbing in my ears. I couldn’t even hear the music and now my ears are ringing like crazy.” She rubbed her ears, but it didn’t help.
For a moment, Volt was silent as he thought. “I don’t know how much it’ll help, but I could send you some of my favorite Minervan classics. My favorite is Fortuna’s 9th, it really captures the feelings I have with lightning and thunderstorms.” He looked at Musa curiously, with a bit of hopefulness.
“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Musa accepted, before rubbing Volt’s hair. “You’re a thoughtful kid, Volt. Send them to me and I’ll give a listen. You heading up to your dorm before lunch?”
Volt nodded. “Yeah; Psyche and Mira might not mind smelling, but I have a standard of hygiene I like to keep. Also, I’ll text my sisters about that concert before I meet you for lunch and send you the songs.” He began scrolling through his phone as he walked up the stairs.

When lunch came, Musa was listening to the song that Volt had recommended: Fortuna’s 9th. It was energetic, quick, and booming, and really reminded Musa of Volt when he was serious in a magical battle. And, miraculously, it really made the pain from the other music go away.
She looked up to see Volt himself, looking uncomfortable with the expressions his friends and other classmates had. It was a dazed, glassy look that just seemed wholly unnatural. He was just listening to his headphones while they tried to get him to listen to something else.
After a few minutes, he checked his phone, quickly finished his food, took care of his tray and headed over to the Winx’ table. “Mira and Psyche just texted me; they want to go see some singer called Sirene Du Vert...they sent me one of her songs but I don’t feel like listening to it right now.”
At the mention of Sirene’s name, Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Aisha perked up with bizarre smiles. “Sirene Du Vert?” Stella asked in a lofty, dreamy voice that matched her dazed expression.
“She’s my favorite singer!” Flora gasped in the same dazed voice. By now, Musa, Bloom, and Volt were all cringing in concern.
“No way, me too!” Stella, Aisha, and Tecna all gasped in harmony. If Volt didn’t know better, there was a strange green gleam in their eyes, like their thoughts and voices weren’t their own.
All of a sudden, Liz walked up and stood next to Volt, holding her shoulders. “Sorry; the girls are just freaking me out today. Everyone keeps talking about this Sirene Du Vert, but honestly her music is...subpar at best.”
As soon as Liz said that, nearly everyone in the cafeteria let out a collective gasp and turned their eyes to her. “Okay...obviously not what you wanted to hear,” she amended, looking at the shocked, but somehow still blank faces.
“Let’s...uh...let’s go play a video game,” Volt suggested, putting his hands on Liz’ shoulders and leading her out of the cafeteria while everyone watched them.
After the two students left, Musa got up and said, “I’m going to research this...Sirene singer.”
Now the only one who didn’t have some sort of dazed expression, Bloom uncomfortably stood up. “I’m, um, just going to go,” she said, before following the others. When they were gone, everyone’s dreamy, dazed smiles returned like nothing had happened.

Volt refused to take his headphones off at this point. He asked, “Why do I have to come?” He looked at Liz, who just shrugged.
“Because Sirene’s amazing.” The uncanny, flat unison in everyone’s voices (barring the few unaffected) was enough to send chills down Volt’s spine. Even Diablo, the second most stubborn person Volt knew, had the same dazed voice. Somehow emotionless but with the same obsessive tone.
Because Volt and Liz’ music tastes differed, they were each listening to their own thing. Musa was sitting with Bloom, both of them looking like they’d seen a ghost. Before they’d taken off, Musa told Volt that there was no information on this Sirene whatsoever. She came out of seeming thin air, and now was spreading faster than the speed of sound.
“There’s something wrong with her music. An enchantment or something; no one knows who she is, but when they hear her music, suddenly she’s been their favorite for years. And then they get that zombified look.” Musa had told Volt, Liz, and Bloom in private. “The part that is causing me pain is the enchantment in the music.”
The plan was for Volt to cause as big of a surge that he could to disrupt the concert’s power so Sirene couldn’t be heard, then for Liz and Bloom to give Musa some light so she could try to musically restore everyone. Volt had his doubts; if one wasn’t paying attention to Sirene’s music, then they could surpass its power. Ignoring a full concert they were attending was nigh-impossible.
As they came to land at the concert hall in Magix City, Musa had to hold her ears. “It’s not loud, but I can hear her singing,” Musa said. “I think people are playing her song while they wait.” She curled up with her palms pressed to the sides of her head.
From his backpack, Volt pulled a pair of earmuffs, and gently put them over Musa’s ears. They were made of silver and gold, decorated with jewels. Volt grabbed Musa’s hand, and she could hear his voice faintly in her head. “These are the enchanted Muffs of Peace. They will block any and all noises causing you pain. I know silence isn’t really your thing, but a bit of silence is a lot better than suffering.” He smiled kindly at her before sitting back down.
Luckily enough, everyone else queued up for the concert was too focused on Sirene’s music to notice the few that weren’t listening. They really just played games on their phones to pass the time while they waited. The wait was surprisingly short, and soon, they were being led to their seats. Shortly after sitting, Volt stood back up. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have had that soda before coming.” He shuffled along in front of a few irate viewers, before walking out of sight.
Liz watched him nervously, before noticing Diablo discreetly roll his eyes. She narrowed his before pulling out her phone and texting him. “Wait, you’re not dazed out?”
He texted back. “No, I’m not a total moron! Something’s wrong with that Sirene, so I just willfully ignore her music while pretending to listen. C’mon, Lizzy, I thought you knew better.”
“Yeah, well how are you going to ignore Sirene’s music blasting out on loudspeaker? What will you do then, Diablo?”
“...Okay maybe I am a total moron, but beside the point. Y’all are terrible at hiding that you’re conscious, and it’s making them suspicious. So you’d better hope that we can stop Sirene before they force you to listen to her.”
“That’s the plan.”
“Don’t know nothing about no plan, but for all of our sakes, let’s hope it works.”
They put their phones away as Volt came back to his seat. When he was sitting again, Liz shifted his headphones and whispered in his ear. “Wait, really?” Volt asked in surprise, before she and a few other patrons shushed him.
All of a sudden, the lights went out, and spot lights lit up onstage. Standing there was a pale girl with bright green hair, green clothes, and dark green makeup. The closeup of her face on the screens revealed she had poisonous green eyes. The only thing about her that wasn’t green was a small purple-black gem on the choker collar she was wearing.
“That’s her…” Musa gasped in alarm.
“Hello my little guppies!” Sirene shouted, causing uproarious applause that was more deafening than what her music did to Musa. Sirene laughed and smiled at the applause, but it felt disingenuous. Sirene was definitely hiding something. She put the mic to her mouth and sang a single note; it drove the audience crazy but it was an ear-piercing shriek to Musa.
It was overpoweringly loud, and a green soundwave blasted over the crowds. Of course, all of the brainwashed listeners loved it; to Musa, it felt like nothing short of an attack.
"I wanted to say thank you to all of my loyal fans!!" Sirene giggled, waving her hands in front of her.
Everything about her was off. Her feet shifted like she was floating. Her smile looked as if she didn't know how and was faking it. Her eyes were slightly too wide, and gleamed with unnatural light. However, Bloom could also feel something...deep in her Fantasmix, that Musa was likely too distracted to notice.
Before she could hone in on the feeling, another feeling caught her attention. "Doom is here," she gasped out loud, startling Musa, Volt, and Liz.
"What?" Musa asked, using her magic so the four of them could hear each other, even at talking volume.
"Doom is here," Bloom repeated. "I can feel it in my Dragon Flame." She stood up, looking around nervously, trying to pinpoint Doom’s location. It was behind the stage, but otherwise vague. “Keep Volt and Liz safe, I’m going to try to find her.” She walked out of the stadium, past concert workers, before heading outside. Once out of the crowd, she transformed into her Fantasmix and flew up and around. Luckily it was an outdoor stage.
Following the feeling in her Dragon Flame, Bloom landed on the girders above the stage. As soon as she landed, Bloom heard wicked laughter that was unsettlingly familiar, even though she’d only heard it a few times. Directly in front of her, Doom floated until she herself was standing on the girders as well. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my interdimensional copy,” Doom said. “I’ll never get over how ridiculous you look in that out. It’s like imagining myself in ugly clothes, with terrible hair.”
“You do realize that aside from color, our hair looks the same, right?” Bloom irately asked.
“Ha! You wish your hair was as nice as mine,” Doom laughed, flipping her hair.
Bloom rolled her eyes. Dealing with Doom was no easier than trying to hold a conversation with the Trix. “Whatever,” she groaned. “What are you doing here, Doom?” She crossed her arms, before eyeing the Wraithix. At some point, Doom had added another gem: orange. However, one of the five gems was missing.
“Admiring my jewelry?” She held it up, and each of the jewels glinted in the light. “I’m supposing you’re wondering about Green? Well, I’m using her right now.” She pointed down at where Sirene was dancing.
Bloom looked down at Sirene, then back up at Doom. “Wait, if she’s a Wraith, then why are Stella, Tecna, Flora, and Aishan acting this way? They’re immune to Wraithix because of their Fantasmix.” She looked at Doom in frustration, with small flames sparking in her hands.
For a moment, Doom was stunned with surprise. Then she snickered. Then she snorted. Then she began belly laughing so hard that she’d have fallen onto the stage if she didn’t have the ability to fly. “You think this is the Wraiths’ power? They don’t have mouths, you moron!” After she collected herself, she floated up in the air. “Green is really just a placeholder; I could have even used the Trix for this. However, with their reputations it wouldn’t have worked. I’d tell you how I did it, but…” she grinned and winked, “I don’t want to.” With a laugh, she whipped out an inky magic tentacle that Bloom was barely able to dodge.

As Sirene sang, even the magic earmuffs Volt had given Musa weren’t enough to block the noise. Volt and Liz were having trouble as well, it seemed. At this point, even besides the screeching noise, Sirene’s singing sounded discordant. She didn’t even seem to be trying to sound good at this point.
“That’s not even a language I know!” Diablo complained, surprising Musa. “Make it stop!”
Fighting off her own pain, Musa shouted, “Harmony Shield!” She held her hands in front of her, and shining music notes appeared around her and the trio. They didn’t make Sirene’s singing vanish, but it greatly diminished the effect. Without Sirene’s powers holding them back, the fairies were able to transform. Diablo got a devilish grin and pulled out his sword.
“Finally!” he cackled. “I’ve been itching for a fight ever since Mira went all loopy!” He began vaulting over concert-goers as the fairies flew to the stage. Sirene noticed them as they flew closer, and let loose a soundwave that pushed them back.
As she was about to do it again, Diablo shouted, “Demon Blade!” His sword lit up with red flames, and he slashed it at the soundwave, sending a flying red blade of fire. The energies collided with a thunderous boom. However, this let them pass through and confront Sirene directly.
Face to face with the singer, all of her unnaturalness was in full force. Her eyes looked in different directions, with each eye a slightly different green. She was floating, but was slouched like a puppet. Her hair moved on its own, almost like… “Doom’s Magic…” Musa gasped. “You’re the Green Wraith!”
Sirene giggled and gave a ‘cutesy’ grin that just came off as creepy. “Guess you found me out!” Her mouth didn’t move with her words. Not that it mattered, because in a flash, she was back in her Wraith form, and didn’t have a mouth anyway. “But can you fight all of us at once?” She sent a green soundwave out into the crowd--as she did, Musa noticed the purple jewel on her necklace light up.
“Liz, Volt, Diablo! Hold off the crowd! I’ll take on the Wraith!”
The crowd surged towards the stage like zombies, with fairies and witches taking on their transformations, and specialists drawing their weapons. Diablo grinned eagerly as he leapt into the crowd, happily punching and kicking the fans away. “Woo!!” He bellowed.
In the air, Liz and Volt fired spells at the fairies and witches, dodging what they fired back. However, things became complicated when the other Winx, their friends, and Volt’s sisters joined the fight.

Despite having a wild grin on her face, Doom didn't laugh while she and Bloom fought. She fired inky blots of magic that Bloom was barely able to dodge. Likewise, Bloom was hitting flaming hearts back at Doom, and Doom was having just as much trouble.
"You've definitely improved since last time!" Doom admitted, strangely gleeful about the fact.
Bloom replied, "Putting up with you for this long has taught me a thing or two!" She fired a large fire heart at Doom point-first. Doom grinned and smacked it away.
Both girls were a bit out of breath, as being on equal footing kind of made it hard to try to beat each other. Bloom stared seriously at Doom, and Doom just grinned evilly at Bloom. "Why are you so happy about this, anyway?" Bloom asked. "The Trix always hated it when I got stronger."
Doom shrugged. "It's no fun if there's no challenge. Besides, once I can bring all six of you to face all of us Jinx, then it won't matter how strong you are, anyway." She threw her hand up in the air and created a purple-black cephalopod out of her dark magic.
Bloom followed suit, creating a dragon out of her flames. Bloom and Doom threw their hands out towards each other, palm first, and their constructs clashed in the air.

There was a boom in the air above, like someone was setting off fireworks. Musa didn't look up, mostly because she was still fighting the Green Wraith. Fighting the wraiths three on one had been hard enough; one on one was near impossible, even with Fantasmix.
The Wraith's movements were quick and her form was fluid; she could dodge a sonic wave and unleash one right back at Musa in a second. She wasn't doing much of that, though. Instead she was throwing bolts of dark green energy that sent chills as it flew past. By now, the Green Wraith wasn’t even pretending to sing; she was just wailing and moaning like a ghost.
This didn’t change the effect it had on the crowd; they surged forward, just as hypnotized as they’d been. However, it did make it much harder for Musa’s sound shield to work. The Green Wraith’s wailing, along with the screeching noise emitted from her jewel made the noise unbearable.
This did not help Musa’s efforts to fight her; the only thing that was even remotely helping at this point was the positive energy emanating from her Fantasmix. Wait a minute… she thought. She closed her eyes and summoned some magic between her hands. “Memory of a Melody…” she whispered. She began singing a single note; the magic spell spread outwards. It pushed against the Green Wraith’s wailing like two gentle waves crashing together. Everyone in the immediate vicinity of the stage blinked, the green in their eyes turning a light purple, before fading.
“Huh?” Flora asked, looking around. “Was I...about to attack you, Volt?”
“My head is pounding…” Stella groaned. Suddenly another fairy pushed past her, trying to get at Musa.
“Sorry!” Volt shouted, blasting the fairy away. She flew back, but righted herself as if nothing happened and flew right back at them.
“Hey! What are you doing!?” Aisha shouted, fighting raging fans away from the stage to protect Musa and the kids. The others followed suit, making it much easier to hold back the crowd.
Musa kept singing, creating a more effective barrier against the Green Wraith’s wailing. The Green Wraith wailed more loudly, which did push Musa back, but not by a great deal. The two of them stared at each other, before Musa began singing the words to a lullaby her mother had sung her when she was young.
The extra power from the words boosted the spell enough that it was able to overpower and cancel out the wailing. This allowed Musa to walk right up to the Wraith; she held out her hand and fired a bolt of magic from a wordless spell. It hit the crystal dead-on, cracking the crystal.
The Wraith’s voice faltered, and Musa sang louder. With the sudden hesitation, the zombified fans slowed down, and Volt looked over at Musa. He didn’t know if it would help, but the song she was singing was so familiar…
Volt landed on the ground and began singing along with Musa. With his voice combined with hers, the spell grew stronger and cracked the crystal even more. One by one, the others joined along, singing different lullabies. Despite being different songs, they harmonized effortlessly. Musa’s power grew, and on the final note, everyone’s voices blended together.
With that, the Wraith’s dark crystal shattered, and her voice fanished completely. With a quieter moan, the Wraith shrunk into her green Wraithix gem and flew off, leaving a trail of green light. Musa stopped singing when the Wraith was gone. Her knees shook and she collapsed. Volt quickly flew back to her and helped her stand back up. “Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Musa grunted. She looked out at the crowd; they weren’t aggressive anymore, but their faces were still blank. They were kind of bumping into each other, without Sirene to guide them. “I still need to help them, though.” She walked up to the mic Sirene had been singing into and whispered, “Memory of a Melody…”

After their summons clashed, Doom and Bloom kept firing spells at each other in rapid succession. They collided in the air, but neither of them could get a hit on the other. Before long, Bloom was in the air above Doom, her wings fluttering furiously to keep herself aloft.
The wailing coming from the Wraith onstage hurt Bloom’s ears, but it seemed to boost Doom’s power. The Fantasmix power was just enough to hold against Doom and her Wraithix, but only just enough. With a laugh, Doom said, “Your face looks so dumbfounded! C’mon, it’s not that hard. I’m the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink! You think I don’t have a siren song spell?” She held her sides as she doubled over in laughter. “It’s how I conquered half the worlds back in my dimension!”
“So it’s your magic powering the Wraith, and not the other way around,” Bloom realized.
“I figured you’d be immune. The noise fairy wasn’t a surprise, either. I’m not sure how the kids resisted, though,” she pondered. “Those are the mysteries of life, I suppose,” she decided with the shrug. Looking down at the stage, she grinned, before wickedly smiling at Bloom.
“It looks like your little noisy fairy friend is trying to combat my spell. Such a shame, no mere music spells can fight my siren’s spell,” Doom said, with a casual shrug. She summoned more dark magic and fired it at Bloom. As Bloom tried to dodge, it curved in the air and struck her.
With a shriek, Bloom fell, barely managing to flutter to the girders. She ended up on all fours, exhausted. As she looked onto the stage, she saw a powerful song emanating from Musa, combatting the wailing from the Wraith. Musa’s song was familiar, much like a faint memory that had nearly been lost. Bloom felt some of her strength return, and she sent a small bit of magic Musa’s way to bolster her spell. A slightly brighter glow emitted.
When Volt began singing, the spell grew stronger and brighter. The light and power continued to grow as more people joined in singing as well. Musa’s spell flowed over, and Bloom felt her power growing. She struggled, but she managed to stand up and fly up in the air until she was level with Doom. “You know…” she panted. “For a witch, you talk too much.”
Bloom flew up in the air above Doom, holding her hands above her head as she summoned her flames. “Burning Love Heart Strike!!” She bellowed as she fired the magic at Doom.

Musa sang into the microphone, her song echoing through the stadium. The same light from before began to grow from her chest, and it pulsed from the speakers in large, bubbly music notes. Like with the others who’d broken from Sirene’s spell, their eyes flashed with the purple light before going back to normal.
Once the spell was broken, everyone was watching Musa, completely mesmerized. After a short while, as more people broke from the spell, the purple light Musa was emanating turned red, before floating out in front of her. Still singing, Musa held out her hand as a red jewel dropped into it.
“The Red Luminous Jewel!” Volt gasped. He summoned the Luminous Charm and held it out. With a small nod and smile, Musa gently pushed the jewel, which floated through the air and attached itself with the others.
Unlike the other times, when this jewel joined its siblings, all of the Luminous Jewels flashed at once. Musa’s aura grew brighter, until a burst of sparkling, music-note magic spread in every direction.
She finished the song, and looked at the crowd, both worried and hopeful. Suddenly, everyone burst into applause, creating a roaring noise that was louder than the awful sounds Sirene had been making. However, unlike Sirene’s sounds, the roaring cheers filled Musa with warmth and joy.
“You did it!!” Volt laughed, giving Musa a big hug. The other Winx joined as the cheering continued.
A sudden boom made everyone jump, especially as a figure crashed into the stage. They all looked to see a slightly singed Doom stand up from a hole she’d made from crashing. Everyone had their eyes on Doom, including the cameras that had been set up to film the concert. Doom looked around with wide eyes; the first time that any of them had seen her shocked.
She looked like she was going to try to play it off, but Bloom floated down fro mthe rafters in her Fantasmix, with an orange aura and her hair whipping around as if in a whirlwind.
“Who is that girl?”
“She looks just like Bloom!”
“But wait, isn’t Bloom that fairy flying above her?”
People began shouting in confusion, and a dark, shadowy aura grew around Doom. She floated up in the air-- “She’s a witch!!”--and the Green Wraith’s gem flew and reattached itself.
Doom glared at Bloom, her eyes cold and dark with pure anger and hatred, as her hair began moving on its own like octopus tentacles. With a voice as dark as her magic, Doom told Bloom, “You will regret this.” Behind her back, an inky black hole opened up, and she floated backwards into it, disappearing.
Bloom pretended not to be bothered by Doom’s threat as she flew down and hugged her now-awoken friends. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” She laughed. Despite laughing, it felt like Doom’s cold glare was on her back.

Back in the cave, Doom was watching Bloom through her inky screen. “So you turned your Green Wraith into a siren to try to take over the magic dimension?” Darcy asked. “I’m…actually surprised it didn’t work.” When Doom didn’t say anything, she asked, “Doom?”
“No, that wasn’t the plan,” Doom replied. “Almost everything was going to plan...but then she ruined it!” With a growl, she slashed the screen. It evaporated as Doom clenched her fist.
Nervously, Stormy asked, “Doom, are you okay?”
“I’ll be fine,” Doom answered coldly. “This is just a tiny bump. The last Luminous Jewel is within reach.” She turned to the Trix with a serious look and said, “And for this last one, you’re going to help.” She opened her palm, and shadows twisted above it until it took the shape of a black bracelet with purple, diamond-shaped gemstones.

On Eraklyon, Diaspro’s mother, Diamond, was sitting in the lounge, reading a book. “Interesting-looking book,” a voice commented, making her jump. “Is it any good?” She looked up to see a girl with inky-dark hair, dressed in a dark hood and dress sitting in the chair opposite her.
“Y-you’re that evil witch who looks just like Princess Bloom!” Diamond gasped. “I’ve heard about you!” She stood up and asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”
“I’m Doom, Supreme Overlord of the Cursed Dimension, and Witch of the Kraken’s Ink,” the girl--Doom--replied with a cold, calm smile. “And I want nothing more than to help you out!” Her words seemed hardly credible, but her demeanor was lax and nonthreatening.
However, Diamond couldn’t help but ask, “Help me with what?”
Doom grinned. “All you want is for your daughters to marry princes. Now, I’ve heard that didn’t quite work out with Diaspro, but a little spirit tells me that there was a betrothal between your younger daughter, Safira, and Prince Voltatious of Minerva.”
“That’s correct,” Diamond agreed, “but there’s no way that Lucretia and Marcus would make their son do that.” She looked off to the side. “Poor Safira, she always had liked Volt.”
“Poor Safira, indeed,” Doom agreed, her voice still sounding ingenuine, “but what if I told you there was a way to make Volt’s parents go through with the betrothal? After all, it’s only right that they commit to their promises.”
“What way?” Diamond asked suspiciously.
Doom grinned, before holding out a beautiful but bizarre bracelet. “It’s easy! It just involves this bracelet, and your power of gemstones.”
Diamond stared at the strange, glowing bracelet, and slowly moved forward with a strange purple gleam in her eyes. A bright purple light filled the room as she gently touched her finger to it.

Chapter Text

In the throneroom of their palace, King Marcus and Queen Lucretia of the Surface Minerva kingdom sat on their thrones. King Magnus and King Odin of the Mountains, and Queen Crystal and Queen Magma of the Deep were visiting the surface to discuss royal matters.
“Not that I don’t trust your judgment, brother,” Magnus said. “But I have to admit that opening Minerva again seems risky. Haven’t the triplets been attacked several times while they’ve been in Magix?”
Crystal agreed, “Psyche learned so much while she studied in the Deep with us; it might be better just to bring the three of them back.”
Marcus and Lucretia looked at each other, before Marcus addressed his siblings. “I understand your concerns, but while at the schools, they’ve fought Doom, and the Trix and have beaten them. If we can reestablish connections with the other worlds, then I’m sure they’d help protect us.”
Lucretia stood up, and put her hand on her chest. “As you know, I came from a different world, and even when you learned the truth about me, you welcomed me.” She took a deep breath and smiled warmly. “I still want Volt, Mira, and Psyche to experience the magic dimension, but I also want to share the Minervan warmth you all gave me.”
Magnus, Crystal, and Marcus all looked at Lucretia--specifically at her blue and purple hair. They all knew what had happened that had caused her hair to become those colors. With a blush, she admitted, “I invited an old friend from Eraklyon to visit.”
At that moment, the doors opened and Diamond walked in. “Kings and Queens of Minerva. A pleasure to be here, as always,” she said, bowing low. “Lucretia let it slip to me that you might be opening Minerva again? I’m sure we could discuss the crystal trade from Eraklyon.”
Magnus and Crystal shared a look, before looking at Marcus. “Marcus, Lucretia, we’ll leave this to you. We can discuss later.” The four other kings and queens left the room, until it was just Marcus, Lucretia, and Diamond.
Lucretia smiled at Diamond, commenting, “You said you wanted to talk about something when you arrived?”
“Yes,” Diamond said. She held out her right hand, which was adorned with a black, bejeweled bracelet. “It’s about Voltatious’ betrothal to Safira…”
The gems on the bracelet began glowing purple, as did the jewels on Marcus’ and Lucretia’s crowns. Before long, the King’s and Queen’s eyes were glowing the same purple color.

After the concert, Doom's and the Trix' attacks slowed down greatly. This gave the Illuminates and their friends more time to focus on their studies. Without the looming threats above their heads, they all flourished. The triplets in particular; Mira began taking on more technical electives, Psyche poured herself into potions, and Volt took each of the Winx' individual classes.
After a little while, everyone was gathered in the greenhouse again, planting the new deliveries of Minervan plant life. Volt and Flora were currently planting the Karrkarstraven together.
It was difficult, considering how much the plant moved. Luckily, Flora was able to use her Fantasmix magic to calm it down while Volt got its roots into the dirt.
After the Karrkarstraven was planted, Flora and Volt stood back and admired their work. Flora put her arm around Volt's shoulder, and said, "You seem to be doing better; you're a lot happier than usual."
Volt smiled. "Well, classes have been fun! And Roxy has been working with me with Zing. I still miss Orbo, but I feel less lonely."
"Good to hear," Flora said, giving Volt a hug. "I think I can get the rest of these planted. Why don't you go get a shower and some rest?"
"Okay," Volt agreed. "Thanks, Flora." He walked through the greenhouse, noticing his sisters and their friends having a picnic. Mira was brewing tea with the Klivoghejn petals.
"Ooh, yummy," Volt said, sitting with the others. Roxy was holding Zing; the little rabbit jumped into Volt's lap at lightning speed. Volt chuckled and rubbed Zing’s head.
“Awww, that’s enough to melt my heart!” Roxy gushed. She pulled out a purple carrot and held it out to Volt. Volt held the carrot so that Zing could nibble it.
Zing surged with excitement, which tickled Volt and made him giggle. Watching the two of them, Mira and Psyche giggled. Out of all of them, the sisters had seen the best and worst of Volt’s fear of animals. “I’m glad the mini Weezeldorf doesn’t terrify you anymore,” Mira commented, before reaching over and stroking Zing’s head. In Volt’s arms, Zing was much calmer than usual.
The students sat and munched on the picnic foods, when a man in a bizarre fancy outfit ran down the path through the greenhouse before stopping and looking at them all. “Oh good! All three of you are here!” The man sighed in relief. Clearing his throat, he continued, “Prince Voltatious, Princesses Miranda and Psycharmi, your parents have requested that you return to Minerva for an important announcement.” He handed each of the triplets an envelope.
“What’s the announcement?” Mira asked, before opening the envelope.
“My apologies, your highness, but your parents are keeping it secret for now. I do know that royals from different worlds have been invited, along with the Winx and their boyfriends.” He bowed before walking back out of the greenhouse.
After the messenger was gone, Mira said, “So...royals. That means Ella and Roxy.” She looked at the twins and asked, “You two aren’t royalty, are you?”
“I mean, we’re descended from royalty,” Diablo commented, “But we’re more of the nobility class.”
Angelo asked, “Didn’t I ever tell you? Bloom is our second cousin.”
“I don’t remember you ever telling me that,” Mira flatly responded, before continuing to read the invite.
“Eh, I bet you just weren’t listening,” Diablo commented.
Mira looked up and asked, “Huh?”
“Case in point,” Diablo slyly added. Looking at Volt, he asked, “would we still be invited?”
“I think our parents would be fine with us bringing friends,” Volt answered. “In fact, I think our mother would cry literal tears of joy if we brought friends.” He and Psyche laughed.
“If you’re asking if you can tag along, Diablo,” Psyche told him, “just promise not to be a jerk.” She sipped her tea.
“I don’t know,” Christa said. “Psyche, it’s not smart to ask the impossible.” Everyone except Diablo and Mira began laughing.’
“Why is everyone ganging up on me? When have I ever been a jerk?” Diablo pouted.
“The entire time that we’ve known you,” Mira replied, not looking up from the letter. “And I do listen.” She finally looked up and said, “Whatever this announcement is, Mom and Dad are making a big deal out of it. They’re not just inviting a few kingdoms, they’re inviting all of the major kingdoms.”
Psyche and Volt gasped and looked at each other. In unison, they gasped, “Maybe they’re going to open Minerva again!” The two of them squealed excitedly and grabbed hands.
“Let’s not get our hopes up,” Mira said. “It would be nice, but it’s never good to make assumptions.” She folded up the letter and stood. “It’s going to be a few days before we return to school, so we need to talk to our respective headmasters. You coming, Angie, Diablo?”
“Right behind you,” Angelo said. “Thanks for the picnic!”
“Thanks,” Diablo also said, before following Angelo and Mira.
After the specialists had left, Psyche stood up and stretched. “Trixie and I should head back to Cloudtower, too.” She kissed Volt gently on his head, and then the two witches vanished.
“I’ll go grab Flora, then we’ll all meet in Farragonda’s office. If you can, try to gather the other Winx,” Volt instructed, standing up. He waved his hand and the picnic cleaned itself up. The girls nodded, and they split in different directions.

“An invitation to Minerva?” Faragonda asked. Volt handed her the letter.
“Mira, Psyche, and I have to go on request of our parents, but they explicitly invited the Winx, and I was hoping I could bring my friends?” Volt asked hopefully. “After all, a trip to Minerva could be educational.”
Faragonda read over the letter carefully. “A three day visit for the proper ceremonies?” She asked. “Is this a wedding”
“We don’t know quite yet,” Volt explained. “Mom and Dad didn’t tell the messenger, and it’s not in the details. My sisters and I are hoping that they’re going to announce that they’ll open Minerva again.”
Faragonda smiled. “That’s a very lovely thought, and I’m sure you’re eager to see your family again. Very well, I grant you and your friends to go to Minerva for this three day trip, escorted by your teachers, the Winx.”
Volt and his friends laughed and jumped around excitedly, before heading to their dorm to get ready.

Before long, everyone was on the ship, flying to Minerva. All three of the Illuminates were excitedly talking about everything they loved about their home, and the excitement was spreading to all of the others. “The food is amazing, I haven’t had Weezeldorf Stew in months!” Mira said, her mouth watering.
Volt and Psyche laughed, and then Psyche began playfully poking at Volt. "And I'm sure you're happy to be seeing a certain Mr. Someone!" She teased, brushing Blue’s hair.
Immediately, Volt's face flushed bright red. "I've missed Orbo! You'd have missed Trixie if you two were separated!" He shook a bit, and Rhea had to hold onto him.
"Wait, Orbo is real!?" Liz exclaimed. "I honestly thought you'd made him up so you wouldn't seem single!"
Volt narrowed his eyes. "Glad you have so much faith in me." They both laughed, and then Sky's voice came over the intercom.
"We are now entering the stratosphere of the beautiful planet Minerva. Feel free to look out the windows to see the birthplace of the Illuminates!" He said.
Everyone looked outside, and everyone--save the triplets--collectively gasped. The seas were a crystal clear blue, with the sun reflecting on their surface, washing up against a bustling shore village. To the west there was a large red desert, with tall mesas that looked like one could reach out and touch them, with herds of animals running through the dust. Up north, tall, towering mountains which had peaks that hid behind the clouds, but sloped into green foothills with small cottages. In the center of it all was a huge, lush green forest that looked like a mix of a rainforest and a common wood. The trees grew close together, save for a few spots for a town or a village. They were flying to a city in the center of the forest, which was made of white stone. It had a large wall surrounding its border, and a tall elegant palace. It was placed next to a river that flowed from a waterfall in the mountains, straight to the ocean.
"Whitestone," Volt muttered softly.
"Home…" Psyche sighed.
"We're home…" Mira happily agreed.
The Specialists flew to land the ship in an open area next to the river, right outside the city wall. There was a small group of people waiting for them, and some of them helped guide the ship's landing. One boy in particular stuck out; he resembled an Androsian with dark skin, but with curly purple hair. He was dressed in a fancy shirt, and strange, shiny tights. As soon as the ship landed, Volt hopped off and ran straight at the boy, bellowing, "Orbo!!" as he leapt into the other boy's arms. Orbo laughed and lifted Volt up, spinning him around before they kissed each other. When they were done, Orbo put Volt down, and Volt introduced, "Everyone, this is my boyfriend, Orbo de Aquos. He's the Merfolk Ambassador of Minerva."
Orbo was a handsome young man, and much taller than Volt. On closer inspection, his features weren't fully Androsian. He had large green eyes and freckles. Seeing him, something felt familiar to Aisha.
After a second, something clicked. Suddenly she grinned and said, “Orbo! You’re my cousin!” When Orbo looked at her with confusion, she explained, “It’s me, Aisha!”
Orbo’s face lit up when he realized. “Aisha! Sorry, it’s been such a long time,” he said, giving her a hug. When everyone looked at the two of them in surprise, Orbo explained, “We’re pretty distant relatives, so we don’t see each other often. Also, because I’m part Minervan, I generally stay on Minerva. There’s a sea gate that lets us merfolk visit Andros, but since I became ambassador, I don’t have many chances to visit.” He and Aisha smiled at each other, and when they separated, Volt walked up and held Orbo in a hug.
“Merfolk?” Tecna asked. “Forgive my confusion, but if you’re a merperson, how do you have legs? I wasn’t aware of any merfolk who’ve had them before.”
Luckily, Orbo didn’t take offense. “You’re aware of Minervans’ abilities to adapt, right?”
“Yes,” Tecna said. “Minervans will physically adapt to any environment over the course of a month.” Hearing this, Bloom looked at the triplets. They didn’t seem much different from when they’d first arrived, but the climate seemed similar to Magix.
Orbo winked. “When a person is half Minervan, they’ll adapt to the other half of their genetics in an instant. So, I’m half Minervan and half Androsian, so when I jump into the water…” he ran over to the river and dived inside. After a second, he jumped out of the water with a long triton tail, before landing on a rock and splashing his tail around. “I transform into a triton!” He flapped his tail back onto the grass, and his tail turned back into legs. “It helps that I can switch between land and sea so easily.” He walked back up to the group and grabbed Volt’s hand. “Let’s get to the palace; your parents are waiting.”
“Right,” Mira agreed. She grabbed Angelo’s hand.
“I can’t wait for you all to meet them!” Psyche giggled, holding Trixie’s hand. Orbo and Volt walked ahead; Orbo nodded to the guards at the kingdom gate, and they opened the gate for the group. When the large wooden gate swung open, everyone but Orbo and the Illuminates gasped.
The city was large and elegant, with a mix of old architecture and modern technology. What was most surprising were the people; while no two people looked exactly alike on any planet, the people walking around Whitestone didn’t even look like the same species. There was a man with dark brown skin and black hair, walking with a woman with pale skin and a full beard. There was a man in black clothes with paper-white skin and large, bat-like ears, with strangely luminescent eyes. Most surprising were the groups of people that looked like they were made of crystal, and ones with stone-gray skin and yellow eyes. However, they all bowed respectfully to Orbo and the triplets; the Illuminates led their respective significant others around, talking to the residents like old friends.
It was no surprise, considering that they’d grown up on Minerva, but the Illuminates were completely unfazed by the different people. When he noticed how stiff the Winx, specialists, and their friends were, Volt let go of Orbo’s hand and joined the group again. “Don’t worry, everyone is very friendly. They’re probably a bit surprised, we don’t get many off-world visitors.”
A little girl with tan skin and freckles whispered something to her mother, who shrugged. The girl let go of her mother’s hand and walked right up to Bloom, stopping the whole group. “Um…” she shyly asked, “Are your Princess Bloom and the Winx Club?” She was looking down at her feet, not meeting Bloom’s eyes.
With a smile, Bloom knelt down and said, “Yeah, I am. What’s your name, sweetie?”
“Amanda…” the young girl mumbled.
Bloom grinned and held out her hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Amanda.”
Amanda shook Bloom’s hand, then laughed happily and ran back to her mom. They all continued through the city, with the Illuminates pointing out their favorite spots, as well as introduced people to their friends. Before too long, however, they came up to Whitestone Palace.
Volt, Mira, and Psyche stood in the front of the group, with Orbo standing just behind them. The guards opened the palace door and bowed for the royal siblings as they walked past. In the foyer of the palace stood a few adults, who looked up when the group entered.
“Uncle Magnus! Uncle Odin! Aunt Crystal! Aunt Magma!” Volt gasped. The Illuminates ran up to their aunts and uncles, giving them a large hug. Magnus and Odin were both fairly pale with long beards, while Crystal and Magma had the luminous eyes and large ears.
After hugging them, Mira turned around and introduced, “Everyone, this is King Magnus and King Odin of Mountain Minerva, and Queen Crystal and Queen Magma of Deep Minerva.”
The four royals respectfully bowed, and Psyche asked, “So, are we going to open Minerva again?”
Magnus’ face became serious as he said, “If that’s what Marcus and Lucretia are announcing, then your parents are going to have to answer a few things. We discussed it, but we didn’t come to an agreement.”
Psyche’s face fell. “Oh…”
“But wait,” Mira said. “If we aren’t opening Minerva, then what announcement would warrant this big of a crowd? Did you see the invitations?” She pulled out the letter that had been delivered to the Illuminates.
“Oh my,” Crystal gasped as she read it. “Well, it’s an invitation to the Surface, but this many kingdoms…” she looked at Magnus.
“You don’t think…” Magnus replied.
“Think what?” Volt asked.
Before either of them could answer, the door to a hallway opened and a man in an even fancier suit than the messenger. “You’ve arrived, your highnesses? Wonderful, your parents are waiting for you.”
“Thanks, Clemence,” the Illuminates said in unison. They walked into the throne room, followed by all of their friends. While the others looked around and admired the palace, the triplets kept their eyes forward.
The throne room opened and the group walked in. There were five thrones in total, with two in the center, one on the left, and two on the right. Sitting in the center thrones were an elegant king and queen. The family resemblance was clear; Volt looked like his father, except his father had short black hair and brown. He wore a blue jacket and fur cape with white pants and black boots. His crown had a square blue jewel adorned with wings. Psyche and Mira looked like their mother, but their mother was much paler, and she had blue hair with purple bangs, and magenta eyes. Her dress had a pink shaw with poofy shoulders, a woven gold bodice with threads of gold that hung down her sides over a long blue skirt. Around her neck was a frilly white ascot, and her crown had a pink, tear-shaped jewel adorned in the shape of a lotus.
Immediately, everyone bowed. “Their royal majesties, King Marcus and Queen Lucretia,” Clemence introduced.
“Welcome home, Volt, Psyche, Mira,” Marcus said in a kind voice. Everyone stood up straight. Despite the king’s friendly demeanor, something felt off for the triplets. Especially with his kids, he was rarely this formal.
However, in spite of this, they smiled and said, “Hi Mom, hi Dad!”
Lucretia’s smile was smaller, but her voice was warm as she commented, “So, Volt, you’ve earned your Enchantix, correct?”
For a second, Volt panicked as he tried to remember if he’d even told his parents that or not; specifically because he’d earned it from Psyche turning evil because of the Wraithix Doom had given her. “Y-yes I have,” he answered, not wanting to lie.
“May we see it?” Lucretia pressed.
Volt nodded and transformed into his Enchantix. Both of his parents gasped in delight at the look of the black tuxedo with his lightning-shaped wings. “How wonderful!” Lucretia gasped, clapping her hands together. “It’s perfect for you to wear at your wedding!”
“Wedding!?” The Illuminates, and everyone else, exclaimed. From his surprise, Volt’s Enchantix disappeared.
“Yes, a wedding to your betrothed, of course!” Marcus said. A door to the side of the room opened and a girl walked in. She had curly black hair in pigtails, and was wearing a blue outfit with transparent sleeves and poofy pants. Despite the black hair and pigtails, she looked like…
“Diaspro!?” Bloom exclaimed in shock.
From behind the girl in blue stepped another girl, who looked similar, but with blond hair. The actual Diaspro asked, “What are you doing, Bloom? This is my little sister.”
Sky walked up behind Bloom and explained, “I know you haven’t met her yet, but that’s Diaspro’s sister, Safira.”
Despite wearing pants, Safira made an attempt at a curtsy; though from her it felt like she was mocking them. After curtsying, she skipped over to Volt and threw herself onto him, locking her arms around his shoulders. Volt was intensely uncomfortable, and gently pried Safira off of himself. He commented, “I thought that you weren’t going to enforce that law anymore.”
“We made a promise to Safira and her mother, remember?” Marcus asked. As he mentioned Safira and Diaspro’s mother, both of their parents came inside the room. Diamond looked like both of her daughters, and while Obsidian’s resemblance was more subtle, it was definitely there.
Safira giggled, “Volty-Bolty-Boo! You haven’t forgotten your fiance, have you?” She put her arm around his shoulder and poked his cheek.
Volt wiggled out of her arms again and said, “I remember you making me play pretend wedding, but nothing else.” His eyes went wide. “Wait. Don’t tell me…”
“Yep! We were practicing for our real wedding!” Safira laughed. At least on the surface level, she seemed a lot sweeter than Diaspro, even if she couldn’t keep her hands off of Volt.
“Wait,” Mira said. “Mom, Dad, the law clearly states that the heir to the throne must be married after they finish school. Volt is still attending Alfea!” She walked up and forcibly interjected herself between Volt and Safira--the two girls had never particularly got along.
“Volt has his Enchantix, doesn’t he?” Marcus asked. “I thought that was the graduating achievement of Alfea.” He looked at the Winx, and the intensity of his look was enough to send shivers down Bloom’s spine.
Bloom looked at the other Winx and then back at Marcus. “I is a requirement, yes, but earning Enchantix doesn’t mean that Volt is automatically graduated. He’s only halfway through his first year, after all…”
Marcus put up his hand. “Volt can continue his studies on Minerva if need be. If Enchantix is the requirement for graduation, then Volt has essentially graduated early.” Bloom didn’t know Marcus very well, but the triplets seemed put off by his rude behavior.
However, Mira had enough gall to continue, “Okay, well, the second part of the law is that the heir doesn’t have a suitable suitor. Volt’s been dating Orbo for more than a few years now.” She stepped back to block Safira from stepping around and hugging Volt again.
“It’s up to the parents’ discretion who is suitable or not,” Lucretia stated, her voice growing more cold as time went on. “We’ve already chosen on Safira.”
Psyche walked up on Volt’s other side. “You promised us that these betrothals were a formality, and that we wouldn’t have to go through with it! You also sent us to Alfea to protect us, right? How is this supposed to protect Volt if he just comes right back?”
“He has his Enchantix, he’s powerful enough to take care of himself if need be,” Marcus said, his voice growing colder and more irate.
All three of the Illuminates shared looks, and then they all began protesting at once. Both Lucretia and Marcus closed their eyes and clenched their teeth. “VOLTATIOUS! MIRANDA! PSYCHARMI!” Marcus bellowed at the top of his voice. “This wedding is going to take place!” All three of the Illuminates stopped at once, then Volt’s eyes teared up. With quiet sobs, he ran out of the room.
“Volt!” Psyche and Mira shouted, running after him. Safira looked like she was going to follow, but Orbo stopped her and shook his head.
In a serious voice, he turned to Marcus and Lucretia and said, “With your majesties’ permission, I will show our guests to their rooms.” He bowed, though it was quite obvious that he was as upset as Volt, Mira, and Psyche.
Marcus nodded, and Orbo waved his hands for the Winx, Specialists, and the Illuminates’ friends to follow him. As soon as they left the throne room, Orbo growled deeply before punching a wall. “Sorry about that…” he apologized. “The king and queen aren’t usually like that. Something’s going on...but Volt’s the one suffering because of it.”
Bloom put her hand on Orbo’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, we understand. Maybe we can convince Marcus and Lucretia not to go through with the wedding, especially if they see how much Volt is suffering,” she assured.
“Thank you, Princess Bloom, but I think there is something more,” Orbo said. “I don’t want to leave Volt, but I need to look at the Archives. I’ll go see if Magnus can arrange a ride for me to the Mountains.” He turned to Bloom and grabbed her hands, looking her earnestly in the eyes. “Please keep Volt safe for me. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if anything happened to him.”
“Of course,” Bloom promised.
Stella interjected, “Before you run off, Orbo, please show us our rooms.” She smiled at him, and he blinked in surprise.
“Right, of course Princess Stella. Follow me, please.” Orbo said. He led them through the halls of the palace, till they came to one of the wings. Through one of the doors, they heard Volt’s loud sobs. It was heartbreaking, but they could also hear Mira’s and Psyche’s reassuring voices. Orbo paused at Volt’s room, and he looked like he was going to open the door, but he pulled his hand back. With a sad, worried smile, Orbo said, “Please enjoy your time on Minerva.”
He bowed quickly before running off. “Thank you!” Flora called after him, but he didn’t seem to notice, not looking back at them as he ran. When Orbo was out of sight, the Winx walked into the different rooms and set their bags down.
Orbo ran through the halls, fighting back his own tears. Volt, wait for me, he thought. I’ll get you out of this, and we can be happy together… he rounded a corner, running into a trio of three girls. Immediately, he gasped, “Wait, who invited…” his words were cut off as he was hit with a blast of lightning which knocked him unconscious.
Rhea, Nike, and Lockette all gasped as the Trix pulled Orbo’s unconscious body out of sight.

The Winx didn’t see Volt until dinner. He’d been cleaned up by his servants, but he looked like the life had been drained from his body. He wasn’t eating any of his food, and it didn’t seem like it was because of how weird the food looked. WHile it all smelled good, the food was some of the most bizarre-looking that the Winx had ever seen.
Mira’s favorite dish--the Weezeldorf Stew--looked like pitch-black tar. The two sisters were eating well enough, but both of them were watching Volt worriedly. The Winx were a bit more reluctant, until they tasted how good the food was.
Safira, sitting next to Volt, was trying to get him to eat. She’d grab a bit of food off his plate and put it up to his mouth; he only seemed to actually be eating in an attempt to make her stop. “Volty…” Safira ended up sighing, “if you don’t eat, you’re just going to make yourself sick.” She sounded genuinely concerned for his wellbeing.
“Safi, you really shouldn’t force him,” Diaspro said, before cutting off a piece of her bright green steak. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still in shock, after all.” She bit her food.
“Right, because arranged marriages aren’t cool, especially when one is in love with someone else,” Bloom commented.
Without even looking in her direction, Diaspro said, “No one asked you, Bloom.”
Things were tense for a minute, and everyone went quiet. Volt then spoke up, “Please don’t fight...I can’t handle the stress right now.” He looked up and began eating on his own, surprising everyone.
The tension evaporated nearly instantly, and everyone began eating again. Volt, Mira, and Psyche began telling their parents about their school and the trials they’d overcome. This seemed to distract Volt enough that he perked back up almost to his usual self. He even talked to Safira normally, showing that he did care for her, even if a little.
Everyone jumped when the door slammed open. “So sorry we’re late!” A voice boomed. Everyone turned and saw the three Trix in the doorway. They were all in formal wear, but made no attempt to disguise the fact it was them.
“The Trix!” Bloom gasped. She and the Winx stood up, preparing to transform.
All three of Trix laughed, and Icy said, “Cool your jets, princess. We were invited!”
“Who in their right mind would invite you?” Musa asked.
“I did,” Lucretia stated. “And I would prefer you be polite to my niece and her friends.” Her voice was stern and cold, but it was her words that caused Bloom the most surprise.
“Niece!?” The Winx exclaimed, causing Icy to laugh again.
“Oh, didn’t the Illuminates tell you?? I’m their cousin,” Icy explained, with a wicked grin.

The Illuminates were deeply apologetic. “Sorry we didn’t tell you before; we didn’t want to make you nervous or suspicious,” Mira said.
Volt added, “We were going to try to tell you together, but it just got harder and harder to bring it up.” They were all sitting in Volt’s room on the bed, while the triplets stood around them.
“Are you related to Stormy and Darcy as well?” Tecna asked.
“Maybe distantly,” Psyche explained, “but we’re only directly related to Icy. Her mother and ours are sisters. Icy and her mother used to visit us when we were all little.” She sighed. “Icy wasn’t the nicest, but she hadn’t been this mean before.”
Aisha let out a whistle and said, “There’s a...lot to unpack here, but that can wait. How are you all doing? Your parents’ behavior is putting you on edge, and you all looked like you’d die of shock when the Trix announced themselves.”
“We’ll be fine,” Mira said. “We’ll find a way to talk our parents out of the wedding.” Her voice was stern, but her eyes were doubtful. Standing up, she added, “I promised the boys I’d take them out Weezeldorf hunting.You want to tag along, Volt?”
Volt shook his head. “I was thinking about visiting Orbo on the shore; I haven’t seen him all day.” He stood up and transformed into his Enchantix. “Also, I promised my friends I’d take them on a Minervan beach day.” The whole group left Volt’s room and Mira and Volt split off, leaving Psyche with the Winxx.
It was the first time they’d been left with Psyche without Volt or Mira and they kind of realized they didn’t know what to do with her. Nervously, Stella asked, “ going on?”
“Trixie and I are having a seance,” Psyche said. “You can join if you want.”
When the Winx didn’t respond for a second, she shrugged and skipped off, humming to herself. “She’s such a strange girl…” Flora muttered quietly.
“...Can’t she...can’t she see the dead already?” Aisha asked. “Why are they holding a seance?”
Conspiratorially, Stella whispered, “I think it’s just an excuse for them to hold hands and kiss.” They all giggled at the thought of this, before walking through the halls of the palace.
“It’s kind of strange,” Musa commented. “I’ve grown used to protecting the Illuminates, but now it kind of seems like they don’t need us.” She looked outside at the winding forest, with the vibrant greens lit up by the sun. “Minerva is definitely a beautiful planet, though.”
As they kept walking, Flora said, “Volt told me about some of the plants in the forest; I was thinking of going on a walk through the forest and checking them myself. Would any of you like to come with me?”
“Could be fun!” Aisha said.
Musa commented, “I was hoping to see more of the city. Volt let me listen to some Minervan music, and I’d love to hear some live if I can.”
Stella commented, “I’ll tag along with you, Musa. I’ve been curious about Minervan fashion, and the city seems a good place to start.”
“I’m going to visit the Library. I’ve heard that it’s filled with long-forgotten magical knowledge,” Tecna said. “And the best part is that palace visitors have free access!” She grinned. Turning to Bloom, she asked, “What about you?”
“I’m not sure…” Bloom said. “I think I’ll walk around a bit. It’ll be pretty late when we all get back, so why don’t we check on Volt tomorrow, when we can?”
“Sure,” Stella said. “While Musa and I are in town, we can stop at that bakery Volt likes and get his favorite treat.” she smiled and said, “I’m sure that he’ll appreciate it!” She gave Bloom a hug, then the Winx walked off in different directions. Bloom hesitated in front of Volt’s room, even though he wasn’t in there anymore.
After a moment, a swoosh of blonde hair caught the corner of Bloom’s eye. She looked to see Diaspro walking through the halls. She was moving quite fast, like she was in a rush. With a wave of suspicion, Bloom snuck behind her. Before too long, Diaspro came up to a room and knocked. “Safira? Are you in there? Can I come in?” She asked.
The door opened and Safira stepped out. Once again, Bloom was taken aback by the sisters’ resemblance, but they had a clear big sister/little sister dynamic. Especially when Safira crossed her arms and asked, “Yeah?”
With a small sigh, Diaspro put her hand on Safira’s shoulder, gently pushing her back into the room and shutting the door. The door wasn’t shut all the way, and when Bloom tiptoed close to it, she could hear the two of them talking. “Safi, you know Mother isn’t doing this for you. She just wants you to marry a prince.”
“Well, I’m not doing this for Mother,” Safira replied. “I’ve been in love with Volt since we were kids; he can learn to love me too.” Her voice was indignant, but a little sad as well.
Diaspro sighed. “Safira...not just for his sake, but for yours. I don’t want you to end up in a loveless marriage from the two of you being forced together.” Her voice was softer than Bloom had ever heard it. “You need to talk to the king and queen about calling off the wedding.”
“I don’t need to call off anything!” Safira snapped. “You need to stop telling me what to do! Get out of my room!”
As quickly as she could, Bloom made a quiet dash down the hall, before hiding behind a corner. She watched as Diaspro came out of Safira’s room, sighed, and then walked off. Luckily, she didn’t come the way Bloom was standing, and didn’t didn’t notice Bloom where she was standing.
Bloom sighed with relief and continued down the hall she was standing in. The palace was bustling with servants preparing for the wedding. It would have been a nice sight, if not for the circumstances. “Princess Bloom?” a voice asked, making Bloom jump. She turned to see Lucretia watching her curiously.
“A-ah, Queen Lucretia! Sorry, you startled me,” Bloom said with a laugh.
“My apologies,” Lucretia said. “I saw your friends wander off; are you all taking a tour of our kingdom?”
“Yes,” Bloom admitted. “The triplets told us so much about it, we’ve been wanting to see it for ourselves for a while. I hope you don’t mind, of course,” she added bashfully.
For a moment, Lucretia snickered, before letting out a sweet, clear, loud laugh. “My dear, there’s nothing to worry about. While you’re guests of the palace, you’re free to explore to your heart’s content. In fact, why don’t we go on a walk together?”
It was nerve-wracking walking with the mother of the students she’d promised to protect, but Bloom found Lucretia’s presence strangely calming. She walked with serenity and dignity. Whenever a servant bowed to her, she’d bow directly back. “I have the feeling you guessed I’m not Minervan by birth.”
“Kind of,” Bloom said. “Doesn’t this make the triplets only half Minervan, though?”
“Yes, but when the one half is a bunch of mixed genes, they kind of get absorbed into being Minervan,” Lucretia explained. “For all intents and purposes, they’re fully Minervan.” She smiled and said, “Volt speaks very highly of you and your friends. He says you’re the best teachers he’s ever had.”
Bloom felt herself blush and she replied, “He’s a good student. Very diligent, and he always pays attention in class."
Lucretia smiled a bit more and said, "That is very good to hear. I sincerely hope he can keep it up at your school." This sounded like she was being genuine; however it completely contradicted what she and Marcus had said before.
"Are you sure? Earlier you were talking about Volt staying on Minerva after he marries Safira," Bloom told Lucretia, confusedly.
For a moment, Lucretia was silent, and a confused and distressed look was on her face. "Did I say that?" She asked herself.
"Your majesty?" Bloom asked worriedly.
Lucretia was silent for a moment, before giving a small, weak, and unconvincing grin. "I'll be fine, my dear. I just need to lie down for a while." Rubbing her forehead, Lucretia walked off, leaving Bloom concerned and disturbed.
Without any motivation to pursue her curiosity, Bloom decided to visit Tecna in the library, and tell her about her conversation with Lucretia.

The next day didn’t get any better. Volt’s eyes were red and puffy from crying, and he had dark circles under his eyes. Ella had explained earlier that he’d searched around Shore Minerva, and had talked to Orbo’s parents, but Orbo was nowhere to be found. Orbo was missing, and Volt was worried sick about him. Despite the conversation she’d had with Diaspro, Safira was much more reserved that day than the previous.
Lucretia must have slept off her feelings, because she and Marcus were back to how they’d been the day before. Bloom noticed that Diamond was looking at her suspiciously, like she’d done something wrong. The Trix were as they usually were, but there was some tension in the air.
Mira and Psyche were both yawning, and Bloom guessed they’d stayed up to console Volt about Orbo’s disappearance. After some silence, Marcus said, “The visiting royals will be here today. Volt, Mira, Psyche, I want the three of you on your best behavior. We haven’t had the rulers of other kingdoms on Minerva in years, I want to make a good impression.”
Under her breath, Aisha mumbled, “What kind of good impression is an arranged marriage?” Luckily, neither Lucretia or Marcus heard her, but Stella shot her a warning glance and shook her head.
Without a word, Volt stood up, leaving his food before walking out. “Volt? Volt!” Safira shouted, standing up and running after him.
“I wonder how long it’ll take before he’s sick of being nice to her,” Diablo said with his trademark thoughtlessness.
Even Angelo was taken aback, and he asked, “What are you talking about, Diablo?” Before nervously laughing and smiling at Diamond, Diaspro, Lucretia, and Marcus and adding, “ brother is kind of rude and thoughtless.”
Before the adults responded, Diablo continued, “He obviously doesn’t have feelings for her. If she follows him around, he’s going to get tired of her and eventually snap. I’m just curious how long he’ll last.”
Coldly, Diamond said, “I see. Well, Diablo, if you have something against my daughter, then I don’t see any reason for you to attend the wedding tomorrow.” It was subtle, but a bracelet on Diamond’s wrist suddenly seemed to gleam.
“Such poor manners will not be tolerated at the wedding,” Marcus agreed. “Please escort yourself from the palace, or the planet if you can.” There was a strange purple light in his eyes as he said this.
“Your majesty,” Angelo said quickly. “I’ll make sure Diablo stays on his best behavior, but we don’t have any easy ways to move to or from Minerva.” It wasn’t hard to guess that Angelo had to get Diablo out of trouble often.
Diablo rolled his eyes. “When Marion and Oritel get here I’ll ask for a ride back to Domino,” he said, standing up.
“Diablo…” Angelo groaned. He followed behind his brother, before quickly apologizing again.
Nobody noticed Darcy wave her hand and send a small shadow after the two of them.
“Are you concerned about Volt?” Angelo asked. “You usually don’ like this unless you’re worried. I remember when we were kids and you’d pick fights with the other boys for me.”
Diablo sighed. “Believe it or not, the Illuminates are my friends too. I want to keep my friends safe and happy, just like you do. I just have different ways of going about it. Speaking of, I’m going to talk to Volt. See how he really feels about Safira.”
“Is that a good idea? Safira might be there,” Angelo commented.
“Volt suffers in silence, just like you do,” Diablo said. “Mira and Psyche are doing their best, but I don’t think they’re helping much. I want to at least try.” He insisted, before rounding the corner.
The two boys stopped when they encountered Darcy in her Wraithix form. Immediately they both took defensive stances and Diablo asked, “What do you want?” A red flame sparked in his palm.
Darcy just grinned wickedly and held up her hand. “I just need you two to stay out of our way, ‘kay? Blackout.” Dark purple rings of magic pulsated from her palm, hitting the two boys and knocking them completely unconscious.
With the two large boys lying on the ground, Darcy mused to herself, “I wonder if they’ll fit in the cell with that merman…”

Much later, Mira ran into Bloom and Flora in the garden. “Have you seen Angelo and Diablo anywhere? I can’t find them.”
“I haven’t seen them since breakfast,” Bloom admitted. “Is something wrong?”
“I know Diablo said that they’d be leaving, but even he wouldn’t straight up vanish,” Mira explained. “I’m just worried that something happened to the two of them.” She sat down next to Bloom. “This wedding is bad enough, but things are getting out of hand.”
“Speaking of the wedding, I talked to your mother last night,” Bloom said. “We talked about Volt being a student at Alfea, and she commented that she hoped that he could continue studying there. She seemed confused when I told her that she’d said Volt would stay on Minerva.”
Mira’s expression quickly morphed from concern to full dread. “That’s not good...Orbo said he was going to find out what was going on, and he vanished. Diablo talks about Volt not liking Safira, then he and Angelo vanish. And I can’t even investigate…” she fretted.
Flora gasped. “ have to stay and greet the guests.”
Mira nodded, and air ships began flying in above the palace. “Speaking of, I have to change and go join my family.” She waved and ran off. When she was gone, the pixies poked their heads out.
Noticing them, Flora smiled and said, “We’d been wondering where you’d wandered off to.”
Blue and Rhea shared a look as Polaris explained, “Girder has been running around the palace, looking for things to fix. It’s starting to become a hindrance…"
Girder shrugged and said, "I see something that needs fixed, I fix it! It's what I do."
Blue and Rhea both sighed, before Rhea said, “I saw something terrible yesterday. Orbo got shocked and fell unconscious, but when I looked I couldn’t see him or who shocked him. They were gone before I could check.”
Both Bloom and Flora looked at her in surprise. “Did you see what happened to Diablo and Angelo?”
Rhea shook her head no. “Sorry, Bloom. But I’ll keep an eye and find out what I can.” She fluttered her wings and began flying up towards the palace, with the other pixies following behind her.
“Let us know if you find anything!” Bloom called.
“We will!” Lockette replied.
It was rare for Rhea to take the lead, but when she did, she was determined. She flew up to one of the towers, coming to a room with a large window. “Where are we?” Chatta asked.
“Diamond’s room,” Rhea answered. She flew up to the window, where she saw Diamond sitting at a vanity. There was a dark figure in the mirror, but Rhea couldn’t quite make out what it was. She pulled the mirror off of her belt, and it grew into a large hand mirror. The light reflected off of its surface and hit the glass, which rippled like water. Taking in a deep breath, Rhea stepped through.
The other pixies tried to follow, but the glass hardened again and they were unable to pass through. In the room, Rhea hid under the bed and listened to Diamond. “The Trix are taking care of anyone who stands in our way.”
“Good. Have the Winx tried anything?” A voice like Bloom’s, but much, much colder, rang through the room. It was familiar, and Rhea remembered hearing it on Zenith. She peeked out from under the bed, just for a second, and saw the image of Doom. Behind the glass was dark and swirly, like Doom was talking through her magic.
“Nothing major...Voltatious’ boyfriend as well two of his friends tried making a fuss, but the Trix handled them,” Diamond said. “I have to keep tabs on Marcus and Lucretia. When they’re out of range, my spell starts slipping.”
Rhea wanted to gasp, but managed to keep quiet. She took a step backwards, with Diamond and Doom out of sight. She could still hear them, however, as they talked about Volt’s marriage to Safira.
Eventually the stopped, and Rhea heard the door open and shut. She stepped out from under the bed, but froze when she heard a voice say, “It looks like someone heard something they shouldn’t have.” She looked up to see Icy, and gasped, trying to fly out of the room. Before she could, she was hit with a blast of cold magic and frozen in place.
“Well, it looks like this pixie is as much of a pest as the others,” Icy said, picking up the small ice block. “I’ll go take care of the pixie. You keep tabs on our royals.” She walked out of the room, and Diamond followed, not noticing the other pixies fly off.

Bloom, Aisha, Stella, Ella, and Sky all reunited with their parents while Volt, Psyche, Mira, and Safira all stood in the foyer in their formal wear. Safira had her arm linked with Volt’s; Volt was stiff and obviously not happy, but he didn’t protest. He and Safira bowed to each of the royals that came up to congratulate them. When Oritel and Marion came up, along with Daphne, Oritel said, “Daphne says you’re a very good student.”
Volt looked up at him and Daphne and replied, “Daphne and Bloom are good teachers.” He tried to smile, but it came off weak and fragile.
Oritel, Marion, and Daphne seemed to pick up on this, but didn’t mention it. “Congratulations to the two of you,” he said, kissing Safira’s hand.
“Thank you!” Safira said. She curtsied as the two of them walked off, before turning to Volt. “Isn’t this nice?” She asked. “So many people came to see us.”
“Safira...I hate large crowds,” Volt mumbled. “I don’t like large spectacles, and I don’t like being the center of attention.” He looked at her with defeated, exhausted eyes. “But if it makes you happy, that’s fine.”
Safira’s smile faded. “It would make me happier if you were happy,” she told him. Volt’s expression didn’t soften or lighten, and she continued, “You’re not happy, are you?”
Volt looked forward. “It’s the best for our kingdoms, and it’s not like I have anyone waiting for me.” His voice was cold and flat, like something inside had died.
“Did Orbo break up with you?” Safira asked. She continued to say, “I wasn’t necessarily thinking of you two breaking up, I’m down for a poly relationship.”
“Orbo’s gone. He disappeared,” Volt said. “Even if I wanted to do a poly relationship…” He turned to Safira, and she saw a strange mix of anger and disappointment in his eyes. Without warning, he grabbed her chin and pulled her into a kiss, before pulling away. “We’ll be married tomorrow, so let’s pretend we’re a happy couple.”
He turned back to greeting royals, as Safira gently touched her lips. The hadn’t felt like anything at all.

That night, Safira walked to Diaspro’s room. Knocking on the door, she asked, “Dia?” She asked. “Can I come in?”
Diaspro opened the door. “Yeah, of course Safi.” She stepped to the side and let Safira walk in. Both girls were in their nightgowns, and sat on Diaspro’s bed together. “What’s wrong?” Diaspro asked. “You seem worried.”
“Volt kissed me today,” Safira said.
Diaspro grinned. “I saw! It seems he’s coming around to marrying you,” she said.
“ had no feeling. When Volt kissed me, there was no feeling to it. He wasn’t harsh, and was quite gentle, but…” she curled up with her knees to her chest. “I’ve liked Volt since we were least, that’s what I thought.”
Diaspro laid Safira’s head onto her lap and gently began stroking her hair. “You truly like Volt, don’t you?”
“Of course! I wouldn’t want to marry him otherwise,” Safira replied.
With a grin, Diaspro thought back to when they were kids. Back when they’d first met, Safira and Volt had immediately hit it off. While Volt had always been willing to play with Safira, he’d never shown any romantic interest in her. Safira’s crush was obvious, and even after Minerva had closed off, she wouldn’t give any other guys the time of day. Sweetly, she asked, “Are you feeling guilty, then?”
“A bit...I didn’t think Volt would be this miserable,” she said. “I wasn’t going to stop him from seeing Orbo, but now Orbo’s gone, the twins are gone, and I’m getting scared of what these disappearances mean.”
For a second, Diaspro stopped. “Between mother’s new jewelry and the Trix’ presence, I can only guess. And my guess isn’t a good one, either. I have an idea, but for the time being, I need you to keep playing along with the wedding…” Safira sat up curiously, and Diaspro began whispering into her ear.

When the day finally arrived, all three Illuminates were distressed. “I haven’t seen any of the pixies since yesterday!” Psyche gasped. “Orbo and the twins are still missing, and the wedding is today!” She was pacing around nervously, while Trixie, Mira, and the fairies were watching her.
Ella sighed and said, “I was expecting Volt to be beside himself with worry and sadness, but he was...a lot different. Not even fazed. In fact, I would almost argue he’s starting to look forward to it…”
“Something’s definitely gotten into him, I asked him if he wanted to take a walk and he nearly completely ignored me, brushing it off by saying ‘I can’t, I have a morning picnic to go to,’” Christa confirmed. “His voice was so empty, too.”
Mira and Psyche shared a look, and both of them sighed. “Volt is like this when he gives up. Ever since we were kids, he would get upset, but if things didn’t get better, he’d shut down and just follow along, no matter how unhappy he was. He’s been missing Orbo for how long now, and now Orbo’s missing marrying Safira of all people,” Mira explained, shaking her head with a sigh. “He’s gone numb.”
“He’s been having so much at Alfea, we were worried when after the fiasco at Pixie Village made him so upset,” Psyche said. “He didn’t shut down then, but this is definitely the breaking point. Usually Mira and I can pull him out of it, but with a wedding, we can’t even do that.”
“Let’s just hope we can bring him back before it’s too late,” Mira added.
When the others looked confused, Psyche explained, “If Volt is like this for too long, he’ll explode. And we don’t mean metaphorically. He once released a hurricane that almost wiped out the shore.”
All of the girls stared at the sisters in total shock, and Mira said, “Yeah, before our training, he had some severe anger issues. A lot of anxiety that he was never able to fully express, and a lot of pent up emotions. He’s been doing a lot better, but it’s starting to become too many things at once.”
“Oh my…” Trixie gasped. “I knew Volt’s powers could become volatile, but that is much worse than I could ever imagine.”
Mira nodded. “He doesn’t want to worry anyone, so he keeps it locked up until his magic literally can’t handle it anymore. I just hope we can stop something disastrous from happening.”

“You’re not going to stop it?” Bloom asked. “Not going to protest at all?” She and Volt were in his room. Volt was in his Enchantix, while tailors measured his suit.
“There’s no point,” Volt said. “My parents’ word is law. If I protest it could be considered treason. The only person I’ve ever loved is missing, having disappeared without a trace. If this marriage can help my kingdom, then it’s my duty as prince.” His voice was calm, but flat and broken.
Bloom replied, “The point is that I don’t want you to be in pain. None of us do!” She put a hand on Volt’s shoulder, and an electric shock ran up her arm. For a second, she could feel the anger, sadness, and fear that Volt was holding back. The electric power that was crawling just beneath his skin.
“Volt…” Bloom muttered sadly. She held her fist to her chest and assured him, “I’ll get to the bottom of this, and get you out of this wedding, no matter what.” Volt didn’t reply, silently standing there and staring at the mirror.
Determinedly, Bloom walked out of Volt’s room and down the hall, running into the other Winx. “How’s he doing?” Musa asked.
“Bad. Very bad,” Bloom said. “He’s holding back some dangerous emotions and they’re going to explode out of him at any second. We need to figure out what’s going on and put a stop to this wedding.”
The other Winx nodded, and Bloom continued to say, “Stella, Musa, keep an eye on the wedding and make sure nothing suspicious happens. Aisha, Flora, keep Volt company. He really shouldn’t be left alone at a time like this. Tenca, you and I will look for everyone.” The Winx all nodded, and split up.
Bloom and Tecna ran down the empty hallway, and Bloom asked, “Tecna, do you think you can locate the pixies?”
As Tecna was about to respond, they heard crying, and all of the pixis flew out. “Bloom!!” Lockette shouted, giving her fairy a hug. Through tears, Lockette explained, “Rhea got frozen, and Diamond is working with the Trix, and we’ve been hiding so we don’t get frozen too!”
Bloom patted Lockette’s head. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Do you know where they took Rhea?”
Lockette nodded, and she used her magic to direct the group through the halls and down into the basement, before they came to the dungeons. When they were down there, they saw Angelo, Diablo, and Orbo in a cell with an unconscious Rhea. “Bloom!” Angelo and Diablo gasped.
“Oh my gosh, what happened to you two?” she asked. Summoning a bolt of flame, she blasted the lock and let the boys out, giving the twins a big hug.
“We talked to Rhea before she fell asleep. Doom is using the Trix to make sure no one gets in the way of the wedding,” Angelo said. He gently picked her up and handed her to Bloom. “She’s still cold, but your fire is a lot hotter than mine.”
Rhea’s small body was still ice-cold and she was shivering.
There was a laugh from the end of the hall, and Bloom and Tecna looked up to see Icy at the end of the hallway. “Guess we’ve been found out. Can’t be helped, then.” She snapped her fingers and transformed into her Wraithix form. “Can’t have you ruining Doom’s plans, after all.”

In Volt’s room, he quietly sat at his desk, tending to a small Klivoghejn in a pot. Flora and Aisha watched him carefully. His expression was calm but forced; it looked like he was close to completely losing it. As if confirming, a spark of electricity completely fried his Klivoghejn.
“Volt…” Flora sighed. Quietly, she muttered, “Beauty of Nature,” and sent a small flurry of petals at the Klivoghejn. In a small flash of pink, the Klivoghejn was back to normal...with pink-tinted petals.
“The flower was fine,” Volt said. “It was still wick by the roots it would have grown back eventually.” It didn’t take any more for Flora to realize that this wasn’t the Volt the Winx had grown to care for the past several months.
Aisha immediately jumped up and snapped, “We care! Volt, a marriage is not worth the pain you’re putting yourself through! If you were happy to be getting married, then we’d be happy for you! But Volt! You’re in so much pain, it’s unbearable!” She walked up to him and slammed her hand on his desk.
Volt looked at her with the dead look he’d been wearing, and the wave of static electricity was enough to push her back. In this flat, deep voice, emotionless and cold, his words stung as he said, “That’s what makes me different from you. You run from your pain, I endure mine.”
It felt like an ice-cold shard had been shot into Flora’s and Aisha’s chests. Flora’s eyes began watering, and she stood up and backed to the door. In a quiet, hurt voice, Aisha said, “We’ll...give you some space…”
“Finally…” Volt muttered under his breath.
Outside of Volt’s room, Flora quietly cried while Aisha hugged her. “Flora! Aisha!” The two fairies looked up to see Mira and Psyche running towards them, with Ella in tow. Noticing Flora’s tears, Psyche asped. “Oh no! Are you okay? What did he say?”
“You brother said that he’s different from us because we run from our pain while he endures his…” Aisha said. “Never realized he was such a cheeky little brat…” Her voice was low and hurt.
“I’m so sorry, you had to see him like this,” Mira apologized. “He doesn’t mean it, I promise! Volt has been like this since we were kids. His activities at Alfea have been helping him manage his stress, but everything that’s happened on Minerva has been building and building and not going away.”
Psyche added, “He’s growing closer and closer to blowing. Right now he’s just letting off angry puffs of steam like little storm clouds. But if this builds up anymore, he could release a hurricane powerful enough to blow the kingdom off the face of the planet.”
“Awww, you say that like it’s such a bad thing!” A voice made them jump, and they turned to see Stormy just down the hall, in her Wraithix form. “I think a little hurricane might be fun! I’ve been wondering what that little thunderhead was capable of.”

Liz, Christa, and Roxy met Stella and Musa as they ran towards the ceremony. None of them slowed down, and Roxy asked, “Did Psyche and Mira tell you what’s going to happen with Volt?”
“Bloom told us that things were bad with him, but she didn’t give us specific details,” Musa replied. “Why, is there something else we should know?”
Christa explained, “Mira and Psyche told us that if Volt gets anymore upset, his power will explode out of him in a gigantic hurricane! Apparently his anger management issues are resurfacing.”
“WHAT!?” Stella and Musa exclaimed.
“He could destroy the kingdom!” Stella gasped. “We have to get his parents to stop the wedding!”
They rounded a corner to see Darcy’s Wraithix form blocking the door. She taunted, “My, my, my. I knew you Winx were persistent, but your little fairy students seem to be just as stubborn.”
Musa and Stella stood protectively in front of the three fairy students and transformed into their Fantasmix. As the younger girls were about to transform, Stella held out her hand to stop them. “Your powers can’t withstand Wraithix. We’ll keep Darcy busy, you get outside!” She instructed.
With a laugh, Darcy flew forward, blasting waves of dark magic at the fairies. In response, Musa shouted, “Resonant Echo!” She sang a note, releasing sound waves that crashed with Darcy’s magic, disrupting it.
“Milky Way Stardust!” Stella shouted, shooting small waves of sparkles. As the two older fairies clashed with Darcy, Roxy, Christa, and Liz snuck out the door.

“Orchid Strike!” Flora bellowed. An orchid made of magical energy shot from her palm, flying straight forward at Stormy. Stormy dodged, summoning lightning into her hand and hitting the flower away.
“You Winx think that you can protect everyone all the time, but you couldn’t even protect Volt from his engagement.” She blasted lightning at them, and Aisha used her Morphix to make a shield to block. “You’re so blinded by your need to be the heroes you miss the obvious details right in front of you!”
As Psyche began summoning her magic, Aisha said, “Get Volt out of here! Stella and Musa are going to try to get through to your parents!”
“Okay!” Mira agreed. She ran into Volt’s room and pulled him out by his arm. Waves of static electricity were emanating from him, making everyone’s hair stand on edge (except Stormy’s, whose was already on end).
All Volt did was let out an annoyed groan, his unaffected demeanor slowly crumbling. Psyche and Mira let out nervous laughs and said, “Let’s go, Volt! You can’t hide in your room all day!”
“Why is Stormy attacking…?” Volt grunted before his sisters managed to drag him away.

Icy cackled as she barraged the two fairies and the specialists with ice crystals. “Why are you doing this?” Bloom asked. “Aren’t they your cousins? Shouldn’t you try to protect them?”
When Icy stopped, her face was grim. “You wouldn’t understand, Bloom. I am protecting them.” She summoned an icy gale and blew it towards the group. Bloom and Tecna combined their shields to protect the boys from her magic, before pushing forward.
They were just able to get past her and get up the stairs before she followed them.

Mira, Psyche, and Ella got Volt to the foyer as quickly as they could. By now though, he was thoroughly done, and he was growling like low, rumbling thunder. They were quiet, knowing that being either gentle or harsh with him would cause adverse effects.
Volt’s wings were beginning to spark, with little bolts of lightning shooting up their surface. Volt’s hair was beginning to have a distinct glow, as were his eyes. Just looking at him was almost enough to shock a person out of their skin. “Volt, stop it,” Mira whispered.
He looked at her and didn’t say anything, his eyes sparking like two insect zappers, trying to electrocute her. Mira had seen this look before, while he’d been the center of a hurricane raging across the shore. He’s close…Mira thought. How long will he be able to last?
“Volt! Mira! Psyche! There you are!” Marcus said, coming into the foyer. “It’s almost time!” He walked behind his three kids and pushed them towards the door. Volt’s electricity was sparking more, but Marcus hardly noticed.
They all took their places in the ceremony; the officiator stood as far away from the sparking, infuriated Volt as he could. In the air, distant storm clouds were gathering, and everyone could feel their hair standing slightly on end. Before long, the band began playing the traditional Minervan marriage song as Safira walked out in her wedding dress. She was beautiful, and Volt had no negative feelings directed towards her, but seeing her did nothing to alleviate these negative feelings.
When she was standing next to him at the altar, Safira smiled and said, “I didn’t get to tell you this yet, but you look very handsome in your Enchantix.”
“Thank you,” Volt said, his voice still low and grumbly.
“When I earn my Enchantix, I hope it looks as nice as yours,” she added, with a slightly sad smile that threw Volt off for a moment. After a sigh, she added, “Volt, I want you to know that I truly do love you, and I want you to be happy more than anything.”
Before Volt could give a flustered response, there were sounds of crashing windows, and several figures flew out into the air. The distant silhouettes of the Winx and the Trix tumbled through the air, clashing with each other. One of the figures cloaked itself in fire and flew at the ceremony. Bloom’s booming voice shouted, “STOP THE WEDDING!!” She was soon joined by the other five Winx girls, each in her respective Fantasmix. The younger fairies, as well as Angelo, Diablo, Orbo, and Trixie all joined in.
“What is the meaning of this!?” Radius exclaimed. “Stella, what are you doing!?”
Bloom pointed at Marcus and Lucretia, declaring, “The king and queen are under a mind control spell by Diamond! She has a Wraithix and has been using the jewels on their crowns to control them!”
“That’s ridiculous!” Diamond started to say, before Bloom shot two flame blasts and knocked the crowns off of their heads. Immediately, Marcus and Lucretia slouched, like puppets cut from their string.
“Wh-what?” Marcus asked, rubbing his temple.
“Where are we? I feel like I’ve been dreaming…” Lucretia mumbled.
With a roar, dark energy spread over Diamond’s body, and she flew into the air with a shadowy Wraithix aura. She began summoning dark jewels to attack the Winx with, when a lightning bolt shot right in front of her.
Without flapping his wings, Volt was floating in the air, glowing with a sparking, blue-white aura. His eyes shined like neon lights, and his hand was extended towards Diamond. Without a word, he flexed his fingers, flattening his palm. A stream of lightning more powerful than Bloom had seen him make before shot from his hand. He was releasing all of his fear, anger, and sadness; all of the negative emotions he’d been storing for the past three days. They didn’t hit Bloom, and were entirely focused on Diamond’s Wraithix.
The Trix flew out and tried to attack the stream of power to disrupt it, but the Winx used their Fantasmix powers to fight back. Volt began growling, before letting out a deafening yowl that shook the entire ceremony like thunder. His lighting blast multiplied, and with that burst of power, Diamond’s Wraithix shattered, and she dropped out of the sky, with Diaspro catching her.
Volt also dropped, his Enchantix vanishing as his body began shaking, and he began crying. Louder, and harder than he ever had before, Volt wailed as his tears spilled onto the stone bricks. When he finally regained his composure, he stood up. Immediately, Diamond shouted, “This wedding still needs to take place! It’s the law!”
“No, mother,” Safira said. “There is no law that Volt has to be forced to marry me. You were controlling his parents, and it makes it void.”
“What!? You brat! I thought you want to get married!” Diamond snapped.
“Not like this. I don’t want to be the source of my husband’s misery. I might have developed feelings for Volt, but he and I are friends, first and foremost,” Safira said. “I’m calling off the wedding!”
“No! No!” Diamond shouted. With a yowl, she fired a crystal shard towards Bloom. Right before it hit, Safira deflected it in her Winx form.
Without a word, Safira snapped her fingers, and crystal handcuffs formed around Diamond’s wrists. “Please escort Miss Diamond to the dungeons. We’ll deal with her punishment later,” Marcus said.
Diamond kept shouting and screaming as the guards pulled her away, and Diaspro stood next to Safira, with her hands on Safira’s shoulders. The sisters smiled at each other, and Diaspro said, “I’ll always take care of you, Safira.”
The Trix, seeing they were vastly outnumbered, vanished in swirls of darkness.

The first thing that Volt and Orbo did was lovingly embrace each other with a passionate kiss. Mira happily hugged Angelo, while Psyche excitedly snuggled the pixies. “I am so sorry about all of this,” Marcus told the Winx, as well as the royal parents.
“I’m glad you’re back to normal,” Bloom said.
Aisha interjected, “Did you really set up an arranged marriage for Volt, though?”
“Oh no, of course not!” Lucretia gasped. “When they were little, Safira had the cutest crush on Volt. Diamond commented that they should be married one day, and I said ‘maybe’.” She looked over at Volt and Orbo, who were both crying again and pressing their foreheads together. “We would never do that to our beloved kids.”
“It’s still a shock that you’re Icy’s aunt,” Brandon said.
Lucretia laughed. “Yeah...I’ll be able to explain later. I’d always hoped that my niece and our distant relatives could be redeemed like myself, but I’m starting to guess that’s not fully possible.”
Stella asked, “Well, will Volt be able to Alfea, then? We’d miss him if he couldn’t return to class.”
Marcus and Lucretia smiled happily. “Of course,” they said. “We wouldn’t want to keep him from his favorite teachers.”
The Winx all smiled and laughed, and Bloom walked over towards Volt and Orbo. Noticing her, Volt said something to Orbo and walked over to Bloom. “Thank you, Bloom. I don’t think I could ever repay you. But...why would work so thoroughly for me like this?”
Bloom smiled again. “I care about you, Volt. I wanted to protect your love and your happiness. We’re more than just teacher and student, you know. You’re as important to me as any of the Winx.”
As Volt smiled back, a bright cyan light grew from Bloom’s chest, before forming into a small, cyan jewel. Bloom held up her hand and the jewel floated above it. “Could this be…” she gasped.
“It’s the last Luminous Jewel!” Volt happily exclaimed. He summoned the Luminous Charm, and the final jewel floated into place. With all seven jewels united, they all released a bright, multicolored light, before fading again. Only now, all of the jewels were glowing with strong light. It was clear as to why they were called the Luminous Jewels.
As Volt and Bloom smiled happily at the beautiful charm, Marcus announced, “The wedding may be cancelled, but please feel free to stay on Minerva as long as you’d like! And feel free to help me talk my siblings into opening Minerva again!” He bellowed out the second part with his hands cupped around his mouth.
“Marcus!” Lucretia laughed, playfully hitting Marcus’ shoulder.
Watching their parents, tears welled in all three Illuminates’ eyes, and they ran at their parents, shouting, “Mom! Dad!” and tackling them in a hug.

The Trix appeared in the cave, half expecting Doom to scold them, or use her inky magic to make something else terrible happen. Instead, she was sitting at the table, drinking a pitch-black liquid that was decidedly not coffee.
“Um...h-hey, Doom,” Icy said nervously.
Doom looked up at them calmly and said, “Good job, you three.”
All of the Trix blinked in surprise. “But...the wedding didn’t go through…it didn’t go according to plan,” Icy replied.
With another sip of her drink, Doom smiled. Then she began laughing. It was slow at first, but her laughter built, growing louder and manic until she was holding her sides from the power of it. When she finally calmed down, she had a wide, disconcerting smile and said, “Oh, you silly, silly witches, everything has been going to plan.” She stood up and snapped her fingers creating one of her inky, spinning screens.
In the center was the image of the Luminous Charm, with all seven jewels, shining with rainbow-colored light. Doom commented, “Now it’s time for Phase 2: we steal the Luminous Charm.”

Chapter Text

“In recent events, a concert by overnight sensation Sirene Du Vert was cancelled by the famous Winx Club, when it was revealed that the singer was using mind control magic to control her listeners.” Volt and his friends were watching a news report on the television. Currently the image was of the Green Wraith in her Sirene disguise, before changing to an image of Doom after she’d crashed into the stage. “A person with a striking resemblance to Winx Club leader, Bloom, was revealed to be in control of the creature.” The reporter continued, “Here with us is the famous leader of the Winx Club, and savior of the Magic Dimension, Bloom!”
The camera panned over to reveal Bloom sitting on a plush couch, dressed up with makeup and with her hair up. The reporter said, “Welcome, Bloom.”
“It’s good to be here,” Bloom replied with a smile.
“Can you tell us about this Doppelganger of yours?” The reporter asked.
Bloom nodded and said, “This will sound like a stretch, but that other girl is named Doom. She’s the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink, and she is from a dimension that is the opposite of ours.”
“Doom?” The reporter asked in surprise. “Tell me more about her.”
Bloom’s expression went from a small smile to a grim frown. “Doom is very unfriendly and cold. She’s manipulative and twisted, and she’s been putting the Winx and I into several dangerous situations. She’s focusing purely on us, but has used her Wraiths on others. They’ve attacked, they’ve possessed, and she’s used the Wraithix to turn some of my friends evil.” She sipped her water before continuing, “Doom wants to bring her friends, the Jinx, to our dimension so they can absorb our powers to boost theirs. We don’t know anything about the other Jinx, but we can only assume that they’re as dangerous as Doom is.”
“How would she bring her friends, do you think?”
“The Luminous Jewels, which have the power of the Illumination. They connect our dimension to hers. We’ve been keeping Jewels safe, and Headmistress Faragonda is putting a protection spell over Alfea for extra security.”
“That’s reassuring,” the reporter said. “I’m glad you’re keeping the Magic Dimension safe. Up next we have a report from Oppositus…” Volt turned the TV off before she could continue her report.
“Well, it’s reassuring that Doom’s become common knowledge,” Volt commented. “But I’m still worried about the Jewels.” He hadn’t told the others yet, but he felt the rising power emanating from thim, and the pocket dimension they were hiding in was hard to contain. He didn’t want to worry anyone, especially now that they needed to protect all seven jewels.
“They’ll be fine!” Christa assured. “Every time Doom has tried to attack Alfea, the Winx have been able to stop her with just their Fantasmix powers. She’s no match for all of them!”
“Doom hasn’t attacked us at full power,” Volt replied. “She has five wraiths, plus the three Trix with Wraiths of their own. She’s only ever sent one Wraith at a time, except when she first attacked us. And when she did that, Mira, Psyche, and I had to summon all of our Illumination power to drive them off.” He turned to his friends with a grim expression. “If she attacks us with everything she’s got, I don’t think we stand a chance.”
When his stomach growled, he blushed and said, “I think I’m going to get some food. I’m hungry.” He left the room and his friends in a grim silence. As he walked down the hall, he ran into Daphne.
“Hello Volt!” she said, waving happily and smiling. When Volt could barely muster a smile in return, she asked, “Is something wrong, Volt?” She put her hand on his shoulder to stop him.
“I’m fine, just some anxiety,” Volt said. “I’m feeling hungry so I was heading to the cafeteria.” He pointed in the direction that he’d been walking.
Daphne still looked concerned, but she sighed and said, “Okay, I’ll let you go eat. But you know that you can talk to me about anything, right?”
Volt nodded and said, “Thanks, Daphne,” before continuing to walk. Mira and Psyche were at their schools, and he didn’t want them to worry--knowing Psyche and Mira, they’d drop whatever they were doing, and he wanted them to enjoy their weekend.
“Volt!” Ella’s voice shouted. Volt turned to see her running up from behind him, along with Roxy, Liz, and Christa. When they caught up with him, Ella said, “We’re feeling kinda hungry too, so we decided to eat with you.”
It was a small gesture, but Volt was feeling a lot calmer. Ella linked her arm in his, giving him a wink as they walked down the hall. When they got to the cafeteria door, it was shut. When Volt looked at his friends, they were all grinning excitedly and biting their lips.
With narrowed eyes, Volt walked suspiciously up to the door and opened it. He looked across the room and gasped. “Orbo!?” Orbo was standing across the room with Mira, Psyche, the Winx, the Specialists, Angelo, Diablo, and Trixie.
Slightly nervous, Orbo held his arms up for a hug. Happily, Volt ran up and jumped into Orbo’s arms and gave him a big kiss on the lips. “Orbo, what are you doing here??”
“I got him a job as a J’valikts instructor!” Mira bragged. “C’mon, Volt, I told you I was doing this a while ago.” She walked up as Orbo was holding Volt and proudly patted Orbo’s shoulder like he was an animal she’d caught.
Orbo put Volt on the ground and said, “I’ll be able to see you so much more than when living on Minerva.” He smiled happily at Volt, and the two of them staring at each other happily.
Bloom had her arm linked with Sky’s, and she rested her head on his shoulder, watching them happily. “I’m so happy for Volt,” she said. “He’s so lucky to have found love that young.”
While Orbo and Volt were still hugging each other and slightly dancing around, a bright light began growing in between the two of them. A rainbow of colors spun from it, and in a flash the Luminous Charm appeared, slowly spinning in the air while the Jewels glowed. Volt and Orbo backed away in surprise, while all of the others stared.
“I’m guessing that wasn’t on purpose, was it, Volt?” Nex asked. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”
“No, I’ve seen ghosts before and that’s not the right expression,” Psyche corrected. She turned to Volt and gently asked, “Volt, is something wrong?”
“It’s fine...I’m just having some trouble keeping the Charm hidden,” Volt explained. “The Jewels are very powerful and it seems that they’re linked to my emotions.” He put his hands out to the Charm and tried to vanish it, however it stayed in place. Slowly rotating like a pinwheel.
“I’m not surprised,” Faragonda said, walking into the room with Saladin and Griffin. “The Luminous Jewels hold the power to traverse between the Magic and Cursed Dimensions. They’re charged with the light of the Illumination, much like you are. Though it seems that they can’t just be stored away.” She walked forward and held her hand out to the Luminous Charm, which floated above her palm.
Musa commented, “I’ve been wondering; if the Jewels are how you can cross from one universe to the other, then how was Doom able to do it? She doesn’t have any of the Luminous Jewels.”
Griffin grimly commented, “I’d say the same way she freed the Trix from Limbo. I’ve read up on Wraithix, and it can tear open small interdimensional holes. It’s strong enough for her to cross over, but too unstable to bring anyone else.”
“It’s likely why she’s so interested in the Jewels in the first place; with them she can open a large enough portal for her Jinx friends to come through, and carry out their plan to absorb the six of you,” Saladin continued thoughtfully.
“I don’t like the sound of that,” Brandon said. “I mean, I’d give anything to have more Stellas in my life, but not if one is planning on absorbing the other. That’s just...weird.” He laughed a bit at the stink eye that Stella was giving him.
Flora commented, “I’m both curious and worried about the powers the Jinx have. We know Doom is the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink, and that she and the others are meant to be the opposite of us. But what constitutes as the ‘opposite’? Is my opposite the Witch of Fire or something?” She bit her index finger anxiously.
Faragonda gave the Luminous Charm back to Volt and said, “Well, hopefully you don’t have to find out. Griffin, Saladin, and I are going to place the protection spell. This should keep Doom and the Trix away from Alfea and the Luminous Jewels.” Together, the three headmasters walked out.
Looking at the Luminous Jewels, then thoughtfully resting her hand on her chin, Aisha mused, “You know, if we have all of the Luminous Jewels, shouldn’t know...use them?” When everyone looked at her with confusion, she elaborated, “With seven jewels we can open a portal between worlds. Why don’t we try to put Doom back into hers?”
Tecna thought for a moment. “Theoretically that could work, but we don’t know how to use the Charm, and she might just use her Wraithix to come back, just like the first time.”
“If she does, then we’ll destroy the Wraithix and just send her back again,” Aisha commented. “There’s one of her, and six of us. And besides, her Wraithix doesn’t work on us! Heck, Bloom, you took her down easy at Sirene’s concert.”
“There was more to it than just ‘taking Doom down easy’,” Bloom said reluctantly. “Musa’s music powered me up and I caught Doom by surprise. She retreated on her own, but I think that was just from being found out.”
Volt nervously raised his hand. “Not to be negative or contrary...but…”he shrunk into himself. “I think this is a really bad idea.”
When everyone looked at him, his face flushed and backed into Orbo, who put his hands on Volt’s shoulders. Taking a deep breath, Volt continued, “We haven’t seen Doom at full power yet, I’m sure. If you think about it, Doom has the power of the Kraken’s Ink. That makes her a powerful witch on its own. Her Wraithix boosts her powers and she has five Wraiths now that can fight for her. Then she also has the Trix, whose own powers are boosted by Wraithix, with a Wraith each.” He ran out of fingers to count, but said, “As powerful as we all have become, we really shouldn’t underestimate her.”

“So what’s Phase 2?” Stormy asked with a yawn. She came out into their little living room area to see Doom, Icy, and Darcy watching the TV report. When the picture of Doom popped up, she snickered and commented, “that is not a flattering picture of you.”
Doom looked annoyed, but commented, “I couldn’t care less about how flattering the picture is. The fact that there’s a picture of me at all is the issue.” She sighed and turned off the TV and commented, “Well, at least I don’t have to worry about it for long, because I’ll be back home soon.”
Darcy looked at Doom and asked, “The Cursed Dimension, correct? Aren’t you widely known there, too? What’s the difference?”
Doom looked at Darcy seriously and answered, “There, I’m ruler of the entire dimension. Here, I’m just a criminal who tried to hypnotize others with a magic pop singer.”
Icy smirked and commented, “And here I thought everything was according to plan, Doom.”
Again, Doom was annoyed, but didn’t do anything but say, “Minor hiccup; everything else has worked out just fine. Well, are the three of you ready? It’s time to steal the Luminous Jewels.” She clapped her hands together and smiled encouragingly at the Winx.
“How, are we going to do that?” Icy asked. “I mean, they’re going to put a defensive shield around the school. It’s not like we can just break through it…” when Doom grinned devilishly, Icy asked, “Can we?”
“You three haven’t been fully utilizing the power of your Wraithix,” Doom explained. “We’re going to hit Alfea with everything we’ve got.” She stood up straight and held her fist up, flaring her nostrils confidently. With another smile and a wink to the Trix, she said, “Let me show you everything you can do with a Wraithix.”

It was an even divide between who agreed with Aisha, and who agreed with Volt. Volt hadn’t wanted to start a fight, but luckily the argument was remaining fairly civil. Bloom said, “She’s too big of a threat for us to let her stay in Magix. I’d rather face her than her and all of her friends.”
“If we keep the Luminous Jewels safe, then we don’t have to worry about the other Jinx or Doom’s plans,” Tecna argued. “Going after Doom with the Charm in hand is practically giving it to her.”
Flora added, “Also, because the Luminous Jewels are connected to Volt, it would likely be putting Volt in direct danger.”
“We can protect Volt. We’ve been protecting all three of the Illuminates all this time, after all,” Stella rebutted. “It’s no use holding onto the Luminous Jewels if we don’t try to use them! We could be saving the entire Magic Dimension!”
“We could be putting it in danger,” Tecna retorted. “It’s best not to play into Doom’s hands...again. I’ve been wondering why Doom hasn’t made any attempts to steal the Jewels so far. What if she’s been waiting for us to collect them all?” She looked at Volt, who was being consoled by his sisters.
As the Winx all faced each other to keep arguing, Volt spoke up. “Wait, wait. Mira, Psyche, and I talked. If Doom tries to attack, then we use the Luminous Jewels on her. But only if then, okay?”
All of the Winx looked at the Illuminates, before nodding and mumbling their agreement. Only Tecna asked, “Are you really okay with this, Volt? We don’t want to put you in any unnecessary danger.”
“I’ll be fine. I’m a strong fairy. Besides, I’ll have Psyche, Mira, and all of our friends with me,” Volt assured, with Psyche and Mira each taking one of his hands. He still seemed nervous, but much more confident with the two of them at his side. The Luminous Jewels glowed brighter in response to his feelings.
After everyone calmed down, they finally began eating their food. Volt sat with Orbo, with the two of them laughing and feeding each other. As the Winx watched him, he seemed to sparkle and laugh more with Orbo by his side then without. It was a new side of Volt that they hadn’t seen before, and his smile had never been brighter. It was like he was glowing.
All of a sudden, a resonating boom shook the entire school. Everyone ran out of the cafeteria together to see Doom and the Trix floating in the air above the forcefield the headmasters had made. All three of them were smiling smugly as they looked down at the school. “Oh good!” Doom called. “I was worried that wouldn’t get your attention!”
“What do you mean ‘wouldn’t get our attention’!?” Bloom exclaimed. “It sounded like you were trying to knock down the entire school!!” She looked ready to fight, but Sky held her back.
“She can’t break through the barrier,” Sky said. “It’s the combined power of all three headmasters. No way can they match it.”
Immediately, Doom began laughing. Unlike her laughter from before, which had been calm if condescending, this laugh was wild and unhinged. It was like Volt had said. Doom had been holding back before, but now they were going to see her at her worst. When she was done laughing, her hair was moving on its own, tossing itself and twisting around on its own. “This version is funny, but mine is much better. Prince Sky of Eraklyon, is it? Don’t be so sure. I’ve taught the Trix a little trick…” looking at the Trix, she asked, “Are you ready?”
All four witches held up their hands, and their Wraith Jewels began to glow. The jewels removed themselves and formed a circle that floated in the air in the middle of the four of them. Lines of light connected the jewels, which began glowing brighter. All four witches thrusted their hands in the direction of the forcefield and shouted, “Wraithix Convergence! Shadow Drill!”
A gigantic beam of pitch-black energy blasted from the middle of the jewels and struck the surface of the forcefield, with a pointed end that drilled powerfully and relentlessly against the shield. At first, it didn’t do anything except make a terribly loud noise. Then cracks began forming as the protection spell began breaking. There was a shattering noise and the black energy broke through and struck the ground. The Winx, the Specialists, and everyone stared in horror as the forcefield completely shattered, and the energy beam disappeared. The gems all flew to their respective witches, and they all descended until they were floating right above the ground. Storm clouds began gathering, and a distant thunder rumbled.
“Well…” Stella commented, “this is bad.”
The Winx transformed into their Fantasmix and flew into the air, facing all four of the witches. Some of the students came out, and Volt and his friends transformed into their Enchantix and flew up in the air to help the Winx. “Ten fairies, four witches,” Liz said confidently. “This’ll be a piece of cake.”
Doom grinned wickedly and snapped her fingers. All five of her gems flew off of her Wraithix and formed their bodies. They’d already seen the original three Wraiths, but they hadn’t seen the Yellow Pixie Wraith, or the Orange Centaur Wraith. The Yellow Wraith looked painfully like Ninfea, but the Orange Wraith was unrecognizable. The Trix followed suit, summoning their Wraiths, taking the forms of their fairy animals.
In a much smaller voice, Liz commented, “Oh…”
“Keep Volt safe!” Bloom shouted, as Doom immediately flew up to her and struck her with her magic. Bloom flew back a bit, before flying up to Doom again and hitting her with flames. This didn’t have the same effect on Doom, who didn’t fly back as far.
Volt still had the Luminous Charm, but he was clutching onto it as tightly as he could. He flew away from the combat as quickly as he could. Doom took a moment from fighting Bloom and sent the Red Wraith after Doom. The Wraith was quick, much faster than Volt could fly. Soon she was in front of Volt, growing to her giant size and reaching out towards Volt.
“Volt!!” Volt heard his friends shout, flying up behind him.
Volt looked back and saw that Doom was raising her hand again. He shrunk the Luminous Charm down and turned it into a pin for his lapel. Summoning his power he used a wind to blow his friends back to the ground by the door. “Wraithix Shadow!” Doom and the Trix shouted.
Darkness pulsated from all of the Wraiths at once, covering Alfea in a dark haze, making it significantly harder to see. After the fairies landed, the shadow washed over them and their transformations dissolved. All of the other students who’d come outside collapsed to their knees and were shaking. Even Faragonda and Saladin were disarmed. Griffin, seeing the danger that the students were in, shouted to the specialists. “Get the students inside!”
Nex, Helia, Brandon, Sky and Timmy began helping students stand and walk inside. Angelo and Diablo were slightly affected by the shadow, but they managed to pull in some support of their own. Volt turned back to the Red Wraith, and began summoning lightning to blast at her.
Before Volt could fire it, the thunder got louder, the storm clouds grew thicker, and it began raining. The wind picked up as Stormy laughed wildly, and her Wraith flew in circles in the air, summoning more storm clouds. Aisha was going toe-to-toe with Stormy, using the rain to boost her Morphix. She made the consistency more rubberlike and used it to bounce Stormy’s lightning back at her. However, with Stormy’s boosted power she’d shock the Morphix whenever Aisha tried to trap her in it.
Darcy was up against Musa, each of them sending soundwaves of magic at each other that cancelled each other out. Darcy’s Wraith was trying to get the jump on Musa, but couldn’t get close to her because Musa would let out a sonic scream to push it back. It would have been funny if not for the situation.
Stella was against Icy, blasting beams of sunlight against Icy’s ice shards and blizzards. It was a fairly balanced battle; Stella’s full Fantasmix powers were on full display and she was definitely enjoying herself. She’d spin in the air, shooting star blasts at icy that hit her as hard as Icy’s ice would hit Stella. If Stella wasn’t melting it with a sunlight shield.
Flora was against the Yellow Wraith, and it didn’t help that the two of them had similar powers. However, while Flora’s plant had green stems with normal petals, the Wraith’s were pitch-black with sickly yellow petals. “Ninfea, please listen to me! Please get a hold of yourself!” Flora pleaded. She was holding back as much as she could to stop from hurting the pixie inside of the Wraith, but it was clear that Ninfea wasn’t present. The Wraith attacked relentlessly; she was smaller than the others, but she wasn’t any weaker.
Psyche and Trixie were up against the Blue and Green Wraiths, which would intermittently attack between the two of them. Trixie was throwing every trick spell and hex she could at the monsters, but they’d either deflect or just pass right through. Psyche was having more luck with her ghostly mafic, but it didn’t do much more than slow the Wraiths down a bit. Not easy when they don’t have souls, Psyche thought. At least the Wraiths weren’t hurting anyone else for the time being.
Mira was against the Orange Wraith, blocking the jabs and swipes of its spear with her sword. She was in her paladin form, and despite the strength she’d been gaining with her magic, holding the form was draining on her, especially holding it as long as she did. How long can we keep this up? Will we be beaten by Doom’s forces? She thought. The Specialists were still helping fairies into the school; it wasn’t likely they’d be able to fight off the Wraiths, anyway.
“Ink Blot!” Doom shouted, blasting fully liquid inky power at Bloom. Bloom was barely able to counter the attack with her own magic.
“That’s disgusting!” Bloom protested.
Doom just cackled madly. “When will you finally figure out I’m the Witch of the Kraken’s! Ink! Emphasis on Ink, Bloom!” She summoned more blobs of ink and fired them at Bloom. They weren’t easy to dodge, and judging by the sounds of when they went splat, they weren’t very fun to get hit with, either. Doom was cackling like a demon, throwing more and more blobs of ink.
The gloves were off and Doom was just having fun going buckwild. “Blowtorch!!” Bloom shouted, holding her hands out. A near bladelike flame shot from her palms, shooting straight at Doom. Doom just laughed and summoned her usual swirly inky wormhole. The flame flew into it, and shot out bright purple. Bloom, not knowing what to do, made a flame with her hand and knocked the flame back like a tennis ball. This seemed to catch Doom by surprise, especially when it hit her.
Volt clapped his hands, blasting lightning at the Red Wraith. She was still in her giant form, but he was aiming for the jewel, trying to disrupt her power. Just by wearing the Luminous Jewels, Volt felt his power boost dramatically. After several misses, Volt got a big bolt to hit right on the center of the jewel. Just was he expected, the Wraith gave a small, whining wail as her body turned into red light and shrunk into her gem. The gem shrunk to its usual size, and flew back to Doom. Doom, who was busy flinging spells at Bloom, briefly looked back at Volt before turning back to her opponent.
Everyone was flying around, but it seemed that the Wraiths, Trix, and Doom were herding the Winx towards the general same area. It wasn’t obvious, but it seemed to be more and more like that the more he watched. He looked up and saw Mira fighting the Orange Wraith. Fluttering his wings, Volt shot up towards the two of them and told Mira, “Go land and rest your magic a bit!” He said. Up in the air, he was closer to the lightning storm that Stormy had summoned and used the lightning to fight.
It was hard keeping up with the Yellow Wraith; her plants were quick and vicious, and Flora was still having trouble bringing herself to try attacking the small Wraith. She was also pretty quick, despite how small she was. “Petal Storm!” Flora shouted. Her hands glowed and petals shot out in a flurry, blowing all over the small Wraith that Yellow had trouble fighting against. However, it didn’t do much in terms of actually fighting. Out of nowhere, Mira dropped out of the air and kicked the little Wraith away. “Mira!” Flora gasped in shock.
“What? It’s not Ninfea! It’s a monster wearing her face!” Mira protested. The Yellow Wraith hissed and opened a gaping (for her) mouth filled with tiny sharp fangs. Mira jumped back with a small shriek. “EW!!” she squealed, punching the Wraith away.
“Okay..I believe you…” Flora admitted sadly. “I just wish that there was a way we could bring Ninfea back.” As the Yellow Wraith flew at the two of them, Flora shouted, “Lotus Blast!” striking the Wraith with her magic. The two of them went back to back, so the Wraith couldn’t hit them from either angle.
Psyche and Trixie grabbed hands and jumped and dodged the two Wraiths’ attacks. “Convergence! Jack’o Blast!” they shouted together. A glowing jack-o-lantern appeared around their joined hands, and a burst of blue-white flames shot out at the Wraiths. Both Wraiths tried to dodge, but the flames honed in on their gems, and struck them each with a burst.
Both Wraiths let out a moan and vanished into their gems, before reattaching to Doom. Happily, Psyche and Trixie high-fived, before Trixie suddenly sneezed. Between Icy and Doom’s powers, the air was growing colder. Psyche told Trixie, “Get inside, you’re going to get sick.”
“What about you?” Trixie asked worriedly.
Psyche grinned and gave a thumbs up. “I’m the Witch of Spirits, and I trained in Deep Minerva. I can resist the cold.” She snapped her fingers, and a ghostly wind swiftly whooshed Trixie inside.
As quickly as she could, Psyche launched into the air and joined Volt in fighting the Orange Wraith. “Hey Volt, need some help?” Psyche playfully asked, before hitting the Wraith with a soul spell.
“Thanks, Psyche,” Volt said. “ it just me, or is getting colder?”
“It’s getting colder, with all of the cold-powered witches...and maybe Mira,” Psyche replied. “Everyone’s going to get sick if we don’t end this soon.”
“You’re right,” Volt agreed, “but I’m worried. Doesn’t it seem like Doom is corralling everyone?” He shot a lightning bolt into the air, which sparked amongst the clouds and shot down onto Wraith all at once.
Psyche looked down, and she noticed that between Doom, the Wraiths, and the Trix, it was like they were trying to keep the fairies in a tight circle. “You’re right, Volt,” she agreed. “I don’t like the look of that.”
“Let’s take care of this Wraith, and then we’ll do what we do best,” Volt said. With a sly grin and added, “cause trouble.” Without another word, the two of them thrust their palms in the Wraith’s direction, firing off a ghostly flame mixed with lightning. The power struck the Wraith’s gem, and it gave a moan as it shrunk into its gem and reattached itself to Doom’s Wraithix.
Flying next to each other, Volt and Psyche shared a look and Volt asked, “Shall we?”
Psyche nodded, and the two of them grabbed hands. “Convergence! Luminous Comet!” A white aura surrounded the two of them, and they flew at top speed, quickly hitting all of their enemies and throwing them all off balance.
They regrouped with the others; they were still more corraled than Volt was comfortable with, but with four Wraiths down, things were starting to look up.
Doom, the Trix, and the remaining Wraiths floated in the air around the little group.
Even though she didn’t move, Doom’s expression was very telling. She had them all right where she wanted them.
Volt quickly patted his lapel. Luckily, the Luminous Charm was still pinned there, so Doom hadn’t managed to snatch it off when he and Psyche had hit her. There were still the Trix and the Wraiths in the air, and Volt wasn’t sure how accurately he could fire any power from the Jewels. He looked at Aisha, who nodded. Volt pulled the Charm off of his lapel and grew it to full size, holding it in both hands.
With the Luminous Jewels back out, the battle suddenly became a free-for-all. The Trix struck down at Volt all at once, with Volt barely able to dodge their hit. He flapped his wings as fast as he could, clutching the Luminous Charm tightly.
Before the Trix could reorient themselves, Psyche and Mira hit Darcy and Stormy from the side, knocking them into Icy.
Doom began flying after Volt, but Bloom and Stella struck her at the same time and knocked her away before she could get close. Icy’s Wraith slithered through the air towards Volt as he weaved around dodging magical attacks. All of a sudden, Volt was surrounded by images of Darcy.
“C’mon, Volt, we’re family,” Darcy taunted, her voice resonating from the multiple copies. “You can trust me with the jewels.” She held her hand out pleadingly, with eyes that did not match the sugar-sweet tone she was trying pass off.
Volt clenched his fists and threw his hands out, sending bolts of lightning in all directions, evaporating all of Darcy’s illusions and shocking Darcy herself. There was a moment where her eyes went wide with surprise, but otherwise she didn’t seem to be upset. “Impressive,” She admitted before Volt was able to fly off.
This time he ran into Stormy, who crossed her arms and grinned wickedly. “We haven’t gone one on one since Pixie Village, have we cuz?” She asked. Summoning lightning of her own, she said, “Don’t expect me to go easy on you.” She fired the magenta lightning bolts at Volt.
Holding the Luminous Charm in one hand, Volt outstretched his other. The lightning redirected around him and he fired it right back at her. Just like with what Volt had just done, Stormy redirected the lightning again. When it flew back at him, Volt didn’t try to control or redirect it. Instead, he closed his eyes and absorbed the power. Instead of blasting more lighting, Volt created a whip-like lightning bolt and flicked it at Stormy. It hit Stormy with a crack and a boom, and the force from it sent Stormy flying backwards.
Instead of waiting for someone else to come up and attack him, Volt flew towards Doom, summoning more power to the jewels, making them glow brighter and brighter. Soon, he was right in front of Doom, who turned to face him. Her face was surprised, and Volt said, “Goodbye, Doom. It hasn’t been a pleasure.” As he went to fire the energy stored in the jewels, a cold hand grabbed his wrists and proed his hands apart, taking the Luminous Charm straight from him.
Volt looked to see the Blue Wraith holding the Jewels in his hands. The Blue Wraith looked at Volt with his blank face and threw the Jewels at Doom like a frisbee. Doom caught it effortlessly, and everyone froze with shock. With a laugh, Doom said, “You are so naive... you think forcing the Wraiths into their gems will make them stay there?” She began laughing more and more, before looking at the Luminous charm with a smile of pure malice.
Silently, but still smiling, Doom snapped her fingers. All of her Wraiths detached from the Wraithix and flew at the Winx and Illuminates. Their gems grew larger and they didn’t form their bodies, but by pure force, they knocked the Winx and Illuminates in a group together. The Winx were on the ground, dazed and hurt, but the Illuminates managed to stand.
“Now...let’s get back home,” Doom said. She held her hand out towards the Winx Illuminates, and the Luminous charm began spinning like a pinwheel, faster and fast as the Jewels’ rainbow light grew brighter. The rain stopped, but the clouds still covered the sky. The Specialists and students started coming out as a beam of rainbow light shot from the Luminous Jewels.
In a split second, the Illuminates jumped to each others’ sides, and a white forcefield sprung up as the rainbow beam hit. The light became blinding, and everyone looked away, shielding their eyes. When they looked again, the Winx, the Illuminates, the Trix, and Doom were all gone.

When the light vanished, the Illuminates collapsed to their knees. “That was exhausting,” Psyche yawned. The Winx’ Fantasmix disappeared, and they got up to help the Illuminates stand.
“Where...where are we?” Bloom asked. It resembled the Alfea courtyard, except very, very different. The shape of the buildings was almost the same, but the designs of the pillars and the windows resembled something out of a halloween store. It looked like it was about to fall apart from age. Instead of pink, the buildings were a dark shade of red. Just like back in Alfea, the sky was covered in dark clouds, except these ones were nearly pitch-black.
“Omegea, the school for Witches here in Cursix,” Doom answered, with the Luminous Charm floating above her hand. “Welcome to the Cursed Dimension, I’d show you around, but you won’t be seeing much of it anyway.” She laughed wickedly,before shrinking the charm and pocketing it.
“Doom” Bloom shouted. “Give us back the Luminous Charm, or we’ll take it by force!” The other Winx took combative poses, ready to transform and fight Doom again.
Once again, Doom began laughing. Her laughter was quick, wild, and completely confident. “Oh, Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, don’t you understand? We’re not in the Magic Dimension anymore.” As Doom said this, five dark figures leapt from the roof of the school.
The five silhouettes flew through the air, before joining Doom. As they all descended, the Winx and Illuminates watched with dread as they all became more visible.
Each one of these witches resembled one of the Winx, despite some minor differences. Each one looked wicked, dangerous, and ready to attack. After all of they’d been through, they were finally looking at the Jinx. With a wicked grin, Doom finished, “You’re on our turf, now.”

Chapter Text

From the Trix’ expressions, they hadn’t seen the Jinx before, either; which was fair, considering this would have been their first time in the Cursed Dimension, and the only Jinx who’d been in the Magic Dimension was Doom. They looked back and forth from the Winx to the Jinx with confusion and a little distress. Quietly, Icy mumbled, “This is going to give me vertigo.”
The Winx weren’t better off in the slightest, staring at their dark doubles in frozen shock. Flora’s knees were shaking, and Tecna was holding her head like she was going to faint. Stella was staring with disbelief, Aisha’s eyes were narrowed aggressively, and Musa had her teeth and fists clenched. Doom looked like she was reveling in their discomfort.
“Well, even though you won’t get to know each other, might as well make with the introductions,” Doom said. “As you all know, I’m Doom, Witch of the Kraken’s Ink and Bloom’s opposite. Flora, your opposite here is Fauna, the Witch of the Wild. Stella, meet Kierra, the Witch of the Darkening Eclipse. Aisha, this is Nisha, the Witch of Dunes. Musa, here’s Shusha, the Witch of Silence. Last but not least, Tecna, we have Recma, the Witch of Destruction.” She gestured to each of the other Jinx, but they didn’t give any gesture of introduction.
It was very, very clear that these witches were connected to the Jinx. Fauna was nearly identical to Flora, with the same facial features, body, and hair length. However, her eyes were blood red with slit pupils, her smile was filled with razor-sharp fangs, and she had a tail, cat ears, and claws. She wore a short gray dress with a shredded hem, short sleeves, and cut-out shoulders underneath a black corset. She wore black fur cuffs on her wrists, and black fur moccasin boots with silver plating on the shins. Her hair had stripes of orange mixed in, and she had black marks under her eyes.
Kierra had a greater resemblance to Stella, except she was much paler with dark blue eyes, and long black pigtails that were blonde at the tips. Unlike Stella, her hair hung over her eyes. She wore a dark blue halter top strapped on her right shoulder, a dark blue, spiked studded belt over a long, open-front skirt. Underneath she wore blue shorts and knee-high boots with crescent moon cuts on the top, and blue fishnet stockings. On her forearms were orange gauntlets, and in her hair she wore an orange headband and blue hair ties. She had dark blue markings under her eyes.
Nisha looked a lot like Aisha, but had the slit pupils, claws and fangs. Her ears were fanneded, and her ears and the tips of her cas had gray, reptilian scales. Her hair was shorter than Aisha’s, styled in a curly bob with a small ponytail in the back. She wore a red shawl with her torso and her biceps covered in bandages. She had a dark red short skirt with a shredded helm. Around her waist was a red sash that hung to her knees, clipped with a small skull. She had dark red knee-high boots and torn, dark-red fingerless gloves.
Shusha had much lighter hair than Musa did, in two buns, and she had orange eyes. Her mouth was completely covered in a heavy, metallic mask, with cups covering her ears, held in place with green straps that wrapped around the back of her head. She wore a loose green stop with her right shoulder uncovered and her left arm was covered in a long, loose sleeve. She had a wraparound skirt that fell to her left side, with her legs exposed. On the hems of her shirt and skirt, as well as her collar and the cuff of her sleeve were a lighter green. Under these, she had a dark green skintight suit, with long sleeves that ended in fingerless gloves and shorts. Her boots were knee-high, and unlike more boots, widened at the top like a cone. She had green marks under her eyes.
Recma was paler, like Tecna, but her hair was bright green, she had purple eyes, and she had a wild, manic smile. She had black headphones that wrapped around the back of her ears with pointed antennae, connected by an arch that fell on the back of her neck. She had a turquoise high-neck tank top with fabric that hung in the front and back of her legs with a light orange stripe that ran down to her waist. Under that she had a dark teal, short-sleeve, tee-shirt with frayed sleeves and hem, and black leggings. She had black fingerless gloves with light orange bars, and dark teal, knee-high boots with light orange heels and toes which were frayed on the top.
After introducing each other Jinx, Doom gestured to the Winx. “And Ladies, we have our sugar-sweet sickening opposites, the Winx! Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame; Flora, the Fairy of Nature; Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun; Aisha, the Fairy of Waves; Musa, the Fairy of Music; and Tecna, the Fairy of Technology.” At the mention of their respective Winx’ names, each Jinx narrowed her eyes and glared. As if an afterthought, “Oh, and also here are the Illuminates; Volt, Fairy of Lightning; Mira, Warrior of Snow; and Psyche, Witch of Spirits. Anywho, Ladies, you know what to do.”
Immediately, each Jinx dove down and attacked her Winx, while each Winx transformed into their Fantasmix. Starting off, Kierra fired spells of pure shadow at Stella. “Shining Shield!” Stella shouted, creating a shining sun-shaped shield that barely withstood the force of Kierra’s attacks. Kierra growled and summoned more darkness, swinging her hands at Stella with the darkness in them. Stella countered with star-shaped light that only seemed to enrage Kierra more. As Kierra attacked her, Stella tried to find some common ground with her. “I-if you’re the Witch of the Eclipse, then you have the power of the sun and moon, like I do! I-it almost makes us the same!” She managed to stammer.
Kierra stopped attacking for a moment, and told Stella in a deep, raspy voice, “I find the moon less annoying when it blots out the sun. But you and your smile annoy me most of all.” She finished with an accusatory point at Stella, before blasting more darkness at her.
Despite not attacking directly right away, Shusha was quick and quiet, making it very hard to detect and attack her. Whenever Musa thought she had a handle on where Shusha was and blasted a soundwave, Shusha would vanish from that spot and move somewhere else. After several unsuccessful attacks, Musa growled in frustration and asked, “The Witch of Silence!? How does that even work!?”
Without a word, Shusha’s eyes went unnervingly wide and she thrust her hand towards Mmusa. A wave of silence hit Musa at once, so quiet so quickly that it even hurt her ears. Musa held her ears and tried to scream in pain, but no sound came out. When Shusha stopped, Musa looked up at her and said, “Ah. That makes sense.”
“Wow, I knew that my opposite would be weak but this is pathetic!” Nisha taunted, blasting waves of heat at Aisha. It was fairly dry already, and Nisha’s power seemed to make it even drier. Being a witch of the desert, that made sense. “You can’t even summon enough water to attack me properly!”
With a glare, Aisha flew up to face Nisha and began summoning her gummy pink Morphix. “I don’t need to summon water; I can shape the water molecules into whatever I need,” Aisha proudly retorted, shooting the growing Morphix blob at Nisha.
With a cackle, Nisha summoned a glowing blob that she formed into a sword. When the sword cooled, Aisha realized that Nisha was manipulating molten glass. She sliced through the Morphix with ease, before summoning more molten glass blobs. “Funny,” Nisha commented, “I can do the same thing with glass!” She shot the molten blobs at Aisha, who barely managed to scream and dodge.
Fauna was cackling madly and slashing at Flora, with wisps of wild magic spilling from her claws. Her movements were wild and unpredictable, but with a strange cat-like grace, much like an acrobat. “Lotus Blast!!” Flora shouted, firing the petal-filled energy at Fauna. The magic hit Fauna, and seemed to hurt her a bit, if only because of Fauna’s use of wild magic. “The power of nature will top you!” Flora declared.
There was a moment where Fauna looked confused, but it was quickly replaced with a strangely calm and cocky grin. “The ‘power of nature’?” She taunted. “What do you think I am? Nature is about strength, power, survival of the fittest; not just pretty flowers!” As she talked, Fauna’s face began changing. Her features were morphing as if being molded by an unseen force. Flora watched in horror as Fauna took on the form of a large, wild cat. One covered in dark purple fur and green acid dripping from its fangs. When she was done, she opened her much larger, but still blood-red eyes, “It will be fun hunting you down.” She leapt into the air and began flying at Flora, her mouth gaping wide.
All Tecna could do was shield herself from Recma’s fierce, relentless attacks. Recma used powerful green lightning that shattered every shield that Tecna was able to summon. Recma would throw in an occasional curveball with green fire, or a gust of wind. She seemed to have all of the elements in her command, but they all had the same effect on Tecna’s magic--it shattered and destroyed every bit of energy Tecna summoned. “You’re illogical! Just destruction without any counterbalance will leave nothing!” Tecna shouted. She summoned some power and fired it at Recma.
Even though the energy hit Recma, it didn’t seem to affect her much. Instead Recma just unleashed a wild, deranged laugh. She was laughing so hard that she threw herself backwards and completely flipped through the air. “‘Illogical’!?” She screamed with laughter. “I don’t act on ‘logic’ you dumb fairy! Destruction is instinctual, natural, and most of all…” In a flash, Recma was right next to Tecna. In a lower voice, she said, “It’s inevitable.” She summoned her green lightning again and blasted Tecna back with full force. With more wild laughter, Recma shouted, “I’m just speeding the process along!”
The Illuminates were still weak, so it was a good thing none of the Jinx were focusing on them, instead directing their energy at the Winx. However, Doom did give the Illuminates a smirk and said, “You know, I really should thank the three of you. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”
“Don’t listen to her!” Bloom shouted. She fired flames at Doom, but Doom just laughed it off and hit them away with her own magic. Unlike the other Winx and Jinx, these two weren’t as talkative; after dealing with each other much, much longer than the others had, they didn’t have much else to say to each other.
“Oh Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, you know you can’t protect them forever,” Doom teased, flying effortlessly out of Bloom’s attack range. However, Bloom flew as quickly as she could after Doom. Watching them called to mind the holographic Dragon and Kraken that Faragonda had made. Bloom flew straightforward like a dragon; Doom swayed and weaved like a squid,
It was disturbingly mesmerizing, watching them fight. Powerful opposing forces, the cores of their very dimensions. Along with ethereal beauty, there was a cosmic horror that pulsated through all three Illuminates every time they clashed. It felt like the power inside of Volt was trying to bust out, but not just from his emotions.
“It’s like they’re making the Illumination happen again,” Mira commented in horror and awe, as all three Illuminates stood up.
“Is that bad? Psyche asked. For the first time since they were kids, she sounded nervous and unsure.
Mira said, “It’s not good: the original clashes between the Kraken and the Dragon are what made the two seperate universes in the first place! And you know the effect that the Illumination has on magic.” While Mira was always grim, her voice felt morbid.
“So it’s bad,” Volt concluded.
Suddenly, a voice whispered, And it’s all your fault.
Volt spun around and looked, but there wasn’t anything behind him. The same voice whispered, If it wasn’t for you, then the Winx wouldn’t be here. Volt looked around again, electricity sparking in his hands. This time, there was a black shadow swirling in the air when he looked.
“Wh-what?” Volt asked, looking into the abysmal darkness. It seemed to be reaching out to him, trying to pull him in. He turned to face the shadow, transforming into his Enchantix. His lightning began sparking more uncontrollably.
“Volt, what’s going on?” Mira asked, jumping back from the electricity.
Even though Volt wanted to tell her what he was seeing, his voice was caught in his throat. You weren’t strong enough to protect yourself. You weren’t strong enough to protect your friends, as Volt watched, a grayish-white version of Volt stepped from the darkness with glowing red eyes. In the same chilling voice, he said, “And now, you’ve put them all in danger.”
There was a cold feeling in Volt’s chest, like a stone. He fell to his knees and his eyes began watering. “Volt, are you okay? What’s wrong?” Psyche asked, kneeling down and putting her hand on his shoulder.
Shadow Volt walked up to Volt and kneeled down, whispering, “You don’t deserve to be called the Fairy of Lightning. No matter how much power you have, your heart will always be too weak. And your weak heart will never be able to protect anything.” Shadow Volt chuckled before saying, “Thought it’s not like you even tried.”
The cold painful look grew until Volt felt like his chest was going to burst. All of the Winx, Jinx, and Trix all looked at the shining white light coming from Volt’s direction. With a wicked grin, Doom said, “Just in time.”
Mira and Psyche watched in horror as a black shadow began wrapping around Volt’s body. He looked up at them, his face scrunched and tears streaming down his cheeks. “VOLT!!” Both girls screamed.
All of Winx stopped their fighting against the Jinx and flew towards the Illuminates, each of them shouting, “Volt!!” However, as soon as they got close, Volt’s body evaporated into shadow, leaving a glowing white jewel. Unlike the other Wraithix gems, this one was shaped like a butterfly with lightning-shaped wings and antennae. “VOLT!!” All of the girls screamed, flying to the jewel at once. However, it began flapping its wings and shot to Doom in a bolt of lightning.
Doom held up her wrist and admired the white jewel. “Ah, finally. This boy has such powerful emotions, I’ve been waiting to harness them.” She began laughing madly again.
“GIVE US OUR BROTHER BACK!!” Mira and Psyche screamed, flying at Doom as quickly as they could. However, Doom only laughed and swiped her hand, hitting them back with purple-black lightning.
The Winx gasped, and Aisha and Musa caught the sisters before they hit the ground. Both Mira and Psyche had been knocked unconscious, but tears still streamed down their face. After putting the two girls gently on the ground, all of the Winx glared up at the Jinx, who were looking down with smirks. At once, the Winx shouted, “FANTASMIX CONVERGENCE!”
All six Winx summoned their Fantasmix spells, each one taking the form of her Fantasmix stone. They fired the beams into the air, where they combined into a glowing, bright power. “LIGHT OF FANTASMIX!” They fired the power at Doom.
The power hit, but just as quickly it dispersed, revealing the Jinx, all unharmed. A transparent shield flickered away.
“Fantasmix counters Wraithix, Winx!” Doom taunted. “But not when five of us don’t have Wraithix!” She didn’t keep laughing, but her wicked grin didn’t fade. “Ladies, it’s time to finish this.” All of the Winx summoned their magic. “Power Absorption!” They shouted.
They fired the magic at the Winx; right before they hit, large stones jutted up from the ground and blocked the attack. Dust blew through the air, but when it cleared, three fairies were standing protectively in front of the Winx. In a disturbingly familiar voice, one in a red winx said, “Let’s go. Lumi!!”
“On it!!” A fairy in a yellow winx summoned a colorful light, before spinning on her heel and throwing it at the Winx in a wave. They didn’t get a good look at her face before they vanished.
When the light faded, the Winx, Psyche, Mira and the three other fairies were gone. Doom glared at where they’d been. “The Chix...of course,” she growled, before calming herself down. “No matter...they don’t have anywhere to go…” she mused, looking at her white jewel.

When the light faded, the Winx’ Fantasmix disappeared, and they looked around. “Oh thank goodness we made it in time!!” the same voice said. “Y’all have a lot of guts facing the Jinx like that!” The Winx looked and gasped in alarm; the Trix were standing across the room. Well, not necessarily the Trix, but three girls who looked just like them. “I’m Bernie, and these are my friends Lumi and Rockie. We’re the Chix!”
Bernie was clearly Icy’s opposite. She had tanner skin than her Trix counterpart, and her hair was jet-black. She had bright orange eyes, and her winx was a short, red , collared dress with flame-shaped wings. “I’m the Fairy of Fire!”
Lumi was Darcy’s opposite. She had long, platinum-blond hair and golden eyes. Her Winx was was a bright yellow halter top, with loose sleeves, and a yellow skirt with a transparent outer skirt. Her wings were shaped like light beams. “I’m the Fairy of Holograms!”
Rockie was Stormy’s opposite. She had curly brown hair, and bright green eyes, and her face was covered in freckles. Her Winx was a dark brown tanktop and cargo shorts, like a mountain climber. “I’m the Fairy of Stones!”
The Winx were quiet for a moment, but Bloom stepped forward. “I’m Bloo, the Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame. These are my friends: Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun; Flora, the Fairy of Nature; Aisha, the Fairy of Waves; Musa, the Fairy of Music; and Tecna, the Fairy of Technology.” Looking down at the sisters, she added, “These two are Psyche, the Witch of Spirits, and Mira, the Warrior of Snow. The two of them are sisters of a student of ours.”
“The Dragon’s Flame?” Bernie asked. She gasped and slammed her fist into her palm. “I knew It!” She shouted, making everyone, even the other Chix, jump in surprise. “Why else would Doom disappear for six months? Where else would she disappear to? She went to the opposite dimension and brought the Jinx’ opposites here!” She flung her hand out towards the Winx, and Aisha flinched and took a fighting stance.
The Chix all looked at her with varying disdain, and Aisha embarrassedly admitted, “Sorry, you three just look like enemies of ours.”
Rockie and Lumi looked annoyed, but Bernie nonchalantly commented, “We look like enemies of yours, you look like enemies of ours. Let’s just move past this and deal with the fact that all of our enemies are gathered at the school for witches.” After a moment, she asked, “You said they’re sisters of your student? Where is your student, then?”
Bloom sighed. “Doom turned him into a Wraith. We didn’t see him fully form his Wraith body, but we have to assume he’s a White Wraith based on his jewel.”
“Was that the bright light we saw?” Lumi asked. “We thought it was a signal flare. Was that student of yours an Illuminate?”
“Yes,” Bloom said.
“You know what Illuminates are?” Stella asked in surprise.
Sarcastically, Rockie replied, “You don’t just have them on your side, you know. The Illumination is the collision of two dimensions, not just one.” She levitated to small rocks and flung them together.
“Right, right, sorry,” Stella chuckled.
Tecna said, “Anyway, Bernie, what were you saying?”
Bernie continued, “It’s likely that when she turned him into a Wraith, his Illumination light affected his Wraith form. Since it was so bright, I think he might have been turned into a Wraith of light instead of the usual Wraith of shadow.”
“Considering that Volt is the Fairy of Lightning, that can’t mean anything good,” Tecna said thoughtfully.
Flora sadly said, “I was hoping our Fantasmix powers could help Volt, like they did with Mira and Trixie.”
“I thought that Fantasmix would’ve at least been strong enough to face the Jinx one-on-one!” Aisha added. “But even our most powerful spells were like nothing to them!” She pouted and crossed her arms.
Mira and Psyche, both still unconscious, began stirring. At the same time, Bloom’s stomach growled. Smiling kindly, Bernie said, “Let’s wake up these girls and get some food. I’m sure you need to get your strength back.”

After the Winx disappeared, Doom groaned. “Sad…I was hoping to play with my new toy.” She looked at her Wraithix again and sighed, before all of the Jinx floated down to the ground. In a second, they were all in civilian clothes. Doom wore an indigo cocktail dress and a purple jacket with an ink-drop pin on the lapel and gray boots. Her Wraithix didn’t change, though. Fauna wore a black cocktail dress with a snow-leopard jacket, with golden claws on her fingers, and black boots with gray claws. Kierra wore her hair down, with a dark blue hoodie, light blue sweats, sneakers and an orange beanie. She also had dark circles under her eyes. Shusha still had her mask, but she wore a green hanfu. Nisha had a red sports bra, red shorts and dark red leggings with green sneakers. Recma had a teal shirt with open shoulder, with a frayed collar and hem and a green lightning bolt on the front, She had blue fingerless gloves, blue jeans, turquoise boots, and the black straps of her bra were visible. Without their witch markings, their resemblance to the Winx was clear. Aside from the cruel expressions, it kind of looked like the Winx wearing costumes.
“Doom!” Icy exclaimed. “We need to talk!”
For a moment, Doom looked genuinely surprised. “Maybe later, babes,” she nonchalantly, before stretching. “I haven’t been home in forever, and my bed and I have some catching up to do!” She yawned as she walked calmly inside the school, leaving the Trix with the remaining Jinx.
“You don’t wear that all the time, do you?” Nisha asked, looking the Trix up and down. "I mean honestly, the six of us run an entire dimension and we don't stay in our witch robes!"
Nisha’s expression was so intense, the Trix immediately froze with shock and transformed back into their civilian clothes. This time, all of the Jinx (even Doom, who’d stopped when she’d heard Nisha criticize the Trix) looked at them. “It’s better…” Nisha admitted, before giving a half-shrug and adding, “but that’s not saying much.”
Just as Stormy was about to go off on Nisha, Doom called, “Nisha, sweetheart, could you have the Normalists stoke out Skyspire? We need to keep an eye out for our guests.”
“Okay!” Nisha called back. Icy kept her eyes on Doom as she finally headed inside. However, she took a breath and let it go; Doom wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was Volt.
Nisha and the other Jinx left, walking in different directions and leaving the Trix by themselves in the courtyard. “Well...isn’t this fun…” Darcy said, crossing her arms and looking around. “So this is the Cursed Dimension…”
Stormy’s stomach growled, and she said, “Well, we’re here now, so let’s find the cafeteria.” The Trix walked inside, as a feminine, inky-black figure flew into the air from the building.
In the Headmistress’ office, Nisha sat at Doom’s desk and pulled out a small crystal stand. She placed it in front of her on the desk and waved her hand above it. The crystal began glowing, and a holographic screen appeared above it. The screen flickered for a bit, before the image of a young man appeared. “Lady Nisha,” the young man said with a small bow.
“Now, now, Rex, what did I say about being so formal?” Nisha playfully teased. “You can just call me Nisha.”
“Of course, Lady Nisha,” Rex replied, not dropping his formal tone. “How can we assist you?” he asked.
“Doom needs you to scout out Skyspire. There are some fairies there that we need to keep an eye on,” Nisha explained.
Rex’ eyes went wide with surprise. “Doom is back?” he asked with disbelief.
“Yes; she just arrived,” Nisha said. “And she brought the Winx with her. The Chix intervened at the last moment and brought them to Skyspire. We just need you boys to let us know when they leave.”
“Of course,” Rex said. “We’ll deploy immediately.”
“Good boys,” Nisha said, before deactivating the crystal and staring out the window. She saw Doom’s astral projection form fly off, doing who-knew-what elsewhere. With a grin, she commented, “Took you long enough, Doom.”

After a fulfilling lunch, the Winx and the sisters had enough energy to move around easily. However, both sisters were deeply depressed because of what happened to Volt. They ate a fair amount, but didn’t look like they were enjoying their meal. Between looking at each other, the table, and the occasional glance at Bernie, they weren’t very responsive to their surroundings.
“Your little friends don’t seem to be doing so hot,” Lumi said.
Stella shook her head. “I’m not surprised. Both of them had fallen under the effects of the Wraithix, but Volt...he’s just gone…”
Flora sat down next to Psyche, who turned to her and quietly cried. Mira looked like she was trying to be strong, but was moments from tears herself. "We have to get Volt back," Bloom said, determinedly, "if nothing else."
"We can't face the Jinx with our Fantasmix powers," Tecna argued. "As useful as they've been against Doom's Wraithix, we have to face the fact that the Jinx' raw power outmatches ours right now.”
After a moment of silence, Flora asked, “Didn’t Volt say something about the Luminous Jewels, a while back? That when we found all seven of them, we’d unlock a new power?” She was inquisitive, not sure if she remembered correctly.
“He did, but we don’t know what that power is supposed to be,” Aisha confirmed. “It didn’t appear when we collected all of them. Unless that power is the one that Doom used that brought us all here.” She leaned against the wall, crossing her arms in frustration.
“I don’t think that’s it,” Flora said. “That’s the Jewels’ power. We knew this. The power Volt was talking about sounded like a power specifically for us. Tied to the Jewels, but something else.”
Mira looked up. “I read about an effect of the Illumination on fairy magic before. If a fairy harbors the light of the Illumination inside of herself, she can unlock amazing power through discovering her greatest strength.”
“Right! Illumix!” Psyche gasped, snapping her fingers. “It’s a theoretical power that the researchers of the Illumination speculated.” She stood up and said, “I think it said that the fairy in question would be able to cast a spell to use the maximum amount of power she has, as well as travel between the two dimensions."
"Well, that sounds useful, but what are the strengths that you’re talking about?” Aisha asked.
“I think it’s tied into how you found your Luminous Jewels,” Psyche explained. “Think about it. How did you find each one? They didn’t all appear at random.”
“I think Doom was manipulating the situations, of course,” Mira said, “but the Jewels were released from your own strength. I think that without realizing it, you’ve halfway earned Illumix already.” She crossed her arms thoughtfully. “Maybe if we can get through to Volt, his Illumix might break him out of being a Wraith.”
The Winx each thought about how they’d earned the Luminous Jewels. “Well, mine appeared because I led the Trix’ Wraiths out of Pixie Village by attacking them.” After a moment, she said, “Maybe courage? But we’re all pretty brave.” She said. “No, yeah, bravery.” Surprisingly, she flashed with green light.
Stella added, “I think mine was from encouraging Volt, and cheering up Trixie to break her out of her Wraithix. Maybe optimism? I think I’m pretty positive!” Like with Aisha, she flashed with orange light.
One by one, the Winx listed off what their strengths were, each of them flashing with the same kind of light as Aisha and Stella. Compassion for Flora, wisdom for Tecna, independence for Musa, and love for Bloom. “I feel so powerful,” Musa said.
“Do you think we can transform into Illumix?” Bloom asked.
“Well, let’s find out,” Mira said.
The Winx all looked at each other and shouted, “Magic Winx! Illumix!” Light began shining through the entire room as the Winx transformed.

After her nap, Doom got out of bed and walked to her office. Being headmistress on top of ruling the entire Cursed Dimension was tough, but it was nice to finally be able be in her familiar territory. When she walked in, the crystal on her desk was glowing. She waved her hand over it, and the image of one of the Normalists popped up. “Clyde,” she said formally. “How’s it going?”
“The Winx are on their way to your location,” Clyde said. “ have new wings.”
“New wings?” Doom asked confusedly. “They have a new transformation? What is it?”
“I don’t know what it’s called,” Clyde said. “But it definitely looks more powerful than that lacey one that they had earlier. Anyway, they’re on their way and I think they’re almost there.” He disconnected immediately.
Doom growled with irritation. “Well, thanks for nothing, Clyde,” she said. Snapping her fingers, she creamed the smoky, inky screen and the image of the other Jinx and the Trix appeared. “Ladies, we have a problem. The Winx are heading back with a new power, and Clyde didn’t think to tell me until just now. Everyone to the courtyard, now.” She waved the screen away, transformed into her witch robes and headed outside.
All of the Jinx and Trix convened in the courtyard, all of them in their robes and ready to fight. “We have to be ready for when the Winx arrive,” Doom said. The other Jinx nodded.
“Oh Doom!” Bloom’s sing-song voice rang from above the Jinx, and they turned to see the Winx, the Chix, as well as Mira and Psyche. “We’re already here.” All of the Winx waved, to the shock of the Jinx.
“So, you do have a new power,” Doom confirmed grimly. “You surprise me, Bloom.”
“It’s called Illumix,” Bloom said confidently, “and we’re going to use it to get the Luminous Jewels, and Volt.” Bloom’s bangs were braided out of he hair with a ribbon, and she had a tiara. She wore an elegant gown with an open-front skirt, a teal bodice, and light blue sleeves. On her hands were fingerless gloves, and teal boots. She had teal shorts, and a transparent short skirt over her longer skirt. Her wings were large and shaped light dragon wings.
Musa had a short red hanfu with one short sleeve and one long. She had a light blue belt on her wrist. She had a back ribbon on her right arm. She had black shoulder straps and black shorts, with red boots tied with black ribbons. She had large blue headphones. Her wings were formed in a perfect “x” with a large music notes
Tecna had a headset with a green visor. She had a purple bodice with light purple sleeves. She had a silver belt with a triangle jewel, over the openings of her jacket. She had light purple pants, dark purple boots with green arrows. She had technological gadgets on her wrists. Her wings had a techno-grid pattern.
Aisha resembled a mermaid, with her hair tied up up with a pearl. She wore a green, seaweed-like wrap with strings of pearls. She had an open skirt with long seaweed fabrics. She wore dark green shorts and boots. Her wings resembled fishy fins
Stella’s hair was up in pigtails, and she wore a blue tiara. SHe wore a wrap top with a gold, sun-shaped pin, orange shorts under a long, yellow transparent skirt. She wore orange boots and light blue fingerless gloves.
Flora had her hair tied up in a high ponytail, held in place with flower. She had an elegant, flowery gown with dark pink sleeves and chest, a long pink open-front skirt with a white underskirt. Her sleeves opened like flowers, and she had pink, flowery boots. Her wings were shaped like large flower petals.
“Illumix, huh?” Doom asked. “No matter. We still have you outnumbered.” She went to snap her fingers, when a bolt of fire shot out and hit her hand. Doom shrieked from the burn and shook off the pain, glaring up at Bloom. “Very well, if that’s how you want to play. Ladies, let's finish greeting our guests." She snapped her fingers again, and the Volt's jewel on the Wraithix floated off. Unlike the others it fluttered its wings like an actual butterfly, before the White Wraith formed his body.
He was much, much different than the other Wraiths. For starters, he was made out of pure electricity, with electric blue skin and white eyes and hair. He was wearing an unfamiliar outfit, and his wings sparked with lightning. He glowed with a dangerous light, and looked ready to fight. The only thing he had in common with the other Wraiths was his lack of a mouth. "White, darling, acquire your sisters for me," Doom said calmly. In a flash of lightning, Volt flew up to his sisters and knocked Mira out of the sky, before hitting Psyche with a bolt of lightning.
"Mira! Psyche!" The Winx shouted. Luckily, the two sisters managed to right themselves in the air, and faced off against the Wraith of their brother. It was an intense fight; Mira and Psyche were fast, but the Wraith was as quick as lightning and just as strong. It took a great deal of their power to just keep him from electrocuting them.
The Winx and the Jinx flew at each other, each girl striking her opposite with full force. Kierra blasted a three-dimensional shadow at Stella, taking the form of a horrifying hand with eight fingers circling the palm. Stella created two rings of light around her fists that spun like buzzsaws and sliced through the shadows. The shadows still warped and wrapped around Stella as Kierra flew closer. Now that Kierra and Stella were on fairly even footing, the battle between their light and darkness was more intense than ever.
Nisha was summoning large blobs of her molten glass in large, shapeless masses. They swirled around her like a ring of liquid fire. Thrusting her hand towards Aisha, Nisha fired all of the molten glass at Aisha at once. Aisha, unfazed, created a rubbery Morphix shield. The glass cooled and hardened into a large lump; Aisha used the elasticity of her Morphix to fire the lump back at Nisha. With a shocked, disgusted look, Nisha held out her hand again and shattered the lump effortlessly. As she was about to fire again, Aisha shot out her Morphix, completely encasing Nisha in a spherical cocoon. Spots began glowing and bubbling, and soon it became a swirling mix of Morphix and glass.
Fauna began her assault of wild magic, immediately shapeshifting into the venomous cat from before. As she lunged at Flora, Flora waved both hands in front of herself and disappeared in a flurry of petals. In surprise, Fauna roared and shifted midair, becoming a monkey with wildly long arms and wicked claws. Just as suddenly as Flora had disappeared, plant tendrils shot out and completely entangled Fauna. Fauna screamed with an animalistic madness and tore the vines to shreds. Fauna snarled at Flora as her warped magic began squirming in her hands. She placed her hand on one of the tendrils, which warped into a cyclopic plant monster with razor-sharp teeth. It shot at Flora with a hiss, and Flora had to summon a giant rose to counter it.
Recma was wildly flinging green lightning at Tecna, laughing maniacally. Tecna had a light blue, solid energy shield that withstood all of Recma’s attacks. After an onslaught of wild, destructive lightning, Tecna fired a bolt of her own energy, which wrapped Recma in an energy net. Recma immediately struggled against the net, but it took her a solid minute to escape. She began flinging more rocks at Tecna, but Tecna just redirected them back at her.
Shusha relied on her teleportation abilities immediately, but Musa could hear the displacement of the wind where she appeared. Musa immediately blasted a soundwave in Shusha’s direction. Shusha looked surprised, but cut off the sonic attack with a wave of silence. Shusha summoned her dark silence powers to combat against Musa, sending blasts of silence at Musa. Musa countered with blasts of music. The music and silence collided, making a bizarre balance between sound and silence.
Doom and Bloom collided with deadly force, the Dragon’s Flame and Kraken’s Ink exploding against each other with blasts of the Illumination’s light that blew them back. However, neither girl seemed bothered by the energy blasts and would immediately attack each other again. Doom thrust her hands out and blasted her tendril-like dark magic while Bloom shot a dragon-shaped flame back.
“Volt! Please wake up!” Psyche pleaded, summoning a shield of spiritual energy to deflect the White Wraith’s powerful lightning.
Mira flew up behind the White Wraith and summoned a glowing red windy light. “Healing Wind!” Mira commanded. She blew the magic at Volt, and the red wind blew around the White Wraith in a small whirlwind. However with an electric hiss, the White Wraith blasted the wind away.
While his expression was blank, the White Wraith’s lightning grew wilder and more uncontrollable as he grew more distressed. As the two sisters called out to Volt, the White Wraith held the sides of his head and fell to his knees as his lightning arched out from all over his body. The girls had to stand back as the White Wraith and his lightning grew brighter and more intense.

Volt was floating in a cold, dark space. There was almost nothing around him, aside from a few other souls aimlessly floating around. Where am I? Volt asked. How did I get here? He thought about it, but his memories were hazy and vague. His name was Volt...or was it Bolt? He had three, no two, sisters named...Tina and...Mikey? He was the Pixie...Sprite...Spirit...of Lightning? Wind? Tornadoes?
Why am I here? Volt asked himself.
“Because it’s all your fault,” a quiet voice hissed. Volt turned to see a shadowy version of himself floating by his side with a wicked grin.
“What’s my fault?” Volt...Bolt...Jolt...asked with confusion. “What did I do?” His voice sounded weird, like he was in some sort of dream. “I don’t remember…”
Shadow Volt gave a hiss-like laugh and vanished without explaining anything. “It’s all my fault…” Suddenly, Volt’s head surged with memories, making his head spin. “It’s all my fault it’s all my fault it’s all my fault it’s all my fault,” Volt began repeating, holding the sides of his head in his panic.
“Volt! It’s not your fault!” A faint voice shouted. Volt looked up a growing light above his head. It was an image of his two (he knew it was two) sisters.
“Mira! Psyche!” Volt shouted. However, the sisters couldn’t hear him; his voice seemed limited to the empty space he was in. He saw glowing white arms blasting lightning and striking his sisters; he assumed this was his wraith body fighting his sisters. Stop it. He thought. Despite being trapped in this void, there was a twinge in his arm and the white arm hesitated.
Psyche and Mira definitely noticed, because Psyche gasped. “Mira, did you see that?” She looked at Mira and said, “For a second, I felt a flash of Volt’s soul! I saw his arm twitch.”
Yes! Yes! Volt thought.
Mira shouted, “Volt! Please, none of this is your fault. You’re kind and selfless, and the only reason you’re suffering is because you care so much!” Her voice was caring and distressed, but Volt could tell she was telling the truth, not just trying to make him feel better.
“You put everyone before you,” Psyche continued. "You always try to make everyone happy. Please, Volt, come back to us!"
Volt began floating towards the light, trying to reach his sisters, when suddenly a cold, vice-like grip grabbed him and began pulling him back. "Where do you think you're going?" Shadow Volt hissed as he tried to drag Volt into the darkness.
"I'm going to my sisters!" Volt defiantly retorted, fighting against the creature. "They need me!!"
"The only reason they need you is because you brought them into this mess in the first place!" Shadow Volt hissed.
"No! Mira, Psyche, and I have been through everything together. We're there for each other and it's not my fault nor their's!" Volt began pushing more towards the light, as his senses slowly began to return to him.
"They're better off without an unstable electric neurotic like you," Shadow Volt hissed.
His words stung Volt's chest. It was true. His powers were unstable, and he was anxious nearly all the time, but surely...surely there as something…
"Volt! Don't give up!" He heard Stella's voice shout. "I had such a wonderful time making that dress for you, and your hope inspires me to this day!"
"You are so wonderfully kind, even giving Zing a chance even though he terrified you!" Flora added. "I've never seen such a caring person before!"
Aisha added, "You're so much stronger than you realize, and you've always been humble!"
"You never let anyone tell you who to be!" Musa called. "No matter what you always stay true to yourself!"
"You learn from your mistakes! You're eager to learn new things and you always listen when others know more," Tecna added. "You give helpful advice and tutor your classmates."
"We all love you, Volt! You're never at fault for being the hopeful, kind, brave, independent, wise, and loving person you are! You gave us so much, and we will never be able to thank you enough!" Bloom shouted. All of a sudden, glowing screens popped up all around Volt.
Memories. Happy memories that the Winx had spending time with him. Volt and Aisha in Pixie Village. Volt and Stella at the dance. Volt and Tecna on Zenith. Volt and Musa at the concert. Volt and Bloom on Minerva, and so many more. Memories of his classmates, his friends, his family. So many moments that he hadn't realized were so important to those around him. The small things he always did to make others around him feel better.
A warm, happy feeling grew in Volt's chest, and his soul began glowing with a white light. Shadow Volt shouted, "No! Impossible!" As the light grew brighter.
"Eh, that's kind of what we do," Volt said, as he exploded with light.

As Mira, Psyche, and the Winx all called out to Volt, lightning streamed from the White Wraith's eyes like streaming tears. The Wraith's movements became wild and erratic, like he was fighting for control of himself.
Electricity began wrapping around the White Wraith like a spiderweb, until it completely encased him. Soon, it morphed into a glowing white silhouette. Blue fractures appeared across as everyone froze and watched.
With a blast of light and energy, Volt burst out of his light cocoon. However, he had changed, like a butterfly. This new form resembled his original Winx, but looked far more powerful. His wings were shaped like large lightning-like butterfly wings. He wore a blue princely jacket with a sash and his Luminous Jewel pinned on the chest, with shoulder tassels, and lightning bolts on the cuffs. His jacket had a tail in the back, and buttons in the front. He had black pants and gray boots. His eyes were closed, and his expression was serene.
"Is that…?" Flora asked.
"Illumix!!" Bloom gasped excitedly.
Immediately, Volt's eyes opened, sparking with electricity while his irises glowed like neon lights.
Doom watched with mixed awe, disgust, and terror. She still had the Luminous Charm, which oddly enough also had Volt's jewel. Silently, Doom threw her hand at Volt, and her inky tendrils shot out to him.
Volt turned to face them, and the static electricity was enough to repel them, ever so slightly. "Lightning Volt," Volt said. In a flash, his entire body turned to lightning, and he shot over to Doom, snagged the Luminos Charm, and joined his sisters midair.
Psyche and Mira both gave Volt small grins and determined nods as he made the Luminous Charm vanish again. With a snarl, Doom shouted, "GET HIM!!"
All nine witches flew at Volt at once, and he went back-to-back with his sisters. Each of them held up their hands and shouted, "Illuminate Convergence! Shadow Dissipation!!"
All three of them shot beams of white into the air, which combined into a growing sphere of white energy. The energy pulsed outwards, hitting each of the witches. All nine immediately dropped to the ground in their civilian clothes. As she weakly looked up after hitting the ground, Doom's eyes were filled with pure malice.
"This won't last long," Volt said. "We need to leave ASAP."
"Just a second," Bloom said. She flew up to the Chix and told them, "thank you for your help. I don't know if we'd still be around if it hadn't been for you." In her heart, she made a wish. Her Fantasmix stone appeared on her chest, and from it three lights appeared. Three new Fantasmix stones flew to the Chix, and she said, "the power of Fantasmix is a good counter for Wraithix, as well as spreading joy and love," she explained.
"Thank you," Bernie said. "I hope that we can meet again sometime...under different circumstances, of course."
Bloom smiled. "I hope so, too." She soon rejoined the Winx and Illuminates. "So how do we get home?"
"We can use our Illumix to go back to the Magic Dimension, and I'll use the Luminous Charm to take Mira and Psyche home," Volt said. "But we need to act fast, because I think our angry witch friends will break out of that spell soon."
The Winx all nodded, closed their eyes, and one by one vanished into thin air. Volt, Mira, and Psyche each put their hands on the Luminous Charm, and vanished in a flash of light.
"NO!!" Nisha bellowed. "How did they get away!?"
With a sigh, Doom stood up. Her face was calm, but malicious as ever. "Now, now, Nisha. We just have to steal the charm back." With a wicked grin, she said, "Things just got a lot more interesting."

The Winx and Illuminates appeared in the air above Alfea, and slowly floated down. The courtyard was filled with students from all three schools, all watching in awe as they touched the ground.
Immediately, Trixie, Angelo, and Orbo ran up to the Illuminates, each giving their respective partner a big hug and a kiss. The Illuminates' other friends swarmed them with hugs, and the fairies were fawning over Volt's and the Winx' new forms. Soon, the crowd parted as Faragonda approached. "Do you have the Luminous Jewels?" She asked.
Volt nodded and showed her, before vanishing them again. Faragonda nodded and said, "Why don't the nine of you get some rest? I have the feeling that this wasn't the last we've seen of Doom."
The crowd dispersed, with the Illuminates saying goodbye to each other before splitting off. Volt also hugged and kissed Orbo goodbye before he joined Mira and the twins. When everyone was gone, Volt yawned and his Illumix disappeared.
"I'm gonna nap for a week…" he muttered.
Ella said, "Ooh, let's make a fort from the couch cushions!!"
With excited laughs, the other fairies ran with Volt to their dorm, leaving the Winx smiling behind them. They didn't know when Doom would attack again, but for this moment, everything was fine.

Chapter Text

“It was freaky, Miss Faragonda,” Stella said. “These girls looked, no joke, exactly like us. much as Doom looks like Bloom.” Everyone in Faragonda’s office turned to look at Doom, as if imagining her with the indigo hair and purple eyes.
“What did you say these girls’ names were?” Faragonda asked.
“Nisha, the Witch of Dunes, Fauna, the Witch of the Wild, Kierra, the Witch of the Darkening Eclipse, Recma, the Witch of Destruction, and Shusha, the Witch of Silence,” Tecna listed. “They were...tailor-made to oppose us. They had no reservations about destroying us.”
Standing up and looking out the window, Faragonda sighed. “While I can’t help but worry about these Jinx girls, as long as we hold onto the Luminous Charm, we should be safe.”
“Honestly, Doom might be the least frightening Jinx,” Musa said. “Compared to the others, she seems the most sane...though that’s not saying much. She turned Volt into a Wraith!” Luckily neither Volt nor his sisters were there.
Faragonda looked back. “I feel bad for the poor boy. Was he terribly upset by the ordeal?”
“I’m not sure. He seems...livelier,” AIsha commented. “Less timid. He’s always been brave, but it’s nice to see him acting more confidently.”
“Well, that’s good to hear. Is he excited to see his parents?” Faragonda asked.
“If he is, he hasn’t said so,” Tecna said. “I think that he mentioned visiting Orbo at Red Fountain.”
“Did he forget that today’s Family Visit Day?” Faragonda asked.
The Winx all shrugged, and Faragonda sighed. “Well, let us hope that Doom nor her comrades see fit to attack today.”
“Yeah, about that. Our Fantasmix power isn’t super effective against the Jinx, but I don’t know how well our Illumix power will work against the Wraiths,” Bloom said. “Volt, Mira, and Psyche are immune to the Wraithix Shadow spell, but they aren’t immune to the Wraith’s direct powers. Psyche was overtaken by a Wraithix, Mira was possessed, and Volt was turned into a Wraith.”
“Not to mention that their magic is fully from the Illumination, while our Illumix powers only have part of that power,” Flora added.
As they all sat there worriedly, a rainbow light appeared above Faragonda’s desk. In a flash of light the Luminous Charm appeared, floating parallel to the desk surface. Lights began beaming upwards, and as the Winx watched, the holographic image of a fairy appeared. “Abigail!” The Winx gasped.
“Hello, girls!” Abigail happily said, waving.
“Abigail?” Faragonda asked in shock. Hearing her voice, Abigail turned around.
Bowing her head Abigail said, “Yes, I am Abigail. Are you Elisa Faragonda?”
Faragonda nodded, with a look of awe and confusion. “Yes I am. And you are Abigail, the legendary Fairy of Joy.” Bowing her head, Faragonda said, “It is an honor to meet you in person. Well, sort of.”
Abigail laughed. “I could say the same. I’ve met many of your students and they all speak very highly of you.” Abigail put her hand on her chest, and extended the other to Faragonda. “Consider this an open invitation to visit the Cave of Jubilation whenever you wish.”
“Thank you,” Faragonda said. Abigail smiled kindly, and turned back to face the Winx.
“Abigail, how are you…?” Bloom asked, just waving her hands around in Abigail’s direction.
“I’m an Illuminate, dear. My Illumination Light connects me to the Luminous Jewels.” She smiled brightly and added, “and the Fantasmix Stones connect me to all of you!! I will be able to provide guidance when you need help with your Illumix powers, and I’ll assist you with the Jinx in any way I can.”
“Thanks, Abigail,” Bloom said. “We really appreciate it.”
“As for your question, Fantasmix and Illumix both have their strengths and weaknesses. Raw power won’t necessarily work against the Wraiths, but the power of joy isn’t necessarily going to work against the Jinx themselves. The better you understand your opponents, the easier it will be for you to decide which power to use.” She grinned brightly as her image disappeared.
“Let’s hope we don’t need to use either,” Musa muttered, as the Luminous Charm vanished.
“Well, it’s Family Visit Day, and I don’t think Doom will want to draw attention to herself,” Faragonda said. “You said Volt is visiting Red Fountain. Will he be here in time?” Once again, all of the Winx shrugged.

In the Red Fountain arena, Orbo was dressed in his J’valikts fighting clothes, facing a line of young men, all in their Red Fountain uniforms. Mira was in her own uniform, standing next to Orbo. Angelo and Diablo were both in the lineup, both kind of nervous to be taking a lesson from Mira, as well as Volt’s boyfriend.
With a calm smile, Orbo sat on the ground. Mira didn’t smile, but she sat next to him. “Please, sit down,” he said.
The boys all looked at each other, then sat on the ground. With a calm smile and a wave, Orbo said, “Hello, my name is Orbo! Starting today, I’ll be your instructor for an ancient Minervan fighting style, known as J’valikts! Mira hear will be my teacher’s assistant. Any questions?”
One boy asked, “Are you a triton?”
“Sometimes!” Orbo said. “It’s part of my mixed Androsian and Minervan genetics.”
Another boy asked, “Why are we sitting down?”
“J’valikts requires a calm, quiet mind. Meditation is necessary before any lesson,” Orbo said. “We’re going to close our eyes, and take in a deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth.” Orbo, Mira, and the boys all took deep breaths. “Now, let’s stand up and stretch.” Everyone stood up and Orbo led them through some stretches, before turning his head and seeing Volt watching from the stands. When he saw Orbo looking at him, he waved excitedly.
Noticing Volt, Mira shouted, “Volt, what are you doing?”
“I wanted to watch Orbo’s first lesson!” Volt shouted back. “I don’t have any classes today!”
“That’s because it’s Family Visit Day! Aren’t we all meeting Mom and Dad at Alfea?”
Volt blinked. “OH NO I FORGOT!!” He practically screamed. He transformed into his Illumix and flew off in a bolt of lightning.
With a sigh, Mira muttered, “I swear he’s such an airhead.”
“That’s why I love him,” Orbo said. Turning to his students, he said, “Okay, we have enough time to practice a few moves before your families come!”

Despite being in a slight panic, Volt’s lightning didn’t go out of control. Ever since his Illumix powers seemed to have stabilized his lightning a bit. He landed in the center of the Alfea courtyard, quickly dropping his Illumix and trying to be inconspicuous...despite having just hit the ground in a blast of lightning.
“Voltatious!” Volt jumped at the sound of Griselda’s voice and turned around to see her angrily marching up to him. “What were you doing? You’re late!” She was soon standing in front of him, crossing her arms irately.
“Ah, sorry, I wanted to see Orbo’s first lesson,” Volt embarrassedly admitted.
“Well, your parents have been waiting for you for almost half an hour. Detention after school on friday, and try not to be late to that, okay?” She walked off, and Volt saw his parents standing with Psyche.
He ran up to them, calling, “Mom! Dad!” He gave his parents a big hug, and saw they were talking with Bloom, Daphne, and their parents.
"Volt's top class is definitely Flora's nature class. He especially soared when they went on the topics of weather magic," Bloom was saying.
Lucretia smiled. "That's wonderful to hear, Volt! I'm glad you and your sisters are doing so well with your schools."
"Speaking of, Mira is actually dating our cousin," Daphne said with a small laugh. "We might become family by marriage!"
"A union between Minerva and Domino would certainly be quite the alliance," Oritel said. "Will you be opening Minerva again sometime?"
"My brother and sister are still wary, especially after the escapades during the wedding," Marcus said. "But with Mira and Psyche forming relationships with non-Minervans, it might help to convince them."
As the rulers discussed politics, Bloom asked, "Volt, how are you doing? Is the incident back in the Cursed Dimension bothering you at all?"
Volt shrugged. "I mean, kinda? Being a Wraith wasn't fun but...idk when i turned back I just felt really good about myself." He sighed and said, "but getting detention does not help."
"Griselda's tough, but she cares," Daphne assured. "She was probably worried you were attacked by Doom for the Luminous Jewels."
"That chick needs to learn how to take a break," Psyche said, causing all four of them to laugh.

It had only been a day or so, but life in the Cursed Dimension with the Jinx was not what the Trix had expected it to be. Whether it was from lack of personal knowledge of their long-time nemeses, or something else, the Jinx being the opposites of the Winx led to some...surprising discoveries.
The Trix were used to Doom at this point, with her cool, calm demeanor and surprisingly domestic personality. However while in Omegea, she never seemed to leave her office. According to Nisha, she wasn’t a social butterfly and generally stayed away from groups of people while at school.
Nisha herself, as deputy headmistress, was sadistic and harsh dealing with the students. She’d throw students into detention for the smallest infractions, and more often than not, nothing at all. She seemed to take it all in as a hilarious, cruel joke, laughing each time she dished out punishment. She didn’t target the Trix, luckily enough, but there were a few “unlucky coincidences” they couldn’t shake the feeling that she was behind.
Fauna was an irresponsible party animal in and out of class. She took the role as the shapeshifting instructor for the witches. She wasn’t as aggressive as the Trix would have expected, but threw a raging party nearly every night...which left more and more witch students at the mercy of Nisha’s punishments. It was hard to sleep any night she decided to throw a rager.
Kierra, for lack of better words, was a creep. Outside of her twisted dark magic lessons that disturbed even Darcy, she would stay in the shadows, eerily watching the students in the halls or the cafeteria, glowering at them when they were having too much fun. If they didn’t notice her and kept having too much fun, then she’d cause something bad to make them miserable.
Shusha wasn’t as creepy as Kierra, but she was a harsh librarian. She would forgive quiet voices, but any voices that were too loud would be stolen until the students’ were done studying. However, she always gave them back. As long as the students followed the rules, they would be fine.
Recma was, without any question, nuts. She revelled chaos for chaos sake, and encouraged her students to curse, hex, and trick anyone they encountered. While she didn’t cause undo damage to the school itself, she took frequent “destructo” trips to Cursix city or the forest.
Aside from Nisha’s potential tricks, the Jinx were surprisingly...welcoming to the Trix. They seemed to appreciate the Trix’ own evil and wild personalities. Recma in particular enjoyed Stormy’s ability to create destructive, wild storms. The Trix were given a dorm of their own, and the Jinx would visit and invite the Trix to random acts of evil.
“You know, for being the dictators of an entire universe the Jinx are...surprisingly nice,” Stormy commented, sipping a boba tea she’d gotten with Recma. “Almost makes me regret not coming to the Cursed Dimension sooner.”
“Still, Doom makes me nervous,” Darcy commented. “She won’t even let us go after those Chix girls, almost like she’s worried about us becoming more powerful than she is.”
“I agree it’s suspicious she won’t let us,” Icy said, “But it’s only been a few days, and we don’t even know that spell they were going to use on the Winx.”
There was a knock on the door, and Kierra opened it to step into the room. In her gravelly, monotone voice, she said, “Doom wants us in her office. Now.” She stepped out into the hall, and walked with the Trix as they headed to Doom’s office.
“Did she say what she wanted to talk about?” Icy asked Kierra.
“No,” Kierra flatly replied. Her demeanor was as cold as ever, so the Trix didn’t push it. Kierra wasn’t much for talking, as they’d come to realize. After a short, silent walk, they entered Doom’s office, where the other Jinx were waiting. Doom was sitting at her desk, while the other Jinx stood around her.
“Good to see you all here, ladies,” Doom said, resting her chin on her intertwined fingers. “Are we all rested from our encounter with the Winx?” She asked. None of the other Jinx answered, just standing there stoically. “Good to hear. Now that we’ve regained our energy, we need to focus on our most important goal: stealing the Luminous Jewels.”
“How are we going to pull that off?” Kierra asked. “It’s not like all nine of us can go to the Magic Dimension.”
“That’s true, but we can go one at a time.” She held up her Wraithix. “I can send each of you to the Magic Dimension. When there, you try to steal the Luminous Jewels. And if you succeed, of course, you can use the Jewels to come back home.”
“What about the Trix and me?” Icy said. “Can our Wraithix do the same thing?”
“Yes, actually, so I’m expecting you three to work together when it’s your turn,” Doom said.
“Our turn?” Icy asked.
Doom held up her Wraithix again. “Let’s start with my darlings; they need a chance to stretch.” She held the Wraithix up to her mouth and said, “Darlings, go steal the Luminous Jewels.” The Jinx expected all five gems to begin glowing, but instead the red, blue, and green gems glowed and detached themselves from the bracelet, before disappearing into swirling holes of darkness in their respective colors. When they were gone, Doom said, “I want each of you to think about what your plans are to steal the Luminous Jewels. You are dismissed, I have papers to sign so this school doesn’t crumble.” As a group, the Jinx and Trix walked out of the office.
“What should we do?” Stormy asked.
“It’s easy, cause as much destruction as possible. Intimidate those wimpy fairies into giving up the Luminous Jewels,” Recma said, putting her arm over Stormy’s shoulder.
“Doom told us to plan our attacks,” Nisha said, “Not that you even know how to plan…” she muttered under her breath. Recma didn’t seem to notice--or if she did, she didn’t mention it.
Shusha rolled her eyes and headed to the library, while the other Jinx went to their various classrooms. The Trix stood still, looking at each other with worried expressions. “This is going to take some getting used to,” Icy sighed.

“Volt!” Ella shouted, waving her hand. She walked over to Volt’s family, followed by who appeared to be her family. A man, woman, and teenage boy who all resembled her. When she joined, she gave Volt a hug and said, “King Marcus, Queen Lucretia, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”
“The pleasure is ours, Ella,” Lucretia said, taking Ella’s hands into hers. “Thank you for being such a good friend to Volt.”
Ella smiled and stood back, holding out her hand to introduce her family. “Volt, Psyche, King Marcus, Queen Lucretia, I’d like you to meet my family: King Kurt, Queen Akay, and Prince Silver of Koyu.” The two families bowed cordially.
King Kurt said, “I apologize we were not able to attend the wedding ceremony, though from what I’ve heard…” he let his sentence hang.
Marcus laughed and said, “It was a total disaster. We’re lucky our kids managed to keep their heads on straight.” He ruffled Volt’s hair. “How are things on Koyu?”
“Well enough,” Kurt replied. “We’ve been dealing with some giant mosquitoes. Luckily all we need is to break out the giant fly swatters.” The two kings laughed while Silver curiously looked at Volt.
“You’re Volt, right?” Silver asked.
“Um...yes?” Volt replied curiously.
Silver got a devilish grin and said, “When Ella first started talking about you, she said you were cute but you already had a boyf--” suddenly, Ella clasped her hand over his mouth.
“I knew you were going to embarrass me!” Ella gasped angrily.
With a glare, Silver pulled Ella’s hand off his mouth and said, “Why’d you bring us to meet him, then, if he was just going to embarrass you?”
Ella tensed when they heard, “There you are, Ella.”
The three of them looked to see Wizgiz irately marching up to them. “I’ve been wondering where you and your parents have been.” He briefly acknowledged Volt saying, “You’re doing fine, Volt. As for you, Ella, I’d hope that some of your best friend’s studying habits would have rubbed off on you. Just because you can turn into a bat does not let you sleep in class.”
Ella’s parents noticed Wizgiz and walked over, while Volt sidestepped and went back to his family. “Mom! Dad! Psyche!” Mira’s voice called, She was in her Red Fountain uniform, running over and waving. She was with Trixie, who immediately jumped into Psyche’s arms.
“Trixie!” Psyche laughed.
Curiously, Volt asked, ‘Trixie, shouldn’t you be at Cloud Tower?”
“We’re going there next; my sister wanted to visit her alma mater while they’re here, so I figured we could join your family’s tri-school tour!” Trixie explained with a giggle. “Psyche told me about it and I thought it sounded fun!” She noticed someone in the crowd and said, “Speak of the devil! Hey! I’m over here!!”
Three adults walked to their group, wearing strange, colorful outfits, much like Trixie’s. Bloom looked, and recognized one of them. “Oh! Francis!” She called, waving.
“Hi, Bloom!” Francis replied. The two fairies laughed and gave each other a hug. “I was shocked to learn you’d teaching while my little sister was in school!” Francis put her hand on Trixie’s head and patted it.
Turning to Volt’s family, she smiled kindly. “You must be Psyche, Volt, and Mira. Trixie has told me a lot about you three; she says you’re a lot of fun!”
“Princess Francis of Whimsii, yes?” Oritel asked.
Francis nodded, and immediately, Mira and Volt spun around to face Trixie. “You’re a princess!?” the two of them exclaimed.
Mira turned to Psyche and added, “Why didn’t either of you tell us?”
The two witches began laughing. “Purely for those reactions,” Trixie said.
Volt groaned and turned back to Francis. “So you used to go to Alfea?”
“Yep! I’m the Fairy of Laughter,” Francis said. “Crown Princess of Whismii, and the guardian fairy. You know my sister, Trixie. These are our parents, Queen Francis II and King Hugo!”
Like their daughters, Francis and Hugo looked like friendly, kind people. Just with...alarmingly brightly colored clothes. “It’s nice to meet our daughters’ friends,” Hugo said, extending his hand. When Psyche took it to shake, it turned into a bouquet of white lilies.
Hugo laughed and his real hand popped out, and Psyche gasped, "how lovely!" She held the flowers and smiled.
"Flowers as beautiful as the girl holding them," Hugo said with a bow.
"Dad…" Trixie said, "She's my girlfriend, I should be the one giving her flowers." The three of them laughed.
As Psyche talked with Trixie's family, Mira walked up to Volt and asked, "are any of your friends joining us?"
"Nah, Christa, Roxy, Ella, and Liz are all staying at Alfea. Are we meeting the twins at Red Fountain?" Volt asked.
"Yeah," Mira said.
Hearing this, Bloom said, "Oh, why don't we tag along? I'm sure they, Auron, and Victoria would be happy to see us."
"Is that allowed?" Mira asked. "Aren't you and Daphne teachers?"
With a laugh, Daphne said, "I'll talk to Griselda. You all enjoy!" She jogged off to find Griselda, while Mira shrugged at Volt.
"Oh hey, there's Christa's family!" Psyche pointed out. The triplets and Trixie waved, and Christa and her family walked over.
In shock, Bloom asked, "I-is that...Santa Claus?"
"Didn't we tell you that Christa was Santa's daughter?" Volt asked.
"I mean, yeah, but I still wasn't expecting Santa to come visit Alfea!" Bloom replied.
Santa walked up and said, "Hello, Volt and Mira. How have you two been?"
"Pretty good," Volt said.
"School is school," Mira added. Neither of them mentioned being kidnapped into another dimension or Volt's transformation there.
"That's good to hear," Santa said. Turning to Bloom, he commented, "And Bloom, have you been behaving since you moved to Domino, hm?" His voice was teasing and he laughed when Bloom's face went red.
"Just kidding, my dear, you've always been a kind soul," he assured, patting her shoulder.
"Um, thanks," Bloom said. "It's an honor to meet you in person, Santa!"
Santa chortle and once again the families began mingling--Santa and Hugo seemed to be enjoying embarrassing their daughters with bad jokes. Psyche and Trixie joined the other kids and they talked, when a shiver ran down her spine.
Psyche spun around to find the source of her discomfort, which immediately alerted her friends. "Psyche, what's wrong?" Christa asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"
"I see ghosts all the time," Psyche corrected. "This is different." She scanned the crowd, looking for something out of the ordinary...when a girl with ruby-red hair jogged up to the group.
"I heard you're visiting all three schools!" The girl said. "Maybe my parents and I could tag along?" She indicated to adults behind her: a man with sapphire blue hair and a woman with emerald green hair.
"Ummm, do you go here?" Christa asked. "I've never seen you before."
The girl pouted. "That's mean, Christa! I'm Ruby, the Fairy of Color!"
Christa blinked in surprise. Her expression and tone became territorial as she asked, "Excuse me?" A rainbow colored light grew in her hand.
"Okay, Christa, let's go over here," Volt immediately said, before a colorful brawl broke out.
"Gee, I don't know what I said!" Ruby commented innocently. Psyche narrowed her eyes a bit. As chipper as she herself was, this girl behaved a bit too weirdly.
"Yeah I'm gonna walk over here," Psyche said, pointing with her finger. Leaving Ruby and her parents with Trixie wasn't something she wanted to do, but by the forest spirits she needed to figure out what was going on.
She quickly found Volt and Christa. Volt had his hands on Christa's shoulders and was talking to her. "Christa, Ruby is a bit weird, but I don't think she's trying to one-up you."
"'The Fairy of Color?' Seriously, Volt!? At least I have a cool name for my powers!" Christa argued. "I'm fine with other light fairies but the fairy of color…" she gritted her teeth.
"No, I get it. I don't recognize her, either." Volt said. When he noticed Psyche, he asked, "What's up?"
"I just got a way from Ruby. That girl makes my skin crawl," Psyche said. "I do think it's a *bit* coincidental that she shows up as the fairy of color all of a sudden." She noticed Griselda walking by and called, "Miss Griselda?"
Griselda sighed and walked over, saying, "No, Psyche I'm not going to reverse Volt's detention."
"Actually that's not what I was going to ask about," Psyche said. "Do you know of a girl named Ruby that goes here?"
"The Fairy of Color? Yes, she's from Chroma. She's a third year here, but has been going home more recently to care for her sick grandmother." Griselda explained.
"Oh." Psyche replied.
"If that's all I need to find Ella of Koyu. Her parents are going to be hearing about all of her missing assignments." Griselda said.
"I saw her earlier, she was pulled away by Wizgiz," Volt told Griselda. "Haven't seen her since."
"Fine. You three go join your families, you'll be leading them on tours of the school," Griselda instructed. The three teens nodded and joined their families.
The fun, friendly conversation had quickly turned into bickering between the adults during the time they'd been gone. Even Mira and Trixie, who got along pretty well, were arguing over who was stronger.
The only ones not caught up in the fighting were Ruby and her parents, and they still made Psyche's skin crawl. "What happened?" Volt asked.
"Mira says I couldn't survive a day in Minerva's mountains!" Trixie complained.
Mira countered, "I wouldn't be able to do any circus acts, according to Trixie!"
Volt and Psyche looked at each other, dumbfounded. "That'" Volt asked.
This surprised both of the girls and they looked at each other. "Man, what were we doing?" Mira asked as they both began laughing.
"What about the adults?" Psyche asked.
"I think they're a snide comment away from declaring war on each other," Trixie explained. "Something about Minervans being snobs."
Immediately, Psyche felt her irritation spike...but then was immediately struck by how odd that was. She'd never gotten this mad about being called a snob. In fact, she usually just laughed it off.
She looked at Volt and Mira, who both also looked ready to blow their lids. However, seeing how calm she was made them calm down themselves. Volt cleared his throat--loudly--which got the attention of the adults and actually managed to stop their fighting. "Griselda says that we'll be showing you guys around the I guess for right now that means Christa, Bloom, Daphne, and me."
The adults looked at each other with the same shocked expressions that Mira and Trixie had earlier. They began laughing nervously and apologizing. Apparently it had all started because Marcus hadn't understood a joke Francis had said. It was a weird reason for everyone to go up in arms, but at least they were calmed down now.
Volt and Christa led the tour together, pointing out the classrooms and talking about their classes. Ruby didn't offer any input, but her family followed behind like the brightest pack of baby ducks in the magic universe.
"Here we have the greenhouse!" Volt said. "Flora and I have been working on introducing Minervan plant species! So far it's gone well; we even recently planted a Karrkarstraven!" He led the group into the greenhouse, where Flora was talking with her family.
"Oh! There's my little plant buddy!" Flora laughed. She gently grabbed Volt by the arm and led him to her family. "Mom, Dad, Miele, this is my student, Volt. He and his sisters are responsible for all of the lovely new plants here in the greenhouse!"
"Hi," Volt shyly said. "I'm Prince Volt of Minerva, and the Fairy of Lightning." To demonstrate, he made some small sparks in his hands.
"How ironic, a fairy of lightning with a fondness for plants," Rhodos commented. His tone was hard to read, but his words were pretty hurtful.
The sparks in Volt's hands died and he hung his head in shame. "Rhodos!" Alyssa snapped, elbowing her husband.
Sensing the same tension as before, Volt laughed and said, "I guess it is pretty ironic, but Minervans do love nature, second only to Lynphea!"
This seemed to appease the two adults and they immediately calmed down. Flora, however, seemed concerned. "What just happened?" She whispered to Volt.
"I don't know, but something is making people jump at each other's throats," Volt whispered back. "Mira, Psyche, and I are trying to keep the tensions as low as we can."
"Okay, I'll let the other Winx know. Tell your sisters I think the three of you are doing great!" She smiled supportively and gave Volt a quick hug.
Volt joined the group and said, "Why don't we show you the Minerva species we planted?" He, Christa, Psyche, and Mira all began pointing out the different Minervan plants. There were other families in the greenhouse at the time, all admiring them as well. It made the three feel a sense of pride knowing the positivity their plants were spreading.
Well, until people around them began arguing. And the more people that argued, the more aggressive the arguing became. In all honesty it was making Volt nervous.
After a thorough tour of the school, the group stopped in the courtyard. Now, nearly everyone around them was having some sort of argument. "Should we go to Cloud Tower now?" Volt asked Psyche.
"Yeah, let's do that," Psyche agreed. "Mom, Dad, are you ready to visit my school now?"
"Yes, of course," Marcus said after a nervous look at all of the fighting. "Hugo, Francis, and Francis Jr., will you all be joining us with Trixie?"
"Absolutely!" Hugo heartily agreed. "I want to see what kind of trouble our girls have been getting into!"
Michael commented, "I'd like to see Red Fountain, if you'll be visiting later."
"You're more than welcome to join," Marcus said. "Oritel, Marion, Daphne, and Bloom, will you also still be tagging along?"
"Yes, it will be nice to see the family," Marion agreed.
As Ruby piped up that she'd be joining, Psyche pulled Christa to the side. "Christa, can you do a favor for me?" She asked.
"Of course, Psyche, what is it?" Christa replied.
"I think Ruby and her family might have something to do with all the tensions here at Alfea. Do you think you could stay here and try to calm everything down while we're gone?" Psyche requested.
"Of course!" Christa agreed. "Nothing that a Cringle can do better than cheer people up!"
Relieved, Psyche gave Christa a hug. "Thanks, girl. I owe you a smoothie."
With a wink, Christa said, "Make it a milkshake and you've got a date." Psyche laughed and joined the others.
Standing with Trixie, she asked, "Who's ready to go meet some witches??"
She and Trixie held hands and summoned a spiral of magic. The swirling energy picked the group up and carried them through the air. Trixie and Psyche kept holding hands, but everyone else bumped and tumbled into each other. Otherwise, it was a lot of fun.
Except while he flipped, Volt accidentally crashed into Ruby's mom. Not much happened, but she growled at him and his blood ran cold. Mira manipulated the wind a bit and caught him, giving the woman a shocked and confused look.
After a topsy-turvy five minute flight, Trixie and Psyche gently deposited everyone at Cloud Tower's door. The two bowed dramatically, and everyone applauded.
As everyone walked into the school, they were soon greeted by headmistress Griffin. "Well, well, well. I was wondering when you two would show up." She sounded like she was teasing. She put her hands on Trixie and Psyche's shoulders, and the girls stiffened up. "These two hold the record for the number of pranks they've pulled on the other students."
"That's our Trixie!" Hugo laughed, side-hugging Francis II.
"She's always been enamored with tricks and surprises," Francis II lovingly agreed.
Francis laughed and recounted, "I received my Enchantix when one of her pranks backfired!" As she laughed, Trixie's face flushed bright red.
"I mostly just help," Psyche admitted with a blush of her own.
Griffin laughed. "Aside from that, these two have been some of the most promising young witches in this school since the Trix!" Everyone knew Griffin's beef with the trio, and both Psyche and Trixie winced at the comparison.
Griffin then added, "but they're more than ten times the witches than the Trix ever have been." Both Trixie and Psyche looked at Griffin with a bit of shock. "Enjoy the tour, I'm sure they have lots to show."
It was Volt and Mira's first time visiting Cloud Tower, since they generally hung out at Alfea. The gothic aesthetic really did feel like a fit for Psyche, it even resembled Deep Minerva.
"Wow, Trixie, I can definitely see why you chose to go here," Francis commented with a whistle of appreciation. "Though I'm still irritated you're not the Fairy of Tricks." She grabbed Trixie's shoulders and playfully rubbed their cheeks together.
"Stop it," Trixie laughed, pushing Francis' face away. "I was never really into the whole fairy thing, you know that. My winx only lasted like two minutes!"
"But you were so cute!!" Francis said, starting to tickle Trixie. The two sisters laughed and began playfully wrestling, with Trixie more or less forgetting she was helping Psyche show off the school. Psyche didn't mind and giggled as she watched the two of them.
"Just like us when we were little," she whispered to Mira, who also giggled. Volt was looking around the room with slight awe.
"This reminds me of Aunt Crystal's palace!" He exclaimed, with the sound reverberating around the room. Some of the witches gave irate glares at him, and he quickly apologized bashfully.
When they got to the school's cafeteria, the fighting had already begun. Except with the witches...spells were being thrown into the mix. "Oh geez," Volt said as he dodged a hex.
"This is getting out of hand," Psyche groaned. She looked at Ruby, who was watching the chaos with a sly grin. Her parents watched as well, but their expressions were much harder to read.
Clara, a witch from Psyche and Trixie's class, fired a blast of dark magic at Vex, one of their other classmates. Vex dodged and the spell flew straight at Volt.
With a gasp, Psyche threw out her hand and cast a spell to dissipate it before it hit. When Psyche felt her anger spike at Clara and Vex's carelessness, she took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "Well, that's Cloud Tower," she said brightly. "Let's move on to Red Fountain!"
She looked at Trixie, and the two girls shared a solemn nod. Trixie then said, "Mom, Dad, Francis, let's try to cheer these witches up!" Trixie's family laughed at the idea, and Trixie gave Psyche a thumbs-up.
To get to Red Fountain, all three Illuminates joined hands and powered up Mira's wind magic. Without Trixie's family in the group, the winds weren't as strong, and as a result were less turbulent. Mira had quietly suggested dropping Ruby and her family off above the forest, but Psyche and Volt talked her out of it.
When they landed at Red Fountain, Volt immediately looked around. "Orbo!" He happily shouted, running towards Orbo.
Orbo turned, and at first his expression was happy, but it quickly became angry and suspicious. He quickly walked towards Volt's group, and Volt froze with alarm. When he approached, Orbo immediately grabbed onto Volt (much more tightly than usual) and glared at Michael. "Who are you?" He asked aggressively.
"Michael Cringle, who are you?" Michael asked in response.
"Orbo de Aquos, Volt's boyfriend," Orbo said, his voice still aggressive.
"Okay, and?" Michael asked.
"And I don't want you near him," Orbo growled, his grip tightening.
"Ow," Volt quietly said, pulling Orbo's hands off his shoulders. "Orbo, Michael is Christa's big brother. He's just a friend, I promise." He smiled kindly at Orbo, and held his hands
Orbo, without a word, pulled his hands out of Volt's and walked away. "How rude," Lucretia commented. "I don't think I've ever seen Volt act like that before."
"It's fine," Volt said. "I'll talk to him when he calms down." He felt hurt, but knew that Orbo likely wasn't thinking properly, like everyone else had been all day.
"Mira!" A voice called. Mira turned to see Angelo running over. He hugged her and kissed her before waving a few people over.
Diablo, and who Mira assumed were Angelo and Diablo's parents, came over. "Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Mira. Mira, this is my mom, Victoria, and my dad, Auron."
The twins definitely took after their father, except he had rainbow hair. Their mom looked fully Dominian, much like Bloom's family. "Nice to meet you," Mira politely greeted, holding her hand out.
"Aw get in here!" Auron laughed. He pulled her into a group hug with Victoria and Angelo, while Diablo stood to the side and rolled his eyes.
When Diablo looked at Volt, he noticed Volt's sad expression and asked, "Hey, Volt, are you okay?"
"I'm okay...just had a bit of a fight with Orbo," Volt explained. "He got jealous of Michael."
"Wait, what?" Diablo asked. He'd only known Orbo for a short time but that seemed way out of character. He looked up at Psyche for confirmation, and when she nodded he noticed the red-haired girl.
"I'll go talk to him for you," Diablo assured Volt, before running off.
"Wait, Dia--" Diablo was gone before Volt could finish. "...nevermind," Volt sighed.
After the hug, Mira said, "Angelo, could you help me show everyone around Red Fountain?"
"Sure thing, sweetie," Angelo agreed with a wink and a thumbs-up. The two of them began leading the group through the school, showing off their different classes.
"I'm officially Orbo's teaching assistance for his J'valikts class," Mira said. "It's an ancient form of Minervan fighting. Angelo and Diablo are in our class!"
"I think Diablo wants to get you back for the entrance ceremony," Angelo laughed. "So he wants to take you on at the same level you originally beat him."
"If he wants that he has several more years of training to go," Mira commented. The two of them laughed, which was refreshing with all of the fighting that had been going on that day.
Now that she thought of it, Psyche realized that the fighting had now followed them to Red Fountain, too. She cursed silently, and looked at the still-smug Ruby. The look Diablo had given her...he knew something was up.
They came into the stadium, where Orbo and Diablo were fighting. Orbo had a staff made of purple Morphix, and he was lunging and striking at Diablo, who was barely keeping up with his defense. When Diablo noticed the group, he let his guard down, and Orbo quickly took him out.
With the end of his staff pressed against Diablo's nose, Orbo said, "next time, mind your own business."
Orbo turned, and his expression darkened when he noticed the group. "Um, this is where Orbo and I teach J'valikts," Mira said, leading the group to the center of the stadium.
With an irate sigh, Orbo dissipated his staff into bubbles. "I guess that counts as a demonstration of sorts," he commented. "J'valikts is an ancient fighting technique that's been taught on Minerva for generations," Orbo's delivery was flat, annoyed, and dry, like he couldn't care less about the fight style he and Mira had spent years learning.
He continued to droll on when suddenly there was a shout. Out of nowhere, Diablo had tackled Ruby and was holding her up while she struggled.
"What are you doing!?" Ruby growled, the sweetness of her voice completely gone.
"You radiate some nasty vibes!" Diablo shouted. "So consider this your vibe check!" He threw her at her parents.
When all three collided, there was a plume of multicolored smoke. It cleared to reveal the Wraiths, all tangled up together. "I knew there was something up!" Diablo shouted. "Thank Arcadia for my anger management therapy."
The Wraiths all growled and stood up, ready to attack. Before they could do anything, Diablo shouted, "and this is for turning me into a monster!" Before socking the Blue Wraith in the face.
"YEAH, THAT FEELS GOOD!" Diablo shouted, pulling out his blade. With the Wraiths' disguises gone, their spell seemed to vanish as well. Orbo's face went from angry, to shocked, to confused in a manner of seconds.
Volt transformed into his Illumix, Bloom transformed into her Fantasmix, Psyche donned her witch robes, and Mira summoned her wings. Along with Orbo, Angelo, and Diablo, they surged into battle against the Wraiths.
The battle was intense. The Wraiths were completely unhinged, morphing and bending their bodies in unnatural ways, growing extra limbs, and blasting waves of negative energy.
"Livewire!!" Volt shouted. He hit his palm against one of the Wraiths, and shot straight through it with a blast of electricity.
"Glowing Embers!!" Bloom shouted, shooting small glowing sparks at the Wraiths.
The Wraiths, for their part, were mostly quiet except for the animalistic growling. Mira was a whirlwind with her blade, and would have been a deadly force if the Wraiths were more corporeal.
Psyche was sending wave after wave of spiritual energy, which pushed the Wraiths back more and more each hit.
Orbo was using his Morphix, making it sticky and gluey to slow the Wraiths down as much as he could.
Angelo and Diablo combined their Angel Sword and Demon Blade spells, creating beams of white-hot fire. Despite the Wraiths being outnumbered, they didn't back down. Most of their efforts seemed focused on Volt, only deflecting the others as needed.
Volt's Illumix powers outstripped his Enchantix nearly tenfold, but he could feel his energy wearing out and winding down. A hit from the Blue Wraith knocked him back into Orbo, who caught him and asked, "Volt, are you okay?"
"Just getting tired," Volt said.
"Well, it's a good thing we're here!!" A voice shouted. Volt looked up, and saw the Winx in their Fantasmix, his friends in their Enchantix, as well as Trixie and her family.
The Wraiths stopped moving and looked up, pausing before they disappeared into their gems and flew off. "Aw!" Stella pouted. "I was hoping to bust those guys up."
Volt laughed before fluttering down with his Illumix disappearing. "Glad that's over," he said.
As they all flew down to join the others, Tecna said, "Good thinking, Psyche. If you hadn't had Christa and Trixie ease tensions I don't know what would have happened."
Psyche blushed at the compliment, and Mira asked, "Why do you think the Wraiths targeted us, though?"
Volt yawned and said, "I think I have an idea." He summoned the Luminous Charm. "I think Doom's changed her strategy. She's trying to steal the Luminous Jewels now."
A hush fell over the group at the thought, before Stella said, "Let's head back to Alfea, we're holding a huge party!!" This perked everyone up a bit and they gave a collective cheer.

The Wraiths floated into Doom's office and reattached themselves to her bracelet. Seeing this, Nisha commented, "Didn't go according to plan?"
"I didn't account for Psyche's level of awareness," Doom admitted. "Not a mistake I'll make again. The Wraiths weren't the best for the job."
Nisha chuckled. "And the Trix are?"
"Probably not. Icy is protective of her cousins," Doom said. "But if it all fails, then trust in my backup plan."
"Alright," Nisha agreed. She got up and headed to the door. "Better luck next time, Doom."
After Nisha shut the door, Doom said, "Luck? I don't need luck."

Chapter Text

To make up for how he had acted while under the Wraith's influence, Orbo was sending flowers, chocolate, and stuffed bears to Volt nearly every day. It was sweet, but everyone was getting irritated by these deliveries interrupting class.
On their day off, Mira, Orbo, and the twins visited from Red Fountain. It was Volt's and Orbo's first face to face meeting since family visit day, and Orbo was holding a bouquet of lilacs and a box of chocolates.
A few girls were whispering to each other at the dramatic show while Orbo nervously brought the gifts to Volt. "Orbo," Volt gently said, "I'm not mad at you, you don't need to keep apologizing." He put the gifts on a bench and kissed Orbo's cheek.
"Really?" Orbo asked worriedly.
"Of course, sweetie," Volt said. "Everyone was acting weird that day." He hugged Orbo and said, "I appreciate the gifts, though. Thank you."
Mira walked up and playfully hit Orbo's shoulder. "See, bud? I told you Volt wasn't mad at you."
With a sigh of relief, Orbo bent down and kissed Volt. "I love you," he said, pressing his forehead against Volt's
"I love you, too," Volt replied.
"Awww you two are so cute!!" Ella gushed.
"It's cute until you see them do it almost everyday," Mira commented, "then it becomes absolutely adorable."
"Are Psyche and Trixie coming, too?" Ella asked.
"Nah, the two of them are going on a date today," Mira said. "They said something about a picnic with their pixies."
At the mention of pixies, Rhea flew up and sat on Volt's shoulder, while Nike and Polaris did the same for Christa and Ella. "Girder's been looking forward to it," Rhea said. "It's all he's talked about all week."
"You keep in contact with Girder and Blue?" Volt asked. "I didn't know that."
Rhea shrugged. "Girder doesn't really give us a choice y'know. He's always looking for something to fix, be it at Cloud Tower, Alfea, or Red Fountain."
"Really?" Ella asked in surprise. "I never notice him!"
"He's good," Polaris said. "It's kind of funny, actually."
“Kinda creepy if you ask me," Volt commented. "The fact that he pops into our school without anyone noticing?"
"Just because you're oblivious doesn't mean everyone else is!" Nike heckled.
Volt paused for a moment, then sighed. "I really can't argue with that, can I?" Everyone began laughing when the Winx came outside.
“Oh!” Bloom gasped in surprise. “Mira, Angelo, Diablo, Orbo, we weren’t expecting to see you today!” She gave her cousins a hug, while Aisha hugged Orbo.
With a laugh, Aisha asked Orbo, “Are you done sending Volt apology gifts every day now?” as she draped her arm on his shoulder.
Orbo’s face flushed and he nodded shyly. Bloom said, “We were planning on visiting Magix City today, would you like to join us?”
“We had a thing planned today, sorry,” Volt apologized. “We’re going swimming at Lake Roccaluce!”
“That’s no issue,” Bloom said. “We can just meet later.” As she said this, the Winx’ bonded pixies flew down in a small swarm, all of them uniting with their bonded Winx. Everyone laughed as their pixies nuzzled them.

The Trix were called to Doom’s office, and they were all extremely nervous. Would this be the moment that Doom decided she didn’t need them anymore? Would she strip them of their Wraithix and send them back into Limbo? When they walked into the office, Doom had her back to the door and was facing the window.
Not turning to face them, Doom said, “It’s your three’s turn.” She turned to them with an unreadable expression. “I hope that your connection with the Illuminates will not prevent you from stealing the Luminous Jewels.”
“It won’t!” Icy replied. “We already have a plan for what to do.”
Doom raised her eyebrow and asked, “And what is that, exactly?” she sounded thoroughly unconvinced.
“An invention of our ancestors, the Pixie Spell. It takes bonded fairies and pixies and switches their places. We’ll use it to turn the Winx, Volt, and his friends into pixies, and they won’t have the power to protect the Luminous Jewels from us,” Icy explained.
“If they’re too weak, there will be no point in absorbing them and their magic,” Doom said. “Is this Pixie Spell permanent?”
“No, but we can make it last long enough to steal the Jewels,” Icy said. “It’s a powerful spell, so even if we wanted to, we can’t make it permanent. By combining the power of the Vacuums and our Wraithix, we can secure enough time to steal the Luminous Jewels and return before the fairies and pixies switch back.”
Doom sat, and tapped her finger on her chin thoughtfully. “It sounds like a solid enough plan; I’ll allow it. You can use your Wraithix to travel between the dimensions.”
“Alright, but we need to go back to our room to cast the spell ,” Icy said. “We can’t just randomly cast it, we have to do it properly."
"Do what you must," Doom said. "Prove that you deserve the power I've given you." She spun away from the door in her chair and faced the window.
After the Trix left, she snapped her fingers, and her swirling dark screen appeared. She watched the Trix as they walked to their room.
When they shut the door behind them, Icy said, "Let's do this. And remember, don't hurt my cousin." All three Trix activated their Wraithix forms, and subsequently summoned the Vacuums. A glowing magic circle appeared under their feet as they began chanting.
"Take the mighty, make them weak, take the future, make it bleak. Magic switched and forms replaced, powers gained shall be erased. From small to large and large to small, switch the bond and make them fall!"
The Vacuums, as well as the Trix' Wraithix began glowing. A small glowing sphere appeared and fired into a portal that appeared. "Let's go, sisters," Icy said. The three Trix summoned their portals and stepped through.

While everyone laughed, the Luminous Charm appeared in midair, floating horizontally. When everyone looked at Volt, he said, "It wasn't me!"
The Jewels began shining bright, and Abigail's holographic image appeared. "Abigail?" Bloom asked with confusion.
Looking distressed, Abigail said, "Winx, there's not much time. I feel a dark spell coming from the Cursed Dimension."
"What kind of dark spell? Is Doom attacking?" Aisha asked.
"No, the magic is coming from the Cursed Dimension, but it is Magic Dimension in origin," Abigail said. "Be alert!" She and the Luminous Jewels vanished.
"Whoa," Volt said. "That was Abigail?"
"Yes," Musa said.
"I wonder what she meant," Stella pondered.
As if on cue, a portal appeared above their heads and a beam of light fired onto them. The fairies and pixies all shouted in alarm; the fairies began feeling weightless and lightheaded, while the pixies felt sluggish and heavy.
Mira, Diablo, Angelo, and Orbo shielded their eyes, and when they looked, their jaws went slack. Like before, there were nine fairies and nine pixies. Now, however, they swapped.
Each of the former fairies still resembled their usual selves to a degree, with miniature versions of their original winx forms. Likewise, the former pixies resembled their usual appearance, except now they were human-sized in their own winx forms.
"My head is spinning," Volt said, before looking at the others. When suddenly, he looked at his hands and yelped in alarm. His hands sparked, but they were like little bits of static. Meanwhile, the human-sized Rhea was looking at her hands in surprise and alarm.
Each bonded pair stared at each other, and Stella commented, "Do you think this was the dark magic Abigail warned us about?" She fluttered up to Amore and landed in her palms.
"I think that question answers itself," Tecna commented, flying up to Digit.
"How do you feel?" Ella asked Polaris worriedly.
"Heavy," Polaris giggled. "What about you?"
"Extremely light," Ella replied.
As the two of them giggled, Bloom said, "Not to damper the mood, but our powers have been reduced; also, the pixies are only Winx-level fairies!"
Mira shook her head rapidly. "Maybe there's a way to reverse this," she said. "Ever curse has a countercurse, right?"
"That's true," Orbo agreed. "But before that," he gently grabbed Volt from Rhea and pulled out his phone to take a picture. "Volt, you are too adorable!!" He squealed.
"Hey!" Volt protested, stamping his foot down and shocking Orbo. "This is a serious situation!" His voice squeaked a little which made Orbo go, "Awwwwww!"
"Orbo, buddy," Diablo said, "you are way too into this."
"I like cute and small things," Orbo retorted. "And Volt as a pixie is the cutest and the smallest."
Volt crossed his legs and pouted, while Mira walked up to Rhea. "Rhea, you're an Illuminate, right?"
"Yes," Rhea replied, still with her shy demeanor.
"And as Fairy of Reflections, maybe you could take a crack at reversing it," Mira suggested.
"I-I'll try," Rhea stuttered. Nike came up behind her and patted her back.
"You can do it, Rhe!" Nike assured, patting Rhea's back.
Rhea nodded and pulled the small mirror clip from her waistband. In her hands it grew into a hand mirror, and Rhea gently touched the surface. The glass rippled like water and she drew a circle, before facing it to Ella and Polaris. She placed her palm on the back of the mirror and focused, with a beam of light shooting towards them.
When the light faded, Ella and Polaris were still switched. "Let's see if Professor Wizgiz knows what's going on," Flora suggested. "This seems like Metamorphosymbiosis."
The others agreed, and they all went to Wizgiz' office. He was absolutely floored at the sight of the swapped pixies and fairies, but luckily seemed to have an idea. "The Pixie Spell," he said. "An ancient, complex form of Metamorphosymbiosis. It was created by the Ancestral Witches, but only ever successfully cast once."
"It must have been the Trix, then," Tecna said. "Abigail did say the magic was from our dimension in origin, and using a spell the Ancestral Witches made seems right up their alley."
"This must be their attempt for the Jewels," Mira realized. "First the Wraiths, now the Trix. They must have cast the Pixie Spell to incapacitate you while they steal it."
"As pixies, we're not strong enough to hold the Trix off, and as fairies, the pixies only have winx-level powers," Aisha said.
"We're still plenty tough!" Chatta announced.
"The Pixie Spell might boost your powers a bit," Wizgiz said, "but it doesn't compare to the power of the witches who cast the spell."
"Yeah, the Trix with their Wraithix were tough to fight even with Fantasmix," Musa said.
"We'll have to make do with what we can," Tune commented. She looked up and asked, "Professor, is the Pixie Spell permanent?"
"I'm not sure," Wizgiz admitted. "Information on the spell is limited. The Ancestresses didn't offer much about it, and the fairy they cast it on wasn't quite the same after."
The fairies and pixies shared a nervous look, and Christa sighed, "That's not exactly reassuring."
Wizgiz sighed and said, "I'll try to find a way to reverse the spell, but until then, try to stay safe."
"Okay, Professor," the group said, before leaving.
In the hallway, Aisha asked, "Should we go to our dorms?"
"It might be safer to stay as a group," Tecna suggested. "The kids can come to our quarters until the spell is over. Or, if, as the case may be."
"Aw," Nike pouted. "I wanted to try out my new, big wings!"
Christa floated up and patted her head. "I know, sweetie, but like Wizgiz said, we have to stay safe."
Nike grumbled, but everyone else sat patiently, and nervously waited.

The Trix emerged through their portals from the Cursed Dimension, right outside of Alfea. They weren't noticed, luckily enough, but they didn't have any way to tell if the spell had cast properly. They didn't have that spying spell Doom had, so they'd have to check for themselves.
With a snap of her fingers, Darcy turned the three Trix invisible, and they floated up towards the Winx' room. Through the window, they saw the fairies and pixies, all switched up.
"It worked!" Stormy laughed, giving Darcy a high-five.
"Sh!" Icy shushed. "We don't want them to know we're here."
"We can just steal the jewels now," Darcy whispered. "None of them are powerful enough to stop us."
"They have to summon the Jewels, remember? They won't summon them if they know we're nearby," Icy argued. "And like I said, I don't want to hurt my cousins."
"Okay," Stormy and Darcy relented.
"Good. Let's keep an eye on them," Icy said. The three witches stayed invisible, and kept their eyes on the mixed up fairies and pixies.

It got boring fast just waiting in the Winx' room. Even trying out their new powers grew uneventful, especially because Volt and Bloom couldn't make much more than small sparks. After trying to read a novel and giving up because it was too big, Volt's stomach growled. Quite loudly, too.
"Hungry, are we?" Chatta said with a laugh, playfully poking him.
"Well, we were going to go to Magix and have lunch," Volt explained. "Though I feel much hungrier now that I'm so small." He held his stomach, which rumbled again. At the same time, Rhea's stomach rumbled, and she blushed with embarrassment.
"We should get some food," Mira said. "I'm a bit hungry myself."
"Why don't we go to the cafeteria?" Christa suggested. "We can stay as a group and be safe, while still getting food."
"Yay!!" Nike shouted. She flew up in the air excitedly, hitting her head on the ceiling. "Ow!" She said, rubbing it.
Everyone laughed, and Christa said, "Don't forget, you're much bigger now." She flew up and sat on Nike's shoulder. The others followed suit, and the pixies flew from the dorm to the cafeteria.
It was a lot harder to eat as pixies, the fairies soon realized. Everything was much larger and hard to hold. Grapes and strawberries were about the size of their heads!
The pixies had less trouble eating, but they didn't seem quite as satisfied with their portions. Volt was sitting cross-legged on the table, munching a pea from Rhea's plate, while Rhea hungrily scooped peas into her mouth. A lot of people were staring at the bizarre sight of these new fairies, and eventually Faragonda approached the table.
Luckily enough, when she saw Rhea, she recognized her and gasped, "Rhea?" Before looking down and continuing to ask, "Volt?? What happened?"
"Something called the Pixie Spell," Amore said. "It turned the fairies into pixies and us into fairies."
"The Pixie Spell?" Faragonda asked, now in deep shock. "Oh no, that's definitely not good. Is this another attempt to steal the Luminous Jewels?"
"We think so," Bloom said, "but we don't have definitive proof."
"Wizgiz is looking for a way to break the spell," Aisha added. "So we're not pixies forever."
"From what I know, the Pixie Spell does wear off, but still be careful. All of you are vulnerable in this state," Faragonda warned. "I'll assist Wizgiz with his research." She walked off, leaving the group anxiously quiet.
"We'll be fine," Orbo assured, unassuredly. "Mira, Angelo, Diablo, and I will protect you guys." He gently picked Volt up and kissed his forehead.
"Orbo…" Volt sighed, half-exasperatedly, before giggling. He admitted, "I really don't want to go back to the room just now. We should be safe as long as we stay on school grounds, right?"
"I think so," Flora replied, "but I'm not sure if we should risk it."
"This might be our only chance to really feel what it's like to be pixies, though," Volt argued. "And for the pixies to feel what it's like to be fairies."
"I wanna do it!" Nike immediately blurted.
Ella said, "Besides, if we don't summon the Luminous Jewels, the threat isn't as great."
Flora didn't look entirely convinced, but everyone else agreed. When they were outside, Nike led them all to the pixie game stadium she'd set up for the pixies to exercise in. The fairies laughed and ran into the stadium, beginning to play the games that Nike had set up.
Meanwhile, Nike and the other pixies were flying into the air and testing out their newly enhanced powers. Nike was summoning different kinds of sports equipment, and started a flying soccer game with the other pixies. Rhea sat out, staring intently at her hand mirror.
Stella quickly grew tired with her smaller body and flew from the stadium to sit with Rhea. "Whatcha doing?" She asked pleasantly, admiring her reflection. "Ooooh I make such a cute pixie! And you're such a cute fairy!"
Rhea giggled, and said, "I'm trying to scry and see where the Trix are. They can't be too far, but whenever I try the image fades out before I can find them." She waved her hand in front of the mirror and focused.
The surface of the mirror began glowing; at first Stella thought it was reflecting the sun, but then the light began to rapidly change colors. Stella watched the hypnotic display until there was a bright flash that stunned the two of them. Without Rhea's focus, the mirror shrunk back down into a belt buckle.
"That was bright," Stella said, rubbing her eyes.
"Are you okay?" Rhea asked, worriedly. "I'm so sorry, I don't know what that was."
Stella blinked a few times and said, "it's fine, we're good. I'm the Pixie of the Shining Sun, so a bit of light is harmless."
Rhea sighed with relief. "That's good at least." The two of them giggled, when suddenly the Luminous jewels appeared.
"Huh?" Rhea asked in surprise. Abigail's image appeared again.
"The dark magic is nearby!" Abigail warned. "You need to--" a blast of dark magic shot towards the jewels, and Rhea was barely able to pull them out of the way.
"You missed!!" Stormy's voice shouted. Rhea and Stella froze, looking up to see that the Trix were floating in the air above, their Wraithix forms ready for attack.
"I won't this time!" Darcy growled. "Shadow Bullet!" She fired another dark spell at the two, but Rhea shrieked in alarm. In a flash of light her mirror appeared between her and the Trix, growing in a shield-sized mirror that reflected Darcy's spell right back at her.
"Nice going, Rhea!" Stella laughed. However, Rhea didn't laugh back. She clutched onto the Luminous Jewels and screamed at the top of her voice, "It's the Trix!!"
The pixies and fairies froze and then flew together. As a group, they faced the Trix defensively. With a cackle, Icy said, "Oh no, we're so scared! The Winx are now tiny pixies!"
Stoically, Mira looked at Lockette. "Lockette, with your boosted magic, can you get everyone out of here?"
Lockette looked at her hands, much larger than they'd ever been, and pulled out her now equally huge keystaff. "I think so."
Mira nodded and turned to the boys. "You three think we can handle these witches?" She asked.
Orbo summoned a Morphix bo staff, while the twins pulled out their swords. "Of course," Orbo said. "Any student of ours can handle this."
Looking back at Lockette, Mira said, "We'll keep the Trix busy, try to teleport somewhere safe!!" She summoned her paladin wings and the four Red Fountaineers charged at the Trix.
"I don't know if I can do this!" Lockette gasped nervously.
Immediately, the fairies and pixies shouted words of encouragement, and Bloom landed on Lockette's shoulder, telling her, "I believe in you."
Lockette took in a deep breath and nodded, holding the staff above her head. In a flash, all of the fairies and pixies vanished. "Dang it!" Icy cursed under breath.

Doom watched the mixed up fairies and pixies disappear, and then watched the Trix deal with the warriors without trying to hurt Mira. She sighed and said, "I shouldn't intervene, but I shouldn't waste a golden opportunity like this." She held her Wraithix up to her mouth and said, "Yellow, darling."
The yellow gem glowed and floated until it was about level with Doom's face. "Darling, you have the ability to sense pixie magic, correct?"
The yellow gem flashed, which Doom took to mean as a 'yes'. "Good. Please track our little friends and intercept them."
An inky portal appeared and the yellow gem flew through it. "Are you sure about that?" Nisha asked from the doorway, before walking up and sitting across from Doom. "Interfering with the Trix' plan? I don't think they'd take that too kindly," Nisha pointed out.
Doom shrugged. "It is a decent enough plan, just...very poorly executed," she said. "A shame, really, I was really expecting them to win."
Nisha looked at the raging battle between the Trix, and focused on the intense looks between Mira and Icy. "You shouldn't have picked followers that have a familial connection to your targets."
"If I'd known, I wouldn't have," Doom sighed. "Still, the Trix are of some use, even if for later."
The two witches continued to watch the fight.

After teleporting, the group collapsed in Pixie Village. Several pixies jumped at the sight of them, and looked suspicious. Because these pixies didn't know about the switch, the group did rather look like a bunch of strangers.
Luckily, Concorda flew up and immediately recognized them. "Girls?? What happened?"
"The Trix cast the Pixie Spell on us," Digit explained. "We got all switched up between pixie and fairy!"
Discorda came up, and grimly said, "That is certainly troublesome." She turned to the other pixies and shouted, "Pixies! These are the Winx and their bonded pixies! They've just been put under the Pixie Spell!"
With her words, pixies all gasped in realization and became significantly warmer to the group. Concorda and Discorda were joined by Athena, who noted, "Oh dear, it seems that the boy fairy and his friends are under the spell's effects as well." She flew down to him and helped him stand. "Let's get you all some tea with honey, it should help."
"Tea with honey sounds amazing!" Amore gasped.
Looking up solemnly, Discorda said, "Sorry, Amore, but you all are too large to fit inside."
All of the pixies looked aghast, and after a moment, Amore slumped and sat down next to the Tree of Life. Seeing her like this, Stella said, "You can have mine!"
Amore shook her head, "No, it's fine. I hope this Pixie Spell wears off, though."
The pixies and fairies looked at her sadly, before the guardian fairies led the fairies into one of the cabins. Sitting around a table, Bloom asked, "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you three doing in Pixie Village?"
"The Codex is not in immediate danger," Concorda explained. "Because Ninfea has been gone for so long, it's our responsibility to protect Pixie Village in her place."
Volt looked down sadly, still upset that he hadn't been able to prevent Ninfea's transformation into the Yellow Wraith. Seeing this, Athena said, "Volt, it's not your fault what happened. You did your best to protect Pixie Village, and that's all Ninfea would ever ask of you."
Bloom patted Volt's shoulder, and Tecna asked, "Do you know anything about the Pixie Spell? Is it permanent?"
The three pixies all sighed, and Discorda said, "We know and fear the Pixie Spell, as many fairies and pixies should. Even the Alfea Champions feared the spell's power, which is what led them to refuse bonding with pixies."
"That actually makes a lot of sense," Aisha said. "Because the Pixie Spell only works when a fairy is bonded to a pixie, right?"
"Yes. The spell requires the darkest magic possible to cast, but, fortunately, it is temporary," Concorda said. "The only fairy that it was successfully cast on was a fairy of the dragon's flame. The Ancestral Witches thought they could steal it more easily from a little pixie. She was stuck in that form for three days, constantly trying to evade them."
"Three days…" Tecna said thoughtfully. "If we go by that scale of time, this spell can only last on us for eight hours." After some quick calculations, she concluded, "that means we have until sunset before the spell wears off."
"How much longer will that be, do you think?" Musa asked. "Being this small has really lost its charm."
"It's been about five hours, so three more," Tecna calculated. "Then the pixies and we should switch back."
"Can we hide from the Trix that long?" Ella asked worriedly. "They already know where Pixie Village is. They've attacked it twice now!"
As Bloom opened her mouth to say something, there was a flash of yellow light, a loud "boom!" And then the shouts of scared pixies. The fairies and guardian pixies flew outside to see a crater with a glowing yellow jewel hovering above it.
Everyone immediately recognized what it was, especially as the Yellow Wraith took on the shadowy visage of Ninfea. "I have to say, she's MUCH more intimidating when we're pixie-sized," Christa admitted.
Before anyone could respond, the Yellow Wraith silently flew forward and hit the group with powerful yellow magic. The fairies were thrown to all sides, unable to fight against it.
"Hey!" Chatta shouted. She summoned some magic and blasted it at the Yellow Wraith; however it seemed to have little to no effect. Of course, she wasn't a Fantasmix fairy.
The other pixies joined in, trying to converge their magic to damage or at least stop the Wraith. The Wraith, though, focused on the fairies, unaffected by the pixies. She combined magic and physical moves to beat up the small fairies, but using their own powers they could lessen the damage to a degree.
Flora summoned magical vines to entangle the Wraith, and they died on contact. Because they were thorn vines, the Wraith was at least temporarily stuck.
"Let's go!" Volt shouted worriedly. The fairies joined their pixies and the group flew off.
While flying, Bloom commented, "we can't go back to Alfea, and now Pixie Village isn't safe! Isn't there anywhere we can go??"
Volt thought for a moment, and gasped. "Lake Roccaluce!" He picked up speed and flew surprisingly fast enough to stay ahead of the group.
After a rather long flight, the group came to the shore of lake Roccaluce. There were still two and a half hours to kill before the spell would finally wear off, but still no one felt safe.
Volt sat on a rock and dipped his feet into the water; his magic and water didn't mix well, but he'd been hoping that with his improved Illumix powers, that mix wouldn't be an issue.
Luckily enough, this seemed to apply to being a pixie as well. There was a tiny bit of static electricity, but it was so weak that it only tingled a bit. Volt kicked his legs, splashing the water. He was so small that the surface tension was making it a lot harder to do.
Eventually he gave up and sighed, and Ella came next to him. "Not the really the day we had planned, is it?" She asked.
"Hardly. I was hoping to actually swim; I feel like if I try when I'm this small I'd drown." He pulled his knees to his chest and added, "Musa's right, being a pixie gets old really fast."
"Honestly, that's how I feel about being a fairy," Polaris commented, standing in the water next to the rock. "When my powers were weaker, I felt more in control. Now it feels like I'm going to blast magic at any second."
Lockette, who was nearby, added, "And trying to use the full extent of my fairy powers is exhausting."
"There's not too much time left," Tecna assured. "Before much longer, we'll--" she was interrupted by a gale of wind that scattered the fairies in all directions.
"Well, well, well," Icy taunted. "It looks like the Vacuums still work as well as ever." The three jewels were glowing in their triangular formation.
At the same time, the glowing gem of the Yellow Wraith came into view, before she took on her form. Noticing her, Icy commented, "and it looks like Doom sent us a little help, too."
"What did you do with Mira and the boys!?" Aisha demanded.
"Don't worry, I didn't hurt them," Icy laughed. She landed on the surface of the water, which immediately froze over.
"They're just having a nice long nap," Darcy continued, as she landed next to Icy.
"Besides, they wouldn't summon the Luminous Jewels for us," Stormy finished, landing on Icy's other side.
Suddenly, Ella popped up and shouted, “Volt’s under the water!” She was in a full panic mode, trying to break the ice as hard as she could.
With a sudden shriek, Icy stomped on the ice, breaking it up. Darcy put her hinges on her temples, and Volt was lifted from the water, completely unconscious from cold and the water. He floated into Icy’s hands and Stormy began rubbing her index fingers like a defibrillator.
She pressed them against Volt's chest and his body seemed to jump up. He stirred a bit, and slowly grabbed onto Icy's finger. Everyone paused...until he clenched his grip and shocked her.
Stormy yelped and jumped back, and Volt took the opportunity to fly from Icy's hands and straight to Rhea, who immediately hugged him. "You little brat!" Stormy yelled.
Icy put up a hand to quiet her down, while holding out the other. "Give us the Jewels, Volt, and we'll leave you and your friends alone."
"Doom's trying to use the Jewel to absorb the Winx!" Volt shouted.
"I said your friends, not the Winx," Icy drily stated. "I don't want to have to fight you."
"Then don't!" Volt said. "Just go back to the Cursed Dimension."
"You know we can't do that. Not without the Jewels." She summoned ice shards and fired them at the group. They seemed to fly around Volt and Rhea, but hit everyone else.
With shouts, the fairies and pixies surged forward, summoning their respective magics. The Trix' eyes widened in alarm, especially as Rhea flew away from them and to the Yellow Wraith. "Ninfea, if you're still in there…" she said, holding up her mirror.
The Yellow Wraith looked at her reflection and stared at it, completely transfixed. In a flash of yellow light, the Wraith was gone, and Ninfea was back to her normal self. She promptly fell unconscious, however, and Rhea had to catch her.
Right after, the sun began to set. All of the fairies' and pixies' bodys began glowing, and in bursts of sparkles, the fairies turned back into fairies, and the pixies turned back into pixies.
Backing away, Icy said, "Time to go."
Stormy protested, "But--"
"TIME. To go," Icy reiterated. The Trix held up their Wraithix and summoned the portals back to the Cursed Dimension. As Volt watched, he could have sworn Icy had a relieved smile on her face.
When the Trix were gone, the fairies and pixies quickly celebrated before flying back to Alfea to check on Mira's group. Luckily they were waking up now, mostly unharmed. Volt and Mira shared a hug, equally relieved to see each other back to normal.
Orbo commented, "Aw, I was hoping you'd be a pixie a little while longer." He fake pouted before saying, "At least I got pictures!" He laughed and ran off as Volt irately chased him.
As the two of them ran around, Psyche and Trixie popped in, dressed in outdoorsy clothes and holding a picnic basket. Looking around, Psyche asked, "So, what'd we miss?"

Back in the Cursed Dimension, the Trix shamefully bowed their heads while they met with Doom. "Not only did we not acquire the Luminous Jewels, but due to the mirror pixie having fairy powers, we lost the Yellow Wraith." She sighed, rubbing her temples.
"I apologize on behalf of us all," Icy said, stepping forward. "I was sure we could intimidate them into giving us the jewels."
"That only works if you're intimidating," Doom said. "The Wraith was scarier than you three, and not even half your size! Icy, you in particular. Your protectiveness of that cousin is getting in the way of your mission."
"Next time, we'll--"
"Next time, I'm sending one of the Jinx. You three will stay here unless they need your assistance." Doom began looking through paperwork. "Now, I have a school to run, and an upcoming appointment. You're dismissed."
The Trix walked out, and in a silent cloud of green smoke, Susha appeared. "You're next, my friend," Doom said. "Where am I sending you?"

Chapter Text

Doom was not happy with the Trix, and she made it very clear. She didn't outright curse or threaten them, but there was a cold air when she talked to them--if she talked to them at all. It was kind of scary, especially after how she'd started warming up to them.
This didn’t seem to affect the other Jinx, who all treated the Trix fairly the same. It was getting kind of boring just hanging around Omegea, so the Trix decided to confront Doom about it. When they walked in her office, she didn’t react much to them. Clearing her throat, Icy said, “We want to leave Omegea.”
“Where will you go?” Doom asked. “Cursix?”
“The Magic Dimension, we want another chance,” Icy continued.
“No,” Doom firmly rebuffed. “You had your chance. Shusha is now on assignment. I said I'd give you all a chance to steal the Jewels. It wouldn't be fair to the others if I gave you two, now, would it?" She signed a paper, and then looked up. "Look, I have a school and a universe to run. You can explore the Cursed Dimension as much as you want, except for Sky Spire, the fairy school. And don't go to the Magic Dimension without my permission."
"Why do you have to run the school?" Stormy asked. "What about this dimension's version of Faragonda?"
"Witchhazel? Retired," Doom replied.
"Huh, you'd think she'd still be in school," Darcy said. "The fairy version just won't stop."
"She didn't retire herself; I retired her," Doom explained, before looking up. "So, do you still have business or are we done here?"
"You said Shusha is on assignment?" Icy asked.
"Yes. She's our stealthiest witch. Now get out of my office and go shopping or something," Doom commented, waving the Trix off. The Trix shuffled off out of the office, and Doom sighed, "what am I going to do with those three?"

It was midterms at Alfea, and everyone was on edge--especially Volt, but that wasn't anything new. "Volt, what will you be doing in the simulator today?" Palladium asked.
"Um, I'm going to try to bring life to a desolate planet," Volt said, his knees shaking a little.
Patting his back, Ella whispered, "Volt, you've got this! You're an Illumix fairy and you've been studying!"
Volt nodded, and stepped into the simulator. His test went mostly alright, sowing seeds and using static electricity to gather clouds. However, when he fired a bolt of lightning to start the rain, it seemed to fry the simulator and the simulation dissolved.
"Sorry!" Volt gasped.
"No issues, Volt, it's an easy fix," Palladium assured. "You were trying to start the rain, correct?"
"Yessir," Volt said. "I was trying to get a water cycle started for the plants."
"Interesting, mind explaining that a bit?"
"Sure! The planet had enough water for me to make the storm and everything. If I can get to rain in a semi-consistent cycle, it would provide the plants with a steady source of water," Volt explained. "That way the life I bring can be sustained."
"Very impressive forethought, Volt," Palladium said. "A+!"
Volt sighed in relief, and promptly collapsed onto the bleachers when he left the simulator. His friends immediately flocked him and gave him a big group hug. Walking in, Stella saw the group and asked, "Celebrating something?"
Volt smiled proudly. "I got an A+ on my simulator exam!"
"Good job!" Stella congratulated. "By the way, your sisters are waiting for you in the courtyard."
"Oh!" Volt happily gasped. He jumped up, and Stella walked with him and his friends through the school halls.
"I had to take my simulator exam twice," Stella giggled. "I had a long night beforehand and I actually fell asleep."
Ella laughed and said, "I bet that was interesting."
"Let's just say I turned a desert into a jungle," Stella laughed.
"I accidentally fried the simulator," Volt admitted embarrassedly, "but Palladium gave me credit for what I was trying to do."
"And now we have like, two weeks of free time before classes start again!" Christa said.
They walked outside, and Volt walked up and hugged his sisters. "How did it go?" Mira asked.
"I passed," Volt said.
"I told you!" Psyche said, playfully elbowing him. "You're the biggest bookworm in Minerva!"
Volt added, "I also short-circuited the simulator."
Both Mira and Psyche paused for a moment, and then they both began wildly laughing. "Only you, Volt," Psyche said. "Only you."
When they'd calmed down, Mira said, "Orbo's doing the midterm for his class, but he says he loves you and can't wait to see you."
"Aww," the girls cooed, making Volt blush.
To change the subject, Volt asked, "Now that we're out of class, what do you guys want to do?"
Roxy suggested, "We could go to Gardenia and visit the Frutti Music Bar. I bet my parents would be happy to see you guys."
"Ooo yeah!" Christa said. "I've been wanting to visit earth for a while now!"
"Me too!" Liz agreed.
Volt looked at Ella and his sisters and asked, "What say you?"
"Sounds fun!" Psyche said. "I've been wanting to see more of earth!"
"I'm definitely curious after visiting the North Pole," Mira agreed.
"Same!" Ella said.
"Well then, let's go to earth!" Volt announced. The girls all cheered excitedly, with Stella giggling.

On top of a skyscraper, at the top of the antenna on the roof, Shusha stood still, her robes blowing in the wind. She looked down at the noisy city below her. It was chaotic and loud, and even crashed against her noise-proof mask.
This was to claim the Luminous Jewels for Doom, but Shusha couls have some fun and make this city much more bearable.
She flipped from atop the antenna and spun through the air, before vanishing in a puff of green smoke.
Shusha appeared in an alleyway; fortunately it was more quiet than the rest of the city, but that wasn't saying much. There was a loud concert nearby, and it was driving her nuts.
As quiet and calm as a ninja, Shusha floated to the edge of the alley to locate the source of the noise; there was an outdoor pavilion where a band was playing for a screaming crowd.
Shusha silently stared at the concert, the noise growing louder and louder as it continued. She decided to start there.
Dark energy grew around Shusha, gathering around her hand. She curled her hand into a fist, extending one finger. Pulling down her mask, Shusha pressed her index finger against her lips. She blowed silently, and a plume of green mist billowed outwards, washing over the entire concert.
No one seemed to notice, until the music stopped. Everyone looked to see that the band was still playing, but not a single note could be heard. After a moment, everyone realized that they couldn't speak. People began panicking, silently screaming and running around.
Shusha stepped back into the shadows, vanishing once again.

The Illuminates and their friends were teleported right outside of the Frutti Music Bar. Volt, Mira, Psyche, and Ella looked around in awe. "So this is earth?" Volt asked. "It's so cool!"
Roxy laughed. "You bet! Come on, I want to introduce you to my parents." She led her friends inside. It was pretty calm, not very busy, and they saw a man at the bar on his phone while a woman sat across from him.
With a groan, the man said, "Great, Andy's band won't make it." He put his phone down and questioned, "who will we have play tonight?"
The woman put her hand on his and said, "Don't worry, dear. I'm sure you'll find someone." Noticing the teens, she turned and smiled, saying, "Roxy!" She got up and hugged Roxy.
"Mom, these are my friends from Magix: Volt, Christa, Ella, Liz, Mira, and Psyche. Guys, this is my mom, Morgana." She gestured to the others, who waved.
Morgana smiled kindly at the kids. "Mira, Volt, and Psyche, the royal siblings from Minerva, correct?"
"Yes ma'am," Volt said.
"Roxy's told me a lot about you three. I'm glad she has such kind friends." Morgana complimented.
"Over here is my dad, Klaus," Roxy continued. She walked up and asked, "so why can't Andy play tonight?"
Klaus sighed. "He says that his band all lost their voices, and that their instruments all stopped working at once. He mentioned a green mist but it all seems a little convenient to me."
"I don't think he'd make excuses, Andy loves performing here," Roxy said. "If you want, I could call the Winx and see if they want to jump in instead."
"I'll try to see if I can get Andy here, if not then yeah," Klaus said, kissing her forehead.
"Okay, well my friends and I are going to the beach!" Roxy said. She led the others from the bar, onto the sand.
"Wow! It's gorgeous!" Psyche laughed, spinning around with her hands in the air.
"Too bad we don't have swimsuits," Volt lamented. "I would love to take a swim."
"Ah! Leave that to me!" Christa announced. She snapped her fingers and a swimsuit manifested for each of them, with a speedo for Volt.
Looking at the speedo, Volt commented, "Um, Christa…?"
"Oh come on you look fabulous!" Christa said, before giggling and snapping her fingers again, giving him swim trunks.
"Yay!" Psyche laughed. She summoned a volleyball, while Volt summoned a net from two bolts of lightning. The group started a game: Volt, Ella, and Christa vs Psyche, Roxy, and Liz, with Mira as the referee.
They had fun, just volleying back and forth in the sand, until they grew too hot. Volt then shouted, "Last one to the water is Weezeldorf food!" And they all laughed and ran into the tide; excluding Psyche, that is.
"Psyche, come swim with us!!" Ella encouraged.
"No thanks, I'm good!" Psyche politely declined.
Volt explained, "Psyche can see and feel ghosts in the water, and since she attracts spirits, she's had several less-than-pleasant experiences swimming."
Mira added, "She's usually okay in a swimming pool, but she says that drowned spirits are the most vengeful of all."
"Aw, poor thing," Ella pouted. She then shouted, "Psyche! Make sure you use sunscreen!"
Psyche laughed and gave a thumbs-up. While standing there, a woman tapped on her shoulder; she turned to see a woman in her thirties, holding a camera. "You're such a pretty girl with lovely white hair, can I take your picture?"
"Ooh, let me get my siblings," Psyche said. She shouted, "VOLT!! MIRA!! COME OVER HERE!"
Volt and Mira swam out, a stood on either side of Psyche. "She wants to take our picture!" Psyche said.
"Oh!" Volt and Mira both gasped. Volt took on an overly-dramatic flexing pose, while Mira winked and kicked her leg up behind her, and Psyche blew a kiss to the camera. The woman took the picture, and the three of them stood together, laughing. The woman snapped another picture and asked, "Where can I send these to you?"
Volt gave her his email, then thanked her as he and Mira ran back into the water. Volt and the other girls played in the water, laughing without a care in the world.

Back at Alfea, after the exams were done for all of their classes, the Winx came together. "So what should we do?" Bloom asked.
"The Illuminates and their friends went to the Frutti Music Bar, maybe we could surprise them," Stella suggested.
"That might not be a great idea," Aisha commented. "I know we're supposed to protect the triplets, but they deserve to have some time off from us as well as class."
Suddenly, Musa stiffened, like she suddenly had been paralyzed. They saw her shiver, then look up in shock. "What the?" She asked.
"Musa, what's wrong?" Flora asked in concern.
"I just had the weirdest a hundred voices were suddenly silenced," Musa said.
"...You've been watching Star Wars, haven't you?" Bloom asked.
"No!" Musa said. "...maybe. But I'm serious. It's like when I was fighting Shusha back in the Cursed Dimension."
The other Winx looked at her with varying degrees of alarm and disbelief. The mention of Shusha, even just the Cursed Dimension itself, was enough to put them on edge.
"It's gone now," Musa said with a sigh. "But that was just awful…"
Stella patted her shoulder. "Maybe you're just stressed from all that we've been dealing with this school year. Why don't we all have a girls' day in Magix City?"
At that moment, there was a burst of smoke and confetti, and Trixie as well as Angelo, Diablo, and Orbo appeared. "Oh hey!" Trixie said.
"Hey guys," Bloom said, hugging her cousins. "What's up?"
"We're trying to get to earth," Angelo explained. "The triplets texted us that they were hanging out there."
"I think they just wanted a day with their friends," Stella said, "Not their SOs."
Orbo gasped. "Is Volt mad at me? Did I do something wrong?" His eyes began tearing up with worry.
Aisha giggled and gave Orbo a reassuring hug. "Don't worry, bud. I think the triplets just need a break right now. Especially Volt."
"Why don't you guys hang out with us? I'm sure we can all have fun," Stella suggested.
"It would be a good chance for bonding," Tecna added.
Diablo crossed his arms and said, "I'm not sure how I feel hanging around a bunch of teachers."
Bloom got an irritated grin and pulled on Diablo's ear. "Well, you'll be hanging out with your cousin, so deal with it."
"Ow! You know I'm technically older than you, right?" Diablo asked, pulling out of Bloom's grip. "I was thirteen when you were born."
"Yeah, but then you were frozen for eighteen years, so it doesn't count!" Bloom argued. The two of them growled and glared at each other, before Angelo interjected himself and pushed them apart.
"Diablo, if Mira wanted us to come she would have invited us. And how long has it been since we were able to hang out with Bloom and Daphne?" Angelo asked.
Diablo sighed and relented, "Okay, fine."
"Great!" Bloom said. "Let's go!" The group left Alfea and headed to Magix.

It was almost too easy; Shusha was an expert at silently creeping through the shadows, going unnoticed until her green mist silenced whatever was nearby.
So far, no one had noticed her, and as far as the people knew this epidemic of silencing green mist was a bizarre coincidence. However, Shusha knew that she eventually had to stop messing around and get the Jewels. She had chosen to come to earth because Doom had told her that three of the fairies that the lightning boy was friends with came from this world.
Shusha stopped in an alleyway and closed her eyes. She took off the headphones of her mask and began listening. In the distance, she heard a few familiar voices: the Illuminates.
Shusha readjusted her mask to block out the noise again, and vanished in green smoke towards where she'd heard them.

After playing on the beach for a while, the kids went to the bar for lunch. Klaus offered a free meal to Roxy's friends, but the triplets insisted on paying, using a few golden Minervan coins. They ate happily, and Liz said, "This was a great idea for the first day of break!"
"It really is," Volt said, patting Roxy's back. "I've been dying to visit a beach for so long. Thanks, Roxy."
"I'm glad you all are enjoying it," Roxy said. "You think you'd like to visit earth again sometime?"
"Probably, if our parents let us," Mira said. "It's nice that we get to visit worlds outside of Minerva and Magix."
They all laughed and talked, when suddenly a group of young adults ran in. They immediately ran up to Klaus looking panicked. He was surprised but asked, "Can I help you?"
The group all began gesturing wildly, like they were trying to talk but the sound wasn't coming out. As the friends watched them in surprise, the Luminous Jewels appeared in a flash of light. Abigail's image appeared, and she said, "I apologize for not detecting it sooner, but there is a dark power near to where you are; it seems to be removing any sounds it comes across."
One of the kids watched in surprise, then wildly pointed at her. Realizing what he meant, Mira said, "I think that's what happened to them!"
The young man nodded, still looking panicked. Klaus asked, "Well, why didn't you say so?"
With an irate look, the young man mouthed out words silently. As the man silently scolded Klaus, the group of friends ran out of the Frutti Music Bar.
The sky was overcast, and there was a lingering green mist. "Be careful," Volt said. "I have a suspicion of what this is."
Mira took in a deep breath, and blew a wind to clear as much of the mist as she could. When they had a decent path, she whispered, "Be as quiet as you can."
"Why?" Liz asked in a hushed whisper.
"If it's who we think it is…" Psyche started.
"We're in a lot of trouble if we make a lot of noise," Volt finished. They continued walking silently, looking for any sign of the witch.
In the back of the pack, Christa held her shoulders nervously. The beach was empty of people, but all of their stuff was left. It gave a cold, ghostly feeling that crawled under her skin. Suddenly, she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She froze, and slowly turned to see a light-haired woman in green robes, with a scary gold mask. Christa began to shriek, but the woman swiped her hand in front of Christa's face, and her voice...stopped.
The others noticed and turned to see the now white-faced Christa faint, with the witch floating and facing them. Without a word, Volt and Mira ran forward, grabbed Christa, and carried her as the group ran. "Who is that!?" Liz asked. "She looked like Musa!"
"That's Shusha, Musa's opposite counterpart from the Cursed Dimension," Mira grimly explained. "She's the Witch of Silence, and hates all noise."
"Why is she after us!?" Roxy said. "We're not with Musa, and we're not in Alfea!"
"I'm guessing Doom sent her to steal the Luminous Jewels," Volt said. "I bet that's why that band lost their voices and their instruments."
"Is there any way to beat her?" Ella asked.
"We have no idea," Psyche said. "Only Musa has gone up against her so far." They continued running, until Shusha appeared right in front of them.
In a hushed whisper, Volt told Roxy, "Run, and text the Winx that Shusha is here!" He and Mira gently put Christa down, and the group took on their magical forms.
As the others prepared their magic to confront Shusha, and Shusha summoned her own dark power in return, Roxy flew off. She didn't head right back to the Frutti Music Bar, but instead tried to find somewhere she couldn't easily be found. In her rush, though, she ended up flying through the green mist, and suddenly everything about her was silent. When she got to her safe spot, a good distance away from Shusha, Roxy pulled out her phone and typed up a message.

It was really neat, hanging out with the Trixie and the boys. They hadn't had much interaction without the Illuminates around, so it was cool getting to know them. After a while, they were sitting at a boba shop sipping their drinks, while Trixie ate a banana split she'd ordered.
"You still sad Volt didn't invite you?" Aisha asked.
Orbo sighed. "A little," he admitted. "Especially after the fiasco on Minerva, I thought that he'd want to spend as much time together as possible."
"Come on, Orbo, you know he's thrilled to have you close. He calls you every morning just to say he loves you," Flora said. "He just hasn't had much time to have fun with just his friends and his sisters."
"I guess," Orbo agreed. "I hope they're having a good time."
"I'm sure they are," Bloom said, pulling out her phone as it buzzed. She opened the message and then said, "...or maybe not."
She flipped the phone around, revealing a message from Roxy that read, "Shusha is in Gardenia!!"
"Oh geez I should have known that feeling was correct!" Musa said, standinf up. "We have to get to Gardenia now!"
"Wait, who's Shusha?" Diablo asked. "Have we faced her before?"
"You haven't, she's from the Cursed Dimension, like Doom," Musa said. "She's my opposite, the Witch of Silence."
"Doom must have sent her after the Luminous Jewels, like she did with the Trix!" Bloom said. "C'mon, we have to help them!" The group got up and ran to a nearby transporter.
The transport was fast, and they found themselves in the now eerily quiet Gardenia. Musa looked around and said, "I don't like this. The silence is deafening."
Tecna knelt down and analyzed the green mist wafting in front of them. "This magic signature matches Shusha. This must be what is causing all of the silence. In other words, try not to touch it.”
“Let’s transform and keep above the mist,” Bloom said. The Winx transformed into their Fantasmix and flew above the mist. Trixie transformed into her witch robes and joined the fairies in the air. On the ground, Orbo created a purple morphix bubble to protect him and the twins from the mist.
The Winx and Trixie stayed in the air, but close to the boys so they wouldn't be separated. Musa followed the unnerving silence, and she realized that she could just outright sense Shusha from her lack of sound.
Before long they came to the Frutti Music Bar, which was crowded with people. Everyone was silent, even Roxy, Klaus, and Morgana who they noticed. "Roxy!" Bloom called. Roxy looked up and waved, but didn't say anything.
The Winx had to fly above the crowd a bit, but they managed to get to the family. "Did Shusha hurt you?" Musa asked.
Roxy gave a so-so gesture, and then began clapping her hands together. Despite her hands hitting each other, no sound was made. "Oh," Musa said. "Don't worry, we'll get all of the sounds back."
Roxy nodded and gave a thumbs up, before pointing. "Is that where Shusha is?" Bloom asked. Roxy nodded again.
"Okay," Bloom said. "Thanks, Roxy. Stay safe!" The Winx flew out of the bar and joined the boys and Trixie. "Roxy says that Shusha is that way," Bloom said.
"Okay, we're right behind you," Orbo assured. The group moved down the beach, and as they did they began seeing flashes of light.
They picked up speed, and saw Volt, Mira, and Psyche all trying to fight Shusha at once. Shusha was throwing green spells at the triplets, and the triplets fired back in return. Despite the intensity of the battle, it was completely silent.
Under the effects of Shusha's silence, the triplets' spells weren't as effective, because they couldn't say them aloud. The other fairies were on the ground, tending to Christa and keeping any spells from hitting her.
As soon as they were close, Shusha stopped. The triplets tried to use this to get in a surprise attack, but she swiped her hand and hit them with a wall of silence that knocked them back.
The triplets hit the ground, all of them knocked out of their respective transformations. Now that the triplets were out of commission, Shusha turned her full focus on the remaining group. Before anyone could move, she vanished in a puff of green smoke.
Suddenly Stella was hit from behind, as Shusha suddenly appeared and attacked her. She then disappeared and reappeared behind Aisha, as if trying to feel for the Jewels. Aisha whipped around and tried to use her Morpix, but Shusha just dissolved in a burst of silence.
"Orchestral Wave!" Musa shouted, sending a sound wave at Shusha. Shusha didn't bother dodging, and instead hit Musa's magic with her own.
Trixie tried to hit her with a surprise firecracker, but Shusha effortlessly deflected it. Her powers seemed much more intense now than when Musa had faced her back at Omegea. Then she realized; back then they'd been amidst a noisy battle. Now there was a near-perfect silence. If her powers relied on silence, then of course she'd be more powerful.
"Burning Heart!" Bloom shouted, firing a heart-shaped flame at Shusha. As Shusha got ready to deflect, Musa inhaled and screamed as loudly as she could. Shusha flinched and her barrier dissipated, leaving her to be hit by Bloom's spell.
When she was hit, a bit of light came off of her and hit Volt, who coughed--audibly--before sitting up and going, "Wait, what?"
Shusha glared coldly at Musa, but Musa just matched it, clenching her fists. Shusha flew at Musa, and Musa summoned glowing music notes around her. Musa thrust her hands forward, shooting the music notes at Shusha. Shusha teleported to dodge, but mistakenly appeared in front of one. When she was hit again, more lights fell off of her and scattered, bringing more sounds back.
While Shusha tried to reorient herself, Musa gently touched her Fantasmix Stone and began singing. It was a soft, wordless melody, but it carried outwards, bringing energy to her friends. Volt and his group got up and transformed again, and the sky began clearing up as seagulls began squawking.
In a mad attempt to steal the Jewels, Shusha wildly lunged at Volt, trying to snatch the jewel from his chest. Before she could reach it, he grabbed her by her wrists and shocked her. Shusha pulled out of Volt's grasp, and looked around. Musa's song was spreading further, bring back even more of the sounds that Shusha had removed.
When Musa stopped, Shusha glared at her again. Silently but angrily, Shusha drew a line across her throat, before vanishing in green smoke again. Musa shivered and commented, "Well, I'm glad that's over. For now at least."
"Yeah, but I'm worried," Aisha said. "If Shusha is that powerful on her own, what will the other Jinx be able to do?"
There was a moment of silence before Volt floated down onto the sand and transformed back to normal--with Orbo goggling his swimsuit. "Let's not worry about that now, and get back to our beach day!" He kissed Orbo's cheek and said, "I'm glad you could make it, I was worried you were too busy."
"I'm never too busy for you, babe," Orbo said, before pulling Volt up into a kiss.
"Guys!!" Roxy shouted as she happily ran up, hugging her friends. "Oh my gosh, I was so worried! I'm so glad you're okay!!"
"Of course!" Volt laughed as he hugged her back. "What'd you expect?"
Everyone landed and transformed into different swimsuits. "You know, a beach day sounds wonderful," Musa said. "Quite literally."
They all laughed at her joke, and continued to play on the beach.

Shusha floated through the portal into Doom's office, transforming into her civilian clothes before hanging her head in shame. "Didn't get the Jewels, did you?" Doom asked calmly.
Silently, Shusha shook her head no. Doom said, "Well, it was a good effort. If it wasn't for the Winx showing up, I'm sure you would have gotten it. Take a break, you deserve it."
Without a word, Shusha bowed and teleported from the room. Doom pulled out a chart and marked it; three attempts so far, and five more to go. "Let's see if Kierra has better luck," she said thoughtfully, circling Kierra's name.

Chapter Text

"Hey, I was thinking," Ella said to Volt as they sat in the Alfea courtyard. The both of them had gotten flurries from an ice cream stand in Magix, and were sitting by the well eating them.
"That's dangerous," Volt said, before laughing as Ella hit him. "What were you thinking about?"
"Well, we've been to earth, right? We have enough time during break to go to each of our homeworlds. Koyu for me, Whimsii for Trixie, Domino for the twins, and Minerva for you, Orbo, and your sisters. We can show everyone around the kingdoms. It'd be fun, don't you think?"
"Oh yeah! Psyche and Mira would love that! And I think Orbo would be onboard with it too," Volt agreed. "Where do you think we should go next?"
"How about Koyu?" Ella suggested. "My home planet is pretty dark year round, but it'd be fun to have everyone visit." She blushed a bit and said, "I've been wanting to take Christa there for a while too."
"How's that going?" Volt asked. "I mean, you two seem happy together."
"Really good," Ella said. "She makes me really happy, like you and Orbo. I love having midnight snack runs with her."
Volt laughed, "I remember when you nearly gave us all a heart attack when you both were munching on Oreos."
The two friends laughed, and then Ella said, "You seem a lot happier and more confident now that Orbo's close by."
"Well...yeah," Volt said. "It was love at first sight for Orbo and me, and we've been dating for a few years now. I feel a lot happier and more at home knowing I can see him almost all the time. Don't get me wrong, of course, I've had an amazing time at Alfea with you all."
"I like Orbo, and I get it. You two are perfect for each other," Ella said. "Rumor has it that he's going to propose when you graduate."
"Rumor?" Volt asked. "He's flat-out told me plans to propose. And I've already told him I'll say yes."
"Awww you two are so cute!" Ella gushed, as Volt playfully pushed her away.
"Let's send out a group message," Volt suggested, "So everyone can see it." He typed up Ella's suggestion and sent it out, quickly receiving unanimous agreements in the replies. "Looks like everyone's on board!" He and Ella high-fived.

Kierra never came to Doom's office on her own, so Doom relented and went to find Kierra herself. She found Kierra sleeping on a couch in her "office", with her hand in a half-eaten bag of chips.
With a sigh, Doom gently poked Kierra with the tip of her finger, trying to touch her as little as possible. "Kierra, wake up," Doom said. Kierra snorted in her sleep a bit, and Doom poked her a bit more aggressively. "Kierra, it's time to get up!"
This witch could sleep through a hurricane, which Doom knew from personal experience. However, there were a few tricks. Doom knelt down by Kierra's ear and said, "They say the sun is never going to set in Magix again."
"Imup!" Kierra shouted, sitting up in alarm. She looked at Doom with half-asleep eyes and asked, "You were lying, weren't you?"
"Only way to wake you up," Doom justified. "I'm sending you after the Luminous Jewels. It's your turn."
Kierra groaned and laid her head on her pillow. "Why do we have to steal 'Luminous' Jewels? I don't wanna deal with any annoying light."
"Because the Luminous Jewels will let you finally be rid of all the light your dark heart desires," Doom said. "Besides, your powers of shadow should work well against the Winx."
For a moment, Kierra was motionleaa before grunting and getting up. "Okay, fine, but let me get ready." She stepped into the shadows and vanishsed.
Darcy was reading a dark spellbook in the library when she felt Kierra shake her shoulder. When Darcy looked up at her, Kierra asked, "You're a witch of darkness, right?"
"Yes," Darcy said, slightly confused.
"Fantastic," Kierra said in a flat voice. "Transform, you're helping me." She grabbed Darcy by her wrist and pulled her through the shadows, reappearing in Doom's office with both of them in their witch forms.
Seeing Darcy, Doom asked, "Getting some assistance, are we?"
"This is too much work to do on my own," Kierra replied, putting her hands on Doom's desk.
Doom shrugged and said, "Can't argue with that, I suppose." Darcy was pretty sure Doom had just insulted Kierra, but either Kierra didn't notice or didn't mind, because she fully didn't react.
"So where am I sending you?" Doom asked.
Turning to Darcy, Kierra asked, "One of the Illuminates' friends calls herself the 'Fairy of Night' right? Where is she from?"
"If I recall correctly, she's from Koyu," Darcy said. "I'm part Koyuvian myself, and it's supposed to be a thickly wooded planet that's very dark."
For a moment, Kierra smirked and scoffed. "Fairy of Night, huh? Well, I'll give her a night she never forgets."

When they learned of the kids' plans to visit different worlds, the Winx and Specialists immediately went to see Faragonda.
"I know we shouldn't stop them," Brandon said, "but they're focusing their efforts back on the Illuminates."
"I know I had said we should let them relax without us," Aisha said, "but that was before we knew Shusha had an attack going in Gardenia."
"I believe a few of you should chaperone," Faragonda suggested. "The kids are well aware of the threat, so I don't think they'd mind you coming along to protect them."
There was a knock on the door, and Volt came in. "Oh, good, you're all here," he sighed in relief. He came in almost sheepishly and asked, "If it's not too much trouble, could a few of you come along when we visit the different worlds? I'd feel safer, especially after the Shusha attack."
"Sure!" Bloom readily agreed. "Are your friends okay with that, too?"
"Yeah, we talked it over and the attack while we were on earth really shook us all up," Volt explained. "We're kind of nervous that another Jinx will pop up while we're visiting the different planets."
"That is understandable," Faragonda said, "especially when Doom seems to be focusing her efforts on you specifically."
Volt's face paled a bit, but he didn't say anything else. Seeing his nervousness, Bloom put her hand on his shoulder and assured, “Don’t worry, Volt. We’ll keep you safe.” She gaveVolt a quick hug before letting him go.
“I’ll go tell the others,” Volt said, running off.

Not much later, they were gathered outside. Unfortunately...not everyone was able to come along. According to Ella, the planet was pretty arid and flammable, so neither Aisha, Bloom, nor their respective cousins could tag along. Luckily enough, the triplets promised to take lots of pictures.
According to Ella, there weren’t any cell or power towers on Koyu, so technology was kind of weird. Tecna decided to stay behind for completely unrelated reasons. Brandon, Helia, and Mira would be manning the ship to fly to Koyu. It was Mira’s first time piloting so she was a bit nervous.
It was a good thing that she was a decent pilot--if somewhat jerky--pilot, and they made it with only minor nausea. The landing was a bit bumpy, but it was decent enough that they didn’t fly out of their seats. When they climbed out of the ship, Volt and Psyche dramatically held onto each other and gagged before grinning playfully at her.
As Mira began swatting her siblings as she chased them around, Ella smiled, clasped her hands together and sighed happily. “Oh, it’s so good to be home!” The friends looked around at droplet-shaped huts and luminescent fungi. They were resting on “branches” up above, with curious faces poking out. The group smiled and waved, but the people (mostly kids) ducked back inside of their houses.
Christa came up to Ella and said, "Your home world is as beautiful as you are." The two girls hugged as a man came up.
“Princess Ella,” he said, bowing. “Are these the friends you brought to visit?” He asked.
“Yes!” Ella said. “Adnan, these are my friends; Prince Volt, Princess Mira, and Princess Psyche of Minerva; Christa, Liz, and Roxy from Earth; Princess Trixie of Whimsii; and our teachers: Princess Stella of Solaria, Flora from Lynphea, and Musa from Melody; Brandon from Eraklyon and Helia from Lynphea.” Everyone waved at their introduction, and Adnan bowed respectfully to them all.
“Please follow me, everyone,” Adnan said. He led them through the village with more drop-shaped huts with people peeking out and watching them. Soon, they came up to the palace; it was a large drop shape, with two long branch-like structures extending in different directions. When they walked into the palace, Adnan led them to a room where he pulled out veils, handing them out to the group. They were different colors, seeming to correspond to what planet each of them was from.
“Aww you, look so cute!” Ella gushed, playfully flicking Christa’s bluish-green veil.
Mira crossed her arms irately and said, “Mine looks like a wedding veil for a princess.” Mira had never liked the idea of wearing a veil for her wedding, or in general.
“Aw, don’t be such a sourpuss,” Psyche teased. “We gotta respect Koyuvian traditions.” She was also wearing a white veil, as was Volt. Mira didn’t snark back at her, but huffed a bit, blowing at the veil in front of her face.
“C’mon, my parents will want to see you!” Ella said. She grabbed onto Volt and Christa by their wrists and pulled them through the palace into the throne room. The others ran quickly behind her, even though the adults were still getting their veils on.
The palace was large, with lines of wood on all of the walls. There were golden mushroom lights on the walls that gave a surprising amount of light, and there were several people that the kids ran past who bowed to Ella. When they got to the throne room doors, Ella kicked the door down and shouted, “I’m home!!” She ran up and gave her parents a hug.
King Kurt and Queen Akay laughed as they hugged her. Meanwhile, Prince Silver was nowhere to be seen. “Nice to see you all again,” King Kurt said to Ella’s friends after they let go of each other. “Welcome to Koyu!”
“Thanks, King Kurt,” Volt said politely. “And thank you for having us!”
“Of course, any friends of my daughter are welcome!” Kurt laughed.
For a moment, Mira was silent, and then asked, “What do you do when someone isn’t welcome?”
Kurt shrugged. “Some things are better left unsaid, my dear.”
After another moment of silence, Mira said, “That’s fair enough!”

The portal deposited Kierra on Koyu, like she’d asked, in a particularly dark part of the planet. A portal opened next to her, and Darcy floated through. Looking around, Darcy scoffed, “Ugh, Koyu. What a dump.” She looked around; there were some luminescent mushrooms, but no nearby buildings.
“So much darkness,” Kierra sighed, holding out her arms like she was basking in sunlight. She summoned a ball of darkness that grew bigger and bigger. She clapped her hands, popping the darkness bubble and putting out the glowing mushrooms around them. “I could do wonders with a world like this.”
“If it got any darker, it would extinguish all life on this planet,” Darcy said. “Isn’t there any light on your homeworld?” The question was kind of off-hand, and she was not expecting the intense answer.
“Only when I give permission,” Kierra said. “If there’s any light without my permission, then I condemn them to darkness for the rest of their life.” She looked Darcy in the eyes, and Darcy shivered at the cold, empty blue irises. Their eyes were locked for a moment before Kierra turned and sighed, saying, “Unfortunately, we have to get those Luminous Jewels for Doom.”
“How are you planning on doing that?” Darcy asked, half-sarcastically. Unlike Doom, Kierra didn’t seem much like the planning type.
“That’s what you’re here for,” Kierra said flatly. “We’re going to combine our powers and make a monster,” she explained. She held out her hand to Darcy, who reluctantly took it. When Darcy’s hand was in Kierra’s. Kierra gripped it tight, and her dark blue magic began mixing with Darcy’s purple magic.
As Kierra focused, Darcy felt Kierra’s magic overpowering her own. It didn’t quite hurt, but it was not pleasant. The dark blue and purple mixed into pitch-black energy with a glowing indigo aura. It twisted and morphed into a large, multi-legged gecko with glistening, iridescent black scales. It had eight fiery eyes made of dark energy, and crystalline spines of the same color running down its back. When it was formed, it clung to the branches vertical to the two witches and stared at them. Kierra let go of Darcy’s hand, and Darcy immediately collapsed from fatigue.
Silently, Kierra stared at their creation as Darcy struggled to stand back up. In the dim purplish light, Kierra’s face was ghostly and almost unreal with her wide, nearly manic grin. Darcy backed up a bit with a bit of fear when Kierra turned that grin towards her. “Ready to have some fun?”

After the adults finally caught up with the kids (they popped into say hi to Kurt and Akay), they gave everyone a big group hug. “So, ready to see Koyu?” Ella asked. “I want to show you all the sights!”
Suddenly, Volt shouted, “Wait a second!” He pulled a large, semi-rectangular, clear crystal. He held it up like a smartphone and said, “Flash!” The crystal flashed, and a holographic groupie of everyone in the hall appeared in the crystal. He tapped a symbol on the center, and the picture disappeared. “I brought a Photon Crystal to send quick pics to the others!”
"Oh, good idea, Volt!" Psyche said.
Looking at Ella, Volt asked, "It won't bother anyone, will it?"
"Hrm...maybe turn the flash down a bit," Ella said. "Bright lights aren't good for Koyuvian eyes."
"Got it," Volt said. He drew a line on the crystal. "Okay, ready!"
"Awesome! Let's go!" Ella said. Excitedly, the group ran outside.

With Ella leading the pack, they took an extravagant and beautiful tour of Koyu. It was like spelunking, and out of everyone Psyche was having the absolute best time doing it. Mira was holding up well enough, but she kept a slightly shaky grip on Volt and Christa.
Everywhere they stopped--a library, a cafe, and a very nice mall--Volt would take a picture. They came to a village that was a bit far off from where the palace was, in a particularly large and cavernous area. Mira quickly found a bench and collapsed into it, pretty worn out from shaking a lot.
"Princess Ella!" A few kids called as they flocked to her. They laughed and began playing around; now that they'd been there a good amount of time, the residents were a bit more open to the tourists.
"Whoa! I like your hair!" A little girl said, looking up at Volt.
With a chuckle, Volt knelt down and said, "I can do something fun with your hair, too. Let me see your hand." The girl held her hand out to Volt and he held it with both of his. He sent static electricity through his arms and through the girl’s. It wasn’t enough to hurt her, but it made her hair stand on end.
“That tickles!” The girl laughed, making Volt smile.
Watching the two of them, Trixie said, “Wow, that was like...instant!”
“Volt’s always had a way with kids,” Psyche explained.
Meanwhile, Christa was making rainbow-colored auroras that the kids watched with amazement. Luckily enough, Christa’s light magic was based more on color than the intensity of light, so she didn’t hurt any of the kids’ eyes.
Stella was standing with Musa and Flora on the side, looking a tad weak and pale. Seeing her, Brandon put his hands on her shoulders and asked, “Stella, are you doing okay?”
“Yeah, I’ll be okay,” Stella said. “Just feeling a bit weak.” She stepped off to the side where she couldn’t be seen by the Koyuvians, and created a bright enough light to recharge herself a bit. Luckily, her Illumix powers were enough to give her a decent amount of energy. When she was recuperated, she joined the others again.
Everyone was having a good time, when suddenly, there was a pulse and all of the luminous mushrooms flickered off. It was extremely dark, save for Volt, who had a faint, light blue glow, and Christa who was still making her Auroras. The kids flocked to Christa and Volt, scared of the sudden total darkness.
In the darkness, Stella sensed something; it was a strange, cold feeling that sent shivers down her spine and turned her stomach. It was horrible and bizarrely familiar, like something she’d felt before. In the distance, through the darkness, she saw several bluish-purple lights moving at a rapid pace towards them.
“Um, guys?” Stella said. “Something’s coming!”
Before the others could react, the strange purple lights were on top of them. The creature attached to these lights was huge, heavy, and very, very cold. It knocked Stella back with hat seemed to be its tail, and the cold feeling completely overtook her, making her collapse weakly. As Stella lost consciousness, she heard terrified screams and shouts.

Stella woke up in an infirmary, with Flora and Musa sitting on either side of her bed. “You’re awake!” Flora gasped as Stella sat up and rubbed her head. “How are you feeling?”
“Like all of the energy has been knocked from my body,” Stella said. It was much brighter in this room than anywhere else they’d been in Koyu. She looked up and saw that the golden mushroom lamps were glowing extremely bright.
“Ella made sure that the lights were turned up extra-bright to help you recover,” Musa explained. “We were so scared, you were so pale and you weren’t moving. Flora and I have been taking turns with the boys and the triplets watching over you.”
“How long have I been unconscious?” Stella asked.
Musa smiled calmly and said, “Just a few hours. That monster of darkness did a doozy on you.”
“What about Christa?” Stella asked worriedly. “She’s a light fairy, too.”
“Christa is from the North Pole, she’s used to darkness,” Flora assured her.
Musa asked, “Are you strong enough to climb out of bed?”
Stella did the same spell again to recover her strength, and climbed out of the bed. The three fairies walked out of the infirmary and through the palace to the throne room. Everyone was waiting for them there, and Brandon immediately gave Stella a big hug. “Thank goodness you’re okay!” He said with relief.
When he finally let Stella go, everyone grouped together in front of the thrones of the royals. Silver was still missing, which was a tad more concerning now that they knew about the shadow monster. “Is she here?” Abigail’s voice asked.
Stella turned to see Volt holding the Luminous Jewels, with the projection of Abigail. “Hello Stella,” Abigail greeted with a curtsey. “My apologies for being so late, the others have informed me that you’ve already had a run-in with the latest threat.”
“The shadow monster?” Stella asked.
Abigail nodded. “Its origins seem to be a mix of magic from our dimension and the Cursed Dimension,” she explained. “Sorry, by the time that I sensed it, it had already attacked you. I’m afraid Koyu makes some interference for me.” She bowed to the royals and said, “It is a lovely planet, though.”
“No worries,” Kurt assured Abigail. “Thank you for contacting us when you could.”
For a moment, Stella thought to herself, then said, “I think I know what it is!” When everyone turned to her, she explained, “When the monster attacked us, I got a cold, scary, familiar feeling. Musa, you remember that feeling you got when we faced Shusha on earth?”
“Yes, of course,” Musa said.
“That’s the feeling I got, and I think it’s the same feeling that Bloom gets when we face Doom. What I mean is that I think this monster was made by Kierra--and possibly Darcy, because the magic is more purple than Kierra’s blue magic,” Stella explained.
"That's...pretty sound logic," Mira said with a bit of surprise.
"Makes sense to me," Liz added.
"But if this is Kierra's attempt to steal the Luminous Jewels, why would she just send a giant monster at us and then...let us leave?" Musa asked.
"That's what I wanted to mention," Ella said. "After the monster attacked, several people...disappeared. I think Kierra is using the monster to take people." She looked at the thrones and added, "I'm worried that's what happened to Silver."

The monster came barrelling into the cavernous Void where Kierra and Darcy were waiting. It flew through the bars of the makeshift cage that the witches had made. After it passed through, the new captives collapsed, but were helped up by the others; namely, Prince Silver.
"Prince Silver, what's going on?" A young Koyuvian asked.
"Don't worry," Silver said. "They can't hold us forever." He gave a comforting smile as the young boy turned to his mom and held tightly onto her.
He turned and glared; it was much darker here than most of Koyu, but he could see the distinct figures of the witches who'd taken him and his people. "You're awful confident," Darcy said, smirking at him through the bars.
"The Winx and my sister are here on Koyu," Silver said defiantly. "And I can't wait for when they come to deal with you."
Darcy laughed. "Well, they'd better be ready to hand the Jewels over." She'd promised Icy not to hurt the Illuminates, but that Fairy of Night was open game.
"I think they're more than capable of handling a couple of cowards like you," Silver said.
With a growl, Darcy threw a magic spell at him, causing him to fly backwards and hit the ground. Stoically, Silver stood up and brushed himself off. When Darcy went to attack him again, Kierra grabbed her arm and stopped her. After a second of surprise and rage, Darcy calmed down.
Kierra floated up to the cage, looking at Silver disdainfully. "Your confidence annoys me. For a planet of darkness, it is far too friendly and cheerful here. Once I have a hold of Stella's power, the first thing I'll do is make this world a living nightmare for you and your sister." A dark force suddenly pulled Silver up to the cage bars. "You can count on it."
She magically dropped Silver, who glared at the two witches. With a wave of Kierra's hand, the shadow monster materialized behind her. Kierra put her hand on the monster's forehead, and magically commanded its next attack. With a roar, the monster flew off, leaving them all in the pitch blackness.
"Where is it attacking now?" Darcy asked.
"The palace. I figured our 'friends' could use some more incentive," Kierra explained. Darcy didn't say anything, but a seed of worry developed.

The feeling of Kierra was faint; so faint, in fact, that Stella couldn't pinpoint. Koyu was a large planet, and she didn't seem to be in the same city like Shusha had been.
After about a minute of focusing, Stella slouched from the effort. "Sorry, everyone. She feels pretty far off. I don't--" suddenly, the cold feeling hit her so hard she nearly fainted, collapsing into Brandon's arms.
There was a loud roar, and then the sounds of screaming. Stella quickly righted herself and the group ran outside of the palace; the monster from before was back, revealing its huge lizard-like form. It didn't knock the lights out immediately, but was clinging to the top of the palace.
"We have to stop it!" Ella shouted. "Let's go!!" She, Liz, and Christa transformed into their Enchantix, while Volt and the Winx transformed into their Illumix, and Rocy into her Believix.
Psyche and Trixie followed suit, transforming into their witch robes. Mira, Brandon, and Helia took charge of evacuating the Koyuvian citizens. "Fungal Frenzy!!" Flora shouted. Several mushrooms began whipping out and hitting the monster, making it roar in fury.
It opened its mouth, and fired a pitch-black beam of energy that Flora was barely able to dodge. The energy hit several of the glowing mushrooms, making them flicker off.
"Prismatic Flare!!" Christa shouted, firing a rainbow colored energy ball at the monster. It hissed and backed away from her.
"It's weak to light!" Musa realized. "Stella, Christa, hit it with everything you've got!!"
Stella and Christa nodded and flew together. "Light convergence!!" They shouted, "Radiant Aurora!" They fire a powerful, bright beam of light that burned the shadow monster, making it cry out in pain. This blast was enough to make it retreat, and it tried to crawl away.
"After it!" Liz shouted. The fairies and two witches began pursuing the monster as it scrambled through forests of branches.
It was fast, but the fairies were luckily fast enough to keep pace. Before too long, they came out in a large, empty, nearly pitch-black space. "We're in a void," Ella realized. "Be careful, it's a large, empty space. They could be anywhere."
Without warning, she was hit from behind with a scream. With a laugh, they heard Darcy say, "Or we could be right here!"
It was hard to see her, and Kierra was nowhere to be found. “Halo Light!” She created a bright ring of light that barely penetrated the darkness, but made the group more visible.
Out of nowhere, Kierra seemed to materialize behind Stella and growled, “So annoying,” before hitting Stella with a blast of pure shadow. Stella screamed in shock and a bit of pain from the spell, but she didn’t fall unconscious or drop her own spell. She spun around and fired a beam of light at Kierra.
With a twirl of her hand, Kierra spun into shadow and avoided being hit by the light. There was a growling noise and then they were hit by the shadow monster. It scattered them in different directions; Volt ended up colliding with something hard; he created a bluish light from a ball of electricity, and saw the cage filled with Koyuvians, including one he recognized. “Silver!”
“Volt!” Silver happily shouted. “I knew you’d come!” He ran up to the bars and asked, “Where’s Ella?”
“I’m not sure,” Volt admitted. “It’s hard to see here, and we’re getting attacked by a couple of witches with shadow powers.”
“The ones who took all of us,” Silver said in realization. “If you find her, will you tell her I’m here?”
“Of course. I even have an idea,” Volt said. He took the jewel pinned to his jacket and handed it to Silver. It didn’t take on the full Luminous Charm, but it did glow faintly in Silver’s hand. “We’ll make a flash of light when we win; use this to signal where you are.”
“Okay, good luck!” Silver encouraged. Volt nodded, and flew back into the darkness.
To act as a beacon for her friends, Stella put the halo above her head like an angel. She focused on making it brighter, hoping that it would deter Kierra and beckon her fiends. She saw some other lights--she figured those were her friends signalling her. “Stella!” Ella’s voice made Stella jump a bit, but she was relieved to see Ella.
“Thank goodness,” Ella said, giving Stella a relieved hug. She created a halo of her own, which was made of a lighter, paler yellow light. The two of them began flying to rainbow-colored lights that they were sure came from Christa, when there was a crack of thunder and they saw lightning flash in the distance.
“Oh no, Volt!” The fairies gasped, immediately flying towards where the lightning was sparking. When they came close, they saw that he was fighting against shadowy clones of Kierra and Darcy. The others also flocked to where he was, likely drawn by his lightning.
When they were gathered, Stella quickly made a light halo for each of her friends. Kierra didn’t waste any time attacking; she hit Stella with a shadow ball. Quickly, Stella was able to create a light shield to keep her from the brunt of the spell. Stella retaliated with a light ball that Kierra dissipated with a whip of shadow. With a growl of anger, Kierra flew at Stella with an aura of blue-black shadows. She rammed into Stella, knocking her back through the air.
After spinning around a bit, she right herself and struck back with golden light from both of her hands. Kierra hissed, shielding herself as much as she could, before using the surrounding darkness to try and hold Stella back.
While the two opposites fought, Darcy and the shadow monster focused on the others. Darcy had replicated herself several times over; this time, though, they weren’t just illusions. They could hit with all of the power Darcy had. The Darcy clones attacked simultaneously, but moved separately from each other. Psyche hit as many Darcy clones as she could with a special spell that made them vanish--Darcy quickly replaced them with new ones.
Trixie and Christa teamed up against the shadow monster, with Christa using auroras and Trixie using magic fireworks to stun and blind it. Musa helped them by sending soundwaves at it that seemed to disrupt its solid form.
Volt hit as many Darcy clones as he could with bolts of lightning, with several to arch out and hit multiple clones at a time. None of them seemed to flinch or dodge, and it seemed to work like a hydra, with the clones even popping out doubles. Even with his boosted Illumix powers, Volt was quickly wearing down. Liz was helping as much as she could, sending purple sparks at as many Darcy clones as she could, while Roxy used waves of magic butterflies.
Flora was having more luck, with the amount of mushrooms around them. She used spores, pollen, and just the stems to flick out and hit Darcy clones. Unlike with Psyche, Volt, and Liz, who just seemed to be adding to the sheer number of clones, the ones that Flora got seemed to cough themselves out of existence.
Ella was holding her own against a large number of Darcy clones, with all of them focusing their efforts solely on her. “Why are you doing this??” Ella asked, shooting off small, star-shaped lights. “You’re Koyuvian, too! This is your homeworld!”
“Here?” All of the Darcy clones attacking Ella scoffed. “I wouldn’t show my face if I was from this backwater world. You all live on a planet so dark you don’t even see the stars, but you call yourself the Fairy of Night?” The clones began laughing cacophonously, so loud and disjointed that Ella nearly had to cover her ears in pain.
However, through the pain, she managed to mutter, “Moon Vision.” Her eyes began shining with a silver light. She could see the void with a gray, night vision-like sight. She could see Silver holding Volt’s Luminous Jewel, and sighed a bit in relief that he was safe. She could also see each of the clones for what they truly were; humanoid shadows with just glowing purple eyes.
She saw the original Darcy; she was back behind the others, watching from a distance. She focused on the real Darcy and quickly flew up to her; right before Darcy could react, Ella pulled back her hand and punched her right in the face. With the surprise and pain, Darcy’s clone spell dissipated and all of the copies vanished, leaving Darcy by herself. Seeing that the fairies’ focus was all turned to her, she quietly muttered, “Uh-oh.”
Around the same time, Stella and Kierra clashed and collided like two comets made of light and shadow. Despite being in her element, Kierra seemed to be having trouble keeping toe to toe with Stella. It was no doubt she was already a bit spent from creating the shadow monster, and Stella could tell that she was tiring out. With a strong burst of light, Stella shot Kierra back, where she collided with Darcy.
The two witches looked at each other worriedly, then used their magic in another attempt to get the shadow monster to attack, but the monster wasn’t doing much better than they were. Stella began glowing with a golden aura and began summoning a golden light. “Ray of Optimism!” She threw her hands forward, and a blinding beam of light fired at the two of them.
In a panicked move, the witches flicked their wrists. In a moment, the shadow monster wrapped around the two of them, and they completely vanished. The cold feeling disappeared so it seemed they’d gone back to the Cursed Dimension. Immediately after the spell wore off, Stella felt absolutely drained, and her Illumix nearly immediately vanished.
“Stella!” Volt shouted. He shot to her in a bolt of light, catching her before she fell. When she was safely in his arms, he asked, “Are you okay?”
With a stretch and a yawn, Stella said, “I’m good...just sleepy.” She smiled and closed her eyes, quickly falling asleep.
Now that Kierra was gone, and Stella wasn’t in danger in dropping to her doom, Ella quickly flew up to the cage and happily (and tearfully) reunited with Silver. He gave the Luminous Jewel to her, and after a moment, Liz asked, “Now what? How are we supposed to get all of these people back?”
There was a whirring noise and two headlights appeared as the ship floated into the void with them. “Thank goodness we found you!” Mira said over the intercom. “Did y’all beat the witches without us?”
“Yeah, sorry,” Volt said. “But you guys can still help! How many people can you fit in there?”

It took a few trips, but they got all of the Koyuvians to safety. Stella’s nap was short enough, and she woke up energized and feeling generally good. After it was all said and done, Kurt and Akay invited them all to dinner as a thank you. The spread was colorful and looked delicious.
Ella was next to Volt as they ate, and she quietly told him, “Sorry, Volt. This whole thing was a disaster. I wanted to show you my homeworld and how beautiful it is but…” she sighed and poked at her food.
“Ella, I had a great time today,” Volt assured her. “Honestly, I’m relieved that we had Stella with us, before Kierra and Darcy could do anything worse. And honestly, you really saved us back there.”
“Thanks, Volt,” Ella said. “But maybe this ‘visiting different worlds’ idea isn’t necessarily a good one…”
“Nah, it’s good! If the Jinx are going to attack us anyway, might as well have some fun,” Volt told her with a grin. “If you want, we can go to Minerva next! I think you’d like the Deep.”
“That sounds nice,” Ella agreed with a smile. The two friends grinned again, before continuing to eat their food.

Kierra and Darcy collapsed into Doom’s office, and Darcy immediately fell unconscious while her Wraithix form vanished. “What happened?” Doom asked the two of them, with mild concern.
“Darcy had to overexert her Wraithix,” Kierra explained. “Stella unleashed an insane spell on us, and Darcy was barely able to get us out of there.” She stood and picked Darcy up off of the ground. “Needless to say, we didn’t get the jewels.” She walked out of the room.
After Kierra left, Doom sighed. “Well, that was a bust,” she said. “Oh well, let’s see what Fauna can do.”

Chapter Text

The last trip was exhausting, and the kids were starting to need a vacation from their vacation. However tired Volt was, he needed the visit to Minerva to be perfect, so he immediately went to work planning the trip. As soon as they got to the school, he headed to his room and began planning, starting with calling his parents.
“You cast that spell and then WHAT happened!?” multiple voices exclaimed--essentially everyone who hadn’t gone on the trip with the three Winx and two Specialists. Stella, not usually one to shy away from attention, backed up a few steps and put her hands up defensively.
“I just said that when I cast Ray of Optimism, I lost consciousness,” Stella explained. “Volt caught me from falling and I slept it off in a few hours.” She laughed, and said, “I felt more energized than ever. But the spell felt like it used all of my magic at once.”
“It might just be the case,” Faragonda said. “Illumix is the biggest increase of your powers yet. I believe that your special Illumix spells force all of that power at once, in an extremely powerful blow.” She thoughtfully said, “I believe that these spells should be used carefully, but with practice you should be able to use them without losing consciousness.” She sighed and said, “I’m grateful you and the kids are safe, though.”
“I wish we could have helped you,” Bloom said, giving Stella a hug. “Fighting Kierra in a dark void; if there were all of us, you wouldn’t have had to use your Illumix spell like that.”
Stella admitted, “Fighting Kierra was intense, but Ella was right about Koyu; your powers wouldn’t have worked as well, or caused a lot of damage. I hope you don’t mind if I need to rest for this trip.”
“Me too,” Musa added. “I think Flora is the only one who isn’t completely drained from that ordeal.” The two of them looked at Flora who smiled at them and waved. The two girls squinted and she muttered, “It’s like she’s blinding.”
“Next trip? Where will that be?” Faragonda asked.
Flora told her, “Minerva. Volt’s planning it; something about ‘wanting to show us his world when he isn’t going to be married off’.” As soon as she mentioned that Volt was planning the trip, everyone else inhaled sharply. “What?”
“Mira told the twins and me,” Bloom said. “According to her, Volt should not be put in charge of any social event, trip, or planned occurrence. How did she put it? ‘If you think he’s anxious normally, then you can’t imagine the calculated, obsessive, neurotic mania that he goes through planning these things. He already has the cake picked out for our parents’ 700th anniversary, and we’re only at the 30th.’” She shivered. “I’ve seen how he gets with tests; I don’t want to picture it.”
Aisha added, “Psyche told me, ‘he’s like a hyper focused machine; he plans out every detail to the second. Every break, every activity, every conversation. He’ll calculate how much money each person will need for souvenirs and food, and bring that exact amount of money. If anyone deviates, he gets huffy, and if anyone disrupts his plan, he blows a fuse.’”
Brandon then added, “What Orbo said was, ‘when it comes to planning, he’s a beast. And not in the good way.’”
“Why are we standing around talking about our student behind his back?” Tecna asked. “Really, we should be getting ready to visit Minerva. Should all of us go again?”
“Too tired,” Musa and Stella said.
“I’m up for another visit to Minerva, Volt and I have been talking about Minervan plants, he said he’d show me some of the rarer specimens if he got the chance,” Flora said.
“It’d be most tactical if we had a larger group,” Tecna included, before shyly admitted, “Mira also said she’d show me the Archives.”
“So Flora, Tecna, Aisha, and me?” Bloom asked. “That sounds good to me! Let’s tell the students.”

Unlike the other witches Doom knew, Fauna would refuse to come into the office on her own, and would make Doom seek her out. While it was annoying, it was less troublesome than trying to force Fauna to follow her rules. Luckily, Fauna was more or less predictable. Doom walked down the hallways towards Fauna’s classroom, she heard the telltale sounds that Fauna was hunting her.
For starters, Fauna liked to crawl on all fours and scale the walls like a lizard (despite her being more felinistic in general). There was always a low growl that always came from from behind when Fauna was stalking, likely to scare her prey.
When Fauna pounced, Doom turned on her heel and caught her in a tangle of tentacles. Fauna huffed for a second, then began giggling madly as she turned into a slippery frog and dropped out of the tentacles, turning back into Fauna before she hit the ground. “Is it my turn?”
“You’re perceptive,” Doom commented.
“Nah, I eavesdropped,” Fauna admitted, before laughing like a cat hacking up a hairball. “But yes I’m ready to wreak havoc in the Magic Dimension.”
“Good. I figured you’d be ready to go whenever. Where am I sending you?” Doom asked with a sigh. Her Wraithix gems glowed and a swirling hole of darkness appeared next to Fauna. However, Fauna began pacing around, mock thoughtfully.
"Aha!" Fauna announced, pointing at Doom. "I want to go to the wildest planet in the Magic Dimension!"
"You want me to send you to Lynphea, Flora's home planet?" Doom asked flatly.
"The…second wildest planet in the Magic Dimension," Fauna immediately revised. "That world that's the opposite of Ares!!"
"You mean Minerva? Where the Illuminates come from?" Doom asked, still flat. "Are you sure?"
"Yes!" Fauna said. "Send me to Minerva!" She put her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest.
With a shrug, Doom snapped her fingers, and Fauna jumped through the portal. After the portal closed, she sighed, "I'm surrounded by idiots."

Volt was just as bad as his sisters had warned. He had every minute of the Minerva visit scheduled out, and had packed at least three bags of supplies. The others were tempted to ask what was in the bag, but didn't dare.
"You're late!" Volt scolded. "Mira, I texted you yesterday that we were leaving at 7 a.m.!"
"'s 7:05," Mira said. "Four minutes of which has been you yelling at me." The two siblings glared at each other as everyone boarded the ship.
"Okay you two, let's not ruin the day this early," Psyche said, coming up to the two of them.
"I'm not ruining it!" Both Mira and Volt snapped, making Psyche jump with alarm.
"Okay, well then let's focus on actually getting there," Psyche said with a forced smile, pulling the two bickering siblings into the ship.
"Is something wrong?" Blue asked Trixie as she sat on her shoulder, sounding worried.
Trixie whispered back, "Volt is just a crazy planner."
Volt heard and glared at them, and Blue whimpered before hiding in Trixie's hood. He was tense the entire time they flew to Minerva, and the tension was felt by everyone in the ship.
"What the!?" Mira shouted. Volt and Psyche ran to the front and gasped; Minerva was surrounded by a large bubble of hexagonal pieces.
"The shield's up!?" Psyche asked. "Why?"
Mira growled and put out a communication. "I need you to open the shield, immediately!"
"On whose orders?" The man on the screen asked. He looked pretty old and stuck up, quite literally looking down on the siblings.
“On my orders, Princess Miranda of Minerva,” Mira said, placing her hand on her chest. “Now let us in,” she demanded, crossing her arms.
“How do I know you’re actually the princess?” The man asked. “For all I know, you could be a shapeshifting impostor.” He waved his hand dismissively and looked the opposite direction.
Both Volt and Psyche were about to start yelling, but Mira held the two of them back. Her eyes were closed, and the two of them took a step back, holding up their arms protectively. The other Specialists looked confused, but didn’t fight back. They trusted Volt and Psyche’s judgment on Mira at this point. When Mira’s eyes opened again, they were glowing red with white pupils, and a cold wind blew through the cabin. “You are Colonel Bernard Villeman, Rank 3. You came into your position in the year 3305, promoted because your father was rich. Now open that shield…” She transformed into her paladin form with another gust of icy wind, before standing with her wings stretched. “Now let us through before I get my uncle to revoke the title you never earned!”
Colonel Villeman jumped and turned off camera, shouting, “Open the portal for the princess!” He turned back to her with a nervous smile, and asked, “A-anything else, Princess Miranda?”
“No, that will be all,” Mira said. When the screen shut off, Mira exhaled and her paladin form faded. She collapsed backwards into the seat and yawned.
“Mira are you okay?” Psyche immediately asked, rushing to her side.
“Just tired,” Mia sighed.
Psyche nodded, “Yeah, I know how much you hate having to do that.” When the shield opened up a hole, the ship flew through and headed towards the Forest Palace. Suddenly monstrous plants shot up from the trees, all of them trying to attack the ship.
“Well now we know why they had the shields up!” Volt shouted as the plants banged on the ships’ sides.
“Volt, use your electricity to make the plants let go!” Diablo shouted.
While shaking his head, Volt said, “Not a good idea, I might short out the ship. I’ll get Flora.” He ran into the back cabin, where everyone was tangled up from the shaking ship.
“Wha-a-a-at’s going on?” Christa asked, trying to keep her balance.
The ship shook again and Volt stumbled a bit as he said, “No big deal, the ship is being attacked by plant monsters. Um, Flora, could you offer a hand please?”
“Yes, of course,” Flora said. She walked with Volt to the front of the ship, and gasped when she saw the wriggling vines around the windows. “Oh dear!” Calmly, she took a breath and closed her eyes.. Her pink Fantasmix stone appeared at her chest, and began glowing. Flora began floating in the air with a pink aura. When her eyes opened, they were glowing white. “Beauty of Nature!”
Flora’s nature magic pulsed outwards, pushing against the vines. When they were touched by the magic, the plant monsters let go and fell back into the forest.

Deep within the forest, a young woman froze, before smiling with her fangs, her blood red eyes glinting in the light.

Flora floated back down to the ground and smiled happily. Mira told her, “Thanks, Flora,” and they continued to land without issue.
As they were landing, Flora asked, “Volt, does Minerva have a lot of wild magic?”
“A fair amount,” Volt said. “I mean, you’ve been here before.”
“When I cast the spell, I felt that those plants were infected with a lot of wild magic. Last time we were here, I didn’t sense any areas of wild magic to cause something like that,” Flora explained.
“Yeah, that is kind of weird,” Volt said. “And the shields...they’re supposed to protect Minerva from outside threats.”
“Let’s ask Mom and Dad when we get to the palace,” Mira said. “I know we’re running late, Volt, are you going to be okay?”
“This is more important,” Volt said.

They found Marcus and Lucretia just outside the palace, in the garden. After exchanging worried hugs, Mira got right to the point. “Mom, Dad, what’s going on? The shield was up, and our ship was nearly destroyed on our way here.”
“Sorry, sweetheart. We didn’t have enough time to call and warn you,” Lucretia said. She looked at the trees which looked like they were trying to crawl over the wall. “We sensed Doom’s magic and put up the shield in case she was attacking again, but then the feeling faded and we thought we were safe. Out of nowhere the forest and the animals just...started attacking!!” She held her shoulders and said, “I just want to help keep my people safe.”
Marcus held Lucretia close, and she rested her head on his shoulder. To comfort their mom, the triplets hugged her. Before anyone could say anything, there was a horrid, screeching noise, and a figure leapt over the wal. It resembled a monstrous rabbit, with a bulky, humanoid figure and dark red fur. It had antlers like a jackalope, but with wild thorn bushes down its back instead of actual antlers. Its paws had black fur with red splotches, and two long, floppy ears with black fur at the tips. Its teeth were sharp, shiny, and pitch-black like blades made of onyx, and it had four black eyes with fiery pupils. It was also half the size of the palace.
Seeing it, Ella asked, “Is this one of those Weezeldorfs you mentioned?”
“Um, yes,” Volt said nervously, “But I’ve never seen one like this before.”
The mutant Weezeldorf turned to them and screeched again, a terrifying noise with force that pushed them back. It began bounding at them, and they all took fighting stance when suddenly Lucretia flew into the air. As they watched, she winced as sparks of red, blue, and purple magic arched around her body. Still, she floated until she was eye level with the Weezeldorf. Holding out her hand, she shouted, “Mori Timore!”
A dark purple ball of energy appeared in her hand, sparking with the same magic that was sparking all over Lucretia’s body. The purple ball radiated a soundwave at the Weezeldorf, which immediately collapsed. When the spell was done, Lucretia screamed in pain and dropped from the air.
“MOM!” The triplets screamed.
“LUCRETIA!” Marcus bellowed. He stamped his foot on the ground and summoned a blue crystal which he rode to catch his wife in midair. When they landed, Marcus worriedly asked, “Lulu, why’d use that spell?”
Lucretia smiled weakly and said, “Sorry, it was all I could think of.”
With a sigh, Marcus smiled at Lucretia and said, “I’m glad you’re okay. Let’s get you inside.” He carried Lucretia bridal style into the house, while the Illuminates’ friends watched in shock.
“Volt, Mira, Psyche, what was that about?” Aisha asked. “What happened to Queen Lucretia?”
Turning to everyone, Volt explained, “That? That’s from Mom’s curse.”

In the forest, Fauna could feel the Weezeldorf she’d infected with her wild magic suddenly...stop. A powerful dark magic force came from that location, something that reminded her of magic she felt from Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.
Even though her Weezeldorf was dead, Fauna wasn’t bothered. “How interesting,” she purred. She looked at all of the creatures and plants around her, and a devilish grin grew, with all of her fangs showing. “This will be fun.”

Lucretia was resting on a plush seat in the library, with a cup of Goldtrunk tea that the servants had made for her. She was calm, but looked completely exhausted. It seemed like the combination of the spell’s power and the pain that the curse had caused her. As she drank her tea, Bloom put her hand on Volt’s shoulder and asked, “Do you think you could explain this curse to us?”
Bloom had been quiet, to avoid making Lucretia uncomfortable, but Lucretia said, “You don’t need to worry, dear. I don’t mind telling you about the curse. Have a seat.” Everyone sat around Lucretia, and she began by saying, “It started because I used to be in the Ancient Witch coven. I can safely say I was in the Trix with the generation before the current three.”
“You were a Trix!?” Aisha exclaimed. “But...what made you change?”
With a serene, tired smile, Lucretia explained, “I was sent to Minerva to steal a spell from the Archives; with it, my sisters and I could remotely steal the source of the Dragon’s Flame and use it like the Ancestral Witches were trying to do.”
Everyone but the triplets and Orbo looked at each other in shock. Angelo asked, “How would you be able to get the spell?”
“In my trio, I followed the path of Lysslis, like Darcy is in this generation. I was in the group with my older sister Sahkyo, Icy’s mother. She followed Belladonna, like Icy is now. Anyway, my natural hair color is red, so I was able to come in on the premise I was a Dominian escaping from the Ancestral Witches. I’m part Dominian, but still. I was brought into the royal palace, and they promised to care for me. Two of the royal siblings were suspicious, but one was immediately head-over-heels.” She smiled at Marcus.
With a chuckle, Marcus said, “She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, and now she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He kissed Lucretia’s forehead, and Lucretia giggled.
“I admit at first, I was playing Marcus so he’d trust me and bring me to the Archives, but spending time with him, he was always so kind and gentle with me, sparing no compliments and just letting me know I cared. At first, I was a little weirded out and on edge, but soon I began to warm up as I realized that I liked how he treated me. We became friends and before I knew it, I was in love with him, too.” She smiled and blushed a bit, before continuing, "but with the love came an immense amount of guilt. I couldn't keep lying, so I came up to Marcus and admitted everything. Do you know what he said?"
Everyone shook their heads, and Marcus said, "I told her, 'I know. I've known since the first day that you were after something in Minerva. I also knew that you were just lonely and needed love, so I wanted to be that person for you. I forgive you for lying, but let's break the news to my family.'" He laughed and said, "Luckily my family had grown to like her, so they took the news well."
"Not long after I confessed, I received a message from my sister. She told me that the Ancestresses were demanding for the spell, and getting increasingly angry." Lucretia sighed and said, "I told her then and there that I would not give the Ancestresses the spell, and I would no longer be a part of their coven. Sahkyo was upset, but mostly out of concern for me. When the Ancestral Witches found out, they immediately swarmed to me, cursing me for betraying them." She sighed again looking more upset. "The curse is simple enough; they filled me with their magic. So while my magic is still inside, I can't use it until I use up the Ancestresses'. When I use the Ancestresses' magic, I feel immense pain."
"I'm so sorry," Flora said. "How horrible to be punished for being in love." She stood up and gave Lucretia a hug.
Lucretia smiled and said, "It does hurt sometimes, but it's a minor inconvenience usually. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't trade all the magic in the universe for my life now."
"Awww," the triplets said as they got up and hugged their mother. Lucretia hugged them back, finished her tea, and then stood and stretched.
"I'm feeling much better," Lucretia said. "Sorry about all of this ruining your plans," she apologized to Volt, rubbing the top of his head.
"It's not your fault," Volt assured. "But I'm gonna give a piece of my mind to whoever's fault this is. Speaking of…" he held out his hands, and the Luminous Charm appeared in the middle of them.
The Jewels began glowing, and Abigail's image appeared. "Oh, hello Volt!" She turned around, greeting all of the others. “What do I owe the pleasure of this call?”
“You usually feel something when there’s a breach between the dimensions, do you feel anything?” Volt asked. “Do you know if any of the Jinx are attacking us?”
Abigail was thoughtful for a moment before gasping. “It’s...very faint, but the wild magic on Minerva; not all of it is from the Magic Dimension. I’m so sorry, wild magic is hard to distinguish between different dimensions.” She asked, “Are you on Minerva right now?”
When Volt nodded, she sighed and said, “I’m so sorry, I’m failing at warning you about these Jinx attacks. Hopefully I can keep you safe from the remaining three. I’ll let you know if I sense anything else,” she assured before her image faded and the Luminous Charm vanished.
“Wild magic. It has to be Fauna,” Tecna quickly reasoned. “She’s the only Jinx with any power over wild magic.” Turning to the triplets, she asked, “You said that you’ve never seen a Weezeldorf like that? Do you think it could have been infected by wild magic?”
“That’s the only thing I can think of,” Mira explained. “Weezeldorfs are huge and monstrous, but I’ve never seen one as huge or monstrous as that. If we’d have fought it, it would definitely have killed us.” She paused before adding, “And I’ve killed a giant Weezeldorf.”
“We need to stop Fauna before she does any more damage,” Flora said. Immediately, there was more screeching and one of the library windows shattered as a giant bird crashed through. It grabbed both Lucretia and Marcus, before knocking the others back and flying off.
“Mom. Dad,” Volt said. “MOM!! DAD!!” he screamed.

The fight was jerky, but it wasn’t like they could expect a smooth ride being carried by a bird. Both Marcus and Lucretia were quiet and stiff, but they held each other's hands to keep calm. With the bird carrying them, they weren’t attacked by any monsters in the forest. There were glowing, vein-like lines running through the forest, collecting to a star-shaped center. The wild magic was off of the charts in this area.
The bird flew into this center, dropping the two of them on the ground. “Well, well, well, looks like we have a royal catch.” Marcus and Lucretia looked up to see a twisted version of Flora on a makeshift throne of brambles.
“You’re not Doom,” Marcus said nervously
“No, but Doom sent me,” Fauna said.
“You must be Fauna, then,” Lucretia reasoned.
Fauna clapped her hands sarcastically and said, “Give the queen a prize!” She snapped her fingers, and the two were yanked into chains made of wild thorn bushes. Both of them screamed in alarm, reaching out for each other as the cages pulled them apart. Suddenly, glowing wisps of energy began curling off of Lucretia, and she weakly curled up on the floor of her cage.
“Lucretia!!” Marcus shouted. Glaring at Fauna, he growled, “What are you doing with my wife!?”
With a shrug and a smirk, Fauna said, “Oh nothing, just absorbing the excess dark magic from her. You really should be thanking me, since this magic is causing her pain.”
Marcus growled, “When I get my hands on you…”
With a raucous guffaw, Fauna asked, “You’ll do what? Punch me? We’re in the wild, my territory. Only a miracle can save you. Or your kids surrendering the Luminous Jewels. Either works.” She shrugged and lounged, eating some literally wild berries that screamed when she munched them.
Marcys looked at Lucretia and silently wished for their kids to come find them.

Surprisingly, Volt didn’t spiral into a panicked fury. He was calm and collected; well, as much as he could be with his parents being missing. There was a thunderstorm brewing, so everyone could tell he was struggling internally. “Fauna obviously took them into the forest,” Mira reasoned, with a touch of worry in her voice. “Psyche, do you hear anything from the spirits?”
Psyche was sitting in a meditative pose, with both of her eyes closed. “The forest spirits don’t know where they are; they’re terrified of what’s in there. The wild magic is growing out of control, and the spirits are having to flee.” She opened her eyes, which were glowing green. “That’s bad; if all of the spirits leave the forest, then Fauna could destroy it unchecked.” Her eyes went back to normal as Trixie helped her stand.
“This is going to be super obvious, but we have a general idea of where they are,” Orbo said. “But that’s assuming Fauna made the bird take Marcus and Lucretia directly to her.”
All of a sudden, the Winx gasped with surprise. Immediately, Aisha asked, “Did you all feel that, too?”
“Feel what?” Liz asked.
Bloom explained, “It was almost a tingling sensation in our Fantasmix. I think...I think your parents made a wish.” All four Winx girls closed their eyes, and their Fantasmix stones appeared. Pastel lights floated from their palms. The lights came together into a larger, brighter white light ball. The ball dropped into Volt’s hands; when it faded, it turned into a pastel compass.
Psyche and Mira came to either side of their brother, looking over his shoulder at the compass. Like Orbo had suggested, it was pointed in the direction the bird had taken Marcus and Lucretia. “We have to go after them!” Volt immediately declared.
“Wait a second,” Mira said.
Psyche agreed, “We can’t just run into the forest willy-nilly. We’d be leaving the city defenseless, and no matter how well we know the forest under normal circumstances…” she looked out at the giant, mutated plants and monsters, “...these circumstances are not normal.”
“Right, right,” Volt said, though lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the distance. “Well, the three of us definitely need to go. They’re our parents, and we can handle the tough terrain of Minerva the best.”
“I should come along, too,” Flora added. “Fauna is my opposite; I might be able to neutralize her powers.”
“We’ll come, too,” Tecna added. “Us Winx work better as a team, after all.” Both Bloom and Aisha nodded in agreement.
Bloom asked, “Do we use Fantasmix or Illumix, though?”
As she thought about it, Mira turned to the others in their group. “Do the rest of you think you can protect the city while we’re gone? I’m not sure we can trust the power our citizens have, and you all are immensely powerful.”
“Of course,” Sky assured Mira.
“Not one thing will get past us,” Nex added confidently.
“Thank you,” Volt told them seriously. “Let’s transform!” He transformed into his Illumix, with some stray strands of electricity coming off of him. He posed dramatically, and there was a rumble of thunder in the distance.
The Winx went with their Fantasmix, while Psyche and Mira took on their own magical forms. Orbo came up to Volt, cupping his face in his hands, before giving him a kiss. “Be careful, Volt.”
Volt nodded and held the compass out, and began flying in the direction it pointed. His sisters flanked him, and the Winx followed from behind. The storm didn’t hinder their progress, and even acted as a barrier. However, the sheer amount of static electricity in the air was enough to make all of their hairs stand on end.
“Is Volt going to be okay?” Flora asked Psyche quietly.
“He’s extremely anxious,” Psyche whispered back. “He was already anxious about planning the trip, and everything that’s happened since then has only added to his mounting anxiety.” She looked at Volt, whose wings were sparking with electricity. “If things get any worse, he’ll blow a fuse like when we were kids.”
“Oh dear,” Flora quietly muttered, covering her mouth.
The further they flew, the more static electricity was built up in the clouds. Volt’s wings were reacting to the electricity, with sparks flying to them and making them glow. He was too intent to notice, though. At least the lightning wasn’t hitting them; but suddenly large plant monsters whipped out from below, trying to grab onto them.
Luckily, Psyche managed to hit them with some powerful spells, and they immediately withered. When more plants tried to attack. Volt let out an angry shout and threw out his arms; bolts of lightning struck down from the clouds, hitting the ground and the plants. As Flora looked, there were veins of glowing wild magic glowing and pulsing in the forest. “Do you see that?” she asked, pointing down. The others stopped in midair and looked down.
“What do you see?” Tecna asked.
“Veins of wild magic,” Flora said. “It’s like they’re slowly spreading through the forest.” She looked up and asked, “Can any of you see them?”
“I kinda can,” Volt said, “But my nature magic is more focused on weather.” As soon as he said that, a vine lashed out and wrapped around him, yanking him into the woods. He only managed to let out a quick scream of surprise before he vanished.
“VOLT!” The others screamed, before diving down beneath the trees to save him.
He was tangled up in a wicked looking tree, struggling against his confinement. However, the more vines he managed to tear off, twice as many latched back onto him.
Seeing his friends, he shouted, “Mira! Catch!” He managed to get free enough to throw the compass to Mira, who caught it.
“Volt! Hold on!” Flora shouted. With her Fantasmix stone glowing bright, she flew up to the tree, which recoiled from her light. Holding her hands together, she said, “Kiss of nature.” She placed a gentle kiss against the tree’s bark, leaving a pale pink kiss mark. From the kiss, pink petals of the same color replicated from the kiss, spinning around the tree in a whirlwind. The tree glowed pink, and released Volt before it turned completely back to normal.
Flora caught Volt in her arms as he yawned from exhaustion. Even though they were surrounded by the plants infected by Fauna’s magic, none of the plants were reaching out to grab them. They were still avoiding Flora’s Fantasmix light. “I’ve got an idea,” Tecna said. Her Fantasmix stone began glowing brighter, and the plants recoiled even more. “Our Fantasmix can repel Fauna’s dark wild magic; at least enough to move through the forest.”
“Well, if it’s safer than flying above, let’s do it!” Aisha agreed. Her and Bloom’s Fantasmix stones began glowing, and between the four Fantasmix lights, a light barrier seemed to appear.ed to appear.
"Let's keep moving," Volt urged. "I don't want to think about what Fauna is doing to our parents." The others nodded and the group moved forward.

While Marcus watched Fauna, she seemed to fall asleep on her throne. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was steady; she was...alarmingly calm compared to her usual behavior.
Without warning her eyes snapped open, flashing like garnets in the light. Her pupils began to widen with excitement as a twisted, fanged smile stretched across her face. "Well, well, well. Flora's finally come to play." She got up from her throne and floated to a tree, where she found a small lizard.
"Hello, little dragon," Fauna giggled as her hands began glowing. "Let's properly greet our guests."
As Fauna hit the lizard with her wild magic, Marcus took a moment to look over at Lucretia. She was paler than ever, slumped against the side of her cage and nearly completely unconscious. There was a fruit-like bulb growing at the top of the cage, where it connected to the vine holding it. The fruit was glowing with swirling blue, red, and purple magic, and it was pulsating dangerously. Hold on, Lulu. They'll be here before long.

The upside of going through the forest with the protective light was that it stopped the forest was that they weren’t being attacked anymore. The downside was that the branches were so low they couldn’t fly. It was weird being their fairy forms and having to walk; Volt could feel his anxiety building., and the clouds up above were rumbling with thunder. He was holding his shoulders and shaking, vibrating with static electricity.
Bloom put her hand on his shoulder, and her arm hairs stood on end. He seemed to be keeping his temper in check, but the slight jolt from the static told Bloom that his emotions were bubbling and boiling beneath the surface. “You doing okay, bud?”
Volt looked her in the eyes, and his stare was more electric than the static. “You want the truth, or do you want me to say I’m fine?”
The tone of his voice, paired with that question, reminded Bloom of when she’d asked the Ancestral Witches about her parents, back when the Winx had been fighting Valtor. It occurred to her that being a descendant of the Ancestral Witches, he had more in common with them than he let on.
However, in the hopes it would help him actually feel better, Bloom said, “Of course I want the truth, Volt.”
Volt nodded, but his intense look didn’t fade. “Do you remember how stressed I got when we were on Zenith?”
“You caused the entire city to blackout, I recall,” Bloom said, tapping her chin thoughtfully.
“And how stressed I got on my wedding day?”
“I think you were about to cause a hurricane if we hadn’t stopped it.”
Volt stopped, and looked Bloom intensely in the eyes, crossing his arms. “Those were walks in the park compared to how I’m feeling right now. I feel like electricity is going to burst out of my pores, and that my head will explode.”
“Is that why,” Bloom waved her hand skyward.
“I control lightning and electricity; static electricity is what builds the clouds into storms,” Volt explained. “It’s not as bad as it could be; my Illumix is holding brunt of it back.”back the brunt of my emotions. If one more bad thing happens though, I'm going to lose it."
Bloom had to admit that the way he spoke made shivers run down her spine, but she wanted to be there for him. She pulled him into a hug; he was surprised, but didn't push her away. Instead, he hugged her back, shaking and quivering, generating even more static.
"We should keep moving," Flora said, patting Volt on the shoulder. Volt nodded and pulled away, wiping tears from his eyes. He walked up to his sisters, each of whom grabbed one of his arms and held onto him.
The group continued moving through the forest with little issue. The Fantasmix light repelled any monstrous plants or animals, but things still felt tense. Even Psyche was being quiet--normal for Volt and Mira, but not for Psyche.
Things were calm, if slow. The anxiety was palpable, especially with Volt's static electricity. This didn't last long. There were loud snapping sounds and hissing. There were only a few seconds before a giant multi-legged lizard pounced on the light bubble, completely popping it. The force was enough that it sent the whole group flying in different directions, colliding with trees and rocks around them.
The lizard was dark blue, covered in blackish purple crystals. The wild lizard monster turned to Volt, likely sensing the jewels. Volt stood up, and stared the monster in its many eyes. Without a word, Volt began glowing. His hair began standing up on its own, while his body and eyes shone with a light blue glow. Think lines of electricity moved up and down his body, seemingly out of his control. He began floating without flapping his wings. The lizard lunged at him, and the Winx screamed in alarm, but Volt held up his hand. When the lizard’s skin touched Volt’s, it immediately stopped moving and in the blink of an eye steam curled up as it collapsed into ash.
The Winx watched in shock, while Mira and Psyche had looks of dread. Mira gasped, “It’s starting,” while Psyche covered her mouth in terror. As soon as the lizard was dissolved, Volt levitated the compass and turned around to where it was pointing. In a spark of lightning he dropped the compass and flew off.
“Oh geez!” Mira shouted, picking up the compass. “C’mon, we have to follow him!”
The sisters grabbed hands, and in a gust of wind the group shot after Volt. Luckily, it was easy to catch up, especially when they made it to Fauna's clearing.
“Mom! Dad!” Mira and Psyche both gasped, seeing their parents trapped in cages. The bulbous fruit attached to Lucretia’s cage was huge, and looked like it was swelling to burst.
There was laughter, and Fauna said, “You finally made it! Now the fun can begin!” She snapped her fingers, and vines shot out and tangled around, making a near-impossible maze of wild magic.
Volt growled and shouted, “You ruined everything! I had everything planned out, but now we have to worry about the lives of our parents and the safety of our kingdom!” With his anger, he shot lightning directly at the witch. Fauna moved her hand, and wild plants shielded her from the blast.
When the plants cleared and they could see Fauna again, Volt gowled. He wasn’t surprised that his lightning had been blocked, but it still frustrated him. “Oooooh, someone’s mad, aren’t they? Planning is for weaklings who can’t handle sudden changes. You’re fragile, unstable and weak. You’re a shame to the Illumination.” Fauna taunted.
The reaction was immediate. Volt’s head snapped upwards, and lightning began coursing from his body all around him. His electric aura grew blindingly bright, and he was lifted into the air without using his wings. Fauna tried to block again, but by now Volt was fed up. He let out a bellowing roar and shot forward at top speed, breaking through the barriers at minimal effort. He didn’t attack Fauna directly, but used two lightning whips to keep the monsters at bay.
Seeing him up close, Fauna yowled like a cat, with her hair standing on end. She quickly scrambled out of her makeshift throne and away from Volt’s anger. With her out of sight, Volt calmed down enough to turn to his sisters and tell them, “Psyche, Mira, we need to clear out as much of this wild magic as possible.” With a turn towards Flora, he said, “Go get Fauna.”
“Will you be okay?” Flora asked. “The Jinx are targeting you three because of your connections to the Jewels. I don’t want you to endanger yourselves.”
“We’ve got this! Go!” Mira shouted. Psyche’s hands glowed green while Mira’s glowed pink. The trio began combining their powers, but the Winx shared one more concerned look before flying where Fauna had run off.
Fauna was quick, and her form changed fluidly, but she wasn’t difficult to follow. She was far from graceful, and her trail was more than visible. Fantasmix wasn’t quite as fast, but the positive energy was enough to keep up the stamina. After a few minutes, Flora thrust her hand forward, making vines shoot out and wrap around Fauna.
Fauna yowled and shredded the vines in a furious whirlwind of claws. There were flashes of green, and the shredded vines spun into near-identical copies of Fauna. Fauna and her copies attacked, each of them going after a different Winx. Flora could only assume that the original Fauna was attacking her; the other copies weren’t attacking as aggressively.
It was a lot harder than Flora was used to blocking Fauna’s attacks, but that was because Fauna’s attacks were more physical. She was also changing shape rapidly, so it was hard to get a good hit on her specific forms before they changed again. After being pushed back by the force of Fauna’s attacks, Flora summoned some power and hit her back with a blast of nature magic.
The blast of magic seemed to leave a pink mark on Fauna’s shoulder. Fauna looked at it in shock, then her face became contorted with anger and she snarled; her face morphing into something more feline than humanoid. She blasted her wild magic at Flora, which stung as it hit. With a roar, Fauna threw out her hands and began spinning around. The vines all snapped out and separated Flora and Fauna from the others.
When they were alone, Fauna went full ham on Flora. Her attacks were even more intense than before, which seemed almost impossible. Luckily, Flora was ready for this and hit back as hard as she could. She summoned a blizzard of petals of all different kinds of flowers, which hit against Fauna in a fury. In response, Fauna created beastial constructs out of wild magic and shot them directly at Flora.

Using their combined Illumination powers, the triplets tried to clear out the wild magic and try to displace it somehow, but it was way more wild magic than the three of them had ever dealt with. After several attempts, Mira had to float to the ground before her paladin form vanished. She panted a bit, then sat on the ground. When Volt and Psyche floated down, she apologized, “Sorry, I’m fine, just tired.”
Volt looked around and told her, “Don’t worry, sis. It wasn’t working, anyway. Let’s focus on freeing Mom and Dad.” Looking at Psyche, he said, “You help Dad, I’ll try to figure out that magic bulb on Mom’s cage.”
“Got it!” Psyche said, flying over to Marcus.
Looking at Mira, he asked, “Are you up for a bit of sword play if needed?” When Mira nodded, he continued, “Okay, great. Please keep the vines off of Psyche and me while we get Mom and Dad free.” Mira nodded and pulled out her triple-bladed sword, prepared to fight off the monstrous plants and creatures.
Volt flew to Lucretia’s cage; while she was usually pale, her skin was now paper white and her hair was ashy gray. She was slumped, motionless on the cage floor; the magic bulb was larger than Volt’s head, and he could see the swirling magic glowing beneath the plant’s skin. “Mom…” he quietly muttered with concern.
While he could obviously see the magic, he realized that he could sense it, too. Well, part of it at least--he had always known he had a connection to Tharma out of the Ancestral Witches, but he never realized how much. The bulb gave him the same skin-tingly sensation that he got around Stormy and her power. He focused and tried to push the magic down. The bulb began writhing and squirming, like the magic was reacting to his but was actively fighting against it.
Flying to the top of the cage, he shoved his hands downwards, hoping to force the magic to go back to Lucretia. It blobbed out a bit but didn’t go down like he hoped. He growled with frustration and sparked some lightning. The magic bobbled some more and Tharma’s lightning sparked wildly. This bulb would explode like a bomb if he messed with it more, which would just be dangerous for everybody.
Volt wanted to try something; he placed his hand on the cage bars and immediately felt a surge. He couldn’t sense wild magic like Flora could, but his lightning powers let him sense the energy. Aside from the bulb, there was magic flowing from the cage to the throne. “It’s like a nervous system,” he realized. Looking at Lucretia, he said, “Wait for me, Mom.” He flew up, following the cage to the throne. Fauna’s throne was just radiating energy, and it made Volt’s skin crawl. He found the stems to his parents’ cages, and remembered something Flora had taught him. “Kill weeds at the roots.” With a flick of his wrists, he whipped out two bolts of lightning that snapped against the stems.
While unable to completely sever them, Volt did leave large gashes in the bark. These gashes began glowing, and sparks of magic began shooting out. In a flash, Volt flew over to his sisters and clapped his hands together, creating a shield for them as the magic exploded.
With the connection severed, the cages began to wither. Psyche and Volt quickly caught their parents, and as it dried out, the bulb cracked and the magic began flowing back to Lucretia, restoring her color. Her eyes opened, and she asked, "Huh? What is going on?"
"Mom!!" The triplets shouted, all hugging her at once.

Flora and Fauna blasted magic at each other, neither one quite able to get the upper hand on the other. Flora was starting to debate using her Illumix powers, when there was a huge magical explosion.
Both Flora and Fauna froze from surprise, but Fauna's expression quickly changed to disbelief and then rage. With a growl, Fauna turned away from Flora and began flying to where the explosion had come from--where the triplets were, Flora quickly realized.
With a shout of effort, Flora tapped deep into her magic. The vines began glowing green, and then they shrunk away, removing the separation of the Winx. "Where's Fauna?" Bloom immediately asked. "Her copies just vanished!"
"She's going after the triplets, we have to follow her!" Flora immediately explained. The other Winx nodded, and as a group they began following behind Fauna as quickly as they could.
Like before, Fauna was dodging and weaving effortlessly through the jungle. She changed her shape fluidly, did everything she could to keep the Winx from catching up. This time, all four Winx girls used their specific powers to break through any barriers Fauna set.
When they got to the clearing, they saw that the throne had been obliterated, and the cages were gone. Lucretia still looked weak, but she seemed much better than when she'd been in the cage.
Fauna yowled and lunged at the family, morphing into a monstrous cat. Before she could fully attack them, Flora grasped her hands together and quickly entangled Fauna in vines.
Once trapped, Fauna let out a deafening shriek and shredded the vines. She dropped to the ground and slammed her fists into the dirt. Thorny vines whipped out and began latching onto the others, making them shout in pain.
The only person who didn't get hit was Lucretia, and she weakly looked up. Now that everyone was restrained, Fauna calmly floated up to Volt. "You know, Mr. I-must-have-plan, it's not the best idea to pin the Luminous Jewels to your chest." She reached to grab it as Volt struggled, with sparks of lightning shooting from his body.
For a second, Fauna paused, then zhs grabbed Volt's chin with her hand and looked him in the eye. "You can't escape, silly!" Before cackling and running her claw against Volt's cheek.
Suddenly, a powerful light came from Lucretia. She floated up in the air; her hair was glowing blue, her bangs were glowing purple, and her eyes were glowing red. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY SON!!" She bellowed. She summoned a sphere of magic that switched colors between red, blue, and purple, and fired it at Fauna.
The blast knocked Fauna through the air, but when she righted herself Lucretia was already summoning more power. The queen was moving her hands in a large circle, her glare intense and burning. She felt a pulling sensation, and turned to see a gaping, swirling portal behind her.

From her office, Doom watched Fauna's battle unfolding. She stood up in alarm when Lucretia began to open the portal behind Fauna.
Doom walked up to her magic screen and quickly placed her hand over the image of the portal. She focused her energy to link with the portal's.

As the group watched, Fauna was pulled closer and closer to Lucretia's portal. The portal swirled with the colors of the Ancestresses. Without warning, it became a dark, inky indigo color, and resembled swirling smoke.
Fauna continued to fight the pull of the portal, but suddenly a dark tentacle shot out and grabbed her, pulling her into the darkness. Everyone stared in shock at the portal as it closed, then turned their shocked expressions to Lucretia. She floated down to the ground, looking a bit tired but otherwise unfazed. As soon as Fauna was gone, the intense wild magic faded, and soon everything was back to how it usually was in the forest.
"Did...did you just tap into the power of the Kraken's Ink?" Volt asked in shock.
"No. I was trying to send Fauna to Obsidian," Lucretia explained. "The portal got hijacked from my control. My guess is that Doom intervened before I could banish Fauna."
"How are you feeling?" Mira asked. "That was a lot of magic."
"I feel fine," Lucretia assured. "I think that my anger overpowered the curse, and let me use magic without getting hurt." She hugged the triplets, who hugged her tightly in return. "Now let's go home, I'm in the mood for mutant Weezeldorf stew." Volt and Psyche picked up their parents, and as a group they all flew out of the forest.

Fauna fell onto the floor of Doom's office with a grunt. She looked up at Doom, who sighed with relief before she closed the portal. Standing up, Fauna brushed herself off and said, "Thanks, Doom. I thought I was a goner."
“You almost were,” Doom replied. “We’re lucky I was able to redirect the portal. Otherwise, you would have been sent somewhere I couldn’t reach you.” For a second, Fauna looked worried, but then Doom added, “But you also came closest to getting the jewels out of everyone, so good job. Just try not to bite off more than you can chew.” She sat back at her desk and then said, “Now go grade papers or whatever you do with homework in your class.”
Fauna blinked in surprise, shrugged, and left the office to go back to her class. Doom filled out the paperwork--a new law for one of her worlds. While she wrote, she said, “You can stop hiding, Nisha, I know you’re there.”
With a giggle, Nisha stepped out of the shadows. She had her typical fanged grin, and her eyes were gleaming. “It’s my turn, isn’t it? I’ve been planning this out, I know exactly what I’m going to do.”
Doom snickered and grinned. “I figured. Well, let me know when to send you.”
“Will do, boss!” Nisha laughed with a salute. She turned on her heel and walked out while laughing.

The rest of the trip on Minerva went well, especially when Volt calmed his nerves and didn’t enforce his strict schedule. They visited all three kingdoms, and the triplets showed them their favorite spots in each kingdom. It was quite fun, and the kingdoms were lovely, but the Winx found that they couldn’t calm down enough to fully enjoy it.
Towards the end of the Minervan tour, they stopped at the beach, where the triplets and their friends were laughing and messing around. Flora stood in the shade, anxiously watching them--especially Volt. He was a lot calmer and much happier here, and it was almost like he’d forgotten the ordeal they’d just gone through.
“Flora?” Helia asked. She looked at him as he walked up beside her, and rested her head on his shoulder. “What’s wrong?”
“I couldn’t protect them. Fauna trapped everyone and she nearly got the jewels. How can I call myself a protector if I can’t save them from an evil version of myself.” She choked up a bit, but didn’t break down into tears.
Helia put his arms around her. “From what I’ve heard, Fauna is wily. No one is expecting you to defeat her all by yourself.”
“But Helia, she was right in front of Volt! She was about to pull his brooch off! If Lucretia hadn’t gotten upset, Fauna would have won.”
“The Jinx must be getting more desperate. After all, this was their fifth attempt to steal the Luminous Jewels. I can’t help but think it’s far from over.”
“That’s what scares me the most. What are they going to do next?”

Chapter Text

When Volt woke up, everything seemed normal at first. His alarm went off and a spark from his finger shut it off. He yawned and stretched, before climbing out of bed and stretching more. His body was a bit stiff and tense from the incident back on Minerva, but he was definitely eager to visit Whimsii.
He went into the bathroom, and then gasped. His hair had been colored bright blue and styled into a lightning-shaped pompadour. His eyes were now colored purple, and it looked like he’d been splattered by blue, purple, and yellow paint. With a scream of alarm, he burst out of the room. “What happened to me!?” He saw his friends, all with strangely colored hair, eyes, and freckles. “What happened to all of you?”
“That’s the million dollar question,” Ella replied. “We can’t even magic it out.”
“I have a suspicion that a certain Witch of Tricks is responsible,” Liz grumbled.
“Are you talking about me?” Trixie playfully asked, stepping out from behind Liz. The fairies all jumped as she laughed, cartwheeled, and threw confetti, but once the shock wore off, Liz immediately asked, “Trixie, what did you do to us!?”
Trixie couldn’t contain her laughter. She snickered, then snorted, then began laughing so much that she had to hold her sides. “Don’t worry, you guys.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out some striped berries from her pocket. “I just slipped you some Whizzabang Berries during dinner last night. Whimsiicans use these for permanent style changes.”
“Permanent!?” the group all shrieked.
Trixie giggled some more and said, “Don’t worry; all you have to do is eat another berry and you’ll go back to normal.” She handed them out and said, “Eat the berry, I’ll do the rest.”
Reluctantly, the fairies ate the Whizzabang Berries. They didn’t taste too bad, but they fizzled in their mouths. “Bleh…” Volt said, sticking out his tongue. “Sorry, Trixie. I just hate fizzies in my mouth. didn’t I notice that before?”
“I disguised the taste,” Trixie said. “Now, watch this.” She cleared her throat and laughed, “Bang-a-whizz!”
The fizzy, tingling sensation spread from Volt’s mouth across his body, making him shiver. He saw the girls shiver too, and their features shifted back to normal in the blink of an eye. When they were back to normal, Trixie giggled again and said, “Just one of the many fun things we have on Whimsii!” She smiled proudly and said, “Psyche’s out in the courtyard, and Mira and the boys are on the way.”
“Okay, we have to get ready, but we’ll be out as soon as we can,” Volt assured. Trixie gave a thumbs up, then threw down a smoke bomb and disappeared. Volt coughed and waved away the smoke, then he and the others got ready.
When they headed outside, Psyche and Volt hugged, before she playfully ruffled Volt's hair. "You look good with blue hair," she teased.
"Did Trixie tell you about the Whizzabang berries?" Volt asked.
"Even better, she showed me pictures!" Psyche giggled.
Soon, the Winx came out, ready for the trip. "This is very exciting," Bloom said. "I've never been to Whimsii before."
"It's amazing!" Trixie said. "You'll love it!!" She began describing all of her favorite things about Whimsii, and the more she said the more excited the others were to visit the whimsical world. After a few moments the ship came flying in, and after it landed everyone happily greeted each other.
After the hellos and hugs were done, Trixie ran up to the platform and shouted, "Let's go to Whimsii!!"
The other cheered and they all ran onto the ship together.

It was taking Nisha a bit longer than the other Jinx to approach Doom about her mission. The triplets and friends were going to be going off-world soon. Summoning an ink bubble, she spoke into it. "Nisha to the headmistress' office, please. Nisha to the headmistress' office."
After a second, the mirror in Doom's office began ripping, and Nisha stepped out like she was walking through water. "Hey, boss lady. What's up?" She asked as she sat on Doom's desk.
"You haven't given me an answer about where I'm sending you," Doom said. "Are you planning on waiting and jumping them at Alfea?"
Nisha winked. "Nah, I've been researching. They’re heading to a world called Whimsii; it’s a rather chaotic world, much like the carnivals they hold in Cursix every year. Send me to’ll be fun.” She gave a manic grin as Doom opened the portal to send her to the Magic Dimension.

“Whimsii’s solar system is close to Melody, right?” Musa asked Trixie as they flew through space.
“I think so!” Trixie said. “Have you ever visited Whimsii before?” She asked.
Musa thought for a moment. “When I was really little, my parents took me there for the day. We had a lot of fun, but I don’t remember most of it. Is there a giant, multi-tiered ferris wheel that moves around like gears?”
“Yes! But it’s been defunct for over a decade, though,” Trixie explained. “It’s sad, but no attempts to fix it have worked." She shrugged, but giggled when Pumpernickel jumped into her lap.
"Is Pumper excited to be visiting home?" Bloom asked, walking over and gently scratching his stem. Pumper gurgled happily and jumped on top of Bloom's head.
"Definitely," Trixie giggled.
"Whoa," Angelo gasped, looking out the window. "I've never seen a purple star before!" The star was a dark purple, not like any other star they'd seen. There were a few planets in the system, and they flew to a surprisingly bright one--Whimsii. Colorful lights speckled its surface, with brightly colored searchlights danced in the air.
“That planet is so beautiful!” Stella gasped. “Trixie, did you grow up here?”
Trixie giggled and nodded, saying, “Yes!” She created a purple crystal ball, with mist and small lights spinning around in the center before forming an image of the planet’s surface. There were people in all sorts of outfits, recognizably from other worlds. A great number of people--likely the Whimsiicans--were dressed in colorful, extravagant and elegant outfits. They skipped, backflipped and cartwheeled like circus performers moving through crowds of people in the carnival.
“Who…” Christa gasped. “Is it always like that on Whimsii?”
“Yep!” Trixie laughed, popping the bubble with sparkles that she made swirl around in the air. “It’s like that at the North Pole, right? All that Christmas stuff?”
“Oh not at all; you’ve met my family. For ‘spreading peace and joy’ they’re a bunch of bummers,” Christa explained. “I’ve never been to a carnival before, much less a planet-wide one!”
Trixie playfully floated the sparkles into Christa’s face, making her giggle and bat them away. The ship soon landed on the planet’s surface, in front of a large, multi-leveled circus tent with towers and, amazingly, turrets. “We’re here!” Trixie shouted, bursting into confetti.
“Uh...Psych...your girlfriend just exploded,” Diablo pointed out.
“Nah, she just teleported outside,” Psyche explained, pointing outside. Trixie was cartwheeling, backflipping and dancing around outside. Timmy opened the door, and the group exited onto Whimsii’s surface.
There were beautiful artificial lights nearly everywhere, but the sky was dark. The purple star was in the sky, but otherwise it looked like a dark night sky. Everywhere the eye could see, there were stalls, stands and buildings, with people laughing, playing games, and just generally celebrating. Normally, Volt would feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the large crowds, but even he could feel himself getting caught up in positive energy.
Psyche was holding Pumpernickel, but he jumped out of her arms and ran over to a small group of other living vegetables. “Wow…” Rhea said with amazement. She fluttered to Volt’s shoulder. “Thanks for letting us come along!”
“No problem,” Volt said. “Trixie says that Whimsii’s pretty safe, so I don’t think we have to worry about any of the Jinx. According to her, they’re usually peaceful but they’re more than capable of fighting back.”
On Volt’s shoulder, Blue sat and said, “Do you think they celebrate to ignore the pain of existence?”
“I think it’s because they genuinely enjoy it,” Volt chuckled as he walked off of the ship. When everyone was together, Trixie laughed.
“Everyone, my parents want to see you all before we go exploring Whimsii," Trixie said. She clapped her hands, and a burst of energy pushed the group forwards into the castle.
As they moved forward, Trixie excitedly grabbed Psyche's hand and pulled her along. Inside of the palace seemed much more traditional. The hallway was decorated with gorgeous tapestries, and colorful, glowing flowers. Some small magic lights blew from Trixie's fingers, which made the flowers shake slightly and change color.
There were several workers, maids, and butlers who bowed and curtsied to Trixie as she passed, and she graciously bowed and nodded in response. Even while they were working, they seemed to be dancing, whistling, and playing. Everyone was just so happy, it was impossible not to smile along.
Before long, they entered a pair of wooden doors into a large, opening area. It resembled the inside of a typical circus tent, but with four large thrones. The dimensions of this room didn't seem to fit the castle, but it also didn't seem out of place either. Queen Francis, King Hugo, and Princess Francis were sitting on their thrones, and they were all beaming at them. They were dressed in extravagant outfits, that resembled a mix of Victorian royalty, and court jesters. Hugo wasn't even wearing a crown. After a quick curtsey, Trixie leapt up and glided towards the thrones. When she landed, she gave her family a big hug.
After hugging them, Trixie turned around and said, "Everyone, you've met my parents, Queen Francis and King Hugo, as well as my sister, Princess Francis." The Winx and co. bowed respectfully and the royals nodded in response.
“It’s wonderful to see you all again!” Queen Francis said. “I sincerely hope you all enjoy your visit here on Whimsii.”
“Feel free to explore,” King Hugo added. “Trixie, dear, do you have the mirrors?”
“Not yet, but I’ll get them!” She spun around in the air and vanished in a burst of sparkles. In a flash and a pop, Trixie appeared behind the others, making them jump. Quickly, Trixie handed out compact mirrors. They were all different colors, but all had similar ladybug designs. “These mirrors are a quicker connection than our phones, and they can teleport you in a pinch.”
“I take it that we’re not staying as a group,” Bloom said. “I can’t deny that makes me a bit nervous.” She crossed her arms and said, “With this many people around, we could easily be targeted by the Jinx.”
“We appreciate your concern,” Queen Francis said, “But Whimsii is the safest planet in the Magic Universe. If you need help, there will be a Whimsiican nearby to offer assistance. Relax, enjoy yourselves. Experience everything Whimsii has to offer!”
Princess Francis stood and said, “If you’ll allow me, I’d love to join!”
The Winx shared a look, and Aisha said, “Well, the more the merrier!”
With a grin, Francis and Trixie grabbed hands, and floated down to join the others. The sisters waved to their parents, then they all headed out of the palace. They were going to split up in groups, with each of the couples pairing up. Before they could split off, Volt and Psyche quickly pulled Angelo off to the side. “Volt? Psyche? Is something wrong?”
“Sorry to pull this out of the blue,” Psyche said.
“But we need you to make sure to keep Mira away from sugar. Like. At all costs.” Volt finished. His face was serious and his face was grim, like he was remembering horrors in the past.
Angelo looked confused. “Don’t the three of you go out for smoothies all the time?”
“Well, yes, but those are made from real fruit,” Volt explained. “Sugars from candy and such...she kinda...goes nuts.”
“Riiiight,” Angelo said, not meeting Volt’s eye.
“Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” Psyche commented, before the two of them left and paired up with their respective SOs. Everyone waved goodbye and split off in different directions, leaving Angelo, Diablo, Mira, and Musa.
“Whatcha looking at, silly?” Mira teased, grabbing his arm and pulling him along.
“Oh, nothing,” Angelo laughed, letting himself get pulled by Mira. Mira had more self control than all of their friends combined. He was sure he could avoid a little bit of sugar on her own.

The Winx quickly found out how difficult it was keeping track on excitable teenage couples in a planet-wide carnival. Out of everyone, Orbo and Volt seemed the calmest. Well, marginally: Volt looked nervous and clung to Orbo like a vice. They walked with Aisha and Nex, and soon they came up to a more permanent-looking building. Seeing it, Aisha called, “Hey Trixie!”
With the sound of a party blower, Trixie appeared in between Aisha and Orbo, scattering confetti. Pointing at the building, Aisha asked, “What’s this building? It looks important.”
“Oooh good eye!” Trixie said. “This is the premiere magic school for Whimsii: the Whimsii Academy of Magical and Performing Arts!” She giggled and added, “Everyone calls it WAMPA.”
“Wow, must be prestigious,” Orbo said. “Do you have to have a certain level of magical skill?”
By now Trixie was on the wall, walking on her hands. “It helps, but it’s not a requirement. What’s the point of having a school if you’re expected to know everything already?” She backflipped and landed on Volt’s head. “They accept applicants from all planets, just like the schools in Magix!” She disappeared in a burst of smoke, before popping up around Nex’ shoulder. “I’m going to find Psyche again, you guys have fun!” She happily skipped away, before front-flipping into the air and disappearing in a burst of sparkles.
“She’s such a strange girl,” Nex commented, looking at Aisha in confusion.
“Rhea!!!” Rhea was knocked off Volt’s shoulder from being tackled by Nike. Rhea screamed in alarm, but was quickly caught by Polaris, Blue and Girder. “THEY HAVE GAMES JUST FOR PIXIES!” Nike practically screamed, before she grabbed Rhea and dragged her off.
After Rhea was gone, Volt told Orbo and said, “Hey, I’m hungry, you want to get some food?”
“Good idea,” Orbo agreed. “Aish, you okay if we separate? Volt gets a bit...ravenous, when he’s overwhelmed, and I don’t want you to have to wait for us.” He winked and asked, “You trust me, cuz?”
“Of course,” Aisha assured, ruffling his hair (though she had to go on her tippytoes to do so) ”You two have fun!”
“I could say the same for you!” Orbo joked. He and Volt waved as they headed off.
When the young boys were gone, Aisha leaned against Nex’ shoulder. “So, what do you want to do?” She winked playfully.
“I checked out a brochure, and I saw that in this part of Whimsii, they have the largest mirror maze in the magic dimension. You and me. Mirror maze. Last one out has to buy dinner.”
“You’re on.” Aisha accepted. “Where is this maze?”
“Over there,” Nex said, pointing at another building.
They walked over, and read “Smoke and Mirrors Maze”
“Ready?” Nex asked. The two of them took a sprinters pose. “On your marks, get set, go!” The two of them dashed in. There were several people watching with amused grins, and the duo slowed down when they got inside. They were quickly separated and Aisha found herself lost among the mirrors. She didn’t mind, this maze was a lot of fun! She had to stop for a second; each part of the maze looked like a room made of six mirrors.
For a moment, Aisha was fine, but then paused. Beforehand, she had heard the laughing of others having fun in the maze. Now, it was completely silent. “Weird,” she said, turning around the way she came. However there was a mirror. It wasn’t just her eyes playing tricks on her; she realized that she was surrounded by mirrors on all sides. “Rhea?” She asked. “Is that you?”
There was no answer, and Aisha felt her heart racing. “Rhea, this isn’t funny! Or Trixie, is it you?” She backed up into the corner of two mirrors, and nearly curled up into a ball. The lights began flickering, and Aisha noticed something: while most of the other reflections matched Aisha’s nervous posture, one was different. This reflection had her head down, and her hands curled into fists. It was also right against the glass.
“Is it you doing this?” Aisha asked, pulling her confidence together to move forward. “I’ll have you know, I’m the Fairy of Waves, and I have the power of Fantasmix and Illumix!” The figure didn’t move until Aisha was up to the mirror. That’s when a hand shot out and picked her up by the collar. The woman holding Aisha stepped out of the mirror and Aisha recognized her tattered red clothes. “Nisha,” she gasped.
Nisha looked up with a wink and a small giggle, playfully sticking out her tongue. “You’re preceptive, aren’t you?” As Aisha watched, Nisha changed. Nisha’s reptilian features shifted to aquatic to match Aisha’s ad her orange eyes turned green. In a perfect imitation of Aisha’s voice, Nisha continued, “My shapeshifting’s not as good as Fauna’s, but it gets the job done.”
Before Aisha could scream or fight back, Nisha spun around and shoved her into the mirror. Instead of shattering, she passed through the glass like water. She fell into a shadowy, mist room of sorts. It was the mirror maze, but different. It was colder, darker, and less saturated. The mirror she just passed through glowed like a window, then Nisha smirked and waved, and she and the light disappeared.
Well, almost. There was a smoky version of Nisha next to Aisha, but it seemed that Nisha couldn’t see her. Her movements were strangely floaty, but kept up with the same speed as the other world.
Aisha watched Nisha waved her hand, moving the mirrors so she could move through the mirrors with minimal effort. Aisha quickly followed Nisha as she left the mirror maze, before being joined by Nex.
“Nex! Nex!” Aisha shouted. However, Nex didn't notice her.
A small smirk from Nisha told her all she needed to know. With the hopelessness of the situation, Aisha didn't know what to do.

As it turned out, it was extremely difficult keeping Mira away from sugar. Mostly because she took every stall as a challenge, and wanted to do everything that Whimsii offered. The way she was acting was so similar to Psyche, it was almost impossible to tell them apart. Well, despite Mira's more muscular build, of course. “Mira, wouldn’t you rather actually play the games?” Angelo asked in an attempt to distract her from all of the sugar. “They have plush jousting, you could beat up Diablo!”
When there wasn’t a snarky response, or a loud protest, and the two quickly realized that Diablo wasn’t with them. “Did Diablo go off on his own?” Mira asked. “Should we be worried?”
Angelo groaned, “Ugh...he’d better have gone off with someone else. He wasn’t given a mirror!” He silently mumbled, “Great Dragon he’s an idiot.” He pulled out his phone, then tried calling Diablo. “What the shadow haunt?” He looked at Mira confusedly and said, “Listen to this.” He put the phone on speaker, and it was playing the busy signal...but instead of just repetitive beeping it was playing a song.
“Oh wait, I know this one!” Mira gasped. “Christa told me about it, the March of the Toy Soldiers. It’s from a Christmas play.”
“I didn’t know you and Christa talked about music,” Angelo commented.
With a smirk, Mira said, “I have more interests than just fighting you know. I’m quite the pianist as well!”
“I digress,” Angelo said, pulling out the compact mirror. “Diablo? Diablo, are you there?”
Diablo’s face didn’t appear, but Sky’s did. “Don’t tell me that Diablo wandered off on his own!”
“You haven’t seen him?” Angelo asked. “Have any of you seen Diablo?”
Brandon’s face appeared, “He’s not with us!”
Then Helia’s. “We haven’t seen him either.”
Then Timmy’s. “I thought he went with you two!”
Then Diablo’s. “I went to the bathroom you dolts! You left without me!” His purple eyes flared angrily. “I was nearly kidnapped by a pack of wandering clowns!” With an annoyed huff he added, “My compact says I’m close to Volt and Orbo, so I’m going to join you two.” He disconnected.
As Angelo looked at Mira embarrassedly, and she sighed, “Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that you two are brothers...then things like this happen.” She giggled and said, “Well, now that we don’t have to worry about Diablo, let’s have some fun! Trixie says that there’s a stand that sells the best snow cones in all of the Magic Dimension!” She eagerly grabbed Angelo’s hand and pulled him along.
Snow cones aren’t as sugary, it couldn’t hurt, right? Angelo thought to himself. However, Mira’s smile was so bright he couldn’t help but follow along.

When Diablo found Orbo and Volt, they were sitting at a small cafe table across from each other, sipping their drinks with their fingers interlaced. He didn’t know whether or not the power of Whimsii was at play, but seeing them was simultaneously uplifting and painful. He hadn’t told anyone yet--having only recently realizing it himself--but he really liked Volt. And even though Orbo was acting as his instructor, Diablo was growing fond of him as well.
Volt noticed Diablo, and the two waved. Diablo felt his cheeks warming up as he sat with them. “It’s kind of strange not seeing you attached to Angelo,” Orbo teased. “I almost didn’t recognize you!”
Even though his heart skipped a beat, Diablo drily replied, “Hardee har har. Don’t look for a career in comedy. You dorks are lucky I even decided to hang out with you!” It was a bit mean, but he couldn’t think of anything better.
Luckily enough the two weren’t offended, and Volt even teased, “Wasn’t it you who got left in the bathroom?” Orbo chuckled and then he and Volt high-fived.
Diablo took a drink of water (he didn’t even know how it got there) to distract from his blushing face. “Oh hey,” Volt said. “As far as you know, Angelo’s keeping Mira away from any sugar, right?”
“If he is he’s not doing a very good job at it,” Diablo said with a shrug. “Well, he’s bad at being discreet about it. He keeps forcibly turning Mira again from any sweet stands. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten mad at him yet.” He paused for a second, then asked, “Wait, why can’t Mira have sweets?”
Orbo and Volt shared a look, and Volt said. "You know how Psyche is, right?"
"Duh, we've all met Psyche," Diablo scoffed.
"Mira hyped up on sugar is like thirty Psyches condensed into a single person with killer instincts," Orbo bluntly said. "And with fighting being one of her favorite hobbies, things escalate very quickly."
Volt shivered. "On our 12th birthday she wrestled a fully grown Sky Viper to the ground, and all she had was a single piece of birthday cake." He looked at Diablo with hollow, traumatized eyes. “I still have nightmares about it.”
Orbo patted Volt's shoulder and said, "Angelo is going to need a will of steel if he's going to keep Mira from going sugar crazy."
Diablo raised an eyebrow, but didn’t make a comment. He asked, “Are you two having a romantic carnival date?”
“Kinda,” Volt admitted. “I’m just a bit overstimulated.”
“Oh?” Diablo asked. “Huh, you seemed fine when we went to that wedding back on Minerva.”
“Oh, that?” Volt asked. “By the time all of the people came, I was too upset to notice.” He put his drink down. “My emotions don’t always follow a straight logic; luckily I have Orbo to help me with that.” He was rubbing his thumb on Orbo’s hand gently.
“Well, I’ll beat up anyone who makes you upset, okay?” Diablo promised. “Why don’t we check out some carnival games? Between Orbo and me, I bet we can win all of the prizes!”
“Hah!” Orbo laughed. “I can win all of the prizes by myself!”
With a wicked grin, Diablo retorted, “Is that a challenge? You’re on!”
Without warning, Orbo picked Volt up and carried him like a backpack as the boys ran.

Psyche and Trixie ended up with Christa and Ella, not that any of the girls minded. “She ended up taking down a Sky Viper,” Psyche was telling the other girls. “And that was after only one slice of birthday cake. It was epic, but not something I think people want to happen here on Whimsii.”
“Wow,” Ella laughed. “It’s hard to imagine straight-laced Mira going off the wall like that.”
“It can be really intense,” Psyche said. “I mean, Mira’s already intense but like, ramped up to 100 is absolutely insane.” She looked around and noted, “You know, there are a lot of spirits here. Nice ones. It’s kind of funny.” She whistled a playful tune, and her hair flipped by itself.
The girls all laughed, and then they noticed a large, twisting roller coaster. “Oooooh…” Christa, Psyche, and, Ella all said.
Pointing, Psyche immediately asked, “Is it fun?”
“Oh yeah! It’s the most fun ride on Whimsii!” Trixie laughed. “And that’s saying a lot.”
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Psyche laughed. She grabbed Trixie’s wrists and the four girls ran to the ride. In her excitement, Psyche ended up not watching where she was running, and ran straight into someone.
“Hey! Watch it!” A harsh voice snapped. Psyche backed up in surprise as the woman she’d run into turn around and sneer at her.
“Aisha!?” Psyche exclaimed in surprise. The name seemed to alarm Aisha, and she blinked in surprise.
“Ah, sorry Psyche. I didn’t mean to be rude, just frustrated, that’s all.” She stepped forward, and instinctively, Psyche stepped back. Aisha’s soul didn’t feel normal. Not only that, Psyche felt something vaguely off. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but it was like someone else was there.
“No problem,” she said, unable to keep the confusion from her voice. “Sorry about running into you.”
Aisha seemed to notice the uncertainty, and her eyebrows furrowed as her mouth tightened. She and Psyche locked eyes for almost a minute, but Psyche turned to Trixie and smiled. “Come on, let’s ride that ride!” She grabbed Trixie’s hand, and the group of girls kept running to the ride. While she ran, Psyche discreetly waved her hand behind her back. A green, near-invisible spirit floated from her palm, and drifted towards Aisha and Nex.
Unnoticed by either of them, it gently attached itself to Aisha. Psyche let out a sigh, but turned her attention back to the ride. Something was wrong, but she didn't quite know what. And she wasn’t going to kid herself; she was scared to find out.

Aisha watched in the misty, shadowy mirror realm. Psyche’s reaction to Nisha was strange, but welcoming. If she could sense that something was wrong with Nisha pretending to be Aisha, then maybe there was hope of Aisha getting back before Nisha could steal the Jewels.
After the tiny spirit attached itself to Nisha, Aisha walked up to it slowly and tried to touch it. It reacted with a jump and looked right at her, however she couldn’t tell if it saw her or not. It was something, though.
“Psyche…” Aisha said, her voice quiet and echoic. She had to stay by Nisha, if out of necessity so she couldn’t hurt anyone trying to get the jewels. This mirror world was connected to Psyche’s powers in some way. She’d already tried leaving messages, but she couldn’t physically interact with the other world at all. At least spirits noticed her.
In a distant voice, Aisha heard Nisha tell Nex, “Let’s go check out the other attractions, save the best for last.”
“Aisha!” Bloom’s voice called; both Aisha and Nisha turned, Nisha’s face flashed with scorn before taking on a much friendlier expression. The other Winx girls were joined up as a group with the specialists. Each girl was with her boyfriend, and they were all laughing and enjoying themselves.
“Bloom! Stella! Musa! Tecna! Flora!” Aisha shouted at the top of her voice. She figured at least Musa would be able to hear her, but even she didn’t respond. Gently, she brushed her hand against Stella’s cheek. Stella didn’t respond, either. Anything she she did to try to get the girls’ attention failed
As the group moved away with Nisha, Aisha began to hopelessly move after them.

The Pixies were flying over the carnival, laughing about the games they’d played, when they noticed a grouping of their fairies. It was the Winx, so their bonded pixies flew down to say hi while Rhea, Nike, Polaris, Girder, and Blue stayed in the air.
“Maybe we should find our bonded, too,” Rhea suggested. “That way we don’t get lost.”
“C’mon, Rhe!” Nike argued. “This carnival is so much fun! I mean, look at how happy the Winx are!”
Rhea looked down, then blinked in surprise, before rubbing her eyes and looking again. There were two Aishas. More or less--one of them was kind of shimmery like she was a spirit. “Nike,” she said.
“Yeah?” Nike asked.
Quietly, Rhea took Nike’s arm then pointed downwards. “Is it just me, or do you see two versions of Aisha?”
Nike looked down, but said, “Nope...but is it just me or is Piff acting weird?”
Sure enough, Piff was fixated on the shimmery spirit Aisha as opposed to the solid one. It looked like Piff couldn’t see Aisha though, because it looked like she was trying to find where Aisha was. The solid Aisha watched with a strange expression; it looked almost like disgust.
“Nike, I’ll be right back,” Rhea said, pulling the mirror off of her belt.
As Nike watched, Rhea shimmered and faded like a mirage. From Rhea’s perspective, the world became darker and distorted, with a mist curling around in every direction. “Piff!” She heard Aisha’s voice shout. “Piff, it’s me!”
When Rhea looked down, she saw the foggy, near-colorless versions of the Winx, Specialists, and Pixies. Save for Aisha. The Aisha from before, who had been a shimmer. Or a reflection. “Aisha?” Rhea asked, flying down.
Turing, Aisha gasped. “Rhea! You can see me?”
“Yes,” Rhea said. “You’re the...real Aisha...right?”
Wiping tears from her eyes, Aisha nodded. “Okay, I believe you,” Rhea assured. “But if you’re the real Aisha, then who’s...that?” she pointed at the Aisha with the group.
“Nisha; she switched places with me in the mirror maze and trapped me in this place,” Aisha explained. “’re here too...did she trap you!?”
“No, I can come to the mirror world by myself,” Rhea explained. “I’m the Pixie of Reflections, after all.”
“Oh. Can you bring me back out?”
“Yes, but not right here. To pull you from the mirror world, you have to go through the same mirror that you came through originally,” Rhea responded. “There I can open the gateway and you can step back through.”
Aisha nodded, and told Rhea, “We have to hurry though; if Nisha finds Volt, I don’t know what she’ll do to get the Jewels.”
“Okay; to do this, I have to go back out and meet you there,” Rhea instructed. “It won’t work if we’re both on the wrong side of the mirror.” Quickly, she plucked a hair from her head, then one from Aisha’s, and tied them together. Handing the hairs to Aisha, it turned into a golden hair pin with a small mirror. A beam of light extended from the pin in the direction of the mirror maze.
“Let’s get going,” Rhea urged. She flew up to where Nike was, and teleported between the two worlds again. Immediately, she flew down and grabbed Piff’s hand, leading her away from the group and Nisha.
Nisha noticed and watched the pixies fly off, but for the sake of her disguise she didn’t attack or try to stop them. “Hey, why don’t we join up with the Illuminates?” She suggested. “We could have a nice big lunch together.”
“Ooh, great idea, Aisha!” Bloom said. Bloom linked her arm in Nisha’s and Nisha did her best not to recoil.
Meanwhile, while Rhea and Piff flew together, Nike quickly caught up. “Rhea, what’s going on? What are you doing with Piff?”
“Aisha was trapped in the mirror world by Nisha, I have to get her out before Nisha is able to attack Volt,” Rhea explained as she flew at top speed. “We have to hurry!”

Aisha ran through the mirror carnival, following the light from the hair pin. She could see the misty forms of Rhea, Nike, and Piff flying above in the same direction. She felt bad about leaving the others, but she had to get out of the mirror world and stop Nisha as quickly as possible.
As she ran, she shouted, “Illumix!” She transformed into her Illumix, and flew the rest of the way to the mirror maze. Luckily, she could pass through the apparitions of the mirrors, to the one where Nisha had forcibly taken her place. It looked just like the other mirrors, but she could see the smokey image of the pixies.
A beam of light shot from Rhea’s image; the dark glass began shining as the light from the normal Whimsii. Thankfully, Aisha stepped through the glass like water again. Piff cooed happily, flying up and hugging her. Aisha happily hugged Piff back, and happily told Rhea, “Thank you.”
Rhea smiled happily, then quickly became serious again. “We have to go help Volt, now!” She commanded. Clapping her hands together, she made the mirror move so that they could walk straight to the exit. The pixies and Aisha flew out of the house of mirrors and into the air, following Rhea as she tracked Volt through her bond.
“I hope we’re not too late…” Aisha mumbled quietly to herself.

While everyone knew that Aisha liked Volt, she seemed a little too intense with trying to find him. It felt less like she wanted to rejoin Volt out of a desire for fun, but more like she was going to attack him when she found him. She was moving so quickly that not even Nex was able to keep up the pace.
“Aisha, what’s the rush?” he huffed, out of breath. “It’s not like Volt is going anywhere. We don’t have to move so quickly, darling.” He tried to grab Aisha’s hand, but she jerked it away, giving him a glare like she was trying to shoot lasers through his head.
“If you can’t keep up, then don’t bother following,” she snapped. Everyone looked at her aghast, and for a second she looked like she needed to regain her composure, then she plastered on a poisonously sweet grin and said, “I’ll just go on ahead.”
They heard a shout, and saw Volt coming up to them with Orbo and Diablo in tow. He was waving excitedly as the trio ran forward. Aisha was waving in response, before there was another shout. “WAIT! THAT”S NOT ME!”
A giant morphix bubble shot forward and caught Volt, pushing him back away from Aisha. When they looked up, they saw Aisha in her Illumix--then they looked back at Aisha on the ground. Aisha flew overhead and landed in front of Volt, standing protectively in front of him, facing the other Aisha.
“Wait, which of you is the real Aisha?” Diablo asked incredulously, pulling Volt behind him. “How can we trust you’re not going to hurt Volt?”
“She’s the real one!” Rhea shouted, pointing at Illumix Aisha. “Nisha trapped her in a mirror, and I let her out.”
Volt looked up at Rhea and said, “She’s telling the truth; I can feel it.”
The other Aisha looked defeated, then began laughing wickedly as her form began to shimmer like a mirage. As they watched, her clothes became red rags, and her eyes became orange with slit pupils. She grew scales, claws and fangs. “A shame that I couldn’t trick you, but a fight is always more fun!” Nisha taunted.
Before anyone could react, Nisha cackled and flew up into the air. She spun around, shooting out blobs of molten glass in all directions. People began screaming and running off, and Volt and Bloom had to make shields over their groups. Psyche made herself intangible, and flew up as close as she could without Nisha noticing. “Boo,” she whispered breathily in Nisha’s ear, making Nisha jump and stop her attack.
This gave the fairies enough to transform, with Volt and the Winx activating their Illumix, and Volt’s friends activating their Enchantix. The fairies, along with Trixie, flew into the air with Psyche. They surrounded Nisha, who looked nonplussed at the development, even laughing.
Tauntingly, Nisha said, “Oh no, I’m surrounded! Whatever am I gonna do?” When the fairies and witches fired their spells, she spun around, melting into a blob of glass and dodging the spells effortlessly. The blobs of glass on the ground began coming together and floating into the air, forming identical copies of Nisha. Nisha herself formed from her glass blob, and all of the copies began taunting at once. “Which one’s the real Nisha? Unlike with Darcy, we’re all very solid!” As they said that, one of the copies hit Psyche, knocking her into Christa and Ella.
“Psyche! Are you alright?” Ella gasped.
“I’ll live, but that HURT!” Psyche responded, floating on her own. Nisha and her copies began laughing, and spread out, attacking and causing havoc.
“We have to fight back!” Bloom urged. The others nodded, and spread out to take on the copies of Nisha.
The glass copies were more durable than it would first seem, and when they broke, the glass that made them became liquid again and reformed into even more copies. Luckily these copies didn’t have strong magic, and weren’t good at magical attacks. Diablo and the Specialists were on the ground, with Diablo using his Demon Blade spell to melt through every Nisha copy he came across.
After a minute, his phone began ringing. He paused in confusion, looking to see that it was Angelo calling him. He held his sword in one hand and his phone in his other. “Angie, what is it!? I’m kind of busy!”
“We have a problem!” Angelo said.
“We have more than a problem!” Diablo snapped, “Nisha made a bunch of duplicates of herself and they’re running amok!”
“Okay, yes that’s a big problem. Also, Mira’s been eating sugar. A LOT of sugar,” Angelo admittedly.
“SHE’S BEEN WHAT!?!” Diablo practically screamed, startling the other Specialists to turn and look at him. Despite his alarm, Diablo was still using his flaming sword to slice and dice through the glass copies.
“She’s going beserk, I think she;s going to cause a blizzard!” Angelo said worriedly.
For a second, Diablo thought over something, “Bring her here, tell her that Psyche and Volt are in danger!” He commanded.
As Angelo hung up the phone, Diablo could hear Mira’s voice bellowing in anger and alarm. “Brace yourselves for cold!” He shouted at the top of his voice, catching the attention of his friends and all of the copies of Nisha. Almost immediately, the temperate began falling, dropping more and more rapidly.
With a blast of snow and frigid wind, Mira’s screaming filled the air as she flew on the scene. She was in her full paladin armor, her wings shining with their reddish-pink light. Her expression was wild, filled with more emotion than Diablo had ever seen from her before. It was lucky he had his flaming sword, otherwise Diablo was sure he’d freeze. “Diablo! Di, where are you?”
“Angelo! Over here!” Diablo shouted. He watched as Angelo climbed over snow piles and the two brothers shared a hug when they rejoined.
The cold was intense, but not unbearable; this didn’t seem to be the case for the Nisha copies. They shouted as their bodies froze then exploded into glass, one by one. The wind and ice blew as Mira flew around, smashing each copy that didn’t explode. After a few minutes, she managed to calm down when she found Volt and Psyche, pulling them into a tight hug.
The triplets landed on the ground with the other fairies and witches, looking at the snow. One particular mound begann glowing with a heated yellow light as steam rolled off of the snow. There was a blast of heat as Nisha burst out the snow. Her anger was so intense that she was creating a heatwave that was melting all of the snow.
She looked around, grinding her sharp teeth as she sent out heatwave after heatwave as she floated into the air. She locked her eyes on Volt, and large, glowing claws formed from her Glassix, growing in size until she threw her hands to snatch Volt up. Before she could grasp him, two equally large purple hands stopped her: Orbo was using his Morphix to hold Nisha back.
With a dry laugh, Nisha said, “You remind me of my cousin!”
“I’ll take that as an insult!” Orbo growled. He and Nisha pushed against each other while Aisha flew around from behind to try and surprise Nisha. As Aisha summoned a Morphix bubble, two more Glassix arms shot from her back, forcing Aisha to adjust her Morphix to protect herself from getting burned by the molten glass.
With her focus on the two cousins, Nisha would be vulnerable to attack. She seemed to realize this, because she roared in anger as she released a heatblast, pushing everyone back.
Before they could right themselves, she looked around angrily as she floated into the air, into a swirling portal opening above her head. Her eyes flashed with a dangerous light before she disappeared into the darkness.
When Nisha was gone, Volt looked around at the half-melted snow and said, “Geez..sorry Trixie. We didn’t meant to make such a big mess.”
For a moment, everything was quiet, then Trixie let out a guffaw that became loud, bellied laughter as she floated in the air. “For not meaning to make a mess you sure made a great one.” She whistled, and all of the nearby Whimsiicans turned to look. In her hands, she summoned two snowballs and shouted, “SNOWBALL FIGHT!” before throwing both at Volt’s face.
Everyone began laughing and throwing snowballs at each other.

Nisha floated out of the portal Doom had made for her into Doom’s office, her arms crossed and scowling. “It went that well, huh?” Doom teased with a small chuckle. With a glare, Nisha huffed and spun around in the air.
“They ganged up on me,” she complained, sitting on the opposite side of the desk from Doom. “If it had just been one-on-one, I would have been able to take Aisha down and finally steal the Luminous Jewels!” She harrumphed as she crossed her arms.
“You say that whenever you lose,” Doom commented, filling out paperwork. “But...noted. That actually gives me an idea, though.”
“Oh? You’re going to let me take on my weakling opposite?” Nisha asked eagerly.
Doom grinned wickedly. “Later, Nisha. Later. After all, I said that I’d give everyone a first chance, and now it’s Recma’s turn.”
“Recma?” Nisha asked. She laughed and said, “Heh, there’s no way they’ll be ready for that.”

Chapter Text

When almost a day passed and she hadn’t heard from Recma, Doom became slightly worried. When Recma was quiet, it meant that she was planning on breaking something, or something was already broken. Recma liked to keep people on their toes, unable to guess what she’d do next.
Doom walked through Omegea’s halls until she came up to Recma’s room. She knocked politely, before opening the door. “Rec, if you brought in those acidic stinkbugs again I swear to the Kraken…” she froze when she saw Recma at her desk, writing something down. “Okay...either you’re not Recma or I need to take a vacation,” Doom said, walking in and sitting on a chair.
“It’s me,” Recma chuckled. “I’m just trying to figure something out for when I make my attack.”
“And what’s that?” Doom inquired.
“I need to get the Winx completely separated from the Illuminates, leaving them vulnerable. The others were too focused on their opposites. I want to get the kids while they’re by themselves at the school.”
“Oh, I might actually have some information that could help with that; is there anything else you need to get ready?” Doom asked.
Recma was thoughtful for a moment. “Just one thing,” she said, before flying out of the room and down the hall. She slammed open a door, startling the Trix, who were just lounging around the room.
Quickly, Recma marched up to Stormy, grabbed her by the wrist and said, “You’re coming with me.”
“Wait, why?” Stormy asked in alarm.
With a wink, Rema turned and said, “We’re going to cause some trouble!”

The Winx and their students were lounging around the school courtyard, yawning from their exhausting trip to Whimsii. It was a decently warm day. The specialists, Trixie, and Psyche were visiting; Nike had set up a court and they were playing all kinds of games; everytime that they completed a game, Trixie would suggest a new one.
They were playing Whimsii’s version of basketball when a draft blew through. Volt shivered and dropped the ball, looking up. There was something drifting in the air, glinting in the light, and Volt shaded his eyes to see it better. As it came close, Volt began following its path until he managed to catch it
It was a larger-than-life snowflake, with a large, flat hexagonal center. Volt looked at it closely and said, “Oh hey, it’s an invitation!” He looked closely and read, “‘The members of the Winx Club including Princess Bloom of Domino, Princess Stella of Solaria, Princess Aisha of Andros, Musa of Melody, Flora of Lynphea, and Tecna of Zenith, are cordially invited to the union of Australon Aurorus and Borean Luminium. Please RSVP to the Cave of Jubilation at your earliest convenience; all guests are allowed a plus one. Lots of love, A&B.’”
The invitation melted soon after Volt read it, and he flicked his hands dry. Not bothered by the water, he asked, “Australon and Borean are those gay ice warriors, right?”
“Yeah!” Bloom said, walking up. “They’re real sweethearts. Did the invitation say when the wedding is?”
“Mmmm nope, just to RSVP ASAP,” Volt said.
“Can I borrow the Luminous Charm?”
“Sure,” Volt said, summoning it and handing it to Bloom.
As Bloom held the charm, she focused. The cyan jewel began glowing, before all of the others joined, and soon Abigail’s holographic image appeared above the charm. The other Winx gathered around Abigail so they could see each other.
Seeing the Winx, Abigail happily waved and asked, “Hello, dears, how can I assist you?”
“Hi Abigail!” Bloom said, as all the girls waved back. “We were wondering when Australon and Borean’s wedding is? We want to RSVP yes.”
Abigail gasped. “You only received the invitation now?? I sent it almost a week ago! I’m so sorry, darlings, the wedding is today! Please try to get ready as quickly as you can, I’ll come with Alclavia to pick you up!” Her image promptly vanished,
“How will we get ready for a wedding that’s today?” Flora worried.
Psyche and Stella both cleared their throats, and everyone turned to look at them. “The dazzling duo is here to help!” Psyche announced, both her and Stella dramatically posing.
“To the studio!” Stella commanded.
In a rush, the Winx and their boyfriends followed Psyche and Stella as they went to Stella’s studio; Volt, Mira, and their friends stayed outside. After a moment, Musa poked her head out, shouting, “Christa, come on! You’re my plus one!”
Christa blinked in surprise, but happily followed. “Okay!”

Between Stella and Psyche, everyone was ready within the hour; the kids had all gone back to playing Whimsii games with the pixies. Not long after, there was more cold wind as Alclavia landed in the courtyard.
“OH MY MAGIX IS THAT THE FANTASMABEAST!?” Roxy squealed. She ran over to Alclavia’s head; Alclavia sniffed her, nuzzled her, and then let Roxy begin to pet her. Roxy’s eyes were tearing up as she said, “I can die happy, now.”
As Roxy pet Alclavia, Abigail fluttered down from Alclavia’s back. “Abigail!” Bloom laughed, giving her a hug.
“Bloom!” Abigail laughed in return, hugging her back.
As Bloom and Abigail laughed, Flora commented, “Alclavia seems to be doing better.”
Abigail smiled happily. “Yes! After you helped us earlier, I’ve been much happier, and Alclavia has been too! We’ve been going out more and taking more time to ourselves!” She put her hand on Bloom’s shoulder and said, “I couldn’t have picked six better Fantasmix fairies!”
“You’re Lady Abigail of Minerva, right?” Mira asked. She bowed and said, “I’m your...very great niece, Princess Miranda, the Knight of Snow, heir to the Mountains.”
Abigail curtsied in response. “How nice to see family; and Illuminates, no less. But no need to be formal!” She pulled Mira, Volt, and Psyche into a hug. “We’re family, after all.”
The triplets looked a smidge uncomfortable, but didn’t fight against her. When she let them go, she turned back to the Winx and their respective plus ones. “Are we all ready to go?”
“Yes, of course!” Bloom said.
Abigail flew up to the top of Alclavia’s head. “Let’s get going, then!”
Alclavia unfurled her tail so the Winx could climb on more easily, and the Winx and Specialists (and Christa) climbed onto Alclavia’s back, between her wings. They waved at the others as Alclavia took off.
The triplets and their friends were pushed back a bit by Alcavia’s strong wings, but were left standing as the Fantasmabeast flew off into the distance. Looking at her siblings, Mira asked, “Now what?”
Volt shrugged, and Psyche was thoughtful. Thoughtfully, Psyche suggested, “More games? We have the whole day to ourselves, after all.”
The others shouted in agreement, then they went back to playing their games.

The flight with Alclavia was surprisingly smooth, like Alclavia was making an effort to avoid jostling her passengers. It was chilly, which was to be expected from the region they were flying in, but it wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. Abigail had previously explained that their first visit had been super rough because she’d been testing them, and all subsequent visits were now very pleasant.
Australon was pacing in front of the Cave’s entrance nervously. When he noticed Alclavia he waved. Alclavia landed and deposited her passengers, before crawling up the mountain to a different cave entrance. “Ah!” Australon laughed happily, running up and giving everyone hugs. “I’m so happy you could make it!” When he got to Christa, he looked mildly confused. “I don’t think we’ve met yet...have we?”
Christa curtsied. “We haven’t. I’m Christa, daughter of Santa Claus and fairy of Auroras.”
Australon courteously bowed back. “I’m Australon, groom-to-be. I’m very happy to meet you, thank you for coming to our wedding!” Turning to Stella, he said, “Boree has been working on decorations, and I’m sure you’ll be proud!”
Stella piped up, “I’m sure! And I’m loving the wedding outfit!”
Australon was made of greenish-blue ice, and was dressed in a tuxedo...under a breastplate made of ice. His hair was combed and coiffed, and he looked dashing, especially glinting in the sunlight. He blushed, his cheeks turning icy blue. “Aw, thanks. You should see Borean, it’s like I’m falling in love all over again.”
As Australon led the group through the cave, as they all looked in awe at the decorations. It was mostly snowflake and icicle themed, but with several hearts, stars, and a large crescent moon. All of the Cave’s denizens were dressed up to the best of their ability; the icicle-tooth cat, her mate, and her cubs were dressed with crystal bowties across their necks; the ice spirit and her kids were dressed in formal attire; Abigail’s council were dressed in the traditional, formal attire of their respective worlds; and other, newer denizens the Winx or Specialists hadn’t met were also dressed up.
“Wow! It’s more beautiful than you described!” Christa gasped, twirling around in awe.
Borean was in the center of the madness; he was dressed in a breastplate and tuxedo like Australon, but had his hair in a ponytail. Seeing the group, he gasped, “You made it!” He ran up and hugged Bloom. “I was so worried when you didn’t RSVP.”
“Sorry, my fault,” Abigail said. “I underestimated how far the snowflake would have to travel and it arrived late.”
Both Australon and Borean laughed, before Australon hugged Borean from the side and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Borean said, “Well, I’m super glad you all made it. It wouldn’t have felt right without you!” Turning, he shouted, “Lapis! Lapis, sweetie!”
A young teen ice girl who was bluer in color came up. “Yes, Uncle Borean?” She asked.
Borean turned to the Winx and said, “My niece, Lapis,” before turning to Lapis and asking, “Sweetie, can you show my friends to their seats, please?”
“Of course,” Lapis said with a nod. “Follow me, please,” she continued before leading the Winx and Specialists into the central chamber. Inside, where the Winx had first earned their Fantasmix, it had been rearranged to accommodate the seating of a wedding. Alclavia was behind the dais where Australon and Borean would be married, and she was sitting at her full height to watch over the proceedings.
Alclavia gave a graceful nod as the Winx waved at her. Lapis showed them their seats, before waving politely and walking off. The Winx, Specialists, and Christa all took their seats, waiting excitedly for the wedding to start.

Volt dodged a pumpkin-shaped paint bomb, barely avoiding getting splashed. He launched a bomb back at the girls, hitting it with a bolt of lightning that made it instantly. Ella, Trixie, and Liz were immediately hit, but Mira and Psyche managed to dodge.
Mira and Psyche retaliated with a barrage of bombs; luckily, Orbo used his rubbery Morphix to launch them back. The bombs all exploded together, soaking the girls in paint. Laughing, Psyche summoned a white flag and waved it around. They came out of their fort giggling; while Volt gave Orbo a big kiss. “Good job!”
They grouped together in the center of the field with everyone. Volt used a bit of static electricity to pull some clouds together and a bolt to start some rain to wash off the paint. After the brief rain, Orbo made the water come off of everyone, making them dry again.
“Whew! I’m beat,” Ella said. “Why don’t we take a food break?”
“I think I’m done with games for today,” Angelo commented. “Maybe we could put on a movie?”
“Oh yeah!” Volt said. He snapped his fingers, creating a small spark of electricity that made everyone laugh.
As they watched though, the spark seemed to dissolve into blue energy that flew up into the air. Volt ended up collapsing into Orbo’s arms as he muttered, “Oof...I’m feeling lightheaded.”
There was cackling above and they all looked up. Recma was floating in the air, holding out her hand to catch the energy she’d stolen. “Aw, what sweet little gift!” She said in a mock-sweet voice.
“Allow me to thank you!” Recma screamed, blasting a pillar of green lightning downwards, which cracked the ground.

After a little while, Abigail flew in and landed on the dais; she transformed out of her Fantasmix into a large, dark blue ballgown that looked like it came from the Minervan mountains. It had golden stitching, white fur, and a hood. Abigail’s hair was decorated with golden ribbons in a braid, and she had a large golden crown with a large blue sapphire.
“Oh wow, Abigail knows how to dress up,” Stella complimented.
Australon was standing next to Abigail, looking nervous. He looked at Abigail for comfort, and she put a hand on his shoulder. The music began playing, and every stood and turned as Borean walked down the aisle with an older ice warrior who looked like his dad. Borean was visibly crying, and his frozen tears clinked as they hit the cave floor. Australon was crying too when Borean reached the dais, and they cried happily while staring lovingly at each other.
“Dearly beloved,” Abigail started to saying, before she was struck with a bolt of lightning. She collapsed to the ground, falling unconscious
The Winx all looked up in alarm to see Stormy, dark lightning arching around her body from her Wraithix. “The party doesn’t start ‘til I arrive, and now I’m here!” She went to blast more lightning at Australon and Borean, but Tecna transformed into her Illumix and dove in between.
“Screen Saver!” Tecna shouted. A holographic screen popped up that reflected Stormy’s lightning so she had to dodge her own attack. The other Winx transformed into their Illumix and took to the air with Tecna, all facing Stormy.
“Oooohhh! The Winx are going to use their big, scary new transformation on me! Whatever shall I do??” Stormy taunted. Before holding out her wrist. Her magenta gem detached itself from her Wraithix. The gem glowed as a large shadow formed from it, twisting into the large shape of Occula. Or the Wraith that used to be Occula.
Stella squeaked. “I forgot they could do that…”
Stormy’s eyes glowed pink and sparked with lightning bolts as she grinned maniacally. “Let’s play.”

Volt grabbed Orbo, Christa grabbed Mira, Psyche grabbed Diablo, and Trixie grabbed Angelo. They each flew off of the ground as the shockwave from Recma’s hit rumbled underneath them. Luckily, Liz, Ella, and Roxy managed to take to the air before they were hit, and hovered in the air with their friends.
“GEEZ!!” Roxy shouted. “Were the other Jinx this powerful??”
“Yes, but their powers all work differently!” Mira explained. “Recma’s power is destruction! She’s the anti-Tecna!”
Recma stood up and grinned proudly, holding her hands on her hips. “Why thank you! You flatter me!” She stamped her foot down. The moment Recma’s foot hit the ground, the shaking stopped. Instead, waves of glowing green energy rose from the ground. Recma inhaled victoriously, and the energy drifted to her and was absorbed into her chest.
As she smiled maniacally up at them, Recma flicked her hands down and launched at them at super speed. As quickly as she could, Ella flew in between Recma and her friends, crossing her arms in front of her chest, creating a pale yellow full moon shield. Recma collided with the shield with a metallic clang. Ella was pushed back a bit, but wasn’t thrown back.
“Tiger Claw!” Roxy shouted, shooting a boomerang-like blade towards Recma. Without looking, Recma caught the little green spell. In her hand it turned poisonous neon green, and dissipated.
Recma turned with her toothy, manic smile. “Trying a sneak attack, darling?” She asked. In her hand, she summoned a swirling ball of green lightning. “Oh, how I envy your naivete!” She launched the lightning ball at Roxy.
As the lightning flew at Roxy, a bolt of white lightning struck and collided with the green. It created a somewhat fiery blast; luckily, Liz managed to redirect some of the power so Roxy wasn’t hurt badly.
Recma didn’t seem upset; she let out a loud guffaw. “You guys are fun! When I destroy everything I might just keep you around for laughs.” She pushed Ella back and flipped in the air as she floated back to the ground. Recma landed more gingerly than what anyone would have expected, and looked around Alfea. She giggled. “Now that you know what I can do, why don’t we play a game??”
While they didn’t trust her, the fairies and witches put the Specialists and Orbo on the ground. Volt stood in front of the others, his hand sparking dangerously. “What kind of game?” He asked suspiciously.
Recma began stretching like she was preparing for a track meet. “Simple enough, really. You have the Luminous Charm. I want it. Now you can either give me it or…” From her index finger, she shot a green bolt of lightning into the ground. A single rock levitated from the ground, sparking with the green lightning. It was large, and looked heavy, but Recma didn’t look like she was having any issues.
Suddenly, Recma flicked her finger towards the building. The rock launched in that direction, smashing a window. Recma’s eyes glowed green as she said, “I bring this entire school to the ground…”

Flora and Stella were tending to Abigail, trying to wake her. Musa and Aisha were trying to deal with the Wraith. Bloom and Tecna were facing off against Stormy. Everyone else was scurrying out of the central cavern. Luckily Australon, Borean, and the Specialists were directing everyone safely and effeciently.
Stormy held up her arms, and pitch-black clouds began twisting around them like a boa constrictor as they sparked with red lightning. “Black Sky!!” She shouted, thrusting her hands forward. The clouds spun from her hands like in a flash, surrounding Bloom and Tecna almost before they could react.
“Smoke Screen!” Bloom shouted, creating an orange bubble around herself and Tecna.
In a flash of lightning, Stormy hit Bloom’s bubble, sending Bloom and Tecna flying backwards. When they were out of the clouds, they collided with Musa and Aisha as the girls pursued the Wraith. The fairies managed to keep in the air, but both Stormy and the Wraith struck with lightning at the same time.
The fairies managed to make a quick, mixed-power shield that managed to deflect the power before they were struck. The Wraith floated behind Stormy as the clouds dispersed. Stormy’s arms were sparking with red lightning, some of which arched between Stormy and the Wraith. Stomy lifted up her hands as the Wraith spread its wings right behind her as lightning shot between the two of them, before Stormy shot a huge blast of lightning at the fairies.
“Morphix Rubber!” Aisha shouted, creating a soft barrier.
The lightning once again deflected, but Aisha seemed to be straining against Stormy and the Wraith’s power. “I wish Volt was here!” Musa said. “He’d be able to handle Stormy by herself!”
Tecna thrust her hands forward “Digital Net!” she shouted, creating green lines on Aisha’s barrier. This took some of the strain off of Aisha, but the two fairies had to remain focused. Tecna said, “Speaking of, why is Stormy attacking by herself? We dealt with Darcy on Koyu, but she had been with Kierra! None of the Trix have been by themselves since Doom started attacking us.” She looked back at Bloom and asked, “That’s suspicious, right?”
Below, Stella and Flora were working on healing Abigail; she was still unconscious but the burn marks were fading and she was beginning to move a bit like she was asleep. “We’re close,” Flora said. “Stella, do you think we can do an Illumix convergence to heal her the rest of the way?
“Of course!” Stella said. Above Abigail, Stella and Flora gripped each other’s hands.
“Ray of Optimism!” Stella shouted.
“Compassion of Life!” Flora shouted.
Stella’s yellow aura mixed with Flora’s pink aura, and the light glowed over Abigail’s body. Abigail was lifted, her blue aura shimmering around her body. With a gasp, Abigail’s eyes shot open, glowing pure white, and she instantly changed into her Fantasmix.
Seeing this, Stormy stopped blasting at the fairies and floated back. “Oh shoot,” she mumbled, before disappearing with her Wraith in a flash of lightning.
Abigail rubbed her head, then gasped in realization. “Recma is in the Magic Dimension! She’s at Alfea!”
Aisha and Tecna dropped their barrier, and Tecna became grim. “I knew it. We have to get back to Alfea, the kids are in danger!”
“Alclavia will take you,” Abigail said. “I’m sorry, I’m still weak.”
“Don’t worry, we understand,” Bloom said as she and the other Winx flew onto Alclavia’s back.
With a flap of her wings, Alclavia flew from the cave as the Winx held on.

Recma and the others stood at a standstill; no one said “You can’t be serious!” because from past experience with the Jinx, they knew she was. Recma was silent, but her smile didn’t falter; she was obviously enjoying the tension.
“You know we can’t do that,” Volt said. He put a hand in front of the brooch that held his Luminous Jewel in a protective manner, though he knew that Recma couldn’t do anything unless he summoned the jewels to himself.
After another minute of silence, Recma huffed. “This is starting to get boring.” She levitated another rock and asked, “Shall I smash another window?”
Mira stepped forward. “You know we won’t just hand over the Luminous Charm.”
Recma laughed. “Oh, I know, but let me ask. Do you care more about the Charm...or this school? This school full of people who could easily be crushed by falling walls…”
Psyche floated next to Volt. “If we give you the Charm, you’ll destroy more than just the school!”
“Is that your answer, then?” Recma cackled. “Well, then the school goes down!” her hand began sparking with green energy as she aimed towards the building.
“Wait!” Volt shouted. He focused, and the Luminous Charm appeared in his hand. He raised his other fist, which sparked with electricity. “If you destroy the school...I’ll destroy the jewels…”
Recma stopped, and floated back to the ground, visibly confused. “You can’t do that!...can you?”
“I’m an Illuminate, so I’m intrinsically connected to everything tied to the Illumination, including the jewels. If anyone can destroy them, I can.” He lowered his hand, and the jewels began glowing in reaction to his power.
“And if he can’t do it by himself…” Psyche said, holding her own fist above the charm.
“We’ll help him,” Mira finished, doing the same.

From her office, Doom watched through her ink screen. Her eyebrows furrowed with concern and she mumbled, “Recma...what are you doing?” She stood up from her seat and walked up to the screen. With a sigh, she said, “A ruler’s work is never done, I suppose.”
Doom held her Wraithix up to her mouth and said, “Wake up, my darlings…”
The gems glowed, and soon the three Wraiths appeared before Doom. With her arms crossed, Doom said, “Alright, my darlings, I have something very specific I need you to do…”

Recma looked distressed. It was obvious she didn’t want to believe the kids and risk Doom’s wrath, or the jewels to break and risk Doom’s wrath. For the first time, she seemed genuinely concerned about her course of action. At least it was keeping her from destroying the school...for now.
Before anyone could do anything else, there was a crack of thunder, and a flash of red lightning. Stormy suddenly appeared with her Wraith next to her. “Recma! Bad news!” She said as she floated down next to Recma.
“What is it, Stormy?” Recma asked, sounding tense.
“The Winx figured out why I was in the Cave of Jubilation, and Abigail sensed you!” Stormy explained. “The Winx are on their way.”
Recma hung her head and said, “Forget about the school…”
Her head snapped up and her eyes glowed green. “Grab the Charm at any cost!” Recma shouted. She slammed her foot down, making the ground shake again. She absorbed the energy that was emitted and shot at the kids.
“Scatter!!!” Volt shouted as he made the Charm disappear. The fairies flew off in different directions before Recma could hit them, causing the witch to whip her head around in confused outrage.
Stormy began pursuing Volt, and the two of them blasted lightning at each other while they deflected each other’s attacks. Mira pulled out her sword and changed to her paladin form. She summoned her sword and took to the air, using her sword and her wind powers to confuse the Wraith.
Psyche took on Recma, summoning ghost warriors of all shapes and sizes. As the ghosts surrounded Recma, she looked uneasy. When Recma tried to hit Psyche with a blast of energy, Psyche turned briefly intangible and the attack went right through her.
Against the two witches and a Wraith, there wasn’t much the triplets could do except act as a distraction. Psyche summoned her violin and began playing, making the ghosts dance around Recma in a frenzy; they pushed her around effortlessly, and she seemed unable to muster any power against them. Volt and Stormy were at a standstill at first, but as she prepared to hit him with a huge blast, purple morphix suddenly surrounded her and she ended up shocking herself. Against a giant owl-shaped beast Mira was having trouble doing anything; the Wraith hit her from behind and with a scream she dropped.
Mira felt herself land in Angelo’s arms, and watched as he and Diablo shot flames from their swords at the Wraith. Recma, Stormy, and the Wraith seemed confused and rather distressed about the fight that the kids were giving, but seemed to be getting more and more angry about it.
“ENOUGH!!!” Recma bellowed. She absorbed the energy from her shout and stomped her foot again, disrupting the spirits and Psyche’s performance. She walked up to Psyche and gripped her wrist tightly. “Give me the Luminous Jewels or I will drain your power until you’re nothing but dust!”
Suddenly, Recma froze; her body was covered in green lines and her grip was slowly loosened until Psyche could slip out and fly off. Psyche could see Tecna behind Recma, holding her in place.
“I agree, Recma. That is enough. But I won’t let you harm any of these kids,” Tecna said.
Recma’s body began shaking, and with a shout she broke out of Tecna’s restraints. “Stormy warned me you were coming,” Recma gravely chuckled as she turned around. “I’m almost impressed how quickly you got here, Tecna!” She clapped her hands sarcastically. “You must really care for them!”
“I do,” Tecna replied seriously. “Which is why you attacked them while we were gone. You figured we wouldn’t be back soon enough to stop you.”
“Geez you’re too literal,” Recma scoffed. “Thanks for explaining my plan to me captain obvious!”
Tecna took a step forward, and with a straight face said, “You’re welcome, but my name’s Tecna, didn’t you know that?”
Recma’s eyes narrowed and she said, “Okay, now you’re doing it on purpose.”
With a small grin, Tecna said, “Thank you, captain obvious.”
With an eye roll, Recma shot green lightning at Tecna. Tecna responded by shooting a beam of green energy of her own. The energies collided in the middle with blasts of energy shooting out in every direction.
With the five remaining Winx and the Illuminates, wrangling Stormy and the Wraith were fairly easy to wrangle, especially when the Wraith went back into its gem and attached itself to her bracelet.
Seeing that she was surrounded, Stormy said, “Nope!” snapped her finger, and disappeared.
Recma watched as Stormy vanished, and groaned. She threw her hands down, creating an energy pulse that threw Tecna backwards. Tecna fluttered in the air, keeping from falling into the ground. Standing still, Recma glared at Tecna. “You ruined the game,” she accused as she floated into the air without moving a muscle. As Tecna watched, an inky portal appeared above Recma’s head and Recma’s face broke into a manic grin. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to play soon!” She cackled madly as she disappeared into the darkness.
“Eugh…” Tecna cringed, before flying over to join the other Winx. “So...that was exhausting.” She commented.
Volt changed out of his Illumix and said, “Alclavia’s still here, why don’t you head back to the wedding?”
“Wait...aren’t there a few of you missing?” Bloom asked. “I don’t see Christa, Ella, Roxy, and Liz.” It was true, the other fairies were still missing from after the fight.
“We’ll find them,” Volt said. “We did say to scatter.” He smiled and said, “Go have fun!”
The Winx flew onto Alclavia’s back, and waved goodbye as she took off. After cleaning up from Stormy, the wedding was beautiful; all of the Winx teared up, especially when Australon and Borean said “I do.” When they kissed, Alclavia let out a beautiful, quavering song that made the cavern light up.
Later, Alclavia flew the Winx home underneath a starry night sky. When she landed in the courtyard where Volt was sitting on the edge of the well, looking dejected. Bloom immediately climbed off of Alclavia and ran up to him. “Volt, what’s wrong?”
“We couldn’t find them,” Volt said, his blue eyes glinting with worry. “My friends are missing.”

Doom sat in her office with Recma. “A good idea, but it fell apart too quickly. Luckily, it’s my turn to try and claim the Jewels, and I’ve already set my plan in motion. Mara, could come in, please?” Doom asked, looking up at the door.
A young witch with curly blonde hair stepped into the office. “Yes, headmistress?”
“Remember how I mentioned that extra credit?” Doom asked, “Let’s discuss this.”

Chapter Text

The Winx had seen Volt become nervous before, but the dread that he was exuding made their hair stand on end. Bloom got the feeling that if he would have caused a massive storm if it weren’t for the fact of him being on vacation.
He was by himself, eating his lunch on the edge of the well. Some girls from his class were talking to him; he looked uncomfortable and distracted, and Bloom came up from behind. “Volt! There you are! Can I talk to you about your essay from before break?”
The girls quickly scattered as Bloom sat down. “Volt, are you okay?”
“Just worried. When I think about it, I get this chill down my back...I can’t explain it but I can’t shake the feeling the Jinx have something to do with it,” Volt explained. “Mira and Psyche get the same feeling, too. They’re coming with Trixie, Orbo, and the twins later and we’re going to search again.”
Bloom rubbed Volt’s hair, a tingling ran up her arm. “Do you want me, the Winx, and the Specialists to help look?” She asked. “I think the twelve of us can search further out.”
“That sounds good,” Volt said, kind of dazed. He seemed tired, like he hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before.
Both Bloom and Volt looked at the gate as they heard it open, and “Ella!?” Volt exclaimed. Sure enough, his best friend was walking into the Alfea least that’s what he thought at first. As he started to get up and run to her, he froze when he saw her blonde hair. He got further confused at her brightly orange and yellow clothes. One thing he knew about Ella was that she always wore darker colors, mostly blue. The last detail that her skin was about as tan as Stella. Even with their adventures, it seemed unlikely that Ella would change her look that drastically that fast.
Volt was conflicted as the girl approached. She didn’t seem malicious, but she didn’t look or act like how he knew Ella too. When she came up, she gave Volt a big hug and laughed, “Volt! I’m so glad to see you again!”
Her words were normal enough, but how she said them didn’t sit well with Volt. They sounded overly dramatic, and almost slightly sarcastic. She was holding him too tightly like she didn’t know how to hug. Volt pulled away from her and said, “I’m glad you’re here, the Weezeldorf in the greenhouse is getting way too overgrown,” he said.
“Oh no! We need to trim it!” The girl gasped, still maintaining her sickly sweet demeanor.
Immediately, Volt’s eyes narrowed and he stepped back. “You’re not Ella; who are you?”
The girl glared and mumbled, “I told Doom this wouldn’t work.” Her hands flashed with light as she blasted at Volt. Volt managed to dodge just as the girl’s outfit turned into a bright orange dress with a yellow sun on the chest. She had yellow marks under her eyes, like sunbeams and she floated up into the air with her hands glowing. “I’m Mara, the Witch of Day. I’m here with a message for you!”
Volt immediately changed into his Illumix and flew into the air. “Where are my friends!?” He exclaimed, throwing out his fists to his sides. Bolts of electricity shot out from his hands in both directions, and his eyes sparked with lightning.
Mara was immediately alarmed and backed away from Volt. “They’re not here and I don’t have them! Doom has them on Submiso! She says to bring the Jewels to Domino and teleport over if you want to save your friends!”
She cackled as she disappeared in a flash of light, which briefly blinded Volt and made him cringe from the immediate pain. When he managed to blink his vision back, Mara was gone. He changed out of his Illumix and turned to Bloom. “Doom has them…” he said, in such disbelief he couldn’t process any emotions.
Bloom pulled Volt into a hug and said, “I know, I heard. Don’t worry. We’ll confront Doom together and get them all back. You get your sisters and friends, I’ll let the Winx and Specialists know.”
Volt nodded, then walked off to call Mira and Psyche. Bloom went to find the other Winx. Eventually the Winx and Volt gathered in the courtyard, waiting on the Specialists and Witches. While waiting, Bloom asked, “Volt, can I see the Luminous Jewels?”
Volt nodded and summoned the Jewels. He handed them to Bloom, who focused. Her cyan jewel began glowing, and soon the image of Abigail appeared. She looked at Bloom grimly and said, “I fear what you are going to tell me; I sensed an imbalance occur.”
“Doom took my friends,” Volt said. “But apparently we have to go to Domino to get them back? What’s up with that?”
“Ah, I can explain this. As you know, the Luminous Jewels and Illumix can create portals between the two worlds. The catch is that the portals can only connect corresponding locations between the two. If Doom has your friends on her homeworld of Submiso, then the portal needs to be opened on Domino. Unless you want to travel through the Cursed Dimension to confront her,” Abigail explained. “It’s why when she used the Jewels to bring you all to the Cursed Dimension, you ended up in the center of Omegea.”
“That makes sense,” Volt said. “I don’t think we should use the Jewels on Domino. If we lose them, we could end up trapping everyone in the Cursed Dimension. I think that us fairies should use our Illumix to confront Doom on her home turf.”
“Not to nitpick,” Aisha commented, “but let’s just assume that Doom has all of the other Jinx as well as the Trix. Doom and the Trix all have Wraithix; what will do if it messes with our Illumix?”
“I think Illumix is resistant to Wraithix,” Volt said. “I mean, I’m immune to Wraithix Shadow even without Fantasmix, so having pure Illumination power gives some protection against its power. Unless all of the Jinx are there and all of them have Wraithix, I think we’re ok.” His voice was short, but he didn’t seem like he was trying to be rude.
“Well, if you’re sure…” Aisha said.
“I am. We need to get to Domino as soon as possible,” Volt insisted. “I can’t imagine what Doom is doing to my friends.”

“You want us to...what?” Ella asked in disbelief.
“Eat!” Doom laughed. “You’re hostages, not prisoners,” she explained, “I can at least show some common decency, can’t I?”
The girls looked at the array of bizarre, but not unappetizing foods. It was mostly seafood, with fish that none of the girls had ever seen before. “It’s not poisonous, is it?” Christa asked cautiously.
“If I poisoned you, then your friends would attack me. Ransoms only work if the hostages are alive, after all. Besides,” she mentioned after taking a sip from her glass, “I only kill when I have to.”
The girls sat there uncomfortably, before Doom said, “You’ll go hungry if you refuse to eat; I don’t want your friends to assume I’m mistreating you just because you’re being stubborn.”
Roxy’s stomach growled, and she cautiously served herself some small purple clams from a platter in front of her. She tried one, and gasped, saying, “It’s delicious!”
The other girls followed suit, and began eating the food more eagerly. Doom quietly sipped her juice as locks of her hair reached out on their own and wrapped around her silverware and began cutting the food and lifting it to her mouth. The other girls stared in shock for a moment, before continuing to eat while keeping their eyes fixed.
Doom didn’t seem to mind, and even giggled at the attention; her non-evil laugh was actually rather pleasant, and even sounded like Bloom’s. “Yes, prehensile hair is a natural thing for us on Submiso.”
Before any of the girls could respond, there was a flash of light and Ella’s opposite Mara appeared. She immediately curtsied and said, “Headmistress Leader Doom, I have delivered the message of ransom at your request.”
“Very good, Mara, I’ll let the other Jinx know to give you your extra credit,” Doom assured. “Would you like a bite to eat before heading back to the school?” She motioned her hand forward, indicating the mostly-empty table.
“No thank you, Miss Doom,” Mara said. “I need to get back and work on my report for Miss Recma.” She curtsied before flying out of the dining room. None of the girls had been to Omegea with the Winx, but it seemed that the school for witches was not where they were now.
Noticing the younger girls looking around curiously, Doom laughed. “You think I would bring you to Omegea? Please, your fairy friends would bring the entire school down on me if I did that. We’re having dinner at my sister’s palace. Homefield advantage, after all.”
She stood up and called, “Marie? Marie, darling, please come here.”
A shy maid walked in, hanging her head. “Yes Madame Doom?” She asked.
“Please let my sister know to expect our guests,” Doom requested. “We’re going to get a visit from the Winx.”

The ship could not arrive or depart soon enough for Volt’s liking; in the ship, Orbo held Volt close, rubbing the top of his head. He didn’t seem to mind the static electricity that was making his own hair stand on end.
Angelo was holding onto Mira in a similar way, while Psyche and Trixie held hands. Both sisters looked at Volt before looking at each other. Volt was fighting to keep himself together so he didn’t accidentally bring the ship down with an electromagnetic pulse.
When they finally landed in Domino, Volt had enough restraint to keep from running off. Daphne and Bloom exited first, greeting their parents with warm hugs while the others filed off. Volt exited last...and was immediately struck by lightning. Everyone stared in shock, but the only thing that changed was Volt’s hair standing on end. Orbo pulled out a comb and combed both his and Volt’s hair. “Ah, sorry King Oritel, Queen Marion,” Orbo apologized. “Volt is just worried about our friends.”
Volt bowed, and said, “Our friends are in another dimension version of your palace. If we could please go inside then…”
“If you don’t mind me asking, why inside?” Marion asked.
“I don’t want to get caught by what I assume are Doom’s guards,” Volt replied. “If we’re already inside the palace, then that will be to our advantage, especially since we’ll already be in our Illumix. So, can we please…?”
Oritel and Marion nodded and turned to lead them inside, but whispered to each other, “Illumix?”
They headed into the throne room, with Volt looking forward intensely at the front. Lighting was running up and down his arms, but impressively it wasn’t blasting out and hitting anyone. Inside of the throne room, Volt and the Winx were in the throne room, they focused. In a flash, they were all transformed into their Illumix. “We’ll be back soon,” Bloom told her parents. In a flash, they were gone.

When the fairies opened their eyes again, they saw that they were in a throne room very similar to the one they’d left. However, this one seemed to have a more nautical theme, with large spiralling shells instead of pillars, with trident-shaped sconces. There were portraits and tapestries of beings with long, black hair that seemed to curl like tentacles, all with pitch black eyes. “Ah, I see that you’ve arrived,” a voice said, startling the fairies. It was familiar, but much colder than what they were used to.
Sitting at the throne was the Not-Daphne of the Cursed dimension. Her hair was inky black, even darker than Doom’s, and her skin was much paler. Her hair was up in a bun, and her eyes were both solidly black, with tears of ink streaming down her cheeks. She didn’t look upset, and was actually grinning menacingly at the fairies. She wore a tight dress that looked like it was made of iridescent fish scales, with a spiny collar that went up past her head. She had a crown that was made of silver and seashells, but looked no less sharp or sinister than the rest of her. With her dark blue lips, she smiled with her fangs and said, “Doom is out of the room for the moment but allow me to introduce myself; I am Delphine, Queen of Submiso.”
The fairies looked at the rather horrifying woman, which she did not take kindly too. “You know, traditionally, when you meet a queen you’re supposed to bow.”
Taking the hint, Volt quickly dropped to his knee; the Winx were more reluctant but followed suit. “Very good, it looks like at least your little Illuminate friend knows his manners.”
None of the girls said anything; it didn’t seem like a good idea to provoke this woman. After a moment, probably when she became bored, Delphine groaned, “Alright, you may rise.”
Silently the fairies stood up, all of them looking at Delphine suspiciously. With a mischievous smirk, Delphine asked, “So how can I help you?” Her tone was strangely playful, which was...super uncomfortable for everyone else.
Bloom looked over to Volt, who nodded seriously. She stepped forward and said, “I am Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame. Um...opposite to your sister, I guess?” She cleared her throat and continued, “We’re here to reclaim the students that she took.”
“Oh, the guests!” Delphine said with a surprised and eager smile. “I try not to involve myself in Doom’s affairs.” She tilted her head up, holding her hand to her mouth as she called, “Doom! Sister dear, our other guests have arrived!”
Inky blackness began spreading on one of the walls, with thin, hairlike tendrils spreading from the dark center like black mold. The wall distended, and slowly Doom emerged from the darkness like she was breaking water. She was dressed in a slim, blue party dress with a mermaid skirt and black opera gloves; her hair was in a bun, with several loose hair to resemble an octopus on her head. “Well hello Winx, Volt. Welcome to my homeworld of Submiso.” She curtsied, before looking up. “Dressed for a fight?” She asked, feigning disappointment. “Why, girls, a fight is the last thing I want!”
“We have to keep our defenses up,” Bloom retorted. “We know what you’re capable of.”
Doom mock-pouted, asking, “What? You don’t trust me?”
“No, we don’t,” Volt said. “You’ve been attacking us all for months.”
“Hm, I suppose that is true,” Doom said, nonchalantly shrugging. “If we can’t do this nonviolently, then I suppose your friends will be staying long term, won’t they?” She stepped aside from the dark wall and waved her hand in front of it. Small wisps of purple begin swirling, forming one of Doom’s swirling screens. The image was of Volt’s friends, not physically restrained but looking mostly annoyed in a stately room.
Aisha scoffed, “We already know you can make an illusory ink world from a book. How do we know that your smokescreen here is anything more than that?”
For a moment, Doom paused. Then she snickered, which moved to a giggle, then a chortle, until she was fully cackling. “I should have guessed you’d be suspicious. Very well; I will send one of you to see them in person and prove they are not in immediate danger...assuming you comply of course.”
“Me,” Volt said, stepping forward. “They’re my friends, I want to be the one to check on them.” He crossed his arms and added, “Also, I’m the only one who knows how to summon the Luminous Charm at will, so if I don’t feel they’re safe I won’t summon it.”
“Fair point,” Doom replied, raising an eyebrow. “If you step into the screen it will take you straight to them.”
“ I don’t trust your portals at all,” Volt said crossing his arms. “I want to be escorted to them so that I know where they are. Like Aisha said, you can make worlds out of your ink, so there’s no telling if that portal will actually take me to them.”
Doom giggled cruelly before saying, “And here I thought Miranda was the smart one. Guards!”
Two guards walked forward, holding tridents, and Doom instructed, “Please escort Prince Volt here to where we’re keeping our guests. And, if he tries anything, you know what to do.”
The two guards saluted, announcing, “Yes, Overlord Doom!” Before flanking Volt on either side. He had to shut his wings so that the guards didn’t bend them in. He nodded to Bloom before the guards led him out of the throne room.
After Volt and the guards left the room, the Winx all looked at Doom as she walked over to stand next to Delphine on her throne. The two sisters were eerily similar in their cool demeanor, like they knew something the Winx didn’t. “Well, since you’re all here, why don’t you sample the hors d'oeuvres?” Doom offered calmly.
Servants walked into the room, holding trays of different seafoods. The foods looked edible enough, but none of the Winx necessarily trusted that Doom or Delphine wouldn’t try poisoning them. With a smirk, Doom crossed her heart, creating a smoky, inky “X” in front of her chest. “I can absolutely promise you that the food is safe,” Doom said, with a sly grin.
Each of the Winx took a small hors d’oeuvre from the tray and took a small bite. They were surprisingly delicious but it was unnerving with the two sisters watching intently. Even more so when some of Doom’s hairs moved on their own, grabbing a small piece of sushi that popped into her mouth. As they gave her disgusted looks, she just smirked in response.
There were noises on the screen, and everyone turned to see Volt enter the room where the girls were being held. Immediately the girls stood up and gave Volt a hug, and he hugged them all back tightly. They all held each other for a long moment before one of the guards pulled Volt away. Volt reassured the girls, his voice was muffled and indistinct, before leaving with the guards.
It wasn’t long after they left that Volt and the guards returned to the throne room. Volt joined the Winx and silently nodded before facing Doom and Delphine. “I can’t argue with cold hard evidence,” He sighed, pulling his white brooch from his chest. He focused as it rested in his palm, and the white jewel began glowing. The jewel floated into the air, and in a flash of multicolored light, the Luminous Charms floated in above his palm.
Immediately, Doom began floating forward with her hand outstretched. Not waiting a moment, Volt pulled back his hand with the Charm following. Doom paused, and Volt told her, “I said I wouldn’t summon the Charm unless I saw them. That doesn’t mean I’m giving you the Charm yet.”
“Heh,” Doom chuckled. “Did I give the impression that this was a negotiation? Or were you under the assumption that we would be haggling?” She closed her eyes and reached up to the back of her head, and undid her bun, letting her dark hair spill over her shoulders.
When Doom opened her eyes, they were both pure black. “It’s not,” she coldly stated. In a swirl of darkness, she transformed into her witch robes. And her eyes went back to normal as she stared them down. Without looking, she flicked her hand towards her screen; smoky ink tentacles shot out from her cape and reached in, grabbing all of Volt’s friends and pulling them through.
“What’s going on!?” Roxy shouted, struggling against Doom’s power
“Put us down!” Ella shouted indignantly.
Doom motioned her hand towards the tentacles, drawing the girls in. Immediately Volt clasped his fist and the Charm collapsed into his brooch which he quickly pinned back. Volt and Doom locked eyes and he asked, “We have seven Illumix fairies, Doom. Do you really want to do this?”
Without a word, Volt dodged a dark attack that came from Delphine. All of the Winx and Volt looked back at where the spell hit, then each of them fluttered their wings and began summoning spells, except Volt. Volt dropped to a knee with his hand on the ground like a sprinter. He began flapping his wings rapidly as electricity ran up his arm and sparked between his wings.
Both Doom and Delphine flew into the air, summoning magic that they blasted at the fairies. The Winx formed a defensive circle around Volt as his wings sparked with power. Their hair stood on end, and then they moved out of the way as Volt launched forward with sparks of electricity. In a flash the girls disappeared from Doom’s magic grip, before appearing behind Volt as he landed behind the Winx. He was still sparking with lightning, though much less intensely.
Both Doom and Delphine watched with shocked faces that both slowly (but horrifyingly) contorted with rage. The sisters simultaneously released a banshee-like yowl before unleashing more smoking darkness that lunged at the fairies in thin, swirling tendrils.
“Screen Saver!” Tecna shouted, creating a holographic screen that deflected the darkness. The others created shields, forming a defensive dome around Volt and his friends as the two sisters yelled and threw spells at their defenses.
“Volt!” Ella gasped, pulling Volt into a hug. “Oh my stars, I’m so happy to see you.”
“Me too,” Volt said, hugging her back, “But we don’t have time for reunions.” He pulled away and summoned the Luminous Charm. “The only way we can get out of this safely is if you all transform into Illumix.” He focused, and small beams of white energy shot out from the center Jewel and hit each girl on her chest. “To earn Illumix, a fairy needs to harbor the light of the Illumination, and discover her greatest strength.” He stood up, taking a determined pose. “We’ll hold off Doom and Delphine long enough for you to figure it out.”
The shield popped, creating an energy wave that pushed the sisters back, as well as a slew of guards that had gathered around them. Without missing a beat he snapped his fingers above his head, shooting out strands of lightning that shocked and incapacitated the guards.
“Let’s do this,” he said as Doom and Delphine began summoning their power. He flung his palm out, releasing a huge blast of lightning that exploded between the sisters, pushing them in opposite directions. Quickly, he turned to his friends and said, “Be quick!”
As the Winx and Volt clashed with the sisters, the girls began talking with each other urgently. “Our greatest strengths?” Christa asked. “Any idea what those might be?”
“Our inner strength, I’m guessing,” Ella replied. “Christa, I would say that yours is playfulness. You can make any dour situation enjoyable.”
“Aw thanks sweetie,” Christa said. “For you, it’s probably honesty. You always tell it how it is.”
“Roxy’s is devotion, I’ve never seen anyone so loyal to their animals,” Liz commented.
“Liz’s is passion, you’re protective and won’t hold back when you care about something” Roxy giggled. The girls laughed together and held each other tightly as a white light glowed from in between them.
Everyone froze as the girls floated in the air and were enveloped in the blinding white light. When the light faded, the fairies were floating in the air, each in her own Illumix. Volt and the Winx all smiled excitedly, but Doom and Delphine had looks of abject rage.
With a banshee-liked shriek, Doom began filling the room with darkness like an octopus squirting ink underwater. “We need to go!” Volt shouted. “Girls! Focus on teleporting! You’ll be safe in Domino’s palace!”
“But what about you?” Ella asked.
“We’ll catch up!” Volt shouted. “Doom held you hostage for the Jewels, you need to go now!”
Still looking reluctant, Volt’s friends closed their eyes and focused. With small flashes, each of the girls disappeared. “NO!!” Doom bellowed. With a scream, she threw her hand forward, making the tendrils shoot out towards Volt and the Winx. When the wispy darkness wrapped around them, it was like metal shackles wrapped around their chests.
As Volt struggled against the tendrils, he tried teleporting to the Magic Dimension. Volt could sense that Doom was blocking their ability to leave the Cursed Dimension. “Ok, I didn’t know she could do that,” Volt grunted as he struggled. When he looked over at Doom, he saw that the Wraithix gems had detached from Doom’s bracelet and were spinning around Doom’s wrist in a ring of multicolored light. Her eyes were inky black, with dark, smoky inky curling from their corners. Her face was a mask near-demonic rage, her eyes trained on the fairies as she held them in the air.
Volt managed to wriggle his arm out and held his hand out to the sisters. With a gasp, he shouted, “Illumination Flash!”
Power grew in Volt’s hand, before the energy pulsed out in a blinding flash of light. The light made the black ink dissolve into white dust. It took a lot out of him, though. When his tendril let him go, he dropped a bit as his wings fluttered weakly. Aisha and Musa both caught him before he hit the ground, and all three of them vanished.
Before vanishing, Tecna, Stella, Flora, and Bloom summoned their magic power, blasting it at the sisters. Just as quickly, Doom threw her hands forward and created an impromptu shield that managed to resist the fairies’ magic. She growled and shouted, “Hold on, hold on, hold on….STOP!!”
Doom threw her hands out and bellowed, “Wraithix Shadow!”
Dark power emanated from the Wraithix and hit each of the fairies, evaporating their spells and making their Illumix flicker. They all stared at her, and she stared back at them. “Interesting…” Doom said, panting slightly but back to her cool, aloof demeanor. “I have a proposition for you.”
Bloom looked at Flora, Stella, and Tecna and said, “Head back, I’ll be right behind you.”
The other girls looked at each other nervously, but nodded in agreement and vanished. When they were gone, Bloom turned to Doom with a glare. She floated down and said, “This had better be good, Doom.” She created a fireball and added, “I will go full dragon on you if I need to.”
“No need for hostility, dear,” Doom chuckled.
“ literally just attacked me, my friends, and our students!” Bloom argued angrily.
“That’s true,” Doom admitted, “but you all did try to trick me, after all.”
Bloom crossed her arms, and the two of them silently locked eyes. Doom continued, “Why don’t we make a wager?”
“A wager? What do you have that I would want?” Bloom asked, narrowing her eyes.
“Peace of mind,” Doom said. “I’m sure by now you’re getting weary of having to be on the lookout for us wherever and whenever you go out. My proposition is this: we’ll have every Winx--” she held up her right index finger, “--fight every Jinx--” she held up her left index finger, “--one on one. Whoever wins each battle gets to keep the Luminous Jewels.” She held out her hand and asked, “Do we have a deal?”
Bloom looked at Doom’s hand suspiciously, then at Doom herself. After a moment of silence, Doom continued, “I should mention that between each battle, we will not make any attempts to steal the Luminous Jewels. However, the battles will take place on our homeworlds. You all have an advantage with your Illumix.”
“If I don’t agree?”
“We keep attacking. You must have realized we’re relentless by now, Bloom,” Doom laughed. “I’m offering you the chance to rest between battles. And, to make it fair, one of the Trix and one of the Illuminates can act as referee.”
It was a hard choice. Bloom didn’t want to make a decision like this without the others, but they’d all seen what the Jinx could and would do to try and steal the Jewels. “Okay, I’ll take your wager,” Bloom relented, shaking Doom’s hand. Red light mixed with purple where their hands met, before flashing.

It was a few minutes before Bloom teleported into Domino palace. The others were waiting for her, and her Illumix disappeared as she looked towards her friends.
“What happened?” Aisha asked immediately.
“Did Doom threaten you?” Stella added.
“No...she and I...made a deal…” Bloom reluctantly admitted.
“WHAT!?” The Winx bellowed in unison.
“I can explain. The deal is that we each will fight our respective Jinx one on one. In the meantime, they’ll stop attacking us and trying to steal the Jewels.” Bloom sighed before continuing, “We’ll fight them on their homeworlds, with the Trix and Illuminates acting as referee. We can keep the Jewels as long as we keep winning, but if we lose, we have to give them the Jewels.”
“That’s a bum deal,” Mira grunted, crossing her arms.
Bloom turned to her and asked, “Yes, but do you want to keep fighting the Jinx forever?”
“No, I suppose not,” Mira admitted.
With a solemn nod, Bloom said, “We should get back to Alfea. Classes start soon, and Musa, you need to prepare. You’re up first, fighting against Shusha.”

Chapter Text

To say that Musa was nervous was an understatement; during the night before the fight, she found that she couldn’t sleep. She sat in the dorm’s common room on the couch, watching TV. Around midnight, Bloom came out from her room, yawning. “Musa?” She asked.
“Oh, hey Bloom,” Musa mumbled quietly, not turning around.
Sensing something was wrong, Bloom asked, “Musa, what’s up? Are you worried about tomorrow?”
“Yeah,” Musa admitted. “We’ve faced the Jinx before, but not one on one like this. And Shusha is terrifying! You saw what she did in Gardenia, I don’t want to go to an entire planet like that!”
“I know,” Bloom sighed. “And I wish I could come too, but Doom was very clear that only one of the Illuminates could tag along with you as a referee.” She put her arm around Musa’s shoulder and said, “But I’m absolutely sure you can beat her. How many times have you saved the Magic Dimension?”
“That was with all of you, though…” Musa mumbled, looking to the side. “Not by myself. What if I lose? Shusha hates sound way more than I hate silence. I can’t imagine what she’ll do to me.”
Bloom hugged Musa and assured her, “Well, Mira is tagging along with you, right? You know how strong of a warrior he is, she won’t let anything happen to you.”
“Right, right. Mira is absolutely terrifying,” Musa agreed with a laugh. The two girls held each other tight for hours into the night.

The next day, the Winx stood outside with Volt and his friends, waiting for the airship to arrive. As they waited, a small portal opened and Psyche and Trixie stepped through. “Hey guys, we’re here!” Psyche said, giving Volt a hug.
“I’m glad you made it,” Volt told them. “I’m worried about Mira going into the Cursed Dimension alone.”
“Well, you went!” Psyche argued.
“That was with all of the Winx, Mira is only going to be with Musa,” Volt said, before turning to Musa and saying, “Sorry, Musa, I didn’t mean any offense.”
“None taken,” Musa assured, “I know how you feel; I’m not so sure about facing Shusha myself, but I’ll do my best to make sure Mira stays safe while we’re there, okay?” She ruffled Volt and Psyche’s hair, and the two of them nodded to her.
Not long after, the airship landed and the door opened, showing Mira standing with the Specialists. They were dressed in their Red Fountain uniforms, but she was in a breastplate and gauntlets, with her hair in a braid, holding her triple bladed sword. When everyone was staring, Sky admitted, “We, uh, couldn’t talk her out of it.”
Mira walked off the ship, and kneeled in front of Musa. “I am honor-bound to protect and serve you, m’lady,” she said, taking Musa’s hand in both of hers.
“Um, thanks Mira,” Musa said in surprise, “but you’re really acting as referee. I’m the one who has to fight Shusha.”so
Mira stood up, but looked Musa intently in the eyes. “Maybe, but so is one of the Trix. Icy might be my cousin, but I don’t trust her or her friends any further than I can throw them.”
“Mira, you’re strong enough that you could throw them across the courtyard,” Brandon pointed out.
“That’s beside the point,” Mira commented. “The point is, while you’re fighting Shusha, I want to be ready for if I have to fight as well.” She looked back at the ship, then to Musa and said, “We should head to Melody soon, I contacted Galatea, and she’s waiting for us at the palace.”
“Oh wow,” Bloom said in surprise. “Mira, you really go all out when you prepare, don’t you?”
“Of course,” Mira said. “When I trained in the Minervan Mountains, the first lesson was, ‘be prepared for anything.’ Luckily I found out how to contact Galatea in Melody and she was gracious enough to let us go to the palace for Musa and me to teleport to Discord.” She began walking into the ship again.
Musa followed behind and said, “Well, if you say so. I’m glad we’re doing this together.” She put her arm around Mira, and Mira gave her a small grin as they sat on the ship together. The Winx, Specialists, Volt, and Psyche climbed on, and the triplets’ friends all waved goodbye as the ship took off.
The trip to Melody was terse and quiet, but no one was surprised. No one wanted to send Mira and Musa to the Cursed Dimension by themselves, and everyone was worried about what would happen to the two of them. Discord didn’t sound like a pleasant place, especially if it was ruled by Shusha. The ship landed in the Melodian palace courtyard; Galatea and King Garomius were outside waiting for them.
“Musa! It’s good to see you!” Galatea laughed, pulling Musa into a hug.
“Galatea!” Musa happily laughed. “Thank you so much!”
As Galatea and Musa caught up, Mira walked up and bowed to Garomius. “King Garomius, thank you for responding so promptly and letting us use the palace for Musa and Mira to teleport.”
“Of course,” Garomius said jovially. “Let us head inside. Are any of you hungry?”
“Not quite,” Musa admitted. “Too nervous.”
The group headed inside of the palace, and stopped in the foyer. “This is probably where we should do it, that way we’ll be in a relatively safe spot in the Discordan Palace.”
“Very well, I wish you luck,” Garomius told the two girls.
“Thank you,” Musa said, turning to Mira and asking, “Will you be able teleport to the Cursed Dimension, Mira?”
“I think so,” Mira said. “I can use the Jewels.” She summoned the Luminous Charm, and Musa transformed into her Illumix. In a flash, Musa disappeared from the Melodian palace.

Musa closed her eyes from the light; when she opened them again, she was almost in shock. Everything was in a similar architectural style to the palace in Melody, to the point that Musa could almost believe they were the same. There was more of an emphasis on jade and the color green. However, there was a jarring drop in volume, and all of her friends were gone. There was absolutely no sound, not even the sound of a breeze, despite her feeling one on her back.
There was a whirring sound that grew next to her, and Musa fluttered back, summoning a spell in alarm. A small, spinning rainbow light appeared in midair next to her, which grew into a spinning rainbow ring with a bright white light in the center. Musa watched, only relaxing when Mira stepped out of the portal.
When Mira saw Musa, she blinked in alarm as the portal closed behind her and turned into the Luminous Jewels, which dropped into Mira’s hands. “Musa, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Her voice seemed amplified in the silence, but it was at least comforting and familiar.
Musa sighed and dropped to the ground. “It’s so quiet here that I was just on edge, and I didn’t realize the Luminous Jewels made such a weird noise when they opened the portal.”
“What kind of sound would you say they made?” Mira asked, pulling out a notepad. When Musa gave her a weird look, Mira explained, “Saladin is having us write reports on ancient magical artifacts; I chose the Luminous Charm since I have a deep connection to it.”
“It was a whirring sound like a computer starting up,” Musa said, “But it grows louder as the portal opens up.
“Interesting…” Mira said, writing that down. “Ok, thanks. Let’s look for Shusha.”
Musa nodded and looked around the room, asking, “Do you think we should search the palace? Or go out and look around the city?”
“City, definitely. The last thing I want to do is run into Shusha in her palace,” Mira said with a shiver. “Plus we’ll get a better idea of the kingdom, which can ultimately work as a tactical advantage.”
“Sounds good,” Musa agreed, and the girls walked to the front door. It was large and ornate, like the door in Melody, but without anyone to open it. Musa and Mira nodded to each other, and with some grunts of effort they pushed the doors open. There wasn’t even a creak, or a thud as the heavy doors hit the wall. Musa and Mira shared an uneasy look, before stepping out into the city.
“I...don’t like this…” Musa mumbled. The city was exactly like it was in Melody, with all of the same buildings and streets. Unlike the bustling sounds of Melody’s city, this city-- like everything else so far--was absolutely silent.
“It’s like a ghost town…” Mira muttered. In a flash of reddish-pink light, Mira transformed into her paladin form. “I don’t like it either. It’s quiet...too quiet.”
“I’m guessing that’s because of Shusha,” Musa commented. “Not that it’s hard to figure out.”
The girls both giggled and took to the air, before flying down over the other buildings around the city. From above, there was no movement, no one in the streets, no vehicles, nothing. For a city this size, it was unusual and uncomfortable that it was as still as it was.
“Did she kill everyone?” Mira asked.
“I hope not. Shusha is violent but would be extreme,” Musa replied. They flew around, looking for Shusha, but still not seeing her or anything.
“You know, for an epic showdown with her opposite counterpart, you’d think that Shusha would be on time,” Mira said. “Does this mean she forf--”
Before Mira could finish the sentence, a pulse of silence suddenly muted her voice. They shared an alarmed look before turning around. Shusha was floating in the air with her hand outstretched towards them, with Darcy right next to her. Shusha’s eyes were narrowed and her brow was furrowed in a look of indescribable rage.
“Mira, are you okay?” Musa asked.
“Yes, I’m fine,” Mira said, signing in relief that her voice hadn’t been erased.
“Good,” Musa said, turning to glare at Shusha, “because that was so rude!”
At the same moment, Musa blasted a soundwave at Shusha, while Shusha fired a silence wave back at her. The sound and silence collided in the air, creating a weird warbly bubble that burst, creating a silent shockwave that pushed everyone in different directions.
Shusha and Musa immediately flew at each other, magic ready as they collided with each other. They moved at super speed, like blurs of red and green magic. While they fought Mira turned to face Darcy. Darcy immediately gave a wicked grin and snapped her fingers, creating hundreds of identical copies behind her.
“Are we really doing this?” Mira asked with a grunt.
All cackling, the Darcy copies flew at Mira all at once. With a groan, Mira muttered, “We’re really doing this,” before flying back at them.
“Combustive Concerto!” Musa shouted. Magical instruments appeared around her. The instruments played, created glowing energy around her that she blasted forward in a powerful magical soundwave.
Shusha was unfazed, taking a defensive martial-arts-like pose. Her hands were held up like blades, with her dark green, smoky magic surrounding them. When the energy came at her, she karate chopped through it with barely any effort. The energy split on either side of her, spiralling out of control until it hit two random spots in the city.
Musa panted, out of breath as she watched Shusha in shock. Shusha began drawing in power, creating a dark, swirling stormcloud around herself. In the center, Musa could see Shusha spinning around like a ballerina on a music box. She was silent and serene, and before she was completely enveloped in darkness, Musa noticed that her eyes were closed, as if she was sleeping.
After Shusha was completely enveloped, the darkness stopped moving, hanging in the air eerily still. Musa took up a defensive pose like Shusha had, and waited for whatever Shusha was going to do. The answer of ‘what’ came soon enough when Shusha’s wall of silence flew towards her at top speed. As quickly as she could, Musa crossed her arms over her chest and curled her legs into a tight ball. “Sound Wall!” She shouted, creating a sonic energy shield as the anti-sound magic surrounded her.
As Shusha’s magic crashed around Musa in every direction, Musa nearly screamed in pain. This wasn’t just silence. This wasn’t just darkness. This was an unbridled amount of rage and hatred, not just for Musa, but for all sound in existence. It was excruciating, unbearable. Even within the protection of her sound bubble, Musa felt like Shusha’s silent magic was going to tear her to shreds. She didn’t know how much longer she could resist.

Mira couldn’t tell which Darcy was the real one, and she wasn’t going to waste time trying to figure it out. She could fly well enough to avoid their attacks, and with her wind powers, fast enough to keep them behind her. It wasn’t the bravest decision, but sometimes being clever trumped being brave.
“Come on Mira, we thought you were the tough one!” All of the Darcy copies taunted at the same time, blasting dark magic at Mira. Mira figured her glowing wings made her an easy target, but barely any of the spells came close to hitting her.
Unable to resist, Mira spun around, briefly flying upside-down and shouted, “Come on Darcy, I thought you were the smart one!” She laughed before spinning back around and taking off with a gust of wind. However, with an angry squeal, Darcy’s copies disappeared in flashes of purple. Purple fire ignited at Darcy’s feet as she tried to catch up.
Mira wasn’t worried about it, she could outfly just about anyone. She could even outfly Volt. But then it crossed her mind: everything Darcy was doing was keeping her eyes away from Musa. When she looked in the direction of Musa and Shusha, she nearly froze with shock. Shusha was summoning an insane amount of power; much more than she’d need to just beat Musa. It looked almost like Shusha was going to try and kill her.
“Musa!” Mira gasped. She immediately redirected herself and shot towards them at full speed. “Northern Wind!” Mira shouted. Her gauntlets glowed blue and she continued, “Windstream Barrier!”
Before she hit the magic, she continued, “Southern Wind!” The heels of her boots glowed red as she added, “Windgust Boost!” With the cold wind in front of her and the warm wind behind her, she was able to tuck in her sings and shoot like a bullet. The winds moving around her prevented Shusha’s magic from affecting her directly, but she could feel how it was affecting her winds and it was not pleasant. Mira honed in on Musa, colliding with her bubble at top speed. The bubble easily popped, and Mira held Musa tight as they shot out of Shusha’s cloud of darkness.
When they were far enough that she was sure Shusha couldn’t follow, Mira slowed down and stopped in an alley, before collapsing into a sitting position as her paladin form vanished. Musa seemed exhausted as well, and her Illumix disappeared just as quickly. However, she managed to give Mira a weak smile and said, “Mira, thank you for saving me.”
“Of course, Musa,” Mira assured, “I think we underestimated how dangerous Shusha is, though.”
“You’re telling me,” Musa agreed. “Even with my shield that was the most painful magic I’ve ever encountered.”
“More than that,” Mira said. “Sound is caused by vibrations, right? Shusha is able to stop vibrations, stop movement. Musa, what if she can stop a person’s heart from beating?”
“With what I felt, I wouldn’t put it past her,” Musa said. “Does this mean we’ve lost?”
“Well, considering we’re still here and the Jewels haven’t suddenly flown over to Shusha, I’d say we still have a chance,” Mira commented calmly. “Taking a moment to recuperate isn’t a forfeit.
“True,” Musa agreed. “Should we get something to eat?” she asked.
“Normally I’d say yes, but we’re not anywhere safe right now,” Mira replied. “If we go out too far, Shusha might go out and try to attack us again. Let’s just lay low for now.”
“Sounds good,” Musa agreed. The two of them sat together, quietly chatting, as they rested. After what felt like a few hours later, the girls stood up and both transformed. In her Illumix again, Musa stretched and said, “We should get back, Now that we’ve seen exactly what Shusha can do, I think we’ll be better prepared for what she’ll try to do.”
“Good idea,” Mira said. Together, the two of them flew up in the air from the alley. Shusha and Darcy weren’t above the buildings looking for them, which was good at least. With a mischievous grin, Mira held her fingers up to whistle, asking, “Wanna help me summon our friends?”
Musa smirked and went to whistle as well. The two of them inhaled, then put their fingers in their mouths. Together, Musa and Mira released a shrill whistle that pierced through the silent city. Amplified by the combination of Musa’s sound magic and Mira’s air magic, the whistling hit every street corner.
They held the whistling as long as they could, until Shusha’s green-black magic cloud swirled into existence, before revealing Shusha and Darcy both glaring at them. “Huh, we thought you ran off,” Darcy commented drily.
“Well I am the tough one,” Mira replied.
Before they could say anything else, Shusha seemed to silently vanish in midair. There was no auditory indication before Musa felt a kick to her back. She was launched forward, but spun around to blast a soundwave at Shusha.
Before the sound hit Shusha, she seemed to disappear again. Because Musa couldn’t listen to Shusha’s movements, she had to use her other senses. She got the feeling that Shusha wasn’t disappearing, just moving extremely fast. When she felt the push of wind against her back, she spun around in a kck, her leg crossing with Shusha’s before she was kicked away. The force from their kicks created a shockwave with a muffled boom.
Their legs still crossed, Musa and Shusha glared at each other. Musa went to make a sonic blast, but Shusha blipped out of existence at super speed.
Musa tried her best to sense Shusha and intercept her, but it was less than a moment after Shusha disappeared that Musa suddenly couldn’t move. She was being held in place by a green aura.
From behind her, next to her ear, Musa heard a mechanical click like something opening, then soft breathing. “This is getting annoying,” a voice mumbled behind her, soft and almost childlike. The voice giggled almost innocently, then said, “After I take your voice, Musa...I’ll make you wish you could scream.”
Struggling, Musa growled, “That’s think!”
Musa’s muscles tensed, and she hummed in order to build up sound energy. A red glow emanated from her chest, and with a “Hah!” the red energy pulsed outwards, nullifying Shusha’s green magic.
She flew away from Shusha but turned back to face her. Shusha was holding her mask in one hand, glaring at Musa with her fangs bared. Before moving forward, Shusha donned her mask. Even from the distance, Musa could hear as it clicked shut, then Shusha began summoning power.
In response, Musa began summoning sonic power as well.

Mira and Darcy wasted no time getting back to fighting each other. “Shadow Vault!” Darcy shouted, holding out one of her hands. A dark hole appeared in front of her, which released shadowy beings that whipped out towards Mira.
“Aurora Blades!” Mira shouted. The three blades of her sword began glowing blue, pink, and green. Gripping the sword with both hands Mira sliced through Darcy’s shadow monsters. As her blade passed through each of the monsters, they turned into glowing chunks of ice in aurora-colored flashes.
Mira hovered in the air, her wings outstretched, held aloft by a wind. Darcy stared in shock, before Mira’s eyes glowed green and hands glowed green. “Western Wind! Windblast Barrage!” she shouted, as the chunks broke into tiny ice shards, each held with a faint green wind. Mira threw her hand forward, shooting the ice shards at Darcy.
Darcy growled and shot small beams of dark magic to destroy the ice into snowflakes, then looked to find Mira. However, Mira was...gone to say the least. Darcy spun around looking for her, trying to pinpoint the girl before she could attack.
She only felt the wind a brief second before Mira collided with her from behind, launching her through the air. She even felt a gust of wind from Mira to push her away even faster. “Binding Darkness!!” Darcy hissed, shooting two ropelike shadows from her hands towards Mira.
Mira spun around to avoid them, but the ropes followed her movements and bound her wings to her back. Darcy clenched her fist and the ropes tightened, making Mira wince. However, likely with some indignation, Mira remained mostly quiet and glared at Darcy fearlessly. “You should behave before I clip your wings, little fairy,” Darcy taunted with a laugh.
Mira raised an eyebrow and asked, “Did no one tell you? Volt’s the fairy.” Her hands glowed purple as she shouted, “Eastern Wind! Windcurrent Slice!” Blades of purple wind whipped around before the ropes disintegrated and gust of wind from Mira blew Darcy back as she flew off.
“Gaaaahhh that brat!!” Darcy growled as she took off after Mira.
Mira’s luminescent wings were easy to follow visually, even with how quickly Mira could move with them. Mira also flew in a straight line, barely straying from her flight path. Darcy summoned dark spells, launching them at Mira as quickly as she could. Mira only twisted slightly in either direction to easily dodge the dark spells. “GAHH!!!” Darcy bellowed, snapping her fingers to make a dark pair of wings to try and catch up.
Something about Mira’s wings made her much faster than Darcy, but Darcy didn’t know what it was. After a few minutes of chasing Mira, Darcy had a thought and stopped moving. Mira stopped moving as well...or rather the glowing wings that matched Mira’s. “Mira…” Darcy growled, begrudgingly impressed.
Before Mira could hit her again, Darcy whipped out several strands of darkness in every direction. “Gah!” She heard Mira shout in annoyance, knowing she got caught. She grinned in the direction of Mira’s voice to see her struggling against Darcy’s magic.
“Clever, Mira, very clever,” Darcy applauded, half-sarcastically. “Icy warned me how tricky you three are, but you can’t trick the Witch of Illusions!”
“Oh no?” Mira asked, before her body exploded into snow.
There was a cold wind from behind Darcy, and a chunk of ice crashed into her, sending her careening through the air. Darcy looked to see Mira aloft in the air, a mischievous grin on her face. “You sure about that Darcy?”
“GAAAH WHY ARE YOU SO INFURIATING!?” Darcy screamed, shooting more dark tendrils at Mira.
“It’s no fun otherwise,” Mira giggled, before creating a whirlwind that she spun at Darcy with a laugh. “I’ve been practicing my paladin magic with Avalon, what do you think?”
“I can;t believe that you and Icy are cousins,” Darcy growled.
“Yeah, the family resemblance is hard to see, since I’m much prettier,” Mira taunted. She created a few more icy winds to blow at Darcy, snickering while she cast them. The winds had small reddish-pink ice shards that gently scraped her skin, being more of a cold annoyance than truly dangerous. In less than a moment, Darcy was trapped with an ice block around her torso.
As Darcy glared at Mira, she came to realize that Mira didn’t look as fatigued as usual. She looked empowered, with her pink aura glowing around her whole body and her wings shining especially bright. “Winter Light!” Mira shouted, creating a pink light bubble. Pink, green, and blue light strands shot out, binding Darcy’s arms and legs.
“So, still can’t believe I’m Icy’s cousin?” Mira asked, her eyes gleaming with pink light.
Darcy didn’t answer, but Mira waved her hand to the side. The light bands dissipated and a gust of wind blew Darcy backwards. “Don’t worry, I’m not as cold-hearted as she is.” She said. “Besides, all I need to do is keep you away from the fight.”

Shusha was attacking with more aggression and power than ever, and Musa thought that she had been aggressive before. Musa shot out sonic blasts that collided with Shusha’s silence, popping them like bubbles. “ECHO CHAMBER!” Musa shouted, throwing both of her hands at Shusha.
A sonic bubble formed around Shusha, with sound waves bouncing around her. Shusha held her hands over her ears, summoning her silence over her ears. Musa waved her hands, creating more soundwaves. Shusha curled into a ball, her silence turning from green to a dark gold color. Even at a distance, Musa could feel the painful collisions of her and Shusha’s magic.
Without warning, Musa watched as the sonic bubble collapsed, and the energy flowed into Shusha’s hands. As Musa stared in horror, Shusha glared with her shoulders slouched, looking like she was breathing heavy. Shusha shot a wave at Musa that hit like a truck, nearly knocking her out of the air.
It didn’t take Musa long to figure out that while Shusha could absorb sound, it seemed to exhaust her more than the rest of her fight with Musa. Then again, going toe-to-toe with Shusha wasn’t leaving Musa in much better condition, either. Shusha had already managed to knock Musa out of her Illumix once, and this time Mira was more focused on dealing with Darcy.
The lack of sonic energy didn’t give Musa much to draw on, and she was going to run out of power eventually, so she had to make her next spells count. Please work, she thought to herself. “Independent Symphony!” She shouted, summoning a purple magic sphere. Even though she hadn’t cast the spell before, she could tell it was much weaker than it was supposed to be.

Darcy crashed into the ground, with Mira landing next to her. “You weren’t expecting me to be this strong were you?” She taunted. However, as she spoke her voice had trouble coming out. She looked up and saw Musa summoning power for a spell. There’s so little sound, she won’t have enough power to beat Shusha.
As Darcy began to stand up, Mira held her hands up to her chest, summoning a glowing pink heart. The heart pulsed with her heartbeat, sending out waves of her magic. “Winds of Strength!” Mira forced out, her voice barely higher than a whisper. “People of Discord...please lend Musa your voices,” she pleaded. “Show Shusha what you’re capable of!”
People began stepping out of the buildings--people that neither Mira nor Musa had seen before. They were pale, emaciated, and dressed in dark green rags. They resembled the people of Melody, and Mira could presume they were the people of Melody’s opposites. However they seemed empowered by Mira’s spell, and began moving their hands to their mouths like they were shouting. Darcy looked around in shock at the people.
Mira clapped her hands together, breaking the heart bubble into several smaller bubbles that floated to each person and popped on their foreheads. Immediately, the people seemed to grow more confident, shouting more vigorously. At first it was muffled, but then grew louder and clearer until it was a thunderous roar.
As she heard it, Musa reacted to the sound of the shouts, and smiled at Mira in the middle of the shouting citizens. Gratefully, she focused and drew in the sound power from the shouts. The power of her spell grew until it was pulsing rapidly above her hands. She thrust her hands forward, blasting all of the sound energy at Shusha.
With a flick of a wrist, Shusha created a small ball of silence that started absorbing the sound. Musa didn’t relent, further pushing the sound at Shusha; the silence ball grew in size, and Musa could see that Shusha was struggling to keep her magic stable the more sound she absorbed.
Musa focused, pushing the sound waves as hard as she could, making the bubble larger and larger until Shusha was barely able to keep it from pushing back into herself. The bubble grew larger and larger until suddenly the bubble exploded in a sonic burst that threw everyone in all directions.
However, instead of blasting in every direction, the sonic power honed in on Shusha, shooting straight at her. Shusha looked around in panic and summoned dark spheres of silence trying to catch all of the sound before it hit her. Musa’s wings shone with the power of the collective voice, as well as the other sounds that permeated the silence.
The soundwaves crashed into Shusha, but she tried to create a silence bubble to protect herself. Musa’s sound collided with Shusha’s silence, and Shusha recoiled with pain from within. Musa remained steadfast, a magic gleam in her eyes.
“Oh no,” Mira gasped. She thrust her wings downwards and shot into the air.
“Hey! Where are you going!?” Darcy shouted from below, following soon after.
“Trying to stop Musa! Unless you want Shusha to be killed!” Mira shouted back.
Darcy froze in midair for a second before redirecting herself towards Shusha. As she flew, Mira shouted, “Four Winds Current!” Glowing winds spun around her, letting her grab Musa and jolt her out of her trance. Without warning, a powerful soundwave pushed Mira back. Musa’s power seemed to be working on its own accord.
Cupping her hands to her mouth, Mira shouted, “Musa! Please stop!”
Musa reacted to Mira’s voice, looking at her with blank, glowing eyes, but didn’t move her hands from her spell. Mira stayed aloft with her wings, keeping her eyes on Musa. “I don’t want to do this…” she muttered.
Clearing her throat, Mira began singing. It was an old chant she’d learned in the Minervan Mountains, and it acted as both a song and a spell to bring strength and courage to all who heard it. The spell surrounded Mira like a bubble of clear, pure air, before she held her hands out to Musa.
Mira’s song flowed from her to Musa, flowing around Musa like a protective shield. With all of the voices of Discord blocked, the light glowing from Musa’s wings dimmed. She seemed to stumble mid-air, but Mira quickly caught her before she dropped. “Musa, how are you feeling?” Mira asked when she caught her in her arms.
“I’ve felt better, but I’ll be okay,” Musa said, flapping her wings so she was in the air next to Mira. With a smile, she said, “That song was beautiful, Mira, you should teach it to me sometime.”
“Maybe later,” Mira replied with a blush. “Let’s see how Shusha and Darcy are doing.”
When they looked over, Shusha was barely aloft in the air. She was being supported by Darcy, and seemed too weak to even look up at Mira and Musa. “Do we need to keep fighting?” Musa asked, “ Or do you concede defeat?”
Without a word, Shusha held up her hand in defeat. She looked up to Darcy and pointed towards her palace. Darcy nodded, and the two witches floated back to Shusha’s palace. When they were out of sight, Mira and Musa shared a high-five. “Do you have enough Illumix power to teleport back, or do you want to use the portal with me?”
“I should be fine to teleport, but they’re waiting for us at the palace in Melody, and I don’t think Shusha will let us in,” Musa commented.
“Well, no harm in doing it at the palace door,” Mira reasoned. The two girls nodded, and flew to the palace’s front door together.

On Melody, the Winx and Specialists stood around anxiously along with Volt, Psyche, and Galatea. Psyche had her arms crossed, and Volt had his hands on her shoulders. Suddenly, they looked up in alarm. “I feel Musa,” Volt said.
“I feel Mira,” Psyche gasped. They looked at each other for a moment before running outside. The two of them stood at attention, looking around like a pair of dogs waiting for their person. In a flash of light, Musa appeared, while a swirling colorful portal appeared next to her, which Mira stepped out from.
Immediately, Volt and Psyche flocked to Mira and gave her a hug. Mira and Musa both seemed to collapse out of their transformations; Bloom caught Musa, and Volt caught Mira. “Are you okay?” Bloom asked.
“Yeah,” Musa said with a smile. “We won!”
“You won, but you’re both exhausted,” Volt said. “It must have been a close battle.”
“It was,” Mira confirmed. “I won’t sugar-coat it; it is going to be tough to take down each of the Jinx with only two of us at a time. I think we can win, though!” She smiled brightly, which made everyone gasp.
“Why don’t you get some rest,” Galatea suggested. “You all can stay in the palace until you’re recovered, and we’ll hold a grand feast to celebrate your victory.”
Mira and Musa shared an exhausted smile, and weakly held up their arms with a soft, “Wooo!” Everyone laughed as Volt and Bloom helped Mira and Musa inside of the palace.

Shusha laid on her bed in her palace, completely drained. Though tired herself, Darcy stood nearby and said, “Doom, requesting a meeting.” As soon as she said it, her Wraithix flashed and one of Doom’s inky smoke screens appeared in front of her. Darcy stood at the foot of the bed so that Shusha and Doom could see each other.
Doom’s face was stoic as she asked, “Did you succeed or fail?”
“, I guess,” Darcy replied. “Musa whipped out a power I hadn’t seen before and took us out. She even managed to cause a small rebellion, but Shusha’s guards are quelling the rabble.”
“I see. Thank you for the report, Darcy. When you both have recovered, please return to Omegea. In the meantime, I’ll begin preparing Kierra for the next battle,” Doom instructed.
“Um, Kierra requested that I accompany her when she faces Stella. I’m in better condition than Shusha is, should I come back sooner?”
“If that’s the case, then yes. Shusha, I’ll send Doctor Laertes to Discord to assist in Shusha’s recovery. Come as soon as you can,” Doom said, before waving the screen away. In her office, Nisha stood to the side, leaning against the wall.
“You took that better than I would have expected,” Nisha commented.
“It’s a learning experience, Nisha,” Doom said, before writing on an official document. “Besides, who says I’m not playing the long game?”
“Ooh, I love it when you’re devious!” Nisha cackled, before walking out of the office. “Should I fetch Kierra for her briefing?”
“Please do, darling,” Doom said with a grin. After Nisha left, Doom leaned back and smiled to herself. The fun was just beginning.