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The Illumination

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The Illumination
A Winx Club Fanfic
Part 1: The Illuminates
When she was a young girl, Bloom witnessed something strange. After a restless night of nightmares and anxiety, she woke up and walked to the window. She opened it up and looked outside at the twinkling stars. Suddenly, a flash of bright light lit up the sky like a firework.
Only much brighter, completely white, and lasting a little bit too long. It was bright and beautiful, but it didn’t hurt her eyes. In fact, looking at it made her feel peaceful, quiet, and honestly kind of sleepy. Yawning, Bloom climbed into bed and fell deep asleep.
She had nothing but sweet dreams for the rest of the night.

Seventeen years later, Bloom, now a fully grown young woman, was sitting on the bus with her five best friends on a ship, on their way to Alfea. “I wonder what this urgent matter is that Faragonda wanted to talk to us about?” She asked Flora.
Flora shrugged. “I hope it’s nothing bad. She sounded pretty grim over the phone.” Kiko was lying in Flora’s lap while Flora scratched his ears. “I wonder if our Butterflix powers will be strong enough to deal with this.”
Stella looked in the mirror. “Whatever it is I hope it doesn’t ruin my makeup! School hasn’t even started! I know we’re teachers now but this is ridiculous!” She laughed and shrugged. “Though it will be nice to get back to my designing!”
“I calculate a 65% probability that Miss Faragonda is going to inform us of an ancient, powerful magic we must retrieve and an 85% probability that an evil doer wants to possess it.” Tecna calculated, while typing on her phone.
“Whatever it is, we’ll be ready for it!” Aisha fiercely stated. “We’ve beaten every threat the magic dimension has thrown at us. The Trix, Darkar, Valtor, the Wizards of the Black Circle, Tritannus, Acheron, Kalshara, and the Trix again. Hopefully for the last time.”
“Considering that they were sucked into limbo, I think that was the last time,” Bloom sighed with relief. “I don’t think I could handle seeing Icy’s sneering face anymore.”
Musa, who’d been listening to her music, looked at Bloom. “You seem tense,” she commented, handing her the headphones.
Bloom put them on and relaxed to the music. Her friends smiled at her and she handed the headphones back to Musa. “Thanks, that really helped.”
“We’ll be landing in a moment, ladies,” Brandon said over the intercom.
“Thank you, sweetie pie!” Stella called. The girls waited as the ship landed; when they were on the ground Stella gave Brandon a big hug and kiss.
Griselda walked up and cleared her throat. “While that is very sweet, Miss Faragonda called you to Alfea for a very important reason, and she is waiting for you in her office.” The winx girls jumped, but quickly followed Griselda into the school.
“Any chance you’ll tell us why she called us in?” Aisha asked.
Griselda adjusted her glasses. “I’m afraid I’m not sure, myself. Miss Faragonda and the other headmasters were extremely cryptic about why they needed you, except saying that you six needed to come in immediately.”
Around the corner, the winx girls saw the specialists, the two paladins, and Daphne waiting for them in front of Faragonda’s office. Walking up, Daphne said, “Thank you, Griselda, I’ll take it from here.” Griselda nodded and walked off as Daphne gave Bloom a hug.
The winx greeted their boyfriends as Bloom asked, “Do you know what’s happening, Daphne?”
“Sorry, Bloom, but it seems this is a matter of utmost privacy,” Daphne apologized. “All I know is that it has Faragonda and the other headmasters terribly worked up. While I don’t wish to assume the worst, it makes you wonder what the problem might be.” Daphne walked up to the door and knocked.
From inside her office, Miss Faragonda called, “Come in!”
As the group walked inside, Sky put his hand on Bloom’s shoulder. “I’m sure that everything will be fine. The six of you are the Winx, I don’t think that anything that goes up against you will have a chance!”
Bloom kissed him. “Thank you, Sky,” she said.
In Faragonda’s office, Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin were gathered around Faragonda’s desk, looking grim. However, Faragonda mustered a calm grin. “Hello everyone. I’m very glad to see you all. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have important news to share about this year’s new students.”
Griffin cleared her throat. “Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain will each be receiving one of the three royal siblings of Minerva.”
Nearly everyone gasped, excluding Bloom and Musa. Bloom asked, “Wait, who?”
“I’m with Bloom on this one; I've never heard of a world called Minerva, much less its royal family.” Musa commented.
“And for good reason,” Saladin replied. “The realm of Minerva is extremely closed off; many are unaware of its existence at all.”
“Girls, it is rare for even one member of the Minervan royal family leave, much less three. And the fact that they are enrolling as students is even more rare. Minervans generally educate themselves.”
“We do not know a great deal about them, but we will tell you everything we do,” Griffin assured.
Little did they know that the situation was more dire than it seemed.

“Find me the Trix, my darlings,” a woman in a dark hood whispered to her golden bracelet. The bracelet had three ovular gems: one green, one blue, one red.
The gems glowed and each turned into a small ring of light in their respective colors. The rings flew through the forest and the woman followed close behind it to the Magix underground world.
The creatures saw her as she floated by, but didn’t do much more than hiss at her as she passed. Under her hood, the woman smirked. She was more than used to this reaction by now. The rings stopped in a single, large empty cavern. The rings began spinning, creating a large, rainbow vortex which shot out three individuals: the Trix, still fused with their bonded fairy animals.
As the Trix laid on the ground, still disoriented, the rings grew large. Each one flew above one of the Trix, drawing the essence of the fairy animal from her. The rings then flew back to their master and became her bracelet again. Floating above her hand was the residual magic that had been drawn from the witches.
“Good job, my darlings,” the woman muttered.
When Icy finally gathered herself, she stood up and glared at the woman. “Wait, who are you?”
“Someone you owe a debt of gratitude,” the woman told the Trix. “If not for me, you would still be trapped in limbo.”
Stormy stood up. “We don’t owe you anything,” she hissed, shooting a lightning bolt at the woman.
The woman chuckled as the magenta-colored orb absorbed the attack. “My my, I was expecting more from the famous Trix. A shame, too. I was going to help you boost your powers!”
As Stormy prepared to attack again, Icy snapped, “Wait!” she looked at the woman curiously. “What do you mean exactly?”
The woman grinned and turned the three orbs into bracelets much like her own, only with one gem each. “I can give you the power of Wraithix and boost your powers beyond belief. All I need is the promise that you’ll you’ll work for me.”
“Boost our powers?” Darcy asked. “How do we know these Wraithix work?”
“I’ll prove it with my own Wraithix,” the woman chuckled. “Name any person or individual, and my darlings will defeat them.”
Unanimously, the Trix shouted, “The Winx!!”
“Very well. As I recall the Winx are receiving some very important siblings today; might as well hit nine birds with three stones.” She chuckled at her joke. “If I can prove that the Wraithix is powerful enough to win against these Winx, you will accept my power and help me. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Deal?”
Icy turned to Darcy and Stormy. Each of them grinned wickedly before Icy said, “Deal.” She and the woman shook hands.
The woman grinned and stepped back before and whispered to the bracelet, “Attack the Illuminates, my darlings.” She held up her hand and the jewels became orbs of light that flew out of the cave.
“Now what?” Stormy asked impatiently.
The woman waved her hand and created dark, purple/black mushrooms for the Trix to sit on. “Now sit back and enjoy the show.” she created a shadowy hole where the image of Alfea began to take form.

“So you’re saying that the triplet heirs to a secretive, largely unknown kingdom are enrolling in Alfea because of us?” Bloom asked. “That’s...that’s a lot of pressure…”
“Well, it’s just proof of how great we are!” Stella said. “I’m sure that these three are huge Winx fans! I’ll get my pen for my autographs when they come in.” She looked at Faragonda curiously. “Though, how will we know these girls from the rest of the Alfea students?”
“They’re not all girls,” Griffin corrected.
“And they’re not all enrolling in Alfea,” Saladin added.
“The Minervan triplets are two girls: Princess Mira and Princess Psyche; and one boy: Voltatious. We were informed that one is a fairy, one is a witch, and one is a specialist. They didn’t specify which is which,” Faragonda explained. “And you will know; the three of them will be arriving today. Soon, in fact.”
Outside the window, they saw a peculiar-looking airship landing in Alfea’s courtyard. As a large group, they headed outside. Bloom held onto Sky’s hands, still nervous about the responsibility being placed on their shoulders. It was nothing compared to the times they’d saved all of the magic dimension, but being responsible for the safety of these kids made her stomach twist.
Helia put his hand on Bloom’s shoulder. “It will be fine, Bloom. You Winx are the most powerful fairies in the magic dimension. If anyone can protect the royal children of Minerva, it will be you six.”
“It’s definitely the most logical decision,” Tecna said.
Timmy smiled. “I’d consider it a great honor. The people of Minerva are secretive and have trouble trusting people, especially the royal family. The fact that the king and queen are sending their kids to the schools closest to you three means a lot.”
“That just makes me more nervous,” Bloom muttered. When they were outside, they looked at the large, elegant silver ship. The hatch opened slowly and the royal guards walked outside, holding their weapons. A third guard--most likely the captain--walked in front.
In a booming, deep voice, he announced, “Announcing Prince Voltatious, Princess Mira, and Princess Psyche of Minerva!” He stepped to the side as three teenagers walked off the ship.
Bloom didn’t know anything about the Minervan people, but there weren’t many teenagers with white hair. The triplets happened to have bright, snow-white hair, and brilliant, electric-blue eyes. They stood together, looking quite nervous.
“I am Mira,” one of the girls said, stepping forward. “Princess of Minerva, and heir to the Minervan mountains. This is my brother Volt, and my sister Psyche.” She had a gray hoodie and gray sweat pants under a pink skirt. She had sneakers. Her hair was long and straight, falling to her waist. Her gaze was cold and serious.
Volt looked nervous, almost terrified. He was slim and tall, the right build for a specialist. His hair was medium length, with a lightning-bolt lock of hair covering his right eye. He wore a purplish-gray sweater over a yellow dress shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.
Psyche, unlike her siblings, laughed excitedly and ran up to the Winx, giving them a big hug. Her hair was tied up in three ponytails, each one under the last. Underneath each was a stripe of color: blue, purple, and magenta. She wore a tank top with the sides cut inward, a gray skirt and gray boots. “Hi!!” she laughed. “We’re, like, your biggest fans!”
“Psyche…” Volt and Mira mumbled, walking over to her.
Mira pried Psyche away from the Winx and told her, “Psyche, we promised mother and father that we would call as soon as we arrived at Alfea. Volt, would you please.”
Volt nodded and pulled out a cellphone much like the Winx had. He tapped a few buttons, then the holographic image of a man and woman appeared. The tripletsplets stood together, and the woman sighed with relief, putting her hands on her chest. “Thank the skies that you three are safe!” she gasped. “You...are safe, yes?”
“Yes, mother,” Volt replied. “Mira, Psyche, and I are in the Alfea courtyard. We are in the presence of the Winx, the Specialists, and the headmasters. Also, we agreed that I’d call you when we were safe, yes?”
“Very well,” the man replied. “Did you run into...them...on the way there?”
“I am happy to report that we have not seen the creatures since we left Minerva,” Mira reported, without a trace of happiness in her face or voice. “They seemed to intentionally stop following us as soon as we left the atmosphere.”
“Everything is smooth sailing!” Psyche laughed. “Though it seems that we’re the only students here currently. I’m sooooooo excited to make new friends!!”
“There will be time for that later, sweetheart,” the man said. “Voltatious, would you kindly put me on the phone with Headmistress Faragonda?” Volt nodded and walked over to Faragonda and handing her the phone. “Greetings headmasters, I am King Marcus of Minerva. My wife and I cannot express our gratitude at your willingness to comply with our situation.”
“Of course, your highness. We are more than happy to protect our students, both present and future. And I promise that all of us will teach our first Minervan students everything they need to know,” Faragonda assured.
“I have full confidence in your abilities,” the woman added. “I am Queen Lucretia. My only concern is the protection that you’ll provide for our children. You know we Minervans keep our secrets for a reason.”
“Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain are the most secure schools of magic available. And, as you know, the Winx Club residing in Alfea gives the royal siblings an extra boost of security. Voltatious, Miranda, and Psycharmi will be safe, happy, and well-educated. You can put all of your fears to rest,” Saladin assured.
Smirking, Griffin added, “I’d almost believe you don’t trust us.”
“Very well,” King Marcus said. “We leave them in your care.” the hologram shut off and Faragonda handed the phone back to Volt.
Bloom cleared her throat and walked up to the triplets. “It’s a pleasure to meet the three of you, I am Bloom, and we are the Winx Club! These are my friends: Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha.”
Mira nodded. “We know all about you, Winx. Your actions are admirable; you’re very well known in Minerva.” Her posture and expression didn’t exactly have ‘admiring’ written on them. She looked as cold and angry as a witch.
Volt relaxed a bit. “The three of us are big fans. Psyche wanted to invite you to our fifteenth birthday, but Mom and Dad said no.” He laughed. “They couldn’t imagine you figuring out where to find us.” When he wasn’t so nervous, he seemed more like a typical specialist.
Psyche giggled. “I offered to deliver the invitations in person...our parents did not like that.” She was exponentially calmer than before, but she had a bright and bubbly personality, something that worked well with fairy magic. “It took two years to convince them to let us meet you in person.”
“Yes, but it wasn’t until last month that they actually considered, what with the creatures and all,” Mira said. “It will be a miracle if our parents don’t try to call us every night.”
“You’ll be fine!” Stella assured. “And Psyche, you are going to love it at Alfea!”
“Huh?” Psyche asked.
“Wait, what were those creatures you mentioned?” Aisha asked. “What is after you three? And, more importantly, why is it after you?”
Volt and his sister shared a concerned look. Stepping forward, Volt said, “You see, the thing is…”
Suddenly there was a crack of thunder and dark clouds formed in the sky. Unlike normal rain clouds, these were pure black. Descending from the sky were three bright glowing jewels.
“You wanted to know what is pursuing us?” Mira asked. In a flash of bright light three giant figures emerged from the jewels. “Those are. The Wraiths.”
The wraith that came from the red jewel resembled a fairy; she had a red, sparkly winx with small red wings and long red hair. Her skin was as black as the clouds above and her eyes were as red as her winx. She had no mouth, and she wore the jewel as a brooch.
The wraith that came from the blue jewel resembled a specialist. He had on a similar uniform, except that it was blue and dark blue instead of white and blue. Like the Red Fountain boys, he wore his jewel as a clip for his cape. He had solid blue eyes, short blue hair, and no mouth.
The wraith that came from the green jewel resembled a witch. She wore a s long-sleeve, dark green dress, and a darker green hood. She wore her jewel as the clip for her hood. Her eyes were solid green, as was her hair, she had the same dark black skin, and she had no mouth.
These wraiths surrounded the whole group, staring them down but not moving. Volt grabbed his sisters’ hands and suddenly, there was a flash of light that resembled the light Bloom had seen as a young girl. The Wraiths hissed (which was strange, considering they had no mouths) and moved forward towards them. “Let’s do this!” Volt shouted. “Voltatious magic winx!” Suddenly, Volt was dressed in a sparkly turquoise shirt and black cargo shorts. He had gray wrist cuffs and black slacks with gray covers. Sprouting from his back were yellow, lightning-shaped wings. His wings began fluttering and he took to the air.
“Psyche witch power!” Psyche shouted. The wind whipped around her and she was surrounded by a cocoon of spirits. When the spirits disappeared, Psyche was dressed in a witch’s outfit; a long gray dress that opened in front of the legs. She had one long sleeve and one short, and she wore gray tights and dark gray boots. She had a gray belt studded with light gray jewels. The colored stripes in her hair turned to different shades of gray. She floated in the air along with Volt.
“Mira paladin light!” Mira bellowed. Suddenly she was in paladin’s armor with large, glowing wings. She pulled out a phantoblade hilt, which sprouted three blades that twisted around each other. She flapped her wings and joined her siblings in the air. “Let us do this. Shall we go about the usual?”
“Yeah. Let’s go!” Volt said. He flew towards the fairy wraith and electricity sparked in his hands. “Electric Blast!” he shouted, shooting a strong blast of electricity at the fairy wraith’s jewel. She hissed and tried to block, but even with how much larger she was than him she was knocked backwards.
The specialist wraith drew a dark, twisted phantoblade and swung it at Mira. Mira twisted her blade to the side and caught the wraith’s blade within the gaps of her own, and twisted it around so that the wraith lost his grip. She fired a blast of cold wind at him, creating a strangely strong draft.
“Eterno Maximo Spiritus!” Psyche shouted, firing a blast of ghostly-looking magic at the witch wraith. The witch wraith growled and countered with a blast of her own dark magic. The two witches fed the spells as much power as they could, but they seemed evenly matched. The white energy and the black energy exploded when they grew too powerful.
“Well...that was unexpected…” Stella commented.
“Expected or not we have to help them!!” Bloom scolded.
As a group they shouted, “Magic Winx! Butterflix!!”
The Winx split up to assist the triplets. Bloom and Tecna joined Volt, Aisha and Musa joined Mira, and Stella and Flora joined Psyche. Bloom and Tecna blasted the fairy wraith together, but she deflected their blasts back to them.
“This being is unlike anything I’ve ever seen!” Tecna gasped. “Bloom! Volt! Distract it while I scan.” she created a bright green light and flew in a circle around the Wraith.
The Wraith growled and tried to grab her, but Volt shouted, “Lightning Strike!!” and kicked her arm away.
“Be careful!!” he warned the Winx. “These Wraiths harbor a ton of negative energy. Don’t let them hit you!!”
“Got it!” Bloom shouted, blasting fire.
Mira blocked and parried against the specialist wraith, but he was so much larger than she was that it was all she could do. Her wings kept her in the air, but with each clash of the blades knocked her back. She flapped her wings, using wings to stay aloft and push back the Wraith as much as she could. “Morphix sword!” Aisha shouted blocking and parrying alongside Mira.
“I’ll try to distract him!” Musa shouted. She flew behind the Wraith’s head and blasted a sonic wave at him. The Wraith growled and swatted at Musa, with her barely being able to dodge him. This gave Mira and Aisha a chance to attack--though their combined sword power didn’t do much.
When the light from the explosion faded, Psyche and the witch wraith glared at each other. “Explosio Maximus Mortem!” Psyche bellowed. A large, ghostly aura--the same size as the wraith but looking exactly like her. “Ghostly Wail!” she cried. Screaming at a decibel too high for them to hear, she blasted an impossibly loud sound wave, causing the wraith to cover her ears (which, surprisingly, she actually had).
“Come on, Flora!” Stella shouted. “Let’s show this creepy green witch monster who’s boss!” The two of them fired at the wraith, but Psyche’s scream vibrated the magic apart, causing it to burst and disappear.
“Miss Stella! Miss Flora!” Psyche shouted. “Lend me the strength of your spirits, please!”
Stella and Flora nodded, and sent her waves of their power. Psyche glowed white with power, and she lifted her hands above her head. Ghosts and spirits spun around her and her aura was sucking into the orb of light she was creating. “Mortal Coil!” She bellowed, blasting huge ball of ghostly magic at the wraith. It was more effective than her or the two winx girls working alone.
Despite all of the effort they were putting into fighting these wraiths, they seemed mostly unaffected by the Winx’ and triplet’s magic. “Let’s help them!” Daphne shouted. “Daphne! Nymph of Sirenix!” She transformed into her Sirenix, then she and the guys joined the battle with these giant wraiths. Daphne, Sky, and Timmy joined in the fight with the fairy wraith; Helia and Brandon joined in fighting the witch wraith; and Nex and Thoren joined fighting the specialist wraith.

From the cave, the Trix and mysterious woman watched the battle unfold. “Ugh, this is so boring!” Stormy hissed. “Those wraiths are fighting but they aren’t winning! We could be out there squashing the Winx ourselves!” She stood up to walk away, but Icy grabbed her arm.
“Stormy, wait! Those triplets...they seem...familiar…” Icy whispered. “I can’t put my finger on it but I can’t shake the feeling we’ve met. Let’s keep watching,” she suggested.
“They do seem familiar, but Stormy is right, Icy. We’ve fought the Winx plenty of times, how is this any different from then?” She asked the woman. “What’s the special power of Wraithix? We’ve summoned giant creatures before.”
The woman smirked. “Now comes my favorite part,” she told the Trix. She held out her hand to the screen and summoned a sphere of dark magic. “Wraithix! Show these Winx the power of darkness! Wraithix Shadow!” She shouted. The empty slots where her jewels had been grew dark with inky shadows resembling octopus tentacles. The tentacles shot forward and hit the images of their wraiths. As the witches watched, the image of the battle became tinted in dark red, green, and blue.

The wraiths froze for a moment, then threw their arms outwards. From each one a dark aura emerged. Suddenly everything went dark. Bloom and the winx collapsed. They grew so weak that their Butterflix disappeared, as well Daphne’s Sirenix. Even the specialists and headmasters were drained of their energy.
“What...what is happening…” Bloom mumbled. She looked up to see that Volt, Psyche, and Mira were unaffected. In the dark, each of them was glowing--Psyche red, Volt blue, and Mira green.
The Wraiths coward from Volt and his sisters’ light, but still moved to attack their friends while they were down. “No!” He shouted. “Mira! Psyche!” he shouted. “With me!” He flew to the center of the fight, joined quickly by his sisters. The three of them stood with their backs to each other. They held hands, and their auras grew even brighter.
“Illuminate Convergence!” The triplets shouted. “Light of the Illumination!” They held their interlocked hands in the air. Their auras mixed, much like the Wraiths’ auras had, but instead of shadows they created a gigantic bright light.
The three Wraiths screamed in discordant unison and their bodies dissolved into dark energy. When the light faded, the Wraiths were gone, leaving only the jewels they had appeared from. The jewels floated in the air for a moment, as the triplets watched them warily. Then, without any warning, they shot into the air and flew away.
Suddenly, Mira groaned and collapsed, turning back to normal. Volt caught her and he and Psyche turned back to normal. They supported the unconscious Mira on their shoulders as the others stood back up. “What...happened?” Aisha groaned, rubbing her head.
“That was the worst feeling I’ve ever had,” Flora commented. “It was like my body was drowning in despair.” They grouped around the three triplets. “What was that?”
“More importantly, why were you not affected?” Faragonda questioned. “That level of dark magic is nearly impossible to resist!” She rubbed her own head.
“Well, the thing is…” Volt laughed nerously. “We’re the Illuminates.”
Psyche added, “Impossible is kind of what we do.”

The Trix sat with their jaws hanging open. “That...was epic…” Darcy muttered. “Is that the true power of Wraithix?”
“Part of it,” the mystery woman commented. “My personal favorite, though.” She held up her arm as the Wraithix Jewels attached themselves to her bracelet. “The dark energy of Wraithix draws out a person’s innermost darkness. The effects vary, but to a witch of great evil, it’s an opportunity to harness her darkest powers. Now what do you say, ladies? Care to try on some darkness?” the woman formed the magic spheres into glowing, bracelet-sized rings.
Darcy and Stormy went to accept their Wraithix, but Icy put her arms out and stopped them. “The thing is, whoever you are, you didn’t defeat the Winx! They weren’t squashed, only temporarily inconvenienced!”
The woman shrugged. “The convergence spell the Illuminates used was a perfect counter for my Wraithix darkness. It was a small setback but the power speaks for itself.”
“If the power really does speak for itself, then prove it! Defeat the most powerful Winx, Bloom! And don’t send your wraiths this time! If you can beat Bloom one on one, then we’ll accept the Wraithix and your terms!”
The woman turned to screen, which focused on the image of Bloom. “A battle against none other than Bloom? Sounds like an interesting challenge.” She turned back to the Trix and said, “I accept.”
Icy grinned wickedly. “Perfect. know us, but we don’t even know your name.”
“I am the Supreme Ruler of the Opposite Universe,” the woman said, pulling down her hood. The Trix gasped as they looked upon the face of their most hated rival, Bloom. Except this Bloom had dark purple hair, paler skin, and purple eyes. She was in a long, dark dress under her hood, and her skin was ghostly pale. She wore dark purple eyeshadow and dark blue lipstick. “But you can call me Doom.”