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Inside Out and Back Again

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2XXX, 9,13. South Korea 10:35 AM. Kim Household.

"-Taehyung! Wake your ass up, right now!"

Taehyung had the opportunity to wake up to his brother screaming in his face. He rubbed his sleepy face and sat upright in his bed. "What the hell do you want?"

He opened his eyes to find his brother in a state of panic, eyes blown wide and his face horror stricken.

"Tae, our parents aren't home. Matter of fact, they're not anywhere. I tried calling them, no answer. I called 119 for fucks sake and it said the line has been disconnected. I'm serious Taehyung. Where are my parents?"

Taehyung just blinked and fell back into his pillows. Annoying brother and his jokes that aren't funny.

Seokjin eventually got annoyed at his brother just sitting there when he was being serious. He had no idea where the other Kims were.

Today would've been Taehyung and Seokjin's first day back to school with Jin going to college and Tae entering the junior year.

Now, Jin specifically remembers telling his parents to wake him up at five am because he's a late sleeper. That being said, he didn't wake up until 10 am and looked around for his parents to scold them. But...they weren't there.

He had called both of them probably fifty times before he had a realization. Maybe they were in an accident? And so, he called 119. And even then, there was no answer. Dispatch was disabled and there were no current available responders. Which is extremely worrying.

Jin was fed up with Taehyung not taking him seriously so he grabbed a pillow and threw it into his face. "Wake the fuck up, now! Look, call 119 and see if they answer. Taehyung I am not joking, there is something wrong here."

Taehyung rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone from the dresser where it was charging. "Fine, if it'll get you to shut the hell up."

He dialed the line, expecting them to pick up. But instead it rang until it gave an automatic message: I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Please try again at another time. And the line went dead.

Taehyung's eyes bulged and he hopped out of bed and began to call his parents. A message told him the number was not in service. "Hey, Seokjin?"

Jin looked over to Taehyung. "Yeah?"

"You're right. Something is wrong."


2XXX, 9, 13. South Korea 10:45 AM. Kim Household

Namjoon groaned as he turned over in his bed, sun hitting his face. He blinked as he sat up, getting used to the light in the room. Looking over to his nightstand, he glimpsed at the clock.

10:45 AM

What the fuck? Wait, he was supposed to be woken up five hours ago by his mother and he was two hours late to school. On the first day of Junior year where he was to receive an award for the first person in thirty years to achieve 100's on all of his classes and end of year exams.

He rolled his eyes and shook his best friend, Hoseok, awake. "Hoseok, wake up."

Hoseok jolted awake, eyes puffy from sleeping. "What time is it," he said, voice still lathered in sleep.

"It's fucking ten in the morning. We're late as hell to school and my parents didn't even wake us up," Namjoon said, clearly irritated as he took out his sweats and began to get ready. He took his phone and dialed his parents to get an explanation.

An automatic message came on for both numbers which was odd because both usually answer their phones on the first ring. What's going on? He shook his head and called his sister as well with the same reaction. Something's off.

He rushed out of the bathroom and over to Hoseok who was putting on his school clothes. "Hey, Seok?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Call your parents. There's something not right going on."

Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows and picked up his phone to dial both his parents and sister. All the same ending. An automatic message that reached his phone. "All I'm getting is a message, Joon-ah. Is something wrong?"

Namjoon bit his lip and tried something that he'd never do until necessary. "I'm calling the police. Maybe they're in an accident."

So, he dialed 119. After about two rings he got: I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Call again at another time. And then the call clicked off. "The hell?"

"What," Hoseok asked, voice rising.

"The number isn't working at all. Seriously, something isn't right-"

Suddenly, Namjoon's phone rang and both boys looked at it seeing that it was Yoongi calling. He answered without hesitation. "Yeah?"

"Namjoon, there's been an apocalypse."


2XXX, 9, 13. South Korea, 9:30 AM. Min Household.

"Arrg! Fucking alarm," Yoongi groaned as he woke up, pushing the blankets off of his petite body. "I thought I set it off."

Turning it off, he brushed his teeth and tripped over his several other siblings belongings. He moved them over so that no one else could fall over them again.

Today was Senior day so, he had no school on the first day. Even if he did, he wouldn't be taking that many classes this year.

He looked around the house to see if anyone was present. His father usually was because he had no job since Yoongi was 11. He remembers him saying that he would but...never did. So, his mother was the breadwinner until his eldest brother got a job when he was at college.

Maybe he went out? Yoongi shook his head at the thought. His father was too embarrassed to even leave the house. He'd just get criticized for being a stay at home dad.

Yoongi looked around for breakfast which was usually made (even if he'd get the least bit of it) and put on the counter. And there was none, not even in the microwave or the fridge. That's where he got suspicious.

He put on his sweats and walked outside to see flurries of teens outside. Some were panicking and some were crying. He creased his brow at everyone because he wanted to know what was going on.

He looked around and saw cars missing, mailboxes either missing or bare, lawns removed of once was full of life. Where were the parents of all these teenagers? Where were his parents?

"Hey, man." A voice made Yoongi turn around in shock. It was none other than Mark Tuan, a classmate of his.

"Oh, hi Mark. What's going on?"

Mark took a deep breath and scratched his blonde hair. "Apparently, all adults are gone. Only teens are left here. I'm trying to figure things out but, there's so little evidence."

"Why would you assume all adults were gone?"

"Try calling 119," Mark said, a smirk on his face. Yoongi did as he said, still very confused.

I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Call again at another time.

Yoongi put his phone back in his pocket, confusion written all over his face. "But why is 119 disabled? It's a much needed network."

"Exactly! Something has to do with why these adults are gone and only left teens and pre-teens alone! I called Jackson and he said his family was gone too with all of their clothes. There's some fishy shit going on."

Why did these things happen to Yoongi?

"If I were you, I would tell all my friends what's going on. They deserve to know," Mark said.

All of a sudden, Jackson came out of nowhere. "Yo, Mark! I'm legitimately freaking out."

"Of course you are. Get off of me," Mark said, struggling to get Jackson off of his back.

Yoongi just ignored the antics of the two and took out his cellular again to dial Namjoon. "Namjoon, there's been an apocalypse."

"What do you mean 'apocalypse'?"

"Namjoon, all of our parents, adults-they're all gone. It's just us to fend for ourselves."


2XXX, 9, 13. South Korea, 10:47 AM. Jeon/Park Household

Jungkook rolled out of his bed and wiped his mouth of the remaining drool that stuck on his face. He slipped on his Iron Man slippers and slugged his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

He brushed his teeth furiously while sitting on the toilet. He got up and spit the remains out and gargled.

He took out his face wash and washed his face along with the sleepiness. He proceeded to take a shower and put on his clothes.

He rushed downstairs to get breakfast and that's when he realized- since when did he wake himself up?

With confusion riddled on his face, he took his phone out of his pocket and checked the time. What the-

"Fuck!? It's ten in the morning! Mom, Dad? Junghyun? Where are you guys?"

Jungkook looked in the living room, kitchen, den. They were nowhere to be found.

He rushed up to his parents room, half-expecting them to be asleep in their bed. Disappointment flashed across his face as he went through their drawers, finding nothing there except things that shouldn't have been seen with his virgin eyes.

He rushed to his brother's room and saw him nowhere as well. He went through his closets, draws, bed and yet nothing was left of their existence. It was like they disappeared.

He could feel his eyes well up with tears as he made his way back down the stairs where his backpack lay on the floor. He was so excited to start his second year of high school and show off his growth spurt and longer face. The excitement was long washed down the drain and replaced with disappointment.

He pouted and without thinking, he rushed over to Jimin's house. he twisted the weirdly unlocked doorknob and rushed upstairs.

He swung open Jimin's door and found the older peacefully sleeping.

"Jimin-hyung, wake up! Jimin, please!"

Jimin woke up, yawning. "Hmm? Oh, hi Kook. Wassup?"

Jungkook felt a tiny flutter in his heart but ignored it. He rolled his eyes. "Jimin, look around. It's fucking almost eleven in the morning! My parents and my brother...they're gone."

"What do you mean 'gone'?"

"They've gone missing. All their clothes are just gone."

Jimin blinked and stood to brush his teeth. In record timing he came back in front of Jungkook. "Explain, please. Are my parents around either?"

Jungkook shook his head and began to explain that there was no one around and how he woke up late up to the part of waking Jimin up. "Hyung, I'm scared. Where are the adults?"

"Kook! Call the police, the hell?! I'm going to look in the rooms okay? Stay here and call the authorities, Jungkook."

Jungkook nodded and did as he was told. He dialed the number and waited for an answer. Eventually he was given an automatic voice message: I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Call again at another time.

Now, there's something seriously wrong if even 119 isn't answering. Jungkook stared blankly at his phone, even when Jimin rushed in.

"Everything's gone. My parents-their things are gone. Did you call the police? What'd they say?"

Jungkook looked up, eyes watering again. "Jimin-they're no police. No authorities. Everyone is gone and-"

Jimin's eyes let out a lone tear as he sat next to Jungkook. "What?"

"And no one can help us."

"Don't say that! Let's go outside and see if anyone else is having this problem," Jimin said, dragging Jungkook outside.

Once they reach, they both see other teens crying and having panic attacks. No matter who they spoke to, the result was the same. There really was no one around and every adult was gone.

Jungkook was eating a sandwich for breakfast with Jimin who was crying instead of eating.


"Yeah, Chimmy?"

Jimin looked him in the eyes. "We're in serious danger."

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2XXX, 9, 13. Kim Household. 17:45 (5:45 pm)

Taehyung freaked out. There was no relaxing in this time of need.

He tried so many times to make a call with authorities whether it be child protective services or the garbage company and still the same automatic message came up.

He was currently calling the Mayor's office at least trying to see if he's going to answer while pacing across the living room. I'm sorry but the number you have-

"Just Fucking stop!" Taehyung screamed, slamming his phone on the floor. He finally given up on calling lawmakers and authorities in his country. Everything has fallen to shits and he didn't know what more to do.

Jin jumped as he heard a thump in the living room as he placed dinner on the table. He assumed it was Taehyung throwing things because of how frustrated the younger was. But throwing things weren't going to help anything.

"Taehyung-ah, please come eat. I made fried chicken, not spicy but mild. Just the way you like it," Seokjin called. He turned around to see Tae walking in with puffy eyes, a dejected expression written all over his face.

He looked up and hugged his brother furiously, afraid to lose him. "Jin...I'm scared and I'm confused."

Jin rubbed his back and hugged him tighter. "It's going to be okay. I'm not going anywhere, okay? You and I haven't all day and I don't want to see you starve."

The younger just nodded and ate with his brother, both not uttering a word to each other.

Suddenly, Jin had a thought. Why had he never turned on the television? The news...there had to be news or something that'd broadcast something.

He jumped up and dashed to the living room, grabbing the remote. He flicked on the TV and turned to the news channel. But, it crashed and said : Network Unavailable.

Jin turned the TV off and returned to eating with his brother. "I honestly thought that would work. That the news may have had something."

Taehyung shook his head. "For some reason, South Korea has been disconnected from the rest of the world. International calls aren't being taken, posts aren't being uploaded, tags aren't following through, flights being canceled. It's literally just us against the rest of the world, hyung."

"Taehyung...we'll be okay, don't worry. Someone will call for help. Someone will help us, trust me."

Taehyung sighed as he put the dishes in the sink and snuggled up to his brother. "I'm not sure about that-"

Just then, an alert sounded on their phones. Both thought it was a cry for help.

Attention South Korean Teens,

We fellow teens advise you to pack up one suitcase of belongings each and wait outside for a van to pick you all up. You will be taken to a center where you'll regroup and be stronger as one. For the time being take only the most important things. 19:00 you should be picked up.

They both looked at each other, contemplating what they should do. "Tae, let's do it. We don't have much time left."

Taehyung sighed and committed, packing up his things. I hope this is for the better.


2XXX, 9, 13. Kim Household, 17:10 (5:10 pm)

Namjoon had tried everything he could in order to get services. He's repeatedly called his parents and the Jungs. Neither have answered. And he's tried not to cry.

Hoseok gave up long ago, sitting down and flipping through channels to watch. The only channels that were available were cartoons, kids shows, music channels and porno channels.

The news, for some reason, was disabled. They couldn't be updated about the current situation in their own country. South Korea was disconnected from the rest of the world.

Namjoon scrolled through his Instagram and observed all of the other posts that kids were doing all day. Some were freaking out and some were fine with it. I mean, it was supposed to be the first day of school for fucks sake. Now who's going to teach people?

Anyway, he's tried chatting with international followers but each time his phone kept saying the message couldn't be delivered.

He tried posting on his story and it said 'Only South Korean users can see this story'. Everything he's tried backfired and didn't work.


His best friend turned towards him with bloodshot eyes. "Yeah, Joon?"

Namjoon pointed to the fridge. "You wanna eat something? We haven't eaten all day."

Hoseok nodded, standing up. "Yeah, I'm getting a little hungry."

And so, Namjoon pulled out last nights leftover's. Gimbap and fried chicken. Namjoon smiled warmly at the memory of his mother making that the day before.

"You have a friend over and this is delicious. I'll make enough for it to last a second day."

It's sort of creepy looking back on it because his mom said it like she knew this was going to happen. Like she knew that they would disappear.

Tears clouded his eyes as he put the chicken in the microwave and put the roll on plates. Just thinking of his parents and sister makes him really upset. Where are you guys?

Suddenly, he felt Hoseok's arms wrap around him. "I know how you feel, bro.'s okay. I'm upset too. Let's just eat and go to bed. We'll find another plan, okay?"

"Okay, hyung," Namjoon said and took out the food from the microwave. He placed it neatly onto a plate and gave Hoseok his portion.

"I know you were supposed to accept that award, too. That's gotta be upsetting, Joon-ah."

"It's not even just that, I miss my parents. I knew one day they'd be gone but, not like this and not so soon. "

Hoseok hummed and took a small bite of chicken. "Where's Yoongi, anyway?"

"Dunno, probably figuring something out with Mark maybe."

All of a sudden, both boy's phones went off, distracting them.

Maybe it's our parents, Namjoon thought hopefully. But when he looked, his heart fell a bit.

Attention South Korean Teens,

We fellow teens advise you to pack up one suitcase of belongings each and wait outside for a van to pick you all up. You will be taken to a center where you'll regroup and be stronger as one. For the time being take only the most important things. 19:00 you should be picked up.

Hoseok looked up and faced Namjoon. "We gotta do it. We need to be regrouped and find our parents. And you know, we can't do it alone."

"Yeah, I know."


2XXX, 9, 13. Park Household, 17:30 (5:30 pm)

Jimin wanted to die. Not literally but, you get the idea.

All day he and Jungkook looked around town for anyone that could've been there, anyone that could've helped them.

Everyone, even the fucking ice cream parlor was closed and had teens ransacking the goddamn place. Jimin sighed as he held Jungkook's hand down the street.

"Hyung, I want Ice Cream."

Jimin looked at Jungkook and nodded. They went into the store and Jungkook made himself a banana cone and Jimin made a strawberry one.

Once they were done, they left and went back to Jimin's home. They walked in silence, Jungkook feeling sad.

It was like every time he tried to make himself look better, it always backfired and made him look like a baby. He wanted to show off his newly dyed hair and the growth spurt he had. He wanted to get back at this kid, Yoonji-Yoongay? Whatever his name was-for teasing him for looking like a baby.

He was no baby, he was Jeon Jungkook who was manly and handsome (maybe not as handsome as Jin was) and definitely brave.

He knew that others would say that he was just looking to be mad at people and he chose someone who was small (Yoongi was frickin small too) and it just so happened to be him. But with Jungkook's temper and determination, he wasn't gonna let that shit slide.

Jimin looked over to Jungkook as they entered the house, not even bothering to take their shoes off. Jimin chuckled dryly as he remembered his mother nagging them about that.

Mom, dad...come back home, please.

Jimin went over to the TV stand to look through channels. He wanted to see if the news channel was still up, unlike his Instagram. Of course it came up as unavailable since all the fucking adults left, duh.

God, he tried to make warnings all over his social pages but it either wouldn't post or say that his South Korean followers can only see it. For the love of god, all he wanted to do was find his parents. Was that so fucking hard?

He even tried calling International numbers and it was the same result. Internet was sort of disabled, only letting them have access to South Korean things. Basically, they were locked into a bubble of teenagers who were basically irresponsible.

His phone vibrated and both he and Jungkook looked at it.

Attention South Korean Teens,

We fellow teens advise you to pack up one suitcase of belongings each and wait outside for a van to pick you all up. You will be taken to a center where you'll regroup and be stronger as one. For the time being take only the most important things. 19:00 you should be picked up.

"Kook-ah, let's start packing. We only have an hour left to do this."

Jungkook nodded and ran back home, not even caring that he had lost his shoe.


2XXX, 9, 13. Min Household, 17:50 (5:50 PM)

Yoongi sat and listened to Mark and Jackson all day, bickering about Mark's theory.

"Look, Jackson. What other logical explanation is there? Why would they leave teens alone in a whole country by themselves? This isn't a social experiment of some sort, there has to be a reason why they've left."

Jackson looked offended, clearly still thinking this wasn't real. "Imagine, they're all going to come out tomorrow and be like 'haha, you guys thought this was a purge or something? Nah we just wanted to know how you guys would act like if we hadn't been there'. I can feel it"

Mark rolled his eyes. "Whatever. We both know you're too hyperactive to be left alone."

"Shut up."

Yoongi rolled off his bed, annoyed that he couldn't speak to his English tutor on Instagram. It was saying that the message wouldn't send. Then only his South Korean followers were allowed to see his posts or his stories. How fucking annoying.

"Hey idiots, check the TV and see if anything comes on. Instagram is being shitty."

Jackson laughed at Yoongi's attitude. "Yeah, every social media basically only has this bubble where only people who live here can see posts and shit. SK is basically blocked off from everyone. I mean, I miss my parents but I also miss Twitter."

"I'm sure you do," Mark said as he walked back into the room. "Also, the news channels are messed up too. They're saying that they can't give you access."

"Man, I tried calling all of the government services, too. All of them won't work and don't even get me started on the internet. We're just...locked in a cage full of South Korean teens that just want to leave and find our parents," Yoongi ranted.

"Don't worry. Alex did say she was going to figure something out with Miso, didn't she? Hopefully they find out what to do with all of us teens. I walked past the deli-the whole place was destroyed by teens. People have no dignity and morals when parents aren't around. That's why I say this is a social experiment," Jackson said.

"For the last time-"

A ping noise was sent through the room, all boys faces turned towards them. They picked it up and read the message.

Attention South Korean Teens,

We fellow teens advise you to pack up one suitcase of belongings and wait outside for a van to pick you all up. You will be taken to a center where you'll regroup and be stronger as one. For the time being take only the most important things. 19:00, you should be picked up.

"I honestly think this was their message," Mark said, looking at the both of them.

"I wonder if Namjoon got it, too," Yoongi said, dialing the younger as he went to pack up his belongings. Namjoon said he did too and they made plans to meet up at wherever the fuck they're being held if they're not picked up together. After a quick bye to Hoseok (that cutie), Yoongi continued to pack, hoping that seven would get here sooner.


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2XXX, 9, 13. Kim Household 18:50 (6:50 pm)

Taehyung zipped up the last of his belongings in his small suitcase from a few years back. He packed up what he could and left what he couldn't take along. I hope I can come back and get them.

Jin was putting his underwear together when he heard his younger brother shuffling outside his bedroom. He heard the rolling of his suitcase as Taehyung descended downstairs.

Seokjin finally closed his suitcase and made his way downstairs, closing every door he passed by. His eyes welled up with tears as memories came into his head. He thought of himself growing up between these four walls with his long gone parents.

He didn't know what would happen next, or in the future. He didn't know what he should do to help Tae stop worrying. But he knew that he just has to look out for his brother. That's the best he wanted to do.

He met up with Taehyung at the front door. "Hey, why don't you take a snack along the way. We don't know where they're holding us so, you might get hungry."

"Oh, you're right. I'll just take some chips and stuff with me. You always plan ahead, hyung," Taehyung said, dashing towards the kitchen.

I wish I could've planned this ahead, Jin thought. But, he couldn't dwell on sad thoughts. His mission for now is just to get to the holding place and move on from then. He would go with the flow, as long as he was with Tae.

His younger brother returned with a handful of snacks, handing some to Jin. "Here. I'm gonna miss this place, Jin. We grew up here...only to leave so abruptly."

"I know, Tae. It's going to be a struggle. But if we want to find our parents, we have to work together. Strength in numbers," Jin said and opened the house door. They both looked back at the house and other teens from where they live.

Some were still in tears and others just accepted fate. Everyone had one bag of luggage whether it be a duffel or suitcase. They were ready to move on.

Suddenly a bus came their way, stopping in the middle of the street and honking. Kids filed from their doorsteps onto the bus. Seokjin rushed up the stairs and took a middle seat while waiting for Taehyung. The latter sat next to him after a minute.

He placed his head on Jin's shoulder. "I'm nervous."

"So am I."


2XXX, 9, 13. Kim Household, 18:50 (6:50 pm)

Namjoon packed up his toiletries in a small ziplock bag and put it in his small pocket of his suitcase. He was grateful for his mother always telling him that a big bag would be useful. Half of his closet was gone, leaving the less useful things.

Since it was September, it was still warm outside but it would soon turn cold. He took his gloves in advance and heavy sweaters. He took a few books to keep himself busy and his phone and charger.

It hurts his heart to do what he does next, but he has no choice. He takes his bag down the stairs and places it in the living room. He walks to the kitchen to the jar where his parents kept money 'just in case'.

He opens it takes the bills and counts it. 11,187,241 won. (10,000 usd). That's hella money.

He slips it into his wallet as he takes a few photos as well. He can't even imagine leaving this home that he and his sister grew up in. Where he studied and became the intelligent man he knew.

Such a shame that he had to leave so soon. A tear cascaded down his face as he thought warmly of his parents and all that they sacrificed for him. He took a deep breath.

He can't focus on that right now. He didn't want to, anyway. He's going to be transported to the holding center where he will be with Hoseok and Yoongi. He will find his parents and sister. He will make sure that they make it back here safely.

There's no looking back.

The door opened with Hoseok bringing in his black duffel bag that looked as if it were about to burst.

"Namjoonie, can you fit my toiletries in there? Mine is going to burst if I put that here," Hoseok said with a dry chuckle.

Namjoon smiled and put his things in the pocket along with his own. Hoseok wrapped his arm around Namjoon's shoulders. "Joon, don't overthink. Knowing you, you probably already have a plan and shit. But, you gotta wait. I miss my family like hell. Could they be dead? Are they alive? I even once thought that they never existed. But...we have to wait."

Namjoon hugged his hyung. "Thanks. I want to get there and leave as soon as possible. They're probably going to put us in groups or something. Shoot, I'm scared."

"Same. But, we gotta do this together, okay?"

Namjoon nodded and they both made their way outside. A bus came rolling down the street, honking.

Namjoon boarded and sat across a young man and his brother. The man had plump lips and was undeniably handsome. He smiled at Namjoon and soon Hoseok sat next to him. He smiled back.


2XXX, 9, 13. Min Household, 18:50 (6:50 pm)

Yoongi stared at his reflection in the mirror, noticing the eye bags. He covered it with concealer and placed it in his bag.

The duffel was enough to hold all of his dark clothes that Hoseok said was monotonous, but he could give zero fucks. He's not really there to make friends but he hopes there aren't that many people there to make his anxiety act up.

And speaking of Hoseok, the latter was texting him a few minutes ago asking him about his nerves. Yoongi assured him that he was fine and that he will be okay. He always worries about everyone but himself. He's so kind. Yoongi's cheeks burned.

He checked his wristwatch that he stole from his parent's room earlier, indicating that he needed to go. He went through the kitchen to eat what was left and put some away for later.

He rushed back upstairs to close all the room doors and put away anything that shouldn't have been out. He took whatever valuables he could take, not like there was much.

Since Yoongi was so little and he's the youngest, he was treated differently. He would never say it to the others but, there was a difference in treatment compared to his other siblings.

He was always either forgotten or thought of last. It came up to the point where he was a freshie in high school and they thought he was going to eighth grade. I mean sure he was small but he did remind them multiple times until his father told him to shut up.

And yes, he was upset that they just up and gone from him wasn't really that different without them. Just less noise around the home.

He looked solemnly back at the house and made a small smile. He was going to miss living here.

He picked up his bag and went towards the bus that was outside his home and boarded.

He saw Namjoon and Hoseok and proceeded to sit in front of them. "Hey."


2XXX, 9, 13. Park Household, 18:50 (6:50 pm)

Jimin wiped his brow. He was sweaty from stuffing his bag full of belongings.

Packing like this was different from packing for vacation. You'd usually get this little feeling of excitement for a vacation. No, Jimin was packing for survival. He was packing whatever could hold his 16 year old heart together before it broke into pieces.

He sat up and went to his dresser to pull out his make-up that he hid from his parents. Well, I don't have to hide this anymore, he thought. He placed it into a small bag along with his tooth brush and hair items.

He hummed a sad song as he changed into his sneakers and put in the last few clothes he may need.

Zipping up his red suitcase, he walked down the halls and took the last few looks around his home that he could. He had memories that were slowly drifting into his head that he tried his very best to cloud out so it can be easier to leave.

His eyes filled with premature tears and he had to take several breaths to stop them from falling. He didn't want to shed tears that weren't needed, especially now.

He walked down the stairs, suitcase clacking after him. Putting his phone in his pocket, he walked outside to look for Jungkook.

The latter was rolling up with a duffel bag that was very full. "Hey, Jimin."

"Hi Kookie. You ready?"

Jungkook sighed and stood next to Jimin, face falling. "Yeah, ready as I'll ever be. I'm just really gonna miss that place. You never know what you've got-"

"Until you lose it. Definitely. I was born here, raised here. Only to leave it when I'm not ready. It sucks, Kook. I get it."

Jimin rubbed his arm, comforting him. He didn't want to see the younger cry again for nth time. He was really going to miss life here because when they go- wherever they're going- he'll probably never see this place again.

"If you want to cry, just cry. There's no point in holding it in for me," Jungkook said, looking at Jimin.

The older shook his head. "No. I'm done crying."

Just then, a bus came rambling by and honking for kids to get on. The two walked slowly over, carefully getting on.

Jungkook saw that kid who made fun of him in the middle of the bus. Jimin sat in front of Jin (who he didn't expect to see again) and his brother, making Jungkook have to sit across Yoonbitch. Damn, as if this day couldn't get worse.


2XXX, 9, 13. Seoul Holding Center, 21:56 (9:56 pm)

Jimin shook Jungkook awake, letting him know that they were at the destination. Jungkook blinked and yawned a bit before looking around.

Jimin smiled fondly at him as his rubbed he sleep away. "You're so cute, you know that?"

He heard Yoongi snicker behind him and Jungkook scowled. "Thanks, Chim."

Jimin forgot completely about the feud Jungkook had with Yoongi. "Ya'll still have that feud? Is that why you changed your look over the summer?"

Hoseok slapped Yoongi's arm. "Yoongs, why're you making fun of him? He didn't do anything to you?" Yoongi rolled his eyes.

"Apologize," Hoseok deadpanned.

Yoongi reached out to tap Jungkook's shoulder. "Hey bub, I'm sorry. As your elder, I'm supposed to set examples not give you the wrong image."

Jungkook smiled at how Hoseok had Yoongi tied around his finger. "Hey, no worries."

Jin peeked over the seat and patted Jungkook's head. "Hi Kook, remember me?"

"Yeah, Worldwide Handsome. Never thought I'd see you after you tripped and Namjoon caught you," Jungkook said, making Namjoon snap his head over.

"Brat, I graduated."

Jimin looked over. "You guys know each other?"

"Yeah, Seokjin and I went to the same afterschool program for years. The one you didn't go to."

"Oh. Nice to meet you, I'm Jimin."

"Same back to you."

They were told to line up outside the entrance with all belongings in hand. The line slowly descended forwards and they were let in.

"If you are 16-17 years old, please make your way to the left area. If you are 18-19, make your way to the right area. If you are 14-15, make your way to the center," a loudspeaker sounded.

Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other in fear. "I gotta go, bud. Hopefully, we'll see each other, right?"

"Yeah, bye hyung."

Jin's younger brother hugged him and went along the way Jimin was going. Then, he and Yoongi made their way to the right. Hoseok and Namjoon followed Taehyung and Jimin as well.

Jungkook was alone up until Yugeom hit him. "Let's go, Kook."

"Alright. Hey, how'd you find me anyway?"

"Not hard, you were standing there looking stupid. C'mon."

Jungkook made his way near the center, ready for the next chapter in his life.


Chapter Text

2XXX, 9, 13. Seoul Holding Center, left wing. 23:05 (11:05 pm)

Jimin walked with his suitcase rolling behind him as he scanned the area. He knew that there were loads of teens in Korea, but there were so many his age. Damn.

He looked behind him to see Jin's younger brother and Hoseok and some other dude that was also on the bus there. At least there were some familiar faces that he could get used to.

He inwardly sighed as he kept walking until they were told to get into single file. That in itself proving to be a struggle because everyone had baggage. There was pushing and shoving to get first in line for what? He didn't know but, he was finally done being man handled and found a spot to be held at.

The line moved slowly as he looked for the familiar people from the bus. Hoseok and the other guy were apart; Hoseok in front of Jimin and the man behind him. Jin's brother was a few people behind him though, seemingly nervous. And he was right to be.

Apparently, the line was giving out the bunks where everyone would be sleeping for the time being. Hopefully, it's not too long that we're staying.

It's about an hour before Jimin reaches the front of the line and he had to answer multiple questions so that the databases could confirm his existence. Once that was over, he was given a bunk in the right corner of the vast area.

Taehyung was close behind him too, fed up with having to stand for an hour. There were teens talking loudly and laughing too, making his head hurt. He wanted nothing more than to just go home. And do what? What would you do? Nothing.

He rolled his suitcase back and forth to distract him, not wanting to waste his phone's battery. He saw that puppy-looking kid named Jimin walk up so he assumed he didn't really have much time left before he could relax.

In about ten minutes, he walks over to another teen with a computer. "Give me your name, address, DOB."

Taehyung sighed and gave out his personal information so that he confirmed he was there and alive. He was free to go after that and he was given a bunk to share with Jimin.

He smiled timidly at his bunkmate. "Hi, I'm Taehyung. Kim Taehyung."

Jimin nodded, giving his hand to shake. "I'm Park Jimin. I've seen you around school but I didn't know who you are."

"Ah, same. I've only faintly known about Jungkook. You guys seem very close," Taehyung comments.

Jimin nods and smiles a little. "Yeah, very. We grew up together. Probably the only time we've split like this. Anyway, do you want top or bottom?"

"I'll take top, you look better on the bottom."

Jimin looks surprised for a moment. "Are you calling me fat, assuming my sexuality or simply saying I don't dominate?"

Taehyung chuckled for a second, but it didn't hide his bewildered expression. "Well, I didn't assume anything...You basically came out to me, Jimin."

Jimin's eyes blew wide, laughing a bit as he took his phone out and got settled. "Not what I imagined to say to the first person I've come out to. But I'm not a bottom, though."

Taehyung looked down at him from the top. "Hmm, not so sure about that. Check again?"

"Shut up, you twink. I'm a whole top, okay," Jimin said, giggling. "I never expected you to be so outgoing, ya know?"

"Same. I never thought it'd be this easy to talk to you, though. When's your birthday?"

"October 13th, 1995. What about you?"

Taehyung rolled his eyes playfully. "December 30th 1995. Frick, you're my hyung."

Jimin cheekily smiled, a bit of dominance rushing over his body. "I like that."

"You're gross," Tae said, fake gagging.

Hoseok held his duffel, back starting to ache. Well, at least you're ahead of Jimin. Poor kid might have to stand for awhile. He looked back and saw Namjoon a few people behind him so he wouldn't be alone for long.

Eventually, Hoseok reached the front. He wasn't sure why they needed his personal data, but he let it go. He passed them and found a free bunk on his way inside the area.

He plopped his duffel nest to the bed, hand running through his orange brown hair. He's exhausted. All he wants to do is wait for Joon to come in so he can relax.

About ten minutes later, Namjoon comes in, trailing his big suitcase behind him. "Hey, Seok."

Hoseok gave a tired smile as he gestured towards the bunk. "Top or bottom."

Namjoon looked at it, putting one of his sweaters over it. "Top. I'm lighter than you are."

Hoseok rolled his eyes. "No you're not. You're always trying to put in that dominance complex that you KNOW you have."

"Chicks dig it, you know."

Hoseok chuckled and sat on the bottom bunk. "They only like it if you're straight," he muttered quietly. 

"What did you say?"

"They only like it if you're straight. Because you my dear friend-"

Namjoon groaned and hit Hobi on the arm. "Stop with that shit. I'm straight."

"Sure, because having a gay panic on Seokjin is heterosexual. Gotta give it to ya, I guess you're straight."

Namjoon narrowed his fox like eyes. "All I said was that he's handsome."

"And you wouldn't shut up about him for weeks. Admit it you like Jin and you're not straight, dude. Maybe you're just Jinsexual? Demi sexual or something."

The younger sighed in exasperation. "Maybe I did like Jin but, it was just a phase. I'm 100% straight. No ifs, ands or buts."

Hoseok left him alone to keep trying to 'prove' he's straight, when Hoseok knows he's not. There's no point in trying to argue with someone so ignorant about themselves. He rolled on his back on his bed, staring at the roof of the bunk.

Out the corner of his eye, he could see Jimin and Taehyung laughing about something. He plugged in his headphones as the noise dramatically increased inside the dorm quarters.


Jin waited so long in the line because people wouldn't give him leverage for being Worldwide Handsome. Sure there were some nice kids but then there were the snobby ones that have disliked him since they knew of him. Rude.

He stood there, looking at the floor that was riddled with footprints from the mud outside. It's kind of gross that he paid so much attention to it but, he was bored. There was nothing that could distract him. 

He looked around to see if he could find some familiar faces along the line. He saw Yoongi behind him but, the man looked as if he was sleeping. Classic Min.

Jin kept trying to engross himself in something but, he couldn't. They'd only divert his attention for a few seconds and then he was back to where he started-bored. Eventually, Jin was saved from his suffering and reached the front of the line.

There, he was asked about his personal information and once verified, he made his way to the bunk areas. He chose one that was in a pretty secluded space and put his things next to it. Seeing that the bunk only had these aluminum type blankets, he took out his sweater and put it underneath.

It looks a bit more comfy in Jin's eyes and he takes out his phone to get caught up. Still no articles on how S.Korea is basically deleted from the world and how teens are left to fend for themselves but, okay. People snapchatted their journey's in each part of the age lineup and posts about it too.

It still only limits South Korean followers, though.

Sooner or later, Yoongi walks into the area and finds himself near Jin. "Mind if I take top?"

Jin looks up and shakes his head. "Nope. I was waiting for someone smaller than me."

Yoongi rolls his eyes and flops on the bed, literally wanting to pass out. "Aren't you tired, Jin?"

The older looks over and smiles. "Yeah, but I wanna catch up. Maybe people realized that there is nobody in South Korea that are doing adult jobs and just a whole bunch of teens."

"How well is that going?"

"Clearly not well. Is everyone dumb or something? How do they NOT know something is up. I can't think about this too long though. I'm just going to unwind and go to bed. It's been a long ass day."

Jin laid down on the bed as Yoongi hummed in agreement. "Yeah, I agree."


Jungkook had to deal with Yugeom's antics all hour as he waited to get verified for a bunk to sleep on.

"I wonder why they're doing this? Are they trying to steal information?"

Jungkook rolled his eyes. "They're not trying to steal information. They need to know who's here and who's not. That's all they need, bro."

Yugeom still looked quite unsure but, he didn't question the system anymore. "Next thing you know, they have your personal data and will use it against you. Just saying."

"Right," Jungkook said, leaving no room for argument. It was pointless anyway.

As time passed on, he was grateful that his friend was talking to him. It would've been so boring if not. He slowly starts wondering how the rest of his elders were doing and if they're bored. I mean, they were shipped off and only Namjoon and Hoseok were friends. The rest were merely just acquaintances. 

He imagined Yoongi sleeping already, even if he didn't have a bunk. He could see Seokjin bragging about his looks or Namjoon reading books. Jimin and Jin's brother, Taehyung, could be chatting and Hoseok listening to music.

It's funny; he barely knew these people except Jin and Jimin. But, why does he feel like he's known them for such a long time?

Eventually, Jungkook reached the computer to give his information to the young woman. Once he was cleared, he went into the bunk are and claimed one near the door since space was getting limited.

After five minutes or so, Yugeom came and met him with his suitcase. He rushed up to Jungkook, grateful that his friend didn't find another bunkmate.

Yugeom chose to sleep on the bottom and Jungkook so graciously took his shoes off and went on top.

He was slowly drifting to sleep despite the growing commotion. He could hear Yugeom's gentle snores, indicating he was already passed out.

This day has flashed by in Jungkook's eyes. It'll be buried into his memory until he dies.

It'll permanently be remembered as the day he lost his brother and parents for some unknown cause.

He suddenly didn't feel so sleepy after all and he grabbed his headphones to listen to some great artists that helped calm his nerves. He sent a quick text to Jimin as well, wanting to know what he was up to. 

He scrolled social media pages, tapped through snapchats and stories, liked posts and retweeted things. He was all for other countries finding out what was up with South Korea. And yet, no one noticed. It was like everyone turned a blind eye towards them. Then again, all attempts they had were in vain.

He pursed his lips when Jimin responded that he was fine and he was having fun with Taehyung. He poked his cheek with his tongue in jealousy.

But, Jungkook had no right to be jealous. He used to ditch Jimin for Yugeom when they were younger. Sure Jimin had people to talk to, but it never was like being with Jungkook. When Jimin explained that, he made time for both of his friends.

And now he's jealous that Jimin made a new one when he had no justification for it. He sighed and bid a goodnight to his friend. He bit back his envy and listened to his soothing music.

He fell back on his pillow and washed away the days feeling as his eyes closed, darkness surrounding him.








Chapter Text

2XXX, 9, 14. Seoul Holding Center 8:15 AM

A large alarm sounded in the whole center, waking up teens all over.

Taehyung got so startled that he fell off the top of the bunk, in front of Jimin who was rubbing his eyes.

Jimin started laughing loudly, holding his stomach as he helped Taehyung up. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?"

Taehyung groaning as he rubbed his back. "I've fell on softer floors, Jimin. Thanks for laughing ya dick."

"No problem. I'm gonna brush my teeth and stuff and let's all meet up for breakfast, yeah?" Jimin said as he made his way towards the bathroom, along with plenty others. 

Taehyung sighed and grabbed his toothbrush and towel, choosing to take a shower now rather than later. He had a feeling afternoon showers would be most typical and back up everything.

He saw that people had the same idea, but not many in his sub-division. He probably should've warned Jimin but, it's whatever. Maybe he took his towel, Taehyung thought.

The line was irritatingly long and Taehyung was bored. In hindsight, he should've brought his phone if he knew it would be like this. Breakfast won't start for an hour he knew, but he was a little worried that he wouldn't make it.

Luckily, most people just brushed their teeth and got dressed so the line picked up. He eventually got up to a sink and brushed his teeth.

He looked in the mirror and stared at his expression. There was no resentment held in his heart but  he just wanted to move forwards and find a way to get his parents home. He made a determined look and stepped into the shower. He scrubbed off bad memories of yesterday and got dressed.

He saw Jimin when he put his belongings back in his bag. Jimin had  been leaning on the bunk, seemingly typing away on his phone. He saw Tae when he approached him.

"Ready? Jungkook says he's up. Is your brother awake?"

Taehyung shrugged and checked his phone to see any notifications, some from said brother. "Well, I guess so. I'll call him but he's annoying as fuck so if you hear's him on a regular day."

Jimin laughs and walks along with his new friend, overhearing the conversation that was going on between the two. Taehyung eventually hung up and rolled his eyes, slipping his phone in his back pocket.

"He's ready so let's go. Yoongi will be with him-"

"Oh, hey," a voice from behind shouted. They both turned over and saw the two older guys from yesterday that were friends with Yoongi. It was the one with Brown-Orange hair that shouted.

He and the other guy walked over to them, smiling. "I remember you two from yesterday. I'm Hoseok and this is Namjoon. We're friends with the short, angry dude, Yoongi from yesterday."

Jimin nodded, returning the smile. "Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you again, I'm Jimin and that's Taehyung."

Taehyung waved as the two slipped into place with the pair. They made small talk as they arrived in the Cafeteria, already seeing Jungkook there. Said younger male raised his head once he saw Jimin.

He gave a bunny smile upon seeing his best friend. "Good morning, Jimin-ssi. How was your night?"

"Oh, it was okay. I miss my bed. How was yours?"

Jungkook waved off his question and looked over to the other males that had joined Jimin. It was undoubtedly the guys from yesterday that were standing around him. To be quite honest, he never expected to see them again. But, here they are.

He shyly waves to them, Taehyung  squealing over his cuteness. "Initially, you look like a muscle pig! You're actually very cute, Jungkook."

Jungkook smiled, making Tae coo even more. Even Namjoon and Hoseok found it adorable. Jimin sat and watched, putting on a fake smile. Jealousy riddled his insides like crazy, making him feel like grabbing Jungkook and holding him in his arms.

Eventually the eldest of the two came up to their table and sat along with them. Jin waved as well as Yoongi.

"Well," Jin said, "I never expected to see some of you again. Quite unexpected, if I say so myself."

Yoongi nodded along. "Yeah, I only thought it would be us and Taehyung-ah. Nice to see you bub and Jimin."

Jimin chuckled and Jungkook scowled at the nicknames. It was like the older never stopped teasing him, wasn't it?

They all re-introduced themselves, seeing as they were now stuck together. At the mention of Namjoon, Jin's eyes went wide. 

"Kim Namjoon? As in the smartest kid in sophomore year? This is you?"

Namjoon sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, that'"

Seokjin immediately blushed and began to stutter apologies. "I am so sorry for bumping into you! I never got to apologize because I got all flustered and stuff but...I'm really sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going a-and-"

"No, it's really okay, hyung. I'm not hurt from it so I'm fine," Namjoon assured.

Yoongi snorted, "Of course you are. That was a year ago. "

The group laughed, Namjoon and Jin albeit ashamed.

Hoseok cleared his throat after laughing, signaling everyone's attention. "Let's go get food, yeah?"

The group nodded and made their way to the line that was growing. Jin pouted in annoyance since it would clearly be awhile until he got his food.

"Gosh, this is just as bad as the bathroom line. I had to wait forever," Jungkook whined, wanting food. Jin hugged him from the back, silently agreeing. Jungkook fell into the hug, liking the warmth and comfort. Jimin felt the twinge again in his chest. Why am I so upset, it's literally just Jin. He likes Namjoon-hyung.

They kept talking about school and traded numbers with each other. In the back of everyone's mind, they wanted to talk about the apocalypse and how it affected them but, it was a too touchy subject right now.

At last they reached the serving area where they each grabbed a portioned plate and had their food filled up. Jin grabbed OJ with his breakfast, along with Namjoon. He noticed this and made a slight tab in his head.

Jungkook took banana milk, Jimin and Hoseok took water, Taehyung chose grape juice and Yoongi took regular milk. They made their way back to the table and Jin made one last metal note before they dug in.

To Jin, it wasn't that bad but, he could do better. "I wonder what we have to do today? Would they give us chores or something?"

Yoongi rolled his eyes, "I hope not."

Hoseok laughed at him. "You're so lazy. At least do work. Guys, if he were to win at anything, it would be a sleeping contest. He once slept for 23 hours."

They all looked at him in surprise as he proudly looked at his food. "It's a gift. No actually, I stayed up doing projects and things so that's why."

"It's still really remarkable, hyung," Taehyung said, impressed. "I'm so proud of you!"

They all laughed at Taehyung's accent in English, Jungkook and Jimin practically on the floor.

"You guys are way too much," Namjoon replied, drinking his juice. 

Just then, the speaker noise sounded, making everyone be quiet.

"Attention, everyone. According to your age groups from yesterday, these will be your chores: 18-19: Making lunch and dinner; 16-17: Cleaning and washing dishes from meals; 14-15: Cleaning the washroom area. Once breakfast is over, report to the stations."

Almost everyone booed at the commands, Yoongi making a face. Jungkook groaned at his especially. 

"I don't want to clean the fucking bathrooms," he whined.

Jin was probably the only one happy at the chore he was assigned. He didn't have to eat food that was sucky!

Seokjin was going to aspire a culinary degree but he never actually got to go to college so, he never got to pursue his dream. But, he was happy just cooking no matter the situation.

"Why are you grinning, Jin," Jimin had asked.

"Cooking is my passion, Jimin. I actually was supposed to go and get a degree for It but this nonsense happened. I'm pretty excited," Jin said, happily. Taehyung smiled at the happiness that radiated from him.

Jimin smiled. "I love to dance. I do Contemporary dance and, I love it. So, I understand you Jin."

Hoseok nodded. "Me too, I dance! I major in street and break dance. Maybe we can show each other sometime?"

Jimin blushed and nodded. "That'd be fun."

Yoongi looked over, green eyed. "I rap sometimes. Namjoonie and Hoseokie, too."

Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin look over at them in awe, extremely impressed. The obsession went on for the rest of breakfast until they had to report for their duties.

Most of them groaned but went on to their stations: Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin and Taehyung to the dish area, Yoongi and Seokjin to the Kitchens and Jungkook to the bathrooms.


2XXX, 9, 14. Seoul Holding Center, 13:30 (1:00 pm)

A few hours later, the group made their way back to their table, lunch in hand. This time, different drinks were in place.

Yoongi, Taehyung and Namjoon had a coke, Jin had wine, Jimin had Apple Juice and Hoseok had sprite. Jin made another mental note and they once again ate.

Everyone was blown away by the flavor packed jjajangmyeon and kimchi. Even the cook himself, Jin.

Jungkook looked up, mouth stuffed. "This is great," he said, food muffling his words.

Jimin nodded as well, stuffing his cheeks as well. "Hyung, you're a miracle worker. I thought I might have to eat a bland ass sandwich for lunch."

Everyone showered Jin with praise, making him all blushy-blushy.

"Don't try to be humble, hyung. Now I know why you wanted to be in the culinary career, you're an amazing cook, " Namjoon said, not even realizing the weight of his comment. It made Jin turn all red as he attempted to hide his face behind his plate. Yoongi laughed at him.

Once the excitement cooled down (as well as Jin's temperature), the teens were given an hour of free time before doing their chores once again.

They all walked outside and sat in the grass that was in the area, just relaxing and not stressing out. Jin took out his phone to do a last and final attempt at getting some type of Signal that people noticed S.Korea was having a problem. Nothing.

"Well, I've given up. The rest of the world has to be stupid or mentally insane to not suspect anything."

"I know right," Jimin said. "Like no suspicious activity at all. How can the world be so stupid?"

"Ugh, I've been trying to talk to International followers on Insta but it's not sending. It's still kind of unreal that this even happened. Like, I wanna roll up and cry," Jungkook said, eyes watering. Tears rolled down his face and the elders rush to calm him.

They whisper words of reassurance and stroke his hair until he's no longer hiccupping. "Thanks, guys. I-I didn't mean for this to happen."

"It's fine Jungkook," Hoseok said, stroking his back. "Everyone has those moments where they have to break down and cry. I understand you."

They sat in silence until it was time to part ways again to do chores.



2XXX, 9, 17. Seoul Holding Center, 10:00 am.

Everyone was told to gather in the main center after completing chores. It was rather confusing because the past few days weren't like this.

Alex stood with a paper in her hands. "We have decided to split you into groups where you each will own an area of South Korea. I hope they're no complaints and are based on your skills from the data base. I shall begin with your names and will be very explicit.  Im Nayeon-"

The list continued as people gathered into groups along the wall. It was a long while before it was their turns.

"-Im Jaebum, Tuan Mark, Wang Jackson, Kim Yugyeom, Choi Youngjae, Park Jinyoung and-anyone know how to pronounce this?"

Jackson went up to see who it was, maybe thinking he knew him. "Oh! It's BamBam. Don't worry; he calls himself that because it's too bothersome to actually teach."

BamBam sheepishly walks over to them, smiling a little at the slip-up with his name.

"Okay, moving on," Miso said, herself being placed with Trinity, Zinni, Jiyeon and Dahee.

"We have Kim Seokjin, a.k.a Worldwide Handsome, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, smartass kid, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. Stay over there, please."

They looked at each other in awe, no one knew why fate put them together. It was very strange.

About two more groups later, space got really limited so they told the already formed groups to get their belongings and get in the Vans that have their names.

They met up at theirs and did a group hug.

"We'll get through this together. Bangtan Sonyeondan, fighting," Namjoon said, causing everyone to laugh.


"Bulletproof Boy scouts, seriously?"

Namjoon shrugged, holding his sweater. "We can't be taken down. duh."

They climbed in, ready for the next phase.








Chapter Text

2XXX, Somewhere in South Korea. 14:00 (2:00 pm)

The Van ride was long and did nothing to help the jitters of the group. Jin tried to sleep but the feeling was starting to settle in that this was his fate. He was going to be stuck with these people for the rest of his life.

While he was glad that they could be together, he wondered what it could mean for the group. It was only the seven of them and compared to some groups, that's not much. It could be worse; some groups only have four or five.

He sighed as Taehyung placed his head on his shoulder, falling asleep. Jin fell into the touch, noticing that everyone else was fast asleep.

Next to Taehyung, Jimin sat. He was so cute with his pouty lips and baby face when he was asleep. Jin chuckled. Slowly, his eyes closed as the movements lulled him to sleep.


The next time Jin woke up, they were at their destination. The driver honked for all members of the group to wake up and get out.

Bags in hand, they stared at the mansion in front of their eyes. In awe, they stared at the white building.

Jungkook almost fainted from shock. "Are we seriously staying here? In this house?"

Namjoon recovered from his shock first. "I guess so. Let's go inside, yeah? So we don't stand here like idiots."

They all tear their eyes away from the building and stepped inside the house, still in awe as they try and find the stairs to the next floor. As they do so, they pass by the kitchen and Jin nearly has a heart attack. It's large as hell!

They make their way upstairs and marvel in the glory of the place. It was an elegant hallway literally drowning in richness. There were portraits of each of them along the wall, catching them at their best.

Taehyung laughed once he saw Namjoon's. "Oh my gosh! You look like a fuckboy! What is this...?"

The rest turned and looked at the said male's photo and began laughing as well. Namjoon put his head in his hands, hiding his embarrassment.

"Let's move on, okay," Namjoon said, gripping his bag harder.

They agreed, not without making some more jokes, and eventually found the rooms with no problem. Each room had their names in front of it in initials and age order.

Jin's room being the first, he walked up to it and opened the door. He closed it fast and abruptly, making the others look at him. He smiled. "Let's look at mine last, okay?"

The others looked at him with concern but he made a smile that was more demanding than concerning. They moved on and looked into Yoongi's room, which was pretty dark in color.

"It's perfect, I love it," he said, closing the door. The rest all agreed the room was fit for him and moved on to Hoseok's room.

"Woah," he said, grinning. It was red and beige, the colors representing his personality-warm and fuzzy. It also had a romantic feel, something Yoongi brushed aside.

They moved to Namjoon's room which basically shouted 'leader'. The windows were large and brought light into the dark colored bedroom. Basically, he had an amazing room.

He nodded in satisfaction and went along to the next bedroom, Jimin's.

It had warmth like Hoseok's, but innocence as well. Like a sun in spring shining on you.

They moved to Taehyung's room which seemed very Taehyung. Even though it was brown and beige as well, it had couches and wide spaces for everyone to sit together.

And then, Jungkook's room. Probably the coolest room in everyone's opinion. The roof slanted on it but made it only look more cozier. He had a bay window (which he's always wanted since he was a kid) and the overall aspect of a barn.

It was then Jin remembered that they were going to go to his room since he promised them to see it last. God dammit.

So he walked them back to his room and took a deep breath. He opened the door and showed them the pink room.

"The thing is, I like pink. And I like the Champagne color-"

Jimin giggled. "Not gonna lie, hyung. It fits you, don't be embarrassed. I'd rather sleep here it's soothing."

Jin blushed as the others agreed. "Let's look at the rest of the house, okay guys?"

And so the group walked around the home, exploring what they could. Each of them took a liking to a certain place in the house ranging from the dance room to the library.

Eventually, they got back to the room areas where Namjoon told them to unpack and settle in. They went into their respective room and began to empty their bags.

To be quite frank, they finished early seeing as they barely had much belongings to begin with.

Taehyung knocked on Jin's door and was let in. He sat on the elder's bed.

"Hey, Jin?"

Said brother turned his head. "Yes, Taehyung."

"I would've never expected this to happen. Like, at all. It's not that I don't like it or I don't like them it's just..."

"We're basically living with strangers?"

"...Yeah. And I'm just a little weary. And this wasn't part of the game plan, Seokjin. All we were supposed to do was find our parents," Taehyung said, voice full of sadness. Jin eyes him, eyes full of sympathy.

He walked over and hugged his brother and cradled his head. "I know, I know. This wasn't what we were going for, that's true. But think of it this way-if not for this regrouping, do you think we would've found them on our own? Hell, you're reckless and I'm crazy and we would get nowhere. That's why we were all put together-strength in numbers.

"And if you get to a point where you really dislike it then we can leave, okay?"

Taehyung nodded. "Okay."

Jin gave him one last squeeze and ushered him out, telling him to hang out with Jimin and Jungkook.

You don't have to tell him twice.


The three youngest were in the game room, Taehyung and Jungkook actively playing Mario games. Jimin sat and watched them; games weren't his thing, really.

Taehyung put the controller on the ground after he lost the round again. "How're you so good at this?"

Jungkook smirked and proudly puffed out his chest. "That's because I used to play it with my hyung. I used to get so angry when he beat me so he taught me how to play."

Taehyung sighed as he took his controller off. "I wish my hyung would do that. All Jin does is yell and act like my third parent. Sometimes it's comforting but other times it's annoying."

Jimin looked up. "He seems pretty chill to me. I find his aura soothing."

Taehyung scowled and fake gagged. "Wait until a week. He's gonna be so annoying, I can smell it."

The other two laugh at Tae's face.

"Sometimes...older siblings are like that. Trust me, I know how you feel. One time Junghyun and I were snooping in our parents room and I found her makeup. Even though he's the one who put it on me, he framed it to make me look like I did it and I got punished. He was always evil, not gonna lie."

Jimin and Taehyung snickered at that. "Sometimes...I can remember his high pitched wailing even when I was inside my house."

"Once I was trying to be Seokjin to mock him, ya know? And I didn't know he had oil in the pan so I took the lid off and put my had in it. I swear to god, my voice was gone from how loud I screamed. I know the bastard did it on purpose cause he started to laugh when my parents had their back turned."

Jimin and Jungkook were a laughing mess as Taehyung reminisced on his burning hand. It was then Jimin came back to reality.

"Hey guys?"

They both look over.

"Do you ever think we would've been put together? Do you even think we were supposed to meet at all," Jimin said, looking at them.

Taehyung shrugged. "I'm not sure. I mean, I said I've heard of you both but I didn't know you were the 'Jimin'. The one everyone said had a nice ass."

Jimin looked a bit shook as Jungkook and Taehyung high five. "Are you serious JK?! You knew about that nonsense?"

Jungkook snickered. "I thought you knew when people used to compliment you that they were hitting on you. I didn't know you were that oblivious, to be honest."

Jimin rolled his eyes and threw pillows at the younger two. "You could've told me that, perverts."

"They aren't wrong," Tae said.

Jimin threw one last pillow and walked out, not before pulling his pants up, making his butt prominent. "You guys probably liked that shit," he said, before leaving the room.

The two laughed a little longer before leaving to find Jimin and apologize.

He was in his room, on his phone when he heard a knock. He opened it to see that it was Jungkook and Taehyung, who were clearly holding their laughter back. He almost closed the door back if not for the two clearing their throats.

"Jimin-hyung, we're sorry. We didn't know you'd be upset at what we said. But you have to understand, men are men. And it's a compliment, Chim," Jungkook said.

Jimin huffed, coming out of the room and shutting the door. "Well, thank you for saying nice things about my fat ass, you nasties. Let's go bother other people in the house. Where's Jin?"

Tae shrugged. "Probably in his room or the kitchen."

They found out the elder wasn't in his room so they ventured towards the kitchen. There they saw the older making lunch for the household.

"Hey, Jin," Jungkook said, gaining Jin's attention. Jin smiled back and returned to making his food.

"Hey, Kook. What's up?"

They all sat on the barstools to watch Jin cook. "We're bored an want to bother people. What're you making?"

"Gimbap and tamagoyaki. If my memory of being a pubescent teen is correct, you guys must eat a lot of food."

"Jin, you still eat a lot no matter what."

"Yah, Taehyung. Watch your mouth," Jin said, the warning sketched into his voice.

"Well, I'm leaving because I don't want my ears blown off. Any of you guys coming?"

Jungkook shook his head. "Nah, I'll stay. I like watching him cook."

Jimin nodded and followed Taehyung to the library, meting their glorious leader.

"Namjoon," Taehyung shouted, plopping down next to said male.

Namjoon looked up and laughed. "Do the two of you just cause trouble?"

Jimin smiled. "Well, I don't. Kook and Tae do, however. Sorry for disturbing you, hyung."

"No, it's fine. Where's Jungkook?"

"He's with Seokjin at the moment. They're making lunch," Jimin said.

The door opened, revealing Hoseok. "Guys, Namjoon's crush told me that lunch is ready."

Namjoon immediately glared at his friend, making the younger two laugh.

"Namjoon, you like my brother?"

Namjoon rolled his eyes once more at Hoseok. "I'm not gay, guys."

"And Jimin's ass isn't fat," Tae said, laughing harder, making Jimin blush.

"Namjoon-hyung, you don't have to be gay to like another guy. I mean, I'm gay-don't worry, I don't like you like that- but you could like girls, too. Or only one dude and that's it," Jimin said.

"Thank you, Jimin-ah. You hear that Joon? You don't have to be gay straight up. I'm bisexual and Yoongs is pan. What about you, Tae?"

"I think I'm pan, as well. I love everyone and everything!"

"If that makes you comfortable, we'll ask Jin and Kook as well," Hoseok says.

"Don't bother asking Jungkook. He's never liked anyone at all," Jimin said, surprising everyone there.


"Yeah," Jimin replied sitting at the table, next to JK. "At least none that I know of."

Jungkook looked at the rest with confusion. "What's up?"

"We're talking about sexualities. And how you've never liked anyone before"

Jungkook nodded. "Yeah, I've never liked anyone at all. I might be demi but, I'm not sure."

Yoongi hummed. "I'm pansexual. I personally love everyone. On the inside, not the outside, though."

Everyone laughed as Jin delivered the portions and put the rest in the middle. "What're you guys laughing about," he asks while sitting next to Namjoon.

With those two sitting like that, Jimin thinks they look like actual parents of delinquent teenagers that they love no matter what. He slowly eats his food, concentrating on the pairs image.

"Jin, what's your sexuality," Hoseok abruptly asks, making Jin choke a bit.

He put his chopsticks down, drinking a bit of water. "Well...I never put much thought into it. I guess...Bisexual. That's what you're laughing about?"

"Hyung, it was Yoongi's response. He said something funny," Jungkook said.

Jin chuckled. "I could only imagine."


2XXX, 9, 17. Home, South Korea. 19:00 (7:00 pm)

Everyone cleaned up dinner dishes while Jin rested on the couches in the living room.

Out of nowhere he got a temperature spike and he began to sweat like crazy. Despite that, he felt sort of aroused which was odd.

Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin appeared by his side once they finished cleaning.

Taehyung placed a cup of water next to him, pushing his bangs back. "You okay, bro?"

Jin smiled, shaking his head. "Actually, I'm not. I have no idea how this even happened; I was fine."

Jimin felt his forehead. "You're burning up! You should go in your room and rest, you know."

"I will-" Jin began, but smelled something that made his head perk up. It smelled like something that radiated dominance.

"What happened," Jungkook asked. "Are you okay? What-What?"

The three looked into Jin's eyes that were now blue.

"Hey, Jin? Please tell me you're joking?"

"What would I joke about? Something smells really good, like super good. How do you guys not s-smell that?"

Jimin actually looked scared. "What do you smell? Can you lead us there?"

Jin nodded, leading them up the stairs and to Namjoon's room. The scent was so overwhelming, it caused Jin's knees to buckle and make a face full of pleasure. "It smells really good in there. Let me in..."

Just then Hoseok and Yoongi walk out the room, slamming the door. They look at Jin on the floor, eyes blue.

"You can't go in there, Jin. At all; it's not safe," Hoseok said.

"What the fuck is going on? What's wrong with Joon?"

"I thought he had a fever too but...His eyes started going red and he kept talking about a scent of strawberries and roses-I once read a book about this but I never thought it would happen," Yoongi said, helping Jin to his room.

"Yoongi...let me go in. Please, it smells really good in there," Jin whined.

Yoongi ignored Jin's request and placed him on his bed, removing the bedsheets. "He can't sleep alone. Taehyung, sleep with him please. If he starts grinding or something, leave the room but stay outside."

Tae nodded, confused but rushed inside the room.

Yoongi took them to the library and pulled out a few books. "Read this."

They read several sections of the books, seeing similar things but not getting it.

"Are you guys dumb or something? Jin went into heat and Namjoon went into rut."

"And," Jungkook questioned.

"You idiots; they went into presentation. Jin's going to be an Omega and Namjoon's gonna be an Alpha..."

"Everything went Omega verse," Hoseok questioned.



Chapter Text

2XXX, 9, 17. Home, South Korea. 23:00 (11:00 pm)

Taehyung watched as his brother muttered incoherent words, sometimes even making obscene noises.

It was concerning because Taehyung had no idea what was going on. He was just blatantly told to look after his older brother who was acting pretty crazy.

All of a sudden the bed creaked a bit and Taehyung turned over to look at Seokjin. "Jin, what're you doing?"

Jin ignored him and went over to the door, hugging himself.

Taehyung leaped up and went after him, dragging him back to the bed. "Jin, you can't leave. Go in the bed, please."

"No," Seokjin replied, allowing himself to be dragged back. "I-I want Namjoonie. He smells so nice and sweet. Tae, I want him."

Taehyung put the elder back in place and sat next to him. "You don't know what you're saying. Something's up with you. Go to bed, Hyung."

Jin sat back up, biting his lip. "It hurts so much, Taehyung-ah. I need someone to...ugh."

He rolled over in pain, grunting and panting like an animal. His face contorted with clear suffering.

Taehyung put his hand on his leg and immediately pulled back. Seokjin's legs were completely soaked in something wet and slick.

"Ew, what the fuck? What is this?"

Tae ran to the bedrooms bathroom and washed it off. He scrubbed so hard that he swore his hand turned pink.

Once he returned, Jin was still on the bed, whining and moaning. It was still pretty incoherent but it was clear what Jin wanted.

He wanted to have sex. But Taehyung can't let that happen.

When he felt someone close nearby, Jin turned his head. He knew it was his brother but he didn't care. All he wanted was Namjoon inside of him.

How could you be so horny that it hurts? It was pissing him off that Taehyung wouldn't let him leave.

So, he ran quickly to the door and successfully got outside. He ran down a bit farther, the smell messing up his senses.

Once he was in front of the door, he opened it to see Namjoon on his bed, breathing heavily. He smirked once he saw Jin coming over.

Jin jumped on the bed, grabbing Namjoon's collar and kissing him feverishly. Suddenly, he was thrown off of him and onto the floor.

Jin looked up to find Yoongi and Taehyung holding Namjoon back and Hoseok and Jungkook in front of him. He pouted.

Jungkook and Taehyung hoisted him back up and brought him to his room without any fight.

"Jin," Jungkook said. "You can't have sex with him."

Jin groaned as he was sat down in his bed. "Why nooot?"

Jungkook laughs at the childishness of his Hyung. "You're gonna get pregnant if you do."

Jin made a face. "I'm male, I won't get pregnant Kook-ah. Let me go."

"Yeah, he won't. What's going on?"

"Look, it's hard to explain right now. You know Alpha, Beta, Omega dynamics? Well, your brother-he's an Omega. And Namjoon's an Alpha. If he even busts a nut in your brother, we'd be having a baby Kim very soon," Jungkook said.

Taehyung was still in shock from hearing that, but it made sense. He knew none of them were even ready for a responsibility like that, not even Jin.

Speaking of Seokjin, he was still whining about the lack of contact with Namjoon.

"I want to...with Namjoon. Please," he panted.

Both of them said no and Taehyung went to his side. Jungkook left wishing good luck.

"Do you need to, um. Do you need to have some alone time, Jin?"

Jin whimpered once more and shook his head. Taehyung pushed him towards the bathroom and left the room to wait outside.

"Call me when you're done, okay?"

Jin nodded and closed the bathroom door as Tae slipped out.

He saw Hoseok exit Namjoon's room once more, taking a deep breath.

"I'm glad Jimin went to his room. He didn't need to see that ugliness," Hoseok said as he walked over Taehyung.

"What happened with Joon?"

"He was fighting back a lot. His urges got the best of him and it didn't help when Jin burst into the room. Damn, they really wanna fuck but it's not their fault. It's what their instinct is telling them what to do," Hoseok sighed.

"I'm glad we caught Jin, though. I was too slow to catch up but I swear Jin was never that fast for anything but food. So seeing that stunned me. They would probably be boning each other to no end if not for us," Taehyung giggles.

Hoseok does as well. "With Namjoon's skinny ass...I can only imagine the flailing. Jesus Christ."

The younger grimaced at that unsettling image. "That's honestly-"

"Fucking disgusting, I know," Hoseok says as they both laugh.

Yoongi peaks his head out of his room. "What's up?"

His hair was tied up in a bandana and the clear bags underneath his eyes were prominent. Taehyung assumed he probably wore makeup to hide this, though.

"Nothing. I'm waiting for Namjoon to chill the fuck out and I was talking to Taehyung," Hoseok replies as Yoongi steps out.

"I was waiting for Jin to finish pleasuring himself. He's hella quiet though, for someone that screams all the time," Taehyung said, causing the other two to laugh as well.

A soft click was heard and Taehyung turned to see Jin, who was looking utterly exhausted.

"You can come back in," he said, rather tiredly. He looked like he was fighting sleep just to open the door.

Taehyung waved at the two before closing the door back. Jin flopped onto his bed, wanting so desperately to sleep without the pain and arousal racing through his body.

"Seokjin, are you okay?"

Jin sighs. "Apart from the fact that I'm horny and in pain and fucking tired? I'm peachy. Just right."

Tae giggles and watched as his brother drifted to sleep. "Good night." And with that, he fell asleep.


2XXX, 9, 18. Home, 8:00 am.

Namjoon woke up after a relentless night of twisting and turning in bed. The heat from his body made the AC seem like it doesn't even exist. He wiped the sweat from his brow and sat up.

He was at first confused at where he was but remembered the day before. Along with Jin kissing him to no end before getting pushed to the floor. Of course he didn't go down without a fight and Namjoon fought Hoseok back for a while before being told to calm down.

Of course he had an uncomfortable boner at the moment that he wanted to get rid of but unless he had something really pleasurable, it wouldn't go away anytime soon.

He looked over to see Hoseok once again beside him, fast asleep. Once Hoseok woke up, he would apologize. For now, he got ready for the day which was one of the most difficult things he's done in awhile.

In the end, he just brushed his teeth and hair and washed his face. It was too bothersome to put on different clothes without making him a dripping mess.

Hoseok was gone when he returned to the bed, laying down once more. Very soon, the door opened once again, Yoongi and Hoseok present.

"Hey, Joonie. You okay," Yoongi asked, tentatively.

He nodded, throat parched. "Well, for the most part. It's still pretty hot, though."

Yoongi nodded and put cold water next to his bed, along with a pill. "I'm not even sure how Alex and Miso knew about this but...this a suppressant. It'll make the rut more bearable in that sense. But since you've already started it, it's really not gonna do much. Just take it."

Namjoon gulped it down, hoping that it changes something. This was just a rough experience and the fact he wanted to bone everything in sight fucking scared him.

"Thanks. How's Jin, by the way?"

"He should be okay. He was a handful last night, though according to Tae. He was crying and whining a lot. Do you remember yesterday?"

Namjoon nodded.

"Please, don't...go farther than that if he comes in again. You might get him pregnant if you do," Hoseok said abruptly, causing Namjoon to choke a bit.

"What now?"

Yoongi sighed, sitting next to him. "The most mature are going through a rut or heat right now. Because we don't know how we'd repopulate again, now there's Alpha, Beta, Omega dynamics going on-ABO for short. You're presenting as an Alpha and Jin-"

"An Omega. Yeah, shit."

"I know it's gonna be hard but...control yourself. You both have to learn how to do so or we're gonna be having a few tots around the place. I wonder who's next to go through it? We'll see."


Getting Jin to eat proved rather harder than expected. Since none of them could really cook like Jin, they turned to frozen things. Tae knew Jin hated those but, they didn't wanna burn down the house.

"Hyung, stop! You're acting like a kid, just eat it. Yoongi's gonna give you pills in a minute, okay?"

Jin pouted and ate the frozen pastry. "This is still cold, Taehyung-ah. I trusted you."

Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Well maybe if you weren't acting like a baby, it would still be hot. Stop complaining and just eat already, damn."

Reluctantly, Jin ate the still cold food like Taehyung ordered. He was 100% disgusted by it but, what could he do? He hopes Yoongi would come in with the suppressants.

And speaking of the devil, he opened the door. "Hey, Jin. Are you okay? Did Taehyung explain why you can't go into Joon's room?"

Jin nodded, putting the plate on his nightstand. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I was just a whole slew of negative emotions yesterday."

"It's fine. I know that it's your urges just telling you to do so. Here are the suppressants. They might not work as well as their supposed to but, it'll still help. Take them," Yoongi urged.

Jin took them along with cold water and felt instantly rejuvenated. "Thanks. I feel a bit better. Now scram so that I can get ready for today. I'm making lunch and dinner and you guys can't stop me."


The younger ones waited for Namjoon and Jin to show up and come downstairs. They needed to talk about more things with this change.

They both came down at the same time, looking rather awkward. Namjoon sat in the chair in front of everyone and Jin sat in the one next to him.

Seriously, thought Jimin. They look like Kings, what the fuck?

Jin started first. "I'm sorry Namjoonie for what I did. I swear I am. I didn't really have the right state of mind at that moment so I just did what my body told me to do and that was to have sex with you."

Namjoon brushed it off. "It's fine, I was thinking the same as well. But, we have to be more careful from now on or, you know."

"Yeah. Okay, you can start now."

And so, Yoongi explained the dynamic a bit further and how everything revolves around Omegas.

"Betas are either a blessing or a curse, depending on certain circumstances. When emotionally aggravated, Omegas have blue eyes, Alphas have red and Betas have brown. Each color can be light or dark depending on the emotion. When Jin smelled Namjoon, what exact color of blue was it?"

Jimin gulped and spoke. "It was pretty a dark flash of blue. I'm assuming it was lust that he had."

Yoongi nodded and continued. "Namjoon as well. When he was angry that we pushed Seokjin away, it immediately flashed an angry red. It's safe to assume that we should look out for that. Also, if you feel intimidated by Joon and soothed by Jin, it's their instincts coming in tact. Don't take advantage of Jin or Namjoon."

"To be fair," Taehyung started, "Jin's still gonna be pretty dominant even if he's an omega."

They all laugh at Taehyung's words, especially Jin himself.

"When we all present, we'll all have a different smell. Only Jin and Namjoon can smell you guys and the scent you give off. Don't tell them what we smell like. Just explain how you smell like to each other," Yoongi said.

"Um, Jin smells like strawberries and roses with a hint of white chocolate," Namjoon observed, pulling back before he got too reckless.

Jin blushed harder as he leaned in. "Namjoon smells like the ocean and violets with a bit of a baked cookie smell. It's very comforting."

On the inside, Yoongi was lowkey hoping that they would kiss. The sexual tension between them was crazy. But both males wouldn't do the deed unless they were ready.

It had the younger ones cooing as well because those two were the definition of couple goals.

Before Jin could get up, he quickly brings Namjoon's lips to his. He kissed him fast but not like the intent from yesterday. This one rather innocent and had the rest cheering.

Jin pulled back with a shy smile. "I knew you've had a crush on me since last year. Just wanted to make sure that it still was there. I'm gonna go and prep lunch now. Who wants to help?"

Jungkook offered and went along with Jin, hugging him as well.

Namjoon still looked stunned. "What..."

Hoseok shook him. " got Worldwide Handsome to kiss you. Jin, your crush, kissed you. Namjoon, you good?"

Namjoon looked at all of them, a smile slowly forming on his lips. "I'm ecstatic but Jin...he's a mess. A hot one at that."

"Gross," Taehyung said.


Chapter Text

2XXX, 9, 21. Home, South Korea.

When Jin and Namjoon got over their heat and rut, it seemed as everything was back to normal. As normal as it could be.

It has been a week since the apocalypse occurred and some days since they were put into groups. At first, Taehyung was against this but, now he's glad that there were more people to help and to grow with.

And since the surprise heat and rut, Namjoon had been dedicated to make sure none of this happened to his members as well.

He stocked the place up with suppressants, bought quite provocative (but useful) toys, and read up as much as he could to fully understand the dynamics.

It wasn't as confusing as he thought it would be. Sure he's a bit confused at how Omega makes were supposed to get impregnated and give birth but that's a road he'll cross later.

Sometimes, he imagined how the others would look like if they had a baby bump on them. For some of them like Jin, Jimin and Yoongi, they would look pretty cute with one.

But, the downside is that Yoongi would be so moody, Jimin would be crabby and Jin...well according to Taehyung, Jin was already loud and nagging a lot.

But when you really like someone, you would ignore the negative and focus on the positive. Like his loving and smothering attitude, his cooking abilities...

It seems like nowadays Namjoon was seemingly always daydreaming about Seokjin. Maybe it was the alpha in him that wanted to just claim him for himself but, it was getting out of hand.

Even with the work that he was handed, he found himself daydreaming (gaydreaming as Hoseok would call it) about a future with Jin. Such a silly thought when neither of the two have officially put a label on what they had.

He tried hard to focus on his work and attempted to ignore Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung's singing (which was enchanting), Hoseok's babbling to Yoongi and Jin's clattering downstairs. He rolled his eyes as he left the room.

See, he could tell them to be quiet but, he didn't want to be rude or anything. He understood they were just kids but loud ones at that. Like pups that need to be trained.

He sighed. They need to be trained, he thought as he stepped into the library and marveled the silence.

He finished his work, no distractions and noise, within a good couple of hours.

He was honestly surprised that none of them really interrupted anything at all. It wasn't that it was unusual, just...not typical.

He sat up and went back to his room, the noise being significantly lower. He opened his door and placed the work on his desk. He explored the place to find everyone else.

He went to the rooms first, seeing the maknae's sleeping together in Taehyung's room. They truly looked like babies curled up together.

Next, he went to the living room and found Hoseok and Yoongi cuddling on the couch. He knew if he were to poke fun at them, they'd try to come up with that 'friendly' bullshit. He'd roll his eyes at them as they continued to hug each other close.

So, the last person he looked for was Jin. Undeniably, he found his housemate in the kitchen, eating chips of some sort.

When Seokjin heard the footsteps, his head immediately went up. Seeing that it was Namjoon, he relaxed and went back to eating.

Namjoon smiled. "Hey, Jin. How're you?"

"I'm fine, Joon. I haven't seen you all day, what's up?"

Namjoon sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I just had to finish some work. I went off somewhere quiet because...the youngest three can get very loud."  

Jin nodded in agreement. "100% understand what you mean. So, um, I actually wanted to talk to you."

Namjoon gulped and ran a hand through his platinum hair. "Yeah, let me sit then."

So, Namjoon sat, rather scared to see what Jin had to say. He looked so serious about it, too. Taehyung had once said it wasn't very common for Seokjin to get serious but when he did, it means he's got something to say. Most of the time, it's a reality check.

Jin put down the tea cup and the chip bag, crossing his legs with his lips pursed. He cleared his throat. The younger was suddenly nervous. Now I get what Taehyung said, he can get really dominating despite being an Omega.

Jin narrowed his eyes and sighed. "I know the rut and the heat fucked us over. I did kiss you out of the impulse but, It's sort of like being drunk. Some of the actions are sober thoughts. Namjoonie, let's be real: I know you like me. I'm not sure if you were just... scared I would reject you or something, but you should always ask. Clearly I like you back."

Namjoon chuckled back. "I mean, I know that now. You don't make things very obvious and then people flirt with you. Kind of destroys your confidence."

Jin rolled his eyes, grabbing his junior's hands. "And what did I do in response?"

"You rejected them."

Jin smiled and released his hands. "That's right. I don't go out with just anyone. I have someone I want to be with. I want to be with you, Joonie. No one else."

Namjoon's eyes blew open at the sudden revelation. Seokjin  wanted to be with him? Of all people?

Namjoon remembers the times that his former love interests have turned him down, calling him ugly or saying that he could do better than them. He was a bit too nice for his own good.

But that fateful day when Jin had bumped into him, it was like he could never get rid of the man's face.

Prior to this moment, Namjoon actually resented Jin a lot. He was actually quite envious of his senior due to the fact that he was adored so dearly. If Jin even sneezed he'd be praised for spraying the place with germs and worshipped with hundreds of blessings. It pissed Namjoon the fuck off, to be quite honest.

Whenever he saw Seokjin, he just wanted to bash his head in the wall or just be plain mean but, he couldn't. He didn't want to show people that he cared about his one sided enemy.

He disliked Jin to the point that he thought of him every night and scowled at his face in his sleep. He'd wake up and forget about his hate but see him again and get reminded. Up until they bumped into each other in the library.

Namjoon was looking at the philosophy section of the library when someone sent him to the floor. There was a weight on his back that prevented him from standing up. Looking behind him and saw it was his so called 'enemy' on him, scrambling to get back up.

It was in that moment that all of his hate disappeared into thin air and was replaced by a heart-stopping blow. He was this close to Kim Seokjin and didn't despise him. In fact, he enjoyed the 3.3 seconds while he had the chance to.

He supposed that's where he realized that he in fact did not hate Jin, but rather liked him. A whole darn lot.

"Are you serious, Jin?"

Jin twisted his head.  "Why wouldn't I be?"

Namjoon shook his head and grabbed Jin's arms, holding them together. "I just want to make sure. No one has ever said that to me and...I want to make sure what you say is true. I know I'm a bit insecure but, respect that."

"I will, don't worry. I don't want to just kiss anybody and not address it. It makes us awkward and I absolutely hate awkward shit. So, um let's try this out. Didn't you recently say that you're straight, though?"

Namjoon inwardly face palmed, avoiding Jin's smug face. "Gosh, please forget that. I'll only like a guy like you, trust me."

"I do. I'm just messing around with you, Joon. You actually made that seem pretty sweet-aw, I can't stop replaying what you said in my head. That's so cute. Anyway, what does that make us now?"

"I'm pretty sure we're boyfriends now, Jin. Or am I being to fast?"

Jin practically threw himself on Namjoon, holding his face and kissing his cheek. "You're so precious!"

They stayed and cuddled like that until Jungkook trudged in, rubbing his eyes after the nap. He looked at Jin and Namjoon hugging.

"Damn, it be like that. Well, don't mind me. Keep it up, ayy Namjoon get that ass," Jungkook said and ran out before Jin could go after him.

"I'm gonna beat his ass, for real. He's mad fucking annoying, I swear to god," Jin said, red faced.

Namjoon chuckled as he held Seokjin back. "Let him joke around. When he gets a significant other, we'll tease him about it."

"Well, we better. I'm not standing for this abuse where the youngest teases his elders," Jin shouted loud enough so that Jungkook could hear. They heard snickering from behind the door.

Jin held Namjoon's hand (making the boy have a mini heart attack) and sneakily moved towards the door. He put up a finger, signaling him to be quiet. 

Suddenly, he opened the door and shocked the Maknae trio that had been spying on them.

"You rats," Jin shrieked, causing Taehyung to flinch. "Go away."

Jimin giggled. "Make us then, hyung!

Jin and Namjoon began to chase them around the house, having Jungkook shriek in excitement. And also causing Hoseok and Yoongi to also look up.

"Hey, why're you guys so loud?"

Namjoon paused and looked at them. "We're chasing the youngers. Wanna join?"

"Will you shut up?" Yoongi asked and Namjoon nodded.

"Well then, yes."

So, it was a battle between the Maknae line and Hyung line. Unfortunately, the hyungs won and tossed the babies to the floor.

"You guys suck," Jimin whined and then made a mischievous smirk. "Especially you, Jin."

Jin quickly stood and stepped on Jimin. "Brat."


2XXX, 9, 21. Home, South Korea. 21:00 (9:00 PM)

Jin laid back on the couch after a long day of 'playing' with the kids. Gosh, they had so much energy, it was crazy.

Seriously if having kids is like this, remove me from the list. They're annoying enough.

Suddenly, the couch sank and jostled Jin. He looked up and saw that it was Namjoon and grinned. "Hey."

Namjoon smiled, dimples adorably showing. He poked Seokjin's belly. "Hey. You looked tired."

Jin groaned and rolled his head back. "Don't get me started, Namjoon. They're horrible and they have way too much energy for their own good. I hate them, especially Jungkook-ah."

He smiled in retaliation. He thought about Jungkook  and his cocky laughter, the way his eyes scrunched up and the way his teeth show...sometimes he looked like Jin. Matter of fact, Jungkook looked a lot like Jin.  What the hell?

"Um, Jin?"

Jin looked up at him. "Yeah?"

"Why does Jungkook-ah kinda look like you? Not even kind of...he looks more like you than Taehyung even does. Is he somehow related to you?"

Jin sat up, thinking. "I've never had anyone in my family with the last name of Jeon at all. Mostly just Kim and that's it. But now that you mention it...Jungkook-ah looks a lot like me.'

Namjoon turned around to go and retrieve his records of the member. Upon reaching Jungkook's information, Seokjin burst in. They looked through his birth info and his parents. And something stopped Jin's heart.

His father's last name was written and signed underneath Jungkook's name. And that's not right.

Jin put a hand to his forehead as Namjoon compared birth documents. "Yeah, you've got the same father. May I ask a question, honey?"

Jin nodded, tears in his eyes. "Go ahead. I feel like I might cry right now."

Namjoon bit his lip and sighed. "Do you at least have any idea of which side must be illegitimate?"

"It has to be Jungkook-ah. My father must've cheated on my mother. Twice at that because his older brother looks like him too. I knew something was a little strained between my parents but, they were pretty close to me. I don't...I'm not sure..."

The younger engulfed the older into a hug. "Hey, it's okay. If you need to cry, then cry. We will come to a conclusion of why your father did this."

"But", Jin hiccupped, "I can't even recall any type of resentment between the two. "

"Well, you were five and Tae was one. You wouldn't even have noticed and Tae wouldn't remember. It's not like you'd know."

"But it still hurts to know he was unfaithful to my mom. It's not even like Jungkook looks a little like me-no, it's a lot. We could be twins, that's how alike," Jin sobbed.

Namjoon held his boyfriend in his arms as he sobbed. Little did they know, both Taehyung and Jungkook were outside, hands covering their faces and tears streaming down their faces.

Can't everything just go back to the way it was?


Chapter Text

2XXX, 9, 21. Home, South Korea. 23:00 (11:00 pm)

Jin cried so hard that his head hurts and he was truly exhausted. The breakdown that he had was ridiculous.

It's quite upsetting to find out that your father was unfaithful for your entire life and your half-brother was in the same house, same places as you were. It's fucked up.

It wasn't like he disliked Jungkook, he loves that boy with all his heart. Even more so because it was his brother. But it's plain awkward to just immediately admit that this was his brother and neglect what his father has done.

Namjoon ran his hands through Jin's burgundy locks, trying to get the man to stop hiccupping. "Hey, it's going to be fine. Well, not really but you'll be okay. Isn't Kook like a brother to you, anyway?"

Jin nodded, wiping his nose. "I l-love that boy unconditionally. I-It's not that I don't, it's not even about him; It's the fact that I was so...convinced my parents had the perfect relation. I feel so manipulated. I don't even know if my mother knew what was going on."

About five minutes later, Jin felt as if he was ready to stand up again. With the help of his boyfriend, they walked out of the room. What Jin didn't expect to see was Jungkook and Taehyung sleeping on both sides of the door.

Jin let go of Namjoon's hand to shake Jungkook and Taehyung gently. Both boys opened their eyes slowly, still tired.

Seokjin wobbly smiled at them, face still red. "Hey, time to sleep. I don't want you guys tired tomorrow."

Both slowly made their way up, not even remembering why they were there. All four of the boys made their way over to the bedrooms, saying respective goodnights.

Jungkook's throat hurt but he paid no mind to it. His head hurt for some reason and his sleepy brain wouldn't function properly.

As soon as he laid on the pillow, he passed out.


2XXX, 9, 22. Home, South Korea. 8:00 AM.

Someone was knocking on the door, startling Seokjin out of his sleep. He rose and opened it.

Seeing that it was Jimin, he let him in.

"Hi, Chim. What's up?"

Jimin looked down and played with his fingers. "Oh, I wanted to make sure you were okay. You weren't up when you usually are and... breakfast still wasn't made. I thought maybe you were sick or your heat came back."

Jin shook his head. "No, I'm f-okay. I'm okay. I'll be down in soon just...let me get ready."

When Jin looked presentable, he made his way downstairs where everyone (except Jungkook) watched with curious eyes. Namjoon made a look as if asking if he was okay and the older softly smiled.

He walked into the kitchen with Namjoon following behind, causing Yoongi to giggle.

"Whipped," he whispered, Namjoon shooting the older warning eyes.

Closing the door behind him, he watched how Jin remained unfazed and continued to gather breakfast.

He sat down on a barstool and continued to stare at the other until he grew uncomfortable. "What?"

"You seem a bit shaken. And also, you've never woken up late like that before. But I understand why and you don't have to tell the others right now. Don't let your father's mistake get to you like this."

Jin sighed, scooping the yogurt into parfait glasses. "Since we're together, here's something you should know: I hate lies. My mother once lied to me about something she and Taehyung thought was funny and it hurt me. Most of the time, I know when I'm lied to and I don't want to get hurt. I don't like to get hurt...that's why I hate this lie. It hurts me and I love my father but, my mom...I don't even-I can't even begin to know how she would feel. I do not want to be cheated on, ever."

Namjoon got up and hugged his companion from behind, putting his head over his shoulder. "I don't wish to let you go like that after I've wanted you for years. A real man doesn't cheat."

Seokjin snorted. "Please, you're still a baby in my eyes. I'm a man, hun. A real one and all."

As Jin finished up the meal, they cuddled lovingly and enjoyed each other's warmth.

The older couldn't help but heat up a little bit at how domestic they seemed. It's as if I'm making breakfast for our kids and he's saying goodbye before he leaves for work. It's so early to think that but...It feels just right.

"Let go, I have to put this stuff on the table for the rats. You can continue afterwards, okay babe?" Namjoon nods as he watches Jin place the food down.

He walks over to the door and calls the house members in, seeing as they scramble over each other to get over, except Taehyung and Jungkook. The two rather slowly walked over to the entrance, illuminating a sad aura. Namjoon gave both a sympathetic smile.

Everyone sat down at the table and they ate, just like a regular morning in the home. Suddenly, Jimin stood up.

"I'm bored." Everyone looked at him in confusion.

He cleared his throat for emphasis. "I'm bored. I have Cabin Fever; I'm sick of being inside for so long. Can't we like, ya know, go out or something? Go shopping or like actually make an attempt to find our parents whereabouts?"

Yoongi beckoned for him to sit down. "Ya kid, I get it. Don't make such a ruckus so early in the morning. I second with him, Namjoon. We should do something fun."

Namjoon nodded. "Yeah, let's go out and actually do something for once. I think we all need to just get out of the house."

With that in mind, everyone rushed upstairs to get changed and look presentable.

Jin's eyes looked puffy when he looked into the mirror. Though he hated it, there was nothing he could do except wait for it to come down. He also noticed the dye job he had was wearing out and his hair grew in.

I'm a wreck and honestly, I shouldn't be the one to worry about this. But, could you? We all trusted you.

Seokjin shook his head and left the room, seeing some of them waiting. He ran down the steps and grabbed the keys from their rightful place. Afterwards, he went downstairs to the garage, seeing the expensive Infinity seven seated.

He looked back and saw that the rest of group following, Taehyung and Jungkook far apart but sulking nonetheless. All Jin could do is look; he'll try to comfort later.

So, they all got into the car: Jin and Namjoon in the front, Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung in the middle, and Hoseok and Yoongi in the back.

After a good five minutes of driving, Jimin leans forwards with a smirk. "Seokjin-hyung?"

Jin looked over briefly. "Yes, Jimin?"

"Are we there yet?"

"If you do bullshit like in the movies, I will not hesitate to beat you up, understood?"

Jimin sank back down, a pout forming on his lips. "Yes, Jin-hyung."

And so, it began to slip into a comfortable silence for the next five minutes until they arrived at a fashion outlet.

"There's something for everyone here, lets go shopping."

They all filed out the car (some more slower than others) and made their way over to the shops that Jimin dragged them to.

While some complained, Jin allowed him to do so since he felt bad. He knew Jimin was an energetic kid and so he could understand why the poor boy felt so confined.

They walked into a luxurious store and saw some familiar faces working in the place. They waved and let Jimin run around for anything he wanted. Jin watched fondly, fuzzy and homey memories creeping into his head.

Maybe it was just the Omega in him but, he began to think of life with a family. He was too young to even be thinking about that, but hey- Kylie Jenner got pregnant when she was 19 so, not much of a big deal.

He had some skills to raise kids but, there's still a lot before he could even try and have a baby. Firstly, he wanted a strong relationship (he doesn't even have to be married) that's lasting with no sense of doubt. Secondly, he wants to make sure he has stability and his partner actually wants kids. He can't imagine life without a little one.

But alas, for now his younger's will have to be his children. Even his boyfriend.

Speaking of Namjoon, he was looking at leather jackets on the walls when Jin hugged him from behind. "Whatcha doin'?"

Namjoon jumped but relaxed when he saw that it was Jin. "You almost gave me a heart attack, man. I'm just looking at jackets and seeing if I like them."

Jin giggled a lot at the reaction from the younger man. Sometimes, he's such a baby. "Do you like any of them? They're very cute, you know."

"I'm not so much looking at the jackets. I'm looking more at Tae and Kook. They look so...gloomy," Namjoon observed. "Maybe you should talk to them?"

"Why not you, leader-nim?"

Namjoon sighed and side glanced at the older. "Cause I'm not their brother."

Jin pouted and detached himself from the other. "Fair enough. I'll take them outside 'cause...I know that this is gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions."

Jin grabbed the two over and left the establishment. He saw that the two were spacing each other out and Jimin would've noticed if he wasn't so stir crazy.

He grabbed their hands and lead the outside to a table. He (forcefully, mind you) sat them down next to each other, stunning them in the past 5 seconds. He proceeded to sit across from them, a serious expression on his face. The youngers gulped.

Jin cleared his throat and grabbed both of their hands. "I know you heard that discussion between Namjoonie and I. Clearly you've heard everything or majority because you guys look pretty upset as I was."

Jungkook looked down, eyes beginning to cloud over. "So, me and my brother are the illegitimate children, aren't we?"

Jin grunted, upset that was all Jungkook focused on. "Kookie, that doesn't matter. What matters now is that you're my brother. Ignore our father's misdeeds-you, Taehyung and your brother-we're all family. We're brothers now and you can be the brother that I wish I had. I already love you like one so I'll actually treat you like one. Tae?"

Taehyung looked up, tears running down his handsome face. "I just feel betrayed, okay. I'm all for accepting Kook and Hyun's gonna take time. To just even forget dad did this bullshit."

Jungkook picked his head up and held Taehyung's free hand. "Take all the time you need, bro."

Taehyung laughs in response as Jin pulls them into a group hug. "I love you guys so much. Now, let's get ice cream before Jimin comes out here."


2XXX, 9, 22. 21:00 (9:00 pm). Home, South Korea

It turns out that Jin didn't escape Jimin and had to get ice cream for everyone which kind of pissed him off. So, he was gonna get his payback.

He snuck into Jimin's room and hid underneath the bed as the younger took a shower. He snickered at how much he would scare the smaller boy. How funny would it be to see him squeal in horror? The thought made Jin want to squeal himself.

After he calmed down, he waited for Jimin to hurry and finish in the bathroom. Note: Jimin could fucking live in the bathroom. It's been legitimately a good thirty minutes.

Just as Jin had stopped complaining, the bathroom door opened and gave way to a Jimin humming happily.

Jin crawled fast out of underneath the bed and spooked the poor boy out of his wits, screaming like his life depended on it.


Jin had been rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically. For a good ten seconds, he wasn't even breathing as he got up and left the room. He heard the door slam with warning to get him back.


Chapter Text

2XXX, 10, 6. 10:00 AM. Home, South Korea.

Jimin pouted as he got ready for the morning. He always hated to remind himself that his birthday was drawing near and still no word from his parents or whereabouts of where they could be.

He knew Namjoon was working hard with other leaders to get a hold of it but, he knew that the efforts weren't going that well. He could see it on the leader's face as he walked in the house every night.

Jimin knew the immense pressure Namjoon was under. It was annoying to have to go through data bases and still come up with nothing. In the few weeks that he's known Namjoon, he knew the boy will take the blame even if it wasn't his fault. That made Jimin have the upmost respect for him.

Then, the anticipation of waiting for another one of them to present has probably stressed him out even more and his own incoming rut.

Jimin thinks back to the day of the apocalypse. Wasn't it the day after Namjoon's birthday?

Jimin sighed sadly as he pushed his diary away. That's got to suck. Having to enjoy your birthday and the next day, the people you cherished the most have to be gone in the blink of an eye. Jimin wouldn't have lived with that thought.

But there was nothing that could be helped.

Suddenly, Jimin felt very lonely in the room by himself. He decided to go and see what the other members were doing in the morning after breakfast.

He rose off the bed and slowly walked over to the door, eager to know what was going on inside the house.

Firstly, he stopped by Taehyung for a fricken half hour, just talking about stupid teen problems. Jimin was starting to think they were soulmates or something because they seemed to click on everything.

Next, he visited Jungkook. Yet another half hour down the drain sitting there and teasing Jungkook and watching him play games. He always loved sitting behind the younger, ruffling his hair and laughing at his ability to play games without even sparing a glance at Jimin.

Afterwards, he visited Yoongi and Hoseok who were inseparable. he knew by now that they loved each other but were too whipped to even say they were. Besides that, he had quite an enjoyable talk with them before finding the oh-so gracious leader-nim and Seokjin-hyung.

They were relaxing on the couch together, looking quite bliss. Jin was laying on Namjoon's lap. head on his legs. Namjoon's hands were running through Seokjin's hair and looking down adoringly at his boyfriend. Jimin had a tender feeling spread throughout his small body,

He swears to himself that if they every part ways because of a stupid reason, he will slap the hell out of both of them and make sure they get back together.

He walked down the stairs, not really wanting to disturb the peaceful atmosphere they had created. Clearly he had been too loud because they snapped their heads up to see who it was, causing Jimin to sheepishly smile.

"I see you two got comfortable together, huh? "

Jin playfully rolled his eyes and beckoned Jimin over. "Why're you bothering us, Chim?"

Jimin sighed. "I just got some dark thoughts and I don't really like to be alone...and so I just wanted to go and see what everyone was doing. So that I won't be alone."

The hyungs look over at each other and give the same knowing look.

Running his hands through Jimin's brown locks, Jin whispered soothing words to him. With the dynamics right now, it made Jimin calm his relentless and depressing reasonings and listen to the angelic voice lifting him out of it.

After a while, Jin stopped speaking and instead began to pet him. Nothing, Jimin thought, can get better than this.

Just then, Taehyung and Jungkook make their way downstairs, trying to beat each other. All of the once bliss trio now turned their heads towards the pair thumping towards them.

Jin quickly checked the time of his phone, noticing that it was about lunchtime. He quickly smiled and got up from the couch, stopping the boys by holding a finger up. "I know what you're gonna say and you can wait for a bit. I actually, have a surprise-that's not Korean-for lunch."

Jungkook licked his lips just thinking about it. "Jin-hyung...hurry please. I don't know if I'll be able to hold myself back."

Jin raised a brow. "Hun, if you can withstand your hormones then you can wait for me to finish cooking, Kook."

Jungkook pouted a bit, making Namjoon chuckle. "You can always help him, you know bud?"

They younger's eyes lit up as he followed the older into the kitchen, excited to sneak food into his mouth.

And for now, Jimin's thoughts were put at bay. But sooner or later, they'll just come erupting once more.


2XXX, 10, 6. 17:00 (5:00 pm) Grocery Store, South Korea. (Jung District)

Jin decided to take Jungkook out for some bonding time with each other. And what other way to bond than to go shopping, right?

Jin just really wanted to get to fully know Jungkook's life to make up for the parts that he had missed.

When they first got to the supermarket, there were a group of men standing in the corner and Jin doesn't remember seeing them at the holding area a month ago. In fact, he's never seen them at all.

He tried to keep distance and not maintain eye contact. He didn't want to be seen by these intimidating men huddled in the corner. But, it still seemed that they kept looking at Jin, making him uncomfortable.

"Let's go in and get out fast. These guys don't look too nice, honey," Jin murmured while quickening their pace.

When Jungkook tried to look up, Seokjin elbowed him to look back down,

Upon reaching inside the store, Jin rushed them over to a far end, looking back to see if those hoodlums were following them. Asserting that they were safe, he took a deep breath and faced towards Jungkook who looked pretty damn confused.

"Seokjin-hyung," he said, "what was that all about?"

The doe-eyed boy looked at him with curiosity and confusion written all over his face with a slight tilt of his head. He looks so cute, Jin thought before snapping back to the issue at hand.

He cleared his throat and kept walking towards the baking section of the outlet, sometimes glancing over his shoulder to see if they were still there. He let a satisfied sigh as he did not spot them around him.

"So, Kook-ah," Jin said, tension washing off his body, "what would you like to make? Cake, brownies, cookies like you are," he said, pinching Jungkook's cheeks.

Jungkook chuckled, sliding away from Jin's grasp. "Let's make cookies, hyung. Much easier and less messy."

Jin picked up the brown sugar and flour as he nodded in agreement, picking up the pace to find milk.

When he reached the milk section, he opened the cooler and felt the cool air hit him. He sighed as he took out the dairy product and placed in the cart.

The visit to the moderately busy market was soon coming to a close as the half-brothers made their way towards the cashier. And it made Jin dread leaving the store to see those rats again.

Even if he was safely inside the store, he felt as though someone was watching him and his every move. They just rubbed him the wrong way and he had no idea why.

He didn't even know he was spaced out until Jungkook nudged him with the bags. "Seokjin...Let's go."

Jin looked up, trying to hide the fear and surprise he felt. He gave a weary smile towards his younger brother, grabbing a few bags in response.

 As they left, he let Jungkook talk since he was so involved in his thoughts. He felt bad for not listening to him speak about Jimin and his antics but he was distracted. He was lowkey looking out for the three men that had been stuck in his head for the past hour. He wanted to shake out the uncertainty riddling his mind.

Unfortunately, he did run into them again. An they eyed him like a piece of meat. 

It was so odd how he noticed but Jungkook didn't even pay any attention to them. Jin was extremely confused.

Suddenly a girl appeared from them and mouth 'come over' to him. Jin pointed to himself and she nodded. He gulped.

"Hey, Jungkook. Go to the car, and I'll catch up. I left my wallet I think inside."

Jungkook furrowed a brow but nodded and made his way towards the parking lot, leaving Jin with these street kids.

He nervously walked over, causing the girl to laugh. "Why you look so nervous, boo? We ain't gonna hurt you, c'mon."

Yikes, as if they couldn't scare Jin more. Her speech was horrendous.

He walked over a bit faster, not wanting to waste time and to get away from them as soon as possible.

"What do you guys want? You've been staring daggers at me since I got here," Jin said, biting his lip while looking down.

She smiled and pulled out a file from behind her. "We're looking to make sure you're Kim Seokjin, duh. We found this file outside Town Hall."

He looked at the file in her hands, gulping at the sight of it. He looked up at her. "And what's that have to do with me and my name? And who are you? I don't remember seeing you at the holding area."

She giggles and puts a hand in her pocket. "Well first off, I'm Areum. It's nice to meet you, honey. And Jin-hyung, it has everything to do with your name. Take a look."

He didn't like her use of formalities but, he didn't feel like correcting her. Jin snatched the folder out of her hand, causing her to smirk. And he wanted to slap it right off of her face with the folder he held in his right hand. Despite that, he looked down and began reading it.

He was in shock to find data about himself, Taehyung, and his parent's whereabouts. In fact he was so shocked, he almost dropped the file. "This is-"

"Yup," she said, popping the 'p'. "All of your members information is right in there. Seokjin, do not get conceited; it's your choice to either stay selfish and keep it yourself share it with you members under one circumstance."

Jin looks up, tears in his eyes. " What is that circumstance."

She smiled once more and backed up. "When you have your daughter, she's gonna be a real beauty. An Areum, like me. Name her that."

"But why would I do that?"

"Would you rather have her father be killed?"

Her what now? "Who is her father? When will I have her?"

Areum laid against the wall, finally facing Seokjin for the first time in the past few minutes. She shrugged and waved goodbye.

For a moment, Jin swore he saw into the future just by looking into Areum's eyes. He could see himself cradling a small baby that, ironically, looked like Areum to begin with.

And even though he could feel himself walking away, question unanswered, he swore he heard something.

And while walking back to the car to see a confused Jungkook, he couldn't shake what he last heard her say.

It keeps the legacy running.


2XXX, 10, 6. 19:00 (7:00 pm)

Hoseok was snuggling upon the couch with Yoongi after chasing Jimin to do his daily dancing.

Since Namjoon encouraged them to do their studies and keep learning, Hoseok began to teach Jimin hip hop. It was a good idea because it kept him focused throughout the day.

Ever since that fateful day, a lot of things caused Hoseok to rethink life. He missed his parents, his sister, his dog even. He didn't know where they had gone nor why they had left. It just left room for questions that had no answer or, simple one at that.

Instead of letting out his frustration, he put it into dance. He channeled the anger in his veins to his limbs and showed, no-cried his emotion out from there. It was a good spark.

Minus the issue with parenting, here came along the ABO dynamics, as if it made things easier. So now, Joonie had an excuse to have them stay indoors and not on the street just incase one of them randomly enter the phases.

While it hadn't happened yet, the two that had presented were about to enter a second bout of it and would cause even more issues to arise. There seemed to be a lot to worry about nowadays.

Hoseok couldn't even forget the burning crush he's had on Min Yoongi for years now. He sadly uses this as an excuse of being friendly since he never knew if Yoongi would return his feelings.

There were times where he believed his senior did reciprocate his feelings but then, there were others where he wasn't so sure about it. Because of that fact, he kept rejecting Yoongi. 

He'll never forget that once he even stated that their relationship is strictly 'business'. Upon seeing the look on Yoongi's face, he quickly wanted to backtrack the comment.

Yoongi suddenly tilted his head into the crook of Hoseok's neck, causing little butterflies in the younger's tummy. He held his breath and fell into the touch.

He hoped this would never end. But, walls are meant to fall.


2XXX, 10, 6. 19:30 (7:30 pm)

Taehyung and Jimin both raised their heads at the front door being open. They were like two puppies when they hear their owners return. They looked over from the couch and saw Jin and Jungkook enter.

But neither really did see Jin's troubled expression as he raced up the stairs and to his bedroom. But, they did hear the slam of the door to his bedroom.

They both looked towards Jungkook, as if he knew why Seokjin seemed upset. He too was  extremely confused as he walked to the kitchen to put away the groceries.

Jimin furrowed a brow at the unusual behavior. Maybe Jin's heat was back? that could be a reason why he dashed upstairs pretty fast. He decided to see if Jin was okay. It seemed as if Taehyung had the same idea as well.

In a few short moments, the soulmates had reached the door. Taehyung had tried to twist the doorknob but, it was clearly locked. He whined.


A muffled 'yeah' came after.

"Would you like to talk about it?"

There was a pause of silence afterwards. Feet padded up behind them and they turned to see Jungkook.

Taehyung pressed his ear to the door to hear more. After a while, Seokjin spoke. But, it was so soft that Tae could barely catch it.

"I'm gonna have an 'Areum'."

A beauty? What was Jin even talking about?


Swiftly, he heard footsteps approach the door. in no less than two seconds, he was face-to-face with his older brother.

He's never seen him look so old in his life. Seokjin was 19, almost 20 this coming December, and he's looked pretty young. He IS pretty young. So seeing him like's utterly and downright concerning.

"Are you pregnant or something?"

There was some weight lifted from Jin's face, only to be replaced. "No. I'm still good."

Jin closed his eyes and slouched against the door frame. "Can you just...leave me be for a moment?"

Taehyung gulped and nodded, realizing that Jin couldn't see that. "Y-Yeah. C'mon, guys."

He grabbed the other two and  they walked away from the room, agreeing to give his older brother peace. He knew that he needed some space when he was upset, which was quite the rarity. 

Meanwhile, Seokjin closed his room door and slouched below it. The corrupt file sat on his white dresser, contrasting from the color. He tried to burn holes through it with his eyes as if it could bring destruction to the earth. Which it could.

He knew that all the walls that had been built since they've tumbled were getting knocked down once again.


Chapter Text

 This chapter was inspired by the song, Nobody Knows, which is Choi Youngjae's (from GOT7) solo song. From the album, PRESENT: YOU.

2XXX, 10, 14. Home, South Korea


Time flies by fast when you ignore everything. Jimin would know.

It's been a good three years since the apocalypse and he's 21 now. He could just remember the day so vividly inside his brain, how it all played out. Which is something that he didn't like.

He took a swig of the Henny bottle right next to him and downed it in a good five minutes tops. Once he was done, he flung the bottle over to the side of the area, not caring if it broke. Not like he'd be able to hear it since the music of the party was loud.

He moved over towards the dance floor and grabbed a random guy to dance with. He pulled a quick drunken smirk and put his ass on the crotch of the unconsidered man.

See, Jimin didn't have much to lose despite his reputation. And even that portrayed him to be either a party animal or a slut.

Jimin wasn't a slut, he's never had sex. He teases and walks away but he would never have sex with random men, especially since he'll know when he's supposed to present.

His doctor once said that he could get pregnant by having sex on a heat that may come unknown in the future and that has held him back from ever thinking about sex.

But, it was the attention he was getting by having his name in other's mouths. The praises he received for giving blowjobs. The recognition for just...being crazy and slutty-he just liked the rush of it.

Jimin had no idea when all of this started and when his personality took a turn for the worst. He hated what he does himself, yes, but he loves to be talked about. He also loves to dance and tease the men and women in parties. But, that's not at all who he was.

Park Jimin was a sweet, young man that loved to bake with Seokjin, read with Namjoon and play games with Taehyung and Jungkook. Who loved to dance with Hoseok and play with the household pets with Yoongi. He held babies that were born recently in the hospital and help the trainees fight.

That all changed when he had been 19 and snuck a wine bottle into his room to taste. He knew it was wrong and illegal but he just wanted to try it. At first, he and Taehyung had spit it out onto the carpet beneath them. It was gross.

But as they kept drinking, suddenly a light and bubbly feeling took over their bodies. They felt as if they were floating and were joyous at the warmth that spread through them.

The next morning well, that wasn't so splendid but Jimin loved that feeling. He loved feeling invincible and like no one could stop him. Well, for a short amount of time.

After awhile, Seokjin caught on the behavior of Jimin. At first, Jin was suspicious of why Jimin would hide out in his room instead of cuddling with the others at night. In fact, he was hella suspicious of why Taehyung seemed unusually quiet when Jimin had done so.

He caught Jimin in the act of doing his ritual of drinking. And pissed would be the understatement of how angry Jin was. He legitimately slapped Jimin and grabbed the wine out of Jimin's grasps.

"Jimin-ah, how could you," Jin yelled, voice dripping with venom. "You aren't legally able to drink! What the actual fuck is wrong with you?"

Jimin rolled his eyes and pouted. "Seokjin, I'm an adult."

Jin scoffed with a sarcastic smirk. "Oh, so you're an adult now?"

"Uh, yeah."

Jin focused his eyes slowly at Jimin while scrunching his face in disgust. "Lose the attitude, Jimin because you got the wrong one. If you acted like an adult, you'd make decisions like one. This," Jin wiggled his crooked finger around, "isn't a decision an adult would make."

Jimin sighed, clearly annoyed at Jin's nagging. "Oh my gosh, Jin! Shut the fuck up," he blurted.

That made Jin do a double take. Jimin had never once at all said any words of profanity towards Jin. In fact, to any of them. So, the older momentarily looked stunned.

But then, as fast as the surprise came, Jin's anger was increased by 10 times as much as before. His whole face was red and his grasp on the bottle was so tight, his knuckles were white. Jimin was actually concerned that he might chuck the bottle at his face.

"PARK fucking JIMIN, I don't know where you're rolling around with that language but you do not speak to me, your hyung, like this. You don't tell me to shut up; I tell you to shut up!"

Jimin flinches his head back, avoiding Jin's face. "Can you like, back up?"

"No, in fact, I can't. The fact of the matter is that you are an 'adult' and yet you act as if you're still fucking 17. Grow up, Jimin. Grow the fuck up!"

"But, I am!"

"No you're not. You aren't at all. The fact that you're still pulling bullshit like this, you're not ready to grow up. And you want kids, right? Look at the way you act and tell me...tell me you're ready."

Suddenly, Namjoon walked into the room and went in between the two. "What's going on?"

Jin held up the bottle to Namjoon and explained how it got here.

"Assuming he's been doing this the whole fucking time," Jin seethed, voice indicating that he has not calmed down.

Namjoon just looked at Jimin with disapproving eyes, and upset frown overtaking his face. "...Jimin."

And that pushed the smaller boy over the line as he began to cry. His lower lip trembled and fat tears rolled down his face. He let out an ugly sob.

Namjoon tried to rush over to Jimin but, Seokjin pulled him back and shook his head. Let him learn his lesson, his eyes seemed to say.

And with that, the two left the room and Jimin in silence. In Jimin's head, he vowed to never disappoint the two ever again. Sad to say that Jimin never learned his lesson, though.

Jimin blinked away tears that gathered in his eyes once he reminisced. How did he once vouch that he'd never go and do this and yet do it over and over again? What was wrong with him?

He can't even answer that question as he kept grinding upon the man behind him, feeling his hands rake all over his body. And in that moment, Jimin just felt sick. He felt gross in his own body and like he should puke up his whole insides. Nothing felt right.

Beginning to gag, he pushed himself off of the grubby hands that held him and went straight to the bathroom. He didn't even care about the people who cursed at him or said some shit as he pushed past them to reach the restroom.

He reached just in time, passing the couples making out and basically having sex right then and there. Just thoughts about that pushed him farther over the edge as he opened the stall door and threw up his contents from earlier in the day. The acid rapidly came up and burned his throat. He coughed.

Once he concluded that he was done yacking up his digested contents, he sighed and flushed the pungent fluid down the drain. He made his way slowly towards the bathroom's mirror and dares to take a look at himself, pouting once he did. And that didn't make the sight look better as he still looked gross.

He had remains of the vomit at the side of his mouth which was all chapped, his eyes were baggy and the once smoky eye was now a sweaty eye; he was flushed and looked tired and he probably smelled even worse with the lingering weed, alcohol and sweat inside. Just by this image, Jimin had concluded that it's best he left.

He said his goodbye's to the partygoers and managed to stumble his way past spills and the butts of cigarettes. He stepped out the door, grateful for the fresh air, and wobbled his way down the block. He wondered how he'd be able to get home since his wallet was left at home with his bus card along with it. He rolled his eyes and pulled out maps to rely on.

2XXX, 10, 15. 2:00 AM

So, Jimin did manage to hobble his way back home, ignoring the passerby's that looked at him oddly. Usually, he would get mad and scream his lungs off at people who'd look at him in disgust but he felt as if he'd puke instead of screech. He just let them stare as he walked down the sidewalk.

Eventually, he did reach the white home and walked up the steep driveway. He fumbled around for his keys and after a good minute, he managed to stick it into the keyhole and unlock the door.

He was met with darkness as he kicked off his sneakers and wandered down the hall to the staircase. It was torture getting upstairs to his bedroom since all the stairs seemed uneven and he was left groping for the handles on the stairs. After a long trudge down the hall, he made it to his room.

He threw off all of his clothes and changed into something more comfortable. And the second his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light. Little did he know that a household member would be a force to deal with tomorrow.


2XXX, 10, 14. Home, South Korea. 10:00 am

Sober Jimin had learned to bear the hangovers that he used to have. He had gotten them so frequently that his body just stop getting dizzy and sluggish and let him go on through the day.

Right now, he had a bigger problem to deal with. This problem was Kim Seokjin and sometimes...Kim Namjoon. The duo were always disappointed when Jimin came home at odd hours of the night, making their face up at him the next morning. Quite frankly, it pissed Jimin off since he felt they'd never understand what's going on inside his head.

As he hobbles down the steps, he spots Jungkook and Taehyung in the corner of the living room, laughing and giggling about something. Jimin felt an unpleasant feeling running through his petite body.

Another scary change that caused detriment to his well-being: He's fallen for Jungkook. Jimin had finally acknowledged it about a few months ago when Taehyung had brought up his behavior towards anyone who stepped near Jungkook. If it were a girl especially, Jimin would get so angry that his whole face turned red and he pursed his lips tightly.

What didn't help Jimin's case was also the fact that he knew his younger wasn't a virgin. It, in fact, made him angrier when the kid came up and told him all about his first time and said how much Jimin would love it. The elder had jealousy crawling all over skin, expressed all over his face, clenched in his fists. And yet would never do anything about how he felt. He was too scared to take that leap, that jump that would let himself be known in Jungkook's eyes. But, he stayed silent.

In retrospect, he though Jungkook would know by now (The kid is fricken 19) and would speak up about it but, after the whole year...Jimin lost all hope.

And he wants to say something but he's scared of being rejected and losing the bond he and Jungkook created over the past decade they've spent together. Because losing Jungkook would be like losing the whole world to Jimin.

And so, he watched as the two moved closer together and huddled over the video Taehyung showed. He said nothing as he walked past and went to the kitchen, ignoring the two as they looked at him with concern.

Jungkook cleared his throat and stopped Jimin with his big hands. His hands are big so I can hold them, Jimin thought.

"Hyung, good morning...How was your night?"

Jimin shrugged, ignoring the warmth present in his lower belly. "It was fine. Fun, as usual."

Jungkook let go and Jimin struggled to hold back a whine. "Jin isn't happy, you know that? He said you came back later than usual and he was genuinely scared," the minor said with a serious tone.

Jimin politely smiled, one that made the younger do so too, and shook his head. "I will talk to Jin so that he won't feel that way. I don't want you all to worry; I'm a grown man."

Jungkook raised a brow teasingly at the older, causing him to break out in giggles that made even Taehyung smile and do so too. And that made Jimin's heart hurt a whole lot more.

With a farewell, he walked into the kitchen to feed himself food. Unfortunately, he was met with King #1 of the household, Kim Seokjin.

At first, Jin was too busy distributing breakfast to notice that Jimin was sitting on the barstools in front of him. Once he turned around for a spoon, he looked and saw the younger boy facing the floor.

"Good morning, Jimin. How was last night," Jin asked, voice full of spite.

It was times like these Jimin wanted to smack Seokjin. "It was the usual, how about you," he asked back, sass lacing every word.

He saw Jin grasp the spoon tighter once his reply was said. He already knew how much Jin hated when any of them, even his husband, retorted with talking back. "Jimin, lose the attitude," he warned, and gave Jimin a quick look before tuning back to his duty. "It's been the same old for the past year."

Jimin watched as the elder placed food on the table in designated spots since the first meal they've eaten in the home five years ago. He reminisced about how he was the chubby-faced little boy who now had a degree and drinks his head off. That was never his intention of who he'd become.

Jin set the last plate down and sighed. "I miss the old you -"

The door opened and interrupted Seokjin, revealing Hoseok and the rest of the household members. The ones who hadn't seen him earlier glanced towards him and smiled. The brightest coming from Hoseok.

"Hey, Chim. You haven't had breakfast with us in a while, welcome back," the bright boy had said and engulfed Jimin into a hug which later included one from Yoongi and then Namjoon, until it became a group hug. When it separated, Jimin had felt the lost in warmth not only physically but mentally.

He's missed so much for being a selfish drunk that ignored his friends for the past year. As he sat down and ate and talked, he decided one thing: Something needed to change. And it all starts with him.


Seokjin cleaned down the remains of breakfast with his husband, Namjoon. Having Jimin eat with them for the first time in a year made him remember the little boy who would scarf down his food into the little chubby cheeks of his.

Now as he watched Jimin eat, it was nothing like before. The gray-haired boy got so thin and barely took care of himself besides satisfy his need to drink.

Quite frankly, everyone in that house changed so much in five short years.

Yoongi and Hoseok have presented (Yoongi being an Omega and Hoseok being a Beta) and have matured. Jin thought that they would've taken a step closer to being in a relationship but, that's not even close to being the case. Hoseok now trains trainees and Yoongi is Namjoon's second-hand man.

Jungkook had finished high school and is now in his second year of college. He is trained by Hoseok and has yet to present. Jin strongly believes he will be an Alpha when the time comes.

Taehyung is a free spirit and works alongside Jin in a fashion industry which they've created themselves. They clothe everyone from the trainees to the household members. He presented as a Beta a few years back.

And Jin has no exact idea what Jimin does except for party and drink his ass off. Jimin is extremely late to present and has never done so yet. He believes Jimin needs to mature a bit more and will present soon.

As he hugged his husband close, he hopes that everyone will change for the better in the future. Maybe he may even muster the courage to tell everyone about that file.


Chapter Text

So, this isn't how Hoseok wanted their relationship to be. This wasn't how the 'story' was supposed to continue. Needless to say, it did and it wasn't what he was hoping for.

As he lied in bed beside Yoongi, he sighed and rubbed his face. Slowly, the man turned over to get a look at the older. His face was calm and serene, looking younger than usual. He wanted to caress the soft skin and leave tender kisses all over, making a strangled noise as he resisted his urge.

When he was growing up, he was obsessed with Min Yoongi and his quiet demeanor. The boy always wore black and his hair was the same color, making him look monotonous everyday. Not to mention his attitude which Hoseok wanted to know the solid reason for what it was about.

He basically attached himself onto the boy's arm from day one, saying he'll never let him go. Of course, it was odd to a six year old Yoongi to hear someone would "never let you go" and attached to his arm. In fact, he swiftly pushed him away and to him to go away or else.

That put tears in the corner of the five year old's eyes, lip trembling. Yoongi gave in and let the boy follow him everywhere. After a while, they met Namjoon who helped Hoseok inch away from Yoongi, nonetheless he as well followed Suga around.

Hoseok doesn't remember when he began to develop feelings for the elder, maybe around the time he was fourteen or fifteen.

One day, Namjoon and Yoongi has come over to his house for a project for Music. They were rapping and rehearsing several English lines so that it came out clear and understandable.

Even though it was an odd thought to look back on, seeing Yoongi curse in English turned him on. And it scared him.

It scared him so much that he ignored Yoongi until the presentation day when the elder pushed him up against the wall.

"Hoseok," Yoongi whined, "what has gotten into you? Why're you avoiding me like I'm sickly or something?"

Hoseok gulped at the proximity of his and Yoongi's lips, a blush cascading his face making it red. "..."

They stood like that for a good five minutes as Yoongi scanned and analyzed Hoseok's face. Pressing his lips together, the elder finally stepped back and gave the younger breathing room which he so gratefully needed.

"I want to beat you up so bad, Seok, you don't even fucking know. Why...why did you do that to me? Did I disappoint you during the project? I thought I didn't do that bad, but I - "

Hoseok clamped his hand over Yoongi's mouth and silenced him. "No, don't worry about that. You did great, don't doubt yourself. I just was mad about something that I guess I inflicted on you, don't worry."

"Do you want to tell me what that something is?"

Hoseok thought maybe he should tell him about the burning crush he's had but chose not to. Today wasn't the day for heartbreak. He shook his head.

Yoongi did look a bit disappointed but nodded, seeing that the boy clearly needed his space. "Alright. If you ever just change your mind, I'm here."

Hoseok nods and hugs Yoongi tightly, promising himself to never to do that again. He can't bear to see the look of hurt displayed upon his hyung's face

Apparently, don't hurt Yoongi was his mantra afterwards until a year ago.

You see, basically everything that affected them in the past year was a repercussion from when their parents and family have left three years back. Jimin is an alcoholic, Jungkook is a fuckboy, and Jin is secretive.

He knew Jimin drank but once he came home stumbling, he knew how heavily. He knew Jimin was going through some shit, but damn that boy drank so much. Then once Jungkook had turned 18, he was off to have sex with literally everything living and breathing except the one person he actually desired. And Seokjin...

The oldest of the crew was often very quiet when someone often mentioned their families and how much they missed them. He always remained stoic and tight-jawed, picking at his food and remained silent. There were times when they asked why he'd respond like that, but he always passed it off as 'uncomfortable' and he 'just wasn't in the mood'.

Hoseok stayed suspicious of Seokjin no matter what his excuse was. Something didn't seem 100% right about his excuse, but chose not to push it further.

Going back to Hoseok's life, when he confessed to Yoongi a year ago, he'd never imagine  they'd be friends with benefits.

Hoseok sat down on his bed, feeling energized from a pep talk from Namjoon. He finally felt like he would be able to confess to his decade-long attraction to his hyung, Yoongi.

There was a voice, like always, nagging him and telling him that his decision to reveal his infatuation was wrong and he'd get rejected. But it was better late or never because then he'd seem like a coward.

He took a deep breath and cradled the flowers in his hand, waiting for Yoongi to enter the red room. It seemed the older was taking quite a awhile to appear since he had texted the other about an hour ago. Weird.

This was no better to Hoseok who now seemed to be getting cold feet. What if...if he knew what I was going to do?

All these crazy and quite frankly delusional thoughts began to enter his brain, clouding his mind and vision. He broke into a nervous sweat, taking big breaths in order to calm himself down. Rushing to the bathroom, he turned the sink on and began to cool himself off with freezing cold water.

He saw prominent bags under his eyes that were as red as his face. He could see the panic in his eyes, his pupils blown wide. He decided to sit down on the cool tile floor to restore his heartbeat to normal. When he felt that he could stand  without having a cardiac arrest, he left the room to check up on Yoongi.

As soon as he closed the door, he picked up a whiff of pine trees coming frim Yoongi's room. Maybe he was just getting ready, Hoseok tried to assure himself.

However as soon as he got closer to the door, he felt his heart race pick up and knees feel a bit weak. His mind only thought of one message: Enter the room.

Being that his state was unstable and could only hear the voices ringing in his head, he ripped open the door and stumbled upon Yoongi who was shaking upon his bed. Hoseok walked closer towards the bed, instincts taking over his rational mind.

Yoongi turned over, glad someone found him. He was in such severe pain but wanted someone to touch him and caress his body. He wanted someone to hold him and fuck him. So, here was Hoseok.

It felt like the younger marveled over the elder's body before gulping and leaning closer, breath hovering over Yoongi's lips.

"Where were you?"

Oh, god. Hoseok's voice became lower and husky, making Yoongi shiver in pleasure. He looked up into the younger's eyes, seeing that they were glowing brown with a passion.

"I-I'm sorry, Seok. I just don't f-feel well right now...I think I'm presenting."

Hoseok chuckled, moving his face away from Yoongi's. "Isn't that crazy? I think I'm presenting as well."

This caused Yoongi to blush not just at the proximity, but also at the amount of heat generating at their lower bodies. He had no idea why his brain slipped into a submissive subconscious, but it caused to him to boldly grab Hoseok's waist and pull him closer.

The younger stumbled and clumsily placed his lips upon the elder's. Pretty soon they got over the initial shock and started making out like their lives depended on it. Pretty soon they were both naked and going it like pure animals.


Later that night, Hoseok had been running his fingers through a tired but horny Yoongi's hair. They were both pretty sore after having multiple rounds of sex and were so dizzy during the process of it.

With whatever energy he had left, he was thinking about how fast their relationship had escalated in just five hours. He never admitted to Yoongi how he had feelings or how he'd like to make him smile at every second, every hour of the day.

But no, he just had to go and have sex with him and with no moral or shame involved! He didn't even feel guilty after he had came during the first round up until the sixth. Not even now did he feel shameful.

However, he did feel regretful. He regrets how fast he fell for his instincts instead of his logic. He regrets how animalistic he became and wouldn't stop going. But most of all, he regrets that he never confessed how he really felt.

So as they caught their breaths and drifted off to sleep, Hoseok promised to himself that he would confess. But, he never did.

When the heat and induced rut was over, both had finally caught their breath and was brought down to the real world.

Yoongi relaxed his sore body before he made a levelheaded thought: Did Hoseok-

"Hoseok, did you knot me?"

Hoseok turned over, looking confused and drowsy. "Hmmm what?"

"Did you like...knot me? Like come inside with a knot that your dick made?"

Hoseok shook his head, remembering the lessons his elder taught. Even in his crazy rut he knew not to go that far with an Omega.

As Hoseok reminisced, Yoongi has opened his eyes and yawned. Hoseok snapped his head towards the male and smiled.

"Good Morning."

Yoongi chuckled and caressed Hoseok's cheek, endearingly looking into his eyes. He always seemed to love  those warm, brown eyes.

And maybe, just maybe, he got lost in them, too. So lost that he couldn't even blink or think straight.

"You have such beautiful eyes, Seok..."

If anymore possible, his smile widened even more and a blush cascaded on his face.

"Thank you."

They cuddled in silence until Hoseok decided to break it off, despite the tiny crack in his heart as he did. But he had to get ready for work.

So as Hoseok went into the bathroom, Yoongi slowly stood up and walked to the door of the room.

He shook his head at stupid the both of them are. Neither of them wanted it to go this far to the point where they were friends with benefits but, they were also extremely cowardly. It was just a vicious cycle of having sex without showing how they felt about one another.

He scanned the surrounding of the room before exiting and entering his own next door. He quickly put on his work outfit, styled his hair and met up with Namjoon at the door. The said male was smiling sympathetically at him.

It seemed like everyone knew about he and Hoseok's situation, which wasn't supposed to be known, and tried to inflict it upon him each day. All they both knew was that they wanted the situation to be over so they can actually be together and hold hands.

Yoongi smiled with grief written upon his face, indicating that it didn't end up the way he planned. Namjoon recognized the smile immediately and patted Yoongi on the back.

"S'okay. You can do it, you shouldn't be afraid to say how you feel."

"I know but what if he doesn't, which would be pretty rare, feel the same way about me? What if all I feel is a one-sided attraction? So many fears are running through my head and I don't like it at all. I wish things were so much more simple," Yoongi said as he and Namjoon entered the limousine.

Namjoon put a hand on the elder's shoulder. "No matter what, you guys can still be friends. Just go for it."


Chapter Text

2XXX, 16, 10. Home, South Korea. 20:50 (8:50 pm)

Jimin retouched the eyeliner on his eyes, making sure his makeup was good and he looked sexy.

Tonight would be the night of his last party and drinking out of his mind. It was nice while it lasted of course but, if he kept drinking he would never get around to doing what he needs to do and accomplish.

And maybe he shouldn't have his last round of it today but he just needs to feel the adrenaline rush once more before succumbing to his fate once more.

He didn't really dress up like he usually did for a party since it wasn't really worth it. He just put on jeans and a top with a sweater, styled his hair back and put on dress sneakers.

He took one final look at the mirror and put in his earrings to top it off and left the room. It made him disappointed that he basically knew the routine as usual, starting from leaving the room. It kind of got him depressed a little.

He saw Jungkook and Hoseok lounging in the living room, making small talk and jokes while eating snacks. Oh how Jimin longed to be on Jungkook's lap, sharing ramyeon together while watching K-drama re-runs. It was all part of his delusion of a relationship.

Apparently, they heard the swing of his keys and immediately turned towards him, curiosity on their faces.

"Oh, Jimin-hyung? Are you going out as usual?"

Hoseok quirked a brow when Jungkook had said 'as usual'. "You're leaving again?"

Jimin gulped nervously. "Well, yeah. Why would I have my keys if I wasn't leaving?"

Hoseok look strongly determined to keep Jimin where he's at during the moment.

Jungkook saw this as well and put a hand on Hoseok's arm. "He does this all the time, just leave it alone. Just don't bother him; I stopped doing that months ago. He'll just get mad or something."

Jimin took that to heart much more than he should've. Unfortunately, it didn't help Hoseok's stance as he made a face. "Jimin, you should really stop's not safe."

Jimin made a fist around his keys and sighed in annoyance, not missing how Jungkook nudged Hoseok in a way of saying, "Told you so".

"Hoseok, just leave me alone. I'm fine, okay. I come home safe and sound all the time; don't worry! Please, this is the last time I'll do this anyway."

Jungkook looked at him in disbelief. He wasn't stunned or anything, he just didn't believe Jimin was actually going to stop drinking. It punctured Jimin's heart once more.

"Look", Jimin said, " I'm not here to prove anything to the two of you. I'm helping myself and I don't need anyone else's input. I already got Jin's, which wasn't wanted. Go back to watching TV and mind your own fucking business and leave me alone."

Jimin didn't even look back to see the shocked faces of the two men after hearing Jimin curse or speak informally. Nor did Jimin care as he walked to the front door and slammed it closed, knowing full well it would be loud enough for the whole house to hear.

He did not want to hear his older Hyung out at all; all he wanted to do was enjoy his last night out in fun. Now, he just looked like an asshole in front of Jungkook and Hoseok which was never intended.

Whatever, he thought. I'm sick and tired of people judging me before knowing the full story, anyway.


2XXX, 16, 10. Home, South Korea 21:00 (9:00 PM)

Jungkook watched the television wordlessly after the brief disagreement between Hoseok, Jimin, and himself. He really and truly hasn't meant to hurt Jimin or anything but, he thought it would cause Hoseok to just be quiet.

He could tell Hoseok had some unsaid words left to say by the way his eyes looked but chose not to say. He was glad because he knew it wouldn't be very nice.

Jungkook was mad at Jimin. It felt like the older boy had no idea what the actual fuck was going on in the household because he avoided it.

He had no idea the relationship between Hoseok and Yoongi was strained, that Jin wanted so desperately to have a baby, or most Jungkook fell in love with the elder himself, Jimin.

He recalls one time he almost told Jimin his feelings but the older (he soon found out) was drunk out of his mind and couldn't even form coherent sentences. He just put him to bed and kissed him goodnight upon his forehead. That was the most he could do.

He rarely ever saw Jimin the past year since he would wake up at least by 2 in the afternoon and be gone a few hours afterwards. It was so fucked up how much he's missed his best friend's company and comfort.

He even recalls another time when he went out with Jimin and told him to slow down on the drinking. He got so mad at the younger that Jungkook avoided him at all costs. He actually avoids the conversation about alcohol so that Jimin wouldn't be angry at him. He can't deal with that.

Hoseok eventually turned the television off and turned towards his younger. "I'm worried about Jimin."

"Don't be. He's been like that for a while now, I just stopped saying shit cause he yelled at me the last time I said something about him drinking. Just ignore it."

"How can you say, 'Just ignore it'? He's literally putting himself at danger and not even caring? Hasn't anyone actually wondered why he's so late to present? He needs to get clean and I'm not gonna sit here and watch him deteriorate his life by drinking away at his problems. It won't help him at all," Hoseok ranted unhappily.

"Hyung! Jimin needs to help himself and besides, he said that he would get clean after tonight. No big deal. He'll just come home safe as usual, maybe drunk and whatever but he'll be fine," Jungkook said, ushering for his hyung to sit.

Seokjin heard the commotion and ventured into the living area. "What's wrong now, Kook-ah?"

Jungkook rolled his eyes and whines, "Jimin again."

"He left?"

Hoseok turned over in shock, eyebrows furrowing. "Did you not hear the fucking door slam shut?"

"Oh, I thought that was Taehyung. It was Jiminie? I thought he was gonna change..."

"Clearly not, Seokjin. He went out to party again. Hope he has fun," Hoseok says, snarky.

Jin shakes his head, going back into the kitchen and muttering how he was gonna have a 'talk' with Jimin.

Quite frankly, no one in the house agreed with what Jimin's doing. They made it clear to the alcoholic man but he was just too stubborn to listen to others.

Hopefully, Jungkook thinks, he'll learn his lesson and stay away from alcohol for good.

He doesn't want Jimin to fall into the wrong hands if he was under the influence. It wouldn't mean anything good if it did happen.


2XXX, 16, 10. Lim District, 21:05 (9:05 PM)

Jimin walked up the large building that was probably bursting with people. The music was pounding loudly, already a headache he had to deal with. It wasn't even good music; it was straight trash that Americans found appealing.

Ignoring the music, he was greeted by Irene and Seulgi who both had a drink in their hands. The seemed to be talking rather flirtatiously since a blush was seen on both of their faces. Unless they were just drunk as hell which would explain the giggling because he couldn't understand one word the two were saying.

He pushed open the door, allowing him to smell many mixes of odors, including illegal drugs. He took a long look around, taking in his surroundings.

It'd been awhile since he hasn't raced to drink something the moment he stepped into a venue. He felt...different being sober so late into the night. It didn't feel like his surroundings were blurry or felt like his whole world was spinning. He felt upright and focused.

He now just didn't feel like drinking. The thought of ingesting a single drop of one made him repulsed and wanted to puke at it. Maybe it wasn't such a good decision to do this, after all. He should've just listened to Hoseok and stayed home.

Suddenly, the house's lights became too flashy, making him disoriented. He stumbled into the nearest passerby who clearly wasn't too happy about it.

"Hey, watch where you're going," they yelled.

Jimin didn't have the heart, or breath, to give his apologies as he shakily made his way to the stairs. It seemed to get worse for him as the air started to smell rancid and got stuffy, making his panic attack worse. He was barely walking at this point since he grasped onto the railing seeing as how he could no longer trust his legs. Damn, why're the stairs so damn long!

After what it seemed like forever, Jimin reached the top of the stairs. His legs gave in as he crawled, his chest heaving. He felt like he was dying with his eyes bulged out and his face paler than usual. He still had no idea how no one found him crawling like a corpse upon the ground.

He approached a big window, thanking God that he had found one. With drool dripping down his face, he pushed himself up by using the ledge and turned the handles. The window opened, letting him receive fresh air to calm his racing heartbeat down.

After five minutes and deep breaths, Jimin felt much better. Sure his stomach was still a queasy mess but, at least it was a little better than before. Until he finally felt like he wasn't gonna throw up or collapse on his feet, he left the window and sat in a bedroom.

He was starting to feel...weird. The pool of heat forming in his lower body didn't make matters better.

And the second he began to remove his clothes, a group of Alphas seemed to have a few other plans.


2XXX, 16,10. Home, South Korea. 22:00 (10:00 PM)

Jin heard a dish clatter in the kitchen, making him jump from the couch and turn over in confusion.

"Is everything alright in there?"

No answer was replied which made Seokjin more nervous. He couldn't possibly know why a plate was being dropped onto the floor on purpose. He got up and speed-walked to the kitchen.

A scent of lilacs, honey, and orange filled his nose and indicated him of one person: Jungkook.

"Kook-ah? What happened," Jin said frantically. He sees the youngest on the floor, groaning about the pain he's in. Seokjin leaned in to see his eyes glowing red.

"Namjoon, Hoseok! Come into the kitchen, please!"

The said '94 liners rush into the kitchen, very clearly watching the younger writher in pain upon the floor. Jin shakily sighed and could barely utter, "Take him to his room."

Despite that, the two lifted the Maknae and brought him to his gray room and softly placed him on his bed. They stripped him of his clothes and made him more comfortable.

Hoseok left the room to get water for the poor 19 year old but Jungkook had passed out, the pain becoming unbearable for him to stay conscious.


2XXX, 16, 10. Lim District, South Korea. 22:00 (10:00 PM)

On the other side of town, things didn't seem to be going too well for Jimin.

His oncoming heat had driven several Alphas into the room, all lusty and sex deprived. They all had the same glowing eyes and creepy smile.

Jimin sat on the bed, pushing back as far as he could to avoid confrontation with any of them. They all smelled bad or stank of their ranking. He soon it the wall and pulled his legs up to make himself smaller. Maybe I'll just disappear.

Unfortunately, he did not disappear and rather appealed more. He made the males (and one random female) chuckle hungrily as they looked at his cowering figure. "Don't be scared," the female cooed.

A guy had pushed her back. "Step back, sis. We just came cause you smelled so pretty. What's that pretty name of yours?"

"I'm not telling."

They all hooted at his attitude. "Feisty, isn't he?"

"Don't worry, when he's choking on my dick, he won't be giving me sass anymore.," the big, burley one had said, seemingly pissed off.

Jimin hasn't prayed in a while since his parents had left. He lost his faith in Christianity since none of his pleas were being answered. He threw away his bible that he had bought and had steadily read each night. The only thing he never threw out was his crucifix earrings and ring because he wanted to save that for his child.

In this moment, he was praying so goddamn hard that these men wouldn't touch him and were just messing with him. He was just praying that they would say, "Sike! We'll take you home cause we saw you have a panic attack!", or something. He prayed that this was just a joke.

But as the horrid man came closer and closer, his prayers stopped midway. His breathing erratic and little whines left his mouth. He was inwardly begging for them to stop it and leave him the hell alone.

He closed his eyes once the hot breath of the attacker were felt near his lips, making him shiver. "Please...stop..."

His plea went unanswered as the lips came in contact. It was rough and wet and way too firm for Jimin. It was disgusting as the man went rougher and nibbled his bottom lip, having the decency to ask for entrance.

Jimin pulled his mouth shut and looked the other way forcefully, wiping his lips off. It was so gross and slimy. Not what he wanted is first kiss to be like at all.

"Man, look. He's wiping your kiss off!"

"Doesn't matter. He'll be feeling the good stuff sooner or later. He'll beg so much once he's on my cock."

Fat tears rolled down Jimin's face as he heard the belt shackle and become unhooked. From the corner of his eyes he saw articles of clothing being tossed to the side, landing softly on the bed. He heard a few of the audience laughing and cooing at his tears, making no move to help him.

He also saw cameras pointing at him, the owners no doubt getting ready to film his defilation.

Hands grabbed his face, turning him face forwards and facing him in front of the burly man. He was sobbing and shaking at the tight grip, his whimpers getting louder. Still, the man had no mercy and once again plummeted his mouth upon Jimin's soft lips.

Stop, he mouthed. Stop, stop it. The man didn't of course and continued to press onto Jimin, moving his hands further down to his lower body. Rough hands slid under his shirt and dragged their way up to his nipple, making Jimin gasp and kick him away.

He grunted and pulled away and Jimin sensed this as his chance to leave. He got up as fast as he could but was pushed back down by one of the crowd members.

This time, the molester was angry. He grabbed Jimin's throat and pushed him into a vulnerable state where he was unable to get back up. He was barely even breathing when he felt his own pants being stripped off and thrown onto the floor.

"I'm gonna make you feel so good..."

His underwear was slowly being stripped off, revealing his lower abdomen. "No, stop..."

The man did not stop. He fully removed Jimin's undergarment and shamelessly revealed his private area. He heard the laughter and noise level rising once his Calvin Klein underwear was tossed upon the floor. Only now could he see the slick running down his legs, coating his inner thighs.

He wanted to push away the hands of the man pumping him to full hardness or be able to turn away from the flashing cameras recording this sexual interaction. Everything was so gross.

He blocked out everything by closing his eyes. He tried to block out the sounds, the hands, his mouth...anything that could make this experience forgettable. Until he felt his legs being raised, his eyes popped open.

He watched as the man put his manhood inside of him, the stretch causing Jimin to scream in agony. He went under no preparation to get himself ready for sex. His penis went right in, breaking his hole. He felt trickling of blood and slick running down his legs.

Jimin swears nothing has hurt as much as this feeling in his asshole. He was screaming, not moaning, for the man to stop. For everyone to stop.

His sobs cascaded his hearing and he could only hear his hiccups and felt tears running down his cheeks, landing on the pillow beneath him. It didn't feel good, it didn't feel right. He was being violated for the whole of South Korea to see. It was fucking humiliating.

Someway through, he was being stroked and being told to cum hard and dirty. Right, like he could; his body went limp.

Eventually, the horrid man came and ejaculated his seed into Jimin, the warm liquid making him quiver. He pulled out, sighing in pleasure and Jimin in pain.

He slapped Jimin's ass for good measure, pulled up his pants, and high-fived his friends. Everyone was basically laughing at the clips or at Jimin who lied on the bed and tried to catch his breath.

They thrusted the videos in his face, forcing him to watch it. He saw himself give himself up, being thrusted into like a fucking animal, with no mercy. Gross, gross, gross.

Nausea creeped up his body as he leaned over to lamely put on his clothes, deliberately ignoring the laughter of everyone.

Suddenly, Jinyoung's voice rang out in a scream, twisting everyone's attention. A gunshot was heard, along with two more.

Everyone filed out the room in a hurry, not even bothering to spare Jimin a glance or to help him up. He stood up too fast, making him dizzy and losing his balance. He groped anything he could to help him walk, or rather limp, out of the house.

He stumbled down the steps, seeing blood littering the carpets. Vomit was starting to creep up his esophagus. 

He reached outside, limping lamely like he was maimed.  He heard Jinyoung's voice again, this time speaking rapidly to someone. Jaebum-hyung!

Jimin rushed over  to Jaebum, body pleading for him to stop. "J-Jaebum, Jinyoung!"

Both turned their heads over to Jimin who was quite disheveled. Jinyoung looked extremely relieved to see him. "'re okay?"

He shook his head and he fell onto Jaebum's strong grasp. "No..."

"You're all over the internet. Who would film you having sex with someone else," the alpha growled as he held strongly onto Jimin.

"I w-was raped."

Jaebum's eyes tuned an angrier red as he pulled out his phone to call Namjoon. It was then he saw Jinyoung holding his arm profusely, blood running down his arm.

So much shit went down in just a matter of hours, and the walls were fully destructed now.


Chapter Text

Got7 will make multiple cameos at this point

An ambulance came up after a good three minutes passed. Jaebum held his grip with Jimin and grabbed Jinyoung, helping him up.

The three of them got into the back, both omegas being drilled on their health. One of the EMT's immediately recognized Jimin from the uploaded clips and pulled a face of sympathy and pity. Jimin wanted to frown at her but the events seemed to catch up to him right there.

He started crying again, startling JB and Jinyoung. Both men reached over to touch him but he had flinched because of the reflex. He sniffed.

Trying to shake the sobs away, he began to take deep and shaky breaths. He faced Jaebum. "How bad were the videos?"

Jaebum grimaced at the thought of and he looked like he were to throw up right then and there. "Ugh, those videos were plain and simply disgusting. I can't imagine why people were cheering him on and how they heard you say stop so many damn times...the fact that he kept going...that bastard's gonna pay," he said, clenching his fists.

Jinyoung released his comforting peach and cream scent. "I was actually being shown it on live. I realized it as the room upstairs when I was exploring the mansion before the party really kicked off. I was going to come and rescue you but there was someone arguing with their girlfriend on the staircase and it got serious to the point where they pulled out a gun. That's how I got shot and I screamed, sooner or later everyone was running out the house."

Jimin wipes away tears, the action useless since more kept flowing down his blotchy cheeks. The fact that he could've been killed twice in one night now starting to affect him. Nobody helped me out. They left me to die in that room.

Suddenly, the ambulance stopped. Jimin guesses they had arrived at the hospital since the engine was turned off.

The back doors opened, releasing the chilly air from outside. It caused all three men to shiver at the same time, making Jimin's state even worse.

One EMT grabbed Jimin's hand and helped him walk into the hospital. Jimin thanked this man's soul because without his help, Jimin would've fallen onto the gravel. He couldn't feel his legs at all and to no surprise, his ass was aching severely.

He signed his name into a book and was taken to an emergency room. He looked at his surroundings.

The walls were so white and bland. So was the bed and it was also cold, despite the heat in the room. Jimin already hates it.

"Mr. Park, remove your clothes and change into the gown right there. The doctor will be in shortly after I ask a few questions. I will leave you to change," a nurse said, giving the same pitying look. It was like the whole South Korea has seen the videos right now.

The door closed and he began to strip his clothes off, thankful that he was getting out of those soiled clothing and into something dry. He folded his dirty items, seeing body fluids all over them. Quickly, he hid them underneath his shirt so that he and other people would have to see it.

After two minutes passed, the nurse walked back into the room and this time, with a clip board. She looked at his slouching posture and clicked her pen. "Park, have you called an emergency contact?"

Jimin shook his head. "No, but Jaebum -the guy with the dude who got shot in the arm- did."

"And the contacts name is?"

"Kim Namjoon."

Her eyebrow raised. "He's here actually with two other accomplices. I'll let them in, if you want."

Jimin nodded. "Yes please." The nurse nodded and sent a message to the waiting room to let his hyungs in.

The nurse drilled him on his vitals and suddenly the door busted open, revealing Namjoon, Jin,  and Taehyung. Jin seemed to be crying out his mind, Taehyung was on the brink of tears and Namjoon was angry. Jimin could feel the waves of fury from five feet away.

Seokjin was the first one run over, caressing Jimin's face as it were glass. "J-Jimin...Oh my gosh..."

Jimin looked into the elder's eyes. They were glistening with hot tears and his eyes were red and puffy, His breathing was ragged and his hands were warm and clammy. "Jin-hyung..."

Suddenly, the doctor walked inside the room, tearing Jin away from Jimin.

"Mr. Park, I'm Dr. Kang. I've been informed of your condition and there are procedures I want to take for you to get justice. Can we do a rape kit? Of course, you can say no."

All eyes focused on Jimin. He gulped and nodded. "Yes, I'll do the rape kit."

The doctor nodded and called for the police officers to enter the room. He continued to direct Jimin to put his clothes into a sealed bag for later evidence. Right after Jimin had put the clothes into the bag, the officers came and knocked onto the door.

Namjoon shook hands with them, brohugging Jackson, and let them go to Jimin. They then shook hands with the gray-haired male.

They asked Jimin to recall the events, which seemed to never fade away in his memory. He then told them of the existing evidence online, if it weren't reported by now. Jackson was all too disgusted with the idea of searching for them so, Wendy did so instead.

All she had to do was enter Instagram and her feed was filled with the videos of Jimin and his merciless pleading. He heard Jin and Taehyung choke up in the background. He began to cry once again, fat and hot tears rolling down his cheeks for the nth time tonight.

Wendy saved what she could from the clips and whomever she followed from it. She shook her head in disgust from watching the videos. "People these days are gross. I can't believe that happened. Who else was with you?"

"J-Jinyoung was also at the party but, I only saw he and Jaebum after gunshots rang out. 'Nyoungie actually got shot in the arm there," Jimin blubbered surprisingly coherent.

Jackson's eyes were wide, glad that Jinyoung was alive, but also surprised that Jimin had survived two events that could've ended his life early. "Fuck, this party was out of control."

Everyone in the room agreed silently.

After a moment of silence, the officers urged the three Kims out to give Jimin privacy to perform the kit. Jimin was hesitant to turn around and have them swab his buttocks, for a good reason though. He obliged but not without flinching in the process. After that was taken care of, the rest were invited back inside.

He continued to answer questions that had to do with his sexual history and the exact location of the party, along with the room it happened in. By the time he was done with his treatments for STI's, it was five the next morning.

Literally everyone had bags under their eyes and were aching to go to sleep. They all waved goodbye to the staff and officers and got Jimin into the bed.

The other three passed out onto the couches, finally able to sleep since this whole fiasco.


2XXX, 17, 10. Hospital, Moon District. 11:00 AM

Jimin awoke, jolting. He had no recollection of where he was for a moment. Until he looked around the bland four walls did he remember last night's events and how he ended up here. His eyes began to water.

Taehyung walked into the room, holding Jell-o and coffee, presumably for Jimin. He placed it next to the bed and grabbed a tissue to wipe Jimin's tears. "I know, Chim. Just let it all out."

And for the next ten minutes, that is what Jimin did. He cursed, cried and sobbed all that he felt that he could. He could still feel Taehyung's hand rubbing his back.

Taehyung separated from him and sat down in the chair. "I got you some food and something to drink. Namjoon and Jin  are with Jaebum since Jinyoung just had surgery to get the bullet out."

Jimin tucked his lower lip in. "I-It's my fault. If I hadn't went into heat, he wouldn't have gotten hurt."

Tae looked up with stern eyes. "None of this is your fault. Wait, you went into heat?"

"Did I not mention it when I was telling the story?"

Taehyung shook his head, biting his cheek. "Oh, no. The fact that he ejaculated makes it even worse, oh God. Hey, officer..."

Wendy walked through the door with a coffee in her hands and a confused expression. "Yeah, Tae?"

"Jimin was in heat when he was raped."

Wendy's eyes widened at the discovery. "Oh shit, oh shit! There's no claiming marks, right?"

Jimin shook his head. He was still so drowsy and confused at what the big deal was. "And the big deal is?"

"Jimin, what do you mean? You could be pregnant with his baby. Did you not think about that at all? You didn't even take birth control, oh fuck. Jin's going to be so mad!"

Jimin realized the situation and how large it was. Oh yeah, it was a pretty big deal. A BIG fucking deal.


Jimin changed into the fresh clothes that were offered to him from home. He was being discharged from the hospital and the only thing he wanted to do was take a shower. Thankfully, he was able to since they've finished collecting the samples of sperm that were inside of Jimin.

Even though his heat was abruptly over, he could now smell everyone's scent and the feeling off of it. So far, anxiety was dripping from everyone's scent. Even Jungkook.

Apparently, Jungkook's rut has started off strongly and abruptly ended, just like Jimin's heat did. Jimin was starting to believe they were fated mates due to their synchronization.  I shouldn't get my hopes up. It's not worth getting my heart broken.

Jimin sat on the bed and deleted some of his profiles on social media. He got plenty of follows from porn companies and other perverts and his posts were flooding with comments. Some of them were sweet and others were plain disgusting. He wasn't one to be cowardly but, Social Media put him in a place where he was right now and would rather stay away from it.

Once he was satisfied enough, he put his phone away and focused on reality. He didn't want to think about how he could be pregnant with his rapist's baby. It wasn't a pleasant thought to think about  because it always led him back to being raped and...he didn't want to keep reliving that experience. 

He sat back on the bed and stared at the blank ceiling. He thought about putting stars there, maybe asking Taehyung to do so, so he could look up when he felt lonely. The stars would remind him that he and his family would be looking at the same ones, in different places. The thought warmed his heart.

Although he no longer cried about his parents and brother being missing, the hole in his heart felt larger. In this moment, he just wanted to hold his mother close. He frowned at the memories of when he was younger and his mother's hugs would heal anything, the warmth constricting around his body. "Eomma..."

Suddenly, the door opened and revealed Jungkook. Jimin sat up a little too fast, his back aching once he did. He shrieked and Jungkook rushed over to him.

"Oh jeez, my bad! I didn't mean to startle you, hyung," Jungkook said hurriedly, helping Jimin back into sitting position. And for once, Jimin hadn't scrambled away from his touch.

"I'm okay, Kook-ah. I'll be fine, don't worry about me," Jimin reassured. It didn't stop Jungkook from making him more comfortable on the bed that he was laying on. "You also don't need to do that."

Jungkook cleared his throat and sat next to Jimin's feet, holding them tightly. "I want to though. Anything for you, you know that." Jimin smiled, quietly saying his thanks.

"How're you feeling, hyung?"

"I'm a whole wreck, Jungkook. It's just a lot to handle, Jungkook. I-I don't want to talk about it anymore...I-I'm trying to move on from the whole thing but it's hard. It's really really hard, Kook-ah. Extremely hard."

Jungkook engulfed his elder into a hug, his scent of orange and water lilies with a hint of honey comforting Jimin. It felt nice to have the one he loved most in his arms where he hoped he would stay.

"I love you, Jimin. So fucking much," Jungkook whispered.

Jimin turned his head so his eyes could meet the younger's. The doe eyed blown wide and looked vulnerable. "I love you, too. More than you would ever k-know."

Jungkook shook his head. "I love you as in like- more than friends. I want to be with you, I want to hold your hands and go on dates with you. Hell...I'd even love to marry you."

Jimin pulled away and grabbed Jungkook's face in his hands. "You want to?"

Jungkook eagerly nodded as best as he could in Jimin's grasp. "I want to. I've loved you for a long time now."

"How long?" Jimin's eyes searched his face for a trace of a lie. He couldn't find anything remotely obvious.

"I think since...forever. Jimin, I've liked- loved- only you. I couldn't ask for a more perfect person as you are."

Jimin's face flushed as he kissed Jungkook's cheeks and snuggled him so tight, he could barely breathe. "Jungkookie, you're so amazing. I want to be with you, too. I didn't want to tell you because I thought you'd hate me afterwards and push me away. I couldn't afford to lose anymore people that mean a lot to me."

"I'll always be here for you, hyung. I promise. That's why I'm here now, to make things right again. To make you who you are again. Jiminie, all you have to do is call me and I'll be there for you."

Jimin felt tears run down his face again, this time in joy. "I can always count on you, Kookie."