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Inside Out and Back Again

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2XXX, 9,13. South Korea 10:35 AM. Kim Household.

"-Taehyung! Wake your ass up, right now!"

Taehyung had the opportunity to wake up to his brother screaming in his face. He rubbed his sleepy face and sat upright in his bed. "What the hell do you want?"

He opened his eyes to find his brother in a state of panic, eyes blown wide and his face horror stricken.

"Tae, our parents aren't home. Matter of fact, they're not anywhere. I tried calling them, no answer. I called 119 for fucks sake and it said the line has been disconnected. I'm serious Taehyung. Where are my parents?"

Taehyung just blinked and fell back into his pillows. Annoying brother and his jokes that aren't funny.

Seokjin eventually got annoyed at his brother just sitting there when he was being serious. He had no idea where the other Kims were.

Today would've been Taehyung and Seokjin's first day back to school with Jin going to college and Tae entering the junior year.

Now, Jin specifically remembers telling his parents to wake him up at five am because he's a late sleeper. That being said, he didn't wake up until 10 am and looked around for his parents to scold them. But...they weren't there.

He had called both of them probably fifty times before he had a realization. Maybe they were in an accident? And so, he called 119. And even then, there was no answer. Dispatch was disabled and there were no current available responders. Which is extremely worrying.

Jin was fed up with Taehyung not taking him seriously so he grabbed a pillow and threw it into his face. "Wake the fuck up, now! Look, call 119 and see if they answer. Taehyung I am not joking, there is something wrong here."

Taehyung rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone from the dresser where it was charging. "Fine, if it'll get you to shut the hell up."

He dialed the line, expecting them to pick up. But instead it rang until it gave an automatic message: I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Please try again at another time. And the line went dead.

Taehyung's eyes bulged and he hopped out of bed and began to call his parents. A message told him the number was not in service. "Hey, Seokjin?"

Jin looked over to Taehyung. "Yeah?"

"You're right. Something is wrong."


2XXX, 9, 13. South Korea 10:45 AM. Kim Household

Namjoon groaned as he turned over in his bed, sun hitting his face. He blinked as he sat up, getting used to the light in the room. Looking over to his nightstand, he glimpsed at the clock.

10:45 AM

What the fuck? Wait, he was supposed to be woken up five hours ago by his mother and he was two hours late to school. On the first day of Junior year where he was to receive an award for the first person in thirty years to achieve 100's on all of his classes and end of year exams.

He rolled his eyes and shook his best friend, Hoseok, awake. "Hoseok, wake up."

Hoseok jolted awake, eyes puffy from sleeping. "What time is it," he said, voice still lathered in sleep.

"It's fucking ten in the morning. We're late as hell to school and my parents didn't even wake us up," Namjoon said, clearly irritated as he took out his sweats and began to get ready. He took his phone and dialed his parents to get an explanation.

An automatic message came on for both numbers which was odd because both usually answer their phones on the first ring. What's going on? He shook his head and called his sister as well with the same reaction. Something's off.

He rushed out of the bathroom and over to Hoseok who was putting on his school clothes. "Hey, Seok?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Call your parents. There's something not right going on."

Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows and picked up his phone to dial both his parents and sister. All the same ending. An automatic message that reached his phone. "All I'm getting is a message, Joon-ah. Is something wrong?"

Namjoon bit his lip and tried something that he'd never do until necessary. "I'm calling the police. Maybe they're in an accident."

So, he dialed 119. After about two rings he got: I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Call again at another time. And then the call clicked off. "The hell?"

"What," Hoseok asked, voice rising.

"The number isn't working at all. Seriously, something isn't right-"

Suddenly, Namjoon's phone rang and both boys looked at it seeing that it was Yoongi calling. He answered without hesitation. "Yeah?"

"Namjoon, there's been an apocalypse."


2XXX, 9, 13. South Korea, 9:30 AM. Min Household.

"Arrg! Fucking alarm," Yoongi groaned as he woke up, pushing the blankets off of his petite body. "I thought I set it off."

Turning it off, he brushed his teeth and tripped over his several other siblings belongings. He moved them over so that no one else could fall over them again.

Today was Senior day so, he had no school on the first day. Even if he did, he wouldn't be taking that many classes this year.

He looked around the house to see if anyone was present. His father usually was because he had no job since Yoongi was 11. He remembers him saying that he would but...never did. So, his mother was the breadwinner until his eldest brother got a job when he was at college.

Maybe he went out? Yoongi shook his head at the thought. His father was too embarrassed to even leave the house. He'd just get criticized for being a stay at home dad.

Yoongi looked around for breakfast which was usually made (even if he'd get the least bit of it) and put on the counter. And there was none, not even in the microwave or the fridge. That's where he got suspicious.

He put on his sweats and walked outside to see flurries of teens outside. Some were panicking and some were crying. He creased his brow at everyone because he wanted to know what was going on.

He looked around and saw cars missing, mailboxes either missing or bare, lawns removed of once was full of life. Where were the parents of all these teenagers? Where were his parents?

"Hey, man." A voice made Yoongi turn around in shock. It was none other than Mark Tuan, a classmate of his.

"Oh, hi Mark. What's going on?"

Mark took a deep breath and scratched his blonde hair. "Apparently, all adults are gone. Only teens are left here. I'm trying to figure things out but, there's so little evidence."

"Why would you assume all adults were gone?"

"Try calling 119," Mark said, a smirk on his face. Yoongi did as he said, still very confused.

I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Call again at another time.

Yoongi put his phone back in his pocket, confusion written all over his face. "But why is 119 disabled? It's a much needed network."

"Exactly! Something has to do with why these adults are gone and only left teens and pre-teens alone! I called Jackson and he said his family was gone too with all of their clothes. There's some fishy shit going on."

Why did these things happen to Yoongi?

"If I were you, I would tell all my friends what's going on. They deserve to know," Mark said.

All of a sudden, Jackson came out of nowhere. "Yo, Mark! I'm legitimately freaking out."

"Of course you are. Get off of me," Mark said, struggling to get Jackson off of his back.

Yoongi just ignored the antics of the two and took out his cellular again to dial Namjoon. "Namjoon, there's been an apocalypse."

"What do you mean 'apocalypse'?"

"Namjoon, all of our parents, adults-they're all gone. It's just us to fend for ourselves."


2XXX, 9, 13. South Korea, 10:47 AM. Jeon/Park Household

Jungkook rolled out of his bed and wiped his mouth of the remaining drool that stuck on his face. He slipped on his Iron Man slippers and slugged his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

He brushed his teeth furiously while sitting on the toilet. He got up and spit the remains out and gargled.

He took out his face wash and washed his face along with the sleepiness. He proceeded to take a shower and put on his clothes.

He rushed downstairs to get breakfast and that's when he realized- since when did he wake himself up?

With confusion riddled on his face, he took his phone out of his pocket and checked the time. What the-

"Fuck!? It's ten in the morning! Mom, Dad? Junghyun? Where are you guys?"

Jungkook looked in the living room, kitchen, den. They were nowhere to be found.

He rushed up to his parents room, half-expecting them to be asleep in their bed. Disappointment flashed across his face as he went through their drawers, finding nothing there except things that shouldn't have been seen with his virgin eyes.

He rushed to his brother's room and saw him nowhere as well. He went through his closets, draws, bed and yet nothing was left of their existence. It was like they disappeared.

He could feel his eyes well up with tears as he made his way back down the stairs where his backpack lay on the floor. He was so excited to start his second year of high school and show off his growth spurt and longer face. The excitement was long washed down the drain and replaced with disappointment.

He pouted and without thinking, he rushed over to Jimin's house. he twisted the weirdly unlocked doorknob and rushed upstairs.

He swung open Jimin's door and found the older peacefully sleeping.

"Jimin-hyung, wake up! Jimin, please!"

Jimin woke up, yawning. "Hmm? Oh, hi Kook. Wassup?"

Jungkook felt a tiny flutter in his heart but ignored it. He rolled his eyes. "Jimin, look around. It's fucking almost eleven in the morning! My parents and my brother...they're gone."

"What do you mean 'gone'?"

"They've gone missing. All their clothes are just gone."

Jimin blinked and stood to brush his teeth. In record timing he came back in front of Jungkook. "Explain, please. Are my parents around either?"

Jungkook shook his head and began to explain that there was no one around and how he woke up late up to the part of waking Jimin up. "Hyung, I'm scared. Where are the adults?"

"Kook! Call the police, the hell?! I'm going to look in the rooms okay? Stay here and call the authorities, Jungkook."

Jungkook nodded and did as he was told. He dialed the number and waited for an answer. Eventually he was given an automatic voice message: I'm sorry but, the number you have dialed is currently either disabled or too busy to acquire any calls right now. Call again at another time.

Now, there's something seriously wrong if even 119 isn't answering. Jungkook stared blankly at his phone, even when Jimin rushed in.

"Everything's gone. My parents-their things are gone. Did you call the police? What'd they say?"

Jungkook looked up, eyes watering again. "Jimin-they're no police. No authorities. Everyone is gone and-"

Jimin's eyes let out a lone tear as he sat next to Jungkook. "What?"

"And no one can help us."

"Don't say that! Let's go outside and see if anyone else is having this problem," Jimin said, dragging Jungkook outside.

Once they reach, they both see other teens crying and having panic attacks. No matter who they spoke to, the result was the same. There really was no one around and every adult was gone.

Jungkook was eating a sandwich for breakfast with Jimin who was crying instead of eating.


"Yeah, Chimmy?"

Jimin looked him in the eyes. "We're in serious danger."