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The Job

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‘First, we have to attach your nipples to the machine, this lubricant will facilitate a suction.’

Honey was led forward, and the nurse lifted one of her soft and sleepy tits and pointed the soft nipple toward the first tube. ‘Oh,’ said the nurse when the soft skin was sucked rather farther than normal into the tube. ‘Perfect, you’ll have very prominent areolae,’ she said as she put the other nipple in the second tube. It pinched, but Honey knew it would.

The nurse pulled down a device from the ceiling. ‘Put your chin here, that’s good, and open your mouth, stick out your tongue… we’re going to put this over your tongue and inside your mouth, it’s a special kind of bite-gag that allows for a relaxed jaw position.’

Honey felt the texture inside the tube with her tongue as it slid forward, and she opened her mouth, pushing her tongue deeper into the centre as the gag slid gently into her mouth, filling up the entire space inside her teeth, just the right shape that she was constantly swallowing reflexively, like she was drinking.

‘Good, good, it’s engaged your drinking reflex, that means it fits perfectly. Nothing pinching?’


‘Good, now your lips need plumping, I’m just going to put a bit of botox in them to enhance that cupid’s bow...’

The needle went into her lower lip just as two slid into her milk ducts, and she found that while she’d been distracted, the machine had been fitted over her legs and hips, so she had no choice but to stand there while the nurse injected her lower lip and she felt it swell, and swell, while the machine injected her breasts and she felt them swell even more, tighter, and tighter, and with every feeling of tautness, she felt herself get wetter and wetter, the machine holding her legs spreading them as her breasts grew bigger, rounder, areolae still suctioned into the tube, centred by the needles in her nipples that were pumping ever more into her. She wished she could press her thighs together, but her legs were being held too far apart. The nurse was still injecting her lip, removed the needle from the bottom one, which now felt heavy and throbbed.

‘There,’ the nurse said, and slid a needle into the centre of her top lip. ‘Now this one...’

She wanted to protest, but she couldn’t, gagged and helpless. She hadn’t signed up for botox.

‘Beautiful,’ the nurse said, and turned a mirror, letting Honey see what had become of her lips. The lower one was huge, unnaturally beestung-pouty, and the top one was half the size, still huge. But… they looked pretty, they did, and Honey found herself surprised at how much she liked it. She’d always heard botox never turned out well.

‘And you’ll be numb enough that we can just fuck that little mouth for hours,’ the nurse said, and moved around behind Honey. ‘Now, some botox in this nice pussy, have to make you nice and plump and long-lasting for the boys.’

The machine was still pumping away at her tits, and her head was still trapped by the device holding it steady, so Honey could only anticipate the needle, where it would go first.

As it happened, what the nurse did first was lube up her anus and slide a warm rod into it, about the girth of a finger, which went in, and in, until the rim of something firm fit against her spread cheeks, and started the suction.

‘Just fluffing up that little rose of yours, making it nice and tender and sweet. We’ll stretch it out when your transformation is done. Now, I’m going to put some of this in your clit, to make it bigger. It’s an infusion drip, so it will go to your whole clit, not just the surface. Here we go, deep breath, and...’

The needle slid into her clit, which was quite huge already from clitoromegaly, and Honey couldn’t help how it twitched as soon as the needle went in; oddly, the needle seemed to flex with the movement, not causing pain but still feeling horribly invasive. Her clit swelled, pushing against her vaginal walls, against itself, against her bladder and urethra, throbbing with her pulse. So many things were throbbing with her pulse, now, buzzing with arousal and increasingly desperate need to be stimulated, to be touched by more than air.

‘Oh, you’re plumping up perfectly, good girl, your body was made for this, wasn’t it? I’m going to just plump up your labia minora now...’

She felt the needle go in, and whimpered through the gag. The nurse clucked sympathetically.

‘Oh, I know,’ she cooed. ‘It’s so much, but you can do it. Your breasts are about five pounds each, now, and I’m going to just inject your gorgeous ruffles. They’ll get nice and shiny and fat and tight, and the boys will love that, fucking your tight little pussy. And the botox will take down your sensitivity so you’ll last the whole night.’

Her pussy felt like it was going to burst, she’d never been so close to coming without doing it, before, for so long. She didn’t even feel the needle going into her other labia this time, so overwhelmed with sensation down in her pussy, from the swelling of her labia, to the suction on her anus, to the swelling in her poor, overwhelmed clit.

‘Now, after I’m all done down here, you won’t be able to pee,’ said the nurse, cheerfully. ‘You get a catheter in the morning, after your shift.’

Honey whimpered at the thought of all those hours her bladder would be filling.

‘Just doing the labia majora now—you don’t even feel that, do you, sweetie? You’re fluffing up so perfectly, you’ve got so much to work with!’

Honey felt even more arousal, at that, a glow of pride and pleasure suffusing her down to her toes. She’d never been told those sorts of things, before.

‘Your pretty clit is done—oh, she’s straining so hard against that hood, let’s fix that.’

Honey screamed through her gag as she felt the nurse rubbing her swollen clit, and then shushing her soothingly.

‘Ohh, I know, sweetie, I know it’s intense, but I need to get this hood up over your clit, baby girl, we need to stretch it out so you’re more comfortable...’

She felt a tugging, and a squeezing around her clit, and a weight clamped to her, trapping her clit in a constricting tube.

‘There,’ said the nurse. ‘It’ll feel a little tight for about half an hour, but it’ll ease up by the end. While you’re waiting, let’s stretch you out, so the boys don’t have to. Your tits are swelling up so tight, baby girl, you’re doing so well!’

The nurse took whatever was suctioning and invading her anus off—it made an embarrassing sucking noise—and Honey felt the nurse rubbing all around her anus, which was swollen and sensitive and every touch was warm and overwhelming with pleasure. Honey didn’t do anal often, so the urge she had to be penetrated by those fingers, just now, was surprising.

‘You’re so shiny and swollen, there’s no wrinkles at all, it just looks like a second pussy! I’m just going to lube you up, sweetie,’ she said, as she rubbed lubricant on Honey’s anus, enjoying her moan. ‘And then we’re going to put in the widener...’ She slid a speculum into the swollen opening slowly, until it was all the way in, and she had carefully shifted it to seat in both rectal entrances, then started to click it open.

To be continued...