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I Almost Do

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     Sighing, I sat down beside the boy that I so wanted to avoid, and stared at the blazing fire. We looked at everywhere besides each other, and I knew I had to break the glass.          


   "Don't start, Cammie." I wanted to scream at him, and slap him, and hurt him just to make him go away from me. But, I knew that he'd do anything to get me back to Gallagher. I risked everything. My life, and my Mom's sanity to run away finding the answers; but, here he was, pounding every effort into a waste.

    "Zach, you know I have to do something." He sighed in exasperation, and glanced at me. The color of his eyes blened with the orange and red shades from the fire. I gaped at the green orbs, momentarily distracted, and focused back to what he was about to say.

    "I know... But, we can run away together. Not just me, or not just you. And, yet, you chose to do the latter as if you're planning suicide." I groaned at him and snapped back.

    "What if I am?" I watched his face grew from concern to seriousness and anger.

   "What if I am? What was that, Cammie? I goddamn suggested the idea to you, and you went lone, and then I almost say you got caught by the Circle! And after those, after everything we ever had, you'd say 'What if I am'"?