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Jiraiya for You

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Yosuke stared at the paper bag Kanji presented. "Thanks, but... What the hell?"

Kanji slightly raised an eyebrow, used to Yosuke's outbursts. "It's getting chilly in the morning now."

It finally dawned on Yosuke that he had no idea what was in the bag. He took the bag from Kanji and opened it to take a look inside, but one quick glance wasn't enough to help him identify the heap of fabric. Yosuke pulled it out of the bag.

A hoodie, he realized. But what's with the round thingies on the hood? Holy SHIT, is this-

"Is this a Jiraiya hoodie?"

Kanji nodded. "Yeah. I want you to have it, Senpai."

"Uh... Thanks, but my birthday was, like, three months ago."


While Kanji's voice no longer held the threatening tone it had carried before he joined the Investigation Team, there was something serious and sincere about the way Kanji glared and shouted at Yosuke that left the older boy speechless. Before Yosuke could think of a response, Kanji turned around and walked away, waving a hand as he headed off.

Little did Yosuke know that there was a note in one of the pockets on the hoodie that read, "I thought you might like this," and signed Souji Seta.