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Hidden Pasts

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“So” starts Tony “we all know each other's backstories now”

“No,” Steve disagrees “Hawkeye has not shared yet”

“Guys,” Natasha interrupts feeling her partner tense up beside her “let it go, he already said he didn't want to share”

“Come on” continues Tony not leaving the subject alone “we already talked about Bruce’s abusive parents, My abusive dad, Steve’s war times and how you were groomed to be an assassin by the ‘red room’ when you were six, how bad can his be”

“Leave it Stark” Growls Natasha, she doesn't even know Clint’s full history and they have been partners for eight years, all she knows is it was bad

“No I won't” Tony refuses “a team has to know they have each other’s backs”

“Yeah, and you don't need to share a story for that to happen!” Natasha cuts in “I've been partnered with Clint for eight years and even I don't know”

“Clint” Steve states “I’m not trying to force you into doing something but we have all shared, at least tell us why you don’t want to”

“Fuck off Rogers” Clint snaps leaving the room

“There, got what you wanted?!” Snarls Natasha viciously looking towards Tony and Steve before leaving after her partner

“Well that went well,” says Tony

“What did you expect,” asks Bruce “they are super spy assassins”

“Natasha opened up” Protests Tony “and what could be worse than her story”


“Yes, Mr. Stark?”

“Pull up hawkeyes file from shield”

“Of course Mr. Stark”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” asks Bruce looking down “we are invading his privacy”

“Yeah Tony” Starts Steve “we should wait until he opens up himself”

“Natasha has been partnered with him for eight years and she doesn't know anything, why do you think he would open up to us”

“Here it is” Jarvis's voice interrupts pulling up a shield file

“See you tomorrow” Bruce mutters leaving the room before he sees anything heading straight to Natasha’s room to warn her what Tony was doing,


Agent: Clint F. Barton
Last Known Address: Classified
DOB: Unknown
Status: Active
Place of Birth: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty Five


At six Clint Barton was presumed to have sabotaged his parent's car which led to their death before running away to the circus with his older brother Charles Bernard Barton.

At nine Clint Barton was presumed dead after he was shot by his brother for being a better shot, ‘Ironic’.

At eleven Clint Barton became hawkeye death for hire.

At thirteen Clint Barton had exactly two thousand and forty-three more kills then the Black Widow.

At sixteen Clint Barton was brought into SHIELD by Agent P. Coulson after being marked top most dangerous mercenary in the world

At seventeen Clint Barton brought in the Black Widow and they became partners

At eighteen-


“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!” A voice shouts snapping Tony and Steve out of reading