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sasuke and the baby: or, how to raise a child when you're only eight

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“Am I… the only one left?” Sasuke asks the Hokage, even though he thinks he already knows the answer. All those bodies, all that blood…

The Hokage smiles at that, which like, what? “Actually… no.”

Sasuke’s basically been dissociating since he woke up, which is probably why he didn’t notice one of the Anbu holding a bundle of blankets. The masked figure steps forward and presents the bundle to Sasuke. He stares for a second, and takes it.

It’s a baby.


“Two days ago, we had Uchiha Himeko pass away after childbirth. She was a single mother, and didn’t particularly have anyone – she was cremated, as per her wishes, and we were about to contact your Father to see who would take custody of her child, or if it would go to the orphanage. Itachi must have not known it existed.”

Sasuke stares at the sleeping baby. Its eyes are closed, cheeks puffy but not the usual pallor of Uchiha – the father must have not been an Uchiha, given its slightly darker skin. There’s just the tiniest puff of black hair on the top of its head. Carefully, gently, Sasuke pokes its cheek with a finger, but it doesn’t stir.

“Does it have a name?” he asks, and the Hokage shakes his head.

“No – she passed on before she could give it one. It’s up to you, I suppose.”

Up to-

Oh, oh my god, Sasuke is in charge of this baby. This baby is the last of the Uchiha clan along with him (because That Man doesn’t count) and Sasuke is in charge of caring for it and making sure it eats and lives and-

...He has no idea how to take care of a baby.