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"We aren't ready to go to trial yet Casey. We just got the case this morning," Olivia teased as the redhead entered the bullpen.

"I wish I was here for that," her friend replied; the look on her face told them something was wrong.

"What happened?" Munch gave her a look.

"Judge Anthony Tuft was found dead in his cell at Rikers last night," Casey said.

"What?" Elliot perked up at that.

"Melinda called me this morning to let me know," the ADA frowned and collapsed into the seat next to Olivia's desk.

"Couldn't have happened to a nicer bastard," Fin shook his head.

"I would agree, except I just got a call from One PP and every one of us needs to be available to IAB," Captain Cragen announced as he left his office.

"They think we did it? The man was in prison," Munch said.

"Melinda said that she believes he was poisoned. She's running all sorts of tox screens to find out what but he has no outward signs of being injured. No stab wounds, no defensive wounds, no broken bones, and it wasn't strangulation. Just a bruise on his face where he hit the floor. The two-seven caught the homicide and Lupo and Bernard are working it. The promised to keep me in the loop," Casey let them know.

"So because he was possibly poisoned, they think we had something to do with it?" Elliot raised an eyebrow.

"They're checking into everyone involved in the case. The Feds are now pissed that we took the case away from them because the man died within twenty-four hours of being in custody," the ADA frowned.

"Good grief," Fin rolled his eyes.

"Well we all know that none of us did this so just roll with it. In the meantime, I believe we have a new case to solve," Cragen steered the conversation back to what they'd been doing before the redhead had walked into the bullpen. Elliot looked over at his partner and could see that she had something on her mind. She looked at him and gave him the "we'll talk about this later" look. He nodded and then turned his focus to the board where they were taking stock of what they had found.

"Keep me posted on this one. I'll see you later," Casey stood up.

"We appreciate the heads up. Take care of yourself," Munch smiled at her. She smiled slightly back before heading out of the building and back to her office.

"So what do we have?" Cragen wanted to know.

"Sarah Rabinowitz, age fifteen, was on her way to temple when she was attacked from behind and dragged into an alley. Good Samaritan, Gus Trism, claims he pulled one, Abdul Terzi, sixteen, off of Sarah. Abdul is claiming that he found Gus attacking Sarah. A patrol officer and his partner broke it up and brought both of them to us. We have Gus in interview one and Abdul in interview two. A bus took Sarah to the hospital to get checked out," Fin said.

"Oi," the Captain heaved a sigh.

"I couldn't have said it better," Munch frowned.

"So who do we believe? Sarah wasn't raped but it would seem that she was about to be," Elliot said.

"Well we either have a young man who is just starting his criminal career or we have a dirty old man trying to pin this on a young teenager," Olivia shook her head.

"What does Sarah say?" Cragen wanted to know.

"She's fairly traumatized and Doctor Huang is trying to talk to her," Fin told him.

"I couldn't even get through to her. Usually I can at least get something from a victim but I couldn't even get her to give me her parents' names," Olivia was upset about that. She wished she'd been able to reach the girl.

"This doesn't add up. She's not actually attacked but she acts as though she has been. Olivia, Elliot, talk to Abdul. Fin, Munch, talk to Gus. We need to get this sorted sooner rather than later," Cragen instructed. Quickly the detectives split up and Olivia and Elliot walked into interview two.

"Sir, I did not attack Sarah. I would never," Abdul said as the detectives sat down on the opposite side of the table. He ignored Olivia, which wasn't much of a surprise given his Muslim faith. Some sects it was common to only speak to men in conversation.

"Then what happened?" Elliot asked. Abdul hesitated. Olivia could see he was internally struggling with something.

"That man tried to attack her. I tried to stop him," he told them.

"Then why is Sarah traumatized?" Elliot wanted to know.

"She's… she's…" Abdul was struggling.

"She's what?" Elliot pressed.

"She's my girlfriend," he said.