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My Hero Isekai

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Unknown Time and Place
“How are you feeling?” The man said to you while sipping his drink casually as if what had just happened to you both wasn’t insane. You straightened yourself in your chair a bit and looked around the room that you'd been suddenly transported to. Everything here was a pale white color, seeming to glow ever so slightly, and hazy as if barely out of focus. The entire room and everything you could see outside the window were devoid of color except the two of you. You felt horribly out of place.

The man on the other side of the desk and the entire aesthetic reminded you of being sent to the Principals office for some reason. You mused for a moment that you should be preparing to defend yourself, except you’d done nothing wrong. Not really. You had acted heroically, of that you were sure, but you couldn’t quite shake the feeling of intimidation you felt as the man you’d tried to save looked you over while completely expressionless. Had you done wrong somehow?

“...I’m dead?” You questioned softly while looking yourself over. What a way to the Con with all of your friends one minute, dead the next. It wasn't ideal.

“Yeah.” He responded plainly and without any emotion whatsoever, you sighed in resignation before he continued, “And what a dumb way to go.”

“What?!” This made you angry, “It’s not dumb to try to save a life.”

“Even if you die?” The man raised an eyebrow.

“...Yeah.” You replied meekly. Although you weren’t happy about the outcome of your actions, you were fairly secure in your choice to try to push this man out of the way. You'd been dressed as a hero after all, it was the only logical option. “Maybe I took the cosplay too seriously?” You chuckled dryly, trying to lighten the mood.

“And if I told you that if you’d just stood there and done nothing, I would have been fine?” The man questioned again while putting down his cup with a flash of some unreadable expression crossing his face a bit too quickly for you to register fully. He looked different in this place than he had on Earth. At the Con he was just another nerd in a costume who'd been unlucky enough stand next to the pillar that crumbled. As he sat before you now, you questioned whether he was ever a human at all and this line of questioning seemed to prove your suspicions weren't unfounded.

“Is that what you’re saying?” You raised an eyebrow in his direction and the man smirked slightly.

“It is.” He laughed dryly, “But thanks all the same, I suppose.”

You hung your head for a moment and looked over your hands and arms, the costume you’d spent weeks on was torn to shit, but the skin underneath was completely unmarred.

“So now what?” You asked curiously while trying not to let your wild emotions show in your tone, “Do I go get judged or something? Meet the flying spaghetti monster? Reincarnate as a slime?”

He laughed in your face, and quite frankly, it pissed you all the way off. Not because he'd laughed, per se, but because it didn't feel like he was laughing with you.

“What the hell, man? You can’t just laugh at dead people.” You grumbled further but it could hardly be considered language. He just sat in silence as you looked back up at him all the while wondering why weren’t you more upset. You were dead and apparently your death was completely pointless. You should absolutely be upset in some way, but found that you weren’t really bothered at all. It was like something about this room was so calming that you couldn't stop yourself from feeling really at ease and starting to doze off.

“Hey! Stay awake, girl. If you fall asleep you’ll pass on and I won’t be able to help you.” His voice was suddenly sharp as he sat forward and poked you in the arm. You sat up quickly. Weird. I wasn’t even tired a minute ago.

“Look, you’re a cool girl, and to be honest it’s my bad that you’re dead.”

"Oh, it’s your bad?” You mocked playfully before your tone dropped into a calm sadness, “Dude, it’s fine. I wasn’t a huge fan of my life anyway. All I did was try to escape.” You thought about all the binge watching and reading you did. Anything to immerse yourself in a different place. You weren’t built for Earth as it was. That line of thought got you feeling down for the first time since being here. You’d really wasted your life on stupid Otaku bullshit. Not many would miss you for long.

“That’s a cool costume,” The guy said almost as if trying to pull you out of that train of thought, “I don’t recognize the character.”

“Oh!” You perked up at the question, almost forgetting that you were dead for a second, “It’s an original character. I was on my way to a contest at the Con. I worked on her for weeks! Even wrote a really long fanfic about her. Overclock: The Powerup hero!” You rambled about her for a minute before stopping yourself for a second and chuckling. I sound like Midoriya right now.

“Yeah, you do.” He chuckled.

“Did you read my thoughts?”

“Kind of, But to be honest you’re a pretty predictable nerd.” He smirked and finished under his breath, “Outside that one time.”

“What was that?” You weren’t sure if you were offended or not, because honestly all of this was pretty confusing and mentally taxing.

“It’s just...I didn’t expect any of you to take the cosplay so seriously.” He almost looked sad. You raised an eyebrow curiously in his direction before deciding to let it go and cut the guy a break.

“I always take cosplay seriously.” You smiled at him, “Especially with her. As I made her I just knew she was everything I ever wanted to be. So, because of her I was suddenly everything I wanted to be...I guess, a Hero, you know?” Terrible grammar aside you could tell he understood where you were coming from.

“Okay. You wanted to be her. Wish granted.”

“What does that even mean?” Your sassy side started to come out, you were dead so what was with all the niceties anyway?

“It means I rarely lose bets.” The man sipped his drink again and you could swear that you saw a flash of annoyance cross his expression, “And I’m rarely wrong about people. Since I was wrong about you and it caused your death, I suppose the only nice thing to do would be to give you the same thing you tried so hard to give me. Life.”

You didn’t have time to respond before everything in the room started to shake and fall away into dust. You looked toward the man in a panic to find him gone and everything starting to fade to black.

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You awoke suddenly in a strange bedroom and looked around in a state of panic. Where the hell am I? You looked around the room and everything was strange. All of that craziness must have been a dream, but that didn’t explain where you were at the moment. Deciding not to panic you sat up, stretched your arms, and rubbed your eyes. After your eyes adjusted to being awake you looked around the room.

There were posters and action figures of Pro Heroes all over the walls. You must have gotten drunk and stayed the night with a fellow con-goer. Though strangely enough none of your favorites were displayed. What kind of fan doesn’t have one Midoriya figurine?! The new Todoroki Pop Vinyl was epic looking so a collection without any of your favorite students was strange.

You stood up and walked over to the mirror to check how badly you looked and froze. That’s not me. You stood dumbfounded for a moment before doing the obligatory poking at your face and trying to figure out why. It wasn’t a dream, you thought as you ran your fingers through the long gray locks of hair and the sparkling purple eyes that were suddenly yours. Holy shit.

“Shiro!” You heard your mother’s voice scream your characters name and almost broke down. You hadn’t heard that voice in years. You immediately bolted out the bedroom door toward the voice that couldn’t possibly be.

“Mom?!” You sprinted down the stairs and turned the corner into the kitchen of the strange house. Her back was turned but you would never forget that silhouette, it was your Mom. She turned with a smile you’d missed more than you could bear and you ran to hug her and started bawling immediately.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t be nervous. I know your first day is scary but everyone is going to love you. You shouldn’t cry.” You didn’t even really hear the words she was saying as she petted your head. All you could do was take in her sent, her sounds, her comforting presence. You had her back. After the initial shock died down, you sat with your mother and had breakfast. Pull it together before she thinks something is up.

“I love you, Mom.” Your Mom seemed concerned at your sudden interest in her, having no idea how long it had been since you’d seen her. Though she smiled sweetly and placed her hand on yours.

“I love you too, Shiro.” You wanted to correct her, but you knew this was your name now. Kisaki Shiro, AKA Overclock. Your beloved OC. Holy crap that weird guy had actually done it. “But don’t go thinking you can sweet talk me out of going to school today. Go put on your uniform, my little hero-in-training and I’ll drive you to UA.”

“I’m going to UA?” You questioned with a look of confusion and shock on your face.

“Well I sure hope so or all that money we spent moving here for the hero course was a waste.” She chuckled and stroked your cheek lovingly, “You didn’t get much sleep, sweetie. Go get dressed and we can stop for coffee on the way.”



It wasn’t long before you were standing in front of UA with a cup of coffee and a look of pure adoration on your face. You really don’t get a sense of the scale of this place in the anime, you thought as you moved to the side to allow some students to pass you and go in. Your hands started to shake, although you knew your quirk and quite a lot of uses for it, you’d never actually used it and weren’t even sure how. You assume it was as easy as thinking about doing it, but you started feeling a lot more sympathy for Midoriya now that you were kind of in his position.

I know the quirk, I understand the concepts and limitations, but it’s really hard to go from just being a normal girl to having a power all the sudden. Your daze is broken when someone suddenly runs into you from behind and you drop all your orientation papers on the ground.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The boy says before bending down to help you pick them up. You look up and him and - Holy shit, It’s Shinsou. Be cool. You must have looked like a total weirdo. Frozen in place staring at him knowingly for a moment before straightening.

“N-No, it’s okay. It’s my fault, I was standing in the way like an idiot.” You hope the recovery was smooth as you rustle up the papers and give the boy a smile. This was too weird. You knew that there was a chance you’d run into the characters, but you weren’t sure where in the timeline you were so it was still a shock. He handed you some of the papers he’d picked up.

“Hero course, huh.” You knew where that disdain in his voice came from so you weren't offended. Poor jellybean just wanted to be a hero. And have some friends.

“Oh. Yeah.” You looked away shyly, still trying to figure out how you were supposed to act. It was going to be nigh impossible to pretend you don’t know so much about all these people. You have to pretend you’re just meeting. You held out a hand, smiling and trying to seem as kind as possible. “Uhh, I’m Kisaki Shiro,” The name still felt weird on your lips.

“Shinso Hitoshi.” He shook back with a small grin.

“Nice to meet you Shinso.” You paused, “Let’s be friends ok? I’m new here so I don’t know anyone.”

He chuckled lightly, “Sounds good Kisaki. I’ll see you around.”



You were half jogging through the hallway trying to find the right place, every step filling you with more and more anxiety after seeing Shinso. If you were in 1A and this seemed to be pretty cannon so far, that means you are about to meet the entire cast. And it stressed you out ALMOST as much as how scary Aizawa probably is in person. You do not want to get on his shit list yet. Your paperwork said you were let in on recommendation as a transfer student, which means you’ve had no interaction with anyone from class yet.

The God-Dude must have set it up that way on purpose and you thanked him. You were never that great at coming up with lies on the spot so that fact that he is pretty much following the plot of your fanfic to this point was perfect. You turned a corner to find the classroom with the door open. One check of your watch says you are officially not late, but pretty close. You took a deep breath and moved forward to hear Uraraka saying something about how Midoriyas’ punch was amazing. You knew that gave you less than a minute to walk in before Aizawa did so you hurried your way in and tried to sneak past everyone in the commotion.

You grabbed the closest empty seat and slid in it, trying to act as if you’d been here the whole time. This was your move as a shy nerd, and it was always effective. You looked around the room and still counted 20 desks, which meant someone was missing for you to have a place. It didn’t take long before you realized who it was. Grape boy. You were honestly not that upset about it and after a second of collecting yourself you looked around at your new classmates. Luckily Midoriya had their full attention and almost everyone hadn’t noticed you slipping in. Almost.

“Hey! I’m Ashido Mina!” The girl in front of you turned to say. You returned the smile and replied meekly.

“Kisaki Shiro.” You bowed lightly in your seat with a smile.

“I don’t remember you from testing, are you the third recc-” She was cut off by Aizawa scaring the crap out of Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka which made you chuckle. This is insane. It was all happening like the show.

“Welcome to UAs’ Hero Course. It took 8 seconds before you all shut up. That’s not going to work. Time is precious. Rational students would understand that. Hello I’m Aizawa Shota, your teacher.”

You smiled while everyone gasped. A wild Dadzawa appears.

“Right get to it. Put these on and head outside.”

It was time for the first test. You’d been so caught up in the whirlwind of an entire new world you’d forgotten how crazy everything in this school is. It was one thing to watch it on TV, living it is going to be much different. And considering you were let in on recommendation, people were going to be watching extra hard.

Oh shit, I’m going to have to figure out how to use my quirk. Fast.


You grabbed you gym clothes and followed the other girls into the locker rooms to change. Although all of this was overwhelming you knew you needed to chill out and make friends with everyone soon. You found the locker with your name on it and noticed that Uraraka had the one next to you. This was a perfect time to get to know her. After changing and throwing your uniform into the locker you turned to her and smiled.

“Hi!” Was all you could muster.

“Oh, hi! I’m Uraraka Ochaco!” Her cute bubbliness was just as you thought it would be. She was the first friendship target.

“Kisaki Shiro,” You smiled back as the other girls walked up and introduced themselves as well.

“Nice to meet you all.” You smiled.

“You too! You snuck in right before class so we didn’t have a chance to talk.” Mina added with a smile.

“Where’s your accent from?” Toru asked. You hadn’t really thought about that fact that you were speaking Japanese without having known the language before, so the fact that you had an accent was a shock to you.

“Uh..I-I’m from Australia.” You said smoothly. So far your life was the exact same as your character in the story you wrote. Best to keep it that way, “There weren’t any great Hero schools near us so my mom moved us to Japan so I could reach my potential.” You did a little power stance and laughed lightly. It was insane how fast you fell into character. Maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as you thought.

“Your Japanese is really good.” Jiro added, which made you blush lightly.

“Thank you, My father was from Japan so both my Mother and I learned a long time ago.” You thought about your tragic backstory, funny how it didn’t really matter to you, even though it would have bothered Shiro a lot. You had your Mom back now, so being without a Dad didn’t seem so bad to you. After a bit more small talk it was time to head out onto the field for the testing.

“Let’s all do our best today!” Ochaco said with a dramatic pose and all the girls replied while making their way to join the boys.

You walked up to where everyone was gathered and stopped somewhere near the middle of the group, finding yourself between Todoroki and Kirishima. At least for now, you’d like to be somewhere in the middle. Not drawing too much attention to yourself until you get a better grip on this world and how to act around everyone. You noticed a couple of the boys’ shift their eyes in your direction while Aizawa was making his speech about the test you were about to do. It’s to be expected, you are likely the only girl in class who they hadn’t officially met yet.

When Aizawa said that he would expel the lowest, you wanted to tell them all he was just fucking with them, but decided it would be best to let this play out as close to canon as possible until you could be sure of the ramifications. You didn’t want to break the world here and accidently ruin everything, but Midoriya looked so scared it broke you heart.

Bakugo on the other hand, you wanted to take him down a peg, and hopefully your quirk will work for you as well as it worked in your head. If you were right, this was going to be a really fun year.

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It was time.
Bakugo had thrown the ball and everyone was excited to get on with the tests. You, on the other hand, were kind of panicking as you stood at the starting line for the 50m dash. In your old life you weren’t terribly fit, and you had no idea what state this body was in. You knew you should use your quirk the same way Shiro did in your story. If God-Dude has been following your script this far, hopefully he did the same with your quirk.

You could feel a ton of eyes on you making you panic, but guessed it was your anxiety. There was no way that anyone here knew you weren’t supposed to be here. You rubbed your thighs just like Shiro did to Overclock your thigh muscles about 15%. Though you could use your quirk without touch, you weren’t ready to show that card to the class yet. You closed your eyes and could feel adrenaline pumping through you at an increased rate, and hoped to the gods that meant it worked.

The whistle rang out and you bolted across the distance with almost no effort. Oh thank god it works, you thought as you crossed the finish and hear the machine yell out your time.

4.02 Seconds!

You smirked, releasing the Overclock and panting lightly as the girls you’d met fawned over your time. You didn’t beat Iida, but you had the second best score.

“Wow you’re fast Kisaki!” Mina nudged you and you blushed.

“Thank you.” You were glowing with pride at your score. Beat you, Loudmouth, you thought as your eyes shifted over to Bakugo for the first time. He was full on glaring at you in his typical way and you shot him a cute smile and a wave. He did not like that.

You decided to not overdo your quirk and give yourself three good scores. You chose the grip strength and ball throw tests to use your quirk on. You still weren’t sure of it’s limits and you didn’t want to suffer any backlash and draw attention to yourself. You’d done well on the grip strength overclocking at 10% and pulling a score of 105.5, and now it was your turn to do the ball throw. Midoriya was next so you knew any attention you drew to yourself now would be overshadowed by the Deku drama to come. There was also no way you were beating Urarakas infinite score, so you could pull a hard 2nd place if you played your cards right. Yeah, this was your chance to push your upper limits and see what you could do.

You could hear some whispers as you stood in the circle about to throw and you wondered what they were saying about you. Probably nice things, but your anxiety was on fire. Trying to block it all out you rubbed your left arm and overclocked it 75% while holding the ball. Hopefully this isn’t too much. you worried as you wound up and threw the ball.

The force knocked you on your ass and you watched as the ball soared through the air. The muscles in your arm were aching and you started to get a headache which faded a bit as soon as you released the overclock. You stood for a beat waiting to hear the machine tell you your score but it took longer than expected and you moved to look back at Aizawa in confusion.

1246.8 Meters!

You placed a hand over your mouth in shock and turned back to your class who were (mostly) all beaming. You could stop from turning bright red as you walked back to the crowd of people praising you. You weren’t sure how to act while they were all so kind to you, you haven’t ever gotten this kind of attention before. Letting yourself slip into character you put your hand behind your head nervously.

“Aww, come on guys, we all did great.” You smiled nervously as your eyes shifted back to Bakugo who was staring at you still. Beat you again. Since he had his eyes on you, you took the opportunity to introduce yourself to Midoriya, knowing it would only further make him rage more with the added bonus of getting to give best boy some encouragement. I’m a bad person.

“Hey good luck, Midoriya.” You patted him on the back lightly forgetting that he never told you his name, “I’m sure you’ll do great.”

Oh, crap! Hopefully he assumes I was told his name already.

“T-Thanks u-uhh?” He answered, obviously not knowing your name yet.

“Kisaki.” You pointed to yourself dramatically for a second before shooting him a wink and a smile before turning away. Hopefully you eased his nerves a bit. The next minute or so of his life is going to be pretty stressful.



By the time lunch rolled around you were the most exhaused you’ve ever been. Your scores in the test were in the top 5, which was a little higher than you wanted but you only had yourself to blame. Damn competitive instincts, you thought as you stood in line with Kaminari and Kirishima who were laughing at your accent and weird way of phrasing things playfully. Gotta work on that Japanese slang or I’m always going to always stand out. I guess you can’t learn an entire culture though only anime, who knew?

As you held your lunch tray and turned to the cafeteria you made a point to look for Shinso. Since Uraraka was so easy to win over and your class as a whole seemed really receptive to you, you decided to work on the loner of General Studies. Before you could find him, Mina saw you and called you all over.

“Hey Kisaki! Kaminari, Kirishima. You can sit with us!” She was sitting with Momo, Tsu, Iida, Midoriya, and Uraraka at a table and you skipped over pleasantly.

“Hey everyone! I’d love to sit with you, but I met someone earlier and I wanted to see if I could find him. I’ll swing by if I dont, ok?” You shot the group a huge smile and made a lap around looking for him.

“Him?” Kirishima said after you with a hint of sadness as he sat down at the table with the others.

“Her first day and there’s already a him? I’m so jealous!” Mina cut in as the girls giggled and watched you go find your friend.

It wasn’t long before you spotted him, his hair making him stand out quite a bit from other people. He was sitting alone eating and looking at an open text book on the table and you decided it would be best to just be confident and slide into those DMs like a pro.

“Hey Shinso!” You said as you sat down, trying not to seem overzealous. He looked up and his hard face lightened a bit when he saw you.

“Kisaki.” He said it more like he was confirming that he remembered properly.

“The one and only, how’s your first day going?”

“Better than expected. And you?” He glanced back down at his book. Poor guy was just as bad at normal conversation as you were.

“Pretty stressful. They had us run the ringer today under the assumption the worst would get the boot.” You looked down at your food, “I need to fuel up in case they try to kill me again later.”

He chuckled a bit at you joke and looked back down, it didn’t seem like he had much to say. You shifted a bit, you wanted to help him but you didn’t actually know that much about his life or interests. I should have read the manga. Shit. You thought as you took a bite of your food and decided that he’d probably also enjoy your comfortable silence. Or at least that he’d tell you to go away if he didn’t want you near him.

“Did someone get the boot?” He broke the silence and you immediately knew why he was quiet so long.

“No, Aizawa was just being a jerk,” You took another bite and tried to pull your best curiosity face and unknowing teasing tone, “Why do you ask? Wanna move up?”

“Of course I do!” He bit before backing off a bit. He obviously didn’t mean to snap at you like that. Again, it didn’t bother you. Poor guy wants it so badly.

“Oh, well I’m sure you can do it if you put your mind to it!” You tried to seem a little offended, that’s what a normal person who didn’t understand his motives would do. “A-and If you ever want to train, since we’re friends and all...” You trailed off and shoved some more food in your mouth. While looking away shyly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap.” He looked down, seemingly sad, but you perked up immediately.

“Don’t give it a second thought, it only means you’re passionate about wanting to help people and be a hero, right?”

“Yeah.” He brightened up a bit and you put your hand on his arm to reassure him.

“You’re going to be great someday Shinso, I have a feeling about you.” You got up to go join your classmates, deciding that was enough for the first day. You didn’t want to seem overzealous. Also, if you left now you avoided saying anything stupid, “And you’ll come to find that I’m always right!”

There was the stupid thing. You ran off before he could respond or react to your dumbass personality, meaning you missed the way his entire face turned pink at your words.


Finally it was time to head home. The girls of your class had already started a group chat and invited you. You couldn’t believe how open and welcoming they were, you knew they would be awesome and kind from the show, but this was a whole other level. It was hard to be self conscious or anxious at all when it was just the girls. You never had a group of girlfriends before, since you were a huge nerd and gamer you always got along much better with the boys in your classes which made the girls hate you. Everything was different here. It was totally worth dying over. Thanks God-Dude!

You were fiddling with trying to set up your profile in the group chat while walking out of the building when you bumped into someone on your way out the door. Oof

“Oh, sorry I wasn--”

“Watch where you’re going you damned extra.” Fuck. You were not ready for the Kacchan confrontation yet, but you weren’t one to back down from a fight either.

“I said I was sorry, asshole!” You said as you pushed past him out the door without even looking at him. He didn’t follow you, thank goodness. Maybe he was in shock? You decided not to look but figured you’d hear about it eventually. Bakugo wasn’t the type to just let someone stand up to him. Maybe he was still upset over the whole Midoriya thing. It’d have to be hard for him to realize that he has a quirk suddenly. But that confrontation happened next episode.

Though you had no idea how soon next episode was, because this wasn’t a tv show anymore. They probably wouldn’t do two grueling days in a row, right? People needed time to recharge and stuff. Your phone beeped and it made your heart stop.

Mom: I’m coming to pick you up today! I’ll see you out front in a few?
Shiro: I’ll be right there!! Love you more than sleep!
Mom: Love you too, weirdo.

You held the phone to your heart for a moment and beamed. Everything was so perfect.

Totally worth dying over.

Chapter Text

“Are you telling me my baby is #3 in her Hero Class?!”

“Yeah!” You were supposed to be annoyed and say something like ‘Mom don’t embarrass me,’ but those words wouldn’t come out. You were just so happy to see her that the fact that she was proud of you filled you with unwavering happiness. She was beaming and it made you feel so good to be looked at like that again. You puffed out your chest as you buckled your seatbelt “You proud of me?”

“Of course I am, Shiro, but I always knew you were amazing.” You felt tears start to well up and decided to look away before they fell. The poor woman would have a heart attack if her teenage daughter was too appreciative of her. It was against the natural order of things. As you tried to distract yourself by looking out the window you saw Iida, Uraraka, and Midoriya all walking out toward the train station.

“Mind if we give some friends a ride?” You questioned, turning back to her.
“You made friends already?” The most adorable Mom voice ever, “Of course I’ll give them a ride!” You smiled and rolled down the window.

“Hey guys!” You shouted to the teens as they walked by the car, “Want a ride to the station?”

“Kisaki!” Uraraka shouted while walking over with the boys.

“Hop in?” You motioned to the back as the teens filed into the SUV in a small shuffle. Your Mother beamed as you chit chatted with them about small stuff and the car pulled off on it’s way to the station.

“Kisaki, your quirk is so cool.” Midoriya of course brought up. “How does it work?”

“Yeah it was awesome seeing you out throw all the boys with me!” Uraraka chimed in.

“And you were very close to being able to outrun me.” Iida tacked on as you blushed hard from embarrassment. Stop you guys, I’m the one who admires you.

“Well Uraraka we had to show those boys what it means to throw like a girl.” You giggled trying to make light and avoid Midoriyas’ questioning. You’d rather wait to get him alone and talk about your quirk since that would be your chance to really befriend him. He was definitely friendship main quest, being best boy and all. If you were going to live in this world, you definitely wanted to get on the best side of the future number one hero.

“You know it!” She put up her fists like a boxer and giggled at you.

“Midoriya I’ll tell you all about it when we have more time.” You turned in your seat to lock eyes and smile at him, noting how his cheeks flushed at the contact and it made your heart swell. You are too pure for this world, Izuku.

After you dropped them all off you and your mother headed out for ice cream. You spent the whole time bouncing excitedly in your seat telling her about all of you classmates and their quirks. She was still jumping for joy after so you promised her that after your homework you two could just hang out and watch a movie together.

“Really, you want to hang out with your lame Mother?”

“I could never find you lame.” You replied as you laid your head on her shoulder and closed your eyes the rest of the way home.



Ashido: I’m just saying, first impressions only, who would you choose?

Hagakure: Bakugo is cute, but…

Kyoka: That personality is a hard no.

Momo: Todoroki seems nice.

Kyoka: Oh yeah, he’s mysterious too!

Tsu: Definitely mysterious!

Uraraka: And that hair!

Kisaki: I bet it’s so soft!

Hagakure: Midoriya?

Momo: Definitely cute, but that quirk is brutal!

Uraraka: He seems really nice!

Kisaki: Kirishima? I wonder if his hair is as spiky as it looks.

Ashido: What about your purple hair friend, Kisaki?

Uraraka: Oh yeah, he seems mysterious too!

Kisaki: No comment.

Ashido: Don’t be that way, Kisaki!

Kisaki: I be the way I be.

Kisaki: You should all call me Shiro. I respond better to it anyway..

Uraraka: FIKFHSDKHF!! Of course, Shiro!

Ashido: Aww besties <3

Kisaki: Ugh. :p Night ladies, see you tomorrow.

Ashido: Wait you never answered!

Kisaki: zzzzzzz


“I am here! Coming through the door like a hero!”

When All Might busted in the room, you were in just as much wonder as everyone else. The Symbol of peace was something else in person. He seemed to tower over the tallest person you’d ever met back in your old life and he shined like the beacon of hope he was. It was completely intoxicating from the second he burst in. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and even though you knew what was coming you were just as captivated as everyone else.

When the hero costumes filed out you almost sprinted out of your seat to get to yours. You designed this costume with your sweat and tears back home, and now you could see the real version of it. You grabbed your suitcase and turned to walk back toward the locker room when you found yourself face to face with Bakugo. He was already holding his case but turned directly toward you, his entire demeanor full of rage as usual.

“Don’t go thinking you’re better than me becau-”

“Because I scored better than you?” You cut him off, bored, before going to move past him. A couple of the straggling students turned to watch, a gasp at your boldness on their lips. You walked past him toward the door, mentally bracing for the shitshow in 3..2..1...

“What did you say?! I’ll kick your ass wide eyes!” He made a move toward you but you figured someone grabbed him because he didn’t catch up to you. Why were you antagonizing him again? Probably because fanfiction has rotted your brain and you think this is the only way to bond with him. Probably is.

“Bring it.” You shot over you shoulder cooly before leaving the room and making your way into the ladies locker room to change.

“Shiro, you’re so brave.” Uraraka said with adorable wide brown eyes, “I don’t think I could face off with that guy like you did.”

“Tsh, He’s all bark.” You said as you sat down on the bench and opened your case in wonderment. It was exactly like you had designed but so much better built than your cosplay skills would have allowed. Smooth black bodysuit with silver lines accented with green running down it to look like circuitry, long black steel toed boots, gloves with reinforcements and weights to help pack a good punch, and a utility belt for your gadgets. Overclock had gadgets like batman for sure. I definitely need to find a way to friend Hatsume.

You really felt like a hero now, and made a point to look into some kind of martial arts training after school. Even if this body is technically prepared for combat, you mentally had no idea how to properly fight. You couldn’t count completely on your instincts, this isn’t an anime anymore. This was your new life and you needed to be in peak condition if you really wanted to be a hero.

The girls all fawned over each others outfits for a bit before all heading back to the field as a group. Once Uraraka told everyone about your confrontation with Bakugo they all decided that you weren’t to be left alone until you were all sure he was stable. You’d tried to laugh it off but they weren’t having it. They are such good friends.

Since the girls all walked out as a group, the boys all collectively had a heart attack while watching. You could feel their eyes on you, and as much as you wanted to be completely confident and unphased by it, this entire class of boys were gorgeous and staring at you. There was no concealing the flush that licked your cheeks as you all approached, shaking your confidence in this very tight outfit quite a bit. Maybe I should have gone with sweatpants.

You could feel Bakugo’s stare burning a hole into your back as you stood listening to All Might explain the exercise for today. You didn’t really need to be listening, but the Hero had a way of captivating no matter what he was talking about. If you didn’t know that deep down he was a huge dork you would have never guessed. Such is the appeal of a true hero, you guessed.

After lots were drawn, you were sure that the canon hadn’t been messed with too much by your presence, because all the match ups were the same, but with you taking Minetas place on Momos team. Perfect. That meant it was you two v. Kaminari and Kyoka with your team playing the villains. You sat back and worked out your strategy from the small amount of the fight that you saw in the show. With Momo on your team, you two would definitely take the win.

You just had to sit back and watch this re-run real quick first.

Chapter Text

“What a weird way for this to end.” You heard one of the students behind you say as you all watched the monitors in shock. You knew already how this fight was going to go, but like before there was something about seeing it in real life that was surreal. There was real danger here and Midoriya was in real pain. You instinctively wrapped your arms around your waist and stared at his broken form in shock. “The losers are practically untouched, while the winners are both on the ground.”

“How does the old saying go? They may have lost the battle but they won the war.” Tokoyami added in his typical sort of tone.

“This class is intense.” Tsu added.

“No kidding.” You said absentmindedly as you watched the robot pull Midoriya out in a stretcher, unconscious. Oh that poor baby. While everyone was seemingly only watching Midoriya, your eyes shifted over to Bakugo. He looks broken. Seeing his typical handsome rage face no longer animated was one thing, but his features twisted in this shocked, broken, sadness was too much. You found yourself wishing you hadn’t antagonized him so much and could run over and give him a hug. His entire world was shattering around him, and it was only going to get worse.

All Might brought the boy into the viewing room for the breakdown of the fight, and though he seemed better, you knew Bakugo wasn’t doing okay. He filed in next to his teammate and Uraraka to wait for what All Might had to say. You decided the best thing you could do for his mental health was not acknowledge him at all while he was in such a tender state. He needs this moment for his character development. You sighed and decided to keep quiet through the proceeding class conversation. Just as you remembered, Momo was amazing and perceptive. You two were going to make a great team. When she finished talking, you nudged her playfully in excitement to get going.

“Time to blow this joint! Let’s move on to the next match! Think about everything you saw and discussed as you tackle this training exercise!” All might said to the class.

“Yes sir!” A collective agreement.

“Let’s not hold back either!” You spoke to her, but loudly enough for everyone to hear. Most of the class got excited at the words and started getting riled up.

The next match was Todoroki and Shoji v. Ojiro and Toru. You were excited to see this one in real life. Todoroki was something else, especially at this point in the timeline. You were always a sucker for the mysterious type. Even though he isn’t so mysterious to me, you mused.

“He’s incapacitated them without compromising the weapon or his teammate,” All Might shook as everyone in the viewing room shook from the cold. He was really playing on a different level than everyone else at this point. It was insane to see an entire building covered in ice. “Take note of his technique, Students.”

You didn’t until that moment realize you were standing right next to Bakugo when he audibly gasped and you looked over to him. The horror on his face was palpable, and you looked away quickly so you wouldn’t make it worse. When you all filed into the room for the deliberation, most people were simply in awe of Todoroki. You on the other hand felt your competitive side fire up. You turned to him with a smile and look of almost childlike wonder in your eyes.

“I can’t wait to take you on,” He turned toward you aggressively for a second before noting your expression and letting his face soften. He didn’t reply, simply giving you a smirk and returning his attention to All Might. Oops, I didn’t mean to say that. Hope he didn’t just put me on a list.

Next up was Sero and Kirishima v. Tokoyami and Tsu. It was pretty uneventful and you spent most of their fight speaking with Momo about how you will approach the battle. You two had come up with a pretty good strategy and you had one idea you wanted to test in the battle but felt it right to clear with your teammate first. This is going to be awesome.

After deliberations you knew you were up next and took a second to stand in the hallway and warm up your voice a bit. If you could incapacitate Kyoka early on, it would help your team a lot since it would take longer for Kaminari to find and electrocute you. It also would give Momo some time to make rubber cloaks in addition to her barricade. You’d considered overclocking her quirk, but you didn’t want to show that card yet either. Gotta save it for the Sports Festival. As you were doing your vocal exercises you failed to notice someone standing behind you, so when you turned and saw him your entire body jumped in fear before you chuckled nervously.

“Oh, sorry Todoroki, didn’t see you there.” His eyes bore into you and you couldn’t deny the intimidation you felt in his stare despite knowing he was a bigger marshmallow than Veronica Mars. Taking a step back instinctively you continued to meet his stare waiting for him to say something. Is he about to yell at me? “U-uh...Did you need something?”

“Do you always sing before battle?” His eyelids narrowed over his beautiful eyes and you were lost for a second before you could reply.

“What? You saying you don’t sing before battle.” He looked flustered for a second. OMG so cute.

“You’re weird.”

“Thanks!” Like it was the highest honor you’d ever been bestowed. You poked his arm playfully. “Ditto.” He smirked at you and didn’t pull back from your poke so that was definitely a win.

“If you’re going to challenge me in front of the class, you’d better win your battle.” He moved to walk back to the classroom, “I’ll be watching.” You flushed and felt your heartbeat increase a bit as you watched him turn away.

Dont you worry, Icyhot. I’ll impress the shit out of you.



Before the teams moved into the building you walked over to your opponents and held out a hand in a super sportsmanlike manner, “Let’s do our best, guys!” Kyoka nodded in agreement and Kaminari looked at you with a brilliant smile.

“When we when this, how about I take you out to a nice dinner to make you feel better.” Kyoka rolled her eyes at his words, but you just flashed your most brilliant smile and nodded pleasantly.

“If you actually beat me, I’ll let you.” The girls looked more shocked than Kaminari did, but he regained his composure fast and nodded in agreement with a flush on his cheeks. You chuckled and moved toward your teammate to get ready. When the bell rang out, the two of you ran upstairs immediately to place the bomb and begin barricading the room.

“Sorry I’m not much use until they enter the area.” You said shyly as you watched Momo sliding the metal bars onto the door with her quirk.

“Don’t be. I’m defense, you’re offence. It was a great strategy.” Her eyes narrowed, “Do you think your idea will work?”

“It’ll definitely work, I’m just scared it might hurt her.” The tone of your voice was of concern for your new friend. It would make you feel terrible to cause her any harm.

“It’s the nature of the training, Shiro. We all signed up for this. You wouldn’t want any of us going easy on you, would you?”

“You’re so right.” But I'm kind of cheating.

It wasn’t long before the other team was allowed to make their way into the building. Momo had gotten most of the barricade finished and was currently working on a rubber cloak for you since you were the last line of defence. You on the other hand were rubbing your throat to overclock your vocal cords about 10% and preparing yourself to make a move against Kyoka. Counting seconds in your head, you figured that right about now was when Kyoka put her earphone jack into the wall to try to scope your location and let out a screech at the highest pitch you could muster and held it until you heard a scream from downstairs and released the overclock. “Got her.” Now you know why I was singing, Todoroki.

“Amazing.” Momo said as she slid the last barricade into place and handed you your cloak and rubbing her ears. That noise couldn’t have been pleasant for her either but she was taking it like a champ. Luckily you’d warned her of you plan. You were so excited that it worked, but you wanted to remain seemingly super cool and nonchalant.

“That buys us time, I’ll take offense, you should do whatever you feel is necessary to prepare yourself in the event he gets past me.” You turned to your teammate who gave you a nod in agreement, “We’ve got this, Momo.”

“I know,” she smiled back at you.

Momo made her way back toward the bomb and started her preparations. You knew it wasn’t a good idea to actually overclock yourself right now since it was painful to hold into place and you weren’t actively in combat. Instead you decided to rub your hands all over your body to make it look like you were overclocking so that if they surprised you at any point you didn’t have to break your cover of not needing contact to use it. Any spectators would think that you’d done it now.

You wrapped the rubber-like cloak around your body and began stretching and getting ready to kick some ass. And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Thinking the 15 minutes had to be up soon you started getting restless. If they don’t find us I won't even get a chance to fight and show off my skills. You turned back to your teammate who also seemed a bit restless, but was working on making something to secure the bomb in place. You checked your imaginary watch and walked closer to the door, smart enough not to touch it in case Kaminari was trying to wait for a chance to electrocute you through the doorway. You heard a muffled sound from the other side and stood back, signaling Momo that you heard something.

Sparks started flying through the room and you wrapped yourself in your cloak to absorb the damage. It worked! Thanks Momo! They hadn’t gotten through the doorway yet and likely didn’t have the time or strength to bypass the metal bars across it. That strike was their last shot and you knew it.

I really wish I could’ve done more, you thought as the timer rang. You and Momo started pulling the slats of the barricade off and walked into the hallway. Kaminari was doing his short circuit thumbs up and you took a moment to rally him downstairs while turning to Kyoka with concern.

“You okay?” Please still be my friend.

“Yeah, it hurt, but that was awesome! Completely ruined my plan.” She laughed awkwardly and you gave her a light punch, not missing the bits of blood pooled in her ears.

“I knew you were a badass.” You smiled as you nudged her, “It was a good match.”

“For sure!.”

You really loved these people. When you all entered the evaluation room you found yourself really nervous. During the heat of the battle it was easy to forget that everyone in class was watching, but now you had to face them all. Even though you’d won the battle, you didn’t feel much pride in it. The Villains already had an advantage in this situation, and it was only made moreso by being two of the best students in class.

“It was Shiros’ perfectly executed plan that secured the victory. She’d pinpointed the flaws in her opponents and made efforts to immediately turn them to her favor. There is no doubt that even without a time limit we would have won the battle.” You face burned beat red and turned away from her nervously.

“No way, Momo. I didn’t get a chance to do anything! Your quirk won us this battle. If I didn’t have that cloak, Kaminari would have knocked me out at his attack.”

“But I only made the cloaks because you told me to. It was like you knew that when he approached the barricade he would try to incapacite us through it as a last ditch effort.” You blushed again, not knowing how to respond.


“Momo is right,” All Might interjected, “Your modesty is a treasure, Shiro, but you are definitely the MVP of this battle. You read your opponents and your teammates strengths and weaknesses and devised a way to quickly and efficiently use them against each other while still keeping yourself in fighting form in case of failure.”

“T-Thank you, Sensei.” You bowed trying to hold in your tears of happiness and nerves. When you straightened you made a point to turn away nervously. There is nothing like getting praise from All Might. I could get addicted to this.

The rest of the class went on just like the episode with you making minor comments here and there. Todoroki didn’t say anything else to you, spending the rest of the class watching everyone's matches with his same stoic impression he always wore. Guess I didn’t impress you at all, you sighed.

All Might ran off in a rush and you knew it was because his time limit was up. The whole class fawned over his speed for a moment before you all made you way back into the locker room to change. As soon as you had a second, you walked back over to Kyoka, unhappy with the half-assed apology you’d given her earlier.

“You sure your ears are okay?” The question came out more meekly than you’d meant it to.

“I’m not going to pretend it didn’t hurt like hell,” She grinned, “But seriously, Shiro, I’m perfectly fine!” Your eyes shot to the little crusts of blood left on her, still feeling like kind of an asshole.

“Alright,” you decided to leave at that for now and made your way back to class with Uraraka in tow. The second you guys made it close to class you knew there was some kind of confrontation going down. Oh, this is the unseen footage of Bakugo before he tries to leave UA. You entered and saw the boy in question gathering up his stuff and making his way out the door.

“Seriously, Bakugo, you should stay.”

“Shut up, Pointy hair extra, I’m out of here.” He pushed past Kirishima and toward you and Uraraka who were standing annoyingly in his way. He paused for a second to give you a death glare that caused you to take a step to clear the doorway for him as he mumbled past you.

“...wide eyed, weirdo, extra…” You decided to let this one slide and went to your desk without another word. He’ll be fine, don’t get involved.

“Hey! It’s Midoriya!” Kirishima announced “It’s good to see you back, super!”

You watched that sweet little nerd get his first taste of popularity from a distance, deciding not to overwhelm him further. If you’d done everything right, you showed you were fond of him and on his team already with the few interactions you’d had. There was no need to crowd him now.

Midoriya bolted out of the room after Bakugo and you joined the class in spying on their conversation. You knew what they were talking about, but made efforts to get in on the speculating as if you didn't. It would be weird otherwise, right?

“Oh, I wonder what that was about.” Mina said, her face practically merged with the glass.

“The fated battle between rivals!” Uraraka stated with her fists clenched excitedly.

“Whatever Midoriya said, it looked like Bakugo really wanted to punch him,” Tsu added.

“Childhood friends turned enemies!” Uraraka kept going with her excited commentary.

“Or a lovers quarrel!” You added jokingly, matching Urarakas intensity.

The girls laughed and Uraraka blushed. Oh so you already got the feels, huh?

“Could you imagine!” Mina stated in a voice that told you that not only could she imagine it, she was, in fact, imagining it right now.

You all giggled your way out of class and you waved goodbye to the girls when you realized you’d left an important book behind in your locker. Your Mom wasn’t available to pick you up today so you had an opportunity to finally take the train home. It sucked you wouldn’t be able to leave with the rest of the group, but you also really didn’t want to hold them up waiting for you.

You hopped excitedly back to your locker still riding the high of your amazing day. You were really great at using your quirk already and almost all of your friendship targets were acquired without much effort at all. Might be time to try and stop thinking about the show and fully immerse in this new world. But you knew that would be hard until after the licensing exam. You had no idea what happened after that. Maybe it was a good thing that you didn’t read the manga, once you hit the point you’d stopped in the anime you’d be able to finally feel like you weren’t just a visitor here.

Still lost in thought you closed your locker and headed out toward the front entrance. He was standing right in the doorway facing you when your turned the corner. Holy shit.

“Todoroki, we have to stop meeting like this.” You chuckled nervously as you stopped to look at his unreadable face. He waited a beat before responding. Is he screwing with me on purpose?

“Good fight today.” He stated still standing there awkwardly staring at you. You breathed in sharply and started beaming, you body bouncing in mild excitement.

“Did you just acknowledge me, Todoroki?” You said leaning in closer to him, your body still brimming with excitement. His response was a positive sounding grunt and you grinned and continued walking toward the exit, surprised when he fell into step with you. Does that mean he was waiting for me. An internal squee.

“Does this mean we’re rivals?”


You feign heartbreak, “Can I call you Todo?”

“What? No.”

“How about Roki?”

“Absolutely not.”

“So we’re best friends then?”

“You’re so weird.”

“I thought we established this?”

The conversation went on like that until you both approached the area where the parents pull their cars up, you watch him motion toward a waiting car and you turned to wave him off.

“I’m headed to the station, see you tomorrow?!” You waved and turned to make your way home.

“Kisaki.” He spoke your name quietly and it sent goosebumps up your arms, you took a breath and turned back to him.


“Need a ride home?”

Chapter Text

Best Girl: Shiro! We missed the first train, so find us when you catch up!
Kisaki: Don’t wait up! Todoroki is giving me a ride ^^
Best Girl: No way?! How did that happen?
Kisaki: He’s just being nice! See you tomorrow.
Best Girl: Call me later and tell me everything!
Kisaki: lol, okay.


There wasn’t really anything to tell Uraraka by the time you got home. You’d spent most of the ride talking to Fuyumi about school and stuff, with the both of you occasionally poking fun at how antisocial Shoto was. It was nice seeing that despite their terrible upbringing, the siblings had a great bond and comradery between them. When they pulled up to your house, you hopped out quickly making sure to properly thank them both for the ride before running back into your house to tell your Mom all about how you got praise from All Might today.

“All Might named my baby the MVP?” She was crying, and you thought it would probably be embarrassing if it wasn’t the most adorable thing you’d ever seen in your life.

“Yeah, but I still think Momo deserved it more than me. I really didn’t do much.”

“Stop beating yourself up, sweetie. You’re an amazing talent, and sometimes not having to do anything is the greatest sign. I’m sure that All Might saw that in you as well.”

“Thanks, Mom!”

You ran upstairs to finish your little bit of homework before opening your phone back up and seeing the shit show that was occuring in the girls’ group chat. Uraraka has apparently announced that you’d left with Todoroki and hadn’t called her yet, which had all the ladies speculating on what you two were still doing together.

Ashido: I bet they're married by now.
Best Girl: On their way to having gorgeous overpowered babies.
Kisaki: She probably just had homework and didn’t call you immediately. Idiots. :p
Best Girl: Shiro!
Ashido: No way, tell us everything!
Kisaki: Nothing to tell, I spent the whole ride talking to his sister.
Best Girl: Boo!
Ashido: I don’t buy it! Something interesting happened.
Kisaki: pffffff. Gotta go, dorks. I’ve got video games to play.
Best Girl: You would.


After the first two days of physical torture, a lecture class was exactly what you all needed. Everyone sat back and listened to Midnight teach you all about combat strategy for a full hour, along with video references. This was exactly the kind of stuff you’d hoped they would teach you, as you weren’t like Midoriya and didn’t have a ton of experience strategizing, so you were enthralled in your notes the entire class. I need to ask Mom about some hand-to-hand combat classes after school. you noted as you watched some of the videos and realized how little you knew about actual fighting.

At random times through class, you could feel eyes on you, but you weren’t sure where they were coming from. When it happened it sent chills down your arms and you’d look up to find everyone seemingly engaged in the lecture. Weird.

Come lunchtime, you were pretty drained and decided to take the free period to sit alone and catch up on some manga while you ate. When you saw a lunch tray slide up next to you, you assumed it was Shinso and continued to read without looking up.

“You ignoring me, Wide Eyes?” His voice made you jump in your seat and look up at him in shock. His tray was next to you on the table but he was still standing with a look of murder in his eyes.

“Didn’t see you. Whats up?”

“I just wanted you to know that I’m going to kick your ass, you damned nerd.” You couldn’t help but smile at the recognition. This is his way of telling me he sees me as a rival.

“Ok, cool.” You looked back down at your manga expecting him to leave now.

“Is that all you have to say?” His rage was bubbling. This was hilarious, he didn’t know you could read him like a book.

“Oh, no, actually,” You shifted in your seat and moved your bag to allow him room to sit down where he’d placed his tray as a likely form of intimidation, “Is that enough room to sit?”

“What?” His face was priceless, he had no idea how to deal with you being completely unfazed by him.

“You were going to sit down, right?” You feigned confusion and made a point to look dramatically down at his tray and back at him before placing a hand on your manga and closing it to make even more room for him.

“Like I’d want to have lunch with you, idiot girl.” He grumbled. You took the opportunity to narrow your eyes at him with an intense glare.



“My name is Kisaki, Loud Mouth.” This was way too much fun. You really shouldn’t antagonize him like this, but the look on his face when you stand up to him is just too adorable to never see again.

“What the hell did you call me?” His yell was louder than normal this time and you noticed a huge chunk of the cafeteria look over to see what the commotion was about.

“I called you Loud Mouth! You deaf too?!” You grabbed your stuff and stood up to face him in a huff, “For fucks sake, Bakugo, I just wanted one minute to read in peace without the damn air horn of 1A on my ass.”

You turned away and stormed off, leaving him for the third time watching you walk away with a dumbfounded expression on his face.


Your next class was home ec, and it was not your forte. You’d never considered yourself much of a cook, so when it came time to pair up for baking you’d hoped to find yourself paired with a capable girl to help carry your faults. And yet the gods were cruel fucks.

“Ready to get cooking, Kisaki?” Kirishima beamed while ignoring the jealous stares of a few of his comrades.

“Oh, hell yeah, we’re going to crush these cookies into submission!” Another dramatic pose to hide your insecurities. He chuckles.

“You’re a good cook then?” He hoped.

“Absolutely not. We’re definitely going to fail.” You hung your head in faux shame as you both laughed at your own misfortune and Lunch Rush started explaining the basic instructions to you all.

The hour flew by and Kirishima was amazing company. It wasn’t long before the two of you fell into step and your teamwork was flawless as you baked, having a great time laughing and joking along the way. Though you were far too oblivious to notice, Kirishima didn’t miss the glares of some of his male classmates as you two bonded more and more.

“No, No wait! That the flo--” Too late, Kirishima had grabbed the bag of flower much to harshly and it spread through the air like a mushroom cloud. You both broke into goofy giggles as you were coated in the stuff head to toe. You wiped your eyes a bit and looked at the boy who in this moment reminded you of a puppy caught peeing on the floor. I swear his hair just deflated a bit.

“I’m sorry.” he grumbled looking down at the mess. You didn’t care one bit and picked up a towel from the counter and wiped his cheek.

“Dude, don’t stress it, it’ll wipe off.” He turned bright red and you pulled your hand back. Too chummy. You returned the blush in embarrassment, looking away for a moment before getting startled by the air horn.

“Quit making a mess, damn nerds. It’s distracting.”

That broke your embarrassment spiral and you both went back to cooking and goofing off the same as before. When it came time to decorate the cookies you both decided on brown and dark green icing.

“They look like actual, literal crap.” You mused as the terrible color combination had made itself evident.

“Bet they taste good,” Kirishima picked up one and held it toward you. In a forgetting yourself, heat of the moment action, you spread your lips and let him pop it in. As if the both of you realized how intimate that was at the same time you turned away from each other dramatically while you chewed, blushing. The taste took you by shock and shook you from your embarrassment.

“Their actually good!” Doing that excited bouncing thing you do again, you picked up another and handed it to him excitedly.

“Really?” He took it from your hand and popped it in his mouth.

“Nope, their terrible.” You laughed as he coughed on the salty taste and spit it out in the trash can.

“You’re a jerk.” He said as you were both laughing hysterically.

“I know,” you managed get out between laughs.

You both failed horribly. Sugar is not the same as salt. Heard.


Cookie Idiot: Some of us are meeting up after school for ice cream, you in?
Kisaki: I’ll ask my mom!
Cookie Idiot: Iida wants to compare notes from Midnights class, so it’s technically studying if that’ll help!
Kisaki: It should be fine! See you after study hall!
Cookie Idiot: Looking forward to it. I owe you one prank now.
Kisaki: Bring it, bitch. (:


You ran to the locker rooms after home ex to change into your gym clothes so you wouldn’t have to spend the whole day covered in flour then made your way to study hall. There wasn’t much you wanted to go over for today, and decided to spend the free period in a second attempt to finish your manga. When you walked in and saw Midoriya sitting alone poking around in one of his hero notebooks, you decided to instead take the opportunity to make progress on your friendship main quest and slid into the seat next to him.

“Hey Midoriya.” You said softly with a smile while opening your book to not make it obvious that you only wanted to talk to him, “Those notes on heroes?” You feigned curiosity and leaned over.

He blushed and nodded his head to confirm and you smiled widely at him.

“Oh yeah, you asked me about my quirk the other day. This must have been why.” You again made a point to look at his notebook. He was on a page about Aizawa, it looked like he was updating his entry with new information. You’re such a nerd.

“Y-yeah, I really love studying different kinds of quirks.” He seemed embarrassed.

“That’ll make you unstoppable one day!” You beamed, “Who wouldn’t want a walking encyclopedia on their team in a crisis!

“Thanks,” he blushed.

“Of course,” a beat, “Do you still want to know about my quirk?”

“Definitely!” He perked up and turned to a clean page in the notebook. You relaxed a little, this was the perfect way to break the ice between you two. Good thinking, me.

“I won’t tell you everything, because I have some tricks up my sleeve for the Sports Festival, ok?” He nodded. “Well I call it Overclock, and essentially it gives me the power to maximize the processing output of a ton of things. Kind of like when you run a computer over capacity. I can do it to all sorts of things; quirks, muscles, electronics, but I have to hold the output and the longer I do the more it drains my stamina. I usually Overclock less than 20%, since I’m not sure of my limits yet.”

“Wow that’s really cool! A quirk like that has tons of uses, you would be amazing in a support or defensive position too...” You lost him to one of his famous rambling fits as fawned over your quirk and you answered most of his questions. The class seemed to fly by as the two of you talked, moving on from your quirk to the quirks of other people in your class and some pros. You were genuinely just as interested in all the information he’d gathered as he was and you could tell it made his day to be able to talk freely about it.

“Mind if I borrow and read them over sometime?” You asked, hopeful.

“Y-yeah I wouldn’t mind at all!” His cheeks flushed and he looked back down at his notebook. He is just literally the cutest person alive and you cannot even stand it.

“Awesome! I’ll study it hard to try to be more like you.” You continued to smile at him. He probably didn’t believe you right now, but you really meant it. Being like him would be an honor.

He blushed again without saying anything. This boy really needs more girl contact, you mused.


The rest of the school day was uneventful and as soon as class was over most of class 1A was gathered around the front doors to go get ice cream together. When you approached the group you gave Kirishima a fistbump which was apparently now your thing and a small wave to Midoriya and Uraraka who seemed to be chatting it up about something important you didn’t want to interrupt. You noticed that although Todoroki was physically present, he didn’t seem all that interested in being with everyone so you took the hint and kept your distance and fell in line with Iida.

“This was a great idea,” you said to him, “Getting everyone to study together will only make us all better students!” You knew exactly how to suck up to him and could tell it worked immediately.

“Exactly, Kisaki! We must take our education at this amazing institution seriously and try our best to live up to the example set by our upperclassmen.”

“Right.” Iida was the first one to leave you not knowing what to say next so you just fell in line and walked with him. It was a comfortable silence as the two of you just listened to the others in your class talking about everything they’d done today. You were shaken from your eavesdropping when you heard your name.

“...And Kisaki got into another fight with Bakugo today in the cafeteria!” Mina announced to the group.

“Oh no, what did he do to you this time?” Uraraka stopped to turn back to you, making the rest of the walking group halt to look your way.

“It was nothing, he made some weird declaration of war and I called him a loud mouth.” Trying to wave it off, you weren’t a huge fan of all their attention right now.

“You’re so brave!” Uraraka said.

“Aren’t you worried about him at all?” Mina questioned.

“Nah, he’s fine,” you laughed, “I think he’s probably a really nice guy deep down. Seems like he’s just bad at expressing himself.” Everyone but Midoriya grumbled at that one, he seemed to be really happy that someone else saw the same thing in Bakugo that he did. You all made your way to the ice cream shop and through your studying session without further incident.

When it was time to leave, you Mom was the first to pull up to the ice cream shop. You gathered your things quickly and waved bye to your classmates and made a move to leave.

“Kisaki!” Midoriya called making you stop on your way out the door, “H-Here you go.” He held out his hand and in it was a notebook. Hero Analysis for the future #1

“Wow you’re really going to let me read it?” You beamed, he blushed.

“Y-yeah of course.” After taking the notebook you grabbed his hand and squeezed gently.

“You’re a treasure, Midoriya!” Then you turned and ran out the door to hop in the car and head home.

He lingered, standing in the same spot and looked down at his hand. You’re a treasure too.

Chapter Text

Finally it was Friday and you were looking forward to finishing your first week of school and getting some proper rest and using your free time to find a good training program nearby for your combat skills. You were pretty sure that the USJ event would be coming soon, and you weren’t sure how well you would match up against real villains. As you were about to head out to the school your phone beeped.

Toru: Just a heads up, there are about a million reporters out front swarming the students!
Ashido: Yeah I just got through. Their like rabid animals!

You were not great with crowds and didn’t want to be bothered by the reporters so you tried your best to stick to the outskirts of the crowd and push your way through without catching any attention. Your plan was perfect: Put on hoodie, lift hood, keep head down, circle around the crowd to its least dense point, bolt through the gates. It would have worked perfectly had you not forgotten one very important factor about the sidelines of this media circus.

Oof “Oh my gosh, I’m so sor--” Shigaraki. You couldn’t keep yourself from pulling a face of horror. In your old life you loved the league of villains more than anything. You’d attempted and failed miserably at multiple Shigaraki cosplay and considered him #2 best boy. The thing is, when it’s an anime, its easy to like the villains and find them charming in their own way. Running into one face to face, knowing he would love nothing more than to murder you, is a whole different ball game.

Your heart started to pound in you chest and the hairs all over your body started standing up.You took a few breaths to calm yourself as quickly as possible, trying your best to disguise it as being tired from running to school. The absolute worst thing that could possibly happen to you would be to grab the attention of this guy. After you calmed yourself, you decided to feign catching your breath a little longer and straightened back up to face him. Stay cool, stay cool.

“I’m so sorry for running into you sir!” You bowed.

“It’s alright, but you should be more careful.” He was looking down at you. You straightened yourself and pulled your best dumb teenager smile.

“Thank you, I’ll do my best.” And you fucking bolted right past the media and into the school as fast as you possibly could. As soon as you were sure you were out of his sight you collapsed against the nearest wall and had a full on panic attack. Your whole body started shaking and you thought you were going to pass out, tears started pooling in your eyes and you were terrified you were going to cry. He’s going to remember me. He’s going to remember me.

“Kisaki, are you okay?” You heard a voice, but you couldn’t pull yourself out of the spiral fast enough to take much notice. When the figure leaned itself close enough, your body grabbed it on instinct and started crying into a school uniform that you hadn’t a clue what human it belonged to. After a few seconds of sobbing and shaking, you finally pulled yourself together enough to be back in your body and aware of your surroundings again. The first thought to spark was that whatever you were leaning against smelled faintly of lavender and it was very soothing, your second was to figure out what it was you were leaning on.

“Todoroki.” You released the traumatized looking boy and flushed with embarrassment. “I’m so sorry!” You practically screamed into his face as you wiped your tears away and tried to fix yourself. He just stared at you wide eyed for a beat before responding.

“What happened to you?” He sounded angry. Of course he would be, you practically held him emotionally prisoner for the last 20 seconds.

“U-Uhh.. The reporters swarmed me and I guess I had a panic attack.” You weren’t completely lying, “I’m sorry, it felt like I was dying for a second there.” His face visibly relaxed and he stood up and held a hand out to you.

“I’m just glad you’re okay. Let’s get to class.” You took his hand to stand up and walked next to him, trying to find a way to disappear in shame. The only person worse to cry all over would be Bakugo. You probably set your relationship with Todo back at least 3 weeks. But, I met him less than a week ago. :(

He didn’t say another word to you as you walked, but any time you slowed your pace to let him escape from you, he slowed to match you. It almost seemed like he was trying to stick with you despite you just making a total ass out of yourself. Probably worried I’m going to have another breakdown.

When you got to class, Todoroki slid the door open and waited for you to enter. What a gentleman, you thought as you walked in with him on your tail. You’d hoped that no one could tell you’d been crying, but the look on Ashidos face told you that it was still insanely obvious. And you were certain that crafty female didn’t miss the very obvious wet spot on Todorokis’ shoulder either.

You settled into your seat and absentmindedly fumbled inside your bag while trying to ignore the stares of your friends who seemed hesitant to say anything to you. Well all except Ashido who turned in her seat and immediately called you out on it.

“Why were you crying? Do we need to go kick Bakguo in the face?” Why did she assume this was about him?

“No, I’m fine really.” Your voice was still shaky and it if you weren’t you, you wouldn’t be convinced either, “Those reporters surrounded me and I had a tiny panic attack.” You tried to play it off as best you could. Is it wrong to not warn someone? Should I be trying to prevent the events of the show instead of letting them play out? How could I even explain how I know the things I know? The school would think I was the mole! Gotta keep quiet for now.

“Aww, you poor thing! Don’t do well with crowds?” Uraraka chimed in.

“Apparently not,” you said trying your best to be casual about it and as soon as everyone knew you were okay, the focus of the class shifted to something else and you had a free moment to relax and process your feelings. The USJ was coming and you weren’t ready. This shit was actually life or death and it was time to quit screwing around with cute boys and do some training. What a perfect time to capture another friendship target along the way. Ojiro is great with hand to hand combat.

Class was pretty normal for the first half. Aizawa assigned some reading and laid in his sleeping bag while the class paired up and discussed it. You weren’t even a full minute into the exercise when your phone buzzed and you pulled it out to check the text.

Ashido:Bet that panic attack wasn’t so bad with that shoulder to cry on ;)
Kisaki: It wasn’t like that!
Ashido: Mhm.

Damnit, she saw. You tried to keep your expression neutral as you and Tsu discussed the different strategies for water based combat. She was the best partner to have for this assignment, and her input helped fill your notes and make them feel more complete. And you both decided to chit chat until Aizawa woke up to finish the class.


Aizawa went over the results of the combat training and gave a few students some constructive criticism on how they could have done better. Then as you knew from the moment you heard the reporters were outside this morning, it was time to pick a class president. You decided not to vote for yourself, just in case someone wanted to vote for you. You wanted no part of that nonsense and it would just be easiest to hope that this will play out exactly as it had in the show.

You decided to shoot Iida your vote. That left him with at least one and everything else was the same as it should have been except a single vote for you. You decided not to try to figure out who it was from and leave that mystery unsolved. Now all you had to do was wait out the alarm system and the position of Class President would be filled properly. Back to flying under the radar.

You next class was math, and it was the easiest class for you to completely zone out in. You’d taken these math classes before in your old world and since the math was exactly the same you were more than qualified for at least the entire school year without much, if any, studying. You spent most of the class doodling in your notebook and trying to keep yourself calm. This entire Shigaraki experience what probably something you needed to take the reality of this new world seriously. You aren’t hanging out in your favorite anime, you were in it. You were in danger just as much as your characters, if not more, because you knew that they were qualified to get through it. I wonder if I have plot armor. The idea that you may not sent a chill down your spine.

Maybe I should get a pistol for my utility belt. That wasn’t going to happen lest you wanted to end up in Tartarus with all the villains.

Just like during Midnights lecture, at random points during your math class you felt eyes on you. Yet every time you looked up everyone seemed engulfed in what they were doing. You thought maybe this time you were just being paranoid from seeing Shigaraki earlier, but you weren’t so sure. The stare didn’t feel malicious like it did during Midnights lecture when it gave you goosebumps and made you feel like prey. It’s probably just a concerned classmate checking in on me.


Lunch could not come soon enough, and when it finally rolled around you stopped at a vending machine and got a ton of sweets and found the most secluded corner you could find to hide in and indulge. You would always binge eat chocolate when you were stressed or scared in your old world, it wasn’t a surprise that the instinct remained here as well. Unlike in math class, you knew people were staring at you in the cafeteria. You didn’t blame them, the already admittedly weird girl was sitting alone in a corner of the room balls deep in her 5th cupcake. It was probably impressive to watch and though you probably should be, you couldn’t bring yourself to be embarrassed. Yeah I like vending machine cupcakes, what of it?!

Once you’d effectively made yourself sick with sweets, you popped in your earbuds and listened to some of the weird music this world had while poking around in your phone. Most of your favorite songs didn’t exist here, but luckily a good few of the classics were still around and you could still get your taste every now and again. But, you didn’t want to focus too much on your old world and miss out on this entirely new place you’d been lucky enough to be sent to.

Right about the time you were going to be at risk of falling asleep the alarm went off and panic rang out in the cafeteria. I have to act somewhat worried, you decided as you grabbed your bag and headed out toward the exit. Which of course was a mistake that led you to be practically whisked away in a crowd of panicked teenagers. You could feel yourself getting angry as the crowd was overwhelming you, but of course you had no one to blame but yourself. You’d completely miscalculated how suffocating it would be to try to escape with everyone at this moment.

It wasn’t long before you found yourself partially pinned against a wall and being jolted around frantically. The movement was making you start to feel sore and sick so you closed your eyes and tried to relax as it seemed to get worse and worse with people slamming into you over and over again as they tried to get past. Right before you were going to overclock yourself and kick someones ass for elbowing you in the side you felt someone grab your arm and jolt you hard through the crowd to a less dense area.

“Bakugo?” you questioned as he half dragged your sorry ass through the crowd and over to a wall that he cleared of other people with nothing but a single look of rage, and kind of slung you against it with a thud. He then turned to face you with one arm on the wall in a protective manner that kept the flow of the crowd from coming near you. It was your turn to look dumbfounded as his crimson eyes bore into you with a soft irritation on his face, “Why?”

“You don’t like crowds, right?” He yelled at you as if you’d offended him in some way. You didn’t reply, you just continued to stare at him with nothing but confusion on your face. “I didn’t want to see your dumb crying face again, okay?” Again with the yelling.

“Oh.” You spoke softly as your entire body blushed bright red. You broke the eye contact for a moment and looked at the floor to regain composure. He likes me! When you looked back up at him you couldn’t contain the huge stupid smile on your face. You thought he’d respond with some mean remark about your dumb smile but he just looked down at the ground and stayed silent.You decided to continue, “I knew you were a nice guy.”

“I’m not.”

“You so are.”

“I said I’m not, damnit!” He slammed his fist on the wall next to you and when you didn’t jump or stop smiling he just turned and walked away from you. You didn’t stop smiling till the alarm went off and everything settled back down. That’s an interesting development.


“It’s time class rep, lets begin.” Momo said as Midoriya shook like a leaf at the front of the class. You’d think he was about to be taken to the back of the school and shot by the way he was shaking.

“U-Uhm Ok, so, we need to figure out who the other class officers will be,” he sounded like he was being shook up and down, “But, first, there’s something that I want to say. I’ve thought a lot about this, and I think that Tenya Iida should be our class rep.” Everyone but you was shook, “He was able to get everyone's attention and get us in line, so, I believe that he should be the one leading our class from now on.”

“If Midoriya vouches for him, I’m good.” Kirishima stated, “He totally manned up and took charge, right?”

“Yep.” Kaminari added, “And did you notice he looked like the dude on the emergency exit signs when he was on the wall earlier?”

“And he has glasses!” You added jokingly, remembering something like that was said in the anime.

“I said that earlier!” Uraraka said excitedly.

“Great minds, Uraraka.” You pointed at her jokingly.

“This is a waste of time.” Aizawa finally sat up, “I don’t care who the rep is, just hurry up.”

Once that was settled Aizawa got up and started to actually teach the class. You noted that you really didn’t get a feel for how often he was really in his sleeping bag when you watched the anime. It was literally ¾ of every class.

“Today’s training is going to be a little different. You’ll have 3 instructors. Me, All Might, and another faculty member will be keeping tabs on you.” Your heart dropped. There wasn’t a time lapse. It was the same day.

“Senpai, What kind of training is this?” Sero asked. You knew the answer and your adrenaline started pumping madly through your body.

“Rescue training!”

Fuck. It’s time for the USJ and there’s no way I’m ready for this.

Chapter Text

It was like every circuit in you brain started firing at once and then stopped suddenly, leaving you in a daze while the class was getting dressed for the training. The first stage of war, you thought as you slipped on your gear and tried not to panic. The girls seemed to be giving you your space, they could probably feel some strange vibes from you and didn’t know what to say. You felt bad for shutting them out, but there was no way you could let them in on this.

Before you knew it, you were standing in line outside the bus and it was time to get in. Your body had stopped shaking, but you weren’t really able to stand and joke around with everyone. Luckily, you had the comfortingly stoic presence of Todoroki next to you and something about his strength seemed to be rubbing off. That’s right, I’m not alone. We’re going to get through this as a team.

Iidas boarding strategy was rendered useless by the open layout of the bus and so everyone seemed to file in ahead of you in a sort of mad dash to sit next to the people they’d gotten closest to. Under normal circumstances you’d have been just like them, bouncing around excitedly while chatting it up with your teammates, completely naive of the insanity to come. Instead you just kind of hung back and let everyone get ahead of you, trying your best to not freak out again. Through your mental breakdown, Todoroki put his hand on the small of your back to gently usher you forward and onto the bus. He was obviously aware that you still weren’t back to normal and was trying to keep you grounded. Seriously the sweetest guy ever.

Of course, Mina did not miss this either, and you felt her eyes bore into you as you made your way to the back of the bus with Todo to the only two empty seats behind Bakugo and Kyoka. Once you settled in, you started thinking back to your water combat advice from Tsu. If all this played out like it was supposed to, you’d end up with Midoriya and her in the shipwreck zone. The problem was, you had no idea how the three of you could take on those villains and survive. The stress was making you sick. You could overclock your body to your max and try to escape with them in tow, but you weren’t sure what the ramifications of that would be for your body. Emergency situations only.

Todoroki slid into the seat next to you and leaned his head back. Oh how lucky that you can relax right now, you thought as your eyes shifted over to him for a second before listening to the conversation playing out in front of you.

“Sure, but Bakugo is always angry, so he’ll never be that popular.” Tsu said plainly.

“What did you say? I’ll kick your ass!” Bakugo jumped out of his seat and pointed his rage at the unfazed girl.

“You see,” she pointed.

“You know we basically just met you, to it’s kind of telling that we all know your personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage.” Kaminari said in his cool sort of tone.

“You’re going to regret the day you applied this school, you loser, I’ll kill you!” Another unfazed target of rage as everyone sort of laughed at the explosive asshole of the class and Iida started lecturing them all on being a team. Bakugo bit back and kept arguing nonsensically with the group and you let out a small laugh that made him turn to you immediately.

“You got something to say?” He bit and you straightened in your seat and made a sarcastic show of zipping your lips and looking back out the window. He didn’t prod you further and you were thankful. Your nerves were already shot and the shitshow hadn’t even started yet. The bus started to shake a bit more and Aizawas voice cut through the chaos.

“Hey, Hey! We’re here. Stop messing around.” Everyone shut up immediately and looked out the window at the huge building. Here we go.As you were filing off the bus, Kirishima fell in next to you and you fist bumped with a flat smile.

“Sup, bro.”

“You alright, Kisaki? You’ve been weird all day.” His eyes narrowed on you and you could tell he was trying to read your face.

“Oh, yeah, I think I’m still shaken up from this morning. Panic attacks are no joke.” You rubbed your neck absentmindedly, trying to play it off as best you could.

“Sure it’s not a sugar crash?” Uraraka chimed in behind you mockingly.

“This about the cupcakes?” Your response was flat.

“Honestly it was impressive to watch,” Mina chuckled while nudging your shoulder, “You should look into competitive eating.”

“Do you really think I could achieve my dream of being a pro eater?” You did a dramatic pose and for a second felt like yourself again and laughed along with your classmates. It made all the tension in your body release for just a moment and you were so happy. You didn’t need to be isolating yourself in these moments, you should be staying present, that’s how you all were going to survive this. You just had to trust in your powers and hope that somehow all the martial arts training in Shiros’ past was burned into your muscle memory or something.


You didn’t hear a single word of the speech given by Thirteen. You pretty much had it memorized anyway, so it wasn’t like you’d missed much. The entire time the Pro was talking, your eyes shifted around the room, waiting for the inevitable moment of truth. Every little noise caught your attention and all of your senses were on high alert and screaming for you to get yourself out of danger, but you weren’t a runner.You were a hero and you’d already died once to prove it. No, you weren’t going to let yourself of any of your classmates die here. I am the hero Overclock, I am the hero Overclock.

“Right, now that that’s over--” Aizawa was cut off by the lights going out and the fountain starting to sputter. Your eyes darted over to it immediately, the panic you’ve been trying to hide all day now perfectly evident on your face.Your teacher turned and it brought the rest of the classes eye on the same spot as you. Kurogiri was warping in and you could see father starting to poke out from the smoke.

“Stay together and don’t move!” Aizawa called, “Thirteen protect the students!”

“Whoa, what is that thing?” Kirishima said, “Wait has the training started already? I thought we were rescuing people.”

“Stay back!” Aizawa yelled, “This is real. Those are villains!”

Every hair on your body was standing at full attention as you watched the assault you’d seen at least ten times play itself out in front of you. If you thought Shigaraki was terrifying in person, Nomu was on a different level. That thing was fucking horrifying to look at. It’s dead, empty eyes scanned you all lifelessly, when it’s eyes met yours all you could feel was evil. Its skin was black and leathery, and you didn’t notice it in the anime, but his exposed brain seemed to leak a fluid and ran down it’s body making it look even more disgusting. Your body instinctively took a step forward, which took you by surprise and made you stop. Maybe I really do have hero instincts.

“How could so many of them get into a UA facility this secure?” Kirishima said

“Yeah, Thirteen, why aren’t the alarms going off?” Momo stepped forward to say while looking around the room curiously.

“Good question. I’m not sure.”

“Is the entire campus under attack?” Todo chimed in. When this was a show, he’d he’d seemed as stoic as ever in this scene. Standing next to him, you could feel the chill of fear dripping off his body language, it wasn’t encouraging. You felt your panic attack coming again, unable to hear what everyone else was saying and trying to calm yourself down. This was not the time to freak out and yet you couldn’t stop yourself from panicking.

Aizawa jumping down into combat shook you from your daze a bit and everyone in class, save Midoriya and yourself, started making a break for the door. You still stood frozen in shock for a moment before Izuku grabbed your arm and pulled you along.

“It’s going to be okay!” Midoriya said to you as he pulled you behind him. I hope so, you thought as you met his pace and ran after your class who was in the process of being cut off by Kurogiri.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. We are the League of Villains. I know it’s impolite, but we decided to invite ourselves into this haven of justice to say hello. And besides, isn’t this a fitting place for All Might, the symbol of peace to take his last breath. I believe he was supposed to be here today and yet I see no sign of him. There must have been some sort of change in plans we could not have foreseen. Ah, in the end I suppose it doesn’t matter, I still have a role to play.”

Your body moved without your consent as your hand raised itself and smacked you in the face with more force than you’d expected. It was like your instincts knew you needed a jolt to get your shit together and clear your mind. You jumped forward just in time to get knocked back by Kirishima and Bakugo rushing past you and attacking Kurogiri.

“Did you think we were just going to stand around and let you tear this place to shreds?” Kirishima stated, not knowing that his attack meant nothing to the monster. You made a move to grab your friend and pull him back through the dirt and smoke.

“You three, get out of the way right now!” Thirteen screamed as Kurogiri declared that he was going to scatter you all to your deaths.

You body felt light as the wind whipped around and you felt yourself being swept away into the darkness. You held your breath and prepared yourself to land in the water to only be surprised when your body collided with concrete instead. You stood up and looked around and found yourself in a collapsed building with Kirishima and Bakugo.

Your heart sank as the adrenaline pumped through you. The timeline is broken. Anything could happen now.


“You okay, Kisaki?” Kirishima asked while checking you over and helping you stand up, “You took a lot of impact just now.”

“I’m good.” You stood up and your eyes narrowed at the area around you. You were now in unfamiliar territory and had no idea what was going to happen. The thought pulled you out of your panic and put you back into your body the same as the slap you’d given yourself before. This was a battle for your life now and you didn’t have the blueprints. Time to get serious.

“That guys must have had a warping quirk.” Kiri said to you and you nodded.

“That means he split us up into smaller groups to make us easier to handle. You good over there, Bakugo?” You leaned over at the boy and he gave you a nod, his face deadly serious as he blasted a couple of explosions out of his hands to get ready. You could hear footsteps coming toward you through the walls and the boys obviously did as well since they both tightened at the noise.

“We got a fight coming,” Kiri hardened his hands and shifted you a worried look that faded quickly when he saw you rubbing yourself down for a fight.

“Bring it on!” Bakugo yelled. His passion was definitely contagious and thank the gods for that.

“Lets kick some ass!” Your anger was boiling. If these people thought you were going to let them hurt your friends they had another thing coming. You ran to Bakugo quickly and grabbed his hands with more aggression than you meant to. “I’m going to overclock your sweat glands, it’ll give your attacks more power so don’t kill someone, okay?”

He gave a noncommittal grunt and let you hold his hands for a moment. Any more than 2% and I may not be able to hold it in him and myself. you thought as you pushed the overclock into him. You could immediately feel his hands sweating more than usual and you both made some kind of respect eye contact right as the villains burst into the room.

“Get back, Wide eyes. SAY GOODBYE!” Bakugo yelled as he charged forward and blasted the doorway (and the wall) completely off their hinges then turned to you with shock on his face.

“Now who’s got wide eyes,” you laughed as you pushed an overclock of 10% through your body and jumped past him to kick one of the villains in the face.

Looks like I have some fighting instincts, you again thanked God-Dude for this forethought and the battle raged on. Luckily the three of you had the advantage against the villains You didn’t have any time to think as the battle went on and you were probably better for it. It was as if all of your senses were heightened even more so than your quirk allowed. When you’d taken out most of the threat you released the overclock on Bakugo’s glands and decreased your output to 5% for the rest of the fight. I need to save as much stamina as possible.

When the last guy fell, the three of you took a moment to look around and take stock of everything you’d accomplished. The three of you had taken out 15 villains in less than 5 minutes. What a fucking team you all made. You immediately released your overclock and took a second to catch your breath. Fight or flight instincts were just as powerful as they said and you were actually pretty proud of yourself.

“I think that’s the last of these guys, bunch of weaklings” Bakugo said while trying to catch his breath.

“Alright, let’s go find the rest of our class. If we three are still in the USJ, then everyone else probably is too. And not all of them have the offensive skills we do.” Kiri was obviously worried, “We’ve gotta make sure their safe, especially since we screwed things up when we got in the way earlier. If Thirteen had been able to suck up that villain, we’d never have been separated like that. We have to make it up to the others.”

“You wanna track everyone down, have fun. But I’m going to go destroy that warpy bastard.”

“Huh? Our physical attacks didn’t hurt that guy. Come on, don’t be an idiot, man.”

“Shut up! I’m going to take him down because he’s their way in and out. If I cut off their escape route, they’ll be stuck here and have to pay for what they’ve done. We’ll just have to figure it out.” An invisible villain made a play for Bakugo who didn’t even flinch to take the dude out. It looked cool in the anime, but holy shit those reflexes irl were insane to see.

“Holy shit, Bakugo.” You couldn’t help but say, in a tone of mad respect. He cocked a grin before continuing his rant.

“Anyway, if all these Villains are small fries like these guys were, then our classmates can handle them.”

You stepped away from the conversation to look out the window to scout. You couldn’t see anymore villains and figured you’d probably gotten them all by now. They weren’t smart enough to keep reserves behind in case you guys were as powerful as you clearly were. This was going better than you thought.
“I’m always calm and rational, you red haired loser!” Bakugo screamed into Kiris’ face.

“Yeah, there you are.” You both chuckled.

“Go find the others if you want to.” He started to leave the room and you followed after.

“Wait, hold up, I think what you’re really saying is that you believe in our classmates, and that’s thinking like a man, Bakugo.”

“Aizawa will need us the most.” You said, forgetting yourself, “No way he can keep up a group fight like that alone for long.” Before you could think you’d overclocked your legs 20% and bolted from the room toward your teacher. No telling how all this could play out now that Midoriya and Tsu were likely alone at the shipwreck zone. One thing you did know for sure was that you weren’t going to let that adorable sleepy bastard die here trying to save you guys. The way you figured it, his life was more valuable than yours, since this was his world and the students would need him to change the future. This plot already played itself out once without you, if you died here today, at least it meant that your friends would be okay. You heard the boys call after you but you didn’t stop. You had a mission. I’m going to be a hero. Even if it kills me.

When you got to the central plaza, Aizawa was already pinned under Nomu, his head being bashed into the ground repeatedly while Shigaraki panicked in the corner. It looked like Iida had already gotten out of the USJ and you thanked the gods for that. You looked toward the water for Tsu and Midoriya. They aren’t there. Your body started to shake again. This was your fault. Aizawa was going to die here and now without the kids to distract Shigaraki.

Nomu lifted Aizawas head to smash it against the concrete again and you saw the man make eye contact with you. You could tell he was pleading with you to run away but you wouldn’t do it. You looked at Shigaraki and saw him clawing at himself nervously. If you managed to knock him out, would the Nomu stop attacking Aizawa? You knew he didn’t move or say anything without Shigarakis orders, your only hope now was that if you managed to knock out the villain the Nomu wouldn’t act anymore and you could get Aizawa out of here in time for All Might to show up.

Your second option was to go for Nomu’s hands, maybe if you overclocked high enough you could knock Aizawa out of his hands and get away with the teacher before they could catch up. Neither option was great but your body started moving before you could think about it further.

“Stay away from Sensei, you bastard!” You screamed while shooting a 75% overclock through your whole body. You had no idea what you were going to do when you closed the gap between you and the villains but knew you’d made the right move when the Nomu dropped Aizawas head instead of slamming it on the ground. That gave you your opening. Your speed increased tenfold and your body dropped down into a slide to try to kick Aizawa away from the danger. You felt you body make contact with him and he slid away to the far side of the plaza, leaving you directly underneath the Nomu and alone in the plaza with the two villains. Your body released the overclock as you were plucked off the ground. You heard Shigarakis bone chilling voice cut through your haze of instinct.

“I thought I warned you to be more careful.” You braced yourself for impact, deciding this was the emergency-break-glass moment of the fight. You overclocked your skin 100% and cringed as the impact slammed through your body.

Then, everything went black.

Chapter Text

Traces of consciousness began to tickle your brain. It started with a faint sound piercing the silent darkness of the corners of your mind. Something you latched onto in search of escape. As it began to grow louder, you found the beeping irritating, like a reminder that there was something you needed to do but couldn’t. Then you heard a faint whimper, this sound was familiar, more grounding, and small wisps of thought crashed together in whirlwinds as your eyes cracked open. The brightness was jarring to your tired eyes and all you could see was a bright fog that started to clear as you focused on the source of the noise.

“Why are you crying, Mommy?” your soft voice came out without force, more like a whimper than a sentence.

“Shiro? DOCTOR!” The darkness crashed back over you and you fell in and out of your previous state again. As your surroundings came into focus a second, or maybe third time, you weren’t sure, you caughts pieces of words you couldn’t find context for.

“...going to mak-..”
“ on fire…”
“ die…”

“Aizawa!” You yelled out. The sound of your teachers name jolted you awake, suddenly reminding you of what it was you were supposed to be doing. You sat up in an instant and felt intense pain at every movement. You were suddenly aware of where you were. A hospital, you thought as you searched the room, about to activate your quirk on instinct before settling back onto the soft plush of the mattress.

“Shiro!” you heard multiple voices yell and looked over. The first thing you was was your Mothers eyes, it was obvious she’d been crying for hours and it made your heart sink. The next thing you noticed were several of your classmates who were crowding the doorway of the room and starting to file in one by one.

“What?” You questioned as you caught the eyes of Uraraka who looked so sad, “What’s wrong Uraraka, Mom?”

“Holy shit, we thought you were going to die.” Kirishima said and you looked at him puzzled for a moment before all of the events that led to this moment crashed in and flooded your memory. Villain attack. Timeline was off. Saving Aizawa. Shigaraki. Your whole body began to shake again and you finally looked down and took stock of yourself. You weren’t doing great. Your skin looked like it’d been set on fire, there were burns and healing blisters painting the surface of your skin along with more scratches and bruises than you thought a person could actually have. Your chest had a long healing gash tracing between your breasts and you moved your hand to touch it.

“Did someone take my heart?” You poked the scar and traced the stitches that seemed to no longer be of use. The spectators didn’t get a chance to say anything before your brain cleared of the rolling fog in another moment of lucidity, “Where’s Aizawa? Is everyone okay?” Your panicked voice was cut off by a gentle hug from your mom as your classmates watched.

“Everyone is fine, baby.” She started crying again. You smiled.

“Thank god.”

You’d found out that it was early Sunday evening when you woke up. Which meant you’d been unconscious for a little over two days. Apparently overclocking your skin worked to absorb most, if not all, of the damage from Nomus punch, but the impact send you flying all the way to the Squall zone with Tokoyami and Koda picking you up after you slammed full on into a building. They had reported that your skin had caught fire and luckily the rain in the area put you out in enough time to not cause too much damage. When you questioned further everyone got quiet and stopped answering. There may be more to this story. My skin caught fire. I guess that makes sense, when you overclock a computer overheating becomes a huge issue.

Kirishima didn’t say much. He honestly seemed kind of traumatized. Apparently him and Bakugo made it to the scene in time to see you being dangled in the air by Nomu before he sent you flying. They were both convinced you were dead and it must have looked fucking terrifying. A few seconds after that, Tsu and Midoriya had shown up and the group held off Nomu long enough for All Might to show up. Everything pretty much played out the same as the show from there, as far as you could tell from their story. That thought filled you with more relief than anything the doctors told you. The timeline was back in tact.

You had a punctured lung, which explained the scar on your chest. It was the only scar the doctors weren’t sure would heal fully. Apparently recovery girl had made a few stops to the hospital to aid your healing progress and you were to go visit her after school tomorrow to finish up and get one last treatment. Outside of one fractured rib, you hadn’t broken any bones. That was the biggest surprise of them all considering you’d been punched so hard you flew ¼ of the distance across the USJ straight into a concrete building. Maybe I have a little bit of plot armor? Thanks God-Dude.

Your Mother, ever the fucking gangster, didn’t even for a second consider pulling you out of UA after this. You found that really shocking and when you’d asked her about it she said that the fact that you’d run to save your teacher in such a hopeless situation on pure instinct was exactly why you needed to be at UA. You were in much more danger outside of that school than in it. That woman was seriously the most badass human being alive. #Blessed.

You had to make a report to the police before they would let you go home, you didn’t have much to say other than the truth. Once you left the collapse zone you ran toward the center to help Aizawa, only to find that he was about to be killed and that you’d done everything in your power to get him to safety. Since you’d made no move to attack the villains, and only acted to protect yourself and you teacher, you didn't get much of a lecture. And you were happy about that despite the reminder from the police chief to not do anything like that again. Not on my to-do list bro.

When you finally got home you immediately collapsed in your bed and fell asleep. If you were going to try to make it to school tomorrow, you needed as much rest as you could get.


You made it to school a little late, and because of the pain and stiffness in your body you’d decided to go see Recovery Girl before headed to homeroom. You figured today of all days Aizawa would cut you some slack for being late, but a note from the nurse wouldn’t hurt your case. You also still looked like you’d been hit with a building so the extra healing would make your school day go by a little easier. You didn’t want to deal with the people staring.

“Good Morning, Kisaki. It’s good to see you up and about.” She was just as cute of an old lady as she was in the anime and it made you smile.

“Good Morning, ma’am. I-I still wasn’t doing great this morning, so I was hoping maybe you could?” Why did you sound do nervous?

“Oh of course, then we can get you back to class.”

Class. Anxiety shot through you again at the thought of facing everyone. Aizawa was bound to be pissed off at you for not running away like he’d clearly wanted. There was no way he was going to praise you for jumping into that fight like an idiot and nearly getting yourself killed. You’d decided that if he started to lecture you, you’d use your logic to get yourself some slack. I knew I could take at least one hit from that thing without dying. I wasn’t sure if the same went for you. You started rehearsing the imaginary conversation so you’d be prepared. When you got to the door your hand hesitated. Oh so you can run full force at Nomu, but you’re scared to open a door? You took a deep breath and slid the door open.

“That’s right, and top heroes everywhere will be watching.” Momo stopped her sentence short as the whole class turned toward you. You flushed deeply and made a move for Aizawa and bowed.

“I’m sorry for being late.” You handed him the slip from Recovery Girl and he just grumbled and motioned for you to take your seat. Cool, so we’re going to not talk about. I prefer that. They were talking about the sports festival. As you took your seat you felt the other students staring at you. You’d talked to some of them already, but most of the class hadn’t seen you since you were being carried to the hospital. Of course they were worried, you tried to break the tension. “Come on, guys, I can’t look that bad?”

“Are you kidding me,idiot?!” Bakugo yelled from his corner of the room, “You look like you were hit by a building.”

“Dude, she was hit by a building.” Kirishima added to the hopefully joking nature of the conversation. You noted that Koda visibly flinched at the reference. You’d heard he was the first to find you. The kid must be traumatized, you needed to say something.

“Koda.” Your voice dropped a bit as the boy turned around to look at you. His expression was pained, but that kindness was very present in his eyes, “Thank you.” He nodded once with a faint grin and turned his attention back to the class. Your cheeks flushed and you felt like an idiot. That was all you could come up with?! Dumbass. Aizawa groaned and finished his speech about the Sports Festival without further incident.

As soon as class was dismissed you were practically surrounded by your friends and their questions. As soon as you’d assured them all that you were fine and would be back in fighting form within a few days, they calmed down gave you some space. The rest of the day went on without much incident. Nearly every student who saw you started to whisper with the people around them and you couldn’t imagine the crap that they were saying. When it came time for lunch, you grabbed the bento you Mom had made you and made a move to head to the cafeteria when you were stopped by Aizawa.

“Kisaki, let’s have lunch.” Your heart dropped.

“Alright.” You followed solemnly, and settled into the classroom at Toru’s desk in the front row. Aizawa surprised you and settled into the seat next to you and opened his box to eat without saying anything for what felt like hours.

“That was very reckless.” His tone wasn’t angry, almost defeated, as he talked to you. Maybe exasperated? You couldn’t find the right word for it. You hung your head and took a breath.

“I know, but, I figured I could physically take the hi-”

“Stop.” He raised his voice a little but he didn’t sound angry with you. He took a breath. “I know you thought it through, but…”

“I wasn’t just going to watch you die!” You yelled and immediately realized that you just sounded like a whiny teenager. You winced and braced for the Azawa beatdown to come. When it didn’t, you opened an eye and looked at him. He was staring down at his food with a solemn look on his face. He huffed.

“Don’t you ever do anything like that again, okay?” He sounded kind of angry this time and he stood back up and faced you letting his voice soften for the next part, “And thank you. Lunch over.”

He walked away leaving you feeling dumbfounded and very happy you didn’t get a beatdown.



You still had plenty of time in your lunch period, so you picked up your food and headed toward the cafeteria to join your classmates who were at their typical table getting pumped about the Sports Festival. The return to normal was super welcome, as you just wanted to get all this past you and start preparing for everything to come. This was the freaking villain attack everyone forgets about and I almost died. I need to get training. You took a deep breath and walked over to the students all carrying their happy conversations and smiled huge before sitting at the edge of the table next to Todoroki and nudged him playfully.

“I heard you were amazing, as per usual, Todoroki.” You didn’t even have to fake it, you were totally back to normal and hoped he wouldn’t be weirder than usual today. His aura was pretty intense and you hoped the only reason why was because of the impending character arc at the festival. He’d probably start his brooding about now. You really hoped you wouldn’t get shut out.

“Same to you,” he shot you a faint smile and you returned it happily, starting to bounce in your seat with excitement. I know that face, we’re still friends! Then you kind of remembered what you were both talking about and your smile fell as you rubbed the back of your neck.

“Eh, but I was stupid and got myself hurt.” You felt eyes that weren’t Todorokis fall on you but you were afraid to see who was looking.

“I was told you saved Aizawa though, doesn’t sound stupid to me.” He took a bite of his food and gave you a sideways glance. You weren’t sure how to react.

“Well hopefully next time I can do the same without having to worry you all.” Your eyebrows scrunched and your body tightened,.

“Are you in pain?” He perked up, his eyes searching your expression as he turned toward you.

“What? No. Oh, no, I’m fine, just, I feel bad, you know?” Todoroki huffed, it was adorable.

“Don’t. Just get better and train so you can finally take me on in the finals at the festival.” He sounded intense. Maybe he was acknowledging you again? Your competitive side flared up again and you couldn’t stop yourself from talking shit.

“Pff. Hope you’re okay with second place, half and half.” You decided to steal Bakugos insult with a chuckle and a huge grin that he returned. What you both hadn’t noticed was the attention your conversation had earned.

“Oh my gosh, so cute!” Mina squealed, clutching her metaphorical pearls.

“Somebody got her fire back,” Kirishima said with a twinge of disappointment in his voice.

“What!” Bakugo yelled, standing up in anger while practically flipping the table over with small explosions going off in his hands. That got your attention and he turned to stare at you with a look of rage that made you recoil in your seat. He held the glare for a beat before storming out of the cafeteria without another word. Everyone at the table, no the cafeteria, sat for a beat in silence before returning to their conversations.

“Whoa,” you said. Oops, you thought.

Chapter Text

Like fucking hell you were going to let Bakugo act like a damn child after you two had made so much friendship progress. Taking a second to collect yourself after the boy stormed off, you turned to your companions at the table and said your goodbyes quickly while grabbing your bag and following Bakugo at a slower pace. You didn’t want to do this in a crowded place, so you chose to hang back a bit until he made his way out into the hall and then quickened your pace to catch up to him.

“Bakugo!” He stopped but didn’t turn around. You moved to catch up to him and crossed your arms behind him in a huff, “What the hell is your problem?” Your voice didn’t sound as angry as you wanted it to, you sounded more concerned than anything. This further pissed you off.

“I don’t have a problem.” His voice betrayed him, he also didn’t turn to face you.

“Wanna try that one more time?” Your voice was dripping with sarcasm, but it had no bite. You were honestly feeling kind of bad right now. You had been intentionally fucking with his mental state for a week now, it made perfect sense that he would eventually snap. You weren’t a psychologist, so you shouldn’t have been trying to manipulate him into anything, especially friendship. What kind of fucking psychopath were you? Shit, was this all your fault? He just continued to stand there silently and it completely freaked you out.

“...Katsuki?” It slipped out before you could stop it. The faint sound of sadness and pathetic trepidation all very evident in that one three syllable word. You slammed your hand over your mouth to stop anything else from coming out as the boy turned to stare at you with an unreadable expression on his face, “I-I’m sorry.” You blushed all over and ran away like a fucking coward straight back to your empty classroom to bury yourself in literally any book.

As you were balls deep in your book, trying to think of ways to either disappear or induce amnesia on Bakugo, you heard the door slide open and froze in place. You tried to keep your eyes trained on the book you hadn’t been reading at all and decided to pretend you didn’t notice the figure that had entered was now hovering over your desk. How long could you keep up this charade? Not long because there was no way of pretending that you didn’t know there was someone in the room with you without destroying all of your credibility as a hero. You looked up to see Bakugo, who had stolen your move and was standing there with his arms crossed and that same weird look on his face.

“Oh, hey, B-Bakugo.” As if nothing had ever happened, as long as you ignored the embarrassed stutter in your voice as you spoke his name correctly this time.

“Kisaki.” He paused and took a couple of breaths as if he was trying not to yell and looking for the right words to say to you. Your eyes, of course, went wider than usual because he’d never used your name before. You both stared at each other for much longer than you were honestly comfortable with when the first people started returning to class behind him. He huffed as Midoriya walked into the room and his unreadable expression twisted back to his baseline rage. He pointed in your face, “It’s not damn Icy-hot you need to worry about alright, wrecking-ball?”

“Wrecking-ball?” You questioned before the reference finally clicked in your head and you lost your damn mind laughing, “Holy shit that’s your best one, Bakugo!” You were totally serious and it set him off guard for a moment, his expression softening and aaaalllmoosstt turning to a smile. You laughed another couple of seconds and took a breath. “See you in the finals, then.”

“You’re damned right.” He grumbled as he made his way back to his seat. Midoriya made a face at you that was obviously asking if you were okay. You gave him a thumbs up when you remembered something important.

“Oh, Midoriya, can I have a sec?” He nodded and you grabbed the notebook he’d lent you out of your bag and walked over to his desk. “I had some questions about some of your abbreviations in here, I also thought of some cool stuff while I was reading that I’d love to go over with you next time your free?”

“Really? I-I mean, of course, I’d love to go over it with you.” He seemed nervous. Probably because he just found out that All Might lowered his time limit again. Also the pressure of the Sports Festival. Yep, that has to be it.

“You’re the freaking coolest, Midoriya. Maybe we can do lunch together tomorrow? If we get it done at school it wont cut into our training for the Festival.” He nodded and you gave him two super enthusiastic thumbs up before running back to your desk and sitting down. All was right with the world again. Thank the gods because keeping all these plates in the air was exhausting.



This is a ridiculously long nap even by Aizawas standards, you thought as the class sat around wondering what they were supposed to be doing. You’d finished up your classwork about 35 minutes ago, and with less than an hour left for the day you decided to take advantage of this situation and grab a little rest as well. You figured that even if Aizawa did wake up, he wouldn’t give you too much hell considering everything you’d gone through. You pulled your bag onto your desk and laid your head on it, letting your body fall in a state of blissful sleep that could only be achieved by the highest grade of prescription painkillers. Please don’t snore, was your last thought as the world faded away around you.

“Why the heck are you all here?” Urarakas yelling shook you from your slumber and you scratched your head a bit confused.

“Do you students have some sort of business with our class?” Iida questioned.

“They’re scouting out the competition, idiots.” Bakugo was making his way toward the crowd on his way to leave the room. Oh, the Shinso confrontation. You rubbed your eyes and yawned. “We’re the class that survived a real villain attack. They want to see us with their own eyes.”

“Please don’t explode anybody…” Midoriya begged quietly. You stretched your arms a bit and checked the time. You still had plenty of time before you had to head to your new after school training class.

“At least now you know what a future Pro looks like. Now move it, extras.” Bakugo is so cool. Wait, no, he’s an asshole. You stood up and stretched your legs, yawning again. These drugs were making you so tired. And your body was still so sore. You couldn’t let that stop you from this combat course though.

“You can’t walk around calling people extras just because you don’t know who they are!” Iida was chastising Bakugo while Midoriya and Uraraka both nervously mumbled sorries and things behind him.

“So this is class 1A? I heard you guys were impressive, but you just sound like an ass. Is everyone in the hero course delusional, or just you?” Just him, Shinso. You internally sighed and started gathering your things. “How sad to come here and find a bunch of egomaniacs. I wanted to be in the Hero Course, but like many others here I was forced to choose a different track. Such is life. I didn’t cut it the first time around, but I have another chance. If any of us do well in the Sports Festival, the teachers can decide to transfer us to the Hero Course. And they’ll have to transfer people out to make room. Scouting out the competition? Maybe some of my peers are, but I’m here to let you know that if you don’t bring your very best I’ll steal your spot right from under you. Consider this a declaration of war.”

Everyone in class but you and probably Bakugo were in shock. Since your boy was done with his speech, you decided you didn’t care about this cutscene anymore and walked over to toward the door with the most chipper smile on your face.

“Hey Shinso!” Literally everyone stared at you but you didn’t let your expression falter. You’d let time get away from you and now your Shinso friendship was in danger. You’d meant to be closer friends by now. His eyes widened on your state and then narrowed in concern.

“Holy shit, Kisaki.” You remembered the state you were in.

“Oh,” you looked down at the burns all over your arms, “Hah, I was thrown into a building while on fire.” You shrugged half-heartedly and ignored the gasps and murmurs of the crowd. Bakugo used this moment to push through the group without another word. Shinso just stared at you dumbfounded. You put your hands up, “I’m okay though!”

“Good.” He looked down.

“Wanna walk to the station together today?” He brightened a bit, but still seemed concerned at your blase attitude.


“Awesome!” You happily took a step forward and left with your friend, ignoring the stares of all the onlookers that followed you until you rounded the corner.

Once you were both outside you nudged him on the shoulder, “Awesome speech! And I’m sorry about Bakugo, he’s kind of an asshole.”

“Kind of?” His sarcasm was evident, you laughed. “Seriously though, are you okay?”

“Eh, it was the scariest thing ever. And I almost died in the hospital they tell me, but yeah I’m surprisingly okay with it all. And I’ll be in fighting shape for the Festival, so that’s good.” He stiffened at the word Festival and you lowered your tone, “Hey man, just know that no matter what, I’m rooting for you to do well. Regardless of the whole declaration of war thing” You smiled.

“That declaration isn’t for you.” His tone was kind of harsh. You really wished you could get into his head a little better, but alas, you couldn’t read him well at all.

“Good, because you were my first friend and I’m not going to let anything ruin that. Even if we have to be rivals too. Friends first.” You were dead fucking serious and he knew it.

“Sounds good to me.” He said with a grin.

“Damn right.”



Kisaki: I feel like I’m out of the loop with the USJ thing.
Best Girl: Why do you think that?
Kisaki: Well, both Koda and Tokoyami refuse to make eye contact with me for one. And when I asked for details back at the hospital everyone clammed up and wouldn’t say anything. I thought you were all traumatized at first, but now I’m worried something is going on and I’m the only one who doesn’t know.
Best Girl: Uhhh
Kisaki:Tell me.
Best Girl: Okay, but don’t freak out.
Kiaski: WHAT. IS. IT.
Best Girl: Well, see, when you burst into flames…
Best Girl: Pretty much all of your clothes burned off and the boys had to carry you back to everyone in nothing but your underwear. Tokoyami wrapped Dark Shadow around you as best he could for your modesty, but I’m pretty sure everyone has seen at least a glimpse of your boobs.
Kisaki:I wish that villain killed me.
Best Girl: Don’t freak out! You were so burnt, it wasn’t much of a show.
Best Girl:And plus side! You get to redesign your costume for the Sports Festival!
Best Girl:Also you don’t have to be self conscious about how tight your costume is anymore!
Best Girl: Seriously no was was looking or anything. We seriously thought you were going to die! Not a good time to sneak a peek, you know?
Best Girl:Shiro?
Best Girl:Shiro!
Missed call from: Best Girl.
Missed call from: Best Girl.
Best Girl: Answer the damn phone or I’m coming over there!

You should have never asked. You life would have been so much better if you hadn’t. Lesson learned the hardest way possible. You never want to see any of those people again. You wondered if God-Dude would give you a go in another anime, because this had become hell so fast.

Chapter Text

Cookie Idiot: Running late? Aizawa is going to slaughter you.
Kisaki: I’m at the hospital getting some x-rays on my lungs to make sure they’re totally healed. I’ll be back before lunch!
Cookie Idiot: Oh, good. I hope it turns out.
Kisaki: Hey, Kiri, wanna hang out and train on Saturday? I need to test out a theory I have. I’ll bribe you with delicious food and a movie after?
Cookie Idiot: Combat and food? What kind of man says no to something like that?
Kisaki: Great! It’s a date then!


After receiving a clean bill of health, you bolted your way into the school and made your way down past the Hero department down to support. You had to get the changes to your costume in soon and decided that today during your free period was the best time. It made you a little nervous to head down there, you were a huge fan of Hatsume and like with Shinso you didn’t really know how to approach her.

She was the kind of person you wanted on your side if you were going to make it in the future. She will probably end up usurping a major support company one day and ruling the world. That beautiful psychopath, you thought as you slid the door to the room open.

There she was, so deep in some gadget or another that she hadn’t even noticed you’d entered. You looked around for Power Loader and when you saw him over in the corner of the workshop you walked over and explained your situation.

“I was told you were going to stop by soon.” He replied to your whole spiel with a distant smile and moved over to a computer and began typing away. “Looks like Hatsume was lead on the boots and gloves, Koami was lead on the materials. Unfortunately, Koami isn’t here today, HATSUME!” His glance shifted over to the girl and she hopped up and bounced over to where you were standing. She looked you over with an unreadable expression and turned to her teacher. “This is the girl from the Hero Course I told you about. Do you have some time to talk about changes to her costume?”

“Oh, you’re the one who burned up my babies.” This was not a great start. She seemed really mad at you. You put your head down in shame.

“I’m sorry that your hard work went to waste.” You bowed, “We learned some new limitations of my quirk that weren’t a factor during my first costume entry. I was hoping that I could tell you all about it and see what you suggest?” You felt a shift from beneath her goggles and you wished you could read her eyes. Or see them at all. They looked like they were cool as hell looking in the anime.

“What kind of limitations?” Her voice was curious as she slowly walked back toward her work station. Her body language said follow.

“Well, I can overclock my muscles, quirks, and electronics. I used it on my skin to save me from a hard hit, but I guess I overheated to the point of combusting into flames. That had never happened before. I wanted to look into what kind of emergency cooling or extermination system you think would be possible.” You both settled down at the workstation and chatted a bit more about your quirk and the ideas you had to give you more of an advantage in combat. You saw a small black machine laying unused amongst the assorted nonsense on her desk and your heart fluttered. Maybe if I play my cards right she’ll let me borrow it and I won’t have to go buy one.

“You can overclock things?” She didn’t need to take off her goggles for you to know her eyes were wide with devious intent, “Using your quirk would be really helpful for testing my babies.”

“I’ll make you a deal then, Hatsume. You let me borrow that for a few days this week,” You pointed to the device you’d been eyeballing since you sat down, “And I’ll come by and help you test to your heart's content.”

“You want to borrow that?” Her eyebrows narrowed, “What for?”

“Something I want to try out for the Sports Festival.” Her eyes narrowed further.
“I don’t see how that could possibly help you, but deal, anything for my babies!” You two spent the next 20 minutes talking about different cool ideas for your suit and through most of the conversation Hatsume seemed mad with excitement. I’m terrified of the things this woman will use my quirk for, but if I’m going to beat Todoroki I need this device for testing.


You carefully tucked the device into your bag and made a mad dash toward your classroom to go grab Midoriya. You’d asked him to get lunch together today, so you wanted to be a gentleman and pick him up after study hall to walk together. You’d always felt a little nervousness when talking to Best Boy, so this was you time to chill out and really get into some Grade A bonding.

“Hey Midoriya!” You waved excitedly as he walked out of the room with Iida and Uraraka in tow. He perked up immediately and ran over to you, the smile on his face making your heart flutter.

“Hey Kisaki! I was worried when you weren’t here earlier. How did it go with the doctor?” He looked at you with his big., beautiful, eyes of kindness and concern and you flushed.

“Everything is good. I’ll probably have this scar forever, but my lungs and rib are fully healed!” You did your best All Might voice and pose at the words fully healed, puffing your chest out like a dork before laughing. “Still want to do lunch?”

“Yeah!” The two of you walked together chatting away through the lunch line and into some seats off to the side in the cafeteria. As soon as your but hit the seat you were reaching into your bag to pull out the notebook he’d lent you and the one you started yourself for the festival. His eyes widened and he looked at your notebook as you cracked it open. “It’s in English?”

“Yeah! These are my notes on your notes and...My strategy and training for the Festival.” You turned it to your training page and slid it over to him. You had 13 days until the festival and a carefully planned training regimine to go atop your typical combat training.

Voice - OC %_____, Pitch ____ Hz____
Parkor/Agility - Full body, Opt. %____
Speed - Legs. SPD OC %____, DEX OC %___
Full Body - PLUS ULTRA! MID %___, MAX %___, Time ____sec
Lungs - Wind off? %____ Fly?(untst), Maneuver?(req fthr tst)
Hand to Hand/Quickdraw - School. (Cementoss?)
Ranged/Quirk - Partner? Kiri <3
Full Body, Plus Ultra!
Rest/Final Strategy

“Holy crap Kisaki, this is awesome.” He was looking it over and asked for a couple of words to be explained to him and a couple of clarifications. You couldn’t answer all of his questions, but promised to explain everything in full detail after. The conversation ended up taking a turn toward strategy for the Festival and you’d decided you could trust the bean with a few of your secrets. You flipped the page.

Todo - 630.8 (req. testing)
Kami - quickdraw (2.68 sec)
Baku - rgd cmbt. (rpd accl?)
Toka - spd. Dst. wnd?
Mido - fucking wildcard


The list went on and you weren’t worried about Midoriya looking it over because you were intentionally vague in how you’d written things down. His eyes stopped on a name and he chuckled.

“Your strategy against Todoroki is numbers?”

“I figured Math was probably the only thing he isn’t good at.” You laughed and sarcastically answered.

“Kaminari?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Well I know I could destroy him with math,” you laughed, “He’s my worst match up. If I can’t knock him out in 2.68 seconds it’s over for me.” He raised an eyebrow at that but didn’t say anything else.

“And I’m a wildcard?” He blushed.

“Well, yeah, I mean if we were in a knock down drag out fight to the death I could take you down in an instant,” his eyes widened at this, “But I’m not a psychopath so I have to figure out how I could take you in a real fight.”

“What do you mean?” He questioned, you smirked.

“Well, If I didn’t care about your well being, I’d just overclock your quirk and wait for all the bones in your body to break themselves.” You took a bite of your food to ignore the look of shock on his face, “But I wouldn’t! It’s not very heroic to do that to someone…”

“...That’s terrifying.” He looked down at his arms and you broke into a giggle fit that you tried to make sound villainous to no avail.

“Yep, I could pretty much kill you with a glance, so you’d better stay on my good side.” You stuck your tongue out before you realized what you’d said.

“Doesn’t your quirk require touch?” His eyes narrowed and you slapped your hand over your mouth, unable to hide the look that answered his question.

“Don’t say a word, okay?”

“I promise.” He said with a reassuring grin on his face before flipping open his notebook and scribbling some stuff down on your page.

“Thanks Midoriya.” You precious fucking nerd.


During Hero Class, you ran straight over to Cementoss to practice the only thing you didn’t mind any of your classmates seeing. When you explained to him what you were trying to do, he looked kind of excited and you got the feeling he didn’t get much to do outside of setting up stadiums and cleaning up afterward. Everything in his expression made it look like he was really happy to be so vital to a students’ plan.

“Do you really think you can pull that off?” He questioned.

“I just have to get the angle and force right. Once I’ve got that down it’s just a matter of doing it over and over again until I get the speed I want.” You flushed, “I know it’ll probably be a pain to set it up for me so many times, I understand if you don’t have the time.”

“I’d be happy to help!” He said with a chipper smile as you two walked together to a spot a but further from the class. You got the angle and force right after about 20 tries and once you had the maneuver figured out you could feel the Pro getting excited. “You students are something else this year.”

You were too busy trying to catch your breath to answer the man with anything more than a thumbs up. You were getting crazy fast at this, but it still wasn’t perfect. You needed to know where your time was. “Mind clocking me? I’d like to get this move down to 2 seconds if possible.”

“Two seconds?!” His eyes widened as if that was an insane feat. It was. “How are you going to do that in two weeks?”

“Sheer willpower and rage, of course.” You smiled and motioned over to Bakugo who was doing his usual insanity on the other side of the training grounds. “Just like him.”

“Strange person to look up to.” The man added under his breath.

“Not really.” You twisted your torso to crack your back and stretched out your tired arms. “Ready to keep going?”


The rest of the week went by in a haze of training and school work. Pretty much everyone in class was tense as the weekend was approaching, but you were feeling more confident by the minute. You had a great strategy against nearly everyone in class, so as long as you didn’t get matched up against the couple of people you were most concerned about you’d definitely make your way to the finals. There was just one more trick you needed to perfect and Kirishima was the solution.

You woke up pretty early Saturday morning, nervous about the boy coming over. You decided to calm those nerves by cleaning your entire house while your Mother watched on with that proud, scrunched mom look on her face.

“What is it, Mom?” You said, trying your best to sound annoyed and failing.

“My baby has a boy coming over.” You blushed.

“It’s not like that! He’s literally coming over here to fight me.”

“That’s just how heroes flirt, honey.”

“I...don’t think that’s accurate.”

The doorbell rang and you ran over quickly to and shot your Mother a ‘for the love of god please don’t embarrass me’ look before cracking it open. Kirishima was standing there with a goofy smile on his face, those shark teeth sparkling in the morning sun.

“Kiri!” You pulled him in for a hug.

“Hey, Kisaki.” He hugged you back but his voice was weird so you let him go. His cheeks were flushed and you figured it was the hug and ushered him in without another word about it. You introduced him to your Mother who immediately started throwing food and drinks at him like a madwoman.

“Mom, we can’t stuff ourselves full of food before we fight!” You were so embarrassed.

“Don’t be like that, Shiro. This is the first schoolmate you’ve brought over here. And young Eijiro and I did a lot of bonding when you were in the hospital, didn’t we?”

Kiri nodded, his face having turned as red as his hair. You bickered with your Mom for another few seconds before grabbing the boy by his hand and dragging him out the back door into the yard. You’d set yourself up a little training area back there with a makeshift agility course and other useful exercises.

“Whoa,” he said as he looked around at your setup, “This is where you train?”

“Yeah, well, here and at my after school training course.” You ran your fingers along one of the posts you’d put in the ground. It only took a few days to get your agility honed enough to jump across the tops of them at high speed without falling. It was one of the accomplishments you were most proud of.

“I never realized how serious you are, Kisaki.” He looked around slightly dumbfounded that his goof off classmate was the one who had done all of this. “How much time do you spend training?”

“Uhh…” you started scratching your head, “I don’t know. I do 2 hours at my class after school. Then when I get home I finish up my homework and eat… Then I guess I train until I’m about to pass out from exhaustion. Maybe 6 hours a day?” He let out a long breath.

“You’re dangerous.”

“You have no idea.”

You’d convinced Kirishima you were worried about working on your hand to hand combat, which was true to an extent, but you were actually training more than he knew. As you fought, you would overclock his quirk over and over again, trying to get better at controlling two and three things at once at high speed. You’d always wondered if people could feel it when you overclocked their quirks, it seemed like from this entire encounter that they could not. That was very good news. The two of you sparred for about two hours before you Mom came out to announce that dinner was ready and she would be upstairs in her office for the rest of the night.
Mom is such a good wingman, you chuckled to yourself while the two of you grabbed dinner and hopped on the couch for a movie.

“What are we watching?” He questioned.

“I was thinking we could do a comedy?” He nodded and you popped in one of you favorites while the two of you laughed and made jokes throughout. Your long week of training caught up with you pretty quickly as the comfort of the couch took you into a drifting sleep. After you were out, your head found its way onto the boys shoulder. He didn’t dare laugh or move a muscle for the rest of the movie.

Chapter Text

He couldn’t help but watch you as you made a mad dash straight from the vending machines over to a secluded corner and began stuffing yourself with cupcakes. He had spent most of his morning classes worried about you ever since he caught a glimpse of you crying on the kid with red and white hair. Who had wronged you? The thought that he wasn’t the one that was there for you in that moment made his heart ache and he made it his mission to remedy that. When he saw you put your earbuds in, clearly satisfied with the amount of chocolate you’d shoved in your face, he stood to make a move to go check in on you. Unfortunately before he got a chance the cafeteria burst into chaos and the alarms started going off. In the madness that followed, he lost you and with a sigh made his way out of the cafeteria and back to class.

It’ll be my shoulder you cry on from now on.


Kaminari and Kirishima:
“She said that if I beat her we could go out.” Kaminari made a swing at his sparring partner, but was cut off immediately with a great blocking move.

“Bro, I think she was messing with you.” Kirishima released the hardening on his arm and looked at his friend who was obviously distracted by your form as you were doing something strange with Cementoss.

“No, she wants me, she’s just the type go for a winner.” He made another attempt to seize the opening as Kirishima distractedly looked in your direction and failed. He pointed a thumb toward Bakugo, “Why else would someone like her give that guy the time of day?”

“Maybe you’re right.” Kirishima answered before getting pumped up. “I guess I’ll have to ask her when we train at her house on Saturday.”

“You’re full of it.” Kaminari dropped his hands to his sides and stared at his friend, dejected.

“It wouldn’t be very manly to lie about that.” Kirishima decided to seize the opportunity to further distract his friend and win the fight, “She said she’d cook me dinner and we’d watch a movie after.”

“No way!” The boy retorted as he got a face full of fist.

“Way.” Kirishima beamed.


“Oh my god.” His tone was more flat than usual as he watched Koda pull your broken form against his body as gently as he could. They had to stand there and watch your body burning for a few seconds before they could get anywhere near you. They thanked the gods for the rain in the area. “Is she breathing?” Panic set in.

Koda nodded, barely, his shaking hands evident as he pushed your chest flush with his to give you your modesty. You let out a small grunt of pain and his eyes widened toward his companion, unsure what to do.

“Dark Shadow,” he summoned the beast and instructed it to wrap you up as gently as possible. His eyes lingered on your empty expression, suddenly stricken with memories of your cheerful nature. Like hell you were going to die here under his watch. Your strained breathing started turning into a wheeze and he for the first time took note of the horrific gash trailing her chest. “I think there is something wrong with her lungs.” Koda stared in horror, unsure how to respond.

“I’m sorry, Kisaki.” Tokoyami took a deep breath and placed his hand across your chest to apply pressure to the wound as he and Koda walked you back to the class.


“Awesome! I’ll study it hard to try to be more like you!” You smiled at him and he searched your expression for the faintest hint that you were being deceptive. He could tell that you were serious, but he couldn’t wrap his head around why you would be.

She’s been so nice, even back to the first day during the physical exam…

His heart fluttered in his chest and he couldn’t help but place a hand over the source of the pounding. No one had taken much of an interest in his notes before. Let alone telling him how much of an asset he would be for them. All Might had said something to that effect once when referring to how well he could strategize, but this was different. You were different. He immediately opened his bag and hoped he’d brought the book he wanted to show you. When he realized that he had he smiled to himself and scooted a few seats over to where Iida was.

“Weren’t you saying something about a study group earlier?”

“Yes, I think it’s our responsibility as heroes to not only do our best in our hero classes, but in our general studies as well..” The boy ranted in that manor for a few seconds before Izuku cut him off.

“You’re right, we should see if some of our classmates want to hang out and study after school.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun!” Uraraka cut in.

“Definitely! The more the merrier.” Iida chimed.

When he invited Kirishima to the outing he made a point to tell the boy to invite you along. Not that he’d only set this up as a chance to hang out with you. That would be insane.


“You okay, Kisaki?” He turned to you see you hunched on the ground off to the side of the walkway shaking. Before he could stop himself, he’d practically run over to where you were crouched. When you didn’t respond he moved in closer to check for any injuries. As soon as he’d gotten close your fingers wrapped around the bottom of his shirt and practically pulled him onto the ground with you. That was when the dam broke and you started crying hysterically, your entire body shaking as you buried your head in his shoulder. This was not the kind of contact he was used to, so his entire body froze as you seemed to pull at him in an attempt to get closer.

Unsure how to respond to this development, he placed a hand on the top of your head and stroked gently, making a vow to destroy whatever had put you in this state. As your cries died down he took his hand out of your hair and waited for you to say or do anything but cry.

“Todoroki?” You questioned, the soft way you spoke making him hate his name as if it was a symbol of your sadness. “I’m so sorry!” You pulled your body away from him and he could feel the lingering heat on his chest from where your head used to be. The fact that he missed it made him angry as he spoke.

“What happened to you?” You recoil a bit from him and it made him feel terrible. When you explained what happened the rush of relief that you were okay was almost more than he could keep from his face. He reached his hand out to help you up, happy for the contact when you grabbed it.

As you walked back to class he could feel your pace staggering and made sure to not allow much distance between the two of you. A protective instinct shot through his body and he questioned why it was he felt like he never wanted you out of his sight again.


Why was he so angry? As he stormed out of the cafeteria, he couldn’t actually figure out what his issue was. Of course you were joking around with Todoroki, you’d even called him one his very clever nicknames in an attempt to tease the boy. Obviously it wasn’t a real challenge. If you were going to go issuing challenges to anyone, it was definitely going to be him first. So why did watching you beam at that Icyhot idiot make him feel like he wanted to burn the school down? No way you saw him as a better fighter.

“Bakugo.” He heard your voice echo behind him, but he couldn’t find the strength to turn around and see the angry look on your face. “What’s your problem?”

I have no idea. “I don’t have a problem.” He knew he was lying, but he could hardly turn and say that he didn’t know why he was so angry every single time he saw you talk to that half and half bastard. Maybe if he just ignored you, you would go away and then he could figure out exactly what his problem was and then scream it in your face later. Yep, that was the move.

“Wanna run that by me again?” At least you didn’t sound angry with him. Honestly, you sounded more confused than anything and he didn’t want to attempt to figure out why it was that made him so happy. If I ignore her long enough she will storm away like she usually does. Yet, the silence growing between you two was making him uncomfortable. He almost turned to you when he heard an almost whisper from behind him. “...Katsuki?”

His heart dropped in his chest at the sound of his name on your lips. When he turned to see your face, you’d covered your mouth with your hand which made it obvious that you had not meant to say that. Your eyebrows were pulled tight with a pained look as if you were scared that you’d made him angry. He didn’t like that look on your face. It was just as annoying as the other day when you’d been crying about the reporters. He didn’t want his name to ever be the reason you make that face. But how could he tell you that? Before he got his chance, you turned on a dime and ran away from him. Why is it that you always seem to leave him standing around with his head swirling in confusion.


“How did that brat survive?” His fifth finger was shaking over the print out of your class photo as he stared at it in a rage. You’d already messed up his chance to kill Eraserhead, but the anger he’d felt in that moment was quelled as he saw your crumpled body slam into a building across the room. He was sure he’d at least achieved his goal of killing a student and now that it wasn’t the case he couldn’t stop himself from feeling like a failure. Kurogiri said something in response, but the man took no notice as his eyes bore into the photo of you with your stupid smile.

Grabbing a thumbtack off of the cluttered desk in front of him, Shigaraki huffed over to what he was now referring to as his murder wall and pinned the photo of you up next to that green haired bastard that kept him from being able to finish off All Might. He took a step back to stare at the two of you, trying to keep from throwing another tantrum. He had work to do.

Chapter Text

Finally it was the morning of the Sports Festival. You’d woken up well before your alarm as you were unable to sleep the night before. This was your moment. Nothing you do here could mess up the timeline too much, maybe you could even avoid Bakugo being kidnapped all together by beating him in the Festival and keeping him from drawing so much attention to himself. You had a solid strategy to beat all of the major players in your class, Bakugo being the easiest to take down by far. All you would have to do is get through the Todoroki fight and hope that he and Midoriya still have their confrontation. It’s very important for his character development.

You went on a light jog to clear your head and get your blood pumping, when you got back to the house your Mom was sitting on the couch with two cups of coffee and your breakfast in front of her. You moved to sit next to her and took a sip of the liquid happiness and turned to her. Her entire body language was stiff, but you couldn’t tell from her face that there was something wrong. You were worried to ask but couldn’t help yourself.

“Everything alright?” When she didn’t answer right away you really looked at her face and saw her eyes pooling with tears. “What’s wrong, Mom?”

“Oh it’s nothing,” She sniffed, “I-I just know you’re going to do so well today, and I’m sad that I can’t be there in the stands cheering you on.”

“Mom…” You grabbed her and squeezed her tightly in your arms. You didn’t have to say anything else, the love and affection you both had for each other was both evident and tangible, even as the silence stretched.

You grabbed the device you’d borrowed from Mei and threw it in your bag, reminding yourself to pull her aside and return it today. Of all the training you’d done over the last two weeks, getting your plan with that device to work was by far the hardest. When you’d finally gotten it down pact, you burst into tears of joy and then spent one of your scheduled rest days perfecting the technique. Between this and the move you’d been practicing with Cementoss, you were going to be unstoppable.


You could feel the aura of excitement growing over the stadium as you made your way into the class 1A waiting room. You went straight to your locker and tossed your bag in, then noticed a stack of fresh gym uniforms folded neatly in the corner. You threw yours on quickly and looked around at your classmates. They all had their own unique ways of dealing with their nerves, most of the boys were chatting away about random guy stuff, doing anything they could to not think about the fact that every eye in the country would be on them soon.

Not feeling particularly social yourself, you pulled out a chair and sat in it on the far side of the room and took these quiet moments as an opportunity to strategize. During the race, you had no intention of placing too high. This provided you with three opportunities. First, you could keep most of your tricks under wraps from the watchful eyes of class 1B. Second, you’d not be a high value target during the cavalry battle, which was the only part of this festival you didn’t have a clear plan for. Third, you could see if things in the timeline were still the same. If you placed high in the first round, you’d find yourself messing up the way the teams were distributed and that would be a huge issue. You wanted to end up on team Shinso for the battle, hoping he would agree to work together without brainwashing you and being able to save Ojirio from the moral dilemma he’d found himself in previously. But then who would warn Midoriya about Shinso’s quirk?

Shit, all this timeline stress was more draining than your insane training regimine. You pinched the area above your nose as you felt a stress migraine coming on. You had to let Ojirio be brainwashed, there was no other option. If Shinso beat Midoriya then Todo wouldn’t get that amazing fight and would still refuse to use his left side. Alright, you would still team up with Shinso, but take the place of one of the support class guys he’d worked with in the anime. But what if that messed up the bracket for the final round? This stress was going to kill you. Luckily, a distraction walked right into the room as Todo came up to Midoriya. Oh, shit, it’s starting.


“Hey Todoroki, what’s up?”

“From an objective standpoint, I think it’s fairly clear that I’m stronger than you.”

“...Yeah.” His defeated voice made you feel sad. You wanted to step in but it wasn’t your place.

“However, you’ve got All Might in your corner helping you out. I’m not here to pry about what’s going on between you two, but know that I will beat you.”

You’d heard this whole conversation way too many times to sit through it again. You let out a small sigh, mumbled something to yourself about male egoism, and zoned back out to think about your strategy. At least the timeline is normal so far.


It wasn’t long before you and your fellow classmates were walking out onto the field while thousands of people watched from the sidelines. Anxiety shot through you, even though you’d intentionally stuck yourself toward the middle of the crowd so as to not catch too much attention.

“I didn’t know there would be so many people.” Midoriya didn’t sound so good.

“I hope we’re still able to give our best performances even though all these eyes are watching us. I suppose it’s another aspect of being a hero that we all have to get used to.” Iida seemed nervous too, in his own way. You felt your movements tighten and your pace slow a bit as if someone had added glue to your blood. Todoroki, seemingly always there to calm you down, sped up to walk at your side. As he walked he leaned closer to you.

“It’s a big crowd. You alright?” You nodded but he obviously wasn’t buying it. He nudged your shoulder encouragingly, “If you freak out we won’t get that fight.” That fired you up, this idiot didn’t actually take you as a serious threat or he wouldn’t have challenged Midoriya in front of you. The only force in your body stronger than your anxiety was your desire to defeat your opponents and crush their egos.

“You’re going to regret making me feel better, Todoroki.” You turned to face him and smiled, somehow finding that pep in your step to have returned.

You watched intently as Midnight explained how the whole thing was going to work. As you knew all the stuff she was going to say, you found yourself more interested in trying to calm the nerves that were again bubbling up inside of you. When Bakugo started making his way up onto the stage, you braced yourself for the shit show that was about to take place. At least it was going to be hilarious. You reminded yourself not to laugh out loud, lest the people in 1B decide to hate you even more for it.

“I just want to say, I’m going to win.” You couldn’t lie to yourself, he was really hot when he said that. You hated yourself for thinking it and made no effort to stop the mean thoughts you were directing at yourself. This was not the time to start analyzing your terrible taste in men. It was time to begin your warpath to victory. Gotta make a splash, you thought as you took your place near the starting line.

You had no intention of being toward the front of the crowd at the gate. It wasn’t necessary as you’d already devised a strategy to get past everyone at the bottleneck. You were going to take a quick lead to avoid Todoroki’s initial ice attack and then let yourself fall behind at the distance jumps. The best part of all the training you’d done was that you didn’t have to think so hard about what percentage you needed to overclock anymore. You’d found your optimal limits for each of the things you wanted to accomplish and as it became second nature the power flowed without much thought. You waited for the bell.

“Begin!” Midnight yelled and you took a few steps back and overclocked your full body before taking a long jump. Got it! You grabbed the top of the gate and watched as the students clamored beneath you. You got a good grip on the top of the gate, clocked your legs, and leaned forward, kicking yourself off the gate and shooting through the hallway like a missle. First! you praised yourself as you rolled out onto the main track and into a run without missing a beat. You heard the announcers say your name but your were too in the heat of the moment to acknowledge it. You heard the sounds of Todoroki shooting his ice behind you but couldn’t stop to look. He was probably shocked at your quick lead. I warned him.

When you arrived at the intersection and the robots appeared, you jumped yourself high in the air and clocked the two robots in your way at 85% and watched as they burst into flames and exploded without you so much as breaking your stride.Taking a quick second to catch your breath you released the clock on them entirely and lowered yours down to your distance running percentage. This is going too well, you thought as the crowd burst into cheers you knew were for you and continued to run. The sounds of crashing and explosions let you know that Bakugo and Todo were hot on your tail and decided this was a good moment to slow your pace and let the boys catch up to you.

“What the hell was that, Wrecking-Ball?!” Was all you could hear from Bakugo’s rant as he flew past you with Todo right behind him in tow. Baku didn’t catch up with him this fast in the show, you thought for a second before trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about. Oh, he was talking about exploding the Robots. If he’d been paying attention he’d have known there was no way you’d touched them. Oops. Cat’s out of the bag. Seeing them in front of you pushed all the thinking out of your head as your completely uncontrollable competitive side came out and you chased after them without increasing your output much further. You’d be using an insane amount of stamina for the upcoming long jumps and you didn’t want to overdo it here.

When you got to the jumps, you decided it was best to take a second to calculate the proper output to get to each individual island. This was what the poles in your backyard were for. You’d zoned out for a second doing calculations as Hatsume made her amazing debut with her babies to swing across, signaling to you that you were right about where you wanted to be in the rankings. Perfect, now I can give it my all for the rest of the race.

You turned and ran the opposite direction of the jumps and clocked you legs and arms, then turned to get a running start. You had enough force from the run to hop about ¾ of the way across the field before having to slow your pace and shimmy across the ropes the rest of the way. You made it to the minefield and decided to take it slowly until a few seconds after you heard Midoriya blast his way to the finish line. Then you maxed your legs for speed and bolted across the field, letting all the explosions go off behind you, too quick to be bothered by them. You wondered if the spectators could tell that you’d let yourself fall behind on purpose. You could alway say that you needed some recharge time from using your quirk if asked.

As you slid past the finish line you looked up to see you’d placed 9th. It was a little higher than you’d anticipated, but you were really happy with the results regardless. Now for the scary part.



You stood back and watched as teams started to form, straining your memory to be sure the timeline was intact. It seemed like everything was going to plan so far and as soon as you were comfortable enough to make an action you trotted up to your first friend happily, noticing he already had Aoyama and Ojiro in tow. Did you set this up to be fucking perfect for me, God-Dude?

“Hey Shinso!” You beamed, “Can I be on your team?”

He looked really shocked for a second and then nodded once with a smile. You beamed at him and walked closer, trying to hide your hesitation. You didn’t want to offend him, and you weren’t supposed to even know that he’d be using his quirk that way for the win.

“What’s the strategy, Captain.” You gave a sarcastic salute and made a pose to hide the fact that you were nervously trying to avoid giving him the opportunity to ask you any questions.

“It’s not the most flashy plan,” He said plainly, “But it’ll get us into the finals I know it.”

“I trust you.” You said as you focused on his eyes to make sure that he understood. Then you sat back and listened to the strategy that you knew already. You were going be a bottom (lol) along with the zombie version of Ojiro carrying the brunt of the weight and Aoyama using his laser as offence. You would overclock and be in charge of speed and agility with the added bonus of overclocking other peoples quirks when it would benefit your group. Shinso would be in charge of disabling other teams with his quirk and collecting headbands. It was perfect.

The plan went perfectly, your group stayed on the outskirts of the battle. Keeping away from any dense areas and picking off stragglers one by one. Shinso was amazing, to be honest, his ability to agitate anyone to the point of answering him was definitely a talent that he’d honed over the years. You shuddered to think about the things he’d say to get you going and hoped you never had to see that side of him. It didn’t take much output to hold the formation together, only really straining yourself a couple of times during the battle while maneuvering to keep your group standing steady.

You also hated to admit how useful Aoyama was in this battle. You worried about him not being brainwashed, but it appeared that behind that ridiculous personality, he actually had some great fighters instincts. Once your group got into 6th place, you and Shinso decided to stop being on the offensive and play a defensive game to let the timer run down. There was an insane commotion over on the other side of the ring and you were happy that the noises and distractions weren’t something that would break your team leads strategy. You knew he could pull of the win and found it best to go with his instincts.

On your final charge, Shinso had decided that it was team Kendo who needed to be targeted. Todoroki had frozen them in place, but hadn’t gotten all of their headbands yet and you would only need a few more to secure your spot in the final 16. As you approached, you saw team Tetsu Tetsu also charging for them and overclocked Aoyama’s quirk and told him where to shoot. He did as he was asked and it blew the competition out of the way, giving you time to take the last of the headbands you needed to secure your victory seconds before the final bell.

“Third Place!” You tried to act surprised as you high-fived Shinso, even though you were pretty sure everything was exactly the same as the show down to the exact number of points each team in the top 4 had. It was honestly kind of creepy. Maybe you didn’t make as much of a difference here as you thought?

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” He said with that deadpan voice you’d grown to really enjoy the sound of. Well, that’s not actually true..

“It was a team effort for sure.” You felt bad for Ojiro who seemed really confused. You made a note to bake him some cookies or something. It was probably best to play dumb same as Aoyama when it comes up.

“Now the fun really starts.” He looked up at the scoreboard with a smile. You really wished you didn’t know how this turned out for him. You also wished there was anything you could do about it.

“See you in the finals?” You tried your best to get him pumped up.

“You know it.” He answered as he walked away.


You spent your entire lunch break trying to take a nap to restore any lost stamina. This was when the warpath started for real and you hoped the bracket wasn’t too screwed up by you being there.

As everyone stood in the aftermath of Ojiro’s confession you waited, frozen in place to see what happened next. Since you’d effectively knocked team Kendo down to 0 pts, they were no longer in 5th place and instead it was team Tetsu Tetsu. They elected to let their leader move on to the finals and you hoped that meant you’d take the place of Shiozaki. Her placement on the bracket was perfect.

You held your breath as the bracket was revealed and could barely contain your yell of excitement as you saw the results. Everything was the same as the show, but with you taking Shiozakis place. Thank god for that training with Cementoss, you thought as you glanced over at your first opponent.


He was your worst match up, but you’d trained for this. The battle would end in less than three seconds one way or another, but you hoped you’d come out on top. Then all you had to do was get through Iida and your next two fights would be Todoroki and then Bakugo.

That top spot was yours.

Chapter Text

“The girl who made an explosive entrance, Kisaki Shiro!”

You took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. Cheers erupted through the crowd, but you couldn’t hear them at all. All you could see was the form of Kaminari walking toward you, his calm demeanor that of someone who thought they had already won. You wished for that confidence as your body shook lightly with anticipation.

“...Versus, The boy with the electric personality, another hero in the making, Kaminari Denki!”

You stared down your opponent, anticipation tickling your entire body as you shot one look in the direction of Cementoss who was the only person who knew what you were planning. Though his face was hard to read, he shot you a quick thumbs up and it grounded you. You had this, even though he thought it’d be impossible for you to get it down to 2 seconds, you’d done it and he was proud. This was going to be a cakewalk.

“Don’t worry Kisaki, I’ll take you somewhere really nice after this and treat you to a bite,” You tiled your head at the boy in confusion, “You know, to comfort you after your loss. Cuz this is going to be over in 2 seconds.”

He wasn’t wrong. “Deal.” You shot the boy a wink as every competitive bone in your body began aching with anticipation. No way you were going to let this idiot beat you.

“Indiscriminate Sho--”

You turned to a fighting stance and clocked your right leg as you lifted it up and slammed it into the concrete at your feet. Using your foot to scoop a piece of the rubble you kicked it up into your already overclocked throwing hand shot the hunk of cement right for your opponent in one smooth movement. The crowd went fucking wild as the hunk of concrete collided with Kaminari and knocked him unconscious.

“Kaminari is unconscious, Kisaki is the winner.”

You ran over to your friend and looked over his form to make sure he was okay. He was going to have one hell of a bruise, but it looks like you didn’t do much further damage. As he stirred you held out your hand to help him up. He took it and look around confused.

“What happened?” You smiled at him as you pulled him up and steadied his shakky movements.

“It was over in two seconds.”

You both turned to walk back to the stadium as you heard Aizawas voice commentate about you.

“Kisaki knew she had to take out her opponent before he had a chance to use his quirk. Since hers doesn’t allow for ranged attacks she was at a clear disadvantage here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been training that move for a while now.” You beamed with pride as you quickened your pace to get as far away from that crowd as possible.

When you’d finished walking Kaminari to Recovery Girl to check for a concussion, you decided to try to go find Shinso. Since his fight was right before yours you didn’t have a chance to say anything to him yet. After wandering around for a while trying to find him, you gave up and ran back to your locker to grab your phone and shoot him a quick text before headed to the stands to sit with your class.

Kisaki: I’m sorry you lost, but you were amazing out there! You definitely got everyone’s attention!!! Sad to know it won’t be me and you in the finals, but I promise to make you proud.

You got to the stands right in time to hear the end of Hatsumes commercial, passing Uraraka on the way. She didn’t look like she wanted to talk so you just let her pass. You couldn’t remember for sure, but you thought she was about to have a moment with Midoriya that you didn’t want to mess up. As you got to the section of the stands where your classmates were, you were immediately ambushed with a chorus of praise.

“So that’s what you were doing with Cementoss all week!” Kirishima said as he gave you a fist bump.

“I had no idea you were so fast, Kisaki!” Mina threw out.

“I thought you were a goner against Kaminari.” Momo added plainly. She would know better than anyone how bad that match up was.

“What the hell was that, Wrecking-Ball?!” And then Bakugo, who shot out of his seat and through your other classmates with the quickness of a predator and stood face to face with you, crossing his arms. His eyes bore into you with an intense kind of anger and... maybe panic?

“Oh, Hey, Bakugo.” You smiled at his dumbfounded expression for a second and then narrowed your eyes.

“You..”He said in a tone you’d never heard from him before. You cut him off.

“Look, you’d better give it your all out there. All you boys standing around challenging each other you missed the fucking lioness in the corner watching you and waiting to pounce.” You pushed past him toward a seat and shot over your shoulder. “You better win, because it’s you I want to be taking down in the finals.” He blushed, but you didn’t see it.

Mina on the other hand, that girl doesn’t miss anything.



As you sat in the waiting room to prepare for your battle against Iida you almost felt bad. It was like you were way too overpowered, this fight was going to be over in an instant as well. You thought about fighting him for a moment before using your strategy against him, but the whole point of this festival was to make an impression. Taking down your first two opponents in seconds was definitely a way to make that impression. And since your fight with Todo would probably drag out for a while, it was best to get this done with and save your stamina.

You knew it would take them a while to clean up after the TodoDeku fight, but this was ridiculous. Sitting in this waiting room in the silence of anticipation was really messing you up in this moment. It was in these moments you always found yourself concerned with the timeline. How would your actions affect this world and the things that were supposed to happen. You seriously couldn’t wait until the license exam, then finally all this stress would melt away and you could just live your life exactly how you wanted to. It was almost like all of this was the tutorial area, and as soon as you had that license in your hand you were free to explore the open world. A noise broke your train of thought as Kirishima cracked the door open.

“Hey Kisaki, I just came by to wish you luck.” You stood up to fist bump your friend and threw your best cocky smile.

“Don’t need it, Iida doesn’t stand a chance.” You winked trying to joke your nerves away. Not that you were nervous about fighting Iida, you had a very clear advantage against him.

“You know, I may be the only one in class who truly understands that..” There was mad respect in his voice and it made you feel all warm inside.

“Well that’s because you’re my favorite.” You placed a hand on his shoulder and he blushed. Before he got a chance to reply they were calling for you to take your place on stage. “Catch you again in, like, five minutes?”

“Damn, you’re cocky.” He laughed.

“You know it.” You winked and made your way toward the battlefield.

As you stood facing Iida you took a deep breath and smiled at the super intense boy who you considered a friend. You remembered his motivations and how badly he wanted to make an impression here at the Festival. Was it fair to take him down like this? You flashed back to your training with Momo. When she pointed out that no one should be taking it easy on eachother. She was right.

“Let’s do our best!” You smiled trying to hide your nerves at thousands of eyes stared down at you.

“Indeed.” He gave it back to you as he clenched his fists. He knew you could almost match his speed from the physical exams, and you wondered what kind of strategy he had planned for you. Too bad all of it was pointless.

“Begin!” Midnight yelled and you took the opportunity to jump as high as you could in case he charged you. Once you were high enough you overclocked his engines to cause them to overheat. It’s over, you thought as you landed back on the cement and saw the boy frantically looking down at his legs that wouldn’t move.

“I’m sorry, Iida,” you said as you clocked your body and charged for him, dropped into a slide, and kicked his legs out from underneath causing him to fall on his butt. You stood and grabbed his arm, clocking them to a little higher than normal and swung him out of the ring. Less than 30 seconds, you sighed to yourself as you heard midnight declare you the winner as the crowd erupted into screams and cheers.

“What just happened?!” You heard Present Mic yell through the sound system. You walked over to your friend who was looking down at his legs with immense sadness in his eyes.

“Kisaki can overclock quirks, which causes a lot of heat. This was probably Iida’s worst match up, as his engines stall when they get too hot.” Aizawa chimed in and you beamed with pride as you held out a hand for your friend.

“Your legs okay?” You questioned with more than a hint of sadness in your voice.

“Yeah. They cooled off immediately after you threw me out of the ring.” Grabbed your hand and looked pained, it broke your heart. You pulled him up and patted him on the back encouragingly.

“I’m sure you’ll take me down next time.” He nodded and you both walked out of the staging area. As soon as you’d cleared the stares of the crowd you pulled the boy in for a hug that surprised the both of you.

“I’m sorry,” you whimpered. You really felt bad for beating him, but the realization that he was about to get the news about his brother was the real reason for this hug. He placed a hand on top of your head encouragingly.

“It was a good match, no need to be sorry.” What a class act.

When you both got back to the waiting area, Iida walked off on his own and you let him. Taking a second to calm your nerves and realize that from here on out shit was about to get real. Though you had a strategy against Todo, it was still going to be a hell of a fight and there was a chance you wouldn’t win it. You were pacing back and forth, thinking your strategy over and over again, when you heard footsteps and turned around. Shinso. You beamed, ran over to your friend, and threw your arms around his neck immediately pulling him into a hug.

“I’m so proud of you!” He huffed at your words and you released the hug and looked at his sad eyes.

“I lost.” Of your many talents, unfortunately making other people feel better wasn’t one of them. You simply nudged his shoulder and said nothing with a solemn look on your face.

“I don’t know what to say. Even if you lost, you kicked ass, Shinso. You should have heard the stuff the people in the stands were saying about you.” He placed his hand on your cheek, but before he could say anything you were called to the waiting area. “I have to go, I’ll see you after this one okay?”

You couldn’t stop shaking. It was time to fight Todoroki.

Chapter Text

You managed to stay calm as you took the walk to the waiting area. You knew it meant the battle would be on soon, and every hair on your body was standing at attention. When it came time to start making the walk to the battlefield, it was the first time you’d felt truly nervous for the entire Festival. You were going to be facing Todoroki who, at this point in the timeline, was by far the most powerful student in your class. And despite the emotional trauma he’d undoubtedly be dealing with in the wake of his fight with Midoriya, you knew in your heart he was going to give you his all. If you made a single misstep, a single miscalculation it would be over for you in a second. And to be honest, it was a really great feeling. At first.

As you walked down the hallway toward the stage, feelings of nervousness and stress seemed to manifest with every step. Those feelings began chipping at your confidence as the light of the arena started coming into view. You wanted to win this. You had a very well thought out plan. You’d put hours of your time into training yourself to be able to execute that plan, and yet in this moment all you could feel was your nerves trying to pull you to another place where you could hide until all of this blew over.

You’d been waiting for this since the moment you got here. It was your chance to fight one of your favorite characters. Even if you lost, you truly felt really happy to even be here. And if you did manage to lose, at least you knew without a doubt you’d sent a message to these boys in your class that you were a force to be reckoned with. A powerful foe to be watched. A comrade that they could count on. There would be no more leaving you out of the declarations of war the next time around. Of that you were sure regardless of how all of this goes down.

When you walked out into the light of day and onto the field the crowd went wild. It was meant to encourage you, but in that moment your brain started fogging with quick paced anxious thoughts. What was the press saying about you as the country watched you on their tv screens? How were you being portrayed? What was your Mother thinking as she caught glimpses of your fight on the tv screen? Panic shot through your limbs and your body started to shake.

The now familiar process of a panic attack pumping through your veins and slowing your pace as you walked to your start point. No. No. Please, not now. You tried to calm your nerves. Tried to block out the screams of the crowd. Tried to keep your body from shaking and your limbs from feeling like they weighed more than normal. All to no avail.

You heard his name and watched as Todoroki made his way to his starting place not far in front of you. His beautiful eyes made contact with yours and all of your panic settled instantly. The sounds of the crowd, the booming voice of Present Mic, the lights and flashes from several recording devices all faded away as you stared at the boy you’d been chasing a fight with since before you’d even made it to this world. It was just the two of you here now. You took a deep breath and returned the gaze, a calm sense of self washing over you. I’ve got this.

“You ready for this?” The boy questioned as he looked you over with his typical stoicism.

“Since the moment we met.” Your face cracked a smile you’d intended to be cocky, but the way he recoiled made you believe otherwise. Your body tightened. It was time for that warpath you’d been talking about.

“Begin!” Midnight yelled.

Everything in the stadium went silent as the two of you stared at each other for a beat, unmoving.You’d already overclocked your entire body and Todorokis right side. From all the time you’d spent watching the boy train, you knew that he always started a battle with an ice wall. You searched his body language, waiting for the tell. The moment of truth. A small twitch of his middle and index fingers told you the story of his mind and you braced yourself for a jump. The attack came quick, his hand shot up and a wall of ice came plummeting straight toward you less than a second later. His eyes widened in shock as he gazed upon the mountain of ice that was obviously far bigger than he’d anticipated it to be. There was another beat of silence in the stadium as everyone in the crowd wondered if the fight was over.

Your form fell from the sky like a bomb and you slammed atop the humungous ice sculpture he’d created. Step One: Make him overuse his ice to slow his movements. The crowd went wild as you stood atop the mountain while ice and smoke erupted from the spot you had landed. You held the clock on Todoroki at the output you’d determined to be the most efficient and lowered the clock on yourself a bit to adjust. You’d gone higher than you meant to.

You jumped down from the structure and immediately began sprinting around the sides of the arena, much in the style Iida had used against the boy in the show. He blasted another two much more powerful than intended shots after you, leaving you pinned with huge ice walls blocking your escape in either direction. You could see icicles forming along the left side of his body, noticed that his last attack had slowed significantly and you focused one eye on his hand again, waiting for him to try to take you down, and the other on the ice walls to either side of you. If you screwed this up you were done for. The moment of truth.

You clocked your vocal chords to the amount you’d practiced and let out an ungodly screech at top volume. Todoroki covered his ears as the ice around you began to shake and then shatter to the ground around you. Step 2: Clear the Battlefield.

“630.4 hz, That’s the frequency to shatter ice!” You called through the fog of ice and snow that was crashing around you. Thanks for the Frequency meter, Hatsume! You dug your foot into the concrete to hold yourself still and waited for everything to still. When you finally saw Todorokis face through the fog, he looked horrified. This was your moment.

You charged the boy at full speed, taking advantage of his shock from your attack and the fact that you knew his ears had to be ringing. You landed a kick on his side and he flew toward the barrier that would cause him to lose. At the last second he got an ice wall up to keep him in the ring. You were on him before he had a second to recuperate and grabbed his left arm to fling him against the ground.

His eyes widened in panic as he shot up and blocked another few hits and jumped up. You had to lower your overclock because you could feel your body starting to heat up and the fight wasn’t over yet. Step 3: Kick his fucking ass!

The two of you went into hand to hand combat. His whole right side was covered in a thin sheet of ice and you couldn’t believe that you plan had worked so perfectly. You took an insanely deep breath and jumped up into the air over him as he shot another, much slower stream of ice at the place you had been a second ago. He turned on the dime expecting you to land behind him. But, as you were in the air over his head you overclocked your lungs and exhaled with enough force to change the direction of your jump midair to land back in the same spot you were. Thanks for the idea, Bakugo You kicked him in the back and he fell forward, you had to admit his reflexes were insane as he jolted around back onto his feet to face you again. You charged again, re-engaging in hand to hand combat with him for a moment.

As you were about to land the blow you knew would end the fight, his entire left side erupted into flames. The second of shock was all he needed from you to create an opening and he landed a punch with his flaming hand that connected with your left cheek. The force of his explosion of flame mixed with the force of his punch sent you flying and out of breath straight out of the arena and into a chunk of ice that hadn’t been fully shattered by your scream.

“Kisaki is out of bounds, Todoroki wins!”

You wanted to be upset that you lost but, in the moment you took to catch your breath before attempting to sit up from the spot you’d been thrown, you couldn’t be bring yourself to be. In no world had you ever thought he would use his fire on you. He didn’t on Iida, and he didn’t on Bakugo in the finals. But he did on you. You were honestly happy as the crowd went fucking insane around you and you made a second attempt to sit up, you body ached, probably less now than it would later as you didn’t have your skin overclocked at the time. You had a smile on your face as you lifted your body into a sitting position to look at your classmate. When you saw the look on his face as he ran to you your smile dropped instantly.

Abject horror. When he got close to you, your voice caught in your throat and you stared at him. He was shaking all over and his typically beautiful face was twisted into a look you never wanted to never see again, it froze you in place. He lifted a shaking hand to your face and stroked your left cheek as tears pooled in his eyes. You were confused until his fingers made light contact and you recoiled in pain. You hadn’t realized with all the adrenaline pumping through your veins that he’d burned the entire left side of your face with his punch. He pulled his shaking hand back at the sign of pain and his face paled further.

“I-I-I-I…” He couldn’t get the words out through his shaking and tears. This snapped you back to the reality of the moment and you pulled yourself off the ice and grabbed his face.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Your voice was barely above a whisper and as comforting as you could possibly make it with all the strain of your attack and the absolutely gut wrenching pain your were in, “I’m okay….Todoroki?... Todoroki!...SHOTO!” His eyes sharpened back from their glazed over sort of state and he took a deep breath, his eyes only leaving yours long enough to trace the burn on your face up and down and returning. “I’m okay,” you repeated while placing one of your hands behind his back and ushering him off the field.

In that moment, both of you had forgotten that every eye in the country was on you.

The second you were both back into the long hallway that lead back to the waiting room, he turned and pushed you against the wall of the walkway. His eyes made intense contact with yours and they looked frenzied, if this was anyone but Todoroki you would have been terrified at the look. You recoiled a bit before he pulled you into a hard hug, leaned both of your bodies against against the wall, and wept. Now it was your turn to hold him while he cried and you took the job with the highest honors.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” He let out between sobs. All you could do was stroke his back lovingly and reassure him over and over again that you were okay.



When he finally calmed his crying he didn’t let you go. He just stood there holding you in a comfortable silence that gave you the impression he’d finally accepted all the reassurances you’d given him. You rested your head on his shoulder and took in his scent, the adrenaline in your system was definitely crashing and you could feel the aches and pains starting to trickle up your form, but there was no way you were going to be the one who broke this hug. You heard footsteps coming from the waiting area and shot your head up only to see the absolute worst case scenario approaching the two of you. Todoroki didn’t move a muscle, so you figured he didn’t notice the figure until he spoke.

“Great work out there, Son, I’m glad you’re fin--”

“Shut the fuck up,” You spat toward Endeavor as you lightly pushed the boy off of you and stood in front of him like a Mother protecting her child. The adult visibly recoiled as he saw the look of rage and hate painted on your face as you turned toward him. “You’ve got a lot of nerve coming over here you--”

“Kisaki,” Todoroki cut you off from behind and you stopped your rant to turn back to him. He recoiled when he looked at your face and it dropped your anger in a second, “P-please go see Recovery Girl.”

The I-can’t-look-at-that-burn-on-your-face-a-second-longer was implied and you understood immediately. Without another word you turned back around and walked, no stomped toward Endeavor, not letting him forget for a second that you hate him with your eyes. When you got to where you were shoulder to shoulder to him you stopped and shot a “Tsh!” at the ground before continuing to walk back toward the nurses office.

“Well that one’s a spitfire.” The adult said to his son after you. You did not like the tone of his voice when he said it one bit.

As soon as you were clear of the hallway you sprinted to go get treated. You had to get this burn off of your face as soon as humanly possible or you’d be the reason Todoroki won’t use his fire in the future. And that would be horrible for the entire world. When you got to the door of the recovery room you took a deep breath and opened it. You were surprised when there was no one in there but the old woman. Midoriya must be out already.

You greeted the woman and in an exasperated tone told her to take care of the burn first. Any other injuries didn’t matter one bit. You’d heal your aches and pains the old fashioned way, but the burn had to go. She nodded in understanding, having probably seen the fight on the tv in the room and noticed the horror on Todos face when he’d burned you. You glanced in the mirror of the room before she healed you and audibly gasped. It looks just like his scar. No wonder he had such a reaction.

She gave you her magic kiss and told you that while it wasn’t fully healed now, it would be in a day or so. Not fucking good enough. This was a mess and you needed to find a girl with concealer right this instant. You thanked the woman and bolted from the room, ignoring the pain you were in because this was more important. Luckily for you, you had the best damn girlfriends in the world.

As soon as you opened the door to the recovery room both Mina and Uraraka were standing there, out of breath and holding a make-up bag.

“We got here as fast as we could. Midoriya told us that had to have been traumatizing for him, so we rushed down here as quickly as possible.” Uraraka said between pants.

“Angels,” was all you could get out before you grabbed them both and squeezed as tight as you could, finally letting your body relax before releasing them and collapsing into the nearest chair.

Was it wrong to be feeling nothing but blessed after such an emotionally taxing experience?

Chapter Text

You stood frozen on the 3rd place block next to Tokoyami. You had your hands clutching the bottom of your shirt, pulling it down, the slight pain in the tension of your shirt on your shoulders likely being the only thing keeping your from freaking out. It felt like literally everyone was staring at you despite only being in third place. You couldn’t bring yourself to glance over at Todoroki, standing on the second place block and still looking like someone had just murdered his puppy in cold blood.

You two had exchanged no more than a look since you’d left him in the hallway with his father. In that moment, you could feel the burning of both of his eyes on the left side of your face, his expression unmoving. The makeup had helped a lot to cover the remains of the mark on your cheek and you could only hope it was enough to ease his mind a bit. You needed to find a way to figure out if he was still going to go visit his mother. If he didn’t, he likely wouldn’t take the internship with his Dad. And if that happened he wouldn’t be there for Midoriya and Iida for the Hero Killer Arc.

You hadn’t gotten a chance to see the fight between Todo and Bakugo, as you were too busy putting on makeup and trying to explain to Mina that you and Todoroki were not, in fact, secretly dating and that although everyone in the world saw a ridiculously intimate moment between you and figured something more was going on, it simply wasn’t.

“Well that’s probably good news,” she continued after you’d explained yourself, “Because when it looked like the two of you were going to kiss, Bakugo freaked out.”

Uraraka made a small noise that you couldn’t place. It was a small grunt, but you couldn’t tell if it was irritation, fear at the memory, or something else.

“What do you mean Bakugo freaked out?” You didn’t understand, “And what do you mean it looked like we were going to kiss?” You blushed.

“Dude, when Todoroki ran over to you and you grabbed his face, the cameras didn’t have the right angle on you guys at first.” Mina took a breath, “Before they switched angles to see that Todoroki was upset, it straight up looked like he ran over to kiss you.”

“And after you gave him that look at the start, it was easy to think…”Uraraka added. You were about to question what look she was talking about before Mina continued the story.

“Anyway, when it looked like the two of you were going to kiss, Bakugo shot out of his seat like a madman with little explosions going off in his hands.” She giggled and did her best Bakguo impression (It was terrible.) “Damn Icyhot! Pew pew pew.”

“No, he...No.. It had to have been, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t?” You stopped to think for a second, “Nope, he was definitely just upset I wouldn’t be there to kick his ass in the finals.”

“Denial.” Your two best friends said in unison.

You glanced over to Bakugo, who was restrained the same as the show while thrashing around like a madman. While in the show this moment was played for comedy, the pain in his movements was evident as you stood next to him and it wasn’t funny at all. This wasn’t a rage freak out, he was distraught. You wondered how much of a difference it made in his mental state knowing that Todoroki had used his flames on not only Midoriya, but also you before refusing to use it on him. You hoped that maybe the boy would realize that Todo wouldn’t be able to use his fire after hurting his classmate in that way and it would calm his nerves, even if it didn’t look like that would be possible in this moment. When the two of you made eye contact, he started thrashing behind his mask a little moreso. The action made you look down immediately in shame, the words of your friends echoing in your memory. Please still be my friend. Before Midnight started your speech, you took a second to turn to Tokoyami who had been standing next to you silently until this moment.

“Hey, Tokoyami, I haven’t gotten the chance to say anything sinc--”

“Don’t worry about it.” He looked at you with an expression of kindness and understanding. You figured he, like you, didn’t really want to talk about what happened the day of the USJ, but you still felt the need to apologize, or thank him, or something,

“Thank you.” You said and squeezed his hand for a quick second before returning to your state of borderline terror at all the attention.

“Of course there’s only one person worthy of distributing the award!” She motioned to the sky and you looked up, excited to see the Symbol of Peace standing tall in before you.

“Citizens, I am here!” He called out as he flew down to the ground with a thump.

“--The number one hero!” Midnight continued way too late. Everyone kind of looked at her in silence for a moment. “...Ruined that didn’t I?” She shrank.

“So now that you’re here All Might, why don’t we start the presentation?” Midnight handed him a box that had the four medals displayed inside and he walked over to you and Tokoyami.

“Young Tokoyami, Congratulations!” He wrapped the metal around the boys neck and continued, “You showed great strength out there.”

“Your words humble me sir,” The boy said as he hugged the hero.

“However, you have a lot of training to do if you’re going to be able to fight against different kinds of villains. You’re not going to be able to rely on your quirk in every battle you face.” The hero turned to you.

“Young Kisaki,” He paused and placed your bronze metal around your neck, “You showed great control of your quirk and excellent strategy against your opponents.” You beamed at the man you admired so much as he pulled you into a hug and released you, “But, you must keep training your combat, one second of hesitation is all it takes to lose every advantage you set for yourself.”

“Yes sir.” You looked down and tried to keep your tears at bay as the man continued onto the next to boys on the stage. Praise from All Might was definitely addictive, and you’d caught the bug for sure.

When you all were released from the stage you walked back to the locker room to grab your stuff and head home. You had two days off school after this and you’d need every second of it to recover. Every inch of your body ached and you were so nervous to get home and watch your fights on tv. As soon as you cracked the door of the locker room, those in class that you were closest to crowded you in an instant.

“Kisaki I had no idea you were such a badass!” Kaminari shot at you with a flirty smile, “It’s hot.”

“。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Magnifique! You fought with so much panache! 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆” Aoyama added in his usual sparkly way.

“That scream was insane!” Kyoka added, “I can’t believe you broke his ice with it!”

“And did you fly, how did you do that?!” Toru spoke up, piling on the questions with everyone else.

“What’s going on with you and Todoroki?” Momo questioned, “Everyone is talking about it.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose tightly. You were getting a migraine and all the questions and attention weren’t really your cup of tea. Without saying much, you walked over to your locker and grabbed your bag, poised to leave without answering most of the questions you were posed. You hoped everyone would understand your lack of social skills right now and assume you were sad that you lost, not that Uraraka and Mina had dropped a bomb on you before going on stage and you needed to go run and hide to process everything that had happened today.

“Hey Kisaki,” Kirishima said from behind you and it immediately perked you up for a second.

“Kiri!” You smiled and pulled your friend in for a hug. When you released him your face dropped, he had the most confidence in you of anyone but your Mom and you’d let him down by losing.

“...I lost.” You hung your head, finally allowing yourself to feel sad. He chortled.

“Barely, and you looked like a total badass out there. It was super manly.”

“Manly?” You said feigning offense, “I’ll have you know I’m a classy sort of lady.” You punched his shoulder lightly which caused you to remember how sore you were with a groan.

“You okay?” He questioned while no longer sounding like everything was a joke.

“Yeah, but, I kind of got my ass kicked.” You chuckled as you looked over the visible bruises on your arms. I swear I don’t even remember what my skin looks like without bruises. , “I’ll be soaking in a bath until we go back to school.”

“Don’t drown.”

“Bite me.”

“You’d like it too much.” He chomped his teeth at you with a smile.

“Ohmygod, Stooop.” You turned bright red and pushed him away lightly while giggling, embarrassed.

“Call you tomorrow?” Kiri asked, like he needed permission or something.

“You can call me anytime you want to,” You joked, “Plus my Mom keeps asking about you, so you should probably give her a call too.”

“Oh yeah? I knew we had a connection.”

“Nooooo.” Your tone whiny in a joking way.

“When I marry your Mom, will you call me Daddy or Dad?”


“Daddy it is, then.”

“I’ll kick your ass.”

“Now, you don’t want to get grounded, do you?”


“Maybe a spanking?” He stopped himself and blushed. You both laughed and made your way out of the locker room before Todoroki or Bakugo came in and you thanked god for at least one small miracle.



As you walked out the front doors of the arena, you were immediately swarmed by reporters. They were hounding you with questions at such a rapid pace you’d of had no chance to answer them even if you’d wanted to. Deciding it was best to ignore them and not get involved with this media circus at all, you just shook your head no over and over as you pushed through them. One question caught your attention.

“What is it like dating Endeavors son?” Your eyes shot to the culprit in a rage. This was nonsense, why would they just assume that about you? This was not the kind of reputation you wanted to have, and the idea of being referred to as anyones girlfriend instead of the badass independent chick you were pissed you off.

“I’m not his girlfriend, idiot!” You shot at the man while you pushed past him and made a break for the freedom that wasn’t but a few feet away. Moms car. You half-sprinted up to the car and jumped in immediately, slamming the door behind you and hiding your face as reporters continued snapping pictures of you from a distance.

“Hey baby.” Her voice sounded cautious and she pulled away to take you home.

“Mom.” Your voice dropped and you tried not to cry, “I’m sorry I lost.”

“Don’t you dare be sorry, you were amazing out there.” She patted your knee while keeping her eyes on the road. “I’m so proud of you, even when you lost, you were so worried about your classmates feelings. That’s the daughter I raised for sure.”

“Really? You didn’t think we were dating like everyone else?” You sounded hopeful, like her opinion on the matter was the only one that held any weight.

“Of course not, it was pretty obvious what happened there. I’m not sure why the reporters are trying to spin it.” She paused, “I can’t imagine how that boy ended up scarred, but I’m sure it wasn’t a pleasant experience.”

“Yeah…” you exhaled.

“Plus, you’re in love with Eijiro, so..”

“Mom, I’m not.” You groaned, so tired of her shipping you two.

“Mother knows best, dear.” She said in her, this-isn’t-a-conversation-this-is-headcannon voice. You decided to let her have it. She didn’t understand you at all. You both rode home in relative silence the rest of the way home.

A few hours after getting back to your house, you flipped on the tv to see the shitshow. You and Todoroki’s faces were plastered as if it were the two of you in the finals. It was really unnerving to see them picking apart every minor interaction the two of you had at the festival, like they were watching some KDrama. When they showed the smile you gave the boy before you started your fight you shot back in your seat. What the hell was that look on your face? You remembered you’d been meaning to shoot him a cocky and confident smile but this look didn’t portray that at all. It was... passionate, like you were turned on or spellbound by him. There was a fire in your eyes that you had no problem with, and if you only focused on your eyes it was easy to think that you were just excited to kick his ass. But that smile. That smile was tender and soft. It caused an interesting dichotomy in your features. No wonder he recoiled a bit. Shit, you thought. There was no way this was all just going to blow over quickly, was there?

You turned off the TV in a huff and sat in the silence. What the hell were you going to do about all this? Was there anything you could do? You pulled out your phone for the first time in hours and checked your messages. There were a ton in the girls chat, mostly talking about the festival, Mina and Uraraka had been best girls and cleared up with the ladies that there was no secret relationship and you sent them silent kudos for knowing you wanted to not deal with that shit at all. There were a couple of texts that you wanted to reply to though, well, three in particular.

Shinso: Hey Kisaki, you did great out there. Sorry that you lost, it was such a close fight! And sorry about all the media attention, doesn’t seem like something you’d be happy about. They’re wrong, right? You aren’t dating that guy..
Kisaki: Thanks!! No, we aren’t dating. I know how it looked, but, he was just freaking out about hurting me and I needed to make him feel better. This isn’t going to blow over easy, huh?
Shinso: They’ll get bored with it soon enough. Might be a good idea to keep some distance outside of school so you don’t add fuel to the fire though.
Kisaki: You’re probably right. Won’t be hard, he can’t even look at me without looking like someone punched him in the face.
Shinso: Well, you did, quite a few times.
Kisaki: LOL! You aren’t wrong.
Kisaki: Ugh, I need a distraction from all this. Wanna kill some zombies?
Shinso: Sure! I’ll hop online after dinner.
Kisaki: You’re a star!


Shotoroki: Hey.
Kisaki: Hey! ….Are you okay?
Shotoroki: Are you?
Kisaki: Totally! I’m so glad I got to fight you! I wasn’t prepared for your fire this time, but next time I’ll be able to take you down regardless!
Shotoroki: Really?
Kisaki: Duh, I’m really happy you gave me your all. Don’t let that little bit of drama ruin a good fight, ne?
Shotoroki: You’re something else.
Kisaki: Ditto.
Shotoroki: I think my dad is going to offer you an internship.
Kisaki: lmao I doubt that. I pretty much bit his head off.
Shotoroki: Just… if he does, don’t take it. I know it’s hypocritical of me, but I don’t like the way he talked about you.
Kisaki: Hypocritical?
Shotoroki: Gotta go. Talk to you in class.
Kisaki: Uhh.. Okay. Ttyl


Unknown Number: What are you doing right now?
Kisaki: Uhh… shooting Nazi Zombies….Who’s this?
Unknown Number: Bakugo.
Kisaki: Oh. Hey, whats up? You feeling okay? I know you weren’t happy with that victory and I feel like it’s my fault. If I hadn’t messed up and gotten hurt I don’t think Todoroki would have hesitated to give you his all.
Kisaki: Oh. Sorry.
Bakugo: Can you meet me here tomorrow around 3?
Bakugo dropped a pin.
Kisaki: An abandoned beach?
Bakugo: Yeah.
Kisaki: Finally going to murder me?
Bakugo: No, you promised me a fight and I’m going to get it.
Kisaki: Oh.
Kisaki: Uhh. Yeah sure.


What the hell was going on with your life?!

Chapter Text

”He’s literally coming over to fight me.”
“That’s just how heroes flirt, honey.”

Your Mom’s words played over and over again in your head as you laid in bed trying to get back to sleep. It was way too early to be up and about, and you needed your rest if you were going to go through with this today. Did Bakugo really want to fight you at an abandoned beach this afternoon? It seemed pretty rash, even for him, but considering everything that had happened this week you honestly weren’t that surprised. The problem was, no matter how friendly the match, you two would get into heaps of trouble if you were caught fighting somewhere public.

There was also the issue that you weren’t in anything close to fighting shape. Your stamina was drained far too much for Recovery Girl to do much of anything for you healing wise and when you stood up to to go the restroom earlier your sore legs were shaking so badly you could hardly maneuver at all. All in all this was a stupid idea, but you weren’t the type to back down from a fight.

You also considered that he was actually just reaching out to you in the only way he knew how. Hostility. Maybe he had no intention of fighting you at all and this was a clever ruse to get you to meet him without damaging his pride. Maybe he just needed a friend to lean on right now. Maybe you really were in denial. You drifted back to sleep.

You were shaken awake by a knock on your door from your Mother, who told you that while she loved you dearly, you needed to get off your ass and stop sleeping the day away. You shook your head confused and checked your phone for the time 2:00pm. Fuck. You needed to immediately start getting ready to meet Bakugo or you’d be late for sure.

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to jump out of bed so quickly. As soon as your feet hit the ground the aches of the day before shot through your limbs and caused you to fall back down onto the bed. There was no way you were in fighting form. After a long groan and irritated grumble, you made your way more slowly out of your bed and into the shower to wake yourself up and get you moving.

After the quickest shower of your life, you rushed (as much as you could) down the stairs where your amazing Mother had stepped her game up and immediately handed you a cup of coffee and some aspirin.

“Going out today?” She questioned while looking you over in your training clothes suspiciously.

“Uh, yeah I’m going to go meet up with a school mate for a couple of hours if that’s okay.”

“Going to see Eijiro?” Her tone was accusatory and happy at the same time.

“No, Mom,” You chuckled to yourself, “Just some loose ends from the Festival I have to tie up.”

“Oh?” She raised an eyebrow, obviously demanding more information.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” You rubbed your cheeks before picking up your steaming cup and blowing on it gently.

“It’s a boy, isn’t it?” She wasn’t letting this go.

“Yes, it’s a boy.” You weren’t about to relent the information she obviously wanted. She started bouncing in excitement and you immediately realized how irritating it must be when you do that to other people.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me!” This woman was as bad as Mina about this crap.

“Ugh, fine, I’m going to meet up with Bakugo Katsuki.” She gasped.

“The crazy one?”

“He’s not crazy, he’s...tenacious.” You decided that was the safest way to describe the boy. Her eyes narrowed at you for a second before relaxing and going back to sipping her drink as if no conversation had taken place at all.

You threw on your shoes as quickly as your body would allow and started the not so bad trek to Dagobah Municipal Beach which you internally kicked yourself for having not gone to visit before now. This was where sweet baby Izuku’s shining moment happened! And as you rounded the corner onto the beach you looked at the beautiful scenery that best boy was responsible for restoring. You looked around and Bakugo was nowhere to be seen so you decided to take off your shoes and dip your toes in the ocean for a bit. You’d never seen the Pacific Ocean before. In your old life you lived near the Atlantic, so the large crashing waves were something new to you. You got lost in the beauty.

“There you are, Idiot Girl.” Bakugo was behind you in an instant. The shock of his sudden appearance made you jump and you turned around to face him.

“Hey.” You smiled into his angry face. Gods’, did he literally always look like that? It brought a whole new meaning to resting bitch face and although his features softened, his tone did not.

“Jesus, didn’t you go see Recovery Girl yesterday? You look like shit.” You laughed. The girls were obviously wrong. No way this guy had a crush on you. Respect? Definitely. Crush? No fucking way.

“My quirk drains my stamina drastically, she didn’t have much left to do a lot of healing.” His eyes darted to the fading burn on your face and his expression hardened.

“You had her focus on the burn.” It wasn’t a question and his tone was annoyed. Did he really hate Todo that much?

“It seemed like the right thing to do.” You paused, and when he didn’t say anything you continued. “Todoroki looked so broken when he burned me. I couldn’t see that look on his face again.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He bent down and picked up your shoes from the sand and brushed them off before handing them to you while looking away. You grabbed them wordlessly and began the process of trying to put them on. When you bent over you couldn’t stop a small grunt of pain from escaping your lips and Bakugo scoffed. “How are you supposed to fight me like this, dumbass?” His expression scrunched up like he was stressed for a second.

“What you scared?” Your competitive side flared up, “I could definitely still kick your ass, Loudmouth.” Your teasing nickname coming out more affectionately than normal despite your cocky tone. He didn’t answer for a moment.

“How?” His voice was soft and it took you completely off guard.

“What do you mean?” You tilted your head in confusion.

“How would you kick my ass?” He questioned this time with curiosity in his voice as he plopped down on the sand next to where you were standing. You took a second to contemplate if it was a good idea or not to tell him your strategy against him, but figured it couldn’t hurt. You didn’t see any point in the timeline for a long while you’d actually have to compete against him, so maybe giving him a chance wasn’t such a bad idea. And with the summer camp villain attack coming, it may be valuable for all your teammates to know your tricks. You very slowly lowered yourself into the sand next to him.

“Alright, I’ll tell you my secrets.” Your hands found themselves playing in the sand as you figured out how to phrase this without hurting his pride. “Well, everyone knows you’re nearly unbeatable when you use your quirk.” He grunted, obviously happy at the praise. “So, I’d take your quirk out of the equation by overclocking your sweat glands massively.”

“Like at the USJ,” he noted.

“Yep. I’d make you sweat so much that if you ignited your quirk you’d just explode yourself. Then I’d just take you down with some good old hand to hand combat. I’d still be able to use my quirk so I’d be faster and stronger than you.” He took a very deep breath and looked out over the ocean.

“Shit.” He said softly. You thought it meant that he had no idea how he would counter an attack like that. That you’d impressed him. Maybe even that he’d be nervous to fight you in the future? You were probably overthinking it.

“Yep.” Was all you could muster in response.

“I was so angry at the Festival.” He said as if that was surprising to literally any person who so much as caught a glimpse of his battles.

“No shit?” You laughed.

“I knew I could beat Todoroki.” He continued like you hadn’t said anything. “But when I saw you fighting him, I.” He stopped, and his tone changing from that kind, thoughtful tone you really liked back to his normal yelling voice. “You shouldn’t have lost that fight, Wrecking-Ball. Get your shit together next time and face me in the finals for real.” He turned away, and if you didn’t know him better you’d have thought he really was angry.


After you left Bakugo at the beach, you decided to head downtown for a bit to do some light shopping to clear your head. With the decision for internships coming up, you found yourself with quite the dilemma, did you try to help with the Hero Killer or did you stay out of it? Your mind went back and forth on the idea, weighing the pros and cons of both actions as best you could.

Fact of the matter is, if you convinced Iida not to go to Hosu, you were essentially killing Native and letting the Hero Killer stay free another day. Any deaths that occurred after that would be on your conscience. The positive would be that if the Hero Killer wasn’t captured that day, the League of Villains wouldn’t gain as much traction as quickly. Shigaraki wouldn’t have Dabi, Spinner, Compress, or Toga without them thinking that he was aligned with the man. If you let him go, you’d be worried the entire time that the boys would misstep and die. Though you were pretty confident in the power of the timeline so far, the idea that you would just sit back and hang out while your friends were fighting for their lives made you feel sick.

The stress was killing you, and though you wanted to get involved and help the boys in their attack, you weren’t even sure what use you’d be. Your blood type was A, so one bit of your blood and you were just another useless body on the ground during the fight with no chance of recovering before it ended. You’d just be a liability. And yet there was the nagging feeling that if you stayed behind and something happened to any of your classmates you’d never be able to live with yourself.

The shopping trip didn’t help much and as you rode the train back to your stop you noticed a familiar figure on the train with you, sitting next to the exit. Small Might. You took a sharp breath in and had to remind yourself to stay cool. You weren’t supposed to know that was him and you had to stay calm. You decided to pull out your phone and dick around, and as you did you could feel his eyes on you from time to time. Luckily, you had plenty of stress to keep you distracted and a bit more was to come.

“Hey, you’re Kisaki from the Sports Festival! You were so awesome!” A young boy said while pointing at you. You looked up and smiled with a nod.

“Oh, wow, that is her! You have to tell me, what was with you and Endeavors son?”

“That was so cute! Are you two dating?”

“Why did he seem so sad to beat you?!”

The questions were fucking annoying, and the people on the train were very lucky that your hero was watching you respond or they would have gotten an ear full of asshole in this moment. You decided that it was best to just be honest and pulled a very fake smile at the onlookers.

“No, we’re just friends. I think he just felt really bad for hurting me. Thank you so much for your support! I do hope to win next year!” They seemed satisfied with your answers and you were left in relative peace until it was time for your stop. The train skidded to a halt and you prepared yourself to exit the train past the man. All you had to do was not acknowledge him at all and you’d be back to your stressful circular thinking about what to do with all this Stain nonsense. As you slid by his seat and went to leave the train you heard a voice.

“Miss. Kisaki, you dropped this.” Small Might was handing you a scarf that seemed to have fallen out of your bag. You grabbed it and walked off the train.

“Thanks, Sensei!” You said without thinking and the doors of the train slid closed behind you. You looked up, wide eyed, at the window of the seat he was sitting in only to see even wider eyes staring back as the train pulled out of the station.

Holy fuck, oh no, how the hell am I supposed to explain this?!

Chapter Text

You stood in place watching the train pull out of the station with a look of pure shock on your face. How could you have been so careless? You were literally just thinking about how important it was to stay cool and not say anything stupid. Panic flared in your system and you were thankful for the fact that you at least had time to come up with a good lie about how you knew. If you’d been still on the train and he asked you about it, you’d of have no answer for him.
I’m going to lie to the Symbol of Peace, I’m a fucking scumbag.

You spent the walk to your bus stop panicking and thinking of a good story. When was a point you know he transformed somewhere somewhat publicly that you could pretend you saw him? The sludge villain day? Yeah. You could say you were there that day and you saw him transform. That seemed like a good strategy, and you hoped he bought it. At least you knew the man was kind of a ditz and wouldn’t think to hard on it once you’d reassured him that you’d keep your mouth shut. Crap Crap Crap. Everytime you think you’re about to get some peace from all this stress, something else crazy happens to send you back spiraling. And as if you’d jinxed yourself, your phone buzzed in your pocket.

Mom:Hey, sweetie, are you almost home? You have a visitor.
Kisaki: 5 minutes! Who is it?
Mom: You’ll see!! See you soon.

That woman was evil. Why wouldn’t she just let you know who was at the house? Did All Might get off at the next train and make a speedy break for your house to talk to you? You suddenly did not want to move your body toward your house any more. When the bus pulled up, you jumped on it quickly and tried to calm your nerves. You’d crafted a lie already, maybe it was best to get this over with. Of course the logic wasn’t enough to keep your whole body from shaking like you’d just gotten yourself in huge trouble. Well, you kind of had.

The bus pulled up to your stop so fast you were pretty sure you’d traveled through a wormhole. Well, maybe it just felt super fast because you didn’t want to be home, but still that bus driver had to have been speeding a little bit, right? Jerk. There was no car in your driveway, so whoever it was walked to your house and your Mother was gone? Another point for All Might being in your house. Fuck. You weren’t ready. You took a deep breath, decided to rip off the band-aid, and opened the door.

There was Todoroki sitting on your couch looking incredulously at an insane amount of snacks that your mother had piled onto the table in front of him. You let out a huge sigh of relief and a small chuckle at the image of the boy wide eyed trying to stop your Mom from throwing food at him at breakneck speeds. It was a sight you’d wished you were here to see, as the most powerful boy in class was defeated by your Mom’s hostessing skills.

“Hey,” You said as you dropped your shopping bags and slowly removed your shoes. You still hurt all over, but you didn’t want Todoroki to know how badly. You didn’t want him feeling any worse than he already did. He looked up and his face brightened into a pretty adorable smile. You’d never seen a smile like that from him. He looked genuinely happy for the first time since you’d met. He must have went to see his Mom today.

“Hey!” He perked up in response to you before looking back down at the snacks on the table, “You Mom made snacks and then said she had an errand to run and left.”

Wingwoman. You internally laughed and walked over to your classmate taking a seat next to him on the couch. You picked up one of the cookies from the table and popped it in your mouth, the taste of delicious chocolate calming your nerves.

“She does that a lot.” You laughed and motioned toward the table, “Not that I’m complaining, I love snacks.” You held out a cookie to him and he took it from you hand.

“Thanks,” he said as he took the cookie from you and took the smallest bite ever. You chuckled and his eyes narrowed at you, “What?”

“You eat like a baby bird.”

“You eat like JAWS!” He shot back. Oh hell yeah! You’d never heard Todoroki tease anyone before. Your cheeks flushed and you beamed at him, proud to be his first.

“Oooh, burn.” You laughed and nudged him playfully while getting yourself another cookie and shifting your body so you were sitting cross legged on the couch sideways and facing him. “So whatcha doing here?”

“What If I just came to see you?” He questioned, the lighthearted tone still in his voice.

“Eh, It’s possible, but doesn’t seem like your style.” You really focused on his face and he grinned while looking away.

“You don’t know everything.”

“I’m pretty sure I do.” You both laughed, and then sat in silence for a moment. You could tell he was trying to find the words to say something to you and you were a patient girl. Occasionally.

“T-The way you reacted to my dad at the Sports Festival…”He started, all the joking nature in his voice was gone and it made you sad. You stayed quiet and listened, “You must have heard what happened with..”

“Yeah,” You let out, deciding it was best to encourage him to keep talking and stop him from having to finish that sentence.

“...My Mom.” He finished anyway. You placed a hand on his knee to send him some more encouragement. “I went to see her today.”

“Oh.” You tried to sound surprised and pulled your hand back. He really didn’t understand, you did know everything. More than he would ever want you to, and in this moment it felt really wrong. Like you were betraying him in some way by knowing so much about his past. Guilt started swirling in your stomach and it made you feel kind of sick. At least he was opening up to you and that made you feel a little less guilty.

“S-She was so happy to see me.” He sounded surprised, “She cried and apologized, and, and, she forgave me.” He started choking up a bit but you didn’t dare move or say a word, “S-She told me that I needed to move f-forward without anything holding me back. T-That it would her salvation. I couldn’t believe…”

He stopped talking and you weren’t sure what to do as you saw a single man tear drip down his cheek. Fuck, why were you so bad at emotions? You wrapped your arms around him from the side and pulled him closer to you. His body just kind of flopped into your lap and you wiped the tear off of his cheek and smiled down at him with one of your hands wrapped along his back and the other resting on the top of his head.

“I have to get her out of there.” He relaxed and shifted himself so the back of his head laid against your chest. You took your right hand off of his head and shifted so you were holding him in place, this was really intimate, the two of you practically, no definitely, cuddling on the couch and you were surprised he was comfortable with it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“You will,” was all you could manage to say. You weren’t good at knowing how to comfort people with words, as your family always tended to use action as a way to comfort each other. You laid your face against the top of his hair while giving him a gentle squeeze from behind, noting the gentle flowery scent of his multicolored hair. It was soft like fresh picked cotton, and the light feathery locks seemed to cling to your face as you stayed in place trying not to be creepy and take a large inhale of his sent. He just always smelled so pretty, never like a sweaty man, but always more like lavender and flowers.

“Yeah,” he let out softly in a breath. He placed his hand on one of your forearms and stayed still a moment in the quiet. It’s not that you were uncomfortable with the silence stretching between you both, you were just worried that he needed something from you and you weren’t giving it to him. Did he need advice or did he just need to get it off his chest? Did he need you to sit in these emotions, or did he want you to help distract him? You decided that it was best to distract him. He’d met you before, so he knew you were a goofy idiot who was rarely serious, and with that information you’d decided that a distraction was obviously what he came here for. You took a deep breath.

“I knew we were best friends.”

“I told you, we aren’t.”

“And, yet, here we sit.”

“I’m going to leave.” His eyes shot open and looked up at you from your lap.

“No, Todoroki, stayyyy”



“You can call me Shoto.” He sat up out of your hold and turned toward you at those words.

“Oh, okay. Well, you can call me Shiro too.” You were both grinning like idiots when your Mom came back into the house having obviously picked up nothing from the store.


Your alarm rang out.

It was time to get back to school. You’d spent all day yesterday online with Shinso playing video games trying to distract yourself, and being as lazy as possible to aid in the healing of your sore body. You weren’t at 100% yet, but you could move without feeling like you’d been hit by a train anymore. You also had your story for All Might ready and you’d practiced it in the mirror enough times that you figured it didn’t sound like a lie anymore. Everything was going to be fine.

The rain outside was irritating, so you asked your Mom to give you a ride into school instead of taking the train today. She agreed and you were happy because that gave you more time to get some makeup on that healing burn and really enjoy your morning caffeine.

You got to the school pretty early, and made your way into homeroom to find most of your friends already there chatting away about how much attention they got on their way into school today. You walked up to Kirishima first to give him his obiliatory fist bump.

“Sup, Kisaki, how’s your Mom?” You slapped him lightly.

“She’s mad you haven’t called yet.” He stuck out his tongue and you made your way to your seat. Your eyes shifted over to Bakugo who was seemingly fuming less than you remember from the tv show. Maybe hanging out with you at the beach was actually really helpful for him? That would be pretty cool. It wasn’t long before Aizawa made his way into the room and shut you all up.

“Ribbit, Mr. Aizawa you don’t have bandages anymore? That’s good news.” Tsu cut the silence.

“The old lady went a little overboard in her treatment.” He touched the scar on his cheek lightly. He seemed kind of traumatized, but you couldn’t blame Recovery Girl. If you were ever offered the chance to kiss that adorable man you probably would go overboard too. He continued, “Anyway, we have a big class today, on Hero informatics.” A chill shot through the entire class and as if he enjoyed keeping you all on the edges of your seats, Aizawa took a long pause.

Lmao, what a dick.

“You need codenames. Time to pick your hero identities.” The classroom erupted in excitement and you joined in with everyone in a chorus of how awesome this was going to be. Aiwawa activated his quirk to scare you all into shutting up and continued. “This is related to the Pro Hero draft picks the last time we were in class together. Normally students don’t have to worry about the draft yet, not until their second or third year actually, but your class is different. In fact, by extending offers to first years like you, Pros are essentially investing in your potential. Any offer can be rescinded if their interest in you dies down before graduation though.”

“So what you’re saying is we still have to prove ourselves after we’ve gotten recruited?” Toru asked.

“Correct, now, here are the totals for those of you who got offers.” He clicked a remote and the totals started showing up on the screen. You gasped as you looked over the results.

Todoroki - 4123
Kisaki - 3624
Bakugo - 3556
Tokoyami - 360
Iida - 301
Kaminari - 272
Yaoyorozu - 88
Kirishima - 68
Uraraka - 20
Sero - 14

Oh my god, I got more than Bakugo. You had a hand over your mouth.

“In past years it’s been more spread out,” Aizawa motioned toward the top three, “But there’s a pretty big gap this time.”

“Gahh” Kaminari shot his head back in his seat, “That’s no fair.”

“。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ What about the real star, Moi? 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆” Aoyama added.

“Todoroki got the most ahead of Bakugo?” Kyoko sat back in her seat.

“Kisaki too,” Mina said in a shocked tone as she turned to you. You didn’t say anything, you just nodded and stared blankly at the insane amount of offers you had. Holy shit.

“That’s crazy considering how they placed in the festival.” Kiri added, he seemed surprised as well.

“They probably weren’t excited about working with the guy who had to be chained up at the end.” Sero added.

“If I scared a pro, they’re just weak!” Bakugo yelled, you knew his pride had to be hurting right now.

“You must be proud,” Momo said as she turned to Todoroki.

“These offers are probably because of my Father.” The boy huffed.

“People want us!” Uraraka was shaking Iida in his seat with happy tears in her eyes.

Midoriya stayed quiet, obviously heartbroken that he didn’t have any offers. Aizawa went on to explain that regardless of offers, everyone would get to go on an internship and that settled most of the nerves of the class. He also went on to explain that was the reason you all would be picking your codenames and right on time Midnight busted through the door.

“What you pick today could be your codename for life, you better be careful, or you’ll be stuck with something utterly indecent.” Like your outfit, you thought as you sighed deeply. You could feel the boys blushing around you and you questioned for a second why that bothered you.

“It’s Midnight!” A lot of the class exclaimed.

“Yeah, Midnight is going to have final approval over your names, It’s not my forte.” He picked up his sleeping bag and you laughed a little at the memory of the anime when they flashed back to the story of his name. “The name you give yourself is important. It helps reinforce your image and shows what kind of hero you want to be in the future. A good name tells everyone exactly what you want to represent. Take All Might for example.”

You’d known your Hero name all along, so this was an easy one. You decided to go pretty quickly to help encourage the students after Aoyama and Minas weird choices. You walked up to the podium and held up your sign wordlessly.


You decided to leave out the powerup hero part for now, because as you learned more about your quirk you were starting to realise there was much more to you than that. Midnight beamed.

“I love it!” Good. Now you could sit back down and relax until class was over.


You shuffled quickly out of class and were making your way to the cafeteria when you heard your name and it stopped you in place.

“Young Kisaki!” All Might shot after you. Here we go. “Mind if we have a talk?”

You took a second to take a breath before turning around and nodding to the man and following him into the lounge. How were you going to play this? You lowered yourself onto the couch as the hero sat next to you wordlessly for a moment.

“I’m sure you know why I asked to talk to you.” His eyes narrowed toward you, though his voice was still as pleasant as ever and his face was still smiling at you.

“Uhh, yeah.” You looked down at the ground and tried to steady your breathing. This was bad, was he angry? Shit. The stress. You started to shake a little in your seat as you waited for him to say something.

“How did you know?” He questioned, his tone light as if he was scared for your answer. You’d rehearsed this, it was going to be okay. You took a deep breath.

“I-I saw you change back before school started.” You couldn’t make eye contact with the man as you lied in his face, “B-back when Bakugo was being attacked by that sludge guy. That day, I-I was in the crowd and just happened to notice you before you changed back into…” you motioned toward his figure, your voice still shaking, “I didn’t say anything because I figured you didn’t want anyone to know.

“Why didn’t you say anything to me?” He let his muscle form fall and the drastic change made you jump. Your eyes narrowed.

“Why would I? You’re my hero and, and, every quirk has drawbacks, right? I thought if I said anything I could put you in danger. Or myself even? I don't know, I figured it doesn't matter much anyway, you know? It doesn't change anything.” Ooh good lie. you praised yourself. He grinned for a second.

“You’re a good kid.” He took a breath, “Don’t you have questions?”

“It’s not my business.” I already have the answers. He let out a belly laugh at that one and poofed back to his muscle form.

“You’re something else, Kisaki! Ha Ha!” He patted you on the head, “Thank you for keeping my secret. I do hope you will continue to do so.”

“Of course, Sensei.” You bowed as a sense of relief washed over your entire being as you followed the man back out onto campus.

Chapter Text

You left the lounge and headed straight for the cafeteria to meet your friends. When you arrived they were all pretty focused on their list to chose where they’d intern, you hadn’t even looked yours over yet as you’d been busy stressing out about All Might and the upcoming Hero Killer arc. Kirishima perked up immediately when he saw you and waved you over to his table where he was sitting with a silent Bakugo who was focused intently on his list.

“Hey Kiri!” You said to the boy as you slid into your chair next to him.

“Hey Kisaki,” You pulled out the folder of offers and paused before opening it to shift an eye over to Bakugo who hadn’t seemed to notice you at the table.

“It’s insane how many offers you ended up with.” He poked the stack that you pulled out.

“Yeah, it’s pretty overwhelming to be honest.” You scratched your head and glanced down at the papers.

“Well you have two days to decide, See anything you like over there, Bakugo?” The hothead looked up and took notice of you both for the first time since you’d gotten to the table.

“What?” His voice was harsh but you figured he was pretty stressed.

“Any internships catch your eye?” You answered for Kirishima who was looking back down at his offers.

“Best Jeanist.” He didn’t seem to be willing to say much more. You decided to to prod him a bit more.

“Oh wow, the #4 Hero! I’m sure you’ll do great there.” You shot him a smile and he grumbled. I cant wait to see that hair!

“What about you?” No insult, no harsh tone of voice? Could it be that finally the two of you had come to some sort of understanding? You glanced down at the papers in front of you.

“I’m not sure yet.” You were being honest.

“How could you not know?” He snapped, Spoke too soon. “Why wouldn’t you go with the best ranked hero to send you an offer?” His tone lightened on the second half.

“Well…” You flipped the page, “I honestly want nothing to do with Endeavor so..”

“Endeavor sent you an offer?!” Kirishima cut you off way too loudly and you saw Todoroki stiffen at the other table.

“Hey! Hush.” You looked around, “I don’t want anything to do with that guy.” You looked back down at the papers and grinned when you saw one of the names. “I could go to Best Jeanist and spend the week with Loudmouth here.” You shot Bakugo a smile.

“Don’t you dare.” Bakugo growled and that made you laugh.

“What, you don’t want to spend a week alone with me, Baku?” Your tone was mock sadness that you couldn't hold long before you chuckled and turned back to Kirishima. Bakugo didn’t respond, “I want to try to find a hero that can really teach me new ways to use my quirk, but to be honest I’m not sure exactly what it is I need to be focusing on.”

“Well, you seem to have a pretty good grip on combat, may be best to study with a rescue hero!” Kirishima said while looking down at his list. “I was thinking about going with The Chivalrous Hero: Fourth Kind.”

“You should.” You said smiling, “He’d probably be able to teach you a lot!”

“Yeah! It says in the notes he needs an intern who can take a beating, I wonder what kind of cool hero work he’ll have me do?” You could feel him getting pumped up.

“Notes?” You questioned.

“Wow, you really haven’t gotten a good look at your list yet, huh?” Kiri grabbed your offer folder and flipped the first sheet over. Sure enough on the backs of each offer the one extending can leave a little note to you. You checked the one for Endeavor out of curiosity.

Hey, little Spitfire, we should talk.

It instantly made you feel sick to your stomach and you stood up, grabbed the sheet, and immediately moved tables to talk to Todoroki. You didn’t notice that both Bakugo and Kirishima followed you with their eyes.

“Hey Shoto.” Your voice sounded strained, but that was because you didn’t want to take your irritation out on your friend.

“Hey Shiro,” He smiled up at you and you noticed Bakugo storm out of the room in a huff. Weird, something must have pissed him off. “You alright?”

“Not really.” You sat down and handed him the offer from his Father. “I didn’t expect him to really do it. Why would he need to talk to me?” Todoroki’s eyes widened and then narrowed immediately.

“You should avoid him at all costs.” He said it as if it was a totally normal thing to just say with no explanation. You stared at him for a second and then sighed.

“That’s unnerving, going to grace me with any more details than that?” Your sarcastic tone poked through without your consent.


“He just said some weird stuff to me that day of the Sports Festival.” The boy looked down in what you could only assume to be shame. You took a breath.

“You can tell me anything. It’s not like I’m going to blame you for it.” You needed to know. Todoroki turned bright red.

“He kept saying how great our Quirks would...mix.” He stressed the word mix with a look of disgust and you got the idea immediately. You ran your hands down your face.

“What a creep.” you exhaled and the boy recoiled a bit. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m not mad or anything. Just, who thinks like that, you know?”

“Yeah.” He sounded so embarrassed, you needed to make him feel better.

“Well regardless, I don’t think that he’s the kind of Hero who can teach me much. Our styles are too different. You, on the other hand,” You paused to judge his face, “Even if he is a creep, he still has the instincts of a great hero. And your fight styles match up well. So, if you were even slightly considering it, I think there is probably a lot you can learn from him.”

“You think so?” He brightened

“Of course.” You smiled. “I’m going to go back to reading over my offers.” He nodded and you went back to Kirishima and your stuff.

“Sorry about that.” You said as you sat back down at the table and looked over your other offers. There were just an insane amount of them and you found it really overwhelming, but you crumpled the Endeavor sheet and left it on the table.

“It’s cool.” He paused, “Didn’t know you two were on a first name basis.”

“Oh, you heard that?” You chuckled, missing the discomfort in his voice, “Yeah well we’ve actually gone through a lot together…” You trailed off as you stared at one of the offers toward the top. The name sounded familiar but you couldn’t place it. “You know you can call me Shiro too, I mean, In Australia everyone called me Shiro anyway. It’s not a whole thing for me like it is here in Japan.” The boy nodded enthusiastically.

“Have you ever heard of the Foresight Agency?” You questioned.

“Nope, why do you ask.”

“I have like 6 offers from different Heroes there.” You looked over the first one for a Hero named Craine, there wasn’t much information about him and no note on the back. You flipped to the second one and it was for a Hero named Diminish, he was a rescue hero who specialized in natural disasters. The note on the back was about wanting to train your vocal chords to be able to help in earthquake zones. You’d never considered that before.

“If you want to know about a random Hero, you know who you need to ask.” His tone was mocking and he wasn’t wrong. Midoriya was the one to ask about anything Hero related. You made an internal note to ask him about it later.

“You’re right.” You laughed, “Dude probably has a 3 page essay about them ready to go.”


“Oh!” You perked up and closed your folder, deciding to deal with this overwhelming shit later. “My Mom is out of town this weekend. I was thinking about having a little cookout slash sleepover with the class since we are all going to be seperated for a week. Think anyone would be into it?”

“A sleepover?” He perked up.

“Don’t be a creep.” You smiled. “Nothing crazy, just hanging out and bond--”

“DID I HEAR SLEEPOVER?!” Mina appeared out of thin air like a rocket, already beaming. Both you and Kirishima cracked up laughing and you smiled to turn to her.

“Yeah, I was thinking Friday night? We could have a cookout and then all watch movies or something?”

“Truth or dare!? Spin the bottle? Count me in!” She was hype as fuck.

“I literally said neither of those things, Mina.” Your voice was flat.

“I heard it! Oh man, I’ll start planning it now! There’s so much that I’ve been wanting to see happen.” Your eyes went wide and a chill went down your spine at her words.

“Nevermind, party cancelled. Mina, I don’t want any part of whatever villany is going on behind your eyes.”

“Too late, I already texted everyone.” Kirishima interjected as he sat down his phone.

“Fuck.” You said flatly. You’d been defeated by teenage nonsense.



You didn’t want to ask Midoriya anything about the internships until you knew that he’d had a chance to talk to All Might about going to see Gran Torino. You felt like it would be kind of like rubbing your offers in his face and that would be really mean. You didn’t have to wait long, because pretty much as soon as class was over, All Might was standing at the door waiting on the boy.

“I am here! Standing in a bizarre position!” You laughed and took another glance at your paperwork. You decided the easiest way to cut down the number of offers you had to look over was to remove any that didn’t have any notes. You wanted to work with a Hero who had some ideas for you and figured if they did they would have made some kind of note about it. That left you with a little less than half to look at and it felt much more manageable.

Your phone was buzzing off the hook in your pocket ever since Kirishima created a group chat for your party. You wondered how no one in your class had asked why it was that Kirishima and Mina were planning a party for your house, but figured it didn’t matter much to them. The two would definitely make sure it was a good time, and you could jump into the conversation when you weren’t so freaking stressed out.

You figured the next step with your offers was to separate them by region. That way if you decided to get involved with the Stain arc you’d know exactly what offers to look at without having to go through them all. Then you made a pile of agencies that were the farthest away from Hosu, that way if you decided not to get involved you were too far away to change your mind at the last second and do something stupid. As you were sorting them you noticed another 3 offers for that Foresight agency, bringing the total up to 9 offers. That felt strange. You pulled them all out and sat them in their own pile to look at later.

Once everything was seperated, the piles looked much more manageable and it calmed you down a bit. Before you could start digging into them, Midoriya re-entered the room.

“Hey, Midoriya! Could you come here a sec?” You called out to the kid and he came over with a huge smile on his face. Probably excited about getting an offer. And All Mights mentor nonetheless.

“Hey Kisaki, you okay? You seem kind of stressed.” He lowered himself into Minas unoccupied seat and looked over the mess on your desk.

“Uh, to be honest this is really overwhelming.” You took a deep breath. “I wanted to ask, have you ever heard of the Foresight Agency?” He perked up immediately and before he even spoke you knew that he at least knew something about them.

“Oh, yeah! They’re a huge agency out West! They boast 10 Pros and at least 80 sidekicks in their ranks. They are split into divisions, rescue, combat, and prevention. The prevention department is super secretive and there are tons of rumors about them having people with quirks that can predict violent acts and disasters before they happen…” The rant went on for a few minutes before the kid ran out of air and took a deep breath. “Why do you ask?”

“I have 9 offers from them.”

“Really? That’s kind of strange since they are so far away. You must have really impressed them to send for you all the way from UA when they have Shiketsu right there.”

“Yeah that was what I was thinking.” You looked down at the offers suspiciously. “Well thanks, Midoriya, you’re amazing as always.”

“Oh, yeah, anytime! By the way, you really want to have a party this weekend with everyone?” He looked at you with those compassionate eyes that made you think he knew that the party had probably be usurped out from under you.

“Uhh, yeah, I mean I don’t love all of Minas ideas.” You paused, “But it’ll be a good time and my Mom is totally fine with it. She bought a bunch of food for the grill outside and I’ve got this awesome training course if anyone wants to get a good workout going.”

“Awesome! Well, I’ll be there as long as my Mom is cool with it.” He paused and then lowered his voice, “Also, there was something I wanted to talk about wit--” He was cut off by Bakugo storming into the room like a psychopath and immediately glaring in your direction with Kirishima hot on his tail red a bricks. Midoriya shrank so tiny he may as well have disappeared. And you tilted your head in confusion.

“You alright, Bakugo?” You questioned, unsure what the fuck was going on.

“I’ll be at your damn party.” He shot a look to Kirishima who shrank a little before stomping to his seat and flopping into it.

“O..kay.” You looked at Kirishima with a wtf is happening look and the boy lowered his head and shrugged while putting his right hand over his face. Am I going insane? You turned back to Midoriya, deciding to just let this shit slide. “Finish this later?” He nodded and went back to his seat.

Throughout class your eyes kept shooting over to your internship offers. Literally the second you got home you were going to find your top five in both the Hosu area and the non-Hosu area so that you could then focus on the other horrible decision you had to make. It looked like everything in the timeline was as it should be, yet you couldn’t shake the horrible feeling that something was going to go wrong there. The rest of the day went off without incident and as you rode the train home you finally opened the group chat for your party.

Mina: So who all can make it?
Toru: I’ll be there!
Uraraka: Wouldn’t miss it!
Kyoka: I’ll supply the music! Kisaki, do you have an amp?
Momo: I should be able to come for a few hours at least.
Kisaki: No, I don’t have an amp, but maybe Momo can make one?
Kirishima: Bro, chill, you just have to hit leave at the top.
Bakugo: WHAT? HOW?
Momo: Got you Kyoka!
Aoyama: :・゚☆ My sparkle is required elsewhere! 。・:*:・
Kirishima: Stop with the all caps man, we get it, it’s not your thing.
Kaminari: Ladies ;) I’ll bring the bottle for spinning.
Sato: I’ll bring sweets!
Todoroki: I’ll stop by. Someone needs to eat all those snacks Shiro’s Mom made.
Iida: Sorry, I’ll be busy this weekend.
Uraraka: :( Aww, We understand Iida. We’ll miss ya! Send our love to your family!
Iida: *thumbs up emoji*
Ojiro: I’ll be there. Have to see this agility course Kirishima was talking about!
Sero: Oh hell yeah! We can do some combat!
Mina: This is going to be so fun!!!!
Shoji: Sorry, I’ll be busy this weekend.
Toru: :(
Tokoyami: I also have prior engagements.
Mina: Tsu, Koda, Midoriya?
Midoriya: I have to ask my Mom.
Koda: I’ll be busy working at the animal shelter.
Tsu: I won’t be able to stay, but I can come for a few hours, ribbit.
Kisaki: Oh, wow, Okay awesome guys!! Can someone swing by early to help me clear out the basement? We’ll need a place for all of us to sleep.
Mina: Basement?!
Kisaki: It’s cozy!!! There are just a bunch of couches and stuff I want to scoot to the edges so there’s room for everyone’s sleeping bags.
Kirishima: You know I got you girl.
Kisaki: Such a big, strong man. :p
Bakugo has left the chat.
Kirishima: You know it!
Ojiro: I can also help if you need more hands.
Uraraka: LMAO!
Uraraka: oops, I misread and thought that was Shoji!!
Kisaki: Hilarious!!

When you finally got home you decided to open up your folder and really get to sorting these offers. You spent an hour picking out the coolest agencies you could find near Hosu and ranking them from best to worst within the category. As soon as you were finished you picked up the stack from the Foresight Agency and started flipping through the heroes there. Most of them didn’t have anything of interest to say, despite reaching out to you from far away, but when you got to the last one everything made perfect sense and you could swear your heart stopped for a moment.

Hero: Relapse
Gender: F
Age: 21
Agency: Foresight
Quirk: History
Fighting Style: Psychological
Department: Prevention
Notes: Don’t you dare go to Hosu. We need to talk about where you came from.

Your body began shaking and your vision blurred. What were you supposed to do now?

Chapter Text

Friday 3:13 pm
Class was finally over with for the week and you couldn’t be more happy. You’d had a lot on your mind for the internships, and though you’d decided to take the internship with Relapse, you were starting to regret the choice. If someone really knew where you came from, wasn’t that a really bad thing? At least it was a pro, so you can assume they aren’t going to use the stuff you know for evil. But, then, why wouldn’t she want you to go to Hosu? And how did she even find out? Was she also from your world? That would explain how the Prevention Agency came to be, maybe they weren’t predicting disasters, they just simply knew the plot? But, no, that doesn’t make sense because the series was focused out here in the East. If they knew what was going to happen with the plot and wanted to stop things the would have set up at an agency nearby. Right?

You supposed it was probably best to not let it get to you. You’d have all your answers after the weekend and there was much less important, but much more exciting stuff to be worried about today. Mostly, why the hell Mina kept looking at you during class and laughing maniacally, just what the hell did that alien queen have up here sleeve?

You said your goodbyes to your classmates and posted your address in the group chat. Everyone agreed to meet up around 7pm to start the party, and it would go on for as long as everyone could stay awake having fun. You’d texted Shinso to invite him, but he declined and asked to hang out on Sunday before you left. Probably didn’t want to hang out with the class he declared war on, fair.

“Wait up, Shiro!” As you were making your way past the UA front gates you heard Kirishima yelling behind you and you stopped to wait for your friend.

“Hey! What’s up Kiri?”

“Just wanted to tell you, I can’t come early to help you move stuff.” He was panting a little bit from running to catch up with you.

“Oh that’s okay, I can--”

“I’ll help.” Where the hell did Bakugo come from? You looked around for a second and saw him leaning against the far side of the gate while crossing his arms. This whole thing felt kind of set up and you looked over the two boys suspiciously before deciding to not say anything about it.

“Thanks, Bakugo.” His eyes narrowed and you were taken aback, “I mean, if you don’t want to I can..”

“I said I’d help!” He bit. Jesus christ, this kid needs some communication classes. You thought back to the anime when they showed his interactions with his Mother. I guess he never really stood a chance, did he?

“Great! I’ll see you at mine around 6?” You looked over the angry looking boy in front of you and then back to Kirishima who was being uncharacteristically quiet.

“Yeah.” Baku grumbled before you made your way to the train station to get home and clean up.


Friday 6:08pm
You’d just finished cleaning up and pulling out all of your board games. Then you found a cute party dress to wear, deciding that most of your class had only ever seen you in your uniform, gym clothes, or costume and you wanted to remind them all that you were a cute girl when you tried. The thought made you wonder, Who exactly am I trying to impress? You couldn’t be sure because they were all so damned cute. You didn’t want to pull out the snacks yet, so you found yourself just pacing around the room in anticipation.

Bakugo should be here any minute and you’d both have an hour alone before everyone else got there. The thought made your heart start pumping faster, which was strange to you, why would you be nervous about that? Your train of thought was disrupted by a single loud thump on your door. You ran over excitedly and swung it open. He was in khaki pants and a black tank top. Classic Bakugo, you thought with a smile.

“Hey! Welcome!” You turned to the side and held out an arm to usher him inside, his eyes widened as he looked at you, but it only lasted a moment before he grunted and followed. “You hungry?” You questioned while the boy looked around your living room with an unreadable expression.

“No.” He let out as he took off his shoes and walked further into the house. “Where’s the basement?” He questioned and you suddenly remembered what you needed done.

“Oh yeah!” You perked up and showed the boy downstairs. The basement really was cozy, it honestly reminded you of a japanese version of the basement from That 70s Show. Big couches all turned toward each other in the center of the room with a card table in the middle for when your Mother played whatever old lady games she played with her book club. A large plush carpet stretched along the floor and there was a punching bag and treadmill over in the corner. You wanted to scoot all the couches to the walls and pull out the folding chairs for the table. Then take all the workout equipment and throw them in the storage closet in the corner to give people plenty of room to lay down sleeping bags once the party died down.

“This your training area?” The boy said with a frown as you both were finishing up moving out the last of the stuff.

“No,” you laughed “That’s out in the backyard.”

“Oh,” said more to himself than you, “I want to see it.”

“Okay!” You led the boy out back and when he saw your set up his eyes widened massively.

“This is pretty cool, third place.” You groaned at his remark.

“I swear I’ll kick your ass right now, Bakugo.” Your tone was playful and you took the opportunity to show off some of you moves on the agility course, by speeding across the beams and stopping on the last one to stick your tongue out. The boy jumped up immediately to follow you, much less gracefully, before falling off about halfway through.


Friday 7:49 pm
Everyone who had RSVP’d had shown up. Ojiro, Sero, Sato, Kaminari, and Kirishima were all outside messing around with your training course, you had just sat out all the snacks your Mom made, and you were chatting away with Midoriya about your upcoming internships. You’d just promised him that you’d take notes on all the Heroes you’d meet at Foresight for him and he was excitedly feeding you questions for a few of them. He was so damned cute it made your heart hurt.

Kyoka and Momo were setting up the music over in the corner of the living room. Momo was looking a bit overwhelmed as Kyoka described what she’d need to play the CD she brought ‘The right way.’ You chuckled at the nonsense and kept looking around. Bakugo was standing against the wall watching everything and Todoroki was looking over your board games stacked in the corner with a sense of trepidation on his face. You wondered what games of Monopoly looked like in the Todoroki household and shuddered. Boy probably had PTSD.

Tsu, Uraraka, Mina, and Toru were all huddled on the couch whispering about something dubious. You could tell because their eyes kept shifting over to you with giggles that made you feel very uncomfortable. You were feeling a bit sad about being left out of their plotting. Though, you realized that they were definitely going to do something suspicious this evening and it would definitely be involving you, so no hard feelings about leaving you out of the plotting. Yet. You had done some scheming of your own after all.

Kyoka got the music going, and you assumed it was the sound that brought the boys inside from their training on your field. You shot Kirishima a fist bump as he walked in past you over to where Kyoka and Mina were trying to get the other girls to dance and broke into the goofiest dance moves you’d ever seen. As soon as the word dance off was uttered, you watched Todoroki bolt from the room like someone had set him on fire. Not a dancer, Todo? You laughed and joined in on the stupid dance moves front.


Friday 8:26pm
“Suck it, Midoriya!” You yelled as you threw the controller down on the couch next to him. He jumped a bit as you did yet another victory dance around the living room. The only boy you hadn’t beaten yet was Bakugo, and you could feel the collective rage pointed at your insane Street Fighter skills and irritating gloating. You stopped your dance and held out your hands in a challenging way toward Bakugo, who wasn’t amused at all. “Come on, Lord Explosion Murder, let’s do this?”

He snatched the controller out of Midoriyas’ hands so fast you thought the boy had teleported and you laughed while squeezing between the two on the the couch to take your final victory lap. When you beat him, you worried he was going to explode the controller so you decided not to rub it in immediately, and pulled him into a hug from the side while slowly peeling the controller from his tight grip.

“It’s okay, Baku, maybe someday you won’t suck so bad?” You half-whispered in his ear and released the hug. He got up and stormed out of the room with a flush on his cheeks that you were too busy gloating to notice.


Friday 9:12pm
Mina announced that everyone should meet downstairs for never have I ever. This game seemed pretty innocent, so you decided to participate. You all settled in near two of the couches in the corner with most of the class, while Tsu, Sato, and Todoroki were finishing up what appeared to be an intense game of scrabble.

You squeezed in next to Mina and Uraraka on the floor, leaving the couch seats for your classmates to sit in. Mina was up first and she shot you a dubious look before the game began.

“Okay, so, I decided to put a twist on the game!” Of course she did. “If you take a drink you either have to tell the story and give details or take a dare from the person who asked the question!”

“So it’s truth or dare,” You said flatly, feeling swindled.

“Kind of, but more fast paced, I’ll go first!” She shot you a look as you’d be first to have to answer whatever she asked. “Never have I ever been kissed.” Bitch. You took a sip as you had definitely kissed boys before in your old world. You heard a gasp but didn’t see who it was from. “Ohhh, tell me who was it?!” You groaned.


“No, tell me! Was it someone from class?” She looked suspiciously over at Todoroki at the games table and you felt the temperature in the room rise. Weird.

“Ugh, no, it was someone from my old school, no big deal.” The temperature went back down immediately but you ignored it.

“Damn, Kisaki, kissing boys back in Middle school? You’re a heartbreaker. I love it, wanna make out?” Kaminari sent you a wink and you chuckled nervously while blushing a little.

“No thanks.” You tried to laugh off your nerves.

“Todoroki, pay attention!” Tsu was waving her hand in front of the boys face and he jumped to finish his turn.

You’d learned that Kirishima kissed a girl at summer camp before the school year started, the thought made you...not jealous? It had to be pride. Yeah, you were definitely proud of your boy. Momo had kissed a boy back at some Gala with her parents a few months back, and both Toru and Ojiro took dares to not give details about their kisses. Curious. Kaminari kissed a girl at this last new years festival and you were shocked that he’d sounded so nonchalant about it. He seemed like the type to throw out tons of details unprovoked.


Friday 10:21pm

You were all still playing this weird hybrid game of truth or dare, seven minutes in heaven, and never have I ever. Todoroki and Sato had joined the circle while Momo and Tsu had taken their leave as their parents weren’t cool with them at a sleepover with boys. At this point you’d been dared to to impressions of everyone in class, hold a handstand until you fell over, (you decided to change out of the dress for this one to the dismay of some of your classmates) and re-enact your favorite song from a musical without music.

You chose to sing ‘I can hear the bells’ from Hairspray as that was one musical you knew for sure existed in this world. There was no word of Hamilton, and the thought made you sad because you could destroy those Lafayette raps from memory. As you finished up the final note, hairbrush in hand as a perfect microphone, you slumped back into your spot and turned red from embarrassment at the looks from everyone staring at you.

“Damn girl, you can sing!” Kyoka chimed in after you’d finished. “Wanna start a band?”

“She hates crowds, idiot!” Bakugo yelled, but it didn’t sound so angry. You put your head down and waited for the next round of torture without another thought. Soon enough, It was Minas turn again.

“Okay, Kisaki, what’s your deepest, darkest secret?” I came from another world where you all are just anime characters, and I know everything that’s going to happen to us through Summer vacation? Well you couldn’t say that, could you?

“Dare.” She beamed, and your heart dropped into your stomach. This was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to pin you into a corner, you could just feel it. She had something horrible planned.

“I dare you to pick a boy and take your seven minutes!” A chill ran over the entire group as you stared wide eyed at your choices. You had to pick one, but who would you choose? Kirishima would be a safe bet, you two had been alone before and it was no big deal, but he’d been acting strange and keeping a bit of distance from you all day and that made you feel a bit nervous to pick him. You started to panic, any decision you made seemed like a bad one. You thought about picking Midoriya, because at least that little jellybean would be more nervous than you were. You decided not to give him a panic attack today so that left Kaminari, Bakugo, Todoroki, Sato, and Sero. You buried your face in your hands and started shaking your head back and forth.

“Too much pressure!” you squealed through your fingers.

“I can pick for you.” The girl said in a tone that made you think this was also part of her plan. You decided to resign yourself to your fate and took a deep breath before nodding half-heartedly while looking up. Her devilish eyes shifted over to Bakugo and you remembered her completely off base idea that he had a crush on you. No better time than the present to prove her wrong. “I chose…. Midoriya!”

That was not what you expected, and your eyes shot to the boy in question who was now beat red and shaking in his boots. You chuckled to yourself and looked over to Uraraka who didn’t seem as phased as you expected her to be. You knew she had a crush on Midoriya, and you were surprised that she’d been a part of this plan. What the hell were those girls up to? You shot up immediately and held a hand out to the little cinnamon roll who was nervously shifting around in his seat like he was about to run away.

“My lord?” You questioned as you held your hand out dramatically to help him out of his seat. You heard an irritated grunt from behind you and assumed Bakugo wasn’t amused that Midoriya was here, let alone being pulled into a closet for 7 minutes, it definitely wasn’t about you. Definitely wasn’t. The boy grabbed your hand and you pulled him into the closet, not at all nervous about what was going to happen in that closet. He wasn’t the type to make a move anyway.

Friday 11:07pm
You closed the door behind you and shifted to make room for the both of you. The space was pretty tight and intimate ever since you and Bakugo had piled your workout equipment in there. You had yourself kind up propped up on the hand grip for the treadmill and he stood nervously on the ground in front of you. You shot him a comforting smile and nudged him on the shoulder.

“Don’t be nervous, it’s just me.” You looked into his eyes and he took a deep breath trying to calm himself. It was adorable, watching his panicked eyes shift around the tiny space and linger on your face that wasn’t but a few inches from his.

“I-I’m not, it’s, it’s f-fine.” He looked back down and you tried to keep your chuckle to yourself. You defaulted to your typical playful self and decided to mess with him for a minute to break the ice.

“So you wanna kiss or something?” His eyes widened, you heard a loud thump from the other side of the door, and he started mumbling to himself nervously before you started laughing. “Damn, Izuku you’re too precious.” You placed a hand on his cheek and leaned in to peck him on the other cheek. Even in the mostly dark you could tell he’d turned completely white and you pulled away with a small chuckle.

He took a minute to collect himself with you grinning happily at him the entire time. You were kind of an asshole, stealing the first kiss from best boy right out from Uraraka, but as you were also a good friend, you decided to keep it to the cheek and leave it at that. Once he calmed down you scooted yourself out of his personal space as best you could to calm him down a bit. He was breathing like he was about to pass out or something and you didn’t want to give him a panic attack.

“So, you said you needed to talk to me about something?” You questioned while keeping your voice down in the event that Mina was definitely, absolutely, listening from the other side. Before he answered you slammed your hand on the door and raised your voice a bit to direct your teasing out at the onlookers, “Oh, Izuku, you madman, we can’t possibly, everyone would hear us!” You both buried your faces in your hands to stifle your giggling.

“Uh, yeah, All Might told me you...knew about his..uhhh… weakness?” he stressed the world weakness and got what he was saying immediately. You leaned in and tried to feign surprise.

“You know too?” He nodded.

“Cool! I didn’t really ask for details, because it’s none of my business…” You trailed off a bit.

“Still, it was really cool of you to not say anything.” He put his head back down and you patted him on the head.

“Like I’d ever betray my heroes trust!” He nodded and you pulled him in for a hug as the silence stretched between you too. “We should hang out more,” You breathed into his ear as the door opened to reveal a bunch of eyes staring widely at the image. You poked your head up, “Hey guys!” And trotted out like nothing ever happened and looked around.

“Wait, where’d Bakugo go? And why is the table flipped?” Everyone just stared blankly and you wondered what the hell had happened out here.

“H-He went outside to do some training.” Kirishima said like an abuse victim. You tilted your head confused before deciding you were overthinking things and perked back up.

“Oh, okay, I’ll go get him.” And you bolted upstairs.


Friday 11:15 pm

You could hear him yelling outside before you even made it all the way up the stairs. When you opened the back door he was just shooting blasts at a sheet of metal over and over again while yelling profanities at it like he’d been wronged in some way. As you weren’t afraid of this kid on his worst day you sprinted out to where he was standing and pushed him from behind.

“Don’t break anything, Loudmouth.” You smiled and he turned on a dime to face you. His expression was twisted in rage that you couldn’t comprehend and although it softened a little bit he still seemed crazed. You recoil a bit as he grabbed your shoulders and shoved your against the wall he’d just been accosting. His eyes bore into you as his face was inches from yours and you were frozen in shock. “Bakugo?”

His anger twisted a bit more and he leaned toward you while still holding you in place against the hot surface of the metal that was pinned on the side of the shed. You couldn’t contain the fear that shot through you as he stared you down with his hands gripped so tightly on your shoulders.

“What the hell, Bakugo?” You heard Kirishima say from the patio and you silently thanked god he had arrived. You were pretty sure Baku wouldn’t hurt you, but this look in his eyes was not that of a person who was thinking clearly. “Hey Todoroki!” You heard the guy yell when Bakugo didn’t move or stop pinning you down. You tried to search his eyes for what the hell was going through his head, but couldn’t. You heard Todo’s voice yell something you didn’t hear because of the intense glare you were receiving and then felt Bakugo let you go and storm off in a huff. You were left wondering what the fuck was going on as Todoroki ran straight to you and Kiri ran after Master Exploder.

“Are you okay?” He questioned, looking you over frantically.

“Y-yeah. Just what the hell was that about?” Your eyes narrowed.

“No clue,” He obviously lied. Just what did you miss?


Saturday 1:16 am
You couldn’t sleep so you made you way down into the living room to play some more video games. It wasn’t long before Kaminari found himself on the couch next to you while watching you play.

“How are you so good at this?” He questioned with shock in his voice.

“Haven’t you realized yet that I’m good at everything?” You winked in his direction.

“Not everything,” he grumbled and you paused to face him.

“Whatever do you mean?” You painted slight offense into your words, but you actually just wanted to know what he was talking about.

“Nothing, I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually.” He took a deep sigh and grabbed the second controller. “Wanna fight?”

“Hell yeah!” You smiled and the battle raged on. You’d beat him twice already, but he won once so you’d decided to best of 5. He was actually pretty good at this and you found that quite surprising. It wasn’t long before you were tied 2-2 and about to start the tie breaker.

“Alright, so If I win this one, I get to take you out to a nice dinner.”

“You’re still on that?”

“Hey, you said if I ever beat you, this counts.”

“Ugh, fine!” You agreed and he smiled broadly. The match was over faster than all of the others and you found yourself sitting there shook after your defeat.

“Did you just hustle me?” He winked at your words.

“You know it. So do you like Italian food?”

“Holy shit, you’re so crafty.”

“Yep. Italian or??”

“Whatever you want. You earned it.” You smiled and he smiled back before you made your way back up to your room to cuddle with Uraraka and get some sleep. Pretty successful sleepover.

Chapter Text

“Everyone has their costumes, right?” Aizawa stood looking over everyone in a very fatherly way, likely spotting to make sure you all had your briefcases in your hands, “Remember, you don’t have permission to wear them out in public yet, and don’t lose them or anything.”

“Gotcha!” Mina called out while holding her case in the air happily.

“Speak properly! It’s ‘Yes Sir,’ Ashido.” Aizawa lectured toward her before turning to the rest of the group, “Make sure you mind your manners with the other heroes during your internships. Now get to it.”

“Yes sir,” A collective agreement as everyone started to make their ways to their respective trains. You on the other hand couldn’t find a way to get your feet moving. Todoroki was next to you, watching Iida walk away with a look of concern on his face and Kaminari came up and gave you a playful nudge.

“Can’t wait till this week is over,” He winked, “I found the perfect place to take you.” You laughed, being broken out of your spiral of terror.

“You really are something,” you chuckled a bit more and nudged him back playfully, “I’ll see you next week.”

You bolted toward your train without another word to anyone. You were starting to regret this choice, terrified of what you will find on the other side of this trip. Who were these people at Foresight? Were they mad at you? Did they want to help? How come so many people at the Agency sent you offers when it was obvious that Relapse was the only one who truly wanted to see you?

Your hands started to shake as the train pulled itself out of the station. You wanted to be excited, this was your first time on a Bullet Train and since you loved speed you should have been face pressed against the glass, wide eyed, and bouncing. Yet, all you could find yourself able to do was read over the note on her offer over and over again.

Don’t you dare go to Hosu. We need to talk about where you came from.

There was no way at least she didn’t know about your past. The thought made you more uncomfortable than anything that had happened here before. Wasn’t this place supposed to be your new start? How could God-Dude overlook something so huge? Your stomach was churning in your seat and you tried anything you could to relax yourself. Luckily, the lack of sleep you’d earned from all this stress finally took you and you were able to nap until you felt the train jolt to a stop. It’s time…

You slung your backpack of clothes and toiletries over your shoulder and grabbed your costume case, noting that the fingers on your hand were shaking. This was not the time to have a panic attack! You were going to be strong and brave and face these Heroes no matter what they knew. There was no reason to be so concerned, they could be the nicest people in the world, that only wanted to help you adjust to your new world. Yep, that’s what was going on. You found your inner strength and shuffled off the train.

Standing not far from the gate was a boy that couldn’t be too much older than you. He was tall and wearing a black pinstripe suit with a purple tie, his short blonde hair was spiked up in every which way and he reminded you a bit of a blonde Kirishima. As soon as his eyes met yours he started hopping excitedly and waving at you with a big smile.

“Kisaki Shiro!” You froze and looked around nervously, scared he was one of your ‘fans.’ He ran over and held up a small sign that said your name on it. “I’m Seven from Foresight! I am so so excited to meet you!” He sounded genuine. Like, maybe he was really that freaking excited to see that you’d shown up. It was kind of unnerving.

“Hello, Seven.” You tried to crack a smile through your nerves, but failed miserably. The boy was completely unfazed as he grabbed the case politely from your hand and held another hand out to imply you should hand him your backpack. You complied.

“Wow! You pack light, not a fashionista, eh?” He was beaming as he took your things and began walking toward the exit of the station with you in tow. You could swear he was skipping lightly from happiness. Just what the fuck had you gotten yourself into?

“No sir,” You remembered Aizawa’s words. The boy laughed and hopped in front of you to face you with a huge smile.

“Sir? Don’t do that, that’s weird.” He chuckled to himself and mumbled the word ‘sir’ affectionately to himself with a head shake before turning back around to keep walking. His body movements reminded you of someone, but you couldn’t place it. Was everyone going to be like this? “Here we are!” He opened the door to a limo with a big gesture and it made you wonder if everyone else was getting this kind of pick up treatment by their internships.

You knew Midoriya had to walk to Gran Torinos agency, but that was a bit different. The show didn’t show much of everyone else's’ internships so you were kind of in the dark here. It was actually a really good feeling to not have constant timeline stress pounding through you. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad?

You slid into the far side of the limo and waited for Seven to join you. He’d moved toward the trunk, probably to put your stuff in, before hopping into the seat next to you. You both sat for a beat in silence as the limo pulled away and you found yourself panicked again. Did he know? Who even was he, you didn’t receive anything from a hero named Seven when you got your offers, though there was one that hadn’t sent you one according to the Midoriya intel you’d gotten.

“I’m one of Relapses sidekicks.” He smiled down at you to stop that train of thought in its tracks like he’d read your mind, “She sent me to come get you, because she doesn’t like to leave her room.” He stopped himself and his tone hardened a bit, “Due to the nature of her quirk, crowds are very difficult for her, but you’ll understand soon!” Her quirk was simply called History, what did that have to do with crowds? Why did you suddenly feel scared again?

“I’m…” You wanted to say anything else but couldn’t stop yourself, “Really nervous.” You chuckled to yourself.

“Oh us too!” He didn’t sound very nervous, he sounded like the two of you were planning brunch with some friends you hadn’t seen in a while, “It’s crazy, in the 8 years I’ve known Relapse and Sister I’ve never known them to even consider an Intern. You’re kind of a point of interest for us all.”

“Never?” You breathed deep. Oh, god, this is even scarier than I thought. You pulse was racing and the fear started pounding though you again. Seven placed a hand on yours in a way that made you think he was trying to comfort you, but it wasn’t really working. You were full blown panicking. Wait, who the fuck was Sister? You hadn’t heard anything about someone by that name. “Sister?”

“You’ll meet everyone soon enough.” He pointed out the window to a huge black building, it should have been shining due to the afternoon sun, but the Matte Paint job made it look as if it sucked light into it as opposed to reflecting it. “That’s us! Foresight! The biggest Agency on this side of the country.”

“Wow.” Was all you could manage to get out as you saw the building pulling closer to you. It was nearly as big at UA.

“I know, right?!” He smiled and held a hand out to you after he exited the limo. You took it and he gingerly pulled you from the limo, leaving you only long enough to grab your things from the trunk before returning to your side to put a hand on the small of your back and usher your forward. “Look, I should probably warn you...” He paused, “Your presence here is going to garner a lot of attention. But it’ll be okay! I’ll get you down to Prevention as quickly as possible. We heard you aren’t a fan of being crowded.”

“T-Thank you.” You weren’t sure what to say. Everything was moving so quickly and you found yourself regretting every decision you’ve ever made to get yourself to this moment. You feet moved forward without your consent as Seven half-pushed you into the building.

“Hey Everyone!” He yelled out as the doors slid open. The first floor reminded you of any scene in a movie where they showed the trading floor at the stock exchange. There were cubicles lining the walls with people in them working frantically, there was a huge screen mounted on the wall that had news reports running, another that had what looked like real time police reports, and a third that had a map of the area with assorted dots of different colors placed in certain areas. The main area of the floor was crowded with people yelling into headsets and at each other to cover incidents at certain areas on the map. It was beautiful chaos as you stared for a moment in awe before a collective gasp took over the chaos and every single person in the room stared at you.

“Holy shit, is that her?” You heard one voice attempt to whisper. Mumbling started taking over the crowd and you could tell it was all about you. You took a step backward to run away before Seven laughed and grabbed your hand.

“Ignore them, they’re not allowed down to Prevention.” His voice had a sense of pride as he pulled you toward a set of elevators to the left of the room. Every single eye followed you to it and watched as you piled inside, trying to avoid a panic attack. As soon as the doors slid closed you let out a breath of relief. Seven swiped a keycard, turned a key in a hole, and pressed a button on the bottom marked ‘Pre.’ The elevator slowly started moving down.

“They aren’t allowed down here?” You questioned.

“Nope. Only people in Prevention are allowed down here. Save you.” He winked in your direction.

“Oh.” This was fucking serious business. Holy Shit. If Seven wasn’t being so nice to you, you’d be convinced you were being taken down here to be put down. It wasn’t a good feeling.

The boy had to practically drag you out of the elevator. When the doors slid open you were surprised at the sight. The walls were all lined with metal like a vault from the Fallout Series and from the Elevator stretched a long hallway that only had a couple of doors before it opened up into a huge area with the biggest computer you’d ever seen. Sitting at the console was a figure you assumed to be a man from behind with wires stretching from the computer and onto his temples. The computer screen was flashing in different ways, it looked like it was scanning or sorting data of some kind. But you were no computer Genius and decided not to try to understand. An elbow nudged you from the side and you looked to see Seven smiling at you before looking forward to the console and the man.

“You’ll get to meet Craine later, come with me. Relapse is waiting.” He walked over to a door on the left and punched in a code. The door slid open with a shushing sound and he entered before poking his head back out through the doorway. “Come on!” His smile was encouraging, but not quite enough. Your hand did that thing where it moves on its own and slaps yourself in the face. The contact made you jump. It was exactly what you needed to get your feet moving and follow the man inside.

Once you entered the room you gasped a little, what was on the other side of that door was nothing like you expected it to be. It was...cozy? It looked like a traditional kitchen, equipped with cute signage and pictures that reminded you of the decoration style of the American South. Fully equipped with chicken sculptures, pictures of hay, white picket fences, and was that seriously a freaking butter churn? It was really weird. You chuckled to yourself before you had a chance to stop yourself. Seven looked at you for a moment confused.

“Sorry, it, just wasn’t what I expected.” He grinned at your remark.

“Yeah, Sister loves this stuff.” He looked around as if he was taking stock of the decor for the first time in a long time. “Anyway, Relapses room is down here.” He pulled open a wooden door that opened to a staircase and started walking down. How far underground are we? You followed, still attempting to keep your nerves at bay.

You both descended for a ridiculous amount of time, this was easily the longest staircase you’d ever walked down. When you both finally made it to the bottom, there were two doors to your left and your right. Seven knocked lightly on the door to the left and you heard a mumble from the other side. He cracked the door open and used his arms to usher you.

“This is where I get off the ride. I’ll see you later, okay Kisaki?” Was his voice shaking a little? Holy shit. Your feet wouldn’t move for a second but the look in his eyes was enough to give you the idea that making Relapse wait was probably not the move a smart person would make. You entered the room and the door closed behind you quickly. You turned around.

The room was small, and you could see that on the far side there was another door. This room was not cozy, all the walls were lined with metal and a table stretched across it with chairs on either side. On the far side, in the most comfortable looking chair by far, sat a tiny figure. Like, Gran Torino tiny, and she kind of looked like a child if you ignored the war wracked expression on her face. Her long jet black hair seemed to touch the floor even while she was sitting in the chair and her eyes were completely white with only tiny black dots for where her pupils were. And those tiny black dots were trained on you with an intensity that made you jump. You stood frozen in place.

“Sit.” She squeaked while gesturing toward the chair directly in front of her. Her voice was high pitched and childlike, but the authority in it was nothing to scoff at. You followed her orders without a thought, and as you relaxed into the seat you could feel yourself shaking so hard the chair rattled a little. The girl took a deep breath.

“H-Hi.” You looked down at the ground in fear, it was so rude but you couldn’t get more words to come out and you couldn’t keep eye contact with those terrifying eyes trained on you. The girl took another deep breath.

“Kisaki Shiro.” She breathed your name, it didn’t have an edge to it, but you couldn’t place the tone at all. “Or should I say (f/n, l/n)?” The sound of your old name jolted you both mentally and physically. Your eyes shot up to the girl and you spoke without thinking.

“(f/n) is dead.” You held the eye contact to make the point clear to the woman in front of you. Of course that confidence didn’t last long and when she didn’t respond immediately you looked back down in shame. Until she laughed. It was fucking adorable, her high pitched laugh almost making your ears hurt, yet filling you with a sense of relief.

“Well, that’s an opinion.” She snorted and smiled at you as you looked back up. “Look, I’m glad you didn’t go to Hosu. You coming here was the safest thing we could come up with after realizing what you are.”

“What I am?” You questioned, but she continued without acknowledging you.

“You’re probably wondering how I know where you came from?” She stiffened in her seat, “And why I didn’t come get you myself.” She looked around the room, “And why I live underground like this.”

She kept zoning in and out as she talked to you, like she was getting lost in her thoughts. Watching her face, you weren’t sure what to do, so you just stayed quiet as it took her a ridiculously long time to finish any sentence. When she paused for longer than usual you nodded to encourage her to keep talking.

“My quirk is officially called History.” She looked down at a paper she had on her desk and read it over for a second before continuing. You glanced down at the paper and could only make out the top line. It said: “Stuff you can say: “ You used your deductive reasoning to conclude that there was probably a “Stuff you can’t say” column as well. You waited for her to finish. “It pretty much means I can read the history of every person I see or am close to. That’s why I stay down here. It’s...exhausting to know everything.” She spaced out again and you wondered if she was in your memories now. She smiled a faraway smile and then her eyes sharpened back onto yours. “In your world, we were really just a story? How strange.”

“This is my world now.” You narrowed your eyes. This girl wasn’t going to make you feel like an outsider here, not since you’d never felt so alive or at home before. You then immediately recoiled when you realized what a mistake it was to snap at her. She let you sit in your fear for a moment before smiling.

“You know, I wouldn’t have believed you if you hadn’t come here.” Her eyes narrowed, “I would have hated to have to put a stop to you.” Your breath caught. You knew what she was implying. If you’d messed around in Hosu this girl would have stopped you. Probably by any means necessary.

“I’m..” You couldn’t find the words, but luckily she cut you off.


“But let’s not worry about that. There are some things I need you to understand, Kiaski, we-” Relapse was cut off when the door of the room flew open behind you. You turned on a dime and saw a woman storming in with rage on her face. She looked older, maybe 30, and she would have been beautiful if she didn’t look so ragged. Her blonde hair was stringy and turning white in places, her eyes had darker circles than Aizawa and Shinso put together, and her face was twisted into an almost animalistic sort of rage as she stared at you and stomped over to the other side of the table next to Relapse.

“You!” She spat in your direction while Relapse made attempts to calm her under her breath. The woman slammed her hands on the table and her dead eyes bore into you with intense hatred. It made you recoil. “You don’t belong here! You’re an abomination. You, you,” She started shaking her head back and forth, everything about her body language and speech giving you the intention that she was on the verge of some kind of panic attack herself. She kept mumbling the same points over and over again under her breath, her anger seemingly deflated and turning to a sense of denial or insanity. Relapse put a hand on her shoulder and shushed her calmingly. “Abomination...Doesn’t belong...Fixed point...How dare she?!”

“Go to your room, Sister.” Relapse cooed into the girls ear.

“No! No, no, no, no.” She was having a tantrum like a child. You stayed frozen in your seat unsure how to react or respond to what was playing out in front of you. Relapses eyes started glowing and Sister seemed to calm down, her entire body relaxing and a smile stretching wide across her face as she settled into the chair in a daze.

“Go to your room, Sister.” Relapse repeated with her eyes still glowing. Sister followed the instruction, her entire body calm and smiling as she exited the room. Then Relapse turned back to you with a solemn look on her face.

“I’m sorry about her.” She sounded genuine. And she took a deep breath before beginning. “Sister will probably never warm up to you. Your entire existence here is very confusing for her.”

You were scared to ask, but you had to know. “Why?”

“Sister can see the future, in a way…”She paused and looked back down at her notes for a second before continuing, “Her whole life she’s seen tragedies, horrors, and disasters before they happened, certain events that had to play out for the sake of the world. She can also see those consequences. For example,” She paused, “Hosu. Like you, she knew about what was going to happen in that Alley. For most of her life she has known both the pros and cons of that moment. How it will further empower the League.” Her eyes bore into you.

“The problem is, these moments are fixed points in time.” Her eyes narrowed on you, hoping you would understand what she was saying, “They cannot be changed. Sister learned this the hard way when she tried to stop the villain attack that killed her parents.” The girl looked down sadly. “If she tries to interfere with fixed points in time, or tries to get someone else to, there are catastrophic consequences. Godlike even.” You took a deep breath, afraid to ask anything else. Relapse shuttered and you didn’t dare ask about those consequences. She stared at you in silence for a moment before continuing.

“Then you show up, seemingly out of nowhere.” She stares at you, “Suddenly, moments that had been the same for her entire life were changing, altering, and you were the center of it all. The only person in the world who had maneuvered their way into a fixed point. And not just one, many of them. And though your presence didn’t change much at first.” She took a deep breath,

“Now her visions are changing entirely. Your presence in this world alone had drastically altered at least two fixed points. And will completely change another.” Her eyes narrowed at you trying to keep herself from being angry but failing, “Simply because you exist, every idea she has built her life around has changed. The moments she has been seeing her entire life have changed. And now she can no longer see the consequences.” Her anger faded a bit.

“You are the only thing in this world that she hasn’t accounted for. Please cut her some slack, she will likely never be kind to you.” You inhaled sharply as the implications of what you were told sank in. You had to defend yourself, right?

“But, I’ve been doing everything in my power to keep things the same.” You wanted to have any authority in your voice, but your words came out pleading. You didn’t want to break this world. You wanted to help. To be a hero. To make things better. Was this all a mistake?

“I know.” Relapse smiled at you a kindness taking over her tone, “This isn’t your fault. You are just lucky enough to have the luxury of still seeing this world through the lense of the show you’d watched... I want you to imagine this, instead of having watched this world as a television show, you were born and raised here. You’re at school with your friend Iida and you get a vision of his brother being attacked by the hero killer. You’re an aspiring hero, what do you do?” She questioned you. You thought the question was hypothetical, but quickly realized she actually wanted an answer.

“I’d try to stop it.” You sighed.

“Yep, and when you did try to stop it, not only did you find that you were unable to, but your interference caused what was just an injury before to take his life. Now he is dead. Is it your fault?”

You didn’t want to answer. You knew where this was going. “Her parents?”

“I knew you were a smart one.” She nodded, “Now keep imagining, over and over again through your life you have to deal with decisions like these. Sometimes you can keep yourself away, and other times you can’t help but try to help. But, every time you get involved things only get worse. Then, out of nowhere, a random new person is in all of your visions. Someone you’d never seen before, and they are changing things, yet, it seems like every action this new person takes makes things better, or, at least doesn’t make them worse. But,see, you know what happens when someone messes with fixed points in time, even if it hasn’t happened yet, you’re sure that eventually there would be massive ramifications.” She sighed, “And this person has gotten themselves close with the chosen one. The hope for the future?” Midoriya, you thought.

“Oh,” You looked down.

“Yeah, she wanted to kill you.” Relapse laughed as if that broke the tension in your body. (It didn’t.) “So I decided to check you out at the Sports Festival, and when I read your history, what a tale I was told.” She seemed kind of excited. “I believe the god who put you here has accounted for your presence, but we also couldn’t risk you messing up the events in that alley in Hosu City. That moment is far too crucial.”

“So, what now?” You weren’t sure how you were supposed to respond to all this information.

“My best guess is to keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing. Try your best to keep things the same until the Licensing Exam, then, just live your life. We will call you if we ever need you to stop.” She paused and looked into your eyes again, all lightness in her voice disappearing in a moment, “And if you don’t stop when asked, we’ll have to take care of you for the good of the world.”

“Take care of me.” You repeated while the implications sank in. They would kill you without hesitation. Holy shit. Panic shot down your spine. “Yes, ma’am, I want to be a part of this world more than anything. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt it on purpose.” You started to shake and tears pooled in the corners of your eyes. The girl got up and placed a hand on your back.

“I know.” Relapse said quietly. “I know everything about you. And, In my opinion, you do belong here. Now let’s get you settled into your room. I’ll give you the rest of the day to relax and think about everything that we’ve talked about. Then I’ll come get you for dinner and introduce you to Craine, who will be teaching you this week.” Her smile seemed dubious suddenly.

“Craine will be teaching me?” You questioned she laughed.

“Well, yeah, I don’t really leave this room. It’s way too overwhelming for me to leave this basement considering my quirk. We will get together during evenings and discuss some things and work on ways to improve your quirk that I’ve thought of. During the days, you’ll go with Craine and his intern on patrols and the like to get that experience you cannot get with me. Regardless of how strange this situation is, I do want you to become the best hero you can be.” Her smile turned more dubious than before, “I’ll have Seven show you to your room. I’m sorry, but you will have to share the space with the other intern, we’ve never had two at once in this department before. Though, I’m quite sure you’ll both get along just fine.”

With that she left you, sitting at the table alone, dumb stuck and reeling after all the information you’d gotten. Seven came to get you, but you could barely respond, following him along in a state of shock. This was not at all what you’d expected from this experience, and you couldn’t shake the feeling that this was only the beginning of the weirdness. You found out quickly how right you were when Seven swung the door of your room open and you saw a familiar face inside, beaming with excitement.

“You must be Kisaki Shiro!” The boy almost screamed in enthusiasm, “My name is Yoarashi Inasa! I am so excited to work with you this week, do you prefer top or bottom bunk?”

Yep, it was definitely only the beginning of the weirdness.

Chapter Text

Inasa. You couldn’t stop yourself from staring blankly as the wires in your brain short circuited for a moment and you stared at the boy in front of you. You hadn’t been caught off guard by a character since meeting Shinso on your first day in this world, if you left out the incident with Shigaraki. And you did leave that out because when you thought about that day at all it made you feel like you were going to pass out in terror.

He was beaming at you, despite the look on your face, and when your brain started working again you assumed it was because he realised you were going to be sharing a room with a boy. That would be the normal thing a girl would be worried about in a moment like this. You shook your head lightly and smiled, trying not to be weird.

“Hello, I-I’m sorry, yeah, Hi. I’m Shiro. Excited? Oh, yeah. Me too.” Smooth. You chuckled nervously and blushed. What a fantastic first impression you were making. You probably looked like a total idiot. Bimbo even. The thought made you shudder. Oh wait, he asked me a question.

“Uhh, top? Bottom? Whatever you want is fine.” The door closed behind you and you heard Seven laughing at you as he walked away. You looked down and noticed your stuff on the floor, still beat red and wanting to die. Inasa laughed a booming, charming, tension cutting laugh and smiled at you.

“You’re adorable.” You laughed too, letting the stress drip from your body in droves. There was something wonderful about Inasa, his comforting presence did wonders on your soul after the conversation you’d just had.

“If that’s what you want to call it.” You smiled a self-deprecating smile at him, picked up your backpack, and let your eyes wander around the room. It reminded you of a dorm room. There was a huge closet straight ahead with two small dressers on either side, two desks that lined the wall between the closet and the small bathroom that had a shower and a chute that you assumed was for laundry. There was a couch in the center of the room with a coffee table in front of it, on that coffee table were two folders with both yours and Inasa’s names on them. You assumed it was full of internship information. You slung the backpack over your shoulder and made a step toward the closet when the boy rushed over.

“Here let me help you!” He was so enthusiastic as he picked up your case from the ground and held his hand out for your backpack that you had to let him have it, even if it made no sense for him to carry it the maybe sixteen feet to the closet. He took the strap gently from your hand, his entire over excited body language changing for a moment to a calm sort of purpose before turning back to normal as he trotted along toward the closet. You followed with a grin on your face. “I put my stuff on the right side, I hope that’s okay? I can move it over.” He was deadly serious and you knew without a doubt that if you’d asked he would have his stuff moved faster than you could blink.

“No, I’m okay over here.” You filed in behind him and grinned. It was amazing how quickly this boy could make people comfortable with him. This was a side to him you had no idea about, as his emotional state when you’d seen him in the anime wasn’t exactly normal. You suddenly found yourself wondering what he thought about all of this business with Todoroki that the media had blown out of proportion. His words cut the thoughts off.

“You were great in the Sports Festival, everyone could feel the passion between you two, even through the television.” He sounded impressed by you. It took you in shock for a moment before you smiled and turned back to him.

“Wow, that’s really nice of you to say, thank you.” You blushed and broke eye contact with him, taking a second to throw more of the clothes from your bag into the open drawer. Wait, did he say passion between both of us? You started panicking at the implications, did that mean Inasa had seen the passion in Todoroki? Was this one of the changes Relapse was talking about?

“I’m excited to work with you this week.” He grinned before heading back into the room to leave you to unpack.

“Me too.” You shouted after him, a small grin on your face as you finished up.



“I will stop you, villainous trash!” Inasas yell echoed through the room with an authority you wished that you had. Even in a situation like this, you felt pause with his finger pointed at you.

“Ha! You don’t stand a chance against me, Hero! I’ve filled this room with a special gas that will stop you from using your quirk!” You pulled your best villain laugh and pointed at the stuffed animals you’d tied up and hung from the ceiling with a belt. “And I have hostages!”

“I will not let you harm these innocent people!” He screamed as he charged forward at you. You turned into a fighting stance and prepared to make a jump-kick for his head when he got close enough. When your opportunity arised, you bent down and made a swing with your right leg toward the boy and he caught your leg in midair and lifted you off the ground. Holy shit he is so strong. “Your tricks will not work on me! I’ve been studying your combat!”

“You think, that’s all I’ve got, hero?!” Though you were dangling off the ground by your leg, you weren’t about to give up this fight already. You used the fact that he was supporting your weight against him and kicked your left leg up towards his face. The contact was enough to cause him to drop you and you fell on the ground with a small ‘oof.’ Without giving yourself a second to recover, you hopped up and moved to punch him in the chest. The contact made him recoil and you winced, “Oh, are you okay?”

“You worried about me, villain?” He’d been holding his chest and looking down, but looked back up at you with those words, still holding a hand over the place you’d struck him. His expression and tone was very flirty. You blushed and looked the other way.

“N-No, I’m only..” You paused, “I only worry about evil!” He laughed and jumped toward you, instead of going for a swing like you thought he would, the boy grabbed your arms and pinned them behind your back, leaving you both face to face.

“Villainous woman.” His tone was soft as he spoke and pushed you against the wall to pin your arms back and give him a hand free. His eyes smiled through his angry expression, he wasn’t a great actor.

“Damn hero!” You tried to struggle, but he had you beat. You’d both decided on a quirkless fight and if he had you pinned anywhere you didn’t stand much of a chance at breaking out without overclocking your muscles. You jolted your body around again trying to break free before relaxing against his hold. You got an idea and kicked against the side of his knee to knock him off balance enough for your to break free. His hand made gentle contact with your cheek as your foot made it’s contact and knocked him off balance. You broke from his hold and smiled into his shocked face.

“You did that without your quirk?!” He said to you as he straightened back up into fighting stance. You nodded enthusiastically and he grinned. “You’re strong, girl.”

“You too,” You beamed as the door to the training room opened.

Seven was smiling, when his eyes saw the stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling he broke into full blown laughter. He tossed two towels in your direction and spoke. “Go grab some showers, dinner will be ready in 20 minutes.”

“This isn’t over! I will defeat you.” You handed Inasa his towel and smiled up at him. He really was something, easily a foot taller than you ripped. His entire body looked like muscles piled atop an already large frame, you wondered how easy he had to be taking combat on you. If lifting your entire body off the ground with one arm was any indication, he could kick your ass even if you used your quirk. The thought got you excited. You’d be able to learn so much from him.

He decided to use the shower in the training room as you ran back across the hall to the shower in the dorm you were both sharing. When you were finished up you decided to make a good impression on the Pros at dinner and pulled out a little black dress to wear. It looked nice on you, if you ignored the collection of bruises that spotted your arms and legs and you did because if you let some bruises keep you from wearing cute clothes you’d never be able to wear anything.

You pulled your hair up into a messy bun and looked over yourself. Why were you in a dress again? Was it Inasa? You couldn’t help but admit that the way he looked at you made you feel strange. And unlike with the boys in your class you didn’t know that much about him. Certain things he said or did made you feel surprised and excited to learn more about him. And you could relax as you talked to him, since you didn’t have to worry about accidentally revealing secret information you have no right to know. It’d been a long time since you could feel completely at ease with someone as opposed to stressing out about saying the right or wrong thing. It’s not a crush, it’s genuine friendship.

You opened the door of the bathroom and your breath caught a little, he was wearing a suit and grinning at you with that same dorky smile as before.

“Oh good, I thought I’d be the only one who dressed up!” He walked over and grabbed your hand, when he had it he spun you around lightly. “You look stunning, like a Princess.” You blushed and turned away.

“A Princess? No way.” Why did your voice squeak like that?

“Goddess then.” He released you and you couldn’t believe that this boy wasn’t blushing or anything after saying that. Was he made of stone? Or was he just that serious? Your heartbeat increased.

“N-No that’s worse I think.” You were still red and he was still unfazed. You quickly wondered if this was your karmic reward for all the crap you did to Bakugo.

“Goddess it is,” Definitely Karma. He held his arm out to you like he was going to escort you upstairs. Eh, might as well go with it right? When a beautiful warrior Prince wants you to grab his arm, you grab it and go to the ball, it’s literally the only lesson worth learning from most of those stories.

As you both walked up the crazy long staircase to the kitchen you wondered suddenly about Craine. You’d be meeting him soon and the one glance of him you’d gotten was weird to say the least. Relapse had said that he went out on patrol, so you knew that he at least wasn’t always hooked up to a computer, but other than the fact that he had dark hair you knew nothing about him. His offer letter didn’t even mention his quirk. You wondered if Inasa also got a blank offer, not likely, he didn’t seem like the kind to show up to see a Hero who had no plan for him.

As you both approached the kitchen area, Inasa looked at you and grinned to reassure you. How could he tell that you were freaking out? “It’s going to be alright, everyone is really cool when you get to know them, okay?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you through the doors in a rush.

The smell was fantastic, perfect, amazing as it rushed into your nose at the opening of the kitchen. Relapse was tiny and standing atop a chair at the oven, humming happily to herself while frying something. Seven, who you assumed was Craine, and two young twin girls you’d never met were sitting at the table loudly arguing about who had dibs on a piece of cake that was in front of them before Relapse turned and shot at them.

“That is Sisters cake! Now shut the hell up!” Then she turned to go back to her light whistling as everyone at the table settled. One of the twins noticed you and Inasa enter.

“Dibs!” She pointed at you and you froze. You were not about to let some weirdo claim you without your consent. But, luckily you didn’t have so say anything because Inasa spoke instead.


“Uncle Craine has dibs on her already, Two.” Wait Uncle Craine?! He knew these people already? What the hell.

“Nobody has dibs on me, I’m a person.” You said pretty quietly and Inasa laughed and took a seat at the table. You followed and took the seat next to him and looked at Craine who was doing something on his phone. Though he was looking down and you couldn’t see his face well, you wondered how he could possibly be old enough to be anyones Uncle. This was all so weird and confusing. You longed for the training room where everything made sense.

“Hi! I’m Three!” The other twin said to you while bouncing in her seat. “Do you want to know how you’re going to die?” Craine popped her on the back of the head while you stared at her in terror. What the hell did she mean?

“Nobody wants to hear that, Three.”

“But she’s so lucky, It’s a cool way to go! And she’ll get to be a grown up, unlike Two.” She kept acting like this was normal conversation. Two started pouting and grumbled.

“At least I’m going to die saving somebody!” Two bit at her sister. You just stayed quiet and listened to this play out for a second when Relapse came from behind and handed you and Inasa some tea to drink. “My death is going to have amazing consequences!”

“You guys are going to scare her away!” Seven interjected in dismay while looking at your shocked face and shoving the girls gently in their seats.

“Food’ll be ready in about 10.” Relapse climbed back onto her chair and continued cooking away.

“Kisaki,” Craine looked up at you finally and his ice blue eyes shot into yours. The shock had you frozen for a second as you felt something prickling in your brain. Ideas and memories all shooting themselves to the forefront of your mind before it all stopped very suddenly and your mind cleared. You looked at Craine who now had a look of horror on his face and was shaking lightly in his seat as if there was a monster in front of him.

You looked around in a confusion that didn’t last long, because Relapse was back on the floor facing the man, her eyes now glowing and pointed in his direction.

“I thought I told you to stay out of my Intern!”

“I’m sorry! Now make it stop!” He was shaking in his seat, cowering from visions of nothing before he relaxed in his seat and Relapse turned away.

“Tell her sorry.” Relapse grumbled.

“I’m sorry Kisaki. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s okay?” You still weren’t sure what he had done, but he seemed sorry so you didn’t want to push it. Seven threw a napkin at Craine.

“One wrong move and you would have made her a vegetable. I thought we agreed on this, Craine!”

“I said I was sorry.” He grumbled, “And she doesn’t have much of an online presence, so…”

“That’s no excuse!” Three said, joining in on the napkin throwing, “Get to know her like a normal person!” That seemed to give Craine an idea, his eyes bore into yours with a creepy expression.

“Wanna meet my computer?” He looked kind of...aroused as he mentioned his computer, it made you very uncomfortable.

“I-” You were cut off by Inasa.

“Uncle Craine, interns aren’t science experiments. Leave her alone.” He huffed as the food was brought to the table. Everyone dug in without much to say until Relapse finished her food and turned to you.

“Shiro, you, Yoarashi, and Craine are going on patrol first thing tomorrow morning. After you get back I’d like to try re-introducing you to Sister.” Two gasped and was shot a look by nearly everyone at the table, “I think I found a way to bridge the distance between you two a bit.”

“That would be wonderful,” You took a small bite of your food, suddenly remembering Todoroki’s jaws comment.

“Then I’d like to try out something with your quirk. And when Four gets back tomorrow evening it’ll be the perfect time.” You nodded, afraid to ask more.

“Anything you’d like me to do tonight?”

“Just train with Yoarashi here like you were earlier. The both of you can learn a lot from each others fighting styles and the ways you use your quirks. Craine,” Relapse turned back toward the man who’d already finished his food and was now pouring sake into a water bottle, “Stay out of her head. That’s an order. She has level 5 secrets in there.” The man tried to hold back a gasp of surprise before letting his eyes narrow on you suspiciously. You could also feel the stares of everyone else and couldn’t contain your nerves.

“Interesting.” Even though you weren’t looking, you could feel Craine staring you down, “We are going to have a very fun week.” His tone of voice didn’t imply fun one bit. You looked up and watched him start chugging the alcohol from his water bottle and go back to eyeing the cake as if he wasn’t the most unnerving person you’d ever met in your entire life, now featuring alcohol!

“That was delicious Relapse! Wanna go fight again, Kisaki?” Inasa had finished his food and was now in his seat excitedly staring at you. You smiled, happy to go back to things that make sense.

“Quirks this time?” You questioned.

“Oh yeah!” He smiled, rose from his chair, and held out a hand for you. “My goddess?” You blushed and turned away.

“I’m not going to take your hand if you keep calling me that!”

“I think you like it.”

“I don’t.”

“Then why are you blushing?”

“I’m not!”

“I can see it!” Seven chimed in, reminding you that you had an audience. You grabbed the boys hand and rose from your seat to follow him back downstairs to fight.

Chapter Text

“Wow, you’re so pretty.” Inasa said as you walked out of the closet in your hero costume. It made you blush and look away, so when your eyes finally settled on the boy in front of you your reaction was quite delayed. His character design is so cool! You thought internally as you stared at him blankly.

“Uhh, yeah, you too?” Why were you always saying the most awkward things? “I mean..” you grumbled a response but he just laughed at you and went back to getting ready. Today you’d both be spending the morning with Craine, and at the rate he was chugging sake last night you had to wonder if the Pro was even going to show up to take you. You glanced at Inasa who seemed calm as ever and decided to borrow his strength.

“You ready for breakfast?” He turned to you suddenly, making you jump as your eyes met. He was always so chipper, and now you knew he was a morning person too which you found rather irritating, because you absolutely needed coffee before you could be so kind.

“Yeah,” You smiled flatly as you followed him up the long staircase and into the kitchen. When the doors pushed open you were immediately accosted by the intense smells of bacon and coffee. You closed your eyes and took a deep inhale of the delicious sent before following Inasa toward the table.

You’d expected to see Relapse in her chair cooking same as last night, but you were sorely mistaken when you noticed the form of Sister standing at the oven humming lightly to herself. You squeezed past her without a word and sat at the table next to Seven who was rifling through paperwork as the twins chanted bacon over and over again while pounding their forks on the table. Inasa took the seat next to you and slid one of the coffee cups that had appeared in his hands out of nowhere toward you.

“Thank you!” You exclaimed happily as you took a deep sniff of the warm liquid happiness you’d been presented and took a sip. The caffeine coursing through your veins and filling you with energy and tolerance for the long day ahead. You wiggled from happiness for a second before taking a second sip, finally taking notice of Inasas stares. You narrowed your eyes on him when your stares locked. “What?”

“You have so many little happy dances,” He took a sip of his drink and winked at you. You recoiled in shock. What the hell did that mean?

“Are you making fun of me?”


“Absolutely not.” He continued to smile.

You heard a loud thump that broke your eye contact with Inasa. Sister was standing on the other side of the table staring at you with a look that you knew was hate with a smile painted on as she released the plate of bacon she’d practically slammed on the table. Her eyes didn’t break contact with you and you stayed frozen in your seat unsure of how to respond to this as everyone at the table went after the meat in a frenzy. When, the plate was empty she broke eye contact with you and put on a very fake tone and smile.

“Oh, Kisaki, I’m so sorry, there doesn’t seem to be enough for you. I do apologize, I’m not used to having so many mouths to feed.” Oh, I see you, bitch. You plastered your own fakeness to your face and smiled.

“Oh, that’s okay, Sister! I try not to eat such fatty meats anyway. I’d hate to end up alone in my thirties because I couldn’t watch my weight.” You let out a playful chuckle that didn’t meet your eyes as you stared this woman down. The way she flinched made you think you hit home and you were satisfied with yourself. You weren’t about to be bullied by a grown woman, and if she really wanted to play Mean Girls? Well, you’d seen that movie and weren’t afraid of her.

“Any man who can’t handle a little weight isn’t a man,” The ever oblivious Inasa said as he scooped a few shards of bacon from his plate to yours. You smiled at him and took a bite before looking back to Sister with a grin of satisfaction. Then Craine burst into the room.

“Coffee!” He demanded as he half-flopped into his seat and opened his ‘water bottle’ for a few large gulps. As soon as Sister slid him a cup, he drank it down very quickly before slamming the cup on the table and groaning loudly. “Alright, kids, I guess I need to brief you or something.” He hiccuped. What a fucking drunk.

“Kisaki do you know about our media out here in the west?” Craine took a strip of bacon off of one of the twins plate and munched down on it.

“No sir.” You sipped your drink and glanced over at Inasa who was stilled in his seat.

“They’re vultures.” He sighed, “Out in the east, the media has a very public school to focus it’s attention on. Out here with Shiketsu, it’s different. The gossip is directed here at Foresight.” You nodded in understanding as he continued. “With me being a member of prevention, it’s at its worst. And now you’re here from UA.”

“Oh.” You looked down.

“They’re going to follow us around all day. So I need you to understand that you cannot engage with them at all or they’ll definitely never leave us alone.”

“Not a problem.” You said honestly, the last thing you wanted was more media attention.

“Alright good.” He rubbed his eyes. “Let’s get going or whatever.” He stood up and walked out of the room with his two interns on his heels.

He led you back into the main hallway where the elevator was and walked you over to his computer in the center of the room. It was beeping softly and he leaned down to the console and stroked it affectionately. It was very uncomfortable and only worsened when he spoke breathily up at you from it.

“This is my computer. I built her myself to track crime.” You had no idea how to respond.

“Cool.” You glanced nervously at Inasa who looked equally uncomfortable.

Craine then explained how the heroes at Foresight got their jobs. The computer down here was linked with all the computers in the building and they constantly monitored police activity in the area. Each pro patrols with a gps device that automatically tracks their locations and assigns heroes to incidents based on their quirks and distance. He patted the little Foresight button on his costume and told you both that it would beep red when he had a job and that details would be relayed via headset. It was a really cool system.

After the uncomfortable computer snuggling, the three of you went upstairs and met with one of the guys in the Combat department. You recognized that he’d given you an offer as well, but couldn’t remember what his note said. Craine didn’t say much to you as he handed over his pin to be scanned before returning it to his shirt clumsily. After you were finished up there you all made your way outside the front doors to start your patrol.

Despite being crowded by reporters asking you questions, the four hour patrol went by without an incident and you all went to a cafe for lunch. You couldn’t decide between two items you wanted so Inasa offered to get one and you the other so you could share both. He really was a treasure. Throughout lunch, Craine sat quietly and drank his ‘water’ while staring at you. You tried to ignore it, but finally it had gotten to be to much and you decided to say something.

“Is there something on my face?” You pawed at your cheeks nervously.

“No. I’m just surprised.” He said plainly.


“Yes, I’m surprised that the government is letting you continue to walk the streets with level 5 secrets in your head.” His statement made your breath catch in your throat. What did he know?

“It’s not..” You didn’t know what to say. Luckily he continued.

“Even I don’t know any level 5 secrets.”


“You should be very careful.”

“Yes sir.”

“What’s a level 5 secret?” Inasa asked through bites.

“Secrets that, if revealed, could crumble society as we know it.” Craine responded casually as if he hadn’t dropped a bomb. Inasas gaze shot to you as you tried to act casual.

“What?” He said.

“It’s not as serious as you think.” You said plainly, knowing that you couldn’t possibly elaborate and hoping that he would understand. It seemed as though he did, because he didn’t ask further questions.

Craine shot up from the table to go pay and Inasa got up from his seat and held a hand out to you. He always did this and you didn’t understand. If he wasn’t such a nice guy you’d be offended in some way, like he was treating you like a delicate flower that couldn’t possibly even stand up on her own. But you knew that line of thought was pointless, he full on punched you in the face during combat last night. He knew you weren’t fragile. You took his hand and stood up, taking a second to brush off your costume in case of crumbs before following the guys back to the agency.

When you returned, you and Inasa were split up. Inasa went to go work with Four, who was an unbelievably good looking older man who also had a wind quirk. You wished you could go watch his training as Craine dragged you downstairs to meet with Relapse.

When you got to the room you were instantly terrified. Relapse was sitting, perfectly relaxed, in her chair while Sister stared daggers at you from her right side. On the table, there was a strange device, it reminded you of a lie detector machine, but with two sets of wires extending from it. Craine grinned at the device and began fiddling with it. You took your seat next to him and prepared for the worst. Relapse was the first to speak.

“Hey, Shiro, I had a question for you.” She shuffled to pull a laptop bag onto the table and pulled the device out and opened it, taking a moment to fiddle on the keyboard before turning the screen to face you. It was a clip of you from the Sports Festival, specifically the moment you’d overclocked the robots and jumped over them. She played it for a second and paused on the moment the first robot exploded. “What part of the robot did you overclock right then?”

“I don’t understand the question.”

“Did you overclock it’s arms, legs, the components inside of it? With how quickly it exploded, Craine here thinks that you had to have overclocked the fan system to make it overheat so quickly. Did you?”

“I just...thought about the robot itself and pushed a clock into it at max capacity.” Why did this feel like an interrogation?

“Fascinating.” She looked at Craine who nodded and mouthed something to her. “And can you overclock a persons quirk without knowing what it is?” Her eyes narrowed on you.

“I-I don’t know, I’ve never tried.”

“Hmm.” She turned to Craine who stood up and walked to the corner of the room. “I want you to try to Overclock Craines quirk.”

“Now?” You looked confused. Why did everyone seem so tense? Was this some kind of training?

“Yes. Don’t worry, you won’t be blamed if you hurt him.” That did not make you feel any better, but you turned to the man and tried to overclock his quirk at around 5%. Immediately all the lights in the room went out and the electrical power started swarming around him like lightning. He was smiling widely and playing with the bolts as they circled his form. You released the clock and the lights came back on. Relapse poked her computer a few times, but it was clearly done for, a long stretch of black smoke emerging from its chassis.

“Well, shit.” She grumbled as she scooted it onto the floor with a crashing sound. “Looks like I owe you a beer, Craine.” The man smiled.

“What? What just happened?” You looked between the two adults.

“I’m an electromancer,” Craine said plainly, “I can manipulate and read electrical currents. Relapse here was sure that if you Overclocked my quirk without knowing what it was it would only increase my ability to control it,” he paused and you thought about when he was in your head yesterday. He did that with electricity? He continued, “But I knew better. Your overclock essentially turned me into a magnet for electrical current. Now!” He shifted on the spot as if to brace himself, “I want you to focus on my ability to control the current and overclock me again, the same amount.”

“But,” You looked at Relapse who smiled reassuringly.

“Go ahead.” You clocked his quirk again at 5% and...nothing happened. The room stayed lit and the man grinned wildly as if he’d won a months paid vacation. He raised his hand up and pulled the electricity out of the light bulb ahead of him and caused the bolt to spell your name in the air before returning it.

“Told you, Relapse.” He was smiling as you released the clock and the room returned to normal. “She can overclock things in different ways if she thinks about it.”

“Whoa.” You weren’t sure of the implications yet, but you had a feeling that this was the beginning of something huge for your quirk.

“I had one more question for you, but first I have to explain something about my quirk.” Relapse said as Craine settled back into his seat smugly next to you. “As you know it’s called History and I can see the history of every person I meet.” You nodded, “Well there is a bit more to it than that, as I can use my quirk offensively as well.”

“How?” You tried to contain a gasp.

“Well, I can overwhelm anyone I am looking at with memories, good or bad, until they are overcome.” You thought back to the incident with Sister on your first day. When Relapse stared at her with glowing eyes the woman had stilled instantly in happiness, and then to the incident with Craine when he’d done the same in terror.

“Oh,” You weren’t sure where this was going.

“I believe you could possibly do something like that as well.”

“But I cant access people’s memories?” Craine scoffed behind you as you spoke,

“I said, something like that.” Relapse straightened in her seat. “Have you ever tried to overclock your own eyes?”

“No ma’am.”

“Would you please do so now?” You nodded and did as instructed. You gave your eyes an overclock of 20% and immediately regretted it. You could see….everything. There were fragments of dust floating in the air, echoes of sound waves bouncing off the walls, you could see every hair on Relapses arms, and the subtle vibrations of what you assumed were the atoms in the air. It was horrifying and you released it immediately as a migraine started to pound in your head.

“Oh my god.” You wanted to puke and you assumed that the three people in the room with you could tell that because you’d paled and they silently gave you a moment to collect yourself.

“Just some stuff for you to think about.” Relapse whispered.

“Y-yes ma’am.” Your head was swimming, and you couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell you. Was she trying to send you some kind of message or was she just trying to mentor you? Either way you had a lot to think about as new ideas swirled through your head.

“And now for my experiment?” Craines voice scared you to your core as he spoke, but his eyes seemed excited in a way that you couldn’t deny was alluring.

“W-What do you want to do?” Relapse laughed at your hesitation and Craine grunted.

“I want to try to use your quirk to enhance this thing.” Craine tapped the device on the table. “I’d rather keep the details a secret.” He winked and you flinched as he picked up the wires with a smile.

“Uhh you’re going to hook me up to it?” You shifted uncomfortably and remembered Inasas comment about Craine using people as science experiments.

“No,” He laughed and walked around the table and attached the wires to both Relapse and Sister. “I need you to overclock Relapses ability to project memories, this machines cooling fan -but not too much-, and my ability to control electrical current, all at once. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Uhh. Yes sir, but I need to consider outputs for a moment.” You started to calculate in your head before he cut you off.

“Don’t!” He put his hands on your shoulders and faced you intensely, “I need you to just trust your instincts on this. I think if you overthink it you’ll ruin everything. Think back to when you attacked those robots, you didn’t think about it for a second, but you somehow managed to overclock the correct specific part of it needed to accomplish your goal most efficiently. You didn’t plan that did you?” You shook your head. “Trust yourself.”

“Yes sir,” You nodded as he let you go and flipped the machine on.

“Do it now!” He shouted and you pushed the overclock into the three places without thinking. It was straining, but you focused and tried to hold it. You felt Relapses eyes boring into you as she was being zapped by the machine. It didn’t last but a moment, but you thought for a second you could see what you assumed to be Relapses memories. It scared and jolted you long enough to have to release the overclocks and look down embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it.” No one said anything for a moment until Relapse spoke.

“Did it work?” She wasn’t speaking to you. You looked up and Relapse was turned to Sister, who was holding a shocked look on her face. She didn’t respond for a moment while you all sat in silence.

“Yes,” The woman's words were strained and she looked up at you, without hate in her eyes for the first time. (Though it wasn’t quite kindness yet.) “It worked. I understand now.” She turned to Relapse who was beaming and Craine who was also quite excited but seemingly more about the device on the table that he was now praising affectionately.

“W-What worked?” You finally asked with mild irritation in your voice. Craine perked up, his entire body language changing to something more confident and lucid.

“This beautiful princess right here,” He patted the device on the table, “And you together, made it so Relapse could show Sister your history.” He smiled in a very self-praising way. “I helped push the electrical signals to her brain and keep the levels down enough to not fry her, you kept it cool and running smoothly, and you made it a little easier by enhancing boss lady’s quirk.” He started a really weird laugh, “I can’t freaking believe it worked. Holy shit.”

You couldn’t freaking believe that it worked either. What did all this mean? You were starting to feel overwhelmed as your thoughts swirled in your head. The implications were interesting, and you thought of all the ways a machine like this could be used. You now considered the implications of the offer you’d been given. They had a plan for you all along, possibly regardless of your interesting backstory. You and your quirk could be valuable to a powerful agency like this for reasons other than being a huge nerd from another world. You swelled with pride and straightened in your seat.

“So, what now?” You questioned as you looked over the adults in front of you. The girls were looking at each other and having some kind of silent heart to heart and Craine was mumbling technobabble to himself while staring passionately at the machine on the table.

His eyes quickly shifted to you and he spoke quickly to dismiss you, “You can go now, uhh, reflect on your lesson or something.” Then he returned to his self mumbling and you took your leave.

Who the fuck were these people? You should have known that they’d be a bunch of weirdos when their combat style is listed as psychological. Fuck. You were so physically and mentally exhausted that you decided it was best to just get into pajamas as soon as possible and devour all the snacks you had brought with you. It was time to stress eat and spiral mentally while you figured out how you feel about the insane meeting that you just had. Seriously every time you were alone with those psychopaths you left feeling like something earth shattering had just taken place.

As you opened the door to your dorm you were taken aback for a moment. Inasa was sitting on the couch with the coffee table pulled close, he looked like he’d been beaten with a baseball bat. Your eyes traced the number of bruises along his arms and legs, then up to his blackened eye. Some training. Holy crap. Atop the coffee table was a laptop that was playing funny online videos and a mountain of snacks that he’d apparently brought with him. You grinned instantly at the sight and the boy turned to you with a super excited expression on his face despite the large black eye on his right side.

“Welcome back, pretty girl.” He shifted over a bit on the couch, “I’m pretty tired, and I thought you’d probably be too?” He questioned and you nodded, you were way too tired to even consider trying to spar or train tonight. You kept looking at him, feeling like he had more to say. “So, Instead of kicking my ass, how about you watch a movie with me instead? I’ve got snacks and this hilarious comedy i’ve been wanting to see. Seems like a great turn your brain off and relax kind of experience?”

“Oh my god, that sounds amazing.” You exhaled a bit of your stress with a radiant smile and made a dash for the closet, “Let me get my pajamas!” You said as you slammed the door behind to you change as quickly as possible.

When you got back to the couch you hopped next to him and he started the movie without much conversation. You were both obviously very tired from your days and perfectly content to sit in silence. As the first joke of the movie landed, he handed you a bag of oreos that you began to devour while laughing together. You took a deep breath after the cleansing laugher and whispered paise at the boy who again made you feel better.

“You’re perfect.”


Chapter Text

The next day went by in pretty much the same exact fashion. You both got ready, had breakfast, and went up to Combat for Craines pin to be scanned. This time it was a different Hero doing the scanning, the two didn’t talk much and you didn’t catch his name, but he did make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Next was dodging the reporters and going onto patrol.

This time you guys actually had to deal with a small incident. Neither of you were supposed to use your Quirks offensively yet, so you and Inasa had to stand back and watch Craine deal with the robbery you’d happened across. The situation was handled in no time and you’d gained a bit of new appreciation for the man as he efficiently pulled strips of electricity out of the building to subdue the villain until the police arrived.

It wasn’t even fair to the villain, he didn’t stand a chance against Craine. You supposed that was why he was allowed into such a secretive department. You thought about how little you really knew about what went on in prevention, even while staying in the same fairly small area with them most of the time. As your thoughts lingered on that line of reasoning, you were shaken lightly by Inasa.

“Daydreaming about me?”

“No,” You shoved him back playfully and followed him along behind Craine.

You all went back to the same cafe for lunch and it felt really nice to sit in the same booth and order the same thing as yesterday. This entire week so far you hadn’t really had to deal with any timeline stress or having to worry about any more slip ups like the one with All Might. In a way, this was the first time you’d really just sat back and just lived in this world you’d been transported to. You took a deep thoughtful breath and sipped your tea happily while the boys argued over some movie they’d both seen, waiting on your lunch to arrive.

As was the routine, Inasa stood up and held out a hand for you. You took it without a thought and didn’t let go for a bit longer than would be appropriate. Your cheeks flushed and you went to pull your hand back only to stop when he squeezed it and cocked a bright smile in your direction before letting it go and walking away without a word. Suddenly you were very aware of your heartbeat in your chest, your temperature started to rise, and your cheeks flushed more red than they already were. This is a crush. Oh no.

You followed along without much to say and an obviously fake look of contentment on your face. Inside you were freaking out as this was completely unacceptable for many reasons. One! He went to a school on the other side of the country, and you’d be lucky if you got to see him twice a year. You were not about to be a lovestruck idiot trapped in a long distance relationship on top of all the other crap you had on your mind. It would be completely illogical. Secondly! Wait, what was the second thing?

Suddenly you were accosted with thoughts of the boys in your class. Todoroki being so sweet and thoughtful, the bright spark of passion in Bakugo, the fun and dependability of Kirishima, the goofy realness of Kaminari, the overwhelming kindness and innocence of Midoriya, even the intensity and dorkiness of Iida. What the fuck was going on? No way you had a crush on those boys too? Nope, you loved them all like best friends, yeah that was it. Plus, you knew the ships, and you didn’t have a place in them. It only made sense to stay away from people you can unconsciously trick into liking you because you know everything about them. It would be downright unethical to act on any feelings you’d accidently pulled out of them. Ahh, what was happening? How was this your life suddenly? Am I finally cracking under all this stress?

You followed along silently, wishing for any moment to be alone and process your feelings. You had no idea what to think right now and the contradictions were too much to handle. Luckily your shift would be over soon and you could....go back to your room and hang out alone with Inasa. You shuddered to think about what you would say if he asked you about what just happened. You’d been getting along really well and he was such a nice guy, there was totally a chance that you were just misreading all of this flirtiness. Inasa broke your spiraling once again.

“So, you think you’ll come back to intern here again next year?” His tone sounded both casual and strained at the same time. You turned toward him as you both kept walking down the street.

“If they’ll have me! This agency has already taught me a lot, even if it’s been kind of weird. I’ll bet that whatever new ways my quirk evolves, it’ll definitely be because of them.” Your excitement for your future as a pro hero finally kind of kicked in. Only a couple of years at UA and then you’ll have to live an entire life as an adult here. You’d been so caught up in the plot you hadn’t really put much thought into what comes after. “How about you?”

“Definitely!” He perked up and posed excitedly in the way he typically does and you smiled. That meant you’d definitely be working together again in the future.

“Aww, It’ll be exciting to work alongside each other as Pros one day!” You matched his enthusiasm, Craine ruined your fun.

“You’ll have to pass your license exams first, and if you fail the first time no way you’ll be worthy of us.” He meant for his statement to be mean, but you knew deep down that he was rooting for you both. You all worked really well together, and no way that freak didn’t want you around for his creepy experiments.

“Like either of us would fail!” Inasa wrapped his arm around you playfully and smiled down at you. It felt awesome to be acknowledged by him. You all walked back to the agency to turn in your report and go back to individual training.

When you got back, Relapse came for you immediately and put you on paperwork duty in her office. She claimed she wanted you to learn the ins and outs of the bureaucratic side of being a hero, but you had a feeling she just didn’t feel like doing it herself. Although you did learn a lot from the small talk between you. You could tell she was always saying two different things to you at once even if you couldn’t quite decipher the double meaning. You assumed that she, like Gran Torino, didn’t want to just give you answers, she wanted to give you the tools to think of those answers yourself. Time flew by without major development until Relapse suddenly checked her watch and asked you a strange question.

“May I have your phone?” It didn’t feel like a question. You handed over the device and she popped it into her pocket unceremoniously. And tried to go back to normal without a word about it. “So aren’t you curious as to why I couldn’t just tell Sister about your history?” That bitch was good at distractions.

“I-I guess I never really thought about it.” She chuckled.

“That’s actually pretty smart, if you knew too much” She made an over exaggerated throat cutting motion and stuck her tongue out while crossing her eyes. Sometimes she is the most intimidating person on earth, and then other times you remember that she’s just a 21 year old girl and apparently a goofball. It was confusing.


“Honestly I don’t know.” She chuckled, “This entire agency was built for the Prevention department.” She shrugged and paused for a while like she needed to choose her words carefully. “A quirk like mine could be a problem for a lot of people, you know? I know all the secrets of a lot of powerful people, and I think that’s a good thing...I’m not above the law or anything, but the fact that we sometimes have to act outside of it is needed from time to time. Anyway, to tell a level 5 secret is the same as treason. I could never have just explained something like that. But she needed to know. So she could put the pieces together. I can’t say much more, I know it’s vague.” She paused and scrunched her eyebrows in frustration.

“It’s cool. I get it. I don’t need any more insider info.” You weren’t kidding. You wished you had less insider info to be honest. “I feel like you’ve been trying to tell me something with the training you’ve had me doing. But, I also don’t think that I’m getting the message clearly.” You fiddled with the file in front of you nervously.

“I think you’re getting it just fine.” She walked over to you and winked playfully, “Remember, I don’t just read your history once. I see it every time I’m near you. I can see the notes you’ve been writing and I think your on the right track. I just want you to think about your quirk in new ways.” She leaned closer and lowered her voice, placing a finger lightly on the scar on your chest, “Think of all the wounds you could heal if you just really focused your energy on it.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” If you had more confidence in your ability to use your quirk surely you wouldn’t be so crippled by fear when you thought of the villains and the trouble ahead.

“I think you’re still kind of scared of your quirk. Like Midoriya, you haven’t had it long enough to really consider it a part of your body. You’re really exactly the same, if you overuse you quirk, you’ll hurt yourself considerably. And you’re both still stuck looking at your newfound gift through the lense of how it’s always been.” She shrugged and turned away casually. You were shook.

You’d never really considered that you were still the same at Midoriya. Because you’d found a way to utilize your quirk well enough to hold your own and pull a few parlor tricks you hadn’t really been thinking about the nature of the quirk itself. You’d just been seeing it through the eyes of a fanfiction writer who couldn’t feel the power for themselves. This woman had you pegged from the start. You remembered your first conversation with her, she told you in the beginning.

”You are just lucky enough to have the luxury of still seeing this world through the lense of the show you’d watched.”

Realization crashed into you like a typhoon. Your head swirled again with emotions and ideas you’d never considered. How had you been so blindly detached from everything? So many things were starting to make sense, clicking together like puzzle pieces, of course you had confusing feelings for quite a few of your friends and classmates. Of course a few of them did too. You were all freaking teenagers who’d all gone through hell and back together and shared tons of intimate moments.

How had you been so blind to it all? Were you really that oblivious? On top of all of that you had to think about your future. Did you want to be a pro? Did you really want to end up a Foresight or would you want to start your own agency? Would you work out in the open like All Might or would you want to be more in the shadows like Aizawa. Did you want to go to college? What happens when you graduate and you can’t see your friends anymore? Was this some kind of reverse-existential crisis?

You calmed yourself with reminders that you were only a freshman and you had plenty of time to figure everything out. That the more time you spend here the easier it would get, and all you had to do right now was try to master your quirk the best you could to thank Relapse for all the help she’d given you so far. Even if it was kind of soul crushing and terrifying, it all really was helping you out a lot. And as if she knew the second you’d completely calmed yourself down, Relapse perked up with a chipper smile and uncharacteristic wistfulness in her eyes while checking her watch again.

“Let’s go watch a movie with the twins.” She held out a hand to help you off the floor and you took it, still kind of processing.

“Don’t you think I should..reflect or something?” You scratched your head absentmindedly.

“Nope, best thing for you right now is a distraction.” She patted you on the shoulder (as that was as high as she could reach on you) and walked out of the room, expecting you to follow.

When the movie was over, Relapse gave you your phone back and you instantly understood why she’d taken it in the first place. You sighed and kicked yourself for not realizing what was going on and having a good time hanging out.

Midoriya dropped a pin.



The next three days flew by without much break in routine. You, Inasa, and Craine all followed the same routine everyday. Wake up, eat breakfast, go up to Combat for route assignment and pin scan, patrol with or without incident, go to the cafe and chat, patrol a little more, back to Prevention for independent training, either one on ones with Inasa in the gym or on the couch, solo notes time and decompression, sleep, repeat.

You still couldn’t shake all the guilt you were feeling. Guilt about being mean to Sister when you already had been told of her reasoning and decided to rise above it, guilt about definitely having crushes on multiple boys in your class that you didn’t fully understand and have a grip on, guilt for knowing everything that you know, for definitely having confusing feelings for the boy who seemed to literally always be standing next to you, for still treating yourself like an outsider and not knowing how to stop, for not taking very good notes on any of the heroes for Midoriya. Pretty much you were all over the place emotionally and you knew it was because of all the truth bombs you’d been dealt this week. You just wanted some time to sit in calm silence and not be swirling with mood swings and circular thought.

Even though all you wanted was to be alone for a while, when it came time to leave Prevention and head to the train station you couldn’t help but feel heartbroken. You’d grown to kind of love these weirdos and it pained you that you’d be even too far away to visit them any time soon. This last week had felt so short, yet also like you had grown years from it. This was exactly the experience you needed to grow here and you were very happy with your choice.

You said your goodbyes to the twins and Seven without crying, but when it came time to give Relapse a goodbye hug you welled up. This psychopath had taught you so much and changed you in completely unexpected ways. You’d be grateful to her forever for this. Sister and Craine both kind of patted you on the head unceremoniously, and you felt that was completely in character for them with a smile. You didn’t want to say goodbye to Inasa yet, and luckily you didn’t have to.

“I’ll ride with you to the train station.” He half-blurted out, “I don’t live far from here, so it’s not really out of the way.” You couldn’t contain your smile as your head nodded and he led you to the car. You turned to wave goodbye one more time before hopping in.

“Thanks for doing this, I-It’s really hard saying goodbye, and I’m glad I didn’t have to do it alone.” You grabbed his hand as the car pulled off and he gave you a light grin. He didn’t seem like his cheerful self, but you understood. You were pretty down too.

“It’s really hard.” He said quietly with a faraway look in his eyes.

“Yeah.” You agreed softly. The both of you stayed in relative quiet until you got to the station, he helped you out of the car and walked you over to the ticketing booth. You stopped and stared, it was obvious that neither of you knew what to say. How does one wrap up a bond like this in a few words? You’d gone through the weirdest, most intensive, most intimate training regimine and became great friends along the way. He was your rock through insane, crashing, life changing realizations without even knowing it. And you definitely had a crush too. Your stomach was twisting in knots.

“See you for the next one?” He tried to pull his excited smile, but you didn’t buy it. He was sad too. You pulled him in for a hug and answered into his shirt.

“Of course you will.” You both released the hug, kind of. You pulled away from each other half-heartedly, still staying close, his hands draped on your hips and both searching the others eyes for the right thing to say.

“I’m gonna,” He didn’t finish his sentence because his lips crashed into yours and you froze. How did you both want this very badly and also not want it at all at the same time? You kissed back for only a second before he pulled away and placed his forehead flush with yours, taking a deep, breathy, sigh. He almost whispered, “See you next year?”

“Definitely,” you looked up into his eyes and tried to pull your best happy smile before pulling away, squeezing his hand affectionately as a final goodbye, and rushing to catch the train. It wasn’t until you’d gotten away that you got a good second to freak out properly about what just happened. You were going to see him much sooner than next year, and your whole harem of gorgeous classmates that you had confusing feelings for was going to be with you. You thanked god that at least you didn’t notice any reporters around and there wouldn’t be any need to talk much about your internship with the class.

Of course, these days, everyone had a great camera on their phones.

Chapter Text

Subject: Kisaki Shiro
Status: Classmates
Besties <3


1 - Who was this girl? The one who slid into class without a word and immediately looked us over with knowing eyes. Her body shaking with nerves yet still full of wonder and brimming with excitement. I said hello, but we didn’t have a chance to really talk before the teacher showed up.

2 - She talks strange, but I don’t think it’s just because she is a foreigner. It's like she is both here with us and somewhere far away at the same time. Maybe it’s just her nerves, it must be hard doing all this UA stuff, and on top of it she’s in a totally new country. Yeah, I’m probably overthinking it.

3 - I never expected such a meek girl to be so good at everything. Maybe that’s why she was so quiet, did she want to let her scores do the talking for her? Strange. I walked up and congratulated her for her great score on the 50m dash. Her smile was bright and genuine as she thanked me. It was good that she wasn’t actually as aloof as she came off. Maybe I did misread her? I watched her eyes flicker over to the loud blonde boy and her eyebrows furrowed before she shot the boy a smile and a wave. He didn’t seem amused by it, did they know each other from somewhere? After the ball throw she ran over to cheer on the nervous green haired kid while the blonde watched her carefully. It was really kind to go out of her way to ease the nerves of that kid. I was definitely wrong in my first impression of her.

4 - I think I have a better understanding of this girl. There is no way she is aware of how striking she is, how wrapped around her finger those boys had become. There was no way that this girl who is standing chest puffed out yelling “Lunchtime is here!” in a horrible All Might impression is aware of how much attention she has on her. It’s really interesting to watch, so I invited the three over to sit with us at lunch. She politely declined, saying that she’d met someone earlier that she wanted to try to find. I and the disappointed males watched her as she found a sad looking boy sitting alone and plopped next to him, I definitely misread her.

5 - Bakugo nearly sprinted to pick up his case from the front of the class, I thought it was strange behavior for him to seem so overzealous, until I watched him stop and stare at Kisaki who was fiddling to pull hers out like it was the holy grail or something. Bakugo pulled a pose and Shiro turned to face him. I wish I could’ve heard what was said between them because the way it ended was none to pleasant. “I’ll kick your ass wide eyes.” He said. “Bring it.” She replied coolly. They had to know each other right? People don’t just talk to Bakugo like that, and she was totally unfazed. Strange.

6 - Alright, I cannot get a read on this girl at all. At times she is so shy and quiet, obviously holding something back from all of us, and then at other times she is so alive and full of life it’s blinding. And what kind of weirdo publically challenges Todoroki after watching him turn an entire building to ice? He didn’t reply to her, but I could see the same confusion in his eyes as everyone else. At least she isn’t an enigma to just me. Before her battle, she left the room to go into the hallway. I assumed it was because she was just nervous, but when Todoroki followed behind her swiftly I had my doubts.

7 - After school I found out that she rode home with Todoroki. I was more surprised that he allowed that than her, she must be under his skin too. I still cannot wrap my head around this girl. At least I’m not the only one who is curious about her. All the girls in class were as surprised by this person as I was. Maybe it really was just culture differences? I’ve never met someone from Australia before, maybe they all seem like two different people depending on the situation.

8 - Bakugo stares at her every single opportunity he gets. At first I thought maybe he simply hated her, but now I think there seems to be more to it. My suspicions were confirmed at lunch when Bakugo made a beeline straight for her table and slammed his tray down next to her. I didn’t hear what was said, but the body language spoke for itself. He was saying his typical threats to her, but this time she actually looked irritated by him and bit back. He seemed shocked and stood there watching her storm away for quite a while. The look on his face wasn’t aggression either, he seemed frustrated and stressed out. Maybe he didn’t like that he made her angry?

9 - This goofball was a terrible cook. I watched her and Kirishima attempt to not kill themselves while the prepared the very simple cookie recipe. How could she really be so helpless? I watched her measuring salt into a cup that was definitely supposed to be filled with sugar and dump it unceremoniously into the batter. I would have stopped her if I wasn’t so shocked by how unladylike she was while cooking. She did appear to be having a ton of fun though. It was nice to see her looking so alive and present as opposed to the large walls she typically had up.

10 - At our Ice Cream study session she was very bouncy and alive. She spent most of the time chatting away with everyone and definitely not studying at all. Now it was Midoriya watching her closely, I wondered if he also wanted to try to figure her out. But when she went to leave he ran up to her and handed her a notebook I realised that he was just gathering courage probably. She seemed really excited about the notebook and I decided to not pry too much. If I knew anything, I knew it was definitely some nerd thing in that book. Where it got interesting was when she squeezed his hand in thanks and ran out the door, Midoriya just stood there staring at his hand without moving until she pulled away in the car.

11 - She came to class in tears today. She’d tried her best to hide it, but it was really obvious by her face and the way Todoroki was herding her into class with a huge wet spot on his shoulder. At this point I’m not sure what’s going on, but for sure Todoroki doesn’t seem like the shoulder you cry on. Something is going on here and I will get to the bottom of it! When asked, she told everyone she had a panic attack and Todoroki was just there at the time. I believe her, but I still think there is way more to this story. I decided to send a prodding text and read her face as she opened it. Bitch didn’t move a muscle! I have no idea what’s going on with her.

12 - I voted for her for class president, but of course she didn’t vote for herself. I really thought a position like that would be good for her, it may even help her open up a bit. I still feel towering walls around her and I wish I could break them down. It really seemed like the only time she was completely relaxed was when she was arguing with Bakugo.

13 - “Is she going to die?” Uraraka asked me and I didn’t have an answer. All the adults were freaking out and trying to rush her to a hospital while the students looked on with a sense of dread. Most of us were crying, or trying to hold back tears. I couldn’t believe it, she’d apparently charged right for that beast that was a bit of a challenge for even All Might to defeat. It had punched her so hard she flew across the room and I couldn’t bear to look at her broken looking body. She was so brave and I was kind of envious of that.

14 - Her purple haired friend came to declare war on the class. Everyone was in shock, except her, of course. She walked into the tense stare down between her friend and Bakugo and diffused it immediately with only a few words. I think maybe the crowd of bystanders were more shocked that she was so unfazed by the declaration than how terrible she looked. When the two walked down the hallway, one of the students in the crowd turned to another and said something about how weird she was. I didn’t disagree, but I didn’t like his tone when he said it one bit, so I shot him a glare. She may be a weirdo, but she’s our weirdo and I won’t be allowing anyone to be mean about it.

15 - She finally got her fight with Todoroki. It was insane to watch and I finally understood why she was so excited to take him on when she met him. Their battle was beautiful, it at times looked like the two were dancing, perfectly in sync as the blows crashed into one another. Bakugo was standing in front of his seat, his hands placed on the rail in front of our box while staring intently at the fight ahead. I thought it was because he knew he’d likely be fighting one of them next and was as shocked as everyone else at how good a fight it was turning out to be. None of us had really seen Shiro fight this hard before, no wonder she was so unshakable in her resolve. She was very talented. The heat of Todorokis fire caused a gasp of surprise to go through the crowd as Shiro was thrown from the ring. Silence seemed to stretch as she tried to lift herself off the ice only to be met by Todo running to her and grabbing her face passionately. Everyone thought they were about to kiss and Bakugo freaked out. His hands let off explosions onto the rail he was holding and he screamed a few profanities before stomping off toward the waiting room. I exchanged a knowing look with Uraraka before we were both cut off by Midoriya who explained why he thought Todoroki was freaking out quickly.

16 - Okay, so I may not be the best person in the world, but I had to know where he stood with her. It’s not like I set all of this up to just mess with Bakugo, but more that, he seems like he’s really confused about his feelings and I wanted to just give the guy a push, you know? So yeah, I sent his crush in the closet with his rival. It made perfect sense to me to force the kid to acknowledge his feelings for her. As soon as Shiro and Midoriya closed the door behind them, I turned to Bakugo and stared at him. He was obviously fuming but hadn’t moved or said a word yet.

“Bakugo, you really okay with this?” I prodded. He stiffened in his seat and didn’t make eye contact with me. Todoroki stood up and I thought he was going to go listen in on the action in the closet, but he walked over to clean up the scrabble he’d been playing earlier off the table. A couple of our classmates looked away, not saying anything and pulling out their phones to disengage from my plan. I totally understand them not wanting to get involved. “Seriously Bakugo, you’re being so dense.”

“What?” He barked, I was kind of surprised that I actually said it out loud. But with how oblivious and distant Shiro was and how bad at emotions Bakugo was, there was no way this was going to go anywhere without a third party stepping in.

“It’s obvious you like her.” He stiffened even more and turned red.

“I do not.” He didn’t scream, it made me more uncomfortable than if he’d started throwing things. I decided to ignore his denial.

“Uh-huh, and I think she likes you too. So why are you both being so weird about it?” The temperature in the room rose significantly, I assumed at the time that it was Bakugo.

“...You think she likes me.” He grinned a little as he repeated the information back to himself. It would have been an adorable moment if I hadn’t made a fatal flaw. A crash rang out and we all turned to Todoroki who’d flipped the table he was supposed to be cleaning and he flushed red with anger still painted on his face.

“Apologies.” He said without emotion in his voice. Shit. I really thought they were just friends. Shiro had told us over and over again that was the case. I watched at the boys stare each other down, a silent challenge stretching across the room as things grew more tense by the second. A thud and loud yell from the closet cut the intensity.

“Oh, Izuku, you madman, we can’t possibly, everyone would hear us!” It was obvious Shiro was screwing with either Midoriya or everyone that she thought was listening in on her closet time. Bakugo stood up calmly and walked over to Todoroki. I could feel the other classmates tense up, if they got in a fight none of us would be able to stop it, and Shiro’s house would be ripped to pieces or burned down at the very least. The two continued to stare each other down for before Bakugo spoke.

“Second place.” I couldn’t believe I’d made such an error in my planning. If they got into a fight right now it would definitely be my fault. I had to stop it somehow, but Todoroki’s reply was faster than mine.

“Not this time, Bakugo.” Now I don’t understand ‘boy’ very well, but I’m pretty sure that the staredown and silence spoke volumes more than anything else between them. Bakugo turned and stomped upstairs without another word leaving everyone feeling kind of baffled. I wasn’t sure what to do with the awkwardness, so I grabbed Uraraka’s hand and walked to the closet to let Shiro and Midoriya out. I think I really made a mess of things.

17 - I saw the first picture on the second day of my internship. I didn’t really understand why it was news, but I’d heard that the gossip out in the West was at a fever pitch so I didn’t think much of it. Shiro was out to lunch with a Pro and another intern. The article said he was a golden child at Shiketsu and that the agency was excited to have two top first years working for them this year. It looked like Shiro was really happy with the two, seemingly at ease in a way I hadn’t seen in a while. Maybe it was nice to just get away. I couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

The second picture came out not a few hours later, again, I couldn’t believe that this was what these people considered news! Shiro and the other Intern were just walking down the street talking. It was obviously just a totally normal conversation between the two. Though, it was pretty cute the way he was looking at my Shiro. It was obvious he had some kind of admiration for her.

The next day, things ramped up, and I’m not going to lie, I was sort of living for it. The gossip websites had gone insane with photos and witness accounts of Shiro and the intern together. Most of them were pretty innocuous, but there were definitely some interesting ones. He was always holding doors for her. There were about 5 photos of that, his eyes always smiling at her no matter where they seemed to be. There were also a few photos of them at the cafe. It looked like they were sharing entrees and holy crap the speculations some of these sites were making about them for that! The Romeo and Juliet of Hero Schools I, of course, knew Shiro much better than that. Even if Shiketsu guy liked her, I, without a doubt was sure she was in no way aware of it. Although the photos of her taking his hand before lifting herself from her seat was a bit harder to interpret. Shiro wasn’t the type to act all dainty like that. I wanted to text her, but honestly I thought it would be more fun to watch this play out in the media before getting the real story. And it gave me something to look forward to when I got back home.

The day after that, I started getting confused. The top of the website had two pictures from what I assumed was earlier that same day. The first was Shiro and the boy standing in the cafe holding hands. The boy was smiling brightly at her and she was obviously blushing. This was not so easy for me to try to explain away in my head and the next picture didn’t help the situation at all. In the other, the two were standing on the street talking to the pro, but the boys arm was around Shiro and she was smiling brightly up at him. The Pro looked kind of irritated. What the fuck was happening? I reached for my phone but remembered that I wanted to wait to talk about it in person. I was sure that if something big happened she’d tell us girls. Wouldn’t she?

There wasn’t much development on the sites after that. I was happy for Shiro no longer being as much of a media spectacle as before, but I was also pretty itchy for news. It wasn’t until I was on my ride home that I got a notification that the gossip site had updated with new pics. I flipped it open not expecting what I saw. Three pictures all from the train station. They weren’t as high in quality as the others had been but it was pretty obvious that I had no idea what the hell I was talking about all week. The first picture was him helping her out of the car, pretty normal. The second looked like it was after a hug, but this was intimate. He had his hands on her waist and they were looking at each other with such sadness in their eyes that made me feel bad. They obviously didn’t want to be apart. The third picture caused me to drop my phone and have to scramble like an idiot to pick it back up. Shiro and the intern were kissing. Holy shit and it was steamy. His arms were wrapped around her waist and back, pulling her close made my heart hurt. There was no way I could possibly hold myself back any longer, I needed to talk to Shiro about all of this asap! Apparently she wasn’t as oblivious as I thought she was and I needed every single detail. I saved the pictures to my phone and decided to send her the kissing one. It’d just gotten online so there was no way she’d seen it yet.

Ashido shared a picture - truelove.jpg
Ashido: Hey, Let me know when you get home? ;)
Kisaki: oh my god. Where did you get that?
Ashido: The internet, where it’s going a little bit viral.
Kisaki: Oh no.
Ashido: I’ll be at your house in a couple of hours for girl talk.

Chapter Text

You couldn’t fucking believe it. Not only had you gotten yourself kissed in a way that totally messed up all of your emotions, but it was captured and being currently distributed among hundreds of western gossip sites. How long before this was on the news or something? Luckily, with all the hero killer news, it might get buried a bit. But you knew better and apparently had horrible luck. Would you ever be able to just fade into the background like you truly wanted?

At least Mina had warned you, and you would be so happy for that in the future. You sat on the train for the rest of the ride reading the various gossip about you. They’d gotten so many pictures of you and Inasa at times you hadn’t even noticed they were there. You should have taken Craines warning more seriously, you really only had yourself to blame. You didn’t even think about how the totally innocent moments between you could be interpreted. And now with the kiss, it almost looked to confirm all the build up before it.

This was a damn mess. At least this time around the media was more focused on you than the boy involved. You hated it when people asked you about Endeavors son over and over again, at least this time that wouldn’t be the case. You saved quite a few of the pictures to your phone. Even though you definitely hated the fact that all these photos essentially came from stalkers, you really liked having the memories to look back on. You already missed them all so much.

When you got to the train station your Mom was waiting at the gate with a huge smile. You ran to hug her immediately and it helped soothe your nerves a bit about everything to come. You walked back to the car with her while chatting a little bit about everything that you’d learned and got to do. You wished that you could tell her everything, but Relapse made it pretty clear that those level 5 secrets needed to stay secrets. And you weren’t about to cross that woman. No way.

As you settled into the passenger seat of the car, your Mom filed into the driver's seat and took off in silence. What was up with her? She was acting kind of strange and you could tell even through all the happiness at getting to see each other. She sighed deeply and answered your question.

“Eijiro is going to be so heartbroken.” Oh it was this shit again. She must know about the Inasa stuff too. You sigh deeply.

“Seriously, Mom, again with this?” At least everything was kind of back to normal.

“Look honey, Mother knows best, and that boy is your soulmate.” She paused and let out a little chuckle, “But I guess since you’re too young to be married I don’t mind you playing the field a bit. It’ll all make Eijiro look better in the end.”

“How am I supposed to respond to that?” You laughed as she grinned at you for a moment.

“How about, yes ma’am.” She said with faux irritation in her voice. You grumbled before changing the subject.

“Uhh, Mina is going to stop by for a bit to talk, is that okay?” You were pretty sure it wouldn’t be an issue, but it was still best to make sure.

“Yeah I know,” She grinned, “She told me in our group chat.”

“Your group chat?!”

“Yes, Uraraka, Kyoka, Mina, and I have a group chat.” She said that shit like it was just a totally normal thing. You refused to believe it was.

“Mom, why do you have a group chat with my friends?” You pinched the bridge of your nose in mild irritation.

“It’s obviously so we can talk about you, honey.” You couldn’t help but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

“Fair enough, I guess.” You put your hands up in defeat.



Mina arrived just as dinner was finished up. The two of you sat down at the table with your Mother after pleasantries were exchanged and you prepared yourself for the attack. Your Mother hadn’t prodded you for any details yet, and now that you knew the two were in cahoots, you assumed it was so they could outnumber you. It wasn’t long before Mina got the ball rolling.

“So tell me every single detail.” She seemed like she was about to explode from excitement.

“There isn’t really much to tell,” How could you even begin to describe everything the two of you went through? It would be impossible to put into words without explaining things you weren’t allowed to.

“Bullshit.” Your Mom declared. You were slightly taken aback by the curse, as she rarely did, but she didn’t sound angry. Mina laughed. I swear these two are vultures.

“Okay, so, uhhh, His name Yoarashi Inasa. We were bunked together at Foresight since the Protection department didn’t have much space for us. ” Mina gasped and your Moms face tightened.

“You two shared a room?” Minas eyes were wide with excitement, her devilish thought obvious from her expression.

“Eww, don’t be a creep Mina. That kiss earlier today was our first one. I-I think we were kind of just swept up in the emotions of saying goodbye. Nothing else happened between us. Not really.” Your Mom visibly relaxed, having obviously believed that you didn’t do anything untoured.

“So that’s it, just some massive flirting and one kiss?” Mina sounded straight up disappointed.

“Well, yeah, It’s not like any of us have enough time to be in relationships. Especially long distance ones. Becoming a great hero is the most important thing right now. And with all this hero killer stuff?” You trailed off and the girls didn’t say anything for a moment.

“Ugh, I guess you’re right. But that’s no fun.” Mina sounded disappointed and you felt bad for not having anything more juicy to tell her. “I guess now we have to talk about how you’re going to handle all of this.”

“What do you mean?” You questioned.

“Are you really that oblivious?” It was your Mom this time.

“Apparently?” You questioned, getting kind of irritated with them.

“Oh come on, the boys in class are going to be a mess over all of this.” Mina said assuredly.

“Why would they be?” Shit were you right? Did some of these boys have crushes on you?

“Come on,” Your Mom again, “Isn’t it super obvious?” Even she knew this crap?

“No way, we’re all just fr-”

“I swear to god, Shiro, if you say you’re just friends I’ll punch you in the face. Todoroki flipped the freaking table when he found out that Bakugo liked you.-”

“He what? He what?” You had to say it twice because you couldn’t even wrap your head around it.

“-And then Bakugo went outside and had a nervous breakdown or something after the two almost got into a fight about it. But you saw that I guess.” She rambled on. Staring at you and trying to make you understand.

“And my poor Eijiro.” Your Mom added, “He seemed really sad when I called him the day after the sleepover.”

You had no idea what to do with all the information you’d been given. It was confirmed that at least two of the boys in your class were not only into you, but everyone but you and Midoriya knew it. What a fucking mess. You were in no way prepared to deal with that shit. You wanted to go die or something. You needed to process this, but the girls kept staring at you. They obviously wanted you to say something, but you were a little distracted right now.

“Okay, so, Bakugo and Todoroki.” You took a breath and let the thoughts circle around. You felt guilty, especially with Bakugo. You straight up manipulated him into liking you and it obviously worked a bit to well. It was a little harder to be in denial about Todoroki, but you were sure you’d figure out the perfect way to keep yourself oblivious about that one as well. It would take but a bit of determination and you were sure your twisted brain could pull that off. “...Like me?”

“Yes, idiot.” Mina said plainly. “Class is going to be weird tomorrow for sure. So what are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know.” Were you about to cry? The anxiety was starting to get to you for sure and you really wanted to go hide somewhere and pretend this stuff wasn’t happening.

“Oh, honey.” Your Mom pulled you in for a quick hug and patted your head. “It’s going to be fine, okay?”

“Girl it’s okay, I’ve got your back and we can come up with a way to make this less awkward. Because it’s definitely going to be a little awkward no matter what.” That was fucking encouraging.

“I could just show up really early and read a book with noise cancelling headphones on until Aizawa gets into the room. Then, maybe, I could ignore everyone until some inevitable other crazy thing happens to distract us all.” This was the best plan you had. Mina sighed loudly.

“This is why I came here.” She was talking to your Mom about you. To your face. You’d be pissed if she wasn’t 100% correct. She turned back to you. “Okay, look, everyone in class thinks you don’t know about this Bakugo and Todoroki stuff anyway, right? So all you have to do is pretend to be oblivious like you always are. There’s no real story here so you really just have to be honest and tell everyone. Then just wait for the shock to die down. Also, probably don’t just casually mention that you shared a room with a boy for a week. Girl, that shit is scandalous.”

Mom winced at the curse and Mina recoiled a bit and apologized. It was cute, like she remembered that she was your Mom and not just one of the girls for a second. You guessed it was a pretty decent plan. You already pretended you didn’t know a lot of stuff that you definitely did know, so this shouldn’t be too hard...right? Somehow this felt different, and you couldn’t stop from feeling kind of sick to your stomach when you thought about anything that was going to happen tomorrow.

You’d just wanted everything to go back to normal after your insane week of crushing realizations. And yet the second you get home, you have another waiting for you. You were honestly shocked at your mental fortitude and couldn’t believe you hadn’t suffered some kind of mental breakdown yet.

You excused yourself from the table and left the two girls to gossip about your classmates. They were seriously made for each other and you couldn’t help but feel a little jealous at your Mom stealing your best friend even if you actually knew you kind of loved it. No wonder you liked Mina so much, she was a great person and she reminded you of your crazy Mother so much.So watchful and socially competent. You were neither of those things and you didn’t really understand what it was that Mina got out of her friendship with you. Probably just non-stop entertainment. This crap had to be super amusing from the outside.

Shinso: Hey! You’re back tomorrow, right?
Kisaki: Yeah
Shinso: Great. Can’t wait to see you. You missed a lot.
Kisaki: Oh yeah?
Shinso: Yeah! Catch up at lunch?
Kisaki: Definitely!!

Oh thank god for Shinso. You now had the opportunity to go hide in the comfort of his presence during lunch and avoid any and all awkwardness at the 1A table. As long as class was at all interesting, you could avoid uncomfortable conversations for most of the school day! That means there would probably be only a little weirdness before homeroom and probably a little during hero studies. That was totally manageable. You made a mental note to pack a lunch so you didn’t have to stand in the line for food. I’m so good at handling confrontation, you thought to yourself. (You weren’t.)

You changed into pajamas and threw your hair up before running back downstairs to hang out with your Mom and Mina. She couldn’t stay much longer, since you both had school tomorrow and you both decided to just sit and chat about your internships. Her parents showed up not too much later to come get her and she hugged you before she left.

“I’m really glad you took that internship.” She smiled at you, “It changed you, you’re so different now.”

“What do you mean?” You questioned.

“I don’t know yet, but I like it. See you tomorrow!” And just like that she was out the door and you weren’t sure how you felt. What did she mean you seemed different? At least she obviously meant it as a good thing. Whatever, you were sure when she figured out what she meant you would hear about it.

Now it was time to try to get some sleep and prepare mentally for the school day tomorrow. You kissed your Mom goodnight and ran upstairs to read some manga before you fell asleep. All you had to do was pretend not to know. It was going to be easy. Tomorrow was not going to suck. If you told yourself this enough times it would make itself true, right? Your phone buzzed again.

HappyBoi: Goodnight Goddess. (:
Kisaki: I told you not to call me that. >.<
HappyBoi: That’s why I keep doing it.
Kisaki: I’m going to slap you next time I see you.
HappyBoi: I look forward to it.
Kisaki: Goodnight, idiot.
HappyBoi: Night Shiro :D

Chapter Text

Everything is fine. Yes, that is what you kept telling yourself as you made your way to class 1A for homeroom. You and Mina had a plan, and although there wasn’t much to it you were sure that it would work if you played it right. You heard a lot of laughing from inside the room before you slid the door open. Must be Bakugos hair, you thought and the idea of getting to see it made you excited enough to get the door open.

Holy crap Bakugo looked so cute with his hair like that! You wanted to touch it so badly, but you only got a glimpse before his hair spiked back up out of sheer rage. You forgot that you were supposed to be low-key for a moment and laughed loudly. Which, of course, got the attention of the class on your entry and everyone got weirdly quiet. But, see, you weren’t supposed to know why they were all staring at you with nervous expressions so you tried your best to be your oblivious self.

Bakugo seemed calm. Which was even more terrifying than if he’d stormed up to you and yelled in your face, and everyone else was just staring blankly at you. You decided to show your nerves and turn away from everyone to cover your face.

“Why are you all staring at me?” A blush poured over your cheeks as you ran to your seat and put your head down. Obliviousness step 1 complete, I suppose. Kaminari spoke up.

“You still owe me that dinner, even if you have a boyfriend now. I earned it.” He pointed at you from Kirishima’s side and you figured this was the perfect time to clear the air.

“I do not have a boyfriend, Minari.” You chuckled nervously, trying to keep your composure. You could feel multiple eyes boring into you and you didn’t even want to know where they came from.

“Really, because this,” The boy took his phone out of sleep and revealed the kissing picture as his background. You wanted to die. You were also supposed to be oblivious, so you decided to roll with that.

“What the fuck, how did you get that!?” You jumped out of your seat to grab his phone but he put it behind his back with a grin. You had been so caught up in the moment you didn’t realize that you were now standing right next to Bakugo who hasn’t said a word yet. “And why did you make it your background!”

“Oh it’s all over the internet. And I wanted to torture you with it, obviously. So what’s the story?” Kami said plainly while still dangling his phone out of your reach in the air. You pinched the bridge of your nose.

“There is no story,” You gave up on trying to grab the phone from your friend. He was still staring at you and you weren’t sure what to do. This was so fucking awkward. You decided to continue and not leave it at that. “It was one kiss okay! And, of course, it’s on the internet because God hates me and likes to see me suffer.”

“It’s not just God, we all like to see you suffer,” Kirishima put his arm around you and laughed. At least he was being kind of normal, despite not holding his hand out for your obligatory fist bump of bro-ness. You chuckled and put your arm around his waist into a half hug and looked up to him, he was such a good guy. Truly the low-key prince of the class. You tilted your head onto his shoulder and let your gaze match with Bakugos, you were supposed to be acting normal, so that’s what you would do.

“How was your internship, Loudmouth?” You could hear the hesitation in your voice, but hoped it wasn’t obvious to everyone else. Your cheeks burned hot and you hoped that it wasn’t obvious that you were flustered.

“It was fine,” he bit. You shrank. It wasn’t going to be that easy, of course.

“Oh, okay.” You said softly letting your eyes drop. You shuffled out of Kiris hold and walked over to your seat and put your head down without another word. Of course it wasn’t going to be as simple as explaining half-heartedly and then ignoring your problems until they went away. That was not how one was supposed to handle such conflict, but unfortunately you weren’t really equipped to do much more to solve the issue. You decided a little bit of seclusion wouldn’t hurt you much and didn’t join in on anymore conversation.

At least Todoroki was busy chatting away with Midoriya and Iida, probably about the Stain stuff. He seemed kind of normal, no staring at you or saying anything about Inasa at least. He probably had more important crap going on in his life and that was a blessing. You were sure you’d hear about it eventually, but at least it wouldn’t be now. You were already overdosing on teen angst and you worried you may actually die from it if much more crap happens to you. At least your life wasn’t boring I guess.

By the time Aizawa showed up, you fell into your normal routine. It was time to really get to studying, and even though you were doing fine in your class rankings, you wanted to try to excel going forward. Something about hanging out with Relapse last week had left its mark on you. Yes, you needed to keep the timeline intact, but with her around to tell you what moments are fixed points, you could relax a little and just live your life. No need to worry about the small stuff anymore if you knew what moments were most important. What a blessing, despite your boy drama, you really were feeling better.



“I am here! Hope you’re ready to return to your lessons. Today it’s hero basic training. Feels like I haven’t seen you in awhile, Welcome back!” All Might was a bright and shining as ever as you watching him tower over you all. “Now then, listen carefully for what’s in store. We’re going to be conducting a little race!! Take everything you learned from your internships and apply it to your rescue training.” You could swear that the Pro just locked eyes with you, a knowing expression on his face. It made you tense up. Was stuff still weird between you guys? Did he figure out somehow that there was no way you saw him during the sludge incident? Fuck.

You spiraled mentally until it was time to team up for the race. You were pretty confident that you could pull off the course rather effectively since you’d done so much agility training. All you would need was a good running start and you could likely jump easily from one end of the course to the other. You just needed to be sure not to lose your footing like Midoriya did. That would be a disaster.

You were in the last group to go. Every seemed to leave you be as you sat kind of off by yourself during everyone else’s matches and let your thoughts wander. When you got up to the start line you got kind of excited. It was going to be fun to see where you measured up after all the intense stamina and quirk training you did at Foresight. You’d been learning to not focus on a percentage at all when you overclocked, and instead focused on the ability to sense exactly what was needed like Craine had told you. It wasn’t as easy as you’d think as you were so used to calculating everything, but you’d made great progress and it seemed like using your quirk this way was the best option for not overdoing it. You body just felt naturally what to do and you had way fewer headaches and overheating issues since you started trying to do this.

The start bell rang out and you jumped off without a thought. As the wind started whipping through your hair you felt so present and happy. Flying like this was freedom from all of your problems, and your ridiculous head start versus your classmates didn’t hurt your confidence at all. As you were about to make your first landing, you prepared yourself.

The landing was smooth, and you used the momentum to jump off again, propelling yourself much further than the initial jump had. You twirled happily in the air as you flew, no way the people you were racing were going to catch up to you. It felt nice to be overpowered in a situation like this. As you started to descend, your eyes scanned the ground for the approximate area that you were going to land. There was a nice flat surface kind of to your left, so you clocked your lungs and exhaled deeply to push yourself in that direction.

Perfect landing, you thought as you jumped off the surface and rapidly approached the finish line flying through the air. You were going to do this course in three jumps, which was an insane improvement from your jumps at the Sports Festival. They were much shorter despite you feeling like you clocked them really high at the time and draining a lot of stamina.

As you slid into your victory with a grin you couldn’t help but wonder if those percentages you were using were actually totally useless and didn’t actually affect your quirk output much at all. You’d used way more power now than when you think about even a 75-80% clock and yet you felt less stamina being used. You hadn’t realized that you were mumbling to yourself about your quirk while most of the people who were waiting to congratulate you just stared blankly at your strangeness.

“..Maybe when I think about it, I naturally use more stamina from the strain of overthinking. If Craine was right it was definitely the issue of not being in concert with my quirk, causing it to drain my stamina more than needed. If that’s the case then it’s possible things I thought were only for emergencies like high clocks on my skin could be possible to try. But it would be hard to test something like that without putting myself at high risk of getting hurt. Maybe I could talk to--”

“Shiro!” Mina cut you off with a little shake, “Stop being a Midoriya. Come on!” She shook you from your ramble and you followed her embarrassed.

“A Midoriya?” Izuku frowned finally realizing what she had said as you all walked back to the school to get changed and go back to class. You laughed. Maybe things would get back to normal sooner than you thought?



Aizawa told you all about finals coming up and the classroom erupted into chaos about it. You were ranked 9th from the Midterms so you weren’t doing badly, really your problem classes were Classical Japanese and History. You had no reference for those things from your old life and though you were luckily cut some slack for being a foreigner, that shit wasn’t going to last long. You really needed to cram, but the Momo study session didn’t appeal to you at all. You didn’t learn well in big groups, maybe it would be best to study alone. Or with Shinso! He was definitely whip smart. Even though you really had no basis for thinking that his type of intelligence would translate to good grades, you had a feeling.

“Shiro want to study with us?” Kirishima said to you over Bakugo who hadn’t acknowledged you since this morning.

“Uhh, no thanks, I don’t think I want to get screamed at when I don’t know something.” You sounded so meek just now. Ugh, this awkwardness was never going to pass if you couldn’t just act normal. But Baku made you so nervous anytime he was nearby. You blushed and looked away.

“Yeah I guess, I need this one to beat the answers into me.” Kiri tapped the desk and Bakugo yelled something about him needing to try not being an idiot for once and he wouldn’t have to beat answers into him. It was cute. He still hadn’t even spared you a glance. Shit.

Shinso: I’ll be a little late to lunch. Sorry. Want to hang out after school instead?
Kisaki: Yeah thats works! Maybe we can have a study session at my place tonight?
Shinso: Ok, that sounds good.

Well fuck, now you had to sit with your friends. It’s not like it was that bad, really. Pretty much everyone was acting normal except Bakugo and probably Todoroki, but of that you weren’t sure because he hadn’t really talked to you at all today. If he ignored you much longer you would end up pissed off and that definitely wouldn’t help with the awkwardness between you two.

You sighed and slid into the outside seat as you were the last to the table. You were last to the table because you walked so slowly down the hallway you probably rivaled the speeds of those being sent to the electric chair. Slow af. Midoriya and Iida were talking about their theories for finals. You knew what the practical was going to be, and tbh it didn’t stress you out much at all. No way you’d take Minetas place on team Midnight, since you and he didn’t share the same disadvantages.

Which meant you had no idea who you’d be teamed up with or who you’d end up fighting. You also knew that nothing in this moment was a fixed point, because Relapse promised to text you if you needed to not do something. Which means this was a legit normal exam. You were going to be unprepared just like everyone else and that was pretty exciting. What did your teachers think you needed to work on? The input was going to be so good for your development! Your thoughts were cut off by a factor you hadn’t anticipated at all. Monoma! How had you not met him yet? Holy crap, you were kind of excited. You loved this dude in the anime, despite him being a total dickhead, and he seemed like a fun new subject to direct your love of fucking with people at. Especially now that stuff was weird with you and Bakugo. You could bicker with this guy! Yay, fun side quest! Distractions from my stressful life!

“Oh sorry, your head’s so big that it’s hard to miss.” Monoma bumped Midoriya who was sitting across from you. He scanned the table and lingered on you a second. Probably just realizing that we’ve never met before, you thought.

“You’re from class 1B, um, Monoma right?” Midoriya was so sweet. Did he not realize he was being bullied or was he just so used to it that it didn’t faze him anymore? “That really hurt.”

“I hear you guys stumbled across the hero killer? Just like in the Sports Festival, class 1A isn’t happy unless they’re the center of attention. But, you do realize you’re not in the spotlight because people think you’re good heroes, right?” Oh, that actually hit home for you. You were in the spotlight because you kept getting publicly wrapped up in boy drama. This shook your confidence. “It’s just that you keep getting into so much trouble. Here’s food for thought, someday the rest of us might get caught up in your mess and then we’ll all become unwitting victims as well.-”

You cut him off with a big laugh. You really didn’t mean to, but it just slipped out. Even though this was technically a totally serious moment irl, you couldn’t help but think back to the anime and the hardcore comedy of it all. And also the fact that this kid was obviously revealing his deepest fears to you. He obviously wanted nothing to do with being attacked by villains or the attention it had brought your class. You alone could see the lowkey terror under his bitchy ranting. Monoma looked down at you pointedly as you laughed, you decided to try to say something.

“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute.” You let out between chuckles. You didn’t mean to say that. Everyone stared at you with a ‘What’ face and you blushed. “I didn’t mean, What I meant was, I meant to say...Nothing, I should never talk again.” You put your head down while Uraraka and Mina laughed at you from the far side of the table.

“This is why boys randomly kiss you at train stations, Shiro.” Mina called to you mockingly while shifting her eyes stealthily at Todoroki.

You sat up and threw your napkin at her, still flushed with embarrassment. You were never going to forgive Shinso for leaving you alone today at lunch. Yeah, this was his fault somehow. You looked back up at Monoma who was still staring at you shook and taking small steps away from you like you’d grown another head having obviously lost the steam for his hate rant. Kendo laughed from behind him which only deepened your embarrassment before she started to drag him off the rest of the way from your table.

“Sorry about him!” She chimed as they walked away. You realized that this meant that she never got the chance to tell the class about the robots for the exam. It wasn’t actually relevant information, but you wondered what changes not having it would cause. Maybe she’d just come tell someone later? Who knows, and you weren’t sure why you were stressing it.

Oh yeah, to distract yourself from having to explain your weirdness just now. Your friends were still chuckling at you and you sighed deeply.

“I didn’t mean cute like cute.” You waved your hands in the air to indicate romance in some way. Idk, it wasn’t really good sign language, but you figured it got the point across.

“We know.” Todoroki chuckled from the other side of the table. He talked to me! You perked up and looked over to search his face, he still wouldn’t look at you. Ugh. Well, progress was progress either way.



You had four days to study before the 3 day long written exams and you wanted to use that time as efficiently as possible. You were in peak condition physically, having kept up with most of your PT through internships and up till today. Since that was the case, you decided to put your all into studying so you could score high on the written, just in case you managed to fail the practical. It was hard to plan for when you had no idea what hero you’d be pitted against, though you did as much research on the Pros at the school as you could to try to give yourself an advantage.

When you got to the gate, Shinso was there waiting for you. You ran to hug him, having really missed him over the last week. He smiled into your hug.

“Hey Shiro.”

“Shiso!” You said in a singsong voice, hopping in excitement. He was being normal and that was a blessing.

“How was your internship?” His tone didn’t sound prodding, which meant he still hadn’t hear about all the nonsense. That made you happy, for once you could be ahead of the rumors!

“Ugh, it was great. And confusing. And the aftermath kind of sucks, but I learned a lot and made great friends!” You scratched your head absentmindedly.

“Aftermath?” He questioned.

“You really haven’t heard?” You perked up.

“Heard what?” He sounded genuinely confused. Yay!

“Oh, Hitoshi, you are my angel today!” You nudged him playfully, “Okay here’s what happened…”

You told him everything from your perspective on the walk to the train station. He sat and listened quietly to every detail without any input. It was really easy to talk to him, and you found yourself giving a little more information than you had to. Interesting. You usually hated talking about it, but with him it was so easy. When you finished, he laughed and you showed him the picture that Mina had sent you.

“You have such bad luck.” He patted your head affectionately and you two settled into seats on the train.

“I know, right!?” You sighed, “And no one believes me when I try to say I have no interest in romance right now. Like, I have so much more important stuff to focus my energy on. We need to be worrying about becoming the best we can be, especially now that a few of us have definitely caught the attention of the League of Villains.” You shuddered when you thought about Shigaraki telling you to be more careful before having the Nomu attack you. He probably wasn’t amused that you were still alive and kicking.

“That’s probably a good idea.” He said flatly. You couldn’t read his face as you both got off the train and started walking toward your house. “Hey, after finals, mind if I take you up on your offer to train together?”

“Yeah I’d love that!!” You bounced, “I’ll owe you for the tutoring this week and I want you in 1A with me asap!” You nudged his arm and noticed some muscle definition he definitely didn’t have before. You poked his arm a second time and grinned at him.

“I work out.” He said with a knowing smile. Good, he was already getting into fighting form, it was going to be fun to train with him after finals. You hoped that he eventually made his way into the hero course, you were rooting for him so hard.

“Seems like it,” you giggled, “Good, maybe then you’ll stand a chance against me.” You stuck out your tongue.

“You really think so?” He said with a strange, unnerving sense of hopefulness in his voice. You looked at him confused.

“Of course I-” Oh he brainwashed you with a laugh. You stood there frozen in your body staring at him blankly while he laughed at you. Your first thought was that you were going to obliterate him for this the second he released you, but then you kind of internally smiled at the fact that he trusted in your friendship enough to mess with you like this. He released you without making you do anything embarrassing and you thanked the gods he didn’t owe you a prank like Kirishima.

“You’re a dick.” You chuckled.

“I know.” He shoved you playfully.

Chapter Text

Alright, so the written exams started tomorrow. Luckily, everyone in class seemed pretty stressed and distracted with all of their studying and training which made it easy for you to fly pretty far under the radar over the last few days. You hadn’t really talked much with anyone from class, deciding to spend most of your free time at lunch, between classes, and after school with Shinso. You two had actually gotten pretty close during your intensive study sessions and it was really nice.

You wondered if he’d always been so easy to talk to, or if you really had changed since being at Foresight. You. of course, knew the answer. Even with all the drama, you’d noticed that you were way more at ease and relaxed with your classmates than you’d ever been. And not having to constantly stress out about the timeline really made it easier to just be a student with them all. It was also really cool to not know what was coming with both your written and practical exams. Even though you were kind of detached from the rest of 1A you were actually pretty happy with everything that was going on in your life right now. Not that you weren’t hopeful that everything will blow over soon. Bakugo did make eye contact with you yesterday so that was something.

You’d even taken to tormenting Monoma on a semi-regular basis. Anytime you saw him you’d hop over enthusiastically and ask him random questions in rapid succession about himself, life, the universe, and everything you could think of. If you let him ever get a word in edgewise he would usually attempt to make fun of you in some way or another, to which you would listen intently while nodding in agreement with a big smile. Sometimes chiming in with a ‘You’re absolutely right,’ or an ‘I’m always so amazed by your intellect.’

Kendo was onto you and found you hilarious, though the two of you never really talked she would always shoot you a wave and smile when you walked over and grin wildly while you tormented her friend. You wondered what the hell was going through Monomas head when you faced off with him, he probably hated you viciously but you were strangely okay with that. Maybe you could manipulate him into friendship at some point as well like with Baku.

Shinso tapped his pencil loudly and it pulled you from your sleepy daydreaming. He noticed you jump and chuckled lightly, setting down the book he was holding. Your eyes drifted lazily around his room over to where he was sitting on the bed and yawned.

“Don’t fall asleep on me.” He yawned in response.

“I got this man, we only have 3 chapters left to cover.” You looked back at the textbook on the desk. You really didn’t have the energy for this final stretch. “Okay, maybe let me have a 15 minute nap?” You batted your eyes pleadingly.

“Ugh, fine.” He scooted over on the bed and you walked across the room and laid down next to his sprawled out textbooks. This had become somewhat routine between you two, around 8pm every night that you two studied, you would start to fall asleep on him. Last night, you abandoned him in your house when you full on crashed and he couldn’t wake you up after you alarm went off. At least he knew that wouldn’t be an issue at his place, no way you would stay the night.

He sighed and let you rest, yawning again himself as he rarely got enough sleep. He decided to set a 20 minute alarm and laid his head down next to you, while still keeping a small barrier of textbooks between your two bodies. He would totally hate himself if he touched you or something in his sleep, and he wouldn’t put it past himself since he often woke up snuggling his pillow. He drifted off into a restful sleep even as his alarm blared loudly between you two.

His Mom poked her head in at the noise and decided to shut it off. Your Mother was going to come to get you around 9:30 so she decided it was best to let you two rest until a little before then. You kids had been studying so much lately and she figured you needed the sleep. Also, she hadn’t seen her son look like he was getting such good rest in a long time. Her poor baby didn’t often look so content so she wasn’t about to ruin that.



You were actually pretty content with how well you did in the written exams. You were pretty sure you did at least as well on this one as the practice exams you and Shinso kept doing, so that would mean around mid B possibly low A grade. Not too bad. You had the rest of the day free to train or go home and rest, so you wanted to stop by and make good on your promise to Hatsume finally before Summer break.

You also thought the distraction from everything school related would be nice, and since Mei was pretty far removed from your typical associations it would be easy to just chill and hang out with her. If you excused the terror that went down your spine when you thought of all the weird crap she’d probably come up with for you to test. It was going to be like hanging out with Craine again. The thought made you grin. You heard noises coming from the Support Class.

“Is it going to explode?” A boy groaned.

“Hatsume turn it off!” It sounded like Power Loader, but you couldn’t be sure.

“It’s fine! My baby isn’t going to explode! And I can’t just turn it off.” A loud cracking sound rang out as you ran around the corner and watched some weird ball start smoking and making little popping noises in Mei’s hands. She was looking down at it and fidgeting with some panel, seemingly unphased by the sounds and smoke. You got as nervous as everyone else in the room. You decided to test a theory real quick and pushed an overclock into the machine with the intent to stop it from exploding.

Hatsume’s eyes narrowed immediately on the device and mumbled something to herself that sounded like ‘Why did that just stop working?’ The cracking sounds stopped and the device didn’t emit any further smoke so you decided that maybe it was you? Skill still not fully tested, you noted to yourself as Meis goggles shifted upward toward you and her eyebrows furrowed.

“Did you do that?” She walked over to you as the class seemed to settle back into whatever they were doing before like it was perfectly normal for there to be near-explosions in this class. Actually, that didn’t surprise you one bit. It probably would have been weirder if they seemed fazed by such a small incident. This bitch was crazy in a super charming way, but still off her damn rocker regardless and stuff like this had to happen all the time.

“Uh, maybe?” You scratched your head, “I overclocked it and thought don’t explode! I can’t say what happened after that.”

“Cool.” She looked down at the ball again. “It was the regulator. Apparently it had gone bad because it was doing the opposite of what it was supposed to. When you fried it, it stopped bottlenecking. I would have never guessed that.” She wasn’t actually talking to you and you could tell.

“S-So I came to help you like I promised.” You weren’t sure if she was listening to you until her face perked up in your direction.

“Oh yes, you are going to be so very useful to me.” She grabbed your hand and started to drag you toward her station. You’d made the promise so you allowed yourself to be dragged while ignoring the looks of pity from her classmates and teacher.

She wasn’t so bad, but you totally understood why everyone found her so difficult. She was really intense and hyper focused on her future as a support engineer. You wondered about her motivations as she threw device after device at you with little explanation other than an occasional, ‘It keeps on beeping and I don’t know why,’ ‘It’s supposed to be louder,’ or ‘It’s not supposed to do that.’ And despite her lack of ability to properly communicate with you, you actually had helped her diagnose quite a few items in her workspace. You actually made a pretty good team.

After an hour or so without any small talk she started opening up to you a little and that made all of this worth it. It started with light chatting about the Sports Festival and her finals, then moved on to stuff like movies and books that she liked. It was a great conversation. When it was time for you to head out, you made a point to tell her that if she ever got the chance to meet Craine from the Foresight Agency that she should take it. You had a feeling that those two could change the world together if they teamed up. Or destroy it. Either way it would probably be brilliant.



When you got to school the next day it was straight to the field for the Practical Exams. You were pretty damn nervous about this, it wasn’t going to be as easy as most of the stuff you’d pulled off this year for sure. You stood in your hero costume with your class as you all faced the Pros from the school. Your stomach dropped in nervousness.

“Now then, let’s begin the last test.” Aizawa said, “Remember, it’s possible to fail this final. If you want to go to camp, don’t make any stupid mistakes.”

“Why are all the teachers here?” Kyoka asked.

“I expect many of you have gathered information and believe that you have some idea of what you’ll be faced with today.”

“We’re fighting those big ol’ metal robots!” Kaminari declared happily.

“Fireworks! S’mores! Here we come!” Mina chimed in.

“This years tests will be completely different for various reasons!” Nezu popped out of Aizawas scarf and it made you jump a bit.

He went on to explain their reasoning for changing up the tests. Although you’d heard this before, you didn’t remember it clearly and decided to listen carefully as his speech wasn’t exactly the same as the anime. He actually told you all about the need to be at your best since there seemed to be a target on your backs. He talked about how the old exams wouldn’t have done our progress any justice and that the school needed to do you all the service of a proper education and the ability to truly defend yourselves.

“So what does that mean for you? You students will be working together in pairs and your opponents will be none other than our esteemed UA Teachers. Isn’t that fabulous?!”

“We’re fighting the teachers?” Uraraka said to break the tension.

“Additionally, your partners and opponents have already been chosen. They were determined at my discretion based on various factors, including fighting style, grades, and interpersonal relationships.” Aizawa interjected.

“First, we have Yaoyorozu and Todoroki are a team. Against me.” He smiled, “Then we have Midoriya paired with Bakugo and their opponent is..” All Might dropped from the sky and you feigned shock like everyone else.

“I am here, to fight. You’re going to have to work together boys, if you want to win.”

They continued down the list until you heard your name. You took a deep breath and waited to find out your fate.

“And for the 6th Match. It’ll be Kisaki and Kaminari versus Principal Nezu.” Oh shit. You had absolutely no idea how you could beat that psychotic little lab rat. Fuck this was bad, you may actually fail this. You couldn’t even pull knowledge from the anime to help you with this. Mina and Minari got rekd by Nezu and not in a way you could think your way out of.

“To complete the exam you’ll have 30 minutes. In order to win your objective is to put these handcuffs on your teacher. Or you can pass if one of you manages to escape from the combat stage.” Nezu finished up.

Shit this was not going to be easy, and of course Kaminari didn’t seem worried one bit.

Chapter Text

Well there was no easy way to say it, you fucking failed. Like a damn failure. It wasn’t even close. You tried taking Kaminari to the side before the match and to come up with a plan to work together, but it was downright useless. You didn’t really know what kind of plan you would need in the first place, and your partner was still convinced for some reason that the Principal would be an easy win for you both and contributed exactly nil to the conversation.


He just didn’t understand how terrifying the Principal was. You supposed it was something you had to see to believe and there was no way you could explain how a high IQ was so fucking OP without spoilers! FUCKKKKKKKK. You really didn’t know how to win this. Your best bet was to get to high ground as quickly as possible, and you’d decided that leaving Minari behind to try to get to the gate by yourself was likely the most viable option. Although, there was the chance that you looked like a total asshole for leaving him behind helplessly. You didn’t love the idea of that.

As soon as the buzzer rang to start the battle you immediately turned to your partner and hoped he had something. He pointed in the direction of the gate and you both tried to make a break for it. You knew this would be futile, but figured you needed to at least attempt to work with your partner and come up with a plan. A series of buildings crashed to block your path.

“Shit.” Kaminari said, “Let’s try that way?” You nodded, you’d try this futile shit one more time before suggesting you jump up to ‘scout.’ Then you’ll ditch the dead weight and try to make an attempt for the gate. It was the only thing you could think of. You both slid to a stop as your path was again cut off by destruction and the echoes of maniacal laughter. “What do we do?”

“I can try to jump up and scout the area, figure out how he is doing this?” You had to make it sound like you’d just thought of this instead of it totally being the plan all along.

“Yeah do that then we can regroup and decide what to do.” He flinched as another towering building crashed around you both.

“Got you.” You jumped up into the air to the most stable looking buildings around you, but of course Nezu had accounted for that. The roof you had planned to land on crumbled beneath your feet the second your feet made contact with it. Had the man accounted for your descent pattern and damaged the roof enough that your body weight would make it crumble? Probably.

You fell and crashed through the top of the building while clocking your skin just in time before you smashed through the first floor and onto the floor a couple of stories down. You were now pinned beneath huge chunks of concrete as you watched the neighboring building fall from the viewing hole you’d crashed through before covering you in a second layer of rubble and submerging you in total darkness. Thank god you’d kept your skin clocked to protect you from taking further damage because the falling hunks of concrete and steel that were now crashing to the floor around you with loud terrifying sounds would probably have killed you on contact. You waited for the damage to settle before even considering making a move.

You couldn’t see anything well enough to know if it was safe to move any of the hunks pinning you down without potentially causing the building or more debris to crumble atop you. Nezu had definitely accounted for this as well, and the thought made you want to fucking rage. If you could just see anything you could try to get out and possibly stand a chance to finish this. You couldn’t just give up now though. You waited for to adjust to the darkness before attempting an overclock on your eyes.

You hadn’t tried it since the time Relapse asked you to, and you weren’t particularly excited about attempting to do it now, but you didn’t see any other option. And on that day, you’d clocked a percentage, maybe if you could just trust in your instincts it wouldn’t be as horrifying as last time.

You clocked your eyes and focused on your night vision. And it technically worked, but again it was way too fucking much. In the blackness you could see all the colors crashing and swirling with the millions upon millions of individual dust and rock particles floating through the air. You could see every. Single. Dust. Particle. It made you puke instantly and your body started shaking until you released the clock. Your head started to pound and your heartbeat increased, and that was the last thing that you remember from your final practical exam.

Did I mention that you failed?



You jolt awake in a rush of consciousness but as you move in the shock you are instantly stilled by the pain in your entire body. At least it wasn’t the fucking hospital this time, was this the nurse's office? You turned your head to get a better look at your surroundings and would have frozen if you weren’t, well, already frozen in pain. Bakugo was in the bed next to you and his crimson eyes were now staring directly into yours. You sighed because God-Dude definitely hated you and was probably watching and sipping tea right now. Guess you had to face him eventually, and since you literally couldn’t get away there was no time like the present.

“Hey Bakugo,” You grinned at him lazily while trying to keep calm.

“Hey, you okay?” His voice was hoarse and he looked like hell. Maybe this was good, he probably didn’t even have the energy to be mean to you. Maybe God-Dude didn’t hate you!!

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, I hurt all over. And I definitely failed, right?” He nodded and you sighed deeply, “That fucking sucks.”

“Yeah,” he said breathily. The silence stretched between you both but you kept looking at each other. He finally spoke again, “Aren’t you going to ask about my exam?” He sounded kind of irritated.


“Why the hell not?” He tried to yell but his vocal chords weren’t having it.

“Because I know you won.” You said it so matter of factly that he was clearly taken aback.

“How could you know that, you were definitely unconscious.” His eyes narrowed on you suspiciously. This was a perfect time to suck up to him.

“Because even if it was All Might you were up against,” You blushed and tited you head so you weren’t making eye contact anymore, “I had no doubt that you’d come out on top...or whatever.” You mumbled the last part, feeling embarrassed. He made a throaty grunt noise that you couldn’t place before saying anything. Which left you feeling very anxious about how he had taken your words.

“Because I’m amazing.” He said matter of factly. You wanted to fuck with him so badly, but it wasn’t the time and you decided to let him have it. You would get back to mocking him ruthlessly after some more time had passed. Everything was still pretty fresh, as this was the first conversation you’d had since the night of your sleepover. And that was weeks ago.

“I guess you fucking are.” You turned away because you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from mocking him if you saw that cocky fucking grin of self satisfaction on his face. At least he didn’t say anything else, giving you time to reflect of your horrible failure and where you could have improved. You didn’t even want to see the video, it would literally just be you crashing-

You immediately burst into the most uncontrollable laughter ever. It was nearly hysterical and the way it made your body convulse was very painful. Bakugo turned to face you with a look of super confusion on his face at your random outburst. As soon as you calmed yourself a little he groaned at you.

“What’s so fucking funny?”

“Dude, I crashed through another building. You were totally right I am a wrecking ball. Oh my god, I’m never going to live this down!” You started laughing again and Bakugo joined you with boisterous laughter that you’d never heard from him before. It was a great sound. He should be laughing more, you decreed.

The noise of you laughing brought Recovery Girl back to the room. She gave you one more treatment now that you were awake, and it helped enough to get you up and moving again. You thanked her and turned to Bakugo who had also been cleared to go. Classes had ended a little while ago, so you only needed to go back and get your stuff. Which was probably good because you didn’t even want to face your classmates, how had you failed so badly? You texted your Mom to let her know you were ready to leave. Apparently the girls had filled her in on their group chat. That fucking group chat.

The two of you walked back to class to grab your stuff in relative quiet. You two were never really on top of the whole small talk thing, so you weren’t really shaken by the silence between you. It seemed like the awkwardness that you’d felt from him was finally gone and you could just chill out and hang. You supposed that could be worth the torturous hell that would be the extra training at camp for the failures and when you thought about it your stomach dropped.

You’d be trapped in the room with Vlad King during the villain attack. You wouldn’t be able to help your classmates at all while they were going through so much hell. That explains why you hadn’t heard anything from Relapse about the Bakugo fixed point situation. She knew you were going to fail and not be able to mess anything up. Shit, you really never stood a chance, did you? Nezu was seriously scary. Your phone buzzed and it was your Mom saying she’d be waiting outside, you turned to Bakugo who was still obviously really sore and decided to give it a shot.

“Hey, you need a ride home? My Mom is here with the car.” You doubted he’d take you up on it, but it was worth it to offer anyway.

“Okay.” You smiled because you figured that meant he was either in a shit ton of pain or that he was your friend again. You decided that the answer was the one that made you feel the most happiness and went on with your life because you needed to stop overthinking shit so much. It was exhausting.

“Awesome!” You waited for him to finish gathering his stuff and you both walked out of the school together. You shot your Mom a heads up text and as always she was super cool with helping out one of your classmates. You also had a feeling she really wanted to meet Bakugo. So she could gossip all the better with your girlfriends. You then got a little excited at the idea of these two humans interacting with each other. It was going to be so entertaining! They were total opposites! A huge grin stretched across your face as you hopped into the passenger seat while Bakugo hopped into the back.

“Bakugo Katsuki!” Your Moms adorable Motherly voice chimed through the car as it pulled away from the school. “I heard that you at least passed your final today.”

“Mom,” You whined knowing exactly what she was doing. She was going to make fun of you to bond with Bakugo, that bitch. That was your move. Bakugo laughed. “Not cool.”

“Yes ma’am.” He replied, his voice low and raspy from all the yelling he’d done earlier. It made him sound older, and those Best Jeanist manners had obviously kicked in. The combination made your cheeks flush.

“No need to be so formal honey, I did raise this one.” She motioned over to you like that somehow explained something. You were offended and you did not like it when your own tricks were used against you. “And Shiro, you know I’m kidding. So, you didn’t pass? Get over it, learn something from it, and then don’t fail next time. Right?”

“Right.” You smiled, it was what she always said when you did poorly at something. And of course she was right, Nezu and Aizawa would obviously have had a reason to test you in the way they did, so you now needed to learn what that reason was and move forward with the constructive criticism. You were never going to become a real hero if you just got all depressed when you didn’t do something perfectly.

“So, Bakugo, where do you live?” The boy gave directions and the three of you chatted about school and how much fun the training camp was going to be. You pretended to be both excited about the camp and holding out hope for Aizawa to still let you go. You couldn’t let them know that you actually were dreading the camp with every fiber of your being and you knew for a fact that you would be there.

It wasn’t long before he hobbled out of the car and back into his house and you were on your way back home. You took in a deep sigh, knowing that you weren’t looking forward to school tomorrow. You knew you needed to get over it, but it really wasn’t that simple. You tried to summon your inner strength when your Mom interrupted you.

“I ship it.”

“What?” You responded sharply.

“You and Bakugo. I get why Mina is so into it. You two are fiery together. I ship it. Eijiro is still your soulmate, but I don’t mind if you date Bakugo in your teen years.”

“My life is not an Otome game! You all really need to find something else to obsess about.” Like what the actual fuck? Who else has a Mother and friends like this? You were living amongst insane people.

You needed to sleep for a month.

Chapter Text

“Everyone, I’m looking forward to hearing your stories about how fun camp was.” Mina was crying, Kaminari looked like he was suffering from severe depression, Kirishima hadn’t said a word yet but you could literally see a rain cloud forming over his head, while Sero and Sato just looked terribly disappointed.

You joined the other failures and put your head on Minas shoulder quietly in both sadness and encouragement. At least you weren’t the only one who felt like they’d failed their classmates along with the exams. You mouthed an I’m sorry to Kaminari and he shrugged dismissively. He didn’t blame you it seemed, that was good at least.

“Maybe they’ll end up letting you go! There might be a last minute twist of something!” Midoriya was obviously uncomfortable with a girl crying in front of him. You would have laughed if the sadness in the room wasn’t overwhelming.

“Stop Midoriya, by saying that out loud you’re just jinxing us.” Sero put a hand on Izukus shoulder as Mina kept trying not to cry.

“They said whoever failed the exams would have to skip training camp and live in Summer School hell. We didn’t pass the practical so we’re doomed! Don’t you get it Midoriya! Or did All Might knock all the brains out of you!” Kaminari poked Izuku on the forehead pretty hard, obviously in the middle of some kind of sadness breakdown. Sero said something to try to calm his nerves but you were distracted by the shadowy figure of Aizawa behind the closed door. You noped right into your seat just in time for the Erasure terror himself to burst into the room.

“Once the bell rings you should be in your seat.” He was seriously so fucking scary sometimes. You straightened in your seat, afraid to draw any attention to yourself. You did not want to hear about your failures from Aizawa right now. It was going to be the opposite of the feeling you got when All Might praised you. So, bad. Very bad. “Silence.”

The class fucking teleported to their seats and were at attention before the man had a chance to continue. The way he commanded respect was something else.

“Morning.” Aizawa continued as he walked up to the front of the class, “Unfortunately there are a few of you who did not pass your final exams. So when it comes to the training camp in the woods,” He smiled brightly which was scarier than his glare by far, “Everyone is going!”

Everyone was so happy except you. You knew what hell awaited you, naive bastards.

“We really get to go to camp?!” Kirishima had his pep back.

“Seriously!” Mina finally stopped crying.

“Yeah. The good news is that no one bombed the written exam. Six failed the practical.” His eyes shifted over to you for a second and you tightened in your seat. “Badly.”

“Let me explain, for the practical battles, the teachers made sure to leave a way for the students to win. Otherwise you never would have stood a chance. We were interested in observing how each of you worked together and approached the task at hand.” You still didn’t understand what route Nezu had left for you and it was kind of frustrating. How could you have done any better?

“But didn’t you promise that the teachers wouldn’t be holding back?” Oijiro questioned.

“That was just to get you on edge. Besides, the training camp would focus on building your strength. Those who failed need those lessons the most. We were never going to seperate you.” Aizawa made that scary ass smile again, “That was just a logical deception we used.”

“Mr. Aizawa this is the second time you’ve lied to us! Aren’t you afraid we’ll lose faith in you?” Iida was clearly upset. He didn’t just put his hand up as he spoke, he was also standing up and shaking lightly.

“Uhh, a little blunt there, Tenya.” Uraraka said. Wait, since when were those two on a first name basis? You’d have to ask Mina later.

“That’s a good point. I’ll consider it.” Aizawa spoke plainly, you had a feeling he was not actually going to consider it. “But I wasn’t lying to you about everything. Failure is failure.” His eyes bore into your soul. Why did it feel like he was only directing that at you? You lowered your head in shame. “We’ve prepared extra lessons for the six of you, frankly they’ll be much tougher than what you’d face at Summer School.”

He handed out booklets of information and class got on like normal. You were hoping for some kind of debrief about finals where Aizawa would maybe explain what the fuck you could have done better because you honestly still weren’t getting it, but alas, it was just normal classwork. Which you found pretty frustrating and were not about to let be the case. You wouldn’t be able to move on from this until you learned something from it, because otherwise it really was simply just a failure. So, when the bell rang out and you had the next period free, you made your way to the Principal’s office to see if you could get a meeting. Nezu was probably busy as hell, but you hoped that he would spare a couple of minutes of his time to help a student.

On your way to the administration office you saw Monoma leaned against the hallway looking dejected at a sheet of paper and remembered that he failed too. At least there would be something to entertain you while you were in Summer camp hell. Screwing with this dude was one of the great treasures of your life lately. You hopped up to him in your usual overexcited way.

“Hey Monoma! You know, I was just wondering, do you think that if turtles were alcoholics that they would be wine drinkers or that they would go with more of the hard stuff? Also, I was thinking about how all the stars that we see have probably been dead for millions of years, do you ever wonder if the entire rest of the universe died off a long time ago and that soon all the stars in the sky will disappear leaving civilization to have to deal with the crushing realization that we are alone and probably going to die meaninglessly? And just yesterday I saw the cutest labrador puppy and it’s little doe eyes and fluffy blonde hair reminded me of you. How did your finals go?” You took a deep breath and ended your pauseless rant. He, of course, stared at you dumbfounded for a minute before responding, as he usually did. You weren’t sure how you kept a straight face when you did this shit to him.

“Why are you always talking to me?” He questioned shooting you a side glance and a warmer than usual tone.

Because I am an agent of chaos and it is my mission to destroy you. “What? I don’t know.” you said, not dropping your overly enthusiastic facade, he grumbled.

“How did your exams go?” You were taken aback, you didn’t think you’d even heard his normal speaking voice. He always seemed to go from low grumbles of irritation to higher pitched condescending tones during his speeches, his normal voice was actually kind of freaky. Was he screwing with you back now? Alright, cool, that would make things more fun anyway. Game on, dude.

“Oh I failed.” You didn’t have to feign sadness, you were actually sad about it. But he was going to find out when you were in the extra classes with him anyway so no point in trying to hide it.

“Oh, so one of the top 5 students in the vastly superior class 1A couldn’t even pass her final exams? Aren’t you guys supposed to be so much better than us in class B? Maybe you aren’t actually--” His normal irritating personality comes out and you’re actually relieved. You cut him off.

“So you passed your final then?” Your tone was accusatory. He grumbled and you chuckled.

“You’re too much.” You shove him lightly and knock him off his balance. “Guess you’ll be stuck with me and the vastly superior failures of 1A.” You place your hand on his cheek and lean in close, voice dripping with sarcasm and expression darkening. “I really hope some of your brilliance can rub off on me at camp, I’ll make sure to stick by you the whole time so I don’t miss a second of your superior intellect and your endless talent.

The boy visibly paled and shuttered at your words. He was obviously terrified of and hated you deeply, so camp might be a little fun after all! You were pretty bouncy the rest of the way to the administration office.



“Hello there, Kisaki. It’s good to see you.” Nezu was bouncy and chipper sounding as always, but you couldn’t help but be a little unnerved by it. There was something behind those eyes that you couldn’t read, and since the anime didn’t cover much about him you hadn’t the faintest clue what it could be.

“Hey Principal Nezu,” You settled into your seat nervously. You hadn’t really come up with a plan on how you wanted to approach this. You sat for a beat awkwardly, trying to find your words.

“I’m actually very glad you came to see me today,” Nezu took a sip of his drink and smiled at you, “I was very impressed by the way you used your quirk at the Sports Festival, you really blew a few of us teachers out of the water! You remind me of Hakamata, er, Best Jeanist when he was young. Always so inventive in finding the versatility of his quirk that no one else could see. You have an amazing potential and wonderful drive from what I hear, and it seems like quite a few pros have picked up on that as well. How was your internship at Foresight? I was very surprised to hear that Relapse had taken an intern herself.” His eyes narrowed at you and this no longer felt like an innocent little chat about your progress as a student.

Of course Nezu would know Relapse. Although her many talents were kept out of the media and public eye, it made perfect sense that she would be at least acquainted with the Principal of UA and probably All Might as well. No way Sister and Relapse hadn’t been forced to pass information on to the Symbol of Peace and the Principal of one of the Top Schools in the country at some point or another. Why wouldn’t Relapse warn you about this? What the hell were you supposed to say? Time to keep calm and lean into your unfortunate experience with being blindsided with information.

“Oh thank you, I really try my best. Uhh, It was an amazing time, she taught me so much. I was really excited to show off my progress…” You felt sad again about your failure, you weren’t sure if you had him fooled or not but playing the oblivious teenager was probably the move here. He had to know that at least parts of your internship had to be top secret considering where you went and maybe you could play off any awkwardness or gaps in your truth telling as that. “Uhh, but that’s kind of why I came. During the final, I… don’t really feel like I learned anything.”

“I would guess not.” He laughed a little but you didn’t feel like he was laughing at you, more laughing at the situation itself. “I suppose it’s pretty hard for you to see from your own perspective. Kisaki, it was your plan all along to leave Kaminari behind and try to break for the gate yourself, wasn’t it?” You stilled. How could he have possibly known that? You had made every step to make it look like that wasn’t your plan.

“Honestly?” You chuckled nervously and he grinned knowingly.

“I thought so.” He sipped again and continued, “Before the match you were on the right track. It was noted that you tried very hard to get your teammate to cooperate and strategize with you. It was also noted that you’d done a lot of research on the Pros at the school and had a decent idea of my quirk, but no real idea how to counter it. That’s good, we didn’t want you to know what to do against me. Aizawa noted after the Sports Festival that although you had quite a lot of combat strength, you were lacking in a style of your own or the ability to change your style on the fly to counter any unexpected variables. Though you did encounter many unknowns during the obstacle race, they were pretty easily countered by previously used moves and strategies so you weren’t really challenged in any way. During the tournament finals, all of your moves were calculated meticulously and specifically to counter your opponent. This shows that you’d definitely learned from Midoriya Izuku and had taken to likely keeping notes and strategies against most of your fellow students. These are all fantastic talents, for sure, but your teacher was worried that although it appeared like you were making a lot of progress on the surface, you actually hadn’t grown very much due to being so focused on perfecting certain gimmicks and set reactions to stimuli.” He took a breath and you were dumbfounded by how closely your teachers had been paying attention to you. Of course they were, they needed to teach you, but it still had you kind of shook. He continued his speech. He loves speeches.

“Your detachment from the other students was also noted. Aizawa has noticed that although you have decent friendships and connections with your classmates on a social level, during group training and even at the USJ your demeanor would change drastically, becoming more calculated and watchful, prefering to separate from your group and act alone rather than engaging with the others. It was like the second quirks became involved, you became isolated. Rarely training with the other students and coming up with ways to work together. You weren’t building trust on the battlefield with your fellows, and we were worried you were lacking in the ability to work with someone to overcome obstacles together.” Well that wasn’t what you expected to hear. You just got truth bombed by the principal and it was not a good feeling. You had a feeling he wasn’t done talking, but he was pausing to judge if you had something to say.

“Oh,” you couldn’t imagine what the look on your face was right now. You felt like he’d actually physically slapped you and there was a kind of daze in your head. Everything they were saying made perfect sense. You’d never really considered how you came off to other people, outside of the typical high school socialization stuff. Did they ever want to ask to spar but not because you were always off training alone? Oof, you hated this feeling.

“We placed you in what felt like an unwinnable situation to test if you would lean on your partner or do as you always do and detach. That was what lost you the match. If you had performed the exact same actions, but took your partner with you things would have play out much differently.”

“What, how?” You questioned, now totally dumbfounded at how falling into the abyss with Kaminari would have been any better.

“If you had landed on the building with the combined weight of the two of you, you would have fallen down one floor further. The two of you would have been pinned together in a similarly dark room. Kaminari would have been within reach of a few steel rods that if he’d channeled his electricity though should have lit the room up enough for you to see that you could have lifted the concrete off of you with no consequences. And if you both followed the tunnel in that room out of the building, you would have been within 100 yards of the gate and passed your final.” Your stomach dropped. The insane calculations he would have had to set that up made your mind twist. How was that even humanly possible? Oh wait he wasn’t human and thinking about this instead of your failure actually wasn’t doing much to stop you from feeling like shit.

“Wow.” You didn’t know what to say but small tears were welling in your eyes. You’d been wondering what your true weaknesses were a lot leading to the finals and you definitely never considered that it was this. It hurt a lot to know that you actually really sucked at working together with everyone, even if you kind of had your reasons you knew that he was right. You’d stayed so secluded from them all, only letting them in piece by piece because you had to filter all the information through the ‘am I supposed to know that’ filter before you spoke but that was only an excuse for social time. And he’d said you were doing good at that. This was much deeper. You needed to reflect, you chuckled nervously. “I feel like I just got slapped in the face.”

“Sorry,” he actually sounded kind of concerned, it was sweet and he didn’t seem so low-key evil for once. “I figured you were the type to need to hear it bluntly.”

“No, I definitely am. And you’re totally right.” You were still pretty lost in thought as you spoke, you gave him a thumbs up as you let a mask of false confidence take over. “Lesson learned, I’ll do my best! Thank you sir.”

“We all think you’re really talented, Kisaki. Don’t let this shake your confidence, okay?”

“Never.” You smiled as you gave him a bow and took off back into the school. You decided you needed to go process everything, but maybe not alone this time?

Kisaki: Hey, why don’t we finally go to dinner tonight and shame eat breadsticks in celebration of our loss?
Minari: Hell yeah! Then we can make out, right?
Kisaki: pfffffff

Chapter Text

“You will put on this dress and you will allow Mina to put this makeup on you. It is not a request.” Holy shit you forgot that your Mother could be terrifying sometimes. It didn’t help that she had that Alien Queen of destruction behind her and they were somehow making each other stronger, like their combined shipping powers seemingly turned them into a monster right before your eyes.

“It’s not a real date you guys. I lost a bet.”

“It is your first date, and I will not allow you to disrespect the effort that poor young boy put into earning it by letting you not take it seriously.” Her eyes were kind of narrowed at you, holy shit was she really mad at you? You shrank in your seat.

“It’s not..” You lost all the energy to fight.

“Is he coming to pick you up?” Although it was definitely a rhetorical question in that your Mother already knew the answer, you knew from her tone that she wanted you to answer it.

“Yes ma’am.” You grumbled while Mina excitedly started poking through your shoes.

“And he’s buying you dinner?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And he has feelings for you?” You started to argue but Mina cut in loudly.

“YES MA’AM.” Her eyes pointed daggers at you from your closet and you somehow managed to shrink further while blushing.

“Then you will take this date seriously and give this boy a fair chance. If you aren’t into it, you will be kind but straightforward about it so you do not toy with his emotions. That is how a quality person behaves.” Your Mother slung the dress at you when she finished. “Put it on.”

“...yes ma’am.” Defeated. And she wasn’t wrong. This was that whole detachment thing Nezu was talking about. Anytime there was a battle afoot you got way lost in your head and tried to pull away from everyone. They aren’t just anime characters…. You thought you were past this, but obviously not. Self-awareness was hard and it was really easy to convince yourself that you’ve thought of everything. Shit.

You stood up, got undressed, and slipped on the dress fairly quickly and without further comment. You were just a high schooler, despite how much all this stress has aged you mentally, and maybe you needed to stop acting like you didn’t also need to be learning and growing with your classmates. You turned around so your Mom could zip the dress and then sat back on the bed to wait and see what the girls came up with next.

“These red shoes would be cute!” Mina held up some no-fucking-way heels and you shook your head.

“I’d break my ankle, Mina. Get me some normal shoes.”

“You’re going to be wearing a dress, Shiro!”

“Okay, less ridiculous ones then?” You pleaded.

“Fine!” She grumbled and picked some black strappy ones that didn’t have much of a heel on them and you figured that was plenty good enough. You’d never been particularly skilled at the whole girl thing and this was really no exception.

You let her put makeup on you and you honestly didn’t hate it. You didn’t typically bother with the stuff outside of a little eyeliner from time to time so her going all in on your face was actually a nice treat. You really did feel kind of pretty and their excitement was starting to rub off on you. Maybe giving Minari a proper date wouldn’t be such a bad thing? You’d gotten this far in life by doing what your Mother said, and outside of marrying Kirishima you were willing to take her advice on boys for now.

Once you were dressed to the standards of the two vultures, you all went downstairs to chat until Kaminari showed up to get you. You felt strange and nervous and you couldn’t keep your hands from shaking even though it was just good ol’ Minari. This girl crap was getting into your head. You tried to shake your nerves but the conversation wasn’t helping much.

“At least you don’t have to worry about him getting fresh with you!” Mina said through chuckles, “Since you’ve already knocked him out once.” You couldn’t help but laugh too.

“He wouldn’t get fresh with me anyway. He’s a good guy.”

“He’s girl crazy though!”

“Oh, is he?” Your Mom chimed in right on time. “Tell me more!!”

“Kyoka told me that one of the first things he ever said to Shiro was asking her out! Isn’t that adorable!”

“No way? I need to hear the whole story!” Your Mom’s eyes shifted over to you for a second like she considered asking you about it before realizing it was a terrible idea. “I’ll text Kyoka right now!”

What. The. Fuck.



You were so happy when you heard the light rapping on the door that signaled that Kaminari was finally there to save you from the girl talk. You jumped up excitedly to grab the door and were actually surprised when it swung open. He looked so handsome!

You noticed that he’d obviously put some kind of effort into doing his hair and was wearing a sport jacket over a button up shirt and nice jeans. It was the perfect blend of fancy and casual, and the way he stood there nervously made you blush immediately. Your Mom was right, you definitely needed to take this seriously. These were real feelings on the line and if you acted carelessly because you were too wrapped up in overthinking it would be downright cruel to him.

His eyes widened as he took in your form in the dress. He obviously hadn’t expected you to dress up and it looked like his brain short circuited for a second before he stiffened up and blushed while looking away from you. The girl crap must have worked because you had never really seen Kaminari act flustered like this before. He usually always had something to say.

He was also really ballsy. This moment was the first time you ever really considered that he asked you out not but a few hours after witnessing whatever happened between Todoroki and Bakugo that was definitely over you. Like, he didn’t give a fuck about either of their feelings, and without need to announce himself or make public declarations he came after what he wanted himself.

Whoa, that was actually really kind of hot. Like, super hot. Who was this boy standing in front of you? You suddenly realized you didn’t know much of anything about him and you felt your face start burning hot. Apparently the two of you had been standing in awkward silence long enough for Mina to feel some need to interject, because she called out from the living room.

“Minari! Come in and say hi before you two leave!” That jolted you both out of your staring contest and you awkwardly said hey and let him in.

“Mina, what are you doing here?” He said with a small smile and a wave before turning back toward you.

“Teaching Shiro how to be a person.” She leaned back comfortably, it was seriously like she lived in your house sometimes and you had a feeling she would still be here when you got back home from this date by the way she was lounging in her slippers.

“Nice to see you again Denki.” Your Mom smiled widely at him in a way that made you feel nervous and itchy. The two girls exchanged a look that you didn’t like so you grabbed Minari by the hand readying your escape. “So is this your first date too?”

“Please let’s leave.” You half-dragged him out of your house while he grinned and waved the girls off until you were safely outside. Yes, this was much better, you let go of and smiled at Kaminari who looked just as, if not more, nervous than you were. You mumbled, “Sorry, they’re like zombies after brains when it comes to this stuff.”

“No worries, Shiro.” He hesitated slightly on your name and it made you smile. Okay, when he was all nervous like this he was really adorable. How had you never noticed this before? “Uhh, you look super hot today.” This dude seriously has no filter. You let out a laugh and blushed.

“Thanks Minari, you look really nice too.” He seemed to perk up at the fact that you didn’t seem offended and kind of bounced happily while you both walked. “So how far is this place?” You weren’t in a hurry and hoped your tone didn’t convey that.

“Not far at all! We can get there in maybe 10 minutes?” He seemed nervous again, even if it was super cute, you still prefered the bouncy goofball you were used to.

“Awesome!” Silence stretched and it made you feel anxious. And as you were the type to just blurt out what you were thinking sometimes this fucking winner came out. “I can’t believe you asked me out after all that stuff with Bakugo and Todoroki.” You immediately regretted talking. This was why you needed to stay slightly detached, if you didn’t shit like this spewed out of your mouth like word vomit. You blushed and moved to try to soothe the question over but Kaminari laughed and it stopped you.

“You know about all that?” He seemed genuinely surprised.

“Just found out.” You felt bad for bringing it up and thought your voice probably sounded more uncomfortable than you’d intended.

“Damn, Shiro, I seriously never thought you’d catch on.” He stopped walking and turned to you letting his voice drop to sound deadly serious. “Look, if either of those guys were serious about how they felt, they would have done something about it instead of turning it into some kind of competition between the two of them. And Kirishima, well, if he’s willing to step aside for his friend like that, then he must not be that serious either. That isn’t my style, so, that’s why.” You turned beet red and stared at him for a moment, he looked like a completely different person to you than he did even earlier today and you could feel the confusion start swirling in your head until your thoughts caught up with you.

“Wait, Kirishima?” You questioned. Minari laughed again and put his arm around your neck gently before continuing to walk with you toward the restaurant.

“Oh, so you don’t know everything then.” He winked and your discomfort, seemingly getting a kick out of it. It was probably quite a sight, you were always so cocky and confident.

“I-I know most things.”

“You know nothing.” He half-whispered in your ear causing your temperature to increase drastically. He then pushed the door open to let you into the restaurant and everything seemed different in just a 10 minute walk. Life was fucking complicated.


“I can’t believe you really came all this way. You must be seriously worried about this.” The woman adjusted in her seat letting her eyes narrow on the man in front of her. He was very different from the last time she had seen him, the years stretching before her eyes and filling her with memories. In a way, it was him that gave her the tools she needed to obtain her position. She would never admit it, but she actually owed this man a lot.

“I assume you already know why I’m here?” He responded, his voice low and shaky, feeling a bit guilty about his suspicions. “And I figured there was no way I could get you to come to me.”

“Of course, I know everything.” She laughed dryly, her long locks shaking with every motion.

“There’s just something a little off with her that I cannot wrap my head around.” He wasn’t really talking to her, she already knew what he was thinking, but he needed to say the words out loud to organize his thoughts. “You must have noticed it too? I assume that’s why you went out of your way to meet her?”

“That’s part of it, but I’m sure you understand the position you’re putting me in here. I can’t really tell you much of anything, as most of the information I’ve obtained is confidential and private. You better than anyone should want my integrity on matters such as this to stay intact?” Her tone turned slightly accusatory but there was a lightness to it that only years of friendship and respect could pull from her.

“I know you’re right, but, is there anything you can say to make me feel better about all of this? There is something strange going on, and I feel like it’s big and I want to help but it’s out of my reach.” He sighed, exasperated while letting his form fall, “I hate this feeling.”

“You’ll never change.” She laughed again, lightly, “Look All Might, I owe you a lot of favors so I’ll tell you as much as I can. But I don’t feel awesome about it, so you will be informing her that you came to me.” Her eyes narrowed.

“Of course I will.” He declared, letting his form puff back up again for a moment.

“There is definitely something strange going on with her, but she cannot tell you about it, okay? The result of this strange thing is that she knows quite a lot about you...and Midoriya. Possibly other things, but that is none of your business. I can also tell you that she is completely and fully loyal to you both, probably to a fault.” Relapse narrowed her eyes at her old friend, “And, personally, I think she is one hell of an asset to us all. Do you feel better, my friend?”

“I really do.” He took a deep breath and let himself relax. At least finally had an idea of what was going on with her. It was nothing like he imagined, but at least he no longer had to wonder about her intentions.

“Good. Now it’s your turn to do me a favor. Give the girl this when you talk to her.” Relapse handed All Might the tiny envelope. “Tell her I said to stop what she’s doing if this ever goes off, okay?” The way she said okay made All Might feel very dismissed.

He was.

Chapter Text

“I feel like you still aren’t understanding me fully.” Your eyebrows narrowed at his chipper face.

“No, I get it. You just want to focus on being a hero for now, no time for romance, villany afoot or whatever. I get it.” He smiled widely, “But, you also said that you liked me.”

“I did.” You blushed, his enthusiasm catching you off guard.

“Well that’s good enough for now, right?” He was beaming happily. “I mean, we’re friends?”

“Of course we are.” You were blushing still, this date had gone nothing like you thought it would, he was like a completely different person. So self assured and confident, although he did put his foot in his mouth every third sentence, but it actually kind of put you at ease.

“Yeah, that’s good enough for now.” He winked and smiled, “I’m honestly just surprised that this ended up being like a real date. You’re always surprising me, Shiro.”

“Yeah you too, Minari.”

“So, how about a first kiss to go with a first date?” His tone conveyed that he knew it was a long shot. You let out a laugh.

“Come on did you think that would really work?”

“Well, I was hoping to replace this with the real thing.” He pulled out his phone revealing he’d done some terrible photoshop on the photo of you and Inasa kissing. And by bad photoshop, you meant that he pretty much just drew yellow hair atop Inasas head and added thought bubbles over your head that said ‘Denki is so cute!’ You broke into hysterical laughter.

“Why?” Was all you could say in response to this nonsense.

“Oh, to drive Bakugo insane.” He said it plainly and it stopped your laughter.

“Are you an evil genius?”

“Muahahahahah!” He placed his phone back into his pocket and smiled back at you, “I’m definitely not a genius.”

“Nah, but you’re great anyway.”

“See you at school tomorrow?”

“Definitely.” You hugged him goodbye and walked into your house only to be surprised at the sight. You Mother, Uraraka, Kyoka, and Mina were all panting as if they’d obviously ran to the couch after watching you from the windows.

“Hey guys, when did you get here?” You didn’t even bother with trying to be upset at the spying, honestly you were shocked you didn’t see them knelt behind trees as the two of you were walking home.

“We came to hear about your date!” Uraraka beamed at you, “How was it?”

“Honestly?” You decided to just quit resisting and give into the girl talk. This was how you became more engaged with your friends. They probably wouldn’t have a group chat with your Mom if they felt like they could actually get close to you. Shit, Nezu did a number on you. Everything you’d done to this point was now in question. “It...was really awesome.” You couldn’t contain a blush on your cheeks and the girls squealed.

“What, really?! Tell me more!” Mina was bouncing in her seat.

“I was sure it would be a disaster.” Kyoka said plainly, obviously surprised at the turn of events.

“Okay, so, it was obviously awkward at first!” The girls nodded knowingly, and seemingly taken aback at how little prodding they had to do before you gave up the goods, “And I said something really stupid! But I guess he was used that sort of behavior from me and he said the most amazing thing.” You blushed again.

“Holy crap, why are you blushing so much, Shiro?! Did that idiot actually steal your heart for real?” Kyoka looked confused and angry. You got a feeling she may have came for the shit show and wasn’t happy that it turned out well.

“What, no, but…” You paused, “There is something kind of charming about him, right?”

“I don’t see it.” Uraraka said in a kind but assured voice.

“I didn’t either at first! But, what he said about Bakugo and Todoroki..” You trailed off, forgetting that they had no clue what you were talking about. You really sucked at this.

“What do you mean, what did he say?” Mina was perked back up again, “And why were you talking about them on your date, idiot.”

“Oh! Ok, so the stupid thing I said,” you said looking down embarrassed, “It was awkward and quiet, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how he asked me out right after all the drama at the sleepover.” Uraraka gasped, having also just realized that, “So I blurted it out and asked him why.”

“No you didn’t?”

“Why would you do that?”

“What did he say?”

“He said something like, those boys aren’t serious about their feelings or they wouldn’t be fighting with each other about it! That’s not my style.” You tried to imitate the suaveness that he had in the moment but failed miserably. You decided to leave the new Kirishima information out of it lest you destroy your Mother’s soul. Had she known and been trying to tell you all along?

“Wow.” Mina said kind of dumbstruck.

“Well, he isn’t wrong.” Kyoka narrowed her eyes at nothing, “I mean Bakugo did literally call Todoroki second place when they were talking about you. It was totally more of a competition than a confession.”

“You’re right! And neither of them tried to talk to you about it or anything the rest of the night.” Uraraka interjected.

“Yeah, I guess if Bakugo was serious, he is totally the type to just rip the door off and drag you out of the closet with Midoriya instead of starting a fight with Todoroki.” She chuckled, that was obviously her evil plan for the sleepover all along.

“And Todoroki barely even talks to you.” Uraraka seemed uncomfortable saying it out loud, but she continued, “You two were, like, inseparable before our internships.” You let your expression drop.

“Yeah, I noticed that.” You were really kind of heartbroken about it. You’d thought that you and Todoroki were closer than this considering all the crap you’d gone through. It made you really sad that you didn’t have your weird little friend at your side as much anymore. “Hopefully stuff will get back to normal soon.”

“I’m sure it will, honey.” Your Mom finally spoke up, likely sensing your sadness the way only a Mother could.

“Oh a lighter note,” You plopped down in the chair and stared at Uraraka, “I didn’t know you and Iida were on a first name basis.”

“Oh,” She blushed wildly and that, of course, took the pressure off of you for a bit.

“What?!” Mina bounced in her seat. “Tell me all about it, ‘Chaco.”

“Well, we’ve been studying a lot together and..” She started blushing again.

“Oh my god, do you like him?” You were actually shocked. This isn’t canon.

“What? No way!” She covered her face to hide and everyone was kind of shook. This wasn’t right, she was supposed to like Midoriya. You couldn’t possibly see how anything you’d done here would have had an effect on that. What had you missed?

“She does!” Mina exclaimed excitedly.

“So cute!” Kyoka said happily.

How unexpected.



“Young Kisaki!” All Might called out to you, making you stop in place. Why would the Symbol of Peace need to talk to you? It was probably about school stuff, considering you were a top student who failed the final.

“Hey Sensei.” You smiled nervously, you didn’t want to hear any criticism from him today, it would ruin your mood.

“Mind if we have a talk?” He bent down so he was face to face with you, his smile plastered on. You chuckled, he was so goofy.

“Yeah, of course.” You followed in step with him to the lounge and took your seat on the chair in front of him. You remember the last time you were in this room and felt bad, you still kind of hated yourself for having to lie to him. Silence stretched, making you nervous and word-vomity. “About my final, I’m sorry I let you all down I-” He laughed and let his form fall, cutting you off.

“This isn’t about your final.” He took a breath and grinned at you, sensing your discomfort and pulled out a small envelope before handing it to you. “This is from Relapse. She said, ‘if it goes off, stop what you’re doing.’”

“Oh.” You grabbed the envelope and opened it. Inside was a Foresight pin just like Craines’. You held it in your hands and felt your heart flutter, if they gave you this they must be serious about you. Allowing you to wear that and be possibly photographed with it would have to be huge for them, right? You felt so proud and it distracted you from the what should have been implications of All Might visiting your mentor. “Thank you, sir.”

Realization struck finally, “You know Relapse?”

“Since she was very young.” All Might said plainly, “I would have raised her if things were different…” He trailed off and it made you sit back in your chair. What the hell was happening right now? “She made me promise to tell you that I asked about you.”

Your heart sank and your face paled. He wouldn’t have any reason to ask her about you if he’d believed your lie before. Shit, this means he knows that you lied to him. He was probably so angry! You wondered what Relapse had told him, but he continued talking himself.

“You were still in Australia during the Sludge Villain incident.” Your heart sank, you hadn’t even known that! “That was why we had to send out an official to do your entrance exam there instead of here with the other students. I’m sorry that I asked her about you, but I had to know the truth.”

“W-what did she tell you?” You were going to puke. Your voice was suddenly so small and broken, you didn’t know how to react.

“Not much,” His eyes narrowed on you for a second like he was reading your expression. “She said that you couldn’t tell me why, but you know a lot more than you let on about me and...other things.”

“Sir, I-”

“She also said, that you were a strong ally and implied that I should trust your intentions with myself and my protege.” You relaxed visibly, okay so Relapse had your back that was really good. But how much could you really say to him? The need to have someone to talk to in the way you had Relapse was beginning to build within you, but you needed to be careful. Telling level 5 secrets was the same a treason, and Relapse had informed you that the knowledge that you were transported from another world was definitely a level 5 secret. Also, any information about fixed points in time were also level 5 secrets. So...that was all you had to keep from him, right?

“Yes, sir, I do. I know pretty much everything. One for All, All for One, Midoriya being quirkless as a kid, about your predecessor and the sacrifices she’s made, I knew the USJ was going to be attacked by villains, I knew about how Bakugo used to bully Midoriya, Shotos terrible childhood, all the obstacles in the sports festival, how the boys were going to get wrapped up with the hero killer and I couldn’t say anything. I’m so sorry I lied to you, I’ve been drowning in the stress of it all but I knew I wasn’t supposed to get involved. It’s been complete torture and I didn’t know how to even communicate with any of you let alone be able to ‘forge comradery on the battlefield.’ I’ve felt so alone and I’m so sorry that I lied.”

Oh, so this was the inevitable nervous breakdown. Every bit of stress and panic you’d been feeling since you got to this world crashed onto you in your moment of confession. You couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down your face, unable to regain control of your senses. You wondered how long this would last, this horrible feeling of guilt that was crashing over you as you wept. It wasn’t long before you felt strong arms wrapped around your shoulders and you were pulled into a caring embrace.

Tears crashed and ran down your cheeks in droves until they began to fade away the storm of emotions dissipating into a cathartic calm. You released the tight grip on your palms to see that you’d squeezed the Foresight pin so hard it had cut the design onto your skin. The Symbol of Peace released you from his hug and brought his face to yours with a brilliant smile.

“Everything is going to be better now, because I am here.”

That, of course, got you started again and you cried and confessed to your hero for the remainder of the period.

Chapter Text

You’d honestly never felt better. Finally being able to open up to someone at UA was really a blessing and it was amazing to know that you had All Might in your corner. This whole time you were kind of keeping your distance from your teacher and Midoriya out of respect, thinking stuff along the lines of, It’s not like I’m a main character or anything. But, like, maybe you really needed to stop thinking that way in the first place. You’ve been holding yourself back from so many things to respect the plot and even Relapse told you that was completely pointless. Fixed points were fixed, and as long as you kept this pin on you at all times you couldn’t ruin anything too badly without being warned first.

It’s like she knew you needed something like this to be able to properly live your life. Ever since you’d met her she went out of her way to help you. And even if her methods were a bit crazy, she’d spent so much time trying to teach and mentor you despite not really being the type that liked to do that sort of thing. You were forever grateful and you honestly couldn’t wait until you could graduate and work with them full time. Was this your first real goal for yourself in this new life? It made you feel, alive.

Despite definitely looking like total hell from all the crying, you walked back into class with a huge smile on your face. You didn’t notice the weird looks you got from your classmates as you flopped into your seat comfortably with a relaxed aura they had never seen from you before. They watched as you adjusted happily in your seat and pulled out your notes for class before your shining purple eyes drifted up to acknowledge them while still wearing a comfortable grin.

“Hey guys! I was thinking, since we all have tomorrow off school, why don’t we all go on a shopping trip together?! I have a bunch of stuff I need to get for camp and we haven’t all hung out since my party. Wouldn’t it be fun?” Your voice was cooler, smoother than normal. Without it’s usual tension or strain that they’d grown accustomed to. They wore expressions of mild discomfort, as if they were unsure how to respond to the scene before them. You tilted your head in confusion, your voice still lazily content. “Uhh.. or not?”

“U-Uhh I do need a new swimsuit! I think that could be fun, Shiro.” Toru was the first to break the tension in the room that everyone but you felt. Your smile brightened a bit in response before others chimed in, seemingly broken from their spell.

“I’ll come! Todoroki, Iida?” Midoriya asked,

“I would love to come along.” Iidas eyes shifted to Uraraka and you grinned.

“I go see my Mom on our off days.” Todoroki said plainly.

“Bakugo, I’ll see you there right?” Kirishima turned to his friend who was sitting in his seat pretending to ignore the strange sight of you like this.

“I guess so.” He shrugged, bored.

“I’d have to be there or you’d pick a terrible swimsuit.” Mina chimed in putting her arm around you. You loved this girl, she was always such a good friend to you despite your weirdness. You decided to mock her.

“So a Mass Effect body suit is a no?” You both laughed as the rest of the class fell into it’s normal routine of goofing off until Aizawa made his way into the room to yell at you about something or another. You chuckled to yourself a lot as you took notes, each time the cut from the pin you’d squeezed rubbed against your pen you were reminded of how happy you were about what just happened. You’d felt a million pounds lighter and almost like you were floating. You only just now realized how weird you must seem to your classmates right now. You chuckled to yourself again.

And with that class was over for the day! You said your goodbyes and laid down meetup times with a few of your classmates before practically skipping down the hallway toward your locker to get your things. I’m just a regular student! I’m not overcome by secrets anymore! You saw Monoma outside of class B with Tetsu and Kendo and hopped over with a smile.

“Hey Monoma!” You held your hand up for a high five that would never come for much longer than any normal person would before dropping it with a big smile. “I’ve missed you.”

“I hate you so much.” He said breathily while his friends laughed at your antics and waved from his sides.

“Ok! Awesome! I’ll see you soon okay? Let’s hang out soon.” And with a hop and a skip you were off to continue your mission of getting your stuff and heading home to have absolutely nothing to stress about and maybe play video games or something!! Life was good again and even though you knew there was a bit of trouble ahead at the training camp, you were feeling pretty okay about everything up to the license exam.

There would be more boy drama then for sure. But, you’d taken the steps to manage whatever was going on with your classmates. Everything seemed to be more or less back to normal on that front so you could chill and figure out your feelings for Inasa when you see him again. No use in overthinking it! You did kinda miss him though.

You got to your locker with a hum and filed the books you would need for your homework into your backpack. You slipped on your shoes and headed out toward the entrance before you were stricken with deja vu.

“Todoroki.” We have to stop meeting like this. You smiled at your friend, slightly saddened by the distance that had grown between you. His expression was solemn, like he was lost in similar thoughts.

“Hey, are you okay?” His eyes were downcast, his tone low. You frowned at the expression on his face.

“Of course I am.” You’d honestly never been better. His eyes traced your comfortable grin and relaxed demeanor and his eyebrows furled.

“But you were crying.” He seemed really confused when you laughed lightly.

“Sometimes crying isn’t a bad thing, Shoto.” You walked up and closed the distance between you and your friend, tired or being stressed all the time about it and pulled him into a hug. He tensed up for a second before relaxing and hugging you back before you pulled away and locked eyes with him.

“You’ve been avoiding me. Not cool.” Your tone was light but serious, and you decided to leave it at that before giving him a smile and leading him into step with you as you both headed out toward the gate. “I’ve missed you, idiot.”

“Yeah you two.” He said softly as he still tried to search your face for the answers he was seeking and failed. This happiness didn’t seem fake, but it made him feel strange like maybe this was the only time it was really ever real at all. The thought made him tighten a bit as you seemed to float next to him.

“How’s your Mom doing?” You questioned as your footsteps rang through the hallway.

“She’s doing really well. She’s always so happy to see me.” He smiled to himself, you were really happy for him.

“That’s really good to hear. And how are you holding up in the wake of all that Hero Killer stuff?” This time your eyes were searching his face, trying to see if that was a contributing factor of his distance. If he needed someone to lean on you hoped he would ask, but you had your doubts about that.

“I’m alright.” His head dropped a little and you didn’t miss it. Though you weren’t going to push, you did want to extend a hand.

“Good. Well, if you ever need to talk, you know I’m always here for you, right?” You tried to sound casual and hoped that you were successful.

“Of course.” He placed a hand on your back and gave you a warm grin. Perfect. Things were relatively back to normal with Todo as well! As if you could get any happier? You hummed along with him until you waved him off to head toward the station and get home. As you sat on the train your phone started buzzing wildly. It was the girls group chat.

BestGirl: Iida asked me out!!!
BestGirl: I know! Omg I feel like I’m floating!
Kyoka: How did he do it?
Kisaki: What? No way!! Tell me everything.
BestGirl: Well, we were talking about the shopping trip tomorrow and he said he wanted to go, but he’d rather take me to lunch instead.
Kisaki: Wait, does he have game?
Mina: OMG, sooocute
Kyoka: You’re going right?
BestGirl: Yeah, of course!!

How adorable! You couldn’t wait to get home and tell your Mom about everything with Todoroki and your new favorite ship. You still didn’t understand what had changed to make this happen from the anime, but since you’d decided to stop overthinking everything you started planning their wedding instead. They are going to be such a cute couple.



“I want black.” You said plainly, pointing at the very tasteful swimsuit of your choice.

“No fucking way, Shiro!” Kyoka said, snatching the suit you pointed at off the hanger and dropping it on the floor like it had deeply offended her. You frowned playfully and made a huff over to where the other girls and the bikinis were. You did not love this, but it was time to be a normal fucking girl or whatever so you joined in on the chatting.

You were about halfway talked into a cute little bikini that looked similar to a sailor's uniform before you were stricken with a pretty intense realization. Uraraka isn’t going to be there to interrupt Midoriya and Shigaraki. It made your body freeze up and you were flooded with action before your thoughts could explain them.

“I will take that one! Can you checkout for me? I really need to run to the bathroom.” You shoved some money into Torus hand and half bolted from the clothing store and down to the main square to where you were pretty sure that they were. You looked down at your pin and it wasn’t doing anything, so you made your way down the escalators and started searching the benches for your friend.

You were pretty sure that even if they weren’t interrupted that Shigaraki wouldn’t have killed Midoriya in this scene, but you weren’t willing to risk it. From what you could remember, he was in a pretty erratic mood and Midoriya was being a little bit antagonistic in his honesty. You couldn’t let anything happen to him. You finally spotted them and made a cautious approach from out of their line of sight. No way they’d notice you until you made yourself known.

“...and when things were going bad for him, he didn’t abandon his mission like you did. Even if the way he acted was wrong, he held true to his beliefs. That’s the difference.” Izuku was terrified and so were you, but you remembered this scene pretty well and you knew you weren’t supposed to interrupt yet. Shigarakis entire body language relaxed.

“Ahh, that’s like a weight off my chest. I see it now, all the dots connected. Why he makes me so angry. Why you irritate me so much. Everything makes sense. It’s him. The problem is All Might. Yeah, yeah. That’s it. That’s the most rational explanation. I didn’t see it even though it was in front of me the whole time. What was I worrying about so much? It’s simple. He’s why these morons are able to smile thoughtlessly.”

He was starting to sound extra crazy and it froze you in place. How were you going to be able to play it calm when you were so fucking terrified right now? Should you have stayed out of it? You looked back down at your pin that was still not reacting. What am I supposed to do? Your eyes noticed that Shigaraki was starting to choke Midoriya. His face was so scared, you needed to do something. You took a deep breath and walked the opposite direction of them calmly and circled around so you’d approach them from the front. You could see the panic growing in your friends eyes so you quickened your pace and summoned your strength to try to act casual.

“Hey Deku!” You smiled and approached and let your face drop the same way Uraraka’s did. “Is that a friend?” Your voice sounded shaky and cautious which was probably what it was supposed to sound like right now. Midoriyas eyes met with yours pleadingly as Shigaraki’s eyes shot into yours, making your breath catch.

“It’s you.” Those crimson eyes narrowed into yours and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. He was supposed to let go of him, why wasn’t he? Your eyes went wide with panic and you had to stop yourself from taking a step when Midoriya lightly shook his head no. “Kisaki Shiro.” The way he said your name made your spine tingle.

He let go of Izuku, stood up, and took a step toward you. Your classmate looked into your panicked eyes immediately and let out a breathy, “Don’t panic,” before gasping wildly for air and coughing up a lung.

“You can overclock quirks.” The villain smiled his demented smile at you and you still couldn’t find the strength to speak as he took another step closer. “I learned all about you, and your father.” You audibly gasped as he continued speaking and walking toward you, “I’ll see you very soon.” You let out nothing but a small squeak as he glided past you and on his way out of the mall. “If you try following me, I’ll get angry.” He shot a glance over his shoulder and left you both in shock.

You ran over to check on your friend as he gasped for air and the panic in his eyes died down. He hugged you in what you assumed was a state of relief before letting silence stretch between you two. How could you have been so stupid? You literally wrote a scenario like this before in that tragic backstory you’d been ignoring because it didn’t actually happen to you. Fuck. Of course the league would want to get it’s hands on a quirk like yours. Of course you’d be a target. Midoriya's voice kept you from having a panic attack.

“What was that about?”

“He wants my quirk.”

Chapter Text

“Did you find the information I asked for?” Tomura Shigaraki shifted uncomfortably in his stool gripping the glass with his four fingers and scratching at his neck in irritation. How long was this going to take? Kurogiri claimed to have contacts in the country that would be able to help, but it’d been weeks.

“Some of it.” The form of the man shifted nervously. “I have all of the information on the father we could want. Information about his quirk was widely discussed in the wake of the incident.”

“But he didn’t have ranged abilities. It has to have something to do with the Mother. What does her quirk registration say?” His eyes drifted over to the new object of his irritation, Kisaki Shiro from class 1A. This brat took a direct hit from Nomu and survived which was annoying enough on it’s own, but when he saw her battles at the Sports Festival his rage turned into something else. Desire. Whatever that power was, he wanted it on his side. And the more information he found about it, the more he desired it.

“Stamina Manipulation, there are no further details. Australia has a huge villain population, when there are quirks that are marked priority there is rarely much information about them on file. I suppose it’s to quell the kidnappings.” Kurogiri was obviously nervous about the little information he’d acquired.

“Stamina manipulation?” Shigaraki questioned, letting the idea settle into his brain and allowing theories to form. “I don’t get it.”

“Neither do i, it could have only been marked priority because of her husband's position, though we cannot overlook the possibility that something like stamina manipulation could be immensely powerful.”

“Hmm,” The boss took a moment of silent contemplation before continuing, “How was the marriage?”

“I-I’m not sure.” The mans smoky form whipped around the room for a moment in silent contemplation, “I could have my contacts collect information from known associates if you wish?” When his boss nodded Kurogiri questioned, “Do you think it is relevant?”

“Possibly. Something isn’t adding up here. You said the girl was registered as quirkless until age 13?”

“Yes, until an incident at school on April, 23rd, if I recall.” The man tried to gather his thoughts, “There wasn’t much about it on file. Just that an incident occured at the school that caused quite a lot of property damage and hospitalization for Kisaki Shiro who was supposed to have suffered massive memory loss. After the incident she was removed from the school and her quirk registration was changed to what it is now, overclock. Names of faculty and the other student involved was redacted by the administration. I could attempt to gather the data, but it would take some time.” Shigaraki groaned deeply and squinted his eyes.

“And within three months of that her Father was taken?”

“Yes.” Kurogiri answered.

“So, we have a quirkless girl who does something at school and hurts herself badly, the result of this is that she is registered officially as someone with a quirk and put into homeschooling. Her father, a high ranking government official is reprimanded and put on suspension shortly after under suspicious circumstances, and then kidnapped and used by a villain organization until his death. The girl and her Mother effectively disappear for a year and a half before suddenly showing up in Japan, the girl now attending the top hero school on recommendation? And last but not least, that same girl who has only apparently only had a quirk for 2 years nearly defeats the prized son of Endeavor at the Sports Festival with ease?” The man trailed off, letting the implications of the information he’d just arranged settle into his brain as he scratched maniacally at his neck in frustration.

“It sounds like she’s being protected by someone.” Kurogiri said thoughtfully, “Or possibly hidden?”

“If they were trying to protect or hide her, why put her at UA where she will be the focus of so much attention?” Shigaraki grumbled.

“Sometimes the spotlight is the safest place to hide something,” Mr. Compress said casually with a twirl of his fingers as he slid past the conversation and poured himself another glass of wine before returning to his own interests on the other side of the room.

“Think it could be the UO?” Kurogiri said after the silence stretched between them. His tone was nearly as low as a whisper. Shigaraki laughed.

“Do you really believe that they exist, Kurogiri?” His chuckles had caught the attention of the others in the room.

“They definitely exist. Just not here in Japan.” Dabi chimed in, dripping with defiance and contempt, “Never leave the safety of this country, boss?” Shigaraki scoffed.

“Even if they exist they aren’t a threat to us.” He shot a glare at the disrespectful little shit on the other side of the room.

“Unless you smash one of their toys,” Dabi shot into the glass of bourbon he was finishing up with a grin.

The irritating crashing and noise that seemed to always indicate the return of Himiko Toga shook the tension from the room as the girl skipped in while covered in blood and humming loudly.

“Hey boss!” She stopped and twirled happily, “I got all the blood you asked me to.” Did she want to be praised for doing her job? Shigaraki let out a noncommittal grunt to acknowledge her.

“Aww, are you mad because your girlfriend is cheating on you with that boy from Shiketsu?” Her eyes lit up happily, “I met him at school, he’s too nice, don’t worry it won’t last. I can get his blood for you.” She beamed excitedly at the prospect.

“What are you talking about, Toga?” He groaned in frustration, talking to this woman was his least favorite thing to do.

“Oh, you don’t know yet?” She giggled madly while pulling out her phone and settling it on a gossip website before handing it over, seemingly in a state of bliss. Shigaraki took a moment to scan the pictures that were of no consequence to him before settling his eyes on the article underneath. He began shaking again with frustration.

“Now she’s interning at Foresight!” He threw the phone across the room with a crash before scratching at his neck again, “And in Prevention, what is going on here?” A calming voice rang out over the intercom system, keeping the man from his impending tantrum.

“Tomura, I think it’s time I stepped in and helped with this investigation.”

“Thank you, Sensei.” Now at least, Shigaraki was sure to get some answers.

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Midoriya reported the incident and the shopping mall was temporarily closed. The heroes and police in the area conducted a massive sweep and the whole time you were sat in a police car and stuck with your thoughts. How could you have been so stupid as to think that you wouldn’t catch any attention? The League was actively collecting people with powerful quirks and you’d been so distracted with the canon that you’d completely forgotten that you actually lived here. And you thought that you were doing better?

You wondered why Relapse hadn’t warned you and were stricken with terror. It’s the same as treason to share information about fixed points. You gasped lightly, she could only discuss things with you that you already knew. Dread sunk in as you were practically guarded from outside the police car. You’d texted your Mother at the request of the officers and told her to meet you at the police station. That you had been directly targeted by the leader of the League of Villains and that they needed her to come in and discuss their options. This was really bad.

Nothing like this had happened in the anime, and the fact that you were so unsure of the future made you start to shake lightly. Maybe Relapse didn’t give you the pin only to warn you about when you needed to stay away, maybe she also gave it to you because it had GPS tracker in it. What if you were going to be taken? Your body started to shake violently, trying to hold back tears and be strong.

When it was nearly time to head to the station, the officers let Midoriya join you in the police car. He’d apparently been talking to the police and your classmates, explaining what happened on your behalf, because you looked like you’d been hit by a train and they were worried that you were in shock or something. And you may very well be in shock, because after a good cry you hadn’t really moved or had any coherent thoughts whatsoever. It was like your brain had simply given up on trying to figure out what the fuck was going on and it left you in a calm blank state. You felt an arm go around you and when your head turned you were being drowned in a dark green ball of fluff.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” You breathed into the hair of little nerd that was clinging to your body from the side like he was scared you’d disappear. The sound of your blank tone sent a spark of awareness though your mind and the fog cleared a little.

“Me too. Are you okay, Shiro?” He let you go and looked into your face. He already knew the answer, who would be okay after something like that? The answer was no one sane. You shook your head lightly, unable to find words to answer for a while.

“What do you think is going to happen next?” You let out quietly, it was the first time you really ever had to ask someone that question in this world. The sentence tasted sour on your lips and it made terror shoot through you once more.

“Y-you mean you don’t know?” His question made you jump, and got your brain ticking properly again. What the hell was he asking you right now? Oh, yeah, you and All Might agreed that it was okay to let Izuku know some of what you’d told him. You hadn’t realized that the man had gone to his successor already, but it didn’t matter much.

“Everything is different now.” You bit your lip and brought your hand to your face with a look of intense concentration. Your classmate studied your panicked expression with a look of concern, unsure how to react. To his surprise you let out an uncomfortable sounding laugh, “I guess I’m just like the rest of you now.” Did you seem kind of excited about it under the obvious fear? His eyes had to be playing tricks on him.



Your Mom sat holding your hand while the police finished up with taking Midoriya’s statement. She hadn’t said much, and the calm look of determination on her face gave you pause. As you continued to study her expression, you wondered why you didn’t see any traces of shock or panic on her face. This should be really difficult for her, right? Especially after what happened to her husband, and yet, she had a knowing look as if she’d expected this all along.

Officer Tsukauchi finished with the boy who had a nervous expression and came to gather you and your Mom with a solemn expression on his face. As you both settled into your seats, the calm in your Mother’s body language continued to bother you deeply. You started to ponder who this version of her really even was. Did you even know her quirk?

You could vaguely remember a throwaway line in your fanfiction about her quirk amplifying and giving range to your fathers quirk, but your lazy writing hadn’t gone into much more detail than that. You knew that she worked for an accounting firm, and had to leave to meet with different accounts around the world all the time, that she always had a calm smile and soothing words for yourself and your friends. And you knew that she loved you and reminded you of your Mother from your old world in many ways...but, this wasn’t really her, was it? You tightened in your seat a little as she locked eyes with the on duty officer and waited for him to begin talking.

“I’d like to congratulate you on staying calm, Miss Kisaki. A lot of people would have panicked and lost their cool in a situation like that. From what Mr. Midoriya tells us, there could have been a lot of lives on the line and you keeping a cool head very likely prevented that.”

“What are you going to do about my daughters safety?!” Your Mom cut in, again you studied her face and panicked expression, it looked genuine and shook your head lightly. Why were you being so fucking paranoid? There was nothing nefarious about your Mom, that would be ridiculous. You needed to just calm down and try to relax. Everything was going to be fine.

“We’ve been considering protective custody.” WHAT THE FUCK. No, that would be bad. Protective custody sounds fucking terrible. You wanted no part of that shit, you opened your mouth to protest.

“And what of her education? Don’t you think you’re going a bit far?” Mom had your back! Oh thank goodness because you did not enjoy the way the words ‘protective custody’ sounded. The officer tightened.

“We have a meeting scheduled with the UA Administration for later this evening to discuss our strategy for the safety of the students going forward. Until then, we’d like to keep you under guard anytime you are off campus.” His eyes shot to you and you froze. Okay, guard sounded better than protective custody by far. You could at least kind of get behind this. You nodded solemnly as the officer continued to stare at you.

“Miss Kisaki, I’d like to have a word with your Mom in private. Your friend Midoriya is around back and pretty worried about you. Would you mind going to chat with him for a bit while we talk?" You huffed as that was the most condescending adult voice ever, but complied anyway. You shot a half-assed grin at your Mom and a nod at the officer before excusing yourself from the room to find your friend.

When you entered the back alley, you were shocked to find Midoriya and All Might standing there chatting about what had happened. Your Sensei perked up immediately when he saw you and came in for a hug.

“I’m glad you’re okay Young Kisaki.” He released you only to be followed immediately by Midoriya who hugged you wordlessly. At least you had these two to lean on right now, that fucking confession as hard as it was, was clearly a godsend now.

“Me too.” You answered quietly as you were finally released from the hugs.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to protect you and the others.” He said solemnly.

“You can’t always be there.” You replied in kind, your voice still wavering greatly from your current mental state.

“Izuku?!” You heard the calls of Inko Midoriya ring through the alleyway as she ran to her son and grabbed his arm, “My baby! I can’t do this anymore. I don’t think my heart can handle another scare.” The woman said through tears as she clung to your friend desperately.

“I’m sorry, everything’s fine. I’m okay, Mom. There’s no need to cry, the heroes and the police have been taking really good care of us all night.” The woman nodded as a Police Kitty came to collect them and get them home safely. Midoriya waved a goodbye that you and All Might both returned before taking off with his hysterical parent. Suddenly you were alone with All Might in the alleyway and unsure what to say. He shifted uncomfortably as well, but as the adult, he took on the responsibility of breaking the tension.

“Young Midoriya tells me that you didn’t know about any of this.” His tone lowered as if he thought that someone could be listening in.

“Nope, this is all new. Things are much different now.” It wasn’t a sentence that was getting easier to say for sure. The feeling of dread washed over you again.You’d gotten so used to seeing the future you hadn’t really been preparing for how you’d feel when you couldn’t anymore. You’d been so naive.

“We’re going to keep you safe. You don’t have to worry.” Really, because you kind of sound worried, All Might, and it’s not exactly encouraging. You shifted uncomfortably, finding yourself unable to say a word in response. Luckily, you didn’t have to, because your Mother shot out of the door like a bullet with an expression of rage on her face and grabbed your arm a little tighter than you’d expected.

“We’re going home. Now.” She glanced at All Might and looked away quickly before continuing to drag you along the alleyway and into the car. She didn’t say a word the entire way home.

Kisaki: Okay, I think I’m finally starting to understand.
Relapse: See, I told you you’d get it eventually. Sorry I couldn’t give you a heads up. Rules are rules and actions have consequences.
Kisaki: This is bad, huh?
Relapse: Yes, but no worse than the future you know. Simply different. So far.
Kisaki: What do I do?
Relapse: Live your life, kid. That’s all you can do. And give Yoarashi a call, Craine say’s he’s been pouting.
Kisaki: lol alright



You were no longer allowed to take the train to or from school. You were no longer allowed to leave campus or your house without informing both the officers and your Mom. You were not allowed to have contact with any strangers, even online. Goodbye online gaming. Yeah, they were that fucking serious about this shit. Sunday was hell.

Luckily, Shinso was the broiest bro of all time and came over to LAN Minecraft and keep you distracted from the terror you were in. You life was flipped upside down and you weren’t sure where to go from here, your Mom was acting really weird, but of course she would be, her daughter was targeted by villains. She was also trying to hide her fear, of that you were sure. Ever the fucking gangster. You mused. Shit you were paranoid, and having police watching you constantly didn’t really help. At least at school on Monday and at the training camp they weren’t going to follow you, you supposed that you being surrounded by Pro heroes was good enough for them to stay away. Though you were still not quite looking forward to being at school again, will you never be able to fly under the radar like you wanted to desperately? Clearly not. Shinso poked you in the cheek.

“Cheer up, It’s not like evil villains are after you or anything.” He chuckled at his own joke like a jackass and you threw a pillow at him from over your laptop.

“I hate you.” You said affectionately through a small smile.

“I know.” He returned the grin and then let his voice drop, “You okay?”

You shrugged in response, unable to answer the question. You were undoubtedly, not okay, but there was a part of you that was excited about the feeling of being so present. Like a drug you’d forgotten that you were addicted to. Something about this fear made you feel kind of happy and you couldn’t quite place why. The boy abandoned his laptop and seat at the desk and walked over to the bed and slumped next to you. His hand slid the laptop out of the way cautiously before he pulled you into a half laying hug. You relaxed into his hold and let him try to comfort you, suddenly reminded of your confused attempts to comfort Todoroki. You and Shinso were two peas in a socially dysfunctional pod for sure.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” He whispered into the hug, you gave him a gentle squeeze.

“Me too.” He chuckled and let you go, pulling back to study your face before pulling a grin.

“No one would actually be stupid enough to try to snatch a UA student anyway.”

Shigaraki definitely was.



Despite being crowded by your classmates immediately, school was pretty normal. Apparently the police had managed to keep your name out of the press and all the news sources were simply reporting that a UA student was targeted. Thank the gods for small miracles, because you could pretend that everything was fine and normal like you wanted. That was until the last class of the day.

“Hello class, due to multiple incidents that have threatened the safety of students, UA is going to be implementing a new dorms system for all of the hero course students.” His eyes shot to you and you froze. This was happening out of order, holy crap the timeline is fucked. He continued, “We have sent notices to all of your parents. Construction is set to complete after the summer training camp and any students who would like to move in after that time are welcome to stay through the summer.” Again his eyes shot to you. You had a feeling that your staying in the dorms for the summer was not going to be a choice. This was weird. “Since the purpose of the training camp will be to get you all ready to receive your provisional license, so we will also have optional extra training going on at our many facilities throughout the summer. Go home and talk it over with your parents. We will be scheduling meetings with all of them to discuss any concerns one on one shortly after the conclusion of our camp. That is all, you are dismissed.”

Murmuring shot through the class as you were lost in your thoughts. What the hell was your life going to be like from now on? You couldn’t help but feel kind of embarrassed that you were the cause of all this, your only comfort was that you knew Nezu had been planning something like this either way, but no one else really knew that. You took a deep sigh and followed your classmates to the closing ceremonies for the year.

Then it was just a week of practical house arrest until the summer camp from hell.

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All of your friends were headed to I-Expo to be in the My Hero Academia movie and you were left behind. You hadn’t seen the movie yet, so you didn’t know what happened with them all, but you were pretty sure it would have been a ton of fun that you were going to miss out on. Oh, and the best part? Your Mom was going too, as a VIP, which you would have also been if you’d been allowed to leave your house. Three cheers for being a victim? Fuck me.

Everyone was headed out on their respective flights at different points tomorrow afternoon, so they were all too busy gathering together, packing, making plans, and getting hype to keep you entertained. Not that you expected them to or anything, you just wished you had something to do. If you could play your favorite games, you’d definitely not be so needy, but since you weren’t allowed to screw around with strangers on the internet, that pretty much left you with your console and single player titles.

Which wasn’t in itself a bad thing, but all of you games had been long since beaten and had storylines that weren’t very distracting from the crap you were dealing with now. Always with the bad guys and their evil fucking plans to destroy the world. What a pain. Now it was directly affecting your life and you were trapped!

Okay, it had only been a few hours and you were already getting stir crazy. You were just being dramatic, right? In your old world you would have relished the opportunity to sit around for a week in your pajamas and watch anime or read manga. And you had the added benefit of having a ton of time without homework to exercise and work on increasing your stamina.

Yeah, since you were being targeted and all, it was probably more important than ever for you to stay focused and go beyond your limits. No more sitting around depressed! You were going to get up and go jogging on the treadmill riiiiight now. Your body didn’t move, instead you just continued to pout, feeling left out.

CrazyEyes: I heard that you can’t leave your house.
Kisaki:Sup Hatsume! Trapped inside. May die
What’s going on, she never texts me.
CrazyEyes: Since your not busy why don’t I come over and show you some of the new babies I’ve been working on? I can keep you companyy~!
Kisaki: lol sounds fun. Pls don't expode my house.
CrazyEyes: You have a backyard right? They probably won’t explode much!
Kisaki dropped a pin.

The girl showed up quick. Like crazy quick, like you were pretty sure she already knew where you lived quick. When you popped the door open, she was carrying a huge duffle bag that was slung over her shoulder and a second one in her right hand. She smiled wickedly and walked in without waiting for you to say anything.

‘I like your house!” She exclaimed as she lightly sat down he bags and removed her shoes. You chuckled.

“Thanks, Hatsume.” You eyeballed her bags and noticed that they had travel tags on them.

“You headed to I-Expo too?”

“Yeah! I have to show off as many of my babies as possible. That’s where you come in! I’m going to use your quirk to see if I can get a few more ready before I leave tomorrow.” She smiled like she hadn’t just explicitly told you that she was using you. It was honestly really charming and you wondered if the girl had a deceptive bone in her body.

You led her out to your backyard and she began rifling through her bags and pulling out strange devices one after another. You weren’t sure if you could consider the two of you friends, but you were really thankful for her in this moment. Her wacky antics were exactly what you needed to not think about Shigaraki and what was going to happen at Summer Camp. Even if the villains wanted to get their hands on you, it’d be nearly impossible to get to you considering you were going to be in the classroom area. Right? A loud clunk cut you off and Mei ranted at you.

“...And this one keeps making this buzzing sound, and I was thinking maybe it was because the fan belt was loose, but I’ve checked it and I just don’t think that’s the issue here…”

“...and then this one is supposed to be able to repair but it isn’t performing at a high enough capacity, do you think you can overclock the ability to diagnose and repair itself…”

“...this baby is my favorite, but when it hovers over 20ft it starts to shake violently and there really isn’t a reason for it, I’m wondering if there are loose screws in the chassis or something, but I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with your quirk…”

“...And If I get this one back running, I’ll definitely get scouted by one of the international companies...”

Mei rambled on and on like this while you tried your best to help her. It wasn’t long before the straight mechanical talk turned back into chit chat and the two of you were getting along like the last time. She was so excited to go to the Expo that you were honestly even more jealous than you’d been previously. Ok, so, you were being kind of a brat. Unfortunately, being aware of the problem didn’t do much to solve it. But you were polite until the girl had to zoom off back home to finish packing.

About an hour later you found yourself completely exhausted. You weren’t able to help her out as much this time as it seemed like most of her issues were more of design flaws than mechanical issues. Not that you could be completely sure, because you weren’t a genius engineer like she was. You slumped yourself on the couch and let the silence ring in your ears.

You really had to stop stressing out about all this stuff. You tried to think back on all the training you’d done at Foresight. The best thing you could possibly do right now was get stronger, and you knew that there were some lessons that you still had yet to learn from here. You leaned back and closed your eyes trying to let all the memories of your training sessions swirl through your mind.

So, you could overclock your own body, other peoples bodies, their quirks, and electronics of varying type. When you focus on trying to overclock your quirk a certain amount, it drains double the stamina and tends to be less efficient than just letting it flow naturally. You can overclock multiple things at once. It uses a bit more stamina, but the big issue is the concentration that it takes and the resulting migraines. You’ve tried overclocking both your eyes and ears, both of which work but are very unpleasant and cause you to become disoriented and sick to your stomach. Overclocking your lungs can be used for quick and minor arial adjustments as you mastered when training with Inasa’s wind quirk. Overclocking your voice can be used as an excellent soundwave attack, but it hurts like hell and you can’t keep it up too long. Overclocking your skin was great at low usage as a general buff for your body against damage, but the stamina drain is significant and overheating becomes an issue over time.

I’m just like Midoriya, seeing my quirk as it’s always been instead of as a part of me. Ugh, what did she mean! You shot up and grumbled around your house for a bit before pulling out your switch for some distraction time.

You had just finished watering your crops, feeding your chickens and watering your cat completely submerged into the blissful calm of Stardew Valley when random thoughts attacked your mind in rapid succession and made you jump and sit up straight. The first thought was from earlier when Mei had visited, what had she asked you to do? Your mind strained against itself before the offending phrase presented. Do you think you can overclock the ability to diagnose and repair itself?

What did that have to do with anything? You shook your head and tried to head back to the game and get some fishing done when it happened again. This time a conversation with Relapse. She’d leaned in close and poked you on the chest, her words pointed directly into you. Think of all the old wounds you could heal. Or something like that. Why are you even thinking about this crap? She was obviously talking about you getting stronger so you wouldn’t be so scared of Shigaraki anymore. You squeezed the switch and the Foresight shaped healing cut on your palm ached.

There’s no way she mean’t… You stared blankly at your cut hand, letting the crazy idea you were considering find its place among your thoughts. There was no way it was possible to do that to yourself, right? Could you hurt yourself somehow if you were wrong? You shifted uncomfortably and weighed the pros and cons before deciding to say fuck it and give it a shot.

You shot an overclock into your palm and chest and willed then to heal and stared at your palm. Nothing happened. Well that was fucking anticlimactic, you chuckled to yourself while returning to your game. You hadn’t quite figured it out, but you were on the right track. Maybe the training camp would be where you could get that last push to really know your own quirk. Because you had the feeling that it wouldn’t be long until you were going to be in a position where you were going to have to fight for your own life, and you really wanted to be prepared.

It wasn’t long till your Mother finally made her way home.



“Why won’t you leave me alone about this?!” You whined toward your Mom as she flopped onto the couch next to you.

“I know you’re disappointed that you can’t come with me, Shiro, but you don’t have to be a brat about it.” Your Mothers eyes were set in a glare and you shrank, feeling bad.

“I’m sorry.” Your eyes shifted downward.

“Can’t one of your friends come stay with you for the week? You know that I can’t cancel this trip, I-Expo is the biggest event of the year.” She took a deep sigh, “I don’t want to leave you alone.”

“Most of my friends are going to the expo, Mom.” And I was supposed to go with them.

“I don’t like this.” She said plainly.

“I know.” You responded as you shifted in your seat uncomfortably. You didn’t really want her to leave you alone here either, but what choice did she have? I-Expo was a huge event that pulled in millions and millions of dollars and she couldn’t really cancel on something like that because of family drama. At least Shinso had promised to stop by every couple of days to spend time with you. You treasured the time you both got to spend together.

Your thoughts were cut off by the ringing of your phone.

“Hey Inasa.”

“You were publically threatened by the by the leader of the League of Villains?!” He was screaming, the tone made you shutter.

“I’m okay.”

“You’re not. This is wrong, Shiro, you’re in real danger there.” All the anger dripped from his voice and fell into a deep sadness. You were unsure how to answer.

“I’m going to be okay.”

“You should come here. If you were at Shiketsu --”

“It’s not happening, Inasa.”

“But --”

“I moved here from Australia to go to UA. I can’t leave no matter what. And don’t you think if it was the better option that Sister or Relapse would have suggested it?” You noticed the look on your Mother’s face, she was casually concentrated on your words.

“...You’re right.” Defeated. “It’s just, I’m so worried about you out there. Things seem crazy out in the East.”

“It’s fine. They have me pretty much on house arrest with a police guard for now and it looks like UA is going to switch to a dorm setup to keep us all safe next semester. I’ll be fine, seriously.” Silence stretched on the line for a moment and you shifted on the couch unsure of what to say.

“What are you doing right now?” There was a quiet desperation in his voice. You didn’t like it, but you weren’t sure how to make him feel better.

“Just talking to my Mom about I-Expo.” You said casually.

“She going?” He questioned.

“Yeah, and she’s super worried about leaving me alone,” You shot her a classic obstinate teenage glare and continued, “But, I’m not worried about it, plus my friends are--”

“You’re not staying alone.”

“It’s fine you guys are way too worried abo--”

“You are not. Staying. Alone.” Calm. Direct. Authoritative. You were not prepared for this. You froze.

“Uhh, I-I”

“What’s your address?”


“Shiro, I’m not letting you stay alone for a week. What’s your address?”

“No way, my Mom would not be cool with that.”

“We spent a week together in the dorms, I’m on summer break too, and this is solely for your protection.”

“You saying I can’t protect myself?” He groaned.

“Don’t be that way, I know you’re powerful, but it’s the fucking League of Villains. How can you be so blase about this?” He rarely cursed, it made your body tense up.

“I’m not being blase! It’s just--” The phone was snatched from your hand faster than you could register that your Mom had moved a muscle. You sat in momentary shock as she placed the device against her head with a glare in your direction.

“Yoarashi Inasa? Hi, this is Shiro’s Mom.” A pause. “Yes, It’s nice to meet you too….Yes, she is….I completely agree and I will definitely pay for your ticket if you can really come.” A longer pause. “Yes, I trust that you and my daughter will behave perfectly.” She laughed, “Uh-huh, yes I agree….Alright I’ll have her text you the address shortly. Thank you, young man you have no idea how much better this makes me feel. Yes, Goodbye.” She threw the phone down on the couch next to you with a look. You didn’t know what to say, something about this felt really surreal. You shifted uncomfortably.

“Mom, I-”

“You’re welcome. Now you won’t be alone all week and you’ll get to visit with your friend.”

Yeah, but is he just a friend? Guess you had some more feelings to sort out real quick. And you’d been so distracted that you didn’t even notice that your palm no longer hurt.

Chapter Text

You started feeling really, extra exhausted shortly after talking with Inasa, and your Mom said it was probably some kind of adrenaline crash from all the stuff you’d been through so you should go sleep it off. You lazily drifted up the stairs, legitimately concerned about having the energy to make it to your bed. You’d been blessed enough to make it and flopped into the bed, pulling your blanket over your body barely in time before losing consciousness and drifting off into sleep without even taking off your hoodie or sweatpants.

It was an empty, blank, dreamless sleep reminiscent of the crashing emptiness in your mind during the wake of the USJ. A hard hitting, crushing exhaustion that seemed to consume you and pull you into its nothingness willingly. There was no need to be poetic about it, you were passed the fuck out, drooling and snoring into your pillow like a toddler.

And of course this was the state Inasa found you in when he finally got tired of waiting and slid the door to your room open quietly. He took in your exhausted form stretched across the futon and sighed deeply. If you would just stop being so difficult, he could take you away to Shiketsu and Foresight where he knew you would be safe. Not in the hands of those idiots who’d almost let you die and have now set you up to be a prisoner in your own home. He frowned and walked over to your bed slowly.

He didn’t really want to wake you. He wanted to let you sleep as long as you needed to be okay again. He was scared to wake you and see stress lines stretch across your beautiful face, your eyebrows furrow with worry, your tight body language of discomfort. No, he wanted you to stay like this, you features calm and without worry painted with a small grin.

But, alas, your Mother had told him that you’d been asleep for fourteen hours and it was most definitely time to get up and have lunch or you wouldn’t see her before she had to leave for the expo. He sighed as he lowered himself into a sitting position on the edge of your bed and set the cup of ‘I’m sorry for waking you up’ coffee on your end table. He lifted his right hand and dragged it lightly against your cheek to lull you into consciousness. You groaned and your striking eyes shot open wide and made contact with his before you jumped in place.

“Holy shit, Inasa, when did you get here?” You tried to shake the fog of sleep from your head, but found it overpowered you, “Am I still asleep?” Your eyes narrowed on his lazily.

“No, you’re awake.” He chuckled and pulled the cup from the table and offered it to you with a hopeful smile. “I’m sorry for waking you up, but I brought coffee.”

“I like coffee.” You said in a daze as you lifted your aching body off the mattress and took the cup. Why the fuck were you so sore? You looked around confused. “What’s happening?”

“Are you okay?” He leaned closer to study your features and it gave you a small shock of realization. Inasa is in my room. You immediately woke the fuck up and blushed bright red, looking away from him with a pounding heart.

“I’m fine.” He smiled brightly at your words, smile, and tickled pink cheeks with a content chuckle.

“So when you asked if you were still dreaming-”


“-Is it because you were dreaming about me?” He didn’t let your little interruption stop him for one second and grinned happily at your discomfort right now. God, he’d missed you so much.

“I wasn’t dreaming about anything.” You said with your eyes laid low and into the cup of coffee you were obviously hiding behind. “Why are you here so early?” Your confidence came back in the form of squeaky morning grumpiness. It was cute as hell. He smiled.

“It’s 11am, Shiro. I’ve been here for over an hour.”

“What? How is that possible?” You tightened up and looked around confused, sure enough the alarm on your end table read 11:09 am and you couldn’t believe it. Why did you feel like you’d only had maybe 2 hours of sleep? Why did your body feel as sore as it did the day after the Sports Festival? Why the hell couldn’t you clear this fog in your head and most importantly why the fuck were you suddenly ravenous?

“I don’t know, stress maybe?” He ran his hand over your hair with a concerned look on his face, you tried to brighten up to appease him.

“I’m really happy you’re here.” You couldn’t help it, you’d been practicing being present and not thinking so much and you were obviously getting really good at it. (You weren’t, but there has been some improvement.) You smiled happily and took another sip of your coffee. His hand moved for a second before returning to his lap.

“Yeah me too, now let’s have lunch.” His eyes widened and his body language grew excited, “Whatever your Mom is cooking smells amazing.”

“Food?” You questioned with the same pathetic hope as someone who had been starved for the six months. His head tilted in minor confusion as to how to respond before settling on you being adorable and standing up off of your bed to offer you a hand to stand up. He was still kind of concerned by how out of it you were acting, but he decided that he would simply take note and observe for now.

“Yes, food, come on.” You bounced happily on the bed before taking his hand and standing up. As soon as the weight of your body landed on your legs they fell from beneath you and you flopped back onto the bed unceremoniously and looked around confused.

“Why am I so sore?” You questioned out loud this time but not really to anyone while looking down at your legs with a lost expression. Inasa lowered his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Do you need me to carry you?” You blushed and sat down the coffee cup onto the end table and left it to reach for his other hand, he was totally serious and didn’t see a single thing strange about carrying you at all. Which was ridiculous! You could stand up, you were perfectly fine yesterday. Nothing super weird was going on!

“No,” You said with a chuckle, squeezing his hands and bracing yourself to stand up again. “I’m just really sore I guess.” You stood back up and straightened, holding on for a second before you let go of his hands to hold yours out to your sides out of instinct to, I guess, steady yourself? And when you were sure you could support the weight you smiled up at the boy who was still looking you over cautiously.

“My goddess, if you so wish I would happily carry you bridal style to the family dining table.” He was fucking with you, obviously, but the thought still made your cheeks flush for a moment before you attempted to shove his body and failed miserably due to lack of strength.

“I will kick you out of my house.” You said with a huge smile, trying to raise your arms to yawn but finding that the action made your chest hurt sharply. You pulled them back down quickly.

“And I would guard the front yard with my life!” He decreed, shoving a finger into the air pointedly.

“I’ll get the hose.” You tried to take a step and wobbled for a second before giving up and grabbing the boys arm to steady yourself.

“And we’ll have a wet t-shirt contest.” He straightened you and placed his arm under your armpit, lifting you into his arms in a single swoop that you wouldn’t have been able to stop if you’d even known to try. You slapped lightly at his shoulder as you wiggled in his arms.

“Stop it, my Mom would freak out if she saw this!”

“You can barely stand up straight, how are you going to walk down the stairs?” He looked at you with a both a bored expression and tone. You didn’t have an answer and gave up in his hands.

“Ok, but after the stairs I’m going to walk.” He grinned.


He seemed annoyingly satisfied as he carried you out of your room and down the stairs. There was a moment on the bottom landing when you really thought he might not put you down. He’d just stopped walking and stood while holding you, not looking at you but you could still feel his focus. But of course he was just messing with you, and he sat you down gingerly before holding out a hand to help you walk the rest of the way to the table.

You and your friend could freak out about whatever was going on with your body and foggy mind after your Mom was out of the house. There was no need to get her all stressed out before such an important event. You straightened yourself and took his forearm, not hand, because that seemed really relationshippy and you didn’t want to freak your Mom out. Then you summoned all of your warrior strength and walked to the dining table and popped into your usual seat before your Mom even had a chance to turn around and look.

Inasa smiled knowingly, like he’d noticed the feat of strength you’d pulled off and that made you feel appreciated. The woman didn’t even look and you’d put so much effort into walking over here, it was nice to know that someone was giving you props. Your friend slid into the seat next to you without a glance and that was about the time your Mom noticed the two of you were in the room. With all of his strengths, Inasa’s big weakness was his stealth. His presence wasn’t exactly discreet. She smiled brightly and held out two bowls of assorted deliciousness. Whatever concoction this was, you were very excited to test it out. The smells attacked your senses and you dove in like you hadn’t eaten in years.

It was like your mind blanked out as soon as the first bite of the food hit your stomach and you became feral as you shoved it in to sate your monstrous hunger. As soon as you were finished you became lucid once more and looked down at your empty bowl with a confused look on your face. Had you eaten it already? Something weird is going on.

“Honey, d-do you want some more?” Your Mom looked shocked, but you acted strange all the time so you could probably get away with it. Time to do a little damage control.

“Yeah, sorry, I think I trained too hard yesterday, I’m starving.” I didn’t train yesterday, what the fuck is going on. Her eyes narrowed and she handed you another bowl, you ate it like a human person instead of some kind of feral beast which made your Mom calm down massively and settle back into her seat. Inasa was eating slowly, shooting you a side eye from time to time. He was obviously concerned as well.

“I’m worried about you, kid.” Your Mother reached across the table and squeezed your hand. It felt warm on contact and you smiled emptily for a second. Missing the way she frowned at you and looked at your hand before letting go. The contact made you feel kind of better, like it grounded you or something and the fog in your mind nearly cleared. The tension in your body even relieved a little bit, the freaking power of Mom love. Holy crap.

“I’m really fine, Mom. I’ll cut back on the training, I’ll torture Inasa with rom-coms, I’ll eat lots of sweets, and I’ll rarely leave the couch, okay? I’m not going to be alone so you won’t have to worry about anything happening to me.” Your eyes shifted to your friend and he grinned happily between bites clearly not against the plan for the week.

“Alright, I’m sorry. You know I love you and I can’t not worry. Especially at a time like this.”

“Yeah I know, It’s --” You were cut off by the sound of your front door opening. Everyone at the table tensed up and you were trying to figure out how you were going to fight in your condition when the all too familiar sound of Minas voice cut the tension in the room.

“Shiro! I came to drop off your swimsuit and give you love before I leave for the expo, you must be so lon--, oh.” She rounded the corner and stared at Inasa while holding up the bikini you forgotten you’d agreed to buy on a hanger in her hands. The boy to your left smiled brightly and stood to greet your friend. You were frozen in shock.

‘Hi! I’m Yoarashi Inasa! You must be one of Shiros friends?” He held out a hand in greeting to Mina and you watched her take it all in. Yeah girl, I know, hes sexy as hell. Her eyes went wide and traced his tall form all the way up to his excited looking face before shaking the hell out of it and grabbing his hand excitedly.

“Ashido Mina! Nice to meet you. You look different in person.” She shot a look through the boy to you and you blushed and grinned.

“Hey Mina, Throw that monstrosity on the couch and join us for lunch?” You really didn’t want to have to get up and you felt like Inasa could tell because he was being a bro and kind of herded Mina over to the table so you didn’t have to stand up to greet her. You threw her a hug from your chair and she settled in across from you and next to your Mom as Inasa settled back into his seat.

“I didn’t know you had company coming.” She said through a wry smile. You were instantly regretting the seating arrangement, because now the two biggest shippers in your life were seated across from you and your crush(?) who was blissfully ignorant of the hard looks you were both earning. He smiled up from his meal and answered Mina.

“It was last minute. Ms. Kisaki didn’t want Shiro to be alone this week while you all are out of town.” God damn Inasa and his blunt honesty. Mina’s eyes widened and fixated on you the moment she realized the implication that the boy would be staying for the whole week. Those devilish eyes then shifted to your Mother and then to Inasa for a quick second before she made a small squeaking noise.

“Oh,” she said breathily, obviously trying to hold in her overwhelming excitement. “Well, that was very nice of you.” Inasa shrugged.

“It would break my heart if anything happened to her.” His honest words came out so naturally, did he really not realize how strange it was to say things like this? “So, I’m actually just being really selfish.” Mina blushed for you, unable to contain her bounciness a second longer. You Mom was right there next to her, practically turning into caricatures of themselves for a moment.

“You are the cutest person ever.” Mina said matter of factly and the boy blushed lightly and scratched his head in adorable discomfort. “I’m happy you’ll be here to keep my Shiro entertained. I was worried about her being all alone.”

“Don’t talk about me like I’m not here.” You said lazily through bites. This happened more often than you liked. You were still unconvinced that it wasn’t mostly your fault, but you still didn’t like it and wanted to be more present so people didn’t talk about you like this so much. You were always so stuck in your head. You felt like you were always missing out on stuff because you were too busy over analyzing everything and stressing out about this or that of varying importance. Wait, what was everyone talking about? You zoned back in.

“...and I couldn’t stay too long. It was really nice to meet you! Shiro, I love you and I’ll see you in a week! Don’t ignore the group chat, okay? I’m sure the girls will want to talk.” You knew what that meant. It meant there was no way it was going to stay a secret that Inasa had come to visit. For a week. Alone and trapped in your house.

You stood up shakily and gave your friend a hug before she trotted out the door, turning to take one more look at Inasa with a wink at you. Well, of course she would find out that he was staying here. God-Dude loved to see you stressed out about your relationship drama. Your Mom started clearing the plates and had to wave Inasa off multiple times before he gave up on helping her. You hobbled over to the couch and shoved the bikini onto the floor before nearly falling onto it and flipping on the tv. You beckoned Inasa over and he did as instructed and sat gently next to you on the couch.

“What do you want to watch first?” You asked, shifting your head over in his direction.

“Whatever you want.” You chuckled at his response.

“No, we’ll be doing that the rest of the week. I’ll let you make decisions today.” You gave him a wry smile and handed him the remote. It wasn’t but another ten minutes before you’d been taken into another blissful sleep.

He watched your eyes droop closed and couldn’t help but let them fall. You looked so tired to him and he couldn’t bear how sad you seemed when your energy was this low. He flipped through the channels on the tv and settled on an old movie that he liked and kicked back. About halfway through the showing your Mother shot down the stairs, gave you a hurried kiss on the forehead, waved goodbye to him and sped out the door like she was running late.

The noise must have stirred you a bit because you shifted and moved further onto the couch, adjusting the way that you were laying so that you’d put your head in his lap. He smiled down at you and let the movie continue, enjoying it with a relaxed smile. Around the time the credits started rolling, the boy placed a hand lightly on your forehead to check for a fever that wasn’t there. His eyes narrowed, why were you so tired? You had been asleep for another 2 ½ hours and he was starting to get concerned.

You grumbled in your sleep and fiddled with your sweatshirt like it was bothering you. He blushed at the movement and shifted your head further down his lap and closer to his knee because he was a gentleman and honestly the feeling was sending chills down his arms and making him feel like a bad person.

Suddenly you shot up into a sitting position and he took in a deep breath of relief. Your head in his lap like that was way too much for him to deal with. Especially as that bikini laid on the floor next to the couch and taunted his young hormonal mind. He wasn’t made of stone afterall! You blinked a few times and looked over to him confused, you eyes narrowing on his blushing face and it sent nervous chills down his body. Did you know what he was just thinking? His eyes went wide.

“You okay Shiro?”

You rubbed your eyes, still partially asleep and mostly incoherent. “I’m hot.” You started pulling absentmindedly at your sweatshirt to take it off but you again found the motion of raising your arms to hurt sharply in your chest and you shot them down with a shushing sound. “Ouch.” Your eyebrows furrowed.

“Need help?” It was a rhetorical question and Inasa grabbed at your left sleeve and pulled it wide of your body so you could slip your hand out of the hole and down to your side before performing the same task on your other side. Once your arms were free he lifted the offending fabric over your head slowly and tossed it on the floor. You grinned sleepily at him.

“Thank you.” Your tone was blissful and sleepy, the adorable smile on your face and the tousled look of your hair made his blood run hotter. He couldn’t help his eyes from tracing down from your cute expression to the tight tank top that you were wearing. I’m a bad person. His eyes scanned your form before a jolt shocked him out of his boy-brained daze.

“Shiro, where is your scar?” He was suddenly alert and concerned sounding, the tone woke you up and you looked down at your chest in a moment of confusion. The smooth skin was still tinted pink in the vague outline of what was a scar at some point, but otherwise it was gone. You lifted your palm to your face and again the skin was unmarred. Your eyes went wide. No wonder you were so tired. It probably took a shit ton of stamina to HEAL YOUR FUCKING BODY.

“Oh my god.” You looked up at your friend, wide eyed. “I can overclock anything.”

Chapter Text

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Kisaki: Guys.. I was screwing around and I overclocked my body and told it to heal…
Mina: :O! Your scar?!
Uraraka: No way, it worked?
Kyoka: Holy shit Shiro
Kisaki: Idk what to do with this info. Can we talk about it later?
Mina: Oh, but don’t you already have someone to talk to rn ;D


You and Inasa held uncomfortable eye contact for quite a while before you finally moved again from your spot. You definitely weren’t asleep anymore, the fog completely lifted from your head and leaving your thoughts swirling. Could you heal others? Would it drain your stamina or theirs? What else could you overclock? You thought about how you’d seen the atoms in the air when you’d overclocked your eyes and wondered if you could manipulate them in that state. The boy must have had enough of the shock on your face and put his hands on your shoulders to ground you. You focused on his face and he was smiling widely.

“Why are you grinning like that?”

“Because I was worried that you were sick and I’m glad that you’re okay.” WHO IS THIS OPEN ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS? Holy crap, you blushed lightly and placed a hand on his arms and smiled back.

“Yeah, I was pretty worried about it too. I felt super strange earlier.”

“But you’re okay now?” He searched your face.

“I think so?” You shrugged, not wanting to lie.

“Can you stand?” He let go of you, leaving lingering warm spots on either side of your body where the contact had been. You weren’t sure. You were definitely still sore, but it was better than the first time you’d woken up for sure. You shrugged and moved to stand allowing the weight of your body to lay on your legs. You felt stable, that was a plus!

“I’m good!” You exclaimed, raising your arms up in victory before shooting them back down to your sides in pain. He made a move for you at the sound but stopped himself, leaning back and settling into the couch with an unreadable expression.

“No wonder the villains want you so badly.” He breathed with a sigh, ruining the mood of excitement. You slumped back down on the couch.

“Yeah…” Silence stretched before you said fuck this sadness shit and reached over him for the remote. “What’s your favorite anime?”

“I..don’t really watch anime.” He said softly, maybe scared that would be a problem? You weren’t sure but decided to gloss over it.

“No time like the present. I have an awesome one we can start with!”

“Is it one of your favorites?” He brightened excitedly while turning to you.

“Yeah, probably my second or third favorite of all time.” You said casually, missing his interest.

“What’s your favorite?” He beamed.

“It...doesn’t matter. It doesn’t air here.” It’s based on your life. You patted his knee lightly, realizing that you were probably acting weird right now. “It’s probably not possible to find the episodes anywhere online either.”

“Well, that sucks! Maybe you’ll be able to rewatch it someday?”

“Definitely.” A pause.

“So what’s this one about?” He was prodding as he walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. You were getting excited. You were about to watch an anime you loved with an anime character that you loved. Life was strange. “Do you want any?” He held up his glass and you nodded.

“So, there’s this girl, and she kind of looks like a boy, right? And she gets indebted to this host club at a really well of school and shenanigans ensue.” You were getting pumped as you pulled the first episode up in the queue and waited for the boy to return.

“That sounds really weird, Shiro.” He approached holding the two glasses and handing you one with a small grin.

“No, it’s great! I promise!” He settled next to you on the couch and your body moved itself closer to him, letting your tired head rest on his shoulder as you pressed play. He focused intently on the show, like he wanted to remember every detail. It made you smile as you watched and bounced happily next to him. When the theme song rang out you started singing along, earning an arm wrapped over your shoulders and him pulling you closer.

“It’s a romance?” He said with sudden spark of extra excitement.

“Uhh, kinda?” You looked up at him and blushed.

“Perfect.” He said with a smile.


Kisaki: Neito, my love. This break from school is weighing heavily upon my aching heart, no longer can I steal glances of your beautiful features, catch glimpses of your unwavering intelligence, and relish in the pleasure of your excellent company. Surely I will die soon, lost in the darkness that is being away from your light. I count the seconds until my tired eyes are shown the blessed exhilaration of taking in your presence once more.
Monoma: Who is this?
Kisaki: My identity doesn’t matter, just know that my love for you is unwavering and that in my heart I am sure we will be together again soon.
Monoma: Seriously who is this?
Kisaki: Do you believe in soulmates?
Kisaki: An irreplaceable bond forged in seconds at only a glance?
Kisaki: The idea that love can be manifested in an instant?
Kisaki: Because I do, and I know you are that person.
Monoma: Kisaki Shiro?
Kisaki: I knew you felt the same.
Monoma: How did you get my phone number?
Kisaki: It was etched onto my heart the second I heard your voice.
Monoma: I seriously hate you.
Kisaki: You mean love.
Monoma: I really don’t.
Kisaki: I can’t wait to see you at camp, my darling, I long to see you again.
Monoma: Please stop.
Kisaki: I have to speculate that god himself did make us into corresponding shapes, like puzzle pieces from the clay.
Monoma: Are those song lyrics?
Kisaki: And true, it may seem like a stretch. But, it’s thoughts like this did catch my troubled head when you’re away and I am missing you to death.
Monoma: I’m going to block you.
Kisaki: But then who would send you pictures of bowls of soba that remind me of you?
Kisaki shared an image - monomasoba1/28.jpg
Monoma: 1/28?!
Kisaki: See, this one has really light noodles, see the way they dance in the bowl? I bet that’s what your hair looks like in the bath. ^^
Monoma: I seriously cant tell if you’re messing with me anymore…
Kisaki: ;) Gotta go baby. See you next week? I love you.
Monoma: WHY

Now that you’d gotten that out of you system, you could get back to waiting patiently for Inasa to get out of the shower. You’d decided to use playing with your favorite toy as a distraction from the dishonorable thoughts that had been swirling in you head since the boy pulled off his shirt in front of you and made his way upstairs to go shower.

You’d seen him topless before, but everything was different as he was standing in your house. His stomach tight and glaring into your face from amongst all of your things. You turned the darkest shade of red and looked away sharply leaving him to make a strange grunting sound before heading upstairs to...stand naked in YOUR shower. Possibly using YOUR loofa to rub himself clean. You stood up and started pacing around.

This was not very ladylike behavior, and it had only been a few hours. Ah, fuck. You had it bad, didn’t you?

Kisaki shared a photo - monomasoba2/28.jpg
Kisaki: Okay I couldn’t resist just one more. This one is really special to me. My camera was a little shaky because of the joy thinking about you shot through my body, but can you see those little sprinkles of spices on top of the broth? That is EXACTLY how your eyes shine when you look at me. This is the soba of our love! Isn’t it spectacular?

Chapter Text

Well, this was not what you’d expected to be honest. It was a ship that you’d never even considered before, but you were kind of living for it now and at least it distracted you from the swirl of confusing feelings you were having for the boy you’d slept in the arms of all night on the couch. The object of your current obsessive circular thought at this time was currently bouncing excitedly around Shinso in circles asking questions about his quirk. Shinasa? Inso? Intoshi? You’d find it eventually. But, either way these two should make out and let you take photos. For science.

“That would be so cool! Wow, if you could find a way to change your voice in combat you’d be unstoppable!”

“Thanks.” Your dear friend was shifting uncomfortably at the high energy of your crush with a small smile. He wanted to pretend like he was hating this attention, but you knew better.

“And your passion, It’s good to know there are people like you at UA who are full of such drive! You’re amazing, Shinso! It’s a crime that you aren’t in the Hero Course. Have you ever considered switching schools? Shiketsu would--”

“Okay Inasa, do they pay you for all this recruiting, or?” You cut in with a laugh.

“Sorry, It just makes me sad to see somebody with so much potential being left behind.” He looked at Shinsos tired expression. “You want to go fight out back? I can show you some awesome hand to hand techniques!”

“Yeah, okay.” Shinso answered to your surprise and the boys filed out to your backyard training area without acknowledging you at all. Wait, were you being left behind? Your heart sank in your chest and you poked around the living room with a frown. You’d wait till they were a little more sweaty before you go watch. For research.

Wait, why were you sad? You definitely wanted them to get along, lest you be taken in by more boy drama than you already had. You shook your head lightly to let this strange rush of feelings pass and then moved to straighten up the house and start making lunch for your friends. At least your Mom knew you were a terrible cook and left mostly finished meals pre-wrapped in the fridge to save you from embarrassing yourself with your terrible cooking. As you plopped the souplike substance into a large saucepan you wondered absentmindedly if it would be possible to ruin pre-cooked food. It wasn’t long before you heard a loud crashing sound and bolted to the back door to check on the boys.

Shinso had Inasa pinned on the soft grass outside by his wrists. Your eyes widened in excitement as you took in the sight. The two boys pushed into the ground with the smaller of the two on the top, both sweatily panting at each other with breathy grins painted on their faces. Inasas head laid back onto the grass and he let out a hearty chuckle.

“See, it wasn’t so hard. It’s probably easier with our height difference since you could use my own weight against me.” Inasa said as Shinso sat up off of him and straightened, holding out a hand. Your breath caught as Shinso lifted Inasa off the ground in a swift movement and they looked each other over.

“Yeah, that was a lot easier than the way I was trying it before. Mind if I do it again?” You saw your sleepyboi smile gently with a look of hope on his face. Apparently Inasa could win over anyone. It was kind of beautiful.

“Of course! We can do it as many times as you need to get it perfectly.” He straightened and poked the boy in front of him after wiping the grass of his sweatpants. “And then I’ll teach you some other moves! And! I’ll use my quirk against you a little to help increase the resistance of your movements so that you’re building strength too!” He hopped excitedly as Shinso nodded and made an attempt to grab for his forearm in what you assumed was an attack.

“Well let me do it then!” Shinso said as he narrowly missed Inasas dodge and was met with a beaming smile.

“You’ll have to catch me first.” He winked and sprinted across the yard at a full run.

“Seriously?” Shinso called out after him with a look of exasperation.

“You wanna be a hero, right?”

Your heart couldn’t handle the moe. If it wasn’t for the food on the oven you would have never moved again for the rest of your life. You honestly could have died right then because as you watched Hitoshi chase the boy down with a look of delight on his face and nearly catch him before Inasa used his wind quirk to knock him on his ass with a smile, you knew your life had found meaning. Boylove. It was your reason for living now.

But, alas, those cute boys would need food after they were done chasing each other in that fairy dreamland that had replaced your backyard and as the guardian of their blossoming love it was your responsibility to provide them with sustenance. You moved back into the kitchen and gave the pot a stir (probably barely in time before it burnt) and started humming to yourself. Thank the gods that this week was going really well so far, until right now you hadn’t worried about how Shigaraki had looked at you that day at the mall, how all of your friends were at an awesome international expo without you having an awesome time, how one of your friends was about to be kidnapped, how you were scared that you were going to be taken with him.

Fuck, you’d almost done it! You were so proud of yourself that you’d almost lived an entire 24 hours without worrying about the goddamned timeline (you slept 16 of those hours, fyi) and now because of this alone time you had to sit and soak in all the stress you’d forgotten about? You grumbled a bit, knowing that you were being completely unreasonable right now and it would or should at least be a capital offense to stop whatever beautiful first-chapter-of-a-hentai shit was happening in your backyard.

But you wanted attention, like, right now. You grumbled a bit and lowered the temperature of the burner on the stove and went to the living room to get your phone. You’d been ignoring all of the expo texts and pictures from your friends out of spite, but decided that this was the time to look them over. You scanned through all the normal pics, mostly selfies with random pro heroes and cool gadgets, and pictures of mens butts with a 1-10 rating from Mina, and one that you liked very much and saved to your phone with a content smile.

It was everyone, all huddled together under the I-Expo banner, smiling brightly (except Bakugo who was kind of just standing there) and waving. You wondered who they got to take the picture, probably a stranger. Mina was dead center with a little sign that read ‘Wish you were here.’ Mina sent it in a text with the caption - ‘Bakugo wouldn’t take any pictures with us until we said we were sending one to you.’ Your eyes welled up with tears.

How were you so lucky as to have friends like this? You’d never had anything like this before and the way they made you feel like you were still a part of the group from so far away made you kind of want to roll in a little ball and cry. You’d been such a crappy, distant, emotionally unavailable asshole. You couldn’t wait till you could get into the dorms, and all the drama of the summer camp and after camp settled. Then you’d be able to show off your brand new social skills!

You shot her back an I love you and sent a selfie of you standing in front of your fridge in your pajamas with a cookie in your mouth and holding a peace sign with the caption - ‘miss you idiots’. After nodding at how good at friendship you were, you switched to your texts with Midoriya and shot him a quick one.

Kisaki: I know you guys are busy... but when you get a free sec let All Might know I just found out that I can overclock my ability to heal my body. I feel like it’s something that I need to tell an adult and I don’t have his phone number and my mom isn’t available.

Yeah, that was probably a smart move. You should definitely tell a teacher when something so fundamentally different occurs with your quirk. Right? You weren’t sure, maybe you were being a bit paranoid, but well you’re under protective house arrest because you are in actual danger so a little paranoia is probably excusable. You walked back over to the stove and determined that the food looked finished and it was time to set the table and then call the boys in to wash up for lunch. Look at you, acting like a proper housewife or something. You blushed and stopped in your tracks for a second at the thought before finishing up and going to collect the boys.

This time you mentally prepare yourself before opening the door to get them. You’d learned from the last time that the stuff on the other side of this door could be blinding in it’s excellence if you weren’t careful. You twisted the knob and it still snatched the soul right out of your body.

They were shirtless now, probably because of the heat coming off of your body that was changing the climate so drastically. Inasa had his arm wrapped around Shinso in a sports guy fashion while looking down at him and saying something serious. It was probably just training notes or something but your mind played romantic subtitles fully equipped with a soundtrack and sparkling roses around the two of them. You heard your name.

“Right Shiro?” One of the angels had acknowledged you. What were you supposed to do. You jumped and looked around for a second to confirm that you were, in fact, Shiro before getting your shit together and answering them.

“What?” You asked, confused but blissful.

“I was telling Shinso how many times I left you like this when we were training.” What was he talking about? Oh! The exhaustion probably, yeah, training with Inasas wind resistance was no fucking joke. You could probably thank him for nearly all the progress you’d made physically.

“What? Oh yeah, You get used to it Hitoshi. Hey! I made food, you guys hungry?” Change the subject, get them dry and clothed as soon as possible, and then hard reset your brain because it was fucking malfunctioning.

“Starving.” Inasa let go of Shinso and half jogged over to you while slinging his shirt over his shoulder. You cleared your throat.

“Great. Now get washed up and put on some clean clothes.” You had to take a breath and look away. “And I’ll wash those for training tomorrow.” Did you sound casual? You were trying to sound casual. You knew there was a flush painted on your cheeks, but its been happening so much lately you were pretty sure the boy had to assume that was just what your cheeks looked like.

“You’re amazing.” He leaned in and kissed your cheek before going inside to do as he was told. You were frozen solid as Shinso followed much more slowly.

“That man is insane.” He said through panting breaths.

“Yeah I know.” You said more dreamily than you meant to. You hoped your friend didn’t notice.

“It’s amazing though.” He was matter of fact. “Like, he feels things more than I ever could.”

“I know the feeling.”

Two peas in a socially dysfunctional pod without a doubt.


Shinso came over everyday to train and hang out. Sometimes with just Inasa and sometimes with the both of you. He lost his shit when you two showed off some of the ‘cool’ special move combos you’d come up with at Foresight during your Hero/Sidekick roleplay training sessions that he’d just found out existed and the two of you didn’t seem embarrassed about for some reason. Inasa would shoot you up in the air with his quirk and release you while you used your lungs to maneuver the air before overclocking your body and dropping down like a bomb on your target. He was pretty much just throwing you into the air, but you guys had practiced it a lot, or something, for the honor of your fictional Hero agency, he guessed.

Pretty much you two were just huge fucking dorks and Hitoshi had no idea how huge until that moment when the two of your were laughing your heads off and telling him about some hostage stuffed animals you two kept saving. He couldn’t deny your talent though, the two of you were a perfect team. It seemed like the two of you were always completely in step as you trained with each other, he honestly couldn’t tell who would have the upper hand in a full on tournament style fight with between you both. He wanted to think Inasa had the advantage because of his powerful quirk, but something about the way your eyes lit up when you landed a punch on him made him feel like you were always one step ahead.

The social dynamic between the two of you was also really strange. Yoarashi was obviously crazy about you but overly respectful about it and he couldn’t quite place your feelings on the matter. To him it looked like you liked him just enough to allow him to occasionally kiss your cheek or wrap his arm around you, but not quite enough to allow it to go further. This made him very happy.

He thought about how your body language wasn’t tense when the two of you were alone and you didn’t seem shy and evasive when he hugged you. You were always calm and comfortable around him. That wasn’t the kind of relationship that won the race, but it was definitely the one that won the war. In a sense, all of his nerves and worries about the nature of your relationship with the boy from Shiketsu that you’d kissed while away on your internship were gone. Yeah, you may date this guy for a while, but he was no threat. Not really, and despite how much he liked the guy, he liked you much more.


The week with Inasa was actually pretty awesome. Shinso had come over pretty much every afternoon to hang out with the two of you to train, and by the time dinner rolled around you and Inasa were both usually too tired to do much but mindlessly watch television and goof off about random nonsense. Although, through the week he’d casually kissed your left cheek 7 times, your right cheek 4 times, kissed you on the forehead twice, hugged you 17 times, pulled you closer during a movie or tv show 21 times, you slept on the couch cuddling twice, and you’d had one inappropriate dream about him and Shinso wrestling.

Ok, so, it was a stressful week, but in a different way than you’d thought. You figured you would spend the whole time stressing out about the status of your relationship, or like, him asking your questions about your feelings or something and you were completely wrong. The vibe was more like you’d already been dating for 5 years and neither of you were really touchy feely. It was definitely a strange dynamic and a whole different kind of hard to process.

On his last day, you were legit heartbroken. It was even harder to say goodbye this time because he was comfortable enough with you now to tell you how he was really feeling.

“I’m going to worry about you every day.” He said softly into the hug you knew would last a while.

“I’m going to be okay, they’re going to keep me safe.” It sounded like the lie it was. He squeezed you tighter, placing a hand in your hair while resting his face gently into the crook of your neck.

“Please,” He pleaded to you quietly. You knew what he was asking.

“I can’t,” You whispered in response. His grip tightened against you again before his face lifted and planted a small kiss where it used to lie. He released you from the hug a little until his eyes met yours, pleading and misted lightly. Fuck you really didn’t want to say no to a face like that.

“If you get h-hurt.” He took a deep breath and looked down, “I -” He didn’t have time to answer because you suddenly started moving without thinking. You pulled his chin back up to face you and planted a small kiss on his lips. It took the both of you by surprise and he shook his head for a second.

“I’m going to be fine. I’m strong and I’ve got great people around me. Even if something bad happens I know without a doubt that they will be at my side.” This time it wasn’t a lie and it seemed like he could feel it. He gave you a small smile as the taxi outside honked again in frustration. You wished you could take him to the station. “I’ll see you next year?” You tried to make light.

“Much sooner.” It was a promise. He kissed you quickly once more and took his leave. You guessed he figured it was best to just rip off the band aid. He was probably right. This hurt like hell even though you knew you’d see him again in a month or so. You took a deep breath and walked back into your house from the porch with a smile and a wave to the taxi pulling off.

It wasn’t going to be long before your Mom got home and pestered you with questions, but the truth was there wasn’t much to tell. It was a perfectly amazing time with a couple of great friends. And one of those friends would sometimes touch you in a way that made your heart stop for a second. Yep, nothing to tell. You were perfectly fine. So why did you feel so angry right now? You decided to let off some steam.

Kisaki shared an image - monomasoba22/28.jpg
Kisaki:Hey winnie the boo, I was just thinking about how I’m going to get to see you the day after tomorrow! We’re going to get to spend a whole week together! Aren’t you excited? Anyway, it reminded me that I forgot to text you your soba pictures today and I’m so sorry! This one reminded me of this day when I was watching you train with Tetsu. He’d just punched you in the gut and you kind of hunched over on your knees and coughed with tears in your eyes. I remember the evening sky was set ablaze with bits of crimson and your long shadow stretched so close it almost touched my feet! Anyway the earthy foliage used to garnish the dish mixed with the bits of red from the chilis reminded me of that day. Love you.
Monoma: Yes.
Kisaki: What?
Monoma: Im excited.



Chapter Text

Monoma: Im excited.

What? You were holding your phone in a state of shock. He had to be screwing with you, right? No way that your relentless torture of him had actually circled back and bit you in the ass. The insane amount of crap that you’d flung in his direction since the moment you met couldn’t have possibly been alluring, you’d been acting like an obsessive psychopath. A Toga. Yeah, he had to be screwing with you back which left you with only one option: Double Down.

Kisaki: Really?! You’re finally coming around?
Monoma: Around soba 16.
Kisaki: /blush I knew our love soba would work!
Monoma: i cant wait to see you tomorrow, been thinking about it all week
Kisaki: me too! I’m going to start packing now and wait patiently by the door until its time to see you. I love you!
Monoma: u2
Kisaki: -incoherent stream of emojis-


And then it was time for summer camp hell. You weren’t completely dreading it, because you were lucky enough to be left out of the villain attack by being stuck in the remedial class. Honestly, failing the practical was probably the best thing that could have happened to you, because you didn’t have to be stressed about what you were going to do or what happens when the villains attack. You didn’t really have any great strategies against any of their quirks. They were legit scary. You knew that the classroom was a relatively safe place to be, and that at worst you’d finally get to catch a glimpse of Dabi before Vlad ends that shit.

Therefore, the only real problem about this camp was the actual work itself. You knew Aizawa was going to push you beyond your limits and you were actually really excited about it, albeit not looking forward to the exhaustion to come. It was going to be brutal, it was going to break you down, it was going to make you better. Yeah fuck it, you were totally excited.

Not once had you actually gone beyond and pushed your quirk since the USJ. Every action that you’d made using it was calculated to only be the most efficient it could be without risk of injury. You were too scared to go overboard and really push yourself because you didn’t want to burst into flames again. But, that wouldn’t be a problem with Aizawa directly overseeing your progress. You made a mental note to pull him to the side early on and talk to him about your concerns. Maybe around the time that you all re-do your fitness tests to check progress.

Your progress was going to be insane! You had intentionally held back during the initial fitness test to not stand out, but with villains directly threatening you’d obviously already failed at that. What you needed now was to find out what you could do and get yourself off house arrest. No way you wanted to spend the entire summer trapped alone in the dorms while all your friends enjoyed the break. Yep, not fucking happening.

You got to the classroom with plenty of time to spare. The class was going to have some kind of small meeting before headed off to the busses. You met with your friends and heard all of their stories about what had transpired at the expo with a grin. Because you’d had such a good week, you could be genuinely happy for the exciting time that they’d had. You also realised how unbelievably OP you would have been if you’d gone there. Battle against robots? Out of control machines? You could have stopped that attack in seconds with a few well placed overclocks.

It probably would have been pretty anticlimactic. Aizawa came in and shut everyone up by activating his quirk and making scaryzawa appear. He didn’t talk long before he herded you all outside and began another speech before filing onto the busses. You clutched the small bag of cookies in your hand in excitement.

“Now that you’ve finished up your first semester at UA High, it’s time for Summer vacation to officially begin. However, don’t think that these will be months of rest for you heroes in the making, at this camp we will push you to go beyond your limits. You’re aiming to become PLUS ULTRA.”

“Yes sir!” A collective agreement before everyone broke into groups and started chatting. It seemed like it would be a few minutes before everyone was going to take off.

You ran over to Kirishima and gave him a fist bump. Finally! He looked at you strangely for a second and you assumed it was because you’d gotten so excited about something that was probably really innocuous to him. You gave Bakugo a small wave that was returned with a dissatisfied grunt. Everything was normal! They must not have heard about the Inasa visit. Your casual conversation was interrupted.

“Hey Shiro.” It took a second before the voice registered. You turned around with the most insane looking smile you could painted on your face.

“My Neito.” You feigned nervousness. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“Me too.” His eyes flashed with a devilish hatred before turning into a quite charming smile. Okay, yeah, you were definitely still fucking with each other. You absentmindedly wondered how far this shit would go before he broke. Because it wouldn’t be you who would break, that you could definitely promise. You pulled him into a way too familiar hug. Bakugo walked away.

“I made you something.” You wished you could summon a blush but you didn’t have it in you. I should practice a skill like that for sure. You looked away in ‘nervousness’ instead.

“Really?” He sounded really, actually excited for a quick second and it took you off guard for a moment before you resumed your overly enthusiastic facade and shook your head happily while holding out the small bag of cookies to him. Several people in class B gasped at the scene, your class knew better.

“Imadeyoulovecookies.” You hoped that your acting was good enough, because this shit was a hell of a gamble. He grabbed them from your hands gingerly and opened the bag while kind of flinching like he thought something was going to jump out at him.

“Oh, it’s actually cookies.” He seemed shocked.

“Yeah! I wouldn’t eat them, I’m actually a terrible cook..but maybe you could just look at them and think of me from time to time?” You’d really piled on the crazy for the last half of your sentence. He looked irritated for a second before painting on a very princely smile and took a step closer to you.

“These are…” He took another step so the two of your faces were inches apart while holding an expressionless face until he continued with intense eye contact and a softened expression. “The most amazing gift I’ve ever received.” His eyes narrowed on yours in a bit of a challenge that no one else saw and then he grabbed either side of your face with his hands lightly. “I love you.”

Your blood froze along with your body for a second while you processed the information of what was happening. This little shit was not going to defeat you at your own game. COME AT ME. You took a deep calming breath and tried to paint love on your face the best you could.

“I love you too.” A small smirk to acknowledge the challenge. Yeah this week was going to be low-key fun as hell. Now you finally had a decent rival in this school.


You filed onto the bus with your classmates and took the same seat next to Todoroki that you had when you all went to the USJ. Even though it’d only been a few months since that day, you felt like it had been years. Your eyes shifted over to the multicolored boy and gave him a small smile. He’d been so amazing that day and you couldn’t have imagined how you would have held it together if he hadn’t found you crying against a wall in the midst of a panic attack. He returned the smile.

“Are you excited, Shiro?” He questioned with a hint of excitement in his voice.

“Oh yeah! There are a bunch of things I’ve been wanting to test out.” You paused, “It’s also nice to be allowed outside for more than a few minutes at a time!” You chuckled nervously.

“Being targeted can’t be easy.” He took a breath and looked like he was about to continue before pandemonium broke out on the bus.

“WHY AREN’T WE BLASTING SOME MUSIC?” Kaminari started the noise.

“No one should be standing! It’s a safety hazard! Please!” Iida shot over Uraraka who was blushing and giving Ayoama the stink eye in support of her man. Holy shit that ship was adorable. You made a mental note to keep an eye on them. You’d been way to distracted to take in much of the show.

“Shiro, are you a psychopath?” Mina questioned lightly, “Because whatever was happening between you and that guy from 1B was ridiculous.” You started laughing maniacally.

“I just wanted to see if I could cause him to have a nervous breakdown.” You shot over Todoroki and earned some chuckles from a few onlookers.

“Looks like he’s fighting back.” Kyoka said in an are-amused-by-this-or-angry-with-me tone.

“I don’t lose.” You said plainly.

“Except to Todoroki!” Kirishima chimed in like a bitch.

“And Nezu!” Kaminari decided to add.

“You lost that one too, asshole!” You shouted across the bus before earning a stare from Aizawa for cursing. You shrank and everyone laughed until the bus stopped.


All of the students filed off of the bus and took in the scenery. You had to stop yourself from looking over to the forest and calculating how quickly you could get through. You’d literally just been bitched out for ditching your classmates to go and complete tasks on your own, you needed to stick with them through the entire exhausting fucking trek through the woods that you could easily speed through. For friendship! For a better grade next time!

You stretched your tired body and waited for the intro to the pussycats. Everyone was chatting amongst themselves except Baku who was off by himself seemingly deep in thought. You decided to ruin it because you didn’t like the look on his face. You had decreed to make him laugh more afterall.

“Hey Loudmouth, whatcha thinking about?” He didn’t respond for a moment.

“What? Oh, nothing.” Your eyes narrowed.

“Oh-kay, but it sure seems like you’re thinking about something.” You put a finger to your chin in a ridiculous gesture.

“Drop it, Wrecking-ball.” You beamed at hearing your favorite nickname again.

“Fine, idiot, but..” You had to stop yourself from being an asshole, “I’m here for you if you ever need me. Don’t respond!” You pointed in his face and walked away without another word. Well you’d failed at making him laugh. Not really a surprise though.

“Heya Eraser!” A voice called out from a car nearby and two of the Pussycats got out of it. Aizawa seemed irritated already.

“Long time no see.” He pinched the bridge of his nose as the girls made their insane introduction.

“Your feline fantasies are here! Say Meow!” Mandalay started.

“Purr-fectly cute and cat-like girls!” Pixie-Bob continued.

“You can call us, The Wild Wild Pussycats!” The finished in unison. You groaned a little. They were going to be fucking exhausting to deal with in person. You were right, their antics were already kind of on your nerves, but it could also have just been that you were nervous about having to rough it through the couple of miles of wilderness to the camp. You started stretching in preparation just in time to be knocked off the cliff face and into the forest below with all of your classmates.

You clocked low to keep yourself from getting hurt in the fall to land kind of like a badass on the forest floor. You looked around after the dust settled and saw everyone had made it through the fall perfectly unscathed. You took a second to brush yourself off and, again, had to stop yourself from simply taking off to get back. You were seriously hopeless. You took a sigh and grouped up with the others. Time to practice teamwork.

They were mostly bitching about Aizawa lying to you all, but you kept scanning the area. Wait, shit, you were supposed to be working on your teamwork. Okay, Shiro, get out of your head.


“Keep an eye out, they probably don’t call this the ‘Beasts Forest’ for nothing.” Shiro said with a frustrated look in her eyes as they shifted from her classmates to the woods that appeared much darker and ominous than it had a moment ago.

“Kisaki is right! Everyone keep your guard up.” Iida yelled as he looked over his girlfriend to make sure that she was okay. When he was thoroughly satisfied with the state she was in he began scanning the area.

A loud roar cut off all conversation as the eyes of the class shifted to the treeline. A gigantic brown beast let out a roar and everyone froze for a moment in panic. Koda ran for the beast, trying to quell it’s rage.

“Please calm yourself my giant friend! You don’t want to hurt them.” The monster raised its arm and went to smash the boy, earning a collective gasp and the quick action of Midoriya who grabbed Koda and dodged just in time.

“It’s Pixie-Bob’s quirk!” Midoriya yelled out as Todoroki and Iida made quick movements toward the monster with Bakugo on their tail.

Todoroki froze the monster in place, Iida gave it a hell of a swing with his recipro, and Bakugo came in with a huge explosion and some choice words.

“I’ll kill you!” The beast was trapped without its arms as Midoriya finished it off with a smash.

The dust of the battle settled and the students took a moment to congratulate themselves and pat each other on the backs .

“Guys, It’s not over.” Shiro said while motioning over a bit in the distance where another beast was forming from the earth. This one could fly! Shiro turned to a couple of her classmates. “Baku, I’m going to overclock you like last time since it doesn’t drain your stamina. Kiri, Todo, Momo and Mina scream my name if you need a quick boost of power and I’ll clock you. But be careful because it can tire you out fast. I’ll hold the back line here just in case. Sound good?”

The girl earned a few looks from her classmates who’d just realized that they’d never heard the girl strategize out loud before. Bakugo nodded and bolted into the air to take on the new threat head on, loving the temporary increase in power. A couple of the people she’d addressed gave verbal answers and went about their personal strategies to take on the threat.

It was over pretty quickly and the group finally started making progress through the woods. It wasn’t long before they were flanked by a few more threats and had to again spring into action.

“Shiro!” Momo yelled and recieved an overclock for something that Shiro couldn’t be worried about. She was currently holding 3 clocks and had a look of intense concentration on her face before calling out.

“Mina, you’ve got about 3 seconds before I have to drop you. Momo, let me know when you’re finished so I can drop you too. Baku you okay for a minute, I need a break?” Her voice was strained and she was standing perfectly still with her hands clinging to either side of her head. Everyone in class could physically see the strain of her quirk.

“Good.” Was all Bakugo gave her in reply as he continued to fly around blasting beasts, now slightly saddened by the lack of gusto they had now.

“Give me 10 seconds Shiro.” Momo called out.

“You got it.” She replied in turn.

“Everyone, quick! Take cover, now!” Momo’s voice called out and everyone dropped down as she shot a cannon at the remaining beasts. There was another moment of calm before the next task.

It took over 5 hours, but the class had finally made it to the camp. Everyone looked disheveled and broken. Iida was dragging a leg behind him, Todoroki was covered in a thin sheet of ice, Bakugo was holding his painful wrist and barely standing up straight, and Shiro was wobbling on her feet with a pounding migraine and little awareness of her surroundings. The whole class collapsed onto the floor in front of their teacher and Mandalay.

“You said it would only be, like, 3 hours.” Sero said through deep breaths.

“I guess we timed it based on how long it’d take us. Sorry.” Mandalay replied.

“Now you’re bragging about how much better you are? So mean.” Sato said as he practically fell on the ground.

“I’m starving! This is hell!” Kirishima called out as Shiro put her head on his shoulder.

“I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse.” She said as she was interrupted by the cats condescending speech, Pixie-Bobs creepy sexual harassment toward the boys, Midoriya asking about and getting kicked in the balls by a little kid, and the promise of food.


Well you did it. You managed to stay out of your head and be present or whatever during the bullshit that Aizawa had put the class through. You’d honestly had a good time, outside of how exhausting it was, and definitely realized how important it was to work with the class as a team. By the end of the trek, you’d gotten really good at discerning the voices of everyone so that you could throw overclocks at them without much thought.

Having them depend on you helped with your ability to concentrate on holding clocks. It was a totally different ball game when you knew deep down that letting go of the overclock could get someone seriously hurt and you assumed that this was exactly what it meant to be plus ultra. You were even able to hold 4 clocks at once for a second before collapsing with a headache that made your brain feel like it was pulsating.

You were also starving and when you finally rounded the corner into the cafeteria area the smell almost made you black out in another animalistic rage. You slid in to the closest seat to you, which happened to be right next to a girl from class B that you hadn’t met before.

“Hey.” You let out a soft smile and friendly eye contact with the girl before digging into the whatever fucking food this was that was sitting in front of you. “I’m Kisaki Shiro. We haven’t met yet.”

“Tsunotori Pony.” She said meekly. Wait, what was that accent? You knew that accent.

“Wait, do you speak english?” You said in English, shocked at how extra Austrailian you sounded suddenly.

“You too?!” She said so happily your heart might have stopped a bit. She was searching your face pleadingly, like maybe she had a lot of trouble communicating in Japanese.

“Yeah! I’m from Australia.” You said with a smile. It was now your mission to be there for her going forward. You couldn’t imagine how things would have gone for you if God-Dude hadn’t been kind enough to make you randomly fluent in Japanese when you came here.

“I'm from the US! Uhh, You’re Monomas girlfriend, right?” She said with a light smile. “He’s always talking about you, he told me to call you his demon succubus straight from hell.” She said the offensive Japanese phrase with a smile that told you she had no idea what she was saying. Monoma must have taught her some Japanese wrong. What a little shit.

“That doesn’t mean what you think it means.” You said plainly, “Whoever taught you that is an asshole.” You knew who taught her that.

“What does it mean?” She asked, curious.

“It means Monoma hates me.” You laughed. “But that’s okay, I want him to.”

“Why?” She questioned.

“Because it’s hilarious. Look, if you ever need help with translating stuff. Feel free to find me!” You gave the girl an encouraging nudge and finished eating. Quite happy with yourself for making so much progress.

“Thank you so much, Shiro.” She said hesitantly, probably assuming you were cool with first names.

“You too Pony.” You gave her a gentle look to let her know it was okay before getting cut off by your ‘boyfriend’ who was standing over you looking irritated.

“I thought you said you missed me.” He grumbled in Japanese, the language change making you recoil for a second.

“Oh! Sorry, baby, I wanted to get to know all the cool people in your class. I was hoping they could tell me more things about you!”

“You could just ask me.” He said as he sat across from you, hatred still behind the pleasant exterior.

“But when I talk to you I get all nervous and lost in your pretty eyes, then all I can think about is how much I love you.” It was much harder to say this crap in person than over text, but you were a winner and winners don’t quit. He looked away and took the deepest sigh of irritation you’d ever seen before locking eyes with you intently.

“What’s your endgame here, Kisaki?”

“I was thinking two kids, maybe a puppy, and a summer home in Okinawa. But it’s negotiable.” You couldn’t help but chuckle at how quick your retorts were coming out. He smiled that devilish, princely smile again as he realized that you’d never relent.

“I’d prefer Hawaii.”

“Anything to make you happy.”

Chapter Text

“Hey Midoriya!” You said sleepily as you joined the class for the morning group jog.

“Hey Shiro, what’s up?” He responded sleepily. At some point in the middle of the night last night you’d realized that without Mineta to be a creep that Midoriya never had the chance to save that little boy Kota from falling off the wall at the hot springs. You didn’t know how you could subtly help, but you weren’t going to let that little boy die because you were here. You leaned in closely, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Remember that kid that punched you yesterday?” He nodded, “I think you should ask Mandalay about him.” You tried to give him a look that let him know that he couldn’t ask questions before walking away. Hopefully that was good enough, because you couldn’t do much more without worrying about setting off your Foresight pin.

After the jog, Aizawa gathered everyone for a speech. You listened intently, not trying to do a single thing to piss him off while in the remedial class. You needed to be fucking excellent in every way to make up for your failure.

“Good morning, class. Today we begin the training camp that will increase your strength. Our goal is to increase your skills exponentially so that each of you earns a provisional licence. This will allow you to face the dangers that continue to fester in the darkness. Proceed carefully. Look alive, Bakugo.” Aizawa threw the boy a training ball and told him to throw it.

“No one blink, GO TO HELL” Bakugo screamed and threw the ball.

“That was 709.6 meters.” Aizawa said and then everyone grumbled about how little of an improvement it was after everything you all had gone through. Aizawa continued.

“You’ve had a single semester at UA, and due to your various experiences all of you have definitely improved. But those improvements have mostly been limited to mental prowess and technical skill, with a slight increase in stamina thrown in along the way. As you can see your quirks have not improved much on a fundamental level. That’s why we’re now going to focus on trying to improve your power.” He smiled wickedly and it made you shiver, “This will be so hard you feel like you’re dying. Let’s hope you all survive.” He seemed really happy about this. What a dick.

You never did get to throw the ball and check your progress.


The bastard Aizawa had Bakugo plunging his hands into boiling water to expand his sweat glands and then blast off explosions to expand his firing power. He had Todoroki in a large tub of water that he was to regulate the temperature of by switching violently between freezing and melting. He had Sero just spraying tape in an endless line to increase strength of tape and capacity.

Everyone had a task like this and when your teacher came around to you, you were pretty nervous to see what he’d come up with. He stared you down for a long moment before talking, scaring the everloving shit out of you before he spoke.

“How many things can you overclock at once, Kisaki?” He questioned. You did not like where this was going.

“Three makes me feel really sick, but I almost held 4 in the woods.” You hoped he remembered what you’d told him earlier about always being stressed about overdoing it and bursting into flames.

“I want you to Overclock myself, Vlad, and the Pussycats quirks in rapid succession and hold them for as long as you can.” Shit. This was not what you wanted to be doing right now but you nodded and did as you were told. “I also want you to call out every time you pick up or drop an overclock.”

“Yes sir.” He continued down the line of students.

You weren’t doing well already. You felt like your brain was going to explode out of your head, but with the erasure terror watching you closely, you couldn’t help but push yourself as hard as you could. You’d started with three, practicing holding them longer and longer until you couldn’t possibly anymore and either collapsed or in one very unfortunate case threw up in a bush. About three hours into this torture your teacher instructed that he wanted you to jog in place while you held three clocks. The pounding of your brain against your skull with every single bounce causing you to get much more acquainted with that bush than you’d ever wanted to.

By the fifth hour, you could hold three with relative ease, your head still pounded everytime you moved, but you could actually focus on what was going on around you through the pain. This was progress. You knew you needed to work on this, but hadn’t really ever made the effort. This was what he meant by increasing the quirk on a fundamental level, and you were thankful for his input. When it came time to break for a while, you decided to just balls up and ask him for what you truly desired.

“Mr. Aizawa,” You sounded really nervous, “If it’s okay with you, I’d like to try again at the ball throw?”


“Yeah, I don’t think that I gave it my all the first time because I was scared to go too far, but if I knew that you’d be here to stop me before anything happens..” You trailed off.

“Alright.” He said plainly, not taking note of your panic. You waited around for the man to produce a ball and you grinned wildly while holding it.

“I can just throw it now?”

“Yep.” He answered, obviously wanting to move this along.

You stepped away from him a few yards, trying to give yourself a cushion in case the force knocks you on your ass again and wound up for a pitch. You focused on not clocking at 100% but at pushing the will of going beyond your limits into the throw and it blasted off into the air with a loud whooshing sound. You were again knocked on your ass and stood up.

You turned to your teacher who had wide eyes and was looking at the tracking device. He turned to the device to face you. 5127.2 Meters. Your eyes went wide too, the realization that you’d increased your distance by 3880.4 meters sinking into your brain slowly.

“Whoa.” You looked at your arm. You suddenly wanted to try a lot more stuff because your arm wasn’t really hot at all and you hadn’t felt much stamina drain from the task. You brightened immediately, suddenly overcome with a second wind of energy. Fuck a break you wanted to see what else you could do if you pushed. “U-Uh, sir, I’d like to try some more things if that’s okay?”

“You need to rest and recharge your stamina before we get back to training.” He said plainly. You pouted.

“But I still have 32% of my stamina left!” You said without thinking in a whiny teenage voice that obviously wanted to keep playing. His eyes narrowed on you in a what the fuck face. You shrank at your own insolence.

“That’s an oddly specific number.”

“Is it?” Wait, he wasn’t mad that you were whining? You hadn’t really thought about why you’d said that at all. You just kind of knew that was how much you had without thinking about it.

“Are you saying you know exactly how much stamina you have?” He questioned sarcastically. This gave you pause.

“You mean everyone can’t do that?” He took in your look of genuine surprise and concern. His eyes narrowed further and he stared at you for a beat before he spoke again.

“How much stamina do I have?”

“87%” You said and thought at the same time before being taken aback. How did you know that? “Wait, how do I know that?” You furrowed your brows.

“How indeed.” He questioned more to himself than you.


Aizawa didn’t say much after that or seem concerned at all, but you were definitely panicking about it. How did you know what you knew? Your first thought was that they were just random numbers thrown out as an estimate based on the amount of exhaustion you felt, but if that was the case than you wouldn’t have been able to tell where your teacher was. You’d also considered that your instinct was to just talk out of your ass in the moment, but a part of you was so sure that you knew exactly how much he had. What does this have to do with overclocking?

As everyone gathered to make curry for dinner, you were politely asked to stay away from the food and focus on setting all the tables and cleaning up afterward. Probably a smart move. At random times when you were walking around your classmates you would just look at them and try to figure out how much stamina they had. Numbers came to your brain instantly and you were growing more suspicious by the second that they were accurate. But what did it mean? After dinner, now that you were tuned into it, you could almost sense someone’s stamina level without thinking about it. This wasn't normal? Shit, something weird was going on with your quirk again.

Then you thought about the day you’d healed your scar. You didn’t know then that you’d drained your stamina down to below 1%, but you knew it now looking back. Were you just not thinking about it at the time? You thought about the hospital after the USJ, 8%. Sports Festival? 72% after the obstacle race, 61% after the cavalry battle, 58% after Kaminari, 56% after IIda, 19% after the Todoroki battle and 7% after the healing. After the practical you still had 82% of your stamina left which made you think you must have passed out from the shock of clocking your eyes and not from stamina drain. More thoughts swirled, you knew that you were using double stamina when you used your quirk to clock exact percentages… How had you known that? It was just something that you knew from the second that Craine had told you that you were using your quirk inefficiently. You’d kind of known all of this all along. It made your stomach sink.

Luckily, you were distracted by seeing Midoriya walk off into the woods with a bowl of curry. Good. Your advice about him taking an interest in Kota had obviously worked. Thank goodness, you didn’t want to have that kids blood on your hands. Also Muscular being let loose on the class was something you wanted to not happen so you could have your peaceful safe time in the classroom and not have to worry about the timeline.

After dinner, you were herded into the classroom to do extra school work late into the night. You happily took a seat next to the obvious love of your life so as to not allow him a moment of reprieve from your endless torture. It only made sense. You were actually doing excellently in school, so you found a lot of the classwork fairly easy. Anytime you saw Neitos pen stop moving you would shift over to give him some super obvious piece of advice that wasn’t helpful at all until he grumbled in frustration and got back to work.

The endless torture of Monoma was the only thing that gave you energy and kept you moving until the late hours of the night when you were finally released from the classroom to get some rest. Your stamina was down to 11% again. You hoped that the little sleep that you’d get tonight would be enough to fully recover. You had a feeling tomorrows lessons were going to be even harder. It was 2:30 am before you got into your bed and finally got some rest.


Aizawa was the actual, literal devil. He was there to wake up everyone in the remedial class at 6:30 am to get back to the classroom for another round of classwork before you had to file back out onto the field for more training. This time he had you overclocking parts of your own body in addition to two of the other pros while he attacked you randomly. You were to just stand there and hold the clocks at the highest output that you could while he instructed others or walked around or poked at his phone, then at random points without any warning he would just charge at you. You were meant to dodge but failed miserably all morning.

You’d already started your day at 88% stamina, by the time lunch rolled around you were at 16%. He’d fucking wrecked you. You were groaning mindlessly into a plate of rice when Monoma slid in next to you and put his arm around your shoulders. He’d obviously sensed that you were in a weakened state like the damn predator and swooped in to take advantage.

“What’s wrong, darling? You seem much more tired than the rest of the class. Aren’t you a top student in the vastly superior class 1A? How is it possible that you’re supposed to be so much better than us and yet you can’t even keep up?” His voice dripped with contempt, sarcasm, and a thinly veiled inferiority complex. Your tired eyes simply drifted up lazily and looked into his with a faint smile. You were going to talk shit, but you were stricken with a strange realization first.

“Hey, Monoma, can you do me a favor?” It was literally the first time you ever spoke to him normally. He froze in place and you felt his arm around you almost pull back before he answered.

“What?” He sounded suspicious.

“Will you copy my quirk real quick and then tell me how much stamina you have?” You had 37% and you wondered if he would get the same number. His eyes narrowed at you in suspicion while searched your face for the prank. It looked like he settled on it not being one. It wasn’t.

“Okay.” It sounded like more of a question then looked at you strangely. “What’s your quirk again?” He questioned.

“Overclock.” You paused and tried to judge his face, but it was stone. “Why?”

“Because I can’t copy it.” His eyes furrowed in frustration.

“Well that doesn’t make me feel any better.” What the hell was going on with your quirk now? Did this have something to do with God-Dude? Was it because it wasn’t a real quirk? Shit, if he can’t copy it did that mean that All for One wouldn’t be able to steal it? You didn’t want to find out the answer, but you were definitely going to obsess about the possibility, it was just what you did.

You knew that this training camp was going to help you get a better understanding of your quirk, but you’d foolishly assumed that it would be more answers, not more questions. When the second half of training started up, you knew you didn’t have much more in you. Aizawa had definitely found the best way to train up your skills, because the strain on your body was palpable. You were making progress though, by the time you’d reached your limit you’d managed to dodge his attacks twice while holding pretty decent clocks on Mandalay and Ragdolls quirks while still holding your own body at a mid-tier clock.

Of course you were completely done for after that. You’d collapsed on the ground after being almost kicked in the face by your teacher, only narrowly avoiding his attack. He scanned your face as you panted on the ground.

“Where is your stamina?”

“3%.” You coughed in exhaustion and finally made a move to stand on your shaky feet. You took a warriors stance. “Again?”

“No. Go get some water. Everyone is almost done for the day anyway.”

You went and got some water while watching everyone else finish up their training. Soon it was time to head to your class and wait for the villain attack that was coming shortly after dinner. You took a deep breath to prepare yourself before Aizawa called you over to meet with the group. He gave everyone some constructive criticism but you and then dismissed you all to go help with the cooking.

Again no one wanted you near the food. I mean, you understood, but it made you feel like crap to stand around and wait for the food, even if you knew you’d agreed to clean up after. You chose to sit with your class tonight, mostly to soak in the social time before you’d all inevitably be traumatized and have a really stressful week before everything calmed down. Shortly after you’d finished with the dishes you joined the remedial group to get to your classwork before the other students began their tests of courage. You were excited for the opportunity to just sit down and relax, being this drained of stamina was hell for you. You listened while Mina excitedly talked about how she wanted to go play with the other students. Poor girl didn’t know that Aizawa was about to rip the rug out from under her.

“A totally awesome test of courage!” Mina chanted excitedly.

“We’re going to win!” The rest of the remedial class chimed in behind her.

“Not so fast,” Aizawa interrupted. Here it comes. You braced yourself to have to console her. “It pains me to say it, but the remedial class will be having lessons with me tonight instead.” Mina screamed in sadness and frustration. Aizawa wrapped your comrades in his scarf and continued, “Sorry, your training during the day didn’t impress me, so I’ll be using this time too.” You took a breath and prepared to follow along, wondering why you weren’t also being dragged. The answer came a second later.

“Except you, Kisaki. You’ve clearly learned the lesson we wanted. Go join the rest of the class, you’re not in remedial anymore.” Your heart definitely, actually stopped.

Not only were you going to be outside of the safe zone during the villain attack, your stamina was drained completely down to 6%. You were going to be completely helpless.

Chapter Text

Okay, this was extra extra bad. How had you ended up alone?

Everything happened so fast, one second Tsu was making fun of you for being so easily startled by every noise or prank from 1B. Your entire body was stiff and panicked, trying your best to remain calm. You spent the entire time you both walked together lost in terror and paranoia. She had to have noticed something was extra wrong, but hadn’t asked you about it, choosing to shift her eyes over to you from time to time with a look of mild concern.

After a particularly scary noise, you immediately fell to your knees and covered your head in terror. Tsu looked you over and put a hand on your back to comfort you, still unsure what to say. To her, it looked like you were on the verge of a nervous breakdown, your entire body was shaking, every step you made was hesitant, and you had the beginnings of tears in your eyes. She was going to finally ask you what was going on before someone else spoke up first and ruined her chance.

“I didn’t know it’d be so easy to scare you to tears!” A student from 1B laughed condescendingly before continuing to berate you for being a scaredy cat and the typical light hearted teasing along those lines.. You didn’t react whatsoever, which made both of the teens who were watching over you much more nervous about your mental state.

“S-Shiro are you okay, ribbit?” Tsu grabbed your hand and helped you to your feet. You seemed to be in some kind of daze and she thought that you may pass out. You didn’t answer or acknowledge her in anyway, only continuing to mumble very softly to yourself like you were lost somewhere far away. She’d seen you in a similar state before, but this was much worse than the day you had that panic attack. She was worried you were about to have another one. “Stay right here, I’m going to double back and get a teacher.” She hopped off quickly and you didn’t even notice.

The student from class 1B herded you off the path a bit and leaned you against a tree. You were almost catatonic and he didn’t feel right leaving you like this, but he needed to get back to his classmates. Your friend had you back anyway, it wasn’t like anything bad was going to happen to you if you were left alone for a few minutes. He gave you some reassuring words that you didn’t hear before he wandered off back to go scare the hell out of someone else. Monoma’s girlfriend is so weird. What a perfect match. He thought as he walked away.

Maybe if you’d actually stayed present like you’d been practicing so hard you would have noticed that you were suddenly alone in the woods, but instead you were so lost in your panicked thoughts that you hadn’t been aware of your surroundings at all. You didn’t break from your daze until you caught the smell of smoke in the distance. Adrenaline shot through you and you straightened immediately, the entire world coming back into focus.

You looked at your surroundings, every noise and sound coming into hyperfocus as you scanned. Where the fuck was your partner? How the hell did you get here? And what the fuck were you supposed to do now?!

“Tsu?” You let out softly while walking cautiously toward the pathway that you were both supposed to follow. Has she been taken by the villains? You thought for a moment before realizing that didn’t make any sense. Keeping to the treeline you walked up the trail a bit, never letting your guard down. The attack was in full effect now and you could be ambushed at any moment. Which was bad. Like really bad.

“Tsu?” You whispered once more before deciding to double back and check the area for her once more. You didn’t like the idea that she may be in danger and you weren’t about to leave her behind, but you weren’t really in a position to stay exposed like this much longer. You were ar 5% stamina right now, which meant you may have the energy to engage in one battle or make an escape, but you’d be practically useless afterward. This must be what Midoriya felt like. You mind reminded you that he also was useless after most of his fight, but that didn’t stop him from trying. Yeah, you were going to be just like him. How could you ever claim to be plus ultra if you didn’t do everything in your power to find your missing friend under such dire circumstances. You took a deep breath and turned back around. You weren’t going to double back, you were going to find that sweet frog girl and save her if she was in danger.

And if she wasn’t, at least you wouldn’t be alone anymore and the two of you could make a break for the classroom. It was the only option. No way a hero just runs away when people were in danger. Didn’t make it less terrifying. You pulled yourself further back into the treeline and hunched down as you walked, there could be danger anywhere. And if the timeline wasn’t too fucked, Toga was somewhere nearby. And that bitch was fast. She was the type to drain a lot of stamina from you if you couldn’t get away from her immediately or avoid her all together.

But of course you already knew the gods were cruel fucks, because a very faint whooshing sound sprung your body into action and you dropped into the foliage right in time to barely get cut by a small blade. You jumped up immediately and turned to face the direction of the owner. FUCK. You couldn’t handle her for long. She was examining the blade with a blush on her cheeks. You clocked yourself for speed, waiting for an opening to bolt toward the classroom. It was likely your only option here.

“Hmm not much blood.” She frowned before looking you in the eyes and smiling brightly with a creepily friendly tone of voice. “Wow, you are super cute in person, no wonder the boss likes you so much.” Likes you? This bitch was straight up crazy. That man definitely hated you.

“Likes me?” You word vomited with a disgusted look on your face, trying to keep an eye on her while also searching for a good route to run.

“Kisaki Shiro.” She pointed at you with her knife, creepy smile still painted on her face. “I’m Toga! I’ve been looking for you!! I can’t wait to take you back so we can hang out.” Her words sent a chill down your spine as she smiled and bounced happily on the spot.

Okay, so they definitely wanted to take you. Your body shook more violently, you technically weren’t allowed to fight back if she attacked you, at least not until Aizawa has Mandalay make the announcement. You half wanted to say fuck it and try to knock her out now, but if the timeline was different from the show then that announcement may never come and you’d be breaking the law. Your fists tightened.

You needed to get away now, but you were so turned around that you weren’t sure what direction you should run. It would be awful to try to escape only to end up in the hands of an even worst match up for you. At least with Toga, you knew she wasn’t using her quirk. She was limited by normal human speed and strength, so even with you being low on stamina you stood a chance against her as long as you kept your guard up and didn’t get stabbed.

That was not the case with many of the other villains who were here. If everything was as it should be then you were in the middle of the Uraraka and Tsu versus Toga fight, that means that up ahead on the trail was where Shoji and Tokoyami were, and they were up against Moonfish. You didn’t even want to catch a glimpse of that creepy piece of shit and you’d be helpless in that fight either way. And if Tokoyami lost control of Dark Shadow with you around you’d be done for.

Maybe you could lean into her crazy to get her to let her guard down? I mean, you did train underneath the #1 Psychological Combat pro in the country. You could pull this off right? You tried to summon the same energy as when you screwed with Monoma. It was time to act your ass off. You took a breath.

“Hi Toga!” Your excitible tone wasn’t as convincing as you’d have liked but you continued anyway. “Just call me Shiro, okay?”

She made a charge for you with her knife that you narrowly missed. Shit, this bitch was insane. You turned to face her once more, holding your warrior pose and and your overclock in place. At least holding it without moving much wasn’t much of a stamina drain. Unfortunately the aggressor had more than enough stamina to spare.

“Really? That must mean that I’m your friend!” She started hopping excitedly while launching that crazy needle thing at you. It dug into your arm and sucked for a second before you could pull it out. She frowned. “We’re going to be such good friends.” Her eyes were mad with bloodlust as she charged for you again and missed.

“Definitely,” You shot at her as you kicked up a rock from the ground and launched it at her. She narrowly avoided the hit and charged for you again, slashing your arm in the process while laughing. You pulled back and took a small jump to get some distance between you, wondering if you could take her in a fist fight without using your quirk. At least then you wouldn’t be breaking the law, and since she wasn’t using her quirk you may stand a chance!

You were wrong as she crashed atop you, pinning you to the ground. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. This was really bad. You were almost down to 4% stamina and pinned to the ground by a crazy person with a knife. It couldn’t possibly be worse.

“Oh, Shiro, you’re bleeding.” She poked at your wounds with a distant smile. “I just love blood and you’re so pretty covered in it.” She licked up the slash on your arm and it made you shutter. You released the overclock on your body and shifted it to just your arms. You must have overdone it, because the girl slammed into an opposing tree with a thud. You released the clock and stood up quickly. Keeping your eyes on her in case she moved. When she didn’t get up immediately you took a few steps forward to try to restrain her. Then you would make your escape.

A light buzzing stopped you in your tracks. The Foresight pin?” You looked down at the light buzzing and flickering red light for a moment in confusion. You were supposed to stop what you were doing. Were you not supposed to try to capture Toga? Her shapeshifting could cause a lot of problems down the line, it would be best if you got her right now.

You took another step, convincing yourself that the buzzing had to be about something else. Then the device began to beep in addition to everything else.. You stopped in your tracks and took a step back. The buzzing, lights, and beeping stopped. Fine, you got the hint. Taking another second to check that Toga was definitely unconscious with your eyes, you finally relaxed and caught your breath. It was time to make your way back to camp. You didn’t have much stamina at all and you really needed to be able to get back now that you were sure that you were a target. You heard a voice in your head.

”Student’s of class 1A and 1B, In the name of the Pro Hero Eraserhead you are hereby granted permission to engage in combat. I repeat, use your training. You may fight these villains! It was Mandalay’s quirk. Thank goodness, that meant that Midoriya was okay. And it meant that this would be over soon. You clocked your legs and bolted through the woods in the direction you thought the camp had to be in.

Once you’d gotten some distance between you and Toga you released the clock and crouched down. You needed to move stealthily if you were going to make it from here. There could be a villain around any tree and you didn’t forget to check the sky above and high branches for Mr. Compress, he was in the area near Toga after all, and if he go a hand on you this would all be over in a second.

As you moved you tried your best not to make a noise. Though it was hard to both move quickly and quietly, you thought that you were doing a pretty good job. You wanted to pull out your phone and see if Relapse had texted you to explain what the fuck just happened back there, but you didn’t want to risk the light being seen. The sound of a cracking branch stopped you in your tracks and you laid your body flush against a tree to figure out where it came from, but there was no further movement or sounds for what felt like hours.

All you could hear was the faint sounds of your classmates fighting for their lives. Shit, if you hadn’t been such an asshole, so confident in the fact that you’d be safe during this you would have saved some stamina just in case. This was another one of those god damned flaws of yours. Were you really incapable of actually learning a fucking lesson? Relapse had told you not to do this kind of crap anymore, but here you were hiding under a tree and trying your best to get to safety before something even worse happened. Another voice in your head.

”Listen, we’ve discovered two of the villains targets. Two students named Kacchan and Shiro. Both of you should try to avoid combat and stick to a group.”

“Me?” You whispered to yourself. Even though you kind of knew this was coming already, hearing it out loud made you gasp in surprise. This shit was super serious and you needed to get back as soon as possible. Fuck, you were down to around 2% stamina and growing more tired by the moment. Maybe stealth wasn’t the move? You considered using the last of your stamina to rush for the classrooms as quickly as possible.

If you passed out while trying to go slowly than your stealth was fucking pointless to start, but if you could get enough speed and just held it together until you made it you stood a chance. You took a deep breath and moved away from the tree, only to slam right back against it with turquoise crystalline eyes boring into yours and a hand wrapped tightly around your neck. You inhaled sharply with eyes wide.

“Dabi.” You said in a state of shock. He recoiled and his eyes narrowed on you before he spoke.

“What a coincidence, I was just looking for you.” He smiled and the grip on your neck tightened, choking the air from your lungs. “You look tired, Kisaki Shiro.”

You tried to struggle to no avail as the world started to fall away and a void of infinite darkness took over.

Chapter Text

Dabi slung your unconscious body into the chair with a thud and looked you over. You looked like hell, your whole left arm was covered in blood from a knife wound, you had assorted scratches and bruises covering the exposed skin on your body bleeding at different levels, your face was sunken and under your eyes were dark and puffed. He smiled. They were lucky that they had found you in such a weakened state, since your quirk was unpredictable and it would be hard to restrain you properly if you were at full power.

He started to strap you down while Twice and Magne did the same for your friend who was bucking wildly and trying to break free. The boy kept trying to get to you and not to an escape, his eyes wild with panic and anger as he struggled against the hold of the two villains who were in the process of trying to restrain him. Dabi noticed with a small smirk, he knew that look in the boys eyes. His attachment to you could be very useful in negotiations with him.

As his comrades finally secured Bakugo and began locking his hands into quirk cuffs, Dabi walked over to the bar area and grabbed a small dish towel out of a cabinet. His eyes shifted over to Shigaraki, who was staring at you with a crazed look in his eye and scratching at his neck slowly. Kurogiri was trying to talk to him about their strategy to convert the hot-headed teenager, but his focus was clearly elsewhere and Dabi could feel the tension in the air as his bosses’ eyes burned holes into your chest.

“Hurry up.” The raspy voice of Tomura Shigaraki spat at him. His sighed deeply and closed the distance between you, shifting a devilish look over to Bakugo as a taunt before grabbing your face and pulling it closer to his with a smirk. Bakugo lost his shit, as was expected.

“Don’t you fucking touch her, Patchwork!” He fought madly against his restraints, trying to do anything to stop what he thought was about to happen. “I swear I’ll kill you!”

“How very heroic.” Spinner chimed as a taunt.

He’s so loud. Scream some more for me!” Twice added.

The aforementioned patchwork man cradled your chin in his right hand while moving his fingers slowly up to your lips, his eyes never breaking contact with the screaming and panicking Bakugo. After a moment of false tenderness Dabi smirked, satisfied, and pulled open your mouth to shove the dish towel in it. They couldn’t have you launching any of those crazy sound attacks like you had at the Sports Festival, could they?

Bakugo visibly relaxed as the man let go of your face. Dabi then proceeded to finish tying you up in a similar fashion to himself and then stopped fucking touching you like he wanted. The process was excruciating, the patchwork asshole obviously enjoyed taking his sweet time with the process and was being very overly touchy as he secured you in place, all the while giving him taunting smirks.

As soon as he got out of these restraints, he was going to fuck that guy up first and then move on to these other bastards. The creepy one with the hands started talking, his stares more uncomfortable than Patchworks when they lingered on you. Just what the hell did they bring you here for? The implications made his head run wild with rage inducing thoughts.

“Dabi, we need to wake her up now.” The man grumbled while scratching at his throat wildly now. It was like the guy didn’t even notice Bakugo, who kept screaming profanities at random intervals. “We can’t let her recover too much stamina.” That piece of shit Dabi grumbled and tested your restraints with a tug for a moment before he seemed satisfied with the result. He straightened and took a step back before looking at Handface.

“Want me to do it?” He questioned, making Bakugo stiffen as he tried to figure out what the fuck ‘it’ was.

“No, I’ll do it.” Hands said as he stood up and crossed over to you. He leaned in close to your closed eyes and grinned wildly. “I’ve been waiting for this.” Shigaraki pulled his hand back and slapped you hard across the face. Bakugo again lost his shit in a flurry of swears and threats.


A shock of pain jolted you from your slumber, making the synapses begin firing slowly and luling you into consciousness. Everything was strange and blurry, you couldn’t seem to find the connection between what you were seeing and hearing, like you were in a dream. Suddenly you were reminded of a random question you’d been asked on your internship, ”Do you want to know how you’re going to die? Your eyes shot open.

Inches from your face were the crimson eyes of Tomura Shigaraki, if you’d have been able you would have screamed, if you’d been able you would have ran, if you’d been able you would have reacted at all. Instead, you just stared blankly back at the eyes that your brain refused to acknowledge as real. A fog of exhaustion making everything blur and fade around them as they pierced your soul.

Your mouth felt strange and it took a minute to place that you had something shoved inside it. You made grumbling noises from underneath the wash rag as your body started to buck against it’s restraints to no avail. The soreness and pain washed over you as your eyes started to mist. A voice broke your panic.

“We’ll be okay, Shiro.” Bakugo. You broke the eye contact with the villain and turned your head toward the familiar noise saying unfamiliar words. When your eyes rested on Bakugo tied to a chair everything finally started to come into focus. They got you both.

The lazy dreamlike mist finally dissipated from your eyes as the two of you made eye contact and you started to fucking panic. They got me. You struggled against your restraints, knowing you didn’t have the strength to break them. You shot looks of panic and desperation to your friend through the muffled sounds of you screaming that were quickly quieted by rough hands pulling your attention back to Shigaraki.

And now you panicked, full on thrashing against your restraints while he forced your gaze to stay locked with 4 fingers. Tears started dripping down your face, the salt stinging the fresh wounds as the man cocked a small grin and spoke.

“I wouldn’t move so much, it would be a shame if I had to use my whole hand.”

Your eyes widened and you stilled at his threat letting you settle into a calmer sort of emotional breakdown. This was your own fault. You got here because you couldn’t take the damn advice that you’d been given over and over again. If you’d just stayed calm and not acted like you knew what was going to happen you’d have been prepared for this. After you stopped moving for the acceptable amount of time, Shigaraki let go of your face and grabbed the towel, preparing to pull it out.

“You going to behave?” You nodded once slowly and he pulled the rag out. You coughed against the rush of cold air and dry scratchiness of your mouth and throat. Your head turned immediately to Bakugo and spoke in a rushed panic.

“Katsuki, are you okay? Don’t worry, we’re going to be fine.” Before he could answer properly Tomura spoke again.

“Kurogiri, this is annoying already. Take him to another room. We need to keep them separated for now.”

It happened so fast neither of you could even react. Kurogiri opened a portal beneath Bakugo’s feet and suddenly you were alone with the villains. The leader stopped staring at you for a moment to direct his subordinates out of the room and it sent chills down your spine. Just what the hell did he want with you that would earn a stare like that?

The fact that you felt safer when you realized that Dabi and Kurogiri would be staying in the room with you, pretty much answered the question. There was something really unpredictable going on beneath that hand and you wanted no part of being alone with it. At least maybe you could count on the other two to not let anything too drastic happen to you? You shot them both pleading looks.

Dabi was fiddling absentmindedly with a phone and Kurogiri pouring a drink with body language you assume accompanied a sigh. Neither of them saw your pleas. You took a breath and tried to mentally prepare for what came next and found yourself without an idea. The only thing that kept you even slightly calm was remembering what Relapse had told you when the timeline got messed up initially. It’s no worse than the future I know. Just different.

You hoped that meant that you could both make it out of this unscathed, but you weren't going to be that naive a second time around. Maybe this time you finally learned the lesson? There isn’t a timeline anymore. There is nothing to maintain. It’s already broken and you needed to accept it. Shigaraki turned back to you.

“I told you I’d see you soon.” He seemed really fucking satisfied with himself and it pissed you off.

“W-What do you want?” You tried so hard to sound brave and strong, though you doubted that it was very convincing.

“I had some questions for you.” He dragged a chair up so he could sit in front of you, his eyes searching your tear stained face for answers you knew you’d never be able to give him. You nodded to imply that you wanted him to go on and you were listening, you felt your panic start to quell into a cold kind of calm. Had you finally lost it? He continued, “First thing I want to know is, what happened to your scar?” His eyes drifted down to your chest and lingered on the place that used to be scarred.

“Oh,” You scrambled to come up with a lie, hoping it sounded convincing. “Laser surgery.” You hoped to god that was a thing in this world. He laughed and you winced at the terrifying way it sounded. Dabi shot a glance to you over the phone his was holding and continued with whatever he was doing.

“I know you’re lying.” He paused, “But it doesn’t matter right now. I’d like to talk to you about your Mother.”

“M-My Mom?” You questioned, confused.

“Out of everything in your past, she makes the least sense.” He bit angrily, making you recoil. You didn’t know anything about your Mom. And the fact that he was also interested sent a chill through your body. You remembered being paranoid when you saw her the day of the mall incident and how uncomfortable her actions were making you at the time.

“I-I don’t know what you mean.” A further calming sense of dread washed over you at the look he gave you.

“What is her quirk?” You wracked your brain trying to remember what it was that you wrote all that time ago in another world. You couldn’t remember exactly what you’d said and of course it would be important at a time like this.

“Some weak power up boost. I-I don’t remember.” You were being honest and hoped that it showed.

“It’s registered at Stamina Manipulation, that doesn’t sound like a weak power-up does it?”

“No.” Everything suddenly made sense. No wonder you could sense the stamina of people around you. Right now you knew that each of the villains before you were at over 80% and you were dwindling around 2%. Your body shrank in exhaustion at the realization, letting the adrenaline crash and your entire body relax into the aches and pains.

But why would that be something that you didn't know? Why was Shigaraki asking about it? Even if she could manipulate stamina you couldn’t see any way that it mattered, especially to the League. You gulped and waited for him to say something and he didn’t. The silence stretched long enough for your tired eyes to start to droop, begging for release from this hell until your face was again met with a hard smack. You word vomited.

“What the fuck kind of party invite is this, man?” You said as you winced and immediately regretted it. How did you always manage to say the wrong fucking thing? Why was it that every single fucking time you let your guard down you said some shit that would get you into trouble. You braced for another slap that didn’t come. You opened your squinted eyes.

“Why did you go to UA?” He asked without reaction to your words.

“To be a hero.” You spat, tasting a trickle of blood on your lip.

“Why were you registered quirkless for so long?”

“We didn’t know I had one.”

“Why did your Father get suspended from his job?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?” He yelled as he slapped you again. You whimpered in pain, the taste of iron thick in your mouth as you spat a bit of blood onto the floor next to you. You didn’t know what to say, you couldn’t tell him anything he wanted to know. You knew nothing about your own life or before you got here. Most of it had likely been fabricated by God-Dude to put you here. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to go on much longer like this and luckily someone else thought so too.

“Tomura Shigaraki, I believe this conversation has become counterproductive.” Kurogiri said cautiously. “Maybe we should take a rest and continue in the morning? It’s been a long night and tensions are high.”

You closed your eyes in prayer that the man would listen to his number two, more tears ran down your cheeks as you silently whimpered in pain. Shigaraki paced back and forth to contemplate what he wanted to do next. You tried to mentally will him to go away and leave you to cry alone in peace. He groaned loudly in irritation.

“You’re right, Kurogiri. I’ll go talk to Bakugo for a bit. I can’t trust Spinner to handle it on his own.” He shot you a look. “This isn’t over. Dabi, make sure she doesn’t sleep. We can’t let her regain any strength.”

“Got it.” The man shot from the corner as both Kurogiri and Shigaraki made their way out the back of the room through a door. And then you were alone with Dabi. You let yourself break a little when the door closed behind them. Tears of pain and fear welling in your eyes and dropping down in quiet sobs. He didn’t look up from the phone once. You didn’t know how long the silence stretched between you two, you assumed it had to be at least an hour. Finally the discomfort hit it’s apex and your dumbass started talking.

“Is he going to kill me or recruit me?” Your voice was small and he raised an eyebrow but didn’t look up from whatever he was looking at.

“That depends on you. Are you recruitable?”

“M-Maybe,” you lied fairly convincingly, trying to use the little information that you do know about the man to maybe negotiate. “I-I mean, Stain I get...but this guy?” He stood up and walked over to you before stopping inches from your face.

“Lies.” You recoiled and winced for a hit that didn’t come. You opened your eyes back cautiously to find him still staring at you.

“I’m not.. I-I just…” You trailed off, not able to maintain the lie and you knew it. He smirked.

“I have a question for you Kisaki Shiro.” He straightened back up and looked around the room.


“How did you know my name back there in the woods?”

“Oh.” You had no answer and no time to make up a lie, you hadn’t even realized that you’d said it back there. YOU FUCKING IDIOT, you thought as your mind searched for a way out of this and could only find one solution, distraction. “I have a question too. Is it just a coincidence that you look so much like Todoroki Shoto?”

Now you’d done it.

Chapter Text

He laughed right in your face. It wasn’t the response that you’d expected at all. You just stared blankly, wide eyed and praying that maybe your distraction had worked. It at least bought you some time, and since you had no idea how to play this you decided to just clear your mind and let the bullshit flow. It always worked so well when you were fucking with someone, the words spilling out easily and smoothly.

“What are you asking me?” He was still chuckling when he finally spoke.

“I’m asking if you’re, like, Endeavors secret child or something.” Why were you speaking so candidly? You wanted to berate yourself, but figured maybe you earned a little bit of slack from the hell you’d been through. There was no way you weren’t in some kind of shock from the blood loss, stamina drain, lack of sleep, and terror.

“It’s the eyes, right?” He tilted his head a bit almost like he was really proud of them. Did the distraction work or was he just having a bit of fun with you? You couldn’t tell, but you figured you should be careful and not poke too hard, lest you see his other side.

“Not only.” You said in direct conflict with what you’d just told yourself that you were going to do. Fuck, maybe it was time to just lean into the psychological warfare? Worst case scenario he kills you, and you’d already died once so you knew it wasn’t such a bad process. You were never going to get the answers to your theory in the anime, may as well try to find out here.

“Oh,” he leaned in closer and slid the phone into his pocket, “What is it then?”

“U-umm..” Your confidence in this plan was immediately shaken as his face came in close to yours. You took a second to study it, focusing on the eyes and trying to think of the strength Todoroki always gave you. What kind of idiot were you?

“Well?” He grinned inching closer. He was definitely messing with you and you could feel the hairs standing up on your whole body. If you kept digging this hole there was eventually going to be no way out of it, but you also couldn’t go back to that last line of questioning until you’d thought up a good enough lie.

“Okay, well, I have this theory. I know that Endeavor is an abusive piece of flaming dog shit who used his sons to try to meet his warped goals. I also know that Shoto has two older brothers. Each brother was abused and trained in the same way until the next was born with what the man considered to be a ‘better quirk.’ I also know one of those brothers is about your age and no one ever talks about him. I look at you with your flame quirk, those eyes, those burns, and your support of the Hero Killer Stains ideals and I think there’s really no way I couldn’t ask.” He pulled back from you with an unreadable expression on his face. You again braced for impact but nothing happened. You opened your eyes again.

“I bet you overthink everything, don’t you?” He cracked a smile and pulled the phone back out and started fiddling with it. “I do have to say, I’m impressed at how ballsy you are. If I was his son, don’t you think that everything you just said would make me furious? Trying to get me to kill you or something?”

“Honestly, I didn’t really have any plan, I just had to know.” The truth just spilled out and you realised in that moment you needed some serious therapy when you got out of here. He wasn’t wrong, you were fucking pathological. You needed meds! Electroshock therapy! Someone to sit on your shoulder and slap the shit out of you from time to time!

“Who’s best boy?” He asked making you recoil.

“What did you just ask me?” Did you just have a stroke?

“It’s Midoriya Izuku isn’t it.” He waved the phone in his hands. He’d taken your case off of it so you didn’t notice that it was yours. Holy shit he’d been going through your phone this entire time!? What the hell did he know now? Your heart sank. He cleared his throat and began sarcastically reading out a text.

“I know you guys are busy, but when you get a free sec let All Might know I just found out that I can overclock my ability to heal my body. I feel like it’s something I need to tell an adult and I don’t have his phone number and my Mom isn’t available.”

A beat of horrifying silence.

“And you really sent that boy 28 pictures of soba. I have to admire your dedication.” He chuckled to himself, “You’re actually really charming, it’s unfortunate that it’s going to end so badly for you.” His eyes narrowed on you devilishly and you felt the fear from him for the first time since the woods.

Your heart sunk in your chest as the implications sank in. You’d texted Midoriya nearly every detail of how your quirks works when you were trying to help him with his hero notes. Every single update in your training progress had been given to best boy and now Dabi had it. And then there were the other texts.

You’d been texting Relapse a decent bit as well. If he’d read those already you were fucked. He would already know that you’ve seen at least some version of the future. Luckily, you were pretty sure that would be all he knew because you were both always so vague, and the plus would be that he would also know that the timeline was broken and nearly everything was different from how it was supposed to be. You then thought about all of the personal information about your classmates that was in there.

Uraraka’s weekend cooking classes, Minas summer plans with her family, the location of Kyokas music class, and the list went on. Everyone’s personal lives were detailed there between texts and group chats. Everyone was in danger with that thing in his hands.

You needed to destroy that phone right now, even if the stamina drain made you pass out. Even if they killed you for it. Without thinking or saying a word you pushed all of your energy into overclocking that phone and telling it to explode. It only took a second before you saw the device pop in his hand and start to smoke lightly. You sighed as you felt the last of your energy fall from your body, of course it wouldn’t be a cool explosion.

“You bitch.” His eyes narrowed further.

“Wasn’t me, it’s a note 7.” That was the last thing you said before you passed out.



“...please wake up, Shiro.” It was almost so soft that you couldn’t hear it. Barely a whimper yet filled with so much emotion. It spurred you from your sleep and your eyes opened a crack while your head drifted toward the noise. Oh, it was Bakugo. His cheeks were tear stained and his eyes were bloodshot.

“You okay, Baku?” Your voice was barely above a whisper itself.

“Oh thank god!” He practically screamed as his eyes darted to yours and searched them frantically. Before dropping in intense sadness. “You looked like you were dead.”

“I’m fine, I just drained my stamina too low and had to sleep.” You blinked a few times, the now familiar fog of stamina depletion heavy on your lids but slowly clearing. 6%. You looked around the room and saw Kurogiri casually cleaning glasses behind the bar. You jolted further awake, “How long have we been here?”

“I can’t tell, I fell asleep for a while.” His eyes darted to all the bruises on your face and narrowed. “I’m going to kill these bastards.”

“What did they say to you?” You wondered about the timeline. Would they even bother trying to recruit him now that they’d made him so angry?

“They think they can convince me to join them.” He scoffed.

“Probably because you act like a psychopath.” You smiled gently, trying to lighten the mood before getting serious, “They’re idiots if they think they can sway you.”

“Damn right.” He replied.You noticed Kurogiri react as if he was listening. Not too much later, Shigaraki and the rest of the villains entered the bar with Dabi bringing up the rear and shooting you a devilish smirk. This clearly made Bakugos blood boil but he didn’t say anything.

“Hey Shiro!” Toga called out with a big wave, effectively ruining any chance at not drawing attention to yourself. She was smiling at you like she’d come over to netflix and chill and you had to take a second before you responded. You sighed deeply.

“Hi Toga.” She beamed at the recognition and looked like she was going to say something else but didn’t because Shigaraki shot past her. You stilled as he approached, energy more calculated and significantly less terrifying than the last time you’d talked. His approach was smooth and when he got within reach he ran his finger along the spot you’d been scarred.

“So you overclocked your body’s ability to heal.” He grinned lightly while pulling his hand away. His tone was softer this time too. Maybe he’d gotten a talking to by Kurogiri? That didn’t seem likely, but you couldn't read his actions or face at all. “How did you think of that?”

“I-I, uhh, I cut my hand and just kind of started wondering if it was possible.” You half grumbled, unsure of what he wanted from you right now and not excited about the idea of possibly being slapped again.

“It’s unbelievable that you were quirkless until two years ago.” Try like 4 months ago. You heard a small noise from Bakugo, but couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face right now. You had no idea how he would react to that information and you weren’t in a rush to find out. You tightened, remembering the intentionally vague and mysterious backstory that you’d written for your character. You wish you’d fucking filled in the blanks now, that’s for sure. “We need a healer in our party. Can you heal others?”

“I haven’t tried before.” You tried to sound brave and you wondered if it worked.

“Why don’t you try right now.” It wasn’t a question.

“Okay.” You said softly at you looked him over. Your eyes shot to the irritation on his neck and you took a deep breath and willed it to heal. HIs eyes narrowed for a moment and you tried to pull back. “I-It didn’t happen instantly.” He grinned lightly and you noticed that his stamina started draining down fairly quickly. He’d lost about 6% and you could see the redness and irritation already starting to go down. “Whoa, it’s already working.” You couldn’t stop yourself from being surprised.

“So you can heal and power up yourself and others.” He said to himself more than you.

“Priest class.” Your inner nerd blurted out, ‘Well no, because I can cast buffs and my DPS is decent. Maybe like a Mage/Priest hybrid? Either way it’s fucking awesome..” You lost yourself to a flurry of inner nerd thoughts that distracted you for a second from your circumstance. You were cut off by a light chuckle from Shigaraki and a concerned whisper from Bakugo.

“Shiro, stop being a nerd.” Your eyes shot to your friend and his panicked expression was laid on the Villain. You followed his eyeline and noticed it too. Shigaraki was looking at you with an affectionate kind of look on his face. It completely freaked you out. Holy shit, you idiot, are you trying to seduce him with the gamer talk? You remembered a smut fic that you read once. This was almost the exact plot. You needed to shut up right now.

“I want it.” You weren’t sure if he was actually talking about you or your quirk. He checked his watch.

“Well, you can’t have it.” Your eyes narrowed, where the hell did this confidence come from? You tried to shut yourself up and failed miserably, “One of my friends can copy quirks. But he can’t copy mine. I don’t think you can take it.” You grumbled to try to soothe over how obstinate you’d just been.

“That’s interesting. We’ll just have to see when I take you to meet Sensei.” You tightened and tried not to react much.


“Don’t play dumb.” He looked at you bored. “I guess we can get into it after the press conference. I want you guys to see this.” He checked his watch and flipped on the tv.

The press was much harder on the school this time around. You and Bakugo watched in silence as the media tore your teachers and principal apart. It made your heart hurt. All of this was happening because of you and you couldn’t stop the guilt from crushing you where you sat. When Aizawa gave a speech about Bakugos convictions it make your heart melt. Even in this horrible situation you could feel him beaming, even if it didn’t show on his face.

Then the league began their pitch. You zoned out through a lot of it because you both didn’t care and just wanted to run the timer out until All Might and the Pros showed up to save you both.It was what came next that would be really scary, you were not excited to face All for One at all. Even though you had a good feeling that everything would end up being okay, the thought of being at Kamino Ward for that fight was really scary. You still barely had any stamina left and didn’t want to hold Bakugo back.

Bakugo was amazing, he didn’t even pretend to be swayed or compliant with the villains. Every time they made a pitch he would laugh in their face or call them names. It was completely stupid to not play at being swayed for his safety, but Bakugo wasn’t the type. Compress said something to that effect to him.

“I only do whatever I want, and I won’t even pretend otherwise.” Bakugo retorted. He was so hot and this was not the time to be thinking about it. You refocused and tried to get your thoughts straight.

How would the rescue operation go, would your friends try to come and save you both? If not, you hoped that maybe you and Bakugo could at least get yourselves away before All for One caused too much damage to All Might. It’s no worse than the future you know, just different. You took a deep breath. There was a knock on the door.

“Hello I got a pizza delivery here?” All of the villains froze in confusion for a beat before All Might busted in through the wall and pandemonium broke out.

Everything happened so fast. All Might slammed through the wall and crushed Spinner to the ground, Shigaraki called out for Kurogiri to warp, but was stopped by Kamui Woods swinging in to restrain everyone. Dabi moved for a flame attack and was knocked out immediately by Gran Torino. Suddenly you felt the restraints around you loosen and you were looking into the eyes of Bakugo, who you’d guessed used the chaos to finally bust himself out.

“You can’t run anymore League of Villains. Because we are here now.” All Might was finishing up his speech as you locked eyes with your friend.

“You okay?” He asked, you nodded in reply and stood up shakily. It was time to try to fight and you needed to get your body moving.

“You broke out.” You whispered with a light smile, dripping with pride. They’d let him out in the anime so you didn’t even know it was possible.

“Of course I did! Damn Pros ruined my moment.” He was being an ass, but you could hear the relief in his voice underneath as he turned and prepared to fight if he had to. Things settled and All Might turned to you both.

“You must have been scared, but you stayed strong. I’m sorry, you’re safe now.” You nodded quietly in reply. No, I’m not.

“What?! I wasn't scared! Not even close!” Bakugo yelled because he was born to be extra as fuck.

“After I went through all the trouble of preparing this, the final boss goes and shows up on my doorstep.” Shigaraki was sitting cross-legged and restrained on the floor, glaring in irritation and a chilling rage. “Kurogiri! Warp over as many as you can!”

Kurogiri tried to warp over some Nomu and failed. The pros explained that they’d found and destroyed his warehouse. Kurogiri was knocked unconscious by edgeshot. The entire time you watched the eyes of the Leader. The character you’d loved so much turned terrifying nightmare. Right now, the look on his face broke your heart despite all the horrible shit he’d pulled. He was so broken and so warped, but you could feel the sadness underneath.

But this isn’t the time for that shit! You had to focus because now you were coughing up black smoke along with all of the Villains in the room. Nomu were appearing in the air and the Pros started yelling. You looked around in a panic that grew much worse at a sudden realization. All Might made a break to grab you but you were being pulled away from the building.

Bakugo was just fine.

Chapter Text

“Shit,” You said as you let out a series of coughs to clear the smoke from your lungs. You were hunched over and terrified to look up, knowing who was standing in front of and staring down at you.

“My apologies, Kisaki.” All for One said in a gentlemanly tone that chilled you to your core. You straightened to meet his gaze, a calm washing over you suddenly.

Your mind started to put the pieces together and attempted to devise a plan as best it could. This is it. I’m alone and surrounded by villains. I don’t know if my classmates are around and even if they are I don’t know how they’d try to save me. I have to keep them safe and try to get away. I have 8% stamina. If I’m careful that could be enough.

Suddenly the rest of the League appeared around you. Similarly coughing as the black smoky ooze left their lungs and cleared from the air. Your body was still calm and clear taking in your surroundings. You felt a strange tingle trickle up your arms and body making you feel more calm and focused. Must be adrenaline, you thought.

“That was so gross!” Toga called as she covered her mouth.

This black stuff reeks! I love it!” Twice added.

“Master,” Shigaraki said as he stay knelt on the ground.

“So you failed once more, Tomura.” All for One said as he approached the man on the ground slowly, “But you must not be discouraged, you’ll try again. That’s why I brought your associates back with you. Even this child,” He motioned toward you as he closed the gap between them, “Because you judged that she was an important piece on your game board.”

You were important? You thought that was Bakugo. Fuck, you didn’t like that you had no idea what the hell was going on. Other than having an interesting quirk there was no reason for these villains to be interested in you. The thoughts didn’t shake the strange calm that was holding you in place, though. It was like a peaceful focus that primed you for battle. You checked the stamina of the villains and noticed that they were all depleting ever so slightly. Weird.

“Start over as many times as it takes,” All for One said kindly as he held out his hand to Shigaraki, “I am here to provide you with help. All of this is for you.”

It was low key sweet how much it seemed like those two cared for each other. On the other hand, it was fucking twisted and terrifying and you wanted to get away from it. You felt stronger and more powerful suddenly, like maybe your body had gone into overdrive. The little pains and pricks of soreness less distracting. This could be normal, you hadn’t really ever been in a situation this dire before but you’d heard stories of Moms lifting cars and shit.

You checked your stamina again, 19%. How did that happen? You checked everyone else and they’d all lost a small amount of stamina. Shit, had you stolen it somehow? Stamina Manipulation. But you hadn’t even tried. Did you have two full quirks like Todoroki? That would be fucking awesome, but this wasn’t the time.

“Ahh, There you are.” All for One said as All Might came crashing down from the sky with a smash that was blocked. The force of the two men coming together making the ground crumble beneath All for One’s feet immediately.

“I’ll have you return my student, All for One.” All Might yelled as they collided, he looked pissed. It was kind of scary.

“Have you come to kill me a second time, All Might?” He replied in kind. The shockwave of the attack shook you from your balance as the rubble and smoke choked you on the spot. You hunched down, trying not to use your quirk yet. You had no idea how you got that stamina, so you weren’t sure if you could do it again. All Might jumped back and landed knelt and primed to attack again.

“It took you long enough to find us,” All for One continued as the rubble started to clear, “It’s only 5 kilometers from the bar to here. And yet it was at least 30 seconds after I sent the Nomu that you arrived. You’ve gotten weaker, All Might.”

“You’re one to talk, it’s kind of difficult to ignore that fancy life support mask you’ve got on. Aren’t you over exerting yourself?” All Might stood with a few jumped and stretched his legs, smile painted on his face, “I won’t repeat the mistake I made 5 years ago. You hear me? I will take Young Kisaki back. And I will make certain that you’re locked up for the rest of your sad life.”

All Might primed to attack and charged for the villain, “Right along with your despicable League of Villains.” All for One responded but you didn’t hear it because All Might was knocked back with a force that caused you to fall back off of your feet and hit your head.

The Symbol of Peace flew back into multiple buildings, causing them to crash and crumble around him. He flew far, and the scale of the damage reminded you of your practical exam. Catastrophic damage to buildings and houses. All for One started calling out the quirks he’d used to boost his punch and made a point to adjust higher and a a few more enhancers for the next one. Your calm still wasn’t shaken as you stood back up and took stock of things.

“Get off the battlefield, Tomura. And take that girl with you.” He started to force activate Kurogiris quirk.

“What about you?” Shigaraki questioned as All Might flew back down with another smash and the battle raged on. All for One dismissed him and the boss battle began.

“Let’s go, Shigaraki. While our masked lead is keeping All Might entertained.” Mr. Compress turned the unconscious Dabi into a marble and looked to Shigaraki who was distracted. “Claim your prize.” The eyes of the League of Villains vanguard action squad all turned to face you.

Your mind was clear and ready to react until it found a proper opening. You couldn’t let them get away with you again and you needed to get as far as possible so All Might could fight at full power. You overclocked your body as you scanned the enemies ahead of you.

“Here we go, I guess.” You took a fighting stance.

“Young Kisaki, don’t!” All Might called from his fight. There was no way you could listen to your Sensei this time. If Compress got a hand on you who knows how long it would be before the heroes could find you again. And the idea of an extended stay with Shigaraki wasn’t so appealing after you noticed the way he looked at you.

Twice charged first, slinging at you with his whiplike measuring tape. You bent back just in time and put some distance between you only to get your arm slashed by a knife wielding Toga who’d gotten behind you somehow. You’d managed to get a grip on her arm and slam her to the ground with a loud thud. You hear a crack but didn’t have time to check what it was before Compress made a play for you. You managed to jump just in time and slid onto the ground. Fuck.

You heard the crashing sounds of All Might being tossed away again into a far off building. You were running out of time. If you didn’t manage to get out of here soon you were going to get that man killed and yourself kidnapped.

You took a hard hit from the back and were knocked to your knees for a split second before you jumped back up and looked around. You were completely surrounded by all the villains and they were all looking at you like they knew they’d won. Spinner charged for you and you acted without thinking.

You overclocked his eyes and he froze immediately before clutching his face and throwing up. Why had I never thought of that before! You released him and sent one into Compress, who was making another play for you and he also froze and slammed his hands to his face. You heard Shigaraki yell something to you that sounded like, ‘What did you do?’ But you were focused on releasing the clock on compress. This gave the other villains pause and you saw Twice take a step back as you jumped high in the air to try to get away from them.

The distance bought you the second you needed to take a few small jumps backward and you checked your stamina. 14%. You were doing pretty well, but you needed to get away fast. You could clock your legs for a big jump, but without a running start you wouldn’t get too much distance. You prayed that Midoriya came up with the same idea as the anime. He knew better than anyone what you could do.

And your prayers were answered as you saw a ramp of ice form at the far corner of the battlefield. You clocked your legs and put some more distance between yourself and the villains and prepared to jump. You saw the group of boys clinging together and sliding up the ramp before launching themselves in the air and you thanked the gods that you were about to be saved.

“Shiro!” You heard Kirishima yell and you overclocked Magne’s eyes again to keep her down before you launch yourself as high as you possibly could. This way they had no chance of coming after you guys, you heard Shigaraki scream after you in anger while the League scrambled to try to figure out what to do next.

As soon as you were in the air you released the clock on your legs and shifted it to your lungs with a deep breath. All that training with Inasa came into play as you repeatedly turned the clock on and off with breaths to maneuver yourself enough to grab your friends hand. You stole Bakugos line with a big smile.

“You idiots.” A sudden horrifying realization, “What’s the landing strategy?”

“I’m going to try to smash the ground at the right time.” Midoriya said in a not so confident voice. “Kirishima, harden and try to protect Iida.”

You all did your best as you started to fall toward the ground at a high speed. The four of you kind of clinging together the best that you could. As you descended to building level you were all caught suddenly in what looked to be a net made out of electricity. Once the strain of the jolt subsided you all fell to the ground with a slump. It took a moment for what the fuck happened to really sink in, and when it did you fell into the happiest, most relieved tears of your life.


“You’re such a pain in the ass kid.” The pro said with an affectionate smirk.

Chapter Text

You would have jumped up immediately and hugged Craine if you weren’t being pinned under a confused and slightly panicked Midoriya. You pulled him closer and into a tight hug, both still laying on the ground while Kirishima and Iida straightened themselves nearby. Best boy wrapped his arms around you in response, both lost in a moment of relief.

“You saved me.” You couldn’t help but whisper to him.

“Of course I did.” Was his breathy response directed into your shoulder. How utterly not Midoriya-like, your brain tried to convince you. For fucks sake, if there was any lesson that you’d learned from this experience, it was to stop pretending that you know everything.

“What happened to Bakugo?” Kirishima sounded like he wasn’t sure that he wanted the answer. You released Midoriya and stood up, pulling the other two boys into a standing hug with a small grin.

“He got left behind at the hideout with the pros. He’s safe.” You moved to release the hug, but Kirishima didn’t relent. He pulled you in tighter, his body shaking lightly. You squeezed him back letting his warmth envelop you and a few tears of relief drop down your face. Your tender moment was interrupted.

“Alright, brat, quit crying. I need to get you to the police station before Inasa has a heart attack.”

“Inasa?” You questioned, confused.

“If you think he wasn’t on the first train to this city to save you, you’re an idiot.” His tone was harsh, but Craine was pulling you into a hug as he spoke so you didn’t think much of it. The words sank in, of course the boy was freaking out right now. He’d been so worried and all of his fears came true. Craine let out a laugh as you clung to his body while his arms lay rested calmly at his sides, “I was worried he’d come charging right into the villains hideout so I sent him to the police station and came to get you myself.”

“Who is this guy?!” You heard Kirishima chime from the sidelines. You let out a laugh into Craines chest before letting him go and realizing you had a lot to explain.

“This is Craine! He helped train me during my internship.”

“The electromancer?!” Midoriya shot to the Pro and began bombarding him with questions. Crain popped the boy lightly on the top of the head in response.

“Quit with the questions, kid. We got places to be. Kisaki, I need to get you to the police station immediately to secure you officially. The rest of you need to get disappeared, alright?” He shot a wink, “I’d hate for any of you to get into any trouble.”

The boys came to bombard you once more with hugs and tears that you returned happily. They’d risked their lives to get you out of there and you knew you owed them big time. Kirishima tried to get you to promise to call them as soon as you got home, which only reminded you that you no longer had a phone and wouldn’t be able to. You gave a rushed explanation before Craine practically peeled Midoriya off of you and began walking you out to the main street and into a car and see the police.

There was something really surreal about being safe once more that you found really distracting. There was a fog of dissociation and calm over your mind as you filed into the taxi and it started to pull off from the station. Everything that had just transpired was already starting to feel like a dream, like you could be whisked away at any moment and taken to another unbelievable scenario.

The Pro put an arm around your neck and pulled you into safe comfortable arms. Part of your brain mused at the idea that a man like Craine would be of such great comfort to you, but you didn’t linger on the thoughts, instead letting the warmth take you into blissful rest.

You felt the car jolt to a stop and it woke you once more. Your mind and body were both exhausted, begging for the return of blissful sleep, but there was still work to be done. Craine half pulled you out of the car and into the Station that was mad with energy and movement. Before you even got a second to look around you were being smothered by an embrace. A deep inhale of the scent told you who was clinging to your body like it’d may disappear from his grasp if he relented at all.

“I’m okay, Inasa.” You whispered but didn’t get a response other than light weeping into your shoulder. Craine said something and peeled the boy off of you before directing you toward a horde of officers who immediately ushered you into a room.

When you walked into the room and they closed the door behind you. Bakugo was sitting on a couch area, looking like hell. His body bruised and bleeding juxtaposed against the clean and tidy room jolted you once more. He must have been going through hell not knowing what happened to you. He didn’t look up at the sound of the door opening and you wondered how many times he’d looked up at every sound before finally falling into this state. You moved over toward him and took the seat next to him. His body adjusted to the light rocking and his eyes lazily drifted to you before sharpening.

“Shiro?” He looked at you like he wasn’t sure he believed that you were there. Instead of answering, you pulled him into your embrace from the side and buried your head in his chest. He let out a stream of thoughts ranging from thanking the gods that you were safe and yelling at you for being an idiot and letting that ‘creepy hands fuck’ touch you.

You just smiled into the scolding, simply happy to be with him. You whispered sorries and reassurances until you felt his weight on you less than before. You locked eyes and watched his trace down your face and body, taking in all the damage. His eyes welled up and he pulled you into his lap and into a tight hold. The desperate need for embrace taking the both of you after being tied and abused for an indiscriminate amount of time. You buried your face into his shoulder and returned the comfort, neither of you saying another word until the police returned to question you both.

You’d missed the entire All Might fight stuck in traffic, but you knew it went the same as the show after you left by the way everyone was talking about it after. The police took both of your statements and Bakugo’s Mom came to get him. He kept looking back at you as he was leaving, like he was scared to have you out of his sight. You couldn’t blame him, it couldn’t have been pleasant for him to watch you being smacked around by the League and helpless to do anything about it.

The police herded you back out of the interview room and into the main processing area. You were again enveloped in the arms of Inasa. Craine and the police explained that they’d made contact with your mother about 4 hours back and she was currently on a flight en route from England. Apparently, she’d gone away on business during your camp trip. You didn’t know if you even wanted to see her.

Something weird was going on with her and your past, and you didn’t even know how to ask without it being super suspicious. These were things that you should know already, so asking about them would definitely raise more questions than necessary. But you had to know why. Why was Shigaraki so interested in you and why he seemed so confused about her. Your thoughts swirled the entire time Craine and Inasa took you home.

When you got back to your house everything felt strange. It was like your mind couldn’t accept that you were safe and at every noise you would flinch loudly or let out a little squeal. You walked immediately over to your couch and flipped on the tv. Inasa watched you carefully, unsure how he was supposed to react here. He wasn’t going to leave until your Mom got home, but he wasn’t really qualified to comfort you and it made him feel helpless.

You weren’t talking much and your eyes were distant and cautious as if you didn’t really believe that you were safe. He wanted to grab and hold you and make you feel better, but every time he got close he found himself pausing and deciding to go with a less affectionate gesture. His head was swirling with emotion and it was making him unsure how to act. His eyes kept scanning your body, seemingly every inch of you covered in dirt or blood, every inch of your skin bruised or bleeding. It was hard to look for long and he repeatedly had to stop himself from looking away.

He remembered the moment that they brought it the boy who was kidnapped with you into the police station. He was mad with panic, screaming about how they needed to get you immediately, his incoherent rambling ranging from detailing you being interrogated to not liking the way that the villains had been looking at you. It was hard to follow his panicked flurry of colorful language and violent mood swings from anger to sadness, but Inasa got the jist.

Those men had hurt and touched you and the blonde named Bakugo was furious. Insasa decided that he liked the guy in that moment and made a mental note to thank him for protecting you as best he could. But was that his place? Was any of this? He paced back and forth around the living room as your empty eyes were locked onto the television wordlessly. He couldn’t take it anymore, it was driving him insane.

“S-Shiro. Y-you need to get cleaned off. I’m worried you’ll get an infection.” If I see you like this much longer I don’t know what I’m going to do. He watched your eyes react in a small way at his words before drifting lazily to meet his gaze. Your face was emotionless and empty, your tone was just the same.

“I should shower.” You looked down at yourself, distant gaze still leaving you miles away from him. It was making him feel itchy.

“I’ll help you upstairs and wait till you’re done?” Why was his voice so small? He needed to be strong for you, but everytime he looked at you he couldn’t stop himself from imagining what you’d gone through.


He walked you up the stairs and brought you your pajamas from the crumpled pile you’d left them in before camp. His eyes lingered on your room, remembering the last time that he was here when he’d failed to convince you to leave with him. Would you have ever had to witness this kind of horror if he’d just managed to convince you to come? He didn’t want to linger on the thoughts but they were all consuming.

He couldn’t linger on that. He spent the whole time you were in the shower and getting dressed pulling his shit together so he could be your rock right now. He couldn’t imagine how painful everything was for you, so it wasn’t the time to be so worried about himself and his feelings. It was time to cheer you up like you always did for others when they were sad.

“So you really think that Kyoya is a better match for Haruhi? I feel like I don’t know you at all.” Your eyes lit up at his words, making him smile. He knew some nerd references would be a good distraction.

“Are you serious? You really think that idiot Tamaki deserves her?” You grumbled, “She deserves someone who can keep up with her mentally.”

“So you’re into the cold, calculated type, I get it.” He winked, “I’ll practice.”

“You couldn’t be cold if you tried.” You smiled finally, making his heart sink and giving him the strength to pull you closer. He held you tightly on the couch until you fell asleep, until your Mom got home and pulled you into her own embrace and cried her tears of relief.

He knew it was time to go now, so he grabbed his things and made his way out the door and toward the train station. He’d come see you again soon, and as he turned to take one last look at you he saw your face turn suspicious and look into your Mothers eyes.

“Mom, we need to talk about why the League of Villains kept asking me about you.” He closed the door swiftly and left in a rush. That was none of his business and he always knew you were kind of mysterious.

Chapter Text

“Mom, we need to talk about why the League of Villains kept asking me about you.” You heard the front door to your house close as you studied your Mom’s face with suspicion. You were supposed to trust this woman implicitly, but yet there was something holding you back.

If there was one thing you knew from the anime, it was that Tomura Shigaraki rarely got that insane with anger. Even when Bakugo knocked Father off of his face, Shigaraki kept his cool and his mind on the higher mission. But, he’d totally lost his shit when dealing with you. And you trusted his instincts in this world more than your own.

The woman sat back in her seat with a deep sigh. You couldn’t judge her expressionless face, her eyes cold and distant suddenly like she was a completely different person. You stiffened and waited for her response, the silence stretching and suffocating you.

“Do you remember your Father at all?” Her expression was faraway, like she was lost in the past. You answered without thinking.

“No.” You put your head down to scold yourself for not thinking before you spoke, but she continued.

“I never think about how hard it must be for you to have lost all of your memories.” She sighed, “You’ve always been so strong. Always pretending like everything was fine, but I could tell.”

“Memory loss?” You couldn’t help but question. Was this something that God-Dude set up for you so it’d be safe to ask questions? You needed to tread carefully, but tensions were high.

“He told you over and over again that it wasn’t safe. That you needed to pretend to be quirkless.” She sounded angry, but not at you. More like she was angry at the past. “But you wouldn’t listen to us. You caught their attention and all of the hiding was for nothing.” Her eyes narrowed. When her voice came out again, it was soft and saddened. “Of course you wanted to be a hero.”

“Mom, I don’t understand at all.” You wanted to cry. To throw things. To just tell her that you had no idea what she was talking about.

“Of course you wouldn’t.” She sighed and looked at her hand. “This is all my fault anyway.”

“Please just tell me what’s going on?! How is keeping it from me helpful? I was tortured by villains for information I don't have about my own life!” You were panicking, your voice was shrill and whiny. You’d have been in tears if you weren’t so irritated. She recoiled at the word torture and examined your face. A distinct handprint belonging to Shigaraki was bruised on your cheek, she knew you were right but couldn’t bring herself to admit it.

“I can’t tell you, baby.” She had tears in her eyes. It was obvious that she was struggling. “We brought you here because Japan was supposed to be safe. We put you at UA so you’d be seen and cared about by enough people that they wouldn’t come for you. We hoped that the horrible things that they’d done could finally bring some good to the world. If you became a hero they wouldn’t be able to stop you. I couldn’t let them take you.”

“Mom, what are you saying?” You were crying now, the confusion completely overwhelming. She placed her hand atop your head with a deep breath.

“Please, just, figure out everything that you can about your quirks and become as strong as possible. Eventually, they are going to come for you and I won’t be able to stop them again. Get close with the Pros, trust your instincts, and stay out in the open.” You wanted to press further, but the panicked way she was speaking reminded you of when you tried to mess with the timeline. She knew something that she couldn't tell you. It didn’t make you feel better at all. “And NEVER overclock your own brain again.” The last part was a warning that chilled you to your bones.

“My brain?” You said before the rest of her words sank in properly. “Quirks?”

She sighed deeply and you saw a mist of tears form in her eyes. She looked horribly pained and in that moment you knew despite how much she was keeping from you, she loved you deeply. The problem was, that wasn’t enough. You needed answers and apparently just asking the people involved wasn’t an option. Time to open up your own investigation.

“Stamina manipulation.” You said quietly, much to her shock. “That’s what the villains said your quirk was.” Your Mother stilled.

“That is what it’s registered as.” She was being cautious with her words.

“Is that why I can sense the stamina around me?” You questioned.

“Yes.” She sighed, “Though I don’t think you should explore it.” A stern warning.

“You have to know that I will.” Your eyes pointed at her defiantly, “So why don’t you just fill me in and stop keeping these secrets?” The dam finally broke in your mind and you began yelling. “Don’t you understand? No matter how much you try to hide things from me, I’ll figure them out. And the only thing your silence will do is ruin our trust.”

You always hated how in anime and manga no one ever just laid their feelings out on the table. You weren’t going to be a typical main character who didn’t speak her mind and tell everyone what she was thinking. You were going to investigate this with or without her. And she needed to know so she could make a choice. Just tell you and end it here, or put you in the potential danger of investigating yourself. You continued your probably out of line rant.

“Those villains were searching through my past and they’d only met me once. How could you think that I wouldn’t be right there with them, even more curious? Are you trying to push me into their arms? They were honest with me. They told me more about myself than you have! Are you trying to make me trust them more than you? They told me the truth! All you do is dodge and lie! What am I supposed to think? What am I supposed to do here? You look like a stranger to me.”

“Idiot child!” Your Mom spat, “This is bigger than your feelings! These are scary people with worse intentions than that pathetic boy leading that League! You think they’re interested because they like a good mystery? Foolish! They’re interested because the truth is terrifying! They’re interested because they want to disprove what is happening right before their eyes! I’m not worried about the goddamned League of Villains and neither should you! They can’t protect you. I can’t protect you. UA can’t fucking protect you, Shiro! But you can. You need to get strong. And you need to make those kids in your class strong too. Japan won’t be free of the UO for long.” Her yelling dropped into a pathetic sense of acceptance. “And I won’t be able to hide much longer.”

Suddenly, you felt all the stamina drain from your body. You noticed every percentage you lost go straight into your Mother until you began to drip from consciousness. Her face was stern and terrified as you drifted away. You could see how much her own actions were causing her pain.

“I’ll be home in a week to meet with your teacher about your dorms. I’m sorry it has to be like this, Shiro, but you cannot keep asking about these things. Despite how it feels right now, I need you to know I love you and everything I do is to keep you safe.”

You fell into a restful sleep.

Chapter Text

1/28 - DemonSuccubus: See, this one has really light noodles, see the way they dance in the bowl? I bet that’s what your hair looks like in the bath. ^^

2/28 - DemonSuccubus: Okay I couldn’t resist just one more. This one is really special to me. My camera was a little shaky because of the joy thinking about you shot through my body, but can you see those little sprinkles of spices on top of the broth? That is EXACTLY how your eyes shine when you look at me. This is the soba of our love! Isn’t it spectacular?

3/28 - DemonSuccubus: This one has chunks of broccoli in it!! It reminds me of this one time I was sitting outside of your house in the bushes. You were just reading a book quietly by yourself and a light wind made the bushes rumble and it kicked up a lot of dust that made me sneeze!! I had to hunch down because I think the noise scared you a lot and there was this cool moss on the ground that looked exactly like this!! Isn’t love funny?

4/28 - DemonSuccubus: See those big bell peppers!? When they delivered the bowl to me they were shaped just like this!! Doesn’t it look like a broken heart? That’s how I feel when I don’t get to see you everyday :( I couldn’t eat this one, I had the waiter take it back and demanded that he give me happier soba next time. I cried for an hour before they asked me to leave. I miss you.

5/28 - DemonSuccubus: Now, I’m not a huge fan of green beans but you know that already because we are in love! I couldn’t resist buying this one anyway because last week you had a grass stain on your pants that looked just like this! I remember that I felt really naughty because I couldn’t look away. I followed you a whole two blocks before I noticed I hadn’t looked at anything else. I’m glad you didn’t notice me. :/

6/28 - DemonSuccubus: The sesame sprinkles on the tofu look just like the freckles under your eyes!! I couldn’t look away and when my classmate shook the table the broth spilled over and ruined it!! Luckily I got the picture first! I wouldn’t want to disappoint you o.o Don’t worry I yelled at my friend for 2 hours to punish her for attacking our love soba! We don’t talk much anymore… but that’s okay, it just means I have more time for you!!

7/28 - DemonSuccubus: BABY!! I haven’t texted you in 11 minutes!! I’m so sorry, I got caught up playing a video game. I know, you should always be more important and I feel like a failure. This soba represents my sadness at disappointing you. See how the yolk is running out of the egg? That’s my disappointment in myself. I swear you’ll never go 11 minutes without a text from me again. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

8/28 - DemonSuccubus: Hello my sexy half-eaten squirrel! This one is hard to describe because it’s really not a visual representation of my love for you like the others have been. The smell of this one was what reminded me of you! It was earthy with floral undertones and the second I caught a whiff it smelled like home. That’s how you smell to me. Like home. You should give me some of your t-shirts. Maybe 7? That way I can sleep in a different one each night. Also can i borrow a pillow? I’ll give it back in 16 hours.

9/28 - DemonSuccubus: Remember friday at lunch? You choked on a piece of shitake and Kendo laughed at you for like 5 minutes? I ran home and ate 3 bowls of this shiitake soba that night. ^^ I didn’t know you liked it so much, I’ll never eat anything without them again!!11!11!11!!!2!ilu

10/28 - DemonSuccubus: Did you think I’d let you go to sleep without another love soba? Ha! Never again, baby, but this one is too obvious. I don’t even have to tell you why I thought about you! you already know, my iridescent sparkle unicorn. You already know.

11/28 - DemonSuccubus: Avocado. Broccoli. Salmon. Need I say more? How could I not be reminded of you? Sometimes I think that your perfect blue eyes look kind of green. It must be the way that the sun hits them from time to time, but when they flash that way I always think of avocados. It’s like the only time that I can look at you without blushing. I prefer your eyes blue. <3 Let’s go swimming together.

12/28 - DemonSuccubus: One night I was following you home from the supermarket and you dropped a cabbage out of your bag. I was going to give it back to you, but when I touched it I knew you’d left it for me. I could feel your love for me all over it, so i took it home and immediately threw it on top of this bowl. Thank you baby, your gifts are always such a treasure to me. I always feel so warm inside when you consider my happiness.

13/28 - DemonSuccubus: They say that people of the highest intelligence have more lumps on their brains than other people. I bet your brain looks like this one! You beautiful fucking silken haired genius! I can’t believe that you can possibly love a stupid normal girl like me. I’m so lucky!! I’ll cherish and worship you forever. xx

14/28 - DemonSuccubus: They dressed this one like a ceasar salad!! It was weird, but the ingenuity and creativity of the dish reminded me of you. You’re so much better than me in every way and I’m so lucky to be able to bask in your glory!! I can’t wait to see what kind of wacky adventures we will go on together when you finally marry me like you promised. missyouuuu~~~

15/28 - DemonSuccubus: THIS ONE HAS BLUEBERRIES!!! I couldn’t believe it!! It tasted awful, but I ate 2 bowls because the god of love obviously made it an option so I could finally eat something as beautiful as your eyes! I’m shivering all over thinking about it!! Next time I see you I’d like to eat blueberries while staring into your eyes. You’re cool with that, right?

16/28 - DemonSuccubus: The sweet taste of mango makes me think about your wonderful lips. How will they taste? Will the be sweet and comforting like this bowl or will they taste rough and manly like the pinto beans? At times I imagine you finally noticing that I am following you, turning to me with that sparkle in your eyes, and finally letting me taste you. Soon my love, soon you’ll find my hiding places. Soon you’ll notice my relentless gaze. Isn't love precious?

17/28 - Kisaki: Jalapenos! When I ate this one it made me feel all warm inside and made my body jolt like when I came and laid next to you in your bed that one time. You know which night I’m talking about ^^ Next time could you leave some blanket for me? It was really inconvenient to dig through your closet for a hoodie. iwassocoldbaby :(

18/28 - Kisaki: Choo choo boo boo, I got this bowl at the train station on my way to the spot outside your window where I do my cross stitching. Think you could get some curtains that are easier to see in? It’s really inconvenient for me. :( I guess it’s okay though!! I do get really excited every time I see your shadow. :D I know you do that little dance for me, I love you so much.

19/28 - Kisaki: There are 126 pinto beans in this bowl of soba it got me thinking and I bet your IQ is over 126. (: God, you’re so amazing. I’m sorry I keep crying all over your pillows when you’re in the shower, I just love you so much I don’t know what to do with myself and when I think about you in there I can’t stay put in the closet anymore. I get too antsy. Maybe you could get an extension cord so I can bring my DS in there with me?

20/28 - Kisaki: Remember that day Bakugo threw a whole handful of shrimp at you during lunch? Everytime I eat shrimp I think about you cowering in fear and running away. It’s just so cute and manly, I can’t wait to see you retaliate! They always say the smarter man takes his time. You must be an extra genius for needing this much time! You never cease to amaze me. Love is beautiful.

21/28 - Kisaki: Speaking of your manliness! Check out this steak soba! Do you associate steak with manliness too?? Sometimes when I’m sitting all alone I think about your fighting random apex predators for my honor!! Bears! Sharks! Godzilla! Ooooo The thought makes me literally sparkle! You’re so strong, Neito! Please slay a godzilla for me on our honeymoon as an offering. It would be a beautiful gift. <3<3<3

22/28 - Kisaki: Hey winnie the boo, I was just thinking about how I’m going to get to see you the day after tomorrow! We’re going to get to spend a whole week together! Aren’t you excited? Anyway, it reminded me that I forgot to text you your soba pictures today and I’m so sorry! This one reminded me of this day when I was watching you train with Tetsu. He’d just punched you in the gut and you kind of hunched over on your knees and coughed with tears in your eyes. I remember the evening sky was set ablaze with bits of crimson and your long shadow stretched so close it almost touched my feet! Anyway the earthy foliage used to garnish the dish mixed with the bits of red from the chilis reminded me of that day. Love you.

23/28 - Kisaki: This one is really special to me too! It was super spicy! And it made my body get all warm and tingly and I started crying because you’re supposed to be the only thing that makes me feel that way!! I threw it in the trash and locked myself in your closet for 9 hours as punishment. I’ll never disrespect you like that again I swear!...We should run away together.

24/28 - Kisaki: This one is a perfect representation of how my heart feels when I look at you! See the chaos the onions are causing on top? It’s cutting up the rhythm and creating an imbalance! Like everything in this soba was off until the onions showed up and gave the dish a new perspective. It may look weird on top but when it all comes together the taste is perfect. That’s us, baby.

25/28 - Kisaki: 3h 16min 22sec until I get to see you again. I’m shaking with anticipation, my entire week has been useless until this point! Just like the green beans on this soba. Remember how I told you that I don’t like them? Of course you do! You love me too much to forget something that important. <3 I hope none of our kids like green beans :\ YOU WOULDN’T LET SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN TO ME WOULD YOU?! ^^ Love you.

26/28 - Kisaki: This soba is representative of the way I feel when you are away from me. As you can see it is all veggies, no protein. It’s pointless. Meaningless. Empty and without value. Like my life without you in it. Please come be my light again, Neito. Please. I need you to save me.

27/28 - Kisaki: When I was eating this one I couldn’t help thinking about how maybe we will get to eat love soba together at camp!! All the nuts and garnishes on this one are like wonderful treats foraged from the campsite of my heart. Our love will be the campfire that heats our broth and slow-cooks our destiny to perfection. :’D :’D :’D You are my soulmate.

28/28 - Shiro: This is our last love soba. I wanted to write a sonnet about it, but I promised you that I’d wait by the door until I got to see you again and I cant reach my pen and paper. So I’ll write a haiku instead:

“Our love soba is,

A wonderful gift to me.

Love you, forever.”

This girl was undoubtedly, absolutely, most definitely bat-shit insane. From the moment he met her she was weird. He’d been messing with those jerks in class 1A like he always did when he noticed a face he hadn’t ever seen up close. He’d been told the rumors about Kisaki Shiro from class 1A, he’d seen her fights at the Sports Festival before, and he’d heard about her various strange behaviors by his friends. But...he hadn’t been prepared for what meeting this girl would be like.

“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute.” She said it through laughs of genuine happiness. It took him off guard. Who was this happy while being shit-talked? Who smiled so brightly and had their eyes light up and sparkle when someone was being mean to them? It took him aback and he had to walk away from her. Someone like that had to be unhinged in some way.

He wasn’t sure what he’d done to end up on her radar. Suddenly, she was everywhere. Always so irritating and bright when she’d come up to attack him with nonsense. Why was she doing this? What purpose did it serve for her? How did she come up with these ridiculous questions on the spot like that?

Then she somehow managed to get his number. He found out that the girl beat Tetsu in some fucking video game and asked for it as her prize. Tetsu said he immediately regretted it because the way her eyes lit up when she got the number made him visibly shutter. That was when the real harassment began.

No one in his entire life was this infuriating. No one in his entire life was this relentless. No one in his entire life...ever paid this much attention to him. He couldn’t wait to see her again and he hated himself and her for it.

Chapter Text

No one had heard from Kisaki Shiro in four days. He knew that her phone was destroyed during the villain incident and that she was probably fine, but he was still worried about her being alone for so long by herself. He assumed that she had a great support system of caring friends and family, how could someone like her not, yet still something about her radio silence was giving him pause.

It was going to be another three days before everyone who was moving into the dorms for the Summer could get in, and he had to know if they were making her stay there as well. He had to cancel all of his awesome plans for break and he wondered if she had to as well. Would he really be spending the entirety of summer break just down the hall from her? Super annoying.

This whole thing was such a pain, why would they make him stay in dorms? The villains obviously weren’t that interested in him anymore so he wasn’t really in danger, was he? Why else would they have left him behind and only taken her when they tried to escape? If that idiot girl had just grown a bit of a backbone and not answered all of that creepy hand fuck’s questions she wouldn’t have been in any danger either. He grumbled to himself for a while. It’s unbelievable that you were quirkless until two years ago.

Ugh, this was so annoying. He couldn’t stop worrying about that stupid wide eyed nerd since he left her at the police station that day. He kept wondering if she was getting enough sleep (Because he couldn’t stop from waking up multiple times every night to make sure he was really safe.), if she had someone to talk to (He felt like no one in his life could possibly understand the fear he’d felt when he saw the villain slap you and he was helpless to stop it.), and if she was feeling safe and protected. (Every single noise of his home would jolt his fight-or-flight instincts, he was constantly on edge.)

But, what could he do to help? There was surely nothing that someone could do to make him feel better about what had happened. They had been targeted and All Might fought a villain so scary that it caused his retirement. He wondered if he’d been stronger and broke his bindings faster if he could have done something to stop it before it got to that point. All Might would still be the Symbol of Peace and you wouldn’t have been hurt so badly. This was really all his fault for being so weak. He should have been the one to save you.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on that villains face when you were being such a fucking nerd. Why couldn’t you have just kept your damned nerd mouth shut? You were always so annoying like that, talking every second you got the chance like that other damn nerd Deku. If you’d just shut up and not been like Midoriya you wouldn’t have gotten that look. He sighed.

That expression was burnt into his memory and it was like every single time he closed his eyes he saw that creep staring at you like you were some kind of angel. That twisted fuck was actually into you, wasn’t he? The thought made him want to go nuclear every time. Not because he wanted to be the only one allowed to look at you that way. That wasn't it. It was definitely something else. It actually wasn’t about you at all. This was about that villain thinking he had the right to speak to you in the first place. Who did he think he was?

A twisted person who makes a face like that will definitely come back for you at some point, he thought much to his dismay. Now he was going to have to protect you all the time. Stupid. Irritating. It wasn’t like he was worried about you or anything, no, he was over that obviously nonsensical crush he had on you. You were bros and he’d totally misunderstood his feelings about it when that pink girl who’s name he couldn’t ever remember told him that you liked him. Yep, it was just a momentary lapse of judgement. He didn’t like you at all.

But...bro’s would be there for eachother in hard times like this, right? Kirishima had come over to check on him twice over the last few days so it was totally normal for him to just maybe swing by and see you? He actually had to, it was obviously a super irritating social obligation that he was in no way looking forward to. Unfortunately he already knew where you lived from the sleepover party so he didn’t even have an excuse not to show up. How irritating. You were such an annoying obligation.

Speaking of annoying obligations, he couldn’t just show up at your house to check on you empty-handed. That would be rude and his Mother had taught him better than that. And if you’re going to go visit and check up on someone after a tragedy you needed to bring comfort food. That was just what people did. God, you were such an annoyance. He obviously wanted to just sit around and relax, but your stupid feelings were getting in the way of that. What a jerk. He’d yell at you later for being such an inconvenience to him.

What did you even like? You were so damned weird and unpredictable he didn’t even know what would comfort a person like you. If you could just be a normal girl for once in your life he’d be able to get this over with quickly. Some flowers or something and then, like, store cookies. That was what he would do if you were a normal girl. But, no, you had to be so damned extra and weird and special so it wouldn’t be that easy. He couldn't fucking stand you sometimes, why couldn’t he just deal with you the same way as he dealt with everyone else? Why did you need so much extra care? Fuck, he couldn’t stand you.

Now he had the inconvenience of looking back on every time he’d noticed you’d been sad at all. Why were you always crying? Just like that damn Deku. No wonder he hated you so much, you were just like the girl version of that little shit. It’s unbelievable that you were quirkless until two years ago. He threw the batch of cupcakes in the trash. These weren’t good enough.

No way you wouldn’t annoy him to no end if the cupcakes he made weren’t perfectly how he wanted them. You were the only person who truly understood how amazing he was. Shit, why were you always so critical of him in a way that made him feel like you had all the faith in the world in him? It made him want to tear his hair out. Why did you have to always notice everything with your stupid fucking eyes.

The god damned disgusting cupcakes you’d gotten that day you kept crying about the reporters tasted sweeter than this. Maybe he was wrong for using dark chocolate? If he used the milk chocolate he was worried that they’d come out too sweet, but these didn’t taste right. He wasn’t a huge fan of sweets so he couldn’t be sure. But he’d eaten 3 testers of that brand you binge ate like a fucking competitive eater and the ones he made were definitely more tart. Damn it you were so much work.

The fourth attempt tasted the closest to what he was going for. He guessed that these would be good enough. How frustrating of you to require so much work to make happy. He definitely would try to distance himself from you after this, he didn’t need such high maintenance people in his life. You were seriously the most annoying person in the world. Why did you always take such special consideration? He didn’t have time for that nonsense. He couldn’t wait to get this over with.

He packed up the insane amount of cupcakes and made his way to your house. If you didn’t eat like a fucking bottomless pit his arms wouldn’t be aching from holding them so gingerly. Then he would be able to just bring one or two instead of an entire batch. You were such a pain. He hoped that you would like them.

“Hey Bakugo! Good to see you.” His worst fears were confirmed when you opened your front door to greet him. Your face was plastered with the most obvious fake happiness as you bounced to greet him. Did you think you were a good actor? Jesus christ, now he had to stick around and get a better assessment of you. Why were you always so much work.

“Hey, Kisaki, my Mom made me bring these to and see if you were doing alright.” He didn’t need her to know that he made them. He wouldn’t want her getting the wrong idea, these were obligation cupcakes. He didn’t want to be here with you. He wanted to go home and relax. Now you were taking him even further away from what he wanted to be doing.

“Oh? How nice! Yeah, I’m doing great. Are you okay?” Why weren’t you inviting him inside? How annoying. How could you possibly be so bad at basic social etiquette? Where was your Mother? She was obviously the brains behind this operation.

“I’m always fine.” This wasn’t about his nightmares and paranoia, it was about yours. You looked so tired. No way you were sleeping properly. Were you going to let him in already? Your Mother seemed to be socially competent, so it wasn’t the way you were raised. You must just be completely helpless. “You going to invite me in or what?”

“Oh.” You said quietly. Did you not want to see him? Was that gigantic asshole from Shiketsu here? He saw him crying his fucking eyes out about you at the police station. Why was he worried about that? Stupid. You obviously wouldn’t like a guy like that. He pushed past you and took a deep breath.

“Shit, Shiro.” Something bad happened in this house. Nearly everything was ripped off the walls and thrown onto the floor, every dvd case was strewn across the floor and opened (he didn’t want to imagine where the discs were), there were clothes everywhere in assorted piles next to a mass of wires so large he could swear it looked like a monster, random computer parts and consoles were laid out on the floor, and there were opened boxes everywhere. This was bad. He knew what a tantrum looked like and this was it. Her smile never faltered.

“Oh, sorry about the mess, I’m no good at packing.” She smiled brightly and he knew it was a smile of lies. This wasn’t I’m-a-ditz-and-bad-at-things packing, this was I’m-leaving-in-a-fit-of-rage packing. His eyes darted to the coffee table that had an unopened cell phone box and sealed letter on it.

“Where is your Mom?” He asked as he took stock of this shit.

“England. She had to get back to work.” Still smiling pleasantly and keeping with the fucking pretending that she was good at keeping secrets. Idiot girl. So irritating. He could obviously see through her.

“So you’re alone? Since when?” He didn’t want to be alone, so there was no way she did. Shit, she still looked terrible. He could still faintly see the bruise on her cheek from being slapped so many times. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to kill that bastard.

“Umm... “ Your face scrunched up and it pissed him off. Whatever was about to come out of your mouth was about to be a lie. He could obviously see through you. You weren’t very discreet. “Just a couple of days, but that’s okay I prefer to be alone.” Bullshit. He crossed his arms and looked at her.

“Well, I promised I’d stick around and make sure you were okay.” You annoying idiot. “So I guess I’ll help you with this packing. You’re obviously incompetent.” You laughed a laugh of lies and bullshit.

“It’s really okay, I have a system.” Why were you being so fucking difficult! He was just trying to accomplish the stupid task that he definitely had to before he could get home to the more important things in life. If you would stop being so obstinate he could get this over with.

“Your system sucks and you’re an idiot.” He said plainly as he moved to take stock of the chaos that had taken over this house. You chuckled, finally letting the facade crack a bit.

“I’ll be fine, Katsuki.”

“No you aren't, Shiro.” He grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. If you weren’t just going to admit that he was right like he always was, he just had to prove it to you. You weren’t going to beat him at this. He wasn’t going to let you. You were obviously completely helpless without him here. It’s unbelievable that you were quirkless until two years ago. Now he guessed he had to babysit you. He sighed deeply as you started to crack in his arms.

Now you were fucking crying again. Useless. Just like Deku. Always crying. He pulled you in tighter and let the tears flow until your cries died down and he moved you over to the couch with a slump. He grabbed a fuzzy purple throw blanket and threw it over your shoulders before taking stock of all the take out containers around the room. He’d almost forgotten that you had no femininity whatsoever and were a terrible cook on top of all of your other horrible qualities. You were obviously going to die alone.

“When was the last time you ate anything?” He barked. You were definitely too helpless to take care of yourself. What kind of adult would leave you here alone? Didn’t your Mother know well enough to get you a babysitter or something? Fuck.

“I had a muffin for breakfast!” Your bullshit chipper expression was back. You were such a fucking liar. And how could that even be considered food? Why were you always so damn annoying.

“That isn’t food, Shiro.” He grumbled and walked into the kitchen to see what he had to work with. At least the girls’ Mother had some sense. There were some great ingredients here. Lucky for that idiot girl, he was kind of hungry himself or he’d never do something so nice for you. “I’ll cook. Just put on a movie or something. Then I’ll help you pack, you fucking idiot.”

You called him a loudmouth asshole, but you did as you were told so at least you weren’t completely useless. He shot his Mom a text letting her know he may not be home tonight. If he left this idiot all alone who knows what kind of havoc she would wreak. Maybe he could put you to bed after he fed you and then come back tomorrow morning to help you pack. You didn’t look like you’d had any sleep in days.

He cooked the both of you a quick lunch with an exasperated sigh. What a pain. All he wanted was a nice relaxing day at home and you’d derailed it over and over again. You were so selfish. He popped next to you on the couch and handed you a bowl that you took sheepishly. What the hell was wrong with you? You should be stronger than this for sure. You smiled brightly when you ate it and it made him smile. Of course it’s delicious. I made it, idiot.

When your stomach was full you were even worse at keeping secrets from him. Fuck, you were a total idiot, weren’t you? Did you actually think you were fooling him? Ridiculous.

“No, really, I’m not tired.”

“Bullshit. Come on, bedtime.” You pulled your legs in against your chest on the couch. What the hell was wrong with you?

“I-I don’t want to go up there.” You started hugging your knees. “It’s cold.” He had a feeling that you didn’t mean temperature wise. Shit, this was worse than he thought. You were totally fucking incompetent without him.

“Which room is yours?” He sighed, obviously as irritated as he was. When you told him he grumbled and walked upstairs to get your blanket or some pillows or some shit. He supposed that you could sleep amongst the cluttered mess you’d made in the living room. When he entered your room his eyes went wide. The room looked destroyed and you’d written the words ‘liar’ and ‘secrets’ on the walls in sharpie.

Fuck, whatever happened here was bad. He decided to grab the mattress off of your futon and drag it downstairs with all the annoying fuzzy blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals on top of it. You clearly needed all of this annoying girl crap to make you happy, and he didn’t want you stepping foot in this room of rage and chaos for a while.

He felt so inconvenienced as he dragged the mattress down the stairs and into the living room. He just threw it on the floor a top all the bullshit you’d strewn about. God, you were a mess. You brightened immediately and said some shit about how he didn’t have to do that for you and that you were going to be fine.

“Shut up and lay down.” He pointed at the bed, tired of your nonsense.

“W-What? I’m fine, really.”

“Come on, we’re going to watch a movie and you’re going to take a nap.” It wasn’t a question, it was an order and you did what you were told because you obviously understood that he was much smarter than you and that you should always just listen when he was trying to help and you should just stop being so fucking annoying and difficult. He hated you so much.

He got you laid down and tucked in on the floor and made a move for the remote. Once he’d settled on a good on demand movie that you’d obviously hate and go to sleep during, he shifted his body and prepared to make his way to the couch. You opened your dumbass mouth.

“I love this movie!” Of course you did, you were fucking unpredictable.

“Go to sleep.” He started to stand up but you grabbed the corner of his shirt with misty eyes.

“Please don’t leave.” He grunted and settled back into the pile of pillows next to you. He guessed this was his life now, since he was such a nice guy and good bro he was going to be there for you. If you were going to annoyingly ask him to stay on this mattress with you he supposed he had to. You pushed yourself closer to him and he could feel the warmth of your body next to his. You whispered. “Thank you.”

Ah, fuck, how annoying. He pulled you closer and it was seconds before you were lightly snoring in his arms. What a hassle. Now he definitely couldn’t leave tonight. No way either of you had gotten any good sleep since camp. He rested his head into your hair and decided to try to get some sleep too. Even if it was unlikely, he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes closed for long ever since being taken. He went out like a light.

When he woke up in the morning you were still tight in his arms and snoring. Though it was obvious that you’d woken up at some point, because there was an empty tray of cupcakes next to you on the bed and you'd changed into pajamas. He smiled.

What a pain. You were completely helpless without him. He got up to make you both breakfast.

Chapter Text

Alright, it was time to turn on your new phone. Bakugo had finally left about an hour ago to pack and you honestly weren’t sure why he stayed so long. You were fine and although you had a little bit of a rage meltdown, it didn’t really warrant a 2 night sleepover. He obviously didn’t even want to be here, and you didn’t like being such a burden on him. He just felt obligated considering everything you both had gone through.

You looked around at the messy house that you were going to leave behind. Served your Mom right for treating you that way and abandoning you. Regardless of her reasoning, you weren’t going to be letting that go quickly. You grumbled to yourself while you finished the initial setup of the phone and waited for the inevitable shit show of incoming messages.

There were at least 200. And you wanted no part of having to go through them, but you figured you only had yourself to blame. The movers wouldn’t be here for another hour to pick up your stuff and take it to your dorm, so you had the time to kill anyway. You didn’t get far before your phone was ringing.

“Hey Kiri.”

“Shiro.” He was panting lightly, “You finally answered.”

“Yeah, I just finished setting up my new phone. What’s up?”

“Seriously?” He groaned into the phone. “I was obviously worried about you, jackass. I’m on my way to your house right now.”

“Really? Why?” You chuckled. He again groaned.

“Definitely not because I haven’t seen or heard from you since you got kidnapped.” He wasn’t usually sarcastic, you tightened a little bit. You really should have gotten in touch with your friends this week. You were such a selfish jackass.

“Oh,” Why did your voice sound so pathetic? “I’m sorry. I-I didn’t know what to say.”

“Well you’ve got 10 minutes to figure it out. See ya.” He sounded less irritated that time he spoke, but you knew you needed to apologize or something for secluding yourself from your classmates. Especially the ones who came to save you. God, you were a pain in the ass. You could have just not acted like a child and threw a tantrum and just called your friends for support like a normal person.

But what would you even tell them? Hey, guys, when I was getting questioned by the villains they were asking weird questions about my mom. When I asked her about it she got really weird and scared and started yelling at me. When I pushed she made me pass out and when I woke up she was gone having only left me a fucking letter and a cell phone. Embarrassing.

You made a quick few replies and small sorries to the texts from your closest friends and asked Mina to pass on your love to everyone else. Hopefully that would be enough to sate them for now but who knows. You had some messages from an unknown number, but before you could get to them Kirishima burst through your front door with a smile.

“It looks terrible in here.” He was smiling through his concern as he walked over to the couch and practically tackled you in a hug. “I was worried about you.”

“I’m sorry.” You pulled him tighter and tried to find the right words. “Stuff was just kind of crazy.”

“I get it, but you can’t shut us out, ok?” He shoved you playfully. You looked down feeling even worse. Was he really going to be this sweet about it? Fuck, your friends were awesome.

“I’m sorry.”

“No worries!” He gave you a thumbs up and a terrible, mocking, Australian accent at which you laughed your ass off. You’d been feeling so much better since Bakugo showed up, and even though his presence halted your investigation, you probably needed the ‘friendly’ contact.

Same with Kiri, he obviously wanted to be there for you so you needed to let him. It was good for the both of you and to shut him out would be selfish. These people loved and cared about you so you shouldn’t be sitting here alone scouring the internet all day and night. You looked around and realized you had packed up everything entertaining in your house.

“All my stuff is packed up. The movers will be here in a bit...when they get here we can go get food or something?” He brightened even further and you thought about how he was always such a shining presence with a grin.

“Sounds awesome! I’ll catch you up on everything you’ve missed this week!” He happily launched into stories of normal teenage drama from the group chat. Apparently, Kaminari caught Ojiro and Toru kissing at Kyoka’s band’s show. They’d tried to hide it, but their relationship has now been outed and the whole class knew. Momo is off in the South of France with her parents and apparently has met ‘the love of her life’ but she hasn’t even spoken to him yet. Uraraka and Iida are going on a day trip to the beach, and Midoriya has been spotted around the city running and training himself into the ground. No surprise there.

By the time the movers showed up the both of you were really excited to get out of the house, he told you that he knew the perfect place to take you and he wanted it to be a surprise. You bounced along next to him the whole trip, finally starting to feel like a normal teenager again. When he stopped in front of the place he’d taken you, you wanted to cry tears of joy.

“Is this an arcade?” You started bouncing on the spot.

“Yes! They have awesome food too, and laser tag! Best of both worlds.” He looked really proud of himself and you pulled him into a hug. This was the perfect distraction.

“You’re amazing!” You grabbed his arm and he started walking the two of you inside, “This is going to be the best date.”

“Date?” He blushed and you did as well. So your days in isolation had not increased your ability to shut up.

“I mean’t..” His shy smile had you blushing harder. He was so cute when he was all shy like this. “Let’s have fun.” You decided to let the awkwardness just simply pass and pull him inside.

You were like a kid in a candy shop. You both took turns playing pac-man while you waited on your food to show up and Kirishima was actually pretty good at it! Not nearly as good as you were, but it was obvious he’d put some time in at the arcade and you had mad respect. When the food showed up, it was like the two of you were competing to see who could finish first so you could get back to gaming.

You got destroyed in skee-ball, but got him back tenfold during the racing games. He won you a small stuffed giraffe using the crane machine and that was honestly probably the most amazing thing you’d ever seen. You were terrible at using those.

“I will call him Gerald and I will treasure him forever!” You said through a childlike smile as you hugged the giraffe and he laughed at you.

“Gerald is a really weird name for a giraffe.” He grumbled at you with a grin. You shrugged like it was the most normal thing in the world. He shook his head at you. Then it was time to head over and play laser tag. You’d been waiting for this your entire life.

“I’m going to defeat you, Eijiro!” You pointed at him dramatically and he again started laughing at you.

“Why are you always trying to defeat people, Shiro? We’re going to be on the same team.” You blushed and looked away before a realization struck.

“You mean we get to team up and defeat other people together?” He didn’t like how crazy your eyes got. He’d never noticed before, but you were stupid competitive. The aura around you was kind of scary like when he played games with Bakugo. Terrifying.

The two of you were obviously undefeated in 5 rounds before you got tired and decided it was probably time to head back to campus. You had a lot of unpacking to do before you could actually go to sleep tonight and like a million text messages that you were going to have to answer.

He offered to walk you back, but you declined with a hug and a fist bump. You had a really good time, but all of the social interaction was starting to take its toll on you. You were still deeply upset and bothered by whatever was going on with your life, even if you could be distracted for a few hours at a time. You just wanted to get to the dorms, unpack your computer and notes, and get back to figuring out what the hell your Mother was hiding from you.

He headed toward the train station and you made your way to the right bus stop. You still had about ten minutes before it was going to show up so you decided to take some time to catch up on your messages. As soon as you reached for your phone it buzzed. You’d just gotten a 3rd message from that unknown number. You decided to check that thread first.

Unknown Number: let me know when you get yourself a new phone
Unknown Number: we have a lot to talk about still. It was really rude of you to pass out on me like that. You should really apologize.
Unknown Number: he was cute, must be a special boy to finally get you out of the house. You going to talk to me or should i just follow him home instead?

Chapter Text

Unknown Number: he was cute, must be a special boy to finally get you out of the house. You going to talk to me or should i just follow him home instead?


Your heart sank and your body froze on the bench when you read the text. Your eyes shifted around to scan the area, you didn’t see much out of place, but there was definitely a fairly dark alleyway behind you. He could be watching you from there. This should be terrifying, but for some reason you found yourself grinning lightly as you replied.

Kisaki: Finally decided to enlist my help in reuniting with your long lost brother? I bet he misses you.

You heard a familiar snickering from behind you and wondered quietly what the hell was wrong with you and why you hadn’t called the police yet. You didn’t really feel like you were in danger, you suppose, but still this was not safe. There is something seriously wrong with me.

“Are you still on that, seriously?” You heard the voice echo through the alley behind you and stiffened a little without turning around.

“Well, you never did give me a straight answer.” You checked your stamina, you’d be fine if this really turned into a fight. 91%.

“Come over here and talk to me about it, then.” Even if the voice was coming from quite a distance away, it still felt like he was whispering directly in your ear with a low growl. Your head turned around sharply and you saw no one there. You still didn’t really feel afraid.

“You know, I tried the whole kidnapping kink and it just really wasn’t for me.” You tried to sound casual, but the memories sent a jolt of fear through you as you thought of Shigaraki’s face. You swore you could hear the man smirk.

“I can’t come to you without drawing too much attention.” He sounded frustrated which didn’t bode well for your safety. Although you considered how stupid it was to keep your back turned to him. Why weren’t you feeling more alert?

“And yet, I really like the multiple escape routes this bench leaves me.” You tried to make your point without escalating this further. Why hadn’t you called the police?! His tone shifted dramatically, he sounded more defeated.

“Look, I’m not stupid enough to try to fight you alone at full power. Compress still isn’t the same after whatever you did to his eyes.” You let out a breath.

“Yeah, it’s not pleasant. How’re Spinner and Magne?” You didn’t know why you were asking, what the fuck was wrong with you? These adults didn’t have a problem with traumatizing a teenage girl by kidnapping her, why were you so worried about the lasting psychological effects of what you’d done?

“They’ll be fine. Shigaraki is pissed though.” He sounded satisfied. You laughed.

“Good.” The bus was steadily approaching from way down the street. You had to make a decision quick.

“Seriously, I won't hurt you. I just want to talk.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you believed his words. Because you were an idiot. A reckless, destructive, unheroic idiot. You needed to do everything in your power to catch this villain, but in this moment, all you really wanted was answers.

“Fine.” You regretted saying as you stood up and approached the alleyway. Were you really fucking doing this? Apparently. You took a breath and let the darkness of the unlit walkway envelop you.

“Hey.” Dabi said with a sarcastic smile on his face. He was a few feet back, arms crossed, and leaning against a dumpster. He was obviously trying to ease your stress with his body language, and you crossed your arms in kind. You were not fooled by the cutesy act. Nope. Definitely not.

“Hey Dabi.” You said on an exhale. You couldn’t stop yourself from talking, where did these iron balls come from? “So, what, you’ve been stalking me then?”

“Did you honestly think I wouldn’t?” He was being dead serious, like it was so obvious that the fact that you were even asking was ridiculous. You put your arms up, unable to find a good response to him. He seemed quite amused.

“I-I guess you’re right.” Defeated? You guessed so. Silence stretched for a moment between you both and you weren’t sure what you were supposed to do. You had a million questions and no idea how to phrase them. Were you really going to a villain to try and get information? Didn’t that make you an accomplice of his? Shit, this was stupid.

“Alright, so.” Dabi broke the silence as he straightened off of the dumpster and let his arms fall. Was he going to attack you? You froze and looked around. You’d be able to get away easy if you doubled back the way you came. You relaxed. “We have a lot to talk about.”

“Do we?” You took a step back to compensate for the step he took toward you. He paused and sighed while taking a step back to his starting point.

“How did you know my name?” His tone was smooth and calm.


“Is it because you saw the future?” He cut you off, still speaking cooly. You cocked a grin. Fuck, he saw the Relapse texts.

“Yes.” You told the truth. Why did you tell the truth? He smiled brightly and it caught you off guard for a moment. Why was he happy about that?

“But everything is different now?” He questioned, taking a step toward you that you didn’t notice because you were panicking about what you could and couldn’t say.

“Yes. I wasn’t supposed to be here, my presence has changed things.” You reflected on what had changed since you got here for a second as you leaned against the building to your left. You’d only zoned out for a moment before he was inches from your face, you jolted in shock.

“It’s okay!” He put his hands up in a kind of mocking surrender but didn’t move away from you. He was so close that if he lifted his hands he’d have you pinned to the wall. You kept your eyes wide, but you still didn’t feel fear. “Why did you come here?”

“It’s my turn.” Your eyes sharpened on his and he actually took a step back from you. Holy shit were you intimidating? This was something to explore later when you weren’t holding it together by a hair. He grunted in irritation and you took that as you sign to go on. “Why Shigaraki?”

“Look, Kid --”

“Nope, fuck that.” You pointed in his face and hated yourself for being a mental case as you pulled you hand back with a look of apology. “I listened to your pitch and now you listen to mine.”

You tried your best to look like a badass, but knew you probably didn’t work super well. He crossed his arms and looked at you like he was listening though, and that was surprising.

“Fine.” His voice was condescending as hell. You took a moment to gather your thoughts and prayed to the gods that you weren’t making a huge mistake.

You wanted to be a hero, right? Maybe you could save this dude. If he really was a Todoroki didn’t that mean he got to this point after years of abuse? Didn’t it mean that he was just feeling discarded and helpless? Wasn’t it your duty to try to stop him from getting worse? He hadn’t done anything too unforgivable yet that you knew of, this may actually work.

“Okay, s-so, you’re believer in Stain’s ideals, yeah?” You sounded nervous, but he nodded, “Okay. Well doesn’t that just mean you want to make the world a better place? Even if the methods are harsh, i-isn’t that kind of what he was going for? W-What you are going for?”

He didn’t respond, just started at you stoically. The word vomit began to pour out.

“Look, I don’t disagree with you. Society is fucked and something has to get better. And believe me or not my friends and I want to make it better. The next generation of heroes. Stain acknowledged two of my friends in that alley as true heroes on the day he got caught.” You paused to judge his unmoving face, “And the boy he condemned seriously beats himself up about it constantly, he’s always trying to get better. It wasn’t just villains who heard Stains words, Dabi. We heard them too. And no matter how much we disagree with his methods, those words struck a chord.”

He lazily took a step closer to you and put his arm up on the wall to block your exit from the alley. You would have panicked if his expression had changed, but his bright eyes only drifted into yours as he cocked his head to the side. “And?” He said sarcastically. You weren’t afraid, but your confidence in this plan was shaken.

“A-and, like, wouldn’t investing in better heroes be the way to fix the world? Not whatever Shigaraki is going to do. Y-You’re not stupid. You know what happens if he gets what he really wants.” You tried so hard to hold eye contact, your voice took a light pleading tone. “Stain hated Shigaraki. I know you probably don’t believe me, but I saw it. Please just consider it.”

You squinched your eyes closed as you finished, letting a deep blush fall over your cheeks as you realized how stupid you sounded. You would have buried your face in embarrassment if this wasn’t an actual villain practically pinning you against the wall of an alley. JESUS CHRIST HOW DID I GET INTO THIS MESS. You finally truly realized what an idiot you were while you waited for the man to say or do anything. He clearly enjoyed watching you suffer. He clicked his tongue.

“It’s adorable how naive you are.” You looked back up at him but he wasn’t holding eye contact with you like usual. His eyes were drifted toward the exit of the alley that his arm was blocking you from. You crossed your arms and followed his gaze with your own.

“Yeah. Maybe, probably.” You sighed, “But, isn’t naive better than angry?”

He pulled back from you with a small laugh. You weren’t sure, but just maybe your words had done something. You took a deep breath and straightened yourself, trying to keep your composure while the relief of this new distance washed over you.

“My turn again?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Just promise you’ll consider it?” He smirked and continued.

“Why did you come here?” You knew what he meant. Why did whoever Shiro was before you arrived come to UA in the first place. This was the same thing you wanted to know.

“I honestly don’t know.” You looked down, “I’ve been trying to find out, but my Mom keeps lying.”

He clicked his tongue again, “How interesting.”

“What is the UO?” You blurted out, the way he recoiled didn’t bode well.

“Why?” His eyes narrowed and all the calm from his demeanor dropped for a split second. You couldn’t help your face. It was probably looking terrified.

“That bad, huh?” You ran your hands over your face. “My Mom mentioned them. I don’t think she meant to.” He took a step back from you.

“I knew you were one of their toys.” He grumbled something that you didn’t hear.

“What do you mean?” Now you were low-key panicking. You took a step toward him this time as your eyes both begged and searched his. He turned from you dismissively and made a move to walk away.

“You are far more trouble than you’re worth.” You grabbed his arm to keep him from leaving.

“Please don’t go, I have to know what’s going on.” Don’t cry at a villain. You just had to not cry at the villain. Why were you about to cry at the villain?

Dabi shoved you against the wall in a quick movement with his arms at either side of you and pulled his face in close to yours. You pulled back the tears you’d been on the verge of and tried to lock eyes with him and be strong. He knew something and you had to find out what it was. There was no way that he was actually scared right now? Right?! He studied your panicked expression before he spoke.

“What the hell did you get me into?” His tone was frustrated but not harsh, it made you recoil and sent a chill through your body. Am I finally scared? No that wasn’t it. You weren’t sure. He pulled away from you quickly and walked away, leaving you feeling really confused. “I’ll text you, I guess.” He said with a wave as he disappeared down further into the darkness of the alley.

You stayed leaned against the wall with thoughts swirling. What the fuck just happened? How were you such a dumbass? Were you seriously this reckless? Was he really going to help you? Had your words done anything to sway him? Did you fuck up the timeline in a bad way? How soon could you go see a therapist? Why was your heart pounding like this? How are you not dead right now?

Why did it feel like you just got dumped or something?

Chapter Text

It was another hour before you made it back to the UA dorms. You could’ve gotten there much faster, but your head was swirling with the implications of what you’d just done. Had you really just shared information with and confided in the enemy? Your naive familiarity with these people and this world had always put you in the path of a little danger, but this was totally different. You weren’t scared of Dabi at all. In fact, you kind of liked him and found him really interesting. You wanted to save him and get him on your side, but, was that even possible?

Wouldn’t he probably just pretend to be swayed to continue to gain your trust? He was a really smart guy and he obviously thought that you were strong and a threat. He also told you to your face he thought that you were naive. Was he fucking grooming you or something? Shit. This was bad. You couldn’t stop going back and forth on what you wanted to do going forward. If he ever did text you, would you actually want to keep in contact with him?

Wasn’t that a terrible idea? Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if you were careful, you could make sure you didn’t pass on any information that could hurt the Heroes in any way. That could work, but weren’t you still doing something very wrong by talking to him in the first place? Even if you thought that there was a chance you could save him and get him to switch sides, weren’t you still being a total idiot for going it alone? Your thoughts were interrupted as you rounded the corner to your new home.

“Kisaki!” Midoriya was standing outside the door to your dorm room and perked up immediately after seeing you. “There you are!”

What the hell was he doing here? Was he worried too? You supposed you still hadn’t really answered all of your texts, you just shot a quick I’m okay at everyone and left it at that. Of course he’d be worried. You didn’t think he’d be wait outside your dorm worried, but he’d been surprising you a lot lately.

“Hey Midoriya.” You smiled while pulling out the key to your door and sliding it open. “Whatcha doing here?”

“Oh, well, I just finished decorating my dorm and I heard from Kacchan that you were moving in today too..” There was the normal cute and shy Izuku. You grinned at how precious he was.

“I didn’t know you were moving in too.” You figured he’d want to spend his Summer dragging fridges across beaches or something.

“Yeah, I still need to improve a lot to get a handle on my quirk, being able to use the facilities here at anytime is going to be a huge advantage.” He was talking to his hand more than you, you figured. It wasn’t going to be long before he would start working on his Shoot Style and changing up his training all together. Would it be against the timeline to say something to him about that now?

“I guess we’ll be training a lot together, then.” You grinned. The little time you’d really spent with Midoriya finally sinking in. How did you come off to him? He always gave you your space and didn’t push much, but you had to be such a confusing person.

You were always kind to him, of that you could be sure, but everything else was suddenly kind of up in the air. You’d always avoided him in person, preferring to only text and typically only text about quirk information, strategy, notes, and things of that nature. He knew that you knew a ton about him which had to be strange. You hadn’t been able to give All Might many details which meant that Izuku didn’t really have many either.

Not that you could tell him much. Still, you felt pangs of guilt as you looked into his hopeful face. He was reaching out to you, probably for the hundredth time and you could finally see yourself more clearly. This emotional distance shit had to stop now. You were hanging out in alleys with villains, but you hadn’t really ever had a one on one with best boy? Fucking dumbass.

You stepped into the dorm room that was now yours and looked over your boxes piled neatly in the far corner. This was going to be your home for at least the next few months, you smiled.

“Come on in, Izuku!” You nodded your head and slung your bag atop the desk.

They’d lofted the bed like you’d requested! It was going to be so fun to setup your PC around this arrangement. You’d be able to run LCD’s straight from the computer onto the sides of the bed. Your dorm was going to be so badass when you finished. The boy blushed at his name and followed hesitantly into the room before looking around.

“Did you ask them to set up your bed and desk like that?” He said with a grin as he scanned the area you were just admiring. You couldn’t contain your excitement.

“Yeah! I can’t believe they actually did it!! I’m so excited to set up my computer.” You were beaming and bouncing around, getting pumped to start unpacking and setting up your room. Midoriya smiled and sat in a fuzzy purple chair to watch you start unpacking.

“I-I can help?” He questioned, you chuckled lightly.

“It’s pretty complicated. Maybe just hang out and keep me company while I do it?” He grinned and nodded while you started attacking the boxes to find your computer parts.

He stuck around the whole two hours it took to get everything right and chatted with you the entire time. It was friendly and light, ranging from school to random cool quirks, but the entire time you could tell there was something that he wasn’t saying. You weren’t sure if you were just being paranoid because you were still beating yourself up about being so distant and meeting with Dabi, but you still couldn’t help but think that something was up.

You tested the LCD lights and confirmed that they worked with a smile. Now that you were finished with that, you figured you should unpack your clothes or really anything but electronics. were feeling kind of tired. You flopped into the desk chair and spun around to face Midoriya who was watching you with an unreadable expression. You tilted your head with a smile.

“Whatcha thinkin about?” His eyes sharpened on your for a split second and you weren’t sure how to take that. What was up with him? He wasn’t acting like he normally did. Wait, how does he normally act? Shit. You never really spent any time with him at all. Everyone was a little different here than they were in the anime, they had fuller and richer personalities because they were people instead of characters.

How had you never thought about this before? You’d gotten closer to everyone except Midoriya. Why was that? Was it because you assumed you already knew everything that you needed to know about him? Fuck. You were an idiot sitting here unable to read the facial expressions of someone you were supposed to be close with. How had you let things get so strange? You shifted uncomfortably and broke eye contact to look at the floor.

“I-” He paused and seemed to relax in his chair. “I was thinking about you.” Direct and calm. Not the normal shaky and nervous tone you’d grown accustomed to. Shit. Is this bad? Are we even friends? Does he hate me?

“W-What about me?” You couldn’t bring yourself to look up from the floor. Your voice was so small and meek, like you were bracing for him to say something horrible to you.

“We’re-I’m really worried about you, Shiro.” He leaned forward in the chair and searched from your eyes that were locked onto the ground as if there was something to see.

“What?” Your eyes drifted up to his pleading ones and you cracked a small laugh of relief, letting your body relax. “No, I’m really okay. It wasn’t that bad-”

“No.” His eyes narrowed and he cut you off. He seemed to have lost his confidence for the last half, as his expression and the tension in his body dropped. “That’s not what I mean.”

“What do you mean then?” You just had to let yourself open up to him and then this guilt would go away, right?

“Y-You don’t have to be alone.” He blurted out, “I know you can’t tell me everything and, and, I won’t push or anything, but, you need someone to talk to. Y-You’re always so far away. I-I want to be there for you.” He took a deep breath, “I can tell you’re not okay.”

“Oh,” You let his words sink in as you took in his body language. He was clinging to his chair and leaning as close to you as he could, he was smiling even though his eyes were screaming at you. There was a light sense of panic about his entire presence as he sat in front of you. He’s trying to save me. The thought made you tear up.

In a second he was on his knees in front of you on the floor. His arms had pulled you into a light hug from around the waist and you were struck with the warmth. You let your facade crack a little and allowed a few tears to fall down your cheeks before you pulled yourself together. Midoriya released the hug and looked up at you from his place on the ground.

“Please talk to me.” His cheeks were stained with the sweetest and most empathetic looking tears ever and it made you smile.

“You’re such a crybaby, Izuku.” You said with a sniff and the wiping of your own tears.

“You’ve never seen me cry.” He asked in a gentle prodding manner with desperation.

“N-Not in person.” You scooted out of your chair onto the floor with him, still unable to look into his eyes. “But, I’ve seen you cry a lot.”

“When you saw the future,” He said lightly to get you to keep going.

“Yeah, but, It’s hard to explain.” You took a second to gather your thoughts and not break any of the rules. You wished you still had your Foresight pin and wondered when you’d lost it.

You hadn’t really thought about it until now. Holy crap did I finally stop worrying about the timeline so much? This felt like a breakthrough, but this wasn’t the time for that. You were supposed to be present and open up to Midoriya right now. That was the mission.

“When I saw the future, it didn’t feel like it was real.” You paused and wondered if you were making a mistake. “It was more like I was watching a movie or something. I-I didn’t know that the scenes playing out could ever really happen. That, That you all could be real people.”

That seemed pretty safe. Just vague enough that it didn’t reveal any State secrets, but just enough info that he got the idea.

“I was quirkless until shortly before I came to UA.” He took a breath, but didn’t say anything. “At least we thought, so, When I got here I was already so nervous. You know, it’s funny, we’re actually really similar in a lot of ways...” Your mind wandered through old memories for a split second before you continued, Midoriya hadn’t moved or spoken, completely terrified that you’d stop talking.

“So then I walked in the class and you were all real. I realised that everything that I saw was going to happen and I didn’t think I was allowed to interfere at all.” Your body tightened and he studied you carefully you were kind of word vomiting now, “And I felt like everything was wrong, because I knew so much about you all and I couldn’t say anything because I had to keep things the same.”

“But, I admired you all so much and I wanted to be just like you, so I was always going back and forth. Stuck in my head. Stressed out. You know?” He nodded. Did he want you to keep going? You looked away, unsure what you were supposed to say next.

“I don’t know what else to say,” You half-grumbled, “Meeting you was like meeting the main character in a movie I loved as a kid.” You smiled and locked eyes with him, trying not to pat yourself on the back too hard for getting so good at friendship.

“You’re my hero, Izuku, and I don’t know how to act around you.” You always said the most embarrassing things. The both of you blushed and looked away from each other immediately, but he spoke before you could try to apologize for being you.

“I don’t know how to act around you either.” Neither of you could make eye contact. “I want to talk to you all the time, but I don’t know what to say. You work so hard and I really admire you. I want to get to know you better, I-I want,” He paused, “But you were right, we need to focus on getting stronger, so, let’s do it together, okay?” What is he saying? You looked back up at him and pulled him into a hug.

“Okay! Let’s train all summer and get better together.” Were you reading this right? He rested his head on your shoulder and hugged you back.

It was kind of awkward, but you didn’t really expect any less from the two of you and it seemed like pretty good progress. Everything was kind of out in the open and you both seemed to be okay with it. You felt the weight of guilt drift off of you a little bit and the thought made you smile.

“I’ll come get you in the morning and we can get started!” He jumped up, much to your dismay.

“Morning?!” You whined, you were not going to be able to get to bed early. You still had a ton of unpacking to do. He started for the door.

“Alright, not tomorrow. I’ll give you one day off.” He pointed his eyes at you before he left and you wondered what the hell you just agreed to. You’d forgotten how insanely intense Midoriya got about training. He cocked a grin and it made you kind of shiver. “Then you’re mine.” He closed the door behind him quietly without another word.

Who the fuck body snatched Midoriya, because that seemed like flirting and you were shook to your core.

Chapter Text

Kisaki: Hey, so, I lost my pin and I was wondering if I’d done anything...that I shouldn’t have since?
Relapse: lol! Sister isn’t a magic 8 ball Shiro. Just be a normal teenager. Worry about all this Prevention stuff when you actually work for us. You’re a part of this world now, live in it.


Fuck. You should’ve known that something like this was bound to happen soon enough. You were running out of information on the future and the thought made you really uneasy, especially now that Relapse has made it pretty clear that you’d be getting no spoilers going forward. Sure, you’d been making progress and adapting more to being here, but the comfort of knowing what what was coming had become something that you didn’t know you relied on.

You hadn’t been able to get a wink of sleep all night, despite how tired you were. And you knew that it was only a matter of a few hours before that little green haired demon Midoriya burst in here to drag you out of bed and onto the training field. That bastard didn’t even have the decency to bring you coffee when he woke you like Inasa had. You had to find a way to escape him today.

Midoriya had been so hard on you this week that even Bakugo came over to tell him to cool it. Apparently, Katsuki had noticed that you were on the verge of passing out and ran over from his personal training to berate best boy for being a ‘fucking warlord’ or something. You had no idea that Mido had it in him to be this harsh on someone, but you supposed that you had kind of asked for it when you told him that first morning that you wanted to be as strong as him. Must have lit some kind of fire under his ass because he hasn’t let you live it down for a second.

“I never got a chance to thank you for talking me into keeping an eye on Kota.” Izuku said as he handed you a small water bottle. “I probably wouldn’t have been able to save him if it wasn’t for you.”

“Nah,” you shrugged, “The fact that I was there stopped you from taking the interest on your own. I was just trying to compensate for messing stuff up to start.”

“You must’ve had to do stuff like that a lot.” He frowned.

“Dude, you have no idea!”

The plus side to all of the torture, were the small moments that the two of you had gotten before and after training. You’d as best as you could filled him in on a lot of the details of things that you knew, told him about stressful ways you’d tried to hold the timeline together, all the guilt you felt about the ways you kind of manipulated your classmates into liking you, and bits and pieces of your investigation into your Mother and the UO.

“Have you ever heard of them?” You questioned hopefully.

“No, I’ve never heard of a group called the UO before.” He seemed concerned, but was obviously trying to keep it to himself.

“Couldn’t find anything online either. It’s like they don’t exist, but the villains know for sure. One of them mentioned it.” You couldn’t tell him that you’d met with Dabi. You never want to see this boy disappointed in you.

“Shiro, this sounds dangerous. I don’t think you should be investigating this yourself.”

“I mean, neither do I, but I’m not sure what to do.” You shifted in place uncomfortably, “My Mom won’t talk, the police and pros can’t help because they aren’t even in Japan. I don’t want to bother anyone with this, and my fucking bitch Mother left me alone to figure it out.” You scrunched your eyes in irritation.

“Have you read the letter she left you yet?” He questioned cautiously.

“What could it possibly say to make what she did any better?” You dismissed him. You hadn’t thought about that letter or your Mother in days. But, since you’d been opening up to Midoriya it came up and he wasn’t the type to let shit go.

“Can’t know until you read it.” He shrugged and you grumbled.

You knew he was right. It was probably really important to read the letter and see what your Mother had to say for herself after what happened between the two of you. She hadn’t tried to contact you at all since that night and the thought was a little bit scary. She did seem really scared that night, and although you couldn’t forgive her for being so cold and leaving you alone you were a bit worried. What if something happened to her?

You grumbled and tossed in your bed again. You still had, you checked your alarm clock, 15 minutes before that broccoli headed terror came to beat you up again. Might as well just read the letter and get it over with, right? You hopped out of the bed and swung open the top drawer of your desk. It was right on top where you’d left it and your hand hesitated for a second before you just decided to rip off the band aid and tore it open with a slump in your chair. You braced yourself for whatever bullshit was to some.


I know you’re angry about how I reacted tonight and you have every right to be. I really am sorry, but I couldn’t have you asking those questions in our house. I’m very sure we are being listened to and I cannot risk any more questions being asked for the time being. If you insist on investigating this, I can’t stop you, but you need to understand how dangerous it will be.

You’ll need to start by understanding the philosophy of the people who are researching the quirk singularity. On more obscure websites you’ll see a lot of references to the AU and occasionally UO. Essentially, they are trying to create a person with godlike power. There is a huge network of villain organizations across the globe working in collaboration to create a person like this. Quirk marriages, genetic manipulations, kidnappings. All sorts of shady dealings just to make this AU (Apex Ultimate) child.

I honestly don’t have too much more information than that. Your Father was always very secretive about his job and I’ll probably never know how deep the conspiracy went, but when he finally realized how wrong everything he was doing was he tried his best to hide us and make it right. But, there were conditions to us being able to leave the country and now I have to go back to Sydney and talk with your Father’s old boss about these developments and see what they want me to do.

I’m sorry I acted the way I did and I don’t expect you to forgive or trust me anytime soon, but I do hope we can talk about this sometime in the future. I love you very much, Shiro, and I just want to keep you safe.


Oh shit.

You didn’t know how to respond to the words you’d just read at all. You were 100% still pissed at her but the idea that she’d knocked you out in desperation that you’d say too much while people may be listening in did strike a chord. Why did you open this fucking letter right now? This was Midoriya’s fault and you were going to give him a piece of your mind when he came in here.



“Apex Ultimate?” Izuku questioned as he looked over the letter with a scrunched up thinking face. “That sounds really familiar.”

“Does it?” You perked up, already feeling better that you’d yelled at him long enough to cancel training for your mental health. Victory!

“Yeah, I think it’s kind of like a cult overseas.” His gaze drifted away like he was thinking. “People who think that strong quirks will combine over generations until it creates someone crazy powerful.”

“Da- The villain said I was one of the UO’s toys. Think that means they had something to do with my quirk?”

“Could be. A worldwide network of villains that behaves like a cult?” He took a deep sigh, “That’s really bad news.”

“How do we even fight something like that?”

“Slowly, I guess.” He locked eyes with you, “We just need to keep you safe and keep getting stronger until we have a breakthrough.”

“We?” You perked up a bit.

“I told you that you didn’t have to be alone.” He nudged you lightly.

“Hey, Izuku?” You questioned lightly. You loved how his cheeks could flush when you used his first name. It was always so cute and he never corrected you.


“Thank you.” You gave him your best smile and scooted your chair over to your computer, “Ready to start the investigation?”

“Yeah.” He pulled the fuzzy purple chair he’d been sitting in over closer to the desk as you both started researching and taking notes on all the information you’d acquired. Once you had a pretty well organized collection of information, you sighed as the scale of all this started to sink in.

This wasn’t going to be as easy as punching a few villains. A case like this could take years to crack. Taking down an organization like this would require multiple steps, and some of those you weren’t even sure of yet. You knew for sure the first thing that you had to do was prove they exist in the first place. Any and every bit of information you and Midoriya had found was speculative or flimsy at best.

There seemed to be no evidence of events being connected whatsoever. But, there had to be a puppet master behind something of this scale, right? Figuring out what that is would be step 2, probably? Then you’d have to be able to coordinate multiple countries in sting operations to be able to shut it down completely.

It...seemed impossible and it made you feel helpless. This was why your Mother was so serious about wanting to keep you out of this. If all these dots connected like you were starting to think that they were, taking down the UO would take a lifetime.

Chapter Text

“Oh.” Midoriya looked crushed. You wanted to feel bad, but you had other friends and had to go check up on them. You knew Shinso would be back in town tomorrow and Todoroki had just texted to let you know he was back from his vacation.

“Don’t look so sad! I’ll be back tonight for dinner and then if I have the stamina we can fight again.” You shot him a smile that he returned.

“Alright,” He sighed, “Maybe I can get Kacchan to fight with me.” You let out a laugh.

“Good luck with that.” You scooted a glass of orange juice over the table at him and stood up with a stretch. You had the address and permission to come by, but the idea still made you feel kind of nervous. You had only seen Todoroki once since the Summer Camp and he was being extra stoic and worried, so it wasn’t much of a hang out.

Today would be different. You were going to go to his house and see him properly. Thank him properly for coming to save you. See if you were still friends at all. Though it had gotten better, things never really got back to normal with Shoto after the internships, and deep down you hoped that going to see him today would help.

“I can’t believe they’re letting you leave campus by yourself.” Midoriya shot through bites, what was with him this morning? He was being kind of tense.

“Me either, honestly. I guess it’s because I’m going over to the new #1 Pro’s house?” You shrugged. “I still have to check in with Aizawa when I arrive and when I leave though.” I feel like a little kid.

“They’re just worried about you. The League of Villains has been pretty quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve given up, you know?”

“Yeah but still.” You picked up your bag and started cleaning off the table where you’d just eaten. “I have to live my life.”

“You’re right.” He grumbled.

“Anyway, work on those kicks we practiced yesterday! Then when I get home we can see if you can beat me.” You shot him a grin as you made your way out of the dining area.

“Those kicks a future thing?” He questioned. You shot him a smile and a wink before you left the room.

As you made your way out past the training grounds to the bus station, you noticed a couple of boys you’d never seen before poking around on the training fields. They looked a couple of years older than you, and were both training intensively. Was this how you and Midoriya looked when you were going at it? You stopped in your tracks for a moment to take in the show.

They didn’t seem to be using quirks, but you couldn’t be sure since you were so far away. The blonde definitely had the advantage in the fight, it was obvious that he was holding back some of his punches and kicks as the dark haired boy defended against him, but they obviously trained together a lot because the dark haired boy was putting up a hell of a fight. You smiled to yourself and went back to your walk.

People already thought that you were weird enough, didn’t need to be caught creeping in on other peoples training sessions. As you were about to leave the line of sight for the field you shot one last look at the fight you’d been watching and noticed that the blonde boy had disappeared. The black haired boy was standing at attention and bracing himself for an attack. The blonde appeared out of nowhere in the sky and came down with a game over punch.

Well that was fucking cool. I want to see more of that.



Kisaki: Safely at Todoroki’s house! I’ll text you when I leave and when I get back to campus.
SleepiSensei: Thanks.


You couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as you approached the front door to Shoto’s house. You’d never been here before and things had been so weird between you two lately. You took a deep breath, he invited you to come hang out. That meant that he wanted you here. Quit being paranoid. You knocked gently on the door.

You heard a bit of thumping from inside the house and you stiffened, those didn’t sound like Shoto’s movements at all. The door swung open with a bit of force and the sight made you jump a little bit. You hadn’t expected Endeavor to be home.

“Little spitfire.” He said in a tone you didn’t recognize. Was it irritation? Surprise? Contempt? He likely didn’t get spoken to the way that you did often. You painted an obviously fake smile on your face.

“Is Shoto home?”

“He is.” The man didn’t move aside or anything, he just leaned a bit against the doorframe and stared at you. “So you went with the Foresight internship?” The implied you-didn’t-pick-me was obvious and it pissed you off and you let your smile drop.

“Yeah.” You said flatly. An awkward silence stretched between you. “So can you go get him for me or..?”

“You should be training at the best agencies that you have access to.”

“Rankings aren’t everything,” You shrugged, “I need to learn from people who actually have something to teach me about being a hero.” Your eyes narrowed slightly in accusation. The man scoffed and you heard a thumping noise like someone was running down the stairs.

“You know--” Endeavor started to say before Shoto shot through him like a bullet.

“Shiro! Hey.” He panted and looked between the two of you for a moment, Endeavor leaned against the doorway with a look of pure irritation on his face and you with that self satisfied grin. He should have gotten down here faster.

“Hey Shoto!” You smiled for real and pulled your friend into a quick hug. Endeavor didn’t move, still leaned against the frame and watching you two. Shoto shot a look back at his dad and turned to you.

“Want to go out somewhere?” He seemed kind of panicked, like he didn’t know his father would be home when he invited you.

“I can’t.” You frowned. “I have to be here at your house or go back to the dorms. They still have me on lockdown.”

“Oh yeah.” He shifted uncomfortably. “We could go hang out upstairs in my room?”

“Do you have any video games?” Your eyes lit up.

“No.” He said flatly. You laughed because of course he didn’t.

“That’s okay! We’ll have fun either way.” You made a small movement to get him going. It was awkward interacting with him while his Father, the number 1 Pro hero, was staring at you wordlessly. He had to hate you so much. At least the feeling was mutual.

“Right.” He turned to walk toward the house and Endeavor moved unceremoniously out of the way to let you both pass. You felt a strange energy as you passed the man, he was so creepy and unreadable. It made you shiver. What the hell was his deal?

“Sorry about that.” Shoto said as he slid the door to his room open. You laughed.

“It’s cool. Holy crap you’re so Japanese.” It was a totally normal room with almost no personality despite being huge and well decorated. You wondered what he did for fun, did he even really know how to have fun? He chuckled and ushered you onto a small couch.

“How’ve you been holding up this Summer?” He questioned as you sat down next to him. You didn’t really know how to answer, you’d spent most of the summer going back and forth between scouring the internet for information on the UO and training yourself into the ground with Bakugo and Midoriya.

“Been training a lot.” You shrugged, “And it’s cool being in the dorms, makes me feel like an adult. If I ignore how I have to ask permission anytime I want to leave campus.”

“That must be hard.”

“It’s not too bad. I had Bakugo and Midoriya with me so at least I wasn’t lonely.” He tightened a bit, but you didn't think much of it.

“How have you been?” Your tone darkened a bit, you couldn’t help it. He’d obviously distanced himself from you and you had to hope that it was because of the stuff that he’d been going through instead of it being about you.

“I’ve been good. I got to spend a lot of time with my Mom.” He went on to tell you stories of the time they got to spend together before breaking into the trip he’d taken with his brother and sister to the beach last week. As the two of you talked you felt the tension drift from you a bit, he really was just bad at being a normal person.

When you’d finished catching up you finally convinced him to watch some anime with you. You couldn’t believe that he went for it, but it was obvious neither of you really knew what to do with yourselves when you were alone together. You were still too scared to bring up anything unpleasant and bring back the tension between you two, and he was probably just terrible at hanging out with people.

“I don’t think I’m going to like that.” He scrunched his eyes after you made your pitch. You laughed.

“Doesn’t matter if you like it or not! If you hate it then it’ll still be fun because we can goof off and make fun of it.”

“Why would we do that?” He seemed so confused.

“You don’t have to like the show for us to have fun watching it.” You nudged his shoulder as you started it up. “The fun is in the experience we have while we watch, whether that’s talking about how cool or how stupid something that happens is.”

“I don’t get it, Shiro.”

‘You’re hopeless!” You smiled, “Just give it a fair shot. It’s easier to just show you.”

The two of you got through three episodes of Sailor Moon before he started getting into it. It wasn’t like he loved the show or anything, but he was starting to understand what you meant by having fun while making fun of it too. You’d never realized how funny he could actually be before, most of his jokes were terrible and flat, but occasionally he’d bust out some gold. The moments were always made even better because when he laughed it made you feel weightless and joyus. A second decree! Todoroki needs to be laughing more as well as Bakugo. You suddenly had a great idea! Dorm life was going to be so fun.

It wasn’t long before Endeavor came knocking on the door to tell you that it was time for them to have dinner. He’d offered for you to stay and you declined politely, you had to get back to the dorms before it got dark. You gave Shoto a hug and a polite nod to the Pro (so that you didn’t make Shotos life any more difficult than it needed to be) before you shot Aizawa a text ran out the door toward the busses.

It wasn’t long before you were back at the door to your dorm room and sliding it open. It was nice to see Todoroki today, but you were feeling kind of down regardless. It sucked that you had to stay cooped up inside everywhere and you bet that the two of you would’ve had a way better time if you could’ve taken him somewhere away from his dickhead dad.

Oh well. You flopped into your computer chair to check your social media and screw around on the internet. You were lost in a flurry of memes until your phone buzzed and broke you from your trance.

SOULMATE!: You promised you’d never let me go 11 minutes without a text from you again, you’re such a disappointment.
Kisaki: Neito! My love!! !! I’M SORRY! I should have ran to you immediately after getting back home...
SOULMATE: i guess you can make it up to me.
Kisaki: how?
SOULMATE: Got plans tomorrow? Some of us from class b are getting together for a back to school thing.
Kisaki: I’m trapped on campus baby :( :( haven’t you wondered why I haven’t been in your closet as much??? OR DID YOU HAVE ANOTHER GIRL IN THERE?!
SOULMATE: it’s at the school pool. 2pm. See you there?
Kisaki: wait, you really want me to come?
SOULMATE: You’re my girlfriend, aren’t you?
Kisaki: of course I am.
SOULMATE: Checkmate. See you there.

Chapter Text

Gods, the lengths you will go to mess with someone were quite disturbing. It was obvious that Monoma was reigniting the rivalry after your summer long hiatus, and you were excited to get everything kicked into gear. This was exactly what you needed to be in fighting form for the new semester. When it came time go get ready to go to the pool you looked yourself over with a grin.

You looked amazing. Though you weren’t a fan of the sailor style bikini you’d gotten stuck with as a swimsuit, you’d managed to make it work with a pair of super cute shorts and a mostly unbuttoned oversized button up shirt over it. That way you were covered up enough if people weren’t swimming, but available to get into pooltime shenanigans with your ‘boyfriend’ and his friends.

You’d put your hair up into a pair of frizzy twintails with your bangs still free to frame your face. If you were going to do this, you were going all out. This was war between you and Neito, and if he thought he’d have the advantage by surrounding you with people that you didn’t know, he had another thing coming. You’d use your advantages as well. Thank god I’m at least passably cute. You thought as you finished up your light make up and threw on your flip flops. This was going to be fun.

It will also be a great opportunity to make some new friends! You knew so little about class 1B that it would be easy to treat them like anyone else. You should be able to relax with them and have a good time without having to filter yourself much, if at all. Okay, you were starting to get excited! You’d promised Midoriya that you’d try harder to make friends this semester, that sweet jellybean was so worried about you after you’d opened up to him that it made your heart swell. He was truly one of a kind. And now finally actually a close friend of yours. Friendship main quest complete.

You looked super cute, you’d been practicing your crazy all morning, and you were mentally prepared to socialize, so everything was perfectly in place! You opened your door and made your way down into the common area to grab a snack before headed to the pools.

“Damn Kisaki, you look hot!” Minari was standing next to the fridge and was now pulling out his phone to take a picture like a jackass. You turned away and blushed immediately.

“Cut it out, Minari.” You were clutching your sides, this was so embarrassing.

“Aww, don’t be shy.” He dropped the hand that was holding the phone, “Got another date?” He raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Not a real one.” You relaxed and walked over, snagging a juice box and an apple from the fridge. “I’m going to screw with my boyfriend over in 1B.”

“You two are still at it?” What was with that look on his face? It was like surprise with sorrow underneath it. Weird.

“He just reignited the rivalry.” You chuckled, “I’ll see you later?”

“Nah, I don’t move in until tomorrow. Just came to check it out and drop some stuff off. I’ll see you tomorrow though.” He smiled and gave you a wink.

“Awesome!” You threw him a quick hug and made your way out the door in a hurry.

When you passed by the training grounds, you saw the older boys out training again. This time it looked like the dark haired one had an advantage, he’d wrapped the blonde in some kind of vines and the blonde was smiling wildly at him. As you passed they’d stopped moving and seemed to be talking about something, it made your boylove sensors start to tingle and you stopped to watch for a second.

Blonde was laughing and beaming about something as he was wrapped in the vines while Black hair was blushing and looking down at the ground shyly. Your heart skipped a beat when you noticed his pointy ears and his reserved demeanor in contrast with the boisterous body language of the other one. Familiar romantic music and subtitles started to play in your mind as they talked to each other for a moment. They were obviously close and you needed to know how close.

The daydreaming was only stopped when the blonde fell through his restraints and into the ground before popping up out of nowhere in the sky behind the black haired boy. Blonde landed behind him and caught him right in the stomach with a hit, but black hair manifested some weird looking shell to take some of the damage. Didn’t he have vines a second ago?

He still took a bit of damage and you took in a sharp breath at the scene. What the hell were their quirks? Because what you just saw didn’t make any sense to you. The eyes of the blonde one shot over to yours at the noise. You blushed immediately and went to move away and berate yourself for again being a weirdo and watching them train, but his kind smile and gentle wave stopped you.

It was like he was sparkling and it made you blush harder while giving him a small wave back and an embarrassed smile. Time to get out of here, you thought as the black haired one also looked up at you before turning away embarrassed. How were you always such a weird person? You practically ran away immediately.

As you headed down toward the pool, your whole sense of confidence was shaken by social anxiety and general extra-ness. Why did they have to see you? You couldn’t imagine the look on your face when you were watching them, all fucking dreamy eyed and watching them intently. No way their immediate thoughts would be that you were definitely hoping you’d get to see them make out, now you just looked like a weirdo underclassman stalker girl.

And you only wanted Monoma to think of you that way.

As you approached you already heard the boisterous laughter of the boys of class 1B. You tightened a little before you opened the doors to the pool area, kind of nervous at how many people you were going to have to meet and how they may hate you at varying levels. Shit, this was a terrible idea. Monoma totally had the advantage here. You smiled and waved at the small group of people.

Thank goodness it was actually a small party and it wasn’t the whole class. You counted 7 of them here now and you knew Tetsu, Kendo, Neito, and Pony pretty well already. That meant you knew over half the people here! Good shit, now you could relax kind of. Tstsu nudged Monoma and pointed to you and the boy turned around and smiled before jogging over to greet you with a smug grin and crossed arms.

“You showed up.”

“Of course I did.” You crossed your arms back and gave him a small grin with a rush of adrenaline going through you as you went to battle. His eyes narrowed on you for a quick second before he pulled you into a hug. You decided to relent and returned it before he pulled away swiftly.

“I’m glad they got you back.” He grumbled before swiftly changing the subject to introductions. “So this is Kaibara Sen, Tsuburaba Kosei, and…. I guess you know everyone else. Takage Setsuna is running late, I guess I’ll introduce you to her when she gets here.”

You gave everyone a small smile and wave as they watched you both carefully. From their faces, they were as unsure as to what was going on in Monomas head as you were. This made you feel uneasy. What kind of horrible serial killer shit did he have planned for you? There was no was he was being all cordial and nice right now for no reason. He put his arm around your shoulders and herded you over to the side of the pool where Kendo, Tetsu, and Pony were sitting.

As soon as you were close enough, you and Kendo locked eyes with confused looks. Your eyes shot over to the boy whose arm was around your shoulders suspiciously. What was he up to? He released you and walked away to grab another chair. Kendo leaned in and whispered toward you.

“How far are you two idiots going to let this escalate?” Her eyes kept shifting between the two of you as Neito approached with a chair and a suspicious grin on his face. You braced yourself for a rude comment or something dastardly to happen, but he just offered you the chair like he was a nice guy or something.

Then everything was just kind of normal. You all hung out and talked about what they did over the summer before jumping into the pool to play various competitive pool games. You got teamed up with Tetsu for chicken and after your third victory the other teams tried to get you to switch positions. They’d, of course, underestimated your competitive spirit and the two of you still brought home another victory before you all switched up what you were doing.

As the vibe swung around to competitive swimming, Kaibara shyly pulled you to the side and asked you to talk. You followed him, fairly confused before he finally spoke.

“I’m sorry that I left you alone in the woods at camp.” He was looking down at the ground and blushing slightly, shame painted on his features. Scratch that, you were utterly confused.

“What are you talking about?” He looked up to see your face. Did you really not remember?

“When you freaked out in the woods, right before the villain attack. I left you alone.” His eyebrows were scrunched. “You may have been fine if I hadn’t left you.”

“Oh,” You said. You had no idea what this kid was talking about, but it made you sad that he felt so guilty and you made it your mission to make him feel better. You tried to smile as brightly as you could and speak with the most enthusiasm you could muster. “Don’t worry about it! It’s honestly probably best that you weren’t there. Those villains probably would’ve killed you to get to me and I wouldn’t have wanted to see you hurt. Everything worked out just fine so don’t beat yourself up about it.”

You nudged him playfully and hoped that worked. You were so fucking awkward, his face brightened a little and you both returned to the group to hang out. The others shot you both weird looks as your returned to them, but you distracted them by shoving Monoma into the pool with a smile. It wasn’t long before he’d used Kendos quirk to snatch you off the sidelines and pull you into the water with him.

After about two hours you were getting tired of being on edge and waiting for the other shoe to drop with Monoma. It was time to head back to the dorms and get a shower, whatever fucked up prank he had planned was just going to have to wait.

You waved everyone off and made a swift exit, taking a second to wonder why the boy didn’t put up much of a fight about it. Whatever he had planned for you must be brutal if he was being so normal and nice. You shivered. Monoma was such a good rival to have you constantly on edge like this. You praised your decision making skills.

As you walked past the training fields on your return trip to the dorms, you intentionally didn’t look to see if those cute boys were still there. If they saw you again, you might as well just get the word creep tattooed on your forehead. You’d opted to keep your eyes trained to the ground as you swiftly rounded the corner of the training area and since god hated you, you collided immediately with someone.

“I’m sorry!” Your eyes shot up to meet with the adorable black haired elf boy from earlier. He looked away shyly and you took a huge step backwards and blushed.

“It’s okay.” He said quietly, still looking away from you and holding himself with his arms. Did you hurt him? Shit, you were such a careless asshole.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” You leaned in to examine him as he clutched his sides. He shook his head nervously, while still not looking at you. You sighed, feeling terrible about bumping into him.

“Okay, well I’m sorry that I bumped into you.” You started to leave the boy alone.

“Hey! You’re the girl from earlier.” The blonde one bounced up from the side and you jumped a little as he walked over to his friend and put an arm around him encouragingly. This was mortifying. You looked down and blushed from embarrassment while nodding.

“Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t like watching your or anything.”

“It’s okay!” How could someone actually be this happy and encouraging in real life? You looked up into his kind face and he was grinning at you. “We saw you training the other day too, so I guess we’re even.”

“Oh.” Your whole body had to be red by now. The black haired one looked up at you for a second and shifted away. You wanted to touch his ears so badly it was almost a good enough distraction from how awkward you felt right now.

“I’m Togata Mirio and this is Amajiki Tamaki.” The blonde one said as he nudge his friend.

“Kisaki Shiro.” You half-mumbled, trying to not be so fucking nervous.

“Hello.” The boy you now knew was Amajiki said quietly.

“Oh you’re that first year!” Togata said excitedly, “Lot’s of people are talking about you.” He probably didn’t mean for you to take that horribly, but you couldn’t help it. You had been avoiding reading any of the media coverage of you since the Foresight incident. You couldn’t imagine what kind of shit was online about you now that you’ve been kidnapped by villains. “Sounds like you’ve got a lot of potential! We’ll see you around okay?”

And then they were off into the distance, as beautiful and confusing as when they were naught but a daydream. Why the hell were you always so fucking awkward? It seemed like every single interaction you had today was weird as hell. Time to go to your dorm and die for embarrassing yourself in front of hot older dudes, class 1B, Minari, and...well that was it. Still, you couldn’t wait to be back to normal school stuff, this summer break was starting to drive you crazy.

Chapter Text

You alarm rang out to signal it was time to run downstairs and meet up with the rest of the class who was moving in today. Aizawa held a small meeting with those of you who’d moved in already last night and asked you all to come down for the morning meeting. You grumbled and rolled out of your bed and onto the floor with a thump. You really needed to stop doing that and climb down the ladder like a normal person, but you really enjoyed practicing your badass landing strategies.

You made quick work of getting dressed and running down the stairs to the front of the building. You met Bakugo at the elevator and on the way down he gave you a fist bump and a grin. This summer was really good for your relationship, the two of you barely argued anymore.

When the doors to the elevator chimed open on the bottom floor you swung your arm around explodo-boy and dragged him out into the crowd of your classmates with you. You were both immediately met with bright faces and smiles. Bakugo grunted to walk away, but you knew what was coming and pulled him forward to join the group with the arm you had rested on his shoulder. Aizawa started his speech.

“Now then, I will explain how your dorm assignments will work shortly. First however, we haven’t forgotten about the provisional hero licenses you were supposed to get during the training camp.”

“Oh yeah, that was what we were supposed to be doing there.”

“So much has happened, it totally slipped my mind.”

“This is important, listen well.” Aizawas tone changed as he continued, “Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida. You five were the ones who broke the rules and went to rescue Kisaki and Bakugo that night.” A chill ran through the group and you couldn’t help but put your head down in shame. You felt Bakus fingers brush yours but they didn’t make full contact, Aizawa continued.

“Based on the rest of your reactions, I assume the rest of you were at least aware of their plan. I’m going to set aside a number of issue and just say this, if it weren’t for All Might’s retirement from the hero scene, I would expel everyone here. Except Bakugo, Jiro, Kisaki, and Hagakure. The five of you who went, of course, but also the remaining 11 who didn’t stop them. You betrayed our trust, even if it was keeping your friends from getting in trouble. In order to regain our confidence, you’ll need to obey every rule to the letter and live as model students. That’s all. Now look alive. Enjoy your new home.” And then he walked away like a jackass while the class stood shooketh.

Everyone stood solemnly for a moment before Bakugo sighed deeply and dragged Kaminari behind a bush and did something to him to cause him to short circuit his brain. Everyone broke into laughter as the idiot stumbled back to everyone while babbling incoherently.

“Kirishima.” Bakugo said while approaching his bro and handing him a wad of money. Kiri immediately assumed that Bakugo had shaken down Minari, but he denied it.

“No, this is my money, you idiot. To replace what you spent.”

“How did you know I bought night vision goggles?” Kiri took the money with a frown.

“Don’t say I never gave you anything.” The boy replied as he walked away and back to his dorm. You blushed and kicked yourself for not thinking about doing something like that. “Now I’m not in your debt. Kaminari, show em your dumb side.”

Jiro was obviously amused at how idiotic Minari was acting right now. It seemed to really fix the mood in the group. You gave Mina a quick hug and ran after Bakugo into the dorms while everyone else got themselves settled. He was stomping over toward the elevators and you came up behind and poked him in the back. He turned.

“What, Kisaki?” What the hell man? We taking steps backwards now? You had to stop yourself from grumbling like an ass.

“Let’s go get dinner tonight, my treat.” He shifted away from you.

“No thanks. I’ve got stuff to do.” You pouted.

“Fine.” You pulled a small wad of cash from your pocket and stuck it in his before walking away. He started to say something after you but you stopped him. “Shut up and take it. We’re in this together.” The elevator doors slid open and he walked in without further protest. Good, at least he could kind of listen to what he was told.

You returned to the group and found out that you’d be joined on the 4th floor by both Mina and Uraraka and the three of you bounced happily at the prospect. Between you, Mina, Kirishima, and Bakugo you supposed that the 4th floor was just apparently the BakuSquad floor and couldn’t wait for the shenanigans. Wait were you part of the BakuSquad? Sure felt like it, you went back to your room for a while to play Starcraft and give everyone time to settle in and unpack.

It wasn’t long before part of the girl talk squad came knocking on your door to drag you down to the common area, apparently they had a cool idea. You slid onto the couch next to Kirishima and Mina while Uraraka joined Iida on the couch with Midoriya and Minari.

“I’m so beat.” Kiri exclaimed as he relaxed next to you. You laid your head on his shoulder in agreement.

“You and me both, you done unpacking?” Sero questioned from his spot next to Sato.

“I think so.” He answered.

“Feels good, right?” Midoriya asked excitedly, as chipper and pleasant as always.

“I know we could’ve died, but it’s kind of exciting to be living here!” Minari exclaimed before shooting you a guilty look. You gave him a grin to let him know it was okay.

“A unified class! It’s the perfect way to improve our cooperation and discipline. “ Tenya ‘Robot-Arms’ Iida added. “How smart!”

“So you never relax, do you?” Kiri added with a laugh that you joined. When your laughs died down Mina waved at Toru, Momo, and Jiro who’d just exited the elevators and jumped up to join them.

“The girls and I have been talking and,” Mina started.

“We had a great idea!” Toru added.

“Let’s go around and see who has the coolest room?” Mina finished, like they’d fucking rehearsed it or something. Luckily, you knew this was coming and had cleaned your room up a bit. Not that you stood a chance of winning, but you didn’t want them to see all the crap you had strewn about.

Midoriya freaked out! Since you already knew from the show that he was a total fanboy, you weren’t surprised one bit when the girls busted his door open and it was covered in so much All Might memorabilia that it put your room in your old world to shame. This was fandom at its greatest and you laughed at his embarrassment. You probably should’ve warned him that this was coming.

When you finished going through the first two floors of boys you wandered over to the group of boys who were sulking and looking dejected.

“Man this sucks, I feel so judged right now.” Minari said.

“Hey, what a coincidence, I don’t feel great. At all.” Ojiro added.

“Same here.” From Tokoyami.

“And Moi.” Aoyama wasn’t sparkling and it made you feel sad. And because you were an agent of chaos, you decided to take Minetas role here.

“Probably because we’re only looking at the boys rooms.” You feigned like you’d just realized something, “If it’s really a contest to see who has the best room, shouldn’t we be looking at everyones rooms?” You turned to your lady classmates with a devilish smile. Uraraka shot you a nervous look.

“I’m into it!” Mina said with a beaming smile while joining your side. Yes, it worked! Now everyone save Tsu and Bakugo were in on the competition. You hoped that he was doing okay off by himself, but didn’t want to get too caught up on it. You’d made it clear that you wanted to be here for him, so it was up to him to make the next step, right?

Everyone’s rooms were the same as the anime, and when it got time to get to yours you took a deep breath and swung the door open. Your room was as ridiculous as you were.

You were the only one with a lofted bed, and the LED lights you’d strung from your PC glinted through the room and alternating between purple and green. Your big fuzzy purple Midoriya chair was scooted next to your gaming desk chair by your computer. All three monitors were lit up and mounted on the wall above the desk.

Your background was a landscape shot of the capital wasteland with the Lone Wanderer standing and facing away from the camera with dogmeat at his side and an atomic explosion going off in the distance. Your protoss pylon was pulsating light from atop your desk, with many USB plugs in it for your assorted external hard drives and desk widgets. There were random gaming electronics hooked up to smaller screens around the room and posters of random nerd things cluttering the walls.

The best part was the cardboard cutout of Mrs. Joke that was standing next to your bed. Since you’d be meeting her soon, you and Midoriya had watched a ton of her fights on the internet to prepare you. They were fucking brutal and hilarious and you were now her biggest fan. It was also going to be fun to torture Aizawa with, so there were multiple plusses to owning the thing. Kirishima was the first to speak.

“Are you seriously team Darth Vader?” His eyes shifted to all of the dark side star wars memorabilia on your walls. Rage shot through you like a bullet.

“Look here, you fucking terrorist-sympathising, wishy-washy, Ewok-hugging liberal” You pointed at him dramatically, “The empire did nothing wrong! A lot of pro-rebel historians love to try to portray the Galactic Empire as a tyranny that seized power via treachery and deceit, but that simply isn’t true!”

Your rant went on for a full 2 minutes while your classmates watched on in shock at your random nerdy passion and extended knowledge of the inner working of the politics of Star Wars. By the time you were finishing up, multiple of your classmates had put their heads down and others were shaking their heads at your ridiculousness.

“...And that’s to say nothing about the economic benefits! The building and maintenance for the Imperial Armada created billions of jobs for hard-working citizens, and Imperial credits are now the only form of currency accepted anywhere, even the Outer Rim. Thanks, Palpatine.

“As for Alderaan, I believe that the explanation that the Empire gave, that it was a misfire of the Death Star’s laser. Even if it wasn’t, the place was a well-known hotbed of rebel sympathisers and the aforementioned Ewok-huggers. After all, you can’t make a delicious omelette of justice and order without breaking a few planets. That’s just how the real world works.” You took a deep breath and suddenly remembered where you were. “Also, Kylo Ren is super hot.”

You chuckled to yourself for a moment before noticing no one had said a word for quite a bit. You scrunch your eyes at them and Kirishima started the chorus of mocking laughter.

“I knew you were a nerd, but damn, Shiro.” You blushed and moved on to the next room, not embarrassed one bit.

In the end, Sato still won everyone over with his delicious cake and everything seemed right with the world. Tsu grabbed your arm and pulled you off to the side and apologize for leaving you alone in the woods. Apparently, she thought that you were having a panic attack again and left you to go get a teacher.

That was the same thing the boy from class 1B said, how did you have no memory of that? You tried your best to reassure her that she did the right thing and everything probably worked out for the best before she seemed satisfied and went to go talk to the RescueSquad.

You decided to go take a quick run around the training field to clear your head. You hadn’t gotten to train much in the last couple of days and you’d become so accustomed to getting a certain level of exercise that you were worried you wouldn’t be able to get any sleep tonight without it. You were nervous and excited to get back to school as well, so you decided that getting physically tired out would be your best option for some decent rest.

You rounded the corner to the entrance of the track when you were suddenly wrapped up in capture tape that pulled your arms tight to your sides. Holy shit, am I having another sexy dream about Aizawa? You froze when you heard your own voice come from behind you.

“Hey Shiro.” You turned your head as your body was released from the tape.

“Hitoshi!!” You squealed happily as you took in his whole look and blushed immediately. He looked amazing, he had to have packed on at least 15lbs of muscle and he had an awesome mask over his face that he was pulling down to reveal his shy smile. The capture tape wrapped itself back around his neck and you couldn’t help but feel a rush of warmth wash over you. “Holy shit, you’re jacked.” You tried to play it cool as you poked his arms and chest.

“Hey,” He blushed and pulled you into a hug. “I’m glad I ran into you, sorry I haven’t been around I-”

“No way don’t worry about it, I don’t care at all! What have you been up to? You look great.” You were released from the hug as you looked him over once more. You didn’t want him feeling bad at all, you enjoyed your summer and were glad that he obviously did as well.

“Oh,” He blushed, “I spent most of my summer with Yoarashi training at his place.” Your boylove sensor tingles. Hopefully there were plenty of photographs. “And then when I got back I started training with Aizawa.” Oh, so that’s where the tape came from.

“You’re so amazing.” You said dreamily. This kid was something else, training his ass off for a chance to be in the hero course with you guys. You did a silent prayer for his success and gave him a small smile.

“No way.” He looked away shyly.

“You are!” You smiled and nudged him. “Now tell me everything about hanging out with Inasa, like, every detail.”

“Well, you already know he’s insane!” He laughed, “But, he was awesome to train with. He’s really so talented.”

“Where did you sleep? Did you two ever cuddle? Tell me, did you practice wrestling? Are you open to it?” You laughed at your flurry of questions to make it clear that you were joking. (You weren’t.)

“You’re ridiculous.” He wrapped his arm around you. “The rest of this year is going to be fun, Shiro. I’m getting a place in your class no matter what.”

“And then we take over the world?” You asked as you happily settled in next to him.


Chapter Text

The Great Wifi Wars
It all started with a simple question. A girl from class 1B asked the two teachers about the wifi name and password and all hell broke loose. Apparently, the new additions to the dorms were unhappy about the decision to let Kisaki Shiro of class 1A set up everything over the summer, because the name and password were completely ridiculous. Professor’s Aizawa and Vlad King said that they didn’t care and to settle the dispute amongst themselves.

Kisaki stood and declared that she would only give up the rights to change the password to someone who could beat her in super smash brothers and in that moment pandemonium broke out between the two classes.

The girl might have been overthrown if it wasn’t for Monoma Neito from class 1B standing up immediately to accept the challenge and recruiting a few members from his class to join him in his conquest. At the addition of that little shit and his irritating taunts, Bakugo Katsuki threw his hat in the ring to shut him up. His entrance into the battle spurred the competitive natures of quite a few students from class A and the brackets were drawn up.

Rules and regulations were set between the classes as the tournament began. Kisaki Shiro cackled like a madwoman as lots were drawn and it was decided she would battle along with everyone else. Each match would be best of three and the two brackets would converge for a final battle in three days time. And, thus, the Great Wifi-Super-Smash-Battle-Royale-Take-Down-Kisaki-The-Tyrant Wars began.

“Shiro has to be stopped.” Kirishima whispered to Bakugo before his battle against Kendo of class 1B. “Class 1B already hates us enough.” The boy grunted in response as they read over the current wifi name. It was the 3rd time it’d changed today.

Shiro god of wifi welcomes you to her land.
none of you will ever defeat me. muahahahahha!
minaaaaa come bring me a sandwich.

The girl only got more smug as she blasted her way into the final four of her bracket. She’d taken to offering side bets to entice her competitors, things ranging from free lunches to horrifying dares. Her reign of terror had to be stopped and it was clear that it would be her and Bakugo in the finals when she finally destroyed Tetsu for the 3rd time and secured her place in the final two.

“I thought you learned your lesson when I won Nieto's phone number.” She stood over the boy like an evil demon as he screamed dramatically into the floor.

“How can you possibly be so good at this?” He practically cried into a pillow as Kisaki lifted the bunny eared headband and slipped it on his head.

“You’re my bunny for two days, Tetsu.” She sounded way too happy about this. “Your name is now Cottontail.” He grumbled in shame and irritation.

“Good Cottontail.” She patted him on the head and started to stretch her hands while turning to face Bakugo who was obviously embarrassed for Tetsu. “It’s you and me tomorrow in the finals.”

“You’re going down, Wrecking Ball.”

“We shall see, Loudmouth.”

nieto is cutest when he cries :’D
tetsu is my little bunny

The profanities that spewed out of Bakugos mouth that day will be burned into the memories of everyone who was there for the rest of their lives. The level of anger the boy felt when he was destroyed by Kisaki in minutes was on par with that of the Sports Festival. The entire time he raged she sat perfectly still with a huge grin on her face, it was more unsettling than anything he did.

uh-oh baku who’s 3rd place now?

The last hope to end her reign was Kaminari who’d won the other bracket. It was clear fairly quickly that there was some kind of grudge match going on between the two from the wifi names building up to the fight. Both classes were hype with anticipation to see an end to the horror show that they’d all agreed to.

i wont let you beat me again, minari.
its a fight to the death!!!

Everyone from both classes gathered together for the showdown between the two in the 1A common area. Kaminari was first to arrive, sitting smugly on the couch closest to the television and waiting patiently for the girl to show up. She walked in wearing a Yoshi onesie and a huge grin on her face, when she got to the couch Kaminari stood to greet her with his game face.

“Round two, Shiro.”

“You’re not going to beat me again.”

“Wanna bet?” He raised an eyebrow at her in anticipation. Her confidence was obviously shaken for a second, she crossed her arms.

“If I win, I get a second date.” A couple of people gasped, “And this time, you don’t get to leave out the goodnight kiss.” She blushed hard and turned away from him before her face straightened.

“I could never cheat on my soulmate, Nieto.” Her eyes narrowed.

“I’ll allow it.” The aforementioned soulmate chimed in to obviously torture her.

“Shit,” Kisaki whispered to herself, “Fine! But, if I win you’re at my beck and call for three days. You fetch me snacks, you clean my room, you sit and let me show off my minecraft builds. Whatever I want.”

“Deal.” He smiled. “One condition though, winner picks one wifi name and leaves it that way all semester. No more of this crazy nonsense.”

“Deal.” They shook hands and the battle raged on. It was a close match, most of the spectators were on the edge of their seats the entire time the two of them were going back and forth. Kaminari won the first round, Kisaki the second, and the third round was so close it wasn’t decided until the last seconds.

“Aww, it’s okay Minari, I’ll be a benevolent master.” Kisaki winked as she relished in her victory and a sense of relief washed over her. That was way too close.

nieto is MY #1 hero. password: shir0iztheb357

Midoriya and Shiro are Going to Kill Each Other
“They’re still out there fighting?” Uraraka said with a concerned tone. “We called them to eat an hour ago.”

“They’ve both been so intense since summer break.” Mina added with a nod. “Should we do something?”

“Leave them alone.” Bakugo said between bites.

“You think so?” Uraraka asked him once more while shifting another look at the two outside, both bruised and still kicking the shit out of eachother.

“They’ve been doing this all summer. They’re fine.” He took a sip of his tea and stood up to head upstairs.

“I don’t know.” Mina said with an unsure tone. Midoriya landed a huge kick on Shiro and she fell to the ground and slid a few feet back. The girls almost went to run out there but were stopped with her jumping up quickly and running to hug the boy around the neck and yell something happily.

“I guess they really are fine.” Uraraka grumbled. Still, it seemed like those two were a horrible combination, they always looked so beat up and tired. She sighed and went back to her own business.


Toru is a Prankmaster
“Midoriya’s reaction times are crazy fast!” Mina was trying to explain to the girls as the huddled around for their bi-daily group hang. “I accidently scared him in the hallway and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“I wanna see!” Shiro chimed in with a grin.

“Me too,” Toru added, a bit of evil in her voice. “All we have to do is scare him, right?”

And thus the Scare the Crap of Midoriya committee was formed. What the girls didn’t know at the time was that they’d awoken a demon in their ranks, because Hagakure Toru was the demon lich of pranks. And she was perfectly suited to them.

The girls crafted horrible plans to scare the nervous green haired boy into hilarious reactions for the internet and as Shiro listened on she wanted to warn the ladies of the risks they were taking on, but didn’t. Maybe some prank wars around the dorms could be fun? She was wrong. It went to shit pretty quickly.

It started when Toru turned on the girls in her class and went Rogue. Suddenly she could be around every corner waiting to pounce or attack with a loud noise, silly string, glasses of water, ice cubes, and all manner of horrible things. After she’d broken into the third students room to lie in wait and scare the crap out of them when their guards were down, a new rule was reinstated: Keep your dorm locked at all times.

On the third day of the prank wars, Shiro woke up to a series of sheets of paper on her floor that had obviously been slid under her door. She walked over in a sleepy haze to find tens of different terribly photoshopped pictures of her in random scenarios. She busted from the room to find that the walls of the halls were all lined with taped up pictures in the same vein for every student in class.

Looked like Minari had joined the prank wars. And when the culprit was discovered Sero lectured him for 20 minutes about using tape from the store. He didn’t seem to be at all mad about being photoshopped into random scenes from movies and tv in place of rolls of tape. Minari’s only reply was to call him “Denksy” from now on.

Later that evening, Kirishima threw his hat in the ring with his new ringtone. It was just an audio clip of Bakugo screaming for a full minute. He and Shiro swiftly arranged for random phone calls at terrible times to freak everyone out and drive Bakugo crazy.

The prank wars were finally brought to an end when Mina got fed up and threatened to open her vault of secrets. Everyone in the class shut up immediately. She definitely had dirt on everyone.


Movie Night
Kisaki Shiro and Todoroki Shoto decided to set up a bad horror movie night on tuesdays after class in the common room. This should have been a totally innocuous thing, but as soon as Bakugo Katsuki got involved it turned into a nightmare for the class.

He and Shiro would spend all day every tuesday arguing over every detail from snacks for the group to what degree of terrible a movie is. Poor Todoroki would always sit quietly and watch with wide eyes waiting for them to stop fighting before finding a way to compromise between the two. By the time the movie was set to start, the battlers always calmed down and goofed off with everyone like nothing ever happened. It was a really good time.

But everyone in class hated tuesdays.


Nail Polish
It was pretty well known that Tokoyami painted his nails black. No one really talked much about it to him, but the girls in the class would often wish for the opportunity to bring him over for a nail painting party with him. Their opportunity came one day when the panicked looking boy came knocking on Mina’s door to ask for some nail polish remover. He’d spilled over something in his room and he didn’t have enough to clean it up. She offered him the bottle on one condition.

Nail Painting with Dark Shadow party! Apparently, Kisaki refused to come unless Dark Shadow was going to be there too, because she’d decided at some point that she wanted to be best friends with the being.

Their relationship was rocky at first, but by the end of the night the girl was trying to pull him away to gossip about Tokoyami, who seemed thoroughly amused by her nonsense. By the end of the party Kisaki and Dark Shadow made a secret handshake that they refused to let Tokoyami in on. Tokoyami actually seemed kind of sad about it.


The BakuSquad had come to Shiro’s room to play D&D one night, and upon conclusion of the disastrous game, the girl noticed her beloved stuffed giraffe, Gerald, had gone missing. She interrogated the suspects for three days before she came across a glaring clue as to the culprit.

She found Bakugo playing stuffed animal golf out in the hallway of the dorms with Gerald as his putter. How did he get so many of her stuffed friends before she noticed? She charged and tackled him in a rage.

“I’m going to kill you, Bakugo!” She screamed as she reached into his pocket and snagged his keys.

“What are you doing!?” He called after her as she made a break for his dorm room.

“I’m breaking in and getting some of your stuff.” She stuck her tongue out and started to unlock the door to his still mysterious room before she was tackled by Kirishima.

“I got you, bro!” He yelled as he snatched the keys out of the door and threw them back to Bakugo down the halle.

“Traitor!” Shiro yelled as she pushed the boy off her and made a break for the blonde before being stopped. Kirishima had grabbed her ankle.

“Run Bakugo!”

In that moment, Kisaki Shiro decided she had no greater goal in life then to get into that boys room. There was probably something amazing in there for them to team up like this.

Chapter Text

“I’m calling it Shoot Style!” Izuku told you excitedly as you tried to feign surprise but failed miserably.

“No way? That’s cool.” He frowned.

“You already knew?” You chuckled and nodded.

“Now I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t come up with an ultimate move.” You sighed, hating yourself for being so uncreative with your quirk. There was some stuff that you and Midoriya had thought up while talking, but nothing you felt comfortable testing because someone could get hurt badly if you miscalculated. Then there was this stamina manipulation business. You hadn’t made any attempts to use it like you had at Kamino Ward again, but your sense for stamina was growing quite keen. You’d even gotten to where you could kind of anticipate attacks due to fluctuations in stamina around you. This was mostly only useful for ranged fights like with Todoroki, but you knew if you kept working on that it would be an essential skill for the future and you tried to stay constantly aware of the flow of stamina around you to hone it.

“What about that thing we talked about last night?” He was so fucking encouraging that it made you want to die sometimes, you sighed.

“I don’t want to risk hurting someone by testing it out.” You grumbled lightly while earning a pat on the head and a smile.

“Ask Ectoplasm for some clones! If it doesn’t destroy them immediately then you’ll get to ask them what it feels like before you ever use it on a real person.” He paused, “And you need more practice being able to overclock multiple things at once anyway so it’ll be good for you even if that idea doesn’t work.”

“You’re so amazing.” You said, because you meant it. It was really hard to think about your own quirk in new ways, but when you pair up with someone else and bounce ideas off each other it becomes much easier.

Despite you having inside knowledge and kind of cheating, Midoriya had come up with his idea for Shoot Style much sooner than he had in the anime because of the back and forth and intense training you’d both done over the summer. That meant by this time when you were all training at Gym Gamma, he could focus more on perfecting it and had a concrete idea for what he wanted out of his costume change meeting. You on the other hand were struggling a bit with everything but combat.

You were actually pretty proud of yourself in that department, as long as you held a fairly high general overclock on your body you could keep up with Midoriya in a fight. Of course, he was still only using 5% of his full strength, but it felt amazing to know that occasionally you could still beat the chosen one in a sparring match.

Spending time with Midoriya had many other pluses as well, he’d also advised you to try overclocking all sorts of different things as you think of them. You hadn’t found anything too useful yet, but your ideas were getting more creative by the day and you were sure you’d have a breakthrough soon. You knew deep down there was more cool stuff that you could do with this power, you just had to get stronger and think them up. And if you could get to where you could steal stamina like your Mother? You’d never have to worry too much about the stamina drain. The thought made you shiver with anticipation, you’d be unstoppable in a fight if that was the case. You needed to try practicing that to see if you could do it consciously.

You all still had a couple of weeks until regular classes started back up, so the focus of every student was on their special hero courses to train for the provisional exams. Since you’d spent your entire summer focusing on combat training, you were comfortable with spending this training time on innovation and creativity with your quirk. Problem was, you weren’t really sure how you were supposed to do this.

“Aizawa Sensei,” You approached the man cautiously, unsure as to why you were so nervous suddenly. “I want to try to find new ways to use my quirk, but I’m not sure how I can do that.”

“Just stop using your quirk the way you always do.” He said like that was some kind of explanation.

“Cool thanks?” You said ever so sarcastically, he sighed.

“Why don’t you go spar with your classmates and not use any of your tricks against them? Find a new way to fight.” He shrugged and a lightbulb went off. Of course, it really was that obvious, wasn’t it? When you were fighting the League, you came up with the idea to overclock their eyes as a low stamina drain defense without even thinking about it. Your instincts had the answers! You thanked him quickly and looked around at your class for a good opponent.

Who would be the worst matchup for you? If you wanted to truly learn something new, you needed to get your ass kicked and you weren’t sure who to choose for the honor. A light bulb went off and you made a play for your target.

“Hey Dark Shadow! Tokoyami!” You grinned as you approached the two and did your new bff handshake with Dark Shadow. Tokoyami grinned and gave you a small wave.

“What’s up, Kisaki?” Tokoyami questioned.

“I saw your new ultimate move! It’s so cool.” This was awkward, how was this the first time you’d ever really asked a classmate to train with you during class? You were fucking useless. “It’s good for hand to hand combat, right? W-Would you want to, maybe like, fight me or something?”

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, I think you’d be a pretty terrible match up for me, and, maybe I can learn something from the beating?” You chuckled nervously as he grinned at you.

“I’m sure we could both learn something.” Tokoyami nodded while still holding his grin.

“We won’t go easy on you, bestie!” Dark Shadow added as he merged onto Tokoyamis form and they prepared to fight. You stretched your arms out and overclocked your body for combat. Let’s do this!

He was on you in a second with a huge swing of his fist. Unfortunately for him, that was the same shit Midoriya pulled all the time and you were more than prepared for it. You dropped to a kneeling position and used his moment off balance from the swing of his punch to kick him into a fall before rolling forward to jump up. He was quick straightening himself and cocked you a grin before he launched a second attack.

You always jumped up in the air to get distance, so you tried a different tactic and clocked your leg higher than normal to charge forward while increasing the clock on your fist to try to land a punch. You barely made contact before his hit did and knocked you backward. He pulled Dark Shadow off his body to start with ranged attacks against you, a flurry of light blows keeping you from being able to straighten yourself.

Shit you just needed a way to knock him back and you hated that you didn’t have any ranged moves. You gave Dark Shadow a hard hit with your elbow and jumped to your feet as quickly as possible. He had a huge advantage if you stayed back from him like this and you knew you needed to find a way to close the gap between you both that he’d created. You glanced around quickly, what could you do? Dark Shadow came in for another hit and you braced yourself to take it.

In the moment of impact, the face of Monoma’s little right hand man Tsuburaba popped into your head and disoriented you for a second. What did that little shit have to do with anything? The moment of distraction caused you to misjudge the hit and you flew back a few feet into the wall. You jumped to the side quickly before the crashing of Dark Shadow came back for you a second time. Fuck, you were not doing well in this fight at all.

You had to catch your breath as you saw the creature coming in for a third blow. Shit, you didn’t want to lose this quickly. Your body and mind reacted without thought as you attempted to overclock the density of the air around you as a shield. Dark Shadow came crashing into the piece of solid air and bounced back as surprised as you were. Your instincts took the second of hesitation to bolt for Tokoyami and close the distance, forcing him to return to his Abyssal Black Body state in reaction.

Awesome! You thought as you went back to trading blows with your classmate who also seemed surprised. Using the skill used up quite a bit of stamina (-3% for such a quick hold), but you still had plenty to spare. Though, so did your opponent and the combat quickly swung back in his favor because of the power difference. Though you did have close combat skill on your side, it proved to not be enough against your opponent. A large swing knocked you back again and you slammed the side of the rocks hard enough to knock the wind out of you.

“You okay?” They both questioned as they approached you. You looked kind of beat up, but you had a huge smile on your face.

“That was awesome!” You should have been doing stuff like this all along. This is just another example of how amazing of a teacher Aizawa really was, he probably knew you’d be able to do stuff like this and made a point to try to teach you this lesson back during finals. Where would you be in your quirk development if you hadn’t been isolating yourself so much all this time?

Now you had a new skill to unpack in your mind and it opened all sorts of doors mentally. If you could overclock the air like that, you should really watch Tsuburaba train sometime to catch on to some of his little tricks. Even if it drained quite a bit of stamina from you, perfecting use of a skill like that could be invaluable. And none of this stamina drain stuff would matter much if you could just figure out how to steal it like you did that day. Like your Mother did that night.

You thanked your classmate and ran immediately to Midoriya to tell him about what you’d figured out. He seemed really excited and said he’d try to think up other cool things to overclock while he was off getting the changes made to his costume. You gave him a big smile and a high five before returning to your training.

Your costume meeting was tomorrow, and you were excited to get the chance to see Hatsume again. Also, you thought it was time to make some changes to your costume, the design still reminded you of your old world and life, and you thought it would be cleansing to completely redesign it and shed the old world completely or something. As a symbol of being out of canon spoilers or something.

You decided to spend the rest of your training and stamina trusting in your little broccoli’s instincts and testing out the idea for an ultimate move you’d come up with. You approached Ectoplasm and asked him for 3 clones to try it out on. He grinned and allowed you easily, as you hadn’t asked him for anything yet. You walked a bit away from everyone with the clones and asked them to simply attack you. That was all you needed from them really.

Alright, it’s 6 small overclocks. It shouldn’t be much more of a strain than 3 normal ones, so this should work. Don’t get in your head about this, Shiro.

The clones charged for you and you focused your energy and concentrated into shooting overclocks into the eyes and ears of your attackers. Without a second of hesitation they all fell to the ground clutching their ears and slamming their eyes shut. You released the clock in a second and they still remained incapacitated. You seized the opportunity to beat two of them senseless until they melted away and then turned to ask the other one details about pain level and recovery time. When you were finished data gathering and had decided that it was safe enough to use on humans you let out a small jump and cheer.

Ultimate Move: Sensory Overload

One down. One to go.

Chapter Text

Class was over shortly after you’d discovered your new move, so you didn’t have much time to practice it yet. The sensory overload was straightforward enough, but this air density thing was something you wanted to work on a bit and you couldn’t wait until after you finished up the little bit of cleaning you needed to get done and got some food so that you could go to the training field and practice it.

You weren’t going to take anyone with you this time, it made more sense to work out the kinks with this new application of your quirk on your own until you had a better handle on it. That way you could just focus on new ideas instead of being anxious about showing off. New applications of the skill swirled through your head the entire way back to your dorm, and when you’d collected up all the trash that you’d let accumulate over the last few days, you ran them downstairs to the trash area as quickly as you could.

When you were finished you ran to the kitchen to slam some food in you real quick before going to practice. You had about 60% stamina left, so you figured you’d be able to get a decent bit of work done on it before you had to come back and turn in for the night. The shoving of food into your face at breakneck speeds was interrupted.

“Hey Jaws.” It was Shoto looking stoic as ever. Despite his joking you sighed, he’d been acting weird again and you couldn’t figure out where his head was at one bit.

“Hey Todo, back from Kansas already?” You smiled, trying to coax a reaction out of him and failing. He moved over to the fridge and started pulling out ingredients.

“In a hurry?” He questioned from inside the fridge.

“Yeah, I’m heading to the training grounds to try some stuff out.” He took a breath.

“Fighting with Midoriya again?” What was that tone? You straightened, suddenly feeling accused of something.

“Uh, no, I’m going it alone today.” You grumbled.

“Cool.” He said flatly before turning to the counter with some stuff in his hands. Why was he being awkward again? You wanted to find out but really didn’t have the time to focus on this nonsense right now. You needed to finish eating and get your second special move together before your meeting tomorrow with Support. You only had a couple of days left until you all left for the licensing exam and you didn’t want to waste a drop of your stamina not training, just in case.

“Yeah, I’ll catch you later, okay?” You shuffled to clean up your mess and bolted from the door and the awkwardness as quickly as you could. Once you were free of the dorm building, you slowed you pace and began humming to yourself as you walked along.

You’d had the damn theme song for this arc stuck in your head for a couple of days now and it was driving you insane that you didn’t know any of the Japanese parts, and that you couldn’t even hear that song again to learn the parts you didn't know. You’d forever only know part of this song for the rest of your life. It was low-key driving you nuts. Make my storyyy~

Once you got to the training field it was finally time to focus and get serious. Luckily there didn’t seem to be anyone else around so you sat down in the middle of the field and overclocked a small ball of compressed air in front of you. Because it was smaller, it didn’t take up as much stamina, and when you poked it with your hand it moved. Strange, when I made that shield it didn’t move.

You picked up the small ball of compressed air and released the overclock, it blew your hand open with the wind pressure. That could be useful? You clocked again, intending to make another small shield in the air and when you poked it. It didn’t move. Curious. You released the clock and it also exploded in a small flurry of air, knocking you on your side. As you straightened you thought of Inasa and his wind attacks, maybe you could do something like this if you tried?

You overclocked intending to make another ball of air, this time it was a bit bigger and as you stood up, you plucked it from where it manifested and tossed it forward while releasing the overclock. A gust of wind erupted from the spot and you beamed. This is wonderful.

You made a platform in the air and jumped on top of it before releasing the overclock, and it shot you into the air like a bullet. When you started to fall you clocked another platform beneath you to hold you in the air with a small thump. Not the most graceful thing in the world, but it worked. This is amazing!

You jumped off the platform and landed before releasing the clock, letting the rush of air cool you. This could be the solution to your ranged problems, and you already learned a lot about wind manipulation from Inasa. You squirmed on the spot at how surprised he was going to be when you showed him all this! You really were a perfect team, holy shit.

All of this experimentation was wrecking your stamina though, and you likely didn’t have much more time to play with this before you were depleted completely. In the 15 minutes you’d been here you had managed to drain almost 20% of your stamina playing with the solid air. You paused, thinking you sensed the stamina of someone else, but couldn’t find it after looking around. Paranoid.

With an excited little dance you created another ball, this time testing if you could create a shape with it if you focused when using your clock. It seemed to work, this chunk was vaguely shaped like a football. You threw it while overclocking your arm for strength and released the clock on the ball of air.

Holy Shit! That was more like what Inasas quirk did!! You threw your hands up in a victory pose and contemplated ways that you could manipulate the air when you threw it. And in that moment you were stricken with the most Australian shit you could possibly think of. A Boomerang.

If you could shape the air like a boomerang and throw it so it encircled your opponent you could create a tornado effect. In theory. Luckily, you had a little bit of experience with those things in your old world and if Pre-You-Shiro was any kind of Aussie, maybe, just maybe, you had the instincts inside you. No time like the present to give it a go, ne? You clocked the air while thinking of a boomerang and held in your hand what could passibly be called one.

Then it was all about clocking your arm for strength and trusting in your instincts with a throw. It blasted out of your hand and you released the clock to see a literal small tornado form on the field in front of you. It was ripping up grass and it had ripped the test dummy that you were aiming at off of its metal post and thrown it across the field. You stood, dumbfounded for a full minute and stared at the damage. This changes everything.

Ultimate Move: Whirlwind (Requires refinement.)

You gave it another couple of tries using different variations of size and shape until you had effectively destroyed your stamina and the field. You were down to 8% and you knew if you kept going you’d fall over after a try or two. I need to focus and increase my stamina as best I can. You grumbled to yourself as you headed out back toward the path to the dorms. Your walk was interrupted.

“Hey again!” It was the blonde upperclassmen, what was his name? Togata. That’s right. He was smiling and walking toward the field, looked like he was going to be doing some training too.

“Hey! Togata, right?” You wanted to be sure, it would be embarrassing if you were remembering wrong the next time you met.

“Yeah.” He chuckled. “Training again? You’re always going at it.” You judged his face and it seemed like he was simply making small talk. Why were you so sensitive lately?

“Oh, yeah. We’re trying to figure out ultimate moves and I’ve been struggling.” Why were you being so honest. “But I think I’m onto something now.” You were being a Midoriya, definitely just standing here talking to your hand instead of the human in front of you. He said something, but you missed it. “Sorry, what?”

“I asked if you were talking about the wind thing.” A small, pleasant chuckle.

“Oh, yeah.” You smiled. “Wait, how did you know?”

“I saw you for a second, but you looked like you were finishing up so I didn’t want to interrupt.” He was still smiling like he was the nicest dude on earth or something. It gave you pause.

“I thought I felt someone else's’ stamina out there!” You said lightly, feeling relieved that you weren’t just a paranoid weirdo. He raised his eyebrows at the statement, but didn’t say anything about it.

“You first years are taking the provisional exams this weekend, aren’t you?” He tilted his head.

“Yeah! I’m pretty nervous honestly.” You grinned as the black haired boy approached from behind him, head down and wordless. Togata’s gaze shifted to his friend and back to you before he spoke.

“You’ll do great! You’re working hard and I’m sure it’ll pay off. Right?” He nudged his friend who simply nodded and mumbled to himself while he looked away. You really hoped that he was just super shy, because the alternative was that he hated you and that made you very sad because he was definitely an Elven Prince sent straight from heaven. You took a breath and waved them both off, feeling awkward again. Gorgeous, confusing boys.

When you got back to the dorms you were immediately swarmed by Best Boy who wanted to tell you everything about his meeting with support and the ideas for his costume. You ushered him upstairs and listened to his excited ranting before filling him in on everything that happened with your quirk. He. Freaked. Out. And it was amazing! You promised to show him everything tomorrow, but for now you wanted to get a shower and think up designs for your meeting with support in the morning. He left with a wave and you handled your business before heading off to get some sleep. You’d need a lot of stamina for tomorrow’s practice.



Support was a shit show as always. When you arrived Mei was running around holding leg braces that were cracking and starting to light on fire, Power Loader was yelling at her about needing to calm down and extinguish it while another couple of students watched on and laughed. You smiled and shot her an Overclock, trying to get the thing to stop flaming. The thing stopped immediately and she turned to the door without a second of hesitation.

“Kisaki! I need to show you something!” She hopped over to greet you and you said your hellos with a gentle smile. It wasn’t but a second before she was pulling you to her workstation with a huge smile. “You’re here to redesign your costume, right?”

“Yeah, I don’t have a lot of ideas, but I want to make big ch--”

“Never you worry! I’ve been thinking about it all summer and I came up with an amazing design for you!” She what? You were taken aback as the girl dug through the folders on her desk to find the correct one.

“Really why?” You couldn’t help but question.

“Well, you helped me out so much.” Her voice grew timid for a second before taking on it’s normal boisterousness, “And I need to keep you happy if you’re going to keep helping me with my babies.”

“That’s so nice.” You were shocked as she handed you the design she’d come up with. It was amazing. It was also a huge change from what you had before, both in items and design, but it still had the same general aesthetic. You were instantly in love.

“Yeah! See the bodysuit has emergency coolants installed and the boots have shock absorbers to help with your landings. They are also lined with steel so your kicks will still pack a huge punch and it’s the same with your gloves!” She went on and on about the changes that she made and the whole time you were dumbfounded. You never in a million years would have expected Hatsume to put this much effort into something for you. “...Do you like it?”

“I,” You were still freaking dumbfounded, “I love it, Hatsume. It’s awesome!”

“Great! I already got the design approved, so all you have to do is okay it and we'll send the design off to the company. I’m in charge of your boots and gloves.” She smiled at herself.

“As long as they’re safe!” Power Loader chimed in from the sidelines.

“Right.” She grinned, proud of herself. You pulled her into a hug immediately and had to hold back happy tears.

“You’re amazing!” You released the hug. “Just one thing, with the boots and gloves, is there anyway you could stabilize me middair? I think I’ll be up there a lot more in the future.”

“I have just the baby for that!” She squeaked before rumbling around on her desk and proceeding to show you a bunch of her babies that had absolutely nothing to do with what you’d just asked.

She was such a good friend.

Chapter Text

The next couple of days were about refinement of your new skill. You weren’t perfectly skilled at using it yet, but you’d managed to get a decent grip on how to use the air in your existing combat style. You spent your final day in gym gamma fighting with Bakugo, who seemed excited to finally be able to take you on. He must’ve forgotten about the strategy you had against him, because he was talking about blowing you up the entire time leading up to your fighting.

Luckily for him, you were trying to learn new strategies and decided not to make him sweat all over himself today. He lost his shit when you blocked one of his explosions with your air shield and actually stopped the fight for a minute to ask you what the fuck that was. You excitedly gave up the goods. There was no reason to keep your skills hidden from the class anymore. The more people you had thinking of cool ways to use your quirk the better.

In the end, he kicked you ass. But you weren’t really that surprised by it.

“I’ll beat you next time!” You shot from the spot you’d been blown onto the floor.

“No you won’t.” He smiled as he held out a hand to help you up. “Because I’m amazing, remember?”

“Ah, fuck.” You grumbled as you straightened yourself and dusted off the dirt from the ground. “I should’ve never said that.”

“But, it’s the truth.” He said plainly while pulling that self satisfied fucking grin of his and crossing his arms victoriously.

“Oh hell no, I’m going to kick your ass right now Loudmouth!” You started bouncing on the spot with your hands up like a boxer. He just shoved you gently to knock you off your balance.

“You need to go take a nap, you look like hell.” He chuckled as he walked away from you. Fucking asshole. I mean, he was totally right you were nearly out of stamina and you needed to be at 100% tomorrow for the exams, but still, he didn’t need to say it like that. You pouted and headed off to the dorms but were stopped with the sight of your Sleepyboi training out on the field.

You ran up immediately and practically clung to the fence as you watched him swing about to practice with his capture tape. He looked like a little mini-Aizawa and it made your heart beat really fast and you started to sweat a little. What the fuck is happening?

You sprinted away quickly so you didn’t have to unpack what the hell just happened inside your body just now. It reminded you of when Dabi had you pinned against the wall. So, totally unhealthy feelings that should be ignored at all costs, obviously. You had more important things to worry about.

Because you would be seeing Inasa tomorrow.

You didn’t get what anyone could call a good sleep, but the moment your alarm rang out you hopped out of bed like you were headed to Tokyo Disney Land or something. Aizawa would have your new costume ready at the busses and you couldn’t wait to see it! You did a little happy dance while you got ready, taking the time to put on a little makeup and get your hair just right before stopping yourself to ask why.

I’m going to battle, why do I want to look so cute? You blushed immediately because you knew exactly why. You were the one who kissed Inasa goodbye last time, not the reverse like before. You’d technically seen him since, but you weren’t in the right state of mind at all. Holy shit you were more nervous about seeing him than anything else. You took a deep breath and threw on your school uniform before heading down to the busses.

You settled into your obligatory spot next to Todoroki and shot him a glance. Stoic as ever, but he shifted you a glance and a soft smile. You would’ve asked him how he was doing, but you were immediately swarmed by Mina who practically dragged you out of your seat to sit with the girls to gossip before the exam. You shot him a small wave as you were being pulled away and he just grinned. Maybe he was just nervous?

“Ok, so, what the hell is going on with you and Midoriya?” Mina was the first to ask. You blushed at her implication.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re always cooped up in your dorm together or training!” Uraraka added in a hushed but excited voice. You still couldn’t get over how weird it was that she wasn’t into him like she was supposed to be.

“We’re just friends.” You let out a small laugh. “We’re always just going nerd stuff.”

“Uh-huh.” Mina scoffed and then pouted. “That’s always your line, Shiro.”

“Sorry, there’s no story here.” She looked at your made up face and her eyes narrowed before changing the subject to other annoying girly things.

“♫I know what I have to do now, It’s my life one and only. ♪” Again you were humming that damn song to yourself as the bus pulled to a stop in front of the training center. You were nudged by Jiro who was filling out behind you.

“What is that song you’re always humming, Shiro?” The question took you off guard and you answered without thinking.

“It’s the theme song for this arc.” You froze at your own stupidity, but she just laughed you off.

“You’re so weird.”

“Yeah, I know.” You blushed.

You all filed off of the bus, grabbed your cases, and lined up in front of Aizawa to listen to his speech. There was an air of nervousness amongst the group, and you decided to try to cheer up Todo, because he was looking extra broody. You popped next to him in line and poked him lightly with a smile.

“You nervous?”

“No.” He shifted on the spot. You frowned at his shortness and leaned in closer to him.

“It sure seems like you’re nervous.” That prodding tone you couldn’t help came out.

“Drop it, Shiro.” He bit as he walked away from you, leaving you feeling sad and dumbfounded. What the hell did you do to him? He seemed fine at movie night last week. You definitely frowned like a little kid and turned away while crossing your arms. Aizawa started talking.

“”If you can pass this test and get your provisional license, then you novice eggs will hatch into chicks. You’ll be semi-pros. I expect your best.” End of speech, apparently. You chuckled as Minari got hype as hell.

“Alright! I can’t wait to be a heroic chicken!”

“Let’s call out the usual you guys?” Kirishima called out and your heart dropped, “On my mark! Go Plus-”

“Ultra,” You heard whispered in your ear from behind. You turned on a dime and couldn’t stop your excitement.

“Inasa!” You pounced on him, totally forgetting where you were and who was watching. He pulled you into a hug midair and released you on the ground with a smile.

“My Goddess.” You turned completely red head to toe and giggled like an embarrassed little kid while he poked your arms which were much more defined than they were before, “You look great, been working out?”

“You’re one to talk!” You ran your hand over his somehow even thicker shoulder and then remembered where you were when you heard the mumblings of your fellow students and caught the smirk of ‘Camie’ behind Inasa. You tightened up immediately and pulled your hand back. Was it suddenly much hotter outside than it was a second ago? “I-Uhh-I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Same. I missed you” He said dreamily into your eyes before catching a nudge from one of his fellow students, standing straighter, and turning to the rest of your class with his unparallelled enthusiasm.

“I am extremely honored to compete against such incredible students! I’m so looking forward to it!” He bowed deeply, not hitting his head on the concrete this time, and was ushered away by meatball guy whose name you couldn’t remember with a squeeze of your hand, a wink, and a happy grin.

“Was that…?” Kaminari questioned, obviously already knowing the answer.

“Yoarashi Inasa.” Aizawa said plainly.

“You know him too Aizawa?” Toru questioned while Mina was shifting looks at all the boys in the class like they were science experiments she needed to observe. You just kept your head down because you were embarrassed at how excited you’d gotten to see the boy and didn’t want to hear about it one bit.

“He’s the same year as you all and received the top scores for students admitted through recommendations. But for some unknown reason he turned down his acceptance to UA. Went to Shiketsu.”

“Really?” Midoriya questioned, you knew what was going through his head as he immediately hopped over to you. “You’ve seen him fight, right?” You nodded nervously. “What’s he like?”

“He’s amazing.” You shrugged, trying to play it cool and not reveal too much. (About your feelings or his quirk.) “And really enthusiastic. I’d avoid combat with him at all costs, to be honest.”

“Yeah, if he had top scores on the recommendations, that means he must’ve scored better than Todoroki.” You nodded and shifted a glance to the boy in question. He was stone faced and looked like he was on fire, despite his quirk not being activated at all. Uh-oh, you thought. Maybe some people were fated for conflict? You needed to stay the hell out of it so it didn’t turn into some horrible fighting over you situation.

“Wait, so this guy says he loves our school but turns down his chance to enroll here when it’s offered?” Sero turned to you with his question like you were supposed to have the answers. You blushed deeper and shrugged.

“So they’re both weirdos.” Mina poked you and your grumbled, trying to get the attention off you.

“Maybe, but he’s the real deal. Keep an eye on him.” Aizawa stated plainly, obviously not picking up on the intense awkwardness that had taken over the group.

“Eraser?!” He froze like a deer in headlights as the sound of Ms. Joke’s voice. You couldn’t contain your excitement to meet her! Now you could avoid the awkwardness of the stares. “I’d know that scowl anywhere! I saw you on tv and at the Sports Festival, but it’s been a while since we were this close in person!”

As she approached, you energy only got higher. By the time time she was at your group you were practically shaking with anticipation. This was going to be hilarious. Aizawa looked traumatized. Midoriya flashed you a quick smirk.

“Let’s get married?” She asked.

“No.” He answered.

“OH MY GOD!” You couldn’t not exclaim while Mina chuckled behind you.

“You’re a real laugh riot, buddy!” You wanted to kidnap her and keep her as a pet to torture Aizawa with. Your heart was melting with happiness.

“As usual, you’re impossible, Joke.”

“Come on, Imagine it! If I was your wife, you’d have a life of constant laughter!” She gave him a thumbs up and you walked closer, nervously.

“That sounds like an actual nightmare.” He retored.

“No way! You two are soulmates.” You couldn’t stop yourself from saying as you earned the rage of your Sensei and shrank. Joke turned to you.

“She gets it.” You nodded enthusiastically.

“So, Joke, if you’re here. That must mean,” Aizawa decided to change the subject.

“That’s right! Over here everyone! This is UA!” Shindo and the others approached. You couldn’t remember any of their names, but you knew most of their quirks still.

“Hey, I’m Shindo! Looks like UA is having a lot of trouble this year, it must’ve been tough for you.” He walked up to you and Midoriya and grabbed his hands. You finally get what Bakugo meant, his eyes didn’t match his words at all. It gave you a small chill. “Despite those hardships you’re all still trying hard to be heroes! It’s wonderful. Hearts full of fortitude! That’s what I think every hero in the world needs to have!” He’d shifted to holding the hands of a few of your classmates while skipping you over.

“And Bakugo, Kisaki, It must have been hard for you guys with that whole kidnapping incident.” You tensed up as the boy approached Bakugo and spoke to him more pointedly, “You have an especially strong will, dont you? Today I’m going to do my best to learn from you. I really hope you don’t mind.” His eyes again shot to you for a second before returning to Bakugo.

It was obvious that you weren’t his target for this bitchy attack, but it still pissed you off. You took a deep breath as Bakugo decided to add his two cents.

“Stop pretending, what you say doesn’t match the look in your eyes.”

Bakugo got berated for being a jerk, but you stayed quiet and locked eyes with Shindo. He shot you a pleasant smile as he said his goodbyes and his classmates swarmed some of the other students. If he wanted to start a fight, this wasn’t the time. You grumbled and moved to walk back and talk to Joke for a second but caught a wave from Inasa on the other side of the courtyard. You blushed and waved back.

The girls grabbed you immediately, because none of them but Mina had ever seen Inasa before and were apparently tired of waiting to talk about it. They were all over it as they dragged you to the changing area to prepare for the first part of the test. You couldn’t help but get in on the girlish squeeing, because the reality was, you were totally into that dude no matter how hard you tried to ignore it.

And according to Mina, everyone in class could definitely tell.

Chapter Text

“I didn’t think he’d be that dreamy.” Toru said quietly as you finished up with strapping on your boots.

“I told you! And he’s huge too!” Mina added, “I bet he’ll be ripped like Endeavor when he gets older. Nine out of ten.” You grunted, not happy with the comparison at all.

“And another top student?” Ochaco laughed teasingly, “You sure have a type, Shiro.” You blushed because she wasn’t wrong. It seemed like your entire harem was full of the top students. You frowned a little and let them continue their rambling while you looked over your new costume.

This look was sleek as hell and made you appear much older, easily in your late teens early 20s. All white bodysuit with bits of purple to replace the circuitry designs which had been minimalized. Your long gloves and high boots were a dark gray, almost black, also accented with the purple lines. It didn’t look super flashy, but the components built into this suit were only some shit Hatsume Mei could’ve come up with, and you knew you were blessed. You rubbed your glove on the mirror to test out the micro-grips that were placed into the fingers and palms.

This would be great if you ever needed to catch yourself on the platforms in the air that you’d been making. You learned the hard way that solid air was kind of slippery and if you weren’t careful you could fall on your ass. Hard. You had the same micro-grips in your boots too, along with steel reinforcements, a gyroscope to help keep you stabilized, surface detection for things like Todoroki’s ice, and little plug-ins for small electronics that Mei was ‘working on making safe.’

You didn’t know what that woman was up to, but she was really excited when she told you about her ideas for electronics that work solely on your overclocks. Meaning if any of your support items were taken, they could never be used against you. The idea got you as excited as the goggles that she’d added last minute.

Those goggles were something else. She got the idea when you’d asked her about her quirk and how seeing long distances worked for her. You were trying to come up with ways that you could get used to overclocking your eyes without all the strain and she fucking ran with it! The goggles weren’t officially approved for you to be able to use during the exam, but she threw them in your case anyway so you could practice with them and see if they helped and the two of you could make adjustments later. You couldn’t wait until all of this was over with today and you could give them a go. They looked steampunk and cool like her goggles were, but they were much smaller and the metal was dusted to be a light gray color with bright purple lenses.

Costume: Rebirth!

“Wow, Shiro, that had to be expensive.” Mina and Jiro were hovering over you in the mirror while you were looking over the costume.

“It actually wasn’t that bad, Hastume did a lot of the work for me herself as a favor so it cut the cost a lot.” You would be forever in that girl’s debt for this. A huge redesign of your costume would’ve cost a small fortune if the girl hadn’t spent her summer making most of the components herself as a favor to you.

“Really? Why would that psychopath do that for you?” Uraraka questioned lightly while joining in on the Shiro’s-costume-is-completely-different party.

“We’re friends. I’ve been helping her a lot with her inventions, so I guess she wanted to pay me back.” You smiled and twirled a little. You looked great and were so excited to go test everything out.

“I didn’t know that!” Mina whined, obviously mad to be left out. “You better not replace me.”

“Never!” You exclaimed with an excited pose and jump in the air. You checked the time and noticed you still had 15 minutes until the exam was set to get started. Hopefully, if you left right now you’d get a second to chat with Inasa without the eyes of your class on you. “Catch you guys out there, okay?” You bolted from the door.

“800 yen on we catch her in the Shiketsu huddle?” Mina offered the bet sarcastically. The rest of the girls nodded in agreement without taking the bait.

You bolted from the doors of the changing area and scanned the room as quickly as you could. You didn’t see Shiketsu in the crowd, but you saw the obvious form of Ms. Joke and ran over immediately to fangirl properly.

“Ms. Joke.” You tried to contain your excitement as she turned to you with a smile.

“Hey there!” She beamed as her students stared at you from behind her. No need to get anxious now!

“I’myourbiggestfan!” You couldn’t help yourself from blurting out. “And don’t give up on Aizawa-Sensei, I know you two are soulmates!” She laughed boisterously as you made one of your dorky poses in excitement. Shindo glanced at you with a smirk from the back of the line before going back to his business. You decided to ignore it.

“A fan?!” She placed a hand to her heart with a chuckle.

“Yeah! I watch your fights all the time! They’re so brutal!” You laugh to yourself like a psychopath. “Remember that time you made that villain laugh so hard he threw up everywhere and then his sidekick tripped and fell in it!” You couldn’t stop laughing.

“Oh yeah! And then when the sidekick was covered he started throwing up everywhere too!” She joined in on the laughter and you excitedly fangirled about her for a second before she stopped you by putting a hand in her bag and pulling out a little smiley-face pin.

“This is just like yours!” You beamed at her as she handed it over.

“For my number 1 fan.” She grinned and you did a little shimmy as you shoved it in your boot for after the exam.

“Thank you.” You looked down for a second before dorking out again. “And don’t you worry! I have a cardboard cutout of you, I’ll make sure I torture Sensei with it!”

“That’s the spirit!” He patted you on the back with a smile and a thumbs up and you went back to your Inasa hunt. You found him rather quickly this time, he didn’t exactly blend in.

When you approached Camie/Toga noticed you first and stiffened a little. You decided not to say or do anything about it because you were pretty sure you weren’t supposed to. The foresight pin did go off when you tried to capture Toga back in the woods, maybe she was important to the future of the timeline? It sucked that you didn’t know. You saw her lips move and Inasa turned on a dime and blushed immediately upon seeing you in your new costume. That’s the reaction I wanted. You grinned.

“Hey!” You hopped up next to him, trying to play it casual.

“You changed your costume.” His voice was breathy as he scanned your new look.

“Yeah! Do you like it?” You gave him a little twirl and he nodded wordlessly. “Oh! And I have some awesome new moves I can’t wait to show you later!” He was going to lose his shit when he saw your Whirlwind attack.

“You’re gorgeous as always, Shiro.” He stroked your head down to your cheek before pulling his hand away and making introductions with a clearing of his throat. “This is Nagamasa Mora, Shishikura Seiji, and Utsushimi Camie. Everyone this is Kisaki Shiro.” You gave a small wave as the three stared at you blankly for a second. ‘Camie’ broke the silence.

“Hey! Yoarashi talks about you all the time.” Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly on you and if you weren’t looking for it you probably would’ve missed it. You gave her a small smirk. Thought we were friends, Toga.

“Yoarashi, do you really think this is the time to be cavorting with UA?” Seiji decided to add like a little shit while practically looking down on you from inches away. You moved to say something but Nagamasa, hair boy, cut in.

“Shishikura, we aren’t enemies here.” He shot the boy a look before giving you what you assumed had to be a smile by the way the hair moved. “It’s nice to meet you, Kisaki. Inasa speaks highly of you.” You shot the guy a small smile in gratitude.

“I’m sure no more highly than I speak of him.” You gave him a playful nudge and he blushed. You saw your classmates starting to group up not far away and knew you needed to go meet up with them immediately. “It was super nice to meet you all! Good luck with the exams today. Inasa, I’ll catch you later?” He nodded and you ran back to your class. It was time to get serious.

Todoroki came up next to you with a look of irritation painted on his face, you’d decided that you’d had enough with his nonsense and just straight up asked him about it.

“Have I done something to upset you, Todoroki?” He visibly flinched at you using his last name and his eyebrows narrowed. You didn’t mean to make him feel bad.

“No,” He grumbled to himself like he was trying to get his thoughts straight. “It’s not your fault Kisaki. I’ve just got a lot going on.”

“We’re supposed to be there for each other, remember?.” You crossed your arms at him, trying to get him to open up at all. He turned away from you slightly and you frowned before finishing. “Fine. But we talk about this when we get back. Okay?” He nodded a little and you shifted away, not angry, but confused and frustrated for sure. It didn’t help when you looked up to notice Inasa staring daggers at the boy from his huddle. So I guess this is still happening, huh?

The thought made your stomach drop. Did you try to stop it or avoid it at all costs? You really didn’t know what the right move was here. Maybe extra lessons would be good for the both of them? You didn’t get to see that arc so you couldn’t be sure. What you did know for sure was that if Bakugo was the only one to fail, it would be a total shit show for his personal growth. You didn’t miss this timeline stress and seriously couldn’t wait until this exam was over with. You took a breath and the announcer started his speech.

“Okay then, let’s do this exam thing. I’m from, uh, the Heroes Public Safety Comission. Name’s Mera. My circadian rhythm is so screwed up.” This sleepyboy was practically nodding off at the podium.

HA, you’d totally forgotten about that. He mumbled about being tired because they were short staffed. You tried not to laugh to hard, because this was serious business and you needed to not be a fucking goof-off for like five minutes. The man continued his speech while you berated yourself.

“...Those of you who don’t have the speed frankly just won’t cut it. Which is why that’s what you’ll be tested on. The first 100 students to pass their requirements will pass today.” A rush of panic swept the gymnasium at his announcement. You stood, stoic, knowing that this was the case. You weren’t worried much, because you had a solid plan to pass this exam once everyone got split up after Shindo’s attack.

I’m going to be fine!...? This wasn’t the time to be worrying about timeline crap, if you failed this exam you could kiss your chances of working in Prevention goodbye. Craine had told you as much himself, and you were fairly sure that Inasa has a spot secured regardless because of his relationship with everyone there. Yep, you needed to focus on you this time.

Mera finished explaining the basic rules of the challenge and you strategized in your head until you felt the building open up into a huge field. You couldn’t believe they actually did it that way and it wasn’t just an anime joke. They really built a building that could open up like this? Fucking seriously?!

“I’m sure you all have different terrains that you like or want to avoid, use your quirks well and do your best. Or not. Whatever.”

You strapped your sensors on your chest, as it was the easiest place to defend with your air shields, and kept them close. If you’d been able to master your stamina manipulation any further you’d have made and held a permanent shield over the sensors, but unfortunately you couldn’t risk the stamina drain. You were shaken from your thoughts as Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari separated from the group. You honestly didn’t blame them for running off. You would probably do your best on your own as well. No time to change strategies now.


“It’s hard for me to use my power when a big groups around.” Todoroki said as he separated from the group as well. Midoriya tried to stop him but it was useless. Your group started to run toward the dirt covered area near the center. Midoriya led the class into figuring out the information that you already knew while you all sprinted forward toward the designated area.


“...The other schools have probably figured out the same way to win that I have.” Midoriya spoke to the group as you all ran. “This is going to be a battle between schools, with that in mind, it’s likely they’ll gang up against quirks they know.”

“Does that mean?” Mina asked.

“It means we’re the targets for sure.” You said as you were all swarmed by the students of Ketsubutsu with Shindo front and center with a self satisfied smile on his face, ready to attack.

Chapter Text

Midoriya was the fastest to react to the flurry of balls steadily approaching your group. He charged forward and jumped up with a kick that sent a huge portion of the onslaught flying back to their owners. Tokoyami was quick on his tail, bringing Dark Shadow onto his body and revealing the new name for his special attack, Momo threw up shields around herself and Tsu, Uraraka was in the air in a second to float above their range, and you put up a small shield to block your sensors as you took scope of the situation.

You were not good or useful surrounded like this. So, it was decided you had to go off on your own when Shido moved to separate you all. You rolled the plan around in your head and got prepared while everyone made moves to protect themselves and the class. Before the attacks ceased for a moment and both sides took stock of each other.

It wasn’t long before the Ketsubutsu ringleaders were making a plan to take you all out. Your eyes shifted to Midoriya, who looked calm and focused as ever. You made him your rock as you waited for stiffening guy to give Android 17 his balls to throw. You cracked your fingers just in case, because those balls ended up going straight for Mineta and you couldn’t be sure that it wouldn’t be you.

“Target: Lock on!” Android 17 boy said as he swung his arms around to boomerang the balls toward you guys. You took your warrior stance and waited, while they collided with the ground that started rumbling beneath you. “Boomerang, Crescent Moon Trajectory!”

“Get back, I’ll handle this!” Jiro called out while she plugged in her earphone jacks to her gloves. “Sound Amplification: Heartbeat Distortion!”

The ground started breaking up in front of you all and over to where the main characters from that school were standing. I really need to learn their names. You thought quickly as you searched around for the place that the balls would pop up. All four of them came straight for you.

You didn’t panic! Instead your clear mind overclocked the air in front of you to create a kind of cone to catch the balls, before you released the clock and launched them back at their class at breakneck speeds. Your counter-attack struck a bystander and took out all three of their targets. You were as shocked as everyone else and stood there dumbfounded for a quick second before getting back into the game. You heard some praises from your classmates, but you didn’t have time to focus on that. Two to go.

Inspired by your point, Tokoyami and Dark Shadow made a play for telescopic girl and missed, causing Shindo to get hype and start monologuing to his classmates about something you couldn’t remember from the show. The announcer rang out.

“Despite a couple of eliminations, it looks like the students are still in a stalemate. Not a single one has passed yet. Oh, and don’t worry students, I’ll keep you updated with an announcement every time a few students pass on to the next round.”

Both sides stayed frozen and strategizing for a few more seconds before Shindo made his move. He took a step forward.

“Out of the way! Their defences are too strong right now. I’ll fix that.” You braced yourself. “Maximum Force: Tremoring Earth!”

He sent violent shockwaves into the ground that shot you all different directions and created high crevasses and hills for people to be scattered between. You were flung into the air and you decided to get to higher ground and stay out of that area all together. You clocked tiny balls of air under your feet and released them to shoot you up higher before landing on a platform you’d created. You checked your stamina and you were doing fine so far, 82%.

You looked down on the chaos and decided that wasn’t the place for you, instead choosing to shoot yourself over to the urban area. Somewhere you could keep the high ground and stealthily take your next two enemies. You angled yourself before releasing the clock on the platform to shoot you to the top of a building on the edge of the two zones.

You crouched down on the roof and closed your eyes to try to sense any stamina around you. There were two people on the ground in the dirt area on the other side of this building. You glanced down and only saw one of them, still trying to right themselves after Shindo’s attack. You were stricken with an amazing idea in the moment and decided to test it out. You readied your balls and clocked a small platform under the guy standing on the ground and released it.

He shot up in the air and flailed in surprise, leaving himself wide op