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Olivia walked into the precinct two weeks later to find Munch on the phone and both Fin and Elliot's desks empty. She frowned as she couldn't remember Fin taking the day off and she knew that Elliot was driving the kids to school. Her partner should have been in by now so she was a little concerned.

"Where's your partner?" Munch asked, now off the phone.

"Dropping the kids off at school. Where's yours?" She wondered, not even having taken off her coat.

"Novak needed him for court today. I guess it's you and me to the hospital," the elder detective told her as he grabbed his coat off the back of his chair.

"What have we got?" Olivia asked as they headed for the unmarked standard issue car at Munch's disposal.

"Car accident that took a weird turn. One of the accident victims, Annabelle Tuft, claimed that the driver of the car she was in was holding her hostage. Driver is still in surgery and they had to sedate the victim because she kept trying to leave the hospital even though she broke her leg," he explained. They exited the precinct and climbed into the car.

"I'll text Elliot to meet us. We're going to need all hands on deck," she said.

"Agreed. Forensics promises to have the accident scene mapped for us later this afternoon via photo. They figure the math will take a little longer," Munch told her.

"Did the hospital do a rape kit?" Olivia inquired.

"They are cataloging Annabelle's injuries. They say it doesn't look like she'd been recently assaulted but given the car accident it's a little hard to tell. That and of course she was hysterical," he frowned as he turned the car into traffic.

Twenty minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot and headed inside. There at the desk, stood Elliot. He smiled slightly at them before saying,

"Got your text. The nurses have been kind enough to give the room number for Annabelle. Also, the driver and supposed kidnapper died on the table."

"Not much of a case then if our kidnapper is dead," Munch sighed as they moved down the hall toward the elevators.

"Well I figure we need to run his prints and ID and see if anything else pops. See how true our victim's story is. There could be other victims out there," Stabler pointed out as they climbed onto the elevators.

"A good call. They transport the body to the morgue yet?" Olivia asked.

"Melinda is sending her second to come get the body," her partner said.

"I'll take his personal belongings and everything they got from the victim down to the lab. You guys talk to Annabelle if she's able. The Captain is going to wrap this one up quick if our bad guy is really dead," Munch told them as they reached their floor and exited the elevators.

"Meet you back at the house then," Elliot nodded. They turned down the hall toward Annabelle's room where they were met by a nurse outside her door. Elliot and Olivia flashed their badges and introduced themselves.

"She's not in good shape mentally. I'm not sure if you'll get much that makes sense out of her," the nurse explained.

"We have to try. Hopefully her pain is over and the healing can begin," Olivia said.

"Somehow I doubt that. She asked me if the police had caught the other one," the nurse told them.

"Other one?" Elliot asked.

"Apparently there were two of these bastards," the nurse frowned.