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This is what you came for

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Lucas opened his eyes slowly. Staring at the white ceiling above his head. A face was pressed in the crook of his neck, making him sigh softly. His partners breath tickeling him slightly. Carefully not to disturb him, Lucas got up and made his way to the bathroom. Which was right next to the bedroom. Turning on the shower. His t-shirt and his boxers being thrown on the rug beneath his feet. Lucas breathed out slowly. Rolling his stiff shoulders and letting the warm water do the work. Relaxing his muscles. His eyes closed as the spray of water hit his face. Grabbing a towel and drying his face off, Lucas stepped out of the shower. Stretching his shoulders. Before wrapping the towel around his waist and entering the bedroom again.

Toni was propped up on one arm. Grinning widly as the Spaniard re-entered their bedroom. "Hello sexy." Lucas laughed. His face softening. Walking up to the blond and cupping his face. Their noses touching. Slowly caressing Toni´s cheek. Kissing the scar on his left eyebrow lightly. Toni groaned, pulling the Spaniard on the bed. Lucas´ towel shifting slightly. Attacking his lips. Lucas was fully seated on Toni´s lap now. Softly pushing the blond´s face away. "I have to get dressed amor." Toni let himself fall against the pillows. Staring at the ceiling. He heard Lucas chuckle. A brief kiss being pressed to his lips, before the Spaniard left the bed again.

"You are no fun babe." Lucas threw his head back laughing. The blond trying to give him a mean look. He had fallen hard for the German, way too hard. A hand on his wrist stopped him and he was pulled back onto the bed. Toni grinning widly at him. Lucas could only sigh at that. They hadn´t had a lot of time to spend with eachother. Lucas had promised to make it up to him. Duty called. He was still the most wanted man in Madrid. He couldn´t change it. Maybe someday they would be free. But not now. Lucas let himself be kissed by Toni again. The blond´s long fingers tracing the scar on his shoulder. Making him moan. Lucas pressed a palm to Toni´s naked chest. Stopping him effectively. The blonds heartbeat drumming steadily under his palm.

Lucas was let go. Proceeding to finally get dressed. His mahagony wooden drawer being pulled open. A pair of boxers sitting on his waist comfortably. Giving Toni the best view possible. He liked to tease his boyfriend. He could hear Toni´s breath quicken slightly. Lucas grinned mischievously. Toni sighed and ran a hand through his ridiculous bedhead. His arm coming to rest on his forehead. His blue eyes never leaving Lucas. Lucas proceeded to get dressed. A pair of socks and a pair of navy trousers being pulled out of the wardrobe. A white shirt was thrown over his body. Toni sitting up and buttoning it up for him. Lucas running a hand through his hair. A navy tie being pulled out of the depths of the wardrobe.

Toni had proceeded to get up. His boxers hanging lowly on his hips. Taking the navy tie from Lucas' hand and wrapping it around his neck. Tieing it up perfectly. Lucas hands on his neck. The others fingertips caressing his throat. Letting Toni work. The tie was smoothed over Lucas chest. "Where is your pin ??", Toni asked him softly. His boyfriend was a Mafia boss he had to look absolutely perfect. The blond stuck the golden pin to the nave tie gently. Helping Lucas into the navy waistcoat. Buttoning it up. "You look gorgeous love." Lucas blushed. His neck flushing slightly. He sighed. He really loved Toni way too much. The blond placing the matching golden cuff links on Lucas shirt.

The tie was neatly placed under the waistcoat. The Lucas proceeded to tuck in his shirt. The black belt holding everything in place. The last piece of clothing that Lucas put on was his navy suit jacket. One last time checking his cuff links. Toni grinned and pulled Lucas closer. His hands coming to rest on his ass. Squeezing slightly. "Don´t wrinkle it Antonio I don´t have time to change into something else." Toni shut him up by kissing him. The phone on Lucas nightstand ringing. Startling them. Lucas sighed loudly and picked up. Sergio and Marcelo were waiting for him outside. The last thing Lucas put on was his fathers wrist watch.

The blond captured his lips in a passionate kiss again. Lucas steading himself on his boyfriends shoulders. He had no intention of changing outfits again. He had no time. Gently Lucas pushed Toni away. The other letting his head fall against Lucas chest. Sighing. A loud knock making Lucas look up. Cupping Toni´s cheeks Lucas kissed him with all he had. Both men standing in the middle of the room. A hand caressing Toni's jaw lightly. The blue orbs in front of him changing. The softness in them disappearing. "Please be careful." Lucas smirked. There was the Toni he knew. "I will", he promised the other. They had been together for more than 5 years now. Both of them perfectly knowing about the risks. "I will always come back to you my love." One last time they kissed before Lucas pulled away and left.

Sergio Ramos waiting for him by the black limousine. Lucas buttoned up his suit jacket. A black coat being thrown over his shoulders. White flocks of snow gathering on the black fabric. At least Sergio had choosen to wear a simple grey suit. Nothing too ridiculous for his second-in-commands standards. A wide smile creeping on Sergio´s face. "What took you so long boss ??" Lucas rose his eyebrows at him and simply said: "None of your business Ramos now get in the car." The car door was opened for him and Lucas slid in easily. Greeting Keylor Navas their driver and Marcelo who was sitting opposite to him. Sergio sitting next to him. The brazilian greeting him with a smile.

Lucas shed of the black coat. Letting it fall next to him. His best men sitting on the opposite to him. One last time Lucas glanced towards his house. A pensive gaze on his face. Toni always being on his mind. His phone ringing in his pocket snapping him out of it. Isco's name flashing across the screen. Marcelo and Sergio chatting with eachother silently. Lucas picked up, his best friend informing him of the newest occurences. "We are on our way." With that Keylor made the engine flare to life. It roared. Leaving Lucas´ home and Toni behind.

They had a lot to deal with today. Lucas knew he wouldn´t be home for a while.

They were going to war.