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Ad Capere Draco

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“Um, sorry. Police? Please?”

“What’s the nature of the emergency, sir?”

“I’ve heard. It’s definitely. Um. Oh, sorry – I’m on Erebus Walk. That’s what you’re supposed… Um. Look, there were shots. I know. Oh, there they are again!”

“Sir? Sir, please stay on the line.”

“I’ve got to run, haven’t I?”




“I’ve got reports of gunshots on Erebus Walk.”

“Reports of gunshots on Erebus Walk here too.”

“Let’s get an ARV over there.”

“Explosion in the area too now, ma’am.”

“Two ARVs. Let’s get the experts out of bed while we’re at it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Between the brightness and the darkness she has to decide which one to walk towards, and itʼs. It’s more difficult than they’d have you think, that’s for certain.

Wobbly legs. Should put a report in about that. Damn.

She shakes her head hard, nearly falls, but there’s edges coming back into the world and that’s.

She nearly trips over a leg. Problematic. But unattached. Good. Even so. The fire ought to deal with that.


The sound is loud. Sliding masonry singing destruction into the night and now. Now louder, but. Oh, damn. She’s missed that.

Familiar. Sweet as bloodfall, brighter than Christmas.

“Put your weapon on the ground and put your hands on your head.”

She complies instantly with a hard-flung clatter and a grin. This lot don’t know her. Good. This will make things easier.

For a start, if they knew her, they might just open fire.