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The Hero List

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"It's fine, they can stay. I don't mind, one of them is me and another of them is my brother."

"Your brother? In this world there are no other Midoriya in our class?" it figures that it's Kaminari asking, he's always been curious and Izuku is kind of glad to see that many things are the same. But... "Midoriya?"

"Your name is Midoriya Izuku, yes?"

"No, it's actually Todoroki Izuku. Sorry."

There's a stunned silence, the other Izuku looks at him like he's been hit over the head with something heavy enough to give him a concussion.

"...Todoroki? Mom? Wait, that doesn't make sense. If it's Todoroki then Todoroki-kun is my brother and we're practically the same age but we've got different mothers and if the other me recognized him anyway that means we don't have the same mother in that world but maybe mom married into the Todoroki family but there's no way that flaming bag of trash could make her happy so why-"

"You're mumbling, Midoriya. It's Midoriya, right? Since they thought that'd be my name. The good news is that mom didn't marry into the Todoroki name. The bad news is that I have the name because of an unfortunate meeting that resulted in Endeavor ending up as a sperm donor just in time to create me," Izuku explains, tone flat at the mentioned flaming bag of trash as the other him so aptly put it.

"...My dad is Midoriya Hisashi," Midoriya admits, looking like he got lucky. Which, well. He sort of did, sort of didn't if Izuku remembers his childhood right.

"I've met him. That's who my mom married in my life too, he was my dad before he left to work overseas. That the same here?"

"Yes, I haven't seen him in years," Midoriya doesn't seem to think that's wrong but their classmates are looking uncomfortably sad and Izuku can tell this is a thing he needs to learn about as well. He'd be happy if Endeavor fucked off for a few years, after all.

Shouto though? Shouto looks like he doesn't know what to feel. Like someone just ripped the carpet out from under him and he's still standing by sheer dumb luck.

"Have you always been a Todoroki then?"

"Since birth," he confirms with a nod, though to be fair it took a while for anyone to act like it was a big deal. His mom never introduced him as anything other than Izuku and he'd spent years being just that.

"Did you grow up with us?" Shouto asks quietly, like it's a dangerous topic to step through. He's right, too.

"Not until I was seven," and he knows, alright? He knows that'll make them curious as to what changed. But there's just no other way to truthfully put that and not make the teachers or the detective suspicious.

"Why not?" it's Ashido this time, tilting her head and outrageously expressing puzzlement.

"I moved in with them when I was seven," he says, pretty much repeating himself with no extra information, looking her in the eye.

"Izuku?" the air is a little colder and Shouto sounds worried. Izuku hates worrying Shouto so he smiles softly just like he'd do to his brother at home.

"Don't worry about it, alright? It's not a big deal, I just didn't have any parental unit capable of raising me at the time," and he winces, realizing he's repeating the words he's been told to use instead of the words he'd prefer to use. He hadn't meant to make it sound like his mom was unfit, which is clearly what Midoriya is hearing if that frown is any indication.

"Sorry, the lawyers were insistent I burn those words into my mind so I didn't ruin that man's reputation," it's probably uncomfortably clear how much he hates Endeavor, but Shouto and Midoriya and... Bakugo? Seems to understand perfectly fine.

"Can I ask... what happened to mom?" he obviously doesn't want to know, but he seems unable to not know at the same time. Huh, Izuku does that too. Did they inherit it from mom? The need to know? It sounds like a nice trait, better than anything he's got elsewhere.

"You probably don't want to know but," Izuku shrugs, attempting to mask the envy of the other him who clearly still lives with his mom. Who has a mom still alive. "She passed away. It was quick, so she didn't suffer. Probably didn't even realize, they said."

"None of this explains why you let that one fucker grab a few of the villains and leave," honestly he's more surprised that Bakugo isn't shouting the words but whatever. Maybe the current topic is problematic for him, Izuku can still remember the boy calling her auntie Inko.

"Well, that one fucker is named Dabi right? From the look of him, the scars and stuff, he's the same as he is in my world. A pain in the ass of an older brother who needs a reality check, but that's normal Todoroki behavior."