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Title: Flying
Author: Jasmine Shigeru
Pairing: Cordelia/Angel, Buffy/Spike. Past- Cordelia/Xander, Drusilla/Spike, Buffy/Angel (sort of)
Summary: A Higher Being decides to guide Cordelia and Buffy by sending them in the past and future.
Spoilers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 2 and 6, Angel early season 3
Disclaimer: I do not own the Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whoever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.
Rating: T
Category: Drama/Romance/Angst, time-travel
By: Jasmine Shigeru
An unnamed higher being stood in a white area. She was a Fate. She had seen the past and the future and she realized something needed to be done to keep the balance between good and evil stable. One could not live without the other. She could not understand why mortals always forget that little fact. Like there was no darkness without light. Good could never win completely but neither could evil.

She stared into a large bowl of silver liquid and stared down at her charges. Each Fate had a group of people she were to watch and only to interfere when she saw them veer too far off the path that was designed for them. Her charges lived in Sunnydale and Los Angeles. They were special to her. Almost like her own children, if she could have children that are. Every one of her charges was special but four especially meant a great deal to not only to her but to the world. Two Vampires with souls. A rare and near impossibility as that was. The third was the Slayer and ever fighting warrior for good. And the last a Seer, a human seer. Humans were not meant to be seers. They could not handle the power, they always died.

These were the charges that troubled her the most. The vampires needed the Slayer and the Seer. The Slayer to fight by their side and the Seer to guide them. But the first vampire needed the seer and the second the Slayer in the most special way many mortals needed, companionship and love. The problem, they did not know how much they needed each other. The first vampire was falling in love with his seer, but he was reluctant to tell her about his feelings. He was afraid she did not feel the same. The seer did have feelings for her champion vampire, but she was in denial. The second vampire was in love with the slayer, but the Slayer did not want to be in love with the vampire. She wanted the first vampire and it hurt the second vampire to know this.

She could see the future of the two vampires, the Slayer, and the seer and they would be miserable. She knew that their paths were supposed to be a happier one than what they were currently heading. She had to do something. She was going to do something. She had a plan. A plan she felt would not fail. She was going to make the Slayer and the Seer see where their paths should lead.