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Elven Hero: The Rebellions Order

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Welcome everyone to the start of part 2 of the Elven Hero!

Also the following characters will be/ or will stay alive:
- Regulus Arcturus Black
- Sirius Black
-Cedric Diggory
-Godric Gryffindor
- Salazar Slytherin
Background information:
Harry: is a water elf so emotions and high stress affect him in a very bad way; because he didn’t not have a connection with his parents he is not able to bond with many people; it was only when he found his mate that he began to be able to cope with stress and negative emotions.
Draco: He is a dominate male Veela; who’s family saves Harry with the help of the Diggory’s.
Cedric: Hogwarts champion and Harry’s adoptive brother. He is also a wood elf and has adopted Harry and helped him through his inheritance.
Seamus: Dominant Veela; mated with Dean and Colin.
Dean: Dominant Veela; Mated with Seamus and Colin.
Colin: Submissive light Fae; mated with Seamus and Dean.
Fred & George: Dragon inheritance. George is dominant and Fred is a submissive
Viktor: a submissive wood nymph who is being courted by George. He is rather self-conscious about being a submissive because his parents are always saying that he is a failure because of it.
Percy: Submissive dragon inheritance was to be mated to Oliver but medalling from his mother, Penelope, and Dumbledore prevented him from doing so. Will once again be mated to Oliver.
Oliver: Dominate wood elf who is going to be mated to Percy. Due to meddling from Dumbledore, Molly, and Penelope they were broken up.
Penelope: evil bitch who broke up Percy and Oliver.
Dumbledore: Was bonded to Grindelwald, and because he was the one to defeat him he has lost most of his mental capacity to grief. He is currently responsible for all the stress and abuse that has been placed on Harry.
Charlie: Dominate Dragon inheritance; will be mated to Neville.
Neville: Submissive day walker (Original Vampire).
Blaise Zabini: Demigod son of hades. His has a very intelligent nature and is very protective the ghosts of Hogwarts protects and guide him. Soul mate is Regulus Arcturus Black.
Regulus Arcturus Black: dark Phoenix. Was killed by Voldemort, but do to his Phoenix blood he was able to be reborn as only a natural death can kill him.
Sirius Black: Dark Phoenix like his brother. He is on the run because of Peter Pettigrew. He is hoping that he can clear his name so he can help protect Harry, his godson. He know that the Malfoys are good and is hoping that they can keep harry safe for the time being.
Godric Gryffindor: Mated to Salazar Slytherin and is Grim Reaper. Currently trapped in a prison of Dumbledore’s creation with his mate. He is immortal.
Salazar Slytherin: Mated to Godric Gryffindor and is a Guardian Angel. He is currently trapped with his mate in prison of Dumbledore’s creation. He is immortal.
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Elven looks like this: Blah, Blah, and Blah
Writing looks like this: Blah, Blah, Blah
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Elven Hero: The Rebellions Order

Chapter 1

Harry’s P.O.V

We landed harshly on the ground of the quidditch pitch; I was glad Wormtail was paralysed as I really did not know if I could deal with him trying to escape at this moment. People were cheering and cameras were flashing from every angle. Suddenly people rushed forward to try to get to me as I whimpered and tried to back away, but something seemed off. Where were my fellow champions?

Author’s P.O.V

Harry stood trying to make his was out of the crowd, but with little luck. Everywhere he turned there was someone trying to touch him, or take his picture. Wormtail, thanks to Voldemort’s spell followed the young elf, people for the most part ignoring the previously ‘dead’ death eater.

“Harry!” Draco shouted pushing his way to the boy. Harry turned to see his mate coming towards him, and he took off. Quickly he threw his arms around the blonde as Draco whispered, “Are you alright?”

“D-Draco, I c-captured him!” Harry exclaimed, “Sirius can be free!”

“I know love and I am happy for you,” Draco whispers smoothing down Harry’s hair, “let’s deal with that rat then get you back to the dorms.”

Harry nods and allows his mate to lead him through the crowd. They eventually find Percy and Oliver, who after explaining the situation agree to take the rat to the ministry. Thanking them Draco pulls the elf away from the vultures trying to get to him. They quickly make their way back into the castle and down to the dungeons, heading straight to the Slytherin common rooms. Whispering the password< Harry is pulled into the familiar room only to be shocked. There were the rest of the champions, Remus and Sirus, the Slytherin 4th years, the Weasley twins, and  Severus and Lucius.

Cedric’s P.O.V

“Harry!” I yelled as he and Draco entered the room. My poor little brother was paled, and looked exhausted. Damn it! If only I had been able to throw that curse, then he would have been spared such a terrible experience.

“C-Cedric…?” He whispered staring at me with large green eyes before crashing into me. It took my brain a few seconds to comprehend that he was hugging me. My arms quickly wrapped around him, and everyone took this as there que to join in.

Author’s P.O.V

The group remained like this for several minutes, none of them ready to let the little elf go. Harry smiled contently at the heat surrounding him; before releasing a soft yawn and allowing his eyes to close as sleep claimed the small elf. Harry’s body sagged into Cedric’s hold as people backed away from the boy. “Today’s events really were too insane,” Sirus stated looking at his godson with admiration and love.

“Can you really blame him?” Lucius asked looking at his convict on an in-law.

“Not at all,” Sirus replied, “I just wish we could have protected him.”

“If we had you would not be a free man.” Draco stated as he pulled Harry into his arms and carried him to the coach, Cedric following. He sat his mate down and the boy snuggled between his brother and his mate.

“W-what? Free?” Sirus stammered giving the younger blonde a look of complete disbelief.

“Yes, Wormtail is with Oliver and Percy going to the ministry as we speak. By tomorrow you should be a free man, “ Draco stated removing Harry’s glasses.

“You are joking right?” Sirus asked looking at his godson with large eyes.

“Not at all and plenty of people saw us so they cannot cover anything up.” He responded

“H-he truly is an angel..” the stunned man whispered brushing the bangs away from Harry’s forehead.

“That he is,” Remus stated finally joining the conversation, “so you will be free?”

“Looks like,” he replied.                                          

“I’m glad,” Remus stated nuzzling Sirus’ neck.

“Me too love, me too.”

Percy’s P.O.V

Oliver, who was still holding tightly onto Wormtail, and I decided to take the most public route to the Auror’s department. It would allow us to insure that there would be absolutely no way for anyone to cover this up. People around us stared in shock at the living Peter Pettigrew. The worm of a man tried to cower behind my mate, but due to Oliver being a professional Quidditch player he was strong enough to keep the rat in place. Finally we made it to the department and word had spread enough that we were greeted by 10 armed Auror’s led by Kingsley Shacklebolt. I was greatly relieved to see Kingsley as he had been my friend and confidant since I had started working for the Ministry of Magic,

“Percy, what in the world is going on?” He asked his voice heavy as he scanned Pettigrew.

“Harry has managed to capture a fugitive that we all previously thought to be dead. He asked us to deliver him here well he deals with his obligations as Champion of the Tri Wizard Tournament.” I stated trying to sound as strong and diplomatic as possible.

“Harry? As in Harry Potter?” One of the men asked as Pettigrew started struggling again. Oliver growled and tightened his grip on the worm. The Auror’s finally snapped out of it and soon began to do their job, arresting he worm as Kingsley led us back to his office.

“Now will someone please tell me what in the world is going on here!” Kingsley barked as soon as his door was shut, “Why do I have hordes of Journalist outside my department and a man previously thought to be dead, who is now very much alive I might add, sitting in my good damn interrogation room!”

“”C-calm down Kingsley,” I stuttered losing my composure slightly at my friends yelling; as Oliver placed a comforting hand on my shoulder as I sat down in one of the guest office chairs.

“Percy… I am sorry. I did not mean to startle you,” Kingsley said gently and he kneeled down in front of me; placing a strong hand on my knee.

“It is okay,” I said softly as I feel most of my earlier energy leave me.

“Could you tell what is happening ,and how is Peter Pettigrew possibly alive?” he asked much calmer.

“H-Harry somehow managed to capture the man when the trophy or the tri wizard tournament transported him to a graveyard, someone had spelled the cup to be a portkey. Neither Oliver nor I know the exact details of what happened to Harry when he was taken, but upon his arrival back he asked me to deal with Pettigrew as I am a Ministry worker. He has also requested that Pettigrew’s arm be checked for a dark mark and one Sirus Black be pardoned for his crimes as he is in fact an innocent man” I stated easily slipping back into ‘diplomat mode’ as Oliver liked to called it.

“Of course. I will put in the paper work immediately, and Percy?” He called as we turned to leave, “It was good to see you again.”

“You did wonderful back there my dragon,” Oliver whispered as we left the office and headed towards the floo. We would have left if it was not for a shrill voice screaming across the room.

“PERCIVAL WEASLEY!” just across from us was my mother. I paled at her angry features and gripped Oliver’s hand as she stormed her way over to us, shoving people as she went.