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Elven Hero

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So people have said that they are a little confused on inheritance and the importance so let me clear things up: So the reason there is conflict is that there are people with special gifts and people without special gift. The people without these gifts are sometime jealous of those with special gifts and this is one of the main causes of conflict in the story,

Also the following characters will be/ or will stay alive:
Regulus Arcturus Black
Sirius Black
-Cedric Diggory
-Godric Gryffindor
Salazar Slytherin
Inheritance mentions:
-Water Elf: creature of pure soul that is highly connected with the element of water.
The Veela is a race of semi-human, semi-magical humanoids reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek mythology. Little is known about their biology; they appear to be young, beautiful humans. Their looks and especially their dance is magically seductive to almost all male beings, which causes them to perform strange actions in order to get nearer to them
-Wood Elf: creature of strong will that is highly connected with the element of earth
-Light Fae: The Light Fae is one of the two clans into which the Fae are divided, the other being the Dark Fae. Is innocent in heart and soul. Is very connected in magic and needs two mates to ground it.
-Dragon blood: mated with a dragon that had the ability to change shape and is able to breathe fire if skill is developed.
-Day Walker: they are born from a dark spell cast by Morgana La Fey; this spell was so powerful that it was irreversible. These are the vampires born not bitten and have the ability to walk in the day light
-Demigod: The product of a god and a human mating
- Siren: Man-eating beautiful women or man whose song compels men to them. Only there mate can resist there call.
Dark Phoenix: shape-shifting bird who is able to be reborn.
Grim Reaper: The embodiment of death itself, the Grim Reaper comes to take your soul to the afterlife. Immortal.
- Guardian angel: A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country. Immortal.

Background information:
Harry: is a water elf so emotions and high stress affect him in a very bad way; because he didn’t not have a connection with his parents he is not able to bond with many people; it was only when he found his mate that he began to be able to cope with stress and negative emotions.
Draco: He is a dominate male Veela; who’s family saves Harry with the help of the Diggory’s.
Cedric: Hogwarts champion and Harry’s adoptive brother. He is also a wood elf and has adopted Harry and helped him through his inheritance.
Seamus: Dominant Veela; mated with Dean and Colin.
Dean: Dominant Veela; Mated with Seamus and Colin.
Colin: Submissive light fay; mated with Seamus and Dean.
Fred & George: Dragon inheritance. George is dominant and Fred is a submissive
Viktor: a submissive wood nymph who is being courted by George. He is rather self-conscious about being a submissive because his parents are always saying that he is a failure because of it.
Percy: Submissive dragon inheritance was to be mated to Oliver but medalling from his mother, Penelope, and Dumbledore prevented him from doing so. Will once again be mated to Oliver.
Oliver: Dominate wood elf who is going to be mated to Percy. Due to meddling from Dumbledore, Molly, and Penelope they were broken up.
Penelope: evil bitch who broke up Percy and Oliver.
Dumbledore: Was bonded to Grindelwald, and because he was the one to defeat him he has lost most of his mental capacity to grief. He is currently responsible for all the stress and abuse that has been placed on Harry.
Charlie: Dominate Dragon inheritance; will be mated to Neville.
Neville: Submissive day walker (Original Vampire).
Blaise Zabini: Demigod son of hades. His has a very intelligent nature and is very protective the ghosts of Hogwarts protects and guide him. Soul mate is Regulus Arcturus Black.
Regulus Arcturus Black: dark Phoenix. Was killed by Voldemort, but do to his Phoenix blood he was able to be reborn as only a natural death can kill him.
Sirius Black: Dark Phoenix like his brother. He is on the run because of Peter Pettigrew. He is hoping that he can clear his name so he can help protect Harry, his godson. He know that the Malfoys are good and is hoping that they can keep harry safe for the time being.
Godric Gryffindor: Mated to Salazar Slytherin and is Grim Reaper. Currently trapped in a prison of Dumbledore’s creation with his mate. He is immortal.
Salazar Slytherin: Mated to Godric Gryffindor and is a Guardian Angel. He is currently trapped with his mate in prison of Dumbledore’s creation. He is immortal.