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Detective Naoto and Miss Niijima

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“But why?” Makoto asked, her voice trembling a bit with shock. 

“Sorry, something came up, we’re gonna have to pull you back in for something else” the other officer said, parting her light brown hair. Makoto bit down her anger. Just when she was about to go on a cool mission too.. she nodded in understanding “we’ll inform you when we find someone or something else to assign you with- sorry Miss Niijima” they continued, rubbing the back of her head. Makato sighed nodding

”It’s fine- sorry for lashing out a bit” she said bitting her lip

”it’s fine- you remind me of myself when I was young” The chief said, smirking, memories flashing in her cheerful eyes. She coughed “anyways though, you’ll be on hold until we have something else you can work with, sorry for the inconvenience”

”Thank you Miss Satonaka.. have a good day” Makoto said politely, turning to leave. The chief looked saddened as the girl’s spirit has sunken. As Makoto began to leave the phone rang, the two woman looked over at it and the chief picked it up.

”Hello? Oh! Na- Yeah its good to see you!” She said cheerfully, it was weird to hear the Cheif’s voice go so high, Makoto waited at the door to listen. “What?- down at- why didn’t the police hear abo-okay fine that makes sens- but be caref-“ things didn’t sound good, what could be happening. Makoto stood by the door, as Miss Satonaka stood in the corner of the office tapping her fingers on the desk, her eyes flickering around, Makoto could only imagine the gears inside the chief’s head churning and clicking. “Right, ill call in some people and- yeah I know you can but still the it’s upstairs are always... y’know” she said, making some weird hand motions which is weird sense it was a phone call. “Right I’ll call you later- see you, stay safe” she hung up, looking up and making eye contact to Makoto. Wait does she mean?

”Chief?” She asked, a sweat rolling down her forehead, the older woman smirked, putting down the phone

”Miss Niijima- looks like your pretty lucky cause.. I’d like to assign you to a case” She said