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Love Is Madness

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Chapter 1 – Mischief Mismanaged

"Odin continues to Bring me new friends. How thoughtful!" – Loki, "Thor: The Dark World"

Darcy had successfully kept her eyes closed for the last hour. Unfortunately she knew eventually she would have to wake up or at least be one with the world. She'd been stuck in this godforsaken place for two weeks and all she wanted to do was go home, but she sat there and she dealt with the boring life in front of her simply because she loved her best friend more than anything in the world.

She threw the blankets back that, at first had enthralled her but now felt more like a prison, she went to the wardrobe, wrenched it open and hoped against hope that what she would find in there would be different than the last 14 days that she had stayed in this place. Unluckily for her she found that the only things within were still just the Grecian like dresses. Where were her jeans, her sweaters, her sneakers, the things that she was oh so comfortable in?

Fucking Asgard, she thought as she begrudgingly changed into a light green dress. She had to admit that they were quite comfortable, however 'the girls' were exposed more than she'd like them to be. 14 days and she was still uncomfortable. At least Jane didn't have to worry about this, she smirked, then felt guilty.

Resigned to the fact that she was, indeed here, she trudged down the now well-known corridors to the dining hall. The first week she was brought here came to mind quickly as she smiled to herself, and then grimaced.

"Dude, where's Dumbledore?" Darcy quipped and Jane rolled her eyes.

"I do not know this...Dumbledore...of which you speak, Lady Darcy." Thor's brow scrunched together in total confusion.

Darcy, for her part, looked shocked. "Jane! You have not told the big guy about Harry Potter and his epic battle with Voldemort?"

"An epic battle? Come Lady Darcy! You must regale me with your unfamiliar war stories." Thor insisted, practically dragged her to a table and deposited her on the bench next to him.

"Well, it starts with a boy wizard..." Darcy left out not one detail. Well, except the fact that it was all made up by J.K. Rowling and made into movies. Thor's eyes were wide with excitement and fear.

"You mean to tell me there are others who would wield such great magical power? I had thought it was only my brother and the elves who had such magic." He looked a little upset and Darcy hadn't realized what she'd just gotten herself into until it was too late. Much like the food fight her first morning where it took the All-Father, Odin to break it up. Or the time she accidentally knocked over a priceless heirloom in the hall near her rooms. Odin appeared for that as well and gave her the business for what felt like forever. No, she didn't see the error in her ways until an hour later when she was summoned to the throne room to explain the mythical world of Harry Potter to Odin, yet again.

After explaining what she had told Thor were merely fictional stories Odin pinched the bridge of his nose. His eye squeezed tightly shut. It felt like eternity before he spoke. "Do you like it here, Lady Darcy?" His voice shook her core as it had every time before.

Be honest or lie? You know you can't lie for shit... "I mean, it's shiny, but it's not home." She chewed on her bottom lip and looked at the ground.

"Then your punishment is simple. Eat this apple." Odin held out a delicious looking apple. She reached for it with trepidation wondering what it was going to do to her. She hoped it might send her home. She watched as Frigga startled a bit and she realized it wasn't going to be that cool of a trick. Being locked in a room with the king and queen of Asgard was frightening enough. "Come now, girl. Do as you are instructed!" He bellowed and Darcy flinched.

"My King, are you sure this is wise?" Frigga asked almost silently and the King let out a roar of frustration. Darcy snatched the apple and bit into it so fast she didn't even think. She quickly devoured it, the juices slipping from her full lips down her chin, but she was too afraid to stop before it was gone. Once it was just the core she wiped her face with her dress sleeve and belched. Whoops...

"Lady Darcy of Midgard. You are henceforth Aiser and shall remain on Asgard until your great sleep." Odin announced to the empty room. Darcy cried out as if slapped in the face. She knew all too well what this meant. She'd never see her family and friends again, never step foot on Earth ever again, and she'd be alone for the rest of eternity. Why? She hadn't realized she'd spoken out loud until the king answered. "You will learn to show respect in my realm, girl. When the others notice the changes they will begin to treat you differently and it will be up to you to choose the path you take."

Darcy was sobbing and laughing at the same time. Perhaps she'd gone mad. All Jane wanted in the world was this apple so that she could be with Thor forever and Darcy received it as punishment. What would she say?

"Before I dismiss you..." Darcy had been so upset she'd forgotten she was still before the King. "If you make one more headache for me or my realm I will lock you up in my dungeon, are we clear?"

Darcy looked at the man she now hated with anger and resentment in her eyes. Frigga's small gasp came again. "Yes, Your Majesty..." she seethed, turned and stomped out of the throne room and to her own rooms.

She had decided to keep a low profile from then. Jane and Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three knew of her transformation instantly and she begrudgingly explained what happened. Jane was pissed, as she'd suspected she would be. The rest were in complete shock.

The last few days she'd found herself grabbing her food and going back to her room. She was safer there. This morning however, she found herself behind a guard with a large cart being filled with meal trays. "I'm sick of getting these Cretans their food before I even get a chance to enjoy it myself." He grumbled.

Before she knew what she was doing, much like every other time she got herself into trouble, her mouth moved on its own accord. "I mean, how bad can it be? Chuck the trays in and come back. Food will still be hot." She mumbled as her tray was handed to her.

The guard looked her up and down and grinned. "Well then, Lady..." he raised an eyebrow.

"Darcy." She grimaced.

"Right...the troublemaker. Well then! Why don't you take the food down to them and I'll eat this." He shoved the cart to her and it banged into her stomach causing her to drop her tray which he caught expertly, dropping not a morsel.

"Oh, I'm not allowed to..."

"Then why did you open your mouth, girl?"

"Because I'm an asshole... honestly I can't stop my mouth. It's got a mind of its own." She winced and went to push the cart back. He pressed his foot into the other side pushing it harder into her stomach. Darcy whimpered. Not so much because it hurt - because it did - but because she knew this was a terrible idea and she was down to her last chance with the King.

"You will do this or I'll alert the King to your disrespect. Aren't you on a very pointy tip with him?" The guard grinned and Darcy rolled her eyes. "Do this, and I won't say anything." He shrugged.

She knew she couldn't trust Asgardians. They were always in thing for themselves. She also knew she couldn't go toe to toe with one either so she weighed her options. "Give me less than five minutes and I'll be back for the cart, keys and directions." She hissed.

"Good girl!"

Before she could even think she sprinted back to her room. There, under all of the things she brought from Earth, in a bundled up bunch of panties (she knew no one would look there) she found her trusty Taser. She'd at least arm herself if she was going to feed prisoners.

She had gotten the information from the dillhole guard and went on her way. Head held high. If Odin questioned her she'd simply explain everything. It would be the truth and he'd have to see it. Even if it was the guard's word against hers.

The lift down to the dungeon was where she began to get very nervous. The smell wafting up from below was disturbing. She lived in the desert so the smell of decay wasn't something unfamiliar to her. She really hoped she wouldn't see any dead bodies... or become a dead body. The doors opened with a solid clunk and she pressed on with her food cart. Open the hatch and throw it in, she repeated to herself. The quicker you're out of here the better. She noted that every cell was full. Maybe he'd hold off on locking her away until one was free, which she hoped was never. She moved quickly to the final cell and as she got closer it changed from the dark and dank cells before it to a brightly lit white cell. Immaculate with furniture and books, and in the corner with his body turned from the door could be none other than the fallen Prince of Asgard.

"Holy shit!" She gasped. Quickly opening the hatch on the door she went to shove the remaining tray inside when he was before her nearly pressed to the glass. He grabbed her frozen hand before she could tell her mind to snatch it back and his touch was cool, but that's not what sent shockwaves down her entire body. It was the way he looked. Feral almost in his glee of frightening her but yet he was beautiful. Pale, almost crystalline skin, long wavy black hair, shockingly bright green eyes, and a body thin and taught that went on for days. His breeches left nothing to the imagination and she blushed finally setting her gaze on his eyes.

For his part, the God of Mischief may have held his own when he was surprised by the newcomer, but he was startled in her beauty. From her long, thick brown hair to her large blue dew eyes, to her full lips set in surprise. Her skin was alabaster and her body... well usually the gowns Asgardian women rarely showed assets but on this young thing the gown left little to his twisted imagination. He, too, finally set his eyes on hers. She was blushing. How precious.

When Darcy finally gained her composure, she reached into her bra (well, where else would someone stash a taser in a dress like this) and pulled the taser back, threw the safety and pulled the trigger intent on zapping this assholes finger off...when it connected with something hard, metal, and big. She let go as quickly as she could but the damage had been done. By the look on Loki's face and the sick feeling in her stomach she didn't really want to turn around to see her damage. But, in true Darcy fashion, she didn't listen to herself and turned anyway.

On the ground, small shocks still rippling through his form, was the All-Father himself, clutching his golden eyepatch in agony. "Oh fuck!" She whined "Hey, are you OK? I mean, I meant to tase Loki for getting handsy but you were there and I didn't see you and I really shouldn't be down here but some guard bullied me into taking his duties on and I was afraid you'd get mad at me for saying no but now I see you're probably more pissed that I just zapped you in the bad eye and..." Odin rose to his full height and held out a hand for her to stop talking. It didn't work. "Seriously, the last thing I wanted was to get into trouble again so I tried to keep a low profile and this guy just egged me on and I couldn't just let him talk trash...but oh my god, Your Highness are you alright?"


Even Loki took a step back from the wall of his cell at his father's shout and Darcy winced back folding into herself slightly. She bit her lip so hard, she could taste blood. She was so stupid! Why didn't she just go tell someone this guy was coming for her? Probably because he really wasn't until she opened her mouth in the first place. Stupid mouth. Stupid word vomit.

"I have had enough of your insufferable disregard and disrespect for my realm. You continue to play tricks and cause trouble for my people, you shall see what it is like to be made of mischief." He growled through his teeth.

He couldn't be serious. Could he? It was an accident and truly she was going after Loki, not Odin. And she'd be on this planet or whatever it was for damn near ever... Would it be spent...? Nope! He was bluffing. He wanted to see her crumble and break, and at this point she do anything.

"Please! It was an accident!" She cried.

"Lady Darcy, this would not have ever transpired had you not, yet again, even after my last punishment and warning gone out of your way to disobey me! Now get inside and shut your mouth before I sew it shut!" Odin made a path in the glass door between Darcy and Loki. She looked back and forth several times before Loki finally spoke up.

"Lady Darcy is it?" He whispered, making her shiver involuntarily. She just jerked a nod, tears flowing from her eyes, the taste of her own blood and salty tears invading her lips. "He's not bluffing."

This terrified her and a wail came out of her that sounded like it was from the bottom of her soul. She had fucked up everything and now had nowhere else to go. She sniffled in an unladylike manner and shuffled through the opening.

"I will decide when I want to see you again. Please, do not hold your breath." Odin sighed.

"But Jane!" Darcy spluttered out.

"If the future queen of Asgard wants to see you I cannot deny her, however I will mention how it will not do for the people of Asgard to see her conspiring with criminals."

And he was gone. She was so angry and devastated, and hurt, and defeated. She slumped down in the corner and sobbed. Meanwhile, in all of her dramatics (well warranted or not) her stomach growled. "Seriously?!" She shrieked through her wet face.

Loki was before her in a flash. He held out a handkerchief and she whipped her face and then blew her nose, loudly. She sniffled again and looked up at him. "Is it so bad to have a bunk mate? I've been here for years now without company." He smiled, slowly and gently he extended his large hand to run his thumb over her swollen bottom lip. Darcy just stared at him. She wished her word vomit worked now. Loki sighed and sat next to her with his tray in his lap. "Here..." he whispered ask he began feeding her.

"Why are you being nice?" Darcy finally asked.

Loki shrugged. "Something to do, for now."