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Of Bolts and Flesh

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Midoriya Izuku was running late. In a normal day, it would've been a breeze to just gather his stuff and run out of the door; maybe call a cab, or something like that. But today wasn't just like the other days, no. He had someone knocking on his door twenty minutes before his shift started - and his commute took about thirty minutes everyday, so you can gather what it means.

Izuku started to go into full panic mode. It's not like he would get late often, but it was an occurrence that made his superiors very mad. It also didn't help that he was just shy of getting out of the house, so he was caught with a shoe half put on; he stumbled forward almost crashing into the wooden frame as his other shoe got caught under his pants.

In an almost sob, he opened the door and was met with a very tired and underpaid deliveryman. Izuku thought to himself about how much he related to that guy right now.


"Midoriya Izuku-san?" The deliveryman asked as he looked over his notepad. The green curls of the male that was very late bobbed as he nodded, "your packages are here."

Wait, packages? What packages? Izuku couldn't bring himself to think too hard on what the hell he had bought online this time - which was something that happened very often. He tried his best to look like he was at leasttrying to remember what it was, but the man in front of him was having none of it, "it was a nightmare to get them up the stairs," he started, fanning his face with the cap he had on his hand, "they were very heavy..." he insisted, as Izuku finally figured out what it was all about.

"Ah, yes, of course." He sounded, taking his wallet out of his pocket and shoving the money on the delivery guy's chest. With an awkward smile, he asked: "so, where are they?"


The man counted the bills in his hand, and after a few seconds passed, he pointed to his back, where two tall vertical boxes were. How did Izuku not even notice them there? They were huge! Both at least 2 meters tall and one wide. Just what in the heck had he even purchased this time? Last time it was something that grandiose, it was a full size body pillow of that one girl from that one video-game, and that one life-sized cardboard box cut out of one of his favourite heroes of all time. And both of them weren't near as large as these two.

Izuku was pried away from his thoughts as a notepad was shoved in his face. Puzzled and startled, he tilted his head just before the man saying that he needed his signature. Makes sense.

Delivery done and tip received, the deliveryman went on with his business with a small bow, which Izuku replied out of reflex. Now, he was left with two huge boxes that could barely pass through his tiny Japanese door frame of an entrance, and still very late to his job.


Izuku sighed, already feeling the exhaustion creeping in as he hauled both items inside in a hurry. Grabbing his phone out of his pocket to start texting about how sorry he was to Aizawa Buchou. It wouldn't save him from being scolded, but it would at least soften the blow a bit.




Time passed fast as Izuku found himself running around divisions and getting documents from one room to the other. His entire job wasn't much more than being the errand-boy, but sometimes he was requested to go with someone from sales to a meeting, or to help out in preparing one. It was also very common for him to find himself helping people out who couldn't do overwork whenever they wanted - in the end, he was important in the company in his own weird way. Izuku found himself thinking a few times a day how fulfilling it was, mostly, since he wasn't completely tied to one place or the other, or had to stay seated on a tiny desk looking at a computer the entire day.

That also meant that his legs were on point, so that's also good.


Thankfully, it also meant that as soon as he got home after a full day of work, a bath was the best thing ever. Not only that, but a cold beer right after and Izuku was living his best life.

As he approached the door to his apartment, already dreaming about how heavenly the hot water would feel on his tired muscles, he felt like he was forgetting something. Slotting the key in the knob and turning it, something passed by his mind just then and he remembered that... Ah.

Yeah... the two boxes were right there. He didn't have time in his rush earlier in the day to get them out of the way for his tired self when he came back home. Izuku hit his head on the door frame a bit too roughly in his annoyed state. With a whimper and massaging the place he had just bruised, - which hopefully wouldn't turn into a bump - he decided that getting past the boxes and just leaving them be wouldn't do. Better get it over with already.


Slowly, but surely, he pushed them out of the way and laid them on their "back" on the floor. He couldn't really hear much going on as the box was clearly very well shut and whatever was inside of it was well secured as well. With scissors in hand, he started to cut through the kilometres of tape glued to the cardboard. It was tough, and probably took way more time than it should've, but by the time that Izuku was done, he was sweating and way too uncomfortable in his work clothes.

Since most of the work was done, it couldn't hurt to take that bath now, right.




The door to the bathroom was opened and steam came out of it as a Izuku left the warm room behind. He had a towel draped around his hip just for the sake of it, and one around his head to cover for the water that still dripped from his curls - which were splattered on his face and neck.

He walked slowly towards the kitchen, with the clear intent of assault his own fridge for a cold beer; at least tomorrow was going to be a day off of work, so he could take his time enjoying the beverage.

Izuku did, however, feel kinda sad to notice that none of his usual companions for Friday nights were available, so he was fated to drinking by himself in his own apartment.

Maybe, at least, there would be something interesting in the TV.


Just... get the boxes out of the way first and... yes, that's it. Izuku could feel his feet throbbing at the tiredness when he put them up over one of the boxes lid - which was open, but he had not seen inside yet. He couldn't be bothered, so he just flicked the remote control and pressed the power button on it, having the entire room light up with the TV's glare.


A few minutes into dramas and evening entertaining shows and Izuku couldn't bring himself to keep his eyes open anymore. It was just so boring, and the night wasn't going to get better anyway. Sliding his legs out of the box front, he yawned long while stretching. Scratching his chin, - which had stubble on, noting that he would have to shave tomorrow - he quickly got up.

It was then that he heard a soft whirling noise followed by a click. He looked around a bit to understand, before looking down and being met with one of the worst jump scares he has had ever been through in his life.


"What the FUCK!" Izuku yelled, being met with red coloured irises that looked intensely at him. There was... there was someone in that box what the--

"IMPRINTING... REGISTERED." The creature beneath his feet started getting up and Izuku felt faint all of a sudden. It had wild ash-blond hair that were softly spiked in all directions with same colour eyebrows, the aforementioned crimson-red irises and small lips. It didn't open its mouth to talk, but it somehow still made human-speech noises. What's the most fucked up, however, was that- "I see that not even after we married you take enough care of yourself, shitty useless husband."


....!? Excuse the fucking me!?!? Actually scratch that, it did open and close its mouth to speak just normally. Still fucking weird.


"What!?" Izuku couldn't comprehend anything anymore, as the VERY OBVIOUS male raised himself from the box and patted his attire from dust. He was... he was in a French maid outfit, with laces and a tiara. "Who the-- Who--" and while not being able to even think properly or form words, he heard the same whirling noise and another click. His face grew even paler now as he saw the other box lid move.


From it, another male: this time, one that had hair that was weirdly parted in the middle by colours, whereas one side was red and the other white. He had an interesting scar that looked like it was a burn one just on his left eye, which had blue iris. The right one, however, was dark grey. At least he wasn't in maid clothes, but in an English butler one. It still didn't get any less weird.

As the other man, that was seated inside the box, looked over to Izuku, the same sound and speech that had left the blonde one left this one.


"IMPRINTING... REGISTERED." It said, without moving its mouth. His face softened, and he quickly smiled - or if you could call that a smile, as his facial expressions almost didn't change. "Good evening, darling. I see that you just took a bath?" He talked, looking lovingly at Izuku.

"Haah!?" The blonde sounded, looking behind him and eyeing the half white and half red haired male, "who are you calling darling, you half and half bastard, he's MY husband!" He said, and Izuku was able to see a deep scowl on his face before he started walking towards the seated man on the box.

"I don't see how that is possible?" The mixed of white and red flew up as he was pulled to his foot by the blonde, "I'm very certain he is my husband," he finished, expression changing from the soft one to a more serious one, although it almost didn't have too much of a difference between them.


It was then that Izuku couldn't take it anymore, passing out from the sudden blood pressure drop. The last thing he could see was both of the males, that were discussing who was Izuku's significant other, look at him in worry and rush to his side.


Just... what the hell just happened.

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Izuku wasn't one of those people that had vivid dreams, or even remembered them in the first place after waking up; so when he was met with two complete strangers getting out of boxes in the middle of his living room, Izuku felt like he was being pranked or some shit.

It wasn't just likea dream, more than it was like a nightmare. Not only that, but they also kept going on about being married to Izuku? What kind of bullshit was that...


So when Izuku saw himself waking up in his room by himself, he felt like it might've actually just been a fever dream from drinking too much - he wasn't that weak to alcohol, but it was the only explanation. He yawned and stretched as he got himself seated on the soft mattress, feeling refreshed.

As weird as the previous night might've been with him not being able to remember how he got to bed, it still made into an amazing morning of feeling completely ready for whatever came his way.


"Oh, you are awake." Or almost anything.


Because Izuku was certainly not ready for a two-toned hair of white and red to pop up from the side of his bed, as the male in question kneeled over it. He had his hands in a rather cutesy way on top of the blankets in front of his face - which was mostly covered by the bed, since he only had his eyes on level with Izuku's. He looked up and the expression on his face softened for the next few seconds before changing into something that Izuku had to think twice before admitting it might've been concern.


"You just passed out," he stated, getting up on his feet and brushing off the dust from his knees. He looked at the door, "Katsuki, he's awake." He finished while extending a hand to Izuku.


Which Izuku did not take.

Actually, Izuku didn't do anything other than stare in horror at the stranger in his house. At least, until he was met with a blonde with wild hair and crimson red eyes, who stood at the door before scowling and wiping his hands on the apron that he was wearing. The apron that Izuku's mum gave him when he moved out.

He bared his teeth and talked back, in a loud enough voice to make Izuku scared that the neighbours would complain about it.


"Good fucking grief," the blonde - Katsuki? - then took a few steps inside, just enough to put a hand on Izuku's forehead. The green haired male still was pale and didn't really have much of a reaction to such a warm palm touching him, "at least you don't have a fever anymore," he took his hand off and looked at the odd-haired male, "I'll go finish breakfast, you two go take a shower or something," his nose scrunched up.

And with the parting words, he left the room, not looking back. The half and half male just looked at the blonde leaving, and then turned back to Izuku, a small smile creeping his features. "Shall we?" He asked, but Izuku still felt like he had been swept away from his feet by a massive wave to be able to comprehend it was towards him, "Darling?" He tilted his head, and his burn scar became more apparent as red locks moved away from his face.


Izuku gasped for the air; he felt like he had just been deprived of it the entire morning. Something in the male in front of him right now made him actually do something other than just stare at them like they're aliens. Which, in Izuku's mind, they probably were.


"Who are you?" He finally managed to ask. The male in front of him shook his head and was the one touching his forehead this time.

"I'm not sure what is going on with you today, but," he sighed. His right hand slightly colder than Izuku's temperature, which made a shiver pass through the green haired male's body. He started opening his mouth again to continue whatever he was about to talk, but Izuku firmly stopped him with his own voice, feeling a bit more steady now, like he was coming to his senses.

"What are you?" Izuku asked, eyeing back and forth from the door that the blonde has just reappeared in, and the taller male still beside his bed. Both of them looked at each other before promptly looking back at Izuku - the blonde with an angry scowl, and the half and half with an almost-concerned neutral face.

"Your husband?" They asked in unison, and Izuku coughed, nearly choking on his own spit as he could feel how confused everyone in that room was, even the two aliens right there.

"I mean--" Izuku started again, trying his hardest at regaining whatever sort of compose he still had, but he was cut off by some loud music erupting from the living room, which made him jump on his skin - the other two barely taking note of it with a look towards the room.


Then it dawned on Izuku that it was already the next day and from the sound of the music playing, it also meant that it was close to noon. No wonder he felt so refreshed, over sleeping on the weekend being a substantially rare thing.

As the second part of the music came up, he bolted out of his bed and passed by the blonde in the door, receiving a growl and a loud yell of gibberish as he did nothing but bump his shoulder. Izuku quickly made his way to the couch, and looked around, frantic. He could kind of hear where it was coming from, but he couldn't quite see it to grab the phone and answer his caller.

Nearly tripping over the centre table, he made his way towards the TV rack. Palming through the papers that were there, quickly shoving them aside and whining all the while for not being able to find the god damned phone.


Not before long in his desperation, however, he felt a hand drop on his shoulder and nearly startle the life out of him - Izuku was so used to being alone in his apartment that just the fact that someone was there was already a weird feeling, let alone beingtouched while not expecting it. Izuku turned around in a snap, almost hurting himself from the force and velocity of such, and was greeted by blonde poof of hair and red eyes. A very angry pair of red eyes.


"Stop messing around," he said. The blonde was just shy of being the same height as Izuku, as the green haired male noticed since they were so close. He was about... maybe 3 centimetres or so taller, and Izuku took some time before he noticed that he was trying to give him his phone.

"S-Sorry!" Izuku sounded, quickly grabbing the mobile item out of the blonde's hand and took the call before he could say anything again. "Yes, Midoriya Izuku here," he sounded, already hitting himself in the head mentally at how much of a reflex it was to give his name over the phone like it was a business call. He heard a few beeps but decided to ultimately ignore anything else other than the papers he had tussled around on top of the rack and the other person on the end of the call.


Heaving a sigh, he could hear the woman on the other side of the phone talking, and while he ran a hand over his face, he looked through the documents, raising an eyebrow when noticing that they were not work related at all. The woman's voice started to die out in his ears as a particular page came into focus.

It had the male blonde French maid on it - it was mostly a scribble, however. There were pointers and writings to the side and one, in particular, pointed to the centre of his crotch. Before Izuku could even catch himself, he whimpered at the sight, and quickly shoved it back down, receiving a startled yelp from the phone; apologising about it and making sure the woman understood that everything was fine and he was indeed listening to her, he concluded the rest of the call with clear intent of not looking at the papers again.


Once he was done, he could feel intense stares on the back of his neck. With some sort of new-found interest, Izuku took the papers in hand and looked back at the ones who were trying to burn holes into his nape.


"So... not human." He started, as he glanced towards them and back to the papers, seating himself on the couch with the documents in hand. Finally reading what the hurriedly written stuff said. It was all on pencil and most had been faded over the transport, but from what Izuku gathered from the information at hand, " 'Find yourself lonely on most nights, maybe not even having a date or someone you can call yours [...]' " He started, quoting the very start of the monologue that was written there.

He felt his entire body flush as the following words started going from having someone to love, to someone to have sex with. " 'In this new prototype line, you will be met with the wife - or husband! - of your dreams. Complete with the latest of technologies and Machine Learning functions, we present to you our House Androids, both for a domestic and not so family friendly life......' " Izuku started trailing off, as his eyes squinted through the embarrassment. He flipped the page, to notice it was the last one - the page behind it being the start of the introduction of the other male. He sighed, plopping his head on top of his hands. "Androids, huh..."

A huff came through as soon as he finished, and he struggled with himself while looking up from his position of pure exhaustion. The blonde was right in front of him now, with no apron but still sporting the stupid French maid outfit for whatever reason. He grinned at the green curls, with arms crossed over his chest - the long sleeves of the blouse underneath the uniform almost rippling as his muscles bulged under the stress. "Yeah, I guess, you could call us that too. If you really want to, shitty nerd."


Izuku grimaced at the nickname, as the male French maid in front of him tried to pull any sort of superiority complex into his speech while dressed like that. From right beside the blonde, however, he could see the English butler outfit, and was met with heterochromia looking at him. The taller one of the three, which was the penguin there, all but nodded.




The entire day had passed by quite fast. Izuku had some business to deal with outside right after he received the call.

He also made sure that both of the Androids that were now freely moving around inside his apartment stayed exactly like that, inside. First of all, his lease had been made with the whole purpose of living alone, so if the landlord knew that now there were two new tenants under the same single-person contract, shit was about to get real. Not only that, but hell, the housing in itself was just barely big enough for one person, being a 1LDK with the kitchen and dining room occupying the same space, divided by a counter.

Also what the fuck? Where did they even come from? A shipment delivered specifically to his name, no less. There was no actual instruction papers or company names other than the delivery service, so Izuku was completely left drifting on that.


Izuku's thoughts raced as he finished the meeting that he had been invoked to fix for one of his colleagues. He worked meticulously not really paying too much mind to whatever was happening around him, before excusing himself together with the woman from the call earlier, in a deep 45° bow. The one reserved specifically for clients.

Izuku had found himself mumbling over his own hand clasped tightly over his mouth as he rode the train back home. It flew by as Izuku got snapped out of his own head by the voice through the speakers that announced his station. Sure, he was almost caught on the doors as they closed, but it was fine. He was fine.

Having a mental breakdown, but fine.


So well indeed, that he almost ran all the way to the apartment complex. The distance was close to a kilometre, so it took some time, but when he finally arrived at the entrance of his own abode, he was sweating and dizzy.Maybe he actually had been having a fever. Maybe it was all hallucinations, or--

But of course, before he concluded his disillusions, the door flung open and he was met with crimson red eyes adorned by a beautifully deep scowl that yelled, "where have you been, it's already night time" and Izuku couldn't do more than smile weakly. He could see the half and half haired male just behind the blonde, with the expression completely neutral and passive.


"I'm home..." he sounded, defeated. He was fine. In a lot of trouble because of who was standing right in front of him, but... yeah.

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The next day was Sunday and this time, thankfully, Izuku had not received any type of calls about surprise meetings. Actually, he was glad to find out that his boss had shot him a text talking about what he did the day before, complimenting him and making sure to let Aizawa Buchou know what he was supposed to do to compensate the green haired male.

In which Izuku snorted, because he was very sure that was not happening. If Aizawa at least gave him a nod in consent to him existing in the work place, it was already a lot more than Izuku was accustomed to.

He tossed around a bit after throwing the mobile back to its position beneath the pillows, his phone beeping having awoke him up in the early morning. The covers over his body felt warm, and he snuggled more to his side, hitting his nose gently on the broad back that rested beside him, draping one arm around the said person’s waist and feeling his own being hugged. He could feel himself purring out of delight from the comfort, before his eyes snapped open and he shot up, dragging all the covers with him and startling both of the men that rested together with him in bed.


The red and white haired male - which presented himself as Todoroki Shouto, but made sure that Izuku knew that he took his surname in the marriage, making him Midoriya Shouto or some bullshit - looked up above his shoulders, he was the person who Izuku cuddled up against.

The ash-blonde haired one barely had one eye open as he looked up from his position - that one presented himself as Bakugou Katsuki, and also talked about taking last names and how stupid it was, but he still, you know, took it. He was behind Izuku in the bed, in the arrangement that happened without the green-haired male's consent.

Izuku was pretty sure he fell asleep on the bed right after his shower. He ignored the two males on his house completely, all the while being yelled at at how much effort was being put into the food that he was leaving uneaten twice in the same day.


Now that he thought about it, their personalities were completely opposites;

Katsuki was loud and mostly angry all the time. Like he was compensating for something, trying to hide whatever he actually wanted to say. For the littlest time that he had known the blonde Android, all Izuku could think about was how tsundere he acted for the majority of it.

On the other hand, Shouto was very calm and quiet. It took some training to understand him through his expressions, Izuku often finding himself wondering if they changed at all. Seemingly passive and even poker faced, he still came out as very blunt and dense when he spoke - which were often pet names or really sappy words. The complete opposite to Katsuki's antics.

A low growl sounded through the bedroom, and Izuku looked back down, being met with Katsuki's angry scowl before he rolled away from his direction. Now that was something that happened more than once in such a short amount of time; Katsuki snarls and wild-like demeanour putting him closer to the animalistic than to the humanoid side. Izuku guessed it made some sense, since he had such a big alpha-like complex, trying to drill into the others heads that--


"You're mumbling," Shouto sounded, yawning and slowly getting himself up from the bed as well. He sat, blinking away the sleepiness, passing a hand through his multicoloured locks as they intermingled from his bed head. Izuku gasped on his own place in the bed. He wasn't seated on top of the mattress in the same position as the other two ones anymore, but over the covers that he robbed away from the bed, on the other end of it. Shouto tilted his head at the sound, and Izuku felt his entire being flush in embarrassment.

"S-Sor--" he started, but stopped himself as he violently shook his head. The bed creaked at the movement, making Katsuki grumble something before falling back to the quiet breathing he had going on. Shouto looked more awake now, slightly startled and maybe even a bit confused, "what are you doing in my bed?" Izuku questioned, talking in an almost whisper for whatever reason. It's not like he felt the need to keep his voice low as to not wake Katsuki completely, what the hell.

"What do you mean?" Shouto asked, quietly getting out of bed to properly stretch. He did not have his stupid butler attire on anymore, but still had the dress shirt completely unbuttoned and his slacks hung low over his hips as the belt had been discarded sometime before bed. Izuku had to stop himself from staring for too long, "this is our bed, no?" He asked, eyebrow raised in interest as he observed the green haired man start flailing about. "There's only one bedroom, after all."

"Well, no-- yes, there is only one, yeah, I mean," Izuku trampled over his own words. Yeah, Shouto was right, there was only one bedroom and one couch, so even if one of them would've taken the sofa in the living room, it would've still been a conundrum, however, what really puzzled Izuku right now wasn't that they were sleeping with him in bed - sure, that also made the green haired male confused in a lot of ways - but the fact that they needed sleep, apparently. "There wouldn't be a need for a second bedroom or bed, and I wasn't planning on getting two new roommates. Plus, I didn't really think about it much before bed, and you know," he kept his rambling on.

Shouto lazily walked around the bed to the drawer just beside it, fishing out a few pair of sweats, throwing one towards Izuku and the other one he put just above Katsuki's figure over the half tussled covers, "you guys sleep? Aren't you like, robots?" Izuku asked after catching the fabric with his hands absentmindedly. He was too busy trying to figure out things in his own mind to notice what was happening.


Which was: Shouto got himself out of his slacks and put the sweats on, they hang loose over his legs and almost didn’t stay over the curvature of his ass - Izuku's thighs being way more muscular than the average male. Not only that, but it also stopped by his ankles, showing off a lot more skin than it was supposed to. "Well," he buttoned his button up slowly as he still seemed rather out of it from being disturbed out of sleep, "we need energy, like anything else."

Katsuki stirred up again, but this time he seemed to give up sleeping completely as he got himself seated as well. His overall sleepy appearance and wild hair flying around because of the way he moved around in his sleep, made his glare just a tame look. His scowl covered most of his still half-closed eyes, which shined a bright red. Izuku eyed back and forth over them before questioning his own sanity at how perfectly human they looked. "Don't robots need electricity?" he finally asked, getting to the other edge of the mattress as Katsuki grumbled his way away off bed.

Shouto just shrugged. "No idea," he said after a few seconds that seemed like he was searching his mind for the answer, "but," he started again, as Katsuki worked the a little too-tight pair of sweats over his legs. In this case, Katsuki was just a bit more muscular than Izuku - which was odd, because from what the scribbles hinted at yesterday, he was the wife model. Even though he was very clearly male in all senses, since he had nothing but a pair of boxer shorts that did nothing to hide a very obvious bulge. "I do have the number of our manufacturer in my database," Shouto sounded again, taking Izuku away from his daydreams as he clearly stared holes into Katsuki's hips.

"Your database?" Izuku asked, startled. He felt like he was just caught doing something incredibly wrong, and although it still felt like there was no reason for him to feel this way - after all, they weren't even human beings - he still flushed all the way down his neck. In which Shouto replied with a quiet giggle, while being basically tossed out of the way by Katsuki's body. Who was now groggily making his way out of the room, leaving the door open behind his figure.

"Yes," Shouto completed, opening another drawer and handing Izuku a well-worn faded green tank top. "I do also seem to have some sort of 'panic switch', which makes an emergency call to this number in specific," he completed, pointing at his temple and then tapping it gently three times, "like such."


A panic switch, huh... wait, what?


"Like such?" Izuku asked, but before he could even properly comprehend the situation, there was a loud beeping coming from the android just in front of him, which made Izuku jump so hard, he actually fell out of bed. Thankfully, he didn't hit his head. "What is this!" He yelled over the noise, and Katsuki slowly emerged from the door with a mug full of something steaming hot - which by the smell, Izuku could only guess it was coffee. Great, now they also drink coffee somehow and need sleep. Just what the hell are these two?

"God, IcyHot," the blonde sounded with a wide smirk, taking a long sip and sighed right after, "you called the witches before we even settled down. Are you seriously that stupid?"

"Witches...?" Izuku sounded again, getting himself out of the ground and looking over his bed to see Shouto handing a shirt to Katsuki as if nothing was happening, "the beeping then...?"

"It's the panic switch response to being activated," Shouto said, barely loud enough over the noise. He tapped the other side of his face and the blaring sound halted. "They have responded as well. They are on their way."

"Who is...?" Izuku was just dumbfounded, trying his best to still his own heart from the shock that whole thing gave him.

"The fucking witches, who else?" Katsuki said, as if matter of fact, completely not clearing up any questions whatsoever.


That whole ordeal being unfolded in front of the curled haired male while the two androids just quietly exchanged items in hands and the blonde put the shirt over his head - the black tank top that Izuku never really used fitting way too tightly, exhibiting all the muscles from the perfect "wife"-model body. Now that Izuku thought about it a bit, from the situation, weren't they arguing over Izuku that first night? Just what happened yesterday that now they're in such amicable terms?

Sadly, - or not? Izuku wasn't sure anymore - the green haired male didn't have time to think about it, as a really hard knock came through the front door. Oh god, now his neighbours were pissed off with him because of the loud noises that were going around. And it was barely 8 AM on a Sunday, everyone should've probably been asleep.


"I'll get it," Shouto said, and Izuku almost screamed in reply as it certainly was not a good idea to have someone else open the door when Izuku was barely allowed overnight guests to begin with, let alone another two guys living with him. Apparently Shouto couldn't bother too much about it, because he did not stop his stride to the entrance.

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The sound of the kettle going off sounded through out the kitchen and dinning room as Izuku plainly looked at the wall in front of him. The pristine white washed off a long time ago, and the wall tiles had a small discolouration, making them tinted in yellow spots and brownish smudges. He had tried to scrub them his entire stay in this apartment, but since nothing worked he eventually stopped; so when he was confronted with it in such close proximity with his mind in the clouds as it was now, it felt like they mocked him. He squinted at them threateningly, as if the inanimate splotches of grease could even know what was happening.

He heaved a heavy sigh as the kettle's whistle grew louder. He turned the stove off, while fishing out a few tea cups from the counter. Izuku had to actually tug at his own mind notes actively to remember how many he was serving. Counting himself, the number was five; so god help his soul, because he really felt like running away and maybe grabbing a train ride towards his home town. He sure missed his mum all of a sudden.


Izuku walked slow with a tray in hands after assorting the different types of tea cups - sadly, he only found four, so he went with a coffee mug for himself. Actually, he debated straight up not drinking the tea and going for coffee, but apparently Katsuki had made the last available cup earlier. Another mental note, Izuku would have to buy more coffee than usual. Specially if the two androids were actually going to stay with him for any amount of time.

Now that he thought about it for more than a few draining seconds, he didn't really know why or how they ate or drank anything. Or even slept, for that matter.

Izuku quietly tried to come up with answers on his own while passing through the living room and depositing the tray on the centre table. The two women who giggled loudly seated just beside the two androids on the couch looked up. Izuku felt like he was the boyfriend that had to go through the gauntlet of the mothers of his partners judging him.

Maybe, in a certain way, that was what he actually was.


"So," Izuku started, and silence fell. He gulped a mouthful of his own tea, trying to swallow the knot that formed in his throat as he waited for the tense atmosphere to dissipate a bit. It didn't. "You two said your names were Uraraka and Asui?"

"Ochako is fine!"

"Please call me Tsuyu-chan."


Both of the female seated at the couch talked in unison. Izuku did his best to keep a professional and formal tone to his voice, but clearly it wasn't their jam. He sighed and slouched a bit on the ground, where he was seated himself. He could feel the stares from both Shouto and Katsuki, who were strangely quiet about the females beside them - Shouto politely nonchalant as most of the time Izuku has known him and Katsuki had his arms crossed tightly over his chest, one leg above the other and a petulant pout adorning his mouth. The blonde had been the one to offer the tea once the girls had passed through the door, but Izuku was quick on his feet to get away from the scene as soon as possible once introductions were made.

Turns out, from the brief standing meeting, Izuku had gotten both the names and the reason why they were there in the first place.


"We were on our way already, but when we got the message from Shouto-chan, we ended up running over as fast as we could," Asu- Tsuyu said as she cutely extended her left hand index finger just barely over her cheek.

"Yes!" Ochako responded right away after the green haired female finished speaking, excitedly clapping her hands in front of her face. Her rosy-cheeks brighter because of the beaming smile she gave, "we tried really hard to come yesterday, but work just kept piling up..." she trailed off as she visibly deflated, bumping her head over Tsuyu's shoulder, making the slightly smaller female giggle in return.

"Work has been crazy," Tsuyu said, gently petting the brown-haired girl on the other side of her face, "after both Shouto and Katsuki woke up, we had to compile a bunch of things to make sure their database was running smoothly."

"You know," Uraraka completed, "stuff that you can't test with them sleeping, after all." Uraraka got up from her position on top of the other female's shoulder and slowly looked towards both androids who were still in the same positions. Katsuki huffed out an angry puff of air from his nose, while Shouto gave a small smile back. "But it's certainly good to see that they initiated properly," she completed, giving her big smile back at them.

"Certainly not because of your sorry ass," Katsuki rebated, his voice so low and angry it almost sounded like a whisper. Uraraka promptly snickered back at him, putting one of her hands over her mouth, smiling through her fingers.

"And it's even better to see that this one is doing fine," Uraraka said, bluntly putting her other hand over Shouto's knee, patting it a few times. Katsuki looked at her with a scowl so deep, Izuku felt like he would pounce on top of the woman at any moment now.

"Katsuki," both Izuku and Shouto said, Izuku getting up on his knees. Maybe he would have to stop the blonde from tearing up someone apart, but he stopped in his act of standing up as soon as he noticed that Shouto had talked as well. Tsuyu looked fondly at the half and half.

"It sure feels fresh to see their interactions," Tsuyu said, blinking slowly as her cheeks blushed a rosy pink, "you know," she turned to Izuku, making him plop back onto the ground and cross his legs in front of himself. Ochako, Shouto and Katsuki's conversation was still in the background as Tsuyu quietly talked over them with a voice no louder than before, and apparently no rush as well, "I was the only programmer at first, but it became very obvious that there were too many walls for a single developer to work in such a big project," she talked slowly, no one but Izuku seemed to be paying attention - and it sure looked like it was meant to be the case. "Ochako-chan came later, she was the one who was supposed to be the developer at first, so she acclimated herself very easily into the work flow."


Izuku could feel the fondness in Tsuyu's speaking, specially when talking about the brown-haired female she shared her work with. He couldn't really understand what she was going with, or what she really went through in the first place with such an obviously big project by herself, but he listened silently with an interest that dumbfounded even himself.


"I designed Shouto entirely on my own," Tsuyu continued. She put her finger over her cheek again, and looked up, seemingly pensive. "When he was first booted, he ran face first into the wall because of a bug," she giggled, and Izuku followed suit without noticing. The loud conversation that was going beside them halted, and Katsuki shot up a smirk while talking in a fairly condescending voice.

"Of course he did," he said, crossing his arms over his chest even tighter than before, superiority all over his features, "this idiot can't even wash the dishes properly without breaking half of the cups." Oh. That's where the tea cups went then, Izuku thought to himself as Ochako raiser her hand to stop the blonde. He snarled back, but she did not back up, talking herself.

"And when I finished Katsuki's program, I made sure to make him as obtuse as possible. It did backfire a bit, but he turned out the one of the most fun projects I ever worked on. He's so prickly and volatile, so easy to taunt," she snickered at the blonde, which grabbed her by the shoulders. Shouto jumped on his seat and put his hands over the other android, trying his best to stop the assault Katsuki was about to do on his developer. Ochako just laughed as she was shook back and forth while both artificial males quarrelled over her head with each other, leaning closer by the second until they were face to face, the only distance between then a few centimetres.

Tsuyu chuckled at the sight, as if she was just looking at siblings fighting over who would take their mother's birthday breakfast to her in bed. "Katsuki was designed after Shouto, and their only difference was supposed to be their personalities, but" Tsuyu said, gently patting Shouto on the shoulder, who promptly stopped arguing with Katsuki and looked back at her. The blonde barked out curses at being ignored by the half-ginger, "when Ochako-chan came to the development team, she came up with the idea of making Katsuki a wife-model."

"At first," Ochako took off, while still being held by the shoulders by the blonde, also ignoring his tantrum altogether, "he was going to be this hard to deal with soft petite girl, but I thought to myself, "that's so normal!" and decided on another trope," she chuckled as she was shook again, Katsuki exploding angrily while getting up. He now stood just above everyone else, scowling down at them. Shouto followed suit and got up himself, standing beside the other male, "tsundere guys are way cuter anyway."

"Fuck you," Katsuki growled out, making his way to the kitchen as he grumbled out an excuse about lunch and dishes. Izuku looked over the whole ordeal, and stopped at Shouto when he noticed that the half and half wasn't doing anything while staring off at the wall. He then flinched for a second, bowed and excused himself over the hallway leading to the bathroom, talking something about laundry.


Uh... okay? That was weird.


"Is he okay?" Izuku asked, pointing at Shouto. He looked back at Tsuyu, while Ochako shrugged.

"He was most likely rebooting. Probably found an error that made him stop working," Ochako was the one answering, and Izuku eyed her with a mix of concern and a face that screamed he couldn't really understand what she meant. He was not the best one with computers, after all.

"He'll be fine," Tsuyu assured. That seemed to fix the worrying Izuku started to develop. It didn't stop, however. It was simply replaced by curiosity.

"Will that happen often?" Izuku asked. Both of the females looked at each other. Tsuyu giggled quietly with a hand over her mouth and Ochako beamed at the green haired male. Izuku startled at the response, really not understanding what was happening.

"Do you want to know how they work?" Tsuyu asked, and Ochako grabbed the purse she had on her lap and started digging through it. Izuku nodded. For a reason, it really felt like he wasn't given a choice, even if it was a question.




"Their database is completely outside of their system," Ochako had been talking for a while now. She had fished out mountains of paper out of the purse she had been carrying the whole time. Now, she was kneeling over the centre table while Tsuyu watched both of them look over the documents. The green haired female slowly sipped on the tea that Katsuki had brought after her first cup was finished, savouring the slight bitter of the green tea that blended with the sweetness of the sugar in a perfect way. If there was something they programmed profusely, from what both of them said, it was their capacity of making spectacular tea.

"So if they are damaged, it's completely fine. As long as we can recover their data, we can reconstruct them without much issue," Ochako continued, as she pointed at the papers that explained in detail how it all worked. She tried her best to keep her language as noob-friendly as possible, since Izuku had made sure to advise them he did not understand a single thing about computers, let alone advanced robotics. "Since they are very, very early on in development," Ochako said, raising her hand. Izuku looked at her with eyes that shined. He could appreciate someone who knew what they were talking about, and even more when they were so passionate about it.

"They'll need weekly maintenance at least," she talked, grabbing the notepad Izuku had brought to her to mark details he was supposed to know, "their system works in an energy recycling manner, they can be fuelled with solar energy, sodium-rich water, mild radiation, normal food, sleep, and a few other things. They can also work just fine in electricity, but it would cost a fortune to keep them walking everyday in electric bills, so we don't think it's the best option," she scratched the back of her neck; clearly something that the development team had to deal with before, Izuku thought. She scribbled on the paper, and while that was all happening, Izuku also noticed that the previous papers he had seen about the androids had been written by Ochako, judging by the curvy handwriting.

"That, plus the fact that they don't need cooling devices other than ingesting water, they are fairly well self-sustainable," she concluded while lazily scribbling down a few more notes and doing a few drawings. That made Izuku realise the drawings were from Tsuyu, because Ochako's doodles were almost indecipherable. “Their skin is also completely water-proof, so baths or showers are a-okay.”

"Is that why Katsuki was drowsy when he woke up — meaning he had a lack of sleeping recycled energy — and when he drank coffee, he was fine?" Izuku asked, pointing at his own fingers trying to recollect what had happened.

"Yes, basically," Ochako nodded, grinning in a very self-satisfied way.

"Do they need to go to the toilet?" Izuku asked. He had been thinking about that one in particular for a while now.

"Not like us, but yes. They have containers like we have a bladder and our intestines to hold things in place, but theirs don't need to be cleaned off as often," Tsuyu answered this time, patting her cheek with her index finger as she spoke. Izuku nodded and she kept on: "they are way more energy sufficient than us and they absorb everything way better as well; they are not human by any means, but they function just like one."

"I see," Izuku said, looking over the documents. It was... impressive. He did not know anything about how they worked really. Most of what was written there, or even spoken by them to him, was gibberish to his traditional methods brain, but he could certainly appreciate how amazing it all was. "Are just you two in this?" He asked, seeing that a few of the papers also had something about costumes, augmentations and the likes.

"In the programming, yes," Tsuyu said, and Ochako completed, "everything else, like their assembly and physical maintenance were - and are - done by a specialised team."

"Huh..." he pondered. Izuku had started mumbling to himself when he noticed that there was still something missing from all the information that he gained. "What about," he started, trying to find the right words. Actually, this was the most absurd part. One that made him somewhat scared to even ask about, "me?" He finished, failing hard on choosing words and just puzzlingly looking at them. They responded the look for a bit, before Tsuyu seemed to understand.

"We cannot say why or how you were chosen to help us with their development, but" Tsuyu said, and Ochako stared at her like she was still confused about what he was talking about. Tsuyu looked over to the brown-haired female and sighed softly, "I know this is crazy and all," she said, looking back at Izuku. "You'll have to trust us in that one."

"I mean—" Izuku started, but Ochako jumped on her feet before he was able to finish, startling everyone in the room. Katsuki even peered out of the kitchen door, judging them.

"You mean your name, address and how we chose you in particular in such a big list of people that could take care of them?" Ochako asked all in one breath. Izuku stared at her for a bit before nodding, she sighed with a hand over her chest, getting back to her place in front of Izuku over the centre table, on the floor, "well, as Tsuyu-chan said," she went back to talking in a more hushed voice, eyeing Katsuki who still looked at them like they were infringing some law. "We cannot talk about how, but we can assure you that it was a very meticulous search for the perfect person for the job," she proudly smiled back at Izuku, who just felt like this whole thing was even more crazy than before.

"We also have close contacts at certain places," Tsuyu said, and both of the ones who were seated at the floor looked at her, "we can't say who. But you can always say no, of course."


Izuku deflated over the centre table as exhaustion crept up his entire body. Of course, he thought to himself, while putting his head on the table. His cheek scrunched up over the wooden material, and he hummed with closed eyes while working around what was going on.

In a sense, he was able to understand everything on a surface level and still be able to be okay with it, which scared him a bit. He was about to accept or deny something incredibly important to a lot of people and also something that would change his entire life all around. He felt somewhat lost, maybe even pressured.

He had been given choices. He knew that, but it really felt like it was not the case. Not only that, but before they even went about how Shouto and Katsuki worked in technical terms, they had been very specific on their limitations, and how early they are in literally everything. Other than basic human behaviour, Shouto and Katsuki were completely clueless; changing that would only happen naturally and gradually as they were allowed to learn from their programming and problem solving.

Izuku had asked why was it not their developers working on, well, developing these things and traits, but Tsuyu had shot him down with the logic that was behind all of it and how their bias towards how important they were would influence in a lot of things. Like actual babysitting and not letting them explore more difficult situations by themselves - giving them the answers instead. Izuku was sure this was not something he was gonna be able to stop doing himself, but they had reassured him that that would be just fine as well, since he did not have a hand in making them in the first place.

That, plus the fact that the whole imprinting process would act as a way to stop Izuku from doing such. Meaning: Izuku was going to be treated as an equal by the two droids, as actual husbands. Which by the way, Tsuyu and Ochako scampered when talking about these details, saying how it was their first first and overall goal with Katsuki and Shouto. Everything included. They had to test those parts as well, after all.


Izuku had to stop himself there, however, as it became a bit too personal about how those things would work.

He sighed, reopening his eyes after what felt like hours had passed by. His decision somewhat already made the moment they started talking about the artificial males in the first place. He couldn't bring himself to ignore the fact that indeed, he was very curious about everything.


"I don't see how I can help, really, but" Izuku started, looking up, but not moving from his position. Ochako had seated herself beside Tsuyu, and Shouto quietly walked around the room with a basket full of fresh laundry. He knelt on the floor, seated himself in seiza, and started working in folding the pieces of clothes over his lap. Izuku chuckled at the sight, feeling a warmth passing through him, "I'll do my best."




After all the talk and workings of how to deal with the Androids had been done, it was already way past 4 PM. Katsuki had made an amazing lunch from whatever he could find on the kitchen, which everyone was way too excited to eat after skipping breakfast altogether. Although it had been a bit spicier than Izuku would normally eat.


"Weak ass," Katsuki barked without much bite while munching on his own food. It was really weird to see how normal they were, specially since they did indeed eat, shower and overall, work completely like a human being. If Izuku didn't know best, he would never even question it in the first place.


The rest of the lunch had gone just fine. Tsuyu and Ochako talked excitedly about robotics, Shouto chatted casually whenever he was prompted into the conversation, Katsuki yelled at any thing he found stupid, and Izuku contemplated how he was actually okay with everything that was happening, even if it did indeed still weird him out a bit.

Ochako and Tsuyu had left right after as well, talking about going back to their work with new found inspirations and how much they would put into making sure Shouto and Katsuki worked properly. The females also mentioned quietly about how Izuku could always phone them about anything, and that anything else could be found in the notebook they almost filled earlier in the day. Izuku smiled to them while nodding. He would have to look very thoroughly at the notes before doing anything.

However, something that Izuku did not forget to talk about was how his living conditions weren't the best one for a three person situation. Specially since his landlord would make sure to get the three of them out of their property as fast as humanly - or androidly in Shouto’s and Katsuki’s case - possible. Ochako giggled while Tsuyu reassured Izuku that they had prepared something about it as well, it just wasn't ready. By tomorrow, they assumed, everything would be fine already and they would be able to move to the new place them were giving Izuku as an incentive to how much help he was about to give.

Izuku tried his best to pry away at the information that the females were talking about, but it was impossible. Tight lipped and completely used to secrecy, they would not talk about anything before they were 100% certain they were able to, so Ochako just patted his shoulder when Tsuyu told him to have some patience and just wait for their call. If the landlord tried anything, as well, to make sure the person in charge did not know about Katsuki and Shouto being androids, and that they also were given the instructions about phoning the number Izuku had been given.


"This is all so fishy..." Izuku found himself on the floor with Shouto by his side. Katsuki lounged on the couch while the three of them took the rest of the day off in front of the TV. Shouto looked at him with a somewhat puzzled expression, and Katsuki huffed.

"Those two are absolute bat shit crazy and weird, but" Katsuki started, tone seemingly uninterested in the conversation he was starting while still finishing what he was telling, "they are not assholes that would fuck up your life for no reason, with no way to fix it either."

"Is that your programming, or your experience saying?" Izuku asked Katsuki in a snarky tone. The green haired male yelped as he was struck across the head by Katsuki's hand. Shouto just watched.

"Fuck off, I only talk about shit I know about," Katsuki barked out, angrily. "We should go to bed, anyway," he finished, pointing at Shouto who just stared at both of them like he wasn't in the same reality anymore - Izuku chuckled.

"Fine, but I don't want to be in the middle," he said, getting up while looking at both of them, who did the same seconds later.

"Yeah, as if I'm sleeping anywhere near the half and half bastard," Katsuki smirked past them, being the first one to start the walk towards the bedroom.

"With the way Katsuki sleeps, I wouldn't be surprised to find myself damaged when I wake up tomorrow, so I refuse as well." Shouto said, and Katsuki bared teeth towards him.


They started a low-key discussion. Izuku smiled to himself more than at them as they walked and settled in the bed in the same way they had woken up in the morning.

He could somehow get used to this.

As weird as it all was.




The next day, a Monday, Izuku was scared awake by beeping. It took too long for him to disentangle himself from the limbs of the two android husbands he had acquired over the weekend.

He pocketed his phone quietly and walked towards the living room after dressing neatly in his work suit. Thankfully, he was not late this time. The alarm had not even gone off yet, and he found himself enjoying a long and scorching hot cup of coffee before he had to head out. Turns out, the beeping he had heard the day before, and today, was because of some sort of backup that his husbands were doing while they finished their sleeping cycle.

Such a curiosity those two were.


Izuku could feel the vibrations of his phone going off as he put the mug in the sink. He was just about to wash it, before he was caught off guard by the call. He took it talking in a rather hushed voice and was pleasantly surprised that it was Tsuyu on the other side of the call.


"Good morning, Izuku-chan," Tsuyu started off the call with a greeting, which made Izuku flush right after. Sure, he had been exposed to the overly casual attitude of hers the day before, but it felt like it would take him a real long time before he was used to it altogether.

"Good morning, Tsuyu-san," he answered, going for the middle term. She muttered about how 'chan' would be the best way to address her, but she let go after a few rushed out warnings.

"Remember how yesterday we told you that today your living problems would be fixed?" She asked, going straight up to the topic. Izuku could appreciate that as well. "The preparations are done, so Ochako-chan is swinging by your house to deliver the key and the delivery company has already been advised as well to get your personal belongings for transport." She went on, and Izuku struggled to keep up with it. The key? What was she talking about?


But before he was able to ask her, he head two knocks on the door and the already familiar voice of Ochako on the other side. He excused himself off the call with Tsuyu. She said it was all good and hang up before he could even think twice about it.

Izuku opened the door, being greeted by a wide smile brown-haired female who was way smaller than him in height. She extended her arms, showing a small keyring that looked oddly similar to that one hero-show character they talked about excitedly yesterday.


"There ya go, Izuku-kun!" Ochako said, grinning to him. He took the key in hand and just looked at her in confusion, she straightened up more and took a few papers out of her purse, "the key to the house that we said was yours beginning today," she started pointing out, and shoved the documents in the male's hands before he could protest, "plus the documents. There's also a map and everything has been taken care off. It's closer to your work as well!"

"What house... wh—" Izuku was confused. And maybe a bit weirder out about the whole thing. What was she talking about? Actually, what were both of them talking about in general? A house? What house? Whose house? Izuku's? Izuku never bought a house in his entire life, he wouldn't have the funds for that. Specially not so soon after university and moving out of his own mother's home, so what the heck was she talking about.

"Well, you can't live in a tiny apartment with two other fully grown man — they being artificial don't change anything! It also works even better for us because it's much closer to our own work, and now the landlord can't kick you out. We already took care of your contract as well, you don't have to worry about that." Ochako talked excitedly, without room for interruptions of even maybe breathing.

"What is the round faced witch doing here this early?" Katsuki asked as he appeared from thin air behind Izuku's, who jumped on his own skin and froze up on the spot. Katsuki arched his eyebrow in question, his head just over the green haired male's shoulder.

"Oh, good morning, Katsuki! I was just giving Izuku-kun the keys to your new house and making sure he knew everything was taken care of," she explained herself to the blonde android, who smirked sideways.

"Huh. Ain't that just peachy, shitty nerd?" Katsuki asked, giving the human male in front of him a small bite on the neck. Izuku promptly yelped loudly in a startle, slapping a hand over the marking, watching as Katsuki laughed maniacally his way towards the kitchen. Ochako giggled. Izuku looked back at her indignant.

"Everything is all good now, then!" Ochako said, clapping her hands over her beaming smile, "I'll go back to work because I still have a ton of stuff to do and would like to sleep today, so if you'll excuse me," she started walking away, but Izuku stopped her, grabbing her arm roughly. He quickly noticed how impolite that was and apologised, she shook her head and tilted it afterwards, encouraging him to ask what was wrong.

"What do you mean my house?" he asked, almost out of breath. He was so close to hyperventilating that it was a struggle to get the words out. She weakly smiled and patted his hand, which still rested on her elbow.

"You really expected to not gain anything and still help us with something this big?" She asked while laughing softly. She breathed in and out slowly before continuing, her eyes closed and a small smile on her lips, "we really appreciate the help, Izuku-kun, so don't worry." And with that, she left.




The rest of the day was completely engulfed by his work. Izuku wasn't even able to breath properly before he was done with the absurd amount of everything that was being thrown his way. Weirdly enough, Aizawa Buchou had gotten him to the side and talked about how important his work was being, that he would be happy to talk to the superiors about everything, so Izuku was to be expected a huge raise. Which made Izuku's head swim at the praise, and just... what.

That was the first time they even spoke properly with one another without it being about meetings, but Aizawa actually complimented him on his work as well. Something was going on.

Regardless, it wasn't like Izuku had the time to think about anything, or to even actually care about why he was being noticed now. His work being the same as before, but hey. Izuku sure was not going to complain about a raise. Specially one that he actually thought he deserved.

So when the time to leave the company for the day came by, Izuku found himself looking through his phone and seeing the text that confirmed that his contract with the apartment complex he had been living the past few years in was done, he looked around and took the key to the supposed new home he was given in hand.

He followed the map by the nose. It was a really good map, actually. It depicted the path from his work space, not his previous house, so yeah, that was a bit creepy. But then again, what about the androids and the females he learned about over the weekend that wasn't weird and somewhat creepy.


As he approached the last corner of the map, indicating that he was now in the street of his new house, he looked around perplexed. This was... a really high class area. The houses in this street would easily go over the hundreds of millions of yen, and a weird sense of dread passed through his stomach as he gulped down a lump in his throat.

The last steps were the longest ones he ever took, as he came to a stop in front of a blue rimmed pearly white three story house. He felt faint.


Izuku stayed still, just looking at the details on the door. The knob made of a complementing silver colour to the wooden brown that the door was painted in. He touched over the creases of the material and even if he never really looked too much into materials and constructions, he could feel how expensive all of it was.

He couldn't hesitate forever as that was pretty obviously the right house. The map had scribbles and even an exceptionally good drawing of the house. He flipped a few pages and noticed that it actually had the floor plans for it as well. Just what did he get involved with.


However, he was gotten completely off-guard for the second time that day by two hands that planted themselves over his shoulders. He could feel the difference between their temperatures even through his suit jacket and button up shirt, so he didn't even bother looking around before both of them talked in unison.


"I'm home, darling."

"Welcome home, asshole."

Chapter Text

As Izuku woke up, he could feel movement to both of his sides. His eyes still not acclimated to the dim light that the shutters provided.

He rolled just enough to get back on his belly. He rubbed the soreness out of his eyes as he seated himself lazily in bed.


It was still strange. All the space, with the way too big bed, in the way too big bedroom, in the way too big house. He shook his head a bit as he felt his left side shift, Shouto appeared from beneath all the covers: eyes barely open and hair completely tussled around. Izuku smiled at him, giving a light "good morning" that only the half-ginger could hear. A pleased smile dancing over Shouto's lips.


"'rning." He said, shuffling himself on his side to drape a hand over Izuku's waist. The green haired male snorted in the attempt of the taller male to drag him back under the covers. He patted the slightly warmer arm; Shouto groaned lowly.

"I have to get up," Izuku said, while still getting forced down. He sighed and complied - he still had enough time for his daily morning ritual. Specially now, since he lived way closer to his work. His right side was the one to shift now.

"Your dick has to get up," Katsuki barked without any venom whatsoever, as he also draped an arm over Izuku's, meeting with Shouto's arm, linking both together so their grip was stronger. Izuku whined at the stupid comment, Katsuki's foul mouth ran earlier everyday. His shit eating grin just barely visible under the pillow he still had half of his head buried in.

"Noooo—" Izuku protested, chuckling right after as he could start feeling both of their breaths on his neck, "I can't fool around," he said, raising his hands to tap both of them on their cheeks. Katsuki promptly bit down on the extended finger near his face and Shouto kissed the tip of it; Izuku was torn in between a groan of pain, scolding both of them, or just straight up giving up, when Katsuki propped himself over his freed elbow and almost glomped down over Izuku's chest.

"Are you saying you'll leave without satisfying us?" Katsuki asked in an accusative voice, Izuku sighed again. Ahh, as always, he thought to himself as Katsuki leaned forward to place a peck over his lips. Shouto was now mimicking Katsuki, but a lot more contained.

"You guys are still gonna get me fired," Izuku giggled at the sensation of his bottom lip being nipped at by Katsuki, while Shouto now busied himself with attacking his neck.

"Hopefully," Shouto said, humming something right after in a satisfied tone from the shudder he received off Izuku. Shouto's breath was always somewhat hot while still having a sting of cold to it, somehow.


He tried to protest again, but his words failed as he was completely submerged into the soft mattress by Katsuki's weight, now completely over him as he straddled his hips. Izuku looked confused for a bit, before eyeing the blonde's form over him. The toned pecs, the tight abs and the broad and firm shoulders. The v-line of his hips as his narrow waist came towards it, the bulge that was impossible not to notice under his grey underwear, and Izuku felt himself breathing in ragged breaths.

Something that Izuku also came to get used to was these types of morning, where Katsuki made sure to wake every part of him with his aggressiveness while Shouto made sure they were both still grounded with his soft, loving touches.

And this morning was not going to be any different, in the end.




His idea of showering and drinking leisurely before work was completely shattered as Izuku had to burst out of the suite bathroom with his hair still dripping everywhere. He did not have enough time to do anything other than that lightning fast shower. He couldn't drink his coffee - heck, it wasn't even made yet, anyway.

Katsuki was still in bed, covered by the blankets as he sneered at the hastiness of the smaller male. Izuku shot him an accusatory look as he got the closet doors open, examining with caution but still in a hurry nonetheless, the garments in there. He didn't have time for the tie today, nor trying to fuss over the suit jacket to not get it wrinkled, so he put a blue buttoned-up shirt and patted his formal sweats over his thighs to get the creases off as best as he could.

Izuku did not, however, notice that Katsuki now stood just behind him, still completely nude, trying to help with fixing the mess he helped create.


"You used the wrong shampoo, Deku." He said, emphasis on the new nickname he picked up after reading how Izuku's name was written in kanji. The smaller male sighed heavily, trying his best to not turn around. When Katsuki buried his face in the damp messy curls, he could feel the air being sucked in by the other male.

"And whose fault do you think it is, Kacchan?" He rebated, smirking through his own stupid pet name for the blonde. It was funny the first time he said it, because it certainly was in Katsuki's programming to be all adorable and blush completely, but still sputter out non-sense and try his best to stop Izuku from using it again; which did not work. It was also a really convenient way to make him know he was being a petulant child.

"Fuck you with that," he snarled, fixing Izuku's collar. His fingers nimble and perfect to a fault.

"Where is Shou, by the way?" He asked, sticking with a more intimate way of calling the taller male of the three as well, since he was doing that to the blonde. Shouto, however, was actually surprised and showed a genuine wide smile at the name. Izuku did not think it was the cutest thing he had ever seen in his life.

"Making himself useful for once," Katsuki said, yawning loudly behind Izuku as he started to get his own clothing out as well. Thankfully, they had had a few shopping trips in the past and the maid outfit - and the butler one for that matter - had been stored away in a box inside Izuku's closet. He was not going to let them wear that shit outside.


Now fully clothed and ready, both of them headed down. The master bedroom was in the first floor. Even if both of the Androids that lived with Izuku now as his partners had their own bedrooms, they made sure to point out that they would rather shut down before not being able to sleep together with Izuku. Dramatic, sure, but it still gave Izuku a nice feeling.

Also something Izuku noticed in the last weeks. He started to find everything about them nice. Fondly.

At least it was a good change of pace of being completely and utterly overwhelmed by the two every living second of his life... well, it still happened some days, but it was better nonetheless.

As they rounded up over the corner of the hallway, where the stairs to the ground floor were, they heard a clashing sound.


"Well, he was making himself useful." Katsuki spat as Izuku chuckled behind him, both taking the steps two at a time.




"It's fine, it was an empty cup," Shouto said as matter of fact while picking up the cracked ceramic. Katsuki frowned at him, but still helped regardless.

"Just don't hurt yourself," Izuku said, drinking his coffee. It was the perfect coffee. Something nice to having actual robots doing his food was that everything they did, that they could do, was perfect. Katsuki's food and Shouto's drinks were heaven on earth. All coupled with a nice sight as Shouto shirtless ‘muscles’ tensed under the stress of him moving around on his knees. "I have to go though, so please don't kill yourself while I'm gone." Izuku said, looking at the wall mounted clock. He was leaving just on time, so maybe he would be able to not get to work late. Even after everything earlier.

"I wasn't joking when I said I wished you didn't have to go," Shouto pouted, trashing the ceramic inside a milk carton - something that Izuku had to teach to them, to make sure they wouldn't cut anyone after disposing of the sharp parts. Katsuki snorted beside him, grabbing the mug that Izuku had his drink in and rinsing it under the sink.

"Well, that won't do." Izuku said, passing himself towards the living room and past it to the genkan, where his dress shoes lied neatly by the small step - Shouto had obviously prepared it for him. A small smile crept up Izuku's face, as he looked behind him. Both Shouto and Katsuki looked at him, both with their own set of expressions and programmed feelings behind it. It still did not deter Izuku to feel fond of their artificial love. "I'm going," the green haired male said as he patted the shoes softly on the ground to fix them under his feet. Katsuki pouted and Shouto fiddled with the elastic band from his shorts. Izuku sighed, coaxing them with his hand.


They took just enough steps to be in front of Izuku. Izuku pulled them both down by their necks, and quickly placed a cutesy kiss on their cheeks. He could feel both of them almost vibrate happily at the gesture, which made the smaller male giggle.


"Have a safe trip," Shouto said, and Katsuki whispered something about being careful and having a good day. Izuku smiled back at them and went on to the door, opening it, waving and then leaving.


As usual, another normal and typical morning.