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Of Bolts and Flesh

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Midoriya Izuku was running late. In a normal day, it would've been a breeze to just gather his stuff and run out of the door; maybe call a cab, or something like that. But today wasn't just like the other days, no. He had someone knocking on his door twenty minutes before his shift started - and his commute took about thirty minutes everyday, so you can gather what it means.

Izuku started to go into full panic mode. It's not like he would get late often, but it was an occurrence that made his superiors very mad. It also didn't help that he was just shy of getting out of the house, so he was caught with a shoe half put on; he stumbled forward almost crashing into the wooden frame as his other shoe got caught under his pants.

In an almost sob, he opened the door and was met with a very tired and underpaid deliveryman. Izuku thought to himself about how much he related to that guy right now.


"Midoriya Izuku-san?" The deliveryman asked as he looked over his notepad. The green curls of the male that was very late bobbed as he nodded, "your packages are here."

Wait, packages? What packages? Izuku couldn't bring himself to think too hard on what the hell he had bought online this time - which was something that happened very often. He tried his best to look like he was at leasttrying to remember what it was, but the man in front of him was having none of it, "it was a nightmare to get them up the stairs," he started, fanning his face with the cap he had on his hand, "they were very heavy..." he insisted, as Izuku finally figured out what it was all about.

"Ah, yes, of course." He sounded, taking his wallet out of his pocket and shoving the money on the delivery guy's chest. With an awkward smile, he asked: "so, where are they?"


The man counted the bills in his hand, and after a few seconds passed, he pointed to his back, where two tall vertical boxes were. How did Izuku not even notice them there? They were huge! Both at least 2 meters tall and one wide. Just what in the heck had he even purchased this time? Last time it was something that grandiose, it was a full size body pillow of that one girl from that one video-game, and that one life-sized cardboard box cut out of one of his favourite heroes of all time. And both of them weren't near as large as these two.

Izuku was pried away from his thoughts as a notepad was shoved in his face. Puzzled and startled, he tilted his head just before the man saying that he needed his signature. Makes sense.

Delivery done and tip received, the deliveryman went on with his business with a small bow, which Izuku replied out of reflex. Now, he was left with two huge boxes that could barely pass through his tiny Japanese door frame of an entrance, and still very late to his job.


Izuku sighed, already feeling the exhaustion creeping in as he hauled both items inside in a hurry. Grabbing his phone out of his pocket to start texting about how sorry he was to Aizawa Buchou. It wouldn't save him from being scolded, but it would at least soften the blow a bit.




Time passed fast as Izuku found himself running around divisions and getting documents from one room to the other. His entire job wasn't much more than being the errand-boy, but sometimes he was requested to go with someone from sales to a meeting, or to help out in preparing one. It was also very common for him to find himself helping people out who couldn't do overwork whenever they wanted - in the end, he was important in the company in his own weird way. Izuku found himself thinking a few times a day how fulfilling it was, mostly, since he wasn't completely tied to one place or the other, or had to stay seated on a tiny desk looking at a computer the entire day.

That also meant that his legs were on point, so that's also good.


Thankfully, it also meant that as soon as he got home after a full day of work, a bath was the best thing ever. Not only that, but a cold beer right after and Izuku was living his best life.

As he approached the door to his apartment, already dreaming about how heavenly the hot water would feel on his tired muscles, he felt like he was forgetting something. Slotting the key in the knob and turning it, something passed by his mind just then and he remembered that... Ah.

Yeah... the two boxes were right there. He didn't have time in his rush earlier in the day to get them out of the way for his tired self when he came back home. Izuku hit his head on the door frame a bit too roughly in his annoyed state. With a whimper and massaging the place he had just bruised, - which hopefully wouldn't turn into a bump - he decided that getting past the boxes and just leaving them be wouldn't do. Better get it over with already.


Slowly, but surely, he pushed them out of the way and laid them on their "back" on the floor. He couldn't really hear much going on as the box was clearly very well shut and whatever was inside of it was well secured as well. With scissors in hand, he started to cut through the kilometres of tape glued to the cardboard. It was tough, and probably took way more time than it should've, but by the time that Izuku was done, he was sweating and way too uncomfortable in his work clothes.

Since most of the work was done, it couldn't hurt to take that bath now, right.




The door to the bathroom was opened and steam came out of it as a Izuku left the warm room behind. He had a towel draped around his hip just for the sake of it, and one around his head to cover for the water that still dripped from his curls - which were splattered on his face and neck.

He walked slowly towards the kitchen, with the clear intent of assault his own fridge for a cold beer; at least tomorrow was going to be a day off of work, so he could take his time enjoying the beverage.

Izuku did, however, feel kinda sad to notice that none of his usual companions for Friday nights were available, so he was fated to drinking by himself in his own apartment.

Maybe, at least, there would be something interesting in the TV.


Just... get the boxes out of the way first and... yes, that's it. Izuku could feel his feet throbbing at the tiredness when he put them up over one of the boxes lid - which was open, but he had not seen inside yet. He couldn't be bothered, so he just flicked the remote control and pressed the power button on it, having the entire room light up with the TV's glare.


A few minutes into dramas and evening entertaining shows and Izuku couldn't bring himself to keep his eyes open anymore. It was just so boring, and the night wasn't going to get better anyway. Sliding his legs out of the box front, he yawned long while stretching. Scratching his chin, - which had stubble on, noting that he would have to shave tomorrow - he quickly got up.

It was then that he heard a soft whirling noise followed by a click. He looked around a bit to understand, before looking down and being met with one of the worst jump scares he has had ever been through in his life.


"What the FUCK!" Izuku yelled, being met with red coloured irises that looked intensely at him. There was... there was someone in that box what the--

"IMPRINTING... REGISTERED." The creature beneath his feet started getting up and Izuku felt faint all of a sudden. It had wild ash-blond hair that were softly spiked in all directions with same colour eyebrows, the aforementioned crimson-red irises and small lips. It didn't open its mouth to talk, but it somehow still made human-speech noises. What's the most fucked up, however, was that- "I see that not even after we married you take enough care of yourself, shitty useless husband."


....!? Excuse the fucking me!?!? Actually scratch that, it did open and close its mouth to speak just normally. Still fucking weird.


"What!?" Izuku couldn't comprehend anything anymore, as the VERY OBVIOUS male raised himself from the box and patted his attire from dust. He was... he was in a French maid outfit, with laces and a tiara. "Who the-- Who--" and while not being able to even think properly or form words, he heard the same whirling noise and another click. His face grew even paler now as he saw the other box lid move.


From it, another male: this time, one that had hair that was weirdly parted in the middle by colours, whereas one side was red and the other white. He had an interesting scar that looked like it was a burn one just on his left eye, which had blue iris. The right one, however, was dark grey. At least he wasn't in maid clothes, but in an English butler one. It still didn't get any less weird.

As the other man, that was seated inside the box, looked over to Izuku, the same sound and speech that had left the blonde one left this one.


"IMPRINTING... REGISTERED." It said, without moving its mouth. His face softened, and he quickly smiled - or if you could call that a smile, as his facial expressions almost didn't change. "Good evening, darling. I see that you just took a bath?" He talked, looking lovingly at Izuku.

"Haah!?" The blonde sounded, looking behind him and eyeing the half white and half red haired male, "who are you calling darling, you half and half bastard, he's MY husband!" He said, and Izuku was able to see a deep scowl on his face before he started walking towards the seated man on the box.

"I don't see how that is possible?" The mixed of white and red flew up as he was pulled to his foot by the blonde, "I'm very certain he is my husband," he finished, expression changing from the soft one to a more serious one, although it almost didn't have too much of a difference between them.


It was then that Izuku couldn't take it anymore, passing out from the sudden blood pressure drop. The last thing he could see was both of the males, that were discussing who was Izuku's significant other, look at him in worry and rush to his side.


Just... what the hell just happened.