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Finding your Light

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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or the storylines from Naruto.

Silence was a double edged sword. Silence let your mind relax. It allowed for the soul to search and the body to just be. It also revealed a deep seated sense of loneliness. When all you can hear is the beating of your own heart, it could be overwhelming. Sasuke was used to silence, loneliness, and the sound of his long heart beat. Every moment following the murder of his family and clan, he had been well aware of his “Lone Uchiha” status. The last. The final. The END. He had spent his youth with these thoughts in mind. Originally, he hadn’t believed he would survive to have a family. He’d always assumed he would go down in flames as he rid the world of his brother. After accomplishing his goal, his whole world had shattered as the truth of Itachi’s life and mission had come to light. That had been a very dark day. The absolute love his brother had held for him, for the village, for the promise of the future...hell, he’d known his brother and yet not known a damn thing about him. He couldn’t possibly live up to Itachi’s memory, and wasn’t sure he even wanted to try. His brother had been a force of purity that maybe only the Dobe could contend with. After his epiphany of his brother, he had decided to lead the village, become Hokage. Of course, the Dobe had not accepted and they had engaged in an epic battle. Sasuke was almost relieved to lose. He hadn’t truly wanted the position. His only motivation had been to create a world where no one would have to live through what he and Itachi had endured. Sasuke was satisfied that Naruto could accomplish this, even if he would never admit it aloud. Instead, Sasuke had volunteered to spend his life searching the dimensions to ensure Kaguya was gone forever and would never threaten their lives again.

Which brings us to now. What the hell was Sasuke supposed to do now? He had decided to dedicate himself to the betterment of the entire shinobi world, to wander that world and eradicate its enemies. He had resigned himself to his “Lone Uchiha” status once again, his clan would die with him. He would be the last Uchiha. Uchihas had almost destroyed the village, and a couple of Uchiha had nearly destroyed the world as we know it. Could that be an indication that the Uchiha should bow out? For the safety of all? Maybe. Yet, deep down where Sasuke could admit things he would never say out loud...Sasuke was lonely. He didn’t really want to be the last Uchiha. He didn’t really want to wander the dimensions for his entire life. He wanted to settle down. A family, a place to finally belong again. To build a future with someone who cared for him, understood him, and wanted to work towards that future together. Sasuke just didn’t believe he deserved it. Didn’t believe that the village deserved a revival of the Uchiha clan. He’d decided to wander the universe alone and atone for the sins of the Uchiha...that is until SHE said those words…

“What...If I told you...that...I’d come...too?.........”

Well fuck.