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The Beginning

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Chapter 1/Rachel's Test

I was in shock as I starred at the positive result of the pregnancy test that I picked up at the drugstore after school. How could this happen to me, of all people? The person at the bottom of the bad reputation Glist, with a score of minus 5. I closed my eyes and wished the result away. When I opened them again, the result was the same. What was I going to do? How could I ever explain this to the potential fathers? It all started because of a stupid Glist, that I would now be happy to be at the bottom of. All I wanted was to go back and change what I had done. Now it was too late, and I was just another teenage statistic. The girl with so much potential, that ruined my life because of my pathological need to be popular.

As I sat on my bed and held the test limply in my hand, I began to cry. How could I be so stupid. And which Joey, was the Joey? Then I began to think about my dreams of Broadway, and New York city. How could I ever do any of those things with a baby? As I wiped away my tears, I made a decision. I would get an abortion. I got out my phone, and began to google clinics that provide abortions. Then I stopped. What was I thinking? How could I ever do that to myself, my baby, and my baby's father? Then the thought of adoption came to my mind. Immediately I dismissed that. Growing up without my mother was very difficult and traumatic for me. I could never willingly hand my own child over to strangers. No matter how nice they seemed. The only conclusion that I could think of was keeping my baby. Even if I had to raise it alone. I am a strong person. I could do it, and follow my dreams at the same time. This didn’t have to be the end of my life. I smiled at the thought of what a beautiful beginning this was going to be.

My smile turned to a frown when I realized something. First I had to tell the possible fathers. Then I had to tell my fathers. This was going to be an interesting and difficult week for me. I prayed for the strength and courage to get through it.