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You On Kazoo

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Info for readers (band members, usernames, grades)

Andy Biersack: Sirius Black, Junior

Ashley Purdy: Narcissus, Junior

Jake Pitts: Oof, Junior

Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson: Not Lindsey Stirling, Junior

Christian "CC" Coma: Pug Thug, Junior

Remington Leith: Twilight but gayer, Junior

Sebastian Danzig: Gin and Chronic Back Pain, Senior

Emerson Barrett: Captain Shook, Freshman

Awsten Knight: OwO, Freshman

Geoff Wigington: UwU, Freshman

Otto Wood: Yeehaw, Freshman

Gerard Way: Pink Station Zero, Senior

Mikey Way: Kobra Kiddo, Junior

Frank Iero: Sweet Peasus, Senior

Ray Toro: Our Lady of Cupcakes, Senior

Brendon Urie: Mr. Disco, Sophomore

Spencer Smith: Oh Boy, Sophomore

Jon Walker: Naps In The Afternoon, Sophomore

Ryan Ross: Foxy Man, Sophomore

Dallon Weekes: Tree Amongst Humans, Junior

Nicole Row: Queen, Junior

Patrick Stump: Sapling, Senior

Pete Wentz: ecks dee, Senior

Joe Trohman: Frenchie, Senior

Andy Hurley: Lean Mean Drumming Machine, Senior

Tyler Joseph: Soft Boy, Junior

Josh Dun: Little Drummer Boy, Junior

((More band members will be added later on, make sure to refer back to this chapter if you ever get confused OR I introduce a new character!))

Chapter Text

Monday, August 27th

Chat: "You On Kazoo"

2:45 AM

Sirius Black: I want;;; chips

Twilight but gayer: what a mood

Narcissus: it's almost 3 am???????????????????

Sirius Black: time is an abstract concept and serves no purpose other than to instill fear into our hearts and our paper deadlines

Yeehaw: okay then, Emerson

Twilight but gayer: excuse you, but my baby brother is much more philosophically inclined than this;;; twig with combat boots

Sirius Black: rude

Sirius Black: Don't you have the paper to work on for English, anyways?

Twilight but gayer: I do, but study hall exists.

Tree Amongst Humans: doesn't Professor Vody run the study hall in the first place??

Yeehaw: Yeah, or Professor Daniels does.

Twlight but gayer: oh fUCK

Sapling: ?!?!

Sirius Black: I think he's just remembering the fact that he lives near the Vody household and that some of their kids are in his classes

Narcissus: oof

Twilight but gayer: hygwdrfsGTFRDFTGYHJ

Yeehaw: J e s us-

Twilight but gayer: I caught Remington way up past the 1 am bedtime mark, fucking dumbass

Yeehaw: Sebastian?

Twilight but gayer: Yep. I'm going to take his phone away before he tries anything else. Goodnight.

Tree Amongst Humans: I am Full Of Fear now.

Narcissus: bitch me too, the fuck.

Sirius Black: Yeah, same.

Sapling: Well, I'm going to bed too. Goodnight my children, don't cause too much trouble.

Yeehaw: 'night, dad. Awsten and Geoff are bugging me to get back to our Mario Kart game, so I'll see myself off as well.

Narcissus: Andyyyyyyyy, come back to bed! We need to finish this episode of Voltron. And Crow won't stop meowing.

Sirius Black: Fine, I'm getting there!

Narcissus: HURRY UP, THOT.

Tree Amongst Humans: Sometimes, I wonder why I'm even friends with you heathens, why don't I just up and leave?

Sirius Black: You love us too much to try.
3:25 AM
Tree Amongst Humans: Unfortunate but true.