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Get Cocky

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They had both been drunk that night, but Jongin definitely hadn’t been drunk enough, because clearer than anything else, Jongin remembered the moment Sehun closed his bedroom door and stripped out of his beer-soaked pants and boxers. He had been too drunk to bother with subtlety, and too drunk to notice the way Jongin’s jaw dropped as Sehun’s flaccid dick slapped against his inner thigh as it came out of his pants, big and long and thick.

“Dude, what the fuck, your dick is huge,” he remembered saying, and Sehun had doubled over cackling with his pants around his knees, and then he put his hands behind his head and wiggled his hips in Jongin’s direction. It was a funny joke, but Jongin still gawked at the way it swung back and forth, so much extra, heavy flesh dangling between his legs. His balls were pretty big too.

Sehun put on new pants and loose boxer shorts and they headed back out for more drinking, and Sehun got to make fun of him for ogling his dick, and Jongin got to make fun of Sehun for waving his dick at him, and that was that.

After sobering up and thinking about it for a week, maybe Jongin’s drunk mind had been exaggerating the size of Sehun’s dick in his head, because he could not for the life of him figure out where Sehun was keeping all of that in his current pants. Tight, fitted slacks didn’t seem to have any space for a cock that size. The more Jongin looked, the more he wondered.

Sehun leaned over and knocked his shoulder with Jongin’s. “When chapter is over, do you want to get lunch?”

“Yeah, sure.”

The frat secretary sent them a sharp look from the front of the room for talking while the service chair was making his presentation. Something about an Epsilon Chi Omega bake sale for hungry kids or something.

“Gotta show off the suits to the ladies, you know? What’s the point of cleaning up every weekend if you’re only going to be around dudes?” He sat back, which slid his ass forward in his seat, stretching his pants over his thighs, and Jongin glanced over and narrowed his eyes. There was a bit of a bulge there, tucked down and to the left. Gotcha.

“I’d honestly rather not wear a suit at all.”

His own cock didn’t have any trouble fitting in his slacks. It always got tucked straight down, no matter what pants or underwear he wore. Sometimes a little bit left if it felt like it.

“I mean yeah, but while we’re required to wear them we might as well go show off.”

Chapter finally closed, and the frat rose to their feet and rushed for the doors in a bleary, hungover dash for the dining hall. As soon as Sehun stood, the bulge down his left thigh vanished into the natural fall of the fabric. Amazing. So much mass gone completely. Pants must have special ways of fitting dicks. Not that Jongin really needed special allowance. He could even fit comfortably into most women’s pants. Not that he wore women’s pants. It was one of those abilities best left quiet.

“Okay let’s go.” Sehun reached down and tugged a pant leg back into place, but Jongin saw how his fingers swept up under his crotch in the process. Classic ball unsticking move. Jongin wondered if Sehun had to do that a lot more often than Jongin did just because his balls were bigger.


After some casual observation, Jongin deduced that Sehun was pretty good at the public ball adjusting thing. Jongin figured he had to be since he probably had to do it frequently. All that extra junk down there probably made the space even more sweaty and awkward. It was funny to watch his technique change in private. In public it was subtle tugging on pant legs, bouncing, weird little half squats, wide steps, etc. In private with just guy friends, like any dude, that shit went out the window.

“Can we turn up the AC?” Sehun grabbed his whole crotch and wiggled around in his seat.

“Yeah, man, shit’s getting swampy down there.” Minseok also adjusted his crotch, and Jongdae lifted a leg like a dog but didn’t take his eyes off of Call of Duty. Jongin hadn’t noticed. His balls were fine. He could practically see Sehun’s discomfort though. His bulge was pretty obvious between his legs in those loose pants, filling up way too much space and crowding his crotch area. Sometimes Jongin could see the tip poke against the fabric when Sehun stood and walked. Jongin hadn’t been exaggerating the size in his head. Sehun was just as big as he remembered. Jongin reached down and adjusted to (1) do like the other bros and (2) make sure no one could see the shape of his dick. No one needed that info with Sehun’s massive cock swinging around.

If he watched Sehun closely enough, he could kind of imagine what it was like to have a big dick. It looked kind of inconvenient, which made Jongin feel a little better.


It was even harder to tell what Sehun was up to in jeans. It was probably down and to the left like usual, but the jeans were a little looser than slacks but not loose enough where anything would hang free.

“Dude my last class sucked.”

“Mine was okay. Lunch?”

Sehun nodded and did a subtle balls adjust by tugging on his pants. That was probably a post sitting for an hour kind of adjust. Even Jongin usually did one of those. He didn’t know how often Sehun had to adjust while walking around. Jongin didn’t really have to adjust much at all.

Apparently Sehun didn’t have to adjust that much either. No more dick action the rest of the way through lunch. That Jongin could see anyway. Not even when he crowded in tight with Sehun in the booth to make room for Yixing, and all their legs got all squeezed together. Sehun threw an arm over Jongin’s shoulders because things fit better that way. Jongin leaned in and slapped a hand down on Sehun’s thigh.

“Aw, look at these guys. So cute.”

Baekhyun pointed at them with a grin and his pretty senior girlfriend and her friend laughed. Sehun kissed the top of Jongin’s head for their benefit and Jongin leaned into Sehun’s shoulder. He’d do anything for the ladies.



Jongin looked up from his phone. Sehun was sprawled up at the head of the dorm bed with his knees bent up and his legs spread wide. That was probably a pretty comfy position for him considering the size of his dick. Jongin wondered if he was laying like that to keep his balls from sticking to anything.


“I think… I’m starting a dry spell here.”


“All three girls I was trying to hook up with are with other guys all of a sudden. And.” He sighed. “My ex has a new boyfriend. My last two Tinder hookups were weird so I’m not doing that again. So. I haven’t had sex in like two weeks and I kind of don’t know if I’ll get a chance for a while…”

“Hmm.” That was a shame, but it could be a good thing. Sehun got annoying sometimes when he was chasing tail. “We’ll pick some girls up at the mixer this weekend. Last time we had a Tri-Delt mixer I had a threesome.” Which had sucked because one of the girls saw him before he got hard and made a weird comment. But he’d changed her mind. The other girl had been really nice.

“But those two Tinder dates were Tri-delts,” Sehun pouted, “I don’t think they like me now.”

“You’re hot, you’ll be fine. You know how bro codes and girl codes go. You all agree on bros before hoes but then it’s you and a hot person and a chance at sex and fuck the girl code, let’s go.”

Sehun pouted some more. “I don’t think I like tri-delts very much.”

“You only have to like them for like two hours in the dark.”

“That’s true…”

Sehun rested a big hand over his big junk and gave it a little squeeze. Then the hand stayed. It made Jongin want to grab his own junk a little bit, but it would be weird to grab his junk right after Sehun grabbed his junk so he filed that thought away for later. Note to self: grab dick.

“Jongin, you have sex pretty often, right?”

Jongin put his phone down. It was open to Tinder. He had a couple chats going. “Yeah, why?”

“How often do you have bad hookups?”

A bad hookup for Jongin was one where the lady had size standards. “Define bad?”

“Like… I dunno, it’s awkward after. The last two girls I hooked up with wanted to have lunch afterwards and stuff. Maybe they were freshmen? They didn’t look like it. I don’t remember if I asked or not. Freshmen suck at hookups.”

“I guess be more up front about the no strings thing. I always clarify because freshman year a couple girls got really hurt and I felt awful about it.”

“I remember that.” Sehun punched Jongin’s leg with his non-dick-occupied hand. “You heartbreaker you. Too hot for your own good.”

“Aw shut up.” He punched back. “But yeah. So all the disappointment happens right up front while nobody is too attached yet.” And maybe the disappointment of no round two was lessened after seeing Jongin’s dick, but whatever. At least he was hot.

“Ever had a fuck buddy?”

“I’ve told you about my fuck buddies.”
Sehun scrunched up his eyebrows and tried to remember. “Oh right. Those were freshman and sophomore year, right? One got a boyfriend and the other stopped hooking up with people?”

“Yeah.” Jongin pouted. “She got assaulted by a different dude and gave up hooking up. We’re still friends though. The guy is in TKE and I hate him.”

“I think I know who you’re talking about.” Sehun waved his legs around and squeezed his dick again. “You brought a crow bar back from home after spring break in case you got the chance to beat him up, right?”

“Right, that’s the one.”


Jongin picked his phone back up scrolled through reddit for a minute.

“Do you get like...”

Jongin put his phone down again.

“…good reviews? On sex?”

“Yeah, pretty much. The girls I have sex with have a lot of fun. I eat pussy like a fucking pro.”

Sehun laughed and stuck out a foot and kicked him. “Who wouldn’t give you a good review? You’re hot as fuck.”

“Aw thanks.”

“I get good reviews too.”

“I bet. You’re hot too.” Who wouldn’t give him a good review with a dick that size.

“I have a big dick. Girls dig that.”

“But do you know how to use it?”

Another kick. “Of course. I get lots of practice.” He laughed. “I got a really good review from this kid named Jongin once. He was like ‘whoa dude your dick is huge.’”

“Shut the fuck up. Stop touching yourself.”

“Oops, sorry.” The hand finally came off. “I didn’t even notice, you know how it is. Do you wanna touch instead?”

“Which, mine or yours?”

Sehun snickered and almost grabbed his dick again, Jongin watched him stop himself. “I meant mine, but it was a joke, please don’t grab my dick.”

Honestly Jongin couldn’t blame the guy for wanting to touch himself. If he had a dick that big, he would want to keep tabs on it too. To make sure it was still there and stuff. Wouldn’t want something that good wandering off or anything.

“Let’s get laid this weekend.”

“Yeah, let’s.”