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“This will be easier for both of us if you just come quietly.” The vigilante’s voice echoes down the dark alley, reaching the ears of the fleeing criminal.


The woman turns around to make one last stand. “Stay back!” she yells. “You don’t know what I can do!”


“You have a sort of disassembly quirk. Cement turns to rocks, rocks to gravel, gravel to sand, all at the touch of a finger. It’s frankly more annoying and destructive than harmful.” He sighs, pulling out his handgun. “Please don’t make this difficult.”


She turns to run again, sliding her hand against the brick wall to her right. The brick turns to falling stones as the unlicensed hero lines up his shot. He fires, a bullet lodging into the criminal’s calf. The woman falls to the ground, rolling over to face her assailant. When she slams her hand into the pavement between them, nothing happens. “What?” she asks. “Why- why isn’t it- my quirk! Why won’t it work?!”


The vigilante holds up his handgun. “Bullets laced with quirk suppressants. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.” He walks to her as she scrambles back. Unsurprisingly, he’s faster. One well-placed smack in the head with the but of his gun and the woman is out cold. He hauls her up on his shoulder and sets off into the night.




Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa is disappointed but not surprised to find the unconscious woman in a holding cell the next morning. He also isn’t surprised to find the envelope on his desk.


The woman in the cell is the person who robbed the jewelry store on Main. Sorry it took so long to bring her in.


I also hear I have a nickname. Glad to know I’m that important.


Signed, Undefined, I guess.


Tsukauchi sighs. This isn’t something new or unexpected. The vigilante has been leaving the force little gifts in the way of criminals, clues or breakthroughs on non-public cases, and even small-time villains for a few years now. The fact that the security cameras were wiped of about half an hour of footage, during which the woman was placed in her cell, was also not unexpected. Undefined wouldn’t have lasted long if he weren’t that careful.


Why was he named “Undefined”? The police know next to nothing about him. No identity, no age, no description from people he brought in, not even his quirk. None of the DNA brought in with his catches pops up in the system. Only that he seems to be male. Everything else was undefined.