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Release Me

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“Penny for your thoughts.”

                Adey was pulled back into the present by a deep soothing voice, with the slightest hint of a southern drawl that she couldn’t quite place. She looked up into the brightest, bluest eyes she’d ever seen, which was saying a lot because her entire family had blue eyes. He offered her a shiny penny and a friendly smile. He nodded encouragingly so she accepted the coin.

                “I don’t think anyone’s ever actually given someone a penny when they use that phrase.” Adey couldn’t help but smile back at the incredibly handsome stranger who was towering over her as she sat outside at a table underneath the shade of a large tree while she waited for her best friend to get out of class.

                “Well, that just seems dishonest. Saying you’d give someone something and not doing it.”

                “I never thought of it that way before.” Adey smiled again. “But that makes sense.”

                He smiled at her again. It was in a way that made her stomach clench but simultaneously calmed her too. It was a sensation she’d never experienced before. “I’m Adey, by the way.”

                “Billy.” He smiled again. “Billy Lee.”

                “Do you go here?” she questioned, wondering if Lee was a middle name or his last name.


                They both turned and Adey saw her best friend, Meredith, hurrying towards them, an armload of books and WWII army backpack slung over her shoulders, also full. The backpack belonged to her father and she used it for everything.

                “I hope I see you around, Adey.”

                Adey looked back up at Billy and he gave her a wink before meandering away leaving Adey feeling incredibly disappointed that he was already leaving.